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November 5, 2008

Who am I?

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Not that many of you care, but I think it helps to document these things sometimes for perspective.

I have been involved in the publishing industry in some form since the late 80’s. In 1994 I launched the first video game review magazine on the web (Game Zero magazine). I designed and deployed several corporate Intranets and customer facing web sites over the course of the 90’s. I currently spend the majority of my time in a Director position for a Fortune 500 company based in Phoenix, Arizona where among my many tasks I speak to groups about issues related to Social Media/Enterprise 2.0 deployments (both technical and marketing) and have been promoting the use of these technologies.

Personally I have been involved in exploring online communications for marketing and community building going back to the very beginnings of the medium. Starting off in the modem based BBS communities of the late 80’s, transitional spaces such as CompuServe and Prodigy at the start of the 90’s and adopting nascent Internet platforms such as Newsgroups, IRC, the World Wide Web and many others.

Additionally I assist my wife with her video game development studio (TFPSoft, LLC) providing Project Management and IT assistance as well as other duties as needed.

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