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What's New: January 1996

Monday, 1 January 1996

Rye Brook, NY, US
A 24-hour record store. Browse, sample, and buy CDs and cassettes online.

3D Graphics Accelerator Family VISA+
GMD-FIRST, Berlin, Germany
Find information on this 3D, real-time graphics accelerator supporting phong shading and bump mapping.

Aarex Magic Garden Herbals
Quistory Publishers, Ltd., Beverly Hills, CA, US
Natural herbal nutritional supplements, including Herbal Ecstacy from Global World Media Corporation. Online ordering provided.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Discover information on Australia's chemical industry: development, status, and outlook; health and safety regulations; and organizations.

The Adventures of ROCK JOCK
Columbus, GA, US
A page with links to great climbing sites and other interesting sites on the Internet.

AEDILE - The Building Industry
SMART, Granarolo Emilia, Italy
Features three international trade shows with more than 3,000 exhibitors, and several Web services of leading industries in the construction field.

A-ha! Books
Ithaca, NY, US
The book enthusiast's final frontier for rare and out-of-print books.

Allen-Watson Inter@ctive
Tampa Bay, FL, US
Offers cool Web site design, cgi programming, and great promotions.

America's Best!
Aurora, CO, US
A state-by-state guide to education, travel, business, entertainment, restaurants, government, cities, and shopping.

AOR Basement Magazine
Aberdeen, Scotland
Reviews-based music magazine for fans of AOR and melodic rock, including pomp and some progressive rock.

Seacoast Information Services, Inc., Charlestown, RI, US
An information service for the aquatic world. Subject areas covered include aquaculture, conservation, education, fisheries, marine science and oceanography, maritime heritage, ocean engineering, and seafood.

ARCO: Art & Literature, Psychology and Communication
Danilo Curci, Milan, Italy
A mailing list; its home page has information, archives, library on arts, psychology, dreams, subliminal messages, Alzheimer, and Paraplegia.

Armchair Travel Co.
London, England
Specializes in exciting games and entertainment for Apple QuickTime VR and Virtual Travel. Download free panoramic views of over 30 cities.

Arris International Corp.
Detroit, MI, US
Offers an extensive selection of high-purity, rare earth materials and other metals for sale.

Mentone, AL, US
Find folk and outsider art, antiques, tramp, carvings, paintings, quilts, and more. Items are described and priced and many include images.

Rome, Italy
A virtual exposition of photographers, painters, and sculptors. In English and Italian.

Automotive Database
Fonthill, Ontario, Canada
A service for buying and selling vehicles and parts.

Bernardo de Galvez, Hero of the American Revolution
Hispanic Pages in the USA, Baltimore, MD, US
A page dedicated to this Governor of Spanish Louisiana who fought the British and kept them at bay, protecting General Washington's back and allowing supplies from Spain and France to reach the Continental Army.

Beth Israel Comprehensive Breast Services
New York, NY, US
This page is designed as a resource for anyone interested in or in need of information pertaining to the diagnosis and treatment of breast diseases including breast cancer.

Bill's Golf Exchange
CLN, Vienna, VA, US
View, buy, and sell used golf clubs online.

Brazil On Line
Los Angeles, CA, US
Designs, maintains, and advertises sites for people and businesses interested in the Brazilian market.

Burgan Bank
Safat, Kuwait
One of the top banks in Kuwait, providing full financial services, projects management, and oil financing, among other things.

Business I.Q. Network
InfoQuik Global, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Features investments in Canadian businesses and tips for investors and entrepreneurs world wide.

Carnival 1996
Brazil On Line, Los Angeles, CA, US
Listen to the Samba of Mangueira for the 1996 Carnival Parade in Rio de Janeiro and read about the 1996 theme.

Catalog of Free Flow Cytometry Software
Molecular & Cell Biology Program, Univ. Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, US
The only comprehensive, international catalog of free software for flow cytometry. Includes programs for PC/Windows, Macs, HPs, and others.

SMART, Granarolo Emilia, Italy
Multinational manufacturer of ceramic tiles for the building industry.

Chamber Music Society Of Detroit
Detroit, MI, US
Discover information on the 1995-96 season, featuring an excellent collection of musical talents.

Chateau Versailles Hotel
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A charming European-style hotel located in downtown Montreal. View a map of downtown Montreal and book a reservation online.

Chief Jim Billie - Old Ways
Gravity 783, Elkmont, AL, US
Listen to wav samples of the new release by Seminole Chief Jim Billie. This record combines the timeless knowledge of Native America with production by Jim Bickerstaff and some of Nashville's finest musicians.

City Exchange Realty - Hong Kong
Tai Po, Republic of Hong Kong
Specialists in property hunting for relocating executives. This site includes useful tips for those moving to Hong Kong.

City of Salem Oregon
Salem, OR, US
Provides local government and city information about Salem, including community services, finance, fire department, legal, and library.

St-Paul d'Abbotsford, Québec, Canada
One of the most visited French connection repertoire sites on the Web with a rich collection of worthy and convivial links and access to Radio Canada.

Computer Bay
Phoenix, AZ, US
Featuring computer sales of premium-configured Pentium systems. Sales, service, components, and consulting is available.

Computer Enhancement Systems
Ooltewah, TN, US
Database and Internet sales and marketing consultants.

Computer Loan Network
Vienna, VA, US
Shop a loan to lenders around the country.

Computing, Organizations, Policy and Society
U.C. Irvine Dept. of Information/Computer Science, Irvine, CA, US
A leading residential program of PhD education and research on the social aspects of computerization.

Cue & Case Connection
Tampa, FL, US
Complete online ordering of billiard supplies.

Custom Gifting by Lucas
Indianapolis, IN, US
Designs and manufactures custom wood and leather products for any occasion.

Lisbon, Portugal
An Internet presence provider allowing anyone to provide information on the Web. Free space is available for nonprofit organizations and individual home pages.

D B Associates / Transgendered Magazine
Natick, MA, US
A support service and magazine for transgendered people, transsexuals, cross-dressers, and family and friends to help support and educate about this often misunderstood lifestyle.

Daniel Krause Insurance
Detroit, MI, US
Handles insurance needs that include life, home, business, and health.

Darrell Peart, Furniture Maker
Seattle, WA, US
Find custom-made fine furniture heavily influenced by the American arts and crafts movement and built with a reliance upon solid wood and traditional joinery.

Days of Our Lives: Generations
Carmicheal, CA, US
An online soap opera based on the television show, Days of Our Lives. For the new generation of Days viewers.

DEA Wholesales
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Offers a full line of mailing lists, books, and even gothic skulls for horror fans.

Detroit Chamber Winds
Detroit, MI, US
Brings to life the large and wonderful body of mixed wind and brass music that utilizes between six and twenty instrumentalists.

digital giraffe online studio
Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA, US
A prime source for remarkable digital paintings by one of the acknowledged leaders in the field.

Diving Adventures
League City, TX, US
Organizes several diving/scuba-related trips each year to exotic resorts and Caribbean vacation destinations.

Pittsburgh, PA, US
Brings users some of the best fiction on the Internet. Download an issue of this excellent fiction and humor zine.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Center
The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Read DMD research information provided for parents of children with DMD/BMD and their communities.

SMART, Granarolo Emilia, Italy
A manufacturing firm producing single-fired glazed floor and wall tiles.

Film Traders Information Page
Sacramento, CA, US
Intended as a resource for film collectors to use to locate films for their collection and to submit films they wish to trade or sell to other collectors.

SMART, Granarolo Emilia, Italy
Firm recently launched with the aim of conquering the new and expanding market of fine stoneware

The Five Basic Boxes, Ltd.
Tokyo, Japan
A full-service DTP company now offering special bargains in color cards production and online services in photographing goods and models.

The Flat Earth.
Sydney, Australia
Find information on this four-piece band from Sydney.

Fleming's Healthy Life Products
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Promotes good health through such natural means as diet, toxin elimination, vitamin/mineral/herbal supplementation, and other alternative therapies.

Florida's Suncoast Outdoors Online
Desktop Advantage, Inc., Palm Harbor, FL, US
An electronic magazine covering fishing, diving, boating, and wildlife for Florida's West Coast.

Forensic Associates
Coram, NY, US
The scientists at Forensic Associates are comprised of a group of professionals with varied experience in the fields of forensic science.

Franciscan University of Steubenville
Department of Communication Arts, Steubenville, OH, US
Includes pages for admissions and degree programs and links to other online resources.

SMART, Granarolo Emilia, Italy
Single-fired and double-fired ceramic tiles; in business for more than 25 years.

Gateway Advertising
Orange, CA, US
Find lot's of business opportunities, free classifieds, and full-page ads with up to 500 words and two photos.

RockWeb Interactive, San Francisco, CA, US
A high-energy, groove infested, rock band with pictures, bios, sound bites, updated shows, information, and fan access on the site.

Gollywood Push Animation Film Festival
GetOnline, Melbourne Beach, FL, US
This is a call for entries to get the show rolling, or an invitation for everyone to visit and vote.

Good Language Software
Zurich, Switzerland
Develops software for natural language processing and computer-assisted English language learning and teaching, for DOS and WINDOWS. Download free demos.

Hazard Migration & Building Protection
National Building Protection Council, Inc., Palm Beach Gardens, FL, US
Provides a worldwide marketing resources library/business trade directory for companies involved in products/systems to reduce accidents, natural disasters, and terrorism costs.

Herbs 'n' Such World Wide
Carney, Hood, and Pancost, Inc., Olympia, WA, US
Official site of the herbs-n-such fido network conference. Find bulk herbs, herbals, and much more.

Hispanic Pages in the USA
Baltimore, MD, US
Find a collection of pages on Hispanic history and famous individuals, a Spanish language magazine, links to all Hispanic countries, and a list of who's who in the Hispanic Web worldwide.

Imagine Hawaii
Kapaa, HI, US
A door to Hawaii's education, health, recreation, lodging, economy, real estate, shopping, worship, travel, people, shopping, weather, music, and art.

In Your Face Apparel
Lawrence, MA, US
T-shirts with an attitude, plus caps, boxers, and sweatshirts, too. Peruse over 12 pages of items, and register to win free stuff.

The Information Society Quarterly International Journal
Irvine, CA, US
A key forum for leading edge analysis of the impacts, policies, system concepts, methodologies and cultural change related to information technologies.

Installing Netatalk on Linux
Anders Brownworth, Stony Brook, NY, US
AppleTalk file server for UNIX workstations via Netatalk. This install guide will get Netatalk up and running on a Linux box running a recent kernel.

Integrated Computerized Technology
Edison, NJ, US
Provides professional Web authoring, home page design, front-to-end consulting on Internet services, and business advertisements.

Interactive Internet Sports
Gainesville, FL, US
Play sports trivia games, make sports predictions, meet other sports fans, and interact in numerous other ways.

Internet for Kids
Austin, TX, US
A great starting place for young venturers onto the Internet. Designed for kids ages 12 and younger.

iX Design Web Authoring Services
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An electronic publishing company that provides superior design and custom Internet solutions.

Japanese Hippiedom
The Tribe, Kawasaki, Japan
Yes, there are hippies in Japan. This page introduces them and other related matters: Suwanose, yoga, tribe, Goa, Katmandu, island, spiritualism, kusaya, Gaia, ecology, and psychedelics.

Jerusalem One
Jerusalem, Israel
The most popular Jewish and Israel information source on the Internet, Jerusalem One provides up-to-the-minute information to more than 140,000 people monthly.

Jewelry by David Weiss Designs
Irvine, CA, US
Win a free gemstone and see fine jewelry at great prices. Also custom design pieces. Learn more about gems and jewels right here.

Jose Bispo - Jamelao
Brazil On Line, Los Angeles, CA, US
Legendary Brazilian music interpreter and composer. A must for Brazilian music lovers.

Lamatek, Inc.
Edgewater Park, NJ, US
Manufacturer of foam insulation, gasketing, and weatherstripping for windows, doors, automotive, and other industrial applications.

Long Term Care Reimbursement, Inc.
Portsmouth, VA, US
Specializes in Medicare billing and training for nursing homes and long-term care physicians. The focus is Medicare, managed care, subacute, and health care policy and legislation.

Focus Technologies Networks, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A monthly interactive entertainment and lifestyle magazine combining full motion video, CD-quality audio, full color graphics, and premier quality magazine journalism.

Main Island Coffees
Aiea, HI, US
Find smooth island coffee and a catalog of other items.

Marion County Oregon
Salem, OR, US
Provides local government and county information about Marion County, including emergency management, health department, public works, and solid waste management.

MarketPlace HCE
Houck's Communications and Electronics, Bellefonte, PA, US
Web advertising for the electronics, communications, and computer industries.

Stockholm, Sweden
A network of 30 independent consultants, each with their own competence and broad experience in leading positions. Based in Sweden with worldwide experience.

A Military History Book Store
Grandiosity, Inc., Dayton, OH, US
A page dedicated to and offering military history books. Initial emphasis is on the Napoleonic wars, the American Civil War, and World War II.

Motley Focus Locus
New York, NY, US
A heterogenous platform of five Web magazines and six unique committees of correspondence, a series of moderated discussion groups on poetry, politics, religion, synchronicity, love and sexuality, and humor.

Muscular Dystrophy Association
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Find extensive information on Muscular Dystrophy and related neuromuscular disorders and numerous links to MD sites.

NameBase Book Index
Public Information Research, Inc., San Antonio, TX, US
Short review of over 400 investigative books and essays from NameBase NewsLine. Also, a telnet link to a cumulative name index of these 400 books, along with 200 additional books, periodicals, and membership lists.

Net Trek Contest
CompuWeb, Beverly Hills, CA, US
The most exciting adventure on the Internet. Net Trek takes you on a surfing safari through fascinating Web sites in search of prizes and glory.

New River Recording Studios
Sales Growth Professionals, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
A superb digital and analog recording, mixing, and editing facility located on the banks of the New River.

New York City Careers Expo
Future Net Communications, Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
A unique opportunity to meet face to face with leading employers and educators.

Northern California's Redwood Canyons
Leggett Valley Chamber of Commerce, Leggett, California, US
All about the ancient, old-growth redwood forests of Northern California. Beautiful photos and lots of information.
http://redwoods.com/~ebarnett/canyons.htm [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Kfar Saba, Israel
Forensic products: new aerosols for fingerprint identification, iron detection, material latent tagging, and new formula for police pepper spray.

SMART, Granarolo Emilia, Italy
Ceramic products designed to meet the requirements of residential and commercial construction.

NYC Beer Guide Policy on Internet Indecency
New York, NY, US
As a responsible community publisher, the Guide feels obliged to join the effort toward sensible censorship of the Internet.

OmniView Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
From oils to collage, from bronze to lead, discover excellent original works of fine art at 1080 Rodeo Drive.

Online Resource Group
Greenwood, IN, US
Offers turnkey solutions for today's human resource manager.

On-line Resources for Diabetics
ScribbleWorks, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA, US
A directory of online information and services for diabetics that includes not only Web pages but also mailing lists, news groups, and non-Internet resources.

Opendoors Software
Minneapolis, MN, US
Makers of KeepTime imekeeping software for billing or logging time. Allows the user to record, log, sort and export time by task. Free 30-day trial.

Orthodox Church in America
Syosset, NY, US
Provides information about the Eastern Orthodox Christian faith and its presence on the North American continent.

The Paint/Coatings Net
S. Glens Falls, NY, US
Free forum for finishing, prep, spraying, drying, curing, waterbornes, powder coating, LowVOCs, E-coat, solvent based, booths, varnishes, infra-red, ovens, colors, conveyors, and high solids.

SMART, Granarolo Emilia, Italy
Produces high-quality ceramic flooring and covering materials.

Pediatric Points of Interest
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, US
A collection of updated links for pediatricians, parents, and children to medical sources on the Internet.

The Pennekamp Page!
Keys Technologies, Key Largo, FL, US
Key Largo's premier resource for diving, fishing, accommodations, and the environment.

Pennsylvania Cybermagic
Cinemagic, Inc., Camp Hill, PA, US
Site dedicated to links within the state of Pennsylvania, including links to businesses throughout Pennsylvania.

Playmasters Games & Movies Too
Lincoln, NE, US
Find games for Sega, Nintendo, Playstation, 3D0, Jaguar, and Saturn and movies such as Apollo 13, Land Before Time III, and Casper.

KOI JOY, Richland, WA, US
Only the best pond supplies are carried here: pumps, filters, UV lights, fish foods, koi, books, and more.

Santa Barbara, CA, US
A system intergrator and consulting distributor for Wide Area Networking products from manufacturers such as Cisco, Livingston, Adtran, and others.

UES Management & Consulting, Los Angeles, CA, US
Devoted to the national and professional level nuts and bolts sports of the world. Covers auto, powerboat, motorcycle, exotic, aircraft, and bicycle racing.

A Prentice Creative Home Page
Saint Paul, MN, US
A graphic design studio whose projects include design for advertising print materials and creative HTML composition of Web pages.

The Pullet Surprize
Stephenson, MI, US
Short stories and poetry that exhibit insight into the intriguing.

Rachelle's Everexpanding List of Great Links
Naturally Healthy, Columbus, GA, US
A list of links relating to women, nutrition, health, fitness, beauty, and holistic health.

Dept. Microbiology, Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, US
Free molecular visualization software, educational scripts, tools and resources, 3D atomic coordinate PDB files for micro- and macromolecules, and more.

Real Estate Market Space
The Junction, Inc., Monmouth Junction, NJ, US
Lists real estate for sale by county in New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania.

Regalia: Festive Finery
New Orleans, LA, US
From the French Quarter in New Orleans emerges the inspired handcrafted hats and costumes for Mardi Gras, Carnivals, Fantasy Fest, and Renaissance Faires.

Resource Pathways
Issaquah, WA, US
Publishes rated databases of information sources on topics of interest to consumers. Databases are available for Selecting A College (now) and Finding Financial Aid (February).

ROSADA Window System
SMART, Granarolo Emilia, Italy
Specializes in the manufacturing of window units with integrated rolling shutters, wooden shutters, or jalousies

Rosetta Stone
D&L Research Corporation, Kumamoto, Japan
Japan's monthly magazine of Internet culture. In Japanese only.

RTW Electronics Tooling
Rodgers, AR, US
The world's leading supplier of quality carbide cutting tools used in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards.

RTX Motorcycles
Alpine, CA, US
Features trail; Enduro; and motor cross beginner, junior, and senior, economical, dependable, exciting, fun, easy, and bulletproof motorcycles.

Sales Growth Professionals, Inc.
Coral Springs, FL, US
Provides access to world markets through computer communications services, including Internet presence and World Wide Web advertising, to small- to medium-sized companies.

Ventura, CA, US
Sells books: Americana, photography, antique collecting, as well as collectible toys.

Santa Clara, CA, US
The leader in solid-state mass media storage solutions for the mobile computing, industrial computing, networking, communications, and emerging digital camera markets.

Scuba Network
Hong Kong, Republic of Hong Kong
Operated as a neutral body in the diving industry to promote underwater activities, safety, and environmental protection.

Seeds of Hope...Harvest of Pride!
Ohio State Univ. Ext.'s Urban Gardening, Cleveland, OH, US
A newsletter for community vegetable gardeners.

Shigeyo's Jazz Page
IMO, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo, Japan
This month highlights the complete Wynton Marsalis Discography. New and exciting information and articles updated regularly.

SMART, Granarolo Emilia, Italy
Among the most important ceramic tile factories, the Sichenia Group is certainly at the top of the Italian production of ceramic tiles.

Silent World Dive Center
Key Largo, FL, US
Provides dive and snorkeling charters to the coral reefs of Pennekamp Park and the Key Largo National Marine Sanctuary.

Smoke Magazine Online!
New York, NY, US
A fun, contemporary magazine geared to the young executive interested in cigars and the lifestyle surrounding them.

Sound Works Online
Houston, TX, US
Resources for music and sound, advertising agencies, and TV/film producers. Talent Online casts voice talent, plus legal services, including NoNoise audio tape restoration, and more.

Southern California Commercial Real Estate
Pia & Associates, Temecula, CA, US
Find commercial real estate listings complete with property description and illustration. Properties are both for sale and lease.

Utility Software, Houston, TX, US
An interactive program for the determination of steam table properties.

STANO Components Inc.
Carson City, NV, US
Offers American-made night vision equipment, including seismic intrusion detection devices and manportable radar.

Stock Data Corp
Annapolis, MD, US
Provides end-of-day stock quotes via email or modem for the three U.S. Exchanges.

Genova, Italy
Featuring marble, stone, granite, byproducts, machinery, equipment, services, and everything for the stone industry.

Suitable for Framing
Famous Places, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Frame your college diploma or your favorite pictures with wood frame plaques to hang on your wall.

The Swedish Connection
Montrose, CA, US
Childcare and au pair introduction services to Swedish young men and women who want to visit the U.S. and Europe as au pairs.

Thomas and Perkins Ad Agency
Denver, CO, US
A full-service agency whose site is designed to provide viewers with an overview of the agency and features portfolio materials and strategic case studies.

Travelers World
Detroit, MI, US
Check out name-brand luggage, handbags, and business cases as well as a wide assortment of travel appliances, accessories, and unique gifts.

The Unofficial Lizabeth Scott Homepage
Doug Stickney, San Clemente, CA, US
Devoted to one of the fine actresses of the film noir era, Lizabeth Scott.

U.S. Customs Service
South Florida, FL, US
Provides the public with information about the many law enforcement functions of the service, including the cyber child pornography efforts of the U.S. Customs Service.

The Vietnam I Remember
Steven Curtis Photography, Hollywood, CA, US
Gallery of photographs and text about U.S. Marines in the Vietnam War, 1968-70, by military combat veteran, Steven Curtis.

Virtual Exhibits on the World Wide Web
Washington University Libraries, St. Louis, MO, US
Links to virtual exhibitions found at libraries, archives, and museums throughout the Web.

Walk on Water
Ross Tsukashima, San Diego, CA, US
Describes an annual engineering contest in which contestants race across the surface of a pool using specially designed flotation "shoes."

Torrance, CA, US
An Internet shopping center for art supplies, books, computer hardware and software, craft supplies, drafting equipment, fine pens, fine artists, furniture and accessories, gifts, and more.

Edmond, WA, US
Features the best of the best news links on the Net.

Will's Fantasy Basketball Leagues
New York, NY, US
Contains different fantasy leagues, including a fantasy basketball league and a fantasy football league.

Word Processing Style Guide
T P Goldingham, Maidenhead, Berkshire, United Kingdom
Gives straightforward guidance on document layout and English usage. It is not tied to any particular computer or software package.

Yard Centre
LeMar Davidson, Philadelphia, PA, US
Contains information and links regarding the island of Jamaica. Highlights include music clips and a "big up" section.

Ye Olde Candle Shoppe
Yountville, CA, US
Featuring hand-crafted candles made the old world way of dipping and carving. Hundreds of different styles, sizes, and color combinations are available.

Young Marketing Group, Inc.
Denver, CO, US
Sells DuPont Kevlar tire service products. Kevlar tsp will seal punctures up to 1/4" in diameter and allow tires to maintain constant air pressure even when sitting for long periods of time.

Tuesday, 2 January 1996

AAEON Electronics, Inc.
Edison, NJ, US
A source for PC-based data acquisition and digital I/O cards, hard disk drives and CD-ROM drives, laboratory power supplies, handheld multimeters, and more.

Academic Innovations
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Publisher of Career Choices, a secondary school/college textbook with an interdisciplinary curriculum for English, applied math, vocational education, school-to-work, equity, JTPA, and more.

Air Warrior on CRC Net
Kesmai Corporation, Charlottesville, VA, US
Devoted to the multiplayer, online, air-combat game Air Warrior, with information updated daily. Find links to related sites such as flight simulators, aviation, military, World War II, and gaming.

All American Music Festival
Orlando, FL, US
The festival offers a challenging educational experience and provides a fun-filled opportunity that students will remember for a lifetime. Find a list of participants, rules and regulations, awards, travel packages, and more.

Badia a Coltibuono
Duesseldorf, Germany
The unofficial home page for one of the best Italian wines money can buy. In German.

[big deal] snO - sk8 supplies shop
Phoenix, AZ, US
A great place to go for deals on all kinds of snowboarding and skateboarding supplies, cool art and photos, free screensavers, contests, and a ton of other stuff too.

Campus Crusade for Christ International
Orlando, FL, US
Has over 100,000 staff and trained volunteers serving in over 150 countries around the world. Get a glimpse into how they are trying to reach people around the world for Christ.

CellNet Data Systems, Inc.
San Carlos, CA, US
Offers utility automation services such as Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), and is the leading provider of wireless data communications network services to the utility industry.

Chemicals in Australia
A.C.T.E.D. Pty Ltd., Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Find market and industry assessments of opportunities for the sale and manufacture of chemicals. The largest such information resource in Australia.

The "Complete" Chesapeake Bay Information Link List
College Park, MD, US
A one-stop-shop for information on travel, history, science, education, and government in the Chesapeake Bay region, including Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

Concord Coalition of Maine
Brunswick, ME, US
A grassroots movement working toward the elimination of the United States federal budget deficit. This site contains information about the federal budget deficit and its impact on the United States.

Confrontation Management Systems
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
An organization dedicated to educating and empowering men, women, and children to face confrontations in the streets, the workplace, and at home through self-defense.

Dark Star Official Mike Oldfield Magazine
Poole, Dorset, England
The only magazine sanctioned by musician Mike Oldfield and his manager, with supplementary information to the printed magazine, news updates, and rare sound material.

David Cooper, Contemporary Original Music
Seattle, WA, US
Home page for this singer, songwriter, lyricist, and ASIL Records recording artist. Includes biographical information, a discography, photos, and other links.

Delta Air Lines SkyLinks
Atlanta, GA, US
The Web site for this airline features interactive travel information and entertainment for business and leisure travelers.

Department of Research on the Teaching of Modern Languages
Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany
Coordinator of the International E-Mail Tandem Network has developed the Tandem Database, with materials for language learning in tandem.

Domino Benelux Homepage
Antwerp, Belgium
Provides high quality services that improve human resources management and dealer-based retail businesses.

Flying Noodle
Waterbury Center, VT, US
Find gourmet pastas, pasta sauces, and olive oils. The Pasta Club delivers new pastas and sauces to the door each month.

Fund Raising With Raddatz Marketing
Mequon, WI, US
Information about the many fund raising opportunities provided by this company. Find information on becoming a distributor, products, and more.

Hans Popper Hepatopathology Society
University of Michigan Pathology Department, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Serves those devoted to the study of diseases of the liver and biliary system. Find a mission statement, notices of forthcoming meetings, cases for review and discussion, residency and fellowship program information, and more.

Healthy Alternatives
Royal Palm Beach, FL, US
Provides some of the finest herbal health products available today. Their 100% natural herbal blends exhibit a comittment to the truly health-conscious individual.

Internet WorkShop
Tucson, AZ, US
A full-service Web presence provider offering creative home page design, low-cost space rent on a dedicated Web server, custom programming, and database work.

Inter-Trade Marketing
Lancaster, CA, US
A manufacturer and supplier of custom-made, jute/burlap bags for the speciality/promotional advertising industry, as well as a manufacturer of bags for the gift and souvenir markets.

Jaco Electronics, Inc.
WebScope, Hauppague, NY, US
A worldwide distributor of electronic components and computer peripherals certified to ISO 9002. They also offer EDI, credit card purchasing, Dock-to-Stock, JIT, Kitting, custom computer systems, and complete technical support.

La Rafale!
Paris, France
A strange, French Web site with stories about counter- and subculture, politics, agitprop, and music. In French.

National Foundation for AIDS Relief, Inc.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
A nonprofit, tax-exempt charity that provides 'meals on wheels' for people with AIDS. Read their newsletter, and find out about their auto raffle.

Offshore International, Inc.
INTERNET WorkShop, Tucson, AZ, US
For twenty years this company has partnered with U.S. manufacturers in Mexico's maquiladora industry. Their shelter plan and contract manufacturing programs have significantly reduced clients' production costs.

The Organization of White Time Healing
Stockholm, Sweden
Download extraterrestrial greetings in audio, visit the gallery of extraterrestrial eyes, and learn more about some of the different races that inhabit the universe.

Pacific Northwest Boats for Sale
Eastsound, WA, US
Powerboats, personal craft, and commercial vessels for sale in the Pacific Nortwest region by dealers, brokers, and individuals.

Prophet Software Release 4.3
BBN Systems & Technologies, Cambridge, MA, US
A comprehensive UNIX-based software package that makes entering, analyzing, and visualizing data quick and easy. Provides tools for data analysis, graphing, statistics, mathematical modeling, and sequence analysis.

The Road is Life
Herndon, VA, US
A chronicle of the three month, cross-country road trip of Matt Kranser. Matt will be posting short stories about the trip up on this page.

The Vernon Coleman Centre
London, England
Information about one of Britain's leading writers, dispensing enlightened advice. His column appears in magazines and papers worldwide.

Welcome to Reiki Healing Energy
Turtle Island Enterprises, Camano Island, WA, US
An introduction and description of the ancient spiritual practice of Reiki, a healing energy technique. Includes personal experiences and how to receive distance treatments.

Wednesday, 3 January 1996

4Point Software
Somerville, MA, US
Offers free downloadable computer photo calendars with screen savers.

Achile, the Sock Broker
Bertrand Retail Inc., Brisbane, CA, US
Buy fancy French socks not available anywhere in the U.S.

Layton, UT, US
Brings you products that will enhance your lifestyle with exercise, weight loss, and whiter teeth.

An African Brazilian Connection
Brazil On Line Publishing, Los Angeles, CA, US
A place to get in touch with the African Brazilian community. Features sections on the arts, music, culture, and business.

American Society for Precision Engineering
Raleigh, NC, US
A multidisciplinary professional and technical society concerned with research and development, design, manufacture, and measurement of high-accuracy components and systems.

Animal Sciences Department
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US
Contains information about the department and faculty, and the animal industry in Hawaii.

Art Centerd Interaction
Berlin, Germany
A private, nonprofit initiative for people working in the sphere of art and education with new media.

Art East Fine Art Gallery
Michael Monahan, Boston, MA, US
A gallery of original paintings from some of the country's finest artists.

The Art of R.G. Phillips
Pflugerville, TX, US
The art of Robert Gregory Phillips and how to purchase it.

Asia Environmental Review
Japan Energy & Environment, London, England
A site devoted to environmental issues and markets in Asia-Pacific that offers continually updated headlines on developments in environmental regulations and policy as well as corporate news and market opportunities.

Attest Systems, Inc.
San Rafael, CA, US
An expert in providing software asset management tools and services that enable customers to better use their PC resources.

Auburn Online - The Hunt for Placer Gold
PSG Global Concept and Design, Auburn, CA, US
A visit to Auburn is like traveling back in time. Located 30 miles northeast of Sacramento on Interstate 80, and built in 1848, Auburn is filled with the historical reminders of California's Gold Rush days.

Austral Control Systems, Inc.
Denver, CO, US
Established to provide control solutions in the fields of industrial automation, process control, and instrumentation.

Basketball Links Page
Jean Gionet, Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
A comprehensive list of links to home pages of NBA teams and other basketball sites.

Birmingham/Bloomfield/Troy (BBT) Vicariate
St. Hugo of the Hills School, Bloomfield Hills, MI, US
A Catholic organization of schools and churches in southeast Michigan.

BMP, Inc.
Zionsville, IN, US
Offers compelling audio for audios, visuals, marketing, and advertising promotions.

Brazilian Business Directory Online
S&M Communication Services, Ltd., Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
The ultimate resource for doing business in Brazil.

Bufete AF, Abogados
Madrid, Spain
Intellectual property law firm that offers a full range of services in industrial property matters through the Internet.

Cambridge Running Club
Boston, MA, US
A club for runners of all abilities in the greater Boston area.

Cambridge Trading Services Corporation
Boston, MA, US
A trade finance company providing short-term transaction financing designed to meet the needs of international traders.

Car Art Poster Page
CCIE, West Hills, CA, US
Collectible car posters for people who love cars.

Net Properties Corp., New York, NY, US
The information superstore serving the commercial real estate and retailing industries. Discover available properties, retailers, product/service providers, and more.

Certified Appraisers
Houston, TX, US
Offers business appraisal and litigation support, machinery and equipment appraisals, and real estate appraisals.

Certified Business Brokers
Houston, TX, US
A professional firm with a broad range of business skills and experience available to assist in the sale or acquisition of a privately owned business.

The Chapel on the Web
WhiteStone Group, Delran, NJ, US
A spiritual oasis on the Web featuring inspiration and information. TrueSpeech real-time audio files available.

Chico Cannabis Club
Chico, CA, US
A political activist organization working to end marijuana prohibition.

China Developments
Boston Business Consultants, Boston, MA, US
Provides investment and consulting to U.S. companies establishing or expanding manufacturing operations in mainland China.

Classified Zone
Tampa, FL, US
Emails business ads to opportunity seekers on the Web. Site also hosts a collection of classified ads.

Colorado Resort Net
Denver, CO, US
Colorado's most comprehensive online ski directory -- the fastest way to make Colorado ski vacation plans.

Colossus Computing, Inc.
Wilbraham, MA, US
A leading provider of fantasy sports software, this site contains graphs, reports, statistics, and download options.

Community Wire
Glendale, CA, US
Delivers information to the Arroyo Verdugo cities of Burbank, Glendale, La Canada, Pasadena, and South Pasadena, on the behalf of community organizations and service clubs.

Cybber Systems
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Custom software development company using Visual Basic Ms Access and C++ for inventory systems and employee management systems.

CyberTrek's Online Mall
North Lauderdale, FL, US
Ultimate online mall updated daily. Check out the speciality items here.

Dango's Dungeon
JC's PCs, Sarasota, FL, US
Site for computer nuts to post ideas and comments about the world around us.

Dataquick Real Property Information Center
San Diego, CA, US
An explanation of real property data and how to use it. An excellent resource for those looking to buy, sell, or refinance their mortgage, take out an equity loan, or reduce property taxes.

Digital Design, Inc.
Quebec, Canada
Provides software and system integration for industries in manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and construction.

Dignity Canada Dignité
Canada's organization of gay and lesbian Roman Catholics and their friends.

Albuquerque, NM, US
A punk band consisting of three good ol' boys full of beer and fine intentions.

Discoteque Designer Wainer Barbati
Network Multimedia Provider, Modena, Italy
The most famous discoteque designer in Italy: Wainer Barbati.

Dixie's Delights Fonts and T-shirts
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Publishes over a hundred beautiful and unusual typefaces and dingbats fonts for Macintosh and Windows PCs.

Domino Systems
Oxfordshire, England
Cyberspace architects with plenty of cool tricks to see.

dope.com: Digital Online Production Enterprises
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A technology test site, designed for and created by developers committed to bringing neat stuff to the world that can be used on any platform. Read articles on ISDN, streaming audio, and 2MCm.

DTPRO Newsletter
Alle Beitrdge, Neuss, Germany
A newsletter for DTP professionals covering QuarkXPress, PageMaker, and more. In German.

Edge Sports International, Inc.
Skokie, IL, US
A management, marketing and consulting firm specializing in sports and entertainment. Provides clients with comprehensive services.

Editorial Blau Monograph Collection
Lisbon, Portugal
A publisher of high-quality architectural monographs of three of Portugal's most famous architects: Alvaro Siza Vieira, Fernando Tavora, and Eduardo Souto Moura.

Electronics and computers R us
Maxfield & Montrose Consultants, Huntsville, AL, US
These pages have free synthesis software and a veritable cornucopia of other interesting electronic and computer doohickies.

Employment at Masco Corporation
Taylor, MI, US
A source of employment and career information from a Fortune 500 company. Resumes can be submitted to Masco Personnel.

EPS onLine Web Publishers
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Offers professional design services that focus on getting results.

Ethiopian Cultural Television
ECTV, Inc., Denver, CO, US
Ethiopian cultural television and links to other Ethiopian sites.

The European Lotus Notes Homepage
Huis ter Heide, The Netherlands
A fast growing link collection to all information available through the Web about Lotus Notes.

Evergreen Marketing Group
Brookfield, WI, US
Provides rentals and sales of quality construction products. The site hosts avenues for serious discussions between construction enthusiasts and major construction product manufacturers.

everything I know
Quijibo Productions, Indianapolis, IN, US
This is everything Matt Smith knows.

Express Online
Compagnie Internationale Express, Columbus, OH, US
See the latest women's fashions, read tips on clothes care and style, and ask Kady, the fashion maven, for fashion advice.

Fair Share Divorce for Women
Bellevue, WA, US
Kathleen Miller, CFP, MBA is the author of "Fair Share Divorce for Women" and a financial planner who specializes in divorce consultation.

Falcon Education Link
Falcon Program Consultants, Inc, Stratford, CT, US
An information source for high school students. Macbeth is just the beginning.

Federal Sign Company
Burr Ridge, IL, US
A national sign and graphics communication leader since 1901. Ideal for national signage program and maintenance services.

Fetch Software, Inc.
Chelmsford, MA, US
Dedicated to giving nomadic computing users the power to work anytime and anywhere by developing a remote control to Internet resources.

A Financing Technique, Ltd.
Clearwater, FL, US
Alternative finance method when seeking project loan. Provides 100 percent cash collateral as credit enhancement for borrower.

The Fortran Library
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, US
Includes source code for many non-numeric tasks, such as string manipulation, and some numeric-oriented routines, such as random number generation.

Garden of Flowers
Don Li, Arlington, VA, US
Classified ads for employment, singles, cars, real estate, and entertainment.

Glen Cove Computing
Vallejo, CA, US
Offers a variety of Web-related services including Web page creation and maintenance.

Global Automotive Parts Access
Laguna Hills, CA, US
Created to offer people access to Mercedes Benz, BMW, Volvo, and Saab parts online.

Cupertino, CA, US
The Internet'ss premier golf resource, with information on site —tournaments, courses, instruction, equipment, travel, rules, games, prizes, clubs, classifieds, merchandise, forums, and more.

Grey Management Consulting Associates
Westwood, MA, US
Marketing consulting firm providing strategic marketing, product identity and development, custom software, training, and graphics arts services to corporate clients.

The Happy Wrapper
Potpourri of Things, Torrance, CA, US
A new concept for wrapping gifts. View designs and order online.

Asgaard Internet Radio, Dallas, TX, US
An Internet-only radio station, live and in real time, using StreamWorks by Xing Technologies. Boasts a commercial-free playlist of over 1000 hard rock songs, with live concert broadcasts, news, and information.

HEADCO International
Miami, FL, US
Brings together buyers and sellers of the used heavy equipment industry on a global scale, working very closely with major Caterpillar dealers.

Heather Locklear
Heather Locklear Online Fanclub, Redmond, WA, US
Official page of the Heather Locklear Online Fanclub.

Hello, Harold Lloyd
Bethpage, NY, US
Honors Harold Lloyd, silent film comedian. Gives you his biography, films he's been in, and answers questions about this great film star.

Hobnob Inn Comics
PLA Productions, Santa Barbara, CA, US
A syndicated comic strip featured in many U.S. and Canadian newspapers. The strip is updated each and every Monday morning.

CalvaCom, Paris, France
Find information on three hotels in the heart of Paris that are part of the Best Western hotel chain.

Horizons Marketing Group, Inc.
Sisto Associates, Cypress, TX, US
Horizons introduces Integrated Marketing concept to MLM distributors. Seeks international distributors, on all levels, for marketing of Cat's Claw (Uncaria tomentosa) and other useful products.

Hotel Prince de Galles
CalvaCom, Paris, France
A deluxe hotel in the heart of Paris. Take a look at the hotel, check out rates, and book a room.

Humor Connection
Total Spectrum, Placentia, CA, US
Cartoon, humor, and links to other humor sites.

The Illustrative Web
Sydney, Australia
Provides Australia-based services for Internet training, marketing and support, using an innovative combination of online, video and one-on-one training.

Imaging Machine
Visioneering Research Laboratory, Inc., Las Cruces, NM, US
A nice place to easily modify images. Make a transparent or interlace GIF image, or try many other imaging services.

Internet Business Bureau
New Power BBS, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
A site made with consumers in mind. Review complaints posted by domain name of sites, or post your own complaint against a site for fraud, misrepresentation and/or illegal content.

Internet Information Center
Vienna, Austria
Covers everything from Archie to the Web and includes history, background, general information, and a glossary.

Jaguar Official Web Site
Coventry, England
Take a look at some great pictures and videos and don't miss the opportunity to find an exclusive gift from the large catalog.

James Martin & Co.
London, England
Information from one of the premier IT services firms on a range of topics including century date change, business process re-engineering, and rapid application development.

Albuquerque, NM, US
An NPR affiliate serving Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos, New Mexico.

Larimer County Colorado
Fort Collins, CO, US
A virtual courthouse for the citizens of Larimer County. Lists services provided by the local county government.

Life Plus Vitamins and Herbal Supplements
DRS Distributors, Lawrenceville, GA, US
Offers vitamins and herbal supplements direct from the manufacturer.

San Francisco, CA, US
Offers fine lingerie at great prices, in petite to 4X sizes.

Littleton Community Network
Littleton, CO, US
Provides information about services and resources available in the greater Littleton area.

Magen David Sephardic Congregation
Rockville, MD, US
A modern orthodox synagogue with Sephardic cultural ties.

Owings Mills, MD, US
The one-stop metric hardware source offering over 400,000 metric-sized tools such as fasteners, cutting and measuring tools, hand tools, plumbing fittings, and more.

Maxi-Signal Products Co.
La Grange, IL, US
Manufacturer/distributor of heavy-duty visible, audible signals, strobe warning lights, sirens, horns, lighting, and safety equipment.

MDMA Records
Philadephia, PA, US
A techno/rave shop carrying the latest compact discs.

Mercantile Software Systems, Inc.
Piscataway, NJ, US
Developer of the Marketing Warehouse, an open-systems, client/server data warehouse package with a graphic user interface.

Metal Bulletin
New York, NY, US
One of the world's most authoritative sources of metals markets and pricing information. Check out products and services and follow global metals industry links.

Metronet Computer Systems & Local Area Networks
Teaneck, NJ, US
A Novell authorized Gold dealer servicing the New York metropolitan area. The source for hardware and software.

PROMONET, Montecatini Terme, Italy
An Italian train models shop situated in Montecatini Terme, Tuscany. Mail orders are available.

Scotts Valley, CA, US
A UNIX source code licensee, with ten years of porting nine versions of UNIX to the Intel architecture.

Gate City, VA, US
An Internet access and services company providing regional access in Southwest Virginia and Northeast Tennessee.

Net Site Digital Publishing
Gainesville, GA, US
Internet presence provider with home pages as low as $5. Complete presence creation from one page to a hosted Web server. Includes contests and home of the Scared Chicken.

NewGate Internet, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
Builds unique Web sites to advertise and sell a company's products and services to their target audience on the Internet.

Okamoto & Company
Tokyo, Japan
An accounting firm specializing in providing bilingual professional services, including auditing, special investigations, consultation, and taxes, to foreign subsidiaries in Japan.

Olimpia Basket Madigan Pistoia
PROMONET, Pistoia, Italy
The basketball team of Pistoia, Tuscany.

Owl's Eye Productions
Brewster, NY, US
Provides Web site development for businesses, including design and promotion of site to search engines and indexes.

Pacific Golf Adventures
Seattle, WA, US
Offers golf packages to locations throughout the world.

Piranha Propellers
San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Manufacturer of the first patented composite removable blade propellers for outboards and sterndrivers.

Pittsburgh Cardiovascular Institute
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Specialists in preventive medical care and diagnostic services.

Pointer Interactieve Media
Delft, The Netherlands
Develops creative multimedia applications with the end user in mind by paying attention to the graphical user interface and application navigation.

Power Systems Associates
Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides new and used engine generators from Caterpillar and Olympian, service and repairs on all makes of generators, and fire pumps.

Pistoia, Italy
An Italian Web server for trade, tourism, handicrafts, and services for companies. Information about Pistoia and its surroundings is included.

QDC Solutions
Mullumbimby, Australia
Includes Earth Friendly Technologies and Fractal Lifestyles.

Ralphie the Robot
Robots 2 Go, Inc., Miami, FL, US
Businesses anywhere can hire "Ralphie" the multimedia robot. Ralphie is available for conventions, trade shows, special events, films, ads, parties, or any event needing a totally unique and charismatic attraction.

RAM Electronics Industries, Inc.
Pennsauken, NJ, US
A manufacturer of electronic cables and wire harnesses since 1977. Supplies SCSI, CAT-5, Ethernet, token-ring, Ribbon-Cable, co-ax, or just about any type of cable.

Rapid Link USA Telecommunications
Atlanta, GA, US
Provides competitive international and domestic long-distance rates using an advanced digital switching technology and call back system.

Dana Point, CA, US
A graphic design firm specializing in expository graphics for technical, scientific, and corporate use, and a leader in photorealistic computer visualization.

RJS Productions
Bronx, NY, US
A video and disc-jockey company made up of broadcast professionals.

Saint Antoninus Institute
Washington, DC, US
Promotes the social teachings of the Catholic Church in the areas of work, business, management, and economics.

Scientific CD Movies
Colorado Spings, CO, US
Produces movies of 3D data on a custom CD-ROM.

Scientific Resources, Inc.
Eatontown, NJ, US
Manufacturer and supplier of laboratory research products for HPLC, CE, GC, and Electrophoresis.

Seedsowers Christian Books
Sargent, GA, US
Christian resources for the seeking Church, and the seeking Christian.

Self Defense Products
Huntsville, AL, US
One of the largest catalog listings of personal defense and security items on the Net.

Sellen Construction Co., Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
Look here for project information, news, events, and other information about Sellen.

Southern Gospel Music
B&L Gospel Productions, Inc., Grand Rapids, MI, US
A complete resource for Southern gospel music. Concert schedules, artists' personal appearances, and home pages are included.

Southwest Art Mart
Odessa, TX, US
Specializes in showcasing the works of local artists from Odessa, Texas. Paintings feature nature and landscapes.

Sportsnut Bike & Skate
Honolulu, HI, US
Specializes in products related to inline skates, mountain bikes, and sports memorabilia.

Little Rock, AR, US
The Net's best source for spy equipment and gadgets.

Sunlight Homes
Albuquerque, NM, US
Custom-designed homes for individual lifestyles in the U.S. and Canada. Specializes in energy-efficient, modified, passive solar design and super-insulated, stress-skin, panelized construction.

The Temple of the Immortal Spirit
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Explores Taoism in the western world, what it means, and how it affects people's daily lives.

Third Party Solutions
Chicago, IL, US
From sophisticated database marketing software to Internet-related travel services, provides a wide array of technology products to assist travel agents and travel suppliers in selling travel.

Thomas Engineering Co.
Walnut Creek, CA, US
Provides data communications products, including network monitoring and security systems for LAN and Internet connections.

Timeworks Watch Discounter
Philadelphia, PA, US
A discount retailer of watches and clocks.

Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach
Long Beach, CA, US
Official site of the number-one street circuit motor sports event in North America, scheduled for 12-14 April 1996. Includes complete event information.

Trillium Resources Corp.
Glenview, IL, US
A one-stop professional Web design and Internet services firm.

Rim Pacific, New York, NY, US
Find blank T-shirts and sweatshirts at the lowest prices available. Manufacturers include Hanes and Fruit of the Loom.

The Underground Review
Ordway Press Limited, Tulsa, OK, US
A smorgasbord of juicy stuff from the politically incorrect "underground."

The Unofficial Tripping Daisy Home Page
Agoura, CA, US
The only non-record label Tripping Daisy Web page.

US Payphone School
Payphone Service, San Mateo, CA, US
Learn every aspect of the payphone business, including installation, contracts, compliance, manufacturers, operator service providers, and sales training.

USANA Nutritionals
La Jolla, CA, US
Join Robert Allen, Denis Waitley, and Brian Tracy in the home-based business revolution.

VDO Realtime Video Greetings Gallery
VDOlive/VDOnet, Santa Clara, CA, US
Let friends and family play video greetings in real time over the Internet, without waiting to download, using VDO realtime video technology.

The Virtual Job Fair
High Technology Careers Magazine, Santa Clara, CA, US
Search over 9,000 career opportunities by keyword, and send a resume directly to employers online.

VisualPhile Software
Visual Applications, North Kansas City, MO, US
Interactive design software to illustrate architecture, landscape, interior, remodeling, and home building construction designs. Includes color photo libraries and free demos.

A Webbit
San Mateo, CA, US
Submits Web site information to search engines and directories on the Web, including Yahoo, newsgroups, and yellow page indexes.

Weblynx: Net Results
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Provides quality Australian content to the Web and compiles useful and informative content-specific pages including Australian geography, tourism information, links, and general facts.

Weddings Online
San Jose, CA, US
A one-stop wedding information resource that makes it possible to do a large amount of wedding planning and service selection right from your home or office.

Westside Internet & Computer Consultants
Peachland, British Columbia, Canada
The complete source for the Internet, from HTML programming to Internet and Web site consulting and implementation.

Wiener Zeitung
Osterreichische Staatsdruckerei, Vienna, Austria
The oldest daily newspaper of the world (nearly 300 years) is now on the Web. Includes news about Austria and articles on literature, science, music, and computers.

Yeeeoww!!! Digital Lampoon
Pasadena, CA, US
Dedicated to bringing you the best in muddled multimedia humor and satire.

Young Blood
Glendale, CA, US
An arts and literary journal produced by Glendale high school and college students.

Friday, 5 January 1996

The 1-26 Association
Murrieta, CA, US
Affiliated with the Soaring Society of America and dedicated to one design soaring in the Schweizer 1-26.

AAA National Directory of Mental Health Professionals
San Jose, CA, US
Find qualified mental health professionals in areas all over the country.

Acme Express, Inc.
Cleveland, OH, US
Software for accounting, billing, and truck routing.

Advanced Photo Imaging, Inc.
Stamford, CT, US
Makes and restores images using cameras and computers.

Advantage Market Center
DataFlow Marketing, Otsego, MI, US
A full-service Web publishing service provider.

Advin Systems Computer Consulting
Los Angeles, CA, US
Provided custom programming in the Los Angeles area for over 12 years and now offers Web site design, implementation, and maintenance.

Alesssandra Scandella - Illustrator
Milano, Italy
Peruse the the various portfolios of this Italian illustrator.

All Net Basketball
Scott Grant, Villa Park, CA, US
Information about a youth, all-star, 8th grade basketball team in Southern California. Includes links to several local recreation destinations.

All Ways For Dog Lovers
K9/Feline Education Products, Moriarty, NM, US
Information on a non-punishing, fast, effective, and leashless dog training method.

American Individual Magazine
Kaisa Communications and SilkPresence, Tucson, AZ, US
An online publication devoted to "going your own way in the 1990s," with forums, chat areas, and centers devoted to aspects of individualism.

AMJ Campbell Van Lines
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Canada's largest coast-to-coast moving company with 38 branches in Canada and access to Atlas Van Lines 800 North American Agency Family.

AMPS Data Access Catalog
Battelle, Richland, WA, US
Includes a section of recent news, documentation, and examples of the Airborne Multisensor Pod System.

The Aranda Group
Jenkintown, PA, US
Professional, personal, and financial management on investments, insurance, mortgages, taxes; also, sports agents.

Carmel, CA, US
Previews the work of the finest artists worldwide, including John E. Cowan, an abstract expressionist whose collectors include Jerry Lewis and the Prince and Princess of Japan.

ArtyCat Studio
San Jose, CA, US
An online art gallery currently showcasing the portraits and wildlife art of artist Kayomi.

Aspen Grafix
Aurora, CO, US
Offers logo and Web site design services at extremely low prices.

Association of Collegiate Schools of Architecture
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Includes regional and national information, links to ACSA headquarters, and resources pertinent to architecture, architectural education, and architectural practice.

The Astronomical League
Rolling Meadows, IL, US
A confederation of U.S. astronomical societies providing resources for astronomical societies and individuals interested in astronomy.

Auction 2000
WAMI Productions, Atlanta, GA, US
A database of auctions and auction houses in the Southeast by geographical reference or merchandise type.

AViation Charlie's Home Page, USA
The Aviation Safety Institute, Worthington, OH, US
An informal source of aviation-related information useful to the pilot and passenger alike.

Babe Ruth Lithograph
Point of View, Inc., Waukesha, WI, US
Historic 1920's lithographic printing plate of Babe Ruth used for numbered collector prints.

Back to Basics Publishing
Bemidji, MN, US
A publisher of books regarding chemical dependency.

BBS Yellow Page Directory
The SysOps Group, Mercerville, NJ, US
Listings of BBSs worldwide, indexed by area code, with addresses of their home pages and a description. All listings are free.

Behavioral Sciences Department
Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel
Weaves together the disciplines of psychology, sociology, and anthropology into one cohesive unit.

The Belgian WebRider
Leuven, Belgium
The most comprehensive guide of Belgian Internet sites. Browse an alphabetical index, categories, or use the search engine. Also check out the Belgian People's Guide and the Belgian Business Guide.

Berner Air Curtains
New Castle, PA, US
Information on air doors and air curtains for industrial, commercial, insect, and cold storage applications.

Best Proto
San Diego, CA, US
Provides electrical engineering software and contract engineering services.

The Bingo Bugle
Vashon, WA, US
The definitive resource for the bingo enthusiast, includes news, stories, advice, classifieds, and gaming links.

BJR Marketing International
S. Lake Tahoe, CA, US
Delfin Systems, transformations, and business opportunities galore.

Black Dog Design Co.
Chicago, IL, US
An advertising agency specializing in multimedia and marketing communications including Web, print, and packaging design.

The Bookstore at Intertain.com
Sudbury, MA, US
A huge selection of fiction, non-fiction, and children's titles, a discount on most books, and 95 percent of orders are shipped within two business days.

Chicago, IL, US
Since nobody could get enough of the monthly version, they made it a weekly with the addition of Brian's Weekly Cycle. Check out interviews, join the chat pool of misery in Frank's Pit of Eternal Darkness, and play Piercing Mildred, the interactive body modification game.

British Columbia Ambulance Service
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Web pages of the public pre-hospital emergency health care agency serving the residents and guests of the Provincial of British Columbia.

New York, NY, US
A tongue-in-cheek look at England, from an American perspective. Includes a British-to-American dictionary, and vice versa.

Buffalo Bill's Wild West
Springville, CA, US
Information on Buffalo Bill's America's Family Show and the Cowboy Cuisine cook book.

Butterfly Zone
The Zone, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
Provides the resources butterfly lovers need to entice butterflies to garden settings, including The Butterfly Guide, The Urban Gardener, and The Butterfly Advisor.

Caddo Magnet High School
Shreveport, LA, US
Find an HTML primer, student and teacher home pages, a Web resource area, and links to other schools and sites.

California Home Port
NBLS Marine Network, Eastsound, WA, US
Find marine products and services, boats for sale, and links to California weather.

Caprial's Cafe
Pacific Harbor Publishing, Portland, OR, US
User-friendly recipes and sensible cooking advice from renowned Northwest chef, Caprial Pence.

Captain John's Scuba Dive Boats
Undersea Explorer, Cairns, Queensland, Australia
A site to assist scuba divers visiting the Great Barrier Reef in Australia.

Center for Atmospheric Chemistry Studies
University of Rhode Island, Narragansett, RI, US
Provides information about this institution and the Analytical Services Group. Analytical capabilities available include instrumental neutron activation analysis, atomic absorption spectrometry, and ion chromatography.

CheckNSee Network
Palmer, MA, US
Offers great deals on sports apparel and light equipment.

Christian & Timbers
Cleveland, OH, US
One of the leading retained executive search firms in the country specializing in top-level management and board searches.

Club Web Family Approved Links
Firestorm Productions, Budd Lake, NJ, US
A list of links that are family friendly and kid safe.

Cognitive Science at City University of N.Y.
Interdisciplinary Concentration in Cog. Sci., CUNY, New York, NY, US
The interdisciplinary concentration in cognitive science at CUNY provides an opportunity for students in the six affiliated Ph.D. programs to pursue dedicated studies in cognitive science.

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH)
Bradley R. Smith, Visalia, CA, US
Dedicated to a revisionist discussion of the Holocaust. Much original material, plus extensive links to related sites.

Communications Alliance Wonder Site
Copenhagen, Denmark
One of Northern Europe's fastest-growing integrated communications agencies. Includes the "No BS" resource guides to intellectual property and the art of communications.

The Cougar's Den
Stephen Maddox, Houston, TX, US
An unofficial site devoted to University of Houston athletics, and college athletics in general. Find links to information on football, basketball, baseball, and other sports.

Havana, Cuba
Following the information disclosure policy of the U.S. government towards Cuba, this page is a good start for really knowing what is going on inside the island.

Cyber Jacques' Cyber Seas Treasure Hunt
ImaginEngine Corp., San Francisco, CA, US
Join Cyber Jacques, the Pixle Pirate, on his weekly adventure through the Cyber Seas (that's the Internet). Visit cool Web sites and win fabulous prizes.

Cybertimes' Property Net
Cullmann & Associates, Alameda, CA, US
Features listings of rentals and properties for sale, with pictures and a search engine.

Dairy Farmers of Oregon's Dairy Kitchen
Pacific Harbor Publishing, Portland, OR, US
Tasty recipes from the land with the perfect dairy climate.

Dave's ESL Cafe on the Web
Dave Sperling, Los Angeles, CA, US
Where learning is fun. Includes an ESL question page, a graffiti wall, and a message exchange forum.

DeLorean Owners Association
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Information about one of the world's most unique automobiles.

Democracy Wall of China
Yuan Chin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Wei JingSheng, China's leading dissident for democracy and human rights, was recently re-arrested after almost 15 years in jail and sentenced to another 14 years. Read the details, see photos, and send email to the Chinese government.

Department of Biological Sciences
Butler University, Indianapolis, IN, US
Includes information on biology programs, faculty, and facilities at the University, plus links to interesting biological Web sites.

Diagnetics, Inc.
Jim Fitch, Tulsa, OK, US
Portable oil analysis instruments for instant diagnostics of hydraulics, gearboxes, diesel engines, and turbines. Includes catalogs of hundreds of oil analysis products.

Dietitian On-Line
Dublin, Ireland
A professional, free dietetic service. Features an interactive dietician and a guide to Irish nutrition.

Trenton, NJ, US
Provides Internet advertising and Web servers.

DKFL Heartland
DK Family Library, Adel, IA, US
Your midwestern site for Dorling Kindersley books. Informative, spectacularly illustrated books, videos, and CD-ROMS for children and adults.

The Doom II Villa: Part I
John Watzke III, Abita Springs, LA, US
Contains tons of Doom II graphics along with selections like Wads of the Week and Cool Links.

The Doom II Villa: Part II
John Watzke III, Abita Springs, LA, US
The second part to one of the Net's best Doom sites including plenty of Doom graphics and Wads for downloading.

Early American History Online Forum
The Keigwin and Mathews Collection, Bainbridge Island, WA, US
The Internet's first online discussion group of the people, issues, and events of 18th century America.

EliaShim, Intelligent Computer Security
Pembroke Pines, FL, US
A leading provider of computer and network security, encryption, and smartcard solutions, as well as antivirus software.

Ergoflex Ergonomic Furniture
Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
A unique approach to the adjustment between computer equipment, furnishings, and users.

ESCN Database Reports
Mt. Pleasant, SC, US
Publishes quick reference indexes to data found in the early South Carolina newspapers. Also offers Special Search service, a valuable resource for genealogists and historians.

Factory Pipe Web Site
Ukiah, CA, US
A manufacturer of high-performance two-stroke exhaust systems for watercraft, motorcycles, and snowmobiles and distributor of the Factory Pipe line of watercraft exhaust systems.

The Field Template Family
Template Enterprises, New York, NY, US
Drafting tools that revolutionize the way theatrical lighting plots are drafted using the patented Pro*Trak 50 System.

Finn-Power International
Schaumburg, IL, US
A manufacturer of sheet metal fabrication equipment.

Formula One Journal
Internet Media XM Inc. & ICN France, Montreal, Quebec City, Canada
Get the inside track on the world of Formula One racing and find information on upcoming races, highlights of previous races, and access to comments from the drivers themselves after each race.

Lionville, PA, US
A unique surprise gift idea, creating a fantasy body from a photograph, and transferring the fantasy onto a gift.

Galaxy Mall New Shops
Parker Garlitz, Provo, UT, US
Features new stores that offer a variety of top quality merchandise and services, with online ordering.

The Gender Queue
D B Associates, Natick, MA, US
Gender resources for transsexuals and crossdressers.

George H. Seltzer & Company
Folsom, PA, US
Produces and distributes Zip Machine tool accessories used for workholding applications in machine shops.

Gilmour Academy
Gates Mills, OH, US
An independent college preparatory school with both day and residency programs.

Gini's Flower Background Textures
Cameo Graphics, Oxnard, CA, US
A selection of beautiful floral background textures, free for use as Web site backgrounds.

Mark-Op, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, US
An online guide to Utah restaurants. View restaurants by city, perform a keyword search, add or change a restaurant, and even submit a review.

Grenelefe Golf & Tennis Resort
Charles Holt, Haines City, FL, US
A wide selection of vacation and home ownership opportunities in a lush, resort setting.

Hahn Shopping Universe
San Diego, CA, US
A guide to Hahn's 42 upscale shopping centers, including area demographics and profiles, maps, tenant lists, industry news and trends, email forms, leasing links, and a game room.

Hands Off! the Net
San Francisco, CA, US
A source of regular commentary and opinion from the same people put together the landmark online petition drive against the Communications Decency Act.

Hawaiian Paradise Trading Company
Kealakekua, HI, US
A game-like time-travel shopping adventure offering organic foods, spirulina, Kona coffee, arts, handmade crafts, tropical flowers, chocolate, health/beauty products, and more.

Health Source
Waco, TX, US
A resource for the alternative medicine, holistic therapy, and natural health industry. Includes directories, event calendar, glossary, bibliographies, and more.

Healthy Flying
Diana Fairechild, Kihei, HI, US
Flying tips from the author of "Jet Smart," and an established authority on jet lag and comfortable, safe flying. Learn about recycled air, packing, airline food, timezones, and pesticides.

San Francisco, CA, US
An interactive, online publication of hearing education and awareness for musicians; a nonprofit organization.

Herbal Doctor Formulas
Dr. B. Shen, Monterey Park, CA, US
Provides alternative, natural medicines formulated according to traditional Chinese methods for the treatment of acne, arthritis, asthma, bladder control, herpes, and more.

HighTower Incorporated
Lincolnwood, IL, US
A Chicago area system integrator specializing in several competitive business solutions for a full range of accounting and networking needs.

HiTech Media
Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Specializes in custom CD-ROM creation, Internet presence for businesses, and low-cost video conferencing software.

H.L. Yoh Company
Philadelphia, PA, US
Provides employment services in all phases of industry, government, and science.

Hudson-Sullivan Homes
Old Lyme, CT, US
Quality-built modular homes in southeast Connecticut. With a Hudson-Sullivan built modular you can have what you want, where you want it.

HyText Haven
HyText Consulting, Oconomowoc, WI, US
Provides tools, tips, and dubious advice for document producers and technical communicators, and includes the very worst page on the Web.

San Francisco, CA, US
An award-winning, San Francisco-based multimedia development company, specializing in Web site development, CD-ROM applications, and 3D animation.

IMF Consultants
Sharon, Ontario, Canada
Develops database software for allied health professions to do workload measurement and outcome measures.

Plano, TX, US
A visionary Web design and marketing firm, now publishing affordable, high-quality Web pages for businesses and individuals.

Instrument Repair Labs, Inc.
Broomfield, CO, US
Specializes in test equipment repair, onsite calibration, sales, and rentals of new and used test equipment.

Acme Express, Cleveland, OH, US
An Internet service provider in Cleveland offering PPP accounts, email accounts, and Web pages as well as regular shell user accounts.

International School of Theology
Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL, US
Educates and trains potential leaders of people committed to Christ. This is accomplished through an integrated process of graduate academic instruction and supervised ministry experience.

The Internet Antique Shop
Rockville Centre, NY, US
Hundreds of antiques and collectibles are available for purchase online.

Internet Options
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Profiles and comparisons of Internet access providers and other Internet-related services serving the Edmonton area.

Internet Secretary
Elegance Network, Gaithersburg, MD, US
Lists hundreds of search engines and site announcement indexes.

Ivory Homes
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Browse the online catalog of Utah's number-one homebuilder. Also find listings of new homes for sale, and request additional information.

Japanese Traditional Interior Ornaments
Yamakatsu Co., Ltd., Kyoto, Japan
Information on the Japanese traditional warrior doll, which has been accepted by Japanese families as a bringer of good luck since olden days.

June Campbell - Multimedia Projects/Web Design
Nightcats Productions, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Offers multimedia projects, Web design, Internet consultation, CD-ROM authoring, and more.

Ketel One Vodka
Nolet Spirits USA, Sebastopol, CA, US
A story of success that started over 300 years ago.

K&F Select Fine Coffees
Portland, OR, US
Information on this Northwest coffee distributor.

Laboratoire de Genie Electrique de Toulouse
Toulouse, France
Home page of the French electrical engineering laboratory.

LabVIEW Pages
Dept. of Chemical Engineering, Univ. of Mass., Amherst, MA, US
A FAQ, utilities, VIs, and much more information for users of LabVIEW.

Law Office of Gary Sorenson
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
A forum to review and correct errors by the Judicial and Administrative branches of Canadian government, with respect to the Canadian Income Tax Act.

Leib and Co., Inc.
Mt. Laurel, NJ, US
Worldwide commercial collections. If there is no collection, there is no charge and Leib has a more than 63 percent recovery rate. Member of the Commercial Law League of America.

Lightning Strike Netscape Plug-In
Infinet Op, Denton, TX, US
Lightning Strike is an image compression technology based on wavelets. A decompressor is available for demonstration.

The Literary Times
Moultonboro, NH, US
A magazine for romance writers and readers. Find articles, reviews, profiles, featured guests, and more.

The Lizabeth Scott Homepage
Doug Stickney, San Clemente, CA, US
Devoted to one of the fine actresses of the film noir era.

Lyceum References
Föreningen För Objektivismen, Gothenburg, Sweden
Offers up-to-date information and links related to Objectivism, the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

Madeira/Sewing and Craft Supply
Portland, OR, US
Offers unrivaled German craftsmanship and value in embroidery, knitting, and sewing threads.

Mahakala Productions
Austin, TX, US
A cassette-only label specializing in Austin artists on the far fringes of unclassifiability.

Manic Maze!
InfoMedia, Plano, TX, US
Enter the Web's first virtual maze. A 3D walk-through experience for fun and prizes.

Mardi Hearty!
Find Mardi Gras links and information on the most exciting time of the year in New Orleans.

The Mat
Charlotte, NC, US
A page all about amateur wrestling. Features a who's who and a discussion forum.

ARS Data Systems, Milford, NJ, US
A unique, free search service that locates homes all over the Web based on user specified criteria.

Mediatheek Thuiszorg
Haarlem, The Netherlands
An information and documentation center on Dutch home care and health care.

Microrim, Inc.
Bellevue, WA, US
Develops, markets, and supports database management systems (DBMS) and other database-related software products for application development and business use.

MicroVision Solutions
Kevin Dotson, Houston, TX, US
A computer consulting business that assists businesses, homes, and schools on deciding what hardware, software, or networks are appropriate for their needs.

Mike's CAM Place
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Many different links to live cam pages and video around the world.

Mr. Fruit, Inc.
Orlando, FL, US
The Internet's premier Florida gift fruit shipper.

Mr. Rodgers 8th Grade Geography Page
Kellogg Middle School, Rochester, MN, US
Includes information on 20th century European history for Mr. Rodgers' students and anyone else interested.

Multiple Myeloma Research
Cornell Univ. Medical College, New York, NY, US
Designed for researchers studying multiple myeloma, this site includes useful information and links concerning the basic molecular and cellular biology of plasma cell neoplasms.

Musicians Referral Service
Intek 2000, Cincinnati, Ohio, US
Find musicians available and musicians wanted ads, plus links to music and guitar-related sites.

Vocal Power Institute, Los Angeles, CA, US
The MUSICLINK to anything in music featuring Vocal Power Institute -- the world's leading provider of training technology for the singing and speaking voice, voice care, and more.

My Family Artist
Zil Lilas, Columbus, OH, US
Dedicated to the promotion of new forms of creativity.

Mylo's Pick of the Week
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Yet another "pick of the week" page.

Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Contains many links to other NASCAR pages as well as race schedules, points standings, driver information, RASN, IRC, and much more.

National Unity Youth Forum
CityCorps, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Provides a forum in which youth ages 18-28 can express and share their opinions concerning current Canadian unity issues.

Nationwide Insurance's Safety Dock
Pacific Harbor Publishing, Portland, OR, US
Includes safety tips on autos, homes, children, and disasters.

Nat'l. Assoc. of Veterans Program Administrators
Clark College, Vancouver, WA, US
Find out about this professional association promoting competency in veterans' educational assistance programs.

The Net Helper
Ugo Cozza, Rende, Italy
Information and links to the best Internet resources about Windows 95, games, shareware, and more.

Nichols Garden Nursery
Albany, OR, US
Offers 45 years of expertise in cultivating herbs and rare seeds in the lush Oregon valleys.

Northwest Passage
Pacific Harbor Publishing, Portland, OR, US
Places to stay, sights to see, and things to do in the Pacific Northwest.

NTRnet Systems, Inc.
Durham, NC, US
A full-service Internet provider offering service to Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, and the Research Triangle Park (and surrounding area).

OEM Design
Toledo, OH, US
Offers artistic Web site design, consulting, a graphic archive, all you want to know about Turkey, and much more.

Palmetto Interactive Magazine
Angel-Net Electronic Pub., Inc., Columbia, SC, US
An interactive magazine about the great state of South Carolina.

Park City, Utah, Chamber/Visitors Bureau
Park City, UT, US
Provides information to the Park City visitor: lodging, dining, activities, and other fun things to do, including skiing.

Pedometers International, Ltd.
Daventry, United Kingdom
Mail order company specializing in pedometers for walking, jogging, altimeters, and more.

Penn State Young Americans for Freedom
State College, PA, US
Freedom-minded links and the most extensive liberty-oriented historical archive on the Web.

IHS Group, Englewood, CO, US
A comprehensive collection of state and federal laws and regulations on one CD-ROM to help companies stay in compliance on employment law issues.

Pete's Dry Dock
Pacific Harbor Publishing, Portland, OR, US
Home maintenance and remodeling advice from the Northwest'ss favorite handyman, Pete Prlain.

Plexon, Ltd.
Portsmouth, England
Specializes in Web development kits for Linux, FreeBSD, Microsoft NT, and Windows 95. Also makes relational and object database management software.

Power-Sail Corporation
Flemington, NJ, US
Manufacturers of world-class para-sails. Contains information on para-sailing and a photo gallery.

Prestige Consulting Services
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Helps clients market their products in China and/or establish a presence within the country.

Professional Land Corporation
Laguna Hills, CA, US
Don't miss Southern California's next land boom. Learn how to own 2 to 80 acres in the fastest growing area from $3,000 per acre.

Publicity Master
San Diego, CA, US
A continuously updated list of over 100 free sites where users can publicize their Web sites.

R. A. Wood Associates
Whitesboro, NY, US
Provides engineering consulting services, RF and microwave design, Web page authoring, and Internet consulting.

Ratafia & Co.
New York, NY, US
A full-service accounting firm providing comprehensive accounting, tax, and financial management services for small to intermediate-sized businesses as well as for individuals.

The Refinery
Benjamin Aguillon, Irvine, CA, US
This site holds many high-quality 3D images and animations as well as an illustrated sci-fi story.

Alexandria, VA, US
Assists banks, repossession agencies, financial institutions and referral agencies in finding the agencies they need.

Resource Pathways, Inc.
Issaquah, WA, US
Rates the various information sources there are for selecting colleges and financial aid. Many sources are reviewed and include a description, evaluation, recommendations, and more.

Rick Schmidt's Filmmaking Page
Lightvideo, Port Townsend, WA, US
The author of "Feature Filmmaking at Used-Car Prices" offers how-to support for would-be filmmakers.

Right of Way
Allen, Williford & Seale, Houston, TX, US
A resource for the right of way profession and related industries. Includes directories, jobline, and event calendar. Projects such as pipelines, power lines, or telephone facilities all require right of way.

R.I.S Technologies
Villeurbanne, France
Offers a wide range of software tools and services for Internet Web servers, audiotex servers, and videotex servers.

Romancing the Infobahn
Alfalfa Press, Pullman, WA, US
Information and links for writers of all shapes and sizes.

RossBugs HTML and Web Graphics
Denver, CO, US
Offers Web design and lists the top five sites of the week online.

Syrius Research, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
The friendliest, easiest-to-use workflow routing system available today. Document routing sequences can be designed in minutes and, when necessary, modified quickly and easily.

The Sailing Site
San Diego, CA, US
Awash in a sea of news and information on sailing, yacht racing, cruising, and maritime heritage.

San Diego Economic Development Corporation
San Diego, CA, US
Fosters new business development and business retention in the greater San Diego area.

The Sci-Fi WEBzine
DragonWare Software, Inc., Great Falls, MT, US
Dedicated to publishing new and unpublished authors. Includes sections for mainstream, fantasy, and juvenile science fiction. Submissions are encouraged.

The Scribe's Perch
Newport, RI, US
A new, gently used, and antiquarian, online book store, updated regularly. Includes many specialties in various categories, over 80 in all.

Sedona, AZ, US
On 19 November 1995, when president Clinton closed the Grand Canyon to the public, five adventurous mountain bikers decided to put the law -- and their bravery -- to the test. Read their story.

SharePaper on the Web
Waterbury, CT, US
An SVGA disk magazine about shareware. It contains reviews, previews, tips, and online guides.

The Small Business Advisor
Information International, Great Falls, VA, US
Provides assistance to the entrepreneur and small business owner in the form of books, consulting services, and special reports.

Speaking Tree Productions
Grand Isle, VT, US
A magazine from the worlds of arts, entertainment, and education.

Spread the Word
The Resource Group, Indianapolis, IN, US
How to promote nonprofit groups with a network of speakersi: outlines how to establish and operate a speakers' bureau for nonprofit organizations.

Star Knives
Knoxville, TN, US
Wholesale cutlery, pocket knives, fantasy knives, accessories, sharpening tools, swords. Online catalog request and orders supported.

Systems Techniques, Inc.
Oconomowoc, WI, US
Provides product and market development services for the medical imaging and informatics communities. Links to medical imaging sites can also be found here.

Technisys, Inc.
Dayton, OH, US
Offers system integration, network solutions, and technical consulting to corporate and government customers.

The Technology Reporter
Ted Wood, Troy, NY, US
A new resource for those interested in telecom, high tech, and related subjects.

Reno, NV, US
Provides pagers, voice mail, answering service, and alpha dispatch.

Travel to ChangSung
Cyberkorea Co., Ltd., Kwacheon, Kyeonggido, South Korea
Information related to travel, local specialties, agencies, and businesses in this South Korean city.

UAP Provincial Insurance plc
Chris Newton, Kendal, Cumbria, England
The second largest insurance company in Europe, providing a wide range of policies.

The Unconservatory
Santa Rosa, CA, US
A federal, tax-exempt nonprofit corporation supporting the creation, performance, recording, and education of the musical arts.

Unofficial KoRn Homepage
Mark McLaughlin, Woking, Surrey, England
An unofficial site dedicated to the band KoRn, including news, reviews, interviews, photos, tours, and background information.

US Wireless
Los Angeles, CA, US
Consultants at this company can aid in the application process for LPTV-UHF Channel licenses granted by the FCC. These allow the broadcast of quality, cable-free TV and information to rural areas.

Used Golf Balls
North Miami Beach, FL, US
Sells and ships reconditioned golf balls for only $7.50 a dozen.

Warwicks' On-Line Bookstore
Ed Richard, Sherwood, Canada
Offers books, videos, games, and other resources on learning disabilities, eating disorders, and other problems.

Nick Bowles, Stonehaven, Grampian, Scotland
An online trade show for British craft producers, designed to put the buyer of British craft and gift products in touch with the producers.

WesTrade International Telecom
Dordrecht, The Netherlands
An international supplier of GSM mobile telephones from Motorola, Ericsson, and Nokia, and all original accessories.

Whidden Citrus
Melbourne, FL, US
A 20-year-old, family-owned business selling oranges, grapefruit, and organic citrus.

Winthrop & Weinstine
Minneapolis, MN, US
An entrepreneurial law firm whose practice areas cover a wide spectrum of legal services.

Wolfram Research
Champaign, IL, US
Makers of Mathematica, the software system used by over a million scientists, engineers, and students worldwide for numerical computation, symbolic computation, programming, graphics, and sound.

World of Science
Rochester, NY, US
Retail stores that sell an ever-expanding product mix filled with thousands of unique items and carry not only the core scientific product, but also an expanded range of nature-related products and gift merchandise.

The Wrinkled Dog Electronics Company
Dallas, TX, US
Sells computer systems, custom systems, parts, monitors, notebooks, and more.

Ye Olde Genealogy Charts, Ltd.
Evergreen, CO, US
Publishers of the Family Fan Chart, a visually unique, easy-to-read method to record and display your family genealogy.

Monday, 8 January 1996

1996 Exotic Plant and Garden Seed Catalog
Southern Business Express, Gautier, MS, US
A collection of rare, unusual, and exotic seeds from around the world.

3WV Rocks Central Virginia
Charlottesville, VA, US
Charlottesville's rock station, playing killer classics and the best new music. Includes profiles of the illustrious air staff, a playlist, details on station promotions, and concert updates.

Abstracts on Diseases of the Head and Neck
William Colquhoun-Flannery, Southampton, Hants, England
The first entirely electronic ENT surgery journal in the world.

AccessPoint Information Products
Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Describes CD-Code, the Ontario Building Code on compact disc, and E-Code, the Canadian Electrical Code on compact disc and on diskette.

The ADM Group
New York, NY, US
A consulting firm and software publisher servicing the legal and investment banking industries, and the groupware market.

Aegean Web Server
Alexis Roussidis, Athens, Greece
Useful information for travel, accommodations, and more, in Greece.

Affordable Gift Baskets
Norma Rieck, Beverly Hills, FL, US
Specializes in unique containers for any theme, special occasion, or profession. Find baskets filled with gourmet food, holiday goodies, and gifts.

Alpha Computers
Mornington, Victoria, Australia
One of Australia's longest-established Apple computer resellers, existing long before even Apple Australia.

American Academy of Pediatrics: Maryland Chapter
Baltimore, MD, US
A regional chapter of the national organization composed of 50,000 pediatricians, dedicated to the health, safety, and well-being of infants, children, adolescents, and young adults.

American Student Travel
Houston, TX, US
All-inclusive educational tours of Washington, D.C., and New York City for teachers and students.

Arttix Group
Walnut, CA, US
Offers design services for Web pages and multimedia.

Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education (AACE)
Charlottesville, VA, US
An international organization dedicated to advancing learning with information technology at all levels. Offers researchers, developers, and practitioners high-quality conferences, workshops, seminars, and journals.

Jay Rose's Digital Playroom, Boston, MA, US
Public-access, free listing of independent recording studios, voice-over talent, and broadcasters across the U.S. that are available for realtime, high-quality audio transfers via ISDN.

iTRiBE, Reston, VA, US
Buy, sell, finance, lease, and review cars, order parts, and make service appointments online. Discount interest rates with an online loan application.

Prudential Arizona Realty, Scottsdale, AZ, US
Check out the Arizona real estate Web sites with the most homes and relocation information for Phoenix, Scottsdale, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, and other cities.

The Balkanization of the Web
David Siegel, Palo Alto, CA, US
An essay on the future of HTML that shows how the Web has broken into three distinct markets, and what that means for site designers and surfers.

Bear Systems
Bearsville, NY, US
Visit the Mid-Hudson Valley of upper New York State. See people, visit places, and check out things to do. Covers Columbia, Delaware, Dutchess, Greene, and Ulster counties.

Bed & Breakfast Inns ONLINE
Innkeeper Services, Madison, TN, US
Descriptions and color pictures of bed and breakfasts and country inns throughout the U.S.

Beni Tal
International Security, Ramat Ha'sharon, Israel
Provides military security services and projects throughout the world, with specially chosen Israeli personnel.

Best In The Desert Racing Association
Las Vegas, NV, US
A championship off-road motorcycle racing series. Includes an event calendar, news, results, and profiles of champions.

Bible Believers Resource Page
San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Resource files and articles for fundamental, bible-believing, born agains.

The Bibleway Apostolic Church of Antioch
London, England
An apostolic born-again Church. See crusade pictures and send in a prayer request.

@BigBend Magazine
Sanderson, TX, US
This magazine, dedicated to the Big Bend area of Texas, includes a photo tour, a calendar, opinions, classifieds, and more.

Blue Museum
Kansas City, MO, US
A Midwestern band doing global, folk-influenced, rock-based music. The site contains sound clips, reviews, and other band information.

Padova, Italy
The largest car dealer for Alfa Romeo in the northeast of Italy, with racing track for tests. Ships parts worldwide.

Broadway Interactive Group
Broadway Video, Inc., New York, NY, US
BIG is a joint venture formed by BAM! Software, a pioneering developer of interactive products, and Broadway Video, a full-service broadcast production facility.

Burnt Earth - Ceramic Musical Instruments
Walnut Creek, CA, US
View and listen to ceramic musical instruments created by Northern Californian artist and musician, Barry Hall.

California Vintage Guitar
El Sobrante, CA, US
Leading American vintage guitar dealer specializing in Fender, Gibson, Martin, and Gretsch (basses and amplifiers, too). Updated inventory and price list; international inquiries welcome.

Calvin Gilmore Productions, Ltd.
Myrtle Beach, SC, US
In association with the Family Channel, Calvin Gilmore offers this site to provide information on its live theaters, music and gift shops, recording studio, and group tours.

The Camel Page
Santa Clara, CA, US
Devoted to the progressive rock group Camel, with a complete discography and various tidbits about the band.

Capitol Color
Santa Clara, CA, US
Silicon Valley's leading source for high-quality imaging.

Carefree Computing Services
David Arrants, San Rafael, CA, US
Offers Web page registration, promotion and marketing.

Carpenter & Associates, Inc.
Little Rock, AR, US
Offer the entrepreneur a place to hook up with financial resources for lease purchasing and financing of equipment of any kind.

Cinco Ranch
Houston, TX, US
Experience the advantages of living in Houston's premier master-planned community.

Portland, OR, US
A professional and amateur analog and digital imaging retail store, with a full film and print lab, service bureau, slide dupe lab, and digital camera darkroom equipment and chemistry.

Compact Calendar
Rene Feliciano, Chicago, IL, US
A free script that outputs a year-long calendar on one page and still leaves room for event descriptions.

Complete Guide to Internet-Related Information in Singapore
Data Peripherals, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A comprehensive listing of Singapore-related Web sites and Web pages. Topics include What's New, What's Interesting, Commercial, and Government.

Compuquest, Inc.
Cliff Scheller, Bartlett, IL, US
A designer and manufacturer of innovative hardware and software products for applications in radio paging, remote monitoring, telecom, mobile data, and wireless communications.

Computer Bits Online
Portland, OR, US
Now carrying daily Newsbytes news updates, plus archived articles from Computer Bits Magazine going back to 1991. Completely revamped.

Computer Information Services
Olreans, Ontario, Canada
Offers computer consulting, including HTML development, Visual Basic programming, and technical support contracts.

Computronics Belgium
St-Stevens-Woluwe, Belgium
The only SCO UNIX system integrator in Belgium. Provides hardware solutions, software solutions, Internet solutions, and more.

Conservation International
Washington, DC, US
A nonprofit organization using science, economics, policy, and community involvement to promote biodiversity conservation in endangered ecosystems worldwide.

Consolidated Consultants Co.
Chula Vista, CA, US
Consultants and experts employ this company to market their abilities. The service is available at no cost.

Cyberspace Public Relations
Antonia Inman, Camarillo, CA, US
Their proven traditional and new age marketing and public relations campaigns increase sales and brand identification.

CZECH Info Center
InterContinental Marketing, Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The ultimate Czech information resource covering travel, business, news, genealogy, export, directories, sports, pen pals, and much more.

Dave's Guide to Buying a Home Computer
Dave Krauss, East Lansing, MI, US
A common sense guide to buying a home computer.

Day-O Ranch
Patrick Day, Molalla, OR, US
Offers premium American ostrich meats. Lower in fat, calories, and cholesterol than chicken or turkey, but similar in taste to beef.

Digital Media Group, Inc.
Champaign, IL, US
A full-service Internet consulting company. Check out the Champaign-Urbana Yellow Pages Online.

The Doctor Is In
Bruce Reed, Columbia, SC, US
Find computer shareware as well as military and government links.

Domino Systems
Oxford, England
Offers Web design, creation, and site building. Stop by for examples, job listings, and more information.

The Doom Zone
Houston, TX, US
Information and software for the games Doom and Doom II, including WADs and utilities.

Down West Rental Cars
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Rents panel vans and station wagons equipped with camping gear. One-way rentals to other cities, specializing in Perth to Darwin, or vice versa.

Dr. Bob's Interesting Science Stuff
Bob Jenkins, Wallkill, NY, US
Provides interesting tidbits about science and technology. Articles are easy to understand and should be enjoyable for those ages 10 and up.

The Eagle Press
Soldotna, AK, US
Alaska photography and links to other interesting Alaskan sites.

E/M Design Enterprises
Schaumburg, IL, US
Provides state-of-the-art design services for the development of electro-mechanical components and systems. Services include solid modeling, FEA, and project management.

Energy Research Corporation
Danbury, CT, US
A developer and manufacturer of electrochemical (fuel cell and battery) technologies. Read about the technology, browse news releases, and peek at the financial papers.

Escondido Tutorial Service
Escondido, CA, US
Provides classical Christian education to home school students via the Internet and teleconferencing. Learn to apply biblical world-view thinking to rich cultural heritage.

Excalibur Data Recovery, Inc.
Darlene Keough, North Billerica, MA, US
Recover data on hard drives, tapes, notebooks, servers from crashes, viruses, FAT, and partition corruption.

Farmers' Markets
Lori Saavedra, Los Angeles, CA, US
Lists several markets throughout the Los Angeles area with color photographs and the time, day, and location of the markets. Markets featured are in Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Westwood, and Venice.

Fossil Vertebrates at the Burke Museum
Vertebrate Paleontology Section, Seattle, WA, US
A catalog of over 43,000 fossil fishes, reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, and mammals, including an expanding series of photographs of specimens and related subjects. Specimens are accessible by systematic relationships and geologic age.

Foxpro WWW Discussion Board
Data Peripherals (S) Pte., Ltd., Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A new discussion board for programmers with problems and questions. Includes sample codes, and features threading of replies.

Gangster Pump
Jeff Zarge, Wilmington, DE, US
A ska-core band with an alarming number of fans. Hear samples of their music, see their CD cover, and find out how they got their name.

Gleeson, Sklar, Sawyers & Cumpata LLP
Chicago, IL, US
Includes online newletters, updated monthly, dealing with issues in accounting, finance, management, and taxes.

Glossary in Microbiology
Tsute Chen, Amherst, MA, US
A list of microbiological keywords with brief definitions and hyperlinks.

Granville Island
Netminder Communications, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A guide to this oceanside cultural oasis in the heart of Vancouver. This once-declining turn-of-the-century industrial area is now an eclectic mix of commerce, business, industry, and the arts.

Graphic Alchemy Interactive, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Specializes in 3D animation, programming, Web page design, and CD-ROM production.

Gray Sky Music Publishing
Crystal Bay, NV, US
Showcases original songs from song writers around the U.S.

Gray's Handpainted Watercolors
Ringoes, NJ, US
Handpainted watercolors of local areas and colleges all over the country. Perfect for the home, office, or as a gift.

Great Vegetarian Recipes
C/D Enterprises, Cocoa Beach, FL, US
Over 50 recipes for Chinese, American, and dessert dishes.

Greenfield Online Research Center
Westport, CT, US
Conducts online market research among people of all ages and backgrounds, providing valuable incentives to participants.

Hampton House
Susan Hampton, Glendale, CA, US
Specializes in beautifully crafted animal art sculptures.

The Herald Newspaper
Dan Gendron, St. Johns, AZ, US
Stop by the world's only open-forum, religious dialog newspaper.

Jack Freedman, Coon rapids, MN, US
Herbal remedies and other resources for the relief of herpes.

High Octane Productions
Newport Beach, CA, US
An established entertainment production company providing individual investors the opportunity to participate in profitable low-budget, high-quality, family entertainment ventures.

Holy Love
Missionary Servants of Holy Love, Cleveland, OH, US
Read messages that the Blessed Mother and Jesus have been sending through a visionary, and learn about rosary services.

Home Buyers' Resource Center
Baldwin, NY, US
For anyone wanting to buy a home in Long Island or Queens, New York.

Home Directions
Kevin Gorsline, Stoneham, MA, US
Specializes in assisting corporations in establishing a presence on the Web.

Hot Spring Spa of Dayton
Dayton, OH, US
Sells and services the portable Hot Spring, Tiger River, and Hot Spot Lines, as well as the Vista Collection of therapeutic hot tubs.

HotSpot for Birds Avian Mall
Burbank, CA, US
A Web site developed for people who like birds or who are looking for gifts for people who do.

Human Resource Associates
Willingboro, NJ, US
Provides recruitment and search services for clients with openings requiring technical market talent, and job/career search assistance for candidates seeking such positions.

i3 Italian Internet Information
Vigonza, Italy
Provides a complete service for your entry in the Internet world. In English or Italian.

The Imagine Nation Multimedia, Inc.
Lynnfield, MA, US
A full-service multimedia service house creating Web sites, CD-ROMs, 2D/3D animations, online seminars, videos, and more.

Inner Mountain Wilderness Education Center
Haines, AK, US
A nonprofit wilderness education center helping cancer survivors embrace the healing power of nature.

Ideal Computer Strategies, Washington, DC, US
A powerful interactive summer camp information resource, featuring a database of over 2,000 camps, plus chat rooms, bulletin boards, and articles by camp directors.

International Wildlife Education & Conservation
Los Angeles, CA, US
Information and resources on wildlife and education issues, such as endangered species, wildlife adoption kits, and more.

Internet Creative Services
KDM Advertising, London, England
Specializes in copywriting and design services for advertising, direct marketing, and Web pages.

Internet Love Fest
Gregor Markowitz, Washington, DC, US
Skootch on over to this site, and read some new Web journalism, check out the Reader Services, and join the chat.

Internet Travel Fair
The Business Scribe, Inc., Williamsburg, VA, US
A travel fair organized by travel professionals intent on maximizing clients' vacation dollars and minimizing common problems.

Internet Visions Company
Beaufort, NC, US
Offers Web services including home page design, graphics, cgi programming, bulletin boards, email, marketing, Internet presence, and more.

Irving, TX, US
Using RealAudio technology, Internet Radio delivers music, news, Voice of America broadcasts, and features such as Techbabble, a weekly Web report. Supports RealAudio 2.0.
http://www.medium.com/IRT/ir1.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Iron Poet
Pinson, AL, US
Official site for hard rock/funk band Iron Poet. Hear the music and win a free cassette.

The Jaguar Collection
Coventry, England
The official Jaguar Web site, with pictures and videos, as well as the opportunity to view officially licensed merchandise.

Jane Seymour Web Page
Robin Mack, Los Angeles, CA, US
Information about actress Jane Seymour, currently appearing in Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, includes filmography, pictures, and articles.

Janzen Group Professional Mediators
Hillsborough, CA, US
Provides non-litigation alternatives for settling commercial disputes, private conflicts, and workplace disputes.

Jet Fan Technology
Phillips & Janke, Holland Park, Queensland, Australia
Information on the world's most revolutionary fan.

Duisburg, Germany
Links to the most important network companies: hardware, software, information, and more. New updates regularly.

Kafka's Kool Tie
Phoenix, AZ, US
The ultimate in personal cooling, relief from the heat, headaches, and stress. Enter a free weekly drawing.

Kitchen Stitchin
Grottoes, VA, US
Aprons, totes, T-shirts, sweatshirts, prints, gifts, magnets, and other creative accessories for the kitchen and gourmet cook.

Kneebeau Design
John Sullivan, Athens, OH, US
Includes information on this graphic designer and musician, along with graphic and sound files of original material.

Lang Creek Brewery
Marion, Montana, US
A brewer of full-flavored ales.

Lost Tribes of Israel
West Linn, OR, US
A must read for all of European ancestry, students of history and science, and seekers of truth.

Luxon Carra
San Francisco, CA, US
A design and marketing firm that combines intelligent analysis with creative vision to help clients communicate who they are and who they would like to be.

M. Design Business Consultants
L. Walters, Leawood, KS, US
Specializes in home page layout, design, and maintenance at reasonable rates.

Mainz Pty., Ltd.
Bedford, Australia
An Internet consulting and trading company, offering a wide range of natural and environmentally friendly soaps, oils, and sheepskin products from Australia.

Maxi-Signal Products Co.
La Grange, IL, US
Manufacturer/distributor of heavy-duty visible and audible signals, strobe warning lights, sirens, horns, lighting, and safety equipment.

Scope International, Inc., Middleburg Heights, OH, US
A full-service search and placement firm dedicated solely to the health care field.

MicroWorld Resources and News
MC Services, Grayslake, IL, US
Online microscopy and micro-analysis resources for the scientific community.

Muller & Associates, Inc.
Lee's Summit, CA, US
A forest products marketing agency representing materials such as countertops, cabinets office furniture, formica, and more.

Muslim Sister's Homepage
Huma Ahmad, Albany, NY, US
A home page rich with articles, images, and links for and about Islam and Muslim women.

National Bodybuilding and Fitness Magazine
Jim Eddy, Jackson, TN, US
A free, non-commercial, online monthly magazine, loaded with up-to-date articles and information about health, fitness, nutrition, and bodybuilding.

Naughty And Nice Entertainment
Glen Pine, Glendora, CA, US
A nationwide singing telegram service offering tuxedo-grams, cupid-grams, gorilla-grams, and more.

.netDreamz web services
Nacogdoches, TX, US
Offers full-service Web site creation, as well as a host of diversions for the Web surfer.

Neuroscience Graduate Program
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Information on the graduate program, faculty, and the students, along with links of related interest.

New Orleans Weekly Gambit
Firstar Communications, New Orleans, LA, US
New Orleans' definitive source for information about entertainment, politics, dining, music, art, news, commentary, and theater.

New Rising Sun - Internet Publishing and Marketing
Manchester, England
Designs, creates, and markets Web sites.

NORA Opinion Plaza
Nora Corporation, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
An essay by Shigeko Misaki entitled, "Toward a New Global Community -- Japan for the Fifty-first State of the United States?" as well as links to other opinions and views.

North American International Auto Show 1996
PR Newswire/Lone Buffalo Inc., Southfield, MI, US
Brings the Detroit Auto Show to your desktop. Features thousands of pictures, hundreds of automobile-related links, and behind-the-scenes reports from the showroom floor.

Northwest NetCatchers, Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
Offers design for brochures, online catalog displays, and state-of-the-art online ordering systems.

Norwest Systems Pty Limited
Sydney, Australia
Specializes in computer hardware and software sales and rentals.

Ocean Internet Services
Alton North, Australia
Provides complete Internet services for the Melbourne area.

Official UW-Madison Intercollegiate Athletics Website
University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, US
Contains extensive coverage of all Badger teams and events.

Omega Press
Las Cruces, New Mexico, US
Offers publications on legal self-help, UFOs, and other topics.

Omni Tech International, Ltd.
Midland, MI, US
Consultants to the chemical and process industries worldwide, providing engineering, research, and marketing research services.

Open Door Ministries
odm@dial.pipex.com, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, England
Information on a team of over 250 praying partners worldwide, working together to do God's work.

Panther Enterprises
Chris Warner, Seattle, WA, US
An independent firm recruiting physicians in the the West and the Mid-Atlantic states.

PCI-HSL Project
M.A.S.I., Universite Pierre et Marie Curie, Paris, France
The aim of this project is to build a VLSI chip on a PCI-bus interface card and a software implementation of a driver for FreeBSD/NetBSD, in order to obtain a full-mesh, high-bandwidth Local Area Network with asynchronous high speed links of 1 Gigabits/second.

Philadelphia Internet Weather Information Service
Philadelphia, PA, US
Provides free weather information worldwide via the Web.

Process Therapy Institute
Don Hadlock, Los Gatos, CA, US
Provides internships, classes, and training for psychotherapists, as well as individual psychotherapy, family therapy, and couple and group counseling services.

AOTR, Inc., Merion Station, PA, US
A hybrid electronic chart and clinical database for cancer specialists. Operates on DOS, Windows, or Macintosh computers, and is useful for patient care, quality assurance, and outcomes analyses.

Puli Page
Ashford, US
Discusses the unique personality of the breed, grooming techniques, and more.

Real Estate Software & Services
MARPAT, Inc., Manassas, VA, US
Offers over 600 software packages for realty brokers and agents including property management, recruiting, CMAs, presentations, financials, commercial, and office management.

Reef Addiction
Rick Martin, Las Vegas, NV, US
A collection of pictures and information on reef and marine aquaria.

Religions and Diversity
Mike Drobnis, Waltham, MA, US
Dedicated to eight different religions and understanding the differences between them.

RepLINK Corporation
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Helps manufacturers, manufacturers' agents/representatives, and wholesalers/distributors to create and establish business partnerships globally.

Riverside Design Group
New Haven, CT, US
A full service design studio for publishing, advertising, and direct mail marketing.

ROBO Games
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Makers of the game Answers. Play a demo online.

Rochelle's Puffin Page
Rochelle McBride, Cincinnati, OH, US
Describes Atlantic, tufted, and horned puffins, and how Rochelle started collecting them.

The Science Fiction & Horror Trivia Game
Dann RussKett Games Inc., Stillwater, NJ, US
Information on the board game in which players combine their knowledge of science fiction and horror in order to come out on top.

Kathy Clark, Thornton, CO, US
A feature film and television script advertising and listing service for writers, and a source of new scripts for producers to scan, select, and review.

Miami, FL, US
Tour services in the Miami area including the Everglades, Florida Keys, cruises, and Disneyworld packages.

Simply Written
Indianapolis, IN, US
Services include database publishing, catalogs publishing, training, and consulting.

The Spanish Speaking TV & Film Business Site
Produccion & Distribucion Corporation, Miami, FL, US
An electronic publication of the Spanish-speaking TV and film industry.

Nick Danger, Boston, MA, US
A unique performance art group combining percussion, movement, and visual comedy. Read all about this original, exhilarating theatre.

Strange Attractor's Home Page
RetroGrafix Comic Publishers, Bellingham, WA, US
An independent comic previewed in Dave Sim's Cerebus and featured in the December 95 Wizard as Palmer's Pick.

Sudanese Development Initiative Abroad, Cairo, Egypt
Outlines initiatives to work together with Sudanese communities abroad, promoting and providing support for all related initiatives and activities.

Tennessee Pewter
David Halpern, Grand Junction, TN, US
Offers handcrafted spun and cast bowls, cups, goblets, plates, tableware, jewelry, and accessories.

Thunderball Press
Austin, TX, US
Ten electronic cookbooks from TexMex to wild game, plus free downloads available. Over 1,500 recipes for MasterCook or Microsoft Write.

Titanus AB Crystal Chandeliers
Enskede, Stockholm, Sweden
A seller of superior quality, Swedish design crystal chandeliers.

U.K. Climbing
Alistair Harley, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, England
An insight into the history of rock climbing in Nottingham and Sherwood Forest.

University of Puerto Rico, Humacao Campus
Humacao, Puerto Rico
Provides information on campus activities, academic programs, publications, and special projects such as the Humacao Astronomical Observatory. In Spanish and English.

Versal Technologies, Inc.
Cambridge, MA, US
A computer consulting and product development firm that specializes in developing technology solutions for pharmaceutical/biotechnology and medical device companies.

The Virtual Equestrian
Jetvet Consulting, Bath, PA, US
An information source for horse sports, specializing in English and trail riding.

Virtual Freedom
Lexington, KY, US
Specializes in inexpensive Web page design.

Walter Lide's NewAge HomePage
HomeBoy Associates, Parker, CO, US
A metaphysical playground of experiences and choices, with spirit and attitude.

The WarRoom
WRRK FM's "The Quinn in the Morning Show", Pittsburgh, PA, US
A unique blend of humor, wisdom, and political satire, including highlights of this radio show in RealAudio and TrueSpeech formats.

Washington DC Information & Communication CyberGuide
Jim Kendrick & the P2C2 Group, Silver Spring, MD, US
Helps users get connected to Washington D.C.-area information resources. Especially useful to individuals interested in federal contracts and grants, proposal writing, and public affairs.

Webbsters' Page Design
Palm Harbor, FL, US
An innovative Web page design company.

Tidepool Technologies, Gilroy, CA, US
Find out about the coolest new toy/sport since the invention of the frisbee.

Wireless Connection
Cape Coral, FL, US
A connection for cellular accessories below retail prices.

World Famous Gallery of Art
World Famous Comics, Ithaca, NY, US
An online art gallery dedicated to comic books and entertainment. Find a gift shop, exhibitions, and more information about comics.

World Wide Cable Supply Company
Portland, OR, US
An online catalog of converters, descramblers, remote controllers, stun guns, and more.

The Writing School
Woodside, CA, US
A home study course for aspiring writers.

The Xpress ONLine Catalogue
London, England
Online catalog of Britain's largest Black publishers of popular books, and creator of the genre known as populist Black fiction.

Zoobidon Image Processing
Athens, Greece
Develops and manages projects relating to the development of images in every format, focusing on the commercial sector.

Wednesday, 10 January 1996

1st Solutions, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ, US
Sells Computervision minicomputer equipment.

24 Hours in Cyberspace
Against All Odds Productions, San Francisco, CA, US
The largest collaborative Internet project ever. Over 100 photojournalists will fan out around the globe on 8 February 1996, to document how online technology is changing people's lives.

98,2 Soft Hit Radio
Radio Concept GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Information about the first soft-formatted radio station in Berlin, Germany. The site is in German.

A1 Index of Free Internet Marketing Services
Internet Marketing Report, Inc., North York, Ontario, Canada
An indispensable Internet marketing information resource. The index offers businesses free URL announcement services and contains sites where companies can gain exposure.

AAC Food and Drug Regulatory Consulting and Information
AAC Consulting Group, Inc., Bethesda, MD, US
Provides consulting and information services to companies regulated by the U.S. FDA. Audits, training, weekly newsletters, updates on guidelines, speeches, approvals, and more.

The Ability Center
JJ Marketing, San Diego, CA, US
Carries a complete line of wheelchairs and has a complete van conversion facility.

Active World Missions
Mark DuBord, Altensteig, Germany
A site for those interested in world evangelization.

ADP Architecten
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Comprised mostly of young architects, ADP has built a solid reputation since its establishment 45 years ago, with commissions for town halls, offices, and banks.

All Natural Health and Long Life!
Lemont, IL, US
A resource for information exchanges on natural health, alternative medicine, complementary medicine, longevity, healing methods, and holistic health.

Aqua Pools, Ponds & Playthings, Inc.
Nashville, TN, US
Offers swimming pool and/or accessories (floats, toys, games), swimming pool and/or spa equipment, and pool packages.

Arise and Conquer!
Wilmerding, PA, US
An electronic magazine with a twist: Its articles are designed to help minority groups, senior citizens, and those who are handicapped to Arise and Conquer!

Arizona Real Estate Professionals
PIC Ad and Design, Glendale, AZ, US
Features the home pages of some of the top producing realtors in Arizona. Also includes full color property profiles and relocation information.

Artist's Collar Neckties
Miami, FL, US
Find unique and exclusive necktie collections from internationally acclaimed artists and fashion designers. Neckties are beautifully sewn from the finest imported pure silks.

Pittsburgh, PA, US
Provides complete networking/internetworking solutions for businesses.

Bahian Carnival
ServNet, Salvador, Bahia, Brazil
A newspaper about the cool carnival of Salvador.

Barry'd Treasure
Louisville, KY, US
Look through this illustrated catalog of authentic Civil War relics.

Perth, Western Australia, Australia
The fastest-growing trade exchange in Australia offering the world's first international travelers temporary membership.

Battery Connection, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
The source for replacement batteries for notebook computers, cellular phones, camcorders, two-way radios, and much more.

Bayliner Boats
Arlington, WA, US
The Web's most comprehensive power boat site, detailing 50 models, each with specifications and photos. Also read sea stories and take advantage of special product offers.

Black Knight Internet Design Services
Agoura Hills, CA, US
Provides personalized Web page design for businesses and individuals. Services include page design, online catalogs, Web site publicity, electronic marketing, scanning, graphic design, writing, and training.

Blaine Dept. of Public Safety -- Police Division
Blaine, WA, US
A page devised to help the Blaine community stay aware and involved in public safety issues and activities.

Blues World
Joel Slotnikoff, St. Louis, MO, US
Contains articles on blues, jazz, gospel, and zydeco, and includes a photo gallery, CD reviews, and a 78-rpm record auction. The site also hosts Web pages for other blues-related publications.

Borcom, Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Provides innovative solutions to issues concerning today's business management problems.

BUSINES$ Newsletter
Wagner & Associates, Ljubljana, Slovenia
A free bimonthly newsletter covering international business, communication, and technology-related topics.

BusinessNet Australia
Mount Eliza, Victoria, Australia
Offers a free Internet directory listing for businesses in the Internet Business Directory.

Canadian Art & Craft Supplier Guide
ADvantage NETvertising, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
A large organized directory of art and craft suppliers in Canada. Everything from art supplies to woodworking.

Canadian Concepts
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Positioned to assist with an array of import/export-related issues and problems. The site features International Trade Tips and many related links.

Carter Spray Finishing Corp.
Greenpoint, NY, US
Manufacturer and importer of looseleaf mechanisms used in the manufacture of looseleaf binders.

The Castles of Wales
Baltimore, MD, US
Information and photographs about 60 different medieval Welsh castles.

Central Canada's Bowling Page
Canadian Lakehead 10 Pin Bowling, Thunder Bay, Ont., Canada
Information on the 10-pin bowling scene.

Central States Marketing Group
Champaign, IL, US
A national organization of retailers specializing in bedroom-related merchandise.

Cigar Bands of the World Poster
Evergreen Graphics, Inc., Albany, NY, US
Features the wildly successful poster of the same name. The poster features over 300 cigar bands in a collage format.

Eurobretagne, Brest, France
A virtual city where visitors can browse through museum, library, school, and tourism information, plus home-banking through Credit Mutuel de Bretagne.

City of Brandon
Assiniboine Community College, Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Find a host of information about the second largest city in Manitoba, the Wheat City.

City of Lubbock
Lubbock, TX, US
Official information from this city including a community profile, tourist information, economic development, and services and events.

City of Plainfield
Plainfield, NJ, US
Provides information concerning the history of Plainfield and information on local government offices.

CK Engineering
Janesville, WI, US
A software engineering company specializing in custom software for factory automation, production testing, robotic and welding control, and network applications.

Claretian Missionaries
Michael Wellems, Chicago, IL, US
A Catholic religious order dedicated to both publishing and Hispanic ministry in the urban U.S. and Guatemala.

Cold Fusion Times
Wellesley Hills, MA, US
Reports on research science and engineering, as well as economic, patent, and other aspects of, and developments in, this hot field.
http://world.std.com/~mica/cft.html orld.std.com/~mica/cft.html

ComMa! GmbH
Limburg, Hessen, Germany
A German Internet access provider offering full Internet services, plus computer training and programming.

Command Line Software
Loveland, CO, US
Resource site for personal calendars and tape backup. Home of Family Calendar for Windows and QIC-BAT for Colorado Backup.

Comtrad Industries
Midlothian, VA, US
Markets new and innovative products direct to the consumer.

Cooper's, Inc.
Murrysville, PA, US
RVs (recreational vehicles); tent and camping trailers; and parts and service available.

Creator Lutheran Church
Pastor Chris Nolte, Clackamas, OR, US
A young and growing community in Christ interested in sharing their spiritual commitment with others.

Cross Creek Manor
St. George, UT, US
A residential treatment center specifically designed for girls.

Cybercon, Inc.
St. Louis, MO, US
Value-priced premium Internet services designed for businesses. Services include domain name registration, Web space rental, Web page designs, email autoresponders, and mailing lists.

Cyberspace Public Relations
Camarillo, CA, US
Offers expertise in traditional and digital marketing and public relations.

CyberWeb Auto
Robert and Rita Atwood, Niceville, FL, US
A webzine focusing on street rods, classics, customs, antiques, specialty, auto trader, muscle cars, pro-street, Camaros, Mustangs, Corvettes, and exotic vehicles to buy, sell, and trade.

Dakota Trails West Tours
Tabor, SD, US
Offers scheduled and custom tours of the old west and rocky mountain trail states. Find information on the Black Hills, Badlands, Devil's Tower, Bear Butte, Yellowstone National Park, and Mt. Rushmore.

Department Agriculture & Environmental Affairs
Bloemfontein, Free State Province, South Africa
Geographical Information System information about activities of the department. This site has information about ecotourism, farming information, and rainfall outlooks as well as general agricultural issues.

Des Champ and Jackson Boatbuilders Ltd.
Roland Des Champ Sr., Shelburne, Nova Scotia, Canada
Custom-built 18-43 foot wood or fiberglass boats for work or recreation. 35 years of making superior vessels assures top quality, and at attractive prices.

Dan Sachar, Swarthmore, PA, US
A vast lyrics archive, sound-bites and information on lots of great bands, descriptions of great movies, tutorials on deejaying, and links.

DuPont Kevlar Tire Service Products
Young Marketing Group, Inc., Aurora, CO, US
Tire service product manufactured to eliminate the two most prevalent causes of tire failure in bicycles, motorcycles, and ATVs: punctures and inconsistent air pressure.

Electrical Power Engineering Department
Technical University of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark
An informative guide to research projects carried out at this department, as well as information about staff, students, and curriculum.

Emergency Medical Abstracts Online
Center for Continuing Medical Education, Harleysville, PA, US
The most current and clinically relevant resource for emergency physicians on the Web.

Environmental Sampling & Testing, Ltd.
Ashburnham, MA, US
Offers a wide range of environmental services within the New England area. Services include indoor air quality assessment, hazardous waste management, and asbestos management.

Eternity Enterprises
Houston, TX, US
Offers business services such as Web site creation.

European Association of Aerospace Students
Braunschweig, Germany
A guide to activities of the association, with links to all European aviation groups, aerospace companies, and research facilities.

Express Auto Exchange
Ellison Systems, Inc., New York, NY, US
Search for new and used vehicles that serve any need and budget.

Faulkner Information Services, Pennsauken, NJ, US
A cornocopia of technology offerings, including the best shareware, a free technology e-zine, reviews, and much more.

First City Financial Residential Mortgages
Denver, CO, US
Colorado's largest independent mortgage broker offering the lowest rates, widest array of products, and an online prequalification form.

The Flight Instructor's Home Page
Broadway Lane Computers, Tempe, AZ, US
This page is dedicated to pilots, flight instructors and anyone interested in aviation. There are pilot job reports, services, and CFIs can add themselves to the CFIs around the world list for free.

FoneAlive: Computer Lockup Prevention
Access Solutions Corporation, Cherry Hill, NJ, US
A hardware device capable of remote computer power up on demand, and automatic remote access lockup recovery action.

Fredrik's Playground: The Page On Computational Linguistics
Fredrik Olsson, Uppsala, Sweden
Contains links to areas within the field language engineering, including mathematical linguistics, morphology, logic programming, corpus linguistics, and various newsletters and journals.

Free Classifieds - Internet Marketing
S. Arnorsson, Reykjavik, Iceland
Free classifieds sites listing, free advertising sites, registration sites, Internet advertising, and Internet marketing. Link for opportunity seekers and advertisers.

Future Shock Web
Brewster, MA, US
A cool high skool zine put out by a group of freshman.

The Gaelic Wolf Scouting Pages
Norman J. MacLeod, Dover, DE, US
Join in the fun of the world of scouting. Information from Canada, the U.S., the Czech Republic, and more.

Global Chat Services
Internet Conferencing Services Group, Colorado Springs, CO, US
A global chat forum servicing users around the world with thousands of public and private conference suites.

Global Presence
Lisa Roland, Tucson, AZ, US
A site devoted to assisting Web travelers in publishing a Web site. Includes a tutorial, as well as construction and design tips. Great for the HTML novice.

Golden Triangle Organization
San Diego, CA, US
Export medical products to Asia Pacific countries (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, and China) and learn how to receive the 1995 China Medical Market Report.

Golfiana Rare Golf Books & Collectibles
Mamaroneck, NY, US
Specializes in out-of-print, rare, and scarce golf books and authentic collectibles.

Norman, OK, US
A full-service graphic design company specializing in Web sites, HTML programming, and corporate identities online and in print.

Greater Lowell Adult Retraining
Steven King, Tyngsboro, MA, US
Contains information about the programs and allows additional information to be requested.

Handcrafts from Latin America
Marketing Results, Guadalajara, Mexico
This company travels throughout Latin America looking for the most beautiful pre-hispanic replicas in black clay, stone, ceramic, and other media.

Happy Meal Page
Steve Aylor, Oklahoma City, OK, US
The definitive resource for collectors of McDonald's Happy Meal toys. Contains long descriptions of toys from 1995, with fun, related links, and short descriptions of toys from 1994.

High School Track and Field/Cross Country Pages
Bakersfield, CA, US
A source for high school track and field and cross-country sites in the U.S., with the primary goal of matching athletes with schools.

History of Biomedicine
Tor Ahlenius, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
A collection of links covering the history of science, technology, and medicine.

H.L. Dalis, Inc.
Long Island City, NY, US
A major supplier of broadcast electronic components. The catalog is free to the trade.

Holographic Dimensions, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
A world leader in the origination and mass replication of holographic imagery.

HomeLife Real Estate
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Access HomeLife Realty's Atlantic Buying and Selling Guide with helpful consumer tips, photographs of properties for sale, and $10,000 cash sweepstakes.

Homeschool Guide
Homeschool Guide to the Online World, US
Provides resource links to other home-schooling resources on the Internet.

The Incomparable Freddie Mercury
Richard Orchard, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
A page where fans of Freddie Mercury can publish a message for the entire world to see.

Independence Life WebSaver Annuity
Liberty Financial Companies, Boston, MA, US
The first financial planning product designed exclusively for the Web. Visitors can buy online, earn more and save for retirement.

Inso Corporation
Boston, MA, US
A leading provider of multilingual software for proofing, electronic reference, and information management tools sold worldwide.

Intelligent Instrumentation
Tucson, AZ, US
A worldwide distributor of PC-based data acquisition, data collection, bar code, measurement, control, and signal processing software and hardware.

International Knowledge Systems
Plantation, FL, US
E-POS Version 1.01 has finally arrived. IKS has developed software to support a fully integrated electronic catalog and point-of-sale system.

The Internet Marketplace of Fargo-Moorhead
Fargo, ND, US
A community online information service for Fargo, North Dakota, and Moorhead, Minnesota. Also designs and posts Web pages.

The Israel Today Page
Tel-Aviv, Israel
All you wanted to know about Israel on a single day. Includes headlines, weather, lottery results, events, and gossip.

JSCS Computer Upgrade Components and Accessories
J.S. Computer Services, San Diego, CA, US
Don't let the computer age pass you by. JSCS offers a full line of computer upgrade components for your IBM-compatible system.

Juliana Monet, Realtor
Honolulu, HI, US
Specializes in Hawaii: vacation rentals, management, and real estate sales.

The Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
New York, NY, US
The world's largest nongovernmental funder of diabetes research, whose mission is to find a cure for diabetes.

Knowledge Unlimited, Inc.
Middleton, WI, US
Produces resources that help teachers make a real difference in the lives of young people.

San Ramon, CA, US
Money-saving coupons from California restaurants and merchants. Clickable maps select a local area, and coupons can be printed out directly from the site.

Lateral Arts British Artists
London, England
This site gives examples of work by leading young British contemporary artists.

Leading Edge PC Consultancy Pty, Ltd.
Epping, New South Wales, Australia
One of Australia's largest specialist professional shoppers and computer consultancy providers.

Linear Communications
Austin, TX, US
Your one-stop home page to find prepaid calling cards, prepaid cellular phones, ATM machines, and business opportunities.

Living History Farms
Urbandale, Iowa, US
A 600-acre open air museum where visitors travel at their own pace through five historical time periods spanning 300 years.

LottoMan Services Center
Lighthouse Engineering, Virginia Beach, VA, US
Complete, searchable histories (updated daily) for most U.S. state-run lotteries, and more.

MacVONK Canada Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Offers four unique and powerful programs for Macintosh and Windows computers: STiP Professional, RagTime 4, netOctopus, and TeamAgenda.

The Magic of Believing
Phoenix, AZ, US
An email weight loss support group.

Major MarketAbility
Longwood, FL, US
Develops strategies using services such as Insight SPI and ConsumerScope.

Brad Flwoers, Knoxville, TN, US
A place for Mac users to access games, utilities, Adobe products, computer product sites, and hot links to good spots.

Marine Sports Online
Houston, Texas, US
Find general information on this high-technology marine dealer.

Maui Gateway
Kihei, HI, US
Provides a unique shopping experience on Maui. Additionally, find tourist information, weather, file libraries, news, and more.

McGrath Insurance Group, Inc.
New Alexandria, PA, US
Pennsylvania insurance broker handling all forms of insurance and mutual fund investments.

Method Magazine
STP Photo, Borlange, Dalarna, Sweden
A weekly e-zine about snowboarding and only snowboarding. Contains interviews, information on competitions, and more.

trace, s.c., Mexico City, Mexico
The largest index specializing on links to Mexico. Updated daily.

MGMT Alliances, Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Explore ISO 14000 Environmental Management through articles, seminars, and general information.

Michigan Republican Conservative Conference
Farmington Hills, MI, US
A gathering place for Michigan Republican Conservatives, complete with a directory of past Forum magazine issues.

Michigan UpNorth
The Alpena News, Alpena, MI, US
This site is for those looking to see what is available in Northern Michigan.

Miniature Donkeys
Westminster, MD, US
Information and facts including the Miniature Donkey Talk Magazine and the International Miniature Donkey Registry.

MyVillage On-Line
Ark Multimedia Publishing, Hampton, VA, US
An online magazine for families, with articles and stories addressing the needs of the body, mind, and soul of the family and its members.

Net Success Associates
Life Plus, Shreveport, LA, US
A home-based business opportunity in the health and nutritional products industry.

Perry Pip Web Services, Houston, TX, US
Provides low-cost Web presence for individuals and businesses. Full access to the server through Telnet and FTP allows individuals to use it as if it were their own.

The NETwork
The D'Angelo Vallas Company, Los Angeles, CA, US
The first interactive, multimedia entertainment network with programs created and produced for the Web.

New City Global Mall Bulletin Boards
Online Marketing, Milford, CT, US
An online interactive bulletin board system with several topics: sports, Internet, advertising, and favorite sites.

Newport News Shipbuilding Credit Union
Ark Multimedia Publishing, Hampton, VA, US
Information about membership services, rates, loans, and credit cards.

Niagara Designs
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Designs for garden structures including gazebos, sheds, decks, playhouses, garages, studios, and more. Construction plans available for order at reasonable prices.

NY MassMedia
Delanson, NY, US
Offers business mailing lists and complete nationwide mailing services.

Mountain View, CA, US
A realtime interactive auction house specializing in manufacturer direct new, refurbished, and closeout computers and electronics.

Los Angeles, CA, US
An online journal of community and alternative arts featuring artists, images, and a virtual record store.

Painting, Sculpture, and Pottery
Cookstown, Ontario, Canada
An online gallery displaying the painting, sculpture, and pottery talents of artists Christina Luck and H.H. Niemann.

Paradise Cove
St. George, UT, US
An innovative program for boys. An effective program for teens who are struggling in their home, school, or community.

the peace page
Elsa Joy Bailey, Concord, CA, US
A garden of spiritual insights, dedicated to those interested in personal and spiritual growth.

Perry N. Finley Foundation, Ltd.
Boston, MA, US
A not-for-profit charitable organization supporting scientific, literary, and educational goals.

Phone Losers of America
Albany, OR, US
Whombat Communications and this look at the lighter side of computer hacking.

Carlsbad, CA, US
Offers a variety of digital input, digital output, and optical processing services. All services are performed in house.

Pittsburgh Flying Club, Inc.
Jim McGrath, Monroeville, PA, US
Flying club with four single engine aircraft. New members welcome. Based at Pittsburgh Boquet Airpark, Jeannette, Pennsylvania.

Lincoln, NE, US
Games, games, games for the entire world, for Sega, Nintendo, Playstation, Jaguar, 3D0, Sature, and CD-ROM as well as all the latest video releases on tape and laser disc.

POP-i Music Magazine
Newport Beach, CA, US
This fab new isssue features MUSIC REVIEWS on QuickTime video, and MUSIC INTERVIEWS with sound samples from every song on the album. Also real time chat room and contests with free stuff.

Pre-press Group De Schutter
Antwerpen, Belgium
One of Europe's leading companies in prepress and premedia, with branches in Antwerpen, Brussels, Kerkrade, and Groningen.

Prime Line Meat and Seafood II
New York, NY, US
Offers high-quality gourmet frozen foods.

ProStudio & Live Audio
World Wide Business Communications, Croydon, Surrey, England
This is a regularly updated resource for pro audio, broadcast, and live audio. Features news, product profiles, and a resource directory.

Richard Orchard, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
A page containing information about the band Queen, in particular their new album.

Quick Connexions
DKG., Inc., Onancock, VA, US
Sells new, usually brand name goods from bankruptcies and closeouts. Prices are below or near wholesale.

Rainy Pass Lodge
Ed Gardner, Anchorage, AK, US
A deluxe fly-in wilderness fishing and recreational lodge located 125 air miles northwest of Anchorage on the historic Iditarod trail.

RayneWaters Studio Arts
Seattle, WA, US
Offers Internet advertising, marketing and promotions, Web site development, computer graphics, print media design, and photo-illustration services.

Reality Bites
Joanna Vaught, Houston, TX, US
The one and only unofficial home page of the Generation-X movie, Reality Bites.

The Red Hand Gang
The D'Angelo Vallas Company, Los Angeles, CA, US
Interactive, multimedia stories for children aged 8-12.

RedBird Sports Custom Golf Equipment
Jay Turner, Seattle, WA, US
Handcrafted, custom-fit golf equipment supported by a lifetime warranty.

Tami Roseberry, Riverside, CA, US
Unique and unusual art as well as some manufactured merchandise.

SAFE Federal Credit Union
Sumter, SC, US
A 40-year-old financial cooperative based in Sumter, South Carolina.

Decorah, IA, US
Find all sorts of Net-related information, users' home pages, information on the region, the Official Decorah Home Page, and information on local arts and artists.

Sandia Travel Services
Albuquerque, NM, US
A free information and trip planning agency specializing in independent and group travel, both leisure and corporate. Unusual travel requests are welcomed.

Secure News
Andrew Cameron, Shawnee Mission, KS, US
This monthly newsletter covers computer security, security hardware and software, encryption software, firewalls, hacker/virus/theft prevention, security news, and security information.

Small Business Resources - Los Angeles
Nenad Trifunovic, Los Angeles, CA, US
An index of small business and professional resources located in or serving Southern California.

The South Pacific Hotel
Causeway Bay, The Republic of Hong Kong
In today's fast-paced world, the South Pacific Hotel has everything for the discerning traveler. Located right next to wide variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment in popular Causeway Bay.

Southeast Florida Wedding Directory
Photography & Video On Location, Inc., Coconut Creek, FL, US
A directory of wedding-related products and services in Florida.

Spectranomics - Floor to Ceiling Ergonomics for the Office
Spectracom Technologies Corporation, Scottsdale, AZ, US
Spectracom offers unique, effective, and cost-effective approaches to workplace ergonomics. SPECTRUM Environmental Lighting Filter tames those nasty lights and RYSON Seating products and Comfort Accessories complete the range.

Struik Publishing Group
Florida Hills, South Africa
An interactive site from the South African distributors of the acclaimed range of Dorling Kindersley multimedia CD-ROMs.

Subspace Communications, Inc.
Fremont, CA, US
Develops a complete line of low-cost PC, ISDN, BRI, and PRI hardware and software solutions available for purchase or licensing.

Sunnet Graphic Design Company
Taipei, Taiwan
One of the top computer graphic design companies in Taiwan. Services include computer graphic design, home page design, and more.

Sunrise Beach
St. George, UT, US
An innovative program for girls who are struggling in their home, school, or community.

NFL/NBC/Microsoft, Tempe, AZ, US
All the details on Super Bowl XXX, with a history of the event, a peek behind the scenes, a Super Bowl tool kit, and a different feature every day.

Surplus Equipment Services
Ashland, MA, US
Sells new and used video equipment: cameras, video projectors, and tape players. Also, post equipment for sale.

Swiss Business Contact & Consulting (SBCC)
Basel, Switzerland
A company that assists clients in relationships with Swiss partners involved in merchandising, investment, and executive searches.

Syntonic Research, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Sound has proven to be a highly useful tool for achieving most of the benefits of contemplation without specialized training.

Talk 2000 Forum
Jay Gary, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An electronic global town hall meeting on the advent of the third millennium during the millennial years 1999-2001.

TerraOnline Telematikdienste GmbH
Cologne, Germany
An Internet provider and home to the Object Factory. In German only.

Tesco Stores Online
Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England
Information on the United Kingdom's largest supermarket chain.

Tourism in Weymouth & Portland
Weymouth, Dorset, England
All one needs to know about travel and tourism in this beautiful part of South Dorset.

Translation, Inc.
Apex, NC, US
Contains information about shipping trade show exhibits by air freight and van line, exhibit transportation advice, and links to trade show management home pages.

A Tribute to Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
OEM Design, Toledo, OH, US
Travel back to the era of Mozart, listen to his music, and browse the best recordings.

Turner Investment Partners
Berwyn, PA, US
An investment advisory firm offering equity and fixed income account management to the corporate and general population.

UDBC Command 2001 Digital Satellite System
G.V. Bresnick and Associates, Lake Worth, FL, US
The new generation UDBC Command 2001 digital satellite television receiver system is at the forefront of the digital satellite revolution.

USA Global Link
Fairfield, IA, US
The world's largest aggregator of discount international telecommunications, specializing in callback, calling cards, and the Internet.

User Friendly Original Solutions
Greenlake Communication, Inc., Riverview, MI, US
Offers a complete range of computer-based services including consulting, training, software customizing, and installation of networks.

Vicious Fishes Software
Brea, CA, US
Find multimedia interface kits, free graphics and sounds downloads, free tips and tricks on multimedia graphics editing, and hot industry-related links.

Virgin Global Challenger
London, England
Follow Richard Branson in his latest record-breaking attempt to circumnavigation the world by balloon.

Virginia Discovery Museum
Metronetics, Inc., Charlottesville, VA, US
An exciting place for kids and their families to play and learn together, with hands-on exhibits related to arts, humanities, and sciences.

Vision Sunglass Eyewear
Frank Lane, Clearwater, FL, US
Sunglasses from Ray-ban, Revo, Serengeti, and Killer Loop. Come look at the special of the week.

Walter Lynn Mosley, Artist
International Discount Communications, Brooklyn, NY, US
Artwork, both traditional -- oil paint and canvas, variety of subject matter -- and digital.

Web Design
Alexandria, VA, US
Web page creation for personal or business needs, includes writing HTML (3.0 also frames and tables), helping design pages for as little as $20, and maintenance of pages.

Web Warehouse Mall
Great Neck, NY, US
Offers a wide assortment of quality consumer items and services.

WEBdesigner Studio
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
A one-stop place to get experienced designers, marketing consultants, and programmers to build World Wide Web sites.

Gordon Jennings, Paso Robles, CA, US
A car and motorcycle site headed by the former editor of Cycle, and Car and Driver. Contains technical information, race reports, industry and government commentary, and more.

The D'Angelo Vallas Company, Los Angeles, CA, US
The coolest murder mystery program around. Weekly episodes are saturated with multimedia. Then use interactive databases to search birth certificates, arrest records, autopsy reports, and more.

wine country connection
MMC Enterprises, Santa Rosa, CA, US
Presents the best wine, food, and travel resources available in Northern California wine country.

Wisdom in the Eye of the Frog
Robert Vermuelen, Redwood City, CA, US
Employs first principles to explain nature vs. nurture, free will, immortality, genetic selection, eugenics, evolution, time-travel, limbic system, and DNA.

WWW Virtual Library: Ceramics
Fraunhofer Gesellschaft, IKTS, Dresden, Sachsen, Germany
Contains a worldwide collection of URLs in the fields of technical ceramics, traditional ceramics, and ceramic arts. Part of the WWW Virtual Library.

Friday, 12 January 1996

The VXM Network, Boston, MA, US
A new, biweekly Web zine that covers technology convergence.

Access Link Communications
Lakewood, OH, US
An Internet access provider in the Cleveland, Ohio, area.

Advanced Management Solutions, Inc.
Highland, CA, US
Developers of Schedule Publisher and Timekeeper -- tools for cost, time, and resource management designed to give the best possible program and project management solutions.

Vincent Alex Brown, Greenville, SC, US
A zine dedicated to helping men be men of integrity, devoted husbands, and successful fathers, from a Judeo-Christian point of view.

Allware Computer Services, Inc.
Metairie, LA, US
Cutting-edge Web page construction and Internet consulting.

American Power & Light, Inc.
Plymouth, CA, US
High-end audio products for professionals, music lovers, home theatre, multimedia developers, and installers.

Anderson's Formal Wear
Rochester, MN, US
Lots of fun and interesting information about black-tie affairs, with tips on setting up a tuxedo shop, and tips on locating one.

Animal Cracker
Davenport, IA, US
Pictures and information about parrots and other birds.

Animal Sciences Department
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, US
Activities include teaching, research, and extension related to animal agriculture systems, and the processing of animal-derived food products.

Arizona: Fact or Fiction?
Ed Schneider, Cave Creek, AZ, US
Information for citizens interested in the prevention of the destruction of Arizona's Sonoran Desert in the name of economic development.

Arthur D. Little
Cambridge, MA, US
Offers consulting services in management, environmental, health, safety, technology, product development, ergonomics, program management, and organizational learning.

Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors
London, England
Specializes in the treatment of behavior problems in cats, dogs, and other pets. Read reports and find membership information.

Audiophile, Inc.
Dan Caron, Audiotown, CA, US
Information on audio and home theater systems for audiophiles. Covers manufacturers, online magazines, classifieds, and links to related pages.

Los Angeles, CA, US
An audio book company that specializes in self-help and motivational cassettes. Browse the catalog online.

The Augustine Club
New York, NY, US
Includes a study skills folder, document archives, and a Catholic Apologetics Toolkit that features many original Christian apologetics tools.

AvA Multimedia
Washington, DC, US
A full-service multimedia firm specializing in CD-ROMs, Web sites, and kiosks. Also hosts sites on their in-office server.

Midland Reporter Telegram & The Hearst Corporation, Midland, TX, US
The premier Internet access provider of West Texas and Southeastern New Mexico.

Bem Vindo Internauta!
Magic Solutions, Austin, TX, US
Offers Internet services to the Brazilian community on the Web.

Beyond The Wall: Stories Behind The Vietnam Wall
Magnet Interactive Studios, Washington, DC, US
Companion Web site to the award-winning CD-ROM that tells the personal stories of the men and women who lost their lives in the Vietnam War. Includes a veterans' forum and profiles of the artists.

Biohorizons, Inc.
Birmingham, AL, US
A high-technology-based company applying engineering expertise in the fields of biomedical implant design and performance, and injury prevention and control.

Blackie DBGateway Technologies Corp.
Newark, CA, US
Makers of Blackie BWE/15, software that provides transparent access from Web browsers to RDBMS databases.

Blackstone School of Law
James Fry, Dallas, TX, US
Has offered legal training since 1890 through home-study, and approved legal career training for the self-employed.

Bnos Yisroel and Sapphire Software
Brooklyn, NY, US
Information about this school for Jewish girls. This institution gives young Jewish girls a solid foundation in secular and Jewish education.

Boomtown Realty
New York, NY, US
Specializes in ready-to-move-in commercial real estate, office space, and executive suites in New York City.

Brooklyn North
Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada
Makers of award-winning HTML Assistant Pro, an easy-to-use point-and-click Web page creator.

Business World
I-Team Partners, Houston, TX, US
An exciting one-stop resource for small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Buzzards Bay
W. J. Rezendes, Fairhaven, MA, US
The ultimate source of sailing and boating information on Buzzards Bay, Cape Cod, Provincetown, Nantucket, and Martha's Vineyard.

Bytesize Magazines
UT Corp., New York, NY, US
A collection of dozens of electronic publications from all over the world.

The Car Show
North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Let The Car Guys offer up their knowledge on collectibles, news and information, car care, and more.

Eastleigh, Hants, England
Wedding? Birthday? Cat's birthday? There are all sorts of times when a quality, handmade celebration cake or dessert is needed.

CES/Way International
Houston, TX, US
Develops, designs, and implements technically comprehensive energy conservation projects on a paid-from-savings basis.

Chan Corporation
Glen Waverley, Victoria, Australia
Offers international private banking and investments, project loans and management, and more.

ChiPants WebPost
Mill Valley, CA, US
Feel the difference with the most comfortable pants online or off.

Chop Suey
Magnet Interactive Studios, Washington, DC, US
An interactive storybook where children enter a colorful, animated world of capricious adventures.

Coffee Traders
Whitefish, MT, US
The largest selection of regional and organic coffees in the world. Learn about different blends and roasts.

Community Associations Online
Professional Online Systems, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
The definitive online resource for managers, board members, attorneys, developers, and others. Provides vast online libraries, member-to-member experience exchange, and more.

The Complete Christian Youth Guide Online!
Ken McPhee, Three Hills, Alberta, Canada
The only complete guide to youth as it pertains to Christian music, concerts, issues, and education.

CompuBooks Online Bookstore
Austin, TX, US
An online bookseller with more than 12,000 titles grouped by bestsellers, new titles, current titles, and upcoming titles.

Congressional Quarterly's American Voter '96
Washington, DC, US
Use these databases to get information about a member of Congress, or to review the background of candidates for president, Congress, or governor.

The Consortium
Robert Parry, Arlington, VA, US
The Web's first free investigative zine focused on politics and international affairs. Covers documented stories the regular media will not.

Creativity and Social Justice
Wilmington, NC, US
A doorway to the past, present, and future of creativity and social issues.

Cyberdelic BBS
Lafayette, IN, US
Information about the BBS, conspiracies and government cover-ups, the latest in new science and technology, UFOs, spiritual growth, and more.

The Daily News
Lebanon, PA, US
Includes CD-ROM reviews, a science fiction column, a humor column, local news, and the Top 10 Local Stories of 1995.

Department of Nutrition Sciences
University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, US
A description of this department's research and training in nutrition sciences.

The Dependent Care Connection, Inc.
Westport, CT, US
A nationwide leader in delivering child care and adult care counseling, education, and referral services.

DG&A Advertising
St. Louis, MO, US
A thinking person's advertising agency.

Directorio Nacional Argentino
Miami, FL, US
A business directory for Argentina with many links to listed businesses, stock markets, and other sites.

Distance Education Resource Sites
Miami University, Oxford, OH, US
A listing of sites related to distance education and educational telecommunications.

Domino Benelux
Antwerp, Belgium
High-quality services for developing clients' human resources management (recruitment, selection, and training), and for upgrading dealer-based retail business.

Draft Rush Limbaugh for President
Greenville, SC, US
An online argument why Rush Limbaugh should be on the 1996 Presidential ballot.

Dutch Sculpture; Mariëlle van den Bergh
Jos Verheyden, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Curriculum vitae of a Dutch female artist; her sculpture and installations.

Dynamic Music Store
David Kaspersin, Rochester, NY, US
An eclectic, online catalog of CDs and tapes by and for independent artists.

Earthenware Designs Studio
Tucson, AZ, US
Manufacturer and seller of beautiful Southwestern and cowboy-design lamps, pendants, sconces, and other lighting fixtures. Lamps are made of ceramic, wrought iron, and other quality materials.

FundRaiser Family of Donor Management Software
Professional Support Software, West Plains, MO, US
Dedicated to the fundraising efforts of very small to medium-sized organizations and churches.

Gallup High School
Gallup, NM, US
Features information about the school, as well as links to Navajo Internet resources, other Web servers in New Mexico, and Macintosh HTML authoring resources.

The Games Store
Athens, GA, US
Officially licensed 1996 Summer Olympics merchandise and memorabilia, including sweatshirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, hats, collectors' pins, and bumper stickers.

Gary King's Alaskan Experience
Anchorage, AK, US
A full-service travel agency specializing in Alaska outdoor adventures. Find information on fishing, hunting, and skiing in Alaska.

Gilligan's Island
San Diego, CA, US
Official site of the Gilligan's Island Fan Club, with pictures and a link to the Gilligan's Island BBS.

Global Entertainment Law Resource Center
New York University, New York, NY, US
A resource center designed to benefit users interested in the legal and academic issues of global entertainment law, and information and advice from the practical side of global entertainment law.

Global Finance Network
Santa Clara, CA, US
Provides unique cash and asset management services, and expertise in avoiding government cash reporting requirements.

Gothenburg Soaring Club
Göteborgs Segelflygklubb, Gothenburg, Sweden
Information on one of the most active soaring clubs in Sweden.

Hawaii Kai Neighborhood Board
Bruce Fisher, Honolulu, HI, US
Take a virtual tour of Hawaii Kai and see Hanauma Bay, Koko Head Crater, and the famous Blow Hole.

HP3000 VPLUS to GUI Conversion Tool
Chronological, Ltd., Kent, England
A utility that allows the conversion of old HP3000 applications, written using VPLUS, to work under Windows with drop-down lists.

Infrared Gallery
Dale Monaghen, Kansas City, MO, US
A portfolio of photos by veteran UPI photographer Dale Monaghen. Includes infrared images, quirky signs of the times, graffiti people, kids at war, and how to shoot IR photos.

HIS, Inc., Fort Walton Beach, FL, US
A complete resource for finding the right insurance, and learning more about the industry. Includes electronic forms and software.

InterLogik, Inc.
Crystal Lake, IL, US
Full-service Internet consulting and advertising specializing in small- to medium-sized business home pages at affordable prices.

Internet Art Emporium
International Media Promotions, Inc.
An electronic art gallery featuring a showcase of accomplished painters and sculptors.

American Isuzu Motors, Inc., Whittier, CA, US
Home to the Trooper, the Rodeo, and the sport utility spirit. Read Isuzu news, stop by the Road Kill Cafe, and follow links to skiing, mountain biking, and other outdoor sports sites.

Iway Magazine
Connell Communications, Inc., Peterborough, NH, US
Helps readers make the most of the Internet. Features hands-on tutorials and site and product reviews.

J. Patrick Calby Investment Site
Orlando, FL, US
Find investment information from this S.E.C.-registered investment advisor.

Jadco Stock Charts
Boca Raton, FL, US
Investing homework is made easier with Stock Charts by Jadco. Earnings, revenues, and prices are all charted together.

JDS Communications
Oakland, CA, US
An information research consulting firm specializing in providing research, communications, and education services.

Jim Kovar, Fine Cabinetmaker
Atlanta, GA, US
Custom-built hardwood furniture, since 1971.

JLA Enterprises
Cotati, CA, US
Offers a variety of products and services focusing on art, music, literature, and health.

Joe Manchin for Governor '96 Campaign Cyberquarters
Fairmont, WV, US
Joe Manchin will deliver the leadership and strength all West Virginians deserve.

JWK Associates, Inc.
Lebanon, NH, US
A product development company capable of handling and/or coordinating all the steps necessary to bring a new product to market.

Kalamazoo Valley Vineyard Christian Fellowship
Ed Flook AVC, Kalamazoo, MI, US
Find out about this friendly, community-oriented, contemporary church.

King ComputerSearch
Kris Thom White, Dallas, TX, US
A top recruiting firm, matching careers and contract positions with qualified candidates.

King Link & Games
Kris Bowen, Las Vegas, NV, US
Access over 25,000 software titles and games.

K.M.C. Sales
Massapequa, NY, US
Makers of software for data acquisition, alarm, trending, and control solutions for the aquaculture and HVAC industry.

KOOV Radio Station
Centroplex Communications, Inc., Copperas Cove, TX, US
An all-hit country radio station featuring a concert and events list, and great country information and links.

Kurt Weill
Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, New York, NY, US
Contains information about Kurt Weill, Lotte Lenya, and the programs and resources of the Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, including the Weill-Lenya Research Center and the Kurt Weill Edition.

Ladue Systems
Donald J. Lapin, San Francisco, CA, US
Offers software tools and information management services for health and safety professionals.

Dowagiac, MI, US
Devoted to the study, appreciation, and memory of sports writer, humorist, and sardonic observer of the American scene, Ring Lardner.

LC&D Internet Publishing
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Publishes an Internet column, CyberFibre ("Your Recommended Allowance of Net News") and a directory of Usenet and alt. newsgroups.

Life Like Feel
Seattle, WA, US
An alternative/progressive rock band rising from the grunge factory of Seattle.

Liska and Associates
Chicago, IL, US
A comprehensive look at this award-winning communications design firm.

Literal Lies...
Hurricane Electric, Fremont, CA, US
Unsettling poetry, stories, a novel, and a journal by M. Carmen Matti.

Matt Waters
Sony Pictures Entertainment, Culver City, CA, US
Look behind the scenes at a new one-hour television drama starring Montel Williams.

Matt's Manic Skatering Homepage
Matt Winer, Montvale, NJ, US
A site for aggressive inline skating only.

The McLuhan Connection
Project McLuhan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The result of over a decade of work and preparation to update and revitalize McLuhan's work, involving the interface between culture and technology. Contains cartoons, rare audio, and archives of Internet posts.

Medical Information Systems
Amarillo, TX, US
An interactive, online database that allows users to maintain, edit, and upload medical equipment and/or supplies lists for immediate posting on the Internet and on the MIS network.

Meet a Manatee Nose to Nose
Plantation Inn Marina, Crystal River, FL, US
Information on manatee snorkel tours and scuba tours, and Windsong sailing adventures.

Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Peterborough's most successful and well-established computer businesses for over thirteen years. Includes a local business directory and Internet tools.

Mousepads: The Mall
The DAVID WORK Company, Cottage Grove, OR, US
Mousepads for every need: Star Trek, Star Wars, Flintstones, Jetsons, classy, camp, and strange. Also provides custom mousepads for business promotions or employee incentives.

A Movie Mania Page!
The Movie Van, Inc., Lahaina, HI, US
Find out the latest on the video world including what's new, what's coming, and what's hot.

Multi-Motivations, Inc.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A one-stop motivational shop with products inspiring success, self-esteem, and teamwork. Includes motivational books, audio and videotapes, lithographs, and gifts.

Murphy Green & Co.
Fort Bragg, CA, US
A CPA firm. Site contains short articles on business and tax topics.

MyVillage On-Line
Ark Multimedia Publishing, Hampton, VA, US
A family-oriented online magazine.

National Association of People with AIDS
Washington, DC, US
The national voice for people with HIV and AIDS.

Net 395 NEC
Ben Hamilton, Copperas Cove, TX, US
Features FidoNet information, current FidoNet documents, and FTP and Telnet access to CC Maximus OS/2 BBS.

Online Banking Report, Seattle, WA, US
A resource for anyone interested in home banking, especially banking via the Internet.

Liege, Belgium
Internet resources in French.

New Era Trading Publication on Internet
Pomona, CA, US
A trade magazine dedicated to introducing quality products and services to import/export companies in the Internet community.

The New York Festivals
Chappaqua, NY, US
Organizer of prestigious international media award competitions and festivals for film, television, radio, advertising, marketing, and multimedia.

Nordic Software, Inc.
Lincoln, NE, US
Develops and markets entertaining and educational software. Come and see their software, and enter the free weekly drawing.

North American Shortwave Association
Levittown, PA, US
Up-to-date information about the hobby of listening to international and domestic shortwave radio broadcasts.

Ocular Surgery News
SLACK, Inc., Thorofare, NJ, US
Clinical and socioeconomic news for ophthalmologists, with breaking news bulletins, specialty forums, online seminars, and a chat room.

Online Intelligence
Oz Software, Inc., Houston, TX, US
Makers of the award-winning InvestmentWizard software. Download a copy and find out what else is offered.

OPM Cyber Shops
Charles Cox, Decatur, IN, US
A virtual marketplace for books, jewelry, toys, and security products.

The Philadelphia Pretzel Company
Philadelphia, PA, US
Famous Philadelphia soft pretzels, as well as other classics from the City of Brotherly Love.

PhotoMatch Web Personals
Free Radical Software, Mountain View, CA, US
For straights amd gays looking for dating, romance, love, and friendship.

Pine Island Press
Easthampton, MA, US
A custom book publisher meeting the needs of educators, aspiring writers and poets, and small businesses.

Plantation Chat
PeachWeb Corp., Marietta, GA, US
The Internet's fastest and largest Web-based chat service welcomes guests for a tour.

Program Planning Professionals
Dearborn, MI, US
Provides services to support the new product introduction process, specializing in the automotive, computing, and consumer electronics industries.

Python Marketing
San Jose, CA, US
Provides sales, marketing, business development, and customer service/technical support consulting services for high-technology companies.

Rallye Club Holland
Badhoevedorp, Netherlands
The official newsletter of this Dutch sports car club.

Rhetorician at Textile
Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science, Germantown, PA, US
Rhetorician Lili Fox Velez, PhD, explains rhetoric and how people come to believe things.

Ritchey Design, Inc.
Redwood City, CA, US
High-end on- and off-road bicycles and components for the purist in all of us.

Royal Canadian Mint Online Catalogue
Nathan Rudyk Communications, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Explore this new, online catalog of coins.

Sapian Kin Gallery
London, Camden, England
Peruse more than 80 original works of drawing, painting, sculpture, and print by artist, Sabu.

The Seattle Times Co. Online Classifieds
Seattle, WA, US
Tens of thousands of ads from Washington State and the nation are updated daily.

The Shaklee Site
Usha Monjan, Columbia, MD, US
Offers health and nutrition products, home water treatments, cleaning and gardening supplies, cosmetics, fragrances, and specially formulated products for infants.

Shaw's Supermarkets
East Bridgewater, MA, US
Not just information about the New England grocery chain. Features new Shaw's products and services, but also includes links to brands and products, and a section that feeds the mind.

Singing Telegrams & Valentines
Maumee Valley Chapter, SPEBSQSA, Toledo, OH, US
Singing telegrams are available around the U.S. (and some other parts of the world) from nonprofit singing groups. Generally includes a song and a rose.

Slow Play Questionnaire
Duluth, GA, US
Answer a questionnaire to help form a private association dedicated to eliminating slow players from golf courses worldwide.

The Society of CAD Engineers
Warrendale, PA, US
A nonprofit professional organization dedicated to the continued growth of its members by keeping them informed, educated, and effective in disciplines related to CAD.

The Socks
Apocryphal Productions, Marlborough, CT, US
A weekly feature depicting a gang of socks in comical poses with humorous headings.

Soilmoisture Equipment Corp.
Whitney Skaling, Santa Barbara, CA, US
An internationally recognized leader in developing and manufacturing equipment for extracting and measuring water in soils associated with environmental sciences, agriculture, and process industries.

South Florida Classifieds
Nestor Suarez, Miami, FL, US
Shopping for automobiles, business services, real estate, and many other things in South Florida is now much easier.

Southern California Poker Players
Fullerton, CA, US
Provides information about poker as it is played in the cardrooms and casinos of Southern California.

Boiling Water, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA, US
A zine for gourmet cooks, foodies, and the curious. Articles, interviews, recipes, and more.

STI Home Page and Medical Imaging Links
Oconomowoc, WI, US
Works with manufacturers wishing to enter new medical imaging markets or to expand their presence in an existing market.

Superior Software, Inc.
Encino, CA, US
A developer of estate plan analysis and cash flow analysis software.

The Supermarket Shopping Network
Great Neck, NY, US
A friendly place for cooks, parents, and grocery shoppers. Highlights include NetSauce Webzine, a cooking club, coupons, a personal recipe book, and a database of supermarkets.

Talkline Productions, Manchester, MA, US
The first entertainment talk show to be broadcast over the Internet. In RealAudio.

Marc Thibault, Oxford Mills, Ontario, Canada
A systems architecture consultancy specializing in document management and electronic publishing.

TCS Scientific
New Hope, PA, US
A manufacturer of medical research equipment and related technologies.

Technics Music Canada
Great West Music, Ltd., Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Updates users with the latest information on new products, features, special events, product reviews, and more.

The Tell
Gordon McDonald, Portland, OR, US
Everyone has a story; this site presents them.

Thor's WinTools
HubNet, Lubbock, TX, US
All of the Windows' Internet tools that anyone will ever need.

North American Imaging, Camarillo, CA, US
Imaging information from NAI, the leading independent supplier of high-quality tubes and components for the medical diagnostic and industrial imaging markets.

UK Hip Hop Page
M. Wharmby, Los Angeles, CA, US
Details outstanding rap artists in London, from 1986-1992.

Unique Wild Game Jerky
Unique Products, Inc., Renton, WA, US
Try a taste-tempting treat from the likes of alligator, elk, buffalo, or reindeer.

The Utila Homepage
Geoplan Center, Gainesville, Florida, US
Information on the smallest of the Bay Islands of Honduras.

V Communications, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Develops, markets, and supports high-quality software products for Intel-based personal computers.

Vancouver Language Institute, Ltd.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Offers students the opportunity to learn English with the help of qualified ESL teachers, and live with a Canadian family.

Vicen Nutritional Products
Wilmington, DE, US
Provides a one-stop source for the family's nutritional needs. No need to mix and match vitamins and minerals, simply choose the right formula. Each product is formulated to suit the individual.

Virtual Law Office of Martin Howard Patrick, P.A.
Bay Harbor Islands, FL, US
Specializes in all aspects of real estate law including the acquisition (together with title insurance), sale, financing, leasing, and development of commercial and residential properties.

Voyageur Travel Services
Debbie Redmond, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Specializes in tailored, extra-value business and leisure travel services.

Warner Sisters Productions
Los Angeles, CA, US
An independent motion picture production company. Read press clippings and learn about film transform.

Washington DC Communication & Information Tours
P2C2 Group & Jim Kendrick, Silver Spring, MD, US
Jim Kendrick, one of the most experienced public communicators, is the cyber-guide to government, associations, corporations, grants, contracts, and more.

William Dunkerley Publishing Consultants
New Britain, CT, US
Immediate solutions for practical problems confronting publishers in the 1990s.

A Window to Philosophy
Sandro Reis, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
A complete and organized guide to philosophy Web sites.

World Wide Wilderness Directory
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
A comprehensive database of outfitters, guides, camps, and general wilderness resources.

Wow! Web Wonders!
AAST, Hackensack, NJ, US
A look at what's wonderful and what's not-so-wonderful about the seemingly infinite number of Web sites out there.

WWW Hall of Shame
Albuquerque, NM, US
A site featuring some of the worst Web pages on the Internet.

Xukor: Employment Screening Services
Charles Burgoise, Atlanta, GA, US
Helps employers determine whether or not a job candidate possesses both the willingness and ability to perform his or her duties and responsibilities.

XXX Fruit
New York, NY, US
A hip, new, literary quarterly examining issues of justice, family, sex, AIDS, politics, gay and lesbian issues, and civil rights.

Washington Area Project for Youth, Washington, DC, US
A program designed to teach Washington youth about computers, business, and the Internet.

Monday, 15 January 1996

Laval, Quebec, Canada
A great place to find the best sites in the home building industry.

The 38th Annual GRAMMY Awards
The Recording Academy, Santa Monica, CA, US
The Grammy Awards are on February 28th, but there is plenty to see before then, for instance the nominations list.

4x4 Off Road Stores
KII, Ltd., Washington, DC, US
The central online location for stores around the world that carry 4x4, off-road, and performance parts for trucks.

The '96 Sundance Indie Report
The Virtualfilm Group and i_LINE, Park City, UT, US
From 18-28 January 1996 The Virtualfilm Group, in association with i_LINE (indieFILM CYBERnetwork) presents this report direct from the U.S. fest of fests, Sundance.

Accolade Design Automation, Inc.
Duvall, WA, US
A development and marketing company specializing in high-quality, low-cost solutions for electronic design automation, and offering a variety of products and services with a primary focus on the VHSIC Hardware Description Language (VHDL).

Las Vegas, NV, US
Offers Web consulting, multimedia presentations, graphic arts, and computer repair. Includes a user-maintained OS/2 Tips and Tricks segment.

ADvantage NETvertising
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Web site developers providing complete design and maintenace packages available from $199 per year.

Advantage Systems
Williams, IA, US
Provides server rentals and Web page development at reasonable rates.

Advertising Specialty Industry Classifieds
Adgrafix, US
Read and post classified advertisements specific to the advertising industry.

AF Dragon Home Page
Steve Fong and Clement Liang, Hong Kong
Accounting and finance resources for Hong Kong and China, covering financial and management accounting, taxation, auditing, accounting information system, banking, and finance.

Affordable Acquisitions of Quality Pianos
San Ramon, CA, US
Buys and sells used, quality upright and grand pianos. Stop by for information on their company, and peek at their current inventory.

Alaska's Kenai Canoe Trails
Northlite Publishing Co., Soldotna, AK, US
Includes color photos, maps, general information, and planning resources to one of this nation's most outstanding wilderness areas. A guide book also offered at the site.

Alberta's Outfitters Association
Caroline, Alberta, Canada
The members of Alberta's oldest outfitters' association are dedicated to providing safe, guided, and memorable horseback trips though some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Find a full list of members and their services.

All Seasons Smart Traveler
Lifestyle Incentive Travel, Delray Beach, FL, US
Provides the lowest airfare available, as well as a great selection of flights.

America Assured
BPI Insurance Marketing, Phoenix, AZ, US
Offers the first, free, real-time instant term insurance quote systems on the Web, as well as a host of information about its insurance packages.

American Airguns Web Page
Brad Troyer, Palm Bay, FL, US
Information about airguns and field target competitions, and links to online airgun catalogs.

American Fencing Magazine
Greensboro, NC, US
Archived articles of the magazine, the United States Fencing Association's national magazine for the sport of fencing.

Anaheim Hills Online
Anaheim Hills, CA, US
Lists events, restaurants, shops, theaters, people, businesses, and other organizations in this Orange County community in California. Amtrak rail travel also featured.

AND Corporationion
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Has developed the state-of-the art in artificial intelligence, referred to as Holographic Neural Technology (HNeT).

A.N. Ansay & Associates, Inc.
Greg Kirsch, Port Washington, WI, US
An independent insurance agency offering personal, auto, home, life, and commercial coverage.

Appraisal Education Network School (AEN)
Bohemia, NY, US
A state-approved school for real estate appraisers, brokers, and salespersons, with additional courses for environmental and home inspections.

Atlantic CyberMarine Mall
Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Nova Scotia's leading supplier of goods and services for the marine sector, including recreational boating, shipping, industrial, fishing, military, and research.

AuctionLine (sm)
Boca Raton, FL, US
Features a live auction of computers and other merchandise.

A.W. Kuhn Engineering & Consulting
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Concerned with all aspects of cylindrical grinding, offering consulting during the design phase, prototype production, manufacturing engineering services, and more.

Bar JJ Outfitting, Ltd.
Millarville, Alberta, Canada
Experience a horseback wilderness adventure with this company.

The Basex Group - Management Consultants
New York, NY, US
Helps its clients recognize, develop, and manage information as a strategic corporate asset, in order to deliver sustainable business results.

B&B Computer Specialists, Inc.
Felton, CA, US
Provides computer hardware distribution for the U.S., and Internet access for the Greater Santa Cruz area.

Bed and Breakfast Inns of North America
Cimarron Technology, Dallas, TX, US
A beautifully designed directory of bed and breakfasts and country inns, with full color photos of every inn, complete descriptions and, in many cases, email links to the inn.

BellSouth Corporation
Washington, DC, US
Find out more about BellSouth, its mission and goals, where they do business and how they're structured. Also find a list of our corporate officers, members of the Board of Directors, and information about the BellSouth Foundation.

Beth's Secretarial Services
London, Ontario, Canada
A new home-based business valuable for students as well as small, medium, and large-sized businesses. Services include word processing, transcription, resumes, mailing levels, and Web page design.

Black Bass Foundation
Edgewater, SC, US
A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the protection and preservation of America's bass fishery.

Camp Marist for Boys
Marist Brothers of New Hampshire, Center Ossipee, NH, US
A quality summer camp for boys ages 6 to 16, located in the spectacular White Mountains of New Hampshire.

The Capital City Web
Innovative Desktop, Mechanicsburg, PA, US
Serves Pennsylvania's capital area with region-specific site content. Covers news, sports, entertainment, travel, shopping, business, and education.

Center for Latin American Capital Markets Research
Miami, FL, US
Provides original research and links to Latin American capital markets resources. Includes exchanges and quotes, research, country data, and news.

Center for Managerial Communication
Daniels College of Business, University of Denver, Denver, CO, US
A skill-building center focused on developing business students' managerial communication abilities -- especially in presentations, writing, and team or group work.

Chad Art
Chad Seltzer, Los Angeles, CA, US
Graphic art for the next generation.

Chase World Wide
John W. Chase, Wixom, MI, US
Develops and maintains Internet marketing and promotion for businesses and individuals.

Chip Hoback's Sportspage
Franklin, TN, US
This popular Web site offers sports links to college football, golf, racing, professional basketball, and more.

Choices for the 21st Century Education Project
Providence, RI, US
Offers curricular resources on public policy issues for high school social studies teachers, college professors, and community groups.

City of Tacoma, Washington
Tacoma, WA, US
Visit the official city Web site and discover some great things to do and see in the South Puget Sound.

Cleveland Central
The Great Lakes Web Company, Cleveland, OH, US
An exciting Web-guide and information resource to the Greater Cleveland area.

Cloverleaf Golf Publications
Live Software, San Diego, CA, US
These publications offer knowledge which helps in lowering golf scores, and increasing the understanding of the rest of the game. Read about the books, find out about the authors, and order online.

Crayola Art Education
Binney & Smith, Inc., Easton, PA, US
Primarily aimed towards art educators, the site offers a wealth of art techniques and product information, educational programs available from Binney & Smith, maker of Crayola products, and a rotating gallery of children's artwork.

Creativity Cafe
Visionary Artists' Resources, San Francisco, CA, US
An educational entertainment venue, community gathering, and communications center featuring computer access to the Internet, desktop video/audio/animation workstations, and a facilitated networking salon.

Crum & Forster Insurance
Parsippany, NJ, US
A leading national insurer specializing in commercial property and casualty products marketed through an exclusive network of professional retail agents and brokers in the U.S.

Cupcake Canasta
Paul May, Coventry, England
A weekly publication showcasing the best in oblique original writing.

Cyber Media, Columbus, OH, US
A fun and entertaining shopping center.

David Dixon Associates
Oxford, Oxfordshire, England
Specializes in providing fundraising help to U.K. theatres and arts organizations.

Davon Computer Systems, Inc.
Granada Hills, CA, US
Offers great prices on computer products, services, custom-configured systems, and networks.

Department of Minerals and Energy
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Access TENDEX, a mainframe-based index of the Western Australian mining tenements, in addition to details of other departmental programs.

Discount Games
Troy, MI, US
Offers CD-ROMs, adventure, strategy, role-playing, miniatures, models, card and dice games, paints, T-shirts, novels, and many hot new releases.

Distinguished Women of Past & Present
Sarasota, FL, US
Short biographies of accomplished women throughout history, in 28 categories.

D&M Electronics
Wilmington, DE, US
Specializes in the hard-to-find for electronics, computers, and networking.

Download Original Publications
Lexington, KY, US
Publishes original books, reports, and articles in ASCII/text file format. The ever-expanding list includes intellectual, controversial, financial, and profitable how-to titles.

Engineering and Technology Department
Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, NJ, US
Contains information about department programs, as well as engineering links.

The Entrepreneurs Resource Center
Jacobs Associates, Raleigh, NC, US
Dedicated to providing Internet-related resources, education, tools, and business opportunities to entrepreneurs worldwide.

Environmental Restoration Specialist Group
Knoxville, TN, US
The home page of this body of the International Association on Water Quality, a registered charity in the U.K.

Cyber Media, Columbus, OH, US
Visit and find out all of the latest Internet business and marketing secrets from this free newsletter devoted to discussing how to become successful on the Internet.

Broadband Applications, Burbank, CA, US
Information on FSN Interactive Television and LineRunner cable modem services.

New York, NY, US
Aimed at helping women network more effectively on the Internet. Offers bulletins, news, articles, speeches, links, women's health information, postings from women-owned businesses, and classifieds.

Songline Studios, Sebastopol, CA, US
The first interactive Web-based soap opera, Ferndale is an experiment involving four characters who explore their problems through a technique called "Net Therapy." Read their journal entries, listen to their conversations, examine their photographs, and then become a character. Premiers Monday, 15 January 1996.
http://www.ferndale.com/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Sandbach, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Take complete control of incoming telephone calls. Just one number will reach a user at any normal telephone in the United Kingdom, yet there are no call diversion charges whatsoever.

Florida Keys Info-Net
Key Largo, FL, US
Information on places to stay, restaurants, and attractions in the Florida Keys.

Frank J. Codispoti Memorabilia
Garden Grove, CA, US
Provides authentic memorabilia for sports, movie, TV, music, and historical collectors.

Northbrook, IL, US
Weekly commodity market analysis and recommendations by 27-year veteran trader, Jake Bernstein.

Gemini School of Art and Design
Troy, MI, US
Offers home-studio technical training by visual programs in the arts of airbrushing, glass etching, gold leafing, sign lettering, automotive pinstriping, and crafts.

High Technology Careers Magazine
Santa Clara, CA, US
Brings technical professionals a broad range of current information on career opportunities, and the latest in high-technology growth and development.

Home Inspection Resources
Dennis Pino, Middletown, NJ, US
Created and produced by home inspectors for home inspectors, home buyers, and sellers, as well as for real estate and other industry-related professionals.

Ian Johnstone -- Children's Singer/Songwriter
Dandelion Records, Gabriola Island, British Columbia, Canada
Provides children's tapes, philosophy, performing history, and more.

Indiana University Press
Bloomington, IN, US
For a limited time, individuals accessing the Indiana University Press Web site may choose from over 200 titles offered at special discounts.

London, Ontario, Canada
Services include Business Net for businesses interested in a presence on the Internet, New Products Net to advertise new products, and Jobs Net, a library of resumes.

Integrated Information Pte. Ltd., Singapore, Republic of Singapore
This electronic magazine covers politics, culture, and history in Singapore.

Innovative Data Solutions
Chandler, AZ, US
A complete Web presence provider offering Web site design and related technical services.

Intelligent Instrumentation, Inc.
Tucson, AZ, US
A worldwide distributor of PC-based data acquisition, data collection, and barcoding products.

Internet for the Molecular Biologist
Institute of Food Research, Norwich, Norfolk, England
An excellent introduction to the Internet for molecular biologists. Learn about the Web, Gopher, FTP, email, newsgroups, databases, and more.

Internet Truck Stop
KII, Ltd., Washington, DC, US
The world's first truck stop on the Web offers restrooms, the Road Kill Cafe, an arcade, and more.

Inter-Pacific Networks
Hilo, HI, US
Establishes Internet servers for U.S. and international companies to disseminate information to their customers and employees.

Foley, AL, US
A Web site for Kemo-Sabi clients such as Thomas Hospital. Also features home pages for the Amateur Radio Operators (hams), and math and science middle school teachers.

The Ken&Glenn New Hampshire Bureau
The Adventures of Ken&Glenn, Manchester, NH, US
Bored, twenty-something lawyer Ronny Raygun lives in New Hampshire and offers his mutated observations of the wacky repubs he keeps meeting.

West Palm Beach, FL, US
A unique aerobic wear boutique offering the hot fitness fashions.

L.A. Invitational Indoor Track Meet, 24 February 1996
Franken Enterprises/World Sports, Los Angeles, CA, US
The route to the '96 Olympic Games goes through this indoor track meet featuring top high school and Olympic-bound athletes.

LandData BC
Province of British Columbia, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Find an extensive catalog of maps, air photos, and geographic datasets on a wide range of subjects including topography, Crown cadastre, forest inventory, mineral potential, watersheds, and wildlife distribution.

M Group's Web Site Content Service
Houston, TX, US
Provides Webmasters with daily news, over 40 weekly articles, and over 30 monthly articles, all in HTML format.

Marine Department, Hong Kong Government
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
An introduction of the Port of Hong Kong, the Hong Kong Shipping Register, and other services provided by this department.

Mass ADvertising Services
Longmeadow, MA, US
Promotes small-to-medium sized business in a Netscape virtual mall-type setting. New clients are added regularly.

Mass Links
Wave Consulting Group, Framingham, MA, US
The one-stop Massachusetts information network for food and drinks, health and medical, hobbies, and recreation information, just to name a few.

McNicholas High School
Cincinnati, OH, US
Information on its heritage and mission, administration, faculty, academics, athletes, and more.

Mexico City, Mexico
Provides business and investment data on Mexico, a monthly financial newsletter, executive summaries of laws, real estate, translations, and all about the Mexican chili.

The MI Group
Cuckfield, West Sussex, England
Comprises Moody International, MMI, BMIQA, and AOQC. The group offers quality control and quality assurance services to a wide range of manufacturing and service companies worldwide.

MicroTailor Software Corp.
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Garment Analyzer takes full advantage of the Windows graphical environment to strategically build accurate costings faster, easier, and more economically.

Michael Wolff & Company, Inc., New York, NY, US
A complete guide to using the Internet, online services, and tax software to save time and money on taxes. Prepare and file electronically.

Nicole's Art Emporium
Focus centers on the difficulty of life in third world countries, and the struggles and pain of that life sparked this artist's return to and passion for art.

No Moss On Us Travel
Gary Bedell, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offers extraordinary travel adventures to Spain, South Africa, and beyond. Visit the virtual catalog with high-resolution photos and interesting links.

NorthStar Technologies
New York, NY, US
Specializes in object-oriented, client-server technologies and the rapid development of mission-critical custom applications.

NOVAC - New Orleans Video Access Center
New Orleans, LA, US
A nonprofit media center providing television equipment, training, and services to independent producers and community organizations for non-commercial video production.

Novell Menuing Software
New-Tech Systems, Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada
Information about this menu system that keeps users operating only the software that they have been assigned to operate. On the discretion of the supervisor users can be stopped from shelling out to DOS.

Odyssey Group
Corona, CA, US
A source for autographs, memorabilia, and collectibles. Visit the site for information on space, sports, Hollywood, historical, and other collectibles.

One Crossroads Place BBS
Computer Training Corporation, Independence, MO, US
The largest Telnetable BBS complex in the world.

OrCom Systems, Inc.
Bend, OR, US
Provides AS/400 programmers, software specialists, utility billing, work management, and electronic meter reading.

Original Fantasy Castle Maps
C&D Publications, Boston, MA, US
Sells original maps of fantasy castles and fortifications, complete with basic room descriptions and suggestions on occupants and defensive strategies.

Our Pets, Inc.
Fort Macleod, Alberta, Canada
This site is dedicated to the nutritional well being of dogs and cats. Find books, articles, and other sources of pet information.

Pack River Imagery
Ponderay, ID, US
Specializes in Web site development, advertising copy, newsletters, software documentation, and press releases.

Papua New Guinea WWW Virtual Library
Coombs Computing Unit, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Find bibliographies, books, films, as well as Web, Gopher, and FTP resources, science and academic resources, travel and tourism, and more.

Paris IDT96 Conference, 21-23 May 1996
SPAT, Paris, France
Find information about the largest electronic business information exhibition on the European Continent.

PAYSENSE Human Resource System
Selven Ltd., Witham, Essex, England
A United Kingdom-based payroll and personnel system for PCs, running under DOS, Windows 3.1 , Windows 95, and Windows NT, and client/server on NetWare and Windows NT.

The Pharmaco International Biomedical Site
Austin, TX, US
A contract research organization specializing in full drug development programs, all phases of clinical research from Phase I through Phase IV, biostatistics and data management, and bioanalytical laboratory research.

PICTURE THAT!'s Profit Mall
Middletown, CT, US
A new technology company that sells computer image transfer items. Also expanding into Internet advertising.

Platinum Pictures Multimedia, Inc.
Baraboo, WI, US
A professional 3D graphics, animation, and programming studio specializing in CD-ROM entertainment and educational products. Also creates master Web pages, broadcast productions, and commercials.

Poetry at Grounds Zero Hollywood
Tarzana, CA, US
This poetry page keeps users updated on happenings at Grounds Zero Hollywood.

The Post-it Shop
Torrance, CA, US
An Internet marketing company that knows how to build traffic to sites. Tell the world sites exist and where to find them.

Power Traders
Johannesburg, South Africa
An international trading hotspot and virtual warehouse. Product listings include color pictures and prices.

Quarter Horse NETwork
Kevin Doolin, Broaddus, TX, US
Worldwide coverage for quarter horses and services for owners of these stallions.

Quinn Flags & Banners
Long Island City, NY, US
Sells U.S.A. gift sets; country, state, and nautical flags from 4x6" to 30x60'; grand opening banners; and custom flags for homes and businesses.

Real Estate Information Network (REINET)
New York, NY, US
A dynamic Web site with announcements, a professional directory, free library, links to other sites, and a massive database of property transactions.

Real Virtual, Inc.
Durham, NC, US
A new media company that specializes in the development of interactive, fantasy, and adventure games on the Web.

Reckoning A/E
Atlanta, GA, US
Integrated and networkable time billing, contact management, and project/client database for architects and engineers.

Research Centre for Translation, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Shatin, Hong Kong
Translations of both classical and contemporary Chinese literature, including prose, poetry, and fiction.

Rocky Mountain Exotic Fibre
Innisfail, Alberta, Canada
A worsted processing mill specializing in exotic fibres for the spinner, knitter, and weaver.

RTA Recruiting & Research Services
Campbell, CA, US
Provides free career opportunities for professionals in the high-tech industry.

Sara E.F. Gensburg Ltd.
Betsy Gensburg, Deerfield, IL, US
Offers commercial and industrial architectural services for Northeastern Illinois, and provides ADA, CAD, and marketing information.

Scangraphics, Inc.
Broomall, PA, US
An international provider of GIS database management software products, and a pioneer and leader in scanning and image processing technology, large document scanners, backfile conversion services, and imaging software and systems.

SHAMROCK Machinery Company
Houston, TX, US
Stocks used surplus metal working manufacturing machine tools.

Shiv's Poetry Page
Babson College, Wellesley, MA, US
A creative, esoteric poetry page which deals with understanding and expressing one's emotions.

The Show-Me Online Service
Bridgeton, MO, US
Features tons of celebrity images, and also sells CD-ROMs. All celebrity images are free.

Skeleton Closet
Real People For Real Change, Emeryville, CA, US
A nonpartisan guide serving up the scandals and character of the 1996 U.S. presidential election candidates. All allegations are carefully researched, and sources are given.

Society for a Return to Academic Standards
TAMU, College Station, TX, US
Encourages research on faculty pander pollution, dysfunctional aspects of SETs, misuse of SET data by administrators, dishonesty of students on SETs, invalidity of SET information, denial of due process from use of SET, and reasons for grade inflation.

New York, NY, US
Breaks the rules of traditional advertising by finding innovative solutions to marketing challenges.

Soens Graphic Design WWW Publishing Guide
Natick, MA, US
A Web site designer with information, ideas, and links for establishing and maintaining a Web site.

South Jersey Silent Flyers
Roger Williamson, Evesham, NJ, US
A radio-control model airplane club specializing in sailplanes, hand-launched gliders, and electrically powered models.

Specials For WDFMers
Web Digest for Marketers, New York, NY, US
A new service that delivers high-value offers to marketers on the Internet.

Spectrum Graphics
New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada
Specializes in computer graphics for the publishing industry. Handles promotional products, novelties, and corporate gifts.

Enger, Germany
A German online magazine all about games. In German only.

SportsMark Promotions, Inc.
Tempe, AZ, US
Offers challenging sports contests that are simple, fun, and inexpensive.

Sprint City
Sprint, Westwood, KS, US
A progressive, virtual city providing links to search engines, software, small office information and news, entertainment areas, and more.

Stitches by Doris
Kearney, NE, US
Dolls, made by hand, with love, from Iowa. Includes Raggedy Ann and Andy, and more.

Suffolk Web Links
Massachusetts Web Links, Woburn, MA, US
Provides domain name registration in the <Domain>.Suffolk.com network for the greater Boston area of Massachusetts.

Superior Software, Inc.
Encino, CA, US
Find software for estate plan analysis and cash flow analysis created by an attorney/accountant. Read information about the business and products, and download the demo programs.

Fort Myers, FL, US
Algebra and calculus educational software for problem-solving in math and science.

The Sustainable Forests Directory
The Forest Partnership, Burlington, VT, US
A directory of Web sites relating to sustainable forestry issues and organizations.

Sweet Seductions Chocolatier
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, United Kingdom
A specialty chocolate shop selling a selection of high-quality boxed chocolates, bars of cocoa-rich chocolate, and other sweets.

Talent Tree Staffing Services
Houston, TX, US
One of the country's leading, national, temporary staffing agencies. Fill out an application online, or find out how to become a client.

Tall Enterprises
Lincoln, AR, US
Contains software and books on how to manage money and protect assets.

Tel-a-Industries, Inc., Morristown, NJ, US
A source for running shoes and apparel since 1985.

Telecommunication Solutions Inc.
New York, NY, US
Provides telecommunications consulting and specializes in voice, data, video, and networking. Service specialties include planning, system implementation, ongoing system management, and training.

Tessera Enterprise Systems
Wakefield, MA, US
Assists clients in using the highest performance database management and analytic tools.

Thompson (Way Cool) Middle School
St. Charles, IL, US
A site for the parents, students, and staff of this school. Includes photos, bulletins, and general information.

Trancontinental Granite
Vienna, VA, US
A leader in providing the world's builders, architects, and designers with a full range of fine granite.

TUV Rheinland of North America
Pleasanton, CA, US
Provides comprehensive appraisals and inspections of technical facilities and products. Specialists on staff are available for technical safety consultation.

Uncle Henry's Pretzels
Bowmansville, PA, US
Order genuine Pennsylvania Dutch handmade pretzels here. Available in nine varieties including low salt, extra salty, whole wheat, and sesame.

Unwins Wine Merchants
Dartford, UK
Sells wine, beer, spirits, whisky, champagne, and gifts. The site is run on a secure commerce server to protect credit card details during transmission.

Us Against the Wal
Peninsula Neighborhood Association, Gig Harbor, WA, US
A small town takes on Wal-Mart on the Web. Come read about this small, lovely village being assaulted by an ugly giant.

Valitek, Inc.
Amherst, MA, US
Manufacturer of high-performance, portable tape backup products. Find product, sales, and ordering information.

Vamp's Crypt
Kingsland, GA, US
The home of Camden County, Georgia, history pages.

Vette Vues Magazine
Atlanta, GA, US
Corvette enthusiasts can get information on new products, tech topics shows, and clubs. Lots of ads for cars and parts are included, and U.S. and world Corvette activities are covered.

Via Internet Professional Career Services
Dallas, TX, US
Connects educated job seekers with top employers.

The Virtual FilmFestival
The Virtualfilm Group, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
An interactive environment joining independent media makers with the public in an international film community.

The Virtual Job Fair
Santa Clara, CA, US
Research technologies and employers, visit the Resume Center and Westech Career Expo, read High Tech Careers Web publication, and much more.

Virtual Worlds, Inc.
Rolling Meadows, IL, US
Provides virtual reality components for PCs. Turn a computer into a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory space.

VISIT Virginia
Virginia Division of Tourism, Richmond, VA, US
The Visitor Information System for the Interactive Traveler is a free service provided by the Virginia Division of Tourism and Virginia Tech.

WBWB B97's Home On The Web
Bloomington, IN, US
Bloomington's favorite radio station and home for Indiana University sports.

Michael Phillips, New York, NY, US
Features thousands of local weather forecasts, maps, and ski reports, all updated constantly.

WebDisk CD-ROM/Internet Integration
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Seamlessly combines the multimedia capacity of the CD-ROM with the actuality of the Web for tremendous browsing speed. Get a demo disk now.

San Francisco, CA, US
A Web design and online marketing service.

WE-CAN Home-Finder
Jamestown, NC, US
The highest-quality searchable home-for-sale listing service on the Internet. Sets up and markets home pages for agents/brokers/agencies and owners with links to/from their listings.

Windows 95 Central
LCDCAN, Boucherville, Quebec, Canada
Find links to over 700 authors of Windows 95 shareware.

Windows 95 Information Center
Marcelo Lewin, Glendora, CA, US
An unofficial resource center with Windows 95 site links, a tutoring section, Windows 95 news, Windows 95 files, and more.

Winter Depression Page
Winter Depression Program, Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, NY, US
Information about winter depression (also known as Seasonal Affective Disorder "SAD") and application materials for a free treatment research program in New York City

WKGR The Gater 98.7 FM
West Palm Beach, FL, US
Meet the personalities and see what's going on with South Florida's only classic rock radio station.

Woods of the World
Tree Talk, Burlington, VT, US
The only multimedia databases of the world's wood species.

Words of Mouth
Peter de Jager, Brampton, Ontario, Canada
A free article service on topics ranging from corporate motivation to technology applications, from Canada's most respected professional speakers and consultants.

WorldWide Real Estate Network (WREN)
Conroe, TX, US
Provides a fast and easy-to-use realty and agents listings database.

FORUM e.V., Wuppertal, Germany
Information about the life in the city of Wuppertal.

The Year 2000 Information Center
The Tenagra Corporation, Houston, TX, US
Prepare for the year 2000 and all the problems it will bring to software systems which refer to the year by only the last two digits.

Zaballa House Bed & Breakfast Inn
Whistler Enterprises, Half Moon Bay, CA, US
Within a one-hour drive from any Bay Area location and 35 minutes south of San Francisco, this house is the oldest restored building still standing in Half Moon Bay.

Wednesday, 17 January 1996

#1 Home & Building Professional's Site
20-20 Computerized Design, Laval, Quebec, Canada
Describes 20-20, world leader of Computer Aided Selling (CAS) software for kitchen design, bathroom, office furniture, windows, doors for the home building and renovation industry. In French and English.

AARP's Tax-Aide Program
Turtle Island Enterprises, Camano Island, WA, US
Description of AARP's free tax preparation service for moderate income seniors and retirees. Includes how to get help and how to volunteer and receive training.

aArtvark Art and Crafts Network
Liberty, TN, US
Features the personalities and works of American artists and crafters.

Acme Engineering
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A firm with offices in both New York and Montreal that does large scale production of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment.

Adult Echocardiography
Columbia University, New York, NY, US
Site includes images, cases, and research involving stroke and transesophageal echocardiography.

Agriculture Livestock & Farming Classifieds
Livestock World, Butte Falls, OR, US
Classified advertising for agriculture, farming, ranching, livestock, events, sales, and services. The Pitchfork Capital of the Internet.

The Agriculture Page
Nate Baxley, Urbana, IL, US
A listing of agriculture-related links on weather, precision farming, and more.

Alternative Management Resources
Needham, MA, US
A full-service personnel administration department for businesses and corporations.

Mesilla Park, NM, US
Designed for the purebred cat breeder, but there's information for all cat lovers.

AquaToss Waterballoon Launchers
Chris Arnold, Lawrence, KS, US
Information on a product guaranteed to throw water balloons hundreds of yards and annoy the neighbors.

Arizona Trails Monthly
Tempe, AZ, US
A newsletter featuring superb hiking and backpacking destinations across the state of Arizona.

The Armourer Magazine
Macclesfield, Cheshire, England
A magazine for military collectors and military history enthusiasts.

Artnimals & Gargoyles
Wellesley, MA, US
And then came the Gargoyles, a little bit of toad slime, some salamanders, and more.

Associated Aviation Underwriters
Short Hills, NJ, US
An association of underwriters covering airlines, airline manufacturers, and airline Worker's Compensation.

Athenaeum Boekhandel
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A general and academic bookshop, specializing in the social sciences, language studies, and classical studies. Also sells fiction in Dutch, English, French, Spanish, German, and Italian.

Australian T-Shirt Art CyberStore
ky-lin web productions, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
T-shirt with energy-art designs from artist, Wildmare.

Autodesk Authorized Training Center
Academy for the Advancement of Science and Technology, Hackensack, NJ, US
Find information on education, facilities, and projects as well as a course schedule.

BayCare Surgery Center
Green Bay, WI, US
A freestanding multispecialty out-patient surgery facility that is Medicare and medical assistance approved and accredited by AAAHC.

The BCOP/3M Post-it® Shopping Spree Contest!
Boise Cascade Office Products, Itasca, IL, US
Users' imagination and interest in Post-it® Notes can win them and their company a $500 Boise Cascade Office Products shopping spree.

Be In
ON World, Brisbane, CA, US
The Be-In started in the minds of several people living in the San Francisco Bay Area at the end of 1966. This site is a media archive of people and events who have contributed to the Be In.

Family Internet, Phoenix, AZ, US
Clears up the confusion about what to feed a baby with 14 reasons to buy Beechnut food.

The Beeworks
Orillia, Ontario, Canada
Beekeeping products for both hobbyist and commercial beekeepers. Products include a new hive design, and a modification kit for existing hives.

The Benchmarking Network
Houston, TX, US
Leads benchmarking studies worldwide in providing measures and metrics.

Bernzy's Music Files, Inc.
Brian Berns, Franklin Park, IL, US
A retail online catalog that sells music, music videos, instructional publications, posters, art prints, and books about famous musicians.

Blackburn High school
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A state high school with a tradition of excellence and success in academic studies and sports. Find a host of information including photographs, sound samples, writings, and news.

The Boat Show
Kinetiks.com, Inc., Kingwood, TX, US
The official Internet guide to the 1996 Houston International Boat, Sport, & Travel Show.

Madrid, Spain
The first marketing server for the Hispanic market. Includes a franchising guide.

Bretton Woods Ski Area
Ben Wilcox, Bretton Woods, NH, US
More than 30 pages of cutting-edge graphics, invaluable skiers' links, and all the information needed to plan a visit to New Hampshire's great family ski resort.

Bridgewater Golf & Country Club
Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada
Facts about the new championship golf course opening in 1998.

Bruce Berman's VirtualOffice
Catalyst Communications, Boston, MA, US
Home to Save the Harbor/Save the Bay's Web page, with plenty of environmental links, and great photos of the Boston Harbor Cleanup, the proposed Boston Harbor Islands National Park, and more.

Buckinghamshire College Webstation
High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, England
Information on courses and research at the College, as well as some tutorials for well-known applications.

Builder Net Mall
Virtual Networks, Inc., Rockville, MD, US
A one-stop resource for building and construction-related materials, services, and supplies.

Cakes Across America, Inc.
Winter Springs, FL, US
Provides gift cakes for business or personal acquaintances.

Camp Marist for Boys
Marist Brothers of the Schools, Center Ossipee, NH, US
A quality summer camp for boys ages 6 to 16, located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Thirty-five activities are offered including Go-Karts, cycling, power boating, and horseback riding.

Capitol Watch On Line
Washington, DC, US
Daily updates on what's going on in our nation's capitol.

Carter Peace Mission
Rob Perelman, San Diego, CA, US
Fan page for the Coronado teenage punk band, Carter Peace Mission.

The Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine (CHPPM)
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, US
A world-class center of excellence for enhancing military readiness by integrating health promotion and preventive medicine into America's Army.

Chicago WeddingNet
Classic Video Productions, Downers Grove, IL, US
A full-featured, online wedding planning guide that includes wedding news, an advice column, information, an interactive planning guide, and hundreds of local vendors.

CineGuide: A Critic's Notebook
Jeremy A. Pollack, Oak Park, IL, US
The film lover's manual of classic films and videos. Features our critic's notebook, retrospectives, and the Net's most comprehensive guide to major videos.

Civil Liberties Monitoring Project
Ed Denson, Alderpoint, CA, US
A nonprofit organization devoted to attempting to correct abuses of civil liberties by the government.

Claretian Missionary
Chicago, IL, US
A Catholic religious order founded by the Spanish missionary St. Anthony Claret. The order is dedicated to publishing, electronic communications, missions, the Hispanic community, health, and volunteerism.

Clark and Clark
Cheadle, Cheshire, England
Aims to be the first choice for Total Design and Marketing Solutions. Intends that Christian values contribute integrity to business relationships.

The CMS Molecular Biology Resource
Christopher M. Smith, Lincoln, NE, US
Links to Protein and DNA Analysis Servers, and Information Resources and Services.

Comprehensive Computer Catalogue
Hans B. Pufal, Leeds, England
A growing, searchable database of computer systems dating from 1939 to the present.

Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Taejon, Republic of Korea
A computer engineering research laboratory in the Department of Electrical Engineering. Major research topics include computer architecture, parallel processing, computer vision/graphics, and system modeling/simulation.

The Cortez Saratoga Collection
Classic Gallery of Sport, Averill Park, NY, US
Showcases the artistry of American painter and printmaker Jenness Cortez, one of the world's foremost sporting artists. Contains links to other horse racing sites.

CSE Computronics, Ltd.
J. Davision, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Builds, sells, and deploys differential GPS survey and remote telemetry equipment, as well as specially integrated hardware and software for land, air, and marine tracking and plotting applications.

CSN - Client Server Networking
West Hartford, CT, US
A leading developer of IBM Lan Server utilities. Products are oriented to capacity, performance, availability, and home directory space management.

Cyberspace Portal
Infomedia Publishing Group, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada
Provides new and regular Internet users with a starting point and everyday user interface.

Data Communications
New York, NY, US
As a networking magazine, it features technical articles on subjects such as LAN/WAN, PC networking, ISDN, and voice and data integration.

Data West Corporation
Durango, CO, US
Specializes in utility billing and accounting systems.

DeVry Online Writing Support Center
DeVry Institute of Technology, Phoenix, Arizona, US
Provides a web of information for instructors and students about writing resources on the Internet.

The Diaspar CyberSpace Network
Laguna Beach, CA, US
Currently has Web pages for The Healthy Trader online catalog, pTv affordable PC videoconferencing, Master Peace for movies and music, and much more.

DigitalGuru Bookshops
Brea, CA, US
An online computer bookstore that has more than 25,000 books in stock. Also actively participates in shows like COMDEX and MacWorld.

Dinair Airbrush Makeup
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Information on a revolutionary glamour, fantasy, paramedical, and mortuary makeup system.

Dinosaur Volcano-Greenhouse Extinction
Dewey M. McLean, Blacksburg, VA, US
The Deccan Traps mantle plume volcanism 65 million years ago triggered greenhouse climatic warming and the extinction of the dinosaurs. Learn all about it.

DOGZ! Adoption Kit
PF Magic, San Francisco, CA, US
Download a free kit for your computer and take a look at the latest in artificial intelligence software.

Dr. Online Uebersicht
Bielefeld, Germany
An informative and entertaining way to learn more about the company and its products. Includes recipes, cooking tips, and sweepstakes. In German.

E.D. Bullard Company
Cynthiana, KY, US
A leading manufacturer of industrial safety equipment, including hard hats, fire and rescue helmets, respirators, and free air pumps.

EM - Exclusively Male - The Magazine
Yes Resources Sdn.Bhd, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Malaysia's first men's lifestyle magazine on the Internet filled with fascinating articles on UFOs, sexual orientation, and more.

Emboss Design
Stephen Boss, Gloucester, MA, US
Offers self-forged fonts for the Macintosh and PC, plus design services.

Environmental Health Awareness
Belém International, Anaheim, CA, US
A site dedicated to testimonials of people who triumphed over illnesses.

European Commercial Dance Music Magazine
Prime Cuts, Ltd., London, England
News, reviews, interviews, and gossip from the European dance music world. Includes the official Media Records site.

Exodus Communications, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Helps businesses compete through the integration of innovative Internet access. Internet services include only dedicated Internet connections: Frame Relay 56Kbps to T1 and Point-to-Point 56Kbps to T3.

Falcon Communications
Warsaw, Poland
Poland is one of the fastest growing significant economies in Europe. Site includes a database of Polish companies.

Famous Hispanics in the World and History
Baltimore, MD, US
A collection of biographies, pictures, and links to other places about famouse Hispanics.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Manufactures and develops FiRLAN, wireless full throughput Ethernet and token-ring LANs.

Florida Solar Energy Center
Cocoa, FL, US
Florida's primary energy research institute.

FM 103.3 Noosa Radio
Noosaville, Queensland, Australia
Information on this community radio station situated on the Sunshine Coast of Australia.

Focus Softworks
Santa Clara, CA, US
Dedicated to bringing users the most outstanding, unique, and must-have software for the Macintosh computer.

Food Chain on the Web
mundo@interaccess.com, Chicago, IL, US
A Chicago band offering information about upcoming shows and events, individual bios and audio samples of all 16 songs off of new CD, "Live at the Loft."

Boulder, CO, US
Offers a complete line of award-winning help authoring tools for Windows. Check out WinHelp tips and free ForeHelp evaluation software.

Graphix Soup
Houston, TX, US
A diverse collection of creative talent providing a broad range of HTML Web development, cgi scripting, Java, graphic arts, and more.

The Great Freeware Page
DesignTyme, Laurel, MD, US
Come visit this page with email programs, news readers, IRC, FTP software, and more.

H. A. Stiles Company
Ambrose Berry, Westbrook, ME, US
Supplies turned, shaped, and moulded wood products for consumer and industrial markets. Whether ordering parts for furniture or display, customers can rely on personal service.

Happ Controls
Elk Grove, IL, US
A leading manufacturer and distributor of numerous durable components used within the amusement, gaming, industrial, point-of-purchase, and vending industries.

Haqqani Foundation
Los Altos Hills, CA, US
The complete Sufism home page. Mission is to spread the Sufi teachings of the brotherhood of mankind and the Unity of belief in God that is present in all religions and spiritual paths.

Harry's Doghouse
Will and Kathy Froilan, Columbus, OH, US
Read an hilarious dog story or submit one to Harry's Canine Hall of Fame.

Hello Fresno!
Deb Christensen, Fresno, CA, US
A complete reference guide to community events, theater, government, Web news, and everything relating to the Central Valley.

Madison, WI, US
Offers high-speed data acquisition systems for research.

Home Systems Network
Edmond, OK, US
Focuses on intelligent home networks including lighting, security systems, communications, audio/video, windows, and doors.

Hottips Home Page
Daggett, MI, US
Basic instructions for creating HTML documents. Designed to work with BHI's home page editor.

Illinois State Academy of Science
Springfield, IL, US
A state-chartered professional organization devoted to natural history studies.

Illusion Factory
D7 Productions, Santa Fe, NM, US
Text, pictures, and sound samples from the new Illusion Factory album.

Instituto Nacional de Investigacion Agropecuaria
Montevideo, Uruguay
Information on this institute of agricultural research and technology transfer. In Spanish.

Interactive Labs ProSpec Home Electronics Database
Hillsdale, NJ, US
Free resource for consumers to view products from most manufacturers. Full color pictures and text for thousands of products covering the spectrum of home electronics.

Internet Centre of Excellence
Milan, Italy
A World Wide Web consulting company that offers state-of-the-art solutions for the Information Age.

Internet Communications
Beaverton, OR, US
Offers both personal and business-related Internet access.

Internet Tuscaloosa
Tuscaloosa, AL, US
A full-service Internet provider serving the Tuscaloosa, Alabama, area.

Internet-Sales Discussion List
Multimedia Marketing Group, Portland, OR, US
A moderated listserv designed for business people interested in the online sale of products and services.

Eric Streeter, North Providence, RI, US
High-quality/photorealistic 3D computer illustration.

Itron/Freerange Media, Spokane, WA, US
A leading international provider of energy information and communications solutions to the utility industry. Networked systems are installed at over 1,275 gas, electric, and water utilities worldwide.

J & B Rods, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA, US
Offers custom, personalized fishing and fly rods online.

Jhane Barnes, Inc.
New York, NY, US
One of America's foremost designers showcases her menswear collection, contract textiles, home furnishings, carpets, and furniture.

Carlsbad, CA, US
Global Partners is a marketing publication targeted at small- to medium-sized businesses and provides the business community with access to global trade data and computer-based training tools.

The Hague, The Netherlands
A set of pages about an alternative style of photography and photograph development.

Kastaris & Associates
David Reeves, St. Louis, MO, US
Commercial artists' representatives for graphic designers, illustrators (digital, pastels, oils, airbrush, humorous), cartoonists, painters, and sculptors.

Tandem House, Barrie, Ontario, Canada
A meeting place for kids under 16. By kids and for kids, it offers free publication of artwork and writing.

Knockout Products
Michael Landi, Cranston, RI, US
Offers a full line of boxing-related products that range from 14k jewelry to displays for the home or office.

The Kroeber Anthropological Society
William T. Whitehead, Berkeley, CA, US
The official site of the oldest student-run anthropological society.

La Page à Einstein
Entreprises Lombrics Inc., Victoriaville, Québec, Canada
Includes lots of software, midi files, and information about weezer. It's good for a laugh and some fun. In French but easy to understand for English speakers.

Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation
Metairie, LA, US
A nonprofit environmental group working on river, estuary, and watershed restoration.

Laptop Notebook Upgrades Repair Services
Sugar Land, TX, US
Provides CPU upgrade and repair of most laptop/notebook computers.

Laser Fantasy Laser Shows
Bellevue, WA, US
Ever see a laser show? Find out where laser shows are playing in all areas. Learn more about lasers, download laser graphics, and more.

Lee & Associates Comprehensive Media Services
Tulsa, OK, US
Provides marketing and advertising agency services nationally and regionally for advertising, direct mail list rentals, workshop/AGM exhibit space, and event sponsorships.

The Lipstick Page
Madeleine Endre, Huddinge, Sweden
A lipstick library indexed by color. Additional pages concerning make-up tips are available.

Chicago, IL, US
A writer's playground and a reader's heaven.

Lotto Link News Page
Dollarware, Manor, TX, US
Contains jackpot values, winning numbers, and analysis of historical data. Updated and analyzed daily.

Focus Technologies Networks, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A monthly interactive entertainment and lifestyle magazine featuring full-motion video, CD-quality audio, full-color graphics, and premier-quality magazine journalism.

Mario Negri Institute for Pharmacological Research
Milano, Italy
A scientific organization for research and education in the biomedical field. In Italian and English.

Marketing Institute Of Ireland
South County Business Park, Dublin, Ireland
The professional representative body for marketing people in Ireland.

Simpsonville, SC, US
This small business marketing journal is written by marketing professionals and designed as a practical marketing information resource.

Mary Rose Homeport
Portsmouth, Hants, England
An online museum dedicated to a four-masted warship of Henry VIII which sank in 1545.

The MathWorks' MATLAB for Finance
Natick, MA, US
Information on an interactive, extensible software environment that integrates high-performance computation tools, powerful graphics, and user interface development tools in a single environment.

Mayfly Central
Pat McCafferty, West Lafayette, IN, US
A place, a program, and an information resource dedicated to the pursuit and dissemination of knowledge about mayflies (insect order Ephemeroptera).

the MEDIA shoppe
Amarillo, TX, US
A company dedicated to multimedia development using Authorware from Macromedia. Site has Authorware examples and information on services.

Mediation Training Institute International
Overland Park, KS, US
Promotes the use of nonadversarial communication techniques for managing differences, achieving consensus, and enhancing cooperation among people in workplaces, communities, and families.

Messing & Associates Internet Site
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Some of the most important companies in Argentina have or will have a page on this site, including Amfin, LEDAFILMS, and more. In Spanish and English.

Mile High Online
Denver, CO, US
Denver's premier online service.

Ky-Lin Web Productions, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A monthly e-zine publishing and promoting new Australian science fiction to the Web and beyond.

Minnesota Motorcycle Safety Program (MMSP)
Minneapolis, MN, US
Provides motorcycle rider training and public information. Class schedules (MRC:RSS, ERC) are displayed as well as contacts for training, bumper stickers, and other information.

Mississippi Health Services Information Network
University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson, MS, US
A resource for medical information for all Mississippi-area health providers.

Modine & Thompson, Montana Trial Attorneys
Missoula, MT, US
Montana trial lawyers representing plaintiffs in personal injuries, automobile accidents, civil suits, and more.

Monkey Shines
Moe's Monkey House, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
Anti-virus and virus-related sites, virus information, and underground links provided.

Montana Real Estate
Jacob L. Korell, Billings, MT, US
Montana real estate broker specializing in recreational, farm, and ranch sales.

Morgan Systems
Cambridge, MA, US
A producer of custom software, as well as a consulting firm for the Internet and online productions.

National Aerospace and Electronics Conference, Dayton, OH, US
The National Aerospace and Electronics Conference, 20-23 May 1996, is the senior national forum for the exchange of specialized aerospace electronics information.

National Council of Individual Investors
Washington, DC, US
A national, self-supporting membership organization of individual investors providing investor education to its members, and advocating their interests in state and national government and industry policy debates.

Neste Resins North America
Eugene, OR, US
Reliably and promptly supplies millions of pounds per day of thermosetting resins to customers in the wood products, paper, fiber glass, and specialty industries.

Net Ministries
Addison, TX, US
Promotes Christian churches, charities, and ministries by hosting Web pages free to qualified organizations.

Gaston, OR, US
A twice monthly meeting of business people interested in establishing a commercial presence on the Internet.

Internet Centre of Excellence, Milan, Italy
Dedicated to the spread of neural networks on the Web.

Columbia, MO, US
An information and education site for health care professionals and students. Features neuromedical news, organized links to neuromedical sites, and more.

Newsletter Library
Internet Marketing Group, Ltd., Rockville Centre, NY, US
Find over 11,000 free newsletters in more than 500 topics.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides inexpensive Web page creation for artists, scientists, and small businesses.

Issaquah, WA, US
NavTrek, the first and only Windows95 navigation software, uses digital charts (NOAA, etc.), along with GPSes, autopilots, and more, to make better, safer navigators.

Noise Media Group, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Specializes in the study, design, and development of electronic media by employing the latest production and marketing methods in the emerging market of electronic publishing, commerce, and information delivery.

North Coast Medical
JJ Marketing, San Jose, CA, US
Unique home health care devices that allows continuation of a more independent life. For people who have health issues such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis, strokes, or any limiting disability.

Northern Secondary Online
Harold Lass, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A secondary school with a site that includes all courses of studies and links.

Nutmeg Intensive Rehabilitation Center, LLC
Mansfield Center, CT, US
Describes a revolutionary medical treatment for heroin addiction that will soon be offered in the U.S.

The Official Lowen & Navarro Home Page
Henry Shaw, Baltimore, MD, US
Official links to the fan club, Lowen & Navarro, includes email, concert updates, and album information.

The Official Mardi Gras Page
Blake & Bray, New Orleans, LA, US
See live images from Bourbon Street on Mardi Gras Day. Right now, check out Mardi Gras on Bourbon Street last year, award winning posters, get a parade schedule, and hear the official greeting by Mayor Marc Morial.

The Old Stone House B&B
Becky & Michael O'Connor, Dingle, Ireland
A restored 1864 gentry farmhouse offering bed and breakfast accommodations in one of the most beautiful areas of Ireland.

An Olde English Flower Shoppe
Milwaukee, WI, US
Find information on this all-around florist.

Oliver Stone: Our Greatest Film Director
Beverly Hills, CA, US
A serious study on one of the most exciting and controversial directors in Hollywood today.

O'Logic Inc.
Denver, CO, US
A software solution to the otherwise complex and expensive task of creating a quality system for companies wishing to achieve ISO 9000 Certification.

The Option Institute
Sheffield, MA, US
Programs for anyone wanting to improve their lives as well as those challenged by adversity. Find books and audio and video tapes to help live a happier, more loving, and successful life.

Osman E. Moral Design
Toledo, OH, US
An international company providing Internet solutions. Specializes in Web site design and maintainence.

OutCast Productions
Bowen Island, British Columbia, Canada
A small band of artistic desperadoes who have created a multimedia empire on Bowen Island, including the High Tide newspaper.

P2 GEMS Toxic Use Reduction Institute
Lowell, MA, US
A resource for pollution prevention and toxics use reduction projects, case studies, technology equipment, processes, and economic evaluations

Pacific Lutheran Theological Seminary
Berkeley, CA, US
Prepares committed and competent men and women for ministry in the church and the world. PLTS is a seminary of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and is a member of The Graduate Theological Union.

Frank D'Andrea, M.D., Seattle, WA, US
Site includes two really great companies, downline support, unique and outstanding products, and powerful compensation plans to help guarantee your financial success.

Pan Shou: The Artist
Michael S. Fenton, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Pan Shou is a poet, an artist, and a scholar, steeped in the knowledge of the Chinese classics and ancient scripts and skilled in all forms of Chinese poetic expressions.

Margo Krager, Amsterdam, MT, US
Mail-order cotton fabrics for quilters and costume designers, specializing in reproduction fabrics with the look of bygone eras, 1775-1940. Information on time periods of fabrics.

Pennsylvania Culinary's Web Site
Pittsburgh, PA, US
The third largest culinary institute, with over 1,100 students, offers accelerated, fully accredited programs in culinary arts and restaurant management.

Perfect Vision Graphics
Troy, OH, US
One of the most extensive libraries of beautiful and diverse images users will find anywhere.

Personal Resource Centre
Cameron Freeman, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Meet experiential education professionals who will introduce exciting programs that will provide 21st century life skills experience in order to help get the best out of life.

The Peters Projection
Bright Moments Publishing, Brooklyn, NY, US
Information on a map that offers a geographically accurate image of the world.

Photography by Tony Fresina
Orlando, FL, US
An exhibit of photography by nationally published photographer, Tony Fresina. Includes modeling and travel photographs.

PJ Parks Communications
Grand Rapids, MI, US
A savvy, little marketing/communications firm that really lives up to its tagline: Smart Marketing.

Planet Central Television
Hollywood, CA, US
The network's major programming themes are the environment, human development, positive global solutions, and the way life is lived on the planet.

Planet StarChild
Chicago, IL, US
Home of IndieLink, a growing database of Indie music from around the Web.

The Polish Train Page
Jeffrey Dobek, St. Louis, MO, US
Contains information on the railways of Poland including photographs, historical and technical information, and links to online PKP timetables.

Private Healthcare Systems
Waltham, MA, US
Offers managed care products and services to employers nationwide through a group of commercial insurance carriers.

Professional Firefighters Resource Center
World Wide Advertising, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
A new and innovative firefighter job placement and resume service, small business directory, fire classifieds, and fire department online service.

Professional Resume Service
Acclaim Internet Service, Lake Worth, FL, US
Places users' resumes online to help them find that perfect job.

Proximity Videoconferencing
Bob Kaphan, Burlington, VT, US
Offers full videoconferencing service including public room location service to sales and installation of videoconferencing systems.

Public Relations Agencies on the Web
Impulse Research Corp., Los Angeles, CA, US
Lists public relations agency Web sites worldwide and organized by category, region, and specialty.

Pychck Industries, Inc.
Euless, TX, US
A provider of turnkey telecom solutions, currently focusing on the problems caused by the new North American Area Code Plan.

Rand Financial Services, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
Specializes in commodity futures and options brokerage on domestic and international exchanges.

New York, NY, US
Ruled by teens, React has news, polls, jokes, stuff to send to friends, advice, letters, more factoids than humans should admit to knowing, and more.

Reliant Safety and Security
Oshkosh, WI, US
Importers of safety and security products to the U.S.

Richards Restaurant Ranking
Richard Lagerling, Stockholm, Sweden
Gourmet restaurant ranking site. Information about and links to some of the world's best restaurants. Rates per Guide Michelin, Guide Gault Millau, and site's own points.

Robinson Green Beretta Corp.
Providence, RI, US
The largest and most responsive architectural, engineering, interior design firm in Rhode Island.

Rocket from the Crypt
Rob Perelman, San Diego, CA, US
Fan page for the San Diego band, Rocket from the Crypt.

Route66 Home Page
Christine Williams, Atlanta, GA, US
A go-to resource for independent automotive information on the Internet.

RS Components
Corby, Northamptonshire, England
One of the leading high-level suppliers of electrical, electronic, and mechanical components and tools to professional engineers worldwide.

DDC Computer Network Marketing, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
An electronic art gallery displaying the finer things in life -- art from Saskatoon artists.

Schädelspalter Online
R+T Verlag, Hannover, Germany
Provides current information on what is happening in Hannover, Germany. Topics include cultural events, parties, the upcoming EXPO 2000, CeBIT, and social issues. In German.

Science, Physics, Relativity, FAQs & Feedback
Schilde, Belgium
This site is about science, physics, and understanding it all.

Scotiabank Online
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
One of the most international of Canadian banks, Scotiabank provides a complete range of retail, commercial, investment and international banking services to customers around the globe.

Sezen Aksu
OEM Design, Toledo, OH, US
A site dedicated to Turkish pop artist, Sezen Aksu. In Turkish language.

Sierra Vista Real Estate
Axiom Real Estate, Sierra Vista, AZ, US
Samples of Sierra Vista real estate and more information about Sierra Vista than any other site.

Sir Robert Menzies Centre for Australian Studies
Frank Poyas, London, England
The major European academic center for all things related to Australia.

Snow Squall Restaurant and Lounge
South Portland, ME, US
Known in greater Portland for its superb seafood, this restaurant offers elegant waterfront dining, an award-winning chef, and repeat Best of Portland honors.

Software Age
G. H. Heilborn & Co., Inc., Hackensack, NJ, US
A new Web-based information source providing data about software, the software industry, and software-related events.

The Spam Cam
On&Off Productions, Bellingham, WA, US
A camera, Spam, and the rotting world around us.

Spike Webb, Net Detective
Cathy Dew, Oakland, CA, US
A weekly science fiction adventure series featuring intriguing characters in dynamic situations.

SPlusNet Classified
Solutions Plus, Cherry Valley, MA, US
Classifieds are currently free and open to the entire Net.

Springfield Computing Online
Springfield, IL, US
A constantly updated index of computer resources. Includes computer news, cutting-edge technology, cyber-communities, free software, and a free email newsletter.

Star Base One
Westerville, OH, US
The finest, most exotic treasures and collectibles of Star Trek: Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and Star Wars.

Stormy's Roadside Cafe
Ken and Brenda Waters, Blue Springs, MO, US
Welcome to Stormy's Roadside Cafe. On the menu you can find links for even the finicky surfer. Relax and stay awhile.

The Sydney Festival 1996 Unofficial Homepage
ACPA Australian Car-Pooling Agency, Sydney, Australia
An unofficial home page for this event to be held on 6-26 January, in Sydney, Australia.

Tab Computer Systems, Inc.
Bloomfield, CT, US
Makers of custom hardware and software since 1983. Contains trade show information and transcripts of radio shows.

Tallahassee Tiger Sharks Hockey
Tallahassee, FL, US
Comprehensive information and news concerning the Tiger Sharks, player bios and photos, event calendar, and much more.

Temco Fireplaces
CHI Associates, US
A leading manufacturer of gas logs, fireplaces, and stoves using patented vent-free technology to achieve 99.9 percent efficiency room heating.

Teraco Advertising Promotional Products, Inc.
Ron Schwisow, Midland, TX, US
Produces a wide variety of promotional products, but focuses on adding value to a piece of plastic, be it a prepaid telephone card, UV-sensing SunAware card, or custom-designed product.

ThinkQuest Internet Contest
Advanced Network & Services, Inc., Armonk, NY, US
An annual contest for students grade 7-12 to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive teaching and learning tool.

Timelapse Ancient Civilizations
GTE Entertainment, Carlsbad, CA, US
Journey across time and space in this CD-ROM quest of fabled Atlantis. Find out more about the game through screen shots, demos, and other free stuff.

Transparent Technology
Culver City, CA, US
The premier distributor of connectivity products to hundreds of leading resellers of UNIX, Internet, and networking software.

Trax Records
Chicago, IL, US
The official Web site for this house music record label.

The T-Shirt Tutor Kit
Creative Accents, Inc., Denver, CO, US
Learn how to create great T-shirts with a computer, ink jet printer, iron, and Canon T-shirt transfer paper.

Turnipseed Music
New Orleans, LA, US
The source for New Orleans music, from blues to jazz to zydeco.

Lombard, IL, US
A consulting service and software development firm whose specialty is building customized business applications for RDBMS users.

TV4 Broadcasting
Stockholm, Sweden
Sweden's largest TV channel presents its shows and other services.

Uncommon Ideas Graphic Communications
Bronx, NY, US
Specializes in building custom Internet packages and designing dynamic Web pages.

The University Register
The University of Minnesota, Morris, MN, US
Campus newspaper full of class information, news, letters to the editor, and more.

Vanco Lighting Services
Orlando, FL, US
Information on one of the nation's most complete, full-service lighting companies.

The Village Chapel
InfoMedia, Plano, TX, US
A great resource for inspirational stories, poetry, and the Believer's Weekly, featuring a new resource every Sunday.

WCLZ 98.9 FM Portland's Album Station
Portland, ME, US
Maine's most unique album mix, a playlist built around a carefully developed core of deep album tracks and the new music today's adults want to hear.

WebGrafx Software, Inc.
Dunwoody, Georgia, US
A product with over 5,000 images, icons, and pictures that users can choose from to create their own Web pages.

Hedley Negus, London, England
A United Kingdom-based Internet marketplace featuring products, services, ideas, and more. A Web publishing and design service is available, too.

The Wentworth Resort Hotel
Fritz Koeppel, Jackson, NH, US
This Victorian inn, at the foot of Mount Washington, offers fine cuisine, a cozy lounge, and unique accommodations. Find a heap of information about local attractions, recreation, history, and more.

WFCI Services
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Provides users with a continually updated menu of timely and useful information gathered from various sources on the Web and beyond.

Whistling Wings Farm
Biddeford, ME, US
Pages and pages of information on berry farming, potbellied pigs, organic agriculture, and the fascinating history of one successful attempt to farm and do business in the state of Maine.

Windows 95 Information Center
Glendora, CA, US
Great site to find out information regarding Windows 95.

Winoldi's Logo Emporium
M Meerdink, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A collection of logos, updated weekly.

Women's Business Resource Site
New Era Direct Marketing, Oshkosh, WI, US
Provides a place for women to gather information that will assist commerce, and share information about the victories and trials of doing business.

World Wide Wes - John Wesley Harding
Ryan Harding, Canterbury, Kent, England
Unofficial home page of the singer, guitarist, song writer, and gunslinger. Includes a discography, song transcriptions, and a sneak preview of the new album.

WWMX-FM Radio Baltimore
Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc., Baltimore, MD, US
Plays the best variety of the 80's, 90's, and today.

Friday, 19 January 1996

1996 Republican Mock Convention
Lexington, VA, US
Offers a complete state-by-state analysis for the 1996 election, as well as links to the best sites, research resources, platform issues forums, and more.

75th Ranger Regiment Association
Fayetteville, NC, US
A not-for-profit war veterans organization founded and maintained by and for Rangers.

Aloha 'Aina Hydro Farms, Inc.
Haleiwa, HI, US
Has over 25 years of experience in commercial, hydroponic farming, consulting, systems design, training, and marketing.

Alpena Combat Readiness Training Center
Michigan Air National Guard, Alpena, MI, US
Provides a realistic training environment for Department of Defense units and other government organizations to deploy and set up operations and evaluate mission effectiveness.

Amber Waves Brewing Supplies
Decatur, GA, US
Atlanta's premier home brewing supplier and online resource for brewing supplies. Also contains brewing tips and book reviews.

Animated Cursor Schemes for Windows '95 (TM)!
Franjo Goluza, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Find several original, animated cursor schemes to download. There is also a FAQ list being built, and more.

Annapolis Valley, Nova Scotia
Innovative Online, New Minas, Nova Scotia, Canada
Annapolis Valley's complete Web site directory. Learn more about Windsor, Wolfville, Greenwood, Annapolis Royal, and real estate.

Arthur Agee Role Model Foundation
Chicago, IL, US
A foundation created to educate adults that they have an obligation to be positive role models for children.

ARTists On-Line
The aArtvark Network, Liberty, TN, US
A who's who for the aArtvark catalog. A diverse group of artists working in lapidary, ceramics, textiles, and more.

The Asiapages
Integrated Information Pte., Ltd., Singapore, Republic of Singapore
An integrated Internet information service.

Athena Community Astronomy Club
Ed Gaudet, Summerside, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Provides links to hundreds of the finest astronomy resources for the professional or amateur.

Aviation Web
Andrew Ayers, Goleta, CA, US
The complete online aviation resource. Links to and information on all aspects of aviation: airlines to flight schools to products to manufacturers.

AXO Motorcross Accessories
Canoga Park, CA, US
Find information on an extensive line of Motorcross racing products.

Best of USA
Salem, NH, US
A starting point to news, weather, sports, entertainment, and business resources.

Bill Plympton On-Line!
New York, NY, US
This famed animator is now showcasing his movies and artwork online.

Binary Ink
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Find Edmonton information, an online art gallery, and Canadian lottery information.

Bivouac Adventure Travel
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Specializes in Belize, Australia, and Alaska wilderness, cultural, and natural history trips.

Building Design Assistance Center - BDAC
Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, FL, US
Provides design assistance to the building community and performs research on building energy efficiency in hot and humid climates.

Byzantine Protection Services, Inc.
Andrew A. Hopper, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Offers residential and commercial fire and security products and services.

Cadastral Geomatics International, Inc.
Gordon Campbell, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Provides specialized consulting services for cadastral information systems, cadastral geomatics, and legal surveying with a focus on Title-Cadastre-LIS/GIS.

Cafe Angst
Boulder, CO, US
The comic strip that gained notoriety on ClariNet and in the Denver Post.

Canadian National Internet Show, 28-31 March 1996
Motivational Strategies, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Information on this national conference to be held at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

CareerNET Resource and Development Center
Louisiana Department of Labor, Baton Rouge, LA, US
Offers training and research services for the state of Louisiana, as well as an Internet directory of career information.

Bill Sanders, Detroit, MI, US
A survey of automotive Web sites on the Web to find out what car companies can do to present useful information online.

Home page for the Canadian Association of University Teachers of German, with links to the association's publications and other related sites.

CD3 Consulting, Inc.
Stamford, CT, US
Solely devoted to interactive communications strategy consulting and project/account management for corporations.

Celtic Christianity Conference, 17-21 June 1996
Colette Power, Galway, Ireland
Will explore early Christian Ireland and the role of Irish Churches and Celtic missionaries on the European continent. Leading scholars of medieval studies and church history will contribute to this conference at University College Galway.

CenterWatch Clinical Trials Listing Service
Boston, MA, US
Provides a national and international listing of clinical trials testing new drug therapies. Trials are organized by therapeutic area and geographic region.

Chicken & Egg Furniture
Seattle, WA, US
A complete line of peeled log furniture and accessories. Each tree is carefully selected from overgrown timber stands and all profits go to charity.

Chinese Cyber City
InfoWave Communications, LLC, Santa Clara, CA, US
A bilingual (Chinese, English) information resource page. The City Map provides clear and direct access to more than 20 categories of information under 6 major programs.

Chosen for Children Book Catalog
Merion Station, PA, US
Find great picture books for children from birth to age eight.

Christian City
Pioneer Technologies, Union City, GA, US
A nonprofit, nondenominational organization providing for the needs of children, the aged, and the infirm.

Christian Publishers Outlet
Overland Park, KS, US
An online catalog of discount Christian books, bibles, and alternative and contemporary music, as well as articles and links about the Christian book and music community.

Clown Loach: A Fish Homepage
Jeff Shafer, Bowling Green, OH, US
Contains pictures and information about loaches (especially Clown Loaches), which are bottom dwelling fish.

Cocktail of the Week
David Berghouse, Taren Point, Australia
A new cocktail recipe each week. Also contains information on an instructional cocktail database.

The Colorado Maitre D'
Debbra Jansen and Gary Grossman, Colorado Springs, CO, US
A comprehensive guide to Colorado restaurants, with online menus, downloadable coupons, interesting facts, review forums, chef bios, favorite recipes, and directions.

Command & Conquer Net
Mr. GDI, Phoenix, AZ, US
A great source of savegames and information on computer games' future and past.

Command Systems
Farmington, CT, US
An industry leader in client/server development and networking. Contains a calendar of events.

Communication Interactive
CIGP, Inc., St-Thomas Didyme, Quebec, Canada
Lists a multitude of sites about Quebec, on such subjects as tourism, industry and commerce, the arts, culture, and education. Browse the site by region or category index.

Community Crier
Tucson, AZ, US
An interactive newsletter focusing on the Tucson, Arizona, community.

Computer Resources Group
San Francisco, CA, US
An information technology consulting firm that provides contract programming resources in many technical environments, including mainframe, minicomputers, microcomputers, and networking.

Innovative Security Products, Shawnee Mission, KS, US
Answers questions concerning computer security, computer security products, computer security hardware and software, and more.

San Francisco, CA, US
The Internet connection for the IT community, featuring daily interactive news, analysis, and dialog.

Conception Technology, Inc. (CTI)
Fort Collins, CO, US
Provides fertility diagnosis for human and veterinary applications.

Concerned Citizens for Legal Accountability of Wyoming
Gillette, WY, US
A rapidly growing group that encourages the independent outside investigation of local governmental agencies.

Constitutional Centenary Foundation
Encourages discussion of Australia's constitution in the decade leading up to the centenary of federation.

Continuing Education Services
University of Lausanne, Lausanne, Switzerland
Competences-UNIL database contains researchers and teachers working at the University of Lausanne, Switzerland. Search by key word in the areas of under/postgraduate teaching and research.

Crawford, Pimentel and Company, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Provides corporate and individual tax planning, business consulting, and more.

Cued Speech Association of Minnesota
Ian P. Clements, Rochester, MN, US
Learn how Cued Speech leads to rapid English literacy for profoundly deaf children. Contains information about Cued Speech activities in Minnesota and the Midwest.

Raleigh, NC, US
A source for client/server product news and information with graphical descriptions, and hotlinks for over 200 products and services.

Department of Electronics, Computer Science and Systems
University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy
Research areas include computer science, automatics and systems, biomedical engineering, electronics, research, and telecommunications.

Digital Diamond Design
Travis Saunders, Dearborn, MI, US
A premier World Wide Web presence provider.

Dixie College
St. George, UT, US
Information about this 2-year community college, St. George, Utah, area businesses, and more.

DNX Transgenics
Princeton, NJ, US
A contract research organization providing transgenic mouse and rat production and related services to the biomedical and pharmaceutical research communities.

Kay Fricke & Arye Wachsmuth, Vienna, Austria
An online radio show with different artists, and about 15 different programs upcoming.

Eagle 93
Sunbrook Communications, Missoula, MT, US
Western Montana's newest country music radio station. Includes contests, concert listings, and country music information.

Tucson, AZ, US
Excellent hoof protection for both occasional and long-distance riding. The boot is used for correction and treatment of founder, navicular, nail punctures, abscesses, and other impact caused injuries.

Effects Online, Inc.
Richardson, TX, US
Specializes in automating businesses through the use of proven leading edge technology, software, and hardware systems.

Egotistical Site of the Day
Kristen Nichols, Santa Clara, CA, US
So many sites list the Cool Site of the Week, at this site a totally new, totally self-serving Web site will be featured. Only personal home pages, no commercial listings.

Electrolysis Group
SINTEF Materials Technology, Trondheim, Norway
This is the section for process metallurgy and electrochemistry. The main activity of the Electrolysis Group is research related to aluminum electrolysis.

Elliott Brown Gallery
Ferguson-Taylor Group, Seattle, WA, US
The focus of the gallery is on sculpture and decorative art, primarily glass, as well as some mixed media. The gallery also houses a research library of books and videos on the subject of glass.

Eugene Albulescu
Sellersville, PA, US
Information on this 25 year-old, award-winning concert pianist.

Executive Brokers Real Estate, Inc.
Decatur, GA, US
Find a large selection of Summer Olympic housing for all budgets.

Ex-Or Limited
Haydock, Merseyside, United Kingdom
Designs and manufactures a range of automatic presence-detecting systems.

Minneapolis, MN, US
An exclusive mouth guard system introducing real innovation in protection, convenience, and performance for athletes of all ages and skill levels.

Falcon Interactive Multimedia
Phoenix, AZ, US
Specializes in Web design and interactive training.

City of Mount Dora Purchasing, Mount Dora, FL, US
Florida Association of Public Purchasing Officers, Inc. is dedicated to promoting professional actions, attitude, and training in the governmental procurement area and serves all of the public entities of Florida.

Federation of French Trade Shows
Wcube, Paris, France
The place find out everything about French trade shows and fairs.

The Fertility Center at Geisinger Medical Center
Robert B. Shabanowitz, Ph.D., Danville, PA, US
Offers couples who have been unable to achieve pregnancy the opportunity to try to overcome their infertility.

Fiddler's Green Community
Evanston, IL, US
A small but still-forming intentional community whose economic system is designed to pool resources and most income while still encouraging individual initiative and reward.

Fitness Resource Associates, Inc.
Needham, MA, US
Provides quality educational programs that prepare for careers in the fitness industry.

Fly Fishing Guide Service
Totally Fly Fishing, Shasta, CA, US
Based on the Sacramento River in Redding, the service provides local fishing reports and information.

The Geo Group
Medina, WA, US
Creates environmental artworks and removes entities and harmful Earth energies from homes. Learn about dowsing, stone circles, death, and the Seattle Ley-Line Map.

George Graham's Weekly Album Reviews
Carbondale, PA, US
Read scripts of radio album reviews, mostly in the eclectic "album adult alternative" style by this WVIA-FM producer.

Global Access Telecommunications
Boston, MA, US
Provides worldwide satellite, fiber transmission, and network services for the television and video industries.

Golden Pages
Dublin, Ireland
Ireland's official classified directory publisher. Over 95,000 businesses and services are listed in 6 regional directories.

Graphics aRts Us
Worcester, MA, US
A full-service PC-based graphic design house.

Gremlins in the Garage!
Firefly Design, Los Altos, CA, US
A zine dedicated to figure kit modeling, including coverage of science fiction, horror, fantasy, and anime from movies, books, comics, and cartoons.

Grove Consultants International
San Francisco, CA, US
Offers highly visual, interactive approaches to meeting facilitation and team development through guidebooks, workshops, and consulting services.

Hawaii Real Estate Web
Haleiwa, HI, US
Hawaii's one-stop real estate store for buyers, sellers, vacationers, and anyone else interested in becoming a part of the magic of Hawai'i.

Hawaii Resource Library
Sam Monet, Haleiwa, HI, US
Read about Hawaiian history, culture, art, myths, legal documents, photos, ethnoarchaeology, genealogies, religion, biology, biographies, opinions, and more.

HealthNet Connection
Blue Cross & Blue Shield United of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, US
Provides a broad array of information on health care.

King City, Ontario, Canada
Find out about this Toronto-based band that is carving a new musical path by mixing innovative and sophisticated song writing with vibrant, avant-garde improvisation.

Higher Education in Connecticut
Department of Higher Education, Hartford, CT, US
Information and resources concerning higher education in the state of Connecticut.

Home Galleria Real Estate Listings
Canoga Park, CA, US
Shop from home for a dream property.

Hot Platters
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
An online record store with out-of-print and hard-to-find LPs, CDs, and more.

Hot Wheels Traders Net
Cedar City, UT, US
A network for buyers, sellers, and traders of die-cast Mattel Hot Wheels toy cars.

How To Build Web Pages For Fun/Profit
Infomedia Publishing Group, Ponoka, Alberta, Canada
Quick and easy instructions for building Web pages, designed for the computer illiterate.

IBM infoMarket service
Falls Church, VA, US
An exciting new and free information service that lets users simultaneously search Web and commercial sources, and retrieve a single ranked results set.

Fort Collins, CO, US
Check out thousands of design-quality stock images and 32 unique illustration styles.

The Indianapolis On-Line Guide
LockHeed Guidance, Inc., Fishers, IN, US
If it's on the Web in Indy, the link is here.

FiscoBase, Lisbon, Portugal
Provides Portuguese tax news, tax system, and database software.

ING Barings Global & Emerging Markets Strategy
London, England
Offers comment on and analysis of the world's markets based on their flow-of-funds approach. The aim is to add to the debate on the most recent strategy issues by providing research findings and data to interested parties.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
WebFirst, Arlington, VA, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting highway safety.

HIS, Inc., Fort Walton Beach, FL, US
An industry-specific network designed to provide a complete range of services at a single location. Services are available to consumers and insurance professionals alike.

Intelligence Page
Intelligence Consultant, Tulsa, OK, US
This site features what's new in the intelligence world.

International Generic Horse Association & HorseAid Home Page
Rancho Palos Verdes, CA, US
Home page for information and articles by and about the I.G.H.A., the world's largest all-breeds registry and America's most prolific horse rescue group.

Internet Access Group
Orlando, FL, US
Offers a full range of services to help businesses, government, educators, and the entire community benefit from what the Internet has to offer.

Internet Secretary
Gaithersburg, MD, US
Huge list of several hundred sites or search engines to submit URLs to. Promotes promotion and advertising and is an escort service to the entire Internet.

The inter-TRIBAL Gallery
Dan W. Tubb, Edmond, OK, US
A virtual gallery of Native American art with a listing of Oklahoma galleries and museums and a calendar of Native American events.

ISA Services, Inc.
Oak Park, IL, US
An object-oriented consulting firm and leading provider of innovative, custom-built solutions to clients in a wide variety of industries.

Jeff Gutterud Publishing, Graphics & Design
Kent, WA, US
Designs graphics and layouts for the Web, and prepress design and layout for newsletters, brochures, and catalogs.

JESP Company, Inc.
East Brunswick, NJ, US
A one-stop source for micrographics, computer, and imaging needs.

The Jewish Lantern
Rabbi Yisrael Rice, San Raphael, CA, US
What is the Jewish Meaning of Life? What does a blueberry, shabbat candles, and an earthquake all have in common? Find out.

InfiNETy, Inc., Boston, MA, US
Humorous site updated weekly; links to search engines and cool sites, trivia, prizes, and good clean fun

SurfSide Internet Services, Mililani, HI, US
Lists Hawaiian Internet services, unique Hawaiian products, record companies, and cool Hawaiian links.

Lawrence High School Alumni Resource Page
Durham, NC, US
An alumni directory for Lawrence High School in Lawrence, Kansas. Also features links to related information.

LC&D Internet Publishing
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Develops Web sites for corporate and government clients and publishes the only directory to Usenet and alt. newsgroups.

Le Musee Imaginaire
Accademia Arte, Cremona, Italy
Visit this incredible gallery with over 50 masterpieces interpreted by other artists.

Le Nouveau Marche
Yannick PETIT, Paris, France
A new Paris Stock Exchange market, due to open in February 1996, designed to offer French and international entrepreneurial companies with high growth potential the market they need. In French.

Washington, DC, US
Digital intelligence on legislation and regulations. Includes highlights of recent political and congressional news.

Libreria Tecnica CP67
Montevideo, Uruguay
Publisher of books and magazines on architecture, interior design, graphic design, and art.

The LOGOS Group
Modena, Italy
Provides translations, software localization, Web publishing, DTP, CAT-software, and a free multilingual online dictionary

Madison Scouts Frontline Ensemble
Minneapolis, MN, US
Contains recordings of the Ensemble, and information about drum corps.

Martha Ward Executive Search, Inc.
Wainscott, NY, US
A prominent executive search and recruitment firm that specializes in consumer marketing.

Meridian Technology Corporation
Penny Woolcott, St. Louis, MO, US
A leading developer and supplier of remote access/communications server software, protocol components and LAT protocol implementations, and printer sharing software.

Mexican Online-News
Tampa, FL, US
The one-stop Internet source for news on Mexico.

Miller Freeman Web Site
San Francisco, CA, US
One of the world's largest, oldest, and most diversified publishers of business publications as well as a leading producer of trade shows and conferences.

Virtual Netcasting Corp., Los Angeles, CA, US
Check out Take a Coffeebreak, featuring RealAudio interviews with favorite stars, exclusive photo scrapbooks, and CD and concert reviews featuring Ivan, the one and only 11-year-old Internet record reviewer.

MuTATION, San Francisco, CA, US
Offers the most candid and honest, alternative film reviews on the Internet.

National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory
East Lansing, MI, US
Contains information about the National Science Foundation's premier heavy ion physics lab.

iTRiBE, Norfolk, VA, US
This free service offers an Internet and Web-based calendar system where people can input the events that are relevant and of interest to them.

Sherman Oaks, CA, US
Provides various services to the online community such as graphic design, Internet service, information research, marketing, software training, and more.

New York Italian Food Specialties, Inc.
Sells value-priced gourmet Italian food specialties like cheeses, sausages, bread, pastas, and more, delivered to the doorstep.

North Park Collegiate-Vocational School
Brantford, Ontario, Canada
Peer into a typical Canadian high school. This site includes a photo album, information about school clubs, sports, policies, and courses.

Novell Macintosh Support
Novell, Inc., Provo, UT, US
Up-to-date information for NetWare for Macintosh, including FAQs, files and patches, and troubleshooting tips.

The NRZone
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An Internet service provider specializing in search engines that build Web pages on the fly.

Kingston, Surrey, England
A multimedia publisher specializing in music, movies, and children's CD-ROMs. Contains games, demos, information, and developers' resources.

Johannesburg, South Africa
A production house that produces and directs television commercials for international and television markets.

Otis McAllister, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
An international trade and consulting company founded in 1892 that offers goods and services to over 70 countries world wide.

Embrach, Switzerland
An international nonprofit cultural and astronautical organization interested in the cultural aspect of space exploration and development.

Outdoor Adventures, Ltd.
Fredericksburg, VA, US
Outfits backpackers, canoeists, climbers, hikers, and kayakers with quality gear and clothing.

"Outta" Sights & Sounds
Hightstown, NJ, US
A totally not-for-profit band of beaux-arts guerrillas who are working to bring culture and music to the masses.

Pacific Northwest Marine Products
NBLS Marine Network, Eastsound, WA, US
Everything under the canvas necessary to equip and supply a boat or yacht.

The Point!
Big Dawg Design, Morristown, TN, US
An Internet publication by Big Dawg Design to promote Creativity,

Prince Edward Island Information Centre
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Comprehensive information about the Canadian province of Prince Edward Island. Provides resources for business, government, and lots more.

PSYTEP Corporation
Corpus Christi, TX, US
The most comprehensive compilation of open source information focusing on competitive intelligence available anywhere.

Pulp and Paper Information Resources
San Francisco, CA, US
The most complete and up-to-date information sources available on the global pulp and paper industry today.

Pureflite Gear
Pampano Beach, FL, US
Selling high-quality personal and professional travel gear, including hip packs, briefcase packs, backpacks, and large capacity gear bags.

R&D Laboratories
Marina del Rey, CA, US
Provides superior pharmaceuticals and nutritionals, including renal and kidney-dialysis and nephrology products.

Realms of Mit'uen
Deltona, FL, US
A friendly online Internet game.

Reed Jobnet UK
Reed Personnel Services PLC, London, England
The United Kingdom's largest employment agency has hundreds of vacancies covering a large variety of employment sectors. Full text searching and regular competitions make this site a must for job seekers.

Roger Wilco's Virtual Broomcloset
Jess Morrissette, Bristol, TN, US
Information on the adventure game Space Quest, with plenty of humor, hints, and fun.

Sax Motorized Bicycles
Sax Energy Corp., West Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Offers motor kits that fit easily on to mountain bikes.

EarthWeb LLC, New York, NY, US
Contains exclusive interviews with hot film stars and opinions of recent film releases.

A Sentimental Journey
Gladewater, TX, US
Old rare books of quality, cookbooks, Western and American history, Americana, select children's books, plus related antiques, all modestly priced.

Serious Software Solutions, Inc.
Lakewood, CO, US
A new Web presence provider, offering everything from simple page production to total Web site management services.

Simplex Knowledge Company
Jack Martin, White Plains, NY, US
A unique, no-nonsense presentation of basic Web information by a Web content provider and marketing company.

Slightly Miffed
Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England
Meet Slightly Miffed, a band with an attitude. It's like Monty Python meets Metal.

Solar Anomalous Magnetospheric Particle Explorer
NASA, Greenbelt, MD, US
SAMPEX is the first of NASA's small explorer satellites (SMEXs) and studies the energy, composition, and charge states of particles from supernova explosions, from the heart of solar flares and from the depths of nearby interstellar space.

Prophet Communications, San Francisco, CA, US
An extremely unusual entertainment site.

Spinfree Web Design
Tucson, AZ, US
Blends distinctive graphic design with advanced cgi/HTML technology to weave memorable and unique Web sites for companies who would rather stand out than fade into the often ambiguous world of the Web.

Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Event
Time Inc New Media, New York, NY, US
Includes exclusive photos from the swimsuit issue, feature articles, video montages, and ask-the-model bulletin boards.

Star Guide on the Web
Tommy Dunnigan, Edgewater, NJ, US
Find out what's new on video, locate nearby video stores, and read the CyberCritic's reviews of recent films and videos.

Dallas, TX, US
Makes travel-frequency programs available online. Statements from Marriott Honored Guest Awards and United Mileage Plus are currently available and updated weekly, with many more programs being added.

The Stoker Group
Boulder, CO, US
Offers software development and Internet consulting.

Strategic Networking Forums
Coram, NY, US
Forums for professionals about LANs, WANs, global enterprise networks, and the Internet.

Sybase New Media
Mountain View, CA, US
Exchange ideas about Web site design and electronic commerce, learn about (and download) Sybase and Powersoft products, and see how leading developers are using Sybase products to conduct business on the Internet and create Web sites.

Technical Learning Center
John DeCamilla, Jr., Rochester, NY, US
Traditional classroom computer software training on a wide range of products, as well as a Distance Learning™ approach via the Internet.

Jim Bray, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A humorous, nontechnical look at consumer electronics, from computers and home theater to gadgets and buying guides.

The Ted Williams Page
Torrance, CA, US
A tribute to baseball's all time greatest hitter, Ted Williams.

Telluride Visitor's Guide
Telluride, CO, US
Everything anyone needs to know about visiting Telluride, Colorado.

Tennessee Alumnus Magazine
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville, TN, US
Published quarterly by The University of Tennessee for alumni of all its campuses.

THA Media VideoWeb
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Provides quality educational and home entertainment video and film to Canada's schools, colleges, universities, libraries, and individuals since 1979.

TND Foundations Nepali Organization
White Plains, NY, US
A nonprofit worldwide organization committed to issues concerning Nepal, Nepalis, and friends of Nepal.

Torresen Marine, Inc.
Muskegon, MI, US
The complete sailing site with the largest list of links to other Web sailing resources.

Toucan Studios
Cupertino, CA, US
A multimedia and digital production studio. From digital video, animation, and CD-ROM creation to interactive multimedia and Web sites, Toucan Studios is a complete visual communications company.

Tour of the Internet
Big Sandy, TX, US
Offers great links for new users who want to see what is available on the Web.

Sonoma, CA, US
Provides independent research on transcendental meditation and other programs.

Travel Europe
Travel Europe Turismo Telematico, Milan, Italy
A step-by-step guide to European countries: Italy available now with more than 450 Web pages with art, history and, hotel information.

The Tree of Life Project
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, US
A distributed, multi-authored collection of Web pages, linked in the form of a phylogenetic tree, containing information about phylogeny and biodiversity.

Triple Sports Marketing
Carbondale, IL, US
Sells baseball instructional videos to help keep players in the game.

UK National Lottery Bar Charts of Results
Aldridge, West Midlands, England
The first and original U.K. National Lottery results, since week number 1, in an easy-to-see-at-a-glance, bar-chart format.

The Ultimate Star Wars Links Page
West Chester, OH, US
The most thorough list of Star Wars links on the Web.

Unibol, Ltd.
Belfast, Northern Ireland
Provides migration solutions from IBM platforms to all leading UNIX platforms.

An Unofficial Web Site On Jamaica
Hollywood, FL, US
Takes a humorous look at Jamaica and Jamaican culture. Includes Jamaican cooking recipes and various guides including "How to Talk Jamaican Patois," and "How to Be a Jamaican Tourist."

Vidya Media Ventures, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
An innovative Web development firm that offers a full range of services from project design and production, to Web server installation and database interfacing.

Virtual Integration Technology
Cupertino, CA, US
Provides consulting, training, and information technology products, specializing in data warehousing, data conversion, data architecture, meta warehousing, enterprise technical architecture, decision support, and OLAP.

V.K.T., Inc., Springfield, NJ, US
Specializes in personal protection and total fitness. Includes information, instruction, interviews, and resources for the martial artist.

Vision New Britain
New Britain, CT, US
Bringing together the New Britain community to foster a vision for future growth and development.

Boston, MA, US
Provides permanent antifog coatings for home and industry.

The Volusia Community
Crawford Productions, Inc., New Smyrna Beach, FL, US
Serves the East Central Florida area and the world. Come visit the online stores that provide everything from martial arts classes to computer assistance.

Worldata, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
A service that allows advertisers to contract for multiple listings, in the form of links, on selected Web sites. The links allow visitors to jump from a contracted site to the customer's site, providing the advertiser with an increased amount of targeted visitors.

WebEvent: World Wide Web Calendar Software
Boston University, Boston, MA, US
A World Wide Web calendar program that allows users to access event (calendar) information in a familiar format.

Webmaster Reference Library
Plum Interactive, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Users can teach themselves the art of Web site creation with over 700 carefully selected and annotated Web sites, plus original articles.

Cedar Park, TX, US
Provides consulting, training, and education for the Web community and fosters the use and development of open standards.

WebTravel Vacation Planner
Escape Tours, Seattle, WA, US
The ultimate travel information site, specializing in Mexico, Latin America, Europe, Canada, and Southern California.

Westwood Online
Los Angeles, CA, US
Sleepless UCLA students are creating the ultimate online community featuring original content, squirrelcam, free student pages, issues forums, and other cool stuff.

The Wild Bird Emporium
Mark Berling, Auburn, NH, US
Provides quality birding items, superior service, and pertinent information for wild bird enthusiasts.

World Nudist Links Page
Phillip Mason, Williamsburg, KY, US
Includes links to nudist, naturist, and clothing-optional lifestyles.

Monday, 22 January 1996

1099 Pro Tax Software
Calabasas, CA, US
Print forms or upload to 1099 Pro. Demo and IRS required tax forms are available over the Web. FTP site and IRS links are included.

2nd European Seminar in Telemedicine
University of Athens, Athens, Greece
Official documents, facts, and figures taken from the 2nd European Seminar in Telemedicine, from 18-22 April 1993.

Aardvark Tactical
Arcadia, CA, US
Provides training and equipment for law enforcement, military, and civilian applications. Contains the Law Enforcement Information Server.

Willowdale, Ontario, Canada
A newsletter for anyone opposed to slavery of any kind.

Academic Council on the United Nations System (ACUNS)
Brown University, Providence, RI, US
An international organization comprised of academics, practitioners, graduate students, and others whose research and work focuses on international organizations and the United Nations system.

Adventure Gear
Shannon Cory, Fayetteville, GA, US
An electronic store that allows visitors to browse and purchase rock climbing and outdoor equipment via the Web.

Advertising Technologies Corporation
Lexington, KY, US
Offers a complete line of advertising products and services for any business or organization. Their area of expertise is in promotional products.

AdZe MiXXe - Astrologer Extraordinaire
West Chester, PA, US
Updated day and night with horoscopes, a daily cosmic site, current astrological conditions, an almanac, a working oracle, and profiles of stars.

Air North
Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada
Provides passenger service to destinations in Yukon and Alaska via DC-3 and DC-4 aircraft. Web page includes timetable and reservations form and is rich in Yukon links.

Ancient American
Colfax, WI, US
Reports on the variety of ancient artifacts found in the Americas, and opens a forum for discussion between the professional and the avocational archaeologist.

James Riley, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A comprehensive index of the Vancouver arts scene showing the portfolios of such artists as Toni Onley, Thomas Anfield, Lincoln Clarkes, and Marta Pan.

Marcus Fabian, Schoenbuehl, Switzerland
An astrological program for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95, with print and screen evaluations for Radix-, Synastry- and Transit Horoscopes.

An Austrian Artist in Minnesota
Ruth Kolman Brophy, Minneapolis, MN, US
Many interesting links to Austria (no kangaroos) and to Minnesota (see the Giant Prairie Chicken), and art by Ruth Kolman Brophy. Links to other art sites, too.

Bay Area Art Source
Foggy August, San Francisco, CA, US
An arts collective providing space on the Web for artists of all mediums, who are working in the San Francisco Bay area.

Bay Area Corporate Athletic Association
Palo Alto, CA, US
A volunteer, nonprofit organization dedicated to fostering corporate fitness through running competitions. Contains a schedule of events.

Bier aus Deutschland / Beer from Germany
Terremedia Internet Service, Frechen, Germany
General information about beer from Germany.

Big Bruce's Gunpowder Foods
Texas, MD, US
Offers award-winning specialty spices, seasonings, and fixin's. Includes recipes and product information.

Black Dot Group
Crystal Lake, IL, US
Provides design, copy writing, photography, composition and color services, plus editorial development, new media production, and database management.

Book Lures
O'Fallon, MO, US
The premier publisher of quality K-8 materials. Includes a novel guide and educator workshops.

Brown-Forman Corporation
Louisville, KY, US
One of the largest American-owned companies in the wines and spirits business. A diversified producer and marketer of quality consumer durables.

Building Industry Exchange Foundation
Wilmington, DE, US
A nonprofit clearinghouse of businesses, resources, and communication within the building industry. Features news and announcements, several yellow-page directories, and a virtual industrial park.

The Case: The Fun and Challenging Mystery WebSite
Newfront Communications, San Francisco, CA, US
A new mini-mystery to solve via email every Wednesday. Sign-up for free at the site.

Boston, MA, US
Produces CD-ROM one-off discs (gold discs) in quantities from 1 up. Replication and duplication of any quantity. Everything you need to know about how to prepare your materials for CD-ROM.

Charm & Imagination
Woodland Hills, CA, US
A consultant in home automation, lighting, security systems, audio/video, home theater, and more. Read articles on personal safety and home wiring.

Christian Student Center
University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, US
Promotes Christianity and links to sites that do the same.

LaPaloma Group, Inc., Concord, MA, US
Lists over 1,000 qualified bed-and-breakfasts in the U.S., Canada, Italy, France, and Norway.

Communications Specialties, Inc.
WebScope, Hauppague, NY, US
A leading manufacturer of a full-line of computer-to-video scan converters and distribution amplifiers, used to convert computer graphics to a TV/video monitor.

Computer Town
Mark Silverio, Salem, NH, US
Computer Town, the Macintosh Superstore, and EasyMac, the national mail-order catalog, are Apple-authorized resellers specializing in Macintosh-related sales and services.

The Conservative Generation X
CGX, Portland, Oregon, US
A zine for, about, and by the Conservative Generation X. Published by two twenty-somethings who have had enough.

Cooper Photography & Design
Blackpool, England
Offers highly creative and original photography and graphic design.

Corporate Investigation Services
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Specializes in Worker's Compensation fraud, insurance claims fraud, activity surveillance, and more.

Cosmotek Interactive Technology, Inc.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A site dedicated to promoting international trade, offering businesses of all sizes a gateway connection to the global marketplace.

Creative Ink Design Studio
Princeton, NJ, US
Provides a valued service for graphic designers online. Staff is on call to answer questions regarding graphic arts on the Web. Included are a number of useful links to notable sites.

The Custom Car & Truck Site
Jacksonville, FL, US
For fans of car and truck shows and low riding.

Decisive Quest, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
Download national, confidential employment software. Free for college students and experienced working professionals.

Department of Materials
Czech Technical University, Prague, Czech Republic
Basic information concerning this department, and links to resources in the Czech Republic.

Dolina Software
Tacoma, WA, US
Maker of Visual Viewer 16 and 32, and Docu-Flow drawing and document management system.

Entrees on Trays
Shane Herman, Austin, TX, US
An online food ordering service that delivers food from Austin's finer restaurants to homes, offices, and hotel rooms.

Environmental Shopping Mall
Ken Rhoton, Murphy, NC, US
An index to environmental services, products, and information. Covers underground storage tank contamination, biosparging, skimmers, containment booms, spill kits, and more.

Excimer/LASIK Vision Corrective Surgery
Steven Friedman, M.D., Honolulu, HI, US
An American doctor has revolutionary 10-minute vision correcting surgery and tells all.

Fairview-AFX, Inc.
Tulsa, OK, US
A product and systems integrator for audio, video, and multigraphics systems.

Federal Training Network
Alexandria, VA, US
Information on training and education by satellite for business, government, and educational purposes.

Fine Art Nature Photography
Michael Easton, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Features abstract images from nature in black and white.

First Source International
Aliso Viejo, CA, US
Browse over 36,000 computer hardware, software, and peripheral products all available at discount prices.

Fisheye View Cam
Quantum Leap Technologies, Inc., Coral Gables, FL, US
This computer-controlled television camera creates time-lapse motion picture studies of living, coral reef animals. Download QuickTime and MPEG movies.

Florida Independent Realty Network
Kauer & Associates, Miami, FL, US
A real estate home page for real estate home pages.

fR0LiC Home Page
Paranoid Delusion Bulletin Board System, Klopperhausen, Sweden
Produces anti-virus and other hacker software.

The Framer's Corner
Ronald S. Phillips, Huntsville, AL, US
An online art gallery featuring limited edition prints by Terry Redlin, Alan Hunt, Jay Kemp, John Seery-Lester, and Daniel Moore.

Frank Guillot Architects, Ltd.
Burlington, VT, US
Architecture in harmony with the environment. Read articles and essays derived from practice experience.

Franklin Properties, Inc.
San Mateo, CA, US
Material for investors, analysts, brokers, and tenants, related to real estate investment trusts.

Spry/CompuServe Internet Division, Bellevue, WA, US
Kids design their vision of cyberspace. Includes games, comics, e-pals, chat, and a home page builder tool.

From the Depths of the Web: The Ultimate Web Sites
Stephanie Losi, Evanston, IL, US
A manageable collection (under 1,000) of the absolute best sites on the Web; every site has top-notch visuals and strong content.

Gallery of the Absurd
Derek Royal, West Lafayette, IN, US
A collection of weird and unusual advertisements and product labels that will make you wonder, "What were these people thinking?"

The Gift List
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A specialty store offering unique fine gifts for any occasion, including weddings, parties, and new babies.

Global Engineering Network
Siemens Nixdorf Informationssysteme AG, Munich, Germany
A virtual marketplace for engineering knowledge, providing electronic commerce services, product information, design know-how, and online support for the customer-supplier chain.

Golfing for Humanity
Santa Rosa Action, Santa Rosa, CA, US
A plan to solve poverty in Sonoma County while building new golf courses for the wealthy.

Goodier Builders
Ellicott City, MD, US
Prospective home buyers in the Baltimore-Washington area can read about the company's history, contact representatives, and explore select model homes.

The Goodies Fan Club
Adelaide, Australia
This club is for people who love the British comedy series of the 70's, The Goodies. Provides information about the members and The Goodies.

Gospel Christian Artists Information
K. Miyazaki, Tokorozawa, Saitama, Japan
Junko, Nozomu Nakatani, Yuri Mori, and other CCM artists. Christian artists can introduce their works to Japanese people here.

Graphics and Data Analysis Software
Steven K. Baum, College Station, TX, US
An annotated list of links to freely available and commercial packages for analyzing, graphing, storing, and retrieving large amounts of data. The listing leans strongly towards software for UNIX systems.

A Guide To FREE Crafting Supplies
Prime Publishing, Inc., Highland Park, IL, US
Free and postage-only crafting, sewing, tole painting, and cross-stitch supplies.

Guiding Star Astrological Services
Mill Valley, CA, US
A massive list of astrology books, and free interpretations of current astrological events.

Health Research in Calgary
Centre for Advancement of Health, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Lists regional health care resources in Calgary.

High-Touch Communications, Inc.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A marketing communications firm offering print, electronic, and digital advertising and design services.

Hohner USA
Hohner Harmonica, Inc., Ashland, VA, US
Includes audio clips, histories, art work, and information on harmonicas. Regularly features music by Hohner's endorsing artists.

Howard County Bird Club
A Chapter of the Maryland Ornithological Society, Columbia, MD, US
Find a welcome to birding in Howard County, a list of the birds seen in Howard County, a calendar for club field trips and events, a description of a local bird finding guide, and more.

Hybridoma Data Bank
Rockville, MD, US
A government-funded directory of information on hybridomas and other cloned cell lines, and their immunoreactive products, such as Mabs.

IDEA - Inclusive Design and Environmental Access
SUNY School of Architecture and Planning, Buffalo, NY, US
Dedicated to improving the design of environments and products by making them more usable, safer, and appealing to people.

Ignatius Donnelly and the End of the World
Palo Alto, CA, US
Ignatius returns from the afterworld to explore what the latest in global sciences shows about the distant past, the near future, and traditional religious beliefs.

Information War
Institute for the Advanced Study of Information Warfare, New York, NY, US
Devoted to facilitating an understanding of information warfare.

Strategic Concepts Corporation, Burlingame, CA, US
The most comprehensive site devoted to the insurance industry.

International Circuit Sales
Phoenix, AZ, US
A distributor of hard-to-locate electronic components, including semiconductors, capacitors, diodes, connectors, and disk drives.

International Exporters Directory
CiberCentro, Miami, FL, US
A directory of exporters, in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Created by CiberCentro, the leading Web directory in Spanish.

International Map Trade Association (IMTA)
Kankakee, IL, US
Publishers, retailers, and distributors of maps and related products. Includes a worldwide directory of map specialty retailers and links to members' Web sites.

IPO Data Systems
Queens, NY, US
Provides comprehensive, descriptive data on initial public offerings of common stock underwritten and offered in the U.S.

UKHE Funding Councils, Edinburgh, Scotland
The United Kingdom's Information Technology Training Initiative has produced many products aimed at improving the availability of IT training materials (cbt, electronic, and paper-based) to universities in the United Kingdom.

Joe Cornell Entertainment
Online Marketing Company, Detroit, MI, US
This company's MCs, DJs, and dancers have been bringing crowds to their feet for over 35 years.

Klutz Galactic Headquarters
Klutz Press, Palo Alto, CA, US
The leading publisher of kid's activity books now has a room on the Web.

Life Resources
Jim and Deb Pratt, Kalona, IA, US
The purpose of the Life Resources home page is to become a reliable source of products and information covering all aspects of a balanced life.

Linux Software for Scientists
Steven K. Baum, College Station, TX, US
Annotated links to software useful to scientists that will compile and run on Linux platforms. This alphabetized list includes software for numerical analysis, graphics, Web applications, and much more.

List of Low-Cost Web Services
Alex Chapman, Raleigh, NC, US
A free index of Web-related services, including Webspace providers and low-cost graphic designers.

A. Louise and Ruth E. Johnson Gallery
Jim Sullivan, Amherst, MA, US
Presents the work of several artists working in a variety of media. New artists added regularly.

The Magazine CyberCenter
Ajax, Ontario, Canada
A newsstand for the Internet. Browse for titles and order subscriptions direct from the site.

The Megahit Screenplays
Multimedia Systems Group, Washington, DC, US
Provides an in-depth analysis of the dramatic and comic structures found in popular movies.

Membrane Domain
Philadelphia, PA, US
Home of the Philadelphia Spirit Experiment, a mishmash of resources for arts, entertainment, video, music, finance, mortgages, real estate, insurance, and stocks.

Merchandising Technology Resource Site
Sugar Hill, GA, US
The first and only site on the Web dedicated to merchandising professionals. The site includes information on salesforce automation, planogram, store planning, and much more.

Michael Lande Music
San Francisco, CA, US
Information on this composer for film, television, and multimedia. Read a biography, download audio samples, or peruse the recommended listening list.

Micro Business Alliance (MBA)
Seattle, WA, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting and nurturing small business and entrepreneurial pursuits.

Miller Imaging
Steve Miller, Santa Monica, CA, US
Provides digital imaging services for photo CD, prepress, writable CD, multimedia, CD-ROM duplication, and Web site development.

MISSISSIPPI MUD: True Crime and Criminal Justice Links
Edward Humes, Los Angeles, CA, US
Features book excerpts from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Edward Humes, on juvenile justice, the Dixie Mafie, the Matomoros murders, and more.

Molson Rocks the Mountain
Team Publishing, Holliston, MA, US
Information about New England's ultimate ski parties, featuring interactive events. Check out the site for times and preregister now.

Mount Baker Snowboarding Update
Sue Rice, Bellingham, WA, US
Lists snow conditions and the best runs, hits, and drops, plus pictures and other information from the rider's point of view.

M.O.V.I.E. - Makers of Visual Independent Entertainment
Ken Tipton, Studio City, CA, US
A site for movie geeks, dedicated to supporting independent film makers.

MUSEOS Art Magazine
IVC, Monterrey, Mexico
Provides readers with information and images of current exhibitions organized by the world's leading museums.

National Federation of Paralegal Associations
Kansas City, MO, US
An international organization of paralegal associations since 1974 for the development and advancement of the paralegal and legal assistant profession.

Net Ramp, Inc.
Edison, NJ, US
Provides Internet consulting and application development. Specializes in online catalogs, electronic commerce, and commercial and business-to-business Web development and hosting.

Nevada Technical Associates, Inc.
Henderson, NV, US
Provides information about short courses in radiation protection, radiochemistry, and nuclear science. Books on radiology, health physics, geochemistry, and nuclear waste are listed.

New Hampshire Divorce Law FAQ
Honey Hastings, Nashua, NH, US
A comprehensive FAQ on the issues facing confused parties in a divorce. Includes a glossary and common mistakes section.

A New Type of Information
The Irregular Pentagon, San Francisco, CA, US
A new type of file containing a new type of information.

News & Views INDONESIA
Ministry for Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia, Washington, DC, US
A digest of developments in Indonesia, with emphasis on foreign affairs and international issues.

Norsk Byggjeneste - The Norwegian Building Centre
Norsk Byggtjeneste, Oslo, Norway
Spreads knowledge and professional information to consumers and professionals within the building and construction industry in the right media and format. In Norwegian.

Northumbria Tourist Guide
Durham, England
Information for visitors and potential visitors to the Northeast of England.

Ocean Concepts
Carl Vincenti, Waipahu, HI, US
This Hawaiian dive site includes a shop, information on dive locations, and weather from Oahu.

Oregon Wedding Pages
Portland, OR, US
Offers a free bridal registry, a growing library of wedding resources, and a northwest wedding guide.

The Otter Page
James Baldiga, Detroit, MI, US
Read about the exploits of Otter, a German Wire-haired Pointer.

Packages for Peanuts
Conshohocken, PA, US
Specializes in hand-painted personalized gifts for children, toddlers, babies, and infants.

Paper Magazine, New York, NY, US
The Internet's virtual downtown, with news, views, music, art, media, and more, with a New York attitude.

Persimmon Software
Josephine Gerrard, Berkeley, CA, US
This company's programs introduce children to specific areas of the humanities, exposing children to the work of Emily Dickinson, Vincent van Gogh, Marcel Duchamp, William Blake, Shakespeare, and many others.

Personal Finance Network
Norwalk, CT, US
Features news, tips, and RealAudio programs on personal finance issues.

PirateTex Records
Glen Haven, CT, US
An independent record label based in Colorado, with a mobile recording studio located in New York City.

Planet Millennium
Self-Esteem Studios, Irvine, CA, US
A site full of class acts such as the Digital Concierge, a self-esteem program, and the Electronic Gourmet Guide.

Playing With Children
Bernie DeKoven, Palo Alto, CA, US
A resource for people looking for a fun way to play with kids. Read about traveling games, growth and nature, and loving fun.

The Premisys Corporation
Chicago, IL, US
Designs and writes custom CAD software applications to assist in the manufacture of product configuration documents.

Process Equipment Company, Inc.
Pelham, AL, US
A manufacturer of large centrifugal fans, conveyors, dampers, expansion joints, dust collectors, and more. Read industry news and product details.

Project Dig-In
Girvin Inc., Woonsocket, RI, US
News and tips on mountain biking from the leader in full-suspension bikes. Includes a history, a catalog, and a technical forum.

The Red River Trade Corridor
University of Minnesota, Crookston, MN, US
A regional, rural development organization serving the U.S. states of Minnesota and North Dakota, and the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Reed Jobnet UK
Reed Personnel Services PLC, London, England
The United Kingdom's largest employment agency, with hundreds of vacancies covering a large variety of employment sectors. Search for a job online and read about training programs.

Rehabilitation Research and Development Center
Department of Veterans Affairs, Palo Alto, CA, US
A center dedicated to bringing science and technology to bear on the problems facing disabled veterans in the pursuit of independent living.

Rhino Interactive Marketing and Productions
Tempe, AZ, US
An in-house Web presence provider with an innovative design team.

Samba Art Gallery
David de Hilster, Long Beach, CA, US
A virtual tour of the gallery featuring Long Beach artist David de Hilster, whose style combines interests in science, Brazil, and music.

San Diego Attractions, Events & Information
Liz & Doug DeFoe, Escondido, CA, US
Find pages of pictures and links to attractions, events, and general information about San Diego geared towards tourists and vacationers.

San Diego Magazine Online
San Diego, CA, US
This city's most extensive and progressive site, covering dozens of areas of interest, including, arts, music, dance, gardening, and events.

Jason Randall, Santa Clarita, CA, US
Online information resource for the Santa Clarita Valley, including real estate listings, a community guide, and more.

The Secret of Foody
Institut Danone für Ernährung, Munich, Germany
Introducing a Jump & Run PC game with educational character about nutrition for kids. See screen shots, download a demo version, order the complete version.

Security Print
Tempe, AZ, US
Provides check and credit card protection specializing in the inkless fingerprinting system. Find out about crime prevention and fraudulent check recovery.

Hampstead, NH, US
An enterprise-class client/server skill inventory application. It supports skills-based management through employee skill gap identification.

Skywalker's Ultra 64 Page
Jonathan Terleski, Canfield, OH, US
The premier site for news on Nintendo's upcoming Ultra 64 game system.

Smart Net Iceland
Hveragerdi, Arn, Iceland
The Internet paradise in Iceland.

International Computer Programs, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, US
A searchable database of information technology companies and product information.

Software Forge
Samuel Marshall, Durham, England
Includes a slew of shareware programs for MIDI musicians, and also iNETRiS, Internet Tetris.

Star Guide on the Web
StarWeb, Edgewater, NJ, US
Check out new video releases, and find video stores in any local area. Also rate films using CyberCritic.

Tamarack Camps
Detroit, MI, US
Summer camp that allows children the opportunity to be on their own, make decisions, take responsibility, live with others, and learn new skills.

Techno Light & Sound: Computers, Music and Graphics
Lee Roskin, Silver City, NM, US
An attempt to bring together modern techno music and visual art in a musical light show.

THA Media VideoWeb
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Distributes video for television, educational, and home video markets. Includes a searchable online catalog.

Thomas & Poorbaugh Communications
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A full-service marketing communication, public relations, and advertising agency specializing in interactive media.

Thompson (Way Cool) Middle School
St. Charles, IL, US
A place for students, staff, and parents to meet and discuss ideas. View each of the teams and catch up on current information.

Gordon Grohmann, Overland Park, KS, US
Provides telecommunications services, including fax, IVR, voicemail, and audio teleconferencing.

Ultimate Restaurant Guide
BizLine Inc., Davis, CA, US
Search for restaurants in the Northern California region by city, cusine type or special services. Sections include Featured Chefs, Best Specials, and Interesting Food links.

The University of Massachusetts Press
Vyne Communications, Inc., New York, NY, US
Features a chapter or major excerpt from a new book every month. Browse through current catalogs or search the entire backlist of more than 600 titles.

Valinor, Inc.
Manchester, NH, US
A Microsoft Solution Provider and authorized technical education center.

Virtual Cities Repository
Farid Mheir, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Collection of 3D computer models of cities around the world.

WATTec Conference and Exhibition
Knoxville, TN, US
A forum for the interdisciplinary discussion of important technical, social, and economic issues affecting the nation's future. Information on exhibits, registration, and reservations.

WEBCOM - The Mediterranean Connection
Palma, Mallorca, Spain
Provides access to yachting resources, real estate, and business information in Spain and the Balearic islands.

Wild Magic
Bellflower, CA, US
A not-for-profit organization of television and movie professionals using new technology to make imaginative movies and give them away free.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Find out about this Internet access provider. In Portuguese.

Wisconsin Power & Light
Madison, WI, US
Provides electric, gas, and water service to customers in southern Wisconsin. Read news and information on products and services.

Boca Raton, FL, US
Specializes in information marketing services. Exclusively represents over 400 leading software and hardware companies.

Worlds, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
Develops 3D multi-user environments for the Internet. Download client software for both WorldsChat, the first 3D virtual reality chat and entertainment service, and AlphaWorld, a multi-user 3D environment.

WorldWide Magic Mall
Unified Field Productions, Yelm, WA, US
A conglomeration of businesses offering unique and remarkable products and services for the body, mind, and spirit.

WWWAD'S ON: The Site of the Proms
Brussels, Belgium
A site devoted to ever-changing advertising. Acting as a digitized shopping guide, WWWAD'S ON informs visitors of all the best offers in a particular arena and directs links to the companies' home pages.

Xplore Site of the Day
Chicago, IL, US
Brief, knowledgeable reviews guide you to the most interesting, informative, and entertaining sites on the Web. Visit daily and have fun.

YUSH Ponline
London, England
An urban music culture, fashion, and lifestyle magazine covering now and emerging street trends, language, and politics in an irreverent but accessible style.

Tuesday, 23 January 1996

800-Discount Club
John Ceo, Englishtown, NJ, US
Find discounters for anything from computers to macadamia nuts. Choose a product, and get the discounter's toll-free number online.

AAEON Electronics, Inc.
Edison, NJ, US
A source for PC-based data acquisition and digital I/O cards, hard disk drives and CD-ROM drives, laboratory power supplies, handheld multimeters, and more.

Academic Innovations
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Publisher of Career Choices, a secondary school/college textbook with an interdisciplinary curriculum for English, applied math, vocational education, school-to-work, equity, JTPA, and more.

ADTech Designs and Systems
Patrick Tripp, San Diego, CA, US
Provides products and services, including 486 and Pentium systems, custom graphics, animation, and Web page design. On-site technicians are available in San Diego.

AIDS Outreach Center of Tarrant County, Texas
Fort Worth, TX, US
An AIDS/HIV service organization serving Tarrant and surrounding rural counties.

Air Warrior on CRC Net
Kesmai Corporation, Charlottesville, VA, US
Devoted to the multiplayer, online, air-combat game Air Warrior, with information updated daily. Find links to related sites such as flight simulators, aviation, military, World War II, and gaming.

ALI-ABA Committee on Continuing Professional Education
Philadelphia, PA, US
One of the premier providers of quality continuing legal education since 1947. Offers members of the profession a comprehensive curriculum of post-admission legal education.

All American Music Festival
Orlando, FL, US
The festival offers a challenging educational experience and provides a fun-filled opportunity that students will remember for a lifetime. Find a list of participants, rules and regulations, awards, travel packages, and more.

American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry Online
Chicago, IL, US
Site of this children's dental association rich in parent-related links.

Americans United for Separation of Church and State
Washington, DC, US
A nonprofit, nonpartisan, educational organization dedicated to preserving the constitutional principle of church-state separation.

And now for something completely different
Rich Rosen, Jersey City, NJ, US
Find pointers to sketches, movie scripts, song lyrics, pictures, sounds, bibliographies, FAQ, and more.

San Francisco, CA, US
A multimedia company specializing in Web site design and production, CD-ROMs, and database integration and design.

Area Accurate Map - The Peters Map
Bright Moments Publishing, Brooklyn, NY, US
An area accurate map, showing land masses in accurate proportions.

The Asia Pages
Integrated Information Pte. Ltd., Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A service offering information about Asian business in the form of regional pages, a shopping mall, corporate profiles, a business register, and more.

Associated Aviation Underwriters
Short Hills, NJ, US
Has been serving the aviation industry since 1929 with insurance products and services of unequaled quality and variety.

Associated Research Services
San Diego, CA, US
A market research company that provides marketing information to manufacturers of PCs, printers, peripherals, and supplies. Also reports on competitive intelligence for all marketing, promotions, channel moves, channel margins, and pricing activity.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Offers the best of self-help audio on the Web.

Auto Info Center
Seattle, WA, US
A center for expert information for the buying and selling of automobiles. Lists price reports, videos, buying manuals, and manufacturer home pages.

Badia a Coltibuono
Duesseldorf, Germany
The unofficial home page for one of the best Italian wines money can buy. In German.

[big deal] snO - sk8 supplies shop
Phoenix, AZ, US
A great place to go for deals on all kinds of snowboarding and skateboarding supplies, cool art and photos, free screen savers, contests, and a ton of other stuff, too.

Bricker & Eckler
Columbus, OH, US
Contains a biography of the law firm and links to legal resources on the Web.

The California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists
San Diego, CA, US
Find out all about this organization, insurance programs, publications, various chapters, and more.

Campus Crusade for Christ International
Orlando, FL, US
Has over 100,000 staff and trained volunteers serving in over 150 countries around the world. Get a glimpse into how they are trying to reach people around the world for Christ.

Canadian Public Policy
The Ottawa Bureau, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A regularly updated, online news magazine on public policy activities of the federal and provincial governments in Canada. Includes a listing of federal and provincial legislation in progress.

CellNet Data Systems, Inc.
San Carlos, CA, US
Offers utility automation services such as Automatic Meter Reading (AMR), and is the leading provider of wireless data communications network services to the utility industry.

Chemicals in Australia
A.C.T.E.D. Pty Ltd., Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Find market and industry assessments of opportunities for the sale and manufacture of chemicals. The largest such information resource in Australia.

Chicago WeddingNet
CV Internet Productions, Downers Grove, IL, US
A full-featured wedding planning system.

China Information Base
InfoPacific Development Corp., Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
The most comprehensive information base about China. Currently it includes travel, art and entertainment, international trade, and more.

Choices for the 21st Century Education Project
Brown University, Providence, RI, US
A multifaceted educational program that seeks to engage the American public in consideration of international issues and strengthen the quality of public life in the U.S.

Climatology and Paleoclimatology Resources
Steven K. Baum, College Station, TX, US
Annotated links to climatology and paleoclimatology resources including data sites, climate modeling groups, text documents, a reference list, and an extensive glossary.

CMH Software
Libby, MT, US
Produces and distributes software for the electrical industry which designs, draws, edits, tests, teaches, and prints electrical ladder diagrams.

CNC Concepts, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, US
Sells wholesale cable TV descramblers and converters. Distributors wanted.

Colorado LawyerNet
Denver, CO, US
Provides Internet connectivity to Colorado lawyers and law firms. Visit member home pages and find legal resources on the Net.

The "Complete" Chesapeake Bay Information Link List
College Park, MD, US
A one-stop-shop for information on travel, history, science, education, and government in the Chesapeake Bay region, including Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and the District of Columbia.

Comprehensive Business Solutions
Cranford, NJ, US
Provides technology solutions for computer support and nationwide service, computer sales, outsourcing, networking, CAD, and more.

Computer Intelligence InfoCorp (CII)
La Jolla, CA, US
A leading source of fact-based information on computer and communications industry trends, product developments, and buyer activity.

Houston, TX, US
Features a very large, searchable commercial real estate resource with general listing information and online forums.

Concord Coalition of Maine
Brunswick, ME, US
A grass roots movement working toward the elimination of the U.S. Federal budget deficit. Contains information about the Federal budget deficit and its impact on the U.S.

Confrontation Management Systems
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
An organization dedicated to educating and empowering men, women, and children to face confrontations in the streets, the workplace, and at home through self-defense.

Dark Star Official Mike Oldfield Magazine
Poole, Dorset, England
The only magazine sanctioned by musician Mike Oldfield and his manager, with supplementary information to the printed magazine, news updates, and rare sound material.

The David Cassidy FanBase
Stockholm, Sweden
Find pictures and information about the seventies star.

David Cooper, Contemporary Original Music
Seattle, WA, US
Home page for this singer, song writer, lyricist, and ASIL Records recording artist. Includes biographical information, a discography, photos, and other links.

Department of Research on the Teaching of Modern Languages
Ruhr-Universität, Bochum, Germany
Coordinator of the International E-Mail Tandem Network has developed the Tandem Database, with materials for language learning in tandem.

Die Systemfabrik Dusseldorf
Dusseldorf, Germany
Find out about the city of Dusseldorf and the company that brings this information to you.

DocuMagix, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Developers of PaperMaster, some of the world's easiest personal paper/document management software.

Domino Benelux Homepage
Antwerp, Belgium
Provides high quality services that improve human resources management and dealer-based retail businesses.

DTS International
Gatineau, Quebec, Canada
Specializes in buying and selling of philatelic and numismatic accessories (albums, stockbooks, catalogs), and offers consulting services for marketing stamp collections.

Elizabeth Thornton: Historical Romance Author
F.R. George, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Provides a profile of the author, her newsletter, back-list of books with synopsis, reviews, covers of the latest Bantam releases, coming releases, and links for readers and writers of romance.

ESC Online
North Carolina Employment Security Commission, Raleigh, NC, US
Search for a new employee, labor market information, and jobs available within North Carolina.

Evil House of Cheat
Maastricht, Netherlands
Lets users freely download or view essays, reports, research, and fieldwork in all subjects, including complete descriptions with grades.

KPI, Sausalito, CA, US
Top 25 conference speakers in the world were identified in 1995 survey of lecture agents and speakers bureaus. Useful tips and information for selecting keynote speakers for meeting, events, and trade shows.

Financial and Health Fitness
Ultimate Fitness, Bountiful, UT, US
In the business of helping people reach their health and financial goals.

Fisheye of Cayman
Seven Mile Beach, Grand Cayman, British West Indies
Providing scuba vacations for divers, both in Cayman and around the world, with a special emphasis on underwater photography

Fletch's Flip-Side Records
Arroyo Grande, CA, US
Specializes in LPs and 45s in rock, soul, jazz, pop, and country. Browse the online catalog, and sign up for the mailing list. Overseas orders welcome.

Flying Noodle
Waterbury Center, VT, US
Find gourmet pastas, pasta sauces, and olive oils. The Pasta Club delivers new pastas and sauces to the door each month.

Franchise On-line
BrandMedia, Madrid, Spain
A franchising guide with listings of Spanish and European franchises.

Richmond, VA, US
Richmond, Virginia's best Internet access value.

Fund Raising With Raddatz Marketing
Mequon, WI, US
Information about the many fund raising opportunities provided by this company. Find information on becoming a distributor, products, and more.

Hans Popper Hepatopathology Society
University of Michigan Pathology Department, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Serves those devoted to the study of diseases of the liver and biliary system. Find a mission statement, notices of forthcoming meetings, cases for review and discussion, residency and fellowship program information, and more.

Harbor Consulting & Management, Incorporated
North Wales, PA, US
Areas of expertise include PC/LAN technical support, Internet site development, strategic and tactical planning, and total quality management.

Hawaii Condo Rentals
Princeville, HA, US
Enjoy spectacular, unobstructed, ocean, mountain, and Bali Hai views.

Headache & Migraine Answers
Dr. Ulrich Oswald M.D., Zurich, Switzerland
Several forms of headache are described as well as their therapy. A questionnaire for self evaluation is downloadable. Ask personal and confidential questions about headache and the author will answer them individually.

Healthy Alternatives
Royal Palm Beach, FL, US
Provides some of the finest herbal health products available today. Their 100% natural herbal blends exhibit a commitment to the truly health-conscious individual.

Home Furnishing Netquarters
Dave Frohman, Pine, CO, US
Offers furniture information and a shopping center. Includes an overview of furniture design, construction, care, repair, and home furnishing trends.

Huntsville All Star League
Joey Pirani, Huntsville, AL, US
Alabama's only bowling league available on the Web. Includes league standings, rules, records, and other bowling links.

ILB - Internet Libri Bologna
Bologna, Italy
Specializes in rare and art books, reference works, and CD-ROMs. Also, find virtual art exhibitions, new titles from Italian publishers, antiques, and collectibles.

Inaugural Poem of the Clinton Administration
Internet Productions, Jacksonville, FL, US
Full text of the Inaugural Poem, written by Maya Angelou, read at President Clinton's swearing-in.

Integrated Information Pte. Ltd., Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Politics, culture and history -- everything users would want to know about Singapore, with a creative twist.

Innovations Design Group, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, IA, US
A purveyor of high-quality graphic design, now offers Web site creation.

Internet WorkShop
Tucson, AZ, US
A full-service Web presence provider offering creative home page design, low-cost space rent on a dedicated Web server, custom programming, and database work.

Inter-Trade Marketing
Lancaster, CA, US
A manufacturer and supplier of custom-made, jute/burlap bags for the speciality/promotional advertising industry, as well as a manufacturer of bags for the gift and souvenir markets.

I/O Magazine
Sacramento, CA, US
A monthly publication covering topics of interest to personal computer owners.

Jaco Electronics, Inc.
WebScope, Hauppague, NY, US
A worldwide distributor of electronic components and computer peripherals certified to ISO 9002. They also offer EDI, credit card purchasing, Dock-to-Stock, JIT, Kitting, custom computer systems, and complete technical support.

Jump City Productions
Hayward, CA, US
Describes and provides information on the musical group Earl Oliver & Friends.

petek, Kansas City, MO, US
Lots and lots of information on the hobby of high-power rocketry.

La Rafale!
Paris, France
A strange, French Web site with stories about counter- and subculture, politics, agitprop, and music. In French.

The Local Government Home Page
NLC, ICMA, NACo, and PTI, Washington, DC, US
A collaborative effort of four non-profit organizations that serve local governments: International Cities/Counties Management Association, National League of Cities, National Association of Counties, and Public Technology, Inc.

M2 Limited
Gaithersburg, MD, US
Provides translation, localization, internationalization, globalization, import/export, global development, and now Web (HTML) localization services.

Manning Awards
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Awards given to outstanding Canadians, to recognize and encourage excellence in innovation in all areas of human endeavor.

Maritime Marlin Travel
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Provides a comprehensive range of leisure and business travel in Atlantic Canada, with great prices and experienced consultants.

Memphis Sports Page
Rich Kuzmiak, Memphis, TN, US
Complete list of all Memphis-area sports, including arena football, AAA baseball, and collegiate.

Microcom, Inc.
Norwood, MA, US
A manufacturer of remote access solutions.

Missionary Harvest
La Mesa, CA, US
Publishes missionary newsletters and direct accounts of work in the missions field.

Montgomery County Democrats
Kensington, MD, US
Find political, campaign, and community information for Maryland residents.

Museums & Galleries Magazine
New World Communications, Atlanta, GA, US
A comprehensive guide to the fine arts in Atlanta. Includes feature stories, calendars of openings, profiles of artists and galleries, and directories of museums and galleries.

National Foundation for AIDS Relief, Inc.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
A nonprofit, tax-exempt charity that provides 'meals on wheels' for people with AIDS. Read the newsletter, and find out about the auto raffle.

Neighborhood Internet Connection
Wyckoff, NJ, US
A public-access dial-up Internet access provider.

NetSight Consulting, Inc.
Orinda, CA, US
Specializes in Web presences as well as networking, system administration, Web seminars, and tutorials.

Neuroscience Graduate Program
University of California, San Francisco, CA, US
Provides a wealth of information for anyone interested in joining the program or the program itself.

New City Global Weather Resources
Online Marketing, Milford, CT, US
Links to global weather resources and instant up-to-date weather reports by state and city.

New Jersey Online: News
Jersey City, NJ, US
The top stories from around the world to inside the state house, with special attention to New Jersey business, government, and civics.

Northwest Online Guide
Seattle, WA, US
Includes a restaurant guide, a meeting and special event guide, and weather forecasts.

Offshore International, Inc.
INTERNET WorkShop, Tucson, AZ, US
For twenty years this company has partnered with U.S. manufacturers in Mexico's maquiladora industry. Their shelter plan and contract manufacturing programs have significantly reduced clients' production costs.

Ontario East Economic Development Commission
Eastern Ontario, Ontario, Canada
The Commission represents Eastern Ontario communities and promotes economic development and investment in the region.

The Organization of White Time Healing
Stockholm, Sweden
Download extraterrestrial greetings in audio, visit the gallery of extraterrestrial eyes, and learn more about some of the different races that inhabit the universe.

San Jose, CA, US
A complete line of products for CD-ROM and optical networking and management. Find software solutions for sharing CD-ROM and optical media on Novell NetWare and Windows NT networks.

Outpost Wilderness Adventure
Lake George, CO, US
Offers professional instruction in rock climbing, mountaineering, and mountain biking, summer youth programs, and adventure travel in the U.S. and Mexico.

OzEmail, Inc.
Rosebery, Australia
Provides direct dial-up Internet access around Australia.

Pacific Northwest Boats for Sale
Eastsound, WA, US
Powerboats, personal craft, and commercial vessels for sale in the Pacific Northwest region by dealers, brokers, and individuals.

PageGen: Interactive Web Authoring Tool
Channel 1 Communications, Boston, MA, US
An interactive form that takes user input and generates a page.

Pandora's Books Online
Altona, Canada
Find 200,000 out-of-print books, primarily science fiction, mystery, and related genres. The catalog is fully searchable and online ordering is available.

The Pavilion
Champaign, IL, US
The only freestanding psychiatric hospital south of Chicago. Find a list of services and programming.

The Peace & Plenty Whisky Co.
Scone, Perthshire, Scotland
Promotes the appreciation of Single Cask Malt Scotch Whisky bottled at full cask strength. Products are linked with American/Scottish history and, in respect of a soon to be released product, with the gay community and help to AIDS sufferers.

Personal Computer Public Relations
Covina, CA, US
A unique Internet-based public relations firm for small- to medium-sized businesses. The price catalog tells clients the cost before starting a publicity campaign.

Physical Oceanography Resources
Steven K. Baum, College Station, TX, US
Annotated links to physical oceanography resources including ocean circulation models, a glossary, and educational documents.

Plant Connectors
Lake Mary, FL, US
Brings together wholesale and retail sellers and buyers of plants.

Plethora Literary Magazine
Ryan Arnold, Topeka, KS, US
Features original works of poetry and prose by high school students at Washburn Rural High School.

Procopio, Cory, Hargreaves & Savitch
San Diego, CA, US
Find out more about this legal firm, and check out their extensive library.

Prophet Software Release 4.3
BBN Systems & Technologies, Cambridge, MA, US
A comprehensive UNIX-based software package that makes entering, analyzing, and visualizing data quick and easy. Provides tools for data analysis, graphing, statistics, mathematical modeling, and sequence analysis.

The Public Technology, Inc.
Washington, DC, US
The nonprofit technology organization of the National League of Cities (NLC), the National Association of Counties (NACo), and the International City/County Management Association (ICMA).

Real Estate Nightmares
EarthWeb LLC, New York, NY, US
A popular radio program that deals with real estate issues. Includes interviews with politicians and individuals in the field and uses RealAudio.

RealWorld Research
Dekalb, IL, US
The best and most informative directories and search engines that the Web has to offer presented by topic and in terms of usability and depth.

Ferguson-Taylor Group, Seattle, WA, US
RegaloVetro (the gift of glass) is a mail order book business that opened in 1988. As the name implies, RegaloVetro sells books on the subject of glass, many titles which can not be found in local bookstores.

Research Options, Inc.
Hanover, MA, US
A full-service market research consultancy with dedicated health care, fitness, and sports-related practices.

The Road is Life
Herndon, VA, US
A chronicle of the three-month, cross-country road trip of Matt Kranser. Matt will be posting short stories about the trip up on this page.

The Sacred Earth Network WWW Site
Petersham, MA, US
SEN has provided equipment and training that has enabled over 200 Eurasian environmental groups to communicate via email. Site currently contains our newsletters, current projects and actions, lists of email users from our directory, and more.

Script Publishing, Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Provides readers of all ages with interesting and informative nonfiction books that are reader friendly. Site includes full catalog, online ordering, reviews, and a bimonthly trivia quiz.

Seeraen Light Universal Abiqua Dragon Cult Page
Silverton, OR, US
An ongoing experiment in the art of science fiction.

Silver Colloid 'Agnetacol'
Grant McGuinness, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Having sufficient colloidal silver is to have a superior, second immune system which is both a remedy and a prevention of infections.

Sloan Center for Theoretical Neurobiology
University of California, San Francisco, CA, US
A research center focusing on theoretical approaches to understanding the brain.

Specialist Group
International Association of Water Quality, Knoxville, TN, US
The environmental restoration Specialist Group home page with information about the group and a copy of the newsletter.

Sudden Images
Vero Beach, FL, US
Specializes in corporate presentations, multimedia presentations, interactive kiosks, and desktop publishing.

Viking Software Corporation, Houston, TX, US
Download a trialware (30-day free trial) version of SURVRAD Light for Windows, a program that projects lifetime incidence and mortality risks of radiation-induced cancer.

Thunder Mountain Press
Martin Peterson, Billings, MT, US
An online book publisher with nearly 100 books available for immediate download.

Truth Hardware
Owatonna, MN, US
Offers motorized power windows and skylights for home and business.

Tsceminicum River Adventure
Clarkston, WA, US
This page will lead you on an exploration of outdoor recreation in a land of canyons and high mountains.

Turnipseed Music
Don Turnipseed, New Orleans, LA, US
The best collection of the best New Orleans music and musicians on the Internet.

Universal Gym Equipment
Cedar Rapids, IA, US
A world leader in fitness equipment. Find information on products and services, and read articles about health and fitness.

Universal Studios Florida
Orlando, FL, US
Visit the world's number-one movie studio and theme park online. Take advantage of inside information, special deals, and more.

UPM Music Department
Universiti Pertanian Malaysia, Serdang, Selangor, Malaysia
A university department committed to raising the general standard of musicianship in Malaysia.

The Vernon Coleman Centre
London, England
Information about one of Britain's leading writers, dispensing enlightened advice. His column appears in magazines and papers worldwide.

CAD SOURCE, Inc., Newburyport, MA, US
One of the foremost Web site development companies in the Northeast.

Webb Center
BizCafe Management Group, Ooltewah, TN, US
Tips on Web page design and techniques from Alanna Webb.

Wedding Connection
Altman Photography, Jacksonville, FL, US
The only Web page that has everything needed for a wedding.

Welcome to Reiki Healing Energy
Turtle Island Enterprises, Camano Island, WA, US
An introduction and description of the ancient spiritual practice of Reiki, a healing energy technique. Includes personal experiences and how to receive distance treatments.

WestPoint College of Aeronautics
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Host to many recreational and commercial flight training programs, including academic programs for aviation-related studies, as well as environmental research and product development.

W.M. Keck Foundation Center for Integrative Neuroscience
University of California, San Francisco, CA, US
A research center dedicated to the quest for understanding the mind.

World Wide Mall Classifieds
Palm Springs, CA, US
A great place to visit or post ads, with thousands of visitors daily.

WWW LaunchPad
Rochester, NY, US
An excellent startup page that has links to search engines, technical support pages, file archives, online magazines, job resources, and will soon have an Internet tutorial.

X-10 (USA), Inc.
Closter, NJ, US
Manufactures home network automation control products, including lighting, remote controls, security systems, infrared repeaters, controllers, and personal assistants.

Phoenix, AZ, US
Services and resources for busy educators who want to learn how to fully utilize the Internet as a tool for teaching and learning.

Zephyr Business Services
Mark Griffith, Seattle, WA, US
Provides voice recognition software that lets users operate computers without having to touch a keyboard or mouse.

Wednesday, 24 January 1996

10,000 Telecoms & Computer Vendors
Technology Information Centre, Beckenham Kent, England
A worldwide gateway to 10,000 telecommunications, software, hardware, CAD/CAM, Internet, and multimedia vendors.

1996 East Coast Hobby Show
Pressman Communications, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
Information on the only full line hobby show on the East Coast. Features over 200 of the largest manufacturers, distributors, and publishers exhibiting hobby products.

35 Gulden CD Winkel
Internet Merchandizing, Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands
Find the cheapest CDs in The Netherlands. In Dutch.

8000 Hotels, Villas, Cruises & More in Greece
Fountain Valley, CA, US
The number one tour operation and hotel clearing house for Greece.

Jose Mojica, Sunrise, FL, US
Developer of add-on tools for Visual Basic.

Altrincham, Cheshire, United Kingdom
Specializes in electronics design and manufacture, software design, and Internet services.

ActivMedia's Marketer Help Desk
Peterborough, NH, US
Which types of products sold best over the Web in 1995? The data is just in from ActivMedia's second survey of Net businesses. Includes projections through 1998, top selling sectors, and 1995 spending for Web design and storage.

Adameve Singles Directory (UK)
Bramley, Hants, United Kingdom
The South of England's largest, liveliest, and most popular singles service.

Andy Kimbel
This page was created for the fans of Andy Kimbel, finger-picking guitarist.

Arizona Dog Page
Hereford, AZ, US
Almost everything dog-related in the state of Arizona.

Arizona Lottery
GetNet International, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
Official site of The Arizona State Lottery, with details of games, results, and winners. Try out the lottery picker.

Artificial Intelligence Research Group
Iowa State University, Ames, IA, US
Information about research in artificial intelligence, artificial life, neural networks, and a host of other AI-related topics.

ArtSite Web Design
Kolbotn, Norway
Design solutions for online services and electronic publishing. Site also contains a comic strip and a gallery.

atOnce Software
Online Interactive, Seattle, WA, US
Features Ziplock, a revolutionary encryption technology that allows customers to download and purchase a variety of software directly by modem, bypassing the Internet.

AVSC International
New York, NY, US
A nonprofit organization that works worldwide to give women and men access to high-quality family planning and reproductive health services.

Automated Business Services, Palmdale, CA, US
The ultimate listing of business opportunities, products, and classified ads on the Web. Also offers free linking of Web page or classified ad.

Bagel Oasis
Fresh Meadows, NY, US
Authentic New York hand-made bagels shipped to home or office. In business for 35 years.

Bayonne, NJ, Welcome Mat
Joseph Hoetzl, Bayonne, NJ, US
General information about Bayonne, once home of the famous/infamous Standard Oil Company, and also made fun of by TV sitcom The Honeymooners.

Laurence Galian, Hempstead, NY, US
The first book of Laurence Galian, concerned with personal and metaphysical development and transformation.

The Bible Page
Milpitas Church of Christ, Milpitas, CA, US
The home page of the Milpitas Church of Christ, providing Bible information and other interesting links.

Blue Sky
Patrick Tays, Arab, AL, US
Offers investigations, inspections, and fact-finding for construction loss, and employee problems and questions.

Bob Jones University Press
Greenville, SC, US
Offers textbooks and educational services for Christian schools and home schools. Also lists events, artist series, and more.

Brooks Internet Software, Inc.
Dave Brooks, Idaho Falls, ID, US
RPM Remote Print Manager is the new LPD for Microsoft Windows platforms, offering extensive printing options including font, margins, and scaling.

Brown & Root Forest Products
Houston, TX, US
A leading provider of services for the global pulp and paper industry.

Cafe International
SYSCO Corp, Houston, TX, US
Sells restaurant-quality, imported, gourmet food and kitchen accessories to consumers.

Canadian Hellenic WorldWide Radio
Dimitris Papadopoulos, Montreal, Canada
Sit back and listen live, in real-time, to a Hellenic (Greek) radio broadcast via the Internet.

Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Provides Canadian lawyers with Internet access to their peers, plus legal resources and research, and also provides the general public with Internet access to the Canadian legal community.

Capital City Cyberlink
De Pinnick, Washington, DC, US
Offers full Internet access, online games, 24-hour chat, entertainment, and more.

Carr Taylor Vineyards & Winery
Westfield, East Sussex, England
Producers of internationally recognized and medal-winning vintage sparkling wines.

Case Shiller Weiss, Inc.
Cambridge, MA, US
This leader in residential real estate price trend analysis uses sale transaction data to produce historical price indices, forecasts, and automated individual house valuations.

Centre for Alternative Transportation Fuels On-line
BC Research, Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Users will find a series of newsletters on alternative transportation fuels published quarterly.

Edge of Chaos, Fairfield, CT, US
Fun for kids on the edge. Includes activities, stories, contests, fortune telling, and links to kids' home pages and kids' sites.

Charles R. Drew University Home Page
Los Angeles, CA, US
A predominantly Black medical school in Los Angeles that is affiliated with UCLA.

The Cinema Source
Thomas Elliott Young, Burlington, MA, US
Contains resources and products for home theater enthusiasts.

Cityscapes Halifax
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Promotes business products, services, and companies locally, nationally, and internationally.

The Classical MIDI Connection
Leesville High School, Leesville, LA, US
Provides the classical music enthusiast an easy method of accessing MIDI sequences of classical music.

Clear Communications: The Mac-Internet Page
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Another page devoted to the Macintosh, and run by Clear Communications, an Internet consulting company. Provides links to other great Macintosh pages.

College of St. Hild & St. Bede SRC
Durham, England
Information about the College, the Student Representative Council, upcoming events, and more.

Computer Configurations Holdings
Johannesburg, South Africa
Provides product and technical data on Corollary Symmetric Multiprocessors.

Conservative Site of the Day
Davie, FL, US
Features Web sites that best expatiate the conservative viewpoint. Sites are selected based on content, presentation, and Web design.

Crailville Ltd.
Hayes Road, England
Offers unsurpassed coach building skills from the restoration of complete and original bodies, to the research, design, and build of perfect replica coachwork.

Creator Lutheran Church
Clackamas, OR, US
A young and growing church invites users to visit them, or sign their Web guest book and share in their Christian commitment.

Crime Prevention Initiative
London, England
Keep possessions safe with hints culled from this crime prevention site.

Raleigh, NC, US
A source for client/server product news and information with graphical descriptions and hotlinks to over 200 products and services.

The Dean's List
Mary Lynne Dean, New Orleans, LA, US
Features teachers who are willing to share their experiences on integrating Web site resources into their daily lesson plan.

Department of Anthropology
Washington University, St. Louis, MO, US
Offers M.A. and Ph.D. degrees, with specialties in sociocultural anthropology, anthropological archaeology, and physical anthropology.

Dog-Ear Publishing
Boston, MA, US
Showcases fiction in an electronic environment.

Dom's Domain: Media Sites and Strategies
American Resource Company, Milwaukee, WI, US
A veteran newspaperman and Internet builder evaluates online newspapers and TV sites, plus business strategies.

Dr. Bob's Health Page
Parker Road Family Clinic, Plano, TX, US
Ever-changing information and advice on health-related topics.

Easy Source, the Essential Guide to New Orleans
Virtual Realty, New Orleans, LA, US
Lists sights, sounds, places to go, and things to do in New Orleans. A special Mardi Gras and Jazz Festival section is included.

Ecole de Langues Immersion, Inc.
Ste-Catherine-de-Hatley, Quebec, Canada
French-Canadian customized programs with host families or regular accommodations located in Magog/Orford, a four-season international resort near Montreal.

El Camino Resources, Ltd.
Woodland Hills, CA, US
The number-one, private, U.S. computer equipment lessor and long-time major systems integrators and IBM mainframe and midrange dealers-traders.

ElderCare Help Page
ElderCare Financial Management, Inc., Roswell, GA, US
Adult children of aging parents get information needed on aging issues. Nationwide directory of elder care service providers.

ENGEO Incorporated
San Ramon, CA, US
A full-service, multidisciplinary firm specializing in the earth sciences, including geotechnical engineering, environmental consulting, geology, and project management.

Entire US Federal Budget
Institute for Better Education Through Resource Technology, Glendale, CA, US
A comprehensive database of federal budget line items. Find out where taxpayer money is really going.

Evergreen Direct Videos & CD-ROMs
Port Angeles, WA, US
A guide to the best educational, instructional, and informative videos and CD-ROMs from around the world.

Executive Surveillance Products (ESP)
Wellesley, MA, US
The ultimate spy product-related store in the world, offering surveillance, counter-surveillance, personal protection, and night vision equipment to provide complete security for every area in today's society.

Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park
Fredericksburg, VA, US
Take an online tour of this Civil War park. Features online maps, walking tour brochures, and area tourist information.

Free-Market Enterprises, New York, NY, US
Offered in cooperation with the major free-market organizations. Includes a guide to libertarian Web resources, a full-text search tool for free-market sites, plus a monthly free lottery.

GB Communications
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
What we do and who we do it for: from The Amputee Home Page to a Tribute to the Rock Guitar Players, Web page creation at its best.

Gem Book Publishers
Fred Ward, Bethesda, MD, US
Proud publishers of the six-book Fred Ward Gem Series: Jade, Emeralds, Rubies and Sapphires, Diamonds, Pearls, and Gem Care.

Global Rating Service
Savanti Inc., Oakville, Ontario, Canada
A rating service for collectible card games, including Marvel's OverPower Legion. The site also contains a CCG tournament calendar.

Golf Vacations
Waltham, MA, US
From air to tee, worry-free, this site provides the information players need in order to have a golf vacation. Includes travel tips, destinations, and a newsletter.

Good News of the Week
Floyd, VA, US
A weekly list of good news and happy events.

Ithaca, NY, US
See these Great Outdoor Recreation Pages. Exceptional natural history and photographic trips to Africa, Costa Rica, Galapagos, Antarctica, Nepal, Peru, Alaska, China, Ireland, Italy, and other worldwide destinations.

Government Contractors Resource Center
Khera Communications, Inc., Washington, DC, US
Offers free access to the Commerce Business Daily, Federal Acquisition Regulation, and other information to help win lucrative government contracts.

GV Custom Modular Construction
Healdsburg, CA, US
A manufacturer of modular hospitals, prefabricated and precut homes, emergency housing for international disaster relief, mobile offices, and portable classrooms.

Columbus, OH, US
Exhibits of photography, fiction, digital art, media sampling, and other fun stuff.

Hard-to-Find Seals and Gaskets
EPM, Inc., Stockbridge, GA, US
View the 32-page online catalog of industrial seals and gaskets, one of the best selections in the world. Seals and gaskets can be shipped to any destination.

Headache Homepage
Seth Dreilinger, San Diego, CA, US
A quick test to check if the user's browser supports backgrounds.

herbs in Blume studio
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A gallery of silk screens, including a series of masks, something from the world of jazz, bamboo fly-fishing, and a few African and Amerindian designs. Includes a history of silk screening.

Holy Spirit Catholic Church
Huntsville, AL, US
The home page for this church offers a wide range of information including a mass schedule, parish bulletins, upcoming events, and Catholic links.

Illinois Roofers Mart, Inc.
Hillside, IL, US
Distributors of high-quality commercial and residential roofing products and equipment for professional contractors.

Ingram TitlePage
Ingram Book Group, LaVergne, TN, US
Features weekly updated information of interest to the book industry community. Ingram is the world's largest distributor of trade books, and also distributes periodicals, multimedia, and spoken audio.

Innovative Security Products
Shawnee Mission, KS, US
Provides complete computer security including computer security software, Internet security, security newsletter, and hacker/virus/theft protection.

Insignia Imprints
Fayetteville, NC, US
Will imprint any logo, photograph, military insignia or wording on ceramic mugs, mouse pads, T-shirts, and license plates. Both individual and organization orders accepted.

interMac Technologies
Niles, IL, US
Suppliers, resellers, and distributors of Apple Power Macintosh equipment and all third-party peripherals including memory, hard drives, and monitors.

Interway Communication GmbH
Fislisbach, Switzerland
An Internet consulting company. Site includes the largest Swiss home page directory.

The Rolland Company, Miami, FL, US
A scientific mathematical system, utilizing proprietary formulas and data, that calculates the intermediate trend of interest rates and the bond market.

iPost Services
IRdg, Inc., Winter Park, FL, US
A universal communications service integrating voice, fax, email, and paging into a single messaging environment accessible via phone, fax machine, email, or the Web.

Irish Trade Web
Dublin, Ireland
Promotes Ireland and Irish businesses to the global community.

J. D. Reece Realtors
Kansas City, MO, US
Kansas City's largest residential real estate company. Learn about buying, selling, or financing a home, or perhaps about a career in real estate.

JOURNEYS International
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Offers active, small-group guided travel in 35 countries in Asia, Africa, and the Americas.

Law Offices of Herbert Monheit
Philadelphia, PA, US
Represents victims of negligence or defective products including medical malpractice, motor vehicle accidents, product liability, medical devices, and civil rights.

An LDS Library of FREE Resources
Computer Enhancement Systems, Ooltewah, TN, US
Free LDS-related software and information.

London, England
A new Internet consultancy based in London. Combines direct marketing experience and Web design to produce sights that look good and get results.

M2 Limited - The Global Resource
Gaithersburg, MD, US
Specializes in translation, localization, internationalization, globalization, import/export, global development, and now HTML localization.

Mass ADvertising Services
Internet Advertising Associates, Longmeadow, MA, US
Dedicated to promoting small- and medium-sized businesses in a virtual mall setting. Includes business solutions, restaurants, photography, music, and classifieds.

Maximum Press
Gulf Breeze, FL, US
Publishes books, special reports, and Web content that help readers apply technology profitably.

The Mayflower III
Southwark Heritage Association, London, England
Information on the historically accurate replica of the Pilgrim's Mayflower of 1620, being constructed for the millennium celebration.

Metro Skywarn, Inc.
Bethel, Minnesota, US
Dedicated to training and exchanging severe weather spotting information with National Weather Service spotters nationwide.

Microsoft Magazine
Microsoft Corp., Redmond, WA, US
Helps users of Microsoft products to become more productive with their PCs at home and work.

Miller's Beatles Page
Chris Miller, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Contains links and information about the Beatles.

Morganics - The Environmental Answer
Global Internet Attitude Co., Phoenix, AZ, US
Environmental products include natural, organic cleaners for water, drains, stains, and odors, replacing harmful chemicals.

Music World 3
Baudway Communications, Boston, MA, US
Through the site visitors can find information about musical instruments, professional audio equipment, print music, and music software.

National Federation of Paralegal Associations
Inherent Technologies, Inc., Kansas City, MO, US
The premier Web site for the paralegal profession. The site includes online membership information, certification, ethics and unauthorized practice of law information, Internet legal research, and a professional directory of members.

The National Organ
Glendale, AZ, US
An alternative source of news, humor, information, and opinion. Addresses all the issues that everyone has always wanted to know about, but were afraid to ask.

Nebraska Unicameral Legislature
Legislative Computer Services, Lincoln, NE, US
Current legislative documents and information about Nebraska's legislative process. Includes daily updates when the legislature is in session, and interactive Nebraska maps and educational material.

Novel Concepts: The Information Service
David Smith, Killeen, TX, US
The home page of the future Christian Online Service for the central Texas area.

Olde Mill OnLine
Howard Farbman, Baltimore, MD, US
Highlights the nation's finest manufacturers of products for the home building and remodeling industries. Use Olde Mill OnLine to identify products, retrieve specifications, and order products.

On Hold Marketing Systems
Jeff McNeal Productions, San Diego, CA, US
A full-service, major market, professional audio production agency specializing in high-quality on-hold messages, radio/TV voice-overs, voice mail recordings, and Web audio clips for your site.

on-TRAC America
Atlanta, GA, US
Specializes in the advertising needs of recruiters, human resource departments, and job seekers.

Our Town Music Notes
Portland, OR, US
Portland-based Our Town magazine, presents weekly Music Notes on new bands playing the area.

Our World
Harleysville, PA, US
CompuServe's personal home page publishing service.

Panna Elena
Milan, Italy
In these pages find the best Italian cream and sweets made with the newest technology.

A Passion for Work
Worklife Pty. Ltd., Spit Junction, NSW, Australia
For those who pride themselves on dedication to career but are having difficulties envisaging how to maintain or restore vitality in worklife -- then this book will be useful, "A Passion for Work: Our Lifelong Affair" by Paul Stevens.

Peter van Dam & Associates
Apeldoorn, Holland, The Netherlands
Offers business automation on the Internet. Take business automation a step further on the Net and buy strategies, Web design, and site management.

Phoenix Entertainment Guide
Phoenix, AZ, US
A guide to various entertainment-related businesses in the Phoenix area.

Prisoners Abroad
London, England
A British charity dedicated to providing advice, information, and support to British citizens held in jails abroad.

Project 6 Degrees of Separation
Levent Kurnaz, New Orleans, LA, US
An experiment to test the old adage, using personal home pages as the medium.

Project Technology, Inc.
Berkeley, CA, US
The creator and supporter of the Shlaer-Mellor Method of Object-Oriented software development offers links to customers and more.

The Racer Color Scanning Service
Cape Coral, FL, US
Provides excellent color scanning of your photographs, 24-hour turnaround time, and cheap rates.

Rara Avis Rainforest Reserve
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Information on the Costa Rican rainforest, plus a bird list, photo gallery, and conservation information.

Reality of My Surroundings
San Francisco, CA, US
A dynamic digital movie that has been shown at the San Francisco MOMA, by Nathan Collett.

Robert J. Moran, Philadelphia, PA, US
Provides genealogical research, video services, portraits, and other services that are family oriented.

Rent Tech Roommate Matching Service
San Francisco, CA, US
Find a roommate in San Francisco through this free service.

Rocky Mountain Books
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Publishes outdoor recreation guides to the Canadian Rockies and other areas of western Canada.

Rogue Web
Grants Pass, OR, US
A community-oriented site featuring home pages for Grants Pass, Rogue River, and Cave Junction, Oregon. Links to and photos of area attractions and local businesses are also available.

Roland Yap
Singapore Network Services, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Provides an enormous amount of information from the Buddist Library Singapore.

Romance Authors' Page
Net Trends, Oklahoma City, OK, US
Discover the pages of favorite romance authors, order their latest books online, and read their bios.

RWD-Büroorganisation AG
Dietikon, Switzerland
A company that resells and produces furniture for the work environment. The company is based in Switzerland with three branch offices

The San Francisco Foghorn
University of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, US
The official undergraduate student newspaper of USF.

The Sandbox
Bob Rogers, New Hope, MN, US
Devoted to simulations of all kinds in all media: flight and auto simulators; computer, board, and play-by-mail strategy gaming; and hobby, training, and research simulations.

Savanti Press
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
Features Acrobat (.pdf) versions of sci-fi books. The first book is available for free download.

The Scientist
Philadelphia, PA, US
A publication for scientists in biology and related fields.

Sony Pictures Entertainment, Culver City, CA, US
Peter Weller stars in "Screamers," a new sci-fi film based on a short story by Phil Dick, who also wrote "Total Recall."

SEDAAR Outreach: Educational Web Pages
CIESIN (Consortium for International Earth Science Information Network), Washington, DC, US
Find out how this agency is transferring unclassified and recently declassified information to other government agencies and nongovernment organizations involved in global environmental change research.

Jacques Boissarie, Paris, France
Modern experimental literature and illustrations. In French.

Southeastern Alaska Firearms & Liberty Page
Ward Cove, AL, US
A site dedicated to countering the myths surrounding firearms and a chance for you to vote in the 1996 Presidential election right now.

The Stone Mountain Group
Snellville, GA, US
Provides an integrated, cost-effective approach to managing a client's human resources and employer risks.

Minneapolis, MN, US
Help author a progressive story on the Web that grows more elaborate every day.

Strock Photography
Douglas Strock, San Diego, CA, US
Offers compelling social commentary through photographic images.

Sunglass Express
Fairbanks Enterprises, Aubrey, TX, US
Offers incredibly low prices on sunglasses. Stop by and check out the styles.

IBM, Raleigh, NC, US
Information about the original BIOS, created by IBM for the first IBM personal computer.

Surveying and Mapping Industry
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia
Aims to explain the functions and organization of the surveying and mapping industry.

Syphilis and AIDS: Lessons from History
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Radio), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
In early January 1996 Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Radio aired Deja Vu: AIDS in Historical Perspective, a 2-hour documentary on "Ideas."

St.Laurent, Quebec, Canada
A Performance Support System company providing interactive multimedia CD-ROM applications for productivity, total quality management (TQM), ISO9000, QS9000, and competitiveness.

The Thinking Man's Minefield
St. Lucia, Australia
A place for serious thinkers and those magnificent individuals who seek the eternal.

Third World Press
Communication Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Offers objective journalism, in-depth analysis, and investigative reports covering the Third World.

TikiTrader's Grass Shack
Hawaiiana Traders, Ventura, CA, US
Polynesian products and Hawaiiana, old style and contemporary. Music, books, Aloha shirts, Tiki mugs, carved tikis, great island stuff, and more.

Travel Services
Globepost Travel Services, London, England
A comprehensive site detailing all the travel services and also including a bit of fun.

Trent Reznor's Personal Web Site
Nothing Records, Lexington, KY, US
Check out a few of the famous star's rants, find out about the new album, and see what his favorite links are.

The Unofficial Otago Cricket Page
Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand
Contains news, stats, records, and scorecards for one of New Zealand's first class cricket associations.

Unofficial University of Michigan Sports Page
East Lansing, MI, US
Provides links to Michigan-related sports, a visitors' poll, Sports Site of the Month, and more.

Wadsworth Earth System Science Resource Center
Wadsworth Publishing Company, Belmont, CA, US
Numerous earth science, astronomy, geology, oceanography, meteorology, environmental, and geography resources for professionals, educators, and students.

Web Server Resource Site
Frontier Technologies, Mequon, WI, US
A collection of cgi programs, HTML tips, and Web information to help users make an effective Web server.

Maybrook, NY, US
An Internet Service that provides low-cost Web page creation, graphics manipulation, desktop publishing services, and Internet marketing consultation.

WolfAddict Software
Greene, NY, US
A shareware company that produces quality scenarios for Macintosh's Wolfenstein 3D game.

WSM Advertising and Graphics
Bill Myers, Dayton, OH, US
A full-service advertising firm in the Midwest with an unnatural dedication to old Porsches.

Lynda Weinman, Glendale, CA, US
A Web designer's resource from the author of Designing Web Graphics. Read sample chapters and glean tips.

Xerox Small Office/Home Office
East Rochester, NY, US
Information and resources for the small business working environment, including product and supply information, customer support, and programs and business services.

Decatur, GA, US
Helps employers determine whether or not a job candidate possesses both the willingness and ability to perform his or her duties and responsibilities.

Thursday, 25 January 1996

1995 MLB Champion Atlanta Braves
Rio Grande Free-Net, El Paso, TX, US
A site chronicling the 1995 World Series and detailing the champion Atlanta Braves.

1-and-Only Internet Personals
Will Bunker, Dallas, TX, US
Stir up some interest in your social life with the highest-quality ads on the Internet.

5th CIRP Seminar on Computer Aided Tolerancing
Seminar Organizing Committee, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Held in Toronto in April of 1997, the site covers the conference scope, provides organizer information, and includes a preliminary application form.

AAA World Announce Archive
Tourist Radio Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia
Users can announce their sites by simply completing an online form.

Aarons Computer Serivces
Michael Aaron, Portland, OR, US
Builds custom computers at a low wholesale cost with technical support.

Achtung Panzer!
Andre N. Milutin, Wilkes-Barre, PA, US
A newsletter about German Panzer Korps and special forces, sans propaganda.

Acoustic/induction borehole measurements
Magnetic Pulse Inc., Fremont, CA, US
Dedicated to developing instrumentation for the exploration and production sector of the oil and gas industry.

Kennesaw, GA, US
Full-service Internet classifieds, featuring the Auto Mall.

Admiralty Developments
Performance Solutions, London, England
Unusual investment opportunities not readily available through traditional channels, such as participation in the ownership of soccer players or an art portfolio.

Advanced Research Systems
St. Charles, IL, US
Find information about the repair and maintenance for electron microscopes, along with general interest materials on microscopy, microanalysis, and surface science.

Advantage Memory Corporation
Irvine, CA, US
Manufacturer of broad-based memory upgrades. The current product line contains memory and PC cards for all major PC and Macintosh manufacturers.

Adventure Sports Online
Woodland, CA, US
A resource about water sports, bicycling, climbing, fishing, hiking, and skiing.

AH AWESOME VALENTINE! Make a Valentine in Seconds!
Cyber InSites, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MI, US
Make a valentine in seconds with whimsical cartoon cat Marlo Marmalade, dog JJ Jamm, or other great cartoon characters. Free for both adults and kids.

Ah, How Generous, JJ JAMM!
Cyber InSites, Minnetonka, MN, US
A witty cartoon in which the character, JJ Jamm, reveals his awesome secret chocolate mousse recipe.

ARCON Corporation
Waltham, MA, US
Provides consulting services in system integration, computer networking, software development, engineering, and physical sciences, from detailed technical tasks through project management.

Army Aeroflightdynamics Directorate
Moffett Field, CA, US
Pioneers the advancement of knowledge and innovative technology in rotorcraft aeromechanics, and human system integration.

Association For Safe International Road Travel
Bethesda, MD, US
A nonprofit, international, humanitarian organization to promote road safety through education and advocacy.

The Bahamas Journal of Science
Media Enterprises Ltd., Nassau, Bahamas
An independent academic periodical featuring original research on scientific topics related to the Bahama Islands.

Boswell English as a Second Language System
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Rapidly teaches users to speak by phonetically linking a keyboard to phonems for an added learning dimension.

BrainTainment Center
Laguna Beach, CA, US
Offers free IQ and brainpower analysis online.

Brock Control Systems, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
A leader in business solutions technology.

Broken Shackles, Inc.
Portland, ME, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to helping cult victims.

Chapel Hill-Carrboro ChamberNet
Chapel Hill-Carrboro Chamber of Commerce, Chapel Hill, NC, US
All that's needed to know about business in, relocating to, and visiting Chapel-Hill Carrboro, North Carolina.

The Christian Reader
Page1, Vacaville, CA, US
A service providing Christian and daily updated news links, Bible-based reflections on the subjects people are talking about, and original articles.

Fountaingate Christian Foundation, Newcastle, Australia
A platform for quality Christian resources, including Bible studies, leadership training materials, and world reports.

The City of Hurst
Hurst, TX, US
A dynamic community, comprised of a major retail center coupled with a safe, affordable family living environment.

Club Internacional del Libro
Madrid, Spain
The largest Spanish language mail order publisher.

Colden Center for the Performing Arts
Flushing, NY, US
A multidisciplinary performing arts center presenting the finest in jazz, classical, pop music, dance, theater, and arts and education.

Community Network Information Resources
Paul M.A. Baker, AICP, Fairfax, VA, US
For researchers or individuals with an interest in community networks. Focuses on policy and governmental aspects.

The Complete Bird Page
D. Bates, Bosque, NM, US
One of the largest sites on birds in the world.

Complete Web Page Help
Steffanie Lynch, Richmond, VA, US
This free tutorial provides a step-by-step instruction on creating Web pages and using AOL member server space.

Copy Caps
Provincetown, MA, US
Makes custom-embroidered baseball caps with no minimum order requirement. Customers can also view their design on the page.

Corpa Group
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Corporate investigation specialists conducting executive background reports, asset investigations, and missing debtors/missing persons searches.

CustomWare Systems
Plano, TX, US
A software development company specializing in the entertainment industry. The current product is InfoManager v2.0 for Windows/Windows 95.

Madeira Beach, FL, US
Showcasing music, clothing, games, and art from the edge.

Datasys Computer Corporation
Dallas, TX, US
Supplies computer networking, administration, and monitoring hardware and software including IBM RS/6000, HP3000, HP9000, and IBM Sysview.

Digitape Systems
Northridge, CA, US
A large-volume, value-added reseller and stocking distributor of high-end storage products.

Diversified Resource Management, Inc.
Lexington, KY, US
A professional consulting service for MAS90 accounting systems and disaster contingency planning and recovery services.

An Early Childhood Education Info Center
Educational Productions, Portland, OR, US
An information center supporting the efforts of educators and trainers of teachers, care givers, and parents of young children.

East Texas World
Lindale, TX, US
A Web community offering information about East Texas businesses, cities, schools, classified ads, radio stations, attractions, and more.

The Eleusinian Mysteries
University of Evansville, Evansville, IN, US
Examines and explores these religious rites that were held annually in honor of Demeter and Persephone in ancient Greece.

eMoon Online Production Resource Guide
Los Angeles, CA, US
Hollywood and nationwide directory of entertainment industry vendors, production crew personnel, and entertainment-related services.

Energy Brokers
Integrated Marketing Consultants, Inc., West Chester, PA, US
Deregulation is changing the utility industry by introducing competition. See how business (and eventually residential users) can benefit from deregulation. Discover the savings of EnergyOne.

Excalibur Data Recovery, Inc.
North Billerica, MA, US
Professional data recovery performed on hard drives, tapes, servers, and laptops from crashes, viruses, and FAT and partition corruption.

Film & Video Internet Gateway
Michael Lande, Lawrence, KS, US
A list of Internet resources of interest to film and video professionals.

Flow Simulation
Sheffield, England
Download software for scientists and engineers, both academic and industrial. Also includes newsletters and publications.

Foreign Correspondent
Kawachi-gun, Tochigi, Japan
A bilingual pen pal newsletter published in Japan.

Gesellschaft fuer Regelungstechnik
Verl, Germany
A building control and facilities management company.

Gold Capital Corporation
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An exciting new entrant into the gold mining arena.

Gold Disk
Santa Clara, CA, US
Discover the full line of Gold Disk's award-winning multimedia products. Download a demo and get questions answered at the site.

Columbus, OH, US
Gothic/Ethereal/Punk band from Columbus, Ohio. Web site has contact information and band history, and will soon have sample music.

Stamford, CT, US
From stock prices to industry news to sports scores, this information service features news on a variety of topics.

The Great Australian Byte
Sue Paget, San Diego, CA, US
A list of the best Australian Web sites on the Internet.

Hardware World
Jensen Distribution Services, Spokane, WA, US
A comprehensive link to resources for the home improvement industry.

Hazen Training Center
Muncie, IN, US
A center for the breeding, training, instruction, and sale of Morgan horses.

The Health Hero Network
Raya Systems, Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
The Web site of the Health Hero series of video games: interactive entertainment products that promote child and adolescent health.

The Healthyback Store
Vienna, VA, US
Devoted to product solutions that prevent back and neck pain, and relieve other stress-related ailments.

Home Connections
Macon, NC, US
Find a dream home in just a few mouse clicks. Thousands of properties are available for sale nationwide.

HomeSafe Products of Canada
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Provides the finest in personal, home, office, and vehicle security and safety.

IES Technologies
Sandy, UT, US
Manufactures the FutureSmart Interactive Network wiring/fiber optic distribution system for whole house or office networking of computers, telephones, audio/video, security, home automation, and more.

Images On Line
Louisville, KY, US
Features some of the world's most renowned poster images by Julius Friedman and Mike Slone. Signed copies are available.

Independence Life WebSaver Annuity
Boston, MA, US
The first financial planning product designed exclusively for the Web. WebSaver Annuity visitors can buy online, earn more, and save for retirement.

Innovative Learning Systems
South Pasadena, CA, US
An educational consulting firm primarily focused on adult education.

Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
A comprehensive business directory for North America.

International Virtual Conference on Mad Science
Independent Collaboration of Freelance Mad Scientists, London, England
Provides an international forum for the presentation, discussion, and extension of research into Mad Science and dangerous technologies that fall beyond the scope of conventional science and good taste.

Internet Super Computer Store
Data Technology Research Corporation, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
A computer software and hardware store that lets users buy and/or design their own personal PC online.

Jason's Sound Corner
Philadelphia, PA, US
A collection of hundreds of sounds including samples from Pulp Fiction, The Crow, Airplane, Ghostbusters, Monty Python, and more.

JCMC Special Issue on Electronic Commerce
Annenberg School for Communication, Los Angeles, CA, US
This special issue of the Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication includes articles on Internet marketing, cybermediaries, buyer-seller relationships, and commercial scenarios for the Web.

The Jewish Theatre Ensemble
Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, US
Promotes Jewish theater at NWU and all around Chicago.

KMGZ - Magic 95 - 95.3 FM
Sirius Systems Group, Lawton, OK, US
Plays contemporary hits by artists like Ace of Base, Boyz II Men, Madonna, and others, 24-hours daily, and leads all other Lawton radio stations in community unity involvement, contests, and promotions.

Language & Production Services
G & W Communications, Inc., Charlottesville, VA, US
Language and production services in German and other languages.

The Last Adventure
Perth, Australia
Endeavors to create awareness and educate about the need to conserve the natural world and human heritage.

The Laughing Pit
Douglas Vance, Pelham, NY, US
A hilarious site with many jokes and original categories such as "Fool of the Week" and "You know you're a loser when..."

Les MOOndes virtuels
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A MOO resource page, providing connection tips, and links to sites and theoretical work.

Chaos and Mayhem, Kokomo, IN, US
A weekly top ten list of Web sites, with a difference.

List of Low Cost Web Space Services
Atlanta, GA, US
Indices of cheap Web space providers, virtual and non-virtual hosting services, and graphic designers.

LiteTouch, Inc.
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Manufactures low-voltage switches, modules and controllers for lighting and appliance control, HVAC/energy management, home networks, and automation.

Longbow International Corp.
New York, NY, US
Specializes in Web programming and database development using perl, C/C++, Java, and SQL. Clients are online developers and advertising agencies.

Lumina: A Social History
University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC, US
A history of this beach pavilion, constructed in 1905 and demolished in 1973, that transcends generations of social conflict and turbulent events.

Marketing Results
Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
A full-service marketing company with proven experience in facilitating the introduction, registration, and marketing of new products throughout Latin America and the Caribbean.

The Men Who Knew Too Much
Melbourne, Australia
An overview of the activities of The Men Who Knew Too Much, the acclaimed and ridiculous performance comedy group from Australia. Aims to network with similar groups from around the world and to introduce the Australian scene.

MfgNet Online
Productivity, Inc., Norwalk, CT, US
Besides information about using the Internet, MfgNet Online delivers news and new ideas for improving productivity, quality, employee involvement, and machine maintenance.

Midlantic Bank on the Net®
West Paterson, NJ, US
Bank on the Net® with Midlantic for loans, checking, savings, money-market accounts, and CDs. Grow your money with IRAs, mutual-funds, and other investment products.

Midwestern Collegiate Conference
Indianapolis, IN, US
The home page of this NCAA Division I athletic league includes links to conference member schools as well as statistical and other information.

The Mud Connector
Avatar, New York, NY, US


Nancy Etchemendy, Author
Menlo Park, CA, US
Details about the author and her publications. Includes a weekly poem and monthly short story, with sounds and pictures. Experiment with hyperpoetry.

Northwest International Company, Bothell, WA, US
Wholesale and export natural pet health care products such as homeopathic medicines, digestive enzymes, supplements, and pure shampoo.

Neilson & Associates
London, Ontario, Canada
Services include computer training, consultation, network installation, and programming.

The Neural Surfer
David Christopher Lane, Ph.D., La Jolla, CA, US
A list of online books on cults and new religions.

New England Home Automation
Norwich, CT, US
Service provider offering home networks, including lighting, security systems, communications, audio/video, home theater, HVAC, energy management, windows, doors, gates, automation controllers, and more.

The New Jersey Internet Business to Business Directory
Interstat, Inc., Mount Laurel, NJ, US
Add New Jersey businesses by name or trade and submit it today online.

NewLink Group, Inc.
Dundas, Ontario, Canada
Management information consultants who link business strategy with information technology.

NextAge Magazine
Lauderdale Lakes, FL, US
Find model and actress profiles, biographies, filmographies, pictures, and much more.

The Night Shift Initiative
Voron Communications, Philadelphia, PA, US
Provides helpful information on coping with the night shift lifestyle.

Victoria White, Northampton, MA, US
A comprehensive Web site dedicated to the school, government, history, architecture, and dogs of Northampton, Massachusetts.

Northwest Mining Association
Spokane, WA, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public and its members on the minerals/mining industry.

The Official Mardi Gras Page
Blake & Bray, Abita Springs, LA, US
Offers something for everyone, including pictures, recipes, schedules, and updates.

Olive Baptist Church
Dr. Ted H Traylor, Pensacola, FL, US
Information on this Baptist church: the service schedules, activities, and more.

Omnipresence Graphics
Gary L. Bamonte, Milton, FL, US
A developer of Web presences and graphics.

Onsat Magazine
Triple D Publishing, Inc., Shelby, NC, US
Television programming guide for C-band satellite dish users, featuring time zone editions, 24-hour grid guide, most accurate listings, news and feature articles, most channels, movies, sports, and more.

Pacific Southwest Sauces
Great Pacific & Southwest Spice Company, Honolulu, HI, US
The flavor of Hawaii meets the spice of the Southwest in Pacific Southwest Sauces. Exclusive gourmet creations combining Hawaiian fruits with New Mexico chile peppers are offered.

PLATINUM Company Store
OakBrook Terrace, IL, US
Features clothing, personal items, and office and reference merchandise.

Primark Corporate Homepage
TASC, Inc., Waltham, MA, US
A global provider of information services who combines advanced software and information technology solutions with highly accurate, timely, and comprehensive databases.

Profil WWW Service
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Rents Web space to businesses, associations, and individuals.

Raintree Essix
Blake and Bray, New Orleans, LA, US
The leading producer of Essix and ARS Materials for beautiful teeth.

Inverse Ink, Fremont, CA, US
The world's first, live-action comic book. Download a demo and experience the future of comics.

Regional Business Park Gelderland
TnT Dunamis Internet Services, Nijmegen, Gelderland, The Netherlands
A regional business park with link to many businesses and information services.

Port Jefferson, NY, US
Consists of stock charts, financial data, and links to other financial sites.

Rocky Mountain Books
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Outdoor recreation guides to the Canadian Rockies and other areas of Western Canada. Hiking, climbing, skiing, biking, and paddling.

Sam's Gallery
Samuel R. Dye, Columbus, MS, US
A great graphics page covering such subjects as Alabama Football, animals, military aircraft, and the powerful Pinabuto Volcano in the Philippines.

Satori Associates
Allen, TX, US
A consortium of database developers, each an independent company sharing a variety of resources, knowledge, purchasing and advertising power, and a common mission.

Schuler DESIGN
Rosamond, CA, US
Offers Web page development for business and personal use.

The Scout Toolkit
Susan Calcari and Jack Solock, Madison, WI, US
An annotated hypertext listing of selected network information tools. Includes browsers, search tools, keeping current, and specialized tools sections.

Share International Magazine
North Hollywood, CA, US
Documents the emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher -- the one awaited by various religious traditions as the Christ, Messiah, Imam Mahdi, Krishna, and Maitreya Buddha.

SoftConsult's IT Homepage
Drachten, Friesland, The Netherlands
Check out this site of software, hardware, and IT magazine links.

Somnial Times
Chicago, Illinois, US
A newsletter covering all aspects of dreams and dreaming.

Sonic Media, Inc.
Plano, TX, US
Produces superior-quality audio, in particular, bit and sample rate conversions for multimedia applications.

Sound Optical Laboratory
Tacoma, WA, US
Wholesale lab serving optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians. A Varilux distributor, member of OLA, and Polycarbonate Council.

Spanish Course in Quito, Ecuador
Lauterbach, Germany
Learn Spanish all year round and house with middle/upper class families. Very special full immersion program, Quito-Cultural, combines normal Spanish lessons in the morning with practical and cultural "lessons" in the afternoon.

The Sport International Hockey Academy
Altoona, PA, US
Hockey camp information, the current lineup, and a calendar of events.

A SUPERTEAM in Radiation Oncology
Theodore C.M. Lo, M.D., Burlington, MA, US
To cure often, to palliate usually, to care and comfort always.

T Cell Sciences
Needham, MA, US
Develops pharmaceutical products for the treatment of inflammatory disorders and autoimmune diseases utilizing proprietary complement inhibitor and T-cell technology.

Tailor Computer Components
Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Sales and service for PC components and accessories.

Talaris Systems, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Develops and sells specialized network laser printers capable of printing document images at full engine speeds of 17 ppm to 32 ppm.

TheZone Web Page
Dappsoft, Roma, Italy
Pictures and a detailed description of the popular arcade game for the Macintosh.

This is XBAND
Catapult Entertainment, Inc., Cupertino, CA, US
XBAND for Genesis and SNES connects hardcore gamers with opponents across the country for real-time competition. XBAND for the PC brings multiplayer gaming online.

The Toll-Free Environmental Directory
Paul J. Krupin, Kennewick, WA, US
A searchable database of over 7,000 toll-free 800 number listings covering the entire environmental industry. Includes companies, associations, state and federal government agencies, and industry hotlines.

The Tool Crib
Redford, MI, US
Features a monthly brochure with all of the latest specials. Carries all types of household, professional, and building maintenance tools.

Torah Discussions
Steve Gindi, Jerusalem, Israel
The most intersting Torah discussions on the Web.

Torah tidbits
The Israel Center, Jerusalem, Israel
A weekly publication featuring the Aliya-by-Aliya Sedra Summary.

New York, NY, US
Sells products and services from Africa including manufacturing, mining, agricultural, travel, safari, and yachting products.

The Traffic Accident Reconstruction Origin
Bill Wright, West Palm Beach, FL, US
A magazine for engineers and police officers involved in the civil and criminal investigation of automobile and truck collisions.

True North Picture Source
Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, England
A stock picture collection, featuring the life and landscape of the north of England, photographed by John Morrison.

Twin Peaks Under the Sycamore Trees
Pennsylvania State University, St. College, PA, US
A tribute to the program, Twin Peaks, and its director, David Lynch.

Joel Elrod, San Francisco, CA, US
A page of illustration and computer graphics designed to catch the eye of top name art directors, illustrators, and art lovers.

Underground Sports & Fitness, Inc.
Rochester, NH, US
Health and fitness-related site geared to nutrition, weight loss, body building, and exercise.

Universal Concepts
Cincinnati, OH, US
A computer products sales and service company that also hosts pages of software help, a Web gallery, editorials, and a pen pal forum.

Viewpoint Mall
Viewpoint Productions, Inc., Clinton, UT, US
Find cards, comics, tools, children's videos, excellent educational supplies, travel resources, toys, T-shirts, cleansers, classifieds, fine art and sculpture, adolescent services, and more.

Virtual Riviera
Antibes, France
Property and real estate developers based on France's Mediterranean coast.

Virtual Urth
New York, NY, US
A world of poetry and fun. Submit a poem for millions of viewers to enjoy.

Virus Conference
Civis Mediolanensis, Milan, Italy
Questions, answers, and information about viruses. In Italian.

WCI Internet Services
Winter Park, FL, US
Provides business solutions for the Internet and the World Wide Web.

Web Creations
West Olive, MI, US
Complete Web designs at great prices.

WebMaster's Notebook
CIO Communications, Inc., Framingham, MA, US
Provides key resources for webmasters. Resources include links, seminars, tools, and an online magazine.

Santa Clarita, CA, US
A monthly color publication featuring wineries, B&Bs, restaurants, and more.

WinWeb International
London, England
A corporate service provider offering online marketing and translation, and interactive business services. Includes job listings, email directories, and news.

Sports Challenger Systems, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
An interactive, fantasy cricket competition for the upcoming World Cup, where entrants become 'virtual managers' by selecting their own team, and stand the chance of a great cash prize.

World of Fishing
Lindale, TX, US
A special place for fishing enthusiasts, full of all kinds of fishing information. Covers tackle stores, tournament information, manufacturers showrooms, book stores, travel centers, and more.

World of Reading, Ltd.
Atlanta, GA, US
Sells language software for children and adults at discount prices, as well as foreign language books, tapes, and videos.

World Wide Web Classifieds
British Columbia Business Connections Ltd., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A list of just about anything for sale or wanted by individuals from around the world.

World Wide Worming Site
Paul Cannon, Camberley, United Kingdom
Site dedicated to the new computer game WORMS. Complete with cartoon, email facilities, and wormholes (links) to other sites.

Xtabi - The Meeting Place of the Gods
Oviedo, FL, USA
A new-age advertising agency that caters to unique and creative clients. Geared towards alternative lifestyles and views.

Friday, 26 January 1996

1050 Chum Radio
Davisville Communications, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Toronto's oldies station featuring the top ten songs from the 1957 to 1986 CHUM Charts. Highlights include RealAudio clips of Paul McCartney and Wolfman Jack.

1996 Australian Grand Prix
Mawdesley Designs, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A Web page for the 1996 Australian Grand Prix in Melbourne.

3 Guys Who Draw
St.Louis, MO, US
Find cartoons, silly features, and portfolio samples from John Blair Moore, Larry Nolte, and Roy Smith.

ABC to XYZ Mall
CVC Productions West Ltd., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Not just a mall, but an entertainment center, too. Find rows of stores, as well as trivia contests, job listings, and a bulletin board.

Abortion Clinics OnLine
RealPages Internet Directories, Atlanta, GA, US
A comprehensive listing of abortion clinics nationwide.

Adventure Homer
Homer Tribune, Homer, AK, US
An online guide to Homer, Alaska.

The Adventures of Gyro!
GyroAntics, Tacoma, WA, US
An interactive Internet kids' book that is educational and fun. Parental involvement is encouraged.

Washington, DC, US
Information regarding economic and political climates in specific Asian nations. AEGIS is a George Washington University student organization.

Alandia Online Internet Services
Mariehamn, Aland, Finland
The gateway to Internetting on the Aland Islands and Swedish Finland. In Swedish.

Artnoir Showcase
Coni Uzelac, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Lists artists, collectors, galleries, libraries, museums, exhibitions, publications, and fine art services specializing in the art of the diaspora.

Australian Affair
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Find Australian-made gifts and souvenirs plus information on Australian gift makers, unique Australian animals, and links to other interesting Australian sites.

Aux Vins de France
Perpignan, France
Find French regional wines, vintage wines, many talented wine makers, and products of exceptional quality.

Bahamas On-Line
Internet Bahamas Limited, Nassau, Bahamas
Information on Bahamas business, travel, hotels, history, environment, and more. Also includes and email directory and mall.

Better Than Ezra
Baton Rouge, LA, US
Alternative rock band Better Than Ezra's official home on the Web.

Stian M. Viddal, Skien, Telemark, Norway
Unofficial fan page of Jeff Smith's comic book, Bone.

Borgo Casa al Vento
Tourism & Holiday in Italy, Siena, Tuscany, Italy
Charming hamlet in Chianti where hospitality is found in 12 restored apartments with swimming pool with spa, tennis, and park with animals. In Italian and English.

British Airways Global Check-In
London, England
Discover the world's favourite airline. Information about products and services is topped off with interactive schedules and some pleasant surprises.

Brittany Dawn Country Classics and Gifts
JBMart, Spanish Fork, UT, US
Great gift ideas at great prices. Folk art available nowhere else, including porcelain dolls, Victorian candles, quilts, and original watercolors.

Human Society, Rolla, MO, US
Employs a structure of information fusing together such topics as art, philosophy, design, writing, the soul, thought, and various other explorations of the mind.

CADENCE Management Corporation
Portland, OR, US
A project management training and consulting firm.

CAI Art Gallery
Dong Secuya, Cebu City, Philippines
Discover artwork by contemporary Cebuano artists.

California Educaton Law Report
Mendocino, CA, US
A monthly legal newsletter covering the latest California and national cases, controversies, and law school developments.

California Health Care Shopper
Phil Daigle, Laguna Beach, CA, US
Compares features and rates of most health insurance plans available to individuals and families residing in California.

Canberra Highland Society & Burns Club Pipe Band
Erindale, Australia
Details about the bagpipe band, its members, and current activities.

The Carnegie Science Center
Joseph E. Wells, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Gives a complete description of the activities available at the Science Center with plans for some online exhibits.

Central Reservation Service Corp.
Altamonte Springs, FL, US
A reservation service for hotels in the U.S. Features discounts for over 250 hotels in New York, Miami, Orlando, Los Angeles, and San Francisco.

CineMac Screen Saver Factories
MacSourcery, Escondido, CA
Download a demo of CineMac for Director, which creates screen savers from MacroMedia Director movies.

City of Des Moines, Washington
Des Moines, WA, US
Located on the eastern shore of Puget Sound midway between Seattle and Tacoma, the city provides public services to over 22,000 persons. It also operates a small boat marina with 836 slips and 1,500 feet of guest moorage.

Codex Privacy Page
Technical Assistance Group, New York, NY, US
The world's greatest links to privacy resources and utilities.

Computer ESP Internet Search
U.Vision.Inc, Redwood City, CA, US
Contains comprehensive, organized, up-to-date information on computer hardware and software products, their manufacturers, and their sellers. Browse and search over 19,000 computer companies and their products.

Conrad Button's Software
Arlington, WA, US
Download financial, mathematical, and statistical shareware for Windows.

Continental Choice Care, Inc.
Florham Park, NJ, US
Find out about home and alternate site dialysis programs.

Country Standard Time
Jeffrey B. Remz, Newton Centre, MA, US
A serious country music publication, including features about national artists, extensive CD reviews, book reviews, country music news, links, editorials, and columns.

Paris, France
Using CREDES surveys as well as data collected elsewhere, statisticians, physicians, and economists bring their combined expertise to the study of all aspects of health economics.

A Deeper Understanding
Robert Weeks, New York, NY, US
Home page of the band Woozy, containing information on the band, guitars, and women. Top-notch animation and VRML with fantastic graphic design and music.

Defunkt Music
Joseph Bowie, Frederick, MD, US
Contains bios of trombonist Joseph Bowie and the groups he performs with, Defunkt and The Ethnic Heritage Ensemble.

Doc's Wacky Site
Bountiful, UT, US
The Doc tells all about geology, fractals, graphic design, guitar lessons, rocks, Navajo rugs, radium as a patent medicine, nuclear warfare, and volcanoes.

DTN Wall Street Services
Data Transmission Network, Jersey City, NJ, US
Receive through an Internet connection the same timely, market-impacting news and services seen by DTN's satellite and cable subscribers.

The du Pont Letter
Ben du Pont, Wilmington, DE, US
Pete du Pont's weekly syndicated column of perspectives on American policy. Pete's columns are first published on the Web, and then in 70 newspapers around the world.

Electronic Games for Education in Math and Science
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A research project whose aim is to promote math and science to children in grades 4-8 by using existing and creating new educational games.

Emergency Response & Research Institute
Chicago, IL, US
The fire/police/EMS station on the Internet, with news, information, analysis, and reference for and about the emergency response community.

EnviroTest Laboratories
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Find out about the services offered at this analytical and environmental testing laboratory.

Esteban F. Daranyi and Co.
Tucson, AZ, US
A brokerage firm that buys and sells gold and silver coins for investors and collectors.

E-Tree Software Support Triage
Exton Technology Group, Softmart, Inc., Madison, WI, US
Software support on the Web for Windows 95, Microsoft Office, Lotus SmartSuite, Perfect Office, MS-DOS, and others.

Experience New Orleans!
Kenner, LA, US
Experience Mardi Gras live on the Net at the world's first virtual Mardi Gras Internet party. Harry Connick's Orpheus Krewe will be compucast live.

Fantasy Sports Interactive
CDM, Inc., St. Louis, MO, US
Play The Sporting News' fantasy golf, baseball, hockey, basketball, and football challenges. Compete against fantasy fans from across the country and win up to $25,000.

Forget Me Not Family Society
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Works to encourage and develop a recognition of the benefits of family preservation and openness in adoption practice.

Forte Software
Oakland, CA, US
Addresses the market need for application development software that can simplify the complexities of building high-end applications for client/server environments.

Freebie Icons Page
Majon's CyberMall, Los Osos, CA, US
A great assortment of unique and colorful icons to dress up Web sites.

Freedom to Read Week 1996
Book and Periodical Council, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Canada's 12th Annual Freedom to Read Week takes place from 26 February to 3 March 1996. Kits are available for educators and librarians.

Front and Center
Kennedy High School, Waterbury, CT, US
A high school-based electronic newsletter dealing with weather.

FrontiersWeb Online NewsMagazine
West Hollywood, CA, US
The online component of Frontiers NewsMagazine, with articles and information for and about the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community, and extensive coverage of AIDS and HIV-related issues.

Global Network of Environment & Technology
GNET, Annandale, VA, US
The gateway to constantly updated information on innovative environmental technologies, business, and news.

Graphics aRts Us
Worcester, MA, US
A full-service PC-based graphic design house.

Hexen Mega-Page
Odyssey OnLine, Lancaster, SC, US
A must-see home page about the awesome game, Hexen - Beyond Heretic, by Raven Software. Includes screen shots, cheat codes, and WAD files.

HomeSafe's Fireside
Baltimore, MD, US
Visit the warmest place on the Net and find out everything there is to know about chimneys, fireplaces, wood stoves, inserts, pellet stoves, and gas or oil furnace flues.

Hyperactive Multimedia Production
Wellington, New Zealand
Specializes in the design and development of computer-based multimedia business solutions. See an online portfolio.

Hypermedia Presentation and Authoring System
The HPAS Project Group, Austin, TX, US
An integrated environment for authoring and browsing HPAS and HTML documents on the Internet.

Hilversum, The Netherlands
The new site of the IKON broadcasting corporation, the ecumenical broadcasting organization for The Netherlands.

Escondido, CA, US
Custom-designed Web sites combining the power of imagination with advertising. All elements of HTML can be included.

San Mateo, CA, US
The Net's first space for independent record labels.

In-house Web Solutions
Lynch Consulting, Richmond, VA, US
Creates Web designs, and Dear Webby (tm) will train users to take charge.

Intelligent Systems & Robotics Center
Sandia National Labs, Albuquerque, NM, US
Has won an award of Excellence from STC. Describes applied research in robotics directed at the clean-up of nuclear and hazardous waste sites in the U.S. Contains nearly 100 hyperlinks to ongoing work at Sandia and other national labs and universities.

International Internet Name Registry
Webmedia Ltd, London, England
Registers domain names anywhere in the world. Companies need to protect their registered and trading names in all their trading territories.

The Internet Agency
Trier, Germany
One of the leading German agencies for electronic advertising, consulting, production and design, access providing, and more.

internet five
Minneapolis, MN, US
A dynamic Web site development company. Features slick design and a sense of humor.

IT Global
International Trade Group, Inc., Orem, UT, US
Where international traders and manufacturers meet to sell close-outs and hot brand-name products. Deals change daily.

John Pihas & Partners
Portland, OR, US
A marketing communications firm that provides marketing strategy, advertising, and public relations.

Journal and Courier Online
Lafayette, IN, US
A daily online newspaper covering Lafayette and Purdue University, with community calendars and news of the weird.

Lake Saint Louis Sentinel
TL Wahl, Lake Saint Louis, MO, US
A general interest newspaper featuring articles and photos from the area.

LanWeb Designs
Folsom, CA, US
An Internet service provider, Web page designer, and LAN consultant who also performs installations and does purchasing and training for both PCs and Macs.

LatinGate Israel
Tel-Aviv, Israel
A gate to the Latin world, with a CD-of-the-month, information on music and dance workshops in Cuba and Latin America, and DJ services in Israel.

Le Grand Louvre
Paul Smith, Atlanta, GA, US
Contains a brief history of the Louvre and an electronic exhibit of a few of the masterpieces contained therein.

Legislative Research, Inc.
Nashville, TN, US
Provides Tennessee legislative history research to attorneys, lobbyists, and activists. Visit for Tennessee General Assembly information and Tennessee legal resources on the Web.

Wall, PA, US
The online home of LIGHTMUSIC, an award-winning, daily, contemporary Christian music TV show.

Linda's Orchid Page
Linda Fortner, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Explore the fascinating world of orchids. Included are photos, growing tips, links, and more.

Master List of Newsgroup Hierarchies
Lewis S. Eisen, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Basic descriptions of hundreds of hierarchies of distributed newsgroups.

McGuire Web Marketing
Mount Vernon, WA, US
Provides quality Web design and marketing services for businesses and individuals. Also see McGuire's Web Site QuickStart plan.

Moki Mac River Expeditions
Richard Quist, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A white water outfitter offering rafting trips in Utah and Arizona on the Green and Colorado Rivers, including the Grand Canyon and Canyonlands.

Morganics - The Environmental Answer
Phoenix, AZ, US
Sells environmental products such as natural, organic cleaners for water, drains, stains, and odors, replacing harmful chemicals.

Mormon Tree of Life Art Exhibit
Unlimited Vision On-Line, Orem, UT, US
Selected images from the art exhibit about the Tree of Life, from the Book of Mormon.

Netlibs - The Internet Game of MadLibs
David Laster, Vernon, CT, US
The crazy, fun, educational game of Mad Libs -- but on the Internet. Just fill in the prompts and a wacky story will come out.

Northern California Auto Letter
Ira Victor, San Francisco, CA, US
A newsletter for the Northern California driver, with articles, tips, and frequently asked drivers' questions.

Oaklawn Park
Oaklawn Jockey Club, Hot Springs, AR, US
Up-to-the-minute race results as well as daily entries, scratch reports, workouts, and more from this horse racing track.

Obesity/Weight Control & Eating Disorders
Michael D. Myers M.D., Inc., Los Alamitos, CA, US
Information on obesity and weight control, eating disorders, and related medical conditions written by a physician specializing in these treatments.

Oldies & Goodies - The School Museum List and Site
From Now On, Bellingham, WA, US
A global list of all known K-12 school museums, with a brief description of what they offer.

The Orillia Website
Oyston Associates, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
A list of sites about Orillia, and other sites of general interest.

Orlando SurfNet
Roderic van Beuzekom, Orlando, FL, US
Anyone with a favorite URL in Central Florida should feel free to add it to this database.

PaleoArt & Minerals
Titusville, NJ, US
Provides Web publishing and online catalog services for gem, mineral, fossil, and lapidary arts businesses, and maintains an online gallery of specimens.

PAWWS Financial Network
Jersey City, NJ, US
A comprehensive online investment resource featuring online trading, portfolio accounting, free stock quotes, news, reports, and more.

People for Weiland
Sioux Falls, SD, US
The official home page of Rick Weiland's campaign for South Dakota's only Congressional seat. Includes a biography, newsletters, and updates.

Personal Creations, Inc.
Willowbrook, IL, US
Find the perfect gift for everyone on your list; for every occasion.

Pertuit Brecht Online Marketing Services, Inc.
Metairie, LA, US
Provides quality Web page presence, design, marketing, and online public relations.

Photoshop, Links, Tips, and More
Montgomery Blair High School, Potomac, MD, US
Contains links to all sorts of Adobe Photoshop and computer graphics pages.

The Point
Big Dawg Design, Morristown, TN, US
A publication to promote this advertising, graphic design, and illustration company.

Police Dog Homepages
Bob Eden, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Extensive resources on police dog training and applications, with an online database of related case law.

Porsche Club of America - Zone 8 Web Site
Orange, CA, US
See the latest calendar of Zone 8 events. They also have the most recent rules and results for Concours driving events and rallies.

PostMaster Direct
NetCreations, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, US
The fastest way to cut through the noise and get to the news. Slice through the information overload, and get the latest information on those topics that you request.

Precision Computer Designs
Matthew Chojnowski, Boston, MA, US
Contains information about computers, cars, and communications equipment installation. Also includes classified ads and a good picture index of classic cars.

Premier Polysteel Playgrounds
Minnetonka, MN, US
Custom-designed and built, commercial-quality playground equipment. The heavy steel construction is coated with a baked-on, kid-friendly plastisol coating that lasts.

Psychological Survey on the Web
Freiburg, Germany
Complete this psychological survey, and help a student complete a Master's Thesis.

Pyramid Ales & Thomas Kemper Lagers
Hart Brewing, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
All about these hand-crafted ales and lager beers. Take a virtual brewery tour, play the Web's first interactive dart game, chat, win prizes, steal recipes, and more.

The Rayid Method
Growth Adventures, Austin, TX, US
Outlines a unique system for identifying genetic behavioral, communication, and relationship patterns, according to the structural constitution of the iris of the eye.

Red Pepper
London, England
An independent left wing magazine. Features intense political and social debate, a fresh and unpredictable look at current affairs, and news on direct action.

RG Images
Malibu, CA, US
Contains shareware images of city skylines, buildings, bridges, and national monuments, by professional photographer Roger Goldingay. Free for kids under 14 for educational purposes.

RHI Consulting
Menlo Park, CA, US
One of the nation's largest staffing services, specializing in contract, information technology professionals.

Rugolo Screenprints
Columbia, MO, US
A gallery of scanned images of more than two dozen colorful serigraphs originally printed on paper with silk-screen inks.

San Diego Flight Training International
San Diego, CA, US
California's premier international flight school. Includes information about San Diego and flying in the U.S.

Schiller Instituttet
Copenhagen, Denmark
The Danish chapter of the international cultural and political organization, The Schiller Institute.

School of Business
Trinity College, Dublin University, Dublin, Ireland
An internationally oriented school, providing information on graduate and undergraduate degrees, staff, and courses.

The Seaports Infopages
Compass North America, Inc., Coral Gables, FL, US
The authoritative and comprehensive reference guide to seaports, and the maritime industry of the Western Hemisphere.

W3 Technology, Inc., Yarmouth, ME, US
A monthly newspaper for people who support their company's information systems.

SIGKids Online
Bergen County SIGKids, Hackensack, NJ, US
A forum for kids interested in computer graphics.

Simpson & Flynn's Guide to Hunting and Fishing the World
Andrew Simpson, Louisburg, KS, US
Designed for the outdoorsman, with listings of hunting and fishing information.

Sirius Video
Al Klimas, Houston, TX, US
Specializes in broadcast-quality field production, utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and providing seasoned professional crews for directors, producers, production companies, and corporations.

SoftSearch Online
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Find the software needed. Use this affordable natural language keyword search to locate software. Searches over 100,000 titles on the largest software information search database in North America.

DSO, San Francisco, CA, US
An intelligence, information, and disinformation publication featuring interviews with Robert D. Steele, CEO of Open Source Solutions, Inc. and former spy; and Ralph McGehee, founder of the CIABASE and CIA analyst for 25 years.

SouthPaw Guitars
Jim Duncan, Houston, TX, US
A full-line music store with an extensive left-hand guitar inventory. Ships guitars and accessories world wide.

Spokes Plus
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Features an color catalog of unique and useful cycling items: cycling jewelry, unicycles, multitools, and power bars.

Sports & Recreation Mall
Mallpark, Inc., South Beach, FL, US
A host of goods for basketball, baseball, boxing, golf, hockey, and more.

Staceyjoy's Knitting Stitch Portfolio
Staceyjoy Elkin, New York, NY, US
A collection of original knitting stitches for hand and machine knitters, updated monthly.

World Square Corp., Sacramento, CA, US
An informative resource on how to make Valentine's Day an incredible experience.

T-8000 Information Systems
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Calgary's only Internet service/presence provider that uses no UNIX in any of its connectivity. It uses a fully digital non-frame reply T1 connection to the Internet instead.

New Vision Technologies, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Hundreds of free clip art images, cool Web icons, vector illustrations, cartoons, photos, and more.

Thematics (tm) Autospec, Inc.
Autospec, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA, US
Designs thematic thesauri for specific collections and SIGs, and a working model of context and context filtering for each thesaurus.

Tintmaster Publications
Cardiff, South Glamorgan, Wales
A complete four-color reference book with over 20,000 achievable CMYK colors, referenced by percentage.

TnT Collectibles
Monroeville, PA, US
Offers a new, simplified fantasy baseball game, email addresses, home pages, and discussion lists of professional teams, sports/political/entertainment memorabilia, coins, toys, and Pittsburgh team updates and articles.

Tucson Community Crier
Tucson, AZ, US
News and links related to Tucson, with sections on computers, entertainment, health, home and family, kids, and religion.

UO Center for Asian and Pacific Studies
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US
Provides information on the center's efforts, and resources for additional Asian and Pacific information.

U.S. Professional Racquetball Association
Brooklyn, NY, US
Find out everything about the sport of racquetball.

USA Online
Belle Mead, NJ, US
An online yellow pages for businesses in the U.S., organized by state.

The Village Group
Medford, MA, US
Sets up businesses on the Web in a user-friendly environment.

Virginia School Boards Association
Metronetics, Inc., Charlottesville, VA, US
Provides member boards with services, training and advocacy so they may exercise effective leadership on behalf of Virginia's public schoolchildren.

Virtual Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
The online South African business and travel connection.

Virtual Information & Electronic Technologies
Charlottesville, VA, US
Offers professional Web page design and Internet consultation.

Virtual Sorrento Valley
Internet and Web Services Corp., San Diego, CA, US
Features the major companies, service providers, employment opportunities, venture capitalists, and business news for technology companies of San Diego.

WAM Paper
Rochester, Kent, England
A service for professionals in the paper-related industries.

Web of Culture
E.F. Sheridan, Los Angeles, CA, US
A computer database highlighting societal and ethnic diversity.

Alan Watts, Austin, TX, US
A thrilling fusion of technology and an Etch-a-Sketch.

WebMasters, Inc.
Horsham, PA, US
A comprehensive host services provider with offices in both suburban Philadelphia and New York City.

The Weightless Dog
Mt. Airy, MD, US
A most unusual resource for blues music and random information.

Wholesome & Hearty Foods, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
A colorful site from the makers of the Gardenburger®. Find information on the environment, animals, vegetarianism, nutrition, recipes, company information, and more.

Wildlife Art Gallery Online
ArtRealms, Kanata, Ontario, Canada
See the imagination and creativity online at this virtual art gallery.

Windows 95 Unique Game and Utility Page
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Contains some of the latest downloadable Windows 95 shareware games, utilities, and many links to other shareware sites.

World Universities Debating Championship
Stellenbosch, South Africa
Information about the event, to be held at the University of Stellenbosch during December 1996.

Worldwide Vacation Villa and Apartment Rentals
Overseas Connection, Sag Harbor, NY, US
Offers upscale vacation rentals with extensive visuals. Choose from over 100 personally hand-picked properties online.

Worthington Distribution
Paupack, PA, US
Dealer pricing on lighting, security, communications networks, audio/video, home theaters, HVAC, energy management, and more.

Monday, 29 January 1996

1996 Lilac Festival
Rochester, NY, US
Rochester's famous lilac festival is a lavish array of flowers, attractions, and special events that signal the arrival of spring.

Alteris Communications, Inc., Ste-Foy, Quebec City, Canada
Global Web listings for job seekers, employers, and self-employed workers, located in Quebec City, Canada. In French only.

A.D.D. WareHouse
Harvey C. Parker, Plantation, FL, US
A one-stop shop for products and information on attention deficit disorders and related problems.

Samsom BedrijfsInformatie, Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands
Weekly Dutch news in brief on advertising, marketing, and media. Home of the magazines Adformatie, Adfo Direct, and Adfo.com.

Andrew Miller, New York, NY, US
Classified listings of real estate, cars, and jobs, from thousands of corporate advertisers. Updated daily.

Advance Bank Australia
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
The first Australian bank to offer access to bank accounts over the Internet.

All Saints Home Page
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Information on the Saint Bernard Club of America, as well as the Saintly Art Gallery and the Patches Art Gallery.

AMP Connect
AMP Incorporated, Harrisburg, PA, US
A multilingual guide to the world of AMP products and services.

Elliotte.Kim, Boston, MA, US
This anime and manga magazine includes anime feature articles, release information, and reviews.

Amtrak At Liberty
Liberty Information Network, Anaheim, CA, US
A personal perspective on Amtrak trains and rail travel in the U.S. Includes reviews of sleeping and dining accommodations, sights, and social activities on board.

Anaesthesia Meetings
Oyston Associates, Orillia, Ontario, Canada
A list of anaesthesia meetings around the world.

The Andrew Neil Show
British Broadcasting Corporation, London, England
A high-tech, interactive talk show that can be followed live via IRC. Phone, fax, or email views and questions to Andrew Neil and guests.

World Wide Wales, Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Wales
One of the sexiest games site on the Internet.

Asian American Writers Workshop
New York, NY, US
Founded to facilitate the creation, publication, and dissemination of Asian American literature.

Astra Communications
Topeka, KS, US
Consists of Women of the World, a U.S. nonprofit organization that exists to encourage, support and develop the unique leadership skills of women throughout the world; the Seven Sisters; and Astra Communications for Web and campaign work.

Remarketing Associates, Inc., West Linn, OR, US
Acts as a global communications hub to inform business and individual interests of the many auction opportunities across America each day.

The Australian Star Trek Ratings Analysis
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Contains movie information, production credits, previews and reviews, plus the latest schedules and news from Paramount.

Aztec Computer Consulting, Inc.
Perrysburg, OH, US
A contract programming and consulting company, in addition to securing full-time jobs for individuals on a permanent hire basis.

Bad Breath Research
Mel Rosenberg, Ph.D., Tel Aviv, Israel
Information about bad breath, including FAQ.

Banker's Friend
SunTrust Banks of Tifton, GA, Tifton, GA, US
A Macintosh shareware program for anyone interested in banking and finance.

Baudeville Magazine
Baudeville Syndicate, Chicago, IL, US
A compelling mixture of comedy and commentary, with columns, comics, artwork, and music reflecting a healthy sense of humor.

Betsy Ross Homepage
Independence Hall Association, Philadelphia, PA, US
Flag facts, etiquette, and how to cut a 5-pointed star.

Beyond The Black Stump
Peter Garriga, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Over 3,300 links and features on Australiana, medicine, sports, finance, television, and more.

Summit Technologies, LLC, Boulder, CO, US
A free service that monitors several databases of purchasing needs for federal, state, and local governments. Customers are updated daily of bid notices via email.

BioDome - Hollywood Online
Los Angeles, CA, US
Pictures, trailers, sound clips, video clips, production notes, and one cool interactive kit from the new film Bio-Dome are now available on the Web.

Blow-In-Blanket Contractors Association
Hyannis, MA, US
A national contractors organization specializing in residential and commercial thermal and sound insulation using the patented blow in blanket system from Ark Seal International.

BLUDGE 101: The Official SALVO Web Site
Randolph, NJ, US
Join the prestigious SALVO mailing list, download pictures of the band, and much more.

Boise Valley Fly Fishermen
Boise, ID, US
A place for fly fishermen to share information, ideas, and stories.

Stockholm, Sweden
Annual and interim reports from over 250 leading Swedish companies. Order the same database on CD-ROM at no cost. In Swedish.

Brevard Job Link
Melbourne, FL, US
Provides job listings, job search assistance, and job training and education.

Brewmeister's House of Hops
Houston, TX, US
Information on home brew, microbreweries, and supplies, along with tips, recipes, ideas, and more.

Bumper Productions Home Page
Bumper Productions, Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
An Internet design and marketing firm that also includes a virtual tour of Cape Town.

Canadian Heavy Equipment Guide
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Canada's only new products magazine written for the heavy equipment user in construction, logging, open-pit mining, and public works.

The Capitalist Pig
Kansas City, MO, US
Offers online shopping, Web site design, and storage services.

Multimedia Partners, Paris, France
All there is to know on capital in France. Information on venture capital, banks, company creation, and stock markets.

The Case
Newfront Communications, San Francisco, CA, US
The fun and challenging mystery Web site. A new mini-mystery via email every Wednesday. Current cases, clues, solutions and free sign-up.

Chant Hare Krishna and Be Happy!
Houston, TX, US
Uses Javascript and Netscape 2.0 to chant the Hare Krishna mantra.

The Cheech and Chong Home Page
Matthew Sales, Rochester, NY, US
Contains sounds, QuickTime movies, images, and movie and album information.

China External Trade Development Council (CETRA)
Taipei, Taiwan
A nonprofit trade promotion organization offering a wide variety of information and services.

CIM Engineering, Inc.
Foster City, CA, US
Provides off-shore manufacturing services in Hong Kong and China to worldwide electronic OEM customers.

Compliance Online
Woody Taylor, Durham, NC, US
A monthly environmental regulatory and compliance resource for engineers and managers, with analysis from industry professionals.

Compunet Systems, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Provides LAN/WAN connectivity solutions. Located in Austin, Compunet Systems is a Texas HUB vendor. See the online state-approved catalog.

Computational Epistemology Lab
Cameron Shelley, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Research at the Lab focuses on cognitive science and includes analogy, coherence, abductive reasoning, and distributed representations.

IDG, San Francisco, CA, US
Creates a virtual IT meeting place by providing daily, interactive news, analysis, audio broadcasts, and dialogue opportunities focusing on the adoption of Web technology for business enterprises.

Connecticut Huskies Athletics
University of Connecticut, Storrs, CT, US
Official site of Huskies sports news and notes.

Contemporary Jazz On-Line
Kirkland, WA, US
A place to explore jazz music, and an opportunity for jazz musicians to show the world who they are and what they do.

Crestar Bank Student Lending
Richmond, VA, US
Offers valuable information on financing a college education. Free student loans kits and payment calculators are available, and there are fun things to do.

CrossWind Technologies, Inc.
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Designs and markets workgroup productivity software for the heterogeneous computing environments of the '90s.

Cupid's Cove
Blake & Bray, Abita Springs, LA, US
Get a cyberkiss at the Internet Kissing Booth for Valentine's Day!

CyberIron Bodybuilding
Seattle, WA, US
The most comprehensive site on the Net for links to hard-core bodybuilding, nutrition, supplementation, and training instruction.

ACIST, Newport Beach, CA, US
A directory of suppliers and resellers of computer products and services, computer news, and related information in Russia and the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union.

Cyberville Radio
Ashford, Kent, England
A brand new talk station on the Net; it's all about the Net, that's so cool it's hot.

The Cyborg's Neosphere
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A directory of directories, with hundreds of links to search engines, cyber malls, real estate companies, and Internet services.

CZ Comics
Minneapolis, MN, US
The new source for new and back-issue comic books with an inventory of over 500,000 books.

Darkslayer Manus Nigrum Black Hand
The resource for White Wolf WoD gaming materials and information.

Dep. de Xeometria e Topoloxia
Univ. Santiago de Compostela, Santiago de Compostela, A Coruña, Spain
Information, in Galician language, about the people and activities of the Department.

Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at VA TECH
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, Blacksburb, VA, US
Find out about graduate and undergraduate programs, faculty and staff, current projects, alumni, and more.

Department of Finance
University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, US
Everything about the programs, courses, and professors in this Department.

The Design Management Institute
Boston, MA, US
Find the latest information about the Institute and its conferences, programs, and publications.

Digital BookWorld
Toronto, Ontario, CA
Provides information about authors, booksellers, and publishers, plus excerpts, reviews, and interviews.

Digital Dining Directory and Guide by MenuNet
MenuNet, Chicago, IL, US
A complete restaurant info source -- nationwide. Find menus, best eats, famous celebrity (like Michael Jordan's) restaurants, and cool theme joints. Rate experiences and give/see reviews.

Academy for the Advancement of Diabetes Research & Treatment, Miami, FL, US
The mission of this site is to optimize information transfer in the field of diabetes, including islet transplantation.

Dr. Fred Suser, Hewlett, NY, US
Takes common medical topics concerning infants, children, and adolescents and presents them for parents so that they can be easily understood.

@d:tech, 17-19 June 1996
ConEx Marketing, Richmond, VA, US
Information on this educational seminar and trade show focused on the convergence of advertising and technology.

Paramount Digital Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA, US
He was webbed before it was cool. Always on the lookout for new ways to ply their shabby wares, the creators, writers, and artists of this award-winning animated series have designed a throbbing, glistening new bit of browse candy.

Durango Downtown
Creative Links Multimedia, Durango, CO, US
The most comprehensive site on Durango, Colorado. Covers demographics, health tips, mountain biking, kayaking, fly fishing, and more.

Each to Each
Palo Alto, CA, US
Provides personalized online entertainment guides.

Educational Technology Center
University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, US
A unique resource for educators. The center has a comprehensive software and hardware library, and serves as a demonstration site for many top educational software developers.

Emilcott-dga, Inc.
Westerville, OH, US
Committed to improving the quality of life for the community at large by providing high-quality industrial hygiene, safety and environmental consulting services, and training services at competitive prices.

E. Karsten Smelser, Minneapolis, MN, US
Information on an Apple Newton developers group.

Eurodance WWW
cc46, Stockholm, Sweden
An outstanding Eurodance page located in Sweden. Covers almost all current Euro acts clubs, charts, BPM, and links.

Fast Area Code Look-Up
555-1212.com, Lafayette, CA, US
Look up the area code for any city in the U.S. or Canada.

Federal Bar Association Online
Washington, DC, US
This organization represents 15,000 lawyers and judges in federal practice. The site includes a calendar of events and legal education information.

Innovative Internet Marketing Systems, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Seafood from around the world. Also includes seafood and commercial fishing related items, and seafood industry news.

Florida State University Finance and Administration
Admin. Information Systems, Tallahassee, FL, US
Online information about FSU's F&A policies and procedures.

The Fraser Institute
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Canada's prime source for free market solutions to public policy problems since 1974.

Fur Online
New York, NY, US
The source for fur fashion, news, FAQs, international runway videos, and affordable shopping.

Parker Garlitz, Provo, UT, US
Offers hundreds of free classifieds, hot shops, Net news, and unique shops on the Internet.

Game Companies Databank
Starbase Triton, Denver, CO, US
An extensive directory of PC game companies. Contents include links, latest/upcoming titles, and screen shots.

Geek Speak
Randy Watkins, Hermosa Beach, CA, US
A weekly column answering questions involving technology.

Global Climate Change Information Programme
Manchester, England
A leading international supplier of information on climate change, global warming, ozone depletion, and sustainable development.

Globewide Network Academy
Austin, TX, US
This nonprofit maintains a course catalog with thousands of distance learning and online courses, along with discussion forums and help wanted lists.

Grand Haven Port Report
Sean McCarthy, Grand Haven, MI, US
Current local news including photos, death notices, tourism information, and advertising.

Grand Times Seniors' Magazine
El Cerrito, CA, US
A weekly online magazine designed exclusively for active seniors.

Groundhog Day '96
Punxsutawney Chamber of Commerce, Punxsutawney, PA, US
Learn about Punxsutawney Phil and his weather prognostications, and discover the true story of Groundhog Day.

Guide To Greater Louisville
Louisville, KY, US
The official site of the Louisville and Jefferson County Convention and Visitors Bureau.

A Guide to the Greater Philadelphia Region
gwcc, Philadelphia, PA, US
Real estate, mortgages, finance, insurance, arts, entertainment, and The Internet Gazette provided.

Harborside Internet Provider
Oregon Information Technology Centers, Inc., Brooking, OR, US
Resource center for Internet users in southwestern Oregon. The site hosts a number of large Web projects physically located from Washington, D.C., to Japan.

Hatfield Marine Science Center
Oregon State University, Newport, OR, US
A marine campus housing a divers collection of government agencies, research programs and educational resources.

Have a Heart for Susan
Menlo Park, CA, US
Monitor the condition of Susan Hattie Steinsapir, a patient who just had a heart transplant, sign her Heartlist, and read about transplants.

ScanPro, Hell, Norway
Now everyone can go to Hell, the town. Grab a sense of humor and check out the stunning graphics.

Homework Assistant
Don Lokke, Plano, TX, US
Links to educational resources on the Web, a great homework helper.

ImagiNation/TransImage Inc.
New York, NY, US
An award-winning graphic design firm specializing in international communications, advertising, translation, typesetting, and Web site development.

Innovations in American Government
John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard Univ., Cambridge, MA, US
An awards program that seeks to recognize and reward creativity and effectiveness by public employees and organizations. Request an application, learn about previous winners, nominate a program, or read the newsletter.

InterCo Systems
Paul C. Black, Los Alamitos, CA, US
A full-service Internet publishing, consultation, and service organization dedicated to the success of InterCo customers.

Lawrence, KS, US
Cool content from bands, labels, artists, and product/service vendors.

The International School of Art in Umbria, Italy
Marc Servin, Montecastello di Vibio, Perugia, Italy
Intensive 6-12 week programs of drawing, painting, and sculpture, located in an Umbrian hill town, two hours from Rome or Florence.

The Internet University
Cape Software, Harwich, MA, US
A companion site to the book by the same title. Contains lists of over 700 college courses that can be taken online.

Jane Seymour Web Page
Robin Mack, Los Angeles, CA, US
Unofficial fan page for actress Jane Seymour. Includes biographical data, filmography, articles, reviews, and numerous pictures.

Justice Center
University of Alaska, Anchorage, AK, US
Find out about this academic and research institute serving Alaska. Includes research documents, educational resources, and annotated Internet links on criminal justice and legal topics.

Ken Hubbell & Associates Consulting
Little Rock, AR, US
Specializes in rural development strategies for municipalities, government agencies, nonprofits, foundations, and businesses.

Kenwood Vineyards
Kenwood, CA, US
A producer of premium-quality Sonoma Valley varietal wines. Includes much tourist and wine-related information.

Kleine Zeitung
Medienhaus Styria, Graz, Austria
One of the greatest daily newspapers from Austria is now online. Includes news on culture, politics, and life. In German.

The Korean Bible Gateway on Internet
Julian Song, Seoul, Korea
The Korean Bible Gateway includes old testament and new testament, Praise the Lord, Words from WebMaster, Guest Book, and more.

La lettre JCC
Jacques Cloitre, Paris, France
A French nonprofit newsletter focused on software engineering, object technologies, and software quality. In French.

Lab Vision
Fremont, CA, US
A biotech instrument manufacturer that markets NeoMarkers primary antibodies, the Preferred Reference Collection of life science-based texts, and a biochemical line for enzymatic immunodetection.

Laboratory and Simulation in Energy and Fluids
Prof. J.C.F. Pereira, Lisbon, Portugal
A summary of research work on Fluid Mechanics, CFD, combustion, LDA, and 2-phase flow.

Ghassan Abbas, Menlo Park, CA, US
Complete information on Lebanon, its people, geography, government, and more.

Maine Republican State Committee
TSE Communications, West Farmington, ME, US
Follow Republican activities, candidates, and legislators in Maine

MarketNews Online
Channel MarketMakers, Southampton, Hampshire, England
Find product information on products from AutoDesk, Aztech New Media, Corel, Mathsoft, MicroHelp, Microtek, Qualitas, Travelling Software, Ventana, Wacom, and ZenoGraphics.

MEDIA Broadcast Services AMSTERDAM
Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands
Hundreds of hours of radio broadcast by the Dutch National Networks have been produced since 1986: from jingles to live concerts, from game shows to documentaries and specials.

Miami Christian University
Miami, FL, US
An accredited, state-authorized educational institution offering theological degrees through the doctoral level, via the Internet.

Middle Tennessee Computing on the Web
Mid-South Publishing Co., Murfreesboro, TN, US
A daily updated computer magazine serving Middle Tennessee and the world.

Midi Songs KaMidi Songs Karaoke System
Mdr. Software, Bari, Italy
Information on this professional karaoke software for multimedia PCs, along with a free demo version.

Minnesota State Legislature
Saint Paul, MN, US
Contains the full-text of House and Senate bills, the Minnesota Statutes, schedules of committee activity, staff directories, House and Senate Journals, and much more.

Music In Our Lives
Noise Media Group, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The national magazine of The Royal Conservatory of Music.

NASA Langley Distributed Active Archive Center
Hampton, VA, US
Archives and distributes NASA science data in the areas of radiation budget, clouds, aerosols, and tropospheric chemistry.

Neonatology on the Web
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Department of Pediatrics, Los Angeles, CA, US
A clinical resource for neonatal/perinatal medicine. Includes online reference material, literature reviews, and a survey of the use of computers in neonatal intensive care.

New Jersey Online
Jersey City, NJ, US
New Jersey clicks here. The coolest, hippest, deepest, broadest, most interactive online service. NJ and national news, local and national weather, community listings and happenings, and much more.

New York Road Skaters Association
New York, NY, US
Official Web site of the largest organization of individual inline skaters in the world, including race information, recreational events, and the Central Park Skate Patrol.

Newbury Weekly News
Newbury, Berkshire, England
An electronic window opening on to one of the most prosperous and beautiful areas of England.

Nikolia's Web Site
I. Hoffmann + Associates, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Children 4-up will delight in Nikolai's adventures. Interactive stories and many fun activities to download

The New York Training Institute for NLP, New York, NY, US
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychology of inter and intra personal intelligence and communication. It provides the tools of the mind to heighten and direct consciousness, to develop our internal world, and to increase knowledge and understanding of self and of others.

Non-Alcoholic Holiday Recipes
Hypnosis Institute of Texas/Power Seminars, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
Non-alcoholic recipes for safe hosting and entertainment. Perfect for special occasions when alcohol is unavailable or restricted. Interesting hypnosis links provided.

North Carolina Public Health Home Page
State Center for Health Statistics, Raleigh, NC, US
Includes links to official public health information resources and news articles.

Northern California Backcountry Pages
Holy Cow Productions, Chico, CA, US
A selective directory of scenic and pristine places within the north state. Listed are some excellent places to explore, hike, or backpack.

Lloyd Lim, Oakland, CA, US
Information about numismatics, the study and collecting of coins, paper money, tokens, medals, and other similar objects.

Olde Discount Corporation
Detroit, MI, US
Provides full-service investment advice, commission savings, and a wide variety of investment products.

On-line Tour of State Departments of Transportation
Austin, TX, US
An online tour of 29 state DOTs on the Internet. The tour highlights "best features," and ranks the sites from zero to four thumbs-up.

on-TRAC America
Atlanta, GA, US
Specializes in advertising the needs of recruiters, human resource departments, and job seekers. A licensee of America Online's HELP WANTED-USA.

The Oz Channel
PagetNews, San Diego, CA, US
Australia's world wide Internetwork programs, news, community, and Vegemite rap dancers.

The Parkinson's Digest
PD Information Exchange Network, Churchville, MD, US
Highlights from postings to the Parkinson's Disease Info Network.

People Eating Tasty Animals
Michael T. Doughney, Beltsville, MD, US
A resource for those who enjoy eating meat, wearing fur and leather, hunting, and the fruits of scientific research.

Peter Langendam's Art Gallery
Zoetermeer, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
The art gallery is a introduction to the artist's paintings of the last couple of months. Fun to look at and nice to download.

The PhotoDelivery Page
Amsterdam, Holland, The Netherlands
Takes wacky requests for photo ideas, and then executes them.

Piragis Northwoods Company
Ely, MN, US
Home of the Boundary Waters Catalog, featuring canoeing, kayaking, and hiking, as well as vacation rentals, and North County Event Information.

Kuub3, Rotterdam, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands
The official site of Pizzatv, a local cable broadcaster in Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Plastics Resource
American Plastics Council, New York, NY, US
A comprehensive plastics resource for academics, students, consumers, media, and technical professionals.

The Podunk Farm Page
Charles Wolff, Podunk, NY, US
An invitation to learn and perhaps participate in a life of voluntary simplicity, self-responsibility, and acceptance without complaint.

Popular Home Automation Magazine
Chandlier, OK, US
Hands-on solutions for better living, this do-it-yourself magazine offers information on lighting, security systems, communications, audio/video, home theater, HVAC, energy management, windows, doors, gates, automation controllers, and more.

Price OnLine
Price Enterprises, San Diego, CA, US
The people who created the Price Club and Costco offer a convenient and secure way to shop for name-brand items at bargain prices via the Internet.

Public Voice for Food and Health Policy
Washington, DC, US
A nonprofit consumer organization that advocates a safer, healthier, and more affordable food supply for all Americans.

Quilts, Quilters, and Quilting in Fiction
Betty Reynolds, Socorro, NM, US
A bibliography of books for adults and children.

RAM Research Group
Frederick, MD, US
Since 1986, the nation's premier source of comparative credit card information for American consumers and payment card industry data for executives.

Reason Magazine
Reason Foundation, Los Angeles, CA, US
The premier libertarian magazine, representing free minds and free markets.

Red River Basin Information Network (RRBIN)
Fergus Falls, MN, US
Helps grass roots citizenry become involved in land and water stewardship issues affecting the Red River Basin of Northwestern Minnesota, Eastern North Dakota, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan.

The Reminder
Magellan Interactive Multimedia, Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A free online email reminder service.

RESOLVE of St. Louis
St. Louis, MO, US
Provides support services for individuals experiencing infertility. Also a resource for the medical community, the media, and the general public.

Ribblesdale School
Clitheroe, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Information about this school with a broadly Christian and nondenominational tradition.

Rider International
Tigard, OR, US
A manufacturer of snow boards, skate boards, and related clothing.

RL Software Quality Technology Transfer Consortium
Rome Laboratory, Rome, NY, US
The Consortium is a joint applied research and development initiative between Rome Laboratory and several corporations from the U.S. defense industry.

Royal Norwegian Airforce Technical Training Centre
Kristiansand, Norway
A host of information about the Centre. Also available are pictures of air force aircraft and equipment. In Norwegian.

School is Dead, Learn in Freedom
Karl M. Bunday, Excelsior, MN, US
Home schooling resources, bibliographies on education issues, and articles on reading instruction.

The School of Business and Public Management
The George Washington University, Washington, DC, US
Information on this school dedicated to academic excellence through the study, teaching, and research of management and policy in the public and private sectors.

Sci-Fi WEBzine
Great Falls, MT, US
Publishes new and unpublished authors of science fiction and fantasy.

Scopus Technology
Emeryville, CA, US
This company's software applications automate customer service, help desk, quality assurance, defect tracking, and sales and marketing information within global enterprises.

Scout Toolkit
Net Scout Services, Madison, WI, US
An annotated collection of effective network tools organized by function: search indexes, subject catalogs, staying current, browsers, and specialized tools. Useful for Net beginners and old timers alike.

Singapore Airlines
Singapore Airlines, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Features information on its award winning products and services. ,

Oakland, CA, US
A collection of links to all the music, personalities, performers, events, television, and politics of the '60s, from Dr.Martin Luther King to Apollo 11, and the Beatles to Woodstock.

SJL Images & Galleries
Stephen Jay Lunsford, Lompoc, CA, US
A commercial gallery featuring the haunting photographic images and Polaroid transfers of Stephen Jay Lunsford, as well as the photographic art of premier central California coast artists.

The Soccer Patch
Edge of Chaos, Fairfield, CT, US
A place for kids to view and swap soccer patches from their teams or tournaments.

Speak Out! Interactive Magazine
AFAB Publishing & Consulting, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An interactive, reader-guided publication that prints readers' opinions on any topic.

St. Charles Hospital & Rehabilitation Center
Port Jefferson, NY, US
A comprehensive acute care and rehabilitation hospital in Suffolk County. Read articles and get a referral.

Start A Home Business
1st Results, Plano, TX, US
Offers a free report on starting a home business along with links of resources, news, and more.

State Environmental Goals and Indicators Project
Florida Center for Public Management, Tallahassee, FL, US
A clearing-house for information about environmental goals and indicators. Provides technical assistance to state environmental management agencies.

Surrey European Management School
University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, England
Offers programs for prospective Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Science in Management, Masters of Laws, and more.

Taipei World Trade Center
China External Trade Development Council, Taipei, Taiwan
Includes information about the center, as well as a trade show calendar, newsletters, and a bulletin board.

Superior Junk Comics, Windham, ME, US
A 50 issue comic book series that defies brief description.

IDG, San Francisco, CA, US
A next-generation user interface and an Internet-era model of content-based advertising surrounded by a cyber city of service and culture.

Telos CBT Development
Telos, Mountain View, CA, US
A CBT developer/technical writing company that develops cost-effective, interactive training courses for high-tech companies.

Textile Sounds
Washington, DC, US
Houses lorelei, Sabine, Incident and the Futurist Take Down. Explore these bands and the Futurist Take Down at the Second Annual Happening at the Black Cat.

Advanced Network & Services, Inc., Armonk, NY, US
An annual contest for students grades 7-12 to use the Internet as a collaborative, interactive, teaching and learning tool.

TurnPike WebBuilder Directory
Volant Corporation, San Diego, CA, US
A one-stop resource to locate sites related to Web development.

Universal Software, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI, US
A document imaging resource with extensive vendor Web listings and newsletter.

The US Navy Dental Corps
Washington, DC, US
Information about recruiting and activities with the Navy for prospective dentists.

USArmy Publications & Printing Command
HQ USAPPC, Alexandria, VA, US
The Army's leader in publishing and distributing information products, employing advanced technologies to ensure responsive support world wide.

Utah Division of General Services
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Manages the state of Utah fleet, copy services, mail, central stores, surplus property, and fuel network.

Vertebrate Flight Exhibits
California Museum of Paleontology, Berkeley, CA, US
Learn how and why animals fly.

Vivid Graphics Ltd.
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A corporate communications design group focusing on print and interactive media presentations.

Wehrli's Law & Business School Rankings
Mt. View, CA, US
A unique ranking of law and business schools, based upon all published texts.

WHY-NOT - Home of PCS
PCS - Personal Computer Services, Tel Aviv, Israel
PC consultants, Internet advisors, and home page builders in Israel.

W.&L.T. Online
Antwerp, Belgium
The official fashion site of Walter Van Beirendonck -- the rising star of the fashion industry. Kiss the future!

A World Wide Ride
WIT Publishing Corp., Boulder, CO, US
Has the latest snow and surf industry news. The online magazine "720" has shots of hot riders and shows great pictures of secret spots and resort areas alike.

wURLd Presence
Olympus Group, Alexandria, VA, US
Provides one-stop registration of new Web sites with all of the popular search engines, catalogs, and What's New pages, with the exception of NCSA What's New.

Torrance, CA, US
A not-for-profit electronic document systems association serving the digital document systems industry. Provides opportunities to learn about digital printing and publishing, document processing, and document management.

Tuesday, 30 January 1996

Adventure Vacations Mall
Cyquest Communications, Lake Forest, CA, US
Offers a great assortment of unique adventure vacations and outdoor family activities, including ranches, hunting, fishing, rafting, covered wagons, cattle drives, and dog sleds.

AEC InfoCenter
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The world's largest and most active, keyword-searchable, business-oriented resource for architecture, engineering, and construction and home building.

Tel Aviv, Israel
A general interest site for Israel. Includes headlines, economics, weather, a Tel Aviv guide, and information on the 1996 elections in Israel.

Anglers Online
Todd Kerr, Loveland, CO, US
The most comprehensive fishing resource on the Web. Includes fishing reports, free classified ads, chat lines, and tackle shops.

AR's Scavenger Hunt Antiques & Collectibles
Anne Rybka, Rochester, NY, US
Specializes in locating antiques and collectibles by request. Publishes a Scavenger Hunt List, each month, to dealers in the Rochester, N.Y., area.

BA Music Page
Austin, TX, US
Find out about Jewish music and art in Texas. Includes sheet music, sound clips, band information, and current events.

Banjo Newsletter
Annapolis, MD, US
A 32-page monthly magazine devoted to the 5-string banjo. Includes excerpts from recent issues, 23-year Banjo Tablature and Contents indexes, and 1995 Readers Survey.

Barefoot Man's Official Home Page
Alexandria, VA, US
Information about this musical legend of the Caribbean.

Baylor College of Dentistry
Dallas, TX, US
Information on this Accredited Dental College and Online Continuing Dental Education Foundation.

Birchtown Archaeology, 1994
Laird Niven, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
An introduction to an archaeological excavation in Birchtown, Nova Scotia. This is the first African-American site to be excavated in the province.

Dennis Publishing, New York, NY, US
Explores pop culture and media madness at the end of the millennium, from television to music to advertising.

BOOTSTRAPS: A self-help column for the Internet
Keith Ellis, Boston, VA, US
A site on the Internet devoted exclusively to self help and self improvement.

Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis
Brookline, MA, US
Offers unique training in psychoanalysis, including Master of Arts and post-graduate Certificate training.

Coop Homebrewers, US
The Web's premier site dedicated to the art of home-made beer labels.

Buffalo Has It All!
Superior Imagery, Buffalo, WY, US
A day's drive from Yellowstone National Park, Buffalo/Johnson County is nestled at the base of the Beautiful Big Horn Mountains and Cloud Peak Wilderness Area. This site says it all.

BuildingOnline: A Building Products Search Engine
Alan Wickstrom, Dana Point, CA, US
Search spiders index only building product Web documents. Spiders return twice a week searching for changes. The most up-to-date building products search engine.

Canada EarthSave Society
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A nonprofit, educational organization promoting awareness of the environmental, ethical and health consequences of our food choices.

The Canadian Firefighter Magazine
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Canada's leading publication related to the fire service.

Canadian Science Writers' Association
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A Canadian organization dedicated to the promotion of science communications in all media.

Canadian Training Institute
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A national voluntary organization providing training, consulting, and other services to criminal justice and related human service agencies.

Oslo, Norway
Offers free downloads of the software that animates the Internet. The Windows version is expected by end of March 1996.

Carolina Pros
Chapel Hill, NC, US
Follow the basketball stars who once led the University of North Carolina to victory. Photos, video, stories, stats, pro shop, basketball camps, and more.

Carrot Top
Vnet Internet Access, Inc. and Dmax Interactive, Charlotte, NC, US
Spend some time with America's hottest comic, Carrot Top, at his own official Web site. Enhanced with Netscape 2.0 find lots of goodies and freebies.

Catholic Kiosk
Aquinas MultiMedia Design Studio, Cincinnati, OH, US
An extensive Web site devoted exclusively to cataloging Catholic resources on the Web. Subject menus on various Catholic subjects are included.

The Chia Pet Zoo
Microrim, Inc., Bellevue, WA, US
Zany look at bizarre creatures.

Citizens for a Sound Economy
Washington, DC, US
A grass roots organization advocating less government, less taxes, and less regulation. Timely issues include the flat tax and balancing the budget.

Classroom Connect
Wentworth Worldwide Media, Lancaster, PA, US
A resource that will help locate some of the most interesting and useful information available to educators online. Newsletters, books, videos, and seminars are included.

Stockholm, Sweden
Works in collaboration with clients and advertising agencies, and specializes in multimedia concept development.

Collegiate Choice Walking Tours
Tenafly, NJ, US
Simple, nonpromotional videos of student-guided campus tours offered at over 330 colleges and universities.

Community Blood Centers of South Florida
TechLink Corporation, Lauderhill, FL, US
A nonprofit, all voluntary, blood collection agency, providing over 100,000 pints of blood and blood products to hospital and kidney dialysis patients each year.

Construction Association of Victoria
Allan Graham, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Aims to serve and promote the business life of members and the construction industry. Also aims to be the recognized voice and authority of Victoria construction industry.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A satirical Web zine devoted to exposing stupidity, laziness, and incompetence at Dalhousie University.

Davies Information Center
Dr. John B. Davies, Boulder, CO, US
This sight gives information on the studies and accomplishments of Dr. John B. Davies in the area of geophysics. It contains his award-winning essays and information on current projects.

Desktop Design Creative Studio
Farmington Hills, MI, US
A full-service graphic arts studio providing superior concept and graphic services for print, multimedia, and the Web.

Kelly Milner Halls, Miami, FL, US
Looking for the best dinosaur museums? The oldest fossil exhibit? This fun-filled, informative guide has the answers for die-hard dino fans of all ages.

Doodle of the Week
Peter Cook and Laura Suzuki, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This site features a weekly fun and informative cartoon science fact from the books of Peter Cook and Laura Suzuki.

Economic Perspectives
Arabian Media Concepts, Amman, Jordan
A monthly report about economic and business news of Jordan and the Middle East.

The Election 1996 Homepage
James R. Whitson, Tarboro, NC, US
Personal and political information about the candidates that want to be the next U.S. president.

Jerome Freedman, Ph.D., Sausalito, CA, US
Information on the Enneagram, a nine-sided diagram that represents nine personality types.

The Equine Connection
InterPro, Victoria, Australia
A host of information about racing, auctions, agents, bloodstock, dressage, warmbloods, and more.

Exquisite Corpse
Jager Di Paola Kemp Design, Burlington, VT, US
A collaborative interactive art experiment based upon the surrealist game of the same name.

Fairs Net Guide to North American Fairs
Affordable Business Concepts, Gold River, CA, US
A guide to county and state fairs of North America, with a fair date list, a directory of fair-related businesses, and a history of fairs.

The Federal Marketplace
Wood River Technologies, Ketchum, ID, US
A one-stop source of information to assist businesses in selling products and services to the federal government. The Marketplace is low cost, easy to use, and updated daily.

Fight The Right
Children's Animated Television, Needham, MA, US
A source of information to combat the radical religious right.

Fodor's NetTravel
Michael Wolff & Company, Inc., New York, NY, US
A complete guide to booking flights and rooms, finding great bargains, getting insider tips, and sharing travel stories. Features over 2,000 online service and Internet site reviews.

Frost Byte Cartoons
Funmap Alaska, Big Lake, AK, US
Frost Byte comic strip by Lisa Herschbach. Also includes editorial cartoons.

Gary Rosenzweig's Shockwave Arcade
Dener, CO, US
Space Pirate and other Shockwave games and educational experiences.

Gita Shanasi
Tehran, Iran
A leading cartographic and geographic organization based in Tehran. Gita Shanasi publishes over 400 kinds of maps, atlases, geographical books, globes, travel brochures, postcards, and posters.

GJPO - Grand Junction Projects Office
U.S. Department of Energy, Grand Junction, CO, US
Features information on environmental activities, issues, and cleanup actions, with links to other U.S. government resources.

God & Cheese
Working Title Productions, Alexandria, VA, US
The opiate Web zine for the masses offering perspectives from higher vantages.

Golden Light Gallery
S. Swaminathan, Capitola, CA, US
Features the striking digital imaging of S. Swaminathan, whose work appears in the motion picture epic, Heat.

Golf South
Telefonix, Metairie, LA, US
An online guide to the best Southern golf courses in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.

Great Vacation Getaways
Superior Publishing, Gwinn, MI, US
Transport yourself to a great new vacation spot everyday, from posh resorts to rustic cabins.

Henri's Anti-Virus Home Page
Wollaston, MA, US
Furnishes quick access to reliable information and software to assist those who have questions or problems regarding computer viruses.

Cedarstone Homes Limited, Ashton, Ontario, Canada
Canada's Internet site for new housing and supplies. Search for builders and suppliers from across the country.

HR Headquarters
Personnel Journal Magazine, Costa Mesa, CA, US
Headquarters for human resources information, including recruiting, benefits, compensation, legal issues, HRMS, and more.

Humboldt Independent Newspaper
Humboldt, IA, US
The official newspaper for Humboldt, Iowa, with over 4,500 residents subscribing to it. Includes local, national news, weather, and other links in Humboldt.

Innovators Network
Grandview, MO, US
A directory of screened sites that offers fast, free, and easy access to the Web market place.

International AIDS Candlelight Memorial and Mobilization
Mobilization Against AIDS, San Francisco, CA, US
Provides an illustrated description of the world's largest annual grassroots AIDS event, plus a registration form for those interested in coordinating local observances.

The Internet Pizzeria
Potsdam, NY, US
A growing network of pizza delivery services. Check any local area by zip code or phone number, and nominate pizzerias for addition to the network.

Islandia - A Guide to Iceland
Hafnarfjordur, Iceland
The most comprehensive guide to Iceland and its people on the Web. Includes over 60 sections ranging from People, Health and Entertainment to Tourist Information.

"J" World
Global Net Designs, Mountain View, CA, US
The most comprehensive calendar of birthdays, holidays, world-wide celebrations, historical events, and fun facts for every day of the year. Updated weekly.

Jacksonville State University Marching Southerners
Jacksonville, AL, US
One of the finest marching bands in the South. Includes pictures and sound.

Jewish Defense League
Los Angeles, CA, US
The foremost Jewish activist organization in the world promoting Jewish education, pride, and self defense.

K N Energy
Lakewood, CO, US
Offers investors, businesses, and individuals comprehensive information including services, stock updates, news releases, fun facts, and more.

Kentuckiana AutoMall
Sager-Bell, Inc., Louisville, KY, US
Kentucky's growing resource for automotive information, including dealers, insurance, financing, and events.

Ketchikan Pulp Company
Ketchikan, AK, US
Information on company history, products, and home, the Tongass National Forest. KPC is committed to providing the public with quality information about this industry.

KEYview for Windows and Windows 95
FTP Software, Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
KEYview is the best Internet and email utility to view, print, and convert all files.

KNX 1070 AM News Radio
Foster City, CA, US
The largest news radio station in Los Angeles.

Liebert Corporation, Columbus, OH, US
The world leader in computer support systems, including complete environmental, power, system monitoring, and access control solutions.

Linktek Corporation
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Develops client/server financial management systems for public sector enterprises. Established in 1984, Linktek currently supports over 9,000 FreeBalance users in 20 countries world wide.

Long Beach Community Medical Center
Long Beach, CA, US
A hospital/health care provider offering leading cancer treatment, women's health, health education/insurance, nutrition, and more.

The Madeleine Stowe Web Page
Marietta, GA, US
The only Web page for Madeleine Stowe, the acclaimed actress who has starred in 12 Monkeys and Last of the Mohicans.

The Marketplace
Creative Computer Center, Inc., St. Louis, MO, US
Online shopping services and business information from varied categories, including automotive, health, hobbies, products for the home, real estate, and home building.

Mesa Verde Country
Montezuma County Economic Development Council, Cortez, CO, US
Complete tourism information, including trail guides to Southwest Colorado's Mesa Verde Country.

Midnight Records
New York, NY, US
The world's largest mail-order vendor of independent and reissued Rock 'n' Roll CDs and LPs.

Mr. Lundquist's Home Page
Old Bridge High School, Carlstadt, NJ, US
A source for students of the social sciences, specifically government, economics, and criminal justice.

National Commission on Economic Growth and Tax Reform
Town Hall, Washington, DC, US
A Congress-sponsored tax reform committee in favor of updating American tax policy.

Neda Rayaneh Institute
Tehran, Iran
Iran's largest online service and Internet access provider. The main objective of NRI is to promote online culture among the Iranian people and corporations.

The NetCheck Commerce Bureau
Orlando, FL, US
A bureau established to promote ethical business practices world wide and to increase consumer and corporate confidence in purchasing products and services on the Internet.

Netscape, America OnLine, & You -- Perfect Together (Almost)
Atlantic City, New Jersey, US
Instructions on how to use Netscape with America Online.

New York World's Fair 1939-1940
Alan Anderson, Canton, MA, US
A little tribute to a big event.

News & Views INDONESIA
Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia, Washington, DC, US
A bulletin of current events occurring in and/or involving the Republic of Indonesia.

The New York Training Institute for NLP, New York, NY, US
Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) is a psychology of inter and intra pers onal intelligence and communication. It provides the tools of the mind to height en and direct consciousness, to develop our internal world, and to increase know ledge and understanding of self and of others.

North Carolina State Museum of Natural Sciences
Raleigh, NC, US
Offers descriptions of exhibits, educational programs, and special events, and a virtual tour of the new museum opening in 1999.

The Official COP-DN WWW Site.
Greg Brailsford, Worcester, MA, US
Information and FAQs on the latest arcade games.

The Official Unofficial Memphis Guide
Chris Robinson, Memphis, TN, US
The complete guide to shopping, restaurants, lodging, apartments, history, Web sites, and everything else in and about Memphis.

On-Line Computer Magazine List
Maui Island Computing, Kula, HI, US
A comprehensive list of computer-related magazines available on the Internet.

Online Health Network
Minneapolis, MN, US
Find current and reliable health information from the Mayo Clinic and IVI Publishing.

Online Restaurant Guide: Louisville, KY
Michael Jordan, Louisville, KY, US
Use this site if you live in Louisville or are visiting. Make reservations at a favorite restaurant.

Ontario New Democratic Youth (ONDY)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Youth wing of the Ontario New Democratic Party (NDP), believers in democratic socialism and opponents of unregulated capitalism. Contains lots of links.

The Outback Cafe - Global Interactive Center
Sue Paget, San Diego, CA, US
Provides message boards, news, free classified ads, and a singles pub.

Penn State Bowling Club
Pennsylvania State University, State College, PA, US
Club information, tournament scores, and more are available here.

Pete's Place On The Gulf Of Mexico
Loyd C Smith, Crystal Beaxh, TX, US
Birds of Bolivar Peninsula, restaurants on Bolivar Peninsula, real estate rentals, and hotels. Birders Haven Resort offers bed and breakfast accommodations near terrific birding spots. Also find other links here about birding and fishing the Upper Texas Gulf Coast.

Honolulu, HI, US
Uniting the Parties Uniting America. Read the party line of this man running for Vice President of the U.S.

Phi Chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta, Inc.
Ian B. Bautista, Manhattan, KS, US
A fraternity created for the betterment of the Latino community.

Philly Graphics
The Philadelphia Graphics Center, Philadelphia, PA, US
Billboard-sized color posters from CAD and graphic programs, tips for better output, and pointers to other sites of interest to designers and CAD users.

Pi Alpha Phi Gammma Chapter Home Page
Davis, CA, US
Information on the oldest Asian interest fraternity in the nation.

Political Page
Camden, NJ, US~US
Many excellent conservative/libertarian articles on health care, social security, taxes, welfare, government reform, liberty, political correctness, and conservative political links.

Pope on a Stick
Pueblo, CO, US
Home page of the group, Pope on a Stick. Check out their new CD release.

Positively Pine Bluff
Pine Bluff Convention and Visitors Bureau, Pine Bluff, AR, US
A positively wonderful place with something for everyone. Explore what to do in beautiful Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

Progressive Law Student Web Page
Seattle, WA, US
For progressive law students interested in issues of social justice.

Pulp LA
Los Angeles, CA, US
The Los Angeles Web zine. Includes fun things to see and do in Los Angeles, and a fantastic Los Angeles noir mystery.

The RAGe Magazine Online
WebAntix, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Interviews, news, views, and stories exposing injustice and stupidity wherever it is found.

Fujisawa-City, Kanagawa-pref., Japan
Allows interested users to compose a Haiku and link their verses with the work of others.

The Rite of Spring
IRIS Ltd., Galloway, Scotland
One of the most extensive works of hypertext fantasy yet written.

Robert Roberg
Palmetto, FL, US
Features folk art dealing with the end of the world.

Sager-Bell's Tech-Demo
Sager-Bell, Inc., Louisville, KY, US
A cool demo of Netscape 2.0 features, including frames, Java, JavaScript, Shockwave, Acrobat, RealAudio, VDO Live, and VRML.

Sapporo International Communication Plaza Foundation
Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan
Before visiting Sapporo, check out this Web site filled with answers to all your questions.

School of Respiratory Therapy
University of Missouri, Columbia, MO, US
Information on the only publicly supported institution in Missouri offering a BHS degree in respiratory therapy.

EarthWeb LLC, New York, NY, US
Features movie reviews, interviews, opinions, and behind-the-scenes information on Hollywood.

Self Organizing Emergent Behavior
Robert Ivano, Boston, MA, US
A simple introduction into the areas of cellular automata, the genetic algorithm, and artificial life.

Snax.com: Taste the Crunch
Alexandria, VA, US
Invites users to take part in the first ever Internet snacking trends survey. Enter and win a free T-shirt and snack tin.

The Southwest Organ Bank
El Paso, TX, US
Quick facts on the urgent need for more organ donors along with numbers to call for more information on becoming a donor.

SpyderByte Communications
Greensboro, NC, US
A world wide Internet access provider.

St. Louis Sports Online
Jane Williams, St. Louis, MO, US
Home of the St. Louis Sports Online zine. Covers all aspects of sports teams in the St. Louis area.

Strathfield Regional Community College
Sue Blake, Sydney, Australia
Hundreds of 1996 courses fully described, college information, English for visitors from overseas, vocational and leisure courses, and links to other resources for adult learners and teachers.

Sumac Ridge Estate Winery
Summerland, British Columbia, Canada
Features extensive information on the winery, its wines, and the wine making process.

The Swatch Shop - Only Swatch
Ricky, Milan, Italy
Explore an online boutique dealing only in Swatch watches and Swatch accessories.

Syahreza's Radio Station
Jakarta, Indonesia
The first Indonesian Internet radio station. Stop by and listen.

Taylor Satellite Talk Radio
Tulsa, OK, US
Provides talk radio audio clips via RealAudio. Topics include movies, gay/lesbian, sports, special events, and politics.

Teddy Bears on the NET
Bears By Terry, Clinton, NJ, US
Links to teddy bear artists around the world.

Tetra Aquarium Products
SpectraCom, Inc., Blacksburg, VA, US
Features an informative product area, a bookstore showcasing over 100 Tetra Press titles, guidelines on how to build a garden pond, and an interactive fish quiz.

Texas Gallery
Internet Plus, Houston, TX, US
Promotes Texas commerce in the world community. Site includes history, a picture tour, tourist sites, a news stand, metroplex information, local community malls, and classifieds.

UFONEWS World Report
Performance Publishing Company, Anaheim, CA, US
Somebody is out there! Robert Morningsky has decoded the Roswell Glyphics.

UK Hotel & Guest House Directory
SHS, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, England
The largest known United Kingdom Hotel and Guest House Directory featuring thousands of places to stay, many offering exclusive SHS discounts.

The Ultimate Guide to Electronic Commerce and the Net
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A practical guide to new developments in Internet commerce.

Union Seminary Quarterly Review
Union Theological Seminary, New York, NY, US
A journal of religion and theology published at Columbia University.

University Information Bureau
Bard Intermarketing Group, Fairfield, IA, US
A professional service helping international students find the accredited North American colleges and universities that best match their academic and personal needs.

The Unofficial Harry Browne Page
Burlington, MA, US
Information for and by supporters of Harry Browne.

New York, NY, US
A gift boutique specializing in glorious luxuries and inspired necessities.

The Washington DC City Pages
ARInternet, Landover, MD, US
The source for information on the nations's capital gears up for 1996. All new design, loads faster, features a searchable index, and friendly navigable interface.

Web Finance
Investment Dealers' Digest, New York, NY, US
The electronic magazine of Wall Street and the online financial services industry, covering brokerage firms, mutual funds, banks, and investing.

The Weekender's Virtual Art Museum
Leader Media, Wilkes-Barre, PA, US
Showcases the finest artists in northeast Pennsylvania.

Welcome to Lake Anna
Kurt Voelker, Spotsylvania, VA, US
Lake Anna, Virginia, the perfect get-away for outdoor enthusiasts. Includes fishing and winery information.

Western Disabilities Network, LLC
Brent J. Phillips, Colorado Springs, CO, US
Provides resources, information, and links to organizations and unique assistive products for the disabled and information seekers.

The Wide World of South African Entertainment
Johannesburg, South Africa
Information on entertainment in South Africa, includes TV, movies, music, and comics.

Willa Cather, Author
Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, US
Contains literary and biographical information plus much more.

The Windows NT Interactive Archive
JAC, Philadelphia, PA, US
A comprehensive archive for the Windows NT user and administrator. Contains technical references, resources, links, and the latest networking news.

Working Solo Online
Portico Press, New Paltz, NY, US
A one-stop source of small business information for independent entrepreneurs and self-employed professionals.

Mike Kuiack & Associates, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A daily updated, award-winning guide to the Web's best global business sites, with link-by-link commentary and free access to 500 top sites from 60 countries.

WPMag Online
WordPerfect Magazine, Orem, UT, US
Information on how to use WordPerfect easier, faster, and better.

Writing HTML v2.0
Maricopa Community Colleges, Tempe, AZ, US
With this popular tutorial learn how to write Web pages, and learn something about volcanoes with new lessons for advanced HTML (backgrounds, tables, image maps) users.

El Cerrito, CA, US
Search all the major U.S. online yellow pages by a variety of criteria.

Wednesday, 31 January 1996

1996 SEC Men's Basketball Tournament
The Southeastern Conference, Birmingham, AL, US
A complete fan's guide to some of the best basketball in the nation.

88th Annual Chicago Auto Show 10-18 February 1996
Chicago Automobile Trade Association, Chicago, IL, US
The 88th Chicago Auto Show has gone online. Over 100 pages of articles, photos, commentary, and more. A must see, and not just for auto enthusiasts.

8th Annual National Dropout Prevention Conference
University of South Florida, Tampa, FL, US
A major national conference in Tampa 24-26 March 1996.

ABC Software
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Download nonviolent educational shareware that lets users re-explore the Pacific or climb on board a Clipper ship.

Tom Wu, Stanford, CA, US
The Colossal Caves adventure game, playable over the Web. Includes HTML enhancements and a high score list.

The Adventures Of Gyro!
Gyrantics, Tacoma, WA, US
A kids' interactive book, with K-12 educational resources and links.

Alaska State Museums
Juneau, AK, US
Information about these two museums, the Alaska State Museum in Juneau, and the Sheldon Jackson Museum in Sitka.

Amelia Earhart
Graphic Designs, Oklahoma City, OK, US
Information on America's famous aviatrix, with pictures and her story, from the early years to the last flight.

American Sign Language Linguistic Research Project (ASLLRP)
Carol Neidle, Boston, MA, US
A collaborative project focusing on linguistic research of the syntactic structure of American Sign Language.

American Studies Crossroads Project
Georgetown University, Washington, DC, US
American Studies curriculum and program resources.

Angel Web
Wadhurst, Sussex, England
For gay creativity, literature, art, poetry, and prose.

Anthropology Department
Brown University, Providence, RI, US
Provides faculty and student profiles, courses, research, and links to thousands of anthropology-related sites.

Art on line
Turin, Italy
Please art surf, visit the virtual galleries, or individual artists' studios.

ASEAN Internet Search
Lai Zit Seng, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
This is an information search facility for retrieving information located on ASEAN Web servers. Use this facility to locate people, organizations, or other subject content in Southeast Asia.

Auto Imagery, Inc.
San Dimas, CA, US
NHRA drag racing and AMA/Prostar motorcycle drag racing photos.

Away West Magazine
Lone Eagle MultiMedia, Cody, WY, US
A graphically rich magazine of the old and new American West.

Bahamas On-Line
Internet Bahamas Limited, Nassau, New Providence, Bahamas
The Islands' first in-country Web site covering travel, tourism, government, history, and more.

The Bear Den
Don Middleton, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
A global bear resource center witb information about all eight bear species, bear news, bear photos, and more.

Behind The Wheel
Nashville, TN, US
A magazine focusing on professional stock car racing, with driver interviews, crew chief discussions, driving tips, and premier video.

Mark Robohm, Burlington, VT, US
Burlington, Vermont's soul acid jazz, rap, and pop band. Come check out the sounds, sights, and flavor.

Beth Israel Hospital Department of Radiology
Boston, MA, US
Gives patients information about different types of radiologic exams, including benefits, risks, and patient preparation. Also discusses radiological technology and history.

The Biotech Rumour Mill
Martin Leach, newton, MA, US
A collection of news, gossip, and hearsay about the biotech industry.

Blue Raincoat
Belle Harbor, NY, US
A literary journal featuring works of fiction, photography, and comic book art.

Bob Dylan Chord Archive
Kelvin Sherlock, Burlington, VT, US
A collection of accurate chords to Bob Dylan songs, as performed by him.

Cable in the Classroom
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
An online companion to the initiative by Canada's cable companies and programming services to provide copyright-cleared, commercial free, educationally relevant television programming for Canadian schools.

CAIR Lookout on US Higher Education
University of California, Campus Planning Office, San Diego, CA, US
A topically organized collection of links of interest to higher education administrators, planners, institutional researchers, and anyone else interested in U.S. higher education.

Canadian Lighting Resource Centre
Serge Holoduke Lighting Design, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Information on all matters of lighting and lighting-related topics

Cape Cod Visitors Directory
Sunrise Solutions, Southborough, MA, US
Provides travel and tourist information. Subjects include lodging, dining, activities, fishing, and whale watching.

RBInc Designs, Dallas, TX, US
An interactive advertising center that geographically links automotive dealerships which sell, service, and lease cars, trucks, and vans.

Caribbean Travel Roundup Newsletter
Paul Graveline, Bryan, TX, US
A noncommercial, online newsletter distributed internationally. Each issue contains correspondents' reports, press releases, and individual island travel news.

Cave Wall Records
Princeton, NJ, US
A U.S.-based, independent record label devoted to alternative world music.

Cecil Community College Computer Lab
North East, MD, US
All about Cecil Community College, including 1996 Spring schedule, sports, college directory, and student home pages.

Chad's Mountain Biking Page
Jake Nickell, Crown point, IN, US
Links to mountain bike companies and related sites.

Georgia Bicycle Federation, Marietta, GA, US
A Web page dedicated to bicycle advocacy.

Kevin Gerrior, Perris, CA, US
The first totally online public high school in the U.S.

City of Newport Beach
Newport Beach, CA, US
Includes maps of the area, city government contacts, hotels and lodging, recreation, local businesses, and great links.

Cliff's Gallery
Woodbridge, VA, US
Browse the online gallery of this Washington Times photojournalist.

Computer Week Australia
APN Computing Group, North Sydney, Australia
Australia's news weekly of corporate-wide computing, for buyers of information systems.

The Concord Band: A Symphonic Wind Ensemble
Concord, MA, US
An adult community band located in the northwest Boston metro region.

Consultants Report Magazine
Lake Oswego, OR, USA
A national four-color magazine for executives and business managers with articles written by consultants and executives.

Consumer Alerts Page
Consumer Attorneys of California, San Francisco, CA, US
Contains information of value to California consumers, including information about upcoming ballot initiatives that could substantially hinder consumers' legal rights.

Cyberspace Settlers Guide
Arts & Farces, Saint Paul, MN, US
A Web-only publication serving as a monthly guide to Internet provisions, content, and context.

da Vinci Motion Graphics, LLC.
Oklahoma City, OK, US
Provides computer-rendered 3D still images and animations to the advertising, video-production, engineering, architectural, and legal communities. Online portfolio contains over 20 animations.

Derek Walker Youngs, Peace Pilgrim
Vancouver, British Columbia, US
Learn more about this grandfather who has walked over 20,000 kilometers in 12 countries for peace.

The Digital Cathedral
Jennifer Stock, Huntington, WV, US
An exhibit of products of Jennifer's continuing romance with digital collage, plus a few bits of prose and poetry thrown in for good measure.

Diners' Grapevine
Rye, NY, US
Search a database of over 6,000 restaurants by location, cuisine, price range, ambiance, and specific types of entertainment. Includes reviews, photos, menus, maps, and unique detailed information.

The Diplomatic Pouch
Denver, CO, US
The ultimate resource for players of the game of Diplomacy. The Pouch includes, among other things, a zine, online resources, and a Diplomacy game showcase.

Directory of Online Banking and Financial Services
Online Resources, Mclean, VA, US
The first and most complete directory of banks and credit unions on the Web.

Electric Music Link
North York, Ontario, Canada
This page rocks with Jimi Hendrix, Led Zepplin, Pink Floyd, Allman Brothers, ZZ Top, Tragically Hip, The Blues, and has links to over a 100 sites.

Episcopalian Web
South American Missionary Society, West Chester, PA, US
A server dedicated solely to Episcopal/Anglican ministries.

Fact42 Forum
Gothenburg, Sweden
A forum for cgi and pro-audio industry people. Includes a noncommercial virtual gallery, the Gallery42.

The Federation of Historical Bottle Collectors
Memphis, TN, US
A nonprofit organization for collectors of historical bottles, fruit jars, and related collectible items.

Sidney, ME, US
The hottest new superhero is a lesbian and eats hot chile peppers.

Fitgers Shopping Complex
Donald James, Duluth, MN, US
Fitgers in Duluth is a shopping complex in a renovated brewery. Come see the shops, the view of Lake Superior, and go on an historic tour.

Laval, Quebec, Canada
Focuses on Jacques Villeneuve's career in Formula One racing. Follows his career very closely and links to other Villeneuve sites.

The Fly Ash Resource Center
Rich Majko, Chicago, IL, US
The Resource Center for information on fly ash, aggregates, concrete, with links to materials science, standards, quality control, uses, marketplace, conferences, and symposiums.

Footloose, The Traveler's Magazine
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
Focuses on high-quality travel writing and photography for everyone from the business traveler to the armchair dreamer.

The Friday Project
TVisions, Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
New England travel featuring events, attractions, lodging, and restaurants. Use this search engine to find countless things to do and see in New England.

The G4NJH Amateur Radio Pages
Nottingham, England
Amateur (ham) radio page with links elsewhere. Includes history of Wollaton Hall, Nottingham, historic site, and a biography and works of Robert Burns, Scottish poet.

Get Lost Adventure Magazine
Get Lost Adventure Wear, Provo, UT, US
Adventure sports online resource, including mountain biking, skiing, snowboarding, climbing, and other sports, recreation, travel, and outdoors information, stories, links, and articles.

Global Art Project
Tucson, Arizona, US
A project connecting artists through a biennial, international art exchange. Participants creat a work of art expressing their vision of global unity, which is then exchanged with a matched recipient.

The Global Trader
BlueWave Ltd., London, England
Includes financial market news, world time, games, and related information.

Graffiti Online: Gay Atlanta
Atlanta, GA, US
An attractive and useful reference for locating information and resources for the gay, lesbian, and bisexual community in Atlanta, Georgia.

Grooves Online
Time Life, Inc., Alexandria, VA, US
Online version of the bimonthly rock CD and accompanying mini-magazine. Each issue includes 16 selections from new albums of the most talented artists working today.

Hawaiian Paradise Trading Company
Kealakekua, HI, US
A game-like shopping adventure transports visitors through an interactive time travel environment through Hawaii's rich history. Includes an engaging panorama of landscapes, underwater seascapes, works of art, photography, crafts, gourmet foods, and handmade items.

Hellenic Association
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, US
Information on the association, links to its members, daily news from Greece and Cyprus, links to related sites, and special sections, updated regularly.

A High Ridge Valentine
High Ridge Associates, Tolland, CT, US
Expressions of love through poetry, images, sounds, and links.

The Homer Knows Best Page
Denton, TX, US
Dedicated to the Simpsons. It contains various sound, image, and video files.

Hot 100 Websites
Murray Bent, Palo Alto, CA, US
A weekly ranking of popular Web sites, using measures such as traffic, links, and survey responses.

Infrarealism - Paintings by Stanislaw Kors
KSOFT C.C., Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
A gallery of fine oils on canvas.

Ingar Roggen: WEB Sociology
Department of Sociology, University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway
The Department of Sociology now offers a specialization course in Web Sociology, within the field of social informatics. In Norsk and English.

Input Device Intelligence
USAR Systems, New York, NY, US
User input device technology and products for the computer industry.

Interactive Aviation Magazine
Skywagon Air Service, Owl's Head, ME, US
This magazine is for aviators around the world. Buy, sell, swap, submit stories, lore, and more. Creativity through aviation is the primary focus, but the magazine is open to anything related to these two topics.

An Interactive Citizens Handbook
The White House, Washington, DC, US
Version 2.0 includes a great index to government information on the Web, fast White House document search, history, tours, a kids section, audio, and photos.

The Interactive Courtroom
David Arfin, Menlo Park, CA, US
Information on the first multimedia CD-ROM series for legal training.

Interactive Labs
Hillsdale, NJ, US
Free e-zine buyers guide with pictures/text of most brands for audio, video, home theater, speakers, multi-room, satellite, RFID, and more in over 30 topic areas.

Internet Movie Critic
Concord, CA, US
Movie reviews and commentary based upon the author's many years of movie experience.

Internet Services of Albany
USMC, Albany, GA, US
All about skeet shooting, hunting, fishing, and quail hunting.

iTV Interactive Entertainment
Los Angeles, CA, US
The year is 2018. The universe becomes strangely different, hostile. iTV takes users into the Gateway. Traverse hype universes, distant space stations, and accelerate into hyperspace.

Jazz Central Station
N2K, New York, NY, US
An evolving network of music, video, photography, graphics, and words uniting the global jazz community of listeners, musicians, educators, and the music industry.

The Juice Guy
Hank Boschen, Boulder, CO, US
Absolute health: Is aging optional? Are drugs toxic? Are vitamins and herbs necessary? Here is a reasoned, logical place to find out.

Expanding Technologies, Johnson City, TN, US
A revolutionary new continuous-stream Web-Chat Server, now in Beta testing for Netscape 2.0 and above.

Kennedy Space Center Visitor Center
After Five Technology, Inc., Buffalo, NY, US
Includes visitor information, history, news on current missions, gifts, and space art.

L.A. Invitational Indoor Track Meet
Franken Enterprises, El Segundo, CA, US
Information on these annual games, to be held in the Los Angeles Sports Arena, 24 February, 1996.

Lees Ferry Anglers
Marble Canyon, AZ, US
Dedicated to fly fishing for trophy-sized trout below the Glenn Canyon Dam in the Grand Canyon. View the latest river report, visit the FlyShop, and check out some beautiful photos.

Cologne, Germany
Paintings of Leoni, an artist living in Cologne, Germany.

LinkStar Internet Directory
LinkStar Communications Corp., Deerfield Beach, FL, US
The next generation in Internet searching. Find exact matches, down to the city or postal code level.

New York, NY, US
A unique, politically radical community inspired by and featuring the Web's premier work of collaborative, episodic, subversive hyptertext fiction.

Merlin, OR & the North Valley Home Page
Rogue Web, Inc., Grants Pass, OR, US
The gateway to the wild and scenic Rogue River.

Mexico CiberDirectorio
Mexico City, Mexico
A yellow pages of Mexican commerce and industry. Includes phone and fax numbers, addresses, and desciptions of included businesses.

Mexico's Index
trace, s.c., Mexico City, Mexico
The largest index of links to sites in Mexico.

Mickey Link
Lake Buena Vista, FL, US
Welcome to the Mickey Link, your official World Wide Web gateway to the magic of the Walt Disney World Resort in Florida. Find an overview of Disney Theme Parks, Disney Resort Hotels, attractions, recreation, night life, dining, and much, much more.

The Mover's Connection
Madison, WI, US
A database of movers throughout the world. This system allows movers to list and exchange shipments electronically, thus allowing them to reduce overall costs.

NCSA Astronomy Digital Image Library
NCSA, Urbana, IL, US
Contains fully processed astronomical images in FITS format from observatories around the world. Also includes VRML 3-D images.

The Newcastle Business School
Alain Young, Newcastle, England
A collection of Web pages about business, management, research, and available courses.

NextAge Magazine
WillisWorld Communications, Lauderdale Lakes, FL, US
Features model and actress profiles and biographies, and an image gallery.

NHRA's Hot Drivers and Teams
Michael Bourbonnais, Fresno, CA, US
Devoted to hundreds of full-color photos of the National Hot Rod Association's hottest drivers and teams.

NUKE Internetwork
Sendai Interactive, Inc., Lombard, IL, US
Contains the latest news in video games, computer games, movies, comics, and more.

Ocean World
CyberOuest, Vannes, France
Dedicated to sailing, racing, motorboating, and all the activities related to the sea.

Office Furniture Recyclers Forum
Alexandria, VA, US
A service for companies who recycle or refurbish office furniture. Includes news clips, membership information, a calendar, supplier links, and a special interactive product market place.

The Oilnet Corporation, Littleton, CO, US
An electronic market place and Internet meta directory for oil and gas. The most comprehensive listing of commercial oil and gas resources on the Web.

Online Gaming Review
Network Resources Group, Massapequa Park, NY, US
A magazine devoted to reviewing PC games as soon as they get into stores.

PC Today
Peed Corporation, Lincoln, NE, US
A time-saving computer product buying directory. Includes thousands of products, hundreds of vendors, and timely product reviews. Updated weekly.

Plato's Apology
Clarke College, Dubuque, IA, US
This hypertext edition of Plato's Apology was written for students taking their first philosophy course at Clarke College.

Roger Blonder, Sherman Oaks, CA, US
The poeTreeMan guides an inspirational journey through a world of imagery, poetry, and animation.

The Poetry & Literature Page
Jaimes Alsop, Pleasanton, CA, US
The very best writing on the Net, as chosen by Jaimes Alsop.

Prairie Swine Centre
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
The largest swine production research facility in Canada, carrying out intensive research, education, and technology transfer activities.

Product Success Calculator
Enterprise Support Systems, Atlanta, GA, US
This page provides a calculator that predicts the success potential of your product, business, or service through multiple choice questions.

Questar Video, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
Features Comedy Classics desktop entertainment software CD-ROMs for Windows 95.

Research Magazine
Research Holdings, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
A wide selection of comprehensive financial information, including S&P research reports, S&P open-ended equity mutual fund reports, company profiles, company fact sheets, and Wall Street analysis.

RESOLVE National
Somerville, MA, US
A national nonprofit organization that, for more than 20 years, has assisted people in resolving their infertility by providing information, support, and advocacy.

Richard Feynman Online!
Scientific Net, Douglasville, GA, US
Learn about the witty and comical physicist.

Richmond Public Library Online
Richmond, British Columbia, Canada
The best in community information and entertainment. Includes teen news, resident writers, local newspaper, Asia Pacific Connection, and much more.

Riverside Pavilion
St. Louis, MO, US
Information to help St. Louis seniors, their families, and care givers to quickly and easily locate up-to-date information and help.

The Sacramento Bee
Sacramento, CA, US
The newspaper presents two special reports: "Women in Computing," and "A Dying Sea, the Sea of Cortez."

The Science Information Infrastructure
The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA, US
A collaboration among teachers and scientists that is developing educational resources using NASA images and data. Find out about ozone depletion, satellites, auroras, and more.

Scoresheet Sports
Berkeley, CA, US
Runs fantasy leagues in baseball, football, hockey, and hoops.

Scottish Society of Southwest Michigan
Scott McClellan, Battle Creek, MI, US
Thistle Press newsletter online includes upcoming events in the area, information about the organization, and links to related sites.

Worldwide Dotboy, New York, NY, US
The hot new zine for today's fella on the move.

SIS Journal Keyword List
Society for Interdisciplinary Studies, Leeds, England
The document (500K long) contains keywords found in the SIS publications Review and Workshop.

SisterSpirit: Women Sharing Spirituality
Portland, OR, US
A women's spirituality organization honoring the Divine Feminine and celebrating the Goddess in all Her forms.

Conway Data, Inc., Norcross, GA, US
The electronic edition of Site Selection magazine, the global magazine of corporate strategy. Users include corporate strategists, asset managers, planners, and real estate specialists.

Sky & Telescope Magazine
Sky Publishing Corp., Belmont, MA, US
An award-winning site with tonight's naked-eye stars and planets, hot astronomy research news, telescope-using tips, product reviews, and well-organized astronomy links.

Oy Bookmark Ltd, Helsinki, Finland
Fan club of Finnish rock and roll band Waltari.

SoftSearch Online
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Perform a natural language keyword search on over 100,000 software titles.

Southwest Micro, Inc.
Perralt & Associates, Inc., El Paso, TX, US
A preservation microfilm service that offers newspapers and historical documents on microform and CD-ROM, and converts archival material and news text to CD-ROM for research and storage.

Special Education Resources on the Internet
Hood College, Frederick, MD, US
An incredibly rich site of special education resources on the Internet.

Stadium Online Basketball Magazine
Adrian Huber, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
To get the latest information on basketball and other sports, this site will provide up-to-date articles, competitions, and novelty pages.

Standard & Poor's Ratings
Robert Frump, NY, NY, US
A new online information service that puts more than 2,500 insurance claims-paying ability ratings, and lists accompanying insurer reports, at the fingertips of insurance professionals.

Starfire - A Planetary Port for Spiritual Psychology
BoRupp Productions, Alameda, CA, US
Offers new relationship concepts based on energy and meditation, explained by three women. Includes the Starfire newsletter.

Starfleet Command
CoolNet, Westerville, OH, US
Become a favorite or new character on an online Star Trek.

Stuffed Moose Audio
George Plumley, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
While reading the fun FAQs, entering wacky contests, or having the future revealed by Mooscope, sophisticated subliminal advertising is working its magic.

Space Cadette Records, Miami, FL, US
Information on this Miami-based band which relates the truth about suburban cruelty, epistomological mix-ups, and the precious individual.

Suzy Bogguss, Country Performer
S F Promotion Group, Cambridge, IA, US
Includes a complete discography, biography, and tour schedule of the country artist, and lists upcoming television appearances, new albums, and concert photos.

Thoughts of a Historian Caught in the Web
Cambridge, MA, US
Bimonthly essays on the Web by a professional historian.

Transport Rail News
Ft Wayne, IN, US
Keep informed on all the latest news in the rail industry.

UCSB Anthropology Web Site
UCSB Anthropology Department, Santa Barbara, CA, US
Provides information on undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as a virtual tour of prehistoric architecture and reviews of films on archaeology.

The Ultimate Dictionary
Virsoft, Madrid, Spain
Information on the definitive dictionary/translator software.

Ultimate Games Workshop
Scott Hill, Seattle, WA, US
Dedicated to all of Games Workshop's incredible games. Highlights include new rules, ongoing campaigns, and news updates.

The Ultimate UFO Page & Survey
Chicago, IL, US
From government conspiracies to descriptions of alien abductions, the fascinating world of visitors from beyond is highlighted.

The University of Toledo Graduate School
Toledo, OH, US
Consists of graduate degrees and programs offered, an online graduate application, assistantship application, inquiry form, financial aid information, and more.

[up]arte 1
Students' Association of the Oporto's School of Fine-Arts, Oporto, Portugal
An arts magazine, published in Portuguese and English, featuring articles, reviews, and essays.

Victoria International Student Program
G. Rupert, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A program that allows students from international countries to experience Victoria and its educational system.

The Virtual Garment Center
Kenneth Drucker, New York, NY, US
A virtual meeting place and source for the apparel, textile, and fashion industries, with a keyword searchable database.

webbed feet productions
Chicago, IL, US
A fine arts Internet design firm dedicated to churning out educational, enlightening, interesting, and impressive uniquely Internet productions.

Welcome To The White House
Washington, DC, US
The home of the first family on the Web is newly refurbished, with an interactive tour, a virtual library, and the latest White House news.

What's New in the World of Science
The Exploratorium, San Francisco, CA, US
A monthly Internet publication that gives its readers concise information on the latest science news.

Wine Dine
Online Marketing, Milford, CT, US
New York restaurant listings by amenities, brunch, party, banquet facilities, and cuisine.

Working Assets
Bruce Carlisle, Silicon Valley, CA, US
An online newspaper with opinions by Mario Cuomo and Jim Hightower, humor and satire from Will Durst, and Ted Rall's political cartoons.

World Golf
Global Image Services, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A comprehensive collection of golf information from courses around the world, including golf travel, instruction, club making, and collecting advice.

World Surfari
Global Internet Attitude, Phoenix, AZ, US
A journey to a different country every month. Developed by a 10-year-old.

WWW VL: International Development Co-operation
ALCAZAR Global Networking, The Hague, The Netherlands
This part of the Virtual Library project seeks to present a collection of sites relevant to the theme of International Development Co-operation.

Xander Mellish: Short Stories and Cartoons
New York, NY, US
Fiction and drawings about young, ambitious and somewhat confused New Yorkers, with audio of the stories being read aloud.

Yoshitoshi Ukiyo-e Web Gallery
Aiea, HI, US
A Web gallery dedicated to the ukiyo-e (wood block prints) of Yoshitoshi Tsukioka.

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