MicroGrafx Patches and Updates

In 2001, Corel bought out MicroGrafx and has refused to
provide a download location for related support files
to legacy software.

Seeing as some of these patches are *required* for
many of these products to even function following
install I am making available my archive of all of
the patches I have held onto over the years.

These patches and updates ARE NOT AVAILABLE OR

So don't go complaining to them about them, and
don't complain to me about them if they cause
problems. I'm only posting them here for users
who may need them due to having to reinstall
their products, and already know what they need.

If anyone at Corel has problems with me making
these files available, please contact me at
"bryan at kitchencloset dot com" and let me
know. I can remove them if it is a problem or add
additional disclaimers if needed. The best
solution would be for Corel to maintain these on
their own servers considering that some installs
of Picture Publisher actually crippled Windows
Explorer or Internet Explorer and needed their
patch in order to return basic OS functionality!

Where possible I have attempted to locate the
original support page text for the download and
have included it as a seperate file.
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