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ComCentral 33.6 system is not Y2K compatible

The Problem:
In 2004, I purchased an IBM ComCentral 33.6 messaging center and could not get the date to set correctly.
My Solution:
Initially I was attempting to install the device from remote onto a system running OS/2 through a VNC session as I don't have a monitor attached to the computer in question.
Unfortunately, the date wouldn't set. My suspicion was that I needed to run the setup software in a full-screen Win-OS/2 session (which doesn't work under VNC), but I wasn't going to hassel with attaching a monitor to the computer.
Next I found a computer running Windows 95. I ran the setup from there and to my surprise I still couldn't set the date correctly.
Finally, on a lark I set the date back to 1999, issued the date set procedure and this time it worked. Yay!
My conclusion:
This device is not Y2K compatible which is a real shame as it's an awesome little voice-mail/fax processing system.