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What's New: October 1995

Monday, 2 October 1995

AAA Australia Announce Archives
Visitor Radio Pty Ltd, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Users can announce new sites for free at this listing of over 100 top Australian Web sites.

About Girls
Dancing Pixel Productions, Inc, Portland, OR, US
Sells CD-ROMs of girls and young women answering questions on sex and dating. Pictures, graphics, and sound clips are downloadable.

Aikido Journal Online
Aiki News, Tokyo, Japan
Devoted to aikido and the Japanese martial arts, including Daito-ryu aikijujutsu and classical arts. Features reprints and an index to the journal.

Alaskan Gold Nugget Jewelry
Fairbanks, AK, US
Sells unique gold nugget jewelry inspired by the beautiful natural setting of Alaska.

Alianza Lima
Raul Rodriguez, Tucson, AZ, US
The unofficial home page for the most popular soccer team in Peru.

Alien Communications Co.
New York City, NY, US
Provides multimedia, graphics, and HTML services.

All Right Mega Mall
Carson City, NV, US
Provides a huge assortment of gifts for Halloween and Christmas, such as photo frames, plants, tools, clocks, watches, and automotive items, all at exceptional prices.

Allegro Information Services
Raleigh, NC, US
A source for thousands of special interest and instructional VHS videotapes. Topics range from aerobics to Zimbabwe.

Amagift Gift Service
M & M Enterprises, Henrietta, NY, US
21 albums of gifts for every occasion and every budget.

American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology
Milwaukee, WI, US
The official AAAAI home page, providing allergy, asthma, and immunology information for the public and the professional.

American Academy of Ophthalmology
San Francisco, CA, US
An international association of more than 21,000 ophthalmologists. The site provides authoritative information about eye care for the public, and serves the professional needs of the Academy's members.

American Academy of Research Historians of Medieval Spain
Lawrence, KS, US
Find membership and program information along with links to medieval Iberian resources, the newsletter, book reviews, and interesting graphics.

Amos Alonzo Stagg High School
Stockton, CA, US
The official homepage for this high school features educational resources, a link to the campus cafe, and information on the associated student body.

San Diego, CA, US
Developers of integrated storage, systems, and network management solutions for the UNIX client/server enterprise.

Angelic Revelations of Divine Truth
The Truths Project, Santa Cruz, CA, US
The true Gospel revealed anew by Jesus.

Animals at Home
Joe Snyder II, Lincoln, NE, US
Dedicated to animals, domestic and wild.

Lightwater Media, London, England
An illustrated round-up of the United Kingdom tabloid that also predicts the weather and runs interactive quizzes.

The Ant - HTML Conversion Utilities
Jill Swift, Montgomery, TX, US
A Microsoft Word-based template for creating outstanding Web pages. Download a demo version and a complete description.

Arabian Media Concepts
Amman, Jordan
A communications company offering comprehensive services to facilitate corporate communications with clients, consumers, the community, and mass media in Arabic speaking and Middle Eastern markets.

Arabic PC Computing & Resources
Abdel-Hadi Bukres, Beaverton, OR, US
Listing of commercial and freeware Arabic comics online.

Aurora, IL, US
A supplier of exotic tarantulas from the world over, with hundreds of specimens from South America, Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Archives of African American Music and Culture
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, US
A repository and center devoted to the research and study of African-American music and cultural life.

The Art of Patrick Nagel
Brett L. Kessler, New York City, NY, US
An unofficial, evolving gallery of artwork by Patrick Nagel. New images are always accepted, but no fakes please.

Art on the Net
Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Minneapolis, MN, US
A distance-learning course which introduces students to the world of online hypermedia, being taught entirely via the Internet.

Artichoke Dance Company
New York, NY, US
A modern dance company in New York City

Consolidated Creators, Philadelphia, PA, US
Displays the work of young talent for free, making it ideal for marketing personal work, finding an artist to hire, or gift searching.

Asia Business Connection
Select Services Pte. Ltd., Singapore, Singapore
A listing of businesses across Asia covering manufacturing, services, leisure and travel, shopping, classifieds, and more.

Associated Newspapers of Ceylon, Ltd.
Lanka Internet Services, Ltd. and Associated Newspapers of Ceylon Ltd., Colombo, Sri Lanka
The two best selling newspapers in Sri Lanka, the Daily News and Sunday Observer, are now online.

Atlanta 1996 Summer Visitor Rental
Adapt, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Private houses and apartments for rent or lease during the 1996 Summer Games in Atlanta.

Atlantic Provinces Economic Council
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
An independent, not-for-profit, membership-based research and public policy organization. It has gained a national/international reputation for its analysis and commentary on the region's economy.

Atomic and Plasma Physics: Who's Who
Plasma Laboratory, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
Online information on the atomic/plasma physics community. Features include registration and keywords or name searches.

Australian Farm Radio
Tourist Radio Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia
Information about Australian agriculture and farm weather.

A B CDs Music Store
Airway Heights, WA, US
A selection of hundreds of thousands of new CDs, and tens of thousands of quality used CDs.

Balance Of Power
Spyder Web Services, Houston, TX, US
Explore the bizarre ramblings of Alif Jabajil as he takes you into the politically incorrect realm of reality.

Beacon Hill Software
Boston, MA, US
Includes information on products and services, and downloadable evaluation copies of the screen capture program, SnapShot 3.

Bed & Breakfast Inns Online
Innkeeper Services, Nashville, TN, US
Lists bed & breakfast and country inns in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, Kentucky, Missouri, and Florida.

The Beer InfoNet
Atlanta, GA, US
A service provided to the seekers of fine brews who wish to locate information on the Net regarding their favorite beverage.

BizCafe Shopping Mall
Ooltewah, TN, US
One of the most eye-catching shopping malls on the Web covers such topics as finance, sports, computers, health, gifts, travel, and more.

Body Wise Vitamins
Vitawise, Inc., Ardmore, PA, US
Totally organic vitamins that will help you lose weight, give you more energy, help you train harder, and keep you healthier. You can make a career out of this.

Direct Box, Inc., Belmont, MA, US
A site designed for the greater Boston area, including Boston-area information, maps, and resources.

Indianapolis, IN, US
A wholesale outlet for a variety of computer cables, network cables, custom assemblies, and related accessories.

CafeNet Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Makers of coin-operated Internet terminals at LA's hottest cafes, and architects of the CafeNet Network.

California Rare Fruit Growers, Inc.
Fullerton, CA, US
The largest amateur fruit-growing organization in the world, with members in 48 states and U.S. territories, and 30 countries.

Canadian Foster Family Association
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Represents foster families at the national and global levels, with the goal of establishing uniform standards for the provision of foster care in Canada.

South Cariboo, British Columbia, Canada
A Web-publishing service offering a gateway to the Internet and the expertise to make your Web presence noticed worldwide.

Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County
San Jose, CA, US
Works toward a community based on justice, freedom, and compassion, enhancing the quality of life for all members of the community, especially the poor.

Center for Defense Information Online
Washington, DC, US
An independent source of authoritative information about military and national security issues.

Center for Media Literacy
Los Angeles, CA, US
A nonprofit organization producing and distributing books, videos, and educational curriculum for media literacy education. A free catalog of resources is available.

Center for Teaching Excellence
University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC, US
Provides programs and resources for university faculty, primarily in North Carolina.

Centre for Sociology and the Policy Sciences
SocInfo, University of Stirling, Stirling, Scotland
The United Kingdom's national center for technology in the social sciences.

Chicago Area Graphic Artists
Chicago, IL, US
Artwork from professional graphic artists in the Chicago area.

Children's Audiobooks
Jimcin Recordings, Portsmouth, RI, US
Children's unabridged audiobooks and single cassettes.

Chris Wall
Cold Spring Records, Austin, TX, US
Home page for a Texas singer/songwriter. Stop by and say howdy.

Christian J. Stewart Consulting
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
Provides specialized consulting services in the areas of coastal and ocean management; shoreline processes; and geology, flood, and erosion hazard studies.

The Chronicle of the Drum, by W.M. Thackeray
Indiana University Libraries, Reference Department, Bloomington, IN, US
Digitized version of the 70-page ballad about French military history during the Napoleonic period. Includes 32 images by well-known artists and engravers.

The Church of Antioch
The Church of Antioch, Creswell, OR, US
One of the fastest growing independent Catholic churches. This site includes information on the Sophia Divinity School and more.

Cincom Systems, Inc.
Cincinnati, OH, US
Through a worldwide sales, service and support network, this company brings over a quarter-century of experience in providing software solutions to clients in 72 countries.

The Citadel
Eclipse Internet Solutions, Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, England
All the resources necessary to conduct successful business over the Internet, created specifically for the UK audience.

CLR Foreign Language Software Buyers Guide
Character Language Resources, Los Angeles, CA, US
Largest selection of foreign language software available anywhere. Users can find language systems, translation, fonts, dictionaries, and more.

Coastside Live!
MikroSyn International, Half Moon Bay, CA, US
A comprehensive directory of the San Mateo coastside, including information on commerce, community, and annual events.

Codd Multimedia
Codd Multimedia, Laguna Hills, CA, US
An electronic mall and a catalog of custom controls and other Visual Basic productivity tools.

College Database Athletic Prospect
Institutional Research & Evaluation Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Collects and distributes athletic and academic information on American and international athletes to U.S. colleges and universities.

College of the Canyons
Public Information Office, Santa Clarita, CA, US
Information about a public community college in Santa Clarita, California.

Comedian Data Sheet
David Spark, Chicago, IL, US
Ralph Nader said, "You'd be safer driving an Edsel into a brick wall than watching the comedy of Dave Spark." Read Dave's new revue, scan his collection of bootlegs, and find out where you've seen him before.

Competition Web
The UK Shopping Centre, London, England
Find out how to win a car, a holiday, cash, or a host of other prizes.

Computer Recycler
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Specialists in buying, selling, and trading new and used Macintosh equipment.

Computer Times Online
Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore
The largest computer-user publication in Singapore, giving the Singapore perspective on user concerns and challenges.

Concord Road Church of Christ
Nashville, TN, US
Learn about God's plan of eternal salvation, and find volumes of information on the Bible, New Testament Christianity, hope, forgiveness, friendship, fellowship, and love.

The ConCreat Page
Consolidated Creators, Philadelphia, PA, US
Offers small businesses an excellent web presence package for only $500 per year.

Consultant's Corner
Computer Enhancement Systems, Ooltewah, TN, US
Find consultants of all kinds here: marketing, organizational, computer, training, language, and management consultants. Also find resources and training materials for consultants and small businesses

Consulting Partners International
Marc Herubin, Alpharetta, GA, US
Markets the expertise of the consultant through TV, radio, newspapers and the Internet. This is an association and does not share in any earnings.

Cope Racing
Fort Myers, FL, US
Builds and services engines and cylinder heads for drag racing, road racing, street bikes, mini-sprints, dwarf cars, and legend cars.

Cottage Inn Pizza
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Serving quality pizza in southeastern Michigan for over 45 years. Now order on the Web.

Countdown '96
Essential Presence, Chicago, IL, US
A comprehensive, non-partisan resource for the 1996 Presidential primaries and elections. The site includes links to candidates, parties, issues, special interest groups and voter information.

Nebraska On-Ramp, Inc., Papillion, NE, US
An interactive Web page creator, designed to make creating a personal Web page as easy as typing in your own personal information.

Creative Pages
M & M Enterprises, Henrietta, NY, US
Designs Web pages to reach new customers, make communications more efficient, conduct marketing and advertising, and boost sales.

Crossroads Realty, Inc.
Toms River, NJ, US
A full-service real estate company with ten offices located throughout Ocean and Monmouth Counties on the New Jersey shore.

CTR Investments
Las Vegas, NV, US
A "For Sale by Owner" site offering land parcels in the state of Arizona.

Cultural and Environmental Affairs Division
General Services Administration/Office of Cultural Affairs, Washington, DC, US
Directs all historic preservation and compliance activities for the General Services Administration. Search by state, artist, or description from a database of several hundred public arts projects funded by the U.S. Federal Government. Projects within the Art-In-Architecture Installations, Fine Arts Collections, and Federal Historic Buildings programs range from architectural detailing to statues to paintings.
http://www.gsa.gov/pbs/pt/pts/cultural.htm [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Custom Models & Machining
Shelton Software, Inc., Tualatin, OR, US
Custom machined model engines that are ignition, water cooled, gas fueled, box or R/C car mounted.

Advanced Network Tech., Westbury, NY, US
Finally, an easy way to find someone compatible with your lifestyle.

Cycle-Sat, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
An integrated video and radio network offering fiber-optic satellite and physical distribution services, including television and radio commercial forwarding.

The Daily Egyptian
Southern Illinois University at Carbondale, Carbondale, IL, US
The online version of this student-run newspaper contains local news, sports, editorials, letters to the editor, and of course, comments from Gus Bode.

Daily Wisdom
Gospel Communications Network, Muskegon, MI, US
A daily thought on life and culture in the form of a short story, allegory or editorial.

The DAIS Corporation
Troy, NY, US
The source for low-cost Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cells.

Department of History
University of Central Arkansas, Conway, AR, US
Contains information on degrees, courses, syllabi, and faculty, with links to other history resources and servers.

Design House
Digital Zone Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Advertise your design-related product or service to a targeted audience, producing the most exposure at the lowest cost.

Destination Counseling
Weston, MA, US
Helping high school students and their parents who wish to visit Boston-area colleges and make their visit both structured and enjoyable.

Diabetes Support Systems, Inc.
Plantation, FL, US
Coping with Diabetes just got easier. DSS offers comprehensive products and services to help diabetics improve their blood sugars and enhance their lives.

Diagnostics Plus
State College, PA, US
A full-service survey research firm offering expertise in employee, customer, market, and organizational development research.

Digital Zone Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
See sample images from numerous renowned stock photographers from the Northwest U.S., enter a drawing for a complete collection of photo CDs, and download some free images.

Dive Log New Zealand
Seatech Limited, Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand's premier magazine and Web resource for diving in New Zealand.

Divorce Online
American Divorce Information Network, Troy, MI, US
A publication dedicated to providing timely information to individuals and couples facing the prospect of divorce.

DNA's Entertainment Helix
Dynamic Net Access, Cape Town, South Africa
The primary online source for South African entertainment and magazines.

Downtown AOL
Vienna, VA, US
An online yellow pages for small businesses that contains everything from fresh lobsters to hula aerobics videotapes. Also, learn about the latest thinking on Internet advertising.

E. I. du Pont de Nemours and Company, Wilmington, DE, US
A science and technology-based global company of people who make products that make a difference in everyday life.

Eagle Express Flowers
Half Moon Bay, CA, US
An overnight delivery service offering three floral bouquets through the World Wide Web.

Earth Portals
San Francisco, CA, US
Features new metaphors of consciousness. Find transformational, New Age, and wholistic products; book reviews and social commentary; and imaginative links in the arts and sciences.

Edward S Gordon Company (ESG)
New York, NY, US
One of the largest and most accomplished full-service real estate companies in the U.S.

Enertia Building Systems Homes
Wake Forest, NC, US
Description and photo tour of environmental solar geothermal homes that Enertia Building Systems designs and manufactures in kit form.

Entrusco International Finance Group
Alpharetta, GA, US
Evaluates projects and objectives, offers national and international consulting, negotiates any contingencies, and provides setup and closing arrangements.

EPA Office of Mobile Sources
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Responsible for controlling air pollution from motor vehicles, fuels, and off-road engines (e.g. lawn mowers, locomotives, aircraft, marine engines, and farm and construction equipment)

EPA & Ozone Depletion
US Environmental Protection Agency, Washington, DC, US
Information on the science of ozone depletion, U.S. regulations to protect the ozone layer, the UV Index, methyl bromide, and help for consumers.

Erma's Herbs
Graysville, TN, US
Learn about the medicinal and preventative qualities of herbs. Find salt-free seasonings, herbal vinegars, herbal capsules, potpourri, and even dried flowers for craft materials.

Ethics Updates
University of San Diego, San Diego, CA, US
Intended primarily for individuals teaching ethics courses, and their students.

EUnet Austria
Pro&Co, Vienna, Austria
An Internet access provider offering support and service far beyond Europe, as far as the Commonwealth of Independent State and North Africa.

NetOffice, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Have a private fax telephone number and receive fax and voice messages on the Web. Check out the free demo.

Fiat Bravo - Fiat Brava
Torino, Italy
Information on the new cars from Fiat. Includes technical information, movies, and images.

Fibromyalgia Information Resource
Sheri G., Mankato, MN, US
Up-to-date information on Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and other disorders.

First Approach Financial Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
An entrepreneurial investor in the acquisition of real estate secured mortgages, annuities, structured settlements, and lottery winnings .

Flexible Church System
Cedric Fairweather, Cheyenne, WY, US
A powerful, easy-to-use church management system that can be customized to meet the needs of practically every church, regardless of denomination.

Lenweaver Advertising+Design, Inc., Syracuse, NY, US
A place where food-loving cybernauts can access restaurant reviews, recipes, chefs, and all manner of food lore.

Free Plus Calling
GBTelcom, Austin, TX, US
A long distance calling plan that offers excellent long distance calling rates, as well as an innovative marketing opportunity.

French Cybercafes
Cybersphere, Paris, France
An exhaustive, regularly updated list of "cybercafes" in France. Find photos, rates, hours, and a description of each.

Gallerie Outlet
Madison Heights, MI, US
Web page designer and mall complete with page layout and promotions.

The Gate of Homepage - Sophia
Computer System Design Department, Taejon, Chungnam, South Korea
Provides information on nuclear fields, utilities for Windows 3.1, and links to many Korean Web sites.

Ghost and Goblins Wares
All Right Mega Mall, Carson City, NV, US
Offers Halloween treats such as Funny Fellow and the Happy Scarecrow, and scary tricks like haunted houses and a witch stuck in a bowl.

Gile Real Estate
Otis, MA, US
Specializing in vacation homes in Southern Berkshire County.

Gill Marketing & Associates
Memphis, TN, US
A flat-rate discount telephone service beneficial to those in home building, legal and medical offices, home offices, and sales associations.

Globe Telecom, Manila, Philippines
Home page of the Philippines' most progressive telecommunications company. This site includes links to local businesses.

Goanna Marketing International
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Specializes in the merchandising of genuine, high quality Australian-produced goods for the discerning buyer.

Grand Central
Liz Schwartz, Columbia, MO, US
A safe haven for American fans of British indie music.

GT Technology, Inc.
Saratoga, CA, US
Provides consulting services and turn-key designs in the fields of error correction and image, data, and speech compression for computer and communication companies.

Guido "The Dice Man" Dimatto's Crapper
KCA Productions, Inc., Austin, TX, US
Guido has over 50 years of gambling experience and provides users with numerous tips on playing the game of Craps.

Gulf Coast Chapter NRHS
Houston, TX, US
A chapter of the the National Railway Historical Society which operates a railroad museum in Houston, Texas.

H2O Polo
Arlington, MA, US
Serving water polo players around the world. Teams and individuals can post scores, schedules, keep tabs on competitors, monitor Olympics news, and participate in a host of other offerings.

Hardshell Laptop Travel Cases
Management Control Systems, Vancouver, WA, US
Selling hardshell cases which are a must to protect an expensive laptop and its priceless data.

Heavenly Riffs
Dallas, TX, US
Heavenly Riffs is a music video show that features the best in Christian rock, hard-core, metal, and alternative music.

Hell Blues Club
Hell, Norway
The blues has come to Hell; a junction for several thousand years. At Hell the blues soul can quench its thirst on tragedy and sorrow, and whine in tune with the henchman's axe at the execution place.

Hill & Associates
Geneva, Switzerland
Contains papers on arbitration, mediation, electronic commerce, and intellectual property, all with a focus on telecommunications and information technology.

Homebuilt and Kit Aircraft Compendium
Pentam Aerospace, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Kit aircraft manufacturers, from classics to supersonics, and almost anything else that flies. Includes a major section on experimental piston, rotary, and barrel engines.

Homestead Air Reserve Base
US Air Force Reserves, Homestead, FL, US
Home of the 482nd Fighter Wing. Find a host of information about the organization, and links to related sites.

Horse Handicapping
Software Exchange (R), West Bloomfield, MI, US
Provides a monthly column on horse racing and information on handicapping books and software.

How Come??
WebScope, Dix Hills, NY, US
Twice each month, the Andy Rooney wannabe of the Web poses that age old question that keeps comedians in business, and never really gets answered.

Roger Wagner Publishing, Inc., El Cajon, CA, US
Official home page for this multimedia program for multi-talented minds. Find information about the software, sample stacks to download, read news about the Windows and Mac versions, and more.

I Forget
I Forget Co., Brooklyn, NY, US
RealAudio-based music and comedy site; "a trivial band, and a frivolous land, for serious people." Featuring the first E.P. designed expressly for the Web.

IDEAS MART(tm) The Innovation / New Product Resource Centre
IDEAS DIGEST, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Offers new products and business opportunity listings. Find those new and sometimes unusual gifts, as well as practical new products and business opportunities.

IE Graphics
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Offering fine arts, graphic art, desktop publishing, illustration, design, HTML markup and Web page implementation.

I.F.I.S. The Web (tm)
Internet Publications of America, Inc., Denver, CO, US
Find retailers throughout the nation who are offering specials to retail customers. Find everything from appliances, electronics, florists, restaurants, and more.

In Some Unrelated Land
Pilgrim Press, Berkeley, CA, US
A literary novel with art, published in serial form. It is Pilgrim Press' first online publication.

Indian Market - SWAIA
ATIIN, Inc., Albuquerque, NM, US
The SouthWestern Association for American Indian Arts (SWAIA) fosters and encourages the development of contemporary and traditional Indian arts.

Indoor Air Quality Publications
Bethesda, MD, US
The world's leading resource for news, information, and conferences addressing indoor pollution, indoor air quality, healthy buildings, and lead poisoning prevention.

Inficom - Internet Wireless Products
Bellevue, WA, US
Bringing to the Internet 25.6 Mbps wireless ATMs with a range of 10 miles.

Irving, TX, US
A publication devoted to analyzing investments in the semiconductor, semiconductor equipment, and flat panel display industries.

Inline Design
Wichita, KS, US
Specialists in developing highly creative, visually attractive, and fully functional Web information pages.

INNOVA Studios
Chicago, IL, US
A complete multimedia production company specializing in innovative productions for global business communications, marketing, and training.

Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS)
Linthicum, MD, US
The online information source for the institute, including a membership directory, conference information, news, and more.

Insurance Answers
inter@ctive insurance innovations incorporated, Miami, FL, US
Providing fast, economical, and unbiased answers to personal, business, and financial insurance and risk management questions.

International Mall And Exposition Center
Net M Communications, Hot Springs, AR, US
Find free CD-ROMs, free newsletters, free classifieds, and free information on how to make money.

The Internet Advertiser
Silver Spring, MD, US
Quality, affordable Internet advertising accessing over 30 million people.

Internet Advertising Southwest
Phoenix, AZ, US
An Internet advertising agency based in Phoenix, Arizona. This site includes a comprehensive list of Internet terms and phrases.

Internet for Parents
Resolution Business Press, Inc., Bellevue, WA, US
A book for families who want to use the Internet in their kids' education. The 384-page book shows how families and schools worldwide are using the Internet as an educational tool.

Internet Front
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
An Internet access provider operating in Toronto, catering to business clientele.

InterSure Ltd.
London, England
The first and only site in the UK to offer instant car and household insurance on the Net.

Jamaica Travel
Jamaica Tourist Board, Kingston, Jamaica
An informative and colourful overview of the pleasures, activities, and excellent accommodations awaiting the vacationer on one of the Caribbean's most beautiful islands.

J.B. Henderson Elementary School
McDonough, GA, US
An online newspaper written by the students.

Jean-Pierre D'Zahr, Artist@Large
Seattle, WA, US
A professional photographer who does digital design Illustrations, photo CD publishing, Web page design, and Internet consulting.

JHB Communications
White Plains, NY, US
A small, cost-efficient business communications consultant.

Kalyn's Online Country Crafts Magazine
Albuquerque, NM, US
The first online crafts magazine to bring together crafters and craft enthusiasts to buy and sell unique crafts, products, and gift items.

Kansas City Bar-B-Q Connection
RBJB Productions, Kansas City, MO, US
A place to learn about Kansas City BBQ, featuring the following restaurants: Arthur Bryants, Smoke Stack of Martin City, and Zarda. Also learn about the Kansas City Barbecue Society.

Katia and Marielle Labeque
Lawrence Hartline, Tokyo, Japan
An unofficial home page for fans of the classical piano duet Katia and Marielle Labeque.

Kenneth Johnson, Silversmith
ATIIN, Inc., Albuquerque, NM, US
A Native American silversmith who creates works of art out of old silver coins, specializing in hair ties, pins, and bracelets.

Kentuckiana Online
Visionline Inc., Louisville, KY, US
Link up with visitor and tourist information on the greater Louisville, southern Indiana area.

Klever Networking Products
San Jose, CA, US
Manufacturer and distributor of ethernet networking products.

Reykjavik, Iceland
A soft and slow, jazzy and jivey Icelandic combo.

La Peste (The Plague)
IPM Tour s.r.l., Rome, Italy
An Italian satirical magazine trying to bring people closer to democracy in Italy.

Law Office of Robert J. Larson
Robert J. Larson, Attorney at Law, Eugene, OR, US
Specializes in Federal and State criminal defense, administrative law, domestic relations cases, and driving under the influence cases.

L'Chaim: A Holocaust Web Project
RB Advertising & Marketing, Baltimore, MD, US
A growing Web site featuring a virtual tour of the concentration camp at Dachau.

Learn to program in C and C++
PAC Software, Inc., Littleton, CO, US
Use multimedia CD-ROMs to learn to program in C or C++.

Literal Lies...
M. Carmen Matti., Fremont, CA, US
Find fibs, fakes, frauds, and fables, plus poetry, stories, memories, and a novel.

M & M Coffee Service
Henrietta, NY, US
Full coffee service for the home or office. Gourmet and regular coffee are both available, as well as teas, hot chocolate and coffee essentials.

Mag's Big List of HTML Editors
Tom Magliery, Champaign, IL, US
The biggest list of HTML editing tools in existence, with 62 entries at last count. Provides brief descriptions and URLs.

Majesty Cruise Line
Miami, FL, US
Find out about accommodations, complete itineraries, and actual sailing dates. Offers three and four night cruises to the Bahamas, Key West and Mexico, and seven night cruises to Bermuda.

Mallnet Inc.
Sioux Falls, SD, US
A virtual shopping center with secure on-line transactions, selling art, games, gifts, books, and more.

Matterhorn Investment Corp.
Lucerne, Switzerland
Free information for wealthy individuals and entrepreneurs on Swiss banking, foreign exchange, portfolio management, life insurance, international trade support, and estate and tax planning.

The Medugorje Web
Steve Shawl, Oak Brook, IL, US
Since 1981, in a small village in former Yugoslavia, the Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing and giving messages to the world. This site shares her message via the Internet.

Mel's Web Construction
Melvin C. McDowell, New York, NY, US
Custom Web page construction services.

Isotropic Media Group, Atlanta, GA, US
A directory of Web resources arranged by metropolitan area. Each page contains links to a city's Web servers, many of which are not found listed in other directories.

Michael Qseng Morning Show
Krater 96.3 KRTR-FM, Honolulu, HI, US
All the happenings of the hottest radio show in Hawaii, and contests to win prizes such as Hawaiian Vacations.

Michigan BizServe
Online Technologies Corporation, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A comprehensive online business community for Michigan business people and organizations providing Web sites, educational seminars, and email with local dial-in access.

MiNET Internet Publishing
San Diego, CA, US
A professional Web site design and hosting service.

The Missoulian
Missoula, MT, US
A daily newspaper based in Missoula, and covering western Montana.

Misty Meadow Farm
Weyers Cave, VA, US
Many know about the spotted owl, but many domestic animals are also in danger. This is the place to find out more.

Hollywood, FL, US
Providing information, services, free home pages and a U.S. Treasury bond market overview to members of the financial community.

Fremont, CA, US
A helpful and easy-to-use source for modem information.

Mounted Memories Sports Memorabilia
Mount Kisco, NY, US
The largest manufacturer of acrylic display cases for the sports memorabilia industry.

The Music Specialist
InterSonic, Hialeah, FL, US
A colorful and entertaining site with a wealth of industry-related information, pictures, and samples from a variety of musical genres.

Myrtle Online
Future Directions, Inc., Myrtle Beach, SC, US
The hot new Web site all about Myrtle Beach. Provides information about hotels, recreation, weather, events, real estate, business and more.

Natural Heritage Network
The Nature Conservancy, Arlington, VA, US
Provides information on the cooperative network of Natural Heritage biodiversity monitoring programs.

neoFusion Internet Marketing
Tucson, AZ, US
An Internet presence provider specializing in custom Web commerce and marketing sites.

MiNET Internet Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
A fully automated, easy-to-use method for establishing a Web presence for individuals and businesses for only $99.00.

Internet Solutions, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
A free program that watches the Web, and provides notification when given Web pages change.

NetCONNECTIONS Business Contact Service
NetConnect Information Services, Camp Springs, MD, US
This networking service quickly expands any contact network online, and helps establish business and job contacts via email.

Network Buyer's Guide
Strategic Research Corporation, Santa Barbara, CA, US
A central source to gather information on companies, products, and technologies for storage and networking. Includes complete product listings, white papers, network evaluation tools, and news.

New Democrats of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A resource for information and news about the Democratic Party in Canada.

New York New York
Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, NY, US
A guide to downtown Manhattan including arts, performance, politics, business, and restaurants. Schedules and pictures are included.

NewClients, Inc.
Richmond, VA, US
A national direct-mail list broker and advertising specialties distributor.

New York, NY, US
A comprehensive resource on Somalia and the disastrous state of affairs currently underway in this African country.

North Carolina Career & Employment Resource Center
Charlotte, NC, US
Whether seeking a job in North Carolina, or North Carolinians for employment, this site is the one stop source.

Nu-Idea Technologies, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
Manufacturer of vending machines for popcorn, film, and cameras. This page also includes information on products and the industry.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A bed and breakfast retreat in the heart of Canada's beautiful capital city, Ottawa.

Office of State Senator John H. Adler
Haddonfield, NJ, US
All constituents services for the 6th Legislative District of New Jersey.

The Official Information Service of the Motorcycle World Championship
Dorna/TWP - Delta Tre Informatica srl, Torino, Italy
Contains all the results of the 1995 Grand Prix in full detail including general information, regional information, and rider information.

The Offset Equipment Page
Offset Technical Services, Rexdale, Ontario, Canada
The most complete source of used graphic art equipment.

Old Line Plastics
Baltimore, MD, US
Injection molded plastics manufacturing for the automotive and consumer products industries. Includes the Advanced Filter Technologies maintenance-free Aquamax water filter.

OnLine Counseling Service
Dr. Dieter Michael Burckhardt, Olympia, WA, US
For people seeking help with mental health, addiction, personality disorders, and marital and relationship problems.

OnRamp Online
OnRamp Technologies, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
See a few Rampages and Rampires, check out provocative and controversial employee home pages, and find out about the unique four-Toupsie Babe of The Web.

The Option Method and Options for Living
Frank Mosca, Ph.D, Thornwood, NY, US
This direct and effective method, which has helped hundreds of people, is breakthrough news about how to know and maintain the truth of one's happiness.

Organic Technology Cyberzine
Creative Pitch, London, United Kingdom
A regularly updated magazine-style page with articles on a variety of different subjects.

Outrageous Online Uncle Al
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Mind candy for the severely gifted. Indulge yourself with a new essay each weekday.

Oxford Computer, Inc.
Oxford, CT, US
Specializes in electronic imaging devices, including parallel DSP chips, optical memory chips, and ultra-high-density and -capacity disk drives.

Pacific Latex
mill valley, CA, US
Disposable latex gloves for crafts, painting, gluing, and general hand protection, including laboratory and medical use.

Paradise Net
Atlanta, GA, US
The main Web page for this communications company features mall shops, links to download Winsock software, and a great Telnet application for Windows.

Mays Landing, NJ, US
Provides economical, full-service personal Web space rentals and Web site development.

Perry Pip Web Services
Houston, TX, US
Provides full-service web publishing, marketing strategy development, page layout and graphical design, HTML and CGI authoring, and web server space.

Photoflex Professional Photogear
Zume Interactive, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA, US
A manufacturer of photographic lighting equipment and camera bags. Extensive tips and techniques for photographic lighting, as well as complete descriptions of all products can be found here.

Printing Industries of Northern California, San Francisco, CA, US
Complete resource for print buyers and consumers in the Bay Area. Includes weekly listing of hundreds of jobs in the Bay Area printing industry.

Planet Byron
Lightforce Communication & SkyNet Studio, Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia
An electronic magazine that could only come from Byron Bay, a small town with a big presence. Byron Bay is a mecca, a meeting place for world travelers.

Polymicro Technologies
Phoenix, AZ, US
Provides product and design information on optical fibers, flexible silica capillary tubing, and precision glass components for a variety of industrial and medical applications.

Port Colborne Economic Resource Centre
Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada
Business counseling and investment services to new and existing businesses in the Port Colborne area.

The Portinari Project Collection
Pontificia University Catolica, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, Brazil
A sample of the material collected by the Portinari Project, documenting the work, life, and times of Candido Portinari, one of the foremost Brazilian painters.

Presenting Java(tm)
December Communications, Troy, NY, US
A support web for the book "Presenting Java," connecting to Java demonstrations, example source code, an online Java bibliography, and online references about Java.

The Princeton Consulting Group
Dallas, TX, US
A strategic management consulting firm providing decision support and financing alternatives to business management.

Proclaiming the Gospel
Garland, TX, US
A ministry created to lead unsaved Roman Catholics to a saving faith in Jesus Christ. Find seminars, bible studies, and a free newsletter.

Professors for a Strong Israel
Tel Aviv, Israel
A non-partisan organization of academics, united in a common concern for the security and the Jewish character of the State of Israel.

Quantum Health Resources, Inc.
Orange, CA, US
Provides care to patients afflicted by rare chronic disorders.

Red Hot Dance Festival
New Wave Video Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An annual dance festival taking place every August in Calgary, Canada. Dancers from all over North America compete in all divisions for prizes and awards.

Reed Reference Publishing
New Providence, NJ, US
The parent company of leading business publications including Martindale-Hubbell, National Register Publishing, RR Bowker, and Marquis Who's Who.

Relocation Station
Memphis, TN, US
Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgendered? Tired of living "on guard"? This site lists the best gay-positive communities in the U.S.

Rentown USA
Shelton Software, Inc., Vancouver, WA, US
Find rent-to-own electronics, appliances, and furnishings.

RK Productions
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
Over 1800 of the worlds hottest models in swimsuits and lingerie, shown in full motion MPEG's on a CD-ROM.

Roark Gourley - Laguna Beach Artist
Coolsville Fine Arts, Laguna Beach, CA, US
New, original art works from the innovative, Laguna Beach artist, Roark Gourley.

Roger Whitney Gallery of Artists
Phoenix, AZ, US
A wide variety of affordable reproductions, sculptures, and unique collectibles by famous artists, await your viewing pleasure.

Root Technologies, Inc. Scanning Service
Middlesex, NJ, US
Providing quality scanning services since 1989. Featuring Web and email delivery, and 24-hour turnaround. GIF, JPEG, and many other formats are available.

Royal Canadian College of Organists
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Canada's oldest musical organization, open to anyone interested in the organ and organ music.

Ryland Mortgage
Atlanta, GA, US
One of the nation's leading mortgage lenders. Find fast approvals and competitive interest rates, and fixed and adjustable real estate loans.

San Francisco 49ers End Zone
Mercury Center, San Jose, CA, US
The definitive site for news and photos on the Super Bowl champion San Francisco 49ers.

School of Journalism and Mass Communications
Kansas State University, Manhattan, KS, US
Contains news and information on faculty, students, events, and curriculum.

Science and Mathematics Education Center
University of North Carolina, Wilmington, NC, US
Provides programs and resources for K-12 science and mathematics teachers. The main focus is on using technology for teaching science and mathematics.

Should We Return to the Moon?
ARInternet Corporation, Landover, MD, US
An open discussion of the feasibility and desirability of returning to the Moon. All viewpoints are welcome. An extensive collection of Moon-related information resources can also be found.

Siemens Telcom Report International
Munich, Germany
A publication on global telecommunications trends, solutions, products, and technologies. Features full-text search of the complete archives, and includes illustrations and photos.

The Silicon Valley Employment Page
NETView Communications, San Jose, CA, US
Links to job listings, search resources, and employment opportunities in the Silicon Valley area of Northern California.

Simply Natural Aloe Vera Products
La Crescenta, CA, US
Learn about aloe vera, what it is used for, and how this brand differs from the rest.

SimTV Project
NHK, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
The world's first TV program to be truly integrated with the internet, making use of satellite television, cellular telephones, and a wired reporter. The program airs Friday, October 13.

Atlanta, GA, US
Cable TV network providing information and entertainment for the single population. SingleVision is a contemporary and progressive information provider.

SLACK Incorporated
Thorofare, NJ, US
Produces and disseminates information to medical and health professionals, conducts conferences and seminars, and provides association management services.

Software Technology
Los Angeles, CA, US
Specialists in the development of custom Paradox-based systems since 1990.

The Southeastern Conference
The Southeastern Conference and Infomedia, Inc., Birmingham, AL, US
The definitive source for information about one of the premier college athletic conferences in the U.S. Features statistics, game previews, and video highlights from all major sports.

The Southernmost Hockey Club
Key West, FL, US
They may not have a frozen pond, but they like their hockey. Learn about the club and their activities at this site.

Sporting Charters, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Specializes in the arrangement of top-quality angling and wing shooting adventures for the outdoor enthusiast.

Sports Spectrum
RBC Ministries, Grand Rapids, MI, US
A top quality sports magazine with a different view on sports.

Stacks of Plaques
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Renowned supplier of sports memorabilia, featuring the Muhammad Ali collection, autographed photos and plaques, and many other autographed sports collectibles.

STC Region 5 Conference 1995
Tulsa, OK, US
Information about this conference of the Society for Technical Communication, September 29-30.

Stoveworks Wood Stoves
Medford, NJ, US
Information about wood stoves, woodburning, fireplaces, and other energy sources.

Taren Systems
Folsom, CA, US
Offers the easiest and most cost-effective solution for an immediate and professional Internet presence.

Teachers Helping Teachers
Scott M. Mandel, Los Angeles, CA, US
A nonprofit, free service established to provide basic teaching tips to teachers as well as a forum for teachers to share their expertise.

Teen Federation
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The newest teen Star Trek game in cyberspace. It's free, it has no turns, and it's pure fun.

Petaluma, CA, US
Leaders in producing adaptable ISDN software, including ISDN signaling products, ATM signaling products, and packet data products.

Teraco Promotional Products
Midland, TX, US
A prime manufacturer of promotional, and premium and business consumable products which include credit cards, prepaid telephone cards, and more.

Washington, DC, US
A comprehensive Web publishing and marketing firm, dedicated to low-cost solutions to Internet problems. Discover the TesserNet advantage.

Texas Film and Video Producers Resource List
Patrick Blackard, Bedford, TX, US
A list of freelance crews, rental companies, and services for film and video producers shooting in Texas.

Theatre des Vampires
M. Nishioka, San Francisco, CA, US
Provides links to Dracula's Daughter, pages devoted to author Anne Rice, and other Vampire sites on the Web.

Theatre 'Round the Corner
Huntsville, AL, US
A professional theatre in downtown Huntsville, Alabama. Shows include musicals, dramas, and comedies in the style of Off-Broadway, the Chicago Loop, and the LA Showcase theaters, with an accent on entertainment.

Thing Net Communications
New York, NY, US
Internet service providers for the New York Metropolitan Area.

Thinking Bob's Image of the Day
The Freehand, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A new image every day culled from the depths of the Web.

Three Shields Hawaii
Daniel Curran, Honolulu, HI, US
The consumate starting place for information about the Aloha state.

Together Dating
Framingham, MA, US
The oldest and largest personal introduction service in North America.

Touchstone Applied Science Associates, Inc.
Brewster, NY, US
Developers of educational tests; instructional materials; and microcomputer software for elementary schools, secondary schools, and universities.

Traffic Operations System Software
Telo Traffic Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A total solution for traffic operations management, this software is designed to provide managerial information on maintenance activities, inventory, job costing, and budget control.

Tri-State Appraisal Services, Inc.
Stratford, CT, US
A complete real estate appraisal and consulting service covering Connecticut, New York, and New Jersey.

True Artist Tales
Apeshot Studios, Houston, TX, US
Cartoonist Scott A. Gilbert's home page, featuring his weekly comic strip "True Artist Tales" and other comics from Apeshot Studios.

Underwater World
Pathfinder, New York City, NY, US
Want to go on an underwater diving adventure in the Galapagos, or help some freaky fishes finish their family album? Visit this aquarium in cyberspace.

Unique Gallery
San Diego, CA, US
Specializing in fine Mexican art and interior/exterior decorations. Includes ceramics, handcrafted copper and brass, fountains, statues, planters, marble lamps, clocks, and much more.

U.S. JCI Senate Information Center
Phoenix, AZ, US
Provides information about the U.S. Junior Chamber International Senate and its activities.

USS Missouri
Economic Development Council of Kitsap County, Bremerton, WA, US
A memorial to the men and women who served in World War II, the Korean War, and the Gulf War. The USS Missouri will soon become an historic maritime museum, moored in Bremerton, Washington.

Vacations Wholesale with the Front Desk Pass
Wholesale Vacations, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Enjoy lodging at worldwide deluxe resorts at wholesale prices, and earn referral travel credits.

Vaikuntha - Your Internet Gateway to the Spiritual World
ISKCON Television Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
Reducing selfishness and violence in the world by cultivating God consciousness in three simple steps. Learn about yoga, karma, the soul, and more.

Veggies Unite
Indiana University Vegetarian Club, Bloomington, IN, US
A searchable index of over 2000 vegetarian recipes, and the latest information regarding veg-minded events around the world.

VIGA Technologies
Tucson, AZ, US
A leader in investment education through software, providing exciting retirement and investment planning solutions.

Virtual Interactive Center
Knoxville, TN, US
Providing Internet connections for households and businesses, Web page support, and full hardware installation.

Visone Corvette USA
Saugus, MA, US
Specializes in Corvette sales with four national locations. Financing, leasing, sales, and company information is available, as well as an inventory list.

Web Communications
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Self-service accounts providing individuals and organizations with services, tools, and resources for quick and easy Web presences.

Crane Advertising, Rochester, NY, US
Designers of T-shirts that feature clients' URLs on the front and cool Internet-related designs on the back.

Creativity Consultants, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A personal and professional approach to providing a Web presence.

Welcome to the Drive-In
West St. Paul, MN, US
Find out what is showing on the big screen tonight. This site features movie information, as well as a virtual concession stand and intermission.

Western Design Conference
Cody, WY, US
Conference for Western furniture designers in beautiful Cody, Wyoming.

The White Path Temple
Claude Huss, Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
A virtual Shin Buddhist temple on the Internet. Users can find a lot of artwork, photos, mandalas, texts, and more.

Whole Energy Essences
Concord, MA, US
Made from a varity of substances found in the natural world, essences are used to help promote balance and health in people, plants, and animals.

The Wine Page
Jarrett Paschel, US
A comprehensive collection of information related to wine.

Global Image Services, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Golf the world with WorldGolf. Browse the courses, visit the pro shop, get a golf tip, or check out golf publications in the Library.

Interactive Telecommunications Program, New York City, NY, US
A site for speakers of English as a second language to engage in discussions with students and teachers about second language acquisition and cultural acclimation.

Worldwide Realty Corporation
Toms River, NJ, US
A full-service real estate management company specializing in commercial, residential, and condominium property management.

The World-Wide Teddy Bear Show and Artist's Gallery
Thoughtware Media Group, Lincoln, NE, US
Order a teddy bear CD-ROM that is educational as well as loads of fun, with more than 113 teddy bears and over an hour of music.

NetRage Internet Services, Ogden, UT, US
A collection of works to inspire the human soul.

Wednesday, 4 October 1995

A1 Magnum Video
North Hollywood, CA, US
Titles include "Many Faces of Death" and the "Caligula" series. The box covers are visible online.

ABC Cards, Comics & More...
Miami, FL, US
A one-stop hobby store on the Internet, with special-order capabilities.

Academy Software
Rochester, NY, US
Interactive media consultants, providing CD-ROM and Web applications for training, presentations, and advertising. Full project planning, integration, and training services are available.

Acappella Publishing
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Intellectually challenging and entertaining products including computer programs, electronic publications, databases, multimedia applications, and other "neat things."

Philadelphia, PA, US
A small company specializing in Web page design for personal home pages and small businesses. Competitive rates and efficient service are assured.

Advanced Waste Management Systems, Inc.
Chattanooga, TN, US
An environmental consulting firm based in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which operates in the U.S. and overseas.

Ahavath Achim Synagogue
New Bedford, MA, US
A synagogue in continuous service for over 100 years and offering a variety of classes and programs.

American Technology
Global Directions, San Francisco, CA, US
A combination trade magazine, technology journal, and buyer's guide. Designed to provide information on American products to Vietnamese buyers through articles, directories, and advertisements.

Americans for Nonsmokers' Rights
Berkeley, CA, US
A national, nonprofit advocacy group working to protect nonsmokers from secondhand smoke and youth from tobacco addiction.

America's Lifeline Online
Health Data, Inc., Stone Mountain, GA, US
Charts of U.S. health and population trends with comparisons to other countries. Data and references included.

America's Ugliest Office Contest
Neil's Stationers, Downey, CA, US
Neil's Stationers is looking for America's ugliest office, and the winner receives a $10,000 office make-over.

Knoxville, TN, US
An innovative and progressive company, AniMEDIA develops printed materials, interactive multimedia, computer animation, and Internet home pages.

Aquatica's Index for Aquatics and Small Craft
Aquatica Development Company, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Provides a launch point for finding everything in aquatics and small craft, including associations, courses, magazines, newsletters, suppliers, water sport athletic schedules, and show exhibitors.

Army ROTC National Headquarters
Headquarters, US Army Cadet Command, Fort Monroe, VA, US
Information on the national Army R.O.T.C. program, scholarships, and a list of colleges and universities that offer Army R.O.T.C.

The ART Bar
Seattle, WA, US
A place to find art, music, food, beer and wine. Because art is long and life is short.

Art Mode Gallery
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
One of Canada's most interesting fine art galleries. This virtual tour will impress you with its vast collection of innovative painters and sculptors.

American Council for the Arts, New York, NY, US
The American Council for the Arts' online information dissemination service.

Cyberville Technologies, Singapore, Singapore
Contains the Asian Business Centre, the Asian Navigator, Asian news, and information about Asian arts and culture.

Astradyne, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA, US
Features an in-depth look at airshows, plus other information and products of interest to aviation buffs and pilots.

Campbell, CA, US
The most fun buying and selling on the Web. Run an auction or join the fun of an existing auction.

Australian Horse Information Services
HorseNET, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Publishers of everything and anything about horses throughout Australia.

Australian Shopping Mall
Shop Australia Limited, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
A shopping mall with classic Australian items, including many products that cannot be found overseas.

Los Angeles, CA, US
A premier Internet mall for buying or leasing automobiles. Browse through beautiful virtual showrooms featuring detailed manufacturer specifications, instant car comparisons, and interactive test drives.

AutoWeek On Line
Danvers, MA, US
America's only weekly automotive enthusiast magazine is now online.

Bad Kleinkirchheim
netAGE, Bad Kleinkirchheim, Carinthia, Austria
A wonderful village in the heart of Europe, with activities and attractions for all seasons.

The Bakery
Stannet WWW Designing & Publishing Co., Bay Park, NY, US
Learn all about electric breadmaking, order machines and cookbooks, download recipes, and join the mailing list.

The Bass Tab Archive
Cleveland, OH, US
A huge collection of bass tabs, tabbing software, lessons, technique instruction, and cool links.

Battery World
Woodland Hills, CA, US
A one-stop source for all battery needs.

Bay Area Dining and Entertainment Guide
BonViv, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, US
The definitive, interactive guide to dining, entertainment, and leisure activities throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

B&C Technologies
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Stock quotes, weather maps, news, sports, search engines, real estate services, Caribbean jerk sauce recipes, full Internet management services, and a virtual aquarium.

The Belote Card Game
Orleans, Loiret, France
A good way to learn about this card game for Windows.

Garland, TX, US
Makers of BestVet, a unique Windows-based program for veterinarians that manages client and pet files, visit details, billing, inventory, and follow-up functions for your office.

Bethesda Softworks
Rockville, MD, US
Creators of entertainment software, including the award winning "The Elder Scrolls: Arena" and "Terminator: Rampage."

The Betty Elders Home Page
B.J. Luna, Austin, TX, US
Folk/acoustic/country artist Betty Elders' Web site contains a biography, audio samples, reviews, song lyrics, and more.

A Big View of Weymouth
Weymouth & Portland Tourism, Weymouth and Portland, Dorset, England
Take a look at Weymouth and Portland for a holiday or short break.

Biometrics, Inc.
Boulder, CO, US
PC Coach athletic training software provides the logbooks and training plans from runners Uta Pippig and Arturo Barrios, and triathlete Mike Pigg.

B.L. Makepeace Inc.
Boston, MA, US
Supplier of products and services to design professionals in fields ranging from graphic design to architecture, engineering, and mapping.

BoatShow on the Internet
Ovation Electronic Publishers, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A fast-growing site for the online sailor. Users can find information on sailboats, sailboat builders, charter companies, and more.

Brain Information Processing Group
Institute of Physical and Chemical Research, Wako-shi, Saitama, Japan
Exploring the research on brain information processing in Riken, Japan. Some research papers can be downloaded.

Bridge Square Gallery
Northfield, MN, US
Contemporary artwork by existing artists and newcomers to the field.

Budapest Networking Conference
Media Research Foundation, Budapest, Hungary
The first conference to examine the theoretical, social, and political aspects of networking technology.

Burbank Utilities
The Artwave Group for the Burbank Public Service Department, Burbank, CA, US
News about dynamic government and business applications of fiber optic technology. Also find information about rates, rules, conservation tips, and other special projects.

Business Network International
Claremont, CA, US
A membership-based organization that helps businesses take full advantage of word-of-mouth advertising.

California Switch and Signal, Inc.
Carson, CA, US
A full-service distributor of electromechanical components, specializing in switches, connectors, fans, filters, and more.

Canada Info
Canadian Almanac & Directory Publishing Co. Ltd., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides research tips and extensive links to other Canadian sites, and includes key environmental contacts plus extracts from the publisher's databases of Canadian institutions.

Canadian Alpine Expeditions Ltd.
Moberly Lake, British Columbia, Canada
Offering exceptional 14-day ecotourism holidays that promote Native culture and the environment. Set high in the Rocky Mountains in teepee camps.

Canadian Sport Parachuting Association
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Information on where to Skydive in Canada, a skydiver's email registry, safety information for skydivers, and links to other skydiving resources.

Canon Europa
Amstelveen, The Netherlands
Provides pre-sales information and post-sales support for Canon products in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Users can download printer drivers for Canon printers from this site.

Cardboard Castle
Rockford, IL, US
A collectible card game site, primarily dealing with Magic: The Gathering. . Features a buyer/seller database, auction listings, contests, and an online newsletter.

CARveat Emptor
R. Rand Knox, San Rafael, CA, US
Information on unfair, manipulative, and fraudulent car sales and service practices to avoid.

Casino Magic Corporation
Bay St. Louis, MS, US
Information about these international casinos, including tournament schedules, air charter information, facilities, and gaming information.

Boston, MA, US
Dynamic multimedia presentations including Web site design.

The Charleston Information Provider
Palmetto Systems, Inc., Charleston, SC, US
Comprehensive information about Charleston, South Carolina. Includes information on area accommodations, entertainment, recreation, and attractions.

Chinese Divinations
Visual Nation Inc., Flushing, NY, US
Information about the mysterious power of several Chinese fortune telling methods, in an eye-catching and oriental style.

Glenrothes, Fife, England
An evolving site providing a range of juggling resources, including free samples of related books, an online juggling equipment catalogue, and digital animations.

Colgate University
Hamilton, NY, US
The home of the university's new campus-wide information system, "@Colgate."

College Financial Aid Services
Wichita, KS, US
Order a video that shows you the secrets to reducing college costs by 30-50%.

Comm-Tech International, Inc.
Orlando, FL, US
Representing Punwire, with 17 years of experience in the manufacture of telecommunications equipment and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities.

The Complete Source for Financing Education
Herndon, VA, US
Affordable and convenient financing for all education needs.

Computer Training Resouces
Foster City, CA, US
Listings of computer software trainers and training companies for corporate training managers and human resource professionals.

Computers Plus, Inc.
Brandon, MS, US
Mississippi's premier Internet service provider.

The ComputerTutor
San Rafael, CA, US
A full-service consulting group for businesses.

The Computing Connection Magazine Online
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Editorial content, combined with a spectrum of business advertisements, makes this monthly publication the best connection to the ever-growing world of technology and fun.

Concordia University Libraries
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Provides the public with information on the university's two libraries' collections and services.

Condom Club International
Jay-Roc Marketing Inc., New York, NY, US
A new way to buy, enjoy, and sample over 100 different premium and novelty condoms, and personal lubricants. Delivered automatically each month.

Conference Copy Audio Cassette Catalog
Hawley, PA, US
Travels the world to bring you the latest in live, unedited, professionally recorded meetings and lectures.

Longmount, CO, US
A Holloween site with world-class props and costumes.

Brandon, FL, US
Provides Internet access and advertising, music publishing, clips of musical artists, software, and free musicians classifieds. CPEQ is also home of the World Famous Evilbob Zappa site.

Creating a WWW Server on CTOS
Sirius Systems, Inc., Petersburg, VA, US
Find an HTML presentation on how to create a Web server.

CrossDock Warehouse Control System by Data Capture Systems
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Supports Intermec and Norand hand-held radio frequency terminals to receive, putaway, pick, ship, cycle count, replenish, search, and move products.

Crossover Network
Smithfield, NC, US
A worldwide Christian political and social action network that promotes direct Christian involvement in politics, entertainment, and the news media.

Cub Lea's Lucid Scream
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Online books, articles, humor and more. This site hosts the Psychobabble Cafe and several non-fiction e-books.

The Cyber Psychic
Hampstead, NC, US
Mini-lectures on astrology, tarot, positive thinking, dreams, numerology, meditation and reincarnation.

CyberComm Online
Forked River, NJ, US
A full-service Internet service provider located in Toms River, New Jersey.

New York, NY, US
An easy way to find someone compatible with your lifestyle, without having to pay by the minute.

CyberPros Business Services
Reno, NV, US
This company offers Web Pages from $15, phone check merchant acceptance services, and voice mail from $25 per month.

Cycle Sports, LTD
Digital Artistry, Inc., Doylestown, PA, US
A full-service bicycle store in Doylestown, Pennsylvania, specializing in triathlons.

Cypher Rant: Why Private Cryptography Should Not Be Regulated
Paul Elliott, Houston, TX, US
F.B.I. director Freeh has been proposing regulation of private cryptography. These requests should not be granted.

DataSoft, Inc.
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
A software development firm that specializes in home healthcare software.

Dave's Brain
Gryphon Media, Salem, MA, US
A weekly comic from the contents of Dave's brain.

Computer Concepts Corp., Bohemia, NY, US
A decision support tool that automatically presents to the user an interactive bar chart, eliminating the need for knowing Structured Query Language (SQL).

DC-3/Dakota Historical Society
Air Cruise America, Mt. Freedom, NJ, US
An international organization dedicated to preserving the legacy of the DC-3, and the men and women who helped create the legend.

Department of Radiation Oncology
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA, US
These pages list all the clinical trials underway at Norris Hospital Cancer Research Center in the Department of Radiation Oncology.

Dirt Camp
Boulder, CO, US
Brings interested parties and the world's best athletes and coaches together for a week of total immersion into the world of mountain biking.

Dixon Jane
Saskatoon, Canada
A fun 5-piece rock band with a lighter, guitar-based rock sound with some keyboards and brass. Sample music from their debut CD, Variance.

DNS Worldwide
Burlington, MA, US
Specializes in the development, marketing, and support of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) software. The web site provides information on products and services.

Dutra Realty Enterprises, Inc.
Fremont, CA, US
A real estate company with over 230 professionals serving the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Easy Windows 95 Internet Setup
Oasis Systems Inc., Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Software to help with setup, installation, troubleshooting, and utilities for Windows 95.

The Eighth Sea
Ft. Walton beach, FL, US
A Webzine covering sailing and other ocean sports, with a particular focus on the northern Gulf coast.

The Enterprise Group
Burbank, CA, US
A large audio and video facility for recording, mastering, post-production, and effects editing.

Environmental Policy Unit
Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
An academic policy unit working in the areas of risk assessment, environmental policy, and multi-stakeholder interaction.

Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
Dallas, TX, US
Visit this thriving Episcopal parish in Dallas, Texas.

The EPS Surprise Study
California State University at Northridge, Encino, CA, US
A quantitative study of more than 400 stocks, examining the reaction when earnings come in above or below the consensus estimates.

The Ergonomic Page
Applied Software Unlimited, Inc., Campbell, CA, US
Get the latest information regarding Repetitive Stress Injuries (RSIs) such as carpal tunnel syndrome, and how to prevent them.

London, England
Specialists in high-quality Web page publishing, including design, graphics, forms, data capture, and mail order.

Faculty of Pharmacy
University of Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Information about faculty, history, admission, and graduate and undergraduate programs. Includes extensive links to pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical links.

The Family Jewels Online
Palm Springs, CA, US
Eagan West and Ari Burton are a unique mother and son comedy duo.

First Quadrant
Pasadena, CA, US
A quantitative asset manager with over $14 billion of institutional assets under management.

First Train for the Internet
Dynamic Living Media, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
It began as a simple set of help pages for Internet users, and has evolved to become the unchallenged leader in computer-based Internet training for Microsoft Windows users.

Flower Link
Flower Link, Lebanon, PA, US
A consortium of local florists across the U.S. and Canada.

Free For All
Jaser, Inc., Ruston, LA, US
Allows a person to add their own home page to an ever-growing list of other home pages.

Fukae Nagasaka Clinic
Ogaki, Hiroshima, Japan
The latest medical commentary with MRI image data by Dr. Nagasaka, which includes the SOS Consultation Corner.

Gateway Travel
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
An Australian travel specialist. Information on airfares, tours, and hotels.

Global Network of Environment & Technology (GNET)
Annandale, VA, US
A not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and use of technology to achieve environmentally sustainable development.

The GlobalPsych Institute
The Human Nature Trust, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom
Exists to enable individuals to communicate and to contribute ideas in the areas of cognition, behaviour, health, and education.

GolfNet Europe
GolfNet Ltd, US
News and information from the world of European golf.

Granlund's Sweet Temptations
Los Angeles, CA, US
Maker of fine chocolates and candies.

Gunny Ragg Productions
Bakersfield, CA, US
An aggressive new Internet presence provider.

Hacker Young Chartered Accountants
Bristol, Avon, United Kingdom
The Bristol office of this international firm offers information on the firm and its services as well as some useful related links.

A Handy Guide
Las Vegas, NV, US
A complete directory to sites on the Internet sorted by subject and name.

Hazardous Substances Review
Ecol Data Pty Limited, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Summarizes the international news and scientific literature of hazardous substances science. In its fifth year of publication in Australia.

He Who Has Ears Ministries
Bethlehem, PA, US
A relational music ministry which helps Christian fellowship groups to evangelize on their secular college campus.

The Hero's Journey
James Alan Linker, Critical Mass Productions, Phoenix, AZ, US
An ongoing body of photo-montage works that employ news photographs and images of mythic heros, both ancient and contemporary.

Homepure Water Treatment Systems
Strathdale, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Uses the existing technology of cartridge filters to provide customers with safe, pure, and affordable water.

HomeTown Free-Press USA
MicroNiche Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
Links to local news and event information sites in cities throughout the U.S.

Horizon Engraving Systems
Dade City, FL, US
A manufacturer of computerized engravers. These are available either as complete systems or as retrofits for prior generations of computerized engravers.

Humanity through Pictures and Ideas
Caleb Bolch Photography, Temple, TX, US
An extensive Web site with many black-and-white photographs of reportage work and portraits of women.

Ignatius Donnelly and the End of the World
Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA, US
An inquiry into the end of the world, as prognosticated by the distinguished congressman from Minnesota.

Image Alchemy
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A company specializing in digital photography and traditional art. Retouching and manipulation services offered over the Internet.

Sherman Oaks, CA, US
A revolutionary company specializing in retrieving information based on your needs.

The Inside Story
Greenwood, Nova Scotia, Canada
A global Canadian bookstore on the Internet.

Instant Access
London, England
Digital distribution systems for software on CD-ROM and the Internet.

Internet Access Providers for Japan
University of Warwick, Coventry, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Provides a comprehensive index of Internet access providers in Japan, plus information on their pricing schedules, access points, and contact details.

Internet Books by Van Nostrand Reinhold
New York, NY, US
Books on subjects like online marketing, HTML, training, and Internet business strategies.

Internet Express
Northampton, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom
Provides complete Internet service, including Web page design and consultation.

Internet Solutions, Inc.
Jackson, MS, US
Jackson, Mississippi's most complete Internet service.

Internet Starter Kit for Macintosh
Hayden Books, Indianapolis, IN, US
The online edition of Adam Engst's bestselling Internet book. Come check out this essential, free Internet resource.

Burnaby, British Columbia, CA
Provides information about the InTransNet machine translation service, Japanese PC software, and a world famous ski resort.

IPGnet Online
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
A self-governing body which represents professional programmers globally.

Salt Lake City, UT, US
The Web's source for products by, for, and about members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Jae's Dragon
Sedona, AZ, US
Simply put, dragons, dragons, dragons. Read fiction and see dragon artwork.

Jazz In Flight
Oakland, CA, US
A presenting organization for creative music, including a quarterly concert series schedule.

Jenex Roller Skis
Milford, NH, US
Information about roller skis, ski wax, and other products for high performance training. Also contains links to ski weather conditions, olympic athletes, special olympics, and ski resort areas.

Jentek Company
Santa Clarita, CA, US
A full-service, networking-specific consulting firm.

Jim Pallas: Robotic Sculpture
YLEM, San Francisco, CA, US
Builder of computer-controlled kinetic sculptures. Find political, social, and personal content on such subjects as the U.S. Senate, law, urban artwork, nose wazoos, and hearts.

Job Accommodation Network
Morgantown, WV, US
Provides information about job accommodations and the employability of people with disabilities, and on the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Just Black & White
Portland, ME, US
A black-and-white photo lab that specializes in copying, enhancing, and restoring historic and family photographs.

Kappa Sigma Chapters on the Web
Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Charlottesville, VA, US
A complete and current list of all Kappa Sigma chapters represented on the web.

Khabir Press
Portland, OR, US
Publishers of books emphasizing awareness and learning, all with useful messages.

Khazana India Arts
Minneapolis, MN, US
Offers collectibles from India and Nepal, including quality works of art, both folk and fine, and music CDs, at affordable prices.

The Kiefer Sports Group
Adolph Kiefer and Associates, Inc., Zion, IL, US
Offers "everything but the water" for the competitive and recreational swimmer, and is the official supplier to the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta.

Kintetsu International - Travel Finder for Japan
New York, NY, US
One of the largest travel companies in Japan, specializing in both Japan and the Orient.

Kratec Company
http://www.netfactory.com, Troy, MI, US
A professional search and recruiting firm serving the Detroit, Michigan metro area since 1980.

Kundalini Resource Center
Skjetten, Oslo, Norway
Helps individuals understand kundalini energy, tantric yoga, and massage in ways that stimulate a strong, positive personal response to life, love, and human sexuality.

Learning Tree International
Reston, VA, US
A world leader in advanced information technology education. Offers a full range of educational services to individuals and organizations.

Let's Dance!
White Plains, NY, US
An extensive color catalog of ballet shoes, leotards, tights, and various accouterments of the dance.

Light's Shadows
Bethlehem, PA, US
Pictures by photographers extraordinaire. Check out some of the more popular prints.

Linmar Persians
Newton, MA, US
There are some wonderful cats here, with lots of photos and pedigrees. Also, a tutorial on how to write your own cattery home page.

Liquid Meat Records
Escondido, CA, US
A complete catalog of releases, and links to band Web pages and email. Bands include Everready, Tiltwheel, Tanner, Hemlock, Fig Dish, Thirsty, and Discount.

Litigation Video
Minneapolis, MN, US
A production company with experience in taking months, even years, of technical legal information and compiling it into a hard-hitting, persuasive video.

Barnes&Noble, Boston, MA, US
A commercial site for college students containing information on entertainment, travel, surviving college, and more.

The London Mall
Micro Media Services Limited, London, United Kingdom
Provides a refreshing mixture of shop fronts and entertainment. Take a look around the mall, read the magazine, play the lottery, and take in a few shops.

A Madison County Virginia Flood Story
Potomac Appalachian Trail Club, Vienna, VA, US
Read about the "flood of the millennia" that occurred in June 1995, in Madison County, Virginia.

Magic Internet Services
Minot, ND, US
An Internet access provider based in Minto, North Dakota, offering both business and personal connections.

Mail Boxes Etc.
San Diego, CA, US
The world's largest franchisor of neighborhood postal, business and communications service centers.

Marilynn Kennedy Real Estate
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
A real estate office serving Vancouver Island.

Mario Giordani Online!
Wardley Better Homes and Gardens, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Utah's number-one real estate company, specializing in relocations.

MarkX's alt.gothic Archive
Mark Menard, Albany, NY, US
An attempt to preserve some of the best writing of the newsgroup alt.gothic, this site means to preserve and promote an understanding of gothicism.

The Mart
JDS Solutions Corporation, San Diego, CA, US
The virtual Internet showroom, catering to the unique needs of retailers worldwide.

MathMedia Educational Software, Inc.
Northbrook, IL, US
Curriculum-based high school algebra and geometry programs for Macintosh and IBM computers. Programs are interactive and easy-to-use with step-by-step help, printable tests and flashcards.

MBTA Commuter Rail Schedules
Boston, MA, US
Train schedules of the Boston-area commuter rail lines.

Mega InterNational Services, Inc
Denver, CO, US
An Internet presence designer and provider offering competitive rates to the online community.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Builds premiere Web site "interest centers" for a wide range of businesses. Offers a full range of Web services including custom client and server software.

The Metrolina Theatre Association
Charlotte, NC, US
A regional service organization located in the Charlotte/Metrolina area of North Carolina. Production information and a talent bank, resource exchange, and newsletter are offered.

Mike Neill, Realtor
Sugar Pine Realty, Better Homes & Gardens, Twain Harte, California, US
A real-estate agent based in Twain Harte, California, selling land parcels all over Sierra Nevada.

Montgomery County Emergency Management
Conroe, TX, US
Extensive information on local emergency management topics, and links to hurricane-related sites.

Mortgage Lenders
Palo Alto, CA, US
A discount home mortgage broker in the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

Motion Pixels
Scottsdale, AZ, US
A software-only codec that comprises a compressor and player to provide state-of-the-art, full-motion video compression and decompression.

The Motor City Web
Internet Factory, Birmingham, MI, US
A gathering spot for Detroit metro area people on the Web. Features local classifieds, chat rooms, a virtual coffee house with local newsgroups, and a list of Michigan-related links.

Reading, Berkshire, England
A principal focal point for motorsports of all types and all levels in the United Kingdom.

Ms Net Wear
Rowland Heights, CA, US
Have any email address printed on a top-quality white T-shirt.

The Music & Audio Connection
Norris-Whitney Communications Inc., St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
The international online resource for music enthusiasts, musicians, and music and audio professionals.

Mystic Stars Direct
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An astrology service providing daily and weekly forecasts, dream interpretation, readings, and relationship evaluations.

National Center for Human Genome Research
NIH, Bethesda, MD, US
An introduction to the project's facilities, scientists and programs. Includes educational and genetic research hotlink material as well.

National Sports Center for the Disabled
Winter Park, CO, US
Provides ski instruction and a variety of other outdoor activities to children and adults with disabilities.

NCO Business Club
Natal, South Africa
Publishes information on new investments and opportunities.

Neptune Interactive Designs
Neptune, NJ, US
The complete source for multimedia development. See sales training CD-ROMs and an online guide to multimedia.

Net Contractor
Syntaxis, Reading, England
A magazine for computer contractors. Information is mainly for people based in the United Kingdom, but may be of interest in other countries.

NetCasters Inc
Georgetown, MA, US
Designers of custom Internet software for information dispensing and data collection.

Netcore Pty Ltd
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Small business solutions for Internet presence and access.

NetRage Internet Services
Ogden, UT, US
Offers the finest, most affordable Web Page development with the quality look that comes from Macintosh hardware and Adobe software.

Bob Correll, Fairview Heights, IL, US
Dedicated to bringing users a little closer to the Final Frontier.

Network Marketing Emporium
Happiness Enterprises, Kailua-Kona, HI, US
More than 100 home-based business opportunities.

the ninward spiral
Netzone Inc., Mesa, AZ, US
A Nine Inch Nails page that includes a complete discography with pictures and audio, a NIN picture and sound gallery, NIN news, and more.

No Matter How You Slice It
The Canyon Park Orchard, Bothell, WA, US
A collection of short stories and ideas including a fixit shop, Almighty's home page, The World Wide Belch Contest, pronunciation surveys, and current events.

Nobody In Particular
Central Point, OR, US
Nobody In Particular Magazine(tm) and Tape Club is seeking contributors for a new, fun-filled periodical for, about, and by users. Nobody is looking for anybody's help!

Nuratek Enterprises Inc.
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Offers a full range of commercial home page services including marketing, design, programming, leasing, and consulting.

Mark Carraway, Belle Chasse, LA, US
A comprehensive resource guide of nursing information for nursing and medical professionals.

Greeley, CO, US
Offering comprehensive, one-on-one nutrition and exercise courses to help attain optimal health and fitness.

The Ohio Hempery
Guysville, OH, US
Manufacturing products the Earth can afford. Hemp, the strongest renewable fiber, makes great clothing, shoes, and oils. Come see the selection.

OKRA: net.citizen Directory Service
University of California Riverside, Riverside, CA, US
A freely searchable database of over one-half million email addresses.

Old Time Lumberjack Show
Slingerland Enterprises, Broadalbin, NY, US
Information on lumberjack contests, world records, where to obtain competition equipment, and the names and addresses for lumberjack-related publications.

On-Line Resume Catalog
Hyperspeed Marketing, Berkley, MI, US
For job seekers looking for that perfect new career, or employers looking for ideal candidates.

OS/2 Warp Monthly Newsletters
IBM, Boca Raton, FL, US
A resource for current users of OS/2, or for those who are simply curious about the world's most popular 32-bit operating system for the PC.

Razorfish, Inc., New York City, NY, US
Includes gallery hours and locations, artist information, and online exhibitions. Also provides information about leading contemporary artists such as Picasso, Moore, Rothko, Dine, Nevelson, and Dubuffet.

Palace of Material Excess
San Francisco, CA, US
Visit a virtual medieval palace complete with secret passages, throne rooms, a soothsayer, and more.

Palm Island Resort
Cape Haze, FL, US
A resort located 25 miles south of Sarasota, designed with the natural beauty of the island in mind, and dedicated to the enjoyment of spectacular sunsets.

Parrot Tower
Avian, Inc., Birmingham, MI, US
The safest, healthiest, and most enjoyable bird gym one can buy. Includes a lifetime warranty against bird damage.

The Pedestrian Project
Brooklyn, NY, US
Images and information about an ongoing public art performance involving costumed characters resembling those on pedestrian crossing signs.

Planet Bradfield
Artdirect, New York City, NY, US
Author Scott Bradfield talks in a series of interviews about books, leaving home, 1950's science fiction movies, and really big explosions.

The Pool
Cybertainment Inc., Salt Lake City, Utah, US
Pick football, basketball, hockey, or baseball games from this Internet-based office pool.

Positively HIV
Lemoyne, PA, US
A non-governmental agency providing services to HIV-positive individuals nationwide, and seeking the holistic well-being of the individual, not a cure for the epidemic.

Power Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
Offers great tips and tricks on how to buy a cellular phone, maintain batteries for optimum performance, and save money on cellular air time.

Practical Endodontics
Dr. Kit Weathers, Griffin, GA, US
Provides dental articles and information for dentists, and for non-dentists interested in learning more about dentistry.

Precision Imaging
Miami, FL, US
Providing services for full-color print publishing, plus various Internet and World Wide Web marketing services.

Priority One Funding Corporation
Rothsville, PA, US
Increase cash flow by using pre-authorized checks and electronic funds transfers which allow the quick collection of receivables, tuition, sales, and loans.

Protee's AVIs
Richard Kindred, Ann Arbor, MI, US
View 10-12 second AVI clips recorded with sound on an Intel Smart Video Recorder. A downloadable copy of Video for Windows is included.

Puffing Billy Railway
Emerald Tourist Railway Board, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A tourist steam train in the picturesque Dandenong Ranges near Melbourne. Provides schedules, fees, and general information services to passengers.

Puget Sound Smalltalk and Object-Oriented Database User Group
Seattle, WA, US
A volunteer organization of developers, users, vendors, and others who are interested in exchanging information about Smalltalk and object-oriented databases.

The Red Feather Development Group
Seattle, WA, US
An independent housing and community-based project organization that works with elders on Native American reservations across the United States.

Register Your Domain Name
Synaptic Communications Inc., Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
Internet domain name registration for any business or organization. A direct connection to the Internet is not necessary; a dialup account with a local provider is enough.

Reno National Championship Air Races 1995
Air&Space Magazine, Reno, NV, US
Air&Space Magazine's coverage of the 1995 National Championship Air Races, which took place in September in Reno, Nevada.

Renoir's Winter Garden Bed and Breakfast Inn
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Located in one of North America's premier ski destinations, the inn features modern, immaculate rooms with a view.

Reptile Solutions
Saltwater Solutions, Inc., Tucson, AZ, US
A carrier of top-quality reptiles from around the world, specializing in rare and unusual specimens.

Clifton Park, NY, US
A strategic 401K and IRA Rollover mutual fund management system, putting the investor in whichever fund is appreciating the fastest.

Revnet Systems
Huntsville, AL, US
Products that allow people to work and socialize together over private networks and the Internet, with a minimum of network administration required.

Road King On Ramp
Nashville, TN, US
America's largest circulation magazine for over-the-road truck drivers.

Roders at Home
LeClub Internet Access, Halfway House, Gauteng, South Africa
A home page in South Africa that has links to other South African Web sites.

Royal Computer Consultants
Lincoln, NE, US
Provides networking solutions by certified Netware engineers, computer repair, training, hardware and software installation, and support contracts.

Saltwater Solutions
Tucson, AZ, US
The source for quality live corals, invertebrates, and fish.

San Francisco
San Francisco, CA, US
A guide to the San Francisco Bay Area for the homosexual community.

Save What's Left!
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
An environmental organization that empowers young people to make changes in their inner city, suburban, and rural neighborhoods.

Schwarze Industries, Inc.
Huntsville, AL, US
One of the world's largest manufacturers of power sweeping equipment designed for municipal and contractor use. These include the Supervac, Aaplex, and Murphy lines of sweepers.

Scientific Information Pool
Information Systems, Oldenburg, Germany
Monthly-updated reference pages for biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. Includes links to scientific equipment manufacturers, and job listings.

Selena Sol's Intellectual Property Archive
EFF, San Francisco, CA, US
A library for the researcher interested in intellectual property issues.

sigma 7
New York City, NY, US
Offering interactive Web page design.

The Silicon Valley Employment Page
NETView Communications, San Jose, CA, US
A section of The Silicon Valley Gateway service that contains links to job listings and resources for finding jobs in Silicon Valley.

Singapore Technologies
Singapore Science Park, Singapore
Singapore's largest technology-based group. Involved in aerospace, automotive, electronics, financial and management services, food, information technology, and more.

Sinn Fein Home Page
Dublin, Ireland
The Irish Republican political party, led by Gerry Adams. Publishers of Ireland's leading political weekly, An Phoblacht/Republican News, available free to Internet users.

Scottsdale, AZ, US
A nationwide information and entertainment network designed to make users' Internet experiences entertaining, informative, and profitable.

Sittler Diamond Information
Roswell, GA, US
Provides money-saving, educational, inside information on diamonds.

Sky Hi
Barker, TX, US
Creates state-of-the-art Web pages at affordable prices. A library of graphic files that users may use royalty-free is also available.

SOCKS Web Archive
NEC Systems Labs, CSTC, Dallas, TX, US
Contains information on SOCKS, a software package that can be used as a firewall gateway.

South Utah Guide
John Crossley, Bristol, England
An illustrated guide to the national parks and scenic areas of southern Utah.

The Southern California Resource Page
M. David Lewis Enterprises, Santa Monica, CA, US
Explore the gift that is Southern California. Take a deep breath, sit back, and enjoy the ride.

Soygenol 100 Grape Seed
Creative Business Advisers, College Park, MD, US
Information on the world's most powerful antioxidant.

Athens, GA, US
Designs interactive and original Web pages for business and personal applications at bargain prices.

Star Facts: An Electronic Journal About the Universe
Pete Harris, Martinez, CA, US
Features original articles, guides to the current evening sky and astronomical resources on the Internet, and reprints of selected material by other authors.

Starpoint Software Hydrogeologic Programs
West Lafayette, IN, US
Windows-based hydrogeologic software for the analysis of aquifer test data.

State of Connecticut Department of Social Services
Hartford, CT, US
Offers core information about the agency, its programs and services, and contact information, as well as other useful information for the public.

Steven J. Gallant's Real Estate Page
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Offers real estate information and related links.

Stow Lake Software
San Francisco, CA, US
Dedicated to putting small businesses on the Web, with free initial consultation.

Summer Pops Youth Orchestra
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A nonprofit, performance-oriented musical organization for young musicians aged 12 to 18.

Sunrise Computer Services
Huntsville, AL, US
Offers excellent, quality Web page design and advertising services.

Sunrise Publications
Bloomington, IN, US
Order a personalized electronic greeting card.

Sunworld Tours
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Journey through time on vacations and special interest tours throughout the Mediterranean.

A Survey of Cognitive and Agent Architectures
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Introduces and describes a number of cognitive and agent architectures of interest to artificial intelligence and cognitive science researchers.

Swap Or Sell IT
Ben Lupien, Waldoboro, ME, US
Swap or sell items ranging from all-terrain vehicles to trucks.

Team OS/2
Vienna, Austria
The latest news on OS/2, plus WebExplorer animations, satires, and more.

Technical Services Associates Inc.
Mechanicsburg, PA, US
Provides software for purchasing management, government regulations, and forms. Also available are modules for asset management, inventory, and accounts payable.

Teitel Brothers
Bronx, NY, US
A wholesale and retail grocery company known for its high quality gourmet specialty items, including imported gourmet cheeses, olive oils, tomatoes, and pasta.

Teklogic Global Systems
St. Louis, MO, US
Provides remote logistics services including communications, portable shelters, medical, and security support, and camp management for exploration, science expeditions, and motion pictures.

Tele-Comm International
Orlando, FL, US
Total turnkey service for Web pages. Provides design and quality presentation, and gets the page on a network quickly bargain prices.

Terry's Designs
San Antonio, TX, US
Offering computer simulation golf course designs.

Texas Country Store
Mission, TX, US
The perfect place to find that tastebud-pleasing gift for special occasions. Featured are gift boxes of red grapefruit, navel oranges, and tangerines.

Prato, Italy
An Internet access provider for Prato, Italy.

Timeline Multimedia Development
Mp Graphics, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Dedicated to interactive information kiosks for education and small to medium size corporations.

Toucan Studios
Cupertino, CA, US
A multimedia and digital production studio located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

The Transcend Precept Manuscript
Future World UK, Morecambe, Lancashire, England
A purpose-seeking life philosophy, followed by people from diverse cultural and religious backgrounds. View all 12 chapters.

Tropical Flower Design Event
Maui North Shore Farms, Hai'ku, HI, US
Exotic flowers of the rainforest arranged by Maui's leading floral designers.

The T-Shirt Mall
U.S. Screen Printing Institute, Tempe, AZ, US
Hundreds of shops that offer thousands of imprinted products, from funny slogans to the slightly off-color.

Dallas, TX, US
Manufacturer of quality continuous computer paper, fax paper, laser/copy, and ink-jet paper. Interested distributors, retailers, and end-users may try selected products with the evaluation order.

The Ultimate Mother's Belly Oil
Austin, TX, US
An aromatherapy blend that is an unparalleled aid in preventing the stretch marks and itching that many women may experience during pregnancy. This page also features links to pregnancy-related sites.

Unaccustomed As I Am...
David Slack Speech Writing, Devonport, Auckland, New Zealand
Includes a free automatic wedding speech writer, an archive of New Zealand speeches, links to speeches around the Web, as well as speech-making tips.

United Screen Printing Associates
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Textile screen printer since 1986 for the fashion and business communities. Find casual uniforms for company employees, team wear for sports leagues, promotional T-shirts for advertising, and more.

Unseld + Partner Simulation
Vienna, Austria
Since 1993 the main areas of business have been material flow management within larger organizations, and the application of sophisticated planning tools.

The Vacation Mall
The Information Server Company, Watertown, MA, US
Lists vacation rental properties in North Carolina.

Virginia Networks
Richmond, VA, US
Offering low-cost Web page design and publishing. The site includes links to local interests and a monthly cash giveaway.

Virtual Image Design
Scotia, NY, US
Albany's premier Web design service, offering graphics design, HTML layout, and cgi-script programming.

Virtual Innovations
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Contains links on topics suchs as Windows 95, Windows NT, Amiga Computers, Windows games, and new Internet technology.

Virtual Vegas
Santa Monica, CA, US
A full-service, online entertainment center complete with casino, movie theatre, music hall, and more.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A Web provider that leases Web space. Services include virtual storefronts, commercial sites, and personal home pages.

Visual Basic Online
Tommerup, Denmark
A free magazine for Visual Basic programmers, featuring articles covering every aspect of Visual Basic, including advanced issues.

Visual Nation Web Page Designing Service
Flushing, NY, US
Beautiful Web site design at an affordable price.

Warsash Nautical Bookshop
Southampton, England
A list of British nautical books on yachting, boats, ships, maritime history, and more.

Washington State Department of Labor and Industries
Office of Public Affairs, Tumwater, WA, US
Administers the workers' compensation system and industrial safety and health program.

Wave of the Future
University of Kentucky Medical Center, Lexington, KY, US
A new experimental, peer-reviewed, electronic preprint journal of chemistry and spectroscopy.

Web Eye Technologies
Seattle, WA, US
Local Seattle news, and links to businesses in the area.

Web Search
Yarmouth, Maine, US
A graphic representation of all major search engines and directories.

Webscape Designs
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Specializes in creating attractive, informative, and interactive home pages for the Web.

Weekly Zen Stories
Flushing, NY, US
Nicely done graphics and bilingual contents set this site apart from other Zen web sites.

Weight Commander Diet Program
Chicago, IL, US
The weight loss program that teaches, entertains, motivates, and comforts. Users just enter their weight each day and Weight Commander does the rest.

Welcome to Bavaria
The Bavarian State Chancellery, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Features information on Bavarian politics, education, and tourism, as well as the Bavarian economy.

West Oz Windsurfing
Andrew Wilmot, Perth, Australia
Windsurfing news and views from magnificent Western Australia.

Why We Hate Poundcake!!!
PhilSean Publishing, Wilmington, DE, US
"Hilariously stupid," raves Newsweek, "A must see," says TIME, "What the heck is this?," says the New York Times. Basically Phil and Seans humorous stories and rantings.

Wild Bill Hickory
Clarence Center, NY, US
Home of "Habanero Hot Sauce with a Half Life," a premium quality habanero hot sauce.

Wildlife Bronze
St. Paul, MN, US
Bronze sculptures of wildlife creatures by nationally and internationally-known artist Bob Winship.

WinHelp World
Paul Arnote, Kansas City, MO, US
A repository of Windows Help file information for Windows Help file authors.

Evanston, IL, US
The Planet's Moving Picture Show. A collection of eclectic films for downloading.

Worldwide Lottery Guide
Micromedia, London, United Kingdom
Dr. Odd proudly presents his updated lottery guide. Visit and enjoy.

You Are HERE! with Josef Princiotta
Para-Comm Unlimited, Anchorage, AK, US
Provides education in the field of non-verbal communications (body language) with regard to the recognition and understanding of the human body and the human condition.

You're Welcome in Weymouth, Portland & South Dorset, England
Borough Council, Portland, Dorset, England
Information on the amusements and attractions available to tourists visiting these English, seaside towns.

Friday, 6 October 1995

31st Ryder Cup
IBM, New York City, NY, US
Features live results, news reports, interviews, historical facts, and information about scoring, teams, courses, and more.

4000 Years of Women in Science
University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Stories of women who have contributed to science over the last 4000 years.

4616 Melrose Place
Hamilton Properties/On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
A site dedicated to the loves and lives of the characters of Melrose Place.

A/D Technologies, Inc.
Roswell, GA, US
Manufacturers of repeater controllers for use on amateur radio voice repeaters.

Africa TourNet
Media Technology, Harare, Zimbabwe
A comprehensive information resource about Zimbabwe and the southern African region, providing visitors contact information as well as detailed background information.

After the Stork
ParentsPlace.com, Albuquerque, NM, US
For real clothes for real kids, come visit this catalog.

Alicia Silverstone Web
Irving, TX, US
The definitive Alicia Silverstone Web site, including FAQ, an audio gallery, and more.

Maidenhead, Berkshire, England
Provides services to users of Blox software, including free 30-day trial software, technical support, software registration and product information.

American Spirit
NetWorks Marketing, Ellicott City, MD, US
A grassroots movement organization whose main objective is to promote the retail sales tax initiative, also known as the Consumption Tax Initiative.

The Amherst Center for Russian Culture
Amherst, MA, US
An introduction to one of the major archives of Russian Emigre literature in the U.S. The bulk of the pages also contain "Finding Aids" for those sections of the archive which have been catalogued so far.

Angie's Tupper Table
Jeff Pigott, Tallahassee, FL, US
Tupperware for North Florida and the world. Order online.

Appellate Counselor
Calvin House, Los Angeles, CA, US
A newsletter on recent decisions of interest from appellate courts in California, plus commentary on current appellate issues, and practice tips.

Applied Research Corporation
Landover, MD, US
A high-technology company specializing in R&D in physical sciences such as astronomy, solar and space physics, metereology, and more.

APTA Section on Geriatrics
Alexandria, VA, US
This section of the American Physical Therapy Association serves physical therapists, assistants, and students who work with or have an an interest in geriatric clients.

Architecture Design Publishing
Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, NY, US
Publisher of books on architecture, interior design, graphic design, lansdcape architecture, and urban design.

Arrow Online
Build.com, Plainfield, NJ, US
The world's leading manufacturer of storage buildings.

Art Mode Gallery
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Examine leisure the art works of Canada's best painters and sculptors.

Telescope Holdings Ltd., Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Specializing in classical and modern art pieces, both originals and prints.

Automotive Analysis Programs By Bowling
CEBAF, Newport News, VA, US
Contains many automotive-related scientific and engineering programs. Very useful for automotive hobbyists, racers, design engineers, and mechanics.

Azteq SuperStore
San Rafael, CA, US
Browse 25,000 hardware and software products. Guaranteed fast shipment anywhere in the world. Test software, play the latest games, and chat.

The Baby Soother
ParentsPlace.com, Quebec, Canada
Selling cassettes for soothing collicky babies.

Battery Technology, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
A leading manufacturer and marketer of portable computer accessories, based in Los Angeles, CA.

Bavaria Film
Munich, Germany
One of Germany's leading producers of television content, a leading distributor of home videos, and an experienced producer of interactive content.

Big Bamboo
Selsong Productions, London, England
A great new album for users to check out from Selwyn Schneider, a multi/instrumentalist/producer/composer/arranger/singer.

Billington's Stock Focus
Billington Publications, Point Roberts, WA, US
An investment, venture capital, and stock information site with newsletter.

Biotechnology Education
Exon-Intron, Inc., Columbia, MD, US
A biotechnology education firm conducting laboratory-intensive training for scientists worldwide.

Boulder A-Net
Mac Media LLC, Boulder, CO, US
A complete information resource for Boulder County.

The Breastfeeding Shop
ParentsPlace.com, Berkeley, CA, US
Advice, support, and products for nurturing that special bond between baby and mom.

Buying A Used Car: How Not to Get Taken for a Ride
Sherman Powell, Cambridge, MA, US
Provides a systematic method for highlighting and checking on dozens of possible trouble areas, to help make buying decisions more informed.

C G Enterprises Inc.
Guilderland, NY, US
Helping small businesses and starting entrepreneurs make a cost-effective presences on the Web.

Campus Ministry
Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL, US
Presenting a unique ad campaign on the colleges and universities of the world proposing alternatives to what is being presented on campuses today.

Canadian Odysseys
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An adventure-travel coordinator which also specializes in exciting tours of China.

Career Match
Fleet House, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
A resource that brings together professional recruitment organizations, placement professionals, employers, and candidates.

The Caustic Seattle Compendium
D. Curry, Seattle, WA, US
An unflinching urban guide to that big, green gob-a-goo we all like to call the Emerald city, with more than just city-related links.

Celebrity Autographs of Southern California
Upland, CA, US
Autographs are guaranteed to be either "in person" or authenticated by an expert in the field of collectible autographs. All come with certificate of authenticity and are guaranteed for the life of the signature.

Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY, US
A student Christian group sponsored by the Assemblies of God, where people can get to know God better.

Chrysler Corporation Investor Relations
www.netfactory.com, Birmingham, MI, US
Online information for investors and other interested parties, including annual reports, Form 10-Q, SEC filings, stock quotes, and financial news releases.

City of Annapolis Maryland
Cove Software Systems Inc., Grasonville, MD, US
Provides information on travel, shopping, restaurants, bed and breakfasts, and the history of the city of Annapolis and the Chesapeake Bay.

City of Dawson Creek
G.F.Currie Consulting, Dawson Creek, British Columbia, Canada
Visit beautiful Dawson Creek, Canada in the lovely Peace Country area. Find information on arts and culture, economic development, real estate, tourism and more.

CKDU 97.5 FM
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
The page includes a description of the organization, a list of staff and Board of Directors, the mandate, and schedules.

Universal Pictures, Los Angeles, CA, US
The official website for the new film Clockers. Features film clips, sound bites, and a shot-by-shot look at the production, showing Spike Lee, Martin Scorsese, and Richard Price working together.

Club Pepsi Max
Broadcast Innovations, Europe-MHM and Grolier Interactive Europe, Paris, France
Win a CU-SeeMe session with Cindy Crawford, or a week for two at Club Pepsi Max in Orlando to meet Andre Agassi, Pamela Anderson, Luke Perry, and more.

The Codex
Codex Publishing, New York City, NY, US
Everything anyone ever wanted to know about spies, spying, spy equipment, and general surveillance gadgetry.

Colombia Support Network
Madison, WI, US
Working for human rights, peace, justice, and solidarity with Colombia, and supporting nonviolent resolution to the worst dirty war in the Americas.

COMCOM Systems
Clearwater, FL, US
World-leading provider of PC-based forms processing and imaging.

Computer ESP
U.Vision.Inc, Redwood City, CA, US
Quickly and easily find comprehensive, organized, up-to-date information on over 20,000 computer vendors and dealers and their products.

Contemporary Art Site
Tractor, Inc., New York, NY, US
Presents innovative and established contemporary artists and galleries from the professional art world.

The Cryptography Technical Report Server
David J. Bianco, Norfolk, VA, US
A free public service who's goal is to make it easier to find cryptography and cryptography-related papers on the Internet.

Cyber Com
Cyber Communications Network, Pasadena, TX, US
Offering photo pen pal services, software and more.

CyberNet Chamber of Commerce
Fort Myers, FL, US
The mission of the CCC is to encourage, promote and facilitate the worldwide interchange of global and entrepreneurial business information.

Daily Wisdom
Muskegon, MI, US
A daily thought on life and culture expressed as a short story, allegory, or editorial.

Dansys Consultants
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Find information on Canada's premier SAS consultants.

DataNord Multimedia
DataNord Multimedia, Milano, Italy
Contains links to marketing and publishing-oriented sites, as well as interactive brochures, catalogues, and more.

David Strom's Web Informant
Port Washington, NY, US
Site contains information about places on the Web that have a high quality of technical support on a variety of computer-related and networking topics.

Daz Arts
DasMac Productions Pty Limited, Sydney, Australia
An Australian Web resource for the arts. Offers information on comedy, music, local bands, theatre, and gig guides.

Dennis J. Templeton Lab
Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland, OH, US
A molecular biology lab interested in the control of cell division, particularly as it relates to cancer, growth control, protein kinases, and signal transduction. Preprints will be served.

Department of Biology
University of Northern Iowa, Cedar Falls, IA, US
A must for any student or faculty member that wants to search databases netwide from a single jump-point.

Department of English
University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Contains information about programs, resources, and faculty, as well as a link to the department's new Hypertext Writer's Guide.

Department of Pharmacology
State University of New York at Stony Brook, Stony Brook, NY, US
Introduction to the Department plus links to pharmacology-related Web sites.

Distributors Wanted Worldwide
Impact-Net Internet Marketing, Carrara, Queensland, Australia
An Australian hat manufacturer established for over 25 years which has distributorships available to entrepreneurs worldwide.

Draper Fisher Associates
Redwood City, CA, US
A leader in early-stage venture capital, having invested in over 100 high-tech companies in the past 10 years.

Dromenon Magazine
Miami, FL, US
A quarterly magazine focusing on the nexus where myth, sacred psychology, and extending human potentials meet.

Easy-Door Library
Sincom Informatique, Quebec, Canada
A library that provides a convenient and easy way to program your own doors with QuickBASIC, PDS and Visual Basic for DOS.

Elegante Rent A Car
DesignNet Productions, Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
One of the most experienced and solid rental companies in Costa Rica, with over 21 years in the business.

Employment & Business Opportunities
Focus Publications, Orange County, CA, US
The leading Southern California opportunities magazine since 1989. Many opportunities not often found in other media can be found.

Environmental Sensors, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Professional sales and specification assistance for instruments and sensor systems in agriculture, agronomy, meteorology, water quality, environmental engineering, and oceanographic applications.

Epstein Associates, Inc.
Branford, CT, US
A VAR/consulting firm specializing in communications technology.

The Estate Planner
Levenfeld, Eisenberg, Janger, Glassberg & Halper, Attorneys At Law, Chicago, IL, US
Recent trends and developments in estate planning.

Wahiawa, HI, US
Offers a diverse selection of resources for the support of academic, artistic and commercial endeavors.

New York, NY, US
A Web consulting service to European companies wishing to increase their understanding of the Web or find a partner to design a Web site.

Fabricators of Attachments
Seattle, WA, US
The bane of city officials and arts administrators alike, this guerilla art gang exists to provoke debate with unusual applications of welding and metalworking fabrication skills.

Trade Press Publishing, Milwaukee, WI, US
Online information for professionals who design, construct, manage, and maintain commercial and institutional buildings. Includes legal and environmental issues, industry news, and special reports.

Gennera, Knab & Company, Chicago, IL, US
Here are the answers to the Frequently Asked Questions about Life, from the mystical to the mundane. Contribute your own answers to this work in progress.

Federal Research and Testing Centre Arsenal
Vienna, Austria
A nonprofit organization working in research, development, and testing for a wide range of study fields.

FlatCracker Software
Lindon, UT, US
Makers of fun and unique Windows multimedia software. The premiere product is MediaSauce, a program that simplifies the playing of Wave, MIDI, Video for Windows, and Quicktime movie files.

The Florida Gold Coast Realty Network
Boca Raton, FL, US
Provides real estate listings, including commercial property and residential homes, for Palm Beach, Broward, and Dade Counties.

Frankfurt Money Strategist
Frankfurt, Germany
Reporting weekly on European money and politics, and offering a free copy to Internet subscribers.

The GC EduNET System
The Regional Teacher Education Center at Georgia College, Milledgeville, GA, US
Bringing K-12 education information consumers and providers together under one electronic roof.

Whittlesey Resources, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Provides educational materials and trade facts to anyone buying jewelry, from the consumer to the retail jewelry store owner.

Geneva Design Group
Boston, MA, US
A graphic design and visual communications firm that does a wide variety of work for print, electronic, and online media.

GolfWorks Sports Products
Maple Grove, MN, US
Uniquely designed, handcrafted products for golfers, baseball/softball players, and other sports enthusiasts.

Grooves Music CD and Magazine
Time Life Music, Alexandria, VA, US
A music CD/magazine offering something for everyone and every music taste.

Guardian Insurance
London, England
Home, car, and health insurance, plus a special personal computer policy, available only to Internet users.

Hammond Organisation Ltd.
London, England
Holds conferences and seminars on the impact of information technology, particularly on the media industries.

Healthworks Newsletters
Healthworks, Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
Information on the newsletters, including details on Disabilities Informer and Assistive Technology Monitor.

Hilyard & Hilquist
Palo Alto, CA, US
A fine selection of natural fresh foods, guaranteed to be the best current crop the country has to offer.

Historic Manassas
Logistics Management Institute, McLean, VA, US
Text and images of historic Manassas, Virginia. The site includes a virtual walking tour of historic buildings, photographs of historic neighborhoods, and video clips.

Home Business Opportunity Center
Mesa, AZ, US
Offering new and unique product/service home businesses not found anywhere else. Most require very little startup capital.

Honeywell Alliant Techsystems Federal Credit Union
Minneapolis, MN, US
A general information resource for employees of Honeywell and Alliant Techsystems, and members of the credit union.

Hope Farm Press Sampler
Hope Farm Press, Saugerties, NY, US
New York regional-interest books with excerpts, reviews, stories, color covers, and sample chapters.

How to Stop Smoking and Have a Good Time
Electronic Directories, Santa Rosa, CA, US
Order a book to help you stop smoking.

Hub Communications
London, United Kingdom
Hosts a number of Web services including Interpages for Europe, Soho by Night, Wizard Radio, and Sue's Recipe Server.

Hunter's Hangout
Doug Burton, Madison, IN, US
A hangout for hunters that contains links to hunting outfitters, guns, and publications, as well as other outdoor sights.

Hypermedia Central
University of Wisconsin-Whitewater, Whitewater, WI, US
A dedicated one-stop shopping site for applied multimedia and hypermedia in education.

Hypertext Breakdown
Mindy McAdams, Sausalito, CA, US
An article exploring some useful metaphors on hypertext, as well as the possible configuration of Cybermedia.

Idea Cafe
Los Altos, CA, US
The small business gathering place, providing serious insights with a fun approach. Includes Rhonda Abrams' planning advice, a rated business directory, money tips, a business horoscope, and CyberSchmooz.

In the BLINK of an Eye...
CiLaRT, Lafayette, IN, US
The photography of Jeremy Douglas, bringing something more to the world than love.

Index of the Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society
Cheverly, MD, US
A comprehensive index of the Journal of the Gypsy Lore Society, Series 5. Search by volume, title, author, locale, group studied, or topic.

Info Market Ltd
Manchester, England
Relational database software developers whose Web page contains sample reports and client references. Free email consultancy is also offered.

INFORMATIONhighways Magazine
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A magazine dedicated exclusively to helping businesses and professionals take advantage of electronic information, including the Internet.

Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce, Fairfax, VA, US
Northern Virginia's largest business expo, with over 150 exhibitors.

International Game Technology
Reno, NV, US
A leading supplier and manufacturer of gaming machines and casino tracking systems, based in Reno, Nevada.

The International Group
San Diego, CA, US
International voice and data telecommunications consultants with projects in more than 100 countries.

international Models Network,Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
A worldwide resource for models with an international franchise network. Designed to help models and modeling agencies promote globally, and to help clients find the right model.

Internet Addressbook
CyberSpace Solutions, Inc., Evanston, IL, US
A directory of directories.

Internet Mental Health
Phillip W. Long, M.D., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An encyclopedia describing mental illnesses, treatment, medications, research, and magazine articles.

InterNet/Ix Training & Consulting Group
Des Moines, IA, US
Provides Internet tools training in central Iowa.

Japanese Animation Film Society
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Holds free, public, monthly screenings of Japanese animation (anime). This site provides information on what is showing and when.

JDG Graphic Designs
Johnson Design Group, Inc., Falls Church, VA, US
Browse JDG's award-winning graphic design portfolio and creative idea pages to see how design shapes and delivers business communications.

Jesus and the Intellectual
Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL, US
A perspective on the person of Jesus Christ and His claim to be the Son of God.

Jobscope Corporation
Greenville, SC, US
Develops and markets manufacturing management software for the order-driven company. The software is fully integrated to run an entire company.

John W. Henry & Co., Inc.
Westport, CT, US
Contains a wide variety of information about one of the largest managed futures advisors in the world, including links to other financial resources.

J.R. Huber, Bookseller
thoughtforms, Lima, OH, US
Selling fine used, rare, and out-of-print books.

Kamaaina's Best
Leolen, Inc, Honolulu, HI, US
Gift baskets filled with Hawaiian treats such as passion fruit butter, taro pancake mix, coffees, teas, and more.

Kundalini Resource Center
Haakon Rian Ueland, Skjetten, Norway
Understand kundalini energy, tantric yoga, and massage in ways that stimulate a strong, positive personal response to life, love, and human sexuality.

Kurt Schwitters
Grenoble Museum., Grenoble, France
A retrospective exhibition dedicated to Kurt Schwitters, revealing the richness and the originality of the artist's works.

La Era de Ahora
San Juan, Puerto Rico, US
A new age magazine published in Spanish that focuses on the physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual well-being of individuals, society, and the planet.

LANart Corporation
Needham, MA, US
The leader in optimizing virtual, switched and shared LAN connectivity to the desktop.

Language Translation Services
Richard N. Cote' & Associates, Mt. Pleasant, SC, US
Specializing in translating business and personal correspondence and legal documents required for adoption, immigration, naturalization, and civil and criminal court cases.

A Latin World
Netpoint Communications, Miami, FL, US
A searchable English-Spanish directory of Latin American culture, business, and exports.

LIPS - Label Interactive Promotion Service
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Offers a selection of high-quality CDs.

LiveWire Marketing, Inc.
St. Louis, MO, US
Electronic commerce strategies designed to get a business up to speed on the Web and maximize the potential of global branch offices.

The Living With... Group
Boston, MA, US
A national, nonprofit AIDS organization with regionally-focused fund raising programs supported by sales of The Care Pin products.

MARATHON Digital Publishing
Hopkinton, MA, US
Providing intelligent structuring, seamless integration, and intelligible presentation of information on CD-ROM and the World Wide Web.

The Media Trade Shows Calendar
Buttle Broadcasting, Ramsey, Isle of Man, United Kingdom
A global directory of media-related trade shows and exhibitions. Contains shows for television, radio, film, print publishing, and multimedia.

Metro Kansas City
Metropolis Systems, Kansas City, KS, US
The Web site for the heart of America.

Mexico's Index
trace, s.c., Santa Barbara, CA, US
Offers links related to Mexico, with daily updates.

MICOM Communications Corporation
Simi Valley, CA, US
The world's leading networking provider.

Minority Rights Group
London, England
An international, non-governmental organization working to secure justice for communities suffering discrimination.

Morgan Stanley
New York, NY, US
A global financial services firm serving multinational corporations, governments, financial institutions, emerging growth companies, and private investors.

Multicultural Book Review
Seattle, WA, US
A resource for teachers containing a qualitative listing of multicultural literature for use in classrooms.

National Jewish Committee on Scouting
New York, NY, US
Promotes Boy Scouting among Jewish youth and helps Jewish institutions to provide scouting opportunities for Jewish youth.

Native American Flute by Ward Stroud
Following Generations Music Co., Portland, OR, US
The ancient healing sounds of the Native American flute. The site features flutes, books, tapes and CDs, and stories about the flute.

Bellingham, MA, US
Instantly guides users to the most resourceful, uncommercial sites on the Internet to date.

NCompass Distributed Component-Based WWW Browser
ExCITE, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
A hot new distributed component-based Web browser that uses OLE custom controls to support inline movies, realtime interactive 3-D, and more.

Need an Expert?
National Consultant Referrals, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
Find a validated expert in this 6000-member talent bank. This is a free service.

Nevada Japan Business Forum
Nevada Commission on Economic Development, Las Vegas, NV, US
Links Nevada businesses with firms in Japan. Presentations will be made by firms that have been successful in establishing business in Japan in the trade, real estate investment, and gaming industries.

New Brunswick Outfitters Association's Tall Tales Contest
DISCscribe Ltd., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Join this contest where the grand prize is two free airline tickets to New Brunswick from anywhere in North America and a weekend of salmon fishing at a quality outfitter.

New City Global Mall
On-line Marketing, Milford, CT, US
Categorized shopping with monthly specials, 17 search engines on site, categorized web exploration, and affordable plans to put your business on the web.

New Horizons Regional Education Center
Hampton, VA, US
An education center which operates various alternative education programs for six public school districts in Virginia.

NOAA Central Library
Silver Spring, MD, US
This site provides information about the library's many services, as well as access to the numerous electronic publications.

NOBOSS (National Organization of Business Opportunity Seekers)
Professional Marketing Concepts, Orangevale, CA, US
A rich database resource of detailed information on home-based self-employment and business opportunities with capital requirements ranging from $10 to $5,000.

Northern Life Magazine
MagNet International, North Bay, Ontario, Canada
A feel-good site that deals with lifestyles in the North, including business opportunities.

Office of Congressman Jim Talent
Washington, DC, US
The home page of Missouri's 2nd District provides constituents with up-to-date information on what their Congressman is saying, doing and voting on.

OH'Brines Pickling Inc.
Catalogs of Note, Spokane, WA, US
The finest in gourmet pickled vegetables including asparagus, garlic, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and more.

Omaha Steaks International
Palo Alto, CA, USA
World-famous gourmet beef, poultry, seafood, smoked meats, appetizers, desserts, and more.

One Step Ahead
ParentsPlace.com, Lake Bluff, IL, US
Thoughtfully selected products now available at the parenting resource center on the Web.

Austin, TX, US
An online information and resource center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual and gay-friendly folks in and beyond Texas, and over the rainbow.

OutPost Network
Seattle, WA, US
Send real mail to friends and family, politicians, sports stars, and even a pet.

Palazzo deMix
Seattle, WA, US
Provides design and production services for film and video, multimedia, and Web development.

PC Services
Pawtucket, RI, US
Offers Web publishing and Internet consulting services, and low-cost Web space.

Planet PEACE
Portland, OR, US
The cyber-offshoot of Project PEACE, a grassroots collective of Native and non-native community organizers and activists working on environmental and cultural protection.

Cameron Kaiser, San Diego, CA, US
Features the Magic Cookie, a fortune and quote database.

Pleasant Blends Specialty Coffee and Tea Co.
Spokane, WA, US
Offering over 80 coffee varieties, and over 95 varietal teas.

Milano, Italy
Resources related to chemical engineering, chemistry, and more.

Professional Concert Series
University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
Information on the university's annual concert series, the Chamber Music Series, the Howard Mayer Brown International Early Music Series, and the Contemporary Chamber Player Series.

Professor Skurray's Food and Nutrition Information
University of Western Sydney, Richmond, Australia
Food, health, and nutrition information, including weight reduction and athletic diets, recommended daily intakes of vitamins, minerals, protein, and more.

Pronet Internet Service Providers
Prophet Systems, Bloomfield Hills, MI, US
Inexpensive high-speed dial-up PPP access, covering North Oakland County. Services also include Web page creation and maintenance.

The Psychedelic Screen Saver Collection
Mike Irvine, Redmond, WA, US
A collection of screen savers each of which generate a different class of mesmerizing patterns. Included are versions for Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, and After Dark.

Psychiatry & Psychotherapy
Richard J. Corelli, M.D., Palo Alto, CA, US
A private practice in psychiatry and psychotherapy, specializing in mental health, therapy, counseling, and Jungian psychotherapy. Includes an extensive reading list.

Question Mark Computing
London, England
Provides software for creating, delivering, and analyzing tests and surveys on stand-alone or networked computers, and on the Internet.

Seattle, WA, US
Specialists in Internet home page development whose focus is on effective home page design and promotion.

Qumran Cave
Sharon Jane Evertsen, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A history and description of the Qumran Cave Dig near the Dead Sea. Links are provided to view the actual items.

Rajon Institute
Netheravon, Wiltshire, United Kingdom
Explore alternative research into ancient knowledge and healing therapies. Books and tapes as well as tours are available, and workshops and lectures are held worldwide.

Real Fiction
Alchemy Mindworks Inc., Beeton, Ontario, Canada
For readers and authors of small-press and self-published novels. Readers can browse a library of innovative new books, and authors can add to the free listing.

Redemption, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Focused on improving the leadership skills of young African American males and females.

Reinventing Schools: The Technology Is Now!
National Academy Press, Washington, DC, US
RealAudio and QuickTime files of Arthur C. Clarke, Bruce Sterling, William Gibson and others on the possible futures of education in America.

Resources for Primary Care Physicians
Coolware, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
A new service for primary care physicians that includes a database of sub-specialists willing to consult by email, interesting articles, and employment opportunities.

RF InfoNet
RF User's Group, Norristown, PA, US
A forum for the exchange of ideas, information, and issues regarding radio frequency (RF) technology, an alternative form of security tagging for magnetic products such as music and software.

RJI International Consulting Finance
Torrington, WY, US
Locators of venture capitol for clean paper projects. Access from 1 million - 100 million for start ups.

RPM Records
Mesquite, TX, US
In business for 14 years, selling hard-to-find CD's, LPs, and LaserDiscs.

SeaBird Associates, Boca Raton, FL, US
Free twice monthly "zine" or newsletter for sales, sales management, customer service, marketing, and business owners.

Starry Messenger Communications, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Striving to present the spectrum of science and technology in Canada in a comprehensive way.

Scott & White Residency in Psychiatry
Dept. of Psychiatry and Behavioral Science, Texas A&M University, Temple, TX, US
An overview of this four-year residency training program in psychiatry for medical school graduates.

Sensors Magazine
Helmers Publishing, Inc., Peterborough, NH, US
Covers sensors and transducers, data acquisition and sensor networking, and more.

Shalamah Yachove, D.C.
Berkeley, CA, US
A chiropractor offering a full range of soft-tissue and massage services. This site includes links to comprehensive chiropractic resources.

Sisseton Wahpeton Sioux Tribe
Sisseton Wahpeton Community College, Sisseton, SD, US
Features information on Dakota Sioux history, culture, and arts, and now features a Dakota language audio page.

Rhythmic Sphere, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
A new Macintosh application that offers Web users the ability to build, manage, and access a virtually unlimited database of URLs.

Softmart, Inc.
Exton, PA, US
A leading supplier of over 30,000 software packages and peripherals to large corporations and government customers. 24-hour delivery and technical support is available.

Specialty Gourmet Foods!
Catalogs of Note, Christopher Schindler, Spokane, WA, US
A dynamic resource for specialty gourmet foods. Companies included offer products such as pickled vegetables, soups, breads, shaped pastas, gifts, and chilis.

The Web Developer's Virtual Library, Lanham, MD, US
An electronic magazine geared toward the Web developer, no matter what level of expertise.

Spiral Media
Spiral Media, New York, NY, US
A full-service multimedia agency which works as a partner to clients in developing the right marketing strategy.

Steamboat A-Net
Mac Media LLC, Steamboat Springs, CO, US
A complete information resource for Steamboat Springs and the Yampa Valley.

Stelnet Srl, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
A virtual fair of Italian products.

Virgil Corporation, San Francisco, CA, US
All the information and software tools for managing your financial information and investments.

Student Insurance Division
Dallas, TX, US
The leading student insurance administrator for colleges and universities in the United States. SID also offers short term insurance.

SunGard Data Systems, Inc.
Wayne, PA, US
A computer service and applications software company, specializing in proprietary investment support systems for financial institutions.

The Sun's Joules
Center for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Technology (CREST), Washington, DC, US
Test-drive this multimedia encyclopedia on renewable energy and the environment. Over 950 pages of text and images has been converted to HTML to create this resource.

Suntrek Tours, Inc.
Santa Rosa, CA, US
Offers action-packed adventure treks in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

Sycamore Review
West Lafayette, IN, US
Purdue University's award-winning literary magazine. Offers submission and subscription information, and complete indexes to all issues, including pictures of covers.

Syracomp, Inc.
Syracuse, NY, US
Specializing in Internet services, medical electronics, and software for the auto repair industry.

A Taste of Martha's Vineyard
Oak Bluffs, MA, US
Information on places to stay, weather, real estate, shopping, events, and music in Martha's Vineyard.

Tech Net
Bellevue, WA, US
Free technical support for PC users, from current and former Microsoft internal system engineers and technicians.

Teklogic Global Systems
St. Louis, MO, US
Provides remote logistics services including communications, project planning and consulting, field operations management, medical support, and more.

Telecommunications Techniques Corp.
Corporate Marketing, Germantown, MD, US
State-of-the-art solutions to telecommunications problems. Check out the employment opportunities.

Telescope Marketing
Telescope Holdings Ltd., Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
Specializing in Web marketing, and assisting clients in establishing a place within the ever-growing Internet community.

Test Your Knowledge Of Women's Health.
Coolware, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
An interactive quiz that tests men's knowledge of women's health.

Stanford Testing Systems, Inc., Spokane, WA, US
A complete, free SAT test preparation course on the Internet. Thousands of screens of helpful math and verbal skill review, and hundreds of practice problems.

Texas Through Time
Living History Foundation, San Antonio, TX, US
An interactive exploration into Texas history, culture, and environment, and a look at South Central Texan life.

Textures and Backgrounds Galore CD-ROM
Cameo Graphics, Oxnard, CA, US
A collection of 2,000 dazzling, seamless designs for Multimedia, Desktop Publishing, Ray Tracing, 3D, and Web page backgrounds. bonus extras on one inexpensive CD ROM.

To Wong Foo, Thanks For Everything, Julie Newmar
Universal Pictures, Los Angeles, CA, US
The web gets a makeover in this unique site which takes you through a travelogue of the characters from the new film.

Tobacco BBS
New York, NY, US
Provides a free resource on the subject of tobacco, including news, history, art, health information, and tips on quitting.

Tom Cool's E-Zine of Science Fiction
Bowie, MD, US
An ezine of science fiction short stories and graphic art.

Toucan Studios
Cupertino, CA, US
A multimedia and digital production studio located in the heart of Silicon Valley.

TracerArt Design
Denton, Lancashire, England
Provides graphic design services, including typesetting, page makeup, photographic enhancement, and advertising concept design, for all types of business publications on the Net.

Travel Graphics International Map & Information Center
Travel Graphics International, Minneapolis, MN, US
Devoted to helping travelers plan a trip and find their way around in their chosen destination, using our unique illustrated maps whenever available.

Treasure Maps - The "How-to" Genealogy Site
Future View, Jacksonville, FL, US
A series of step-by-step guides and "how-to" features that help with genealogical "family tree" research.

TrueSpeech Internet
DSP Group, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, US
Software which enables high-quality, highly compressed speech and audio to be communicated in real time over the Internet.

Department of Civil Engineering, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
An online, interactive resource with information about tsunamis, those large water waves that have historically caused damage to some coastal communities.

Twin Services
ParentsPlace.com, Berkeley, CA, US
Online support and reading for parents of twins and other multiples.

New Delhi, India
This site contains a variety of information about UNICEF and its activities in India.

The U.S. DOE Science and Engineering Research Semester
Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education, Oak Ridge, TN, US
Offers college juniors and seniors majoring in science, mathematics, and engineering the opportunity to participate in research at a Department of Energy laboratory.

Vail Web
Mac Media LLC, Steamboat Springs, CO, US
A complete information resource for the Vail Valley.

Vargas Studios
Fremont, CA, US
Offering graphic design, technical illustration, multimedia design, digital video capture and editing, and CAD services.

Vector Electronic Company
Sylmar, CA, US
Manufacturer of prototyping products, circuit boards and packaging systems for PCI, PCMCIA, VME, Eurocard, STD, multibus, ISA, EISA, general purpose, Europackaging and proprietary-based systems.

VegasTouch Free Web Page Design
Las Vegas, NV, US
Create a Web page on the Internet for free for ten days.

Virtual Film Festival
Cineflix, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
An entertaining and engaging emulation of the look, feel, and interactivity of a real-life international film festival.

Wave Rider
Leolen, Inc, Honolulu, HI, US
Unique Hawaiian T-shirts designed and produced by a local artist, depicting surfers and paddlers reminiscent of old Hawaii.

The Web Developer's Virtual Library
CyberWeb SoftWare, Lanham, MD, US
Provides numerous web developer resources, including a library of links to helpful aids and sites.

Web Software Corporation
Cupertino, CA, US
The world's leading company specializing in integrated technology solutions for Internet publishing.

Wedgewood Planned Community
BisMark Internet Services, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, US
A 1500-acre planned community in Woodbury, Minnesota. Offering a lifestyle focused on recreational amenities, and home values protected by architectural control and landscape guidelines.

Whiterock Communications
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A full-service design and advertising firm.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, US
Features material from zines such as Chuck Magazine and Farm Pulp, and strange mail art.

Workforce Preparation
New York State Education Department, Albany, NY, US
Information and resources on vocational education, workforce preparation, school-to-work, technical preparation, civil rights, and adult education.

The World Wide Whiffleball Server
The World Whiffleball Commission, San Diego, CA, US
Information about the World Whiffleball Championship, an annual multi-regional whiffleball tournament.

WWWCasinos Inc., Carson City, NV, US
Full casino gaming coming to the World Wide Web. Register for a $10,000 drawing.

Christian Greuel, Menlo Park, CA, US
Developing simulated environments for the virtual reality industry.

Yours Truly, Gifts of Distinction
JLC, Ltd., Schenectady, NY, US
Unique, high-quality specialty gifts for all occasions, shipped with a personal greeting enclosed.

Zaske, Sarafa & Associates, Inc.
Birmingham, MI, US
A registered SEC investment advisor providing investment management services to institutions and individuals with minimum investments of $500,000.

Monday, 9 October 1995

1996 Summer Olympics Home Rental
Crown Management/Ray Pate, Atlanta, GA, US
Reserve a room or home for the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta, Georgia. Submit an application online and receive a personal response from the staff.

21st Century Communications
Aurora, CO, US
Beepers and pagers can help users communicate easily with family, friends and business associates. As an authorized SkyTel representative, 21st Century offers low rates on beepers and pagers.

Access With Ease
Chino Valley, AZ, US
Capability-enhancing products that make people's lives easier, safer, and more independent by eliminating bending, preventing falls, and helping overcome barriers to independence.

Accounting Software Update
CPAssociates Seminars, Inc., Wauwatosa, WI, US
Accounting is the most mission-critical business system. This site helps save time and assures the best software choice for a business.

Act Now! Acting Academy
Theatre Techniques for Business People, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Offering training workshops for companies, organizations, and individuals so that they can become skilled to lead, impact, and influence others.

Active Living in Canada
Information Network Group (ING), Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
Lists organizations in fitness, recreation and physical education that are part of a national collective involved in the promotion of active living in Canada.

Air Hockey
United States Air-Table-Hockey Association, Boulder, CO, US
Includes rules, event information, player biographies, pictures, rankings, and general information.

Aliah, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, US
AliahTHINK! tools provide the difference between 1950's decision making, and 21st century strategic thinking tools.

Allstate Blind & Shades
Interstat Inc., NJ, US
Offers a complete line of blinds, shades, verticals, and shutters, shipped to the user factory direct.

American Conservative Youth Empowerment
Bloomsburg, PA, US
A college-level think tank designed to spread the liberty-conservative philosophy across college campuses.

American Universities Admission Program
Sarasota, FL, US
A unique service for international students desiring to enter a U.S. university at the graduate or undergraduate level.

Artwhere Media, Madeira Beach, FL, US
Clothing and ideas from the edge.

Aull-N-Aull Mall
San Jose, CA, US
A small business providing Web access to the wineries of the Santa Cruz Mountain District, CA.

Austral Gallery
Internet ArtResources, Seattle, WA, US
The gallery represents a group of mainstream contemporary artists including Aboriginal artists from all over Australia working in a variety of media.

Layman Publications, Hatboro, PA, US
A free information site designed to provide automotive assistance to the Web community.

AVANTEC Communication AG
Zurich, Switzerland
An engineering company specializing in electronic communications.

Balancing Act
Marathon Magic DS-Publishing, Marathon, NY, US
A spirituality-based, monthly, self-help publication of recovery and growth, written by people with real problems and experiences.

Bedlam Gifts
The UK Shopping Centre, London, England
A small Internet gift shop with china, crystal, and teddy bears.

Berdy Medical Systems, Inc.
Rochelle, NJ, US
Offers healthcare providers software to reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Products include SmartClinic/Oncology Assistant for computerized patient records.

Blake Newman, Society and Wedding Photographer
Alexandria, VA, US
A style of wedding photography that gently controls the formal posing, allows for spontaneity and humor, and unobtrusively captures the candid moments.

BMW Canada Inc.
Quadravision, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Explore the world of BMW. Wander through the museum, see the art cars, visit the online consultant, and see the current model lineup.

Burn:Cycle Webgame
Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
A nine-week original content site that has developed into a Web game with advanced programming, incredible graphics, and a great story.

Peyote, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico
Find information on Mexico's most important alternative rock band.

Campaign for Broadcast Competition
Washington, DC, US
An ad hoc organization of groups opposed to the giveaway of public airwaves to wealthy TV broadcasters.

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offers courses for qualification as a Registered Nutrition Consultant.

Cell Biology Lab Manual
Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN, US
The most comprehensive cell biology lab manual available on the market. Includes links to other cell biology sites on the Internet.

Center for Utopian Studies
Ohio University, Athens, OH, US
A collection of art, literature, and commentary which addresses the concept of utopia.

The Center Of The Web
Bob Reinhardt, Baltimore, MD, US
A site dedicated to the entire political spectrum, including the Political Left, Center, Right and Miscellaneous.

Cherry Red Records
London, Middlesex, England
A label specializing in independent British pop and rock music from the late '70s to the present.

Children's Music Listing
Monty Harper Productions, Stillwater, OK, US
Home to children's musician, Monty Harper, this page includes links to other children's musicians and children's music sites on the Web.

Christian Michelsen Research AS
Bergen, Norway
Carries out contract research and development for industry and government in Norway and abroad. Main areas are industrial instrumentation, process and safety, and advanced computing.

Chuck D'Ambra Coins
Telesphere, Boulder, CO, US
A great site for coin collectors, including a FAQ, several scanned images of interesting coins, and a frequently updated list of coins for sale.

Cinema Muerto
Lee Francis, Puyallup, WA, US
Devoted to reviewing really poor cinematic achievements, as well as highlighting and praising the lost art of low-budget film making.

Clinical Case Computer Tutorials in Biochemistry
University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The use of these tutorials for student self-teaching and self-evaluation is presented. A 600K shortened version of a Macintosh tutorial is available for downloading.

Cobra I Games
El Paso, TX, US
Provides affordable, high quality card and board games for all ages to enjoy.

Colorado State Science Standards
Department of Education, Denver, CO, US
The state of Colorado currently has standards for science education that will take effect in 1996. Find out what those standards are.

The Coming of Peter
PFM Communications, New York City, NY, US
The official website for Pope John Paul II's visit to the U.S. Includes complete information on scheduling and venues for his appearances from 4 - 8 October 1995.

Communications Workers of America
Washington, DC, US
Visit the union for the Information Age. Represents 600,000 workers in public and private employment, including 500,000 workers building the information highway.

Compagnie Internationale Express
Columbus, OH, US
This site translates the ambiance of elegant cosmopolitanism to cyberspace. It offers news about trends, practical beauty tips, and information about Express styles.

Correa Enterprises, Inc.
Albuquerque, NM, US
An information solutions company building software applications, custom databases, and information processing systems. Services also include system design and integration.

Creations Fine Woodworking Gallery
Internet ArtResources, Seattle, WA, US
One of the only fine craft galleries in the country specializing in wood, and featuring the contemporary works of locally and nationally recognized award-winning artisans.

Credit Local de France
Calvacom, Paris, France
One of Europe's leading bankers working in close partnerships with local and regional governments in France, Europe, and the U.S. to finance development projects.

Cruising on the Shannon
Dublin, Ireland
Providing information for people wishing to spend vacations or leisure time cruising on the Shannon waterway, in Ireland.

Cuervo Gold Site
Heublein, Inc., Farmington, CT, US
Discover this legendary elixir and its bizarre subculture, or just win free stuff playing the J.C. Roadhog Adventure.

CyberSave Inc.
East Northport, NY, US
Offers the best prices on computers, printers, copiers, fax machines, and other business related products and services.

Cyberspace Public Relations
Camarillo, CA, US
Offering excellent high-technology public relations and marketing programs.

Daily Comics
Friday Software & Consulting, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
A collection of daily updated comics from around the Internet, and formatted into a newspaper-style presentation.

Database and Client/Server World, Chicago 5-7 December 1995
DCI, Chicago, IL, US
Provides the education needed to move any enterprise into the next generation of client/server.

Defense General Supply Center
Richmond, VA, US
A Defense Logistics Agency organization dedicated to providing quality products and services to Department of Defense and federal agencies. Online ordering is now available.

Delaware Public Administration Institute
University of Delaware, Newark, DE, US
Matches the resources at the University of Delaware with the needs of local governments in the Delaware Valley.

Department of Economics
University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
Information on the Department of Economics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Department of Emergency Medicine
Wayne State University, Detroit, MI, US
Provides information on the faculty, residency and fellowships, publications, and the research program. Links are included to other programs, the Detroit Medical Center, and the City of Detroit.

Cornish Productions, New Canaan, CT, US
Well-known architects and designers are featured, and their work is represented in still photos, video, audio, animation, and VRML.

DFC International Ltd.
Thornhill, Ontario, Canada
Providers of network integration, Web and Internet consulting, business solutions, and more.

Dimension Laboratories Inc.
DFC International Ltd., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Supplier of specialized reagents for laboratories.

Division of Drug Affairs at the National Social Insurance Board (RFV)
Stockholm, Sweden
The division handles issues concerning the pricing of drugs and other issues regarding the drug reimbursement program. Includes an up-to-date reference price list.

Doc Watson's Marbleization Station
Atlanta, GA, US
Creates marbleized plaques of cars, trucks, boats, and other vehicles.

Dolomite Ski Boots
San Jose, CA, US
Experience the comfort, fit and performance of the award winning Varix ski boot collection.

Domino Systems
The Innovation Centre, Garford, Oxfordshire OX13 5PD, UK
The opportunity for cyber-architects to display products and services on the Web.

East Valley Accommodations Bed & Breakfast
Mancos, CO, US
Read up on this bed and breakest in the heart of Four Corners Mesa Verde Country with spacious rooms, private full baths, a solarium and jacuzzi, and year-round activities.

Econo Signs
Oak Lawn, IL, US
A custom sign shop specializing in vinyl lettering and graphics. Services also include the scanning and creation of logos, paint designs and lettering, and more.

Econometrics Laboratory
University of California, Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
Information on the laboratory, including a software archive for experimental algorithms in computationally intensive econometrics.

Edify Corporation
Santa Clara, CA, US
A leading provider of interactive service software, giving customers and employees direct access to corporate information through phone, email, or a web browser.

Electronic Resources Ltd
Singapore, Singapore
One of the largest PC components distributor in the Asia-Pacific region of the globe. Find manufacturers like iNTEL, Quantum, Hyundai, Zilog, and more.

Elliott-Brown Gallery
Internet ArtResources, Seattle, WA, US
The focus of the gallery is on sculpture and decorative art, primarily glass, as well as some mixed media.

Venice, CA, US
Consultants, designers, and producers for clients looking to build an image in both the print world and electronic media platforms.

Energy Master
Data Ship Systems, Montague, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Discover Taoist resources ranging from astrology and Chi Kung to self-cultivation and energy practices.

The Entertainment Guide
Web Treasures Online, Ft. Pierce, FL, US
Formerly the Cable Movie Guide, this site features the Actress of the Day, the Great TV Poll, latest movie reviews, and a large entertainment link section.

Berkeley, CA, US
A zine designed with intellectual browsers in mind. In other words, this page is for people who like to read a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Fiction by Steven William Rimmer
Jam Ink Publishing, Cookstown, Ontario, Canada
Read an exerpt from the new novel Wyccad, a tale of witchcraft, madness, lust, and power, set in the Scottish highlands.

Field and Sales Force Automation Conference 28-30 November 1995
DCI, Boston, MA, US
The place to acquire the technical expertise and sales skills necessary to apply this technology.

Fine Art Print Emporium
Aubrey, TX, US
Offers fine art prints at an affordable price.

Terry Mendoza, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, UK
Plenty of useful advice for the video enthusiast including tips on camcorders, video editing, and organizations that exist to help produce movies.

Fiona Blakey and Partner
Brechin, Tayside, United Kingdom
Specializes in the supply of individually designed, hand-painted signs and chalkboards, provides an applied art work and design service, and carries out Web page authoring and design projects.

Flint Online
kodenet, inc., Flint, MI, US
Provides Internet access for Flint and Genesee Counties, Michigan, and PPP, Web page hosting, DNS, and marketing services to the local and Internet communities.

For Sale By Owner Connection
Canton, CT, US
Nationwide listings of real estate for sale by owner.

Galeria Mesa
Internet ArtResources, Mesa, AZ, US
The contemporary art gallery for the city of Mesa, Arizona. Offers a season of eight shows each year, usually one invitational and seven national juried exhibits.

Gallery of American Artisans
Topsfield, MA, US
Offering a handcrafted gift collection featuring stained glass, sculpture, jewelry, pottery, pewter, perfume bottles, spiceships, and other fine selections.

Genesys Web Publishing
Hauppauge, NY, US
A full-service Web publishing company dedicated to providing organizations with an engaging and effective presence on the Internet.

Gift Baskets
Branching Out, Lincroft, NJ, US
Unique gift baskets such as pampering baskets, pasta baskets, junk food baskets, and many more.

Global Communications
Steamboat Springs, CO, US
A new media consulting agency based in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.

Global Health & Wellness
IBMC, Inc., Clearwater, FL, US
A new quit-smoking product with a 100% money back guarantee.

Graduate Students' Association
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Information on the association and the services it provides to the graduate students at the University of Saskatchewan.

Gray Areas Magazine
Broomall, PA, US
Examines subject matter which is illegal, immoral and/or controversial in the fields of law, music, technology, sociology, and popular culture.

Gray Cary Ware & Freidenrich
San Diego, CA, US
A home page with a special emphasis on legal issues of the Internet, written for both lawyers and non-lawyers.

Green Pages
PaddyNet, Dublin, Ireland
A comprehensive, searchable index of all Irish-related Internet resources.

Gryphons, Griffins, Griffons!
Tirya, Schaumburg, IL, US
Dedicated to gryphons, with facts, fiction, photos, literature, and links.

Hammacher Schlemmer
Palo Alto, CA, US
Brings unique and quality products to the Internet. Browse this sampling of their store and catalog.

Hardin Auto/Marine Group
Hardin Honda, Anaheim, CA, US
A group of companies specializing in Honda, Oldsmobile, GMC Trucks, Corvettes, and marine products.

HARDWEAR Industries
eLogic, Venice, CA, US
A Los Angeles-based surf and snowboard clothing company.

Harris Allied Broadcast
Quincy, IL, US
The leading worldwide single-source supplier of professional audio, studio, and RF equipment, distributing more than 10,000 different products from over 350 manufacturers.

Haunted Happenings
Salem, MA, US
Join in on the biggest time of year in Salem. Find out about these two weeks of special events and celebration.

Selene Communications, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A health-awareness directory covering everything from health food restaurants to personal wellness management. Resources for anyone interested in maintaining a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

HELECO '95 Conference on the Environment 9-12 November 1995
Chemical Safety International, Athens, Greece
Greece, the crossroads of three continents and the center of a world that has already begun to remold it relationship with the environment, is the venue for this conference.

Hitachi America
Tarrytown, NY, US
Contains information about the company's operation, products and services, links to other Hitachi companies, and an interactive game.

Holiday Travel Showcase
DesignNet Productions, Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A consumer show for anyone interested in the world of travel. It's a great way to get ideas for vacations, or just to browse what is available for future holidays.

Hollins College
Roanoke, VA, US
Information about this small, four-year liberal arts college.

Home Comfort Designs
Ukiah, CA, US
A company devoted to helping users design and install a heating system in the home that will last for years and years.

Homes & Land of Northern Virginia
Fairfax, VA, US
The premier guide to real estate in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. Localities covered include, Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax, Falls Church, Loudoun, and Prince William.

Huskers Online
Zyzzyva Enterprises, Lincoln, NE, US
Get up-to-the-minute sports information about Nebraska sports.

The Hype-It 3000 Server
Cykic Software Inc., San Diego, CA, US
Information on the PC-based Web server with fully integrated relational database capabilities for x-Base programmers, and built-in CGI for dBase, Fox, and Clipper programmers.

Hypnotx Entertainment
Burbank, CA, US
Links to music-related sites on the Web. Also offers music clips, video clips, band photos, and more.

I-3 Internet
I-3 Telecom, New York City, NY, US
Helps organizations to establish a Web presence, and provides affordable turnkey data communications solutions based primarily on ISDN telephone lines.

Idealogo Bill of Rights Sweatshirt
Mountain View, CA, US
A sweatshirt for anyone who loves freedom. The original Bill of Rights appears on the front of the garment, and the ten articles are clearly printed on the back.

Illini OnLine
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
Provides updated information about Fighting Illini teams, and more.

Manchester, North West, England
An arts collective based in Manchester, England. The company's work includes installation, performance, live art, site specific, experimental theatre, video, film, and gallery work.

Seattle, WA, US
Offers the opportunity to connect to the Internet at multimedia speeds without wires. Get wireless with AIRNET and surf the information skyway.

Institute for Cell Biology
Ludwig Maximilians University, Munich, Germany
Offering information on the cytoskeleton, microtubules, actin-binding proteins, molecular motors, and more.

The International Society for Measurement and Control (ISA)
Raleigh, NC, US
A nonprofit engineering society with nearly 50,000 members worldwide.

International Video Gamers Association (IVGA)
Fort Myers, FL, US
The association that treats video gaming as a brain Sport.

Internet Advertising Southwest
Phoenix, AZ, US
Specializes in making your Internet presence profitable.

Internet ArtResources
Seattle, WA, US
A complete guide to the visual arts, with gallery, museum, and artist listings, as well as images of work, publications, and exhibition details.

Internet Asia Inc.
Bangkok, Thailand
Asia's hotel and resort reservation service. Offers discounts for business travellers and tourists, previews, travel destinations, and tips.

Interracial Voice Newsjournal
College Point, NY, US
Serves the mixed-race/interracial community in cyberspace and supports the initiative to establish a multiracial category on the 2000 census.

In-Touch Software Edition
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Provides individuals with the latest software news via brief emailed messages. Categories include Internet software, desktop publishing, educational titles, and games.

Champaign, IL, US
A provider of total Web presence solutions, including consulting and advanced features.

Inventive Systems Inc.
Lexington Park, MD, US
Manufactures oil-in-water alarms and monitors. These devices detect and measure any oil that might be in water.

Investor Resource Index
Hart Publishing, Lakewood, CO, US
A comprehensive index of investment-related Web pages and forums online.

Jazz At The Bistro
St. Louis, MO, US
St. Louis' premier club for live jazz and great food. Offers an online schedule with biographies, discographies, and pictures.

Jazz Photography of Roscoe Crenshaw
Roscoe Crenshaw, St. Louis, MO, US
Many JPEG and GIF images of some of the biggest names in jazz. All photos are available for purchase.

Jews In Prison
Chabad of Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA, US
Practical advice, anecdotes and information for Jews, regardless of affiliation, and their family and friends, in or about to go to prison.

Julian Epps Productions
Seattle, WA, US
Provides Web page programming, and graphics processing. Also provides graphic arts services including T-shirt design, album covers, poster and flyer design, and more.

Kampah Vision
eLogic, Venice, CA, US
A design broadcast firm specializing in digital media.

KIKWEAR Industries
eLogic, Venice, CA, US
A Los Angeles-based fresh clothing company.

kiNETic design
Birmingham, AL, US
Focuses on advanced graphic and interactive design for commercial web sites.

KIRA Design Ltd.
London, England
Provides visual and multimedia solutions to industry and commerce who want to advertise skills and services in a brand new way.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Music supervision and consultation for film and artist management.

Korea Translation Company (KTC)
Seoul, Kang-dong Ku, South Korea
A professional Korean language company specializing in translating anything on and with Korean subject matter.

9 To 5 Communications, Toronto, Canada
Includes information on vitamin/mineral and herbal supplements, cookies and cakes, dream bars, shakes and Intra, a fruit based cocktail drink.

Roger's Houses, Lincroft, NJ, US
Lighthouse replicas, hand screen printed on Poplar.

Love Is My Home
4Heavensake Publishing, Laurel, MD, US
A place to find online poetry and thoughtful reflections on Love as a necessary part of the fabric of today's society.

Maggie's Shopping Trip
Norm Coates PC Communications, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
An ongoing series of pages dedicated to the love of Australia and its rural environment.

Portland, OR, US
A sporting goods marketing company featuring a weekly free prize drawing, an online newsletter, the marketing "Spark of the Week," and more.

The McGraw-Hill Companies
New York, NY, US
A global information services organization, offering valuable analysis and knowledge to worldwide markets through a broad range of traditional and electronic media.

Aylmer, Quebec, Canada
A site for support and sales information concerning MediaHost Online Software.

The Mediterranean Crans-Montana Forum 12-15 October 1995
Valletta, Malta
Will facilitate personal contact between governments, international investors, financial institutions, and others interested in business throughout the Mediterranean.

Mercado Magazine
http://www.nando.net/prof/mercado, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
A monthly magazine covering advertising, marketing, and communication issues from the Dominican Republic.

MG-Publishing Company
Waterbury, CT, US
Producers of the Publishers Black Literary Catalog, featuring literary works by or about black Americans. Also distributes of Afro-American greeting cards, posters and postcards.

Mini Mall America
Bryan Foundation, CA, US
Electronic books, bankcard services, free sweepstakes, free nonprofit exchange, software, and more.

Money: 127 Answers To Your Most Asked Financial Questions
bizflorida, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
A book containing information about structuring an investment portfolio, how to become an informed investor, overseas investing, measuring the risk, and more.

Moonlight Press
South Pasadena, CA, US
The Goddess returns. Display love for the Ancient Mother with Goddess-inspired T-shirts, readers, stationery, prints, and more.

Mr. Auto Insurance
Kissimmee, FL, US
Florida drivers, get a free auto insurance quote online.

MRB Media Services, Inc.
Windsor, CT, US
This company has launched the Business Introduction Video Network, a first-of-its-kind service that acquaints sellers with buyers, and manufacturers with distributors on a global scale.

Multimedia Marketing Group
Lake Oswego, OR, US
A digital media agency specializing in Web site traffic building and maximizing Web site marketing effectiveness.

Multimedia Newsstand
Hearst New Media, New York, NY, US
The best source for magazine subscriptions, videotapes, and more.

Mykytyn Consulting Group Inc.
San Rafael, CA, US
Management and information systems consulting to the energy utility, telecommunications, travel and hospitality, and transportation industries.

National Research Centre for Environmental Toxicology
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Australia's national center for the study of Environmental Toxicology, based in the University of Queensland.

Mountain View, CA, US
Specializes in Web content development services, hosting services, and Implementing internet marketing solutions for small and medium-sized companies.

Amsterdam, the Netherlands
A network for education, culture, television, and radio applications, including Jazzfacts, a zine for jazz lovers and jazz makers.

New England Organ Works
Reston, VA, US
Specializes in reed organ repair, restoration, and sales.

Newsletter Library
Internet Marketing Group, Rockville Centre, NY, US
The easiest and fastest way to find newsletters that are available in subjects of interest.

The NewsRadio Station
Steve Warde, Delta, British Columbia, Canada
The official unofficial Web site for the television show.

Norman Lindsay Appreciation Site
Norm Coates PC Communications, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
An introduction to one of Australia's most prolific and misunderstood artists. Painter, sculptor, storyteller, and poet, Norman Lindsay was the Australian genius of the 20th century.

North Carolina News Network
Capitol Radio Networks, Raleigh, NC, US
Provides RealAudio files of North Carolina news and sports, hurricane tracking, and links to other state resources.

Northeast Research Associates
Northeast Research Associates, Montpelier, VT, US
Internet and on-site archival information retrieval for the northeastern U.S. and Canada. Come see hundreds of regional Internet links.

NSA Juice Plus+
Krieger Sales Company, Peru, IL, US
The only officially authorized Web site for Juice Plus+ and other NSA products.

Object-Oriented Technology and Eiffel
ISE EiffelTech, Santa Barbara, CA, US
Provides a wealth of information about modern approaches to quality software development with online manuals, information about tools, books, conferences, FAQs, and more.

Ocean Boards International, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
Manufactures and distributes a variety of boats and watercraft, including surf and body boards and paddle cruisers.

Ocotillo Group
Tucson, AZ, US
A gathering of marketing sites that will provide users with an alternative to normal shopping.

Off The Wall
Gary Valle, Canoga Park, CA, US
Almost always contains some kayaking and climbing photography, but could also include photos of just about anything, even a door knob.

One Of A Kind
Canadian Craft Show Limited, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Discover over 500 artisans selling handmade crafts in categories such as glass, metalwork, visual art, ceramics, food, clothing, jewelery, and much more.

Out of My Mind!
Vikram Madan, Seattle, WA, US
Features regularly updated, original cartoons created with a unique blend of HTML and graphics. A first on the Web.

P & D Collectibles
Middleburgh, NY, US
A ma and pa outfit in upstate New York specializing in some of the rarest nostalgia.

Ellsworth, ME, US
An Internet provider in Central Maine, providing email, shell, slip, cslip, ppp, and Web pages.

PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) Survey
Tristan Bostone, Falls Church, VA, US
Users all over the Internet write and report what type of PDA they have, how they use it, and what hardware and software they'd like to see in tomorrow's PDAs.

Peach Tree Gallery
Mount Helena, Western Australia, Australia
An exhibition of paintings by western Australian artist Jeremy Holton. Includes landscapes, nudes, still lifes, and digital images.

Phi Gamma Delta
University of California, Irvine, CA, US
Learn about the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity experience.

Phoolan Devi - Bandit Queen
South Asia Research, Charlottesville, VA, US
A site dedicated to this controversial woman of India, including a bibliography, film reviews, images and more.

PI Motorsports Web Site
Intelligent Information Innovations, Glendale, CA, US
A motorcycle dealer selling Triumphs, Ducatis, cabon fiber, billet aluminum, and custom parts.

JTR, Inc., Nashville, TN, US
Specializes in providing a low-cost home for Web pages. A 20% refund is given whenever references are made.

Chatfield Software, Inc., Hiram, OH, US
An Internet center for poets and teachers of poetry, including special essays, software to download, contests, and advice.

POP-i Music Magazine
HyperHead New Media, Dana Point, CA, US
Provides dozens of honest, useful record reviews, enlightening interviews with current artists, and hundreds of sounds samples, as well as concert reviews, tour updates, and hot gossip.
http://www.webbiz.com/POPI/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Santa Barbara, CA, US
A group of photojournalists whose goal is to participate in the launching of the digital era for international, professional photography.

The Pronto Corporation
Waco, TX, US
Bank drafting is an exciting new business opportunity. We have developed a business software that is sweeping the nation! Resellers are needed.

Rash Behavior
Digital Distribution, San Jose, CA, US
An independent band out of San Jose, California. Also featured in IUMA, Rash Behavior is an original hard rock band with several independent releases.

The Register Bed & Breakfast Directory
ASSIST Information Services, Los Angeles, CA, US
The original Internet directory of over 600 bed and breakfasts, inns, and small hotels. An excellent resource for finding that perfect place to stay.

Clifton Park, NY, US
Strategic mutual fund management system that aims to keep the 401K or IRA Rollover investor in the fund with the greatest momentum. Includes SectorMax for trading the Fidelity Selects and information on Swiss annuities.

Rising Star Animated Cursors
Portland, OR, US
A collection of 50 animated cursors for Windows 95 and Windows NT for downloading.

River Estate Guest House
Hanalei, HI, US
Visit old Hawaii and discover the wonders of the Aloha State without even leaving your computer.

RJI International Consulting
Torrington, WY, US
International consultants to help set up import or export operations in a worldwide market.

Romey Buzley
Orlando, FL, US
A lush blend of lyrics and musings from this Orlando-based rock band.

RW Technology Inc.
New Haven, CT, US
A research and engineering firm engaged primarily in the design and implementation of rubber waste recycling systems.

Samcomet- Film Lighting
Comet Lighting P/L, Sydney, Australia
Provides a one-stop shop for all film lighting/design needs in the Australia/Asia region.

The San Francisco Urban Institute
San Francisco State University, San Francisco, CA, US
A university, city, and community collaboration developing strategies and practical programs to address critical economic, social, and educational problems in San Francisco.

Santa Fe Fine Art
Southwestern Exposure, Santa Fe, NM, US
The works of top Santa Fe photographers, painters, sculptors, and Printmakers.

Frank Serpas III, Austin, TX, US
This unofficial Saturday Night Live page features an episode guide, a cast member timeline, a schedule of upcoming reruns, and links to other SNL-related pages.

School of Life Science
Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Read information on staff, teaching, and research. Available jobs will also be posted here.

School of Public Administration and Law
Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Grampian, Great Britain
Information about the school, courses, research, and staff.

The Scottish Further Education Unit
The Software Development Team, Glasgow, Strathclyde, United Kingdom
Providing educational services and software for Scottish educational establishments.

Seacoast Graphics
Raymond, NH, US
Specialists in language translation, Web page development, and Internet directories and search engines.

Seliger Associates
Bellevue, WA, US
A current list of available grants and grant writing services for nonprofit and public agencies.

Jim Zwick, Syracuse, NY, US
A collaborative exploration of the cultural and political impacts of the Philippine Revolution and the Philippine-American War.

Showcase Online
Cochran Interactive, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
The Web companion Canada's fiction network. Browse this month's schedule, search for a program, or create a custom schedule.

Signal Radio
Staffordshire, UK
The independent radio station for Staffordshire and Cheshire, in the United Kingdom.

Singapore Botanic Gardens
National Parks Board, Singapore
Take a virtual tour of this leading equatorial garden and popular tourist attraction. Features photographs of animals and plants in the gardens, and is updated frequently.

Singapore Brain
Canadasia Cognition Pte Ltd, Singapore
An unusual e-zine about life in Singapore, with rare photographs, sophisticated wit, and a lively layout. Updated every two or three days.

SIREEL Pictures
Sausalito, CA, US
The sounds, music, and pictures of the people and places of San Francisco.

The Small Business Insurance Center
InterBIZnet, Monrovia, CA, US
Specializes in insuring U.S. small businesses with fewer than twelve employees. Fill out an online quote request.

SOFA Expositions
Internet ArtResources, Seattle, WA, US
Sets itself apart as an art exposition by focusing primarily on three-dimensional works in all media. Open to the public, all work is for sale.

Software Solutions
Haverhill, MA, US
A Windows-based program for cooling design and analysis of electronic equipment. Eleven programs in one package cover forced and natural convection and conduction.

Software Systems Design Group
Georgia Tech College of Computing, Atlanta, GA, US
Conducts research related to improving the development of software. The Group covers most areas of software engineering research with an emphasis on design activities.

Solomani International
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Brand name merchandise for men, women and children's clothing.

SOLT Ministries
Synthmedia Ltd, Bosque, NM, US
A non-profit family of spiritual leaders and laypersons devoted to prayer, devotion to Our Lady, spiritual guidance, and education.

The Solution Associates
Tampa, FL, US
A full-service business provider, specializing in multi-user accounting systems, network design and installation, and home page development.

South African Finance Week
Virtual Africa, Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa's leading financial publication now publishes weekly lead stories.

South African Tourism and Travel
Virtual Africa, Cape Town, South Africa
All of South Africa's primary tourist attractions are now formally on display in one of the most comprehensive tourist sites on the entire Internet.

The Southeastern Information Depot
Atlanta, GA, US
A nonprofit organization showcasing information about the Southeast U.S., including business, government, education, and leisure.

Burlington, VT, US
Offering Web page design, image scanning, typography, marketing information, consultations, and printing services.

Spot Grafix, inc.
Miami, FL, US
Combining high-end graphic design with marketing expertise. Get spotted on the Web.

Stan White Photography
Cameron Park, CA, US
Photo tips and trips on the Web. Offers information on stock photography, a photo gallery, outdoor photo tips and stories, and links to other photo sites.

State Library of Louisiana
Baton Rouge, LA, US
Includes a directory of libraries in the state, and publications of the state library including genealogical information, Communique, and the Louisiana Union Catalog updates.

Steamboat Springs, Colorado
Mountain Castles, Inc., Steamboat Springs, CO, US
See the Steamboat ski resort, make a ski vacation reservation, and even hear an up-to-date weather report.

Strategic Analyzer of Utility Rates in the United States
Mykytyn Consulting Group Inc., San Rafael, CA, US
Online analyzer of electric and gas energy costs across the U.S.

The Systems Group, Inc.
Stoneham, MA, US
A temporary professional staffing organization providing services in the Information technology and allied health professions.

Tease Inc
Cazenovia, NY, US
Dedicated to the Country and Western dancer, Tease provides T-shirts with designs of Line Dancing, Two Steppin, and West Coast Swing.

Technology Systems
Mt Dora, FL, US
A reseller dealing with PC's and PC networks.

The Teneiya Gallery
Gary Valle, Canoga Park, CA, US
Contains photography from the Sierra and the West, by Gary Valle. Included are images from Yosemite National Park and other western locations.

Terry Gould's Graphics
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Created to help new users in the construction of their own home pages.

Timothy T-Shirts
Augusta, GA, US
Unique designs for day and evening-wear T-shirts.

Anthony Troncale, New York City, NY, US
Find photographer's city guides, UrbanAnthroPhotographs, folk art photography, The Camera Club of New York, and other photography-related sites.

North Miami Beach, FL, US
A sponsor-driven, low-cost electronic marketplace that focuses on international trade.

CDC Development Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, US
Take an online shopping adventure to Beverly Hills, Melrose Boulevard, San Francisco, Manhattan, Paris, London, and more. Purchase apparel, accessories, and specialty items, or order catalogues.

Triangle Billiards
Orange, CA, US
The largest online billiards superstore on the Internet.

Tropical Treasures
Ken Wells, Honolulu, HI, US
Features unique hand-carved items from the Pacific Islands. Each shark, dolphin, fish, turtle, stingray, and outrigger canoe is hand crafted from Mangrove trees by carvers of Kapingamarangi Atoll.

Turkel Schwartz & Partners
Coconut Grove, FL, US
A full-service advertising agency utilizing creativity and state-of-the-art technology to create, build, and promote clients' brands.

Manufacturers Information Net, Westchester, IL, US
Pioneers in high-speed broaching, with more than 40 years experience, and over a thousand systems working in the field.

UNIServe Virtual Server Web Site Package
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Designed specifically for Web developers and resellers. Advantages include 50 Mb of server space, the ability to resell and lease server space, domain names, and more.

University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
An Australia-wide centre for collection, evaluation and dissemination of information about tertiary educational software and IT teaching materials for the physical and biological sciences.

Universal Healthcare Distributors
Orlando, FL, US
Professional distribution of pharmaceutical, surgical, medical supplies, and Universal Plus (tm), a clinical pharmacy service.

The Uranium Institute's
London, England
The international association for energy from nuclear fuel, promoting the peaceful use of nuclear energy as a means of supplying the world's energy needs.

U.S. Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD, US
This group deals with health, lazar, toxic waste, and hazardous water issues. Includes links to instructions for disposing of toxic and hazardous chemicals (MIDI).

Using MacPPP
University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, US
In-depth instructions and requirement details for MacPPP.

Valley Programming Service Inc.
Canoga Park, CA, US
Provides Web presence and other World Wide Web services, as well as Windows, DOS, and AMOS software development services.

Venture Capital Global Registry
Von Kaay Capital Network, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The first global registry for venture capital linking venture sources, agents, and consultants to one central directory.

Video Apartment Guide
Tucson, AZ, US
A free residential locating service for Arizona that includes apartments, houses, and town houses.

Tommy Anderberg, Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden
The world's first shareware MID to WAV rendering and audio effects package. It runs on PCs equipped with a 286 CPU or better and at least 4 MB of memory.

Melbourne, FL, US
An Internet presence provider offering full and self-service accounts for business and personal pages.

Wildwest Travel, Inc.
Evanston, WY, US
Specializing in outdoor vacations, Alaska Cruises, and international horseback riding holidays.

Wilton Connecticut
Fox Industries, Wilton, CT, US
Come and visit one of Connecticut's highly-rated small towns. Includes town, business, recreational, and cultural information.

Windows Development Exchange
Fawcette Technical Publications, Palo Alto, CA, US
Contains information and add-on tools for Windows developers, including Visual Basic, Visual C++, OLE controls (OCXs), BackOffice, Access and Visual FoxPro.

WinEstimator, Inc.
Kent, WA, US
Producers of Windows-based cost estimating and cost accounting software.

World of Fishing
Lindale, TX, US
A complete community for fishing enthusiasts. Browse the Tackle Town Mall and Expo Hall, and find a complete library, tournament dates and information, and lots more.

World of Strange Days
20th Century Fox, Los Angeles, CA, US
The official Web site for the upcoming Twentieth Century Fox release of James Cameron's new film.

Yaohushua the Messiah
Yaohushua Foundation, Co. Ltd., St. Petersburg, Russian Federation
Under the sponsorship and support of the Messiah Yaohushua, this nonprofit, charitable organization provides free spiritual, material, and financial support to the underprivileged and the needy.

Zefon International
Ocala, FL, US
Manufacturer of quality air sampling and industrial hygiene equipment including asbestos, lead, and indoor air quality monitoring equipment.

Zola Levitt Ministries
Dallas, TX, US
Read a newsletter that relates current events with the Bible.

Wednesday, 11 October 1995

EC Consulting Co, New York, NY, US
A browser utility that maintains a database of URLs with notes under user-defined types.

Aarque Systems
South Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Supplier of CAD plotters, plan copiers, scanning and plan copy services, drafting products and consumables, and graphic output for the Australian market.

Accounting Software Update
CPAssociates Seminars, Inc., Wauwatosa, WI, US
A series of continuing professional education programs on accounting software.

adventures 4u
Seattle, WA, US
Sailing and scuba diving in the Greek Islands, barging on French canals, and more. Groups and individual worldwide vacations are available.

Air Hockey Home Page
United States Air-Table-Hockey Association, Boulder, CO, US
Information on the growing sport of air hockey. Contains rules, upcoming events, player biographies and general information.

Akashi Tsuchiyama Hospital
Akashi, Hyogo, Japan
A modern mental hospital in Japan. See how patients are cured and cared for, and read a brief report about mental care after the South Hyogo earthquake.

Alex Lawrie
TIS, London, England
The first United Kingdom-based factoring company on the Web.

ALEX-American Lotto Exchange
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Offering lottery players from around the world the chance to become millionaires by playing in lotteries that offer tax-free, lump-sum cash.

All Auto Magazine
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
A new online car magazine with all kinds of information on the latest cars and technologies.

The Allegro Group
Dayton, OH, US
Provides international Internet connectivity for organizations through GroupWise.

American Heart Association
Dallas, TX, US
Over 400 documents to help reduce cardiovascular diseases and stroke.

Angus Reid Group
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A full-service marketing and social research company providing information and advice to major private, public, and nonprofit sector organizations in North America and throughout the world.

Asia/Pacific Fax Directory
World Telex, Singapore
Fax directories of Pacific Asian countries.

ATK Engines
ATK/Bay Area Inc., Danville, CA, US
Factory-remanufactured engines and cylinder heads for American, Japanese, and European cars and trucks. Free delivery in the U.S.

Atlantic City
Philip Greenspun, Cambridge, MA, US
A photographic portrait by Best of the Web '94-winning photographer, Philip Greenspun.

Atlantic Fury Catamarans
Key West, FL, US
Spend a day on the sea and sail into a romantic sunset while sipping complimentary unlimited champagne, beer, wine, and sodas.

Australian American Chamber of Commerce
Denver, Colorado, US
A valuable resource for Australian business people in the Rocky Mountain region, and for American companies wishing to do business in Australia.

Avon by Susan
Shade's Landing, Apple Valley, MN, US
The premier site for Avon Products on the Web featuring online ordering, Avon's history, collectibles, and more.

Barclay Trading Group
Fairfield, IA, US
A research library and central meeting place for the free exchange of information about the managed futures industry.

Beach Club Brokers
Key West, FL, US
A full-service property management and real estate brokerage for Key West and the Florida Keys.

BenSalem Naturals
Bensalem, PA, US
Find herbs, vitamin supplements, gourmet cooking spices, Chinese patent formulas, cruelty-free health and beauty aids, and books and charts on health-related topics.

Bill Sergio, Infomercial King
SST, Inc., Miami, FL, US
Several courses that cover everything you need to know about infomercials and TV marketing.

Boult, Cummings, Conners & Berry Law Firm
Nashville, TN, US
An established, technologically advanced law firm providing a full range of legal services.

Business Opportunities
Suzette Cirigliano, Raleigh, NC, US
View and submit business opportunity classifieds.

Canada Net Pages
Online Visions Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A compilation of Canadian email addresses and URLs. Also includes auto-registration, modification, and full search utilities. Free for all Internet users.

Umina, New South Wales, Australia
Australian and International Motorsport pictures, news, and links.

The Carmel Card Company
Ripon, CA, US
Provides sport card sets that make great gifts for sports fans.

Center for Applied Energy Research
University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, US
Research activities include activated carbons, catalysis, waste management, environmental issues, petrology, and more.

Centex Homes
Concord, CA, US
Provides information on new homes constructed all across the country. View floorplans, photos, and more.

Chicago Resource Guide
CyberSpace Solutions, Inc., Evanston, IL, US
A comprehensive guide to resources in the Chicago area.

Christmas Around the World
Phoenix, AZ, US
Offering unique Christmas merchandise from all over the world.

City Web
SCESCAPE, Columbia, SC, US
Lists pages put up by city governments, chambers of commerce, and visitor centers.

Classified Flea Market
Oakland, CA, US
A great starting point for San Francisco Bay Area information. Published every Wednesday, and posts 3,000 ads per week.

Raleigh, NC, US
Provides PC security software for PCs with DOS, Windows, or Windows for Workgroups operating systems.

Communication Arts
Palo Alto, CA, US
The world's largest magazine on creativity in visual communication, directed towards graphic designers, art directors, capywriters, and photographers.

ComNet Marketing Associates
The WorldWide Opportunities Network, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Find out about an opportunity to build a large marketing organization from the home.

Computer Science University Laboratory
Students Network Administrators, Brasilia, Brazil
A computer science laboratory administered only by students.

Concordia College
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Founded in 1921, Concordia College is an accredited liberal arts college and academic high school of Lutheran Church-Canada.

Congressman Greg Ganske's Report: MSAs and Medicare Reform
National Organization of Physicians Who Care, San Antonio, TX, US
Reaffirms the right of the individual to responsibly manage their own health care costs through Medical Savings Accounts (MSAs).

Consumer World
Boston, MA, US
Over 600 links to credit card/mortgage rate comparisons, last minute travel and other bargains, automobile recalls/reviews/dealer prices, corporate and government consumer offices, and more.

Cool Change Charters
Key West, FL, US
Specializing in live baiting and light tackle fishing around the Florida Keys.

Cooper Bishopsgate BMW
London, England
London's leading supplier of new and approved used BMW cars with full servicing and repair facilities.

Pittsburgh, PA, US
Discounted pricing on black-and-white and color copies, printing, binding, design, and mailing.

The Courteney Cox Page
UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA, US
This page features Courteney Cox, from NBC's "Friends." It features pictures, a biographical FAQ, and links to other related sites.

Create-An-Opportunity Information Exchange
MBS Program, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
A dedicated Internet marketing service offering free hypertext links, home pages, and affordable online and off-line business development services.

Creating Financial Firepower
Ben Croxton, Coeur d' Alene, ID, US
Offers individuals the opportunity to open an international business in electronics, health and science, automotive security, home security, crime fighting products, and other fields.

Creative Guide
Vision River, Atlanta, GA, US
A directory of people, products, and services encouraging creativity for personal and spiritual growth.

Crossover Network
Crossover Network, Smithfield, NC, US
The newest conservative Christian voice on the Web.

Brooks White, Key West, FL, US
A weekly, free newsletter designed to keep users on top of all the cyber happenings in the Florida Keys.

Delsen Testing Laboratories
Glendale, CA, US
An independent testing laboratory specializing in the characterization of engineering materials.

Department of Psychiatry
University of Texas, Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas, TX, US
Conducts teaching, research, and clinical service in the understanding and treatment of the mental health problems of individuals and families.

Deseret News Web Edition
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Web edition of Utah's oldest newspaper, an afternoon daily. Includes searchable library archives, and the complete text of the newspaper.

Designer Software
Chiltern, Victoria, Australia
Provides customised Windows applications for commerce and industry, specialising in serial communications in Windows.

Discovery Undersea Tours
Key West, FL, US
Sea voyages over living coral reef in a glass-bottomed excursion boat.

Distant Dave, University of Northumbria at Newcastle upon Tyne, England
Offers information about the Internet, football, and Doctor Who.

Diver's Journal
Looker Dive, Key West, FL, US
A monthly newsletter offering insight into diving the waters off the Florida Keys and Key West.

Dixie Duck Show Boat & Casino
Key West, FL, US
The professional staff provides live entertainment, sunset cruises, dancing, and the exciting action of a Las Vegas-style casino.

Dog Breeders Network
West Windsor, NJ, US
A unique collection of pure-breed dog breeders and kennel clubs from around the world.

Double-Time Jazz
Floyds Knobs, IN, US
Mail-order jazz recordings. Everything is in stock and at discounted prices. More than 6,000 titles available.

The Downhill Riders Ski & Travel Co. Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Caters to enthusiasts of skiing, concerts, whitewater rafting, golf tours and figure skating. The official tour operator for the World Figure Skating Championships 1996.

Doyle Web Design
Madison, WI, US
Specializes in helping small and medium-sized businesses create an effective Web presence. Services include page design, hosting, and custom services.

Webster University, Winter Park, FL, US
An interactive home page that allows individuals to submit dreams for translation. Included are sections for learning dream translation techniques, submitting dreams, responding to dreams posted, and more.

Economy Book and Video Center
Rome, Italy
Rome's largest new and used American and English paperback bookstore.

EMPaC International
Fremont, CA, US
Provides a complete line of Internet server products.

Enchanted Elephant
Marathon, FL, US
A wildlife and nature giftshop, with an emphasis on elephants.

Engage Communication, Inc.
Aptos, CA, US
Manufacturers of user-friendly branch office/Internet access routers for IP, IPX, and AppleTalk networks. Services also include integrated interfaces for T1, 56K, Frame Relay, and more.

Epicenter - Emergency Preparedness Information Center
Seattle, WA, US
Makes preparing for emergencies fun. Find extensive links, how-to lists, and related products.

FEI Computer Liquidation Site
Fischer Enterprises, Inc., Plano, TX, US
A complete source for below-market-priced IBM compatible systems, monitors, and components.

Finger Lakes Region of New York State
Friends of the Finger Lakes, Keuka Park, NY, US
Discover the history, wineries, people, and places of lakes Canandaigua, Cayuga, Keuka, and Seneca.

Florida Building Energy-Efficiency Rating System
Florida Solar Energy Center, Cocoa, FL, US
Information on this act of legislation requiring the Department of Community Affairs to develop, adopt, and implement uniform, statewide energy rating systems for virtually all types of Florida buildings.

Florida Department of Commerce
Tallahassee, FL, US
Provides extensive information for businesses about expansion and relocation opportunities in Florida. Coverage includes details on incentives, tax structure, quality of life, and local information.

Florida Funding Publications
Miami, FL, US
Publications, consulting, and search software for grants, foundations, fellowships, and other sources of funding.

Free Enterprise Club
The WorldWide Opportunities Network, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
As members of the Free Enterprise Club, users will have the opportunity to buy thousands of products and services at the same rock-bottom, wholesale prices paid by the largest corporations.

French & Rogers
Troy, MI, US
A business-to-business advertising and marketing communications agency, helping companies to launch a new product, open a new market, compete globally, build customer relationships, and communicate better.

Future Pacific
Auckland, New Zealand
New Zealand's largest progressive Webzine.

FWJ Communications
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Virtual offices for Western Canada's longest-serving public relations and advertising agency. Includes a section of communications-related questions.

G & S Enterprises
Sheepranch, CA, US
Makers of Equipment Manager equipment maintenance software.

Gateway Travel
Sydney, Australia
Value-packed tours of Russia, the CIS, the Baltics and Eastern Europe.

GemLine Jewelers, Inc.
Albany, NY, US
Over 100 jewelry and gift items at savings of at least 40% to 60% below retail.

Gilbert Laustsen Jung Associates Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Provides independent geological and engineering consulting services to the petroleum industry, including rigorous economic evaluations, technical studies, advice, and opinions.

Global Commerce and Information
Columbia, MD, US
Provides systems engineering, integration, and MIS support to meet the overall needs of a diverse client base.

Global Entrepreneurs Network (GEN)
The WorldWide Opportunities Network, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Create a complete Internet presence at a low cost, and offers users the opportunity to earn big commissions by helping others do the same.

G&M Printing Company
Oil City, PA, US
Quality offset printing at affordable rates. Basic prices and information available online.

Graphic Communication
Kalaheo, HI, US
Hawaii's cutting-edge Internet advertising agency offering links to home page examples, a digital portfolio of printed media, and detailed information about the company and its staff.

Greet Street
Fred Campbell, San Francisco, CA, US
Offers an unrivaled selection of top-quality greeting cards from the world's best publishers, plus custom inscription, mailing, and Perfect Memory(tm) services.

Grolier's Foliage-Cam
Grolier Interactive, Danbury, CT, US
Brings the colors of fall in New England to your desktop. Each day, a photograph of the official tree of Grolier Interactive is posted. Visit daily to watch and chart the progress of the season.

GTE Entertainment Center
Carlsbad, CA, US
Publishes PC-based CD-ROM entertainment software. Products include the hit FX Fighter, the first 3D fighting game for the PC, and the just-released "DUST: A Tale of the Wired West" by CyberFlix.

Half Shell Raw Bar / TK Trading Company
Key West, FL, US
Order a famous T-shirt or other Half Shell merchandise from this online catalog.

Healthcare International SA
London, England
Insurance for health, travel, medical expenses, personal accident and sickness, life assurance, income, and disability protection. Site includes details of cover and premium rates.

hermes online dienst
Cologne, Germany
Internet presence provider in Cologne.

Hi-Tec Info Resources
Cross Lanes, WV, US
A background verification service, providing employers with a large selection of verification information to lower risks when hiring employees.

Hog's Breath Cyber Saloon
Key West, FL, US
A guided tour of the famous Hog's Breath Saloon including a Hog history, entertainment, coupons, shopping, fishing, and more.

Holiday Travel
The Front Page, Tampa, FL, US
Cruise the high seas or explore Disney, SeaWorld, and other Florida attractions. Regularly $1599, now only $199 per person.

Vienna, VA, US
A relocation and buyer broker service for persons buying real estate in Maryland or Virginia.

Hometex Flags
Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Canada's most respected name in flags can supply all your flag needs. Any country, state, or province. Flagpoles and banners also available.

Hotels & Restaurants of Normandy
Apollonia Communications, Paris, France
A guide to more than 60 refined hotels and restaurants in Normandy, on the west coast of France.

IBM AS/400 Page
Mr. Man Hui, Hong Kong
Contains links to IBM AS400-related information.

IdN Magazine
Hong Kong
A digital design publication featuring worldwide coverage of the best in computer graphics, prepress, and multimedia.

Immortality in Velvet
Santa Clara, CA, US
Home page for Saint Bibiana's Renaissance Guild. Offers history and information on the aspects of performing in Renaissance reenactments.

Information Technologies Corporation
Richmond, VA, US
At the forefront of technological innovation, engineering applications in digital media including CD-ROM, diskette, the Internet, and various online services.

Insurance Associates
Key West, FL, US
Health insurance at affordable rates for small businesses, families, and individuals. Click here for a free quote.

Insurance One
Ormond Beach, FL, US
Markets low-cost term life insurance, and annuity contracts from major insurance companies in the U.S.

Interact Eleven
KSTW-TV, Tacoma, WA, US
An electronic newsroom, accessible 24 hours a day. Features the latest headline news stories as well as copies of actual scripts from each newscast and our weekly feature.

International Red Cross Reference Material Database
International Perspectives, Tucson, AZ, US
An attempt to offer all publicly available information on Red Cross operations, including official news, press releases, and reports, as well as maps and links to all other worldwide Red Cross sites.

International Welcome Page
the nett position ltd., Farnham, Surrey, England
Advice for corporate clients wishing to establish an appropriate presence on the Web.

Intervac International Home Exchange
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Publishes four catalogues annually which list members' offers to exchange homes during vacations. The catalogues contain approximately 10,000 home exchange listings with photos from over 30 countries.

Investment Recovery Center
New York State Electric & Gas Corp., Binghamton, NY, US
Handles the disposition of retired, obsolete or surplus equipment and material. Find a listing of used equipment and scrap materials available, including scrap metals, office equipment, computers, and automobiles.

Enrico Pasini, Turin, Italy
Information on outdoor sports, enterprises, travels and adventures.

Iowa City/Coralville Online Resource
Jeonet, Iowa City, IA, US
Find out what there is to do in Iowa City, plus where to eat, where to party, and much more. A complete site with information relevant to businesses, residents, and those just passing through.

Island Dog Key West
Key West, FL, US
Unique handmade tropical dog collars and leashes.

Island Press
Washington, DC, US
The leading American publisher of environmental books, providing people with the information to solve environmental problems at the local, regional, national, and global levels.

ISOM Bulletin and Discussion List
University of Veszprem, Hungary
Find a history of ISOM meetings, a member address list, a list archive, related activities, and recent publications in metathesis and related reactions.

The ITV i-Way
ITV News, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Delivers ITV's local Canadian news, weather, and sports information to the Internet, and also hosts a number of commercial sites, and malls.

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents
New York, NY, US
A multimedia extravaganza from the author of the Batman Forever website, including desktop patterns, Art of Joan, Lawrence Welk, and more.

Jinco Computers
San Gabriel, CA, US
Carries hundreds of PC cases and helps customers select the best cases to fit their dream PC systems.

JJR Enterprises
Pembroke Pines, FL, US
Providing the best in products related to health and nutritional care.

Job Network
Conquest Productions, Blacksburg, VA, US
A resume listing and job locating resource.

Johnson City Fire Department
Johnson City, NY, US
Overview of the department and the Fire Marshal's office

Jojoba Obispo
San Louis Obispo, CA, US
A site where users can purchase Jojoba seeds to grow plants that will supply a unique oil which is chemically identical to Sperm whale oil.

JoyMe by Mail
Fremont, CA, US
A mail-order business in bookselling. Offers books in the categories of business, career guides, computer, cooking, fiction, gardening, health, and more.

U.S. Judaica, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A Jewish global village.

Jumbo Computer International
Taipei, Taiwan
Manufacturer and worldwide exporter of industrial PC-based computers and workstations, SIMM memory, fax/data modems, touchscreens, notebooks, and more.

Kendall & Davis Resources, Inc.
Fort Wayne, IN, US
A diversified technical contingent search firm uniquely qualified to place data processing professionals.

Key West Aloe Inc.
Key West, FL, US
The nation's first cosmetic company to manufacture its own skin care and beauty products using pure natural Aloe gel.

KISS otaku
Michael Brandvold, Chicago, IL, US
The latest news, reviews, tour dates, and photos of the hottest band in the world.

Laguna Seca Raceway
Salinas, CA, US
The premier road course and motorsports facility in the U.S.

Lake Tahoe
JFR Computer Services, Olympic Valley, CA, US
Lake Tahoe's newest and largest Web site featuring hiking, biking, golf, skiing, real estate, resorts, lodging, restaurants, and more.

LCI International
Hughes Telecommunications, Oceanside, CA, US
A long-distance company offering simple, fair, and inexpensive rates as compared to the larger, more commercial carriers.

Les Editions de Physique
Les Ulis, France
One of the major French publishers on the subject of physics. This server offers the complete catalog, online scientific journals, and information for authors.

Liebregts World Wide Web Diensten
Eindhoven, Netherlands, NL
Web site design, installation, and management, plus translation services, at reasonable pricing.

LIFE Real Estate Securities Indices and Database
University of Limburg, Maastricht, The Netherlands
A performance benchmark for international real estate investment.

Luck Mervil
eMarketing, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Quebecois world-beat, pop, soul singer Luck Mervil has just released his first solo album. Find a few music and video clips.

Mac Education Software
Science Education Software, Inc., Woodside, CA, US
Download software for Macintosh to teach math, chemistry, French, Spanish, Greek and Latin.

The Magic of Katy and Allie Rose
Fred Rosenbaum, Austin, TX, US
Katy and Allie Rose just took first place at the Texas Association of Magicians convention, held in Lubbock Texas. Learn more about them and their tricks.

MagNet Communications
The WorldWide Opportunities Network, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Build a lifetime monthly income through this long-distance telephone sponsoring service. One call can make big money.

The Marine Web
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Use the comprehensive search engines to find boats for sale or charter, surveyors, or boat yards, and fun things like cruising destinations, ship stores and much more.

Matt and Jesse Sneak Into the Movies
Santa Clarita, CA, US
Two eleven-year-olds review the latest films.

McClellan Air Force Base Office of History
Sacramento, CA, US
Contains a complete text of oral histories, an environmental study, and a photo gallery relating to McClellan AFB and Sacramento, California.

Meat Loaf Web Site
Dimension X Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
A web dedicated to the release of Meat Loaf's new album, coming out 27 October 1995. Listen to a preview now.

Medium Deep Survey
Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, MD, US
An international project that uses the Hubble Space Telescope to study the nature of faint galaxies in the deepest regions of the universe.

Medium Productions
London, England
A small independent recording label that was initiated by ex-members of the group Japan. The releases solo and joint projects by the trio, as well as featuring related artists.

Messages Heavenbound
Lindsay Scientific, South Burlington, VT, US
A small group of astronomers with a dedicated radio telescope will send your personal messages into space. These messages may be intercepted by aliens or spirits.

MF Marketing New Zealand
Te Awamutu, Waikato, New Zealand
Committed to the promotion of New Zealand, with the aim of bringing clients closer to the world of e-commerce.

Micromeritics Instrument Corp
Norcross, GA, US
Certified manufacturer of particle measurement technologies for evaluating particle size, surface area, porosimetry, and material density.

Micromeritics Instrument Corporation
Norcross, GA, US
The primary manufacturer of analytical instruments for the study of particle technology and materials science.

Militant Labour
Dublin, Eire
Organizes workers and youths in the community and the workplace for a better future.

Mister Boffo
WiseNet LLC, Lake Geneva, WI, US
The Internet home of the Mister Boffo syndicated comic strip. Includes a daily strip, a list of books in print, and archives of past strips.

Monash University Law Library
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Information about the library, its staff, holdings, electronic resources, and more. Links are also provided to a wide range of Internet resources in law and related subject areas.

Money Maker's Monthly
The WorldWide Opportunities Network, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
The premier networking newspaper with a unique method for building a large organization, fast.

Monmouth Civic Chorus
Red Bank, NJ, US
A singing group which performs classical concerts and fully-staged theatrical productions.

Mosquito Coast
Key West, FL, US
The only full- service, sea kayak training and sales company operating in the Keys.

MulleNet Enterprises
Marietta, GA, US
A graphic design and hypertext creation company specializing in business Web sites.

The Music Specialist
Hialeah, FL, US
"Your Music Industry Connection," with a wealth of industry-related resources, information, pictures, and samples from a wide variety of musical genres.

Nashua Precision Technologies
SolTec, Champaign, IL, US
Supplier of precision substrates to the computer and imaging industries.

Nashville Scene onLine
Nashville, TN, US
Music City's best entertainment newspaper, with information about country music, things to do in Nashville, a dining guide, and more.

National Sports Center for the Disabled
Winter Park, CO, US
Outdoor recreation for everyone is the philosophy of the Center. See why it has been dubbed the "mountain full of miracles."

The Net Discount Mall
Santa Rosa, CA, US
Deep discounts on top quality, name brand merchandise are offered. Many bargains below wholsale and an ever-changing variety of products.

Net Travel Survey
CIC Research, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
Win free airline tickets by responding to a travel survey.

Palo Alto, CA, US
Select from over 24,000 computer products on Internet Shopping Network's cyber-store.

NetSuite Network Design Software
Wayland, MA, US
The first intelligent network design system for the physical design, diagramming and mapping, documenting, implementing, inventory, and management of internetwork infrastructure.

The New Orleans Metropolitan Convention and Visitor's Bureau
New Orleans, LA, US
European and Caribbean roots have melded with characteristic Southern grace and charm to make her one of the most unique of American cities. Find a visitor's guide and calendar of events.

New York Area Music Radio Guide
Echo Airworks, Cresskill, NJ, US
A guide to New York area music radio, listing local stations and programs, and including links to their Web pages, if any.

New York Metro
Bisart Productions, New York, NY, US
Enjoy the first Web sitcom, real estate consulting, cooking tips, celebrity interviews, New York City's art scene, and an advice column.

NewMarket Forum
NewMarket Ventures, Inc., Boston, MA, US
A comprehensive business information site which includes over 10,000 listings of associations worldwide, their seminars, conferences, industry newsletters and business publications, and more.

No Wake Charters
Oceanside Marina, Key West, FL, US
A charter business geared to meet the individual desires of the client in a 31-foot Bombay clipper.

North American Stone Skipping Association
Driftwood, TX, US
The international stone skipping headquarters, and home of current Guinness world record holders, world stone skipping championships, and the book, Secrets of Stone Skipping.

Office of the Registrar
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, US
Provides an integrated set of accessible electronic processes and data for students, departments, and advisers.

Offsite Web
Berkeley, CA, US
A Web re-publishing service for newspapers. Specializing in Synaptic's SunType class ad system interfacing.

Olde Island Realty
Key West, FL, US
Sales, property management, long-term rentals, and vacation rentals in Key West, Florida.

One Man's Struggle for a Death with Dignity
The Right to Die Society of Canada, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The story of Austin Bastable, paralyzed from Multiple Sclerosis, who publicly announced on 19 September 1995 that he seeks an assisted suicide before the year's end.

One World Resource
Navigator Communications, Atlanta, GA, US
An attempt to compile all the world's universities into one Web site for academic purposes. Currently listing over 65 countries, and more are added weekly.

On-Line Fantasy Sports
Pittsburgh, PA, US
An interactive, online, fantasy sports service that includes hockey, baseball, basketball, and football.

Open Group
Phoenix, AZ, US
A provider of motivational posters, corporate training videos, and discounted computer books.

The Open Scroll
San Francisco, CA, US
A poetry, prose, and political magazine dedicated to the pursuit of passion, brilliance, and insanity.

Optical Help Wanted
Steve Machol, Sebastopol, CA, US
A free service which lists job postings and resumes from companies and individuals in the eyecare and vision field.

Options Page O' Links and Stuff
Buffalo, NY, US
A new-users page with help files, software links, and detailed instructions for specific platforms. These include Windows, Mac, DOS, and some UNIX files.

Osgoode Hall Law School
York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Canada's largest common-law school, and the second oldest law school in the country.

Otto G. Richter Library
University of Miami, Coral Gables, FL, US
The largest among the University of Miami libraries, and a designated federal depository library. Important resources include the Floridiana, Cuban and Caribbean collections.

Pages Of Fire: The John McLaughlin Home Page
Andres Didrik, Tartu, Estonia
An introduction to the musical genius of John McLaughlin.

Pam Arnold Centre
Adelaide, Australia
Offers a diploma in child care, and a certificate in professional nanny child care, both of which are recognised internationally. Other courses are offered as well.

The Passageway
Calgary, AB, CA
A World Wide Web Server dedicated to showcasing some of the best companies and organizations on the Internet.

San Francisco, CA, US
Provides links to the myriad of resources available on the Internet devoted to diversity, justice, and peace. Find information and ideas ranging from community level activism to international peacemaking.

Photo Ad Online
Boulder, CO, US
Colorado's most comprehensive online list of new and pre-owned vehicles.

Phun's Compendium Bookz Catalog On-line
Boulder, CO, US
Selling new and used oddities, books, comics, magazines, and much more.

Kearny, NJ, US
Offers over 30,000 video and laser titles, exclusive products, contests, online amusements, and home entertainment news.

pixelMotion images inc.
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A computer animation company specializing in character and effects animation for film and television, scientific visualization, and internet and entertainment authoring.

WTI Network Computing Company, Chicago, IL, US
A Web-accessible, searchable Polish business database.

Portraits On The Web
Potsdam, NY, US
Featuring portrait artists, other art forms, and Web site development.

Pre-Paid Legal Services
MDB & Co., Washington, DC, US
A pioneer in the legal services industry, having furnished Americans with legal insurance plans since 1972.

Professionals Online
Naperville, IL, US
The complete information source for accountants, attorneys, business executives, bankers, and engineers looking to quickly find useful information on the Web.

Program on Negotiation
Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA, US
An inter-university consortium to improve the theory and practice of conflict resolution.

Internet Marketing Group, Ltd., Rockville Centre, NY, US
A service which submits new Web sites for listing to all of the popular directories, databases, search engines, hot links, and newsgroups.

Psychology Department
University of Denver, Denver, CO, US
Find applications for admission, financial aid information, and information for minority and international students.

Public Technology, Inc.
Washington, DC, US
Creates and advances technology-based products, services, and enterprises in cities and counties nationwide. Research areas are transportation, energy, environment, telecommunications, and public safety.

Pycnogenol the Amazing Super Antioxidant
Jack Launer, Columbus, OH, US
A food supplement that helps the human body resist blood vessel and skin damage, mental deterioration, inflammation, and other damage caused by harmful free radicals.

Waltham, MA, US
Modular, multi-level, indoor rabbit condos.

The Rainbow Guide
Propowr Nettwrk, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A complete and up-to-date resource guide to the gay and lesbian community in Toronto.

The Real-Estate Oracle
Net Data Services Ltd., London, England
The premier property service for both agents and house hunters, whether they are looking to purchase or rent.

Richard N. Cote & Associates
Mt. Pleasant, SC, US
This experienced writer, ghostwriter, editor, and screenwriter travels anywhere to help clients turn their ideas and experiences into fine books, videos, and motion pictures.

Rocky Mountain Multimedia
Dave Heyliger, Glenwood, Denver, and Colorado Springs, CO, US
Specializing in touch-screen kiosks, interactive product promotions and advertising, Computer-Based Training (CBT), and more. Demos, reference letters, and more available from this site.

RTN Computer Consultants Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Provides Internet consulting and graphics design and conversion for Web page publishing.

Sail Key West with Floridays!
Key West, FL, US
The finest sailing yacht in the Florida Keys, visits only the finest coral reefs. Experience the best in Key West.

The Santa Fe Group
Santa Fe, NM, US
A full-service management consulting services company dedicated to assisting businesses and public agencies. Also offers seminars and conferences on a variety of business issues.

Schlance Cadillak's "Fine Line of Tees"
SAS Services, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Find t-shirts such as "Lost in Cyberspace," "I'll be Bach," "Ski Cubed," "Wanderer" and more. Screen printing and embroidery services are also available.

Lucas Parra, New York, NY, US
An interactive magazine written by and for students and scientists. It publishes articles and opinions on education, politics, research, democracy, economics, philosophy, psychology, and activism.

Scopist Page
Scopists of Houston, Houston, TX, US
A resource center for scopists and typists, complete with links to related sites, a database for court reporters, and a word lists area.

Scratch 'N' Give Fund Raising System Inc.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Fund raising kits for nonprofit organizations.

The Seed Guild
Lanark, Scotland, United Kingdom
Buys seeds from botanic gardens all over the world and makes them available to both amateur gardeners and commercial outlets.

SGS Ltd.
The Nett Position Ltd, Camberley, Surrey, UK
World leaders in quality management, consultancy, and accreditation.

The Shadow Gallery
Passageway Communications, Calgary, AB, CA
A gallery without walls featuring little known artists from around the world.

Shark Key Development Corporation
Key West, FL, US
A private community situated on an island near Key West, boasting more than two miles of shoreline, lush foliage, and sparkling lagoons.

Simms-Moore Lumber & Hardware Co. of Frisco, Inc.
Hometown IPP, Frisco, TX, US
Supplying framing lumber and hardware to single-family home builders and contractors in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex.

Slide Factory
London, England
London's leading audio-visual presentations company, with a talented design team, and leading edge technology.

Soil Science and Plant Nutrition
University of Western Australia, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Course information, staff contact details, research areas, seminar program, publications, links to other Soil Science sites, and more.

Sonic Architecture
New York, NY, US
Bill and Mary Buchen integrate interaction with the visual arts in a multi-disciplinary form defined as Sonic Architecture.

The Sound Room
Kevin Munoz, Oberlin, OH, US
Provides good to CD-quality TV, movie, and game music on the Web.

Space Settlement
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, US
By far the largest collection of technical information on space settlement available on the Web to date.

The Speakeasy Cafe
Seattle, WA, US
The first in a series of cafes that will provide a unique forum for communication and entertainment through the medium of the Internet.

StarNine Technologies
Berkeley, CA, US
The developer of WebSTAR, ListSTAR, and email gateways for the Macintosh. Recently acquired by Quarterdeck.

Stock Warrant Calculator
Numa Financial Systems Ltd., London, England
The first stock warrant calculator on the Web. Calculates 12 warrant indicators, a share price growth matrix, and an expert system evaluates the warrants' attractiveness.

Sun Dancer Charters
Key West, FL, US
A light tackle sport fishing guide operating out of the Florida Keys.

Survey -- Writing Business Web Pages
J&E Copywriting, Perth, Australia
Tips and pointers for the creation of business Web pages that work.

Sydney Morning Herald Metro Online
Sydney, Australia
The online complement to the entertainment section of Sydney's premier daily newspaper. News, reviews and features covering music, cinema, art, and general entertainment.

Texas Instruments
Dallas, TX, US
A global enterprise dedicated to providing the technology building blocks and systems that will bring life to the digital revolution.

Theatre Central
Arcadia Webworks, Boston, MA, US
The theatrical hub of the Web, with links to professional, amateur, and scholastic theatrical resources, from companies and theatres to vendors and online magazines.

Tour of Argentina
German Leparc, Middlebury, VT, US
An entertaining page about Argentina and its people.

The Traditional Cat Association
Alpharetta, GA, US
Complete information on the association including goals, membership, registration, breed standards, kitten referrals, and more.

Treasure Island Jewelry Direct
St Louis, MO, US
Sterling silver jewelry, bracelets, rings, earrings, pendants, and necklaces.

TriJet Productions
Playa del Rey, CA, US
A visually pleasing resource for film professionals and independents, with guides, directories, and information about independent productions..

Tropical Outdoor Institute
Summerland Key, FL, US
Outdoor self-reliance skills with a focus on hands-on education and learning to overcome the fear of the unfamiliar.

The Trust for Public Land
San Francisco, CA, US
A national nonprofit land conservation organization that conserves land for people to enjoy as parks, gardens, natural areas, and open space.

TSN Online
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Canada's only all-sports network.

Ultimo-Geotechnical Construction and Engineering
Dana Point, CA, US
Specialists in soil stabilization and structural releveling.

Underwater Sports World
Yakstis Communications Group, St. Louis, MO, US
The premier interactive magazine for divers, quickly becoming the dive community's total information resource. Look for articles, chats, contests, products, destinations, and more.

UniScience News Net
Cape Coral, FL, US
Publishes science and research news from American universities. Headlines and abstracts are free, and in-depth articles are offered for sale.

United Seabears Corporation
Los Angeles, CA, US
Electronic and printed publications on outdoors, fishing, hunting, health, love and relationships, technical manuals, and legal matters.

United States Exports
Miami, FL, US
A wholesale brokerage of class 8 freight trucks. On the Web for the convenience of customers around the world.

Universal Products
jacksonville, FL, US
Offers complete design and layout of Web pages, and also rents Web space.

UPTOWN magazine
Lyon, France
A magazine for fans and collectors of Prince, or "O(+>" (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince)

User Tools and Resources
CyberSpace Solutions, Inc., Evanston, IL, US
A complete guide for the new user to track down several tools and resources. The site is updated constantly and includes categories for directories, employment, and more.

Vancouver Real Estate Showcase
Seashore Realty Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver's best real estate link, with access to thousands of listings, plus links to help users find anything in Vancouver from schools to nightclubs.

Verilink Corporation
San Jose, CA, US
Manufacturer of high-speed digital network access and management products. Applications and functionalities include DSU, CSU, T1, broadband, T3, ATM, Frame Relay, SMDS multiplexing, and SNMP.

Viga Technologies
Tucson, AZ, US
Develops creative, innovative, user-friendly multi-media software solutions for the financial services industry. Find retirement and investment planning solutions, and an online retirement calculator.

Vintage Cassette Recordings
Vintage Recordings, Deerfield, FL, US
A series of vintage recordings made between 1899 to 1935. Categories include jazz, ragtime, vaudeville, country and opera.

Virtual Library on International Development
Yves Contamine, Hull, Quebec, Canada
Internet resources of interest to people in the international development field.

The Virtual Reality Center
NewType Gaming Magazine, San Francisco, CA, US
Offers the latest information about VR, VRML, VR arcade games, VR hardware and software, and a special philosophical section, the VR Zone.

Warnborough College
Oxford, England
Offering unparalleled international opportunities for undergraduate and graduate study.

Warner Norcross & Judd, LLP
Grand Rapids, MI, US
A full-service law firm providing exceptional services to clients in Michigan and throughout the U.S.

Waterous Securities Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Provides corporate finance services to the oil and gas industry in Canada and the U.S., including divestitures, mergers, and acquisitions.

Web Eye Technologies
Seattle, WA, US
Provides quick, simple, and efficient Web page solutions for commercial, personal, and nonprofit purposes.

Tampa Bay, FL, US
The official online information magazine totally dedicated to promoting Tampa Bay.

WebFrance International
Boullay les Troux, Essonne, France
Designs, develops, hosts, and promotes Web pages, but serves, particularly, the market in France.

Welcome to the Platform
Winston and Friends, Colorado Springs, CO, US
A page about olympic-style weightlifting, including rules and techniques for competition, with additional emphasis given to women in this sport.

Winnipeg Hardcore Rave Info
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
The only Net resource for all rave information needs when lost in Canada's centermost city.

WorkHorse Productions
Renfrew, Renfrewshire, Scotland
Offers a platform for Scottish artists, designers, illustrators, and photographers to show, discuss, share work, and do business. Also specializes in interface, multimedia, and Web page design.

World Class Introductions, Inc.
McKinney, TX, US
The premier international introductions/marriage agency offering a myriad of services designed to provide users with success in finding the perfect mate for life.

The World of Physical Therapy
Provo, UT, US
A complete resource for the field of physical therapy. Find information about the practice, school listings, students, techniques and online magazines.

World Wide Trade Service
Bellingham, WA, US
Providing information on wholesale and dropship products, starting or maintaining a mail-order business, and dealership opportunities for the marketing of trade and mail-order publications.

WorldWide Opportunities Network
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Discover the easiest, most profitable, low-cost or no cost networking business opportunities all at one location.

Writing Business Web Pages
J&E copywriting, Perth, Australia
Pointers on how to create business web pages that work.

WWW Business Cards
Coplatz Publishing, Midvale, UT, US
A listing of any and all business cards.

Yankee Trader
Long Island, NY, US
Long Island's leading free community newspaper. Over 2,000 ads published weekly, including personals.

NASSA, Driftwood, TX, US
A comprehensive Texas Web site directory, featuring Texas Hill Country personalities, artists, services, products, and more.

Friday, 13 October 1995

5/4 Magazine
Speakeasy Cafe, Seattle, WA, US
A magazine for Seattle's vibrant jazz scene, including a jazz calendar and artist profiles.

A1 Free Telecommunications Business Opportunity
Chris Boyd, Shannon, GA, US
An opportunity to save money on long distance rates through the services of MagNet Communications.

AB Lagerling Bostadsratter
Stockholm, Sweden
Real estate agents offering luxurious apartments in prestigious locations in Stockholm, Sweden since 1947.

Absolute Business Solutions
Orasis, Inc., Irvine, CA, US
Provides Internet-related services for businesses.

Access Health, Inc.
Rancho Cordova, CA, US
A personal health management company providing individuals with 24-hour support to make wise healthcare choices.

Akashi Tsuchiyama Hospital
Akashi, Hyogo, Japan
Home page for a modern mental hospital. Users can receive online counseling from a psychiatrist and a psychologist.

Allied Metal Products
Indianapolis, IN, US
Whatever one's metal fabricating needs, this company delivers. Find out more about their history and products.

Allright Mega Mall - Mailing List
Carson City, NV, US
A newsletter listing all the stores at the mall, giving details of new items and specials, along with other interesting Web news.

American Magnetics, Inc.
Oak Ridge, TN, US
Specializes in the design and production of superconducting magnets for laboratory and industrial use.

ANTON - The International Online Gay Travel and Resource Guide
Optimum Computer Services, Miami, FL, US
A travel and resource guide for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, and anyone else that is gay-friendly.

Appraiser Access
Paradise, CA, US
A nationwide network of appraisal professionals, providing three ways to use the value of a home as an asset.

Lincolnshire, IL, US
The first and largest nationwide wireless data network enabling in-building and on-street data communications between mobile workers and host computers.

Tel Aviv, Israel
A newspaper providing reportage, analysis, and commentary on the most burning issues in the ever-changing Middle East.

Art de Corps
Seattle, WA, US
Offers unique, well-crafted, handmade jewelry using antique and contemporary glass beads and precious metal.

compulog, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sign on for a trip into the history of Toronto's Greek community, as seen through the eyes of one of its premiere restauranteurs.

Astrodyne Aviation Specialists
Glenside, PA, US
An in-depth look at air shows all over the U.S., along with information and products of interest to aviation buffs and pilots.

Waukesha, WI, US
Geared toward backyard astronomers, this site provides previews of current and upcoming issues, highlights sky events, and provides information, software, and links to astronomical resources.

At the Beach
Dan Smith, Ocean City, MD, US
An information resource for Ocean City, Maryland, and Bethany Beach, Delaware.

Atlanta Olympic Hosts
Peachtree City, GA, US
Offers accommodations in private, owner-occupied homes for visitors to the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta.

The Back Bubble
Solana Beach, CA, US
An inflatable body harness that encircles and suspends the patient in air-cushioned weightlessness, providing relief from an aching back.

BANK IV Classic
WebTek, Tulsa, OK, US
A basketball tournament promoting NCAA teams, with all proceeds going to charity.

Bay Area Action
Palo Alto, CA, US
A citizen education organization working to preserve and restore the environment of the San Francisco Bay area.

BeachWeb Multimedia Services
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A Web and multimedia design, development, and management team specializing in information and marketing kiosks, sales platforms, and Internet and multimedia consulting services.

The Beacon Church
Camberley, Surrey, United Kingdom
A small but growing free-worship church, and one of the first United Kingdom-based churches to go live on the Web.

Ben Black
Speakeasy Cafe, Seattle, WA, US
A vocalist from the vibrant Seattle jazz scene, combining soft, high alto notes with intimate wording within remarkably unique phrasing.

BigFish Magazine
Grand Rapids, MI, US
A literary venture from the bowels of Grand Rapids, Michigan. Includes articles, fiction, essays, poetry, and more.

B.J. Murray Inc.
North Hills, NY, US
Provides turn-key computer solutions, integration, development, and support on a broad range of hardware platforms to property management organizations in New York.

Black Canyon River Raft Tours
Las Vegas, NV, US
Non white water raft tours of the Colorado River from Hoover Dam to Willow Beach south of Las Vegas.

Black Film Center/Archive
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, US
A repository of films and related materials by and about African Americans. Includes holdings lists, descriptions of collections, and a mission statement.

Bone Marrow Donors Worldwide
Leiden, The Netherlands
A project for the collection and coordination of worldwide distribution of the HLA phenotypes from volunteer bone marrow donors.

Bureau of Business Research
Ball State University, Muncie, IN, US
The primary research unit within the College of Business. Provides many research services for faculty and the business community.

Burlington Sound Factory
Burlington, NJ, US
A full-service sound production facility, and South Jersey's premier 24-track recording studio.

Business Opportunities
Phoenix, AZ, US
A comprehensive business resource with sections for mergers and acquisitions, broker associations, franchise opportunities, multilevel marketing, financing sources, and more.

Business Traveller Online Information
Darien, CT, US
Country-specific information on 50 countries, designed to help users conduct worldwide business successfully.

Campbell Development Surveys
National Computer Systems, Minneapolis, MN, US
An integrated battery of measurement instruments designed to provide diagnostic information about individuals, workgroups, organizations, and communities to various professionals for making organizational changes.

Campus Network Solutions
Fall City, WA, US
Specializes in providing wireless inter-building LAN connectivity in university and college environments.

Bedford, PA, US
An information site for this well-known brand of mountain bikes.

Casey International Trades, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
An exporter of new and used cranes, trucks, and other heavy equipment for construction and industry.

Centre for the Study of Commercial Activities (CSCA)
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A nonprofit research organization set up to study those private-sector economic activities that deal directly with consumers.

CEO Access
Houston, TX, US
Helping forward-thinking professionals establish an Internet presence through Web site development.

Chatham Village Realty
Mikron Computer Consultants, Chatham, MA, US
Professional services for the client seeking a wonderful holiday, a surprise rendezvous, or a charming residence in one of America's loveliest seaside communities.

Speed Limit Productions, Lawrenceville, NJ, US
Information about this world-famous chef and the history of Garde Manger, or food garnishing.

Cherry Blossoms Hawaii
Virtual Resources, San Francisco, CA, US
Helps beautiful women from around the world meet internationally-minded men looking for love, romance, and marriage.

Chiropractic OnLine
American Chiropractic Association, Arlington, VA, US
Provides information for and about the chiropractic profession.

Christian Answers Network
Eden Communications, Mesa, AZ, US
Six highly-respected Christian ministries join together to tackle tough questions about life and the Christian faith.

Christian Software News Mailing List
Jerry Lovett, Auburn, AL, US
Keeps users up-to-date on the latest in Christian and church-related software via one or two emails weekly.

Christmas Between Friends
Blue Ribbon Software, Sunnyvale, CA, US
A software package that makes card and gift exchanges fun. It maintains Christmas lists, gift lists, gift history, and family information including multiple addresses.

Cirrus Logic, Inc.
Fremont, CA, US
Semiconductors for personal computers, telecommunnications, and consumer electronics.

City of Beverly Hills
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Provides local government activities, tourist information, and a monthly "scrapbook" event taken from the city's past.

City-Wide Reservations
Las Vegas, NV, US
Hotel, car rental, and wedding packages for Las Vegas and Laughlin, Nevada.

SOFT-ONE Corp., Orem, UT, US
Providing CD-ROM-based interactive training for Windows applications. Training includes audio, video, and interface simulation.

The Classical CD Scout
New Canaan, CT, US
Presenting sophisticated reviews with a personal touch. Includes articles, ratings, and features on composers, artists, and CDs.

Clipper City Rock Gym
Jumpstart Communications, Baltimore, MD, US
News on the fire that destroyed the gym on 16 September 1995, along with information on how users can help the facility rebuild.

COFI: Paintings Retrospective
J.-C.Villat-Cofi, Valbonne, France
A paintings retrospective for the people who could not see the exhibitions in Paris and New York.

Valencia, Spain
An Internet access provider in Valencia, Spain.

Computer Dust Covers
CO-DU-CO, Milwaukee, WI, US
An alternative to plastic covers found in computer superstores: durable, heat ventilating, personalized, and ten color choices.

Computer Quick
San Francisco, CA, US
All hardware, software, and hard-to-find items. Provides fast delivery in both the U.S. and internationally, with easy online selection and ordering from a catalog of over 30,000 items.

Concordia University Libraries
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Information about library services and collections. Take a unique Virtual Library Tour complete with clickable floorplans, directional signs, and an index.

Continental Business Systems
Tempe, AZ, US
An online retailer of computer hardware, typewriters, fax machines, and office supplies.

Controller Magazine
Duke Communications International, Loveland, CO, US
Provides practical, need-to-know information for financial managers, as well as links to sites essential for the financial manager's job.

Cool School Tools!
Birmingham Public Library, Birmingham, AL, US
An index to Web and other Internet resources for children and teenagers in grades K-12.

Cork Heritage Park
Cork, Ireland
Offers the visitor a varied and interesting introduction to aspects of the city of Cork, ranging from local ecology to the region's rich maritime heritage.

Cosmic Landscapes: FIlm & Video Review
D & S Associates, Westwood, MA, US
The online version of a decade-old movie zine containing news, reviews, articles, commentary, and photos.

Costa Rica Trailriders
Houston, TX, US
Located in one of the least-developed regions of Costa Rica, a unique, rustic rainforest retreat for the rider and non-rider alike.

CPI Electronic Publishing
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Publishes and distributes on CD-ROM the most current Federal Register and Code of Federal Regulations available.

Credit Card Network
Seattle, WA, US
Features online credit card applications, with T1 lines for speed, and Netscape's Commerce Server for security. All services are 100% free.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Find the latest information on the local and international music scenes, band profiles in words and sounds, cutting-edge reports, and interviews.

Daryl Erwin, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Offers information on kite making, designing, literature, and links.

Cybersmith Online
Active Window Productions, Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
Take a tour of the Harvard Square store, or peruse the latest top ten lists of CD-ROMs, games, and Web sites. Constantly changing and evolving with technology, bringing users the latest stuff first.

Cybertek Corporation
Dallas, TX, US
Meeting the challenges faced by the life insurance industry and other financial services companies worldwide through virtual relationships, outsourcing, consulting, and computer software and services.

DakotaLand Hunting
VisualNET Corporation, Sioux Falls, SD, US
Offers the best pheasant and waterfowl hunting available, with seasoned guides providing the hunting experience of a lifetime.

Dancing on a Line
New York, NY, US
Writing and photographs on modern and contemporary dance.

Dealing With Collection Agencies
TCA 900 Ltd., Renfrew, Ontario, Canada
Explains in great detail how collection agencies operate, what they can and cannot do by law, and how people who have been mistreated or harassed can fight back.

Del Norte Technology, Inc.
Euless, TX, US
Over 26 years experience in the design and manufacture of precise geo-location and positioning equipment.

Delta Design and Development
Austin, TX, US
Dedicated to creating and maintaining business-oriented Web sites. Also offering T1 access directly to MCI's Internet backbone.

Democratech Party
Internet Pageworks, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada
A new, international, non-ideological political movement with the desire to establish electronic direct democracy.

Department of Radiology
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offers information on the department, its residency training program, research, and teaching files.

The Derailers
Ann Marie Michaels, San Francisco, CA, US
Home page of this country swing band from Austin, Texas.

Dickinson Direct
Braintree, MA, US
Fully-integrated communications for direct marketing effectiveness.

Different Roads to Learning
New York, NY, US
Specializes in playthings for the learning-challenged. The toys and materials focus on attention, categorizing, discrimination, concentration, memory, receptive language, and motor skills.

Direct Image
Buellton, CA, US
Specializes in short-run printing services for businesses, police and fire groups, and the home brewing hobbyist. Services include labels, letterhead, and business cards.

Dnet Internet Service Company
Franklin, NC, US
Offers Internet access for western North Carolina, along with some of the lowest prices for Web presence on the market.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Vancouver's newest Internet access provider. Services include Internet connectivity, HTML authoring, CGI scripting, and more.

Matthew Spong, Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
An online novel chronicling adventures in a futuristic world that has experienced steady decline for the last one million years.

Internet Africa, Cape Town, South Africa
A no-obligation dream analysis service. Just type in your dream and send.

Earth Satellite Corporation
Rockville, MD, US
A geo-information company using remote sensing for agricultural forecasts, flood prediction, geologic and hydrologic mineral resource exploration, and more.

Eastlake Studio
Chicago, IL, US
A team of design professionals dedicated to establishing a standard for the next generation of architectural practice.

Electric Mercado
Santa Cruz, CA, US
A cultural center and marketplace showcasing Latino culture. It includes art, music, literature, cooking, events, youth organizations, games, news, and shopping.

Miami, FL, US
A price-stomping reseller of CD-ROM software and hardware, computer peripherals, consumer electronics, music, and music videos.

Euro-Marketing Associates
Paris, France
Offers resource tools that assist European companies in the development of an online presence.

Fantasia Weddings in Paradise
internet@vantage, Honolulu, HI, US
Provides fully-packaged Japanese weddings in Hawaii, with seven wedding locations to choose from.

Fashion Net
The Fashion Industry Network, New York, NY, US
The original and most comprehensive fashion and style directory on the Internet has now added a beauty section.

The Finer Things
Rivord Enterprizes, Inc., Huntsville, AL, US
Some of the best bargains on the Internet, and updated daily. Offering top brand name products with big discounts from 50% to 70% off.

First United Methodist Church
Arlington, TX, US
Come to know a community of faithful people who affirm the growth of all humanity and God's creation.

Flotsam & Jetsam
Bob Rogers, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Art is where you find it. Find images composed of images culled from the Internet.

The Flyer Online
Los Angeles, CA, US
Experience Brentwood School's award-winning newspaper at this dynamic Web site. Not only can users read articles, but they may discuss them here as well.

Foreign Language Study Abroad for Teachers
California State University, Northridge, CA, US
Links to language schools which offer courses for those interested in acquiring a second language.

The GameNet BBS
Troy, MI, US
Features four-player Doom, Doom2, and Heretic via an APCi multi-player game server.

Gamesmiths, Inc.
El Segundo, CA, US
Contains information about products such as the Throwing Stones collectible role-playing game, and boardgames including Robotanks, Caesar, Monster Derby, Total War, and Pantheon.

Gateway Advertising
Orange, CA, US
Learn how to advertise on the Web.

Gonzo Links
Lucio Benedetto, Chevy Chase, MD, US
A selected compilation of links to the best sites on conspiracy, Cold War crimes, UFOs, postmodern culture, and fringe catalogs.

Good Health Online
Seton, Austin, TX, US
Online version of Seton's Good Health magazine, plus a physician directory, health tips and advice, healthy recipes, and much more.

Government Computer News
Silver Spring, MD, US
A biweekly, full-color newspaper covering government information systems, the people who specify and build them, and the products and technologies used.

Government Network Solutions
Fall City, WA, US
Specializing in federal, state, and local government connectivity by changing copper wire over to fiber optics with HDSL technology.

Graduate School of Management Internet Research
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, US
Used by students at this school to conduct research about the Internet.

The Grawemeyer World Order Improvement Award
University of Louisville, Louisville, KY, US
An annual $150,000 prize given to the best idea or ideas for improving world order. Nomination and selection information are available.

Gray Line Sightseeing Tours
Las Vegas, NV, US
Provides sightseeing tours of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, Valley of Fire, Red Rock Canyon, Laughlin, and other areas around Las Vegas.

Great Barrier Reef Aquarium
Townsville, Queensland, Australia
An educational facility teaching the public about the Great Barrier Reef.

Greater Houston Builders Association
Houston, TX, US
Bringing together diverse participants of the residential building industry to enhance and promote the industry for the benefit of the members and consumers.

Green Flash Systems
San Diego, CA, US
Win the Information War with guerilla database delivery on the Web.

Green Light Communications
Burbank, CA, US
Providing a full range of traditional and online marketing, public relations, and advertising services for a worldwide client base.

Greg's Music World
Batemans Bay, Australia
Sells music by Australian artists on CD, cassette, and video.

New York, NY, US
A unique, not-for-profit arts center that offers services to innovative artists and producers who use media technology.

Health Sciences Center
Texas Tech University, Amarillo, TX, US
Learn more about their role in rural health care. Includes general information, research, and links within the center.

Peggy Kerry, Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada
A marketplace of original, handcrafted arts and crafts by local artisans.

HEROZ Enterprises, Inc.
Tucson, AZ, US
A manual containing the complete game plan for the start and operation of a small or home-based business.

Trans High Corporation, New York, NY, US
A monthly publication about the culture, politics, uses, and cultivation of cannabis.

History Department
University of North Texas, Denton, TX, US
Offers links to sites which supplement the department's interests and focii. Includes extensive pointers to archaeological, classicist, political, and military sites.

Holiday in Switzerland
Eurosoft Partners, Wollerau, Switzerland
The official Web pages of the Swiss Tourist Offices.

Houston, TX, US
A site dedicated to the art of holography, with links to related pages all over the Internet.

Homeless in America
Albuquerque, NM, US
A site dedicated to eradicating one of America's most distressing social concerns.

Horizon Productions*Visual Anthropology
Portland, OR, US
Dedicated to the spirit of adventure travel and the understanding of human cultures through the mediums of photography and visual anthropology.

Hotel Motel Les Voitures d'Eau
Global Internet, Isle-aux-Coudres, Quebec, Canada
An online brochure for this leisure hotel in Charlevoix, Canada.

Witney, Oxfordshire, England
Produces multi-platform stitch design software for cross stitch tapestry.

Interactive Home Buying
MaxSol, Inc., Acton, MA, US
Contains listings for real estate, brokers, mortgage lenders, lawyers, home inspectors, financial calculations with mortgage comparison, mortgage qualification, and more.

The International Trade Desk
J.R. Meenan, Washington, DC, US
Provides screened sources of government information covering trade leads and financing sources, for the benefit of small to medium-sized businesses.

Internet Africa in Zimbabwe
Data Control & Systems, Harare, Zimbabwe
Provides a link to business and tourism in Zimbabwe.

Internet Installation and Training Co.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Consultants for Internet-related hardware and software, and TCP/IP-based LANs.

Internet Pageworks
Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada
A Web publishing company and presence provider created by magazine professionals.

Internet Tutoring Services
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Provides Internet software installation and training services at a reasonable price.

Irish Too: Irish Specialties
Manchester Village, Vermont, US
Examples of Irish craftsmanship in both classic and contemporary styles. Brings to the Web the products of highly-respected knitters, weavers, glassblowers, and other artisans.

Interiors and Sources, Northbrook, IL, US
The online resource for interior designers, architects, and facility managers.

The Jack Kirby Collector
r+y communications, Hoboken, NJ, US
A Web site for and by collectors of the work of the creator/co-creator of such comic book characters as Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, The Fantastic Four, The Silver Surfer, and The New Gods.

Jacques' Bomb
Tippy Com, Portland, OR, US
A 3-D QuickTime animation satirizing the decision of recently elected French President, Jacques Chirac, to resume nuclear testing in the South Pacific.

Jaycole Advertising
New York, NY, US
A one-stop-shop for graphic design and specializes in the production of creative promotional material for the music industry.

JD Opem Consulting
Glen Ellyn, IL, US
Specializing in IBM AS/400 Business Systems design, programming, and implementation.

Cardozo Law School, New York, NY, US
A legal employment service that faxes resumes of Cardozo students and graduates to employers.

The Junction
McAfee, NJ, US
An all-advertising and all-sales Web site. Includes an online mall using Netsite secure software for secure transactions over the Internet.

Just Rite Bumpers & Accessories Bike Racks
Internet Pageworks, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada
A manufacturer of quality bike and ski racks, including fold-down stowaway and tire-mount hitches.

Ken Cranes LaserDisc Superstore
Jon Peterson Consulting, Westminster, CA, US
The largest mail-order retailer of LaserDiscs, with sales exceeding $16 million.

King Systems
Indianapolis, IN, US
Supplies anesthesia and respiratory care, single-patient-use products. Find out about their products through a slide show, or just visit for the related links.

Klein Art Works
Chicago, IL, US
A Chicago art gallery with links to many art sites on the Internet.

Sultan Zainal Abidin Islamic College, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu, Malaysia
Information about Sultan Zainal Abidin Islamic College, and the state of Terengganu in Malaysia.

Las Vegas Leisure Guide
Las Vegas, NV, US
The most current and complete, one-stop source for information about Las Vegas, Grand Canyon, Laughlin, and the surrounding areas.

Laser Stars Astrophysics
Ottawa University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Information on the laser, along with papers, abstracts, and online references.

London, England
A leading international technology company supplying consultancy, systems integration, software, and design services.

LYNX Technologies, Inc.
Fairfield, NJ, US
Tariff and service information on 350 telecommunications carriers in over 200 countries. International and domestic telephone, telex, leased line, and packet swiching services are covered.

Marine Corps Recruiting Station
Columbia, SC, US
Information about the U.S. Marines and this recruiting station.

Marketing Support, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
A comprehensive marketing agency whose services include marketing programs, packaging design, and public relations.

Master Patenaude's Kung Fu Schools Canada, Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
An information site for this string of martial arts schools where the Modern Wing Chun Kung Fu technique is taught.

A Matter of The Heart
Kelly Moore Communications, Bronson, MI, US
A toll-free, professional dating service with photos of members, voice mail, and email forwarding.

The MegaMall
The Infotique, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Stand atop One MegaMall Tower and look down upon the wide variety of over 100 different shops.

Michael's On East Restaurant
Sarasota, FL, US
Restaurant, caterer, and banquet facility featuring award-winning American cuisine and foods.

Minor Leagues, Major Dreams
Jon Peterson Consulting, Anaheim, CA, US
The largest mail-order retailer of Minor League Baseball apparel in the U.S.

San Luis Obispo, CA, US
A virtual monastery on the Internet. Includes The Monastery, Monastery Perspectives, a monk's guide to dating, and more.

Warranty Direct, Inc., Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
A home page where users can search for resources on the Internet, with links to some of the best search engines online today.

Mystery Science Theatre 3000 Appreciation Page
Digital Dimentia, Chicago, IL, US
Includes quotes and pictures, plus links to other Mystery Science Theatre-related Web sites.

National Farmers Organization
Ames, IA, US
Applied innovation in agricultural marketing. Providing marketing programs for dairy products, grain, and livestock.

National Society of Black Engineers
University of Missouri Rolla Chapter, Rolla, MO, US
Provides information on the national society, as well as this particular chapter. Includes upcoming events and activities, conferences, and projects.

NETiS Technology, Inc.
Milpitas, CA, US
A PC system manufacturer and authorized reseller for PCs and notebooks from IBM, Compaq, Apple, and Twinhead.

NetResults Online
Leichman/O'Sullivan Publications, Flushing, NY, US
A subsidy publisher, bookstore, and graphic art studio that can design all types of books, brochures, posters, and more.

New City Media
Blacksburg, VA, US
Uncompromising quality, professional design, proactive support, and innovative solutions for the Web and other interactive media.

New Media Arts and Technology Index
Imaging Technologies Center of North Carolina, Winston-Salem, NC, US
Committed to advancing the application of imaging and new media technologies to motion picture-related activities in North Carolina.

NFL Design
Stonesthrow, Irvine, CA, US
NFL and professional sports mascot and logo designers for licensing and on-field use.

Nitehawk Internet Services
Columbia, MD, US
Offers affordable Web space for all.

Noologic World Network
Denver, CO, US
An evolution-acceleration network created for all those who have demonstrated the will to help themselves, and for others to gracefully take a step forward in the human evolution drama.

Octagon Technology Group, Inc.
Schaumbrg, IL, US
Worldwide business services, including multilingual and multi-jurisdictional Internet presence creation, international sales, marketing and distribution, multi-currency financial services, order capturing, and credit card and check processing.

Office of the University Registrar
Florida State University, Tallahassee, FL, US
The official Web site for this office offers registration information, graduation requirements, a directory of classes, and more.

Old Chicago Golf Shop
Richton Park, IL, US
One of America's most reputable dealers of golf antiques and collectibles, supplying historical golf items to hobbyists and serious collectors around the world.

The Online Educator
Hass Associates, West Bloomfield, MI, US
Provides clearly written, easy-to-use lesson plans, designed to make the Internet an accessible classroom tool for K-12 teachers.

Onward Computer Systems
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A full-service computer retailer and wholesaler dealing in Compaq, AST, Microway, USR, Apple, and more.

Optimum Solutions
Orlando, FL, US
Provides a full range of services for Web site publishing.

Austin, TX, US
The Texas, and beyond, online information resource center for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, transsexual, and gay-friendly folks.

Dallas, TX, US
A Web page design firm dedicated to bringing clients cutting-edge page design at a low cost. Specializing in HTML, VRML, and Netscape-compliant pages.

Paragon Food Technology Software
The Synapse Project, Riverside, CA, US
Specialty software designed for food technologists, consultants, nutritionists, and others working in product development, formulation, ingredients, or nutrition labelling.

Parkleigh WorldWide
Rochester, NY, US
Rochester's most famous gift store.

Parks Palmer Turner & Yemenidjian
Los Angeles, CA, US
Certified public accountants providing tax preparation, auditing, business management, management advisory and other consulting services, litigation support, acquisition assistance, and accounting services.

Parnell Travel
Auckland, New Zealand
Specialists in business travel, hotels, airfares, conference incentives, and travel in New Zealand.

Peoples Trust Company
Imagineer.Com, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A trust company specializing in real estate financing, loans, and mortgages for apartments, health care facilities, and other multi-family properties.

Precision Camera and Video Repair, Inc.
Chicopee, MA, US
One of the nation's largest and most-trusted camera and video repair centers.

Webcasting, Rockwall, TX, US
Find out more about the soap, sign up a free sample, and view an online catalog and Material Safety Data Sheet.

Protecting Children in Cyberspace
Vancouver Police Union Charitable Foundation, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Launched in the fight against child abuse on the Internet.

Pugliese Associates, Inc.
Harrisburg, PA, US
A public affairs consulting firm, with over 16 years of active lobbying experience.

Pulse Charge Systems
Webcasting, Rockwall, TX, US
Introduces new, pulse-technology applications in the area of rechargeable batteries. An online catalog is available.

The Puzzle Post
Pinnacle Solutions, Huntsville, AL, US
A site devoted to the enjoyment of puzzles, board games, books, trivia, and related software.

Quality Video Production, Inc.
Internet Pageworks, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada
An opportunity to become a part of a well-known video franchising chain.

Quest Travel Agency
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Allows users to view the latest travel packages and specials, and to contact the company for further information.

Rahajasa Media Internet
Jakarta, Indonesia
Provider of commercial, value-added internetworking services for both individual and corporate users of electronic information.

Real Estate Straight
Oakland, CA, US
A comprehensive editorial guide on real estate, prepared by award-winning newspaper journalists who specialize in real estate.

Red Productions
West Hollywood, CA, US
Special-interest videos including dinosaur films and travel and adventure videos.

Remax Unlimited
Glendale, AZ, US
A full-service Arizona real estate and nationwide relocation connection on the Internet.

The Silkstone Group, Atlanta, GA, US
A complete, rental listing service for those interested in renting homes in Atlanta, Georgia, during the Summer Games of July 1996.

Clifton Park, NY, US
A strategic mutual fund system for the disciplined investor. It tells users, each weekend via email, which fund is showing the greatest price appreciation.

Revco Drug Stores, Inc.
Twinsburg, OH, US
One of the largest drugstore retailers in the country. This site offers company information, new releases, employment opportunities, and more.

Riddle Manufacturing Factory Direct Hardwood Furniture
Internet Pageworks, Fort Langley, British Columbia, Canada
A factory-direct manufacturer of quality hardwood furniture, selling bunk beds, bedroom sets, desks, dressers, mirrors, and nightstands.

Rolling Good Times Online
Thompson Visual Design & Storytelling, St. Louis, MO, US
The Internet's first gambling zine, and arguably its best gambling resource. Find educational, entertaining, and often humorous articles.

Rosemont Elementary School
Virginia Beach, VA, US
The first school in Virginia Beach on the Web.

The RSMAS Fisheries Group
University of Miami, Miami, FL, US
Information on the fisheries research group at the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science.

San Francisco Bay Sailboat Racing Crew List
Jaime Muniz, Mill Valley, CA, US
An opportunity to go sailboat racing on the San Francisco Bay for sailors of all skill levels.

Sarenas Tarot Page
Oklahoma City, OK, US
Discusses all aspects of the tarot, with various links to related resources on the Web.

Scenic Airlines
Las Vegas, NV, US
Provides aerial tours to the Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, and other southwestern attractions. Also offers commuter and charter flights to Phoenix, Las Vegas, Sedona, and Page Arizona.

Scope Systems
Hunt Valley, MD, US
A Baltimore, Maryland service facility for repair, service, and re-engineering of industrial and commercial electronic equipment.

Compass North America, Inc., Coral Gables, FL, US
Information about the seaports of the Western Hemisphere from the publisher of Seaports of the Americas - The American Association of Port Authorities Directory.

ComBios, Valencia, Spain
Dedicated to Internet resources in Spanish.

SGML Asia-Pacific '95 Conference
National Computer Board, Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Offers a conference announcement and program. Conference.

Walter Belgers, Eindhoven, Netherlands
Home page for this famous Dutch rock band. Includes pictures, sound excerpts, tour dates, and exclusive interviews.

The Skyline Mall
Novus Papyrus Incorporated, Charlottesville, VA, US
Provides access to the Web for Virginia's small businesses and organizations.

Social Studies Lesson Plans and Resources
California State University, Northridge, CA, US
Lesson plans and other resources that social studies teachers will find useful.

SofTek Online Community
Atlanta, GA, US
Designed as a one-stop guide for people who are interested in visiting Atlanta, Georgia.

Software Ideas
Arlington, Texas, US
A software technology firm providing system and network integration services, and software project development and implementation on multiple platforms.

Software Spectrum, Inc.
Garland, TX, US
Helps users select the best PC software product and purchase options, and offers extensive PC consulting, training, and telephone hotline support.

The South Africa Information Exchange
Gateway - Broking SA, Johannesburg, Transvaal, South Africa
The business universe of South Africa. Incorporates the country's premier commercial databases and business news services on trade, investment, the economy, and products and services.

Stanford's Homepage of the Mind
Lonny Stanford, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Links for psychology research, theory, tests, and general psychology resources. Also, access to scriptures, Mormonism, world religions, genealogy, and more.

Sterling Accommodations
Decatur, GA, US
Facilitates the housing needs of those visting Atlanta, Georgia, during the Summer Games of 1996.

Steve Korn
Speakeasy Cafe, Seattle, WA, US
A site for this rising young jazz drummer which includes drum transcriptions, educational material, and a current schedule.

Stinette-Donahue Artists
Elizabeth, NJ, US
Introduces a group of gifted classical musicians who have performed at all the major opera houses in the U.S. and Europe. Their varied repertoire includes Lieder, spirituals, and Broadway show tunes.

Stocks and Commodities Resource Listing
Internet Interactive Marketing, Austin, TX, US
Provides links to areas that provide real-time financial data, such as stock and mutual fund prices.

Structured Logic
New York, NY, US
A dynamic, rapidly-growing, full-service information system consulting firm. Clients come from among the most prestigious in their respective industries including banking, brokerage, communications, electronics, and pharmaceuticals.

SyQuest Technology, Inc.
Fremont, CA, US
The world leader in removable-cartridge Winchester Disk drives.

Technical Directions, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Provides consulting services within the information systems and engineering professions. Recruits hardware engineers, programmer/analysts, and software engineers.

Technical Directions, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Provides consulting services for the information systems and engineering professions. Recruits hardware engineers, programmers, analysts, and software engineers with experience in the latest technology.

Telecom Publishing Group
Alexandria, VA, US
Has covered the telecommunications industry for more than 10 years. The site features a daily news service, well organized links to top sites, and online focus reports analyzing different areas of the industry.

TeleGraphique LC
Quebec, Quebec, Canada
A resource for information, technical support, email, and other specialized services for people working in the graphic arts field.

Chicago, IL, US
Provides desktop mapping services, which are rapidly becoming some of the most widely used tools for strategic analysis, problem solving, and decision making.

Telemonitoring Manufacturing Corporation
Houssennet, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Hardware and software for the purpose of remote data collection from water meters, gas meters, and electric meters.

Toast Opera
Berkeley Systems, B.A.P., Berkeley, CA, US
An old-time radio soap opera in dynamic digital audio.

Tommy Armour Golf
Morton Grove, IL, US
For those who love golf and the best in golf equipment.

Trans World Products
Clearwater, FL, US
Links to an Internet provider, an online gift shop, nutrition data, and information about a checks-by-phone service.

Texas Departments of Commerce and Transportation, Austin, TX, US
Check out the many diverse attractions Texas has to offer, and discover why it really is like a whole other country.

Tyler-Adam Corp.
New York, NY, US
The manufacturing arm of Benjamin Mark, Ltd. High-volume, quality contractors to the jewelry industry and many of its major distributors.

U-Man International Executive Booster Program
Internet Pageworks, Fort Langley, BC, Canada
Offers executive booster consulting to help successful professionals regain their enthusiasm and zest for business.

Underwood Farm Market
The Projects Factory, Ventura, CA, US
Quality fruit and vegetable gift-baskets grown in the fertile soil of coastal California.

The Union Institute
Cincinnati, OH, US
A fully-accredited college offering bachelor and doctoral degrees to adult students. A leader in distance education.

Unsolved Problems of Noise
JATE University, Department of Experimental Physics, Szeged, Hungary
A conference on random fluctuations, or noises, in physical, biological, and technological systems.

Used Karma
Speakeasy Cafe, Seattle, WA, US
A first stop on the Internet for anything regarding astrology. The main feature, The Daily Astrological Weather, provides a general overview of social and global trends from an astrological perspective.

USS Liberty
Survivors of the USS Liberty, Seattle, WA, US
Discusses and provides historical files concerning the 1967 attack by Israel upon the American navy intelligence ship USS Liberty.

Virtual Creations
Sausalito, CA, US
Specializes in creating high-impact Web sites.

Vive la page libre!
Marie-Helene Robert, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Information on and examples of 3-D graphics, and Xerox and computer art. Includes a 3-D bugs page, and links to other graphic sites.

Wear the Net
Corpus Christi, TX, US
Original graphic concepts on Internet T-shirts, mouse pads, and mugs.

The Whirling Furphies
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Information for fans of this Australian folk band.

Wirefeed Information Management Services
Minneapolis, MN, US
Corporate Web site development, from concept storyboarding through the actual online activation.

Wireless Source
PageNet, Plano, TX, US
Contains information on wireless technologies, a glossary of wireless terminology, a rundown on the newest and coolest gadgets in the wireless world, a Letterman-style top ten list, and more.

The Women's Chorus of Dallas
Dallas, TX, US
A musical group of more than 100 members with an eclectic range of repertoire. Now entering its seventh season.

World Bazaar
MediaWerks, Houston, TX, US
A developing department store, constantly under construction as new items are added to the inventory.

World Web Internet Services Provider, Inc.
Homewood, AL, US
Serves Birmingham and the world with clean, fast access to the Internet.

Princeton, NJ, US
The world's oldest college FM station plays the world's newest sounds. Includes a concert calendar, an extensive history of WPRB, a program schedule, music links, and more.

The Write Place
The Writing Coach, Eugene, OR, US
Offers tools, inspiration, and resources for all kinds of writing, including writing for work and school, to journal writing for personal growth and creativity.

The Zone Gateway
Manhattan, KS, US
A BBS offering telnet, FTP, batch FTP, anonymous mailers, and IRC. Users can also create personal Web pages and FTP sites.

Monday, 16 October 1995

30th FIPP World Congress
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd., Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
The program and a post-Congress summary of the 30th FIPP (International Federation of the Periodical Press) World Congress, which was held 26-29 September 1995.

Hayward, CA, US
Provides a wide variety of new and refurbished voice and data communications equipment for businesses of all sizes.

Adex Japan, Inc.
Tokyo, Japan
A full-service advertising/production company with a client list that includes some of the largest names in Japanese business.

Advanced Network Solutions
Fall City, WA, US
A globally recognized vendor of high-quality data/voice communications and connectivity products.

Advanced Network Technologies
Westbury, NY, US
A leader in high bandwidth Web solutions, Web database design, and Web transactional systems. More than 40 experts in SMTP gateways, local and wide area networks, SQL, Netware, and NT.

The African Global Network
Los Angeles, CA, US
A publicly maintained electronic news and entertainment magazine focusing on African-American culture, with sections for politics, science, entertainment, and chat. Offers inexpensive Web space for users, and provides free archiving of private and public email distributions that focus on African and African-American issues.
http://globaldrum.com [PICK OF THE WEEK]

AgDB Prototype
USDA, National Agricultural Library, Beltsville, MD, US
A directory of agriculture-related databases, datasets, and information systems available on the Internet and from other sources.

Alacran Press
Fort Davis, TX, US
Photographs from El Camino Real, the historic road of exploration between Mexico and the U.S., by Jim Bones and Todd Jagger.

Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society
Tulane Medical School, New Orleans, LA, US
Read the constitution and meet the members and sponsors.

Altair Data System Web
Milano, Italy
An Italian presence provider for Italian social, cultural, artistic, and commercial sites.

Amazing Systems, Inc.
Hayward, CA, US
The creator of BackTrack and BackTrack Lite call accounting and management software, running on MS Windows, Windows NT, and Windows 95.

American Arbitration Association
New York, NY, US
The 70-year-old nonprofit pioneer and leader in alternatives to litigation, offering information on arbitration, mediation, and other dispute resolution techniques.

American Futures Group, Inc.
New York, NY, US
A nationwide network of 25 offices and over 150 brokers and analysts.

Amnesia Music
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Information on The Santa Cruz Brass Quintet, The Scott Harris Big Band, Jupiter II, and various music support services.

Angry Dan's Sports Fan Pick & Pan Trash Can
Hyperspeed Marketing, Berkley, MI, US
A sports-oriented site where users vote on favorite college and professional football teams, and find out the point spread for upcoming games.

New York, NY, US
The online guide to the apparel industry. A comprehensive resource for apparel-related products, services, and information.

Arab-Malaysian Banking Group
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A Malaysian-based financial conglomerate that offers a wide range of financial products and services.

Kent State University School of Architecture, Kent, OH, US
A database of northeast Ohio architects intended as a resource for architecture students looking for employment in the area.

Art Comics
Arlington, VA, US
A daily comics syndicate with features created for web distribution six days a week.

Bethesda, MD, US
A central resource for keeping up with the Washington, DC, visual arts scene. Contains an image bank, interviews with arts professionals, and reviews of exhibitions.

ASAPc OnLine Catalog
Skokie, IL, US
Retailers of over 20,000 different memory modules, each with a lifetime guarantee.

ASHE - A Simple HTML Editor
Department of Computer Sciences RPI, Troy, NY, US
An editor for HTML documents which was presented at the Second World Wide Web Conference at Chicago in 1994.

The Asian American Writers' Workshop
New York, NY, US
Founded to facilitate the creation, publication, and distribution of Asian American literature. To that end the group offers workshops, readings, fellowships, publications, contests, and a bookstore.

Astrophysics and Planetary Science
Queens University Belfast, Belfast, North Ireland
Information is provided on the North Ireland Starlink Node, astrophysics research, and the Physics with Astrophysics degree course.

Auctions On-Line
Corsellis-Montford Ltd., London, England
In conjunction with some of the world's leading auctioneers, Auctions On-Line provides free access to auction catalogues, sales information, and fine art reference guides.

Aum Shinri Kyo Investigation
Tim Romero, Tokyo, Japan
A site documenting the Japanese police investigation of Aum Shinri Kyo and the massive human and civil rights violations it has involved.

Aurora Systems Research
Long Beach, MS, US
Offers affordable electronic engineering shareware for PCs, including TimeCrafter, a must-have timing diagram CAD tool.

Automobiles Gillet
Skynet Belgium, Gembloux, Belgium
The home page for these world-record-holding line of sports cars.

Agoura Hills, CA, US
A free auto-buying and auto-leasing service designed to eliminate the frustration in buying or leasing a car.

Avant Garde: a Virtual Marketplace
Information Analytics, Inc., Lincoln, NE, US
A marketplace of products and services. Ranked in the top 5% of all Web sites by Point Survey.

Basic Active Motion
Miami, FL, US
State-of-the-art 3D animations developer for video productions and company presentations.

Basket Wishes Ltd.
Honolulu, HI, US
Gift baskets containing food and specialty items from Hawaii.

Belize Online Tourist & Investment Guide
Internet Travel Marketing, Belize
An all-inclusive guide to Belize for the traveller or potential investor. Find a tourist fact sheet, a booklist, maps, a description of each district of Belize, and environmental information.

Beltek Systems Design
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Provides route accounting software and portable printers for efficient delivery truck sales automation.

Best Business Resources WorldWide
Santosh Rajan, Atlanta, GE, US
A selection of business resources that are global, continental, or national in coverage.

Birdland's Australian Jazz Page
Sydney, Australia
Offers jazz and blues reviews, catalogs, bestsellers, album artwork, and selected sounds from Australia and the world.

Blues World
Joel Slotnikoff, St. Louis, MO, US
Provides information, images, and resources about St. Louis and New Orleans blues and jazz music.

Boyd W. Shepherd, Attorney at Law
Houston, TX, US
The first Houston solo attorney on the Web, with links to legal resources and related sites. Not certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization.

Braid Media Arts
Colorado Springs, CO, US
A group of artists from diverse backgrounds and interests, showing a portfolio of cool computer graphics.

The BrainTainment Center
Laguna Beach, CA, US
Download a free brain-boosting game, take an IQ test, or try out the left-brain/right-brain test.

Brazilian Popular Music
Pedro Donati, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Devoted to Brazilian musicians and their work.

Brigham Gardens
Guru Communications, Miami Beach, FL, US
An art deco Mediterranian hotel nestled amid more than 100 species of tropical flora.

Brisbane on the Net
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
An ongoing development bringing the definitive Queensland and its people, regions, culture, and business to the world.

BSCW Shared Workspace System
GMD, Sankt Augustin, Germany
Supports efficient group cooperation using the Web as the communication infrastructure. Includes features for transferring documents to and from workspaces.

BSR, Inc.
Summit Point, WV, US
Cutting-edge driver training and security courses.

Camembert: A Village, A Cheese
Gregory A. Miezelis, Paris, France
Make a virtual visit to Camembert. In English or French.

Campus Crusade for Christ Online!
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A dynamic Christian site designed to help people understand God's love and forgiveness, and build them in their faith.

Canada Japan Business Journal
Japan Advertising Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A monthly business newspaper published in Japanese, reporting on events, key people, and companies exporting to Japan.

The Canadian American Chamber of Commerce of Northern California
San Francisco, CA, US
Supports Canadian businesses operating in Northern California, and Northern Californian businesses operating in Canada.

Canadian Comics & Collectibles Express
Peace River, Alberta, Canada
Delivers comics to any doorstep.

Cancer and Natural Medicine
Portland, OR, US
A comprehensive text discussing research on natural (alternative) medicine and cancer. Topics include herbs, vitamins, cartilage, antioxidants, melatonin, and more.

Canon France
Paris, France
Offers a global line of office products in computers and telecommunications, including copiers, printers, scanners, laptops, fax machines, and micrographics products.

Car and Driver Magazine
Hachette Filipacchi Magazines, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The world's largest motoring magazine debuts on the Web with a special anniversary section and car buyer's guide, featuring more than 200 automotive reviews.

Catalog.Orders HQ
Redmond, VA, US
A collection of several catalogs available for free. Wedding, prom, laser paper, stationery, educational supplies, and more.

CB & SC Auctions
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Semi-annual bottle and stoneware auctions.

Center for Chemical Education
Miami University, Middletown, OH, US
Learn about exciting initiatives in science education. Includes educational materials and teacher workshop opportunities.

Chameleon Communications Inc.
Buffalo, NY, US
A fully digital audio recording studio in Buffalo. This site allows clients to download voice talent and music samples.

Chapman & Hall Online Publishing
Chapman & Hall, London, England
Publishers of innovative books, journals, and electronic products in the areas of science, technology, medicine, and business.

Cheltenham & Gloucester
Gloucester, Gloucestershire, UK
Combines mortgage information and a useful home buyers' guide in an easy-to-use and graphically elegant package.

Christian Business Expo
Dallas, TX, US
Information about the expo to be held in Dallas on 1-3 December 1995 at the Grand Place Exhibit Hall at Fair Park.

Circuit Traces
Christopher Hunt, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A bi-monthly magazine that publishes fiction and non-fiction, focusing on the interface between technology and society.

City of Oakland
Oakland, CA, US
This site contains local government information and miscellaneous information about the city itself.

College of Engineering and Computer Science
Wright State University, Dayton, OH, US
Information about academic programs, faculty, staff, student organizations, research interests, events, and facilities at the college.

Colorado Springs Visitor Information
Rocky Mountain Internet, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, US
See what Colorado Springs has to offer. Includes information, pictures, and animation.

Combs Music
Winston-Salem, NC, US
Secure online ordering of instrumental, relaxing piano music. Includes sound samples, detailed album track lists, CDs, tapes, sheet music, and full-size sample sheet music.

Contemporary Applied Psychology
Complutense University, Campus de Somosaguas, Spain
A psychology resource center that contains 17 articles reviewing the state-of-the-art psychological research and practice occurring in Spain during the last 20 years.

Corbis Corporation
Seattle, WA, US
A comprehensive archive of high-quality digital imagery and multimedia products.

The Corporate Comedy Connection
Vienna, VA, US
Provides professional comedians and inspirational/motivational speakers for corporate and social entertainment.

Corporate Staffing Center, Inc
Norwell, MA, US
A virtual corporate staffing department for corporations that are right-sizing, outsourcing, and consolidating, to achieve vast productivity gains and dramatic cost reductions.

Cote d'Azur Connections
Philipp Hoschka, Sophia Antipolis, France
A collection of the best Web pages about the Cote d'Azur.

The Cruise Web
Washington, DC, US
Preview, plan, price and book a cruise vacation online.

Cuba Pictures of Piet den Blanken
Ruggenberg, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Recent pictures from inside Cuba by well-known Dutch photojournalist Piet den Blanken.

Darex Corporation
Ashland, OR, US
Offers a complete line of quality, precision, cutting-tool sharpeners at affordable prices.

David Morgan
Bothell, WA, US
Offers distinctive, high-quality items including Akubra hats, Filson clothing and luggage, Celtic jewelry, and fine leather goods.

delmore Recordings
Chicago, IL, US
A Chicago-based indie label featuring recording artists Wild Carnation, Joey Sweeney, Flyer, Scarce, Allen Ginsberg, and more.

Department of Psychology
University of Delaware, Newark, DE, US
Programs of study and resources in psychology.

The Design Forum
Atlanta, GA, US
An online forum devoted to promoting the industry of Visual Communication.

Dicon Lab, Inc.
Gainesville, FL, US
Short catalog of DSP cards and tools for PCs, for use in speech recognition, graphics, filtering, digital audio compression techniques, and other areas requiring high-speed number crunching.

Distribution Solutions International, Inc.
Traverse City, MI, US
Provides worldwide logistics management services, including distributions, reverse distributions and fulfillment.

The Doors
Helsinki, Finland
Extensive source of information on the Doors and James Douglas Morrison.

Ames, IA, US
A rapidly expanding page for a rapidly expanding band. After this, there is no alternative.

Dutra Realty Enterprises
Baynet, Palo Alto, CA, US
A real estate company with over 230 sales associates.

The Dynamic Doctor Who Rankings Page
Russell Dewhurst, Blackburn, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Charts the likes and dislikes of Doctor Who fans everywhere.

Burlingame, CA, US
Dedicated to the positive side of this learning disability, as well as to remedial therapies and teaching methods suited to the dyslexic learning style.

The Eagle Test Drive
Chrysler Corporation, Mountain View, CA, US
Test-drive a 1996 Eagle automobile in pictures and words. Full vehicle specifications, competitive comparisons, and an emphasis on current and future technology all make this a must-see site.

East-West Center Program on Environment
Honolulu, HI, US
A datahub for information on environmental governance and policy issues affecting the Asia and Pacific region. Focuses on Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and other Pacific rim and Asian countries.

EasyEntry Software, Inc.
Chapel Hill, NC, US
A forms management and data entry system which combines the features of key-to-disk systems with the power and flexibility of platform transparency.

Ecliptek Corporation
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Provides an interactive catalog of crystals, oscillators, and inductors, enabling users to create a part number and email requests to Ecliptek simply by pushing a button.

Economies And Societies in Transition (EAST)
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US
A quarterly academic economics journal, aimed at analyzing economies and societies that are undergoing change. This includes Eastern Europe, Southeast Asia, and China.

Election America
Raleigh, NC, US
A national network of Web providers giving users one source for local, state, and national 1996 election information across the U.S.

Electro Magnetics Design, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, US
Makers of the FreeSpace ESS900 levitation system, which uses floating object display technology to suspend virtually any item weighing under a pound in mid-air via magnetic levitation.

Energy Information Administration
U.S. Department of Energy, Washington, DC, US
Domestic and international energy data, analysis, and forecasting.

Envision Inc.
Brookfield, WI, US
A developer of custom interactive multimedia presentations, specializing in computer-based communications for advertising, sales, and marketing support.

European Journalism Centre
Maastricht, The Netherlands
An independent, nonprofit institute where journalists, from around Europe and beyond, can receive further training, meet one another, voice views, and raise concerns.

Evergreen Internet
Chandler, AZ, US
A host of consumer and industrial catalogs, featuring the Sharper Image, Sundance, and Dot Spiegel. Also includes resources for business, health and entertainment.

Excel Telecommunications
North Highlands, CA, US
Excel is the sixth largest nationally-licensed long distance company in America, using network marketing instead of expensive ad campaigns to sell its services.

Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, US
A site for the Indiana University photography club with an online gallery and photography resources.

Eye On New York
Albany, NY, US
A watchdog site keeping an eye on right-wing activities throughout New York State, at both the regional and state levels.

Fastlane.Net Ltd.
London, Ontario, Canada
London, Canada's fastest and easiest Internet provider, with services that include dialup BBS accounts and Web pages.

Federal Interagency Weed Committee
Arlington, VA, US
Information about the committee, with links to information on weeds, integrated pest management, and pesticides.

Mountain View, CA, US
A site dedicated to this Canadian folk singer/songwriter which includes a presentation of her work, interviews, and an online catalog.

Finn Fons Photography
New York, NY, US
Offers photography, portraiture, news, and architecture.

Freeware Central
Prime Time Freeware, Sunnyvale, CA, US
An information resource for the freeware community, including topical areas on legal issues, news, organizations, people, and more.

Crossroads Real Estate Referral Network, Montclair, NJ, US
A gay and lesbian real estate relocation service.

Irvine, CA, US
A developer and manufacturer of products that embody microprocessor technology, including external numeric keyboards, keyboards and terminals, and custom-built input devices.

Graphic Omniscient Device
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
A hyperpaedic cornucopia. Includes a good selection of Pagan, Wiccan, and other magico-religious links and information.

Great Lakes Regional Environmental Information System
Saginaw, MI, US
Provides directory information for Environmental Protection Agency and non-EPA data, and provides access to select data relevant to the Great Lakes region.

Guru Communications
Miami Beach, FL, US
An Internet consulting agency catering to small businesses, communities, and corporations.

The Historical Research Center, Inc.
Deerfield Beach, FL, US
The most extensive facility of its kind in the world, with access to rare and extensive research materials for family name histories and coat-of-arms.

Holiday in Guernsey
Guernsey Internet Services, Port Guernsey, Guernsey, United Kingdom
Whether planning a vacation or just looking for information on this beautiful island, this is the place to start.

Home Furniture Outlet
Berkeley, CA, US
A furniture retailer with same-day delivery available throughout the Berkeley area.

Homes Internet Magazine
Manchester Center, VT, US
Extensive property listings with photos from hundreds of real estate agents, with a Northeast focus.

Horizon Engraving Systems
Dade City, FL, US
A manufacturer of computerized engravers. These are available both as complete systems, or as retrofits for previous generations of computerized engravers.

Horns Hoop Report
Internet Publishing, Austin, TX, US
In-depth and timely coverage of Texas Longhorn basketball. The ultimate source for Runnin' Horns information.

Hotel Anywhere!
BK Internet Development Group, Inc., Marina Del Rey, CA, US
Over 300 travel directories and travel information sites in one location.

HQ Business Services
Fry Multimedia, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Offers all the benefits of a full-time office without the full-time price.

HQ Services, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
Applies creative solutions to an organization's unique challenges, with over 30 years of association management experience.

ID2 Research Group
Utah State University, Logan, UT, US
Information on the research, theory, applications, conferences, and personnel of the group at Utah State University.

Immunogenetics Database
EMBL Outstation, Cambridge, United Kingdom
A specialized, integrated database containing annotated nucleotide sequence information of genes in the immunoglobulin superfamily, including immunoglobulin, T-cell receptor, and HLA.

InData Group Education Center
Issaquah, WA, US
An effort to promote Dynacom video networking technology, and to contribute to education with a collection of study links.

Independence Federal Savings Bank
Washington, DC, US
Visit "The Nicest Bank in the World" for a mortgage or a student loan tailored to meet specific needs.

Index Server for Hong Kong
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
A robot-built index of Hong Kong Web sites.

Inductel Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Develops and markets computerized reference works for DOS, Windows, and Macintosh. Products include general, medical, legal, scientific, and engineering dictionaries with definitions and hypertext.

Informatica Projectgroep
Diemen, The Netherlands
A dutch software company with over 650 professionals, which develops, maintains and implements information systems for the larger companies in the Netherlands.

International Tarot Institute
Columbia, MD, US
Furthers the study of Jungian archetypes as they relate to the Qabbalistic Tarot.

Internet Wave
VocalTec Inc., Northvale, NJ, US
Available for free download, IWave sets the standard for Internet broadcasting by enabling organizations and individuals to broadcast shows, lectures, discussions, and music in outstanding audio quality.

Interracial Voice
College Point, NY, US
An independent, information-oriented, networking newsjournal serving the interracial community in cyberspace.

Intersé Market Focus
Intersé Corporation, Sunnyvale, CA, US
A Windows-based Internet tracking tool to accurately analyze user activity, providing reports in a graphical, nontechnical way.

Invent Resources
Boston, MA, US
A unique organization comprised of four world-class professional inventors, founded to meet the invention and new product needs of clients.

Istituto per le Tecnologie Didattiche
Genova, Italy
Find links to educational resources, the activities of the institute, and information about the staff.

IWatch Digest Online
TCG/EMarketing Technologies, Norcross, GA, US
The source for locating new and useful resources on the Internet.

Jaycole Advertising, Inc.
New York, NY, US
A one-stop shop for graphic design, specializing in the production of creative promotional materials for the music industry.

The Jerusalem Fellowships
New York, NY, US
A dynamic program of study and touring for a select group of young Jewish men and women. Both winter and summer are scholarships available.

Joaquim Florist & Gifts
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Many new and exciting floral arrangements, as well as innovative gift ideas to help make celebrations even more memorable.

John Marshall High School
Los Angeles, CA, US
1995 National Academic Decathlon champions, and the most photographed high school in television and film. Find campus news and award-winning student-produced TV newscasts.

Hitoshi Ozawa, Kawasaki, Kanagawa, Japan
Information on Japanese freeware and shareware, the Japanese PC market, and popular Japanese commercial software.

Kenneth Anthony Tinkler, Gainesville, FL, US
An unofficial page about the New York Yankees baseball team. Includes team news, the wildcard race, Yankee links, and more.

Kelly's Kids
Jacksonville, FL, US
A high-quality line of children's clothing.

The Key to Philadelphia
The Weightman Group, Philadelphia, PA, US
Information on the city of Philadelphia and Delaware Valley. Covers events, travel, news, shopping, dining, educational institutions, attractions, and Philly HelpNet.

Kingston Design
Vancouver, WA, US
Browse and purchase home plans online. Perfect for homebuyers and builders.

Krypton Neon
Long Island City, NY, US
The Internet's neon shop, featuring neon art, neon signs, neon special effects, neon demonstrations, and links to all things neon.

Encinitas, CA, US
Provides the public with free access to quality legal representation, and gives attorneys a high-tech medium to increase and improve their client base.

Learning Through Collaborative Visualization
Northwestern University, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Evanston; Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
Thousands of students, over one hundred teachers, and dozens of researchers all working together to find new ways to think about and practice science in the classroom.

Libellum Mundi
University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides a short introduction to medieval studies resources on the World Wide Web.

Lingerie Outlet
Solana Beach, CA, US
Specializes in brand name lingerie at discount prices. Hard-to-find sizes (1X-4X) available.

Loskene's Tholian Web
The Tholian Assembly, Boston, MA, US
A site dedicated to Star Trek miscellany as well as the Web author's personal writings, trivia, and image galleries.

Lyon Capitale
Lyon, France
Electronic edition of the French newspaper.

Creative Computers, Torrance, CA, US
Offers a wide array of quality products and services for the Apple Macintosh at super discount prices.

Portland, OR, US
Plenty of pointers to everything and anything to do with the Macintosh.

Martin H. Audet, Attorney & Counselor
Bloomfield Hills, MI, US
Specializes in international corporate consulting, global asset protection, import/export law, and business trade matters.

Master of Technical And Scientific Communication
Miami University, Oxford, OH, US
The MTSC graduate program emphasizes a problem-solving approach to communicating and managing information on specialized subjects.

McCormick Paulding and Huber
Hartford, CT, US
Intellectual property law firm, specializing in patents, trademark, copyright, computer law, technology licensing, and trade secrets.

MCM Productions
Alexandria, VA, US
An information gathering and download site for shareware applications such as OOG, The Object Orientation Game.

Mediocre Site of the Day
Jensen Harris, New Haven, CT, US
Pokes fun at some of the hilarious mediocrity prevalent on the Web. Finally, a site that pays homage to the middle 98% of all Web sites.

Metaflex Corporation
Solana Beach, CA, US
A software development company specializing in load spectrum generation software, for fatigue and damage tolerance analysis.

Michael's Fine Wine and Spirit Merchants
Sarasota, FL, US
An international wine store, complete with wine clubs, a mail order catalog, tastings, micro-beers, and food accessories.

Moksha Foundation
San Rafael, CA, US
A nonprofit organization supporting the teaching work of Andrew Cohen, a contemporary American spiritual teacher.

Montana Territories
Missoula, MT, US
A collection of information on Montana businesses, organizations, and resources.

Morphs For All!
Michael Giles, Oberlin, OH, US
A site allowing users to access the technology of morphing and "be morphed," or get anything else morphed.

The Movie Van
Lahaina, HI, US
Find out what is new in the movies and on video. Also link to the most interactive movie sites on the Web.

The Music AXIS Page
Matt Paolini, Boston, MA, US
Links to the best and most reliable music resources on the Internet.

Mutual Funding Group
San Diego, CA, US
Turn the payments on lottery winnings, annuities, trust deeds, business notes, legal settlements, and jackpot gambling winnings into lump sums of cash.

My Secret Garden Exotic Birds
Shreveport, LA, US
Includes species-specific information and links to other exotic bird resources on the Net.

National Atlas of Canada on SchoolNet
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
This site features interactive learning about Canada and its communities using an interactive mapping tool, a community atlas, and a geographical factbook.

National Environmental and Safety Technologies
San Jose, CA, US
Low-cost environmental compliance and safety consulting service.

Natural Nutrition
Tacoma, WA, US
A small company helping people find solutions to weight control issues, featuring a well known, FDA-approved line of herbal-based products. Also contains articles on health and food-related issues.

Neon Signs From New Marketing Technologies
Miami, FL, US
Neon signs that deliver advertising messages with eye-opening results, day and night.

Nest Internet Technologies
San Jose, CA, US
Provides global advertising on the Internet, custom domain name registration, and secure business transactions over the Web.

Netway Inc.
Netway Inc., Calgary, Canada
Calgary's best Internet service provider.

Network Pros, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
A full Internet service provider offering PPP, Web, Internet telemarketing, order fufillment, and complete network solutions for every size company.

New Faces Talent
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An online talent registry of models, actors, actresses, and child talent. A valuable resource for casting agents, talent scouts, modelling agencies, advertising agencies, and catalogue companies.

DISCscribe Ltd., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
A guide to World Wide Web resources in New Brunswick.

NYT Video Productions
Scranton, PA, US
Specializes in on-location and sound stage production, mobile video remotes, and satellite linking services.

Oakwood Corporate Housing
Mountain View, CA, US
Specializes in locating high-quality corporate housing in over 400 cities, nationwide.

Overseas Connection Inc.
Sag Harbor, NY, US
Provides a forum where users can browse real estate listings available for rent worldwide. List, exchange, buy, or rent a property.

Paris Beer Guide
New York City Beer Guide, New York, NY, US
Offers short descriptions of brew pubs, taverns, bars, and pubs in and around Paris, with photographs of each one.

PC Mall
Creative Computers, Torrance, CA, US
Offers a huge assortment of excellent products, and support for PCs and compatibles at very competitive prices.

Pentagon CDs & Tapes
SoundTrax, Los Angeles, CA, US
A complete and exciting online music store, featuring 150,000 sale-priced titles in five wings, and searchable by album title, artist, song title, or keyword.

Performance Technology
U.S.Coast Guard Training Center, Petaluma, CA, US
A forum for the discussion of performance technology, and instructional design and delivery.

Pet Groomers Page
Kansas City, KS, US
A site dedicated to the pet groomers of the world, complete with groomer humor, pet links, and more.

The Phrase Finder
Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England
A search mechanism for a database of phrases in English. Type in a word and it will return a list of phrases which are related to that word.

The Plastics Network
Commerx, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
An online community serving the plastics industry with a database of over 4,000 companies, offering extensive cross-listings and search features to support suppliers and processors of plastics products.

Postcard Collecting Worldwide
Roger Harvey, Chicago, IL, US
Links to exhibits, collectors, and resources.

Practical Business Solutions
Woburn, MA, US
One of the fastest growing implementation based consulting companies in New England, offering mainframe, midrange, and client/server consulting services.

Premier Electronics
Waltham Cross, Hertfordshire, England
A specialty supplier of PCMCIA cards and standard computer peripheral products.

Prime Time Freeware
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Publishes freely-redistributable software which has been pre-selected, organized, and indexed into a convenient and economical format.

Progress Printing
Lynchburg, VA, US
A tremendous arsenal of digital prepress, sheetfed, half-Web, and full-service bindery technology, dedicated to delighting customers.

Publish RGB
San Francisco, CA, US
The online resource for graphic designers and production specialists working in today's media.

Qualtec Quality Services
North Palm Beach, FL, US
Provides descriptions of the company's products and services, Bob's Hot List, and a demo to download the problem analysis software, "PowerSolve."

Questioning Technology
Frank Beacham, New York, NY, US
A series of essays examining the human implications of prolific information technology. Spider's Pick of the Day, 24 September 1995.

Rain Bird
San Diego, CA, US
Brought to the Web by the people who invented the famous rotating sprinkler head. A world-renowned authority on irrigation systems for commercial and home use.

Rand Knox's Car Buyers' Home Page
CARveat Emptor, San Rafael, CA, US
Tips and consumer advice for anyone about to buy a new or used car.

The Rape Crisis Center
San Antonio, TX, US
Assists and advocates on behalf of rape victims and their families, and develops and implements rape prevention programs across Bexar County, Texas.

Research Resource
Pompano Beach, FL, US
A full-service, online investigative and research service.

Roaring Mouse Entertainment
Westlake Village, CA, US
A "virtual amusement park" featuring contests, jokes, movies, songs, and games for the kid in all of us.

Robert Luttman & Associates
West Roxbury, MA, US
A healthcare, process-improvement, consulting organization specializing in quality measurement, TQM, BPR, and clinical pathways.

Russian Far East Update
Seattle, WA, US
A monthly business briefing on trade and economic developments in the Russian Far East, providing market intelligence and news analysis.

Sacramento Electric Vehicle Association
Sacramento, CA, US
Provides access to a newsletter, as well as information on electric cars.

Savings Resource Center
Internet Association Group, Inc., Jacksonville, FL, US
An informative Web page on savings and retirement planning.

Semper Fi Marine Pride
Marine Pride Association, Oceanside, CA, US
A tribute to the thousands of active, retired, and dead Marines who have served country and Corps for over 200 years.

Signet Banking Corporation
Richmond, VA, US
Offers financial information, online job applications, and comprehensive information about college financing, as well as access to government agencies for interested contractors.

Silly Little Tomte Publications
Philadelphia, PA, US
An electronic publishing enterprise dedicated to the re-emergence of provocative writing in the Information Age.

Strategic Information Research Institute, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A nonprofit corporation that conducts policy research related to national and provincial issues for both the Canadian and British Columbian governments.

Times Mirror Magazines, New York, NY, US
Offers information on how to ski better, where to go, and what to buy, plus the latest in skiing news, and a forum for chatting with Ski and Skiing Magazines' editors and writers.

Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Creates high-end 2-D and 3-D animation software for the communications and entertainment industries.

Soil Physics
Texas A & M University, Lubbock, TX, US
An agricultural research facility which develops and applies mechanistic simulation models for characterizing the water and energy balances of cropping systems in the Texas high plains.

South African Express Airways
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Offers premium-quality, world-class regional air service for southern Africa.

South Florida Magazine
Guru Communications, Miami Beach, FL, US
The area's premiere zine providing information on South Florida's restaurants, art, music, nightlife, and clubs.

Sports Illustrated
Time/Life, New York, NY, US
Outstanding coverage of the world of sports, with special coverage of Cal Ripken's 2,131st game, NFL and college football previews, and a photo gallery.

Stage 1
LaJunta, CO, US
A complete video production and distribution company, specializing in economical services and products.

Successful Marketing Strategists
Berkeley, CA, US
Helps businesses use the Internet to better communicate with customers and others they do business with.

Synthetic Genetics
San Diego, CA, US
A database for conducting online research and the ordering of DNA probes and primers.

Talley Press
San Angelo, TX, US
Check out an online catalog of full-color business cards. Click a mouse, and have customized color business cards shipped within two business days.

Tanais the Fox's World
Vicious Fishes, San Francisco, CA, US
Kids stories, didjeridu (and other instruments too), shamanism, and tattoos all go to show that Tanais the Fox is one strange puppy.

Technical Writer's Help Desk
The Internet Resource Center, Irvine, CA, US
A wealth of tips, checklists, guidelines, and general information about technical writing. Designed to be a quick reference tool for inexperienced as well as veteran technical writers.

Telecom Information Clearinghouse
Telecom Publishing Group (TPG), Alexandria, VA, US
Resources for telecommunications executives, including a telecommunications lingo guide, online focus reports, and a roadmap to the top telecommunications companies, technologies, regulations, and more.

Fujitsu Limited, Tokyo, Japan
Up-to-the-minute news on the most talked-about car models and concept cars, as well as a special online "Motorfreaks" round-table discussion.

Telephonetics International
Miami, FL, US
Produces customized on-hold messages, advertising, and music, for business telephone systems.

Temple City High School
GATE (Gifted And Talented Education), Temple City, CA, US
An informational site about this Southern California high school, produced by the students.

This Way Out
Los Angeles, CA, US
An internationally syndicated gay/lesbian radio program. Founded in 1988, it is now heard in eight countries and on over 85 stations.

Tigerlily by Natalie Merchant
Deepak Saxena, West Lafayette, IN, US
Dedicated to Natalie Merchant, a former member of the group 10,000 Maniacs. Contains photos and lyrics from her solo album Tigerlily.

The Tomb
netfactory.com, Birmingham, MI, US
A multimedia hotspot with state-of-the-art Internet applications for the visitor's viewing and listening pleasure.

Total Exposure Therapy
The Information Organization, Colorado Springs, CO, US
An interactive forum for users to expose their inner selves.

Travel Graphics International's Map & Information Center
Minneapolis, MN, US
A Web site devoted to helping travellers visiting or planning a trip to the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area.

The Tulsa Philharmonic Symphony
Tulsa, OK, US
Offers the best of classical and popular music, and presents chamber ensemble performances and guest artists in addition to their symphony concerts.

UCLA Undergraduate Admissions
University of California, Los Angeles, CA, US
Responsible for the review and decision process for all undergraduate applicants. Find out how to apply, schedule a campus tour, and read prospective student information.

Val-Pak Direct Marketing Systems, Inc.
Largo, FL, US
The company that invented local cooperative direct mail in 1968, making it affordable for businesses to mail coupons to neighborhood homes nationwide.

Vantage Point
Vantage Research, San Francisco, CA, US
Designed for the computer professional, this site contains computer industry news, product announcements, market pricing and pricing analysis, hardware/software trading and listing, and editorials.

Vert Pomme S.A.
Montricher, Switzerland
An advertising and communications agency specializing in the creation and realization of Web pages.

Video and Film Professional Directory
DK Field Productions, Austin, TX, US
A free service for video and film professionals to list their businesses and/or personal home pages.

Virtually Everything
Innovative Internet Marketing Solutions, Wallingford, CT, US
A virtual marketplace with everything from the largest spa company in the world to telephone services.

Virtually South Beach!
Guru Communications, Miami Beach, FL, US
Offers an in-depth perspective of the South Beach community for both visitors and locals.

VisiCraft Document Imaging Toolkit
UNISoft, Inc., Casselberry, FL, US
Provides corporate developers and vertical market ISVs with open-systems, platform-transparent tools.

Visit India via Stamps
Rahul Jain, Morgantown, WV, US
Peruse a collection of Indian stamps, and read about the latest stamp news from India. subdate 812228715

Visone Corvette
Houston, TX, US
The leading Corvette dealership in the United States.

Wace The Imaging Network
Chicago, IL, US
America's largest prepress and print communications company, offering digital imaging and transmission, electronic photo imaging services, color separations, and more.

Washington, D.C. Personal Home Page Registry
Philip A. Hagen, Fairfax, VA, US
A complete list of personal home pages in the Washington, D.C. area, plus featured sites, a registration form, other area information, and home page construction help.

WBAL RadioActive
Baltimore, MD, US
Baltimore's news/talk station. Site includes sports trivia, Orioles baseball, Maryland Terrapins, Cal Ripken RealAudio, Rush Limbaugh, Ron Smith, Allan Prell, and Baltimore community events.

Saugerties, NY, US
Offers real estate listing services to agents, brokers, and magazine and newspaper publishers worldwide.

Web-Net Services
Metairie, LA, US
Web page hosting, unlimited hits, email, FTP, and dial-up access are available.

Web-View Wireless
San Jose, CA, US
Offers a wide variety of wireless data and email products, specializing in Motorola products such as The Envoy, Marco, and the new Personal Messenger PCMCIA wireless modem.

Welcome to the City of Newport Beach
Newport Beach, CA, US
Newport's first attempt to provide information and public services to constituents and interested parties via the Internet.

Wildlife Reserve
La Trobe University, Bundoora, Victoria, Australia
A complex of three reserves dedicated to habitat restoration, the teaching of students in all aspects of the environment, and research into water quality and the ecology of Australian plants and animals.

Willed Body Program
University of California, Irvine, CA, US
A universal program for people to donate their body to medical science, after death. A division of the Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology.

Wingspan, The Aviation Channel
Rockville, MD, US
A cable television channel exclusively for aviation enthusiasts.

The Winter Lodge
Palo Alto, CA, US
The only outdoor ice skating rink west of the Sierras, dedicated to providing quality recreational ice skating programs for the community.

The WitchWord
DreamDaughter Designs, Livonia, MI, US
Enter the world of Ariadne; artist, witch, and dreamer.

World Cup Fantasy Cricket League
University of Essex, Colchester, Essex, England
An imaginary cricket league where users draft a team of international players, and then follow the action and accrue points throughout an entire season.

World-wide Intellectual Resources Exchange
Brighton, East Sussex, United Kingdom
A knowledge brokerage specialized in the transmission of high-level information and expertise around the world. Acts as an impressario to networks of experts and institutions across subject areas.

World-Wide Teddy Bear Show and Artist's Gallery
Thoughtware Media Group, Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Easy-to-use CD-ROM products which provide entertainment for users, and exposure for world-class teddy bear artists.

Writers Block BBS
Penns Grove, NJ, US
Provides games, movie reviews, and links to various electronic magazines, email networks, and other sites of interest.

Zits Page
Genderm, Chicago, IL, US
Lovingly dedicated to those pesky little friends of ours, zits.

Wednesday, 18 October 1995

1996 Space Settlement Design Competition
Berkeley Software Design, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, US
Describes the in-school and national competition phases of this competition for high school students.

386 Assembly Language
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, New Zealand
Learn about Intel 386 assembly language programming. Basic architecture and memory models are covered, including protected mode. Coverage of addressing modes, instruction sets, and interrupt processing are also detailed.

8051 Micro-controllers
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, New Zealand
Learn about Intel 8051 micro-controllers. Basic concepts and architecture are covered, with examples on HLL and Pascal programming.

_Internet Resources_ #13
Heriot-Watt University Library, Edinburgh, United Kingdom
A free newsletter that informs about new and recent Internet resources. Of use to anyone interested in the more serious aspects of the Internet.

AAA Internet Promotions
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Specializes in Web site promotion. Economically submit a Web site to 50 search engines and directories.

The Abraxus Reader
village idiot ink., Seattle, WA, US
An online literary magazine containing interviews, fiction, essays, ramblings, obsessions, and more.

The Academy of American Poets
New York, NY, US
The largest organization in the U.S. specifically devoted to poetry. The site contains new poems by leading poets.

Active Living Alliance
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
Provides information which better enables organizations to provide inclusive active living opportunities to persons with a disability.

Adventure Sports Online
Woodland, CA, US
Information on bicycling, canoeing, kayaking, rafting, backpacking, climbing, skiing, and travel. Manufactures products, tour companies, schools calendars, and more.

AEdile: The Building Industry
SMART srl, Granarolo Emilia, Bologna, Italy
Contains the Web sites of three international building industry trade shows featuring more than 1000 exhibitors each: CERSAIE, SAIE, and SAIEDUE, as well as some of the leading manufacturing firms in this field.

Aesthetic Dentistry Associates
Woodland Hills, CA, US
The first quasi-interactive, online bulletin board for consumers to address issues concerning dental health.

Worcester, MA, US
Since early 1994, AFC has been delivering integrated Web solutions, combining hosting, development, and consulting, and now offers domain mail.

Alpha Surgical, Inc.
Eau Claire, WI, US
A medical device developer and manufacturer. Products for healthcare professionals to make jobs easier and safer.

AlphaBlox Corporation
London, England
A global component software company providing a number of services to its users, including free software and technical support.

American Water Works Association (AWWA)
Denver, CO, US
Information from an international nonprofit scientific and educational society of professionals, dedicated to improving drinking water quality and supply, and to protecting public health.

Analytical Services, Inc.
Charleston, SC, US
A private way to test for abused drugs without a traceable record.

Andy Kane
Baumeister Design & Production, Chicago, IL, US
This acclaimed Chicago artist makes his Internet debut. Check out his recent paintings.

Antarctic Press
San Antonio, TX, US
The latest news and information about Antarctic Press comics, including Warrior Nun Areala, Ninja High School, Gold Digger, and Vampire Miyu. Calendar of releases, issue-by-issue descriptions, and illustrations.

Antares Information Technologies
Hauppauge, NY, US
A leader in direct marketing and data processing, servicing Fortune 500 companies and delivering custom marketing solutions to clients worldwide.

Brentwood, TN, US
A peer discussion group for healthcare risk-management, managed care, and HR consulting professionals.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tokyo, Japan
Provides real, accurate, and sufficient information and statements as they are released about APEC '95 Osaka.

Arise and Build!
University of Virginia Library, Charlottesville, VA, US
A centennial commemoration of the 1895 fire at the University of Virginia that destroyed Thomas Jefferson's Rotunda. Includes Jefferson's original drawings, contemporary photographs, and architectural drawings by McKim, Mead, and White.

The Armchair Scientist/Lo Scienziato in Poltrona
Loris Crudeli, Alba, Italy
A science magazine presenting interesting scientific and technological results in an attractive and unimposing style. In English and Italian.

ARROW Chemistry & Biology
Syncon, Placentia, CA, US
A professional database of resumes for chemists, biochemists, and molecular biologists looking for a job on the World Wide Web.

Tokyo, Japan
Ultra modern, sexy art, rock, theater, club scene in Tokyo.

Artdirect's San Francisco Guide
Santa Barbara, CA, US
A guide to museums, galleries, theater, jazz and classical music, festivals, and architecture. Updated every 24 hours.

Astradyne, Inc.
Glenside, PA, US
Features an in-depth look at airshows all over the U.S., plus other information and products of interest to aviation buffs and pilots.

Stockholm, Sweden
A Web site for Internet communication as well as good people and good coffee.

Atlanta Relocation Services
Atlanta, GA, US
Helps individuals and families relocate to the Atlanta area.

The Atrium
Drea Leed, Bloomington, IN, US
A collection of medieval and renaissance resources.

Authoring Software: Interactive Multimedia
Interactive Media Corporation, Los Altos, CA, US
Produces software for authoring interactive multimedia for presentations, training, education, kiosks, and CD-ROMs.

Axiom Technology, Inc.
Madison, AL, US
Software products, customization, and consulting services for UNIX desktop, embedded VME, and realtime DSP-based systems.

Axon Internet Consulting
Mill Valley, CA, US
A unique Web page builder and online marketer. Visit the page to find out more about AIC and their clients.

Barbara's World Tour
Barbara Sonek, New York, NY, US
A listing of educational resources and lesson plans that would be helpful to teachers or anyone who is interested in art and science.

Bar-Mar Corporation
Woburn, MA, US
Provides many unique services, three of which are medical-related services.

The Basement Gallery Online
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The online mirror to the Basement Gallery, an alternative art space in Melbourne, Australia.

Baumeister Design & Production
Chicago, IL, US
Award-winning expertise in visual communication. BP&D delivers innovative solutions for corporate graphic needs such as print production, creative services, Web publishing, and multimedia.

BayNet Real Estate
Palo Alto, CA, US
The real estate hub for the San Francisco Bay Area, with listings of new and resale homes, loan information, and news.

BBC Scotland's Gaelic Homepage
Glasgow, Scotland
Information and updates about BBC Gaelic-language television programs. Includes links to short sound and video clips in both Gaelic and English. Maintained by Tracy Ullman.

Ronkonkoma, NY, US
A virtual beauty community for businesses that supply product and services to the professional nail technician, hair dresser, and cosmetologist.

Benchmark Communications Systems
North Babylon, NY, US
Long Island's newest and fastest growing Internet access providers, combining great service, low cost, and fast access.

The Berkshire Web
The Vanishing Point, Pittsfield, MA, US
The ultimate resource for Berkshire County, western Massachusetts, U.S.

Beth McIntosh
Acoustic Planet, Jackson Hole, WY, US
A critically acclaimed singer-songwriter and guitarist drawing upon jazz, folk, and blues to acheive her unique sound.

Big Bang!
Media3, Boston, MA, US
A music group landing "...somewhere between today's rock/rap and the Buddy Miles period of Jimi Hendrix' career."

Bill Sergio - Infomercial King (tm)
SST, Inc., Miami, FL, US
Free information on infomercials and television marketing.

BLASEN Objects+Landscapes
Sausalito, CA, US
A garden and furniture design gallery.

Blitz Media
South Natick, MA, US
The spot for marketers and media to come together for advertising news, ad campaigns results, handy resources, and some ad trivia fun.

Blood Monkey Circus
Chicago, IL, US
An online circus where the attractions include a flying flaming pig, Jake the one-eyed freak, and the death chant of Wormland.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Massachusetts
Boston, MA, US
Health and wellness tips from one of the leading names in health services. Also find job listings, plan information, and the award-winning Living Healthy magazine.

Boom Shaka
Los Angeles, CA, US
Information on the band Boom Shaka, and the world's largest online collection of photographs and speeches of H.I.M. Haile Selassie I.

Middle Ground Institute, Luray, VA, US
A country place in cyberspace for cosmic bumpkins, including historical interactive fiction, humor, visitor's guide to the Shenandoah Valley, and more.

Breaking Free Association
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A library of original educational and self-improvement software free for downloading. A must-visit place for students of any age or level.

British Columbia Ministry of Aboriginal Affairs
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Provides current information from the ministry including news releases, publications, and policy documents. Also contains information on treaty negotiations.

Bus Systems and Interfaces
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, New Zealand
Learn all about bus systems and system interfaces. Includes parallel, serial, I2C, SCSII, GPIB, PCI, and more.

BusinessOn Corporation, Inc.
Warwick, RI, US
"The Business Place To Be On The Internet," offering World Wide Web presence and other services.

BusinessWare, Inc.
San Clemente, CA, US
A small, eight-year-old marketing support service company addressing the needs of organizations wishing to have a commercial presence on the Internet.

Great Neck, NY, US
Business Web pages including a guide to electrolysis, a chiropractic referral directory, and a shopping network.

Cafe Internet
Intervid, London, England
A friendly, mainstream Cafe, serving the needs of both tourists visiting Buckingham Palace, and the local Victoria offices.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Women's Volleyball Team
San Luis Obispo, CA, US
An NCAA Division I women's volleyball program, with a long history of success including an NCAA number one ranking.

Cambert Ltd.
Savoy, IL, US
A full-service Web development company offering full Internet access and home page authoring.

Cardio Club Network
Linray Enterprises Inc., Hyannis, MA, US
Quality fitness products for home and corporate use. Everything from single benches to full home gyms, and even aerobic flooring.

Cash Pomer's Inside Edge
Crates & Doodle, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The source of handicap information for professional and college football.

Catholic Information Center on Internet
Newark, NJ, US
A central directory and repository of all data on the Internet that reflects the Magisterium or authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Collectible car posters for people who love classic cars and things related to them.

Cheap Suit Serenaders
Earthquake Estates, Olympia, WA, US
A page dedicated to "R. Crumb's Cheap Suit Serenaders," a string band playing "old-time" music of the 20s and 30s, featuring R. Crumb, the acclaimed cartoonist. Also contains Crumb-related links.

Chez Bonne
Bonne Foods, Inc., Crystal Lake, IL, US
A quality line of gourmet products and foods at very competitive prices.

The Children's Woodshop
Acton, ME, U.S.
Manufacturors of high-quality wooden toys and accessories which are not only fun but teach children good habits as well.

Mountain View, CA, US
Search thousands of San Francisco Bay area listings of cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and RVs. Advertisement listing and search are free.

CLEAR Software
Boston, MA, US
Develops and markets intelligent diagramming and analysis tools that help people define, analyze, and manage their critical business processes.

College Sports Tracking Software
Sophos Software, Decatur, GA, US
Collegiate football and basketball tracking software for Microsoft Windows.

A Commercial News Service
Hove, East Sussex, United Kingdom
A daily news service covering technology applications, indexed by institution, supplier, sector, product, and service.

Martin Business Services, Costa Mesa, Ca, US
Twenty-four hour, 365 days-a-year, help on software, hardware, and Windows '95 with ActionCard.

Computer Management Sciences, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL, US
Designs, develops, and implements integrated information systems to meet an ever-growing variety of customer requirements.

Concept One
Cambridge, MA, US
Provides editorial services for online content providers, and specializes in information synthesis. Offers news summaries of interest to online marketers.

CooLynx of the Day
VirtuaLynx Internet Consultants, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Updated with a unique site every day.

Cultures Boutique
Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
An international gift store that supports alternative fair-trade principles and ethical shopping. Products come from community-based cooperatives in Third World countries.

Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
The first commercial Internet access provider in northwestern Mexico.

The CyNet Fax Network
CyNet, Inc., Houston, TX, US
Free software that allows users to create a document in any Windows application and broadcast it around the world for as little as five cents per page.

Gregg Bishop, Brooklyn, NY, US
The latest in hip-hop music, culture, politics, and information.

Data Institute Business School
East Hartford, CT, US
Offers courses in accounting, wordprocessing, electronic repair, and medical assistance.

Data-Comm, Inc.
New York, NY, US
A full service data-telecommunications company, providing sales, service, and installation of voice, data, and video systems. Computers, networks, and telecommunications.

daVinci Time & Space
San Mateo, CA, US
A leading multi-disciplinary interactive design studio specializing in networked, scalable, reliable products for PC and Macintosh, from Web sites to CD-ROMs.

Dead Famous Comics
Bath, Avon, United Kingdom
An online comic store offering a full catalog of comics, magazines, books, stills, posters, and more.

Deaf Queer Resource Center
San Francisco, CA, US
A national, online resource center featuring links and resource information for and about the deaf lesbian, gay, and bisexual community.

Delusion Boy's Home Page
OTB Productions & Shunyata Sound, Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada
Offers surreal comics, avant merde poetry, a new age advice page, cataclysmic out-of-body rants, and various other altered states of hyper-consciousness.

Department of Plant Pathology
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, US
Describes the educational resources available at this department, including current research goals and student application information.

Destination Plymouth
Plymouth, MA, US
Plan your next vacation to Plymouth, Massachusetts, by receiving a free vacation planner.

Paris, France
A French, online, multiwire news agency covering high tech, environmental, cultural, and business news.

Dr. Earl Mindell's Index of Vitamins and Nutrition
Plan B, Kennewick, WA, US
Dr. Mindell is leading a personal crusade to show individuals how to heal themselves naturally without depending on high-risk prescription drugs.

DW InfoServer
RMIT University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An informational site concerning Melbourne, Australia, the Information Superhighway, banking and finance, sports, an Internet fax server, and more.

EcoLink Journal
Wendee Holtcamp, Pasadena, CA, US
The world's first and only eco-Web journal. Each issue delves into one ecological topic, including real-life stories, photos, scientific information, and links to related Net resources.

Eduardo Kac 1980-1995: A Retrospective Exhibition
Lexington, KY, USA
Documents Eduardo Kac's work, from his early performances to his current exploration of telepresence art.

Eigentech, Inc.
Marlton, NJ, US
A privately-held corporation specializing in the design, development, and introduction of communication products for wide area and local area networks.

EJL Productions
EJL Productions LLC, Waxahachie, Texas, US
Provides multimedia production and distribution. Productions include the new CD-ROM, Jayne Loader's Public Shelter, featuring scenes from The Atomic Cafe.

Elementary Processes in Gasdischarges
Eindhoven University of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Part of the Plasma and Atomic Physics Division within the Department of Applied Physics. Teaching and research concerns gas discharges at relatively low pressures and power input.

Embedded Systems
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, New Zealand
Find out about embedded systems through basic concepts and principles, with examples on generating software for PC's. Many examples, code, software programs, and utilities.

Endeavour Society
The Endeavour Society, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Provides funds for arts, science, and health organizations in Vancouver, Canada.

Eric Burdon's i Band
The Cruz Group, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Information on the musician's new rock band as well as links to other rock 'n roll-related sites on the Internet.

Escape West to Sisters, Oregon
Informat Communications, Sisters, OR, US
Recreation and life in the high desert and cascade mountains of Central Oregon. Lists local horse trails and camps, snowparks, and restaurants, and includes a history and an accommodations guide.

Eternity Enterprises
Houston, TX, US
Offers a variety of advertising services for the Internet and Fidonet style networks. Services include Web and ftp site rental, ad uploads, and page creation.

Exotic Car & Motorcycle Rentals
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Offers the best in exotic automobiles and motorcycles, in beautiful Vancouver, Canada.

Federation for Enterprise Knowledge Development
Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain
An association of leading European companies and universities working together to develop and implement the enterprise business models that are vital to survival in the global market place.

Haifa, Israel
Networking solutions for the workgroup and the enterprise.

FIELD FORCE AUTOMATION through Wireless Technology
DCI, Boston, MA, US
The facts needed to stay current with the latest developments and newest technologies, including connectivity issues and field force automation.

The FilmZone
The Big Gun Project, Santa Monica, CA, US
Showcases the spectacular films - past and present - that tend to fall between the proverbial cracks. More information on the independent and foreign scene than you can shake a boom mic at.

Fischer Pharmaceutical Laboratories
Sunnyvale, CA, US
An international corporation for the research, development, and manufacturing of dermatology preparations, skin care lines, sun protection, eye medicals, and cosmetic products.

Fitter International, Inc.
Calgary, Ontario, Canada
Producers of sports simulation equipment used to develop strength and endurance while helping to improve the functional elements of balance, coordination, timing, and overall body awareness.

For You, Jerusalem
The Welfare Association, Geneva, Switzerland
Organized in Abu Dhabi between 30 October and 5 November 1995, this event will contribute to the rebuilding and furbishing of the city of Jerusalem.

Foundation for Informed Medical Decision Making
Hanover, NH, US
The Foundation's shared decision-making programs help newly-diagnosed patients consider their treatment options. Patients and health care providers praise the program's accuracy, balance, and completeness.

Frank DeFreias Holography Studio
Allentown, PA, US
A 3-dimensional holography resource page. Take an online introductory class, submit questions, and find out where to see holograms. Also includes a bibliography, a gallery, and a gift shop.

FSFG Leasing Corporation
Covina, CA, US
A leader in providing funding for all sorts of business furniture, fixtures, and equipment for start-up businesses.

Gene Technologies Laboratory
College Station, TX, US
A complete DNA laboratory, providing services from sequencing to synthesis.

General Media
Jenkingtown, PA, US
One of the world's most innovative and exciting advertising agencies. Visit the page to win weekly trips in the Lost Dog contest.

Get Hip Records
Pittsburgh, PA, US
An independent music distributor of punk, 1950s and 1960s rock, and anything cool.

Carlsbad, CA, US
Committed to providing the best backup storage solutions available by designing, developing, and marketing high-capacity data storage subsystems.

Gilda Marx
Los Angeles, CA, US
A unique, interactive fashion Web site that utilizes Apple's new QuickTime VR technology, allowing browsers to use their mouse to turn models around and view the outfits from different angles.

Golden Glove Sportscards
Eagan, MN, US
Offers memorabilia, trading cards, baseball cards, football cards, hockey cards, and basketball cards.

Good News Australia!
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
For those wanting the best that life has to offer, this site is a good place to start, with good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Good News Internet Services
Cincinnati, OH, US
A Christian-based Internet provider with Christian resources as well as other interesting things to see and do.

Greek Pages
Newark, NJ, US
Links to over 300 fraternity and sorority chapters on the Web.

Pasadena, CA, US
The first Web design business to specifically target environmental and socially responsible organizations.

Greenville Technical College
GTC Marketing, Greenville, SC, US
Provides information on the college's programs, degrees, services, and educational options. Enrollment information and a virtual tour of the campus is also included.

Gresham, Smith, and Partners
Nashville, TN, US
Architects, engineers, and planners specializing in design for healthcare, corporate, airport, transportation, landscape, and more.

Grolier's Science Fiction: The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction
Danbury, CT, US
Explore the fantastic world of science fiction with the only comprehensive, multimedia reference of its kind.

Heather's Scary Halloween Page - For Kids Only!
Shade's Landing, Apple Valley, MN, US
Users can add their names and what they will be for Halloween on Heather's Halloween Wall, and safety tips are online to ensure a safe and fun Halloween for all.

Heavener High School
Heavener, OK, US
Information on a small, rural public school in Oklahoma, and the Heavener Rune Stone State Park.

Heavenly Electronics
Houston, TX, USA
This company produces a complete line of Christian software including study Bibles, video games, relational databases, church software, multimedia calendars, and newsletters.

HepPage: The Official Hepcats Home Page
Martin Wagner and Denise Voskuil, Chicago, IL, US
A witty, intelligent, moving comic book by writer/artist Martin Wagner, detailing the lives of four friends. Includes images, plot synopses, and other information.

HLB Technology, Inc.
Troutville, VA, US
Third-party developers for CADKEY, MicroStation, and AUTOCAD. Find all types of add-on software that works with these CAD programs.

Homelife Central Island Realty
Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
A realty company servicing Central Vancouver Island.

Homes On-Line
West Lafayette, IN, US
Real estate advertisements designed to provide quick access to information on homes for sale worldwide and to take advantage of the interactivity of the Web.

Hoover's Online
Austin, TX, US
Company information doesn't have to be boring. Enjoy lively company profiles plus free access to more than 8,500 records on public and private companies.

The Horse Mall
International Business Company, Copperas Cove, TX, US
Stores and information for horse and rider. Includes riding and stable equipment, helmets, tack, boots, polo, and supplies.

London, England
Provides design for new media, including CD-ROMs and the Web. Clients include D&AD and Leo Burnett. Find jargon-free texts of guides and articles.

Minneapolis/Raleigh, MN, US
A data processing, software engineering, and systems integrating corporation servicing both commercial and government clients.

Illuminated Graphics
Portland, OR, US
A company specializing in graphic design, illustration, and computer graphics.

Image Refinery Productions, Inc.
Southampton, PA, US
An innovative and easy-to-work-with multimedia development company.

Immune II
Higher Ground Diagnostics, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Information on an artificial intelligence-based anti-virus software program which does not require updates.

Indiana Prevention Resource Center
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, US
A statewide clearinghouse of prevention technical assistance and information about alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. Many links and databases; over 100 full-text documents.

Industrial Solutions, Inc.
St. Albert, Alberta, Canada
Supplier of industrial automation hardware and software, PLC communications, network communications gateways, and more.

In-Home Speech and Language Checklist
Sandy, UT, US
Ensure your child does not fail in speech and language development. Find out how well your child is doing at each 6 months of age with samples from the easily administered checklist.

Intelisoft Multimedia, Inc.
Lisle, IL, US
Contains information on a Linus Pauling video about heart disease, and more detailed information on heart disease, lipoproteins, and L-Lysine.

Intermedia, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA, US
An Internet presence provider which includes online chat rooms at its Web site.

International Mall & Expo Center
Net M Communications, Hot Springs, AR, US
Find online, international shopping, free CD-ROMS, and free classified advertising.

International Private Energy Association
Bethesda, MD, US
A catalyst for the development of viable, private, power markets in industrializing countries which have a growing demand for electricity.

Internet Consulting and Marketing Group, Inc.
Tampa, FL, US
Provides Internet consulting and marketing, Internet advertising, Web page preparation and design, and interactive business presentations.

The Interpreter
The Sphere, Campbell, CA, US
A sci-fi novel wherein dreams are recorded and televised, revealing the darker side of human consciousness.

ISHA - International Subterranean Heritage Association
Belvaux, Belgium
Works for the conservation and sustainable development of the world's subterranean heritage, including caves, underground waters, and archeological sites.

Jack London Square
webmaster@mcanet.com, Oakland, CA, US
A special spot at the water's edge where places for shopping, dining, and daydreaming are all waiting for the interested visitor.

Jamie's Techno Page
Fruity Buckmeister Inc., Exeter, England
Techno music MIDI tips, stories, sound samples, and links to other techno pages in the United Kingdom and elsewhere.

Jeff Hein's Seinfeld Page
Jeff Hein, Madison, WI, US
Features a comprehensive episode guide, pictures of the cast, sound clips, and Seinfeld trivia.

A Jesuit Journey: Jesuits in the Oregon Province
Oregon Province - Society of Jesus, Portland, OR, US
The history and work of the Jesuits in the Northwest U.S., including Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Montana, and Idaho.

Kilian's Chronicle
Lara Classics, Cambridge, MA, US
Information on a new film about an Irish captive who escapes from a Viking ship and is rescued by Native Americans, 500 years before Columbus.

L.A. Models Talent Agency
Los Angeles, CA, US
The largest modeling agency on the West Coast. Access model's pictures, information, and more, or contact the company directly.

Laguna Life Magazine
js Publishing, Laguna Beach, CA, US
Monthly magazine containing information on swimsuits, health and fitness, computer bargains, history, pets, book reviews, travel, astrology, crosswords, gardening, classifieds, recipes, business, and more.

Language Media Center
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, US
Just about the largest collection of foreign language links on the Web, and updated daily.

Tucson, AZ, US
Expert laser/copier toner cartridge re-manufacturing supplies and accessories.

The Laurel Kingdom of the East
Bedford, MA, US
Part of The Society For Creative Anachronism, an international nonprofit group dedicated to researching and reenacting aspects of European culture of the middle ages and Renaissance.

Faculty of Law, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Provides Asian law and business information in both Chinese and English. Includes the full text of PRC law and China Daily.

Lazar & Associates
Santa Monica, CA, US
A global agency providing translation, interpretation, and multicultural marketing and communication resources in more than 50 languages.

Learning Czech
Brno, Czech Republic
A Web site for English speaking people, who wants to learn how to speak Czechoslovakian.

The Lloyds Bank Campus
London, England
Information about the banking and financial services offered to undergraduate and graduate students.

The Look On-Line News and Information Service
New York, NY, US
Provides information to people who work in or who want to know more about the American fashion and beauty industries.

Loravan Canada Corporation
MEDIAfusion, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
A developer of training and scorekeeping products for tennis, hockey, soccer, and baseball, currently looking to license and/or co-market its technology.

Made In The Holy Land
InterX Communications, Inc., Sacramento, CA, US
Produces skillfully hand-crafted, remarkably carved, and elegantly detailed art pieces from pruned olive wood and gems which come from Bethlehem.

Magnetic Poetry Kit
Mercatus, Cincinnati, OH, US
A box containing over 400 magnetized words and word fragments to install on the refrigerator or file cabinet and arrange in poetic prose or verse.

MainSail Communications
Coral Gables, FL, US
A multimedia production company specializing in medical education for patients and physicians, and Web site development and implementation.

Manitoba Internet Resources Page
Internet Xpress, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
A page with links to a variety of Internet resources from, by, or about the Canadian province of Manitoba.

Marine Option Program
University of Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US
A program for undergraduate and unclassified graduate students wanting to choose a career, cultivate an idea, or research most anything involving the ocean.

S.B. Edan Ltd., Lexington, MA, US
A marine mall dedicated exclusively to the purpose of advertising, listing, and displaying marine goods/services of all types.

The Marriage Maze, McLaird's Field Guide for the Journey
Malcomb Morrow Publishing House, Mill Valley, CA, US
This book explains how all relationships stand on two equally important legs: our individual psychological health and practicing relationship techniques with skill.

Matrimony Connections Service
Samer M. Safi, Ypsilanti, MI, US
A private matchmaker club for people of Middle Eastern heritage and non-Arab Muslims. Members can search for potential mates online, but contacts are initiated by the service.

MaxWeb Designs
San Rafael, CA, US
Offers cost-effective implementation of corporate Web sites, and provides marketing and design services.

media merchant
Savannah, GA, US
Search, preview, and download royalty-free production music, sound effects, stock photography, clip art, and fonts from major publishers, artists, and musicians.

Medical AI Systems in Routine Clinical Use
HP Labs, Bristol, England
A list of applied artificial intelligence systems in routine use in medicine, contributed by members of the AI in medicine research community.

WebExposure, Houston, TX, US
Provides non-medical personnel with evaluation and quality reviews of medical diagnoses and treatment programs. Serves the legal, insurance, and hospital industries as well as private individuals.

State College, PA, US
Information on this Pittsburgh-based punk/powerhouse band.

MGM/UA Home Video
Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
Features current rental and sell-through video releases from one of the largest film libraries in the world.

Microfish T-Shirts
Arlington, TX, US
This collection is the P.I.T.S. (Politically Incorrect T-Shirts.) Featuring everything from philosophical bears to vicious piranhas.

MidWare Technologies
Lawrence, MA, US
A distributor of products for migration from proprietary BASIC language environments to Open Systems, UNIX, DOS, Windows, and LANs.

The Missouri Department of Conservation
State of Missouri, Jefferson City, MO, US
Contains information about the natural resources of the state of Missouri.

Modern & Traditional, Inc.
Coppell, TX, US
Browse or download a catalog of original gift ideas.

Molecular Recognition Section
National Institute of Diabetes, Digestive and Kidney Diseases, Bethesda, MD, US
Everything you always wanted to know about purinoceptors, but were afraid to ask. Find published and unpublished results, information on various research areas, receptor nomenclature, and research tools and databases.

Electric Eye Multimedia, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An indispensable online guide to multimedia associations, books, magazines, Internet resources, and employment. It also features original articles and the Canadian Developers Directory.

NAAAP - National Association of Asian American Professionals
Houston, TX, US
A nonprofit organization, whose mission is to promote the personal and professional development of the Asian American community.

Nancy Louise Freeman
Kamakaze Music, Phoenix, AZ, US
The home page for a musician combining American and Middle-eastern folk music for the latest release, Anchored to the Wind.

Native American Artists
Computer Focus, Oklahoma City, OK, US
An art exhibit by prominent Native American artists. Find out how to exhibit works, and how to place orders.

Munich, Bavaria, Germany
A German magazine covering environment, politics, and science. Includes links to good environmental resources in Europe.

NBA Statistics
Brian Swane, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Features up-to-date statistics on all 29 NBA teams.

New York, NY, US
Provides organizations with a presence on the largest online medium, the World Wide Web.

New School for Social Research
New York, NY, US
Information about the seven academic divisions within the first American university, founded for adults.

New World Data Corp.
Floral Park, NY, US
Find out about Icebox Online, an Internet service provider offering email, FTP, personal and commercial home pages, MUDs and MOOs, and much more.

New York Philharmonic
Pegasus Internet, Inc., New York, NY, US
Offers artist biographies, season schedules, historical information from the archives, and more for America's first orchestra.

NeXstar Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
San Dimas, CA, US
Researches and develops ogligonucleotide-based pharmaceuticals. These proteins provide the basis for medications that bind and inhibit the activity of disease-causing molecules.

North Alabama Industrial Development Association (NAIDA)
Decatur, AL, US
A nonprofit organization devoted exclusively to the location and development of industry in North Alabama.

North American Wing Chun Association World Connection
Master's Realm, Inc., Gainsville, FL, US
Overviews the Ying Gi Ga Wing Chun martial art system, developed by Grandmaster Philip Holder.

The Northern Concord
Manchester, United Kingdom
An entirely voluntary social, self-help, and support group for transvestites and transsexuals.

Nugget Newspaper
Sisters, OR, US
Oregon's first newspaper on the Internet. Visit the small western town of Sisters and read our front page.

Netline Publications Ltd., St Helier, Jersey, Channel Islands
An index of resources for the international offshore finance industry. Includes regulatory information, corporate advertising, and a comprehensive link to financial sites across the Net.

Online Camera Exchange
San Diego, CA, US
Find and sell used/collectible cameras with this catalog of wooden cameras, underwater cameras, spy cameras, and camera-related accessories.

Oregon Republican Mainstream Committee
Portland, OR, US
A group of active, concerned Republicans who stand for an open, inclusive party and its core historic values: individual rights and economic freedom within a system of limited government.

Orpheus Fiction and Poetry Cafe
David P. Shreiner, M.D., Pittsburgh, PA, US
Sample chapters of electronic books and poetry, philosophy on the writing life, and reader and writer complaints.

Ortho Active Appliances Ltd.
Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Manufacturer and distributor of orthopedic, prosthetic, sports injury, and healthcare products.

Osmose International Club
London, England
Aims at those wishing to develop social, cultural, and even business lives by meeting fellow members and making new friends through exclusive social and cultural venues.

Oxyfresh Independent Distributors
Cedar Hills, UT, US
Information about the company and the line of pet care, home care, fat loss, nutrition, hair care, and skin care products.

Pacific Southwest Research Station
USDA Forest Service, Berkeley, CA, US
Includes information about research and publications. Also provides pertinent library services, links to various databases, and other services.

Pat's Games & Printing
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Links to games, technical information, entertainment, and tips for printing and photocoping.

PC Multimedia & Entertainment Magazine
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
The Web editions of the popular DOS-based PC games magazine, featuring hot news, objective reviews, insightful interviews, and free give-away contests every month.

Penn State Graduate Students in Communications
State College, PA, US
Provides a forum for the discussion of issues related to the scholarly examination of all forms of communication.

The Peter Storn Project
Kamakaze Music, Phoenix, AZ, US
A group of musicians based primarily out of Phoenix, Arizona, dedicated to highly expressive, instrumental jazz with a contemporary sound.

PLATO Education System
TRO Learning, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, US
Provides a comprehensive computer-based curriculum to learners in a variety of settings, from traditional secondary schools to the workplace.

Portsmouth Weather Records Service
Portsmouth, VA, US
Some of the best weather links, forecasts, and summaries important to residents of southeastern Virginia.

Positive Words
Positive Word Ministries, Inc., Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
A practical blend of business motivation and inspiration books. Read online the complete first chapter of the new paperback Outdo, Outwit & Outperform.

The Production Room
New York, NY, US
Dedicated to providing all the latest information on the production of urban music. Contains information on sampling, legal issues, technology, old records, emerging producers, and more.

Programming Tips
J Adrian Zimmer, Grand Forks, ND, US
Two new tips for producing correct and maintainable software, posted once per month.

Rockville Centre, NY, US
A guaranteed-effective page promotion service. Some free services available.

P.R. PR, Inc., New Orleans, LA, US
An electronic news bureau for media. Clients include Best Foods, Bayou Steel, and Tulane University.

Pueblo To People
Houston, TX, US
A nonprofit organization marketing high-quality handicrafts and organic food items from over 100 cooperatives and production groups, in eleven Latin American countries.

Questionnaire Survey on Nuclear Testing
Maebashi Junior High School, Chiba City, Japan
Helps junior high school students discuss the world's peace and environmental problems.

RADAC: Residents Against Drugs and Crime
Aurora, CO, US
Citizens are given a mechanism to actively and safely fight crime in their neighborhoods, parks, and shopping centers.

Real Radio 104.1 FM
Orlando, FL, US
The Internet presence of a rock radio station operating in the Cocoa Beach/Orlando area of Florida.

Realsoft, Chatham, Ontario, Canada
Information about the Real3D modeling and animation system, the most powerful animation software on the desktop.

Riverestate Guest House
Hanalei, HI, US
A bed and breakfast and vacation rental on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. It is a favorite for honeymooners and adventure travellers alike.

RMC Club Vancouver Branch
Vancouver, British Clolumbia, Canada
A site designed to help ex-cadets and members of the Royal Military College of Canada Club's Vancouver Chapter, stay abreast of Club activities.

Romanian American Chamber of Commerce
Bethesda, MD, US
A nonprofit corporation established to facilitate opportunity development, networking, information exchange, and cooperation between the U.S. and Romanian businesses.

RSI Manager
Corsair Software Limited, Christchurch, N/A, New Zealand
Corsair Software Ltd. has created a line of PC software to limit Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI), Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, and other VDU-related illnesses. Evaluation copies are available for downloading.

SABRE European Integration Technology Group
Hounslow, Middlesex, England
Open the world of travel technology and access the award-winning SABRE travel information network.

Saint Paul Public Schools
Saint Paul, MN, US
A diverse urban school district with more than 41,000 students, 68 schools and 6,700 employees.

The Salvation Army
Mega Leader International Incorporation, Hong Kong
The Hong Kong extension of the international religious and charitable organization.

Sandia Labs Science/Math Carnival Catalog
Sandia National Laboratories, Livermore, CA, US
A detailed listing of the 15 hands-on science/math demonstrations which are designed to make learning basic scientific concepts exciting for K-12 grade students.

Sarena's Tarot Page
Oklahoma City, OK, US
A Tarot resource for novices and experts alike. Updated regularly with new interesting views on the Tarot and related subjects.

Scandal and Incompetence in Denmark
YARC Systems, Los Angeles, CA, US
This resource catalogs a tale of burglary, intrigue, and international commercial terrorism, resulting from an investment in Denmark.

Search Technology Net-Sales
Atlanta, GA, US
A site that helps enterprises enhance their customer services by producing and hosting innovative World Wide Web presentations at a good price.

Sheep Shearing Festival
InterAccess Technology Corp., Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Three fun-filled days of wild and wooly demonstrations and hands-on activities, held at the Central Experimental Farm in Ottawa.

Slipshod Productions - Baktrax
Hampshire, United Kingdom
Creates midi music files for professional and non-professional use. Search the online catalog.

The Software Construction Co.
North Billerica, MA, US
Developers and publishers of PC shareware software. Diamond Data is a baseball and softball statistics tracking program, and On This Day answers the question, "what happened on this day in history?"

Software Contractors' Guild
Nottingham, NH, US
A place where software contractors and consultants can advertise their services, and where business persons who are looking for a contractor can find one.

Frederick, MD, US
A site for the pioneer in terrestrial photovoltaic technology including a description of products and services, recent activities, and links to other useful solar sites.

Southwest MusicNet
Taos, NM, US
From the heart of the rocky mountains comes this selection of the best regional artists of the Southwest U.S.

The Space Page
US Air Force Space & Missile Command Program Management Directorate, El Segundo, CA, US
Contains a wealth of information on space, aerospace, and aviation topics, including links to other sites.

Spiritualized Electric Online
BMG Alternative, London, Enland
A web site for fans of Spiritualized and Spacemen 3. Find out how to answer that perplexing question, "Who is that man?"

Springfield Massachusetts Department of Public Works
Springfield, MA, US
Information about the Springfield Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility and the Solid Waste Division (recycling).

St. Mary's Ryken High School
Leonardtown, MD, US
An Xaverian Brothers sponsored school, providing college preparatory education in St. Mary's County, Maryland.

Stable Mates Marketplace
Royston, GA, US
The largest equine marketplace in the Southeast U.S., with a bi-monthly publication distributed free to over 1000 equestrian facilities.

Starpaul's Directory
Happiness Enterprises, Kona, HI, US
A collection of home-based business opportunities ranging in start up cost from free to $1,500.

STS-73 Cat Crew
Reston Communications, Reston, VA, US
The utterly unofficial home page for the STS-73 space shuttle mission.

San Francisco, CA, US
An inside source for reports on state-of-the-art crass commercialism, appalling lows in creativity, and oppressively misguided shams on the Net. Updated every weekday.

Symposium on the Quality and Safety of Plasma Products
http://www.cyber.nl, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Information on this symposium, occurring on 19 October 1995, intending to bring together the private and public sectors of the plasma products industry.

Synergy Racing Syndicate
Groningen, The Netherlands
A boat racing organization competing in the Whitbread Round the World Race and the America's Cup. Find racing results and images of the Whitbread sixty.

Tallard Technologies, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
An international distributor of high-technology computer and telecommunications systems and applications.

The Tao of Guitar CityŠ
Richard Holtzin & Associates, Albuquerque, NM, US
A 20 volume encyclopedia devoted to training people in all aspects of the guitar. Produced by a professional guitarist and music teacher with 35 years of experience.

Technology Transition Corporation
Washington, DC, US
Provides management and membership services to energy-related commercialization/development organizations for photovoltaics (solar electric), fuel cells, hydrogen, and biomass.

Telecom '95 Sweden
Goteborg University and Chalmers University of Technology, Goteborg, Sweden
Event information and media services concerning this exhibition in Geneva, Switzerland.

Textures and Backgrounds Wonderland Hotlist
Gini Schmitz, Oxnard, CA, US
A hotlist of links to cool sites which display textures and background samples for downloading.

Thomson Learning TOOLS
Cincinnati, OH, US
A publisher of K-12 curriculum materials and software, specializing in computer education, keyboarding, language arts, and technology education.

The Thoroughbred Link
Mort Shirazi, Lexington, KY, US
Dedicated to the improvement of horse racing and breeding.

Beaver, PA, US
A local internet provider in Beaver and western Allegheny County. Site includes links to local weather, sports, national news, entertainment, and youth information.

Top Audio
APAF, Milan, Italy
A simple guide to the best hi-end products available on the Italian market.

Tracks Of Creation
Borcek, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A World Wide Web zine focusing on heavy metal and other forms of hard music.

Bran Castle, Providence, RI, US
A virtual trip to the real and the unreal. A vampire's lair of information about this Eastern European country.

Trevigen, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD, US
A biotechnology company focused on developing novel reagents and kits for the study of DNA damage, gene repair, and apoptosis.

TRI International
TRI Realty/TRI West, Harrisonburg, VA/Los Angeles, CA, US
A licensed real estate brokerage company that markets vacation timeshares, and specializes in buying, selling, resales, renting, exchanging, and auctions of resort properties.

Trix Systems, Inc.
Chelmsford, MA, US
Software for automatic paper-to-CAD conversion, scanning, redlining, engineering image format translation, and more.

United Wisconsin Services, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI, US
A leading managed care and employee benefits company, serving markets in 30 states, with the largest HMO operation in Wisconsin.

UNIX and awk
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, New Zealand
Learn all about UNIX and how to program in awk with this new interactive course. Heaps of examples, references, and online tests.

Urban Legends: A Modern Fantasy
Visionary Publishing, Old Brookville, NY, US
An ongoing storytelling game based on OtherWorlds MUX and inspired by DeLint, Lackey, and Vertigo Comix to name a few. Tarot is used to inspire and guide storytelling.

North Brunswick, NJ, US
The Central New Jersey chapter of STARFLEET, the international Star Trek fan association.

Vanderbilt Museum and Planetarium
WebScope, Centerport, NY, US
Visit and get a feel for what the museum has been providing its visitors since 1950. Take a virtual tour of the museum, and sample some of its wealth of treasures.

Vandergrift's Special Interest Page
Professor Kay E. Vandergrift, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, US
Primarily for those interested in children's literature, young adult literature, adult literature, and feminist and women's studies.

View of Geneva
Television Suisse Romande, Geneva, Switzerland
A nice view of Geneva, including the Fountain, as taken from the TSR tower using a Logitech PhotoMan Pixtura camera.

Violin Making by Hans Johannsson
hansi@centrum.is, Reykjavik, Iceland
Find the works of this craftsman, including samples of sound and pictures of his instruments

Virtual Blackpool
Digital Resorts UK, Blackpool, Lancashire, United Kingdom
Provides information for the tourist and business traveller alike on Britain's undisputed capital of entertainment.

The Virtual Golfer
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
A first-class Web site run by average golfers that provides articles, course reviews, and tour information.

virtually react
Parade Publications, New York, NY, US
A Web magazine for teenagers, featuring news, jokes, contests, stupid stuff to send to people, and more factoids than humans should admit to knowing.

Visitors To Canada "GST/PST" Tax Refunds
Data Pro Incorporated, George Town, Grand Cayman Island, British West Indies
Providing a tax retrieval service for visitors to Canada that qualify for a Goods and Services Tax (GST) and/or Provincial Sales Tax (PST) refund.

VMFX Simulations, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
Custom virtual reality for industrial and entertainment applications, location-based entertainment, animation, graphic design, and more.

W3Net Communications
Salisbury, New Brunswick, Canada
Offers Web services aimed at home-based and small businesses, at excellent rates.

The Wacky Patent of the Month
The Law Office of Michael J. Colitz, Jr. and Associates, Tampa, FL, US
Devoted to recognizing selected inventors and remarkable and unconventional patented inventions.

Washington Technology Online
Vienna, VA, US
A strategic technology, business, and government policy news and resource tool for technology executives on the bleeding-edge.

West Virginia Rehabilitation Research and Training Center
Cross Lanes, WV, US
An information resource for vocational rehabilitation and disability issues. Offers the Project Enable Information System, the Job Accommodation Network, and more.

The Western Mall
International Business Company, Copperas Cove, TX, US
Stores and information for the Western lifestyle. Features hats, cowboy clothes, and equipment.

White Whale
Media3,Inc., Plymouth, MA, US
New England's largest selection of whale, dolphin, and nautical collectibles.

Will Calhoun's Web Site
Bronx, NY, US
Information on the drummer from the band Living Colour.

Woodrow Information Service
Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN, US
Economic data and information, including the entire Beige Book report, text of publications and electronic subscriptions, and economic education materials.

Workers of America
Springfield, VA, US
A membership organization dedicated to working for the betterment of the American worker, the condition of American business, and American society as a whole.

World Wide Business Center
Hang Ten Internet Development, Inc., Duluth, GA, US
Provides Internet users with a unique mix of services, including a career network, a training forum, and company profiles.

WTUS 102.7
Richland Radio, Inc., Fairmont, WV, US
West Virginia's first radio station to have a full-service page on the Web.

WWW Chemicals
Syncon, Placentia, CA, US
Combines the product catalogs of individual chemical companies and allows users to search the entire database at once.

Y100, WHYI 100.7 FM
Deerfield Beach, FL, US
An adult contemporary music radio station in South Florida.

Yachting Magazine, New York, NY, US
The online version of Yachting Magazine.

The Yuckiest Site on the Net
New Jersey Online, Jersey City, NJ, US
Uses eye-popping graphics and yucky, yet fascinating subject matter, to turn site visitors into science enthusiasts.

Friday, 20 October 1995

101 Pacific World Center
Pacific West Enterprises, Torrance, CA, US
A unique center which provides mall space, a shopping center, an employment and business center, a film industry resource center, a food and dining center, and a nonprofit center.

Aaron Companies
Bensenville, IL, US
One of the world's leading dealers in process equipment. Their inventory contains the largest selection in the industry.

Charles Puls & Company, Lincolnshire, IL, US
Integrates business-to-business sales and marketing solutions for bottom-line results. Traditionally an advertising agency, this company now integrates new media solutions.

Active Living Canada
Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
A national, independent, nonprofit organization representing local, provincial/territorial, and national organizations dedicated to the promotion and development of active living in Canada.

adams apple communications group
adams apple communications group, Orlando, FL, US
Provides basic, economical home page design and Web advertising in both English and Spanish.

Dave Dumanis, San Francisco, CA, US
A weekly critique of advertising. The personal take of a San Francisco copywriter on new ads, new media, and the state-of-the-industry.

Milwaukee, WI, US
A supplier of industrial automation products and services including logic processors, power and motion control devices, operator interfaces, sensors, software, and technical support.

Amani International
Madison, WI, US
A 2-year-old company specializing in the import and export of cross-cultural products, and publishers of African Wildlife Calendars.

The Anarchy Organization
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An emerging center for alternative information, this site includes: The Anarchives Freedom Press, Conspiracy Nation, TAO Electronic Library, Grafitti Wall, The Bud Page, Free Links, and Email Information Centre.

Knoxville, TN, US
A growing business geared toward generating computer animation and multimedia projects for promotional and educational needs.

Parallel Performance Group, Chadds Ford, PA, US
Offers a software package for business re-engineering which combines a high-level, business-oriented view with document work flow, software engineering, activity-based costing, and project management.

Denver, CO, US
The Web page of the Anti-Rockies Movement, a group of folks who are tired of the hype surrounding the Colorado Rockies major league baseball team.

Artificial Reef Index Page
Reef Ball Development Group, Ltd., Doraville, GA, US
Learn how to restore an ailing coral reef, and how to build a fishing or diving structure.

Trident Software, Inc., Arlington, VA, US
Software and CD-ROM screensavers of famous paintings by Gauguin, Monet, Cezanne, Leonardo, and more.

Arvida Realty Sales, Ltd.
Boca Raton, FL, US
Real estate listings from a name respected all over the world for its commitment to excellence, a name associated with the growth and development of Florida itself.

Asana of the Day
Mindy Maxwell, Longwood, FL, US
Features a new yoga posture each day in picture, written instruction, and sound. The page includes a list of recommended yoga resources.

Asia Travel
Asia Internet, Inc., Singapore, Republic of Singapore
Free hotel and resort reservation services for Internet users going to Thailand, Nepal, Phillippines, Hong Kong, Bali, and Laos.

Atar Electronic Productions
Jerusalem, Israel
Specializes in the creation of Web sites, using all the available multimedia tools on the Web.

The Atlas to the World Wide Web
Ziff Devis Press, Los Angeles, CA, US
Contains information on the history and growth of the Web, getting access to the Web, and basic HTML, as well as reviews of over 800 different Web sites.

The Bald is Beautiful Homepage
Pat Anderson, Chicago, IL, US
Promotes the healthy acceptance and enjoyment of the natural balding process.

Bannister Research & Consulting
Bridgeport, VT, US
An environmental consulting service specializing in water supply and groundwater exploration using geology, hydrogeology, geophysics, remote sensing, and dowsing.

Freerange Media, Seattle, WA, US
The official site, with weekly updates on the world's most-watched television show. Also includes video previews, insider information, photos, trivia, and contests.

Beth McIntosh
Acoustic Planet, Jackson Hole, WY, US
A critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter and guitarist. Check out her home page for more information, audio clips, tour schedules, and more.

The Biomass Energy Alliance
Washington, DC, US
Tracks biomass energy-related legislation and events. Biomass energy is a sustainable resource that can be made into ethanol, or used as a fuel for producing electric power.

Black & Veatch
Overland Park, KS, US
An engineering and construction firm working in the areas of energy, environment, hydrocarbon processing, and architecture.

Black Widow Design
Chicago, IL, US
Provides internet consulting and Web page design for corporations and individuals in the Chicago area.

The Blue Marlin Web
Boca Raton, FL, US
A guide to deep-sea fishing hotspots around the world. Regional fishing reports are updated regularly.

Bob Derr Does Lingerie
Robert Derr, Houston, TX, US
Color and black-and-white digital images by a Houston digitographer.

Bolt Beranek and Newman, Inc.
Cambridge, MA, US
Features ongoing commentary from industry leaders on the future of multimedia communications, Internet business use, and background on the company, its products, and services.

Vineyard Haven, MA, US
The Internet technical bookstore with unbeatable prices, offering O'Reilly titles at 30-35% off and worldwide shipping.

Braniff International
Bill Jackson, Dallas, TX, US
A gathering site for former employees of Braniff International, once the nation's eighth-largest airline, which closed its doors in 1982.

Bright Lights Film Journal
San Francisco, CA, US
A popular-academic hybrid of movie analysis, history, and commentary, looking at classic and commercial, independent, exploitation, and international films from a wide range of vantage points.

Broadway Travel & Tours
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A high-quality outbound and ticketing company providing value to clients the world over. A special package to Sabah, where the next total solar eclipse is due to occur, is currently offered.

Brooks/Cole Publishing Company
Pacific Grove, CA, US
A publisher of authors and ideas, books, software, and multimedia, and committed to publishing the very best in learning materials for the academic community.

Broward Community College
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Provides higher education, and technical and occupational training for the citizens of Broward County. Located in south Florida, the college has three campuses and two centers.

Object Arts, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
A collaborative database of the HTML support provided by various browsers. It is also a way for users to vote and comment on how their browser handles various bits of HTML.

C Central
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, New Zealand
Learn to program in C with this new interactive course. Lots of examples, sample code, references, and online tests.

Chappaqua, NY, US
A wonderful mix of music information and political activism.

Cabana Resorts
San Diego, CA, US
Vacation one week a year for the rest of your life at one-tenth the cost. Check out the money-back guarantee and free gift offer.

Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
Brings together teachers, administrators, researchers, coaches, students, and others who have an interest in the fields of physical education, physical activity, health, fitness, recreation, and dance.

Caldwell Aviation Association, Inc.
Fairfield, NJ, US
A nonprofit organization dedicated to aviation safety and education at Essex County Airport in Fairfield, New Jersey. Get the latest news and announcements from the airport, read interesting stories, and meet members and their aircraft.

The Campus Chronicle
University of Massachusetts, Office of Public Affairs, Amherst, MA, US
Find out what is going on at the university. Read the latest news, and find links to other important information.

The Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
Arena Communications, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Canada's oldest, artist-run center distributes the works of over 400 members. The searchable catalogue describes each of the over 1000 films available and the cost of rental.

Canadian Journal of History
University of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
A peer-reviewed scholarly journal of international stature, published since 1966. Covers a wide range of historical fields and methodologies.

Carmel Internet
Carmel, CA, US
Features an innovative strategic alliance plan to help companies do business on the Internet.

Carmel Internet, Carmel, CA, US
The beauty and excitement of Carmel and the Monterey Peninsula on the Internet.

Center for Ecological Sciences
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
Information on ecology, biodiversity, wildlife, and cultural diversity in India, as well as non-conventional energy, sustainable development, animal behavior, and the contents page of the journal, Current Science.

Central Pennsylvania Business Network
Target Markets, Inc., Lancaster, PA, US
The link to businesses and resources on the Internet about central Pennsylvania.

Independent Charities of America, San Francisco, CA, US
Houses information and email addresses for over 400 national and international charities, organized by type of service.

Citel Surge Protectors, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
Communications-line surge protection has been overlooked for a long time, but cannot be ignored anymore. Find out why.

The Civic Center of the Internet
Unlearning Foundation, Santa Cruz, CA, US
The primary focal point for direct democracy on the Internet. Help them put the issues on the ballot and let the majority rule.

CNI Telecom
Offers flat-rate long distance service that is as much as 60% lower than the rates charged by the Big 3 carriers, and donates 2% of its customers' long distance charges to nonprofit organizations.

Boulder Creek, CA, US
A cafe in the California Redwoods. Checkout the upcoming events, fantastic menu, guestbook, coffee history, and more.

College of Architecture and Urban Planning
The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Find information on academic programs, people at the college, and upcoming lectures and exhibitions.

College of Engineering
University of California, Santa Barbara, CA, US
Incorporates chemical engineering, computer science, electrical and computer engineering, materials, and mechanical and environmental engineering. Find out about special events, development, and much more.

Colorado Woodland Properties
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Some of the finest property available in Colorado can be found at Cap Rock Ranch and Sunrise Ridge Ranch, located in the mountains near Colorado Springs.

Comics, Etc.
Jenkintown, PA, US
The latest in comics, sport and non-sport cards, Star Trek and Star Wars collectibles, X-Files paraphernalia, music, and more.

Confoederatio Helvetica
Swiss Federal Authorities, Berne, Switzerland
The official source for documents from the Swiss federal authorities of parliament, government, and federal court. Most documents are in German, French, or Italian, but some are in English.

Contractors Guild of America
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Provides free consumer advice; tips on hiring contractors; referrals to approved, licensed, insured members of the guild; and use of their investigative services.

Corporate Agents, Inc.
Wilmington, DE, US
Offers informative resources to business owners and entrepreneurs interested in incorporating quickly and easily. The site includes a new section each month.

Cove Software Systems
Kent Narrows, MD, US
Provides Web server rental services, including administration.

Cutter & Co. Brokerage, Inc.
St. Louis, MO, US
Traditional brokerage services at discount rates, plus educational and informational Web pages for both experienced and new investors.

Atlanta, GA, US
This delicious, but fiery, hot sauce is a perfect booster for chilis, barbecue sauces, Bloody Marys, eggs, and maybe even oatmeal for the truly devout chile-head.

The Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy
Copenhagen, Denmark
Maintains administrative and scientific tasks concerning energy, planning, and the protection of nature. The Ministry has made many publications available on Internet and acts as a host for environmental organizations.

Data Connection Limited
Enfield, Middlesex, England
Develops core systems software technology for the major players in the computer industry.

DataCom Central
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, New Zealand
Learn about data communications with this new course. Includes examples, references, and online tests.

Diagnostic Clinic of Houston
Houston, TX, US
Provides information on Houston-area physicians and their specialties, and answers healthcare questions.

Digital Deli Serves Up Delicious New Site
Digital Deli, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
A fun and valuable resource for developing Web sites and Director-based CD-ROMs. Using a unique graphical environment, viewers can download free movies and games.

Digital Reflections
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Awesome Web authoring and hosting using the latest technology in video, audio, and graphics.

Doyle Publishing Company, Houston, TX, US
For those interested in commercial diving, ROVs, underwater contracting and marine technology. It includes a calendar of events and a recreational diving page.

Dorothy Lane Markets
Dayton, OH, US
The stores that accommodate. A source for recipes and healthy alternatives, and home of the world-famous Killer Brownie and Heavenly Ham.

New York, NY, US
Offers complete Internet services, including the design, building, and hosting Web sites. Also provides business-class Internet access nationwide.

Dyslexia, the Gift
ParentsPlace.com, Burlingame, CA, US
Promotes an understanding of dyslexia and its potential for genius. Resources for parents, teachers, and dyslexics.

EA Productions
Federal Way, WA, US
The makers of Casino Gambler and The Money Machine. Provides updates on new games, hints and secrets on the latest games, and free version upgrades and downloads.

Editorial Haikus
JYNC, Arecibo, Puerto Rico, US
Always wanted to do editorial cartoons but couldn't draw? Think it is too much work to write news commentary? Here is the perfect solution.

Eigentech, Inc.
Marlton, NJ, US
A data communications product engineering company specializing in PC-based products for branch-office-to-central-office connectivity.

Electric Quilt Company Product Support
Eileen Thompson Lehner, Tyrone, PA, US
Contains many instructional tips, class offerings, ordering information, and a gallery of quilt images made with their software.

Electromechanical Systems Branch
NASA, Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, US
Responsible for space flight hardware and control system software for spacecraft mechanisms and structures. A host of activities from conceptual design through fabrication, assembly, test and spacecraft integration.

EMC Technical Services, Inc.
London, Ontario, Canada
An electrical engineering consulting firm, specializing in power quality, harmonics, power factor, energy, lighting, grounding, EMC, and more.

EMS Systems, Incorporated
Palos Heights, IL, US
Chicagoland's premiere full-service computer training facility, specializing in software and hardware training, consulting, and support, including Internet training.

Energy Quest
California Energy Commission, Sacramento, CA, US
Brings students in grades K-12 information about energy, such as where it comes from, how it is used, and how to save it. Also contains resources for parents and teachers.

The Entertainment World
Proceed Co., Ltd., Akasaka, Tokyo, Japan
Information on Japanese musicians, actors, and actresses.

Austin, TX, US
Redefines advisory consulting by globally linking its talented associates via the Internet, allowing clients worldwide to access technical and scientific expertise at a low cost.

Redondo Beach, CA, US
A market-research company establishing a database of netizens available for participation in online surveys.

Family Violence Prevention Fund
San Francisco, CA, US
Includes several interactive areas, including The Facts, The Simpson Trial, and Celebrity Watch. Each section contains suggestions for simple, effective actions for preventing family violence.

Far Gone
Todd Brendan Fahey, Lafayette, LA, US
A Web zine of fiction, poetry, and interviews. The inaugural issue features rollicking conversations with Ken Kesey and Timothy Leary on things sundry and psychedelic.

Farmerville Church of Christ
Farmerville, LA, US
Contains Bible studies, sermon outlines, and short articles. College-level Bible courses in Spanish are available through a distance-learning program.

Seattle, WA, US
An independent voice for film writing. Over 20 professional writers offer their insights, and active discussion boards let users voice their opinions.

New York, NY, US
Access a database of hundreds of industry reports, sample survey data, and receive consultation from experts at this worldwide research and consulting firm.

Finesse Software
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
A dedicated group of information technology professionals highly skilled in the banking and finance industries, especially in the client-server environment. Also distributes, develops, and consults on an extensive range of Lotus Notes application software.

Finnish Studies
University of California, Berkeley, CA, US
Find information about studying Finnish at this university. Also includes resources and links related to Finland, Finnish, Finland-Swedish, and Samiland.

Folk Song Society of Greater Boston
Somerville, MA, US
Sponsor of a monthly concert series, periodic workshops, monthly singing parties, weekly sings, a newsletter, and maintainer of an extensive library of folk music resources.

Food and Drug Administration Center for Veterinary Medicine
Virginia Polytechnic Insitute, Blacksburg, VA, US
Includes information on center activities and policies, veterinary drug manufacturing and approval guidelines, and contact information.

Forrest Sherman/Naples High School Alumni
Matt Knutson, Juneau, AK, US
An alumni page for those having attended or taught at Forrest Sherman High School in Naples, Italy.

Fourth International WWW Conference, 11-14 December 1995
DCI, Boston, MA, US
An opportunity for companies to pitch their products to over 2,000 industry experts at this conference.

FPMI Communications
Huntsville, AL, US
Offers a variety of information on the federal government's human resources program.

Free Golf Tips By Pro Golfer Bob Mann
Bob Mann, Napomo, CA, US
Provides golfers with almost everything they want to know. Receive a free, full-year subscription.

Fresa International
Cape Canaveral, FL, US
Offers the latest state-of-the-art consumer electronics, nutritional supplements, and skin care systems.

FunkyWorld Records
Stafford, England
Order vinyl dance music, hardcore, techno, gabber, house, garage, hip-hop, and more, online.

G & L Enterprises
Aurora, CO, US
Hosts a health store, a general store, advanced microcomputer services, and a section for business opportunities.

Gallery 21
Carmel, CA, US
Eyvind Earle is best known for his work in Disney film classics, and is represented on the Internet by this gallery.

Geneva International
Fondation du Devenir, Geneva, Switzerland
A meta-server and gateway to hundreds of international organizations based in the Geneva region, as well as local and regional institutions with a pronounced, international scope.

Houston, TX, US
Provides Web information services for the GIS, GPS, and remote sensing industries.

Gift Certificate Network
GCC Networks, Minneapolis, MN, US
Offers gift certificates from hundreds of retailers for birthdays and Christmas, or for corporate incentive programs.

Global Corporate Services
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Incorporates companies and off-shore banks, and provides immigration services, market research, and all other corporate services to enable companies to break into the U.S.

Go for Green
Active Living and Environment Program, Gloucester, Ontario, Canada
Initiatives combine outdoor physical activity and positive environmental actions in hundreds of communities across Canada.

The Gold Coast
Digital Reflections, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
A detailed, first-class site for the Gold Coast, Australia's premier tourist destination.

Hawaii's Visitor Guides
Honolulu, HI, US
From entertainment and dining to sightseeing, make plans for a fabulous Hawaiian vacation while entering a contest to win great prizes. Free travel guides available.

The Help to Create a Rock Band Page
Rein and Ingrid Menke, Maarssen, Utrecht, Netherlands
Musicians and others can participate in forming a rock band. Also includes an online course in songwriting with downloadable sound files.

HEMP South Australia, Inc.
Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
News from the Amsterdam of the south. The definitive site for information on the campaign to normalize the legal and social rights of the vast cannabis culture.

Hood College
Frederick, MD, US
An undergraduate women's college with co-educational graduate programs.

The Hotel-Motel Bed & Breakfast Directory
TravelNET, Fremont, CA, US
A reference guide to quality hotels, motels, bed and breakfasts, resorts, lodging, and condominiums in the United States and Canada.

Howard County Government
Ellicott City, MD, US
Read about the county, submit a form to the executive, or ask for county information online.

ICA Insurance Services
Santa Monica, CA, US
One of the largest, independent insurance agencies on the West Coast, specializing in individual and business insurance, annuities, executive benefits planning, and financial and estate planning.

ID Internet Presence Provider
Denver, CO, US
Offers Web pages with FTP access for only $15 per month. First month is free without any obligation.

InfoBack Services
Ocala, FL, US
Offers the Internet business community many autoresponse technologies, including mail robots, mailing lists, email on demand, file attaching, and marketing services.

Santa Cruz, CA, US
A directory of lodging, dining, entertainment, sports, real estate, events, travel, and tourism for Santa Cruz and Monterey Bay.

Institute of International Studies
University of California, Berkeley, CA, US
A multidisciplinary research unit in the fields of international and comparative studies. Acts as a focal point for students and faculty in various, related departments.

Compuwork, Inc., Kennesaw, GA, US
A repository of insurance-related information on the topics of property and casualty, life, group, and health.

Intelligence Competitive Engine
Alameda, CA, US
A competitive intelligence engine for the desktop, with thousands of sources and methods for locating information on companies and markets.

Interactive Hotlist
University of Illinois, Urbana, IL, US
Users can enter their favorite URLs to create an interactive hotlist for the entire internet.

Interactive Weather Information Network
National Weather Service, Office of System Operations, Silver Spring, MD, US
A friendly graphical or text interface to the current weather forecasts from the National Weather Service. Includes warnings, climate, and general forecasts from the U.S.

Inter@ctive Week
Garden City, NY, US
The single source of information for business and technology leaders in the interactive market. It is written for executives in the telecommunications, computing, cable, media, and entertainment industries.

InterFace Online Magazine
NPC Productions, San Diego, CA, US
A multicultural, online, national magazine in both English and Spanish, which promotes grassroots organizing and politics, as well as art for social change among communities of color and working people.

International College Funding
Green Valley, CA, US
Locates all educational funding sources, including merit awards, fellowships, grants, internships, loans, scholarships, and work-study.

International English Language Institute
Hunter College, New York, NY, US
Provides students with the language and cultural skills they will need to participate in academic, social, and professional settings in the United States.

International Health Insurance danmark a/s
Copenhagen, Denmark
A Copenhagen-based health insurance company specializing in worldwide medical coverage and global travel insurance.

Internet Resource
San Francisco, CA, US
Offers complete Web site development services to businesses and organizations. Services include consulting, content development, navigational design, graphic design, programming, and multimedia production.

Internet Starter Kit for Windows
Hayden Books, Indianapolis, IN, US
The online edition of Adam Engst's bestselling Internet book.

Internet WorkShop
Tucson, AZ, US
A full-service Web presence provider based in Tucson, Arizona.

In-Touch Software Edition
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A free, personalized service, specifically tailored to inform users of new developments in the software industry through the use of email news clips.

Iowa Caucus Project
Des Moines, IA, US
Serves as an official source for Iowa Caucus information. It features a complete resource guide for the media, a calendar of events, candidate tracking, press releases, and informal online polls.

Ipswich Moreton Community Apprenticeship Scheme
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
Part of Group Training Australia, a national network of companies aiming to foster skills development through apprenticeships and traineeships.

IsabelDeco Gallery
Diemeringen, France
Reproductions of Old Master and Impressionist oil paintings by Van Gogh, Monet, Renoir, and others. All replicas are true copies on canvas.

IWatch Digest
The CyberNet Group, Norcross, GA, US
A monthly publication which reviews new Web sites. Always watching for the best on the Internet.

A Jahred Design Group Adventure
Lisa Jahred, Newport Beach, CA, US
Unravel the mysteries of FrameMaker with custom training and template development. Be a part of the Web with publishing services including site development, promotion, and maintenance.

Jenkins-Peabody Entertainment
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
An aggressively independent record label whose motto is, "we hated record companies so much we had to become one." Find product lists and much more.

John F. Ross CVI
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
A progressive high school which will be celebrating its 40th year reunion in 1996. Lots of pictures and information about the school.

John W. Henry & Co., Inc.
Westport, CT, US
A global investment advisory firm, managing in excess of $1.3 billion for banks, pension plans, high net-worth individuals, and public and private funds.

Joplin Missouri Community Online
Midwest Marketing Associates, Joplin, MO, US
Learn about the history of Joplin, and what the community has to offer.

Juniata College
Huntingdon, PA, US
An independent, co-educational college of liberal arts and sciences. Ranked among the top 100 colleges by U.S. News and World Report.

K and U Co., Ltd.
Osaka, Japan
Exports amusement machines overseas. Find a weekly stock list and monthly amusement machine auction information.

The Keigwin & Mathews Collection
Bainbridge Island, WA, US
Offers rare and historical newspapers from the Colonial period, the Revolutionary War, and the eight-year presidency of George Washington.

Kenyon Yacht Center
St. Petersburg, FL, US
Sells boats, power boats, and Bayliner and Maxum yachts.

Kids and Parents on the Web
Resolution Business Press, Inc., Bellevue, WA, US
Over 700 Internet resources of educational value for kids and their parents. The resources are part of Internet for Parents, a book for families who want to use the Internet in their kids' education.

Wilmington, MA, US
Data acquisition and process control software, including real-time remote monitoring over the Internet.

Lair of the Vampiress
C. Karnstein, Danbury, CT, US
Everything about the female vampire, including graphics, video and movie reviews, books, and poetry. Submissions welcome.

Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
Manufactures external and internal uninterruptable power supply systems for commercial and home-use, including network UPS support.

Las Vegas Computer Journal
Las Vegas, NV, US
Las Vegas' fastest-growing publication. Focuses on local, computer-related stories.

The Lawrence Men's Group
Lawrence, KS, US
The purpose of this group is to help members with re-emergence from addiction, dependency,and oppression in their lives.

Life Tabernacle Apostolic Church
Milford, CT, US
Information on Apostolic Christianity, including doctrine, worship, and Christian living.

Little Miss Liberty Round Crib Company
Beverly Hills, CA, US
Sells designer cribs, bedding, and accessories. The round crib offers unobstructed child visibility, easy child access, and uses less floor space.

Lodging Guide World Wide
Enhanced Technologies, Inc., Arlington, VA, US
A comprehensive directory of hotels, motels, resorts, bed-and-breakfasts, and other lodgings worldwide. Over 83,000 listings and growing daily.

Los Angeles Webstation
Route 66 Interactive Multimedia, Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
Described as one of the "most useful sites on the Web," this site provides a movie guide covering films in theaters, on TV, and on video.

Love and Romance
The Electric Press Publishing Company, Fresno, CA, US
Resources for expressing love. Galleries contain pre-written love letters, love poems, and other helpful information.

The Lumberjack
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ, US
The student newspaper at this university.

Lumen Foods
Lake Charles, LA, US
A world leader in the production of vegetarian meats, soy protein snacks, custom extrusion cooking, and private label co-packaging for the health food trade.

M. F. Maghee Tool and Supply
Yamhill, OR, US
Tools, hardware, and supply for industry, construction, and home, including log homes. Also a listing of specialty contractors such as stone and wood carvers.

ManaVision, Inc.
Kettering, OH, US
Conceptualizes and implements effective, award-winning communications programs via video, film, audio, multimedia presentations, and the Web.

Manchester Music Review
Manchester, England
Gives unsigned bands a chance to have their music heard alongside their signed counterparts.

The Market Place 2000
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Provides a professional, cost-effective, real-time supplement to print media for the advertisement of business-to-business inventories and services.

Martinaire, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
An overnight freight support and air charter company.

Marvelous Mazatlan
Henry Laxen, Mazatlan, Sinaloa, Mexico
Information on the "Pearl of the Pacific," including how to get there, the climate, things to do, restaurant reviews, retirement, and places to stay.

Mas Systems
Laguna Hills, CA, US
Specializes in high-end, quality joypads and arcade controllers for Sony PSX, Sega Saturn, 3DO, NEO.GEO, and SNES. Also a manufacturer of arcade cabinets.

The Medical Escrow Society
Tavares, FL, US
An advocacy group that offers a free service to people living with a terminal illness. An Advanced Cash Benefit Program allows someone to receive a living benefit from their existing life insurance policy.

Medical Expert Review Consultants
San Francisco, CA, US
A referral service linking attorneys to board-certified, practicing physicians, for the purpose of case review and testimony.

Medical Radiography
Richard Terrass/StackRay, Boston, MA, US
Designed as a gateway to learning-through-exploration for technologists, students, educators, and others interested in the radiologic sciences.

Medieval & Renaissance Wedding Information
K.S. Thomas, Seattle, WA, US
Bibliographies and other information resources for those planning medieval or Renaissance-style weddings.

Meng Ting Wei
Kowloon, Hong Kong
An unofficial fan page for a singer that uses her voice to make the listener's heart thump.

Mercedes-Benz Dealer-Net
IQueue Multimedia Ltd., New York, NY, US
A virtual showroom for new Mercedes-Benz cars and regularly-updated used automobiles, with an online dealer locator.

Mercuri International
Hilversum, Utrecht, Netherlands
Provides consultation for improving the competitive strength of companies.

Mexico Lindo
Mexico City, Mexico
A rich array of Mexican arts, crafts, travel, books, and magazines for shopping pleasure, or just for fun.

Mexico Tourist Information
Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands
A traveler's guide to Mexico, including packing hints, weather and currency information, and even what to wear.

Miami City Web
Miami, FL, US
Information on arts, accommodations, nightlife, attractions, and shopping, plus maps, safety tips, a description of each neighborhood, and a traveler's information center.

Michael Campbell's MoneyTalks
Strategic Profits, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Business and financial information for everyone.

Midwestern ACM Chapter Conference, 3-5 November 1995
ACM, Student Chapter, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, IL, US
Steve Wozniak will be the keynote speaker for this conference sponsored by the Association for Computing Machinery. There will also be an employment expo, a programming contest, several other speakers, and workshops.

Minnesota Real Estate
Jeff Anderson, Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN, US
A free service for people relocating to the Twin Cities, or current residents buying or selling their home, that features local information, relocation services, free home inspections, and more.

Mobility Services, Inc. (MSI)
Newburyport, MA, US
Since 1981, this company has supported the relocations of over 30,000 employees to destinations in the U.S., Europe, Africa, and the Pacific Rim.

Modem Operandi
Greater Burlington Business Digest, South Burlington, VT, US
A special section of the Greater Burlington Business Digest, devoted to business applications of interconnected computers.

Monet, the Cyberspace Gallery
Ithaca, NY, US
A virtual gallery with many artists.

Mount Vernon
Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, Mount Vernon, VA, US
George Washington's estate and gardens, stylishly presented.

Kansas University, Lawrence, KS, US
Provides information about the Malaysian Students Association at Kansas University.

Multimedia Training
National Education Training Group, Naperville, IL, US
Explains the benefits of multimedia training, and provides course sample animations to download.

MultiMedia WWW PC 3.0 beta
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, US
A guide to designing and publishing interactive applications on the Internet.

Multiscope Marketing Services
Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
The first online market research and marketing firm in the Netherlands.

The Creative Department, Fairfield, IA, US
Features writing genres corresponding to the nine muses of Greek antiquity: critical essay, science fiction, drama, humor, dance, fiction, romance, music, and lyrical poetry.

National Center for Missing & Exploited Children
Seattle, WA, US
The search for missing children now extends into cyberspace. The home page allows for comprehensive searches of this organization's database.

National Federation of Professional Trainers
Lafayette, IN, US
Information and software for health and fitness from this professional trainer certification organization.

National Sports Center for the Disabled
Winter Park, CO, US
Outdoor recreation for everyone is the philosophy. Come visit this "mountain full of miracles."

Market Wizards, Santa Rosa, CA, US
A customized, online Internet course, bringing the newbies up to speed in 30 days using personalized, one-on-one instruction.

Network Central
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, New Zealand
Learn all about network management with this new interactive course. Includes examples, references, and online tests.

Network InfoServe, Inc.
Tampa, FL, US
Specializes in mentoring and contract prototyping in support of client/server and object-oriented technologies.

Network Mechanics
Irvine, CA, US
Offers specialized, multiprotocol networks, databases, and operating systems design, implementation, maintenance, and support.

New England Science Writers
University of Massachusetts, Office of Public Affairs, Amherst, MA, US
Find news and information from and about New England's best science and technology journalists.

New Scientist Planet Science
New Scientist Magazine, London, England
Contains news, features, reviews, and comments drawn weekly from the pages of New Scientist Magazine.

Nicolet Instrument Corporation
Madison, WI, US
A manufacturer of analytical instruments. Products include Fourier transform infrared and Raman spectrometers, microscopes, sampling accessories, and spectroscopy software.

Academic Computing Services, UNAM, Mexico City, Mexico
Provides informational, administrative, and procedural support for the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Also offers information in Spanish about the Internet, RedUNAM, other Mexican networks, and more.

NobleNet, Inc.
Southboro, MA, US
Furnishes high-quality, middleware tools for client-server development.

The Norwegian Elkhound
South Carolina SuperNet, Columbia, SC, US
An information site dedicated to this hardy, gray hunting dog from Norway.

NuVisions Advertising and Design
Irvine, CA, US
Marketing, advertising, packaging, multi-media visions, and printed materials that promote and sell sporting goods, restaurants, cosmetics, and retail services.

ORA Electronics
Allicance Research Corporation, Chatsworth, CA, US
A leading supplier of cellular accessories, cellular telephone add-on products, and computer and modem accessories.

OutPost Network
Seattle, WA, US
Allows users to send greeting cards, letters, and postcards to anyone anywhere, including family and friends, politicians, celebrities, athletes, and even pets.

Oz Kidz Internaut Cyber Centre
Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
A one-stop, educational cyber-mall for teachers and students throughout the world. Features a student and teacher center, Oz Kidz Write, Oz Kidz Lit, Oz Kidz Galleria, and more.

Botanik Garden, Frankfurt, Germany
One of the oldest and most beautiful places in Frankfurt, this botanical garden is now 125-years-old.

Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, New Zealand
Learn to program in Pascal. Includes examples, sample code, references, and online tests.

Pasta Mama's
Richland, WA, US
Find all-natural-ingredient pastas, sauces, and gourmet soups. Delicious pasta recipes updated frequently.

Peirce Software
San Jose, CA, US
Creates Macintosh software including Peirce Print Tools for QuickDraw GX, ShareDraw, DeskPicture, AppSizer, and Smoothie.

Perfect Strangers
Contact Youth Theatre, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Australia's youth arts and culture site is better than a poke in the eye with a burnt stick.

Planet Italy
RAI Corporation/SACIS of Italy, San Francisco, CA, US
Italy's presence on the Web, featuring news and comprehensive information on Italian culture, business, arts, government, and much more.

Play It Again Mac
Pacific Hitech, Salt Lake City, UT, US
The ultimate collection of shareware and demo Macintosh games.

PortCom Communications Inc.
Portland, OR, US
Specializes in creative design, database integration, and multi-browser capabilities.

Randy E. Sheriff, La Porte, TX, US
The online service that pays users cash, while the online services pay users no attention. Earn residual income with this service.

Productivity Software Resources, Inc.
Orlando, FL, US
Specializes in the design, development, and implementation of EIS and DSS software solutions using AS, Visualizer, Visual Basic, Essbase, PowerBuilder, and Lotus Notes.

Professional Sound and Music
San Diego, CA, US
Sales and service of MIDI, professional audio, and music software. Also carries schematics for most major brands of electronic music gear.

Property Valuation Advisors' Information SuperDriveway
Newburyport, MA, US
Find commercial and investment real estate, appraisal information, and news.

The Psycho Home Page
Andrea Balzarini, Los Angeles, CA, US
Find information on Hitchcock's masterpiece. Essays, images, MPEGs, sounds, and a VRML, 3-D world are all available here.

Rapid Science Publishers
Oxford, England
Publisher of primary and review journals covering various disciplines in the fields of clinical medicine and biomedical research.

Raster Graphics Inc.
Redmond, OR, US
Graphics software and hardware for embedded and industrial systems, and custom hardware and software for graphics products.

Reconnecting With Nature
University of Global Education, Friday Harbor, WA, US
An integration of ecology and psychology that lets thoughtful contacts with Earth catalyze wellness, spirit, and responsibility.

Resume Reservoir
Bethesda, MD, US
Post a to the Web for employment and recruiting personnel to see.

REV-ER-UP Engine Treatment
JCM International, Houston, TX, US
A revolutionary new technology which electroplates internal engine parts, resulting in increased fuel efficiency and engine power while reducing harmful exhaust emmissions.

The Rhododendron Page
McKenzie, McKenzie, & Conover, Philadelphia, PA, US
An online guide to the genus Rhododendron, with over 200 original, 24-bit JPEG images of hybrids, cultivars, and species.

Rick Harris Design
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A graphics design firm specializing in Web page and desktop design.

Sacred Design
Occidental, CA, US
Offers a full range of design and production solutions for all digital media. Specializes in print, Internet media, multimedia, film, video, and animation.

Santa Fe Online
Santa Fe, NM, US
Features painting, photography, and sculpture by Santa Fe area artists, and has sections for travel, real estate, books, alternative healing, music, food, and Zozobra.

Saturn of Grand Rapids
Grand Rapids, Michigan, US
Information on this Saturn dealer, including how to find them, used car information, tips for trade-ins, and more.

Scottish Council for Educational Technology
Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland
A useful and safe environment for teachers and pupils to use as a resource for learning on the Web.

London, England
A commercial service for the shipping and maritime industries. Offers secure email, advertising, databases, libraries, forums, and more.

Seismological Laboratory
United States Geological Survey, Pasadena, CA, US
Provides earthquake information for southern California, including recent seismicity and research results for the Northridge earthquake, and more.

University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI, US
Provides student and faculty information for and about the Department of Scandinavian Studies.

The Sharper Image
Chandler, AZ, US
For the professional who has everything, but is still looking for a more comfortable way to live his or her life.

Shepley Photography
St. Louis, MO, US
A Midwestern, commercial photography studio.

Shirley Data Systems
San Antonio, TX, US
Offers the systems integrators' "Rules of the Game," and pointers to hundreds of other enterprise computing and Internet solutions resources.

The Shopper
Hummingbird Software Corporation, Incline Village, NV, US
Contains the most-detailed list of electronic shopping malls, with an informative write-up on each one.

Smart Net
Hveragerdi, Arn, Iceland
Iceland's premier site for music, games, and real-time chat.

Smith, Brown & Jones: Recruiter for Management
Shawnee Mission, KS, US
Provides top-quality, managerial people to the food, agribusiness, health care, equipment manufacturing, and consulting engineering industries.

Duluth, GA, US
Software created by musicians for musicians.

The Southern Quarterly
Hattiesburg, MS, US
A journal of the arts in the south, from the Mason Dixon Line to the Caribbean.

Spica Computer Corp.
Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
Manufacturers of high-power, multimedia notebook PCs. Just released 8800 and 8900 models with high resolution 800x600 screens and Pentium power.

Spirit of Aboriginal Enterprise
Aboriginal Business Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A Web resource dedicated to exploring and assisting business and entreprenuership development among Canada's aboriginal peoples.

Boulder, CO, US
A not-for-profit online journal, publishing original works by diverse authors and artists from around the world.

Stephen R. Brown Photography
Washington, DC, US
Advertising, corporate, and stock photography. In addition to traditional photography, a complete Photoshop workstation and transmission facilities are available.

A Stroll Down Saint-Jean St.
Presentix Multimedia, Inc., Quebec, Quebec, Canada
A virtual walk-through of the busiest street of beautiful Quebec City. Includes a full directory of all businesses and tourist resources.

Student Homepages
Steven Friedman, Philadelphia, PA, US
A comprehensive listing of the personal home pages of university students in the United States.

Sullivan & Curtis Insurance Brokers
Seattle, WA, US
A major insurance, reinsurance, excess, and surplus lines brokerage operation serving industries including seafood processing, biotechnology, and transportation.

Surgery Resident
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Contains links useful for training general surgery residents.

Suzanne deCillia
Snohomish, WA, US
An award-winning, national artist for corporations, children's hospitals, schools, libraries, and fine art collectors everywhere.

Santa Clara, CA, US
Custom graphics and HTML for companies. Visit and see what the buzz is about.

TecQuipment Ltd.
Nottingham, England
Equipment solutions for the teaching and training of engineering and technology education, from secondary schools to universities. Free demo software, videos, and charts are available.

Telecommunications On Demand, Inc.
Pewaukee, WI, US
Considered "the watchdogs of the long distance industry," this company contracts qualified marketers directly to quality service providers.

Washington, DC, US
A full-service Internet publishing and Web marketing firm, dedicated to affordable Web solutions for businesses, interest groups, and individuals.

Texas Christian University Sports
Terence E. Brockhausen, Fort Worth, TX, US
The unofficial but comprehensive record of this school's athletics. Current, as well as considerable historical data, are maintained.

Textiles Through Time
Museum for Textiles, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The only museum in Canada exclusively devoted to the collection, exhibition, and documentation of textiles from around the world.

THOBBS Computer Sales
Omaha, NE, US
A small, home-based computer system and component business that offers quality, low-cost computer systems and computer components.

The Toolbook User's Web
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, US
The reference point for Asymetrix Toolbook developers.

Tour East International
Singapore, Republic of Singapore
One of Asia's premiere destination management companies, with offices located around Asia, the U.S., and Europe. If it's inbound travel arrangements in Asia that are needed, contact them.

Trimin Enterprises
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A management company with investments in Tritech Precision Inc. and Uniplast Industries Inc.

Trivial Waste of Time
The Other Pages, Lexington, KY, US
An interactive trivia game with many questions and categories. Users can jog their memories, or accidentally learn valuable useless information.

Tucson Business Directory
Internet WorkShop, Tucson, AZ, US
A database of Tucson businesses, searchable by name or product type.

TyLink Corporation
Norton, MA, US
Innovative access products and substantial expertise in LAN/WAN integration link customers to communications services such as Frame Relay, DDS, T1, E1, ISDN, and ATM.

University of Massachusetts Science News
University of Massachusetts, Office of Public Affairs, Amherst, MA, US
Visit and find out about the latest advancements in this university's science and technology programs.

The Unofficial Wang VS Information Center
Thomas Junker, Houston, TX, US
A long-awaited, much-needed nexus for information, news, and thoughts on the Wang VS computer system and the company that produces it.

The Urban Institute
Washington, DC, US
A nonprofit, policy research organization established in 1968, the Institute's objectives are to sharpen thinking about society's problems, and to improve government decisions and their implementation.

The Urchin Web
The Epel Lab at Hopkins Marine Station, Stanford, CA, US
Information on research, education, cell biology, biochemistry, sea urchin gametes, invertebrates, and more.

Virtual Village
Inter-Pacific Network Services, Hilo, HI, US
An Internet access provider situated on the big island of Hawaii.

Visual Culture
Middletown, CT, US
Provides design services and consultation for all types of organizations in both digital and traditional media.

Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, US
Learn how to create 360-degree, virtual views in MS Windows.

W3 Kiosk
Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, US
A Web-based system for creating remotely modifiable hypermedia applications.

Web Warehouse
Great Neck, NY, US
Offers a wide assortment of consumer items, ranging from flowers to sporting goods. A fun place to shop with comfort and confidence, with vendors from all across the U.S.

Web Wide World of Film Music
Ellen Edgerton, Syracuse, NY, US
The first resource for film music on the Web.

Western World Propaganda
Ithaca, NY, US
A record label dedicated to exposing the unexposed music that the corporate world overlooks.

Whole Earth Business Systems
Berkeley, CA, US
Provides the corporate client with authorized sales, service, and support for most major computer hardware and software lines.

The Wilderness Walking Staff
Pacific Quillworks, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
An e-book about walking staffs and how they are used in the backcountry. Also shows how to build a Wilderness Walking Staff (TM), a hiking staff designed for wilderness self-sufficiency and subsistence living.

Win95-Compatible HTML Tools
Carsten Bernhard, Harrisonburg, VA, US
A resource kit of useful HTML tools for use with Windows 95. Includes HTML editors, GIF tools, and how-to instructions.

WinClassic for Win95
Graphite Designs, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A training utility that emulates the Windows 3.1 desktop, and eases migration and upgrading pains with its unique tutorial method for Win95.

Wingates Quality Watches
Dallas, TX, US
A dealer of fine pocket and wristwatches.

WINGS Birdwatching Tours
Internet WorkShop, Tucson, AZ, US
Retrieve information on approximately 150 different birdwatching tours around the world.

Indianapolis, IN, US
This CBS affiliate's Web site now contains pages for news, weather, sports, programming and engineering, plus interesting links around the world.

Wonderware Corporation
Irvine, CA, US
Supplies industrial automation software for man-machine interfaces, supervisory control and data acquisition, manufacturing execution systems, equipment diagnostics, and batch processing applications.

Woodward Governor Company
Rockford, IL, US
Designs and manufactures the best fuel controls, control systems, and auxiliary devices available anywhere in the world.

Las Cruces, NM, US
A growing public relations, marketing, and desktop publishing firm. Also offers electronic publishing and Web design services.

World Class Ads by MuttNjef
North Port, FL, US
Specializes in real estate advertising, with photos of Florida properties and North Carolina mountain properties.

The Writer's Edge
Centauri Multi Media, Nashville, TN, US
A writer's directory with hundreds of links and snail mail addresses of publishers, bookstores, and magazines, and lots of information for writers of fiction, nonfiction, software, songs, and comedy.

YMCA Adult Literacy
Philadelphia, PA, US
Information about the organization, tips for tutors, and links to other adult literacy organizations.

Irvine, CA, US
The market leader in printing and graphic enhancement software for Windows. The site contains the latest information about the company and its products.

Monday, 23 October 1995

1 World Apparel
Orlando, FL, US
Offers products of exceptional quality and unique design, including originally designed T-shirts and several forms of active wear.

Highland Florist, Virginia Beach, VA, US
A nationwide floral delivery service accessible by phone and through the Internet. Customers are guaranteed service and delivery exclusively through FTD florists.

Aberdeen University Jujitsu Club
Aberdeen, Grampian Region, Scotland
Intended primarily for Jujitsu students in Aberdeen, this is also a resource for Jujitsu students around the world. Syllabus information, FAQ, and pictures of training available.

Adam Olenn and the Jazz Resource
Charlottesville, VA, US
A well-organized resource for jazz fans who want to find things fast.

Admiral Farragut Academy
St. Petersburg, FL, US
America's first preparatory school with naval training. Find information about admissions, alumni, and more.

Adventures 4U
Seattle, WA, US
An online travel agency specializing in the coordination of adventure vacations and tours.

Affordable Home Computing
Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia
A computer retailer with hardware and software price lists.

Agri Systems
Billings, MT, US
An agricultural contractor specializing in the design of customized, commercial agricultural systems.

The AIDS Organization of Iceland
Reykjavik, Iceland
An organization for the advancement of AIDS awareness, and for the support of persons with HIV or AIDS and their families.

Air Handling Systems
Evergreen Internet, Woodbridge, CT, US
The best source for dust and fume collection online. Learn how to design and install a personalized industrial ventilation system for the home.

AJO Authors Interactive
American Journal of Ophthalmology, Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides an interactive electronic forum for readers and authors of the AJO.

Allan's Adventure Vacation In The Philippines
Allan Krahl, Sabang, Philippines
A detailed account of travel in remote but picturesque areas of the Philippines.

Allen, Williford & Seale, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
Offers real estate appraisals and expert witness testimony regarding eminent domain and right-of-way.

The Almost Complete HTML Reference
Millennium 3 Communications, Hanapepe, HI, US
A comprehensive guide to information about HTML and related topics.

Alzheimer's Disease Resource Page
University Alzheimer Center, Cleveland, OH, US
A central location for Web resources on Alzheimer's disease for caregivers, researchers, and practitioners.

Amarillo Information
Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Amarillo, TX, US
Information about businesses, schools, arts and entertainment, museums and monuments, and agricultural research in the Texas Panhandle.

Amigos Toys International
Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
High-quality, loveable stuffed toys made with care from the highest grade materials. Manufactured to order with loving pride and sold around the world.

Arizona Macintosh Users Group, Phoenix, AZ, US
10,000 descriptions of Macintosh files in 27 categories.

Anderson Business Consultants/Personalized Children's Books
Anderson Business Consultants, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
The home page for Arthur Anderson Inc. and personalized family books, geared towards children.

The Anderson School at UCLA
Los Angeles, CA, US
A top-ranked business school, Anderson offers MBA, MS, Ph.D, and executive education programs taught by leading faculty who conduct world-renowned research.

E. Hanover, NJ, US
A national printer of all forms of stationery products, including business cards, letterheads and envelopes. Order online at wholesale prices.

Anuenue Private Estate Accommodations, Maui, Hawaii
Haiku, HI, US
A uniquely private and gracious tropical showplace, revealing to users the Hawaii of their dreams.

Arcanum Computing
Framingham, MA, US
Specializes in solitaire games such as Mah Jongg tile solitaire. Download trial versions, read about products, and contact the author.

Art Couture
Cross Ink, San Diego, CA, US
Offers quality paintings at framed poster prices. The masters' paintings are transferred back onto artist's canvas, then, to create the richest oil-painting texture possible, the pieces are finished with precise hand-painting.

Artisan Printing
Worcester, MA, US
Offers the lowest prices for business cards available on the Internet.

Bank of Montreal HQ
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Bank of Montreal's virtual headquarters for small business resources.

Bellevue Community College
Bellevue, WA, US
With a special emphasis on information technology, Bellevue Community College offers solid occupational and general education degree programs, and a comprehensive continuing education program.

Allen, TX, US
Provides information to cyclists pertaining to cycling software, nutrition, sports medicine, fitness, and cycling clubs and organizations.

Bill Good Marketing, Inc.
South Jordan, UT, US
Developer of the Bill Good Marketing System, a computer-based client marketing, prospecting, and office management system.

The Body
Body Health Resources Corporation, New York, NY, US
The Web's one-stop shop for comprehensive AIDS information, from political action to service organizations. Learn about safe sex and prevention, choosing a hospital or doctor, legal and financial issues, and the latest treatment developments, including alternative medicine, diet and nutrition, and mental wellbeing.
http://www.thebody.com [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Botolph Construction Limited
Scunthorpe, South Humberside, United Kingdom
A civil engineering firm specialising in design/build, design/construct with inhouse design and detailing facilities.

Boyden Dental Practice
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Offers tips for a better smile, and links to other dental health advisories to keep you informed.

Paul Grosso, Marin County, CA, US
Information about the band and their first album, 25 years in the making.

Bullion Bob's
Maple Valley, WA, US
Gold prospecting and treasure hunting equipment including metal detectors, nugget detectors, dredges, drywashers, high bankers, sluice boxes, and gold pans.

Business Opportunities Web Page
Suzette Cirigliano, Raleigh, NC, US
Lists various business opportunities. Users can place ads for $2.00 per week.

Business Resource Center
QGM, Haddam, CT, US
A great collection of business resources for the small business.

The Buyer's Broker
Naples, FL, US
Helps buyers purchase real estate at the lowest price and terms that can be negotiated. They are exclusive buyer's brokers.

California Drunk Driving
Edward J. Reither, San Francisco, CA, US
Everything users need to know about first offender DUI, and alcohol, drugs, and driving in the state of California.

California Health Information for Policy Project
Sacramento, CA, US
A data collaboration effort between health care service providers, researchers, legislators, and government, to promote development of data systems to support policy.

Camellia Software Corporation
Tenino, WA, US
Developers of Batch Job Server, batch job management environment for Windows NT and Windows 95. Custom software and consulting.

Canadian I-NET Advertising
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides low cost Internet advertising. Check out the mall.

Canadian School for Professional Bookstores
Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Two-day course for persons interested in opening and running their own bookstore.

Capitol Theatre
Port Hope, Ontario, Canada
Step inside Canada's atmospheric theatre and into a fantasy atmosphere, modelled on a medieval castle with drawbridge marquee, garden frescoes, and a twinkling twilight skyscape.

Cash Box
Cash Box Magazine, Nashville, TN, US
An entertainment trade magazine with over 50 years of service to the entertainment industry. Includes complete music charts in all formats, reviews, and news.

Catalink Direct
Norwood, MA, US
The first full-service PC products remarketer, Catalink Direct provides a unique desktop buying convenience with its personalized electronic catalog and ordering system, PECOS.

CayLaw Corporate Services Ltd.
Georgetown, Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands
Provides information on how to create a corporation in the no-tax jurisdiction of the Cayman Islands. Find printable forms, answers to questions, and all costs involved.

Cell Press
Cambridge, MA, US
Find tables of contents, abstracts, and general information for the life science journals, Cell, Neuron, and Immunity.

CELLS alive!
Quill Graphics, Charlottesville, VA, US
A sampling of the microscopy and scientific graphics available from Quill Graphics.

Santa Cruz, CA, US
Begun as a radio program 24 years ago, Changes holds to the scenario that energy follows attention. Contains Timothy Leary's thoughts on Jerry Garcia's death.

The Children's Hospital of Alabama
University of Alabama, Birmingham, AL, US
For pediatric surgeons, pediatricians, surgeons, and housestaff with an interest in the surgical care of children.

Chris' Yankees Page
Woodbridge, VA, US
A page of links to New York Yankees pages, Yankees pictures, and other links.

The City Collegian
Seattle Central Community College, Seattle, WA, USA
An online newspaper published by students at this community college. Find news, features, opinions, and more.

Jumpstart Communications, Baltimore, MD, US
A sophisticated database for sophisticated fun-seekers. Entertainment venues nationwide send their entertainment schedules regularly, offering the best guides available anywhere to adventurous travelers.

Santa Clara, CA, US
Thousands of automobiles, cars, trucks, vans, motorcycles, and RVs are searchable using the powerful True Point search engine. Listings and searches are free.

Claymont Communications
Charles Town, WV, US
A complete source of Fourth Way books and related topics by Gurdjieff, Ouspensky, Bennett, and others.

London, England
A site showcasing supporting artists and musicians from southeast London, Web authoring services, award-winning graphic designers, psychedelia, pop art, and more.

Clinch River Scientific Visualizations
Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, TN, US
Environmental animations involve "flying" along the Clinch River channel while visualizing contaminant data, and slicing through 3-D volumetric models of the sub-bottom sediments.

College Ave
Epicenter Communications, Inc., State College, PA, US
A guide to shops, businesses, arts, and entertainment in and around State College.

College Bound
Wilmington, DE, US
Counsels on college admissions, financial aid eligibility, placement of international students into U.S. universities, and corporate seminars.

Command Computer Corporation
Hasbrouck Heights, NJ, US
Offers a whole host of connectivity hardware including converters, connectors, wire, fiberoptics, transceivers, baluns, and splitters.

Connect International, Inc.
San Antonio, TX, US
Internet provider featuring high-quality technology and a highly qualified staff at a great value.

CoVis Geosciences
University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, IL, US
Provides the Internet community with resources and expertise to support project-based inquiry in geoscience education. A division of UIUC's Department of Atmospheric Sciences.

CPEQ, Inc.
Brandon, FL, US
A multifaceted company dedicated to acquiring and capitalizing on intellectual, technological, media, arts, and entertainment properties. Find artist clips, sound files, links, Frank Zappa archives, and more.

Crawford Homes Inc
Orange Park, FL, US
Builders of quality homes in the Jacksonville, Florida area.

The Crux
Mick Pope, Sydney, Australia
A new band from Newtown, Australia, with a gritty-edged guitar sound and fresh, disparate songwriting.

CTF Systems, Inc.
Port Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
Offers an overview of biomagnetism instrumentation and data results.

Cuban American Pilots Association
Capstone Internet Services, Miami, FL, US
Search and rescue flight operations from a Cuban exile organization that believes in action, not words. A solid resource concerning Cuban refugee issues and Fidel Castro.

CUBE: The Center for Understanding the Built Environment
Prairie Village, KS, US
Provides educational and training materials to help young people better understand the built environment and architectural/historic resources in their communities.

Cyberian Rhapsody
IntertaiNet, Seattle, WA, US
The world's first symphony broadcast over the Internet.

Brea, CA, US
Dedicated to the online marketing of products and services to consumers, entrepreneurs, and businesses for the 21st century.

Ludlow, Vermont, US
Lists individual private homes, cottages, villas, cabins, and condominiums available for vacation rental around the country.

CyberSmart Marketing
The Martin Agency, Richmond, VA, US
The "how to" of marketing in cyberspace. Visit the featured sites of the week and cast a vote for the best and worst.

The Daily Mirror Picture Desk
Mirror Group Newspapers, London, England
Contains contact information and an online photo library of pictures from our award winning photographers.

Daily Nebraskan Online
University of Nebraska, Lincoln, NE, US
The online version of the University of Nebraska daily newspaper is produced by students of the University of Nebraska in Lincoln and provides information about news and events concerning college students.

Dassault AT
Newbury Park, CA, US
Designs, develops, manufactures and markets automation equipment for professionals and consumers in two main areas: automation systems and telecommunications.

Department of Physics
Cal State Fullerton, Fullerton, CA, US
Contains a student and faculty directory, information on courses offered, and a virtual physics tutorial.

Desert Snow Travel, LLC
Phoenix, AZ, US
A full-service travel agency. The site details several current specials for travel worldwide.

Diagnostics Plus
State College, PA, US
A full-service survey research firm offering expertise in employee, customer, market, and organizational development research.

Discovering Utah Ski-D-ROM Guide
Mountain View Media, Mountain View, CA, US
Explore all 14 Utah resorts and the 2002 Winter Olympic venues on a personal computer with this CD-ROM.

Sturgeon Bay, WI, US
Devoted to promoting Door County, WI. Find out about towns, attractions, local weather, and travel information, and check out the clickable county map.

Eastman Chemical
San Francisco, CA, US
Information about this international chemical company including employment opportunities and up-to-date news.

Edgar Rice Burroughs
Virtual Book Shop, Rocklin, CA, US
Official site for the author of Tarzan, whose works have been in print for the past 80 years. Includes articles, a bibliography, graphics, fan registry, a quarterly bulletin, and book excerpts.

Eigentech, Inc.
Marlton, NJ, US
A data communications engineering company specializing in PC-based products for branch office-to-central office data networking.

Electronic Countermeasures Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Provides cellular test equipment for monitoring cellular systems worldwide.

Elizabeth Petris
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A commercial real estate broker specializing in spectacular international ICI properties.

EMS Systems Incorporated
Palos Heights, IL, US
Provides software and hardware training and consulting, Internet training, and Web site design and placement.

London, England
Provides low-cost long distance telephone services to telephone users throughout the U.K.

Extreme Championship Wrestling
Brush Prairie, WA, US
Includes superstar profiles, merchandise information, upcoming events, and the Extreme Mental Challenge.

Facts About Pricing Finance
Geoff Gloster, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
FAQs for anyone interested in the cost of finance or the return on financial investments in terms of real value.

Jacksonville, FL, US
Worldwide distributor of Velcro, the hook and loop fabric fastener, in sew-on, peel-and-stick, or pressure-sensitive formats.

Fear Of Dolls
Seattle, WA, US
Information about this alternative band from Seattle, as well as the bands Black Atmosphere and Ninth Circle.

Fife College of Further & Higher Education
Kirkcaldy, Fife, Scotland
Provides information on courses, local heroes Raith Rovers FC, and sailing in the Firth of Forth.

InterSoft Solutions, Inc., Gainesville, FL, US
Find venture capital information, a searchable VCSeekers section, and more than 80 links to other venture capital resources. Add projects or search the current list.

Find People Fast
Infomax, St. Louis, MO, US
Finds long-lost friends, lovers, and relatives. Find anyone in minutes.

Fineart Forum Directory
Mississippi State, MS, US
A directory of online art resources, reorganized for ease of browsing, and updated daily with new art museums, galleries, exhibitions, and schools.

Fingertip Software
Universal City, TX, US
Publisher of 3-D Keyboard, the easiest way to type all the useful characters in your Windows fonts.

The Florida Media Room
FloridaNet, Deerfield Beach, FL, US
Lists local radio stations and online magazines.

Florida Palms
Data Movers, New Smyrna Beach, FL, US
Features an interactive travel guide covering major cities in central Florida.

The Flyover Zone
Findlay, OH, US
A new political magazine which is geared to a more conservative view with respect to values and beliefs, but welcomes discussion from all points of view.

Forensic Associates
Coram, NY, US
A group of professionals with varied experience in the fields of forensic science.

Fort Lauderdale Film Festival
Guru Communications, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
The festival, from 1-19 November, features over 100 independent films. See the itinerary, download audio and video clips, and win event passes, T-shirts, and posters.

Geneva Media Inc.
Miami, FL, US
A leading Internet and multimedia consulting firm.

Geometry Forum
Swarthmore, PA, US
A collection of resources offering substantive materials for math classrooms.

Glenco Engineering, Inc.
Buffalo Grove, IL, US
Manufactures hardlock software protection keys for preventing piracy of software applications and data. No programming or source code required.

Government Jobs
World Information, Lexington Park, MD, US
A complete listing of federal jobs, job titles, and job announcements are now available.

Graduate Education Association
Boston College, Chestnut Hill, MA, US
A research and information resource for graduate students of the Boston College Graduate School of Education.

Groovy Technology
Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
Manufacturers of touchscreen monitors and panels. Also offers sourcing and quality-assurance support for companies importing electronic components from Taiwan.

Groovy Technology Inc.
Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
Manufactures TouchScreen Monitors and Touchscreen panels and offers sourcing and quality assurance support for companies importing electronic components from Taiwan.

Gross Site Of The Week
Balance Of Power, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
What stomach churning images are out there? This isn't tasteless...just gross.

Ground Pounders 4 x 4 Club
New Wave Video Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Chronicles the annual Ground Pounder Daze race event held in Calgary. The competition consists of 100 yard sand drags, a hillclimb, and a hazardous obstacle course filled with jumps and mud.

Hale Heavenly Hana
Bob Reed, Hana, HI, US
Custom-built, one-bedroom houses to rent, on secluded Hana Coast, Maui. Find photos, rates, availabilities, and locations.

Happy Valley School
Scotts Valley, CA, US
Home of The Write Stuff, TOWS, and Taking Stock, HVS is a small public school nestled in the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains.

Happy Valley Virtual Gallery
Christa McAuliffe Fellowship Fund, Santa Cruz, CA, US
The unique art of 10 Happy Valley community members.

Harpsichord Information Center
Barbara Cadranel, New York, NY, US
Performer Barbara Cadranel takes users on a tour of these unique historic keyboard instruments.

Headbone Interactive
Seattle, WA, US
Creates award-winning multimedia titles for kids. Their learning games have an off-beat personality and ground-breaking style all their own.

The Health Organizations Page
Guided Tour Software, Inc., Boston, MA, US
A database of over 1000 organizations throughout the U.S. that can be searched or browsed by keyword or state, as well as alphabetically.

Mind Media, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A one-stop center for help with the new Microsoft Operating System, Windows 95. Contains software that automates Windows 95 support, plus links, articles, and software downloads.

The HieroGlyphics Web Page
Oakland, CA, US
The official spot on the Internet for this hip hop band, featuring news, tour dates, contests, pictures, and sound clips.

Hillhouse Investigations
Detroit, MI, US
A paranormal detective agency with the goal to seek out and eliminate problematic paranormal issues in peoples lives.

Hollywood Jazz Festival
Guru Communications, Hollywood, FL, US
Scheduled from 27-29 October, the festival features Gerry Mulligan, Joe Williams, Melton Mustafa, Nestor Torres, Charlie Haden, Jackie McLean, and Roy Haynes, among others.

WebX, Austin, TX, US
Create a Web page online, right now. The page is actually available on the Web as the user builds it. It's interactive, fun and easy.

Horizon West Productions
Rio Rancho, NM, US
Devoted to producing educational and informative videotapes on HTML, computer graphics, ski tuning, travel, and more.

Hotel Anywhere! Travel Agent Web Site Directory
BK Internet Development Group, INC, Marina Del Rey, CA, US
Find over 500 links to travel agencies, tour planners, consortiums, and wholesalers.

A House Divided: the Lincoln-Douglas Debates
Grafica Multimedia, Inc., San Mateo, CA, US
A critically acclaimed, award-winning CD-ROM title which allows students to explore antebellum America in an immersive environment.

How To Make An American Quilt
Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
Get a firsthand look at this moving and touchingly funny movie which explores how women love men.

Hyperion Records
London, England
Britain's brightest record label. Site includes an online catalogue, information on new releases, and artist profiles.

IAG Federal Credit Union
Rye, NY, US
A large, well-managed, member-owned, nonprofit Federal credit union with a 25-year track record. Offer many unique financial services.

ID Group
Plano, TX, US
The most complete and economical Web services available anywhere.

In Some Unrelated Land
Pilgrim Press, Berkeley, CA, US
A novel with art, written by Martha Conway and published as a serial.

Info-Center...The Scholarship source
Daytona Beach, FL, US
Offers free financial aid information to students around the world.

Inside Audition
Interior Surfaces Company, Burbank, CA, US
An information forum regarding sound, acoustics, and interior-environment, audio-control technology as it relates to interior spaces.

InterFocus on the Web
InterFocus, Ltd., Cambridge, United Kingdom
Suppliers of laboratory equipment.

International Higher Education
Boston College School of Education, Chestnut Hill, MA, US
An information resource for students and scholars of international affairs and higher education.

International Teletimes
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An award-winning, global news and culture magazine, published in multiple languages.

Internet Fashion Mall
New York, NY, US
An apparel company established to market sportswear by the designer Sigrid Olsen.

The Internet Music Score Format
Peter J. Bleackley, Durham, England
An experimental format for sending music manuscripts by email. The format was developed by Peter J. Bleackley, and is public domain.

London, England
Looking to vacation or purchase property in Europe? This site offers self-catering holiday properties for rent, and properties for sale in Europe.

IP/Informatica Projectgroep
Diemen, Netherlands
A Dutch software company with over 650 professionals.

Island Heritage Hawaii
Island Heritage Publishing, Honolulu, HI, US
Hawaii's largest commercial publisher and distributor of paper products. This site is an online catalog which features hundreds of products, artist profiles, company history, and more.

The JED Group, Ltd.
San Fransisco, CA, US
Specializes in the evaluation, designing, and implementing of models and/or systems that are applicable to supporting clients' ongoing operations and requirements.

Pasadena, CA, US
A virtual gallery featuring fine contemporary art pieces with description, sizes, technique, and prices.

Jon's SkaRanking Page
Baltimore, MD, US
Information on ska music, including Baltimore and D.C. area information on ska, band email addresses, and more.

The Junction Home Page
McAfee, NJ, US
A full-service online ordering mall which offers products and services for the consumer and advertiser.

KA-BRO Publishing Company
Ontario, OR, US
Retailers of country music CDs and tapes.

Karen TenEyck's Scenic Design Studio
Brooklyn, NY, US
Visit the studio of this artist who designs actual scenery for regional theatre and opera. See work as it develops day by day.

Kentucky Baptist Homes for Children
Louisville, KY, US
Cares for children who have been abused or neglected, or suffer because of some other family crisis.

Senator Film, Berlin, Germany
German information pages for the movie, KIDS.

Kilimanjaro Adventure Travel
Cambridge, MA, US
Find a wide variety of tours and information on hotels, wildlife safaris, gorilla treks, mountain climbing, white water rafting, and scuba diving.

Klages Carter Vail and Partners
Costa Mesa, CA, US
An architectural firm offering architectural, land planning, and interior design services.

The Kludge
Vancouver, WA, US
A compilation of interesting links around the Web.

Knowledge Integration Environment Project
University of California, Berkeley, CA, US
An educational development and research effort that engages middle and high school students in scientific activities using evidence over the Internet.

East Harriet Associates, Minneapolis, MN, US
A Swedish-American journal of being neither here nor there. Features the world famous Dictionary of Swedish Idioms in Literal Translation, plus articles, essays, and links.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Creates memorable vacations by taking advantage of the world's most dramatic destinations and planning every detail with imagination and precision.

Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
Manufactures external and internal uninterruptable power supply systems for commercial and home use, including network UPS support.

Latin American Business Connection in Canada
Omnigraphik, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The place where Latin American companies meet their potential business partners all over the world. Registration is free.

Kelowna Right to Life, Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
A one-stop resource for those researching bioethical and moral issues such as abortion and euthanasia.

Living Cities Group
Hydrophytics, North Bay, Ontario, Canada
Discusses urban form and the link to natural systems. Of interest to design professionals and environmentalists.

Riza Design Stadium, Hoboken, NJ, US
Contemporary Indonesian poetry in English and Indonesian.

LSD Flight Simulator
Alpha Odysseys, Boulder, CO, US
A mind-expanding visualization machine, producing dream-like states by regulating the flickering effect of the sun's full color spectrum upon the user's closed eyelids.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Represents several quality software programs for Macintosh and Windows computers. Titles include RagTime, netOctopus, TeamAgenda, and STiP.

MCI/News Corp Online Ventures
New York, NY, US
A multimedia news site, The Fall Classic about the World Series exhibit, an interview with Diana Ross, and reviews of current movies, including The Scarlet Letter.

Cool Cat Daddy Productions, Winston-Salem, NC, US
A free, downloadable 120-page book on connecting to and using the Internet for independent video and filmmakers.

The Metro Tech Aviation Career Center
Oklahoma City, OK, US
A nationally acclaimed career center offering quality training experience to prepare aircraft maintenance technicians.

Mexican Contemporary Music
University of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Features representative Mexican contemporary music groups, such as Cafe Tacuba Caifanes and Santa Sabina.

Microwave Power, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA, US
Manufactures solid state microwave amplifiers operating in the frequency range from to 2 to 40 GHz with output power from 10 mW to 200 W.

Mindpower Gallery
Reedsport, OR, US
Information on Oregon art, artists, organizations, places, and events.

Mini Mall America
Bryan Foundation, Costa Mesa, CA, US
An e-mall of sweepstakes, electronic books, gourmet food, and Internet services.

Minor Leagues, Major Dreams
Jon Peterson Consulting, Anaheim, CA, US
The largest mail-order retailer of minor league baseball and hockey apparel in the U.S.

The M.I.T. Sloan Society of Japan
Tokyo, Japan
An association of the graduates of the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, based in Japan.

Atelier de Software Ltd., Puxton, Avon, England
A WYSIWYG MIME mailer with text composition, visualization, and inline images. Text is organised in different fonts, and a free, full-functionality 30-day evaluation is available.

Mobile Inshore Undersea Warfare Unit 113
MCT Company, Oklahoma City, OK, US
Home page for this U.S Navy undersea warfare unit. Includes names of officers, a mission statement, and press releases and articles.

Molynx Ltd.
Newport, Gwent, UK
Manufactures high-tech products for CCTV, access control, and covert surveillance. Check out the multiple award-winning SensUs.

Montana Ad-net
Billings, MT, US
An Internet advertising provider operating in Billings, Montana.

Motivational Marketing Associates
Buffalo, NY, US
Provides comprehensive Web site marketing and content building services, and offers link establishment, online testing, advertising, and cooperative mall development.

Priscilla Beach Theatre, Plymouth, MA, US
Priscilla Beach Theatre welcomes users to visit its year-round offering of workshops, plays, digital art services, touring shows, and art gallery.

The Music of Jim Lynch
Staten Island, NY, US
A showcase for the musician's work complete with sound files.

National Business Aircraft Association
Washington, DC, US
Contains a library of publications produced by NBAA, a searchable archive of over 5,200 maintenance reports, a searchable archive of over 1,500 airport reports, and a complete membership directory.

National Draeger, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Manufactures more types of chemical detector tubes than anyone else in the world. Draeger Tubes can accurately detect and measure more than 350 different gases, vapors, and aerosols.

Netherlands Energy Research Foundation
Petten, The Netherlands
Find information on renewable energy sources, nuclear energy, energy from fossil fuels, policy studies, radiation technology, energy-engineering, and the rational use of energy and materials.

Boulder, CO, US
A full-service Internet company offering access and entertainment.

NetSailing Magazine
Deephaven, MN, US
One of the fastest and best sailing page on the Web. Find sailing articles with images, race results, event schedules and over 600 boats for sale.

New Comic Release Information
Stephen Toy, LaSalle, Quebec, Canada
Advance release information about new comics from nearly every publisher, including Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image, and Archie.

New Singapore Online Guide
Singapore Tourist Promotion Board, Singapore
Whether planning a holiday or travelling on business, check this guide before you go.

Newfoundland and Labrador Heart Health Program
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
A community-based prevention program aimed at reducing the rate of heart disease in the province.

NITE Software
Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
CD-ROM based multimedia educational and entertainment software production and design house.

Northwest Micro Imaging
Spokane, WA, US
Provides preview dental imaging services using the NuSmile system.

Nuthin' but Links
Bombadil, Silver Springs, FL, US
Extensive links to Web page creation information, icons, lines, balls, backgrounds, and Netscape color information.

Ocean Case Co., Ltd.
Enfield, Nova Scotia, Canada
Offers business opportunities for companies worldwide to represent this line of custom-built, A.T.A.-style shipping and storage cases for all types of computers, electronic, and delicate equipment.

OLE Broker
ObjectSoft Corporation, Englewood, NJ, US
An online mall and subscription service for Windows developers and power users interested in taking advantage of Microsoft OLE reusable components.

One Stop for Security Information
Sanda International Corp., Kihei, Maui, HI, US
A global networking services company which provides information protection consulting, products, and services through its Global Information Protection Services division and its Versalink online services.

On-Line Learning Projects
Puget Sound Educational Service District, Seattle, WA, US
Semester-long activities that link thousands of students, offered through the Interactive Curriculum Institute.

The Online-News Page
Guided Tour Software, Inc., Boston, MA, US
The official archive site of Steve Outing's Online-News mailing list. One can browse, search, and post directly from the Web site.

Opal's Fury: Pictures and Stories from the Gulf Coast
Gulf Coast Internet Company, Pensacola, FL, US
First-hand accounts and images of Hurricane Opal's devastation.

ORBCOMM - Global Wireless Data Communication
Orbital Communications Corporation, Dulles, VA, US
World's first global wireless data communication network via low earth orbit (LEO) satellite. Locate our satellites, see remote sensor data (temperature), and plot of GPS position of Virginia State vehicle.

The Original Roughstock
Mixes for the Masses Productions, Bloomington, IN, US
The Web's number-one source for rodeo and country music entertainment and information.

Osmose International Club
London, England
Meet new friends through exclusive social venues and cultural events, including dinners, parties, travel, health and beauty services, and workshops.

Pablitos Software GesmbH
Eggersdorf, Austria
Distributes software for science and engineering research and development, including Mathcad, Origin, HyperChem, Chemdraw, and Statistica.

Padinox Inc.
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Makers of Paderno and Chaudier superb-quality stainless steel cookware that comes with a 25-year warranty.

PAYSENSE Human Resource System
Selven Ltd, Witham, Essex, England
Payroll and personnel software for PCs.

PENSCO Pension Services
San Francisco, CA, US
A leader in self-directed IRAs administering over $150 million in IRA assets. Operate the online IRA calculator and see how the savings can add up over time.

Pet Groomers Page
Kansas City, KS, US
Pet Groomers from everywhere are encouraged to take an active role in the development of these pages.

Phantom Sleep
New Technology Publishing, Inc., Onset, MA, US
Information on sleep apnea, snoring, and other sleep disorders and how to overcome them through sound medical treatment or lifestyle changes.

Phillips & Cohen, Attorneys at Law
San Francisco, CA, US
Represents whistleblowers who, under the False Claims Act, sue companies that cheat the government. Attorneys have expertise in defense procurement and Medicare fraud.

Physician Assistant & Nurse Practitioner Placement Service
TravCorps, Malden, MA, US
A supplemental staffing resource for the full healthcare continuum. Offers outsourcing options in allied health, advanced practice, nursing and specialty nurses.

Pindar Online
Tucson, AZ, US
Combines a 4th Dimension database with custom QuarkXPress extensions, allowing you to centralize and control all your catalog information, then easily place it onto Quark pages.

Private Villa Holidays in Bali
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Holiday rentals of luxurious, fully-staffed, private villas with two to seven bedrooms, tropical gardens, swimming pool, and more.

Process Software Corporation
Framingham, MA, US
Provides Internet server solutions for Windows NT, Windows 95, OpenVMS, and now NetWare platforms with Purveyor Webservers.

Productivity Computer Solutions Limited
Wakefield, West Yorkshire, England
Specialises in complete business integration solutions based on Sun Microsystems and associated hardware and software.

Public Policy Department
College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, VA, US
Official page of the Thomas Jefferson Program in Public Policy. Contains information on registration, coursework, and faculty.

Publications du Quebec
Sainte-Foy, Quebec, Canada
Lists books, videos, and related electronic products on such topics as art, education, economy, health, municipal affairs, statistics, terminology, laws, and regulations.

Phoenix College, Phoenix, AZ, US
Find a description, goals, and other information on Pueblo, a MOO-based "Global Learning Collaboratory."

Puget Sound Grand Banks Owners
Bellevue, WA, US
An informal group of Grand Banks and other American Marine boat owners.

Radio Satellite Corporation, Blacksburg, VA, US
Test-drive the car radio of the future with this online simulation.

The Real-Estate Oracle
Net Data Services Ltd., London, England
Residential and commercial property listings in England and the United Kingdom. Also lists property-related services.

Recursive Angel
Ashland Enterprises, Fishkill, NY, US
Looks for and pays artist for contributions of high-quality poetry, prose, and art.

Redakcja Sejmik Samorzadowy Katowice
Upper Silesia, Katowice, Poland
A Polish-language site about Poland.

The Reed Centre
Bay Harbor, FL, US
A center for ambulatory urological surgical procedures which include vasectomies, penile prosthesis implantation, penile lengthening, penile girth enhancement, and more.

Reykjavik, Iceland
Includes practical information about traveling in Iceland, including accommodations, art and culture, and transportation.

The Road Emergency Help Flag
Multimedia Resource Group, New York City, NY, US
A safety device that allows stranded motorists to signal for help.

Royal Treatment Car Care Centre
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Supplies Meguiar's Mirror Glaze products for professional surface care of your car or truck. Order over the internet from anywhere in North America.

San Francisco Go Club
San Francisco, CA, US
Go is an ancient game of strategy, traditionally played on a board, but now widely played online. The Club is open daily.

Santa Claus' Workshop
Prairienet, Champaign, IL, US
Begin holiday surfing with a visit to the ultimate Santa site on the Internet. Shop, read, hear tunes, and travel to other related links.

Sarazen World Open Golf Championship
Atlanta, GA, US
The $1.9 million Sarazen World Open Championship is an annual 72-hole stroke play professional golf tournament which is dedicated to and under the guidance of Gene Sarazen himself.

Science Connections
Santa Cruz County Office of Education, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Science-related resources for teachers, developed by science fellows in Santa Cruz County through an Eisenhower Grant.

Sculptures by Milo Dias
WebFrance International, Paris, France
A virtual sculpture exhibition that includes pictures, commentary, and information on the artist and his themes.

Seattle Flight Standards Aviation Safety Program
Renton, WA, US
A place for Northwest pilots to get the latest info on FAA safety programs, regulations, and rule-making.

Self-Improvement Center
Sparks, NV, US
Offers a unique program of self-improvement designed for individuals to help them break unwanted habits and achieve their goals.

SerComm Corp.
Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
Manufactures network print servers, communication servers, and Chinese language character translators compatible with Novell, WinNT, AppleTalk, and most other networks.

Shallow PA
Kevin Dorfman, University Park, PA, US
Information on the Philadelphia band, including tour dates, pictures, songs, lyrics, and rare demos.

Shareware Shareware Shareware
Patrick Cramer, Amsterdam, Holland, Netherlands
An extensive, categorized listing of shareware sites.

The Silver Company
Seattle, WA, US
An innovative public relations firm specializing in professional services, health care, and online marketing.

Sisters, Oregon
Informat, Sisters, OR, US
Visit this 1880's Western town and warm up by the woodstove, read the local paper, review local events, and do some horse trading.

Skytel Corporation
San Francisco, CA, US
The world's leading wireless communications manufacturer and service. This site is packed with product information, news, and tech support.

Small Satellites
University of Surrey, Guildford, Surrey, United Kingdom
Contains resources for those working in the small satellite field, including links to various small satellite projects.

Sony PlayStation
Jamison/Gold Consulting, Los Angeles, CA, US
Visit the Web's first truly interactive game and explore a rich 3D environment, interact with characters from PlayStation games, solve puzzles, and scrounge for real prizes.

Sonya Kaye
SKYTY Productions, Lake Stevens, WA, US
Brings r&b and blues to the world of Christian music. Download sound samples, and read references and a letter of recommendation.

SpamLand ][
Order of the SPAM, Loveland, OH, US
An eclectic home page that includes information about Spam, fractals, online gaming, and the chance to rant, via email, to some well-known celebrities.

Spar Aerospace Limited
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
A leading advanced technology company. Building on the technologies of its aerospace business, Spar now embraces the complementary high growth international communications and software markets.

Spica Computer Corporation
Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
Manufactures high-power, multimedia notebooks with high resolution 800x600 screens and Pentium power.

Spring Management
Amarillo, TX, US
Assists small closely owned businesses in IPO's, buyouts, or sales.

Star 106 - WLAC FM
World Wide Network Services, Nashville, TN, US
Home page for Nashville's easy listening station. Superstars of the 80's and 90's, with no hard rock and no hard rap.

The Star & SA Times International
London, England
A weekly compilation of South African news, business, sports, leisure, and classifieds.

Stress X
Quest IV Health Products, Inc., Arlington, TX, US
A "smart drug" that prevents stress damage, relieves depression and the compulsion to drink alcohol, controls weight, and prevents acne.

Studio City Engravers
Valley Village, CA, US
Affordable computer engraving specializing in control panels, knobs, dials, buttons, nameplates, and 2-way radios.

AS Sunerkom, Tallinn, Estonia
This server provides space for Estonian companies' and organizations' home pages, including the biggest daily newspaper "Eesti Paevaleht".

Sunflower Systems Inc.
Tradewatch International, Taipei, Taiwan
Produces multimedia notebooks with patented project-through screens for use with overhead projectors.

Sunrider International
Pamela Sperry, Salt Lake City, UT, US
An herbal food and cosmetics manufacturer whose products are based on the ancient Chinese philosophy of regeneration. Recipes and other useful information are added on a continuous basis.

Sunrise Assisted Living
Fairfax, VA, US
Specializes in freestanding, assisted living residences for seniors. Many of its concepts are borrowed from the European models of assisted living.

A Superfood for the Body and Mind
Healthy, Wealthy & Wise Enterprises, Inc., Sunrise, FL, US
Feed body and mind with a 100% organic superfood. Experience increased energy, vitality and mental clarity. Distributorships available.

Michigan Tech University, Houghton, MI, US
A resource of scientific literature and research results pertaining to superplasticity. Contains listings of all journal and conference papers on superplasticity.

Sydney Cricket & Sports Ground Trust
Sydney Cricket & Football Stadium Trust, Sydney, Australia
Information related to sporting venues, weather business, turf grass research, and more.

Synasoft Consulting Group
Deerfield, IL, US
Provides Web page development, hosting, artwork, marketing, training, and more.

Taking Stock
Happy Valley School, Santa Cruz, CA, US
An integrated, thematic stock market simulation for teachers of grades 5-12, incorporating activities in language arts, research, math, and persuasion.

Talbot Wholesale and Services
San Diego, CA, US
A wholesale retailer of art, perfume, and vacations.

Team Sports Wear
Electronic Pen, Inc., Belmont, CA, US
A new online center for purchasing high-quality, licensed sport wear at guaranteed low prices. Features hats, T-shirts, jerseys, sweats, and more, from both professional and college teams.

Costa Mesa, CA, US
Come see TechMall's new look. Now with new services, products, and information Web pages. Cool sites, cool products, and much more.

Tellus Communications
Houston, TX, US
A full-service, multimedia content builder featuring 2D/3D graphics and animation for architecture, Internet presence for businesses, and more.

Telstar Systems
Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia
A professional UNIX and Windows software development company, including the Safe-T-Cam heavy vehicle monitoring system.

Texas Political Page
Milton Rister, Austin, TX, US
Information about Texas government, politics, and elections.

Thanksgiving Recipes
Media3,Inc., Plymouth, MA, US
A collection of New England-style Thanksgiving recipes posted every week by the Governor Bradford Motor Inn.

This Old House
Pathfinder, New York, NY, US
An interactive doorway featuring articles and columns from the magazine, as well topics related to building, renovation, and restoration.

Three D Graphics Products and Services
Pacific Palisades, CA, US
Unique content CD-ROMs for artists and presentation designers.

TPG Online Focus Reports
Telecom Publishing Group, Alexandria, VA, US
An insider's look at winning telecommunications strategies, technologies, products, and companies. Full of insightful analysis and strategy-shaping information, with links to relevant sites.

Tradewatch International
Taipei, Taiwan
A group of international Web presence providers. Additionally, Tradewatch provides an international business directory free to the Internet and allows free submissions.

Travel Brochures from Around the World
Infosystems, Tempe, AZ, US
A destination-based directory of free travel brochures that can be requested via email.

Texas Department of Commerce, Austin, TX, US
Find information on Dallas dude ranches, golfing in Galveston, upcoming events all over the state, and postcards describing TravelTex, Texas' official tourism Web site.

Tubz Custom Whirlpool Bathtubs
Fremont, CA, US
One of the largest and best selections of jetted and non-jetted, custom and standard replacement size bathtubs on the West Coast.

The Ultimate Computer Company Page
WebLink, Dublin, Ireland
Contains thousands of links to computer companies all over the planet.

Underground Film Collectibles & Fan Clubs
Independent Filmmakers Association, Beverly Hills, CA, US
Entertainment sites for multimedia, fan clubs, video sales, and a producers' forum.

University Hospital Human Resources Department
Denver, CO, US
One of the premier teaching hospitals in the nation and affiliated with the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center. Current employment opportunities are also listed on this page.

Vacation Internationale
Bellevue, WA, US
Provides great vacations to over 31,000 clients.

Video Central
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
Specializes in custom video tape duplication and packaging for all standards and formats. Also does CD, CD-ROM, and diskette replication. High quality, fast turnaround, and low prices.

VideoTech Services, Inc.
Bellevue, WA, US
Specializes in fast, effective camcorder and VCR repair. Members of the National Electronics Sales and Service Dealers Association.

Virtual AdVentures
Seattle, WA, US
A multimedia publishing company specializing in outdoor adventure. Their premiere product, Fly Fishing: Great Rivers of the West, provides insightful information on fly fishing the West's best rivers.

London, England
A first-class, new T-shirt line in vibrant color and art spanning cultures past, present, and future.

Orlando, FL, US
Designed to help new marketers and advertisers find their way around the Web. Learn how to write HTML, and see what good and bad ads look like.

WebFrance International, Boullay les Troux, Essone, France
English language resources for teachers, learners and lovers of English, and anglophones and anglophiles. Find lots of Web links and Internet information.

Volunteer Center of Tucson Home Page
Tucson, AZ, US
A nonprofit social service organization promoting volunteer recruitment and recognition, service learning, youth programs, charity, donations, and special events.

Vorys, Sater, Seymour and Pease
Washington, DC, US
A law firm of more than 280 attorneys with legal experience in traditional and emerging practices of law.

Walt Whitman Circle
Glendale, CA, US
Contains analysis and discussion of Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass poetry, including newsletters, resources, and a free Whitman Primer textbook.

The Water Store
Friday Harbor, WA, US
A centralized source of information and hardware available to everyone concerned with water conservation, purification, recycling, and quality.

Waterford Hall
Dublin, OH, US
One of the Midwest's largest retail distributers of Waterford Crystal, also offering a large collection of Herend China, Baldwin Brass, Howerd Miller Clocks, and Noratake China.

We Hats
Speakeasy Cafe, Seattle, WA, US
Located in historic Pioneer Square, We Hats offers new choices in retail and wholesale hatwear, including delightful custom originals. Use your head, wear a hat.

InsideFlyer Magazine, Colorado Springs, CO, US
Full of reviews, articles, free miles, and over 70 BBS areas to leave comments on your favorite frequent flyer programs.

Chicago, IL, US
A personalized Web site promotion service that answers the question, "How will my customers find me?"

West Bengal Home Page
Diganta Das, Cambridge, England
Information about life, art, and culture in West Bengal, India. Contains plenty of information on travel and folk culture, with lots of pictures.

Wheeler Kearns Architects
Chicago, IL, US
An eight-person architectural firm specializing in housing, schools, museums, and other institutional projects.

The Wide Web of Sports
WebSports, Stamford, CT, US
The official Web site dedicated to professional athletes and their fans. Sports fans can interact with their favorite baseball, football, and basketball stars.

Wildcat's Den
Christopher Moss, Lexington, KY, US
A service established to provide fans of the University of Kentucky basketball team with unique information and opinions.

William's House of Horror
Omaha, NE, US
A preview of comic books written by horror writer, William Harms.

Williamsburg Area Chamber of Commerce
Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc., Williamsburg, VA, US
Serves Virginia's Historic Triangle, has over 700 member businesses online, promotes tourism, and answers questions about the area.

Wine Country Review Magazine
Valencia, CA, US
A monthly, national magazine that lists upcoming food and wine events and has articles on wineries, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, and travel.

Saratoga Springs, NY, US
Contains information about the wine shop, articles about wine, and Winexus wine club information.

Wireless Dealer's Web
Phoenix, AZ, US
Brings thousands of wireless agents, suppliers, distributors, and manufacturers together at one site.

World Wide Web of Windows
Ron Purcell, Bloomington, IN, US
A frequently updated list of resources for Microsoft Windows 3.x, Windows95 and Windows NT.

Writers of Stone
Larry W. Ciak, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A set of links and pictures to petroglyphs and Anasazi culture sites in the Southwest U.S.

Automated Testing Solutions, Dallas, TX, US
An automated UNIX testing tool that is free via the Web. ATS also provides SNiFF+ for C/C++ developers.

ZD Net Personal View
Ziff-Davis Interactive, Cambridge, MA, US
Users receive daily news feeds from PC Week, MacWEEK, Inter@active Week, and other Ziff-Davis publications, as well as from leading computer industry news distributors Newsbytes News Network, Business Wire, and PR Newswire. The service is free.

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