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What's New: July 1995

Monday, 3 July 1995

1995 Flying Scot Page
Ansoft Corporation, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Information about Flying Scot sailboats, regatta announcements and results, new and used boats and equipment for sale, and more.

The 1995-1996 Moscow to Minneapolis Snowmobile Expedition
Virtual Communications, Minneapolis, MN, US
Find out more about the personalities on the expedition, the humanitarian purpose of the expedition, the technology that will be used to communicate live through the Internet and more.

The Front Page, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
The finest in new/used catamaran sales and charters. Marine professional services and ship store offering nautical accessories and a monthly feature.

327 Home Page
Seattle, WA, US
The electronic version of "327" a magazine by and for people born on March 27.

5.0 Mustang Power Page
Brampton, Ontario, Canada
If your interested in really quick late model Ford Mustang 5.0's, this is the page for you. Lots of stories, photos and tech info.

Action Technologies, Inc.
Alameda, CA, US
The world leader in workflow management solutions.

Advanced Ergonomics
Internet Media, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
An entity specializing in ergonomic design and consulting.

Advertising Age
Advertising Age Magazine, Chicago, IL, US
An e-zine; it's all about marketing.

ADWorld International, Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
We are the "Home of the Internet's Classifieds", providing a wide range of goods and services advertisements.

Aegiss Corporate Knowledge Management
Foster City, CA, US
Introduces you to corporate knowledge management and products, services, and consulting available through Aegiss to make knowledge management a reality in any organization.

After Hours Media Duplication Service
Atlanta, GA, US
Provides audio, video and CD mastering and duplication. From mastering to distribution, the company can handle small or large projects.

AIMS Education Foundation
Fresno, CA, US
The fascinating world of hands-on math and science investigation for K-9 students.

The Alabama State University School of Music
Montgomery, AL, US
Info on academic programs, faculty, courses, facilities, ensembles, etc.

Alden Yacht Brokerage
Portsmouth, RI, US
We specialize in serving the yachtsman, from designing and building his boat to insuring it, arranging charters, providing winter storage, and more.

American Realty
Albuquerque, NM, US
Property for sale, a monthly newsletter, and links to info on New Mexico.

AmeriSpec Home Inspection Service
Toronto, ON, Canada
We inspect heating, cooling, electrical, and plumbing systems, roofing and attics, and for termites.

And Sometimes Y
New Brunswick, NJ, US
A funky, jazzy, rock band from New Brunswick is rocking the tri-state area.

New York, NY, US
Delivers important fine art exhibitions from galleries and museums, as well as providing a gallery listing, art news, and a listing service for works of art.

New York, NY, US
Delivers important fine art exhibitions from commercial galleries and museums online. Art news and information provided by fine art magazines. Classified section of fine art online.

Asian Trading Co.
Albuquerque, NM, US
Chinese, country-style antiques. Timeless designs and exceptional value.

ASIFA Central
Grand Rapids, MI, US
The Midwest US chapter of ASIFA, the International Animation Association of Annecy, France.

Atlanta Homes and Condos 1996
Travel Services Worldwide, Atlanta, GA, US
Planning a trip to Atlanta during the 1996 Olympics? Here are two helpful pieces of advice: the games run from July 19 to August 4 and the best options are available through Travel Services Worldwide.

Awful Music
Solid Space, Salem, OR, US
Truly awful music with sound clips. A new pick every month.

Ba Ba J's Hair Studio
Dynamic Design, St.Kilda, Australia
A funky hairstudio offering modern hair styling and colouring techniques.

Balkan Media & Policy Monitor
MediaFilter, New York, NY, US
Recent news analysis as presented by the Independent Media of the former Yugoslavia.

Bed and Breakfasts of Colorado
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Mountains and mesas, blue lakes and white powder...There is a mystique about Colorado that you will sense the moment you arrive.

Bill's Aboriginal Links
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Links to Internet resources about Aboriginal peoples around the world.

Bill's Library
Toronto, ON, CA
Books, magazines, literary journals, legal resources, poetry and reference links.

Bioenergetics Press Home Page
Madison, WI, US
Sells often hard-to-find books and tapes about men's issues and ending the war between the sexes. Great links to men's issues sites on the web.

BioForce Labs
Ames, IA, US
A new company focused on expanding the use of scanning probe microscopy and molecular force detection in basic and applied research and molecular diagnostics.

The Bitmap Vault
Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, US
A dynamically growing archive of small bitmaps.

Brazilian Mall
VirtuaComm., Los Angeles, CA, US
The first Brazilian commercial site. Entertainment, business, news, travel, music, cuisine and more.

British Columbia Tourism Homepage
Victoria, BC, Canada
A must-see information resource for travellers. Among its features, the page provides an interactive map loaded with regional tourism info, a guide to the cultural attractions of the province's capital, Victoria and more.

Brobeck, Phleger & Harrison's Online Legal resources
Palo Alto, CA, US
Provides links to more than 200 business and law sites on the Internet, plus email links to its attorneys and legal researchers. Its EDGAR service is helpful for companies trying to wade through the SEC's new online filing system.

Bureau de la Statistique du Quebec (In French)
Québec City, Canada
The gateway to statistics on Québec.

Burlingame On-Line News and Shopping
Computer Spectrum of Burlingame, Burlingame, CA, US
Provides news and information about the city of Burlingame, located 20 miles south of San Francisco. Information about local city government and a community calendar are regular features.

Buros Institute of Mental Measurements
Lincoln, NE, US
Includes a test review Locator, a catalog of Buros publications, digest articles, and a reviewer application form.

Business Consulting Services
Tower Research International, Standish, ME, US
A full-service business consulting firm specializing in market research, customer profile analysis, and survey writing/statistical analysis.

CadSoft Online -- Eagle Layout Editor
CadSoft Computer GmbH, Pleiskirchen, Germany
Information, technical tips and support, an exhaustive worldwide list of our distributors, and very soon, you will be able to download updates.

Cupertino, CA, US
We provide a wide variety of religious icons, church supplies, and incense.

The Canadian Red Cross Society
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Times, dates and locations of blood donor locations.

Cardiovascular Institute of the South
Houma, LA, US
A leading center for the advanced diagnosis and treatment of heart and circulatory disease.

Caring Calls
Caring Calls, Discovery Bay, CA, US
A unique computerized telephone monitoring and reminder service.

Carney, Hood, and Pancost, Incorporated
Olympia, WA, US
A business consulting firm offering solutions for your computing needs.

Cedar City, UT, US
We are a graphic design studio. Some work has been done on the web, but we also do work for print and video. Photography. Illustration. 3D Illustration/Modeling. Advertising. Web Page Development.

CCH Canadian Limited Home page
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Member of a global group of companies publishing tax, legal, human resources and business information in loose leaf, book and electronic formats.

The CD Cellar
Dayton, OH, US
An online catalog of imported compact discs from around the world. CDs from Japan, Italy, Germany, Singapore, and the UK. Also metal from the US and around the world.

Center of the Universe
Blue Planet Publishing, Metuchen, NJ, US
A catalog of everything in New Jersey -- includes popular New Jersey Hot Spots with local and global sites of interest.

Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy
Bombay, India
Information about CMIE and the Indian economy.

Centre of Theatre Practice
Kaos Theatre/Centre of Theatre Practice, Perth, Australia
The world's first digital site for performance research. An experiment administrated by the Centre of Theatre Practice (a Kaos Theatre organization) and hosted by Murdoch University.

Century 21 Chimney House, Realtors®
Reston, VA, US
A developmental Web site on the Net as a means of providing the public with access to real estate information. Located 16 miles from Washington, DC.

The Chicago Former Prince Nation
Chicago, IL, US
A resource for fans of Chicago-area artist formerly known as Prince. It is also a place for Prince people to come and see what Chicago has to offer the Prince community.

Chisholm Prats Gallery
New York, NY, US
The ultimate resource for vintage posters.

Clarke Jewelers
Jackson, MS, US
Featuring an awesome collection of Harley Davidson jewelry and watches.

Claybourn Oilskins
Claybourn Oilskins Pty Ltd., Brisbane, Australia
Traditional Australian bushman oilskin riding coats. This outdoor clothing provides protection from rain and foul weather and is guaranteed to keep you warm and dry.

Coalition of African American Organizations
Sacramento, CA, US
Issues relevant to African Americans: affirmative action, education, and economics.

Collectibles by R&T
World Wide Mall, Albuquerque, NM, US
Figurines, carvings, jewelry, music boxes, and more.

Collectibles, Flea Market Finds
GCR Publishing Group, Inc., Mt. Morris, IL, US
A magazine about vintage collectibles from the 1940's through the 70's that is fun to read and informative. Affordable memorabilia you can find at flea markets, garage sales, and church bazaars.

Com&Dia Security Software Products
Raleigh, NC, US
Makers of the world's finest PC and workstation security software. Check us out and request a free evaluation copy of our software.

Comfort Zone Thermal Footwear
Hawaii Internet Emporium, Inc., Honolulu, HI, US
Health aid for the elderly and cold feet patients. High-tech materials with simple low voltage battery generates heat for safe indoor and outdoor water resistant footwear.

Computer Graphics Systems Development Corp. (CGSD)
Mountain View, CA, US
Builds high-performance custom simulation and virtual reality systems. We also provide consulting and patent services, publish the industry newsletter Real Time Graphics and provide a specialized software product for color space manipulation.

Jubilee Community Arts, Knoxville, TN, US
An index of links to concertina-related information.

Conscious Choice Magazine
Chicago, IL, US
A bi-monthly Midwestern magazine that reports on environmental issues and natural alternatives in health care, food, and nutrition.

Cooper Lighting
Vicksburg, MS, US
A manufacturer of area, decorative, and industrial lighting products. Yankee Stadium, NASA, and Chicago's O'Hare airport all choose Cooper Lighting for their lighting needs.

CorpFiNet Corporate Finance Network
Duncan Resource Group, Cambridge, MA, US
We provide a way for corporate and institutional financing and professional business services to generate new business on the Internet.

The Corporate Center
Woodbridge, CT, US
Corporate connection center.

CovertAction Quarterly
MediaFilter, New York, NY, US
Investigative journalism read around the world by reporters, activists, scholars, intelligence buffs, and anyone who wants to know the news behind the headlines.

Cox & Kings: India & Beyond
New York, NY, US
The oldest and most experienced tour operator to India and the subcontinent. Tours are exotic and affordably priced.

Cyber Diamond Connection
Scottsbluff, NE, US
The ultimate virtual jewelry and diamond store.

CyberWorks, Inc.
Pasadena, CA, US
An Internet marketing company.

The Daily Noise
Downtown Digital, New York City, NY, US
Everyday a different noise.

The Dark Side of PEZ
Solid Space, Salem, OR, US
The dark side of PEZ. Includes photographic evidence and analysis.

David Lee Roth Home Page
Bowling Green, OH, US
Contains articles, photos, music, and Dave himself.

D&B Resume Service
Oceanside, CA, US
An online resume service that provides resumes for all professions, trades and backgrounds plus a short list of resources out on the Web.

Dennis Dal Covey - Image Lab
San Diego, CA, US
Gallery of electronic art and digital photography. Visit the artist in his studio.

Dentistry On-Line
Liverpool, UK
PLE Ltd. exists to publish medical journals. We also have considerable expertise in consultancy to publish information on the WWW and design interactive sites, with CGI technology.

Desktop Multimedia Solutions, Inc.
Littleton, CO, US
The future host of what we hope will become the definitive page for information on ISO-9000 and related multi-media training materials.

Destinations Unlimited
Eau Claire, WI, USA
We thought a name should say what we are. Destinations Unlimited has become known by discriminating travelers as the place to find more travel possibilities and amenities.

Bunyip Information Systems Inc., Montreal, PQ, Canada
A newly distributed directory service application for the Internet, based upon the WHOIS++ protocol.

The DoomAA Modem Players List and Page
Hooked.net, San Francisco, CA, US
Dedicated to the modem players across the world who are addicted to Doom and Doom 2. You can join the list or find someone to play against via modem.

Orange, CA, US
Doom, DoomII, Heretic, Descent, One Must Fall, virtual reality and pinball so far.

The Dream--A Gathering of Equals
New Dimensions Productions, Phoenix, AZ, US
A four-day workshop in which you reconnect with your intuition in order to know exactly why you are here and what you are here to do.

DreamLight WebSite
Stoneham, MA, US
Visit the DreamLight Virtual Gallery of award winning digital images. Explore the DreamLight Insights, electronic newsletters on digital design, illustration and multimedia.

Duke University Primate Center Home Page
Durham, NC, US
The world's only research facility dedicated solely to breeding and studying the behavior of endangered prosimian primates from Madagascar, south Asia, and east Africa.

DUNE Resorts
WebScope, East Hampton, NY, US
Whether you're in the Hamptons for a weekend getaway or your summer vacation, there's no better place to stay than a Dune Resort Hotel.

Dzogchen Foundation
Cambridge, MA, US
Dedicated to teaching Dzogchen, 'the innate great perfection', considered to be the highest teaching of Tibetan Buddhism.

Eastern Alloys, Inc.
Maybrook, NY, US
A major supplier of zinc-based alloys for the die-casting, foundry, and steel coating industries. Supplies the full family of Zamak alloys, ZA alloys, and alloys used in steel galvanizing.

EMpower Corporation
Raleigh, NC, US
Develops education and training multimedia products for business, industry, government, and education.

English Courses via WWW at Tomball College
Tomball, TX, US
Offering five English courses via the Web in fall 1995--two sections each of Comp and Rhetoric I and II, and one section of Survey of American Literature (1870-present).

Ensley's Radio Co. Inc.
New Bern, NC, US
A sales and service organization of marine electronics. Our primary business is with yachts and commercial vessels.

The Entertainment Detour
Paulcom Industries, Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides links, reviews, and other information on film, tv, and video.

ESP Technologies, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
You've always wanted that awesome looking Web site with the video, sound, and hot graphics. Now's your chance to come get it.

ESQ Business Services, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
We develop, market, and support software products that enhance the operation and management of Tandem computer systems.

European Travel Inc
San Francisco, CA, US
A full serice travel agency focusing on travel to and in Europe. Our site contains an air and rail database plus an exclusive list of our preferred hotels.

Exide Electronics
Raleigh, NC, US
The world leader in uninterruptible power supplies and network power management software.

FHP Health Care
Primenet Web Services, Phoenix, AZ, US
For anyone assessing their own health or learning more about HMO's.

Florida Best Travel Services
Miami Beach, FL, US
Lowest rates on hotel rooms, cruises, tours and excursions, rental cars.

The Florida Internet Real Estate Guide
Hollywood, FL, US
A comprehensive homebuying and relocation guide. It features new home communities, builders, realtors, developers, insurance, accountants, interior design info.

Florida Waterfront Property
Waterfront Properties, Jupiter, FL, US
In 12-tows along the southeastern Florida coast between the Palm Beach Inlet and Stuart, Waterfront Properties offers nearly 200 waterfront homes, lots, and condos.

Flowers, Roses and Arrangements
1-800-ROSES, Pigeon Forge, TN, US
Beautiful long-stemmed roses and other floral arrangements and flowers, delivered nationwide. Call before noon for guaranteed same day delivery.

Fort Myers Florida Chamber of Commerce
Fort Myers, FL, US
Listing information on accommodations, resorts, restaurants, medical, real estate, boating, golf, fishing, fine arts and business.

The Freedom Page
Student Home Pages, Univ. of Missouri-Columbia, Columbia, MO, US
A collection of U.S. government, political party, PAC, and alternative/activist servers.

Funky Times
Reality Communications (Internet) Ltd., London, England, UK
All the best daily news, weather, comic strips, etc. in one Online Daily Index.

Gallagher & Robertson A/S
Oslo, Norway
A Norwegian software house which develops packages for terminal emulation, network printer emulation, file transfer and electronic mail.

The Gallery of Functional Art
Artdirect, Santa Monica, CA, US
Represents artists, architects, and designers who create chairs, beds, sofas, lighting, screens, dressers, and tabletop items -- from folk to fantasy, comfortable to conceptual, baroque to minimalist.

Galt Technology Shareware Zone
Saratoga, CA, US
Download the latest and greatest shareware, including Galt Technologies Full Motion, the digital video screen saver. Many other leading shareware apps are available for download at the click of a button.

Nordland, WA, US
A garden resource center dedicated to bringing useful content and great online services to the gardening and horticultural community. Request garden catalogs and order garden magazines online.

Geozone Communications, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Information (in French and English) about collection of hazardous household wastes in the Montreal area, with links to United Nations environmental sources and world news.

The Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Houston
Houston, TX, US
One of the oldest and largest G&S companies in the US. Tickets can be ordered online.

Global Ecology Study Abroad
International Honors Program, Boston, MA, US
Study global ecology and travel around the world to England, India, Philippines, New Zealand and Mexico. College students and older. Earn college credit, small group, homestays with families.

Global Information Services
Bloomingdale, IL, US
Low-cost Web presence provider.

Global Trade Center
The Mellinger Co., Woodland Hills, CA, US
Provides resources and information for people interested in Global Trade.

Gold Canyon Multimedia
Gold Canyon, AZ, US
A PC based multimedia design/development company offering CD-ROM, graphic design, programming, and video services. We list area trails and recreational information.

The Gold Sheet Sports Page
Los Angeles, CA, US
Sports handicapping information for football and basketball fans.

Green Cirkit
Think and Tinker, Colorado Springs, CO, US
An evolving discipline for prototyping complex electronic and electromechanical devices.

The Guitar Gallery of Houston
Houston, TX, US
We specialize in hand made acoustic instruments and also have an extensive online catalog of sheet music and instructional videos.

Hamptons Book Store
Point Roberts, WA, US
Come in and browse our growing selection of books, including over 1,000 travel publications. For a limited time receive a valuable travel voucher with every book purchase.

Hazardous Materials Management Magazine
CHMM Inc., Toronto, Canada
The Canadian publication of pollution prevention and control. Bringing to Canadian industry an unparalleled information source on pollution prevention and waste management issues.

Heizer Software
Pleasant Hill, CA, US
Offers a wide assortment of solution tools for developers using HyperCard, AppleScript, SuperCard, OpenDoc and more.

Herald Sun Get Wired
Melbourne, VI, Australia
Features the latest news in technology and cyberspace, hardware, software and games reviews, and a seminar room for speaking to Herald Sun journalists.

Holiday Inn Online
Atlanta, GA, US
Book your Reservations Online. Find out about our summer specials, programs for frequent travellers, and test your worldly knowledge playing TravelBuff Online.

Home and Design Online
West Bloomfield, MI, US
The global information resource and communication network for the housing industry.

Home Page Authors on the World Wide Web
NetPro Group, Dallas, TX, US
Quality Web authoring services. We can set up a store front for your business on the Internet by creating a fully functional home page for your company on the Web.

horsey: An Independent Underground Feature Film
Pyramid Productions Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
An exciting indigenous Vancouver film company currently producing a feature film project about sex, drugs and rock and roll.

HTML Goodies
Bowling Green, OH, US
Over 250 lines, arrows, balls, buttons and icons.

Humanities HUB
Griffith Univ., Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Links to software, resources and eJournals for researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Huskers Online
Zyzzyva Enterprises, Lincoln, NE, US
Featuring current schedules and up-to-the-minute news and information about the nation's #1 college football team -- the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

Hydroclimatology Home Page
Civil Engineering Dept., Princeton Univ., Princeton, NJ, US
Descriptions of current research.

ILOG Home Page
Mountain View, CA, US
A worldwide leader in the design, marketing, and support of C++ software components for advanced applications.

Image dot Gallery
Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ, US
An experimental project implemented by John Colt and Jo Ann Briseno at Arizona State University. Within the expanding parameters of an evolving electronic medium.

Albany, CA, US
Publishes graphics, multimedia, animation, music, and educational Macintosh software, including Bliss Paint, Bliss Saver, Listen, Chronos, and ProtoFont. Discounts and FTP are available.

IMPULSE! The Internet's Infomercial Resource Center
Beverly Hills, CA, US
An interactive marketing and advertising production company. From infomercials to the Internet, we specialize in creating exciting programs that entertain, educate and motivate people to buy your products.

INDOlink -- Your Electronic Link to India
Santa Clara, CA, US
A unique resource of information on India, as well as Indian community and businesses worldwide. It features news, announcements, informational articles, along with business and classified advertisements.

Information Clearinghouse, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
An online connection to the space experience, offering space exploration adventures through the incredible technology of multi-media and the Internet.

Institute for Business and Professional Ethics
Chicago, IL, US
The first site to compile ethics-related resources on the internet, including a new, peer-reviewed Online Journal of Ethics, an ethics calendar and other resources.

Institute of Fluid Science
Sendai, Miyagi, Japan
Information on organization, staff, and research activities.

Internet CLIQ Services
San Francisco, CA, US
Providing Web access and services designed to facilitate exchange between the consumer and the merchant.

Internet Marketing Systems
Tuscon, AZ, US
Web advertizing, consulting, design, and publishing service.

Internet North
Yellowknife, Canada
Northern Canada's premier Internet service provider. Provides SLIP, PPP, UUCP, and dedicated leased line access. Value added services include Web page programming and publication.

Inter//Web Development
Boston, MA, US
A design and management company, committed to positioning your company on the Internet.

Iowa Realty
Engages in a variety of real estate activities, including residential brokerage, commercial brokerage, development, leasing, and property management.

Irish American Football League.
Dublin, Ireland
Covers the league and its current champions, the Dublin Tornadoes.

ISO 9000 Network
ISOWest, San Carlos, CA, US
Low-cost ISO 9000 collaborative group training that leads to ISO 9000 compliance and registration. Site includes ISO 9000 overview and benefits, news and links.

Jack of all Trades
Berkeley, CA, US
A three-time award-winning company (Oracle Innovations for Education Grants). Specializing in Web sites, interfaces, children's CD-ROMs, and kiosks.

Jason Chiropractic
Livermore, CA, US
Serving the S.F. East Bay area better health through spinal examination and alignment.

Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
Annenberg School for Communication, USC, Los Angeles, CA, US
Special issue on collaborative universities. Essays and reports of research on inter-university collaborations.

Kathrne's Music Page
Orange, CA, US
A music/sounds page. It is always being updated with new formats, more files and more players.

Kingston Towne Centre
NovaTech, Kingston, Ontario, Canada
A cybermall that lists events, festivals, and other information that any traveler to Kingston will find useful.

Lafort Public Affairs
Lafort, Boskoop, The Netherlands
Implementing public relations and public affairs strategies in the Netherlands.

Laser ExPress Holograms--Holographic Artwork At Its Finest
Baltimore, MD, US
Full projecting, fantastically fully three-dimensional holograms for sale at incredible prices.

The Last Resort
The Last Resort of W.P.B. Inc., West Palm Beach, FL, US
Hard-edged urban street wear. Underground clothing lines from around the country. Tees, pants, Doc Marten boots, body jewelry, hair dye, and more.

The Latigo Fine Art by Gregg Willis
World Wide Mall, Albuquerque, NM, US
Limited edition western prints.

The Law Offices of Murry A. Marks, J.D.
St. Louis, MO, US
We skillfully and successfully represent both the seriously injured and those charged with felony offenses.

North American Communications Corporation, Columbia, MO, US
A comprehensive list of legal resources available on the Web.

Learning Community
eWorld on the Web, Cupertino, CA, US
Provides educators, students, and parents with a simple and easy way to find extensive educational information on the Web.

L.I.S.T. (Legal Industry Source Tablet)
Aerolite Communications, Carlsbad, CA, US
Connects attorneys with law related products and services. We offer an easy to use source directory and a valuable library of Web sites.

Loon's Cry Campground
Midcoast Internet Solutions, Warren, ME, US
A full-service RV and tenting park located on a lake on Route One in midcoast Maine. Also distributing Gheenoe fishing boats.

Lowell High School
Lowell, MA, US
Lowell High School's Internet presence.

Making Contact
National Radio Project, Portola Valley, CA, US
A new national radio program -- progressive, hard-hitting and lively. Produced by Norman Solomon and David Barsamian.

Management School
Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, London, UK
The Management School at Imperial College operates at the interface of management technology and innovation, achieving balanced excellence in both teaching relevance and research rigor.

Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce
Manitou Springs, CO, US
This lovely Victorian town offers year round activities with something for everyone.

Marketing Resources
Group Cortex, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, US
This site concentrates on listing agencies, suppliers, publications, etc., that are not presently online.

Martens Web Services
Los Angeles, CA, US
We provide affordable and reliable solutions to your Internet needs.

Mary Rose Virtual Maritime Museum
Mary Rose Trust, Portsmouth, England
Offers visitors a chance to learn about this Tudor-period warship which sank 450 years ago.

McGrath Lexus
ESP Technologies, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
The largest Lexus dealer by sales in the entire Midwest is now online. Look at new cars, inquire about used vehicles, and even schedule service appointments.

MDL Information Systems, Inc.
San Leandro, CA, US
The leading provider of integrated chemical information management systems, databases, and services used in pharmaceutical, chemical, agrochemical, and biotechnology research and development worldwide.

Milwaukee, WI, US
Meccanet is a web presence and marketing firm.

Medical Robotics and Computer Assisted Surgery Jumpstation
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Extensive list of links to research and conferences involving medical robotics and/or computer assisted surgery.

St. Petersburg, FL, US
A group of doctors devoted to giving expert medical opinions on medical and legal matters to attorneys.

Melbourne Bands
Wood and Wire, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Links to bands from the city's lively music scene.

Michael Jackson HIStory Page
Sony Music Online, New York, NY, US
Features sound and video clips, inside info on the making of the Scream video, and more.

Michigan Radio (WUOM/WVGR/WFUM-FM)
Ann Arbor, MI, US
We are public radio at the University of Michigan.

Microplex Pty. Ltd., Sydney, NSW, Australia
The Microplex service providers home page.

Microsoft Focus on K-12
Microsoft Corporation, Seattle, WA, US
This site will provide you with information on Microsoft products and services that will help integrate technology into your district, school, and classroom.

Mitronics, Inc.--Independent Stocking Distributor of Semiconductors
Cedar Grove, NJ, US
An independent stocking distributor of integrated circuits, semiconductors, and electronics components. We specialize in the stocking of highly allocated and obsolete products.

Mountain Internet Home Page
Squamish, BC, Canada
Links to various items and Web starting points.

Glib Works, Starkville, MS, US
Mississippi State University local American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics home page.

National Listing Service
Granada Hills, CA, US
Providing free access to real estate listings throughout the world. Search for properties in your area.

NEMO Net (North East Missouri Network)
Palmyra, MO, US
Provides local access to the surrounding communities in Northeast Missouri.

digitalworld gmbh, Hamburg, Germany
Cultural and entertainment services. Netville explores forms of interactive participation and offers online events like the recent "Wrapped Reichstag" project by Christo.

Network Audio Bits
Orono, ME, US
The first electronic music magazine (online since 1987) is now a web site. Contains news, reviews, and more.

Washington, DC, US
A business newsletter, bringing people, ideas, and money together, emphasizing the human aspect of business. Loaded with opportunities to improve your life and financial position.

New Haven Ravens Baseball
New Haven, CT, US
A site offering information on tickets, merchandise, and more for a AA minor league affiliate of Major League baseball's Colorado Rockies.

Newburyport Classified Ads
Newburyport, MA, US
Free classified advertising page for Newburyport and surrounding areas, as well as global.

Next Generation Computer Systems
Washington, DC, US
IBM compatible sales and service. We are also an authorized Hewlett Packard dealer.

The Official Enchant Home Page
Enchant, Martinez, CA, US
A Northern California based progressive rock band with influences such as Marillion, Rush, Dream Theater, Queensryche, and Saga (among others.)

Omega: Software Accountancy Systems
Omega Facilities Management Ltd, London, UK
For language translators and word processors. For computer systems, service and support. For Accounting systems and consultancy.

One World Software's
Bronston, KY, US
Information about refrigerant tracking system for Windows -- RTS helps maintain compliance with the Clean Air Act of 1990.

Onsite Solutions
Richmond, VA, US
Our vision is to sell high quality systems and accessories at a reasonable price.

The Oregon Wrestling Report
Salem, OR, US
A set of pages that cover amateur wrestling in the Oregon, from kids' clubs through college.

Osteopathic Medicine WWW Resource Page
Rosegarth Clinic, Mansfield, UK
Includes electronic journals, worldwide schools, practitioners register, and more.

The Ottawa/Hull Contact Pages
LiveWire Online, Ottawa/Hull, Ontario, Canada
Free personal ads for the Ottawa/Hull areas.

OverSight Magazine
Los Angeles, CA, US
An online journal of community and alternative art in Los Angeles. Special interests include non-profit organizations, artist run spaces, photography, and a virtual gallery.

Peg Jordan's Fitness Flash Trends
Neuroscape, Eureka, CA, US
Your only source for up-to-the-minute information on the state of fitness. It will both entertain and educate you.

Pen & Sword
San Jose, CA, US
Imaginative, interesting gay and lesbian art and writing for the diverse community.

Phase3 Software Homepage
Ventura, CA, US
This site provides information and support about Phase3, the rapid application development platform for Windows. Phase3 works with standard languages (C and Pascal) to produce high speed native code executables.

Physical Science Laboratory at New Mexico State
Las Cruces, NM, US
PSL's current business areas include environmental and atmospheric sciences and engineering, space engineering, ground and flight instrumentation, modeling and simulation, and more.

Physician's Guide to the Internet
Oakland, CA, US
For physician's wanting to utilize the Internet's resources regarding lifestyle, clinical practice, education, and more.

Piedmont Budokan (Judo and JuJitsu)
Charlotte, NC, US
Information on judo, jujitus and self defense.

Pikes Peak Arts Council
Colorado Springs, CO, US
A non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the arts, serving our members and the arts community, and acting as an advocate for the arts.

Places To Go and Things to See in Roanoke, VA
Southwest Virginia Internet Society, Roanoke, VA, US
This site lets you get a taste of Roanoke, including the historic Hotel Roanoke, Roanoke's trademark Star, the Transportation Museum, and more.

Plants Database of the Warsaw Botanical Garden
Institute of Botany, Warsaw University, Warsaw, Poland
Each record includes: Latin name, Polish name, Family (systematics), natural locality, garden section with localization on the map. Garden tour available soon.

Port of Philadelphia and Camden
Philadelphia, PA, US
Manages the Delaware River ports for Philadelphia, Penn., and Camden, New Jersey.

The Pride Network
San Diego, CA, US
Information on gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender pride events around the world and our fight for equal rights.

Princeton University Orange Key Tour
Princeton, NJ, US
A virtual tour of Princeton University, complete with text, sound and graphics.

Priory Lodge Education Limited
Wirral, UK
We have considerable expertise in consultancy to publish information on the Web and design interactive sites, with CGI technology. We own four titles, and are expanding rapidly.

Prode OnLine WEB
Prode, Milano, Italy
Topics concerning chemical engineering and plant design. Data on software, process design, mathematic models, etc.

Professional Floorball Server
Kauniainen, Helsinki, Finland
This page tells you everything you wanted to know about the game of floorball.

Provincetown Listings
Provincetown Public Library, Provincetown, MA, US
The most comprehensive listing of information on Provincetown. Links to related sites are added daily.

Quick Balance USA
The Front Page, Dallas, TX, US
Introduces the Alzner Orthotic. An orthopedic appliance created to position all the bones, ligaments, muscles and tendons of a human foot improving balance and reducing back stress.

QuickMedia, Inc.
San Carlos, CA, US
The developer and publisher of the award-winning software, Living Album.

Reasons to Believe
Pasadena, CA, US
A ministry dedicated to showing how the latest scientific evidences point to the God of the Bible.

Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe (REC)
Budapest, Hungary
An independent, non-advocacy, non-profit foundation. Our mission is to promote cooperation among diverse groups in the region.

Rensselaer Men's Hockey
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, NY, US
Statistics and player information.

Rent-A-Web - For Hotels, Resorts and Casinos
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
An Internet system that comes with all hardware and software needed to set up your own Internet server/client networks -- computer games, cyber cafes, video-conferencing, and more.

The Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics
Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
An economic modeling and forecasting unit.

Riback & Company
Windham, ME, US
Marketing services and consulting. Product market development including the retail channel and direct marketing; marketing communications including trade shows and public relations. Resources for map and travel publishing.

Eugene, OR, US
Exhibit changes monthly.

A Russia Phototrack
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Hundreds of hyperlinks to pictures from Russia.

Scot J. Marburger's Shooting Supplies & Gunsmithing
Dublin, CA, US
Firearms, shooting accessories, gunsmithing, and related information.

The Scottish Society of the Pikes Peak Region
Colorado Springs, CO, US
An organization of people of Scottish heritage and all other people interested in things Scottish.

Seattle Area Promise Keepers
Seattle, WA, US
Regional information regarding a national Christian Men's organization.

Shihadeh Oriental Rugs
Magical Fox, Ardmore, PA, US
Learn about Oriental rugs and designs, visit the first online oriental rug auction, and discover how to clean up stains on carpets.
http://orientalrugs.com [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Shiner Beer
San Antonio, TX, US
Information about the beer, the brewery, and local music listings for cities around the country.

Skunk Works
State Works, Starkville, MS, US
Lockheed Skunk Works link that deals with the greatest flight programs ever created: SR-71, F-117 Stealth Fighter.

SKY Online
Sky Publishing Corporation, Cambridge, MA, US
Articles from Sky & Telescope magazine, tips for backyard sky-gazers, reviews of telescopes and accessories, a calendar of star parties, a weekly news bulletin, and much more.

Small Planet Communications
Littleton, MA, US
Develops print, video, and multimedia materials for educators and educational publishers.

Solar Tan-Thru Swimwear
LifeStyles Direct, Tampa, FL, US
High tech suits for a high tech world. See our models, join Team Solar, and download a video fashion show.

South Dakota Game, Fish, and Parks
Pierre, SD, US
Information on camping, hunting, and fishing.

Southwest Fire Protection Company
Monrovia, CA, US
Out philosophy is to design and install the finest and most reliable life and property protection systems available.

Spectrum Consulting
Sydney, Australia
Live views of Sydney.

SPICE - Software Process Improvement and Capability dEtermination
Australian Software Quality Institute, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
SPICE is a major international initiative to develop a Standard for Software Process Assessment.

St. John's Lutheran Church
Brookfield, WI, US
A page which describes the ministries of the church and has links to Christian resources.

State Works
Starkville, MS, US
An award-winning design team that designs aerospace vehicles dealing with UAVs and environmental issues.

The Stephen Sondheim Server
San Jose, CA, US
A one-stop Web server for information on Stephen Sondheim and his award-winning Broadway musicals. Other musical theatre and Broadway information available through this service.

Strategic Mapping, Inc.
Santa Clara, CA, US
Learn about mapping software, business/demographic data and spatial analysis tools.

The Student Nitric Oxide Explorer
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics, Boulder, CO, US
A low-cost student satellite project intended to investigate the effects of energy inputs by the sun and the earth's magnetosphere on nitric oxide densities in the thermosphere.

Suncoast Offshore Grand Prix
Hyperlink, Inc., Sarasota, FL, US
Ten days of powerboat races, regattas, tournaments, parades and parties. Over the past 10 years, the festival has become the Florida Gulf Coast's premier sporting and fund-raising event.

Superb Entertainment
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Links to our multimedia products, info about our products, opportunities for creative talents, and more.

TCX for Preservation of Historic Structures and Buildings
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Seattle, WA, US
The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Technical Center of Expertise (TCX) is a valuable resource in the study, rehabilitation, repair, and maintenance of historic sites.

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
New York, NY, US
Provides sourcing information on industrial products and services offered by 150,000 U.S. and Canadian companies in 52,000 categories.

Urbama, IL, US
A zine critiquing facets of pop culture such as why Babylon 5 is a Greek tragedy and who exactly is Taylor Negron. The occasional review, fictional piece and excerpts from out Tiki mailing list will also be seen in an issue of TikiZine.

Champaign, IL, US
Pictures, sound files, show info and other propaganda pertaining to the rock-n-roll band TINY.

Total Intervention
The Electronic Bridge Project, Detroit, MI, US
A Web emulation of the interactive art work by Lowell Boileau now at the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Traders' Connection
Indianapolis, IN, US
With over 500,000 classified ads online, Traders' Connection is the world's largest database of electronic classifieds. Browse or search ad papers from all over the United States and Canada.

Trident Data Systems
Los Angeles, CA, US
A premier consulting and systems integration company.

Tri-Lakes Realty, Inc.
Monument, CO, US
If you're looking for property up and down the Colorado I-25 corridor, we are your site.

Tru-Vue 3-D Viewer Information
Solid Space, Salem, OR, US
Information on Tru-Vue 3-D viewers, filmstrips, etc.

TSA-5 Military Systems Analysis & Simulations
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, US
Information on its mission, projects, personnel and links to other LANL and government sites.

Under Puget Sound
Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
A page focusing on underwater photography in the Pacific Northwest.

Univ. of Missouri - Columbia, Atmospheric Science Page
Univ. of Missouri and the MU Meteorology Club, Columbia, MO, US
The weather page gives information regarding the MU Weather Department and an organized plethora of local and national weather information.

Universidad de los Andes, Colombia
Santafe de Bogota, Colombia
Colombia Web site that provides information and services from the campus and Colombia in general.

University of Oklahoma School of Music
Norman, OK, US
Numerous pages contain information on the school, its performing groups, the faculty, degree programs, concerts and upcoming events, and application information.

USS Avenger, NCC-1860
The Central New Jersey Chapter of Starfleet, North Brunswick, NJ, US
If you are even remotely interested in Star Trek, check us out.

Vermontisms For The Non-Native Speaker
Craftsbury, VT, US
A handful of distinctively Vermont turns of phrase. Suggestions for further reading, also.

Virtual Communications
Minneapolis, MN, US
VCI is a multimedia development company. With several award-winning CD-ROM products on the market today, services include Web site development, graphic design and consulting, and interactivity designing and consulting.

Virtual FlyLab
California State University, Los Angeles, CA, US
An educational application for teaching/learning the genetics of inheritance. It allows one to simulate the mating of fruit flies. Offspring are generated according to the proper rules of genetics.

Virtual Lake Tahoe
Media West Group, Stateline, NV, US
South Lake Tahoe's official information-rich Web site.

Virtually Wired Beta Site
Boston, MA, US
Set up by one of the country's largest computer recyclers, Virtually is designed to give Boston's info-poor low and/or no-cost access to computer technology. Also Boston pics and multimedia files.

Vox-L Inc., A Lateiner Dataspace Company
Boston, MA, USA
Makers of the Vox-L Stereoscopic Workstation, placing volumetric data (medical, geophysical, etc.) in a virtual reality environment.

Washington State Child Support Resource Center
Olympia, WA, US
Resources for people involved in child support matters. Interface to Washington's division of child support for those wishing to correspond electronically.

Baltimore, MD, US
This site supports Lightwave 3D, a raytracing package created by NewTek, Inc.

WCVB Channel 5
Needham, MA, US
Meet Boston's News Center 5 team, see how the news is reported, search the archives of news features, and receive timely updates.

Web Personals
W3.COM & Virtual Resources, Palo Alto, CA, US
This state-of-the-art Web-only service carries over 4000 ads (with pictures) from across the US and all over the world.

Phoenix, AZ, US
A full-service graphic arts and Web page design firm that specializes in 3d modeling and computer graphics.

Superhighway Consulting, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Create your own Web page. Simply follow a step-by-step process to submit your material.

Wedding Announcement Circle
Continuum Internet Publishing Services Inc., NY, NY, US
Free wedding announcements on the Web. For couples who want a different way of letting the world know about their upcoming nuptials.

Western International Systems Education (WISE)
Vancouver, BC, Canada
We provide systems training related to computers, systems design communications, and project management in conjunction with organized outdoor recreation.

White Wing Labs
Mission Hills, CA, US
Prostsafe and sexiharate natural medicines to help with prostate problems.

Winnipeg Convention Centre
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Canada's most experienced convention center, encompassing an entire city block with 115,000 square ft. of meeting and exhibition space on three levels.

Winsor Computing Home Page
Billerica, MA, US
Provides consulting and/or custom programming for IBM PC computers ranging from children's yoys, SoundBlasters, custom programs for converting one data format to another.

World Freefall Convention
Quincy, IL, US
Find out about airplanes, world record attempts, on-site facilities, and more.

Worldguide Online
The Dynamedia Group, Mill Valley, CA, US
A premier provider of virtual maps for the adventure traveler.

WorldTel Global Marketplace
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A listing of commercial, recreational, online service, and informational offerings.

The WWW CyberHotel
(MIP) Medford Internet Projects, Medford, OR, US
Walk to the front desk, visit the cyber hotel lounge, check out the BBS, and more.

Yeager Web, Society of Yeager Scholars
Huntington, WV, US
Information on Marshall University's prestigious program. Includes description, alumni news, and application information.

Young Jains of America
Austin, TX, US
Our mission is to be recognized nationally and internationally as an umbrella Jain organization for establishing a network to share Jain heritage and religion.

Wednesday, 5 July 1995

1996 IEEE International Symposium on Circuits and Systems
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, US
This is the information and registration page for the ISCAS '96 conference in Atlanta.

5280 Interactive
Denver, CO, US
The online edition of 5280: Denver's Mile-High Magazine.

Ace Ticket Service
Atlanta, GA, US
Buys and sells tickets to all concert, theatre, and sporting events worldwide. Specializes in VIP seating for corporate entertainment and tickets to sold-out events.

Air Combat Environment Test & Evaluation Facility, Patuxent River, MD, US
A U.S. Navy-installed systems test facility used to support research, development, test and evaluation of electronic combat systems.

AD&A's Software Jobs
Allen Davis & Associates National Software Search & Placement, Amherst, MA, US
A listing, updated weekly, of available software jobs in the US. Resumes can be submitted directly from the page.

AEC InfoCenter
Toronto, ON, Canada
The Internet expo for architecture, engineering, construction, and home building.

San Francisco, CA, US
Register over the Web for San Francisco's July 16 walk, and find other AIDS Walk info.

St. Gallen, Switzerland
The International Association of Students in Economics and Commerce home page at the University of St. Gallen.

Alderac Entertainment Group
Ontario, CA, US
We publish Shadis Magazine, the world's largest independent gaming publication.

The Algarve
Nexus, Faro, Algarve, Portugal
Information about this popular tourist area in Portugal.

Allegro New Media
Fairfield, NJ, US
Makers of award winning multimedia CD-ROMs for education and reference.

Alpha Psi Chapter of Theta Xi Fraternity
Rolla, MO, US
Information on anything you want to know about the fraternity.

Alphaville Homepage
Dan's Company on the Net, New York, NY, US
Everything you have always wanted to know about this great German band.

American Association of Young Hungarians
New Brunswick, NJ, US
The association of Hungarian-American university students and young professionals. The AAYH attempts to fulfill the multiple needs of American-born Hungarians.

Anchorage Convention & Visitors Bureau Visitors Guide
Anchorage, AK, US
A membership organization supporting Alaskan visitors.

Arcosanti -- An Urban Laboratory
Cosanti Foundation, Mayer, AZ, US
Arcosanti is a prototype energy-efficient town combining architectural and ecological concepts. It has been under construction in the high desert of Arizona for 25 years.

Arizona Careers Online
Diverse Data, Inc., Tucson, AZ, US
Arizona Careers Online provides direct linkage to 8,000 Job Ads (updated weekly) and 25,000 resumes through Help Wanted-USA.

Fort Myers, FL, US
A fine art search service on the Internet.

Asia Regional Agribusiness Project
Fintrac Inc., Washington, D.C., DC, USA
Provides information on horticultural and agricultural markets in Asia and the Middle East.

Association for Glycogen Storage Disease
Edinburgh, Midlothian, UK
Information about the various types of this disease.

Aunt Agatha's Occult Emporium
Coquitlam, Bc, Canada
A pagan/metaphysical/occult retail outlet and resource area.

Aunt Annie's Craft Page
dot.ware, Vandalia, OH, US
A new craft project every week. The emphasis of this page is on fun, learning, creativity, and problem-solving. Patterns to print and software to download.

Automobile Safety Foundation
ASF, San Diego, CA, US
International safety alert regarding steering locks. Must reading for all drivers plus read a book for free.

Axone's Financial Calculators
Axone Services & Développement S.A., Geneva, Switzerland
A series of financial calculators (Interactive Web form-based calculators and free downloadable programs).

Aynchronous Link Protocol
WorldWide Net Corporation, Seattle, WA, US
Real time, two-way data exchange to any Windows Web browser. Simply run a setup script and you are instantly able to both send and receive continuous data (text, audio, video, etc).

The Banff Centre Summer Arts Festival
Banff, Alberta, Canada
Welcome to the Banff Arts Festival, a summer of music, media arts, visual arts, opera, dance, aboriginal theatre, cabarets, mountain films, and special events. June 8 - September 7, 1995.

Banque Paribas
Paris, France
Major international financial group with its head office located in Paris. Publish presentation plus issues of the famous monthly macro-economical magazine "Conjoncture."

Beck Lee, Inc.
A distributor of wholesale cardiology supplies.

Ben & Jerry's
Ben & Jerry's Homemade, Inc., Waterbury, VT, US
A virtual tour of Ben & Jerry's, Vermont's Finest ice cream and frozen yogurt, including information on flavors and products, scoop shop listings, company information and a schedule of coming events and company-sponsored festivals.

Ben Kreunen's Photographs of Victoria
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Landscape photographs of Victoria, Australia. Images are a mixture of full color, black-and-white, and black-and-white infrared photographs.

The Bibliography of Crocodilian Biology, Etc.
Baltimore, MD, US
Contains more than 2000 references from the 1600's on.

The Big Horn Mountain Flyfishing Page
WAVE Communications, Sheridan, WY, US
Great local fishing information and humor.

EMBL - European Bioinformatics Institute, Hinxton, Essex, UK
A user-maintained collection of URLs related to biology.

Bolton Wanderers
University of Hull, Humberside, UK
A home page for Bolton Wanderers Football Club. It contains details about the club, the team and latest information.

Boomtown City
San Jose, CA, US
Combining arts and entertainment with commerce and business, this new virtual city could well become your favorite place on the Internet.

The Boston Book Review
Cambridge, MA, US
A literary arts newspaper that reports on the national and international literary scene featuring nationally preeminent writers, scholars and intellectuals.

The Box Office
Noordwijk, The Netherlands
A film and video production company based in Holland specializing in action sports and youth culture.

Buffalo Chicken Wings
Moran Communications Group, Buffalo, NY, US
Whether you like 'em mild, medium, or red-hot, vote for which restaurant serves the world's best wings, and submit your own recipes.

Bullseye Software
Seattle, WA, US
Makes and sells C-Cover, the test coverage analyzer for C/C++ on Windows, Windows NT, MS-DOS, Unix, and OS/2. C-Cover quickly finds untested code in your application and measures testing completeness.

Cable and Wireless
Cable and Wireless plc, London, UK
A worldwide telecoms company. Includes company history, accounts, who to contact, details of mobile, marine and business networks divisions, and info on the college.

California Software
Corona del Mar, CA, US
We carry InterAp software, a system that makes it simple and easy to gain full access to the Internet.

Canadian Internet Commerce Directory
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Net-Mark Enterprises has created a searchable online Canadian business directory.

Canadian Politics
Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada
Outrageous Canadian political facts like the MP's pensions, Senator's perks, the Liberal budget, the budget that the citizens wanted, and more.

Candy Stick Gallery
Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, US
For the past thirty years the most prominent artists in Humboldt County and Northern California have shown their work at the Candy Stick Gallery.
http://www.northcoast.com/unlimited/cultural_center/northcoast/candystick/candystick.html %state CA

Cape Coral Chamber of Commerce
Cape Coral, FL, US
Information about accommodations, resorts, restaurants, medical, real estate, boating, golf, fishing, fine arts and business.

Landmark Communications, Norfolk, VA, US
A full-service global recruitment center.

Caribbean/Latin American Action
Washington, DC, US
A non-profit association to encourage business links with Latin America and the Caribbean. Includes information on the annual Miami conference.

Ventura, CA, US
A floor covering retailer with over 70 stores in the West. Virtually every question about carpeting is answered in the Carpeteria home page.

VOC-EVAL Associates, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, US
Career counseling services in the privacy your own home. Vocational interest inventories, aptitude assessments and personality type analysis with standardized tools.

Celebrity Addresses
Shawnigan Lake, BC, CA
A listing of email addresses and fan pages for celebrities.

Tele'-Comm International Communications, Inc., Orlando, FL, US
Provides information and sales of the TC2001 portable cellular phone and accessories designed around Lithium-ion battery technology.

Central Europe Today
Word Up! New Media Group, Budapest, Hungary
A free executive news service covering the business and political events in Central Europe every business day. Provides a link to the CET Online archives.

Central Indiana Bicycling Association
Indianapolis, IN, US
Home pages for the cyclist.

A Certain Ratio
Rhys Jones, Oxford, UK
A source of information on A Certain Ratio, the band from Manchester, England.

Champaign Urbana Online
Champaign, IL, US
We provide central Illinois with Internet access.

Channel One Internet Services
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Offering the best in dial-up, ISDN and T1 access to the Internet in Canada and across North America. Also related links.

Charlie's Angels Home Page
Glasnost Publishing, Crane, MO, US
The first web page devoted to one of the most important shows in TV history.

Check Out Hunger
Desktop Miracles, Plano, TX, US
A campaign to raise money for the North Texas and Tarrant area food banks.

Chinese Historical and Cultural Project
San Jose, CA, US
Programs include Golden Legacy curriculum, Heritage educational link program, and the Chinese Summer Festival held in San Jose each July.

Chorallaries of M.I.T.
Cambridge, MA, US
The only secular, coed a cappella singing group comprised entirely of members of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology community.

Christian Recovery Connection
International Union of Gospel Missions, Kansas City, MO, US
Information and resources for individuals recovering from addiction, compulsive disorders, and/or life problems.

The Church of Zen Fatalism -- Artful Things Gallery
Sleepy Cat Graphis, San Diego, CA, US
Sci-fi and fantasy illustrations and fine art by Max Fellwalker and other artists. Gallery pages feature media from watercolor to Bryce renderings.

College Canada Net
Association of Canadian Community Colleges, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The ACCC Web site is the window to the international and national activities, projects, and points of view in Canada's community colleges, Cegeps, and technical institutes.

Columbus By Night LARP
Columbus, OH, US
A live-action role-playing game based on the Mind's Eye Theater rules for Vampire: The Masquerade. Includes links to other White Wolf sites, Larp sites, and general World of Darkness stuff.

Congressman Ehlers (R-MI)
House of Representatives, Washington, DC, US
Information on and from Vernon J. Ehlers, Republican congressman from Michigan.

Connections Consulting Company of China
W3.COM, Palo Alto, CA, US
Information from over 1200 Chinese mainland newspapers, trade journals, various trade association meetings, magazines, and other periodicals from around the country.

Cool Links of WIDD
WIDD - Web Informationsdienst Duesseldorf, Duesseldorf, Germany
Here you can find some entries to the world of the Internet, provided by WIDD.

Corcoran Group
HomeNet, New York, NY, US
New York City real estate listings.

CORDIS: Community Research and Development
DG XIII/D2 of the European Commission, European Union
Information on, and registration for, CORDIS - a family of 10 databases carrying information on all aspects of European Union-supported, pre-competitive research and development.

Corporation X Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A corporate advertising and communications firm offering a variety of services in both the local and global areas.

Creative Interests Agency
Rohnert Park, CA, US
Grew from the comic publishing world, and now heavily invested in helping producers of computer games, video games and multi-media in all respects.

Critical Mass
Communications 458: Experimental Project Group, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An ezine started by six students at Simon Fraser University to explore communication issues.

Systems 2000 Consulting, Cedar Rapids, IA, US
Cedar Rapids' premier marketplace and mall. The number one connection to all of the local businesses and entertainment.

Cyberbound Corporation
Indianapolis, IN, US
Dedicated to providing professional Web pages for large and small businesses.

CyberKids Publications
Columbia, SC, US
We publish stories, songs, poems, and books by kids.

The CyberSearch Foundation
Redmond, WA, US
An Internet research and consulting firm founded upon the principles of educating and informing the public of technological advances in the fields of computers and networks.

Daily Record and Sunday Mail
Glasgow, UK
Britain's first national tabloid newspaper to be published on the Web.

Greensboro, NC, US
Founded in 1971, specializes in supporting all areas of information systems.

Davis & Elkins College
Elkins, WY, US
Information on the college.

Deep Adventures III
Point Pleasant, NJ, US
Deep-sea fishing and scuba diving charters on the eastern seaboard.

Design Stream
Wanchai, Hong Kong
Full, professional, turnkey solutions for companies looking for a Web presence in Asia.

DesignNet Productions
Point Roberts, WA, US
We provide commercial ventures with a variety of marketing techniques and services for the Internet.

DeSoto Trail Elementary School
Tallahassee, FL, US
The Internet is one of the many resources we use to train and educate both our students and staff.

Detroit Publishing Company Photographic Collection
Library of Congress, Washington, DC, US
The American Memory project of the Library of Congress has added a collection of 25,000 photographs from the Detroit Publishing Company covering life in turn-of-the-century America.

Dialogic Communications Corporation
Franklin, TN, US
DCC specializes in producing voice processing products for typical business applications done over the telephone.

Dialogues of Peace
Geneva, Switzerland
An international exhibition of contemporary art specially chosen by the Secretariat of the United Nations' 50th Anniversary.

Dial-the-Truth Ministries
Pinson, AL, US
A Christian resource center with electronic tracts.

The Diamond Shopping Network
Citrus Heights, CA, US
We give you confidence in buying diamonds at wholesale prices: info on how to make a safe purchase and what to look for when buying a diamond.

Digital Dream
Bath, UK
A collection of reviews, news, playlists, and links for ambient music.

Digital Image Analysis Lab
Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, US
A center for interdisciplinary research in digital image analysis and processing, with a focus on systems for processing multispectral earth remote sensing imagery.

Diving in Australia
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
A collection of dive sites, clubs, and services for Australia.

Duine Adviesburo Netherlands
Bergen op Zoom, NB, Netherlands
Independent brokerage in insurance, retirement plans, employee benefits mortgages, tax-friendly investments, and savings and loans. Text in Dutch.

EIS International
Rockville, MD, US
Makes Emergency Information Software which helps private companies, local, state, and federal agencies deal with emergencies like floods, hurricanes, chemical spills, earthquakes, etc.

Eliezer Segal's Judaica Newspaper Columns
Univ. of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada
A collection of Eliezer Segal's popular Judaism-related articles that have appeared since 1987 in the Calgary Jewish Star and Jewish Free Press.

E.M. Marketing
Orlando, FL, US
Specializes in direct mail, data processing, marketing, mail lists, fulfillment, and mail processing.

Email Address-Finding Tools
Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, US
A set of links to email address-finding resources.

ERA Trott Real Estate
HomeNet, New York, NY, US
New Jersey real estate listings.

Santa Barbara, CA, US
We specialize in object-oriented programming, artificial intelligence, graphical user interfaces, hypertext, and object-oriented databases.

Factory WWW Server
factory srl, Cernusco L.ne, Lecco, Italy
The First Italian advertising company with a direct link to the Web.

Fairfield County Happenings
Info Mart, Inc., Stamford, CT, US
A Web-based cybernews magazine targeted to Fairfield County, CT. Provides listings of business calendar, entertainment and recreation events in the area.

Falco-Archer, Inc.
Redmond, WA, US
A review of Falco-Archer's technology management, transfer, commercialization, sourcing, evaluation, and licensing services provided to companies worldwide.

Fatfree Vegetarian Recipe Archive
Michelle Dick, Mountain View, CA, US
Archive for the Fatfree Vegetarian Mailing List, including approximately 2,000 recipes, updated and expanded regularly.

The First Millenial Foundation
The First Millenial Foundation, Rifle, CO, US
An organization founded by Marshall T. Savage, author of "The Millennial Project: Colonizing the Galaxy in 8 Easy Steps." The Foundation is a group of people working to colonize space.

Fivash Publishing
Seattle, WA, US
The finest publications in the Pacific Northwest: Washington Magazine -- the people, places and things in the Evergreen State, and Washington CEO -- a regional magazine for executives.

The Flamenco Guitar Home Page
Teleport, OR, US
All about Flamenco guitar.

Fleximation Systems Inc.
Mississauga, ON, Canada
Full service Internet solutions provider, with LAN/WAN design and installation, Internet business solutions program, home page design, and more.

Flinders University of South Australia School of Commerce
Adelaide, Australia
Contains staff profiles, course descriptions, and teaching programs.

Los Angeles, CA, US
The first site of its kind covering travel to France.

FranceCom, Inc.
Englewood, NJ, US
Helps companies advertise their wares on the Internet. Also offering a wide variety of Internet and LAN solutions.

FutureTel, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Our products provide the most complete solution to publishing digital video on CDs and networks.

G889 Home Page
Houston, TX, US
A general listing of all references on Earth2, a television show.

The Gamer's Ledge
Medio Multimedia, Inc., Redmond, WA, US
Read game reviews, online Games magazines, download demo/shareware copies of all the coolest games, and visit the Web sites of all the game makers/producers.

Games Guide
Herald Sun, Melbourne, Australia
An online guide to computer entertainment, featuring news, reviews, and hints and cheats on platforms including PC, Saturn, Megadrive (Genesis), SNES, PlayStation, 3DO and Gameboy.

George Mason University Admissions
Fairfax, VA, US
Contains information dealing with upcoming events, departmental as well as university information and, applications information.

The Graduate School of Environmental Studies
The Univ. of Strathclyde, Glasgow, Scotland
Site describes the school and masters courses, and includes entry requirements, application forms, and links to other environmental resources.

The Great Louisiana Baton Rouge Mission
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Logan, UT, US
Information on each missionary, as well as FAQ's about the Church, and more.

Greek Islands Club
London, UK
A villa and hotel specialist to the Greek islands. From simple townhouses, small cottages in the olive groves, luxurious villas with pools and magnificent views, to estates and private islands.

Green Parties of North America
San Jose, CA, US
Documents about Green Parties and Green Politics, with links to related resources.

GTLUG Internet Service Provider Index
Golden Triangle Linux Users Group, Mississippi State, MS, US
An online catalog of Internet service providers, indexed by area code or available via a clickable image map.

Hair: The Musical
The Starshine Group, Newton, MA, US
Information about the stage version of Hair, including the story, lyrics, history, and current productions.

Hall's of Magic!
Circle Pines, MN, US
Saw a woman in half, try a cybernetic card trick or meet a mysterious sheik.

Haskalah: A Jewish Group for 25- to 35-year-olds
London, UK
A weekly social group that meets weekly in London -- the Web site features a comprehensive guide to Jewish London.

Help Preserve the Grand Canyon
No On Canyon Forest Village, Grand Canyon, AZ, US
Help stop a massive commercial development from ruining the Grand Canyon.

Hendrik Zimmermann Ideas and Service
Victoria, BC, Canada
Offering information services and philosophical counselling via the Internet.

High Tech Gays
San Jose, CA, US
An organization of gay professionals in the high technology industry.

The CEO Group, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offers information about available positions in the high technology sector including detailed profiles of upcoming career fairs around North America.

Home Business Solutions
Enterprising Solutions, Santa Barbara, CA, US
The complete resource for the home-based entrepreneur.

Minneapolis, MN, US
We publish the most popular home designs from 50 of this country's outstanding designers.

Hot Line
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Canada's largest credit card registry. Visit our site to learn about ways to protect yourself against credit card fraud and theft.

Hot Tuna
Poughkeepsie, NY, US
Information on the band Hot Tuna.

House & Home Inc.
Duluth, MN, US
The electronic version of a full-color homes magazine published each month, and featuring homes for sale in Duluth and Superior along with regional information.

HTML Access Counter
Theta Xi Fraternity, Rolla, MO, US
Tells how to add an HTML access counter to a home page via the use of CGI scripts.

HTML Summary Information
John December, Troy, NY, US
Information about Hyptertext Markup Language. Included are summaries of HTML tags and extensions, sample tables and forms, and supporting tables and information.

The Human Wildlife Project
Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Oslo, Norway
A group of people wanting to spend a year in the wilderness, living of what nature gives.

HutchNET Surveillance Equipment
East Hartford, CT, USA
A distributor of high-tech, affordable surveillance equipment.

Hypertext Mall
Computer Rezolutions, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
An important resource to find the products and services of Canadian businesses.

Ideal Stock Management Ltd.
Skelmersdale, Lancashire, UK
Software and management consultants providing strategic solutions for inventory and supply management.

The Image Factory
Hull Community Artworks, Hull, Yorkshire, UK
An arts resource using Apple macs for digital imaging, non-linear digital editing, and more.

Imagineer.Com Information Services Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
An Internet-based marketing organization, providing creative new ways to utilize the Internet for commercial applications.

IMMEDIA Expert Systems
Phoenix, AZ, US
We are currently working on cartoon-like intelligent agents and environments for home entertainment and education.

Impact Online
Palo Alto, CA, US
Information about nonprofits and the issues they face.

Infinity Interactive, Inc.
Edison, NJ, US
Electronic marketing from diskette to Internet, including CD-ROM catalog, information kiosk, notebook presentation, and more.

The Infonaut
Interzone.org, Pasadena, CA, US
This site is devoted to the Cyberpunk movement and freedom of information.

Tempe, AZ, US
Your source for systems, notebooks, monitors, printers, scanners, hard drives, and more.

International Union of Gospel Missions
Kansas City, MO, US
Information on the efforts of Christian organizations working with the homeless and other needy people.

Internet Research Center
San Diego, CA, US
Interactive and online marketing and research specialists. Use our extensive marketing reference library, look at our Workshop and Seminar calendar, and check our our new WWW Registration service.

Internet Resources Newsletter
Heriot-Watt University Library, Edinburgh, UK
A free Web newsletter aimed at the higher education community, but also of interest to anyone concerned with the more serious sides of the Internet.

The INTERsection
East Hartford, CT, US
Coordinated System's home page, as well as home for our clients and creative net activities.

Intuitive Data Solutions
Morgan Hill, CA, US
Our Corrective Action Tracking System helps manufacturers solve problems faster, meet the requirements of ISO 9000 & QS 9000, and automatically link with suppliers and customers.

ISDS/UIUC AAE Hybrid Rocket Project
Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL, US
Project Prometheus is a joint project between the Illini Space Development Society and the University of Illinois Aerospace Engineering Department to build and operate a lab scale hybrid rocket motor.

Italian Nights -- Notti Italiane
Non Solo Mare, Catanzaro, Italy
The guide to the nightLife in Italy.

Leicester, UK
Information about the Jain Studies course at De Montfort University.

J.H. Images
Seattle, WA, US
We are a professional photography studio.

Jim O'Rourke Discography
Chicago, IL, US
Discography of Chicago musician and composer Jim O'Rourke.

Joe Ely
Joe Ely Tours, Austin, TX, US
Home page for MCA Recording Artist, Joe Ely.

Jonny Blackstone, Poetry
NYBE, New York, NY, US
Some intense verses on life and times in Los Angeles.

Judy and David Home Page
Toronto, ON, Canada
Children's recording artists, Judy & David. Site includes a songbook of children's music.

Kansai International Public Relations Promotion Office (KIPPO)
Osaka, Japan
Extensive information on the Kansai region.

Home Broadcast Company, Winona, MN, US
The gateway to a new information service called WinonaNet. The station's online information plus news and information from all around the Midwest.

Kung Fu Grip
San Francisco, CA, US
A San Francisco alternative rock band. Gig info and pictures.

La Fondation de l'Universite de Levis
Levis, Quebec, Canada
Organisme pour la creation de l'Universite de Levis

Lark In The Morning World Music
Mendocino, CA, US
Catalog, instruments from many cultures, books, recordings, videos, articles, playing tips, and much more.

Lazare Industries, Inc. -- HIV Therapy
Marshall's Creek, PA, US
Our new Therapy Center uses a non-toxic alternative modality for invivo inactivation of blood-borne HIV virus using a mixture of ozone and oxygen.

Le Journal, (Francais, English, Espanol)
Le Collectif Humaniste de l'Estrie, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
"Le Journal" se veut un outil d'information alternative aux media commerciaux. Il se veut ouvert, libre de la censure et de l'autocensure. Le Journal est dedie a la non-violence et au travail contre toute forme de discrimination: economique, raciale, religieuse, etc.

Liftoff to Space Exploration
NASA, MSFC, Mission Operations Laboratory, Huntsville, AL, US
Come see our information on mission payload (experiment) activities pre-flight, while they are happening, and the results.

Links to Aluminum & Light Metal Information
Aluminum Extrusion Consultant Inc., Irving, TX, US
Aluminum and light metal industry information. Hosted by The Internet Store (tm).

Minneapolis, MN, US
A quarterly CD-ROM magazine and Internet service with dial out from the discs to the Web.

Madison By Night
Madison, WI, US
An organization hosting live role-playing events in the Madison area.

Magna For Canada Awards Program
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A million dollars has been set aside to establish the Magna For Canada Scholarship Fund, an annual awards program open to all full time Canadian college and university students.

Manufacturing Resource and Information World
Coordinated Systems, East Hartford, CT, US
A growing resource of information relevant to manufacturing and manufacturing software.

Match.Com -- We Met on the Net
San Francisco, CA, US
Cyberflirting, email chemistry and online romance. Match.Com online personals is an entertaining and fun place to meet other singles by posting a profile, exchanging email and conducting personalized matches anonymously.

Noordwijk, Netherlands
Produces and distributes press releases, articles, photographs and TV programs worldwide. Sponsors and organizers of events can use this service for maximum exposure.

Meetings Industry Mall
Cardinal Communications, San Francisco, CA, US
A virtual mall for meeting industry professionals.

Metropolitan Bilbao: Challenges of the 21st Century
Bilbao, Bizkaia, Spain
Comprehensive information about the city, its renewal plan, and current and future projects.

Microbiology and Immunology, Dalhousie University
Halifax, NS, Canada
Consists of approximately 25 faculty members with strong multidisciplinary research programs bridging other departments, hospitals and international institutions.

Microcosm, Inc.
Annapolis Junction, MD, US
An energetic group of specialists skilled in imaging, computing, optics, biology, physics, microscopy, and engineering. Site has a brief description of services, products, and people.

Molson Ice Polar Beach Party
On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
Attention all music fans in cyberspace, this is the music event of a lifetime.

Mozilla's Home Page
herrold@iwaynet.net, Columbus, OH, US
Mozilla needed a new home, after first being evicted, and then 'Shanghai'ed' by NetScape.

Multi-Media Design, Inc.
Newburgh, IN, US
A full range of computer multimedia services including kiosk, CBT, CD-ROM, audio/video production.

Music Distribution International (MDI) Magazine
Manchester, Greater Manchester, England
Focuses on new artists and new music worldwide.

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory
Tallahassee, FL, US
Supported by the National Science Foundation and the State of Florida, We are dedicated to the advancement of high magnetic field research and magnet development.

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
NRDC/EcoNet, San Francisco, CA, US
Site features the latest news from the Hill, plus information everyone should have on the state of our air, water, land and health. NRDC is a non-profit environmental organization.

Network Connection '95 Conference -- Melbourne, FL USA
Harris Corporation, Melbourne, FL, US
Brings together vendors and experts to exhibit COTS products/services in the open system, networking information systems field.

New and Improvised Music in Chicago
Chicago, IL, US
A schedule of upcoming performances of new and improvised music in and around Chicago. Includes visiting musicians and local artists.

New York Film Academy
New York, NY, US
Short, intensive, hands-on courses in beginning and advanced filmmaking.

North Jersey Golf 1995
The Bergen Record Corp., Hackensack, NJ, US
A comprehensive guide to golf resources throughout northern New Jersey and Rockland County, NY. Directions, tee times, greens fees, yardage, a photo gallery, and more.

Northeastern University Geology Department
Boston, MA, US
Introduction to Northeastern University's Geology Department. Discussion of some geological information, pictures from field trips, movies and more to come.

Norwest Venture Capital
Menlo Park, CA, US
A leading venture capital firm based in Minneapolis, Minn. with offices in Boston and Menlo Park, Calif.

Nuclear Physics Techniques
Eindhoven Univ. of Technology, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
The Nuclear Physics Techniques group at the Cyclotron Laboratory performs both element analysis with an ion beam from a cyclotron and accelerator physics.

Nutrition Strategies
Mission Hills, CA, US
The latest information on nutrition and health. Weekly updates and tips for weight loss. Dr. Art Ulene is known as America's most-trusted doctor.

OCEANOR -- Oceanographic Company of Norway
Trondheim, Norway
Specialists in the marine environment.

Ogram & Teplitz, P.C.
Tucson, AZ, US
See if you can make money with your idea.

Online Design
New York, NY, US
A site devoted to sharing design-related information with Web developers.

Oyster Boy Review of Fiction and Poetry
Chapel Hill, NC, US
An independent literary magazine that publishes fiction, poetry, and essay and is distributed throughout the Southeast. Submissions are accepted year-round.

PageArts Development, LLC
Chicago, IL, US
Full-service Web page design and presence for businesses and individuals.

Palo Alto Senior High School Alumni Page
Palo Alto, CA, US
Contact information can be recorded and provided: phone numbers, email addresses, etc.

Paper Ships Books & Crystals
Starhawk, San Anselmo, CA, US
We celebrate diversity leading to unity.

Pappalardo & Associates, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN, US
A Microsoft solution provider that services medium to small-sized business with professional computer system management.

Partnerships Mastercard Credit Card
Mutual Endeavors, Houston, TX, US
A new type of affinity credit card for non-profit organizations to derive additional revenues.

The Peanuts Collectors Club
Davis, CA, US
Fans of Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the rest of Charles Schulz' 'Peanuts' gang will be delighted to know we publish a quarterly newsletter.

Pelican Cove Resort
Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Our apartments are close to beautiful beaches, waterways, golf courses, and mountains.

Penn State Silver Circle
Penn State Silver Circle Pagan Student Group, State College, PA, US
Information on pagan issues and pagan links.

New York, NY, US
One of the new comprehensive community development initiatives drawing on examples from the for-profit sector to develop both cost-sharing arrangements as well as to explore the possibility of merger/acquisition.

A Philippine Leaf
Sulat sa Tanso, Los Angeles, CA, US
Articles on pre-Hispanic literacy in the Philippines, documents from 900 AD, ancient scripts, and writing systems currently used by ethnic minorities.

PhotoByte Ltd.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Electronic publishing, comprehensive Web mastering, commercial information investigation and management, Ontario directories fetal alcohol syndrome, and more.

Pierre Janin (In French)
Calvacom, Paris, France
A French public relations agency.

Portland, OR, US
Portland Macintosh Users Group exists to serve local users of Apple Macintosh computers. Currently with over 1300 members, operating a first class BBS, and publishing an award-winning monthly journal.

Gehlken Enterprises, San Francisco, CA, US
A searchable database of designers, pre-press service bureaus, and printers doing business on the Internet.

Project LEAP (Learn, Earn and Prosper)
University, MS, US
Providing GED, job skills, and life-coping skills to at-risk youth.

Prudential Lambert
HomeNet, New York, NY, US
New Jersey real estate listings.

Randy's Guide to Broadcasting
Randy Hoops, Springfield, MO, US
A guide to television and radio broadcasting resources on the Web.

Randy's Guide to Broadcasting
Randy Hoops, Springfield, MO, US
A guide to television and radio broadcasting resources on the Web.

RandyZ's Cartoon Corner
Sacramento, CA, US
A collection of 4 original cartoons, updated each week.

Rhinestones R Us
Farmington Hills, MI, US
We sell fun rhinestone pins.

R.N.R. Yacht Charters
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Provides the ultimate in luxury vessels, sailing yachts, power boat charters, ships, planes, management and classified.
http://www.aksi.net/rnr/ http://www.aksi.net/rnr/

Roctronics Lighting and Special Effects
OPPNET, Boston, MA, US
Providing you with the finest in state of the art special effects and stage lighting.

Saddleback Valley Church
Mission Viejo, CA, US
The church has grown to 10,000 in average attendance without owning any buildings. The congregation holds four weekend services in a giant tent.

Sanibel Captiva Island Florida Chamber of Commerce
Sanibel Island, FL, US
Listing information on accommodations, resorts, restaurants, medical, real estate, boating, golf, fishing, fine arts and business.

Sarasota Family YMCA, Inc.
Sarasota, FL, US
A not-for-profit organization that serves community needs through programs which include family wellness and recreation, childcare services, youth and family services, and community outreach.

ScendTek Internet Corp.
Augusta, KS, US
A Web management and development company committed to providing Internet access and HTML services at affordable rates.

The School Report
National Schools of California, Del Mar, CA, US
We provide 25 pages of information that answer the second most asked question by parents who are buying or renting: How are the schools?

Scottish Film Listings
Glasgow, Scotland, UK
Want to know what is showing, where and when? Or what the latest releases are? We have them all.

Seaquest Adventure Cruises
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Your resource for cruising adventures in beautiful British Columbia.

seaQuest DSV -- 4600
Houston, TX, USA
Fan-related information.

Seattle Gay News
Seattle, WA, US
Gay and lesbian weekly newspaper.

Sensor Developments Inc.
Orion, MI, US
We design and manufacture force, torque, rotation and temperature sensors and associated electronic instrumentation.

Shelter Films
New York, NY, US
A television and multimedia production company specializing in the conception, design, and production of commercials and network promos.

Sherlock Company
Gwynedd, PA, US
Provides investment banking and financial consulting services to managed care and medical group organizations. Research publications include PULSE and PPMC.

Simpson Weather Associates
Charlottesville, VA, US
We deal with fundamental and applied problems in meteorology.

Skid Row Fan Club
Skidamania Fan Club, Cascade, MD, US
Skidamania is a bimonthly newsletter which operates on up-to-date first-hand news from the main man himself, Sebastian Bach. Pictures, art, stories, album reviews, subscription information and more.

Sky Photography by Tom Polakis
Tempe, AZ, US
Landscape photography of astronomical and meteorological phenomena, with an emphasis on Arizona.

Skyline Network Technologies' Horizons Magazine
Baltimore, MD, US
Offers topics such as whitewater rafting, baseball, Orioles schedules, Baltimore, Ocean City, Annapolis, music reviews, mountain biking, sports, fun and games, etc.

Smart Travel Club
Point Roberts, WA, US
Enjoy savings of 5% to 50% on all forms of travel to most destinations.

Société Saint-Jean-Baptiste de Montréal (SSJBM)
Montréal, Québec, Canada
Created in 1834 to serve the people of Bas-Canada (Québec), SSJBM is the oldest French institution in North America. This site contains information about history, goals and activities (in French).

Softly (In Spanish)
Barcelona, Spain
Information on commerce, tourism, entertainment, and more.

Sonic Graphics: Color Printing Services
Allentown, PA, US
The cutting edge of publishing technology.

Sotheby's Australia
Sydney, Australia
The home page of Australia's leading auction house, with an excellent illustrated online catalog of recent art sales and other information.

SouthWind Internet Access, Inc.
Wichita, KS, US
Providing individual, corporate and UUCP accounts as well as dedicated lines within the 316 area code.

Spanish Pop -- Pop Español
Grupo Geneura, Universidad de Granada, Granada, Spain
GIFs, short descriptions and 20-second song clips for many of the best Spanish groups in the 80s and 90s. Text is Spanish, but anyone can listen to the music.

Spencer Genealogical and Historical Society
Huntsville, AL, US
For anyone researching the family name Spencer.

Sports on NET
Fabbi Studio, Bologna, Italy
Official real-time data service for the World Superbike Championship. Also onsite are Formula One, basketball, golf, and more.

State of Independents
Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
An alternative music site devoted to independent music of all styles.

Steve Shafer Music
Chicago, IL, US
Original music for radio and television commercials. Some of our recent spots include Miller Lite, Budweiser, Gatorade, and others. Several music demos are available to download.

Stone Gate Realty Inc.
Duluth, MN, US
A full-service real estate firm featuring current homes for sale in Duluth and surrounding areas.

subZero Data Solutions
Brooklyn Park, MN, US
Established in October 1994, specializes in wide and local area networking, graphic design for the Web and systems integration.

Chicago, IL, US
Chicago Web pages, classifieds, and art and design.

Sunset Blvd.
Champaign, IL, US
A home page for fans of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. Contains pictures, reviews, cast info, and other information.

Symmetry Software
Bedminster, NJ, US
Let Symmetry Software help you grow your business both on and off the Internet. We can help you establish a first-class Internet presence, no matter how large or small your company.

Synergy Solutions
Mesa, AZ, US
Modem Assist Plus 4.0 is the easy way to share modems on your network. The software supports inbound and outbound connections.

Syracuse Information Page
LWLutz WWWeb Consultants, Syracuse, NY, US
Links to Web sites and pages from the Syracuse area. Businesses, educational institutions, volunteer organizations, etc.

Talon Export Jewelry Company
Albuquerque, NM, US
Specializes in high quality hand-finished costume jewelry inlaid with genuine turquoise. Our jewelry is for all occasions from casual to formal. We offer our jewelry at wholesale prices.

Taxonomy of Flowering Plants
Dept. of Biology, Texas A&M Univ., College Station, TX, US
An experiment in WWW-based presentation of flowering plant taxonomy course materials and related information.

Techno-Impressionist Gallery
TLC Systems Corp., Jamaica, NY, US
Info on the origins of Techno-Impressionism, quotes from the artists, fables, and more.

Telecom Italia
Rome, Italy
Web server of Italian telecommunication carrier company.

Houston, TX, US
Printers of checks with advanced fraud-prevention security features.

Todd Grubbs - Grubbworm Music
Grubbworm Music, BMI, Valrico, FL, US
A colorful and entertaining look at guitar instrumentalist Grubbs and Grubbworm Music. Plenty of info and samples to choose from.

Trader Jack's Five Minute Stress Stop
Sonora, CA, US
A set of at-the-desk exercises for the Net-weary.

The Tree Doctor
Knoxville, TN, US
The one place on the Internet to find everything you need to know about tree care.

TSW's Interactive Classifieds
Rochester, NY, US
Use our interactive features to find exactly what you're looking for.

UCI Extension
Univ. of California, Irvine, CA, US
More than 1,800 courses and over 30 certificate programs every year.

Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids: Under-the-Table Passover Haggadah
University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada
A hilarious rhymed children's version of the Jewish Passover 'Haggadah' (home liturgy) in the spirit of Dr. Seuss.

University of California, San Diego
La Jolla, CA, US
UCSD Summer Session offers a variety of classes for both college and non-college students. Over 300 courses are offered in many fields.

University of Regina Students' Union
Regina, SK, Canada
Information on student government, Students' Union services and links to help you use the Internet as a study tool.

Unofficial Otter Pops Home Page
Univ. of Washington Otter Pops Appreciation Society, Seattle, WA, US
Devoted to information about the Six Zippy Flavors of Otter Pops.

The (Un)Official WinDIS/Pegasus mail for Windows Installation FAQ
Southampton, UK
Complete instructions on how to configure Pegasus mail for Windows to run with Ewan Kirks WinDIS gateway.

The URL-minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot
NetMind, Long Island, NY, US
Add a form like this one in your Web page, and users can register to receive email whenever the URL-minder robot detects a change in your page. The service is free.

U.S. Government Printing Office
Office of Public Printer, Washington, DC, US
Government information dissemination.

U.S. Open of Surfing
Prime Sports Event Marketing, Los Angeles, CA, US
From August 1-6, 1995, Huntington Beach will be the epicenter of pro surfing, with top surfers gathering to compete for over $200,000.

USD Track and Field
University of South Dakota, Vermillion, SD, US
An overview of the Univeristy of South Dakota's track and field teams. Coaches profiles, facilities, team overviews, USD records, and other running-related links.

Vancouver Echo Newspaper
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Local news and more.

Variable Stars Tools
Meudon, Ile de France, France
Tools to analyze variable stars: power spectra, periodograms, etc. Useful for both professional and amateur astronomers.

Gainesville, FL, US
Your all-in-one Internet service provider for Florida.

Vectors Auto Insurance Estimator
Vector Insurance Brokers Ltd., North York, ON, Canada
Offering a form you can complete to get an estimate of the cost of insuring your automobile in Ontario, Canada.

Vermont SIRI
Burlington, VT, US
Designed to provide information about using the Internet for gathering information about environmental health and safety issues.

Veronica Hit Radio (In Italian)
Pesaro, Italy
An Italian radio station.

Victoria Direct
International System Solutions, Victoria, B.C., Canada
Everything about British Columbia's capital, including where to stay, what to do, how to get around, and more.

View-Master 3-D Viewer Information
Solid Space, Salem, OR, US
Information on View-Master 3-D viewers, reels, projectors, etc.

Virtual Advantage
San Diego, CA, US
We specialize in creating homepages that use the exciting potential of the Web yet are based on proven marketing principles.

The Virtual Biker
Slim productions, Champaign, IL, US
A place where Harley riders can exchange info on our particular way of life.

The Virtual Press
Honolulu, HI, US
Providing solutions for the world's electronic publishing needs through consulting, full-service e-publishing, and community service.

Virtual Sisterhood
Metuchen, NJ, US
A global women's electronic support network, striving to strengthen and magnify the impact of feminist organizing through promotion of electronic communications use.

Wall Street Software
Dallas, TX, US
Downloadable demos, shareware, and information on 30 of the most popular investment related programs for the PC or compatible, with links to money pages.

Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Canada's leading supplier of quality weather-related products such as weather instruments, windsocks, weathervanes and sundials.

Web Digest For Marketers
The Online Ad Agency, New York, NY, US
Web Digest For Marketers (WDFM) (published by The Online Ad Agency at its new url) is a bi-weekly bulletin reporting on the latest marketing sites, and is now available for free on the Web.

Western Direct
Provo, UT, US
A full-service, direct marketing company that can handle all of your inbound and outbound telemarketing, Internet services, credit card processing, and database management.

Wigley Studio
Melbourne, Australia
See our changing digital gallery and pictorial archive.

Wilson Case, Inc.
Hastings, NE, US
We manufacture and sell a complete line of ATA-300 and waterproof injection molded shipping and packaging cases.

WindsorWare's Virtual Office
Lawrenceville, NJ, US
Home page of the BBS, FAQ recovery-related info, gay/lesbian URLs, and other pointers to the Web.

Wizdom Systems, Inc.
Naperville, IL, US
A wide range of business process re-engineering services -- from facilitating problem identification to information engineering for new enterprise-wide computer systems.

WLYN Radio
Public Affairs Dept., Lynn, MA, US
Featuring a wealth of information about Boston and its North Shore neighbors with links to other important sites of interest plus our own FTP section for Internet utilities.

The Wonderful World of Fabio
Solid Space, Salem, OR, US
Everyone's favorite male model shares his thoughts on romance. Includes pictures and sound clips.

WonderNet Digital Communications, Inc.
Columbus, OH, US
Web presence provider specializing in electronic catalogs using custom database functions and secured online ordering. Turn-key servers installed at your site, HTML and custom database programming, and more.

World Art Shows
Winter Park, FL, US
An art show just like your local outdoor art show except this one's in cyberspace.

World Friends
Tony Hand, Seattle, WA, US
Provides disability-related electronic resources for persons with disabilities and those who work with them.

The World, the Word & You!
Rochester, MN, US
A Christian broadcasting service that provides free access to Christian studies, apologetics, and current events, all from a Biblical perspective.

The World-Wide Web: Origins And Beyond
Philadelphia, PA, US
A history of the World-Wide Web's development.

Wyoming Hunting Page
WAVE Communications, Sheridan, WY, US
Highlights local regulations, key dates and deadlines, government contacts and guides, and more.

(X)faktor Design
Oakland, CA, US
We cater to retail companies that need to advertise, and to musicians that need CD's and J-cards designed.

Zodiacal Zephyr
Elyria, OH, US
Home of the Astrologer's Resource Directory. There are articles and ephemeris listings. Other astrological Web sites can be found here.

Friday, 7 July 1995

20/20 Technologies
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Full service Internet marketing consultants, specializing in eye-catching Web page design, Internet research, and online promotions.

Bar Harbor, ME, US
We provide high speed connections to the Internet in Downeast Maine.

Access Computer Hardware
Access Trading Company, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
Quality workstations at great prices for the world market.

Ace Computer Consultants Ltd.
London, England
A new company providing CD-ROM mastering, scanning services, and Web services at cheap prices. UK only. Private customers welcome.

Acrophobia Hall of Fame
Doppler F/X, Woodland Hills, CA, US
Lists the funniest, most clever, and most bizarre entries submitted in the hilarious game sweeping the IRC community.

Acton Institute
Grand Rapids, MI, US
The Acton Institute for the Study of Religion and Liberty promotes the moral basis for liberty and the free market economy.

Adam's Poetry Page
Inert Manatee, Inc., St. Paul, MN, US
Authors can exchange their poetry without giving up the rights to their work.

Adolescence Directory On Line
Center for Adolescent Studies, Bloomington, IN, US
Resources on adolescents and secondary education.

African American Business Directory
Inglewood, CA, US
Searchable and retrievable database of African-American businesses plus a 24 hour referral service.

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge, LA, US
A complete guide to our research, service, and teaching (graduate and undergraduate) activities.

Akihabara Young Denki-kan
RIMNET, Tokyo, Japan
We deal with computers, games, electric goods, and more.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.
Tel Aviv, Israel
A world leading developer of software security systems. The HASP product line lets software developers increase revenues by preventing the unauthorized use of their software.

Albert Einstein College of Medicine Epilepsy Page
Bronx, NY, US
The Comprehensive Epilepsy Management Center provides medical and surgical evaluation and treatment for patients with epilepsy and seizure disorders.

Alpine View Images
New Albany, OH, US
We specialize in 2D and 3D graphics and animation for film, television, video, educational multimedia, and Internet applications.

Antigonish Music Pages
Grassroots Information Assoc., Antigonish, Canada
Where bands and musicians can post information about themselves with schedules on where they play. Also posting clubs, pubs, and who's playing.

Antwerp Univ., Antwerp, Belgium
The study of arachnids (spiders and relatives).

Arizona Board of Behavioral Health Examiners
Phoenix, AZ, US
Certification of social workers, counselors, and therapists in Arizona.

Arizona State Parks Web Site
Phoenix, AZ, US
Information about the 26 Arizona State Parks, a diverse combination of recreation and cultural opportunities.

Astrobyte Online
Denver, CO, US
A developer of XTensions to QuarkXPress, including BeyondPress, a Quark to HTML filter.

Astute Speculator
Stock Talk, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A financial newsletter specializing in NASDAQ stocks in the 50-cent to $5 range. We publish a quarterly investment guide.

Atlanta Guide Page
Quantum Marketing Service, Atlanta, GA, US
A guide to local business, real estate, olympic rentals, and more.

ATLAS/ti - Computer-Assisted Text Interpretation
Technical University of Berlin, Berlin, Germany
If you are systematically working with text (e.g., interview transcripts, literature, free text data bases) ATLAS/ti is what you need.

Attorneys Without Borders
Brussels, Belgium
Information about Attorneys Without Borders, and the need to expand jurisdiction of the international tribunal for Rwanda.

Redondo Beach, CA, US
Listen to your favorite book while surfing the Web. Offers more than 15,000 titles on countless subjects and topics. If you like to read, you will love to listen to an Audiobook.

Avon Calling
D. Hamil, St.Francis, MN, US
Now you can shop for your favorite Avon Products that you've grown to love, right here on the Internet.

Azerbaijan Welcome Page
Caspian Communications, Southampton, England, UK
A key resource for all who do business in, travel to, or do research about the country of Azerbaijan. Current categories include travel, economy, health, relief, education, and maps.

Banco Central Hispano
Madrid, Spain
Information about our bank and its products. Coming soon: economic, legal and agricultural information about Spain.

Beau TravelNet
Keene, NH, US
A full-service travel agency specializing in the Caribbean, and New Hampshire.

Beck Lee Cardiology supplies
Bridgeport, CT, US
Distributor of wholesale cardiology supplies.

Bede Technology
Tampa, FL, US
Contains details of about 3,500 people who have been members of, or associated with, the royal families of Europe during the last 1,200 years (special emphasis on England and Scotland).

Belcore Enterprises
Sacramento, CA, US
Business opportunities, money-making programs, how-to books, and more.

Bellmarc Realty
Real Estate On-Line, New York, NY, US
Since its inception, Bellmarc has remained a specialist in the field of New York City cooperatives and condominiums.

Bemis & Bemis Security Consultants
Kennebunk, ME, US
Consulting firm emphasizing safety and security.

Berkshire Information Services
New York, NY, US
Comprehensive information on a select group of emerging growth companies.

Internet Marketing Alliance, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Featuring business news, personalities, demographics, and more.

BizPro Online Business Services
BizPro, Inc., Austin, TX, US
The #1 commercial Web site hosting multiple businesses as stated by the Commercial Sites Index. Providing a complete "Spotlight" page giving viewers well-rounded access of varied sites at one point of entry.

Blooming Candy Bouquetzzz
MarketNet, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
Offers fun, festive floral-like arrangements made from individually wrapped delicious candies and chocolates. Internet grand opening special.

The Brian Rose Website
The Suzanne Vega Home Page, New York, NY, USA
Includes biographical info, photos from his Iron Curtain and Architecture collections, and info on his album, produced by Suzanne Vega.

British Columbia's Gateway to the Digital Frontier
DATCOMM, Vancouver, BC, Canada
A gateway to resources in BC and Canada.

Brown College Democrats
Brown University College Democrats, Providence, RI, US
Provides updates on recent activities and events, documents, the political magazine, The Principle, and links to other Democratic organizations on the Web.

Newdigate, SY, UK
The first and only European telebusiness magazine to target all aspects of the industry without technobabble.

Catalogue des publications de l'Universite de Geneve 1993
Univ. of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland
The 1993 catalog of publications and research is available (only in French).

CD Archive, Inc.
Columbus, OH, US
All the information you need to start burning your own CD ROMs.

Central High School
Independence, OR, US
School information and current events at the school.

Chat Server
World-Wide Collectors Digest, Glyndon, MD, US
Several forums, including Star Trek chat, social chat collectors chat, and more to come.

Check Your Health
MIDAS Consortium, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, US
Use the RAND Health Survey, based on the Medical Outcomes Study SF-36.

Chips and Bits Australia
Melbourne, Australia
One of the premier distributors of computer hardware and software to the Australian market. Chips and Bits has offices and warehouses in every mainland state capital.

Choir Magazine
Porchdog Press, Vancouver, BC, CA
A harmony of discourse, art and literature. We aspire to be one of the leading sites for seekers of literature, discussion and art interactivity.

Civil and Environmental Engineering
Univ. of Bradford, Bradford, England
Information about undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Classic: Trading Cards
Cherry Hill, NJ, US
A manufacturer of high quality football, four-sport and hockey trading cards.

CLI International Materials
Houston, TX, US
An independent research, testing, engineering, and consulting organization.

Computer Science Departments Across the Web
LEA Co., Pittsburgh, PA, US
A comprehensive listing of computer science department Web and gopher servers around the world. Serving information since 1993.

Conways Sports Research
Reno, NV, US
For all your current (daily) and future odds.

The Covenant of the Goddess
Berkeley, CA, US
An international organization of cooperating, autonomous Wiccan congregations and solo practitioners.

CRISTA Experiment
Univ. of Wuppertal, Germany
The CRISTA experiment, that flew in space Nov. 94 is online, with information about upcoming events, time schedules, first results, pictures of the mission and more.

CSU College of Business Administration
California State Univ., San Marcos, CA, US
We describe our undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as our research centers.

CurBet Communications
Richmond, VA, US
Complete Web publishing, page design, and server space for small to medium-size businesses in the Virginia area.

Curriculum Video Ltd.
Aberystwyth, UK
We include an online data-handling project for pupils to complete, as well as a Virtual Microscope project.

CXSOFT Home Page
Richardson, TX, US
System and resource management software for RISC-based workstations. Site provides product information, pricing, and downloadable full-featured demos.

Cyberspace Connection, The Woodlands, TX, US
Where you can show the hundreds of Cyberspace Connection users where you are in the Web.

Cypress Geo-Resources, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
We provide GIS/desktop mapping datasets.

DAKA CompTel, Inc., Port Townsend, WA, USA
Sells and services telephone and computer systems, virtual reality products, and is an Internet provider in Port Townsend, Washington.

Dallas Photo Imaging
Dallas, TX, US
Image scanning, manipulation, output, education, hardware configuration, and some very talented people to make it all work.

Monterrey, Mexico
One of Mexico's largest computer equipment manufacturers and distributors. Dataflux/Genetec is organized in three divisions: Wholesale, Senior HP and Senior Apple.

dbWeb: A Free Hypertext Maintenance Tool
Axone Services & Développement S.A., Geneva, Switzerland
dbWeb is a freely available professional tool for designing, implementing and maintaining huge hypertexts in a platform independent format (SQL database).

De Financiele Kant
De Nationale Verzekerings en Geld Krant, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Small Dutch newspaper (the paper version is distributed among 100.000 households in the Netherlands) about personal finance, with five editions per year.

Dealer Data Services, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
Providers of Powerful Computer Solutions that automate credit processing. Look to this site for the latest on issues regarding credit processing and office automation technology.

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu
Auckland, New Zealand
A member of Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu International (DTTI), one of the world's largest accounting and auditing, consulting, and tax service firms.

Delta Marsh
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Teaching and research activities at the University Field Station, located on the shore of Lake Manitoba adjacent to Delta Marsh, one of the largest freshwater wetlands in North America.

Direct Marketing Group
Portland, OR, US
Come to our page for a free direct marketing analysis of your prospect base. Find out exactly how many prospects you have in your market to sell to.

Dive Travel Express
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Dive Travel Express is the online version of Dive Travel Magazine, your source for news and features about dive trips all over the world. Also: lots of amazing underwater photography.

Don Robertson's Marine Marketplace
Toronto, ON, Canada
Dedicated to the needs and interests of people involved in all aspects of boating and the marine industry.

Dystonia Dialogue
Dystonia Medical Research Foundation, Chicago, IL, US
Provides information about the movement disorder Dystonia, and directs interested persons to other resources.

Electronic Design Automation Companies (EDAC)
Internet Business Systems, Cupertino, CA, US
The definative meeting place for the EDA Community.

The E-Mail Machine
Witnet Web Publishing, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Used to email yourself specific files, ads, testimonials or other creative ideas straight to you from our server.

Environmental Information
Farrell Research and Software Development, Oklahoma City, OK, US
Internet consulting, environmental information.

Extron Electronics
Anaheim, CA, US
A leading manufacturer of computer-video interfaces, switchers, distribution amplifiers, scan converters, and high resolution cable.

Facts about Delaware County, Pennsylvania
Delaware County Commerce Center, Media, PA, US
Updated summary of information about Delaware County, PA, intended to assist you in selecting a site for your company's new office or plant.

FAO Travel GmbH
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Business travel management services.

Fasol Lab: qtechnolinks
Univ. of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science, Tokyo, Japan
Links to information servers in the micro/nano-electronics, quantum-electronics area.

The Final Touch Bath Shop
Homewood, IL, US
We've been in the bath and gift retail business for over 20 years.

FingerPlan 2.0 Beta 3 for Windows
Lamplight Computer Service, Spokane, WA, US
Lets others know your current dynamic or static IP address each time you log on with SLIP/PPP. Great for WinTalk, IVC users.

Florida Division of State Employees' Insurance
Tallahassee, FL, US
Information on Blue Cross/Blue Shield, HMOs, life insurance, and medical and daycare reimbursement for state government employees.

Florida State University Study Abroad Programs
Tallahassee, FL, US
Information on semester and summer programs in London, Florence, and Costa Rica, an online information request form, and links to other university study abroad programs.

Forbairt Technology Services
Dublin, Ireland
Energy and environmental analysis, construction research, materials development, ceramics research, and more.

The Fossil Company
London, UK
Our catalog of fossils and minerals, offering a range of specimens for sale, from beginner to advanced collectors, as well as information on UK geology, and more.

The Four Corners Business Journal
Avanti Communications Inc., Durango, CO, US
The Four Corners (Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah) journal is a specialized monthly providing interesting and timely stories and information pertaining to business in the Southwest.

Fractals from DR (In French)
Paris, France
2D fractals pictures made with Fractint.

Friends of the Red Road
Pahoa, HI, US
A precedent-setting environmental case in one of the last untouched corners of Hawaii in a pre-established, low-impact, solar-powered community.

From the Eyes of a Rescuer
Fred.Net, Frederick, MD, US
A pictorial essay from within the Oklahoma bombing site.

FUN Radio On Line (In French)
Brussels, Belgium
La station CYBERienne de la FM.

Garry's Web Services
Tucson, AZ, US
Professional Web page development at reasonable rates.

Garth Brooks Web Pages
London, England, UK
Lots of interesting information about Garth and his music.

George Washington High School
Philadelphia, PA, US
A public school in the N.E. section of the city. This site has been created exclusively by students.

Global On-line Adventure Learning Site (GOALS)
Seattle, WA, US
Our "GOAL" is to intrigue you with adventures, technologies, and the underlying laws of nature that make them possible.

Go International
Auckland, NZ
Destination information, intended primarily for New Zealanders, about some of the exciting overseas destinations provided by one of the country's premier holiday and commercial travel providers.

Graduate Diploma in Family Medicine by Distance Education
Monash Univ., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A postgraduate diploma in Family Medicine by Distance Education. Expressions of interest are being sought from prospective candidates.

Graphics on Call
Pacific Coast Software, Rancho Bernardo, CA, US
Discount graphics from Pacific Coast Software's Graphics on Call service. Buy just the photos you need, not the entire CD. Use the high-speed search engine for free.

The Grey Cup
midNet Communications, Saskatoon, SK, Canada
The official home page of the Canadian Football League's Grey Cup '95.

GRRS - Global Reference and Resolution Service
Global Entrepreneurs Network, Palm Harbor, FL, US
A free service to the Internet community created to promote online business ethics. Any business can register information with GRRS and anyone with Web access can request a reference on any business active on the Net.

Halfin S.A.
Halmark, Brussels, Belgium
Distributor of semiconductors and electron tubes.

Hart Consulting: Web & Technical Writing Services
Mountain View, CA, US
Specializes in quality Web page design and construction, and writing and editing for both online and paper distribution.

Health Nut
JAS J Delahunty's Chemist, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Specialist in supply and information of vitamins and health products.

Henri Michaux (In French)
Paris, France
Some texts and paintings by the French poet.

High Techsplanations, Inc.
Rockville, MD, US
A leading developer of physically based virtual environment software whose primary application area is surgery simulation.

Highlands and Islands Enterprise
Inverness, Scotland, UK
For information on business and inward investment opportunities in the highlands and islands of Scotland.

HomeLife/Avalon Realty Corp. -- BC, Canada
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
Promotion and selling of residential and commercial real estate property in the 5 major communities of Burnaby, Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Port Moody and New Westminister, B.C.

HomePage Real Estate Browser
Bryan, TX, US
For anyone looking to buy or rent property in Texas.

Hopi Basketry
Frank Provo, Seattle, WA, US
A pictorial presentation originally shown to a class of 45 anthropology students. The images are of various forms of Hopi Basketry, and of some Hopi people.

Hotpac Reservations
Auckland, New Zealand
Information about some of New Zealand's more exciting tourist attractions such as bungee jumping, whale watching, jet boating, whitewater rafting, and the Awesome Foursome.

HUD Portland Multifamily Division
Portland, OR, US
The first HUD field office on the Web.

HutchNET Surveillance Equipment
East Hartford, CT, USA
A distributor of high-tech, affordable surveillance equipment.

Idaho Wilderness Home Page
Moscow, ID, US
A hiking guide to some special places in the Idaho wild country.

Imagemap Help Page (IHiP)
Miami, FL, US
An educational resource to assist Web authors with the implementation of imagemaps.

The Indian Multinational Computer Company
HCL Consulting Ltd, Gurgaon, Haryana, India
Worldwide software consulting, providing solutions at reasonable cost from our software development facilities in India. We also provide on-site solutions.

Indiana Business Directory
Chesterfield, IN, US
A comprehensive directory of services and professionals within the State of Indiana.

Industrial Design Department
Univ. of Art and Industrial Design, Linz, Austria
Transdisciplinary tools for information and communication in the field of industrial design.

The Inn Traveler
Phoenix Systems, Biddeford, ME, US
For travelers and agencies to explore bed-and-breakfasts, country inns, and/or country house hotels.

InterGolf Travel
GolfData Corporation, Arlington, VA, US
Our summer schedule is available, with the finest in worldwide golf holidays.

Intermedics Inc.
Angleton, TX, US
A world leader in the manufacture of pacemakers and pacemaking equipment.

The International Meditation Centres
Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust, Heddington, Wiltshire, UK
Information on ten-day Theravada Buddhist Vipassana Meditation courses.

International Political Economy Network
Boulder, CO, US
Serving the academic, policy making and professional community for research and scholarship on the global political economy.

Internet Publishing Services
Wolcott, CT, US
We can create an inexpensive Web presence for any organization.

The Inter-Society for the Electronic Arts
Rotterdam, ZH, The Netherlands
We aim at joining a worldwide network of artists, scientists, and institutions.

InvestQuest, Inc.
Columbus, OH, US
Complete investment data on selected publicly-held corporations.

Iserv Company
Kentwood, MI, US
The premier Internet connection in Michigan.

Isis Unveiled
The Tree of Life, Bloomington, IN, US
An attempt at a comprehensive list of links to esoteric knowledge that may be found across the Web.

Jewish Student Union, CU Boulder
Boulder, CO, US
Providing opportunities for all Jewish students at the University of Colorado at Boulder to develop a strong Jewish identity and pride in their ethnicity, heritage and homeland.

Joe Smith's PDP-10 page
House of INWAP, Fremont, CA, US
Documents for DEC's 36-bit computer, the PDP-10.

Just Wingin' It - Angel and New Age Catalog
Riverside, CA, US
From angels to zen. Color graphics and ease of online ordering.

KAOS Advanced Optoelectronic Systems Research Group
Boulder, CO, US
Research group with areas of interest including optical signal processing, optical neural networks, nonlinear optical soliton logic gates, photonic switching, advanced optical SAR processing, and more.

Kaua'i Exotix
Kapaa, Kaua'i, HI, US
Grows and ships tropical flowers to anywhere in the US. Also offering gift baskets of wonderful taste adventures that you once had to go to Hawaii to experience.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Specializing in intelligent workflow automation. Expertise includes expert systems, neural networks, genetic algorithms, and more.

Kwangju Biennale '95
Daum Communications Co. Ltd., Seoul, Korea
This is the official site of Kwangju Biennale '95, the biggest art festival ever in Korea.

La Guilde des Doctorants
Hotdocs, Paris, France
French servers dedicated to PH-D students and research careers.

La Jolla Chamber Music Society
La Jolla, CA, US
We present the premier summer chamber music extravaganza in California.

La Liberte
Presse Ouest Limitee, Winnipeg, Canada
Ce journal hebdomadaire franco-manitobain, de type communautaire, couvre l'actualité politique, culturelle, économique et sportive.

Landscape by Atlantic Nurseries, Inc.
AECNET, Long Island, NY, US
Full service landscape design and installation.

LawInfo(sm) Legal Service
Encinitas, CA, US
The LawInfo(sm) Legal Service provides a full-service directory of domestic and international attorneys, a directory of legal industry suppliers, a legal employment center, and a forum for legal discussion.

Leo Padron's Pulp Fiction Page
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ, US
It's the orange and black Pulp Fiction page.

World Health Organization, Switzerland
Detailed information and statistics on leprosy.

Link Transportation Systems
Moscow, ID, US
Spokane, Washington and Latah County, Idaho parcel service and passenger service. Tours of the Palouse.

LMSOFT: Geography and Multimedia Presentations
Montreal, Québec, Canada
Developing software in two special domains: earth science with Geopro, Geoscope and now Geoscope Network; and multimedia authoring with Hyperpage.

The Looney Tunes Website
Internex Online, Toronto, ON, Canada
All original sound files.

Majority '96
Washington, DC, US
National grass-roots effort dedicated to supporting Democratic challengers and open-seat candidates in key, winnable House and Senate races, in order to regain the Democratic majority in Congress.

Manufacturing Resource and Information World
Coordinated Systems, Inc., East Hartford, CT, US
MRIW is a growing resource of information relevant to manufacturing.

The Marine Network
Eastsound, WA, US
A series of marine publisher's databases which contain boats for sale, marine services, marine products and news. Each database is presented regionally.

Marriott International
Technology Advancement Group, Fairfax, VA, US
Corporate information, lodging directories and information about all of our service businesses and other business units.

Master Lock Security Tips
Master Lock Company, Milwaukee, WI, US
Provides crime prevention and security tip information for home and commercial citizens.

Max Sharam
Ian Scrivener, Web Designer, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Australia's Pop Diva. Max Sharam's music is packed with powerful imagery, melodies wrapped in poetry to deliver strong emotional truths. She gives us the gift of her exploration in song.

Medical Imaging Server
Sydney, Australia
Designed to provide an educational resource to persons interested in medical imaging. Created by the Department of Radiology at the University of Sydney and the Division of Imaging at Westmead Hospital.

Medical Multimedia Systems
Brooklyn, NY, US
Unlike the current crop of "Digital Textbooks" by other publishers, these products have been designed to be on the cutting edge of computer-based learning in the biomedical sciences.

The MegaMall's Murder Mystery Contest
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Test your investigative skills and search the Net to unravel the web of mystery.

The Melody Shop
Welcome to our catalog of more than 80,000 CD titles.

The Metalog Yellow Pages
London, England
The online directory for consulting astrologers worldwide.

Methanex Corporation
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Produces methanol used in the manufacture of MTBE, a component of reformulated gasoline now legislated under the US Clean Air Act to lower emissions and protect the environment.

Metropolitan Austin Interactive Network (MAIN)
Austin, TX, US
Visitors will find a wide range of community information sources, covering areas as diverse as law, medicine, education, performing arts, social services, science, and government.

Michigan Waves Magazine
Wynning Designs, Rockford, MI, US
An online magazine about Michigan business, art, and recreational sports.

Microbiology and Immunology at the University of Adelaide
Adelaide, Australia
Department, research strengths and teaching programs at the postgraduate and undergraduate level. Includes links to other molecular biology sites and databases.

Micromatix Distributing
Norcross, GA, US
A wholesale distributor of computer-related components. Call us for the best in both prices and equipment.

midNET Xpress
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
An Internet presence provider site with a mall, film/video pages and the official Grey Cup home page.

mIRC Version 3.4, Amsterdam, NL, The Netherlands
Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) about the freeware winsock IRC client mIRC.

Montreal Internet Club
Montreal, Canada
Dedicated to help Internet users.

Motorola ISG
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Leader in networking. Products include Frame Relay, ISDN and dial-up modems.

The MTX Psychic Friends Network
BlippiddyBloop Imaginations, Blacksburg, VA, US
For all who are hungry for the illumination brought to you directly from the products of America's newest teen idols, the Mr. T Experience.

National Center for Preventive Law
By Design, Friday Harbor, WA, US
Information and resources for legal professionals and laypeople alike.

Sydney, NSW, Australia
A complete range of services to help your organisation onto the Internet.

New England Wood Carvers Web Site
Robin Edward Trudel, Bedford, MA, US
Includes pictures of wood carvers and carvings, links to other carving resources on the Net, the WoodCarvers Mail List, news of New England wood carving events and information regarding purchasing wood carvings.

New Frontiers Information Corporation
Cambridge, MA, US
Cutting edge software firm providing Web content in RDB functional Web catalogs, Web graphics generation from dynamic data sets, and Multihost(tm) http servers.

North-West Institute of Tafe
Devonport, Tasmania, Australia
Detailing course and department information about the vocational education and training courses offered at the Institute.

NW Indiana and Chicagoland
Crown.Net Inc., Portage, IN, US
Full-service provider, providing Internet access for Lake and Porter counties.

Ohm Sweet Ohm
Lundgren Design, New York, NY, US
The Wack of all Wack -- try this site if your brain needs an extra kick. Have your red and blue 3D glasses ready.

Orange Key Tour of Princeton University
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, US
Undergraduate students have provided this daily walking tour to more than 35,000 visitors since 1935. This online tour simulates the experience.

Organic Products Company
Organic Products Company, Irving, TX, US
Highest quality inks for marking devices.

Freelance Terrorists, Minneapolis, MN, US
A finely crafted, graphically oriented assortment of pages, designed to showcase the inherent possibilities of the Web. A bewildering variety of stock images for your own use.

Paula Abdul Web Pages
Denver, CO, US
Pictures, sounds, and information on Paula Abdul.

PC Database Summit '95
The Sapphire Group, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
The only national conference for database application development on PCs. Features seminars and workshops on management; analysis and design; programming and database engine technology; and an exhibition hall.

Peachpit Press
Berkeley, CA, US
Publishes books on desktop publishing, graphics, multimedia, as well as easy-to-comprehend guides to many software programs.

Personal Home Page Directory
Maritime Internet Services, Saint John, NB, Canada
Want to find someone's personal homepage? Register your home pages so people can find them on this index.

Philippine Business Online
EIGER Consulting and Information Services, Geneva, Switzerland
Information clearinghouse that deals with business and investment opportunities in the Philippines, one of the fast emerging markets in Asia.

An Phoblacht/Republican News
Dublin, Ireland
Ireland's leading political weekly -- the newspaper of the Irish Republican Movement. Includes links to information on Sinn Fein, Cairde Sinn Fein and other Republican organisations.

Phoenix Systems
Biddeford, ME, US
Independent computer programming and Internet publishing firm.

Physicians' MSO
Greensboro, NC, US
We provide billing services, consulting, and electronic medical record solutions to medical offices.

Pick Systems
Irvine, CA, US
Advanced PICK is a multi-user, multi-tasking, database management system that overcomes some of the limitations of current relational DBMS's. Supporting variable-length, multi-valued fields.

PII-EII International Alumni Association
Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Alumni and former staff of the Philips International Institute (1957-1989) and the Eindhoven International Institute (1990-1994).

Pinheads Punk Garage
Chicago, IL, US
Home page for hardcore/punk band Pinheads. The site has music samples, lyrics, picts, artwork, and other links.

CNET Limited, Kounosushi, Japan
We will think about what we should do so people can live in harmony with the animals and other life on Earth.

New York, NY, US
An online gallery, a journal, and a selected archive of art, video, criticism, theory, poetry, and literature. The site is frequently updated with new works from artists and writers.

Ports & Pilots Children's Educational Video
Outer Banks Productions, Atlanta, GA, US
An educational video for children ages 6-12, but fun for parents too.

Precipice, Inc.
New York, NY, US
Provides the full spectrum of world-wide publishing and Internet connectivity services to both individuals and corporations.

Precision Microtech Computers
Tucker, GA, US
An Atlanta-area computer company. We can beat most prices, just ask. With a link to The Consumer Information Center, a great place to find lots of helpful information.

PuckHead -- NHL Hockey Online Magazine
Imagineer.Com, Vancouver, BC, Canada
A Web fanzine which is primarily focused on NHL hockey and the Vancouver Canucks. Features a cross-section of news, interviews, and features.

PunkRock Web
Austin, TX, US
PunkRock Web is the newest site for the Austin punk music and underground Internet culture.

Questions and Answers for Fun
Inert Manatee, Inc., St. Paul, MN, US
I will attempt to answer any and all questions posed to me.

Randy Rare : New CD from former Bluesbreaker
RESMO Musique, Paris, FR, France
Twelve free samples of songs on a new CD plus bio, photos and tour information.

Rawlins Real Estate/John Crook & Associates
Stayton, OR, US
Information and real estate listings for the mid-Willamette Valley. Oregon cities include Salem, Keizer, Stayton, Sublimity, Scio, Jefferson, Lebanon, Mehama, Lyons, Gates, Mill City, Detroit, and Idanha.

Real Estate Maine
Phoenix Systems, Biddeford, ME, US
We provide owners of distinctive homes with a new avenue for marketing.

Real Estate Toronto and Surrounding Area
Christopher Burnett, RE/MAX, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Relocating? Buying a home? Selling a home? I am at your service. Market expertise high-tech wired, and sold on results.

Real Estate Web
Norfolk, VA, US
A full service for listing real estate on the Internet.

Redbear Country
Redbear Graphics, Eureka, MT, US
A growing Montana mall that includes Web publishing services, and more.

Reon & M
Q-company, Tokyo, Japan
Anything from baseball to Japanese animated characters.

The Republic of Cameroon
Yaounde, England (UK)
Dynamic information on the people, history, socio-cultural activities, tourism, and politics of The Republic of Cameroon.

Republicans Abroad International
Washington, DC, US
As the overseas arm of the Republican National Committee, RA offers a means for Americans residing abroad to stay active in Republican politics.

Rex Hill Vineyards & Winery
Newberg, OR, US
A leading producer of premium wines made primarily from Yamhill County grapes. Known for Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay, the Winery is 20 miles southwest of Portland in Willamette Valley.

Rhythm & Hues Studios
Marina Del Rey, CA, US
A computer animation and special effects studio.

RMT Environmental Updates
RMT, Inc., Madison, WI, US
Provides information about engineering and environmental management, regulatory updates, treatment technologies, and capabilities.

Robotics at Brown University
Providence, RI, US
Information about robotics research.

Rock Around the World
Woodland Hills, CA, US
RATW was America's radio show during the 70's, heard on more than 160 stations, coast to coast, in the top 100 markets throughout the U.S. and the American Forces Radio and Television Services worldwide.

Rockware Online
Owensboro, KY, US
Catalog of over 100 (and growing) rock and country T-shirts that can be ordered online.

Rosswog Farm Distillery
MediaNetCommunications, Port Elgin, NB, Canada
The Rosswogs distill fine liqueurs from local fruits and are interested in finding new markets for their products.

Roth Publishing's Poetry Library for Librarians
Fry Multimedia, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Information for libraries and librarians, including background information on famous poets who were librarians and the full text of seven poems about libraries.

Royal Astro Billiards
Wallingford, CT, US
A direct-from-the-manufacturer pool table retailer.

Ruta Maya Coffee & Tobacco
Dallas, TX, US
An Altura, Arabica bean grown by cooperative farmers in the Chiapas region of Mexico.

The Saga of WorldMOO
The Tree of Life, Bloomington, IN, US
The rise and fall of WorldMOO, as seen from the inside. If you had a character there, or are ever considering being a wizard anywhere, this page is required reading so you don't make the same mistakes we did.

Sahadi's University Shop
Englewood, NJ, US
Carries a full line of sportswear, formal wear, and casual clothing for men, young men, and boys. Browse our site to see samples of our quality clothing.

Science Centre
Wollongong, NSW, Australia
Provides over 120 hands-on interactive science exhibits and shows to encourage science literacy in our community. We cater to all ages and educational backgrounds.

SciTech, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A site that promotes science education. Science Kits for Kids are described and offered; science trails test one's mind; and email feedback to Mr. B., the cyberspace science guru.

Scrambled Word/Crossword Solver
Charles Bower, Chicago, IL, US
Automatically solve scrambled words, and get hints for crosswords based on letters.

Searchlight BBS
Cedar Rapids, IA, US
A presence on the Web for Searchlight, a rather nifty bulletin board.

Self Breast Examination and Mammography
Internet Advisor Communications, Inc., Cooper City, FL, US
Insights in self breast examination and mammography, as well as important information from the American Cancer Society.

Sensor Developments Inc.
Orion, MI, US
Designs and manufactures force, torque, speed, and temperature measurement devices and systems.

The Set Home Page
Champaign, IL, US
Dedicated to the entertaining and highly addictive card game of Set. Includes rules and other information, Set-related contests, and more.

SETACC on the Cyberspace Connection
Southeast Texas Area Computer Consultants, The Woodlands, TX, US
Extensive computer consulting, from shopping around for the best system to diagnostics and repair. Our design center presence offers high quality work for around $50 per page.

Shadow Magazine
Shadow Publications, Santa Rosa, CA, US
An electronically produced fiction ezine for teens.

Shrine to Shonen Knife
Netropolis Communication, Houston, TX, US
Pictures and links related to the best band to ever come out of Osaka, Japan.

SilverPlatter Worldwide Library Sampler Project
SilverPlatter Information, Boston, MA, US
Small subsets of many SilverPlatter databases available for searching over the Internet. Registration is required.

SirLou's Geek Fandom Page
San Francisco, CA, US
Tons of information on role playing games.

SirLou's Sci-Fi and Anime Page
San Francisco, CA, US
Tons of information on science fiction and anime books, movies, television shows, and shorts.

Sotheby's Australia
Sydney, N.S.W., Australia
The Australian arm of the world's largest auction house goes online with art sales catalogues, upmarket property listings and history and information about Sotheby's worldwide.

South Carolina Hootie Page
Furman Univ., Greenville, SC, US
Hootie and the Blowfish page, with song clips from old and new albums, band information and tour schedules.

St. Louis Life News (Pro-Life)
St. Louis, MO, US
National, international, and Missouri pro-life news, interesting articles, and links to other pro-life Web sites.

St. Lucia's Internet Provider
Cable and Wireless (WI) Ltd., St. Lucia, Castries
Cable and Wireless is St. Lucia's telecommunications company. Pages on the server include vacation opportunities in this simply beautiful Caribbean Island.

The Star Online, Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
A selection of Malaysian news updated daily, containing news, business, sports and features.

Stardust Resort & Casino
Las Vegas, NV, US
This adult-oriented resort features 24-hour-a-day action. Over 2,300 rooms, six restaurants, race and sports book, and the stage show "Enter the Night."

Stock Research Groups Financial
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A helpful resource for the small investors.

Student Oceanographic Society
Univ. of S. Mississippi, Ctr. for Marine Sciences, Stennis Space Ctr., MS, US
A forum for student views, and a fraternity of like-minded individuals for the oceanography graduate student.

Sudberry House
Old Lyme, CT, US
Fine wood accessories for needlework and crafts.

The Suzanne Vega Home Page
New York, NY, US
Includes biographies, profiles, interviews, poems, articles, essays, three photo collections, bulletin boards, an easy mailing list subscribe function, complete bibliography, discography and searchable lyrics database.

Swedish East Coast FreeNet
Osthammar, Uppland, Sweden
Lots of stuff, including school projects on the Internet, photography, traditional boat building and Vikings.

Cleveland, OH, US
The Tagar site is the key to the person who wishes for true justice to be sought out in America and Israel. Tagar is a college organization with chapters spread across the globe.

talking TRASH
Robert Smith & Associates, Vancouver, BC, Canada
A newsletter on solid waste management, as it relates to packaging and the environment.

TechNet Sports Fantasy Football
Gibsonia, PA, US
Welcome to the ultimate fantasy football information and statistics Web. Delivering unmatched fantasy football information and statistics.

Tektronix Inc.
Vivo Media, Portland, OR, US
Tektronix is a portfolio of measurement, color printing, and video display businesses dedicated to applying technology to customer challenges.

Thames Street Virtual Gallery
Newport, RI, US
Come take a virtual tour of contemporary American art.

Theater Bay Area
San Francisco, CA, US
What's happening in live theater in the Bay Area and Northern California. Playbill listings, news about half-price tickets, and excerpts from Callboard, the SF theater magazine.

Tiburon Land Company/Marin County Real Estate
Tiburon, CA, US
Residential real estate in Marin County.

Toyota OnLine
Sydney, Australia
One of Australia's largest commercial sites from one of the country's largest auto companies, featuring complete production information, dealer service links, and action-packed motor sports pages.

TransLearn Associates
Old Orchard Beach, ME, US
An instructional consultancy specializing in transfer of training in organizations.

Peter Jones, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Focuses on legal issues arising from the use of EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) in international transport.

Travel Information Center of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI, US
Private condominiums, homes, and hotel and car rentals on all islands.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A full-service Canadian travel agency staffed with professional reservation agents who will assist you in all travel requests.

Trinity Partners, Inc. -- Contract and Full-time Job Listings
Danville, CA, US
Info on contract and full-time positions. Cool links to other job-related Web sites.

Tulsa's Radio Ranch
Tulsa Great Empire Broadcasting, Inc., Tulsa, OK, US
The Voice of Oklahoma, radio advertising, marketing plans, promotion news, country music, farm news, market demographics, research, production, and special events.

Twente University Archery Club: Sagittarius
Sagittarius Twente, Enschede, The Netherlands
Information about the club (locations and organization), competition results, and links to other archery sites.

Twin Cities Entertainment
Minneapolis, MN, US
Information on entertainment in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. We have up-to-date movie listings, with times and locations.

The UBC MultiCentre Research Network
Vancouver, BC, Canada
An emergency medicine research consortium made up of the emergency medicine research divisions of three teaching hospitals.

UCG Crystallography Centre
Inorganic Chemistry Dept., Univ. College, Galway, Ireland
Ortex molecular graphics software for small and large (proteins) molecules.

Uncle Eli's Special-for-Kids Passover Haggadah
University of Calgary, Calgary, AB, Canada
A humorous, rhymed hyper-text version of the Jewish Passover "Haggadah" (home liturgy) in the spirit of Dr. Seuss.

The University of Akron College of Nursing
Akron, OH, US
Description of programs and facilities.

The UnOfficial English Beat Home Page
San Francisco, CA, US
This is the only page devoted to the English Beat on the entire Web. There is a band history, photos, discography, and sound archives.

Virtual, Inc.
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Let us develop your Web presence from concept to completion, using the most advanced forms of multi-media to create a full network based commercial identity.

Virtumall New Media Marketing
Cambridge, MA, US
One of the Internet's most unique online shopping malls.

Volvo Trucks of Calgary
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
The first (as far as we know) heavy truck dealer to put a home page on the Internet. Services and trucks in stock. Complete catalogue.

VOOM Advertising
Cremorne, NSW, Australia
We offer a full range of services to put our clients' message on the Internet.

Walden-Wolfe Personnel Testing
Montreal, QC, Canada
Battery tests designed for testing aptitude of personnel for specific fields. Used in large corporations.

Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Telecommunication, ASU
Tempe, AZ, US
Information about the school, student work, and tools for professional journalists to use in searching the Internet.

Washington University Medical School
Washington University AMA-MSS, St. Louis, MO, US
Information on the local AMA-MSS and a link to a legislative affairs page with information on legislation that concerns medical students and others interested in health care reform.

Watkins Web Site
US Internet, Knoxville, TN, US
The Wright Sales Group announces the opening of a Web site containing a cornucopia of home products for you to enjoy.

The Web Plaza
Internet Commerce Solutions, Sunnyvale, CA, US
The complete and convenient online marketplace for products and services.

Wichita, Kansas
Wichita Area Chamber of Commerce, Wichita, KS, US
The front gate to the "Peerless Princess of the Plains". Information available ranges from business and demographics to tourism, culture, weather, and education.

The Winefordner Group
Univ. of Florida, Division of analytical chemistry, Gainesville, FL, US
Research areas include: lasers, plasmas, mass spectrometry, glow discharge, laser enhanced ionization, and more.

Wizdom Systems, Inc.
Naperville, IL, US
Provides a wide range of business process re-engineering (BPR) services -- from facilitating problem identification and description, to developing problem solutions, to information engineering for new enterprise-wide computer systems.

Women's Medical Health Page
San Francisco, CA, US
A source of information on current medical issues and recent publications that have an impact on women's health. It is written for women, medical health workers, and others interested in women's health.

Workin' The Web
NetWorking Online, Omaha, NE, US
Put your computer to work while you make money on the Web. Why not get paid to do what you're already doing? Cruise the Net for fun and profit.

World Mart
Hampton & Associates, Fair Oaks, CA, US
Provides marketing, advertising, Web page design, consulting, business, graphics, HTML programming, and other services for businesses.

Worldguide Online
The Dynamedia Group, Mill Valley, CA, US
Browse our travel and health/fitness editorial with nutrition, mountain biking, and risk sport features.

WWW Bowling Pages
Edmonds, WA, US
Focal point for bowling information on the Web.

Redmarley, Gloucester, UK
Landmark site to promote personal, management, business and community development in the UK.

XREF Publishing Co.
Port Townsend, WA, US
The XREF Encyclopedia, a cross-reference of parts, supplies, and equipment for the heating, air conditioning, and appliance industry.

Monday, 10 July 1995

AAA Tours Travel Section
Air & Adventure Tours, Adelaide, Australia
A bus tour operator in Adelaide and Kangaroo Island.

Abbott Wool's Market Segmentation Resource Locator
Hewlett, NY, US
Annotated links to organizations involved in segmented marketing.

Access Learning Systems
Albuquerque, NM, USA
A performance consulting company that offers executive coaching, team learning and process facilitation, and custom learning design.

ACiD Productions Home Page
San Diego, CA, US
The leader in the field of art for the computer underground for over 5 years.

Actual Natural Source
Florals Northwest Company, Denman Island, British Columbia, Canada
Enjoy life with out the stress, regain your youth and vitality, enjoy weight-loss with renewed energy with ‘Neutraceutical products’ made from pure natural flower pollen.

The AcuTab Page
AcuTab Publications, Inc., Roanoke, VA, US
The site contains info on AcuTab banjo tablature books, sample page GIFs, and ordering/dealer info. Also photo GIFs of popular bluegrass banjo pickers.

New York, NY, US
A journey through creative expression.

Ad Methods Halpern and Eurich Advertising, Hauppauge, NY, US
Advertising and marketing for national and international clients.

Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute
Arlington, VA, US
A voluntary nonprofit organization comprised of the manufacturers of air conditioning, refrigeration, and heating products.

Alcorn McBride, Inc. Theme Park Engineering
Orlando, FL, US
A leader in audio, video, and show control equipment for the theme park and entertainment industries.

Alta-Can Tours Inc.
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Enter our vacation of a lifetime Rocky Mountain Getaway Contest.

The American Diabetes Association, Texas Affiliate Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Information for the Texas diabetes commmunity.

American Leather Chemists Association
University of Cincinnati, OH, US
Home page of the American Leather Chemists Association.

America's Birthday -- July 4th/Independence Day
USA CityLink Project, Mandeville, LA, US
The Internet exploded this Fourth of July. This interactive audiovisual site includes links to historical documents, the Vietnam Veterans Memorial, and a special on firework safety.

Amy and Cary
Visit, HI, US
Hi! I'm Amy, and I'm Cary!! We've been nicknamed 'The Lemonade Stand of the '90s.'

AppleScript Resources
Ultranet Communications, Marlboro, MA, US
A collection of AppleScript resources: books, articles, commercial tools, etc.

Applied Cellular Technology
Springfield, MO, US
A leading software and services corporation in the technologies of cellular radio frequency, data communications, client server computing and mobile data collections.

Aquarium World Market
Austin, TX, US
Brings the mail-order fish companies right to your computer.

Arizona Health Sciences Center Office of Public Affairs
Tucson, AZ, US
Information about new medical treatments, health news, a clinical research newsletter, and more.

The ArtClass
Hixdave, Worcester, MA, US
This page is full of art made for the electronic world. Updated all the time.

Aspen Systems, Inc.
Wheat Ridge, CO, US
A Digital OEM partner that engineers and manufactures workstations and servers based upon Alpha processors.

Atlanta 30306
Schroder Marketing,Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
A newspaper for Atlanta's best neighborhoods.

Atlanta Alzheimers Association
Atlanta, GA, US
Information on local events, a registration form for volunteering time and/or money, and links to information on diseases.

Atlantic Spoke
Virginia Networks, North Myrtle Beach, SC, US
Bicycle sales and service in the North Myrtle Beach area. Stop by and rent a bike to ride the shore of South Carolina.

ATM Products International, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD, US
A full-service Web hosting firm. In addition, we specialize in ATM Sonet technology.

Auburn University Engineering Student Council
Auburn, AL, US
E-council is the representative body of the engineering students at Auburn University.

Battleship Cove
Fall River, MA, US
We have the world's most complete collection of historic fighting ships.

Bavaria Alpine Net Guide
Datapat GmbH, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Insider information for travelers and culture adventurers as an alternative to government subsidized servers.Our server speaks three languages: English, French and German.

Bill Wright Fine Art Photographs and Traveling Exhibitions
Center for Contemporary Art, Abilene, TX, US
Documentary photography of Kickapoo and Tigua Indians and other ethnic groups worldwide. Landscape photographs of Big Bend National Park. Information on traveling exhibitions, archival prints and books.

Book Stacks Unlimited
Cleveland, OH, US
A complete online Web bookstore.

Boys Brigade
Hemel Hempstead, UK
The oldest uniformed youth organisation in the world.

Brampton Brick Limited
Brampton, ON, Canada
Brick manufacturer with global distribution.

Brian Drechsler-Realtor
Windermere Real Estate-Wall St. Inc., Seattle, WA, US
A successful realtor specializing in residential home and condominium sales in the Puget Sound region. Professional services include relocation for transferees.

Budget Select
Questions Answered, York, Yorkshire, UK
Advice and information for groups and individuals travelling to the UK and Ireland.

Business Information Processing
Brussels, Belgium
One of the most important Belgian PC providers. Site gives an overview of BIP activities and products, and includes downloadable software.

Bologna, Italy
Web services and general consulting for Italian companies.

Upper Montclair, NJ, US
Home page development and Internet marketing. We also can serve as Internet consultants and handle Web publishing.

Cajun Clickers Genealogy SIG
Baton Rouge, LA, US
Developed to foster the merger of computer technology with genealogy research.

California Civil Rights Initiative (CCRI)
Los Angeles, CA, US
A proposed ballot initiative that will eliminate racial and gender discrimination and preferences (Affirmative Action) in public education, public contracting and public employment in California.

CampNet America (tm)
Durham, NC, US
Established to provide a central library of home pages for campgrounds, outdoor suppliers, RV suppliers, and camping and travel information.

Campus Crusade for Christ International
Orlando, FL, US
Over 110,000 staff and trained volunteers serving in over 150 countries around the world. This is a glimpse into what is going on around the world to reach people for Christ with links to many other sites.

Cars @Cost
Los Angeles, CA, US
An HMO for car buyers. We bring together hundreds of car purchasers and help them, individually, to get the best deal.

CCGEN credit card encrypting
Tech-Assist, Anchorage, AK, US
A shell program developed to use PGP for encrypting credit card information. CCGEN is free and PGP is free for non-commercial use.

Celestine Central
Jon Person, Boulder, CO, US
A personable source for spiritual guidance and fulfillment through the teachings of The Celestine Prophecy and The Celestine Prophecy: An Experiential Guide by James Redfield.

Center for Minimally Invasive Brain Surgery (MIBS)
Philadelphia, PA, US
Micro-neurosurgery program of the Neurosensory Institute, a collaboration of neurosurgeons of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, Pennsylvania Hospital and Wills Eye Hospital.

Channel1 Internet Service
Cambridge, MA, US
Where it's really @.

Christian Mission Home Page
SIM USA, Eugene, OR, US
A source to find out about what God is doing in the world.

Cincinnati Netro
Cincinnati, OH, US
Guide to the city of Cincinnati.

Citizen King
King Cast Recording Company, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, US
A band that blends funk, jazz, and hardcore to create a never-before heard sound.

City Honda
Optimum Communications, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
A showcase of cars, prices and services available through City Honda.

The City of Cranbrook
Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Business, recreation, and historical information about the city and the surrounding area.

Civil Engineering and Construction
Bradley Univ., Peoria, IL, US
A little bit about ourselves and some of our programs.

Classic Gift Shoppe
Carmel, IN, US
Better living through video learning. Your source for the world's best instructional and educational videos and CD-ROMs. Wonderful gift ideas for yourself, family and friends.

Classified Ads
Glyndon, MD, US
Buying, selling, trading -- this is it. List it or find it here.

Clearfield Communications
Auckland, New Zealand
Description of the Clearfield group of companies and the Internet services they provide.

Clonlara School
Ann Arbor, MI, US
We have offered a wide variety of services since 1967 and became the first high school over the Internet in October, 1994.

Coca-Cola Galore
Joseph Madrigal, Albuquerque, NM, US
Fun stuff such as screensavers, pictures, recipes, general info about Coke, and much more.

Colin Soloway's Article Archive
Chapel Hill, NC, US
An archive of Soloway's writings on the war in the former Yugoslavia for Newsday, Time, the Toronto Star, and other newspapers and magazines.

Collective Enterprises Ltd.
Glossop, Derbyshire, UK
A management services company working mainly in the not-for-profit sector.

The Colorado Outdoor Education Center
Florissant, CO, US
Management training programs designed to create leadership, build teams and foster vision.

Cleveland, OH, US
Where small businesses and large corporations find and transact business with like-minded people and companies.

CompAdept Corporation
Specializes in personal computer and network consulting.

Computer Goldmine
Boulder, CO, US
We buy and sell surplus and used computer systems and parts inventories. Micro to mid-range to mainframe systems.

Computer Programs for Latin
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Overview of educational software for Latin produced by SOS Nijmegen.

The Computer Salvage Company
Baltimore, MD, US
Your place for quality used computers and computer parts. Buy, sell, and trade. Your source for IBM PS2 parts.

The Computersmith's AutoCAD Page
The Computersmith, Inc., Hudson, NH, US
Computersmith is a 30-person AutoCAD reseller and related services provider in the Northeast U.S. We provide total solutions to the engineering community.

Consulting Partners Association International
Alpharetta, GA, US
An online service which markets the expertise of consultants.

Distribution of coupons via online services e.g Prodigy, Compuserve and also via Web.

Cover -- a New, Interactive Game
Leiden University, Leiden, Netherlands
A totally new, interactive game is now available on the Web. Come look and play.

Crawford Real Estate
Anchorage, AK, US
Privately owned Alaskan corporation. Six office locations serving regional communities, with nearly 100 full time sales associates.

Creative Crafts and Gems
Tucson, AZ, US
A gathering place for polymer clay artists.

Creative Pages
Durban, Kwazulu/Natal, South Africa
A new company, focused on getting your information on the Web.

Creative Productions
Baltimore, MD, US
Internet consulting and Web weaving.

CybeRezumes for Personal Marketing
Bellevue, WA, US
A place to market yourself in Cyberspace, links to company employment opportunities, and a place for employers to view qualification briefs.

Torrance, CA, US
Provides information about the colorful, easy-to-use planetarium program for Microsoft Windows, and allows the latest version of the program to be downloaded for evaluation.

CycloMedia Internet Advertising
Allentown, PA, US
A complete solutions provider for businesses wishing to advertise on the Internet.

Stuttgart, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Featuring corporate units Mercedes-Benz, AEG Daimler-Benz Industrie, Daimler-Benz Aerospace, and Daimler-Benz InterServices. Site present news, facts, highlights and more.

Databack Services, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
Internet consulting for corporate clients seeking to establish a Web presence.

San Marcos, TX, US
An independent record label. Site contains information about albums, tours, artists, etc.

The Delftsche Zwervers
Delft, The Netherlands
One of the smallest student organizations in Delft. The 35 members of DZ like outdoor activities, like walking or sailing.

Delta Technogroup
Boulder, CO, US
Varied services/businesses including environmental consulting; ChinaLink; Video Visr, an inexpensive way to reduce CRT emissions and glare; and more.

Neurotel, Ltd., Arlington, VA, US
Voice your opinion on important issues facing the United States and see how your answers compare with other Web users. Ballots updated regularly.

Deseret Laboratories International
InfoWest Global Internet Services, St. George, UT, US
A full-scale provider of quality formulation, custom granulation, tableting, encapsulation, coating, and packaging for the food, nutrition and pharmaceutical industries.

Digital Repair Facility
Auburn University, AL, US
Providing repairs and upgrades for university-owned computers, printers, and monitors.

Digital Resources
Kingsport, TN, US
Advertise your products and or business on the Net. Offers any business or individual with a product to publicize an affordable means of doing it.

Discount CD-ROMs
Game Link, San Francisco, CA, US
Featuring newly released and current CD-ROMs at discount prices. Worldwide shipping.

Discount Computer Service
Jacksonville, FL, US
This is a computer parts and accessories business providing quality parts at discount prices.

Divine Savior Holy Angels High School
Milwaukee, WI, US
An all girls Catholic secondary school with over a one hundred year heritage of providing exemplary, college preparatory education. Recent innovations include computer modernization and a Women's Life Orientation program.

Plymouth, MN, US
On-demand high quality digital printing services.

Doggie Diamonds
Payson, AZ, US
Custom products for the dog lover.

Dr. Fellowbug's Laboratory of Fun and Horror
Downtown Digital, New York City, NY, US
Please, do stop by the Lab and join us to play some of the most extraordinary, if not slightly twisted, games and interactive activities on the Web.

Due North CD-ROMs
Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada
Due North distributes reasonably priced CD-ROMs from Canada. We also have a free email newsletter.

The Earthquake and Weather Station
CSUS, Sacramento, CA, US
The definitive earthquake and weather information site on the Net. Better than the Weather Channel on cable TV.

Ecclesiastical Calendar
Stanford University, Stanford, CA, US
A form that allows you to enter a year and receive the dates of various Christian Ecclesiastical celebrations, such as Easter and the movable celebrations associated with it.

Echo Lake Records
Atlanta, GA, US
A small, independent record label producing albums by talented, acoustic-oriented artists.

EMJ Data Systems
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
A publicly-owned distributor of computer products and peripherals, specializing in high performance products for Apple, CAD, Point of Sale, Unix and Telephony applications.

The Entertain-Net
Alarik Entertainment, San Francisco, CA, US
Devoted to music, movies, graphics, games, and improv theater.

Entrepreneur Online
Burlington, Canada, England
An international commercial service dedicated to providing in-depth information about new products, trade shows, manufacturers, financial capital, product development, and more.

Environmental Journalism
Philadelphia, PA, US
A central reference of Internet resources for environmental journalists. Includes copies of environmental journalism newsletters and annotated links to useful Web resources.

Environmental Studies Department
Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US
Information on environmental events all over the US, extensive listings of environmental servers, and more.

Exact Imaging, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
A high quality pre-press company.

EZBAK Remote Backup Service
Phoenix, AZ, US
We provide a secure, automatic, inexpensive solution to ensure that your data is protected.

Federal News Service
Washington, DC, US
A private company which transmits to the world's major media and foreign governments the verbatim texts of political events.

The Final Frontier
Paul Kiesewetter, Edogawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Includes a book review quick-list where readers are invited to add their own reviews and opinions to the list.

Find Arts
Somerville, MA, US
Dedicated enabling viewers to find artists by multiple criteria.

Flagship Distributors
San Diego, CA, US
Retail/wholesale flag shop carrying US, states, foreign flags and a lot more.

Fleximation Systems Inc.
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
LAN & WAN design, installation and management, Flexconnect's Internet business solutions program, home page design, complete Internet service bureau operations, and more.

Fraser Valley Arts and Peace Festival, Aug. 10-13, 1995
Abbotsford, BC, Canada
The Festival began in 1992 and had its roots in the Mennonite Church community. It has broadened its base to include others who hold to a similar view of non-violence.

Brussels, Belgium
Informations about travel, tourism, airlines, etc.

Friedman Real Estate Group, Inc.
Farminton Hills, MI, US
A full-service real estate firm with principal offices in Farmington Hills, Mich. Links to Michigan demographics.

Fun-Live (In German)
Technical University, Ilmenau, thueringen, Germany
A great rock band in Germany playing cover-songs.

Gale Force F1
Monte Carlo, Monaco
Formula 1 results and track information.

Gale Guide to the Internet
Gale Research Inc., Detroit, MI, US
A book providing a wealth of free information, including a glossary of Internet terms, a list of 120 specialized home pages, and a bibliography containing information on more than 65 Internet publications.

Garry's Web Services
Tucson, AZ, US
Business Web page development.

Genealogy SF
San Francisco, CA, US
Genealogy software (shareware and commercial), genealogy research tips, research CD-ROMs, and genealogy data. Bi-weekly "Ask Glenda" genealogy tutorials.

Genetics Library (Cambridge)
Dept. of Genetics, Univ. of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK
Combines information about the Genetics Library with links to relevant sites for geneticists on the Internet.

Georgia JobBank
Atlanta, GA, US
Job opportunities, resume listings, and career information in the state of Georgia.

Giant Leap: The Apollo Chronicles
Imagination Software, Inc., Houston, TX, US
A definitive history of mankind's greatest adventure of the twentieth century.

Glendale Community College
Glendale, AZ, US
Information about the college. Student, faculty and staff Web documents are delivered here as well.

Taipei, Taiwan, China
The services provided include email, news feed, file transfers, BBS, and access to the Internet.

The Great Smoky Mountains
Al Hearn, photographer, Atlanta, GA, US
The Great Smoky Mountains of Tennessee and North Carolina as seen through the photography of Al Hearn.

Greater Toronto Home Builders' Association
North York, ON, Canada
Industry association of home builders.

Greenwood, Jameson
Princeton, NJ, US
Dealing in collectible art; specializing in wooden hand-carvings from the African culture.

Grip~it Strips
Better Hold Products, Inc., Menlo Park, CA, US
A set of specially designed slip-resistant, textured strips with self-adhesive backing that attach to the top and bottom of portable computers to help improve grip and handleability.

GTI GlobalNet
Global Telecommunications, Inc., Morristown, NJ, US
An Internet public access provider offering a wide range of user-oriented services including dialup access (Shell/SLIP/ PPP) from various points throughout New Jersey, plus direct Internet connections to anywhere in the continental U.S.

A Guide to the Covered Bridges of Southeastern Pennsylvania
Drexel Univ., Philadelphia, PA, US
A complete portfolio of covered bridges in the Philadelphia region, Berks County, and selected Lancaster County bridges. Two new driving tours are featured.

The Gumbo Shop
New Orleans, LA, US
A New Orleans restaurant famous for its traditional creole dishes. See the menu in four languages. Tourists can get all sorts of information and directions as well.

Hearing Loss Resources
SayWhatClub, Houston, TX, US
Information on hearing loss, and resources available to hard of hearing and late deafened adults.

HighText Verlag
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Publisher of the leading German newsletter for multimedia professionals. Selected articles from the recent issues as well as links to many multimedia companies in the German speaking countries (in German).

Homes and Land of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI, US
Listings of homes and property for sale in Hawaii.

Homes OnLine
Alexandria, VA, US
Your online guide to real estate in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington, DC.

Hong Kong Students' Home Page
Univ. of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An assortment of Hong Kong high schools and US/Canada Hong Kong students.

Hotel Pendini
Florence, Italy
Built about 120 years ago in the very center of Florence.

Hujsak Custom-Made Bicycles
Wimberly, TX, US
Custom bicycles and frames, hand-crafted to the most demanding specifications...yours.

Next Online Pty. Ltd., Sydney, NSW, Australia
Independent games magazine containing up-to-date news, previews, reviews, features, and more.

IABC Welcome Page
International Association of Business Communicators, San Francisco, CA, US
Quick, easy and continuous access to current information on IABC services, products, activities and issues pertaining to organizational communication through a Web site.

iAudit-Internet Audit Bureau(tm)
San Diego, CA, US
An independent provider of access counts for Web sites. This free service can be used by anyone with out any programming. Make your pages count.

IEEE Computer Society--Purdue Student Chapter
West Lafayette, IN, US
One of three IEEE student chapters at Purdue Univ., the computer society student chapter strives to provide useful services to its members.

The Imagine Nation Multimedia, Inc
Lynnfield, MA, US
We offer turn-key Web site to businesses wishing to have a unique presence on the Net. At our flag ship site we offer seminars using Real Audio, MIDI and 3D images and much more.

Immunology Congress in Australia 1996
Microbiology and Immunology, Univ. of Adelaide, Adelaide, Australia
First Scientific Congress of the Federation of Immunological Societies of Asia-Oceania (FIMSA) hosted by the Australasian Society for Immunology Dec. 1-5, 1996. Outline of scientific program, registration, venue, etc.

Indian River Gift Fruit
Titusville, FL, US
We ship the world's best fruit. Luscious oranges, mangoes and grapefruits are just a finger tip away.

Indonesian Full Gospel Fellowship
Seattle, WA, US
An Indonesian Christian church.

Santa Cruz, CA, US
Guide to entertainment and shopping in the Santa Cruz area. Contains the home page for the Santa Cruz Bluegrass Society and other music.

Information Highway
Bensalem, PA, US
The Business Opportunity Mall provides a place to promote or search for business opportunities or sales opportunities.

Inside Texas
Austin, TX, US
An independent newsletter about men's and women's sports at the Univ. of Texas. Produced for over 10 years by Robert Heard, award-winning journalist, editor, author, attorney.

Institute of Practical Philosophy
Malaspina University-College, Nanaimo, BC, Canada
A new site with limited information about the activities and plans of the Institute of Practical Philosophy, a unique base for the study of contemporary ethical problems within the field of philosophy.

The Integrity Center Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
Information about background checking, the free software to access our network, a current newsletter with handouts, a tutorial, and links to many other sources of risk management information.

Miami, FL, US
Virtual commerce and multimedia development company.

Grimes, IA, US
The ultimate amateur wrestling resource.

International Constitutional Law (ICL)
Hamburg, Germany
We provide English texts and background material about constitutional documents.

The International Curling Information Network Group (ICING)
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
A source of information about the game of curling for fans around the world.

International Relations Association
Boone, NC, US
Student organization dedicated to understanding and appreciating international events, organizations, and subjects.

International Service Agencies
Alexandria, VA, US
A federation of international relief and development organizations.

International Wildlife Adventures
Greenville, MS, US
Trips to the world's best areas for viewing and photographing wildlife, led by top professional photographers and naturalists.

Internet Medical Products Guide
Medical Internet Communications, Inc. (MEDICOM), Apple Valley, MN, US
A database of medical product sales and technical information.

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Univ. of Alberta
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Information on current and planned activities. We can help you get in touch with some of our members and provide links to other IVCF and IFES sites.

The Investment Exchange
Calgary, Ontario, Canada
Fostering the development of entrepreneurship and the formation of risk or venture capital through networking and computer-matching of private investors with business investment opportunities.

Ironstone Ventures, Ltd.
Greater Boston, MA, US
Ironstone Ventures (with the Governor's Highway Safety Bureau) offers motorcycle rider education courses in Massachusetts. Courses based on MSF curricula.

ISDN Wired/Wireless
Data TeleMark, McLean, VA, US
Data TeleMark introduced a new technology for wired/wireless ISDN transmission (via satellite, radio waves, laser, digital lines, fiber etc.) compatible to any ISDN standard, worldwide.

John E. Stith, Science Fiction Writer
Redshift Unlimited, Colorado Springs, CO, US
Home page for science-fiction writer and screenwriter John E. Stith. Stith's "Redshift Rendezvous" was a Nebula Award nominee. His "Manhattan Transfer" was a Hugo Award Honorable Mention.

Justin Case -- The Band
Francestown, NH, US
Welcome to our first effort to tell the world about our stuff.

Kaiserslautern Internet Solution Services (KISS)
Kaiserslautern, Germany
Internet service provider.

Kappa Alpha Order -- Beta Alpha Chapter
Rolla, MO, US
Graphics archive for Kappa Alpha.

Kappa Delta Rho
St. Louis, MO, US
National social fraternity, Upsilon Alpha chapter at St. Louis University.

Keola Beamer
Lahaina, HI, US
One of Hawai'i's premier singer/songwriters, arrangers, composers, and slack key guitarists.

Kern County Agricultural Commissioner
Bakersfield, CA, US
Crop report for Kern County. Phytosanitary export information for commodities grown in Kern County. California registered pesticide data.

The Kernel Group Incorporated
Austin, TX, US
Sells services and tools related to IBM's Risc System/6000 and AIX and IBM's microkernel, including the $199 system call tracer, SCTrace. The best AIX software engineers in the world are members and owners of TKG.

Khazana: India Arts Online
Ashu Kataria, Minneapolis, MN, US
Collectibles from India and Nepal. Quality works of art at affordable prices. Purchasing directly from artisans and craftspeople.

Wichita Great Empire Broadcasting, Inc., Wichita, KS, US
Radio advertising, marketing plans, promotion, market demographics, and more.

Kompass Italia
Turin, Piedmont, Italy
A service presenting the list of Kompass directories allowing the user to appreciate the advantages he would acquire by using them and to come in contact with the company.

KUMC Pediatric Interest Group
Kansas City, KS, US
A site to stimulate medical student interest in pediatrics. It also serves as a crossroads of pediatric and general medical information with a bent toward medical students.

Lab Storage Systems, Inc.
Warrenton, MO, US
A manufacturer and distributor of supplies for clinical laboratories, hospitals, and pathologists.

Lahti Organ Festival 1995
Lahti, Finland
Program for the festival.

Lake of the Ozarks Properties
Philocomp, Lake Ozark, MO, US
Good schools, low crime, environmental and recreation amenities at your doorstep.

LCM Research
St. Louis, MO, US
Company information, as well as links and hints on how to use the Internet, commercial online services and traditional media for business research.

Lebanon Valley Dragway
West Lebanon, NY, US
The first dragway on the Internet with a racing schedule, online newsletter, and racing information for racers and spectators alike.

The Liberation of Western Slavonia, Croatia
Ministry of Science of the Republic of Croatia, Zagreb, Croatia
Presents the May of 1995 liberation of Western Slavonia, Croatia and terrorist attacks on the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. It contains numerous pictures and video clips.

Librairie La Grande Ourse Ltée Bookstore
Moncton, NB, Canada
The first French bookstore on the Internet selling CDs, videos, and books.

Linux Info Page
Northeastern University, Boston, MA, US
This is a developing source of information about Linux, the UNIXish operating system for the PC.

Long & Foster Realtors
Springfield, VA, US
A full service real estate company offering seller representation and buyer representation.

The Maine Internet Business Directory
The Maine InternetWorks, Fairfield, ME, US
A listing that will eventually list every business in the State of Maine.

Malas Lenguas (In Spanish)
Ciudad de México, D.F, México
Es una revista que cubre diversos temas: política, economía, ecología, poesía.

Malaysia Online
Penang, Malaysia
Providing Malaysian information in the area of stock prices, business and financial news, jobs, and commercial advertisements.

Master Series Illustration CD Library
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Award-winning illustrations by extensively published commercial artists.

Reggio Citta degli Studi S.p.A., Reggio Emilia, Italy
The city of Reggio Emilia and country information, theatre and cultural information, an industrial catalog, business information, and more (in Italian).

McCarthy Tetrault, Canada's National Law Firm
A law firm with a long and distinguished history in Canada. A national partnership consisting of more than 550 lawyers operating out of eight Canadian cities.

MechNet Entertainment
Mechanized Networks, Blacksburg, VA, US
A new e-zine with sports commentary, movie reviews, game reviews and tips, art exhibits, book reviews, and information for just about everyone.

Media Cyanide
New York, NY, US
An online magazine. Text and pictures. Some funny stuff too.

Media House Films
Rutland, MA, US
See the crazy film "Attack of the Killer Refrigerator" and three other off-beat horror movies. A must see for independent filmmakers.

MediaMagic Solutions Software Publisher
Cupertino, CA, US
Publisher/distributor of unique and really cool Macintosh and Windows software sold mostly through the Internet.

Melkite Catholic -- St. George Greek Byzantine Catholic Church
Milwaukee, WI, US
St. George Melkite Greek Catholic Church is the oldest continuous Melkite church in America. Site includes a description of the building, history, and a brief account of how the Chicago World's Fair brought the Syrian-Lebanese to the Midwest.

Mike's Media Madness
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A crossroad of information regarding international news, film, TV and photography.

Mississippi State Univ. Baptist Student Union
Home page for MSU's Baptist-sponsored student ministry.

Mobile Networking Paper Collection
TU Berlin, Communication Networks, Berlin, Germany
A collection of papers found at various sites across the Internet on mobile computing, mobile networking, mobility related issues and wireless LANs.

Model's Lynk
Canyon Country, CA, US
A listing site for models, actors and actresses.

Moneycard Collector Magazine
Sidney, OH, US
A publication specific for the hobby of collecting prepaid telephone cards. The only telecard magazine with a phonecard price guide.

Moroso Motorsports Park, Inc.
Palm Beach Gardens, FL, US
Contains a calendar of events, links to other drag racing-related sites, photos, and more.

Cinema Tech Web Services, San Mateo, CA, US
Online resource for movie listings, with theater locations and showtimes for Northern California.

NAFTA Watch Bulletin
Alvarez & Co., Longmont, CO, US
Electronic newsletter linking businesses in Mexico, Canada and the U.S. NAFTA Watch provides news of business opportunities in Mexico and feature articles about doing business there.

National Association for Co-ordinators and Teachers of IT (UK)
Narberth, Dyfed, UK
A proactive organisation pushing forward the boundaries of informatics teaching in UK schools.

The National Lawnet
Sarasota, FL, US
An index of the best law resources on the Internet.

The National Online Music Alliance
Nashville, TN, US
NOMA sponsors independent songwriter/performers with custom home pages, tape and CD sales, and online songwriting information.

Native Ministries Consortium
Vancouver School of Theology, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The program of training for native ministries at the Vancouver School of Theology. Details of the 1995 summer program.

Nautical Net
Visual Information Technologies, Inc., Toms River, NJ, US
Nautical mall for recreational water sports, containing tackle shop, marine electronics, boat brokers and manufactures, clubs, fishing reports and charter boats.

Net Discount
Los Angeles, CA, US
We are a low cost provider of advertising space on the Web.

NetFront Information Services
San Jose, CA, US
Business consultancy focused on re-engineering business communications using Internet and related technologies, including the Web.

Netscape Enhancement Index
Netscape programmers page provides information and links to dynamic documents (server push/pull), tables, backgrounds, and background color.

NETSYS Technologies, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA, US
The first company to deliver enterprise network problem solving and planning tools that create a network topology and permit analysis based on an actual view of the live network.

Minneapolis, MN, US
A series of images created out of the pictures and text that were pick up while wandering around the Infobahn.

Rochester, NY, US
Offers Web presence, Web site design, creation and serving. Silicon Graphics WebFORCE dealers and Internet access consulting.

New England Rocks Musiczine
Woburn, MA, US
Dedicated to bringing readers the latest and greatest from the New England Music scene, high quality brews, and other random happenings in the entertainment world around New England.

The New Windows 95 Page
Turnpike Corp., CA, US
Site about the upcoming release of Microsoft Windows 95. It contains information about the operating system. It also has shareware programs for people already using Windows 95.

Northern Michigan Wildlife Rehabilitation
Traverse City, MI, US
NMWR serves a nine-county area. Injured or orphaned animals and birds are brought to NMWR and are nursed to health and released backinto the wild if possible.

The Numerology Page
Personal Dimensions, Kansas City, MO, US
A brief overview of Pythagorian Numerology with information on how to get free numerology reports.

The Official Macau Home Page
MIGS-Macau Internet Gateway Services, Macau
This is the Official Macau Home Page.

OmniRange Development
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A high quality, inexpensive Web page design service, graphics massager, Internet consulting company. Offers both professional/corporate pages with full service and personal home pages.

Oracle Service Humor Archives
Philadelphia, PA, US
This site can tickle anyone's funny bone.

Orcas Island, Washington
NorthBeach Computers, Eastsound, WA, US
Orcas Island, Washington links to great adventure and the beauty of the San Juan Islands.

Orchid Society of Nova Scotia
Halifax, NS, Canada
A not-for-profit organization devoted to the study, culture and appreciation of orchids.

Osteopathic Supplies Ltd.
Rosegarth Communications Ltd., Mansfield, Notts, UK
A catalogue of bones (real and plastic), diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, charts, sundry items and books for Osteopaths, and more.

Paal Enterprises & Associates
Colonial Park, PA, US
Computer designed controls for homes and businesses.

Pacific Communication Sciences, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Leading supplier of products and technology for the emerging new world of digital communications.

Cambridge, MA, US
A leading supplier of electronic prepress and presentation graphics services.

Panhandle-Plains Historical Museum
Webtex Technologies, Canyon, TX, US
Texas' largest historical museum, including oil exploration, paleontology (dinosaurs), extensive western art collections, and world renowned restoration, conservation, and research facilities.

Panji Koming Homepage
Seattle, WA, US
Indonesian comic strip 'Panji Koming.' Written in Indonesian.

Park Place Hotel
Park Place Hotel Inc., Traverse City, MI, US
One of Traverse City's finest historical hotels. Owned and operated by the Rotary Charities we offer atmosphere and service unmatched in excellence.

The (Parksville/Qualicum) Career Centre
Parksville, B.C., BC, Canada
A publicly-funded, non-profit employment assistance and career development agency.

PC Database Summit '95
The Sapphire Group, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
The only national conference for database application development on PCs. Features 100+ seminars/workshops on management; analysis and design; programming and database engine technology; and an exhibit hall.

Peninsula Maxillofacial Surgery
San Francisco, CA, US
Information on oral and maxillofacial surgery for the patient and professional. Links to hundreds of medical, dental, surgical and other sites.

The Pikes Peak Cam
Softronics, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, US
A live picture of the world famous Pikes Peak.

Pixel Innovations
Hempstead, Atlanta;, Hertfordshire, GA;, UK, US
Termite, from Pixel Innovations, is the worlds leading PC to host integration tool.

Planet Hawaii
Hawaii Online, Honolulu, HI, US
All the best of Hawaii on one outrageous page.

Plant's Review of Books
Moshofsky/Plant Creative Services, Portland, OR, US
A nationally-recognized independent book review magazine.

Positive Music Records
Columbia, MD, US
An artist's label with the vision of a musician controlling his or her own artistic and commercial fate.

PowerVue Circuit Analyzer
Megasys Software, Sydney, Australia
A new tool for electrical power engineers. This software runs under Windows, providing an easy and quick method of circuit analysis. Ideal for load flow and fault calculations.

Prairie Oyster
Nashville, TN, US
Canada's premiere country band.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV, US
We make legal protection affordable for millions of Americans.

Flying Color Graphics, Pontiac, IL, US
An eclectic listing of businesses and non-profit organizations you should know.

The Principle
Brown University College Democrats, Providence, RI, US
The Principle is the official publication of the Brown College Democrats and was founded in 1948 by the first Brown Democrats organization.

Professional Screenwriter's Network
CineMedia Corporation, Pacific Palisades, CA, US
This site provides an opportunity for writers to interact with well known professional screenwriters and learn the secrets of the trade.

Quequechan Sports Car Club
Fall River, MA, US
We stage rallies and autocrosses in Southeastern Massachusetts.

Quick Guide to Atlanta in 1996
Atlanta, GA, US
Easy-to-use site providing information and hot links concerning the games to be held in Atlanta during July and August, 1996. Available housing, ticket/event information, maps of venues, information about Atlanta, links to the official Olympics site and sponsors, and much more.
http://www.mindspring.com/~prog400/olympics/atlanta.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Rainbow Rags On-line Catalog
DEM Stitches, Illinois City, IL, US
High-quality, durable childrens clothing, featuring embroidered and appliqued trim for a unique look.

Randysoft's Linux Technical Services
Randysoft Software, San Jose, CA, US
Information about technical services provided by Randysoft for the Linux community, including customized programming in C/C++, Perl, Python, and shell scripts.

Rational Business Systems
Stafford, TX, US
Offers small business consultation services. A leader in the electronic publishing industry we publish Catalog To Success, which details over 600 titles of business opportunity and success publications.

ReadyServe Computer Center
Santa Clara, CA, US
ReadyServe provides a unique service to businesses who need to conduct computer training classes in the Silicon Valley.

Real Estate - Japan
Richard Ellis International Property Consultants, Tokyo, Japan
An international leader in supporting companies with their office facility needs. Find Tokyo and Asia office market reports, special reports on office rental markets, and descriptions of important property opportunities.

Regulatory Compliance Information Center
Unicom, Inc., Pine Brook, NJ, US
RCIC provides information on all regulatory compliance aspects, like EMC/EMI, safety and telecommunications, as well as message archives from major compliance discussion groups.

The Regulatory Forum
BioSearch, Inc. dba AccuReg, Plantation, FL, US
An information resource for the pharmaceutical, biologic, medical device and diagnostic industries.

Relax The Back Stores
Austin, TX, US
A full line of products for people with back, neck, and joint pain.

Research Data Analysis, Inc.
Bloomfield Hills, MI, US
A full service marketing research firm specializing in the automotive industry.

Right Services, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
A full services human resource staffing company.

Robert C. Byrd Institute
Huntington, WV, US
Mission is to support the acquisition of world-class manufacturing technologies and modern management techniques by small and medium-sized companies.

Rochester Cyberplex, Rochester, NY, US
A Web guide featuring arts and culture, business, education, and more.

Roda Capoeira
Abada Capoeira of Santa Cruz, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Capoeira is a traditional Brazilian sport/martial art which is rapidly gaining in popularity worldwide.

New York, NY, US
How Rogaine Topical solution (minoxidil topical solution 2%) works for men and women, plus answers to FAQs, information on how to use Rogaine, and who the best candidates for treatment are.

The Royal Architectural Institute of Canada
Ottawa, ON, Canada
National organization of Canadian architects.

Royal Institute of Technology Library
Stockholm, Sweden
Holds the Swedish national responsibility for literature in science and technology. Site also includes a huge compilation of environmental resources on the Internet.

RPM Records
Mesquite, TX, US
Selling import and domestic CDs, laser videos, and cult movies.

RPS Enterprises
Brecksville, OH, US
Informative and entertaining videos.

Salt Lake Convention & Visitors Bureau
inteleNET Internet Services, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Come and see the top 10 myths about Salt Lake and why Salt Lake has been chosen for the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Sam the Toy Train Man
West Hills, CA, US
For all toy train enthusiasts, as well as for those who may have found old toy trains lying around the house. They may be worth money.

Saskatchewan Accelerator Lab
U of Saskatchewan, Saskatoon, Canada
Contains descriptions of the programs, the facilities, the people and the activities at the intermediate-energy (300 MeV) Saskatchewan Accelerator Laboratory.

SAST Home Page
U.S. Geological Survey, Sioux Falls, SD, US
The SAST database and its associated server is a geographic information database distribution system. Internet users can obtain valuable information about the "Great Flood of 1993" or interactively acquire GIS data over the Internet.

Satore Township
Petaluma, CA, US
A free, public information resource to study workplace violence, its causes and prevention.

Schipperke Page
Seattle, WA, US
An introduction to the Schipperke dog breed.

Science World
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A science museum featuring interactive exhibits and an Omnimax® Theatre located in Vancouver, Canada. The center is a non-profit, informal educational facility and one of British Columbia's most popular tourist attractions.

Scotland Travels
NetTrak Services, London, UK
We provide comprehensive information on Scotland.

Scottish Business Exchange
NetTrak Services, London, UK
A forum for businesses in Scotland to promote their products and services.

Screensavers for Windows
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
A mirror of shareware/freeware screensavers for Windows found throughout the Net.

The Sea Of Black
Seattle, WA, US
Our page is about our Seattle-based band, and is chock full of photos, sound clips from our self-funded and produced album, reviews and more.

Shanghai Business Week in America, July 16-22
San Francisco-Shanghai Sister City Committee, San Francisco, CA, US
An international gathering of innovative business leaders and industry pioneers focusing on Shanghai, China's prospering economic dynamo -- a global powerhouse leading the way into the 21st century.

Shareware Central
Unlearning Organization, San Jose, CA, US
Hundreds of new shareware, updated and completely tested against viruses.

Sigma Chemical Company
St Louis, MO, US
One of the world's largest sources of chemical and biochemical products for laboratory research in the fields of biology, chemistry, immunology, pharmaceutical research, and other sciences.

The Sinead O'Connor Homepage
Univ. of Kansas, Lawrence, KS, US
Pictures, quotes, and thoughts on Sinead O'Connor.

SirLou's Rock and Roll Page
San Francisco, CA, US
Links to home pages, lyrics, sound archives, and freeware for over 100 bands.

SkyDancer's Native Pages, The Arthritis Self-Management Program
Cariboo Friendship Society, Williams Lake, BC, Canada
Extensive information on arthritis and the arthritis self-management program, for both aboriginal and general population. Other Native links.

Skydive Sebastian
Sebastian, FL, US
One of the fastest growing Drop Zones in the country. We have it all, beautiful Florida beaches, palm trees, surf, scuba diving, and some of the best seafood in Florida.

Software Stock Advisory Service
Valiant Publishing Company, The Woodlands, TX, US
Stock advisory.

Sounds of New Haven
Yale University, New Haven, CT, US
The focal point for New Haven musical acts on the Web. Includes links to home pages of New Haven musicians, reviews of current performances, and upcoming schedules.

Special Libraries Association News Division
Raleigh, NC, US
An international organization for librarians and researchers working in print and broadcast news media.

Sports Page of Tim Dobbins
TBD Systems, Christmas, FL, US
Both general and specific sports are featured including Miami Dolphins, Phoenix Suns, NASCAR, Arena Football, and Boxing.

Sports World Internet
Redwood City, CA, US
Enjoy live sports chatting, a fantasy football league (no experience required), $1000 Best Guess Contest, and columns by Hall of Fame sportswriter Leonard Koppett.

Springfield's Radio Ranch
Springfield Great Empire Broadcasting, Inc., Springfield, MO, US
KTTS AM & KTTS FM. Radio advertising, marketing plans, promotion, country music, news, and more.

The St. John's Maple Leafs (AHL)
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
A tribute to the St. John's Maple Leafs of the AHL.

St. Louis Life Magazine
St. Louis, MO, US
Free monthly containing a wealth of information on the St. Louis area, including regular features on restaurants, computers, local history, children, gardening, and more.

Stage Research, Inc
Cleveland, OH, US
Developing software solutions for theatre technology stage research. Providing software products for the theatre paradigm, with a focus on audio playback.

Star Tours
University of Missouri-Columbia, MO, US
A description of one of Disney's greatest attractions.

SteeleSoft Consulting
Boulder Creek, CA, US
Specializing in software and services in the Santa Cruz area.

Stratton Arts Festival
Stratton Mountain, VT, US
An exhibit of Vermont's best fine arts and crafts. More than 1,000 pieces displayed from Sept. 17-Oct. 15.

Straus Lab
Brandeis University, Waltham, MA, US
Describes our investigation of the simple organism Volvox. Includes information about our new methods for finding genes corresponding to mutations using the genomic and RFLP subtraction technology developed in our lab.

Stuff to Hear -- Top 10 List
Aquinas Software, Boston, MA, US
X Avenue's "Stuff to Hear Top 10 Music List." We poll browsers and report the results in a table; plus we give away one CD per month.

Susan Gilbert's Internet Logos & Icons
Clearwater, FL, US
Custom design of Internet logos, icons, buttons, image maps, etc.

Palo Alto, CA, US
A research and development company founded by Dr. Peter G. Schultz and Dr. Alejandro Zaffaroni to create and apply new materials discovery technologies in order to enable new applications and provide superior products.

Synthmedia Ltd.
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Professional, comprehensive, Web page design and responsible Internet marketing & advertising for businesses in Albuquerque and abroad.

Take Notes Compact Discs On-Line Service
Take Notes, Co., Carrollton, TX, US
We provide a complete list of all import CD arrivals into the US. We specialize in classic/progressive rock, fusion and funk with stock lists, reviews and discographies.

The Tartan Mall
NetTrak Services, London, UK
A showcase for quality Scottish products including kilts, jewelry, tartan, etc.

Boston, MA, US
Information, services, and equipment to the Nordic, back country, and telemark skiing community.

Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society
Huntsville, AL, US
A non-profit genealogical society covering Colbert, Franklin, Jackson, Lauderdale, Lawrence, Limestone, Madison, Marshall and Morgan counties of Alabama.

Alpharetta, GA, US
A manufacturer of Cheetah digital video servers, encoding systems and multimedia computers.

Trademark Research
AR Industries, Fountain Valley, CA, US
Our services include a search of both the Federal and State trademark registers, plus a search of over 10 million business names in North America.

Arete Development Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
TraveLink assists travel agencies who want to develop a cost-effective Internet presence.

Trilogy Enterprises, Inc.
Oak Brook, IL, US
An executive search firm.

TSA-4 Home Page
Technology, Safety and Assessment-4, Los Alamos, NM, US
General information about the energy and environmental analysis group at Los Alamos National Laboratory, containing links to research publications of the group, the LANL page, and other divisions at the lab.

T&t Research
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Develops and markets talking DNA sequence entry systems. Our DNA Parrot systems are used by scientists who do DNA sequencing.

Turf Doc
Corona, CA, US
Provides a year-round program of nutrition and integrated pest management for your lawn and landscape. Site provides company info, as well as an online information base.

UK Business on the Web
U-net Ltd, Warrington Cheshire, UK
A collection of UK businesses on the Net.

Unification Church
Montgomery Village, MD, US
A presentation of the life, teachings, and public work of Rev. and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon, co-founders of the Unification Church and many related organizations.

Roma, IT
An Internet provider.

The Union of the Baltic Cities
Kultur- och Fritidsförvaltningen, Gotland, Sweden
A festival calendar of cultural events in member cities.

Univ. of Arizona Physics Department
Tucson, AZ, US
This site offers an online application for graduate study, descriptions of research being conducted in the department, current listings of faculty, staff, and students, news releases, and more.

The Univ. Of Kansas School of Engineering Homepage
Lawrence, KS, US
Information on the programs as well as links to other Web services at the Univ. of Kansas.

User's Choice
Glen Mills, PA, US
We produce educational computer videos designed with the novice in mind. Also home of the Internet Boot Camp.

UUSA Production Office
Blacksburg, VA, US
Univ. Unions and Student Activities manages the student centers around the Virginia Tech Campus. The production office is responsible for providing audio/visual and theatrical support for events on campus.

Valerie Vigoda's Home Page
New York City, NY, US
Original music and videos by Valerie Vigoda, plus reviews, lyrics and tour dates.

Video Gaming Information
Seattle, WA, US
Links to sites with video gaming information.

The Virtual Flyshop
Waterloo, Ontario, Colorado Springs, CO, Canada/US
The complete Internet flyfishing resource, offering the first online flyfishing magazine, a public forum, online tackle shop, flyfishing destinations, and links to other flyfishing sites.

Virtual Gallery at Daum Communications
Seoul, Korea
This is the virtual gallery which has various exhibitions of Korean photographers and artists.

Virtual Reality at Clemson University
Clemson, SC, US
This project is the first cross-college effort to develop virtual reality systems for instructional use at Clemson University.

Vorys, Sater, Seymour, and Pease
Washington, DC, US
We are a law firm of over 280 attorneys with experience in traditional and emerging practices of law.

W. W. Norton & Company
New York City, NY, US
Publisher of trade titles and college textbooks. Our site has a complete list of publications, information on new publications and author appearances, and news of interest to booksellers.

Houston, TX, US
A full service Internet provider and consulting service.

Web Chapel
Dallas, TX, US
A mission to cyberspace providing Web access to Christian writings and sermons, online Bible study and devotional material, information on how to become a Christian, and prayer requests. The current Bible used is the King James version in HTML format.

Westate (In French)
Brussels, Belgium
Real estate server.

What the Cat Dragged In
New Haven, CT, US
Online original music, videos, and more.

Willitts Web Links
Simon Willitts Transport, Nottingham, UK
Links to FTP, UK news, special interests, Innotts users and newsgroups, UK TV guides, magazines, and more.

The Windmill Gallery
Ray Warden, London, England
The images and brief descriptions provide an opportunity to view some work associated with places I have travelled to and live near.

Women in Technology Directory
San Diego State University, San Diego, CA, US
Designed to facilitate and encourage women's ability to network with one another.

The Word -- A Guide to the Arts
Dallas, TX, US
A monthly arts and literature magazine with articles about art and writing, interviews with artists and writers, book reviews, events listings, and links to other related sites.

Working Retriever Central
Cecil, AL, US
For those interested in retriever field trials, hunts tests, breed working certificates, and hunting retrievers.

World Wide Publishing
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Complete provider of Web design. Also available are traditional services such as print media, publications, and broadcast.

The World Wide Web Menu
Seattle, WA, US
A categorized menu of over a thousand Web resources.

WorldCam: The Planet's Moving Picture Show
Ohio Valley Digital, Inc., Evanston, IL, US
An Internet showcase for moving pictures (short films, student films, Net cams, paparazzi, headshots and models' comps) and moving words (graffiti screenplay, interviews, writings and the links).

Worlds Chat
Worlds Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
The first and still only online 3-D chat environment for the PC. For a limited time.

The World's Women On-Line!
Arizona State Univ., Inst. for Studies in the Arts, Tempe, AZ, US
An Internet gallery of over 750 women artists globally.

WSHU 91.1-FM
Fairfield, CT, US
Broadcasting National Public Radio and classical music throughout Connecticut and Long Island.

Youth Development Programs in Hawaii and South Africa
Youth Developmental Enterprises Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, US
YDE is one of the oldest and most respected youth development programs in the world. More than 17,000 young men have participated in these year-round programs in Hawaii and South Africa over the past 24 years.

Wednesday, 12 July 1995

2.0 CasePoint WebServer
Inference Corporation, Novato, CA, US
Case-base reasoning search engine on the Web. There are also Windows, OS2, and X-Windows versions available.

ABEL Rent-a-Car
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
You can rent brand new cars when visiting sunny Queensland, Australia from only $29 a day. Organize your car needs online.

Adobe Systems Nordic
Stockholm, Sweden
Information from Adobe Systems in Swedish.

Advanced Network Technologies
Westbury, NY, US
Offers design and installation of local area and wide area networking solutions, network support, Internet connectivity, Web development, and application development and implementation.

Adventure @ Hawaii
A&T Hawaii, Kaneohe, HI, US
A travel server for the thrill-seeker to and around the Hawaiian Islands.

Affordable Lakeside Living
Marty Witham Realty, Branson, MO, US
Affordable lakeview homes in safe, friendly Branson. New homes and available lots for retirement, family living, or investment potential.

AIChE Home Page, University of California, Davis
American Institute of Chemical Engineers, UCDavis Chapter, Davis, CA, US
American Institute of Chemical Engineers with juicy links to chemical engineering beef.

Air Force Institute of Technology's Virtual Environments
Graduate School of Engineering, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH, US
Our laboratory provides education, research, and consulting in virtual environments, distributed interactive simulation, virtual reality, and 3D medical imaging to government agencies and non-government organizations.

Air Force ROTC Det 215, Indiana University
Bloomington, IN, US
Air Force ROTC provides vast opportunities for scholarships and leadership experience.

Alexa McDonough NDP Leadership Campaign
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Alexa McDonough, a candidate to become leader of the Federal NDP party in Canada, has established a Web page to meet the needs of NDP party members, delegates, and the general public.

Alexander the Great
London, UK
A brief introduction to the life of Alexander the Great.

Alien's Internet Service
Traverse City, MI, US
An HTML server and BBS for the Traverse City online community and businesses.

All Pictures
Information Systems Student, UNSW, Sydney, Australia
All pictures, making it easier for you to find pictures without the hassle of newsgroups, net search, or the like. Ever-growing links to popular pictures.

Palo Alto, CA, US
Online magazine prints fiction, nonfiction, poetry, computer graphics, interviews with horror writers, and reviews. First issue in September 1995. Currently, the site features contributors' guidelines and links to horror sites.

Amass Systems Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Amass voice solutions put your clients back to work immediately. In the home or office, voice is a natural solution for any physically challenged individual.

American Eagle Group
Warrington, PA, US
A management consulting firm specializing in electronic messaging and electronic commerce technologies.

American Society of Home Inspectors
Arlington, IL, US
Professional association for home inspectors, providing information for consumers, home owners, home buyers, and building inspectors. Includes links to related technical information and to home inspectors.

Americas Conference on Information Systems
Assoc. for Information Systems, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The conference is sponsored by the newly organized Association for Information Systems (AIS), and will feature over 100 sessions, with over a dozen running in parallel.

AMSOIL Synthetic Lubricants
Fita Enterprises, Whitby, Ontario, Canada
A comprehensive list of AMSOIL products, and some interesting comparisons between AMSOIL and other petroleum-based lubricants.

The AMSOL Home Page
Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, US
AMSOL is a program that calculates the properties of organic molecules in solution.

The Ancrum Mountaineering Club
Dundee, Scotland
A small mountaineering club specializing mainly in hill-walking. Find lists of current meetings and other info.

Animator's Web Page
X-Mission Internet Providers, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Web page for the Animator's mailing list. Includes book reviews, lists of animation houses, etc.

ANSI X3L8, Technical Committee on Data Element Representation
Washington, DC, US
Establishes standards for specifying and standardizing data.

Anthropoetics: The Electronic Journal of Generative Anthropology
Los Angeles, CA, US
Generative anthropology (GA) hypothesizes that language originated to defer violence in a collective event. With Anthropoetics I, 1, truly radical thinking emerges on the Internet.

AN System AB, Mölndal, Sweden
A pleasant mix of business and pleasure from the west coast of Sweden.

Art Cellar Exchange
San Diego, CA, US
A service for buying and selling fine art.

Associated Brokers, Inc.
Pullman, WA, US
In the heart of the Palouse Country of northern Idaho and eastern Washington. Search for residential, commercial, people of Associated Realty, and the home of your choice.

At Home in France
San Francisco, CA, US
Rent vacation homes in France.

Autumn Hill Software Incorporated
Boulder, CO, US
Developing graphical user interface software since 1987 and using these tools for our clients.

Back Porch Blues
Portland, OR, US
A swinging downhome acoustic blues band in the old juke joint tradition. The Cascade Blues Association named Back Porch Blues as five-time Muddy Award winners.

The BAT Personal Keyboard
Infogrip, Inc., Ventura, CA, US
A one-handed programmable keyboard capable of entering all characters and functions of a traditional keyboard with only seven keys.

Beckman Software Engineering
Ventura, CA, US
Network communications consulting to industry and government.

Big Business On The Web
Southport Publications, Birmingham, MI, US
A column about life within the corporate superstructure. Started as the regular business column in the Welcomat, an alternative newspaper in Philadelphia.

Billiard Congress of America
Iowa City, IA, US
The center hub of billiard information, both commercial and recreational, on the Internet.

Binary Tree Predictive Coding for Image Compression
John Robinson, Univ. of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
An efficient compression scheme for photographic, graphical and multimedia images. Evaluation code is available.

Blanchard Valley Cyber Health Center
Findlay, OH, US
Your one-stop medical/health information clearinghouse. Includes local information, medical links and health information from our professionals.

Blood Alley and The Echo Online
Vancouver Echo, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The Vancouver Echo is a gateway to news, humour and entertainment.

Bolte, Crisp, Tseng, and Ramey
Ventura, CA, US
Attorneys at law. Includes The Litigator, to keep you abreast of recent developments in California law pertinent to the insurance defense industry.

Book Nook
I-Site.on.Canada, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
A worldwide linked repository of book reviews written by kids, for kids. It attempts to link the multitudes of schools, children, parents, and teachers into one cohesive Web.

London, UK
Home for the best British Web sites including news, sport, financial, legal, travel, tourism, entertainment, shopping, games, auto and jobs.

Bromley College of Further & Higher Education
Bromley, Kent, UK
Provides details of courses and resources.

Business Expo
Dove Canyon, CA, US
A home for businesses of varying services and products. Sports, health and medicine, real estate, graphic arts, digital imaging services, industrial and many other topics.

The Cain Band
Kiron, Israel
Home page of Israel's up-and-coming metal band.

Calvary Presbyterian Church
San Francisco, CA, US
Located in the Pacific Heights district of San Francisco, CA.

Calvert Group
Bethesda, MD, US
Dedicated to providing intelligent, innovative asset management for mutual fund investors.

Canadian Orchid Congress
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
The national association of orchid societies in Canada. The COC helps member societies through meetings, speaker tours, lobbying, etc.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Rum "Cybership"
House of Seagrams, New York, NY, US
A virtual vessel of cool things to click on, including a treasure-hunt contest, a sports trivia challenge, recipes and information about everyone's favorite buccaneer.

Carbtech Carburetors
La Habra, CA, US
Automotive service, repair, diagnosis. Auto technician network, technicians mailing list, auto industry information, automobile technical information, etc.

Carefree Travel - Canadian Wilderness Adventures
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Proud to provide a list of adventure travel sites that fulfill everyone's desire to explore northern Alberta, the Yukon, and the Northwest Territories.

The Cassio Group
Ventura, CA, US
Multi-MEET-ia presentations: The effective application of available computer-based multimedia technology to the communication of information in the meeting room.

Univ. of Alaska, Anchorage, AK, US
A forum for discussing access to CD-ROMs via local area networks (LANs).

The Chalone Wine Group
Napa, CA, US
Founded in 1969, we have been publicly owned since 1984. Chalone Wine Group owns and operates Chalone Vineyard, Acacia Winery and Carmenet Vineyard and is managing partner of Edna Valley Vineyard and Canoe Ridge Vineyard.

Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Romania
Bucharest, Romania
Romania's international business organization.

Niagara Television Ltd., Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Serves southern Ontario. Home page provides programming, tourist and event information, and links to Web sites around the world.

Children's Emergency Relief Team
CERT International, Brooklyn, NY, US
CERT International brings medical supplies to needy children in places where other organizations won't go.

Chili Bar Outdoor Center
Placerville, CA, US
A school and base for whitewater boating adventures on the North, Middle, and South forks of the American River in the gold country of northern California.

Chinese Baptist Church of San Jose
San Jose, CA, US
This is the home page of CBCSJ.

Chokecherry Hollow Productions, Inc.
Nipawin, Saskatchewan, Canada
Wally and Shirley Harstad are naturalists, photographers and birders. Here they present their award-winning videos, "The Birds of Chokecherry Hollow," plus a list of bird-related links.

Church of the Lutheran Confession
Eau Claire, WI, US
Information about this confessional Lutheran church body. We publish the monthly "Lutheran Spokesman" and the quarterly "Journal of Theology" here, as well as the catalog for Immanuel Lutheran High School, College, and Seminary in Eau Claire.

City of Cranbrook, British Columbia
Cranbrook, BC, Canada
Business, recreation, and history information for the City of Cranbrook and its surrounding area.

City of Huntington Woods, Michigan
Huntington Woods, MI, US
Cable television services, municipal Information, police, recreation, and other information.

Claremont Technology Group, Inc.
Columbus, OH, US
An independent consulting firm with offices nationwide, specializing in the communications industry, public retirement systems, environmental quality systems, and advanced technology.

The Climbing Pages
Univ. of Aberdeen, Grampian, Scotland
The pages specified provide, along with links to newsgroups, other sites, etc., detailed information about climbing in the UK.

Cold Fusion
Allaire, L.L.C., Minneapolis, MN, US
A Web development tool for Windows NT and Windows 95 which enables the rapid creation of interactive, forms-based Web database applications.

Colorado Internet Connection
Colorado Springs, CO, US
We specialize in real estate listings. Currently our pages feature information about local tourist sites and the local sports teams.

Competitive Technologies, Inc.
Bethlehem, PA, US
Full service, publicly traded technology management company, working with universities, federal laboratories and corporations.

The Complete Elberfelder Bible
ETH, Zuerich, Switzerland
The Holy word in German.

Computer Information Systems at Baruch College
New York, NY, US
Undergraduate and MBA and MS degree programs in computer information systems. News and seminar announcements. Faculty biographies, research interests, and academic papers available for download.

CONRAD Program
Contraceptive Research and Development Program, Arlington, VA, US
Operates as a cooperating agency of the US Agency for International Development to develop new and/or improved contraceptives for use in developing countries and the US.

Consumer Mortgage Information Network
ProActive Consumer Services, Santa Clara, CA, US
This site offers free download of five-star rated home finance software and a text file library of consumer-oriented mortgage topics.

Cornerstone College
Grand Rapids, MI, US
Containing a catalog and all pertinent information for anyone looking for a Christian College.

The Crazy Cat BBS
Honolulu, HI, US
Family-oriented open Bulletin Board Service. Open 24 hours a day and offering over 4,000 files for download.

Cyber Services, Inc.
Sunset Beach, HI, US
Specializing in real estate, business, community services, and tourism directories for Honolulu and the Hawaiian Islands. Visit the site for an up-to-date surf report from Sunset Beach.

Indianapolis, IN, US
Pelicore Visionz record label. Total music networking resources for marketing and producing your music. Regional, national and worldwide music links, networks, and organizations. Updated daily.

CyberEd at UMass Dartmouth
Dartmouth, MA, US
Register now for full credit. University courses to be taught over the Web/Internet in the fall of 1995. Subject matter includes technical writing, Web design, personal finance, and more.

The CYOA Project
jenea, Cambridge, MA, US
This is the site for the Choose Your Own Adventure (CYOA) Project, the starting point for CYOA's on the Web, including guidelines and logistical information.

Daily Egyptian Special Report on 60's Riots
Southern Ill. Univ. Daily Egyptian, Carbondale, IL, US
Daily Egyptian (Southern Illinois University) special report on 60's riots on Carbondale, IL. Netscape formatted. Photos.

Dance Ink Magazine
New York, NY, US
A magazine published quarterly by Dance Ink, Inc., covering topics ranging in all forms of art.

Darling & Dapena Realty
Hamilton, Bermuda
Agents for some of the most beautiful and exclusive homes and condominiums available in Bermuda. With information on the acquisition of property in Bermuda by overseas buyers.

Data Warehousing Conference
Online Computer Market, Framingham, MA, US
The Data Warehousing Conference, (Chicago, IL, August 8-10) is the industry's largest, covering the hottest topics in IS organizations today: business issues, data warehousing infrastructure, DSS/EIS information delivery and more.

Datatrend Computer Wholesale
Channel1 Communication Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
Welcome to DataTrend OnLine. Browse and purchase computer hardware. New or reconditioned computer hardware and wholesale prices.

Dave Culp -- Real Estate
Walnut Creek, CA, US
Real estate resource site. Contains dozens of homes, many with photos in Contra Costa County, about 30 miles east of San Francisco. Plus links to over 16,000 homes throughout North America.

DDB Needham Interactive Communications
Dallas, TX, US
A marketing communications team dedicated to the development and implementation of new media and new technologies to enhance our clients' ability to deliver an effective marketing message.

Debug Your Brain
Los Angeles, CA, US
The most powerful technique of personal transformation that exists. A profound yet simple neurologic technique which can instantly empower a life by activating the mind into performing like a computer.

Demo and Tutorial Builders from MIKSoft, Inc.
East Brunswick, NJ, US
Two interesting Windows development tools. Download the full working copy of StDemo Player, a simple-to-use demo builder. And watch a unique demo-presentation of ShowBasic.

Department of Public Safety, Univ. of Oklahoma
Norman, OK, US
Overview of OU Department of Public Safety services. Includes a large number of online documents on crime prevention, personal safety, fire safety, and other public safety topics.

DesignAvenue Software
Sydney, Australia
Providers of innovative cross-platform, client/server and single user solutions. Development tools used include C/C++, Visual Basic and Delphi. We service clients in both the United Kingdom and Australia.

Dimple Records Online
Roseville, CA, US
An online record store that provides information, ordering, and personal searching for music in a fun, wild, and different manner.

D'note Music Page
Bloomington, IN, US
Here you will find links to D'note Recording Studio, D'note Publications, and other interesting music related pages.

Earwax Online Magazine
Earwax Magazine, Roseville, CA, US
A wild and fun web magazine with info and viewpoints on music, entertainment, and life in general. Attitude included.

EFPSA Austria - Psychology Students Association
European Federation Of Psychology Students Association, Graz, Austria, Europe
An organization of psychology students from Europe. This site shows activities like summer schools, meetings, and task forces.

Electronic Arts
San Mateo, CA, US
EA combines high technology, entertainment, and interactivity to create products that are leading the multimedia revolution.

Electronic Commerce, AVEX Electronics
Huntsville, AL, US
AVEX Electronics Inc., the third largest contract manufacturer in the world and a leader in advanced technology, offers customers and suppliers the opportunity to conduct business electronically via EDI and the Internet.

Electronic Countermeasures Inc.
Calgary, AB, Canada
Security management and consulting corporation providing cellular surveillance and vehicle tracking systems to law enforcement and government agencies.

Email Gifts and Novelties
DISCscribe Ltd., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
Sells email labels, business cards and T-shirts exclusively on the Internet. Quantity discounts available.

Empire Mark IV
Fantasia Games, Enschede, Holland
A link to the most advantaged play-by-email game.

Empress Software Inc.
Markham, Ontario, Canada
A relational database management system that provides MX,MR routines that will allow software developers to provide customized applications access down to the kernel level.

Enternet Systems Consulting
Prince Rupert, BC, Canada
Telecommunications, networking, computers, and Internet consulting services.

EVolution Magazine
Starcord Pty Ltd., Perth, Australia
The online extension of the international 'style bible' REVelation magazine. News, electronic events, and social issues.

Fenice News
Valdagno, Vi, Italy
Discussions on leather and shoe finishing.

Fidel for President '96 -- The Ultimate Washington Outsider
Imagesmith, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Tired of the same old thing on election day? This time, send a real revolution to Washington. Site contains information about the candidate, his stand on the issues, and campaign paraphernalia.

Finite Technologies Service Corporation
Anchorage, AK, US
Build an information resource for your community on the Northern Explorer by organizing a Community Square for the information and links that your community needs. FTSC also provides low cost, high quality web space, Web development and Internet connectivity.

The Fish Page
Internet Marketing LLC, Loveland, CO, US
A complete resource for locating fishing information on the Net.

Advanced Computer Solutions, Irvine, CA, US
A home page covering state-of-the-art accounting business solutions. The most flexible, powerful, and fastest Macintosh accounting software available.

Florida's Suncoast Outdoors Online
Desktop Advantage, Inc., Palm Harbor, FL, US
Specializing in outdoors activities along Florida'’s western coastal regions. Our main sections include sport-fishing, diving, boating, wildlife, watersports, and Suncoast weather.

Fortis HealthCare
Milwaukee, WI, US
Insurance and financial products to meet the needs of all.

The Fourth Foundation Page
The Occidental Science Fiction and Fantasy Club, Los Angeles, CA, US
Information pertaining to club events and general information on club interests. Deals heavily with literature, role-playing, war-gaming, film, television, and writing.

Frank C. Erwin Special Events Center
Austin, TX, US
From the University of Texas at Austin. Site includes links to a current event listing for the Erwin Center, our Applause Magazine, booking information, key building contacts information, building maps, and more.

Free CD-ROM from Electrolux
Stockholm, Sweden
A free CD-ROM containing a multi-media presentation of Electrolux and its domestic appliances. Ideal if you are moving home or re-equipping.

The Fritz Haber Center for Molecular Dynamics Research
The Hebrew University/Theoretical Chemistry, Jerusalem, Israel
Highlights of our scientific research.

Gentry Lane Automobiles
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Ferrari, Rolls Royce and other automobiles at valued Canadian prices for serious car collectors.

Glen's Baha'i Faith Information Page
Surrey, BC, Canada
Comprehensive listing of Internet Bahá'í Faith sources including introductory materials.

The Golf Net
Telegrafx, San Diego, CA, US
Pro-shop, feature articles, news and much more.

Graf-X Commercial Art
Seattle, WA, US
Provides art work and separations for offset, printing, screenprinting, any form of visual graphics. Can perform four-color process for any of your needs, whether a brochure, CD cover or digital vinyl process printing.

Green Market
San Francisco, CA, US
An online service for buying and selling environmentally sensitive products and for learning about sustainable living.

Hans Bakhuizen's Broadcasting Corner
Zeewolde, Flevoland, Netherlands
The latest news from the world of international radio, specializing in state of the art broadcasting technology, such as satellite radio. You'll find here today what will be on the market tomorrow.

Heavy Water Introduction
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Page dedicated to Heavy Water Toronto R&B pop music band, with links to other music and art sites.

Help-Net and High Performance Consultants
Psyrix Corporation, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Connects you with highly trained and experienced professionals in clinical and performance psychology. An information resource with experts including trained and registered psychotherapists and psychologists.

Holly Cole's Web Place
Alert Music, Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
Contemporary music fans will find exclusive, up-to-date information, photos, song bytes, and messages from Holly. In the near future we also hope to provide email merchandise and album ordering.

Hosto Law Firm
Little Rock, AR, US
A general practice law firm with an emphasis in commercial law and creditor's rights. The first law firm in the state with a Web page.

Hot Shots Photography Talent Management & Casting
San Diego, CA, US
Online database of models, actors and other print and commercial talent available for castings. Large database of GIFs.

Huntsville, AL, US
HPI provides a wide array of software installation packages for a number of platforms. Site provides information about available products and technical support.

HSH Associates, Financial Publishers
Butler, NJ, US
The nation's largest publisher of mortgage information, offering daily national average mortgage rates, listings of current mortgage rates from around the country, and more.

HSM Optical Mass Storage for NT
Intergraph, Huntsville, AL, US
Flexible and efficient storage management software available for Windows NT. Juke boxes and stand-alone devices, WORM, R/W optical, tape and CD-ROM are managed by DEX transparent to the user.

Hughes Online
Hughes Training Inc., Falls Church, VA, US
Constantly updated info on training, simulation, multimedia technologies. Home of the Multimedia Skunkworks; creators of 3D games, interactive music comics, and Web sites.

Humboldt Elementary School
St. Joseph, MO, US
Recognized by the International Reading Association for its innovative approach in teaching language arts. The school is named for Alexander von Humboldt, scientist and explorer.

Idaho State University Nursing Department
Pocatello, ID, US
Developed in cooperation with the Department of Nursing and the Student Nurse Organization.

Image Earth
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Image-Earth is tracking the 70ft. ketch, Cristobal, as she sails the Canadian Maritimes. Cristobal's course will be plotted on a satellite image. Site will carry digital images, ship's log, and history of ports visited.

Incident Command Page of AZ
Phoenix, AZ, US
Arizona's Public Safety Incident Notification System. An information network, utilizing PageNet of Arizona's Motorola Advisor, Alpha-Numeric pager to send public safety incidents to its members.

Index to the Albany Times Union
University at Albany, SUNY, University Library, NY, US
An index to the final edition of the Times Union. It provides access to news articles about Albany as well as the cities, towns, villages, and counties of New York's Capital District.

The Informal Credit Home Page
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
Intended to be a repository of information on informal credit markets (ICMs) in the broadest sense of the term. Alternative and non-conventional financial systems, community credit mechanisms, development, etc.

Interlink Web Services
Interlink Network Group, Inc., Onalaska, WA, US
Part of our unique value-added service is the collection and analysis of Web statistics. With your pages on our servers, you are relieved of the maintenance and we tell you facts about your visitors.

International Chamber of Commerce
Paris, France
The ICC is the World Business Organization.

International Global Atmospheric Chemistry (IGAC) Project
Cambridge, MA, US
IGAC is the major international organization of research scientists concerned primarily with the effects on the atmosphere of the complex interactions among Earth's environmental and human systems.

International Index of Chambers of Commerce
International Bureau Chamber of Commerce, Paris, FX (France)
The global network of Chambers of Commerce.

International Software Products and Services
Golden, CO, US
ISC's Web site describing its VME, PMC and PCI-based graphics accelerators for X and OpenGL and other services and hardware and software products.

InterNET Computer Store
Austin, TX, US
The most complete and competitive line of computers, datacom equipment, accessory, and supplies in the country. In addition to our own brand we offer an extensive line of brand name products.

Internet Greeting Cards
Tennessee CommerceNet, Nashville, TN, US
This interactive hypertext-URL card composer for everyone is available to create your own personalized colorful greeting card, posted to the Web for 20 days.

The Internet Lottery
SkyCruise Publishing, Gibraltar
Now you can play the lottery in CyberSpace. Win huge sums of money for the price of a few beers. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Internet Sights Inc.
ISI, Houston, TX, US
Provides high speed, reliable and inexpensive hosted, commercial and personal home pages for all. Home of the Polymer Clay Guild.

Internet Tidal Wave
Allentown, PA, US
Good graphics and mirrors to an Internet tutorial and a planetarium.

Investor Relations Network Services (IRnetserv, Inc.)
New York, NY, US
We focus exclusively on providing investor relations information on the Web.

The Iowa Project, 1996
PSI (a market research firm), Des Moines, IA, US
A research project tracking the progress of the Republican presidential candidates in the state of Iowa prior to the February, 1996 caucuses.

Iowa State University Karate Club
Ames, IA, US
Information about TaeKwonDo, HapKiDo, and Judo at Iowa State Univ.

The ISP Internet Yellow Pages
Yellow Pages Initiative, Irvine, CA, US
An exhaustive, searchable, hyper-linked directory of the Web.

ITER Joint Central Team - Physics Unit
San Diego, CA, US
Physics activities of the ITER San Diego Physics Integration Unit in support of the design of an International Thermonuclear Experimental Reactor (ITER).

Jane's Information Group
Alexandria, VA, US
The ultimate source for accurate and impartial information in the world on the subjects of defense, weaponry, civil aviation and transportation.

Kappa Alpha Order at the University of Washington
Seattle, WA, US
The Kappa Alpha Order strives for high standards and quality gentlemen. We are an order rooted in the beliefs of chivalry and respect for all people.

The Kitchen
The Kitchen Center for Video, Music, Dance, Performance, Literature, New York, NY, US
The current schedule of events, a history of The Kitchen, links to Kitchen artists, and the Kitchen's video distribution catalogue.

Kite Aerial Photography
Charles C. Benton, Berkeley, CA, US
A hobbyist's site describing techniques for taking aerial photographs from kites. Includes information on the history of kite aerial photography, a gallery of photographs, and information on kites, cameras, and radio control.

KKTV 11 News Netline
KKTV Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, US
A way to get the latest in news, weather and sports in the Pikes Peak region as well as other station and community information.

Koestler Parapsychology Unit
Univ. of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Information about the Koestler parapsychology unit at Edinburgh University, as well as links to other sites dealing with parapsychology and related topics.

Kosmos - Web Site of the Kosmic Free Music Foundation
Union, NJ, US
The place to get loads of great music for free. Perhaps best described by The NET magazine: 'Hours of music to download, brilliant art, and incredible links.'

La citta' del Sole
Italian Virtual Reality Society, Bologna, Italy
First VRML, 3D navigable town in the world: La Citta' del Sole (in Italian).

La Galérie d'Art
Internet Way, Paris, France
This art gallery, located on the virtual Champs Elysees, showcases French artists and their work. Always on the look out for new artists.

Latin American Newsletters
London, UK
Economic, political, social, and business information about Latin America and South America.

Le Tour de France '95
WorldMedia, Paris, France
Live coverage of all the stages, complete with pictures from the AFP, and comments from champion Stephen Roche.

Lester Associates (Job Finding Bureau)
London, United Kingdom
A job-finding bureau helping people in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and E.C. countries find computing related positions in the U.K.

Lincoln Fencing Club
Lincoln, NE, US
General fencing information and information on the Lincoln Fencing Club.

Homes & Open Houses, Santa Monica, CA, US
A nationwide real-estate listing site complete with descriptions, exterior and interior photos, open-house times and dates, profiles on the listing agents and backgrounds on the brokers and agencies.

Logos Group
Modena, Italy
Translation services: We work from and into all languages. We provide a complete range of services: technical translation, software localization, desktop publishing, multi-lingual dictionaries.

Long Island Area Resources
Jim Fordyce, Coram, NY, US
Numerous links to pages relating to Long Island. Included are educational, general, business, organizations, and more.

Lowell Folk Festival
Lowell National Historical Park, Lowell, MA, US
A three-day celebration of traditional music and dance performances, street parades, crafts demonstrations, and ethnic foods, happens on the last weekend in July, the 28th-30th this year. Events are free.

Macintosh New York Music Festival
New York City, NY, US
July 17-22, six nights, 15 clubs, 350 bands, one Web site. New York's 15 premier music venues have joined artistically and electronically to present the most unique showcase of music in the world.

MacIsaac and Company
Victoria, BC, Canada
Immigration advocacy, personal injury litigation, and other legal services throughout Western Canada.

Macmillan HTML Workshop
Macmillan Publishing, Indianapolis, IN, US
Dedicated to passing on the latest information about the HTML standard. Features include an HTML-oriented hypermail forum and Macmillan'’s free HTML Survival Guide.

Maelstrom Hobby
Concord, CA, US
The official home page for Maelstrom Hobby, makers of anime/manga RPGs.

Management Development Associates
Santa Ana, CA, US
Committed to service churches, missions groups, and parachurch organizations in seeing their visions become realities through in-depth research, cutting-edge technology and raising resources.

MedNet -- The Mediterranean Seismographic Network
Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica, Rome, Italy
A network of high quality seismographic stations installed around the Mediterranean Basin. Data and stations information are available.

Mentor Graphics Corporation
Wilsonville, OR, US
Product, service and design process information important for designers of systems, ASICs, FPGAs, PCBs, MCMs and ICs, plus links to customer support.

Meridian Data
Scotts Valley, CA, US
Leader in CD networking since its founding in 1986. CD Net software and servers offer an efficient and cost effective way to share CD-ROM databases across your company network.

Messiah College
Grantham, PA, US
Offering information on education, curriculum, faculty, staff, and students. Also a wide variety of Christian College-related material and links to other Christian organizations.

The Mezzoforte Home Page
centrum.is, Reykjavik, Iceland
This is an official page supported by the band. This page is intended to give basic information about the band and the music.

The Micro 2000, Inc.
Glendale, CA, US
Award-winning universal computer diagnostics. Site includes the online publication, Technician Online.

Micropal Ltd., London, UK
The leading financial and investment information source providing information on the following: funds in view, offshore monitor, emerging markets, pension funds, and more.

Midnight Special Bookstore Searchable Inventory
Santa Monica, CA, US
Over 90,000 titles including banned and controversial books which you won't find in the superstores.

The Mighty Missoula Maggots
Missoula All-Maggots Rugby Club, Missoula, MT, US
Information about the Missoula All-Maggots Rugby Club, a non-profit sports organization. The site also includes information about other Montana rugby clubs.

Mile High Club
London, Middlesex, UK
Information on a popular beat combo from the UK playing strong, fresh and melodic guitar-based pop.

Mobilia Automobile Collectibles Magazine
Hyatt Research Corporation, Middlebury, VT, US
The online version of the monthly magazine on automotive collectibles -- antique toys and diecast miniatures, gas and oil-related collectibles, auto racing memorabilia, roadside Americana, etc.

Moran Communications Group
Buffalo, NY, US
Value-added Internet services on the Web. Included are forums for legal, medical and educational professionals, links to Internet software archives and the official online information server for Buffalo, NY.

Mortal Kombat 3 Web Pages
Ryan Garcia, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A collection of moves, stories, and contests about Mortal Kombat 3.

Mount Vernon Hash House Harriers
Mount Vernon, VA, US
A drinking club with a running problem.

MUSEOS Magazine
IVC, Monterrey, Mexico
A complete guide to the international art scene. We are devoted to providing visual and written information about the exhibitions that are organized by the most important museums worldwide.

Musician's NoticeBoard
Matthew Jones, Bromley, Kent, UK
A place for musicians to find other musicians and lone musicians to advertise their availability.

Mustang Consulting Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Provides Immigrant Investor Fund services to people interested in immigrating to Canada.

National Alliance for the Mentally Ill (NAMI)
Arlington, VA, US
Information for mental health consumers, including updates, disorders, medications, research, books, conferences, and NAMI Help Line info.

NCS Gallery of Morphing and Video Effects
North Coast Software, Inc., Barrington, NH, US
The Gallery of Morphing and Video Effects has several dozen AVI animation files that you can download and play back on your PC under Windows.

Nedecon Ltd.
Helsinki, Finland
Offers searchable databases introducing Finnish trade and company information.

Net-One System's Personalized CD Service
Glendale, AZ, US
Put your data/music on CD. Make a personalized CD with your backups, valuable data, and personal music.

Netrix Corporation
Herndon, VA, US
Leading manufacturer of international wide area networking systems. Included are detailed specifications on its voice, data, and image network offerings; a technology forum, and more.

NETSYS Technologies, Inc.
Palo Alto, CA, US
Information about NETSYS including a corporate profile, product overview, news releases, and opportunities to download our software.

The New England
Electronic Commerce, Boston, MA, US
Major U.S. insurance and investment business, providing useful information on planning for personal and business financial needs.

New England Computer Supply
Woodland Hills, CA, US
An authorized dealer of high quality, brand name computer supplies, peripherals and systems, monitor stands and especially hard-to-find products. A leader in ergonomic design and development.

NewMedia Vision
Sacramento, CA, US
Complete creative solutions for all your business marketing needs, including Web page design and systems implementation along with traditional marketing solutions.

Nightmare Factory
Austin, TX, US
Central Texas' largest haunted house is now online year-round. Check out the haunted house, follow the other haunted links, browse the costume shop, and enter the trivia contest.

Nootropic Drug Information
Monterey, CA, US
Info on smart drugs: experiences, usage instructions, papers, ordering information.

Northern Ireland Government WWW Server
Civil Svc. Biz Development Svc. Telecoms, Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK
Information about government departments and more.

Northwest Classic Falcons
Portland, OR, US
Specializing in 1960 to 1970 Ford Falcon and 1960 to 1967 Mercury Comet parts for the restoration hobbyist. Subspecialty in Ford Econoline trucks 1960 to 1967. A veritable potpourri of obsolete Ford parts from 1940 to 1980.

Charlottesville, VA, US
Information on NSBE at the Univ. of Virginia.

Nutritional Information and Products
Nutra.Com Group, Ltd., San Diego, CA, US
Information on over 145 vitamins, minerals, herbs and food supplements, plus weight loss, diabetes, diets, and more.

Oakland Raiders Personal Seating License
Internet Presence Providers, San Jose, CA, US
Get the famous PSL right here online. Also chat in the Raiders Box to other Raiders fans. The silver and black are back!

Objective Edge Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Software applications and tool-kits for the global financial community.

Official Japan Professional Baseball Information
Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Includes yearly results since 1936, yearly team standings, batting and pitching leaders, players from outside Japan (approximately 350 players), Japanese players, and more.

Olympic Sailing Page
Process Software, Framingham, MA, US
A summary of the sailing events at this year's Atlanta Olympics, including schedules and information about the boats.

OMI Management Office
OMIMO International Association, Brussels, Belgium
Home Page of Open Microprocessor Systems Initiative.

One-Stop Online Seafood Shop
The Shetland Smokehouse Ltd., Skeld, Shetland Islands, UK
Fresh, smoked and marinated seafood specialties sent special delivery in the UK or Europe.

Online Design
Anchorage, AK, US
A Web site design business also providing a changing collection of Alaskan (and, occasionally, Siberian) photos.

Online Internet Educational Survey
Southern Illinois Univ., Carbondale, IL, US
Designed to gather information to determine the feasibility of using the Internet as a communications medium between higher education and private industry.

The On-Line K9
Capital Dog Training Club, Silver Spring, MD, US
CDTC is among the small number of obedience clubs recognized by the American Kennel Club. We welcome all dogs, whether purebred or mixed-breed.

Online Source Register
Interstat Inc., Mount Laurel, NJ, US
A complete source of business listings and shopping centers. Find contractors, suppliers, merchants, law firms, real estate, and various types of other business.

Denver, CO, US
High-tech marketing, communications, new media, and business-to-business advertising.

Opel DTM/ITC-Homepage
Technical Univ. of Darmstadt, Germany
A service licensed by the Adam Opel AG, (part of General Motors), where you can find information about the Opel Calibra V6, about Team Rosberg and Team Joest, about the drivers, standings of DTM and ITC and much more.

OpenVision Technologies
Cambridge, MA, US
Products and services in the four crucial areas of computer systems management: operations, managing system performance, optimizing data storage, and providing network-wide security.

Optoelectronic Computing Group
Univ. of Calif., San Diego, CA, US
Dedicated to research and develop of massively parallel optoelectronic computer systems through the optimal utilization of electronic and photonic technologies.

The Network of UNESCO Chairs in Communication, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Providing a tool for international liaison between the scientific professional communications community and specialized industries.

Oregon Traveler
Mind's Eye Enterprises, Salem, OR, US
Interactive travel and entertainment guide for visitors and residents.

Tustin, CA, US
A full-service, Web page development company excelling in Unix, networks, graphic arts and market research.

The Pennsylvania Governor's School for the Sciences
Carnegie Mellon Univ., Mellon College of Science, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Come learn about our 90 talented students, the courses they are taking, and the research projects they are working on at Carnegie Mellon.

Perception Lab
School of Psychology, Univ. of St. Andrews, Fife, Scotland
Conducts research in various corners of visual perception. Genetic algorithms (breeding sculptures), facial computer graphics, and manipulations (aging, gender altering, caricaturing).

Photo Manipulation
Clark Univ., Worcester, MA, US
Learn about photo manipulation and digital photomontages.

Planet Woman
Prestige Communications, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
The authoritative reference site on the Web for the mainstream woman with pointers to sites and information relevant to all aspects of a woman's life. From health to humor, fitness to finance.

Polyurethane Foam Association
Wayne, NJ, US
Reference materials for flexible polyurethane foam users, researchers and academia, including an archive of INTOUCH bulletins, fire safety video clips and audio public service announcements.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
NetRes Group, Evanston, IL, US
What's worse than needing legal help? Not being able to afford it. Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc. provides prepaid attorney services through convenient membership plans.

Flying Color Graphics, Pontiac, IL, US
An eclectic listing of businesses and not-for-profit organizations you should know.

Pre-Vet Club of Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA, US
Dedicated to providing information to those interested in becoming a veterinarian.

The Property Wave
London, UK
A service to enable potential property buyers to view real estate for sale by accessing the Web.

Quantum Optics and Atom Optics Pages
Physics Department, Monash University, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A list of quantum optics and atom optics Web pages with links to each.

Query By Image Content
IBM Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, US
Search a database of images by specifying colors and color layout or by example image.

Quintessenz - Austrian Ezine
netSphere Austria, Vienna, Austria
The leading Austrian ezine, dealing with (Net) culture and commerce.

Radio Broadcasting in Italian
Consorzio Milano Ricerche, Milano, Italy
List of stations broadcasting in Italian for Italians in foreign countries and people speaking the language.

Rainbow Adventures
Portland, OR, Costa Rica
Find the end of the rainbow. Explore lush jungle and tropical beaches, part of the popular Corcovado National Park.

Randolph School
Huntsville, AL, US
K-12 private school in Huntsville, AL. This site is dedicated to the students use and has pages that middle and high school students have created.

Rattlesnake Ranch - Southwestern Gourmet Foods
Pacifica Blue, Calgary, AB, Canada
New store features the El Paso Chile Co., Desert Pepper Trading Co. and others for the best salsas, spices, and fixins around.

Real/Net News
Concord, CA, US
National mortgage rate survey company continuously updates the largest database of real estate financing information. Shop lenders, rates, and special loan terms -- at no cost to the consumer.

Recently Announced Web Sites
Comp Sci Dept., Cal State Univ. San Bernardino, CA, US
A list of the last 1,000 subjects on the comp.infosystems.www.announce newsgroup and links to their URLs.

RED-Mat: Revista Electronica de Matematicas
Laboratorio de Visualizacion de Objetos Geometricos, Mexico
RED-Mat que publica artículos de investigación (en matemáticas) de calidad certificada por referis internacionales y ForoRED-Mat, que solo pasa por un proceso de selección básico.

RE/MAX Ratna Babu Central Illinois Real Estate
Champaign, IL, US
Information on buying and selling a home, referral services, and listings in Central Illinois.

The Rice Thresher
Houston, TX, US
Online version of The Rice Thresher, the official student newspaper at Rice University.

Richard W. Koehn Institute
Oshkosh, WI, US
Provide information to local area businesses, corporations, and government agencies regarding information technology.

Riverbank Mortgage
San Rafael, CA, US
A California licensed mortgage broker offering a full line of home financing products at the lowest cost.

The Robert Gordon University
Aberdeen, Scotland, UK
Educational site with many research papers, course details, and many interesting external links.

Route 66
Route 66 Consulting, San Diego, CA, US
Home to the Route 66 Restaurant Row, San Diego's largest restaurant database.

Royal LePage Real Estate Services
Philip Lim, Richmond, BC, Canada
When the details are important. Product and location knowledge, facts, details and information are our definition of professional service.

RPG and CCG Resource Page
Runtime Design, Paoli, PA, US
Complete and invaluable resource to gamers containing press releases, product info and over 100 links to other sites.

Rumpsville Rod Shop
Telalink and Visual Focus Inc., Nashville, TN, US
Hobby site sponsored by Telalink and the nashville.net. Displaysi of nostalgic hotrod photography and graphics, along with current reviews of national streetrod events.

The Running Horse
Al Lauck, Los Angeles, CA, US
Here you will find a collection of items of interest to the horse racing fan including race results, trainer resumes, stories, articles, reference, and notes from tracks around the country.

Sager-Bell - Advanced Marketing Resources
Louisville, KY, US
Full-service marketing firm offering advertising, public relations, direct mail, database marketing, customer satisfaction tracking, market research, design, and much more.

Salem Chamber Orchestra
Salem, OR, US
A 45-piece orchestra serving Salem and the surrounding communities. Musicians include 15 professionals from the community and faculty from Willamette University, plus talented volunteers.

Saludos Career Web
Saludos Hispanos Magazine, San Francisco, CA, US
Provides an employment and career service for Hispanics. Features include current job listings, career articles, resume posting area, and links to Hispanic cultural sites on the Internet.

Sequoia High School Alumni Association Online
Redwood City, CA, US
Find information about Sequoia, San Carlos and Ravenswood high schools (on the San Francisco Peninsula, CA). Information about reunions, activities, events and more are posted.

Seton Hall University School of Law
Newark, NJ, US
New Jersey's only private law school was founded in 1951.

Sheet Metal Workers International Association
Salt Lake City, UT, US
We provide information about unions.

Shiiba Village Japan
Board of Education, Shiiba, Miyazaki, Japan
Shiiba is a rural village located in Miyazaki Prefecture. This introduction was created by Erik Kassebaum, Shiiba Village's JET Program participant.

Shopping Club Catalog
ISC, Los Angeles, CA, US
Catalog of home electronics including audio and video communications, home appliances, electronics accessories. Ranging from CD players, TVs, telephones, and microwaves to blank tapes and batteries.

Silicon Systems, Inc.
Tustin, CA, US
Specializes in the design and manufacture of application-specific mixed-signal integrated circuits (MSICs).

Singapore International Chamber of Commerce
Singapore's international business organization established in 1837, and now the oldest private sector representative organization in the Republic.

SkyCruise Publishing
Business opportunity software, CD-ROM titles, books and publications, newsletters and business reports.

Slide Home
Cambridge, MA, US
The band Slide's Web page, complete with sound samples, photos, etc.

Smart Politics for the 21st Century
Assemblyman John Vasconcellos, Silicon Valley, CA, US
Designed to explore potential of the Internet to recreate politics and government for the 21st Century.

Solutions Seminars
Reading, MA, US
A company of technical communications specialists. The curriculum described at this Web site presents our systematic and well-tested approaches to developing the highest quality information products.

Southern States Communication Association
Hattiesburg, MS, US
Promoting study, criticism, research, teaching and application of the artistic, humanistic, and scientific principles of communication.

Southern Winds Realty
Frank Pixley, Charlotte, NC, US
Offering a full array of real estate services with expertise in relocation. Site includes lots of info and links about the Charlotte area.

Special Libraries Association News Division
Raleigh, CA, US
Welcome to the Special Libraries Association News Division, an international organization for librarians and researchers working in print and broadcast news media.

StarBase 101
Joe Lawrence, Cream Ridge, NJ, US
Offers many cool links to sci-fi TV shows and movies.

Sterling Information Group
Austin, TX, US
Software and management consulting firm known for diverse software expertise and a progressive culture.

Strata Avionics Services
BFGoodrich Aerospace Strata, Overland Park, KS, US
Resources for aircraft operators to source avionics service, with flat rate pricing, and one year national warranty.

Strategic Communications Online
New Haven, CT, US
Articles and resources relating to all kinds of communications, written or spoken; includes effective presentations and meeting management tips.

Cyron Internet, Monmouth, Gwent, UK
Browse through recording studio brochures and music business listings that include producer CVs, etc. Mainly UK at present, but soon to be international.

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) Information
SIDS Network, Inc., Ledyard, CT, US
Your patience, understanding, and contributions to this page will make it grow into a true network of people and information dedicated to stopping SIDS, the number one killer of infants between the ages of one month and one year.

Summit Merchandise Mart
DesignNet Productions, Inc., Point Roberts, WA, US
We offer a growing selection of excellent enterprises, including a discount travel club, retail book store, vitamin store, hobby shop, and Web page design and marketing services.

Team Elite Nutritional Products
Visual New Media, Agoura, CA, US
A line of effective health and nutritional products designed for high performance people. Bio-available in liquid form. Increase your energy level and mental alertness.

Birmingham, MI, US
A sales and marketing assessment software program designed for use by small businesses and management consulting firms.

Technetix, Inc.
New Berlin, WI, US
A Sun Microsystems value-added reseller. Also developing high quality, low cost UNIX and Internet software tools.

Tee-Times Golf Vacations
Wilmington, NC, US
Golf vacation packages to courses throughout North and South Carolina.

ThreadTreader's WWW Contests Guide
4CYTE Online Media Productions, San Francisco, CA, US
The most complete, current, and fun listing of contests on the Web. Features fast and easy ways to browse this index of contests, drawings, raffles, and other promotions.

Three Island Crossing
Three Island Crossing Committee, Glenns Ferry, ID, US
Provides information about the annual reenactment of the crossing of the Snake River in Glenns Ferry, Idaho where Oregon Trail emigrants forded the river on their way to the Willamette Valley.

Topher's Place
Grand Rapids, MI, US
Designed to kickstart the newbie.

Torresen Marine, Inc.
Muskegon, MI, US
Full service sailing center with complete service and sales operations. Brokerage and new boat sales, retail store with over 12,000 different sailing products, service center and more.

Total Quality Management (TQM)
David Butler Associates, Inc., Los Altos, CA, US
This group of consultants helps its clients to become profitable and satisfy their customers' requirements with a low-cost, turn-key, solution.

TradeSafe Online Corp., Providence, RI, US
Escrow service provides a safe and inexpensive real world solution to the perils of buying, selling, or trading through cyberspace classifieds and flea markets.

TranSend Internet Co.
Taipei, Taiwan
One added resource towards increasing your competitiveness. Overseas sourcing, contract manufacturing; tooling/molds, OEM parts/components supplied from Taiwan.

TweeNet Europe
Mind The Gap Records, Bremen, Germany
Official Web site of the indie pop-mailing list, including discographies, biographies, sounds, videos, etc.

United Leasing Corporation
Mechanicsville, VA, US
A venture capital lender whose speciality is equipment lease financing -- both capital and operating leases -- for all businesses.

Universidad de La Frontera
Temuco, Chile
Server dedicated to access for overseas people and those who want to check our local campus. Also, access to pointers throughout the world.

University of Connecticut Health Center
Dept. of Human Resources, Farmington, CT, US
Houses the School of Medicine, School of Dental Medicine, and John Dempsey Hospital. Employment opportunities for faculty, researchers, health care workers, and staff can be found here.

The University of Western Ontario Police Department
London, Ontario, Canada
Includes a description of the department, contact numbers, crime alerts, crime stats, bicycle patrol information, and crime prevention.

The Unofficial Squaresoft Home Page
Vetsal, Dallas, TX, US
The definitive source of Squaresoft-related games. Contains graphics, sounds, and more.

Uriah Heep Home Page
Contains the group's profile, discography, solo projects, latest news, and fan club.

Valiant Visions
Madison, NJ, US
Information about Acclaim comics, as well as information on how to subscribe to the Internet newsletter, Valiant Visions. Contains old issues of the newsletter, contest information, voting information, and more.

Valparaiso University
Valparaiso, IN, US
Our site will keep you in touch with academic programs, student services, and cultural and sport opportunities. Links to Internet services will help you pursue your research, career, and leisure interests.

Venice Beach, California
Venice Chamber of Commerce, Venice, CA, US
What's happening in Venice Beach, the mecca of body building and home to world-famous Muscle Beach.

Virtual Business Plaza!
AgresSoft Solutions, Bzenec, Czech Republic, Europe
Presentation of the Czech and Slovak market, companies, and other information. The first Virtual Business Plaza in the Czech republic.

Virtual Law Office of Martin Howard Patrick, P.A.
Bay Harbor Islands, FL, US
Specializing in all aspects of real estate law including acquisition, sale, financing, leasing, and development of commercial and residential properties.

The Virtual Yellow Pages
Interactive Marketing Services, Hauppauge, NY, US
A searchable database index of thousands of interesting links

VIS Online Embassy
Växjö International Students (VIS), Växjö, Småland, Sweden
The activities of VIS and is especially designed for exchange students coming to Sweden. Also it is of interest for international students.

The Vision Group
Glendale, CA, US
Provides Web site design, HTML authoring, Windows programming, and creates home pages for individuals.

VisionGrade Services LTD
Bedford, UK, US
Linux Firewalls providing secure Internet connectivity to Microsoft Windows 95 clients.

The Vista Company
Seattle, WA, US
Known worldwide for its sundial designs. Hundreds of dials have been designed and produced by both Vista and its manufacturing subsidiary AMECO in the form of brass, glass, marble and acrylic.

Wa Nui Records & Music
Honolulu, HI, US
Hawaiian, jazz, blues, music from local artists. Good-quality sound samples and shopping-basket style ordering.

Wall Street Research Net (WSRN.com)
Rochester, NY, US
Providing users with a large company database and economic research.

Wandel & Goltermann
Research Triangle Park, NC, US
An international developer and manufacturer of test and analysis equipment for telecom and datacom networks. Links to sources of information about telecom and datacom technologies.

Waterford Institute
Salt Lake City, UT, US
The latest in educational research and products for the home and school.

Web of Lost Souls
Nicholas Owen, Oxford, England, UK
The official Clive Barker Web site. Covers all aspects of Clive's works: artwork, books, films, etc.

The Web Wanderer
Bill Latura, Bloomingdale, IL, US
An indexed listing of over 800 Web sites in 19 categories, with particular emphasis on using personal computers to their full potential in exploring the Web and the Internet.

Aliso Viejo, CA, US
A directory of previously-owned semiconductor wafer fabrication, component assembly electrical test (ATE), and inspection systems available for sale.

WebVenture WebSite Services
WebVenture Communications, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
New lower prices for commercial Web site development and monthly service - providing all the services you need to establish your business on the Web.

WebZone1 Public Access Web Server
Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Provides low cost webspace to UK customers from 12 pounds per MB per annum.

WinStock: Stock Price Analysis/Charting Tool
Myriad Inc., Berkeley, CA, US
We will present you the best strategy of stock investment: information about our powerful stock price analyzing/charting software with historical data. Demo available.

The World Bank's LSMS Site
The World Bank, Washington, DC, US
The Living Standards Measurement Study (LSMS) surveys are multi-topic, household questionnaires which have been an important tool in measuring household welfare and understanding household behavior in developing countries.

World Wide Christian Web
WWCW, Scottsdale, AZ, US
An authority on Christianity, atheism and religion on the Web.

The World's First Truly Free Country
Terra Libra, Vashon, WA, US
You can now become a citizen of the world's first truly free country. Terra Libra is a worldwide voluntary association of Free Sovereign Citizens. A free-enterprise, information-based country extending across national borders.

Worldscan Internet Intelligence Services, Ltd.
A Worldscan Company, Chicago, IL, US
Provides Internet information search and retrieval services for companies and individuals. Also content analysis, strategic planning, and on- and off-line marketing communications.

Wright-Way Productions
Benton Harbor, MI, US
This page was written to showcase talent produced by our production company. The founder wishes that your thirst for the real be satisfied.

Poughkeepsie, NY, US
WVKR 91.3 FM, Vassar College radio.

The Electronic Pen, Inc., Dublin, CA, US
Designs and manufactures microcomputer boards, systems, peripherals and related products for the Multibus and PC Bus industry.

Digital Playroom, Boston, MA, US
Growing list of sound studios and radio stations willing to send/receive high quality audio via ISDN on a freelance basis.

Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, UK
Providing a full range of leading edge high performance CAD/CAM solutions for "right-first-time" design and layout through to manufacture of PCBs/MCMs.

Friday, 14 July 1995

AccessABILITY Technology Network
London, Ontario, Canada
We strive to enhance lives through powerful and creative applications of technology.

Accom Noosa
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Noosa is a perfect blend of ocean, rainforest, river, mountains and lakes. In Noosa you will enjoy year-round sunshine, mild temperatures and cooling breezes. The largest selection of holiday accommodations.

Air Transport Association of America
Washington, DC, US
The major trade organization for the US Scheduled Airline Industry.

Alaska Legal Resource Center
Touch N' Go Systems, Inc., Anchorage, AK, US
Features an index to Alaska Supreme Court opinions, federal legal resources page, case law, and links to other legal-related sites.

American Psychiatric Press, Inc.
Washington, DC, US
A publisher of psychiatric books, monographs, journals, and multimedia products.

Ansiman 1.2
Jeff Robertson, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Create pictures of the Mandelbrot Set using Ansi color escape codes. Executable (MS-DOS) and source available. Free Software.

Appliances On Line
The Zupancic Company, Chagrin Falls, OH, US
Markets home appliances from Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp, Eureka, Hoover, Royal Appliance, and Vitantonio Manufacturing. Special orders are welcome.

Art on World Wide Web
California Museum of Photography, Univ. of Calif., Riverside, CA, US
The UCR/California Museum of Photography has conducted Internet-based art projects since 1993. Now producing a new series of contemporary art works designed specifically for the Web.

A.S.K. Financial Digest
Somers, NY, US
A financial advisory service registered with the SEC.

Astronomy U.C.N. (In Spanish)
Catholic Univ. of the North, Antofagasta, Chile
A new group of astronomy enthusiasts and professionals in north Chile.

Atomic Rocket
Minneapolis, MN, US
Rock n' roll pop culture, 1955 comic books, movies, art design, and more.

Audiological Engineering Corporation
Somerville, MA, US
Research and development of communication aids for deaf people.

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Information for people interested in the business of music in Australia, including industry training, events and government initiatives, an online magazine, and links to other Australian music sites.

AVerMedia's Web
Fremont, CA, US
One of the world's leading manufacturers of multimedia video products.

Barsamian's Food Service
Channel1 Communication Inc., Cambridge, MA, US
Exceptional food. But no exceptions.

Biochemical Resources
St. Louis, MO, US
A searchable database of biochemicals, chemicals and laboratory products currently offered by the most dynamic companies in the industry.

Blue Fin Systems, Inc.
Portsmouth, NH, US
A full-service Internet access provider offering a range of personal and corporate access and Web services.

BMC Software, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
This site is designed to meet the needs of corporate IS professionals looking for information on solutions that automate application and data management across enterprise computing environments.

The Brethren of Christ
Dallas, TX, US
A summary of our doctrines.

Bridge to the Seacoast
Portsmouth Herald, Portsmouth, NH, US
A collaborative effort to give the seacoast of New Hampshire and Maine a presence on the Web. Information about tourism, activities, attractions and business resources in the region.

British Columbia Tourism
Victoria, BC, Canada
A freeware screensaver featuring a series of stunning travel posters of British Columbia is available for download.

Buffalo, New York Official Online Guide
Greater Buffalo Convention and Visitors Bureau, Buffalo, NY, US
Comprehensive information on the Metro Buffalo and Western New York area. Includes information on attractions, architecture, visitor information, shopping, theatre and arts, regional attractions and current weather.

Cartridge Care Limited
London, UK
Specialists in Inkjet and laser (non-impact) printers. New and recycled toner cartridges, ink cartridges and DIY refill systems are our main products.

Catapult Entertainment Inc.
Cupertino, CA, US
We deliver products and services to support real-time interactive entertainment.

Center for AIDS Prevention Studies (CAPS)
San Francisco, CA, US
CAPS conducts epidemiological and behavioral studies in the primary prevention and early intervention of HIV disease.

Center for Simple Systems
Brandeis Univ., Waltham, MA, US
Describes Straus Lab's investigation of the embryology of the simple organism Volvox.

Chesapeake Bay Trust
Annapolis, MD, US
A nonprofit organization that awards $1 million annually in grants for education and restoration projects.

Children's Hospital of Western Ontario
London, Ontario, Canada
For seven decades, Children's Hospital has offered Southwestern Ontario the best that medicine can offer for the whole child.

Christian Warehouse
Dallas, TX, US
A source for discounted books, Bibles, and music. Offering the major Christian publishers and record labels, all at 20% - 70% off retail.

The Church of Zen Fatalism
Sleepy Cat Graphis, San Diego, CA, US
Artful things gallery.

Cinema Canada Online
Cyber Communications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A comprehensive listing of Canadian film and television production resources.

City of Santa Monica
Information Systems Division, Santa Monica, CA, US
Features city information and services including the Public Electronic Network, city documents, databases, forms, upcoming events, visitor information, department home pages, and more.

Exchange Network Services, Inc., Cleveland, OH, US
Take a tour of the home of the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame, the Indians, the Browns, and the Cavs.

Coast-to-Coast Parts Locators
Coast-to-Coast Fax Hotline, Terre Haute, IN, US
Car and truck parts location service. Also offering job posting and placement services.

College of Science and Engineering (CSE)
Univ. of Minnesota, Duluth, MN, US
Learn about our faculty, current research and publications, programs of study, etc.

Color Tech, Incorporated
Cranston, RI, US
Offers sophisticated color pre-press services, film output, multimedia authoring, database development, and Web services.

Colorado Natural History Adventures at The Nature Place
The Nature Place Conference Center, Florissant, CO, US
A seven-day program which features hikes and other explorations into the Colorado Rockies. The program -- led by experts in biology, geology, and ecology -- is open to individuals, families, and nature groups.

Common Gateway Interface.
David A. Wheeler, St. Louis, MO, US
Package CGI is an Ada 95 binding to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI).

The Company Corporation
ContentWare, New York, NY, US
Learn how to incorporate your business.

The Computer Register
Milwaukee, WI, US
Visit the 24-hour computer show. Many public services are offered, such as resume postings, recent press releases, and a large directory of computer professionals.

Convergence Communications
Stratford, CT, US
A consortium of New York-area marketing and media firms.

Cornell Japanese Animation Society
Ithaca, NY, US
The Web pages include news and resources for members and others interested in anime.

CraigWare Systems
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
From the latest news, to online registration, to downloading current shareware products, this page has it all.

Croatian Chamber of Economy
Zagreb, Croatia
Croatia's international business organization.

The Cyber Psychic
Hamptead, NC, US
Site with several (free) mini lectures on metaphysical topics such as positive thinking, dreams, astrology and meditation.

CyberNet Communications
Atlanta, GA, US
A local Internet service provider, Web designer, and consultant company.

Czar Software
El Paso, TX, US
Home page for Czar Software and its products, news, and upcoming features. You can download all software.

Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Internet information centre to the world of competitive ballroom dancing and dance sport. Includes a directory of dance sport organizations and links to other ballroom sites.

Data Interchange Standards Association
Alexandria, VA, US
Over the past few months we have been developing services catered to the needs of our membership and the greater EDI/Electronic Commerce community.

De Architectura
Politecnico di Milano -- Dept. ISET, Milano, MI, Italy
Devoted to architecture, building, and construction.

Deady Advertising
Richmond, VA, US
A full-service advertising company. TV, radio, print, cyber, and more.

Dick Williams and Associates
Livermore, CA, US
An executive search firm specializing in the semiconductor industry. Site includes information on working with a search firm and a contact form.

Die Art! (In German)
Dresden, Germany
An art support group for Internet junkies.

Hughes Network Systems, Germantown, MD, US
Explanation of the DirecPC satellite receiver for the home or office PC.

Direct Access
Ottawa, Canada
A full service direct marketing agency.

DPP International Ltd.
Pinnacle Internet, Crawley, West Sussex, UK
We are a major IT recruitment agency.

Dream Link
Hutchinson, Winter Park, FL, US
Contains current information and resources on dream translation techniques and theoretical orientations.

The ElectroPub
Sacramento, CA, US
Offers online electronic publishing for any organization wishing to have a place on the Web. Offers complete design and serving services.

Enneagram Pathways
Menlo Park, CA, US
Provides group workshops, private sessions, and counseling for those interested in the enneagram, personality development, and spiritual awareness.

Enterprise Wide Technologies
Enterprise Wide Technologies, Medford, NJ, US
Enterprise Wide Technologies has tools and services for helping manufacturers make the most of their computing investments.

Educational Technology Associates, Rochester, NY, US
The Apple Education Sales Agent for all of New York State. Also the complete source for all of your hardware, software, and service needs.

Eta Kappa Nu at the University of Houston
Houston, TX, US
The Epsilon Epsilon chapter of The Electrical Engineering Honor Society is now maintaining a Web page where information and announcements regarding both UH and HKN will be posted.

Eureka: The Telecom Neighborhood
Digital Technics Inc., Columbia, MD, US
A telecom directory and knowledge base intended to serve the telecom industry. Any company or organization involved in telecom-related activities can join for free. Acceptance subject to approval and availability.

Eurocentres, Washington, DC, US
A non-profit foundation which offers language instruction and homestay programs in France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Switzerland, England, US, Russia and Japan.

FDIC Insured CD Exchange
Market Stratagems, Inc., Newport Beach, CA, US
Free interactive Web service that searches the US for the highest FDIC Insured CD rates. Buy, sell, and/or exchange CDs with banks from around the country.

First Annual Children's Software Awards
The Children's Software Co., Bethesda, MD, US
We encourage all parents to vote for the best in children's software.

First Approach Financial, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
We purchase owner-financed mortgages, annuities, structured settlements, and more.

Eugene, OR, US
An inter-active home page for people interested in forestry issues. The Web page contains communications software for downloading to log into the ForestNet online system.

Four Winds Inc.
Fort Hall, ID, US
A Native American nonprofit corporation dedicated to the alcohol/drug rehabilitation of youth.

Fox Weather Services
Ventura, CA, US
Custom weather services.

Galleria Ricci Oddi (In Italian)
Politecnico di Milano -- Dept. Iset, Piacenza, Italy
Museum tour includes images of contemporary art. English version available soon.

Gay and Lesbian Bands of America
Portland, OR, US
Information about LGBA and links to many of its member bands. Also includes information on how to start a band and LGBA history.

The Georgia Association of Broadcasters
Atlanta, GA, US
The nation's oldest and largest broadcasting association.

Golden Gate Chapter BMW Car Club of America, San Francisco Bay Area, CA, US
Contains listings of chapter events and automotive-related events in the region. As a special focus, the site will carry performance driving-related information.

Go for the Gold
Atlanta, GA, US
The #1 source for 1996 Olympic and paralympic lapel pins, T-shirts, and more.

Golan Heights Information Server
Golan Heights Residence Committee, Qazrin, Golan, Israel
The server describe the Golan Heights conflict.

The Good Health Web
Guided Tour Software, Inc., Boston, MA, US
The starting point for health care information. Daily news, FAQs, newsgroup and mailing list info, and a library.

The Habit
Portland, OR, US
Portland's first Internet cafe.

Hellmuth, Obata + Kassabaum, Inc.
St. Louis, MO, US
Analysis, planning and design for the Built environment.

High Definition Audio
The Village Group, Medford, MA, US
Until now, even the best technology failed to capture the feel of live musical performances. Enhanced listing pleasure for home, car and computer game players.

Hi-Tech Enterprises, Inc.
Tampa, FL, US
Hi-Tech Trading, inc. is a new/used broadcast and industrial video equipment dealer/broker.

The Hyena Pages
Robin M. Weare, Long Beach, CA, US
A Web site devoted to spotted hyenas, with an introductory page and FAQ.

Hyper Text
Henry Koren, San Diego, CA, US
An indexed collection of writing by unknown, unpublished, and undiscovered authors.

Manchester, UK
This is the home page for the MSc IDA group at the University of Manchester.

International Law Students Association, Ottawa, ON, Canada
Discussion on topics of international law.

Information Technology in Marketing
Columbia Business School, New York, NY, US
A new course at Columbia Business School examining information technology in marketing.

In-house Productions
San Ramon, CA, US
An Authorware reseller and multimedia developer. Develops CBT modules and interactive presentations for its customers.

INPE - Environmental Geochemistry
INPE (Brazilian Space Institute), Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil
Acid rain in South America? What are the atmospheric impacts of Biomass Burning? Research on these themes and on the fate of chemical species in the atmosphere and at the land-atmosphere interface.

Inrete Games
Turin, Italy
This page is a collection of game-related links. It was designed for Italian users, but may be useful to others, too. This link is for the English language version of the page.

The Interactive Patient
Marshall Univ. School of Medicine, Huntington, WV, US
A truly unique teaching program that allows physicians, residents and medical students to simulate an actual patient encounter over the Web.

International Advertising Association
Paris, France
The global tripartite of the advertising industry.

International Aviculturists Society
Memphis, TN, US
A non-profit organization dedicated to the welfare of exotic birds (parrots). IAS sponsors publications, educational programs, and funds Avian research and conservation.

Internet Access Solution for Businesses
Exodus Communications, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, US
Exodus Communications provides a complete solution to dedicated Internet access for business, government and educational organizations.

Internet Advertising Corporation
La Jolla, CA, US
We provide a complete Internet marketing solution for mid- to large-sized businesses.

Internet CSRA
Augusta, GA, US
Local events and companies on the Web.

Internet Expo
Online Computer Market, Boston, MA, US
The largest conference dedicated to Internet, electronic messaging, Web issues. Technical and managerial sessions exploring commerce, security, mail, and more.

Internet:TCI - The TV Show
Charles Severance, East Lansing, MI, US
A monthly talk show focused on the Internet. The show is seen weekly on a number of cable systems across the country. Hosts for the show are Charles Severance and Richard Wiggins.

InterNetwork Publishing
Greendale, WI, US
Web development, marketing, and storage specialists.

SunSITE Singapore
A gateway to a teletext service provided by the Television Corporation of Singapore.

Invest West
Spectrum Internet Services, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Our purpose is to provide the most valuable and up-to-date information possible on selected western companies.

Investment Research
Data Transfer Group, San Diego, CA, US
An electronic magazine covering the analysis of stocks and futures.

Salt Lake City, UT, US
Products made for, by, or about members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

the j in mary
Harrisonburg, VA, US
The latest musical talent to emerge from James Madison University.

JC Whitney
ContentWare, New York, NY, US
Everything automotive. Hard-to-find items and custom-fit accessories.

Spinners, Ithaca, NY, US
Jim's Ithaca Music Shop is an online music mail-order shop specializing in the coolest of the cool, and the hippest of the hip. Everyone from John Coltrane to Jerry Lee Lewis to Esquivel to Tom Waits to Bunny Wailer.

John R. Reeder, Attorney at Law
charm.net, Columbia, MD, US
I have included a list of FAQs about family law.

Just Comics
Atlanta, GA, US
A wide variety of comics.

JVC JAZZ Festival
JVC Company of America, New York, NY, US
Involved in presenting the best of live jazz for more than 10 years.

Honey the Signing Bear, Ventura, CA, US
KADY Channel 63.

Kenfunky Fried - Digital Funk Network
Crispy Fried Original Funk Rock, Clemson, SC, US
Site devoted to the band from Clemson. Music includes a strong funk groove with other influences as diverse as Rush, KISS, and James Brown.

Khem Products Incorporated
Abingdon, MD, US
Chemical inventory and waste management for E.P.A. regulatory compliance.

Kittelson & Associates, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
Web page describing a dynamic group of transportation planners and engineers offering expertise across the full spectrum of transportation-related engineering disciplines.

La Ciberteca de Madrid (In Spanish)
Madrid, Spain
The first cybercafe in Spain.

Lanny Chambers Creative Services
St. Louis, MO, US
A demonstration of graphic design principles using Netscape 1.1 enhancements.

Laser Consultants, Inc. - Internet Presence Providers
Jupiter, FL, US
Provides elegant home page design with an emphasis upon functionality and visibility. Internet sites created by LCI are easy to find and access.

New Atlantis Development Corp., Everett, WA, US
Located in the cybercity of New Atlantis, LawWorld organizes the Internet for the legal profession.

The Lazian Movement
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A new religion designed for the Internet.

The Level 42 Band
Synthmedia Ltd., Albuquerque, NM, US
Web page devoted to the internationally-known music group Level 42. Features background info, biographies, sound clips, discographies, and more.

Liberty Basic
Shoptalk Systems, Framingham, MA, US
Everything you need to know about Liberty Basic, a windows and OS/2 end-user programming tool.

College Republicans @ the Univ. of Ill., Champaign-Urbana, IL, US
Links to various government sites and information.

London CityView
The Portage Group, London, Ontario, Canada
Welcome to the forest city. Information about our local businesses and services.

The London Mall
London, UK
A magazine for London, with competitions, tourist information, and editorial. Our main work, however, is to act as a showcase for UK companies and events.

Lotus Technical Support
Lotus Development, Cambridge, MA, US
Offers access to all of the Lotus technical support information, including searchable technical databases, FAQs and file downloads.

Macomb Intermediate School District
Clinton Twp., MI, US
Provides access to educational Web sites as well as furnishing information on schools in the county, programs, Pioneering Partners, and other educational resources.

Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Malaysia's international business organization.

Market Place 2000
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Provides Internet consultancy, advice, scanning, installation, video capture, HTML programming and printing.

Mass Media Learning Center
Kansas City, KA, US
You will find a simulation of a TV director's job.

San Francisco, CA, US
Cyberflirting, email chemistry, and online romance.

Matchmaker Personnel Ltd.
Fareham, Hampshire, UK
Professional recruitment consultants and technical staffing agency in the UK.

Maui On-Line
Lahaina, HI, US
We organize information about beaches, dining, entertainment, lodging, and more.

Medicine Online
UltiTech, Inc., Canton, MA, US
A commercial service providing health care professionals and consumers a place to obtain medical information at any time.

Menorah Ministries
Denver, CO, US
A local and international Messianic ministry of the Gospel to both Jews and Gentiles.

Missouri State Information Center
Jefferson City, MO, US
The Secretary of State's office.

San Diego, CA, US
This page contains info on Mitek's ICR and OCR software products and info on OCR resources on the Net.

The Montgomery Method
San Diego, CA, US
Health and wellness programs designed to teach prevention and self care for the body.

Mount Cook Airlines
Christchurch, New Zealand
In operation for over 80 years as tour operators, with their own aircraft, coaches, motor homes, flight-seeing and ski-planes - even ski areas. Pages include schedules, information about destinations, and fares.

MW Media On-Line
San Jose, CA, US
Complete information on embedded microcontrollers, microprocessors, and development tools for embedded systems design.

National Museum of Photography, Film & Television
Bradford, Yorkshire, UK
Collecting, conserving the history of these media.

Naturist Beaches in the French West Indies
The Civilized Explorer, San Mateo, CA, US
The Internet's most nearly complete guide to naturist beaches in the French West Indies.

Neptune Interactive Designs
Neptune, NJ, US
A full-service multimedia company specializing in CD-ROMs, kiosks, and total Web site services.

The Netcheck Commerce Bureau
Winter Park, FL, US
We try to promote ethical business practices on the Internet, as well as to increase confidence in its commercial use.

NeuroDimension, Inc., Gainesville, FL, US
Information on NeuroSolutions, a neural network simulation tool for MS Windows.

New England Web Weavers
Andover, MA, US
Full service Web page design, creation, and maintenance.

Next Generation Computer Services
Washington, DC, US
While our professional developers get you on the Internet, our tech-support services can solve your networking, PC, HP or Apple woes.

Nick deMatties Virtual Art Gallery
Tempe, AZ, US
Contemporary fine art by an artist who teaches at Arizona State University.

Seattle, WA, US
Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory Ocean Atmospheric Carbon Exchange Study home page includes an overview of the program, selected graphics, publications, and personnel.

Non-Linear Creations
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Specializing in the development and marketing of Web sites.

North Carolina Employment Security Commission
Raleigh, NC, US
Contains Employment Security Commission job service and labor market information. A great source to search for jobs. Employers will find the labor market information particularly useful.

North Shore Internet Services
New Glasgow, Nova Scotia, Canada
An Internet service provider (ISP) with its first site in Pictou County. Specializing in serving small towns and rural areas.

OC Systems AdaMania
Fairfax, VA, US
The home page of OC Systems, an Ada compiler company.

Oklahoma State University Geography Department
Stillwater, OK, US
Regional information, meteorology links, Mesonet information, GPS/GIS, department info, user pages, and perhaps a cow or two.

Old Long Island
Coram, NY, US
An old picture postcard view of a different Long Island locale each week.

Open Communication Networks
Marietta, GA, US
We specialize in ISDN products, services, and education.

Pacific Communication Sciences, Inc. (PCSI)
San Diego, CA, US
A leading supplier of products and technology for the emerging new world of digital communications.

Pacific Computers
Nelson, BC, Canada
The Kootenay's computer solution centre for Internet services, networks, and computer products.

Pacific Golf Magazine
Golf Data Web, Arlington, VA, US
A monthly magazine that keeps you abreast of the best that Western Canadian golfing has to offer. Highlighting area tournaments and giving detailed information on local courses.

Pacific & Yukon Green Lane
Environment Canada, Pacific & Yukon Region, Vancouver, BC, Canada
PYR Green Lane joins Environment Canada's sites to provide information on west coast weather and environmental topics.

PalouseNet Classifieds
Moscow, ID, US
Similar to newspaper classifieds sections, including categories for automobiles, agriculture, commercial real estate, etc. Add your own.

Washington, DC, US
A full-service Web presence provider that offers services ranging from personal home pages to sophisticated, searchable online databases -- all at reasonable rates.

Pediatric Rheumatology
Thomas J.A. Lehman MD - Chief, Div. of Pediatric Rheumatology, Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY, US
A resource for families of children with rheumatic diseases and the doctors who care for them.

Perfect Image
Reisterstown, MD, US
One-stop shopping for trading cards of all sorts. Baseball, basketball, football, hockey, autoracing, non-sports, comic cards, and Highland Mint cards.

Polymer Clay Guild
Houston, TX, US
Polymer clay work area for sharing and creating images more beautiful than the imagination. Review recent features and additions to the world of polymer clay.

Pre-Color Technology Inc.
New York, NY, US
A full-service electronic pre-press company providing printing services globally. Specializes in short-run 4-color via Indigo Press and high-speed printing.

Prince Edward Island PlaceFinder
Government of Prince Edward Island, Charlottetown, Canada
A comprehensive, searchable reference to the communities and other geographic features of Prince Edward Island.

Professional Floorball Server
Kauniainen, Helsinki, Finland
Information on Floorball, and stuff related to it.

Public Works and Government Services Canada (PWGSC)
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
An agency providing services to federal government departments and agencies. It employs over 18,000 people, and delivers services and programs through offices across Canada, the U.S. and Europe.

Realm Internet Systems
Newport Beach, CA, US
Services include shell accounts, SLIP/PPP accounts, direct connections, WWW Site Developement including WWW authoring, dedicated onsite servers.

Realty Web
NE Florida Multiple Listing Service, Inc., Jacksonville, FL, US
Approximately 7,000 residential and commercial listings.

Reclamation Technologies - Electronic Hardware Recycling
Portsmouth, NH, US
Helps companies reclaim the value of their digital investments with electronic hardware recycling.

Reviews of Alternative and Independent Comix
Kathleen Bennett, Seattle, WA, US
Reviews of comic books from small-press and self-publishers.

Richmond Braves
Virginia Networks, Richmond, VA, US
Join the AAA Braves at the Diamond, one of the best maintained facilities in pro baseball.

Rock 100 WDIZ 100.3fm
Orlando, FL, US
WDIZ is a heritage rocker with a strong emphasis on current rock and roll. WDIZ has stayed true to itself and its listeners.

Rockefeller Brothers Fund
New York, NY, US
A private philanthropic foundation. The home page provides information about the Fund to grantees and the general public alike.

Royal Canadian Mounted Police Centennial Museum (RCMP)
Regina, Canada
History and current facts about Canada's national police force.

SABRE Decision Technologies
Fort Worth, TX, US
Here you will find information about the world's leading provider of business solutions to the travel and transportation industry and related fields. Employment opportunities abound.

Santa Barbaridad
Tonkin Resolutions, Santa Barbara, CA, US
Santa Barbaridad is the SB area's premier site for critical thought and writing. Essays and commentaries.

Science Fiction Convention
BASFA (Baja Arizona Science Fiction Association), Tucson, AZ, US
Presenting TUS-CON 22 SF/Fantasy/Horror Convention.

The Seamless Garment Network
Vancouver, BC, Canada
We are committed to the protection of life, which is threatened in today's world by war and the arms race, and more.

SemWare Corporation
Marietta, GA, US
Demos of TSE Pro and TSE JR, extensive information about all products, and additional macros for TSE.

Shipman & Goodwin
Hartford, CT, US
A full-service business law firm.

Shortwave Listening
TRS Consultants, Vincentown, NJ, US
International Shortwave Broadcast Schedules for the world's broadcasters; shortwave receiver control software; more, for the shortwave listener (SWL).

Singapore Goldsmith and Jeweler
Gatesoft Technology Pte. Ltd., Singapore
Asian style jewelry, custom-made jewelry, and more.

SINTEF Safety and Reliability
Scientific and Industrial Research at the Norwegian Inst. of Technology, Trondheim, Norway
We pinpoint our research capabilities and give an overview of recent projects.

SIO Technologies Corporation
Woodland Park, CO, US
The developer of MultiHelp Support Automation (Help Desk) software.

The Skiing Source
PAW.COM, Ithaca, NY, US
A comprehensive, online resource of ski-related information. Ski-related links plus SKIfind -- a searchable database of U.S. ski areas with information about location, dates of operation, area services, and more.

San Diego, CA, US
An online collection of new and old jewelry from around the world, designed and executed by master craftsmen.

Still Current Development
Atlanta, GA, US
An introduction to SCD -- a multimedia communications company specializing in the design and production of custom applications.

Student Agencies Internet Services
Student Agencies Incorporated, Ithaca, NY, US
Internet service started by the oldest student-run corporation in America. Founded in 1894 as a laundry service, SAI is now the second largest employer at Cornell University.

Summit Media Group, Inc.
The Vista, Tampa, FL, US
A multimedia advertising production house producing Web sites, TV/radio commercials, corporate sales, marketing and training videos, and original soundtracks and jingles.

Superb Entertainment
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Info about S.E. and its products (plus links to some S.E. products), opportunities for creative talents (3D/2D graphics/animation, MIDI, WAWE, poets, etc.), links to cool places on Web, and more.

Susanna K. Hutcheson Writing
Wichita, KS, US
High-response sales letters and other direct marketing devices.

Needham, MA, US
Read up on tax-cutting strategies and information on the latest tax changes.

Technomad Loudspeakers Inc.
Northampton, MA, US
Information on a line of self-casing, mil-spec, watertight loudspeakers. High-powered units suitable for military, sound company, DJ, and corporate use. 100% recycled materials used in shell.

Teleport WebSpace
Teleport Internet Services, Inc., Portland, OR, US
Contains information about Internet services in the 503 and 360 area codes. Features highly competitive rates, quality technical support, and a strong, fast system.

Texas Institute for Applied Environmental Research (TIAER)
Stephenville, TX, US
We conduct research on environmental issues that have public policy implications.

Texas Transportation Institute
Texas A&M Univ. System, College Station, TX, US
Information about TTI, its researchers, ongoing research projects, and special centers hosted by TTI.

Todd Benston's Film Page
Michael Todd Benston, Colleyville, TX, US
The page dedicated to film and related subjects. While there are many film pages out there, this one is a nice anchor and launching point to most of the major sites on the Net.

The Todd Digby Genealogy Page
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A Web database of the Digby, Sharp, and Petz families. Links to other genealogical sites.

Tokyo Journal
Tokyo, Japan
Japan's leading English-language lifestyle magazine.

Transarc Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A leader in client/server and distributed systems solutions.

TriMetrix, Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
A scientific software developer whose primary product is the Axum technical graphics and data analysis package for Windows.

UC Toxic Substances Research & Teaching Program
Univ. of California, Davis, CA, US
Supporting long-term research and graduate education in toxics-related fields.

University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Contains information about the Museum, info about paleontological studies at the University, links to home pages of Museum staff, and links to other paleo resources on the Web.

University of Sussex Language Centre
Brighton, East Sussex, UK
A range of courses, open to all, in modern foreign languages and English as a foreign language. Comprehensive links to Internet resources for languages.

Unleashed on the Net
Greenwood Internet Class, Springfield, MO, US
Four new Internet surfers provide their thoughts on the usefulness of the Net.

Utah Valley On-Line
Orem, UT, US
Community news from Utah's 'Happy Valley'.

Ventures Extraordinaire
San Francisco, CA, US
International and domestic tours at rates normally available only to airline employees and travel agents.

Video On Line
Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
A Web browser already available in 12 different languages, that combines the most recent technology in electronic publishing and allows a user-friendly hypertextual navigation.

The VineNet
Knowledge-Based Technologies, Inc., Canton, MA, US
A wine resource focused primarily on the Northeast.

Visual Basic Universal Page
Dajisoft, Dallas, TX, US
Excellent source of codes, tools, and references for Visual Basic programmers.

VMI Communication and Learning Systems Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
Creates distance learning, marketing/sales support, and corporate communications services on computer networks delivered to the desktop. Information on services, employees, and recent articles.

Vokes Filters: Tecnologia de Filtracion
Eco-Systems Vokes Ltd., Sant Feliu de Guixols, Spain
A Web page promoting the range of Vokes Ltd. filter products. Regular updates, press releases and information about filtration technology in general. In Spanish and English.

Volcano World
Univ. of North Dakota, Grand Forks, ND, US
Funded by NASA, this site provides all kinds of information about volcanoes.

Welcome to Wyndham, Richmond, VA's Premiere Community
Richmond, VA, US
A Snyder Hunt development community, we are a premiere place to live, work, and play in.

Western North Carolina Economic Development Information Network
Asheville, NC, US
An introduction to the Western North Carolina region including business development, tourism and film production opportunities, and information on the regional craft and agribusiness industries.

Willie Nelson Home Page
Raford, VA, US
This page will only grow as a result of other people giving suggestions and help.

Miami, FL, US
Your lifelong learning station.

Institute For Global Communications, San Francisco, CA, US
A global community of women, activists and organizations using computer networks for information sharing, broadcast and collaboration, with the intent of increasing women's rights.

X2 Communication
Montreal, Quebec, CA
A new paperless publishing company.

XBAND Video Game Modem and Network
Catapult Entertainment Inc., Cupertino, CA, US
With our modem and a Genesis or Super NES you can be matched with opponents locally or long distance.

Yngwie Malmsteen
Malmsteen's Militia, The Official Fan Club, Tallahassee, FL, US
Rare photographs, sound files, concert tour dates, fan merchandise, etc.

Young Minds Inc.
Redlands, CA, US
A leading vendor in the CD-ROM solutions market.

Zachary's Paleontological Server
David Polly, Ann Arbor, MI, US
This site contains a combination of technical paleontological research, links to other paleo sites, and some fun stuff.

Monday, 17 July 1995

107 KIK FM
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
One of Calgary's premiere radio stations. Great music links, and the creative spirit of Nucleus Information Services.

12th World Hot Air Balloon Championship
Battle Creek Enquirer, Battle Creek, MI, US
For one thrilling week in July, pilots from the US and around the world will try to grab the title.

1996 World Conference Teleteaching 96
International Federation for Information Processing, Canberra, Australia
One of three IFIP96 conferences to be hosted by the Australian Computer Society in Canberra, 2-6 September 1996, this conference will explore issues of IT and education in the 1990's with a special focus on teleteaching.

The 60s Trading Post for the 90s
Changes in Artitude, St. Petersburg, FL, US
A catalog of items from T-shirts and tie-dyes to jewelry and lava lamps, links and information reflecting the spirit of the 1960s as it manifests today.

AAA Hawaii
Honolulu, HI, US
The state's largest organization, and the nation's largest automotive club. Also a full-service travel agent, insurance agent, and provider of other services such as road maps, trip planning, and of course, emergency road care service.

Abbey Euro Tickets
London, UK
An online ticket agency for theatre, sport, rock, opera, ballet and special event tickets for Britain and Europe.

Activision, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Developer of compelling interactive entertainment.

Leuven, Belgium
As a not-for-profit organization we want to be a forum for persons and organizations interested in the Ada programming language, in its applications, and in Ada-related technologies.

Adams, Nash & Haskell
Cincinnati, OH, US
A management consulting firm specializing in employee relations and human resource management.

A&E Associated -- Architects & Engineers
Mendocino, CA, US
A small design and engineering firm on the north coast of California.

Agricultural Economics and Agribusiness
Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge, LA, US
A complete guide to the research, service, and teaching activities of the department.

Airlink F.C.M., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Software development services and networking solutions that are cost effective, versatile and reliable. Also: links to interesting sites.

Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
Edmonton, Canada
Marketing and production information, statistics, publication lists, contacts and department services. Focus is on Alberta agriculture and food industries with links to national and international information.

United Electronic Printers Inc., Fremont, CA, US
Docutech and Canon CLC800 full color prints directly from your desk. FTP your electronic file to us and receive hard copies in any quantity back in days.

Alden Yacht Brokerage
Portsmouth, RI, US
We market power and sailing yachts.

The Amazing Auto Web Log
Frank Hilliard Writing, Victoria, BC, Canada
A virtual Web page generator you can try yourself. Just fill in the form and make sure you use the full Anchor commands for links and graphics.

The American Book Center
Amsterdam, Holland
Personalized fuzzy search service to find any book on any subject.

American Computer Consultants
Oklahoma City, OK, US
An IBM business partner authorized industry remarketer affiliate for the AS/400 family of computers.

American Lebanese Medical Association (ALMA)
Boston, MA, US
A society where health care professionals who share Lebanese heritage may come together.

Bradford, Ontario, Canada
A fast-paced thriller by Andrew Neil.

Ankiewicz Galleries
Billerica, MA, US
Starving artist shows off paintings, photos, and other projects.

APS Marketing
Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US
Advanced Presentation Services: Internet Web presence, video, 3D (CGI) animations, and multimedia CD-ROM. Servicing the San Bernardino and Riverside areas of California.

Argus Chemicals
Prato, Italy
We produce rare and fine chemicals , mainly organophosphorus compounds and phosphorus-based ligands for pure and applied research.

Armament Technology
HTC Integrated Technologies, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Develops, assembles and markets specialized firearms-related products and services. The company performs product evaluations, consulting services and technical research in the firearms and ballistics fields.

Art & Science Collaboration, Inc. (ASCI)
New York, NY, US
A national nonprofit organization.

Art Services - Irish Art Archives, Information and Exhibitions
Belfast and Dublin, Ireland
Announcing the introduction of a major archive site serving the Irish Arts community. Contains information on current events, articles and exhibitions covering visual and performance arts.

A.S.K. Financial Digest
Somers, NY, US
This publication is geared toward helping investors trade stocks, bonds and mutual funds for intermediate financial cycles. Rated Top 10 by Timer Digest.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, US
Each day we feature a different image or photograph of our fascinating universe.

Atomic Skis Ltd.
Oakville, Canada
From high-performance racing to recreational models.

Aurastar Information Systems, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
A consulting and software development company specializing in spectrum management, frequency monitoring, and satellite communications.

The A-Z of Jewish & Israel Related Resources
Matthew Album (Project Coordinator), London, UK
Provides links to practically every Jewish and Israel related resource on the Internet. Constantly updated and becoming the hub for Jewish and Israel related resources.

Pain Research Group, Oxford, UK
An evidence-based health care journal.

Bangkok Post Election 95 News
Bangkok, Thailand
Analysis of outcome to be posted until the formation of the next coalition government.

Barefoot Jim's Flat
Jim Connelly, Oakland, CA, US
Home of Wait a Second -- a weekly rant about, well, whatever. Plus tons of other writing about music, life and pop culture.

Baskets Because...Southwest MarketPlace
Synthmedia Ltd., Albuquerque, NM, US
Specialty food and gift shop located on historic Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Montgomery County, TX, US
A private, master-planned 36-hole golfing and boating community on the preferred North Shore of Lake Conroe. Located one hour north of Houston.

BG-Map Botanical Garden Mapping System
Glicksman Associates, Inc., Glenside, PA, US
A computer-based mapping system designed to meet the special needs of botanical gardens and arboreta. This site provides information about BG-Map, BG-BASE, and about computerized mapping in general.

Big Bamboo
Selsong Productions, London, UK
A one-man project featuring a multi-instrumentalist, producer, composer, arranger and singer with a great new album for you to check out.

Biotek Ltd.
Genoa, Italy
Solutions to solve real and complex problems in biology and medicine.

Bipartite Nuclear Localization Sequence Locator
Chong-Yee Khoo, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK
Searches an amino acid sequence for putative bipartite nuclear localization sequences.

BlackWolf and Associates
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An organization designed to give industry a presence on the Internet.

Bob's Photo Page
SOS of Orange County, Santa Ana, CA, US
For anyone seeking a quality photographer.

The Bookplex
Lazar Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
Featuring excerpts from best-sellers, including The Bob Book, and interviews with popular authors, including Anne Rice, Clive Barker and Dominick Dunne.

Brookhouse Studio
Winthrop Brookhouse, Big Bear Lake, CA, US
Over 300 images reflecting our services.

BU Department of Radiology
Boston Univ., Boston, MA, US
Information about residency and fellowships, listing of faculty, fellows, and residents, and more.

Bulldog Beach Interactive
Seattle, WA, US
Web and traditional graphic design and writing services, a line of cool T-shirts and activewear, as well as PhotoFloppy, the world's best digital portfolio.

BulletProof, Inc.
Los Gatos, CA, US
Our software program, the Edge, helps investors play the stock market with ease.

The Bunker
PC Ace Magazine, AL, US
Caters to computer gamers interested in flight simulation and military games plus non-gamers interested in military aviation. Numerous links to military, aviation, and gaming Web pages.

C F S Nevada, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV, US
OS/2 related software by Dick Goran (The Voice of Las Vegas), author of the REXX Reference Summary Handbook and contributing editor of OS/2 Magazine.

The Calgary Explorer
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
We feature articles on travel, ecology, humor, and entertainment.

California Geographical Survey
California State Univ., Northridge, CA, US
This resource contains an electronic map library, census data archive, and mapping resources library.

California State Super Lotto Winning Numbers
Web-Link, San Diego, CA, US
The winning numbers.

The Cambridge Connection Competition
New Media Factory/Cambridge Evening News, Cambridge, UK
Win £600 sterling of air tickets as well as £100 sterling book tokens from the world-famous Cambridge booksellers - Heffers. Simply fill in the survey and answer a simple question.

Camellia Software Corporation
Tenino, WA, US
Developers of Batch Job Server, a Windows NT service that manages execution of batch files (batch jobs) submitted by users, programs or other host systems.

Canadian Internet Mall
Roblyn Marketing, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Offers great shopping opportunities and great bargains in some of Canada's best stores.

Cape Ann
The Cape Ann Chamber of Commerce, Gloucester, MA, US
Comprehensive tourist guide to Cape Ann.

Catholic Online
The Catholic Church, Williamsburg, VA, US
In association with Global Connect, Inc., set to take the Roman Catholic Church on to the information superhighway and beyond.

CD SourceLine
Interactive Online Services, Inc., Fremont, CA, US
Resource center for those interested in learning more about CD-ROM, multimedia and interactive technology. Site includes a bookstore, CD-ROM title store and a news and reference section.

Center for Dead Plant Studies
CDPS, Biology Dept., Univ. of Toledo, Toledo, OH, US
Outlines research in microbial ecology and aquatic biology occurring at the CDPS. Includes abstracts of recent publications and details of ongoing projects.

Chargeurs -- Annual Report 1994
Paris, FR
Includes portrait, message to the shareholders, financial highlights, business review, financial statements, and more.

Chattanooga Data Connection
Chattanooga, TN, US
Tennessee's premiere Internet provider.

Chess Federation of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Information on chess in Canada and a complete list of books and equipment.

Chinese Computer Digest
ComStar Company, Cupertino, CA, US
The first Chinese computing magazine on the Internet, in both English and Chinese. Areas include Chinese Apple and Windows software, Chinese educational software, Chinese-English translation software, Chinese computer fonts, and more.

Chip Travel Inc.
Skokie, IL, US
One of the first full-service travel agencies on the Internet, including weekly updates of the hottest travel deals in the industry.

Chiropractic Radiology
Andre Cardin, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Case presentations, links to other chiropractic sites.

Chosen Reflections
Tucson,, AZ, US
Over one million magazines in stock dating from 1843 to 1995.

Chris Reed Productions
Denver, CO, US
A service provider of professional broadcast services to radio and television broadcasters worldwide.

The Cinderpop Page
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A raging Vancouver band.

City Polytechnic of Hong Kong Alumni Association
Kowloon, Hong Kong
The official body for graduates of City Polytechnic and City University.

Clement Mok Designs
San Francisco, CA, US
An agency specializing in the design and implementation of marketing programs within the entertainment, consumer, and high-tech industries.

College & Career Programs for Deaf Students
Gallaudet Univ., Washington, DC, US
A comprehensive listing of programs available to deaf and hard-of-hearing students.

Colossus Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
A global Web and listserver provider. We have customers throughout the world. Discount available to first Antarctica customer.

CombsMoorhead Associates, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
Individualized business research and competitive intelligence.

Commercial Finance Online!
Seattle, WA, US
Providing commercial finance education, resources, and sources in banking, leasing, financing, factoring, venture capital, real estate investors, import/export, financial consulting, and more.

Computer Management Consultants
Jacksonville, FL, US
Provides consulting and contract programming services to major firms throughout the United States and Canada.

Computers, Freedom & Privacy (CFP) Video Library
Sweet Pea Communications, Topanga, CA, US
An educational video collection covering privacy, access to government information, computing ethics, DNA and genetics, cryptography and encryption, civil liberties, and more.

Congressman John Joseph Moakley
U.S. House of Representatives, Washington, DC, US
Congressman Joe Moakley's (D-MA) home page.

Conservative Party (UK) Leadership Challenge
MHM Internet, London, UK
Election news as it becomes available.

Constitution for the United States of America
Mike Goldman, Wilkinsburg, PA, US
HTMLized and indexed Constitution for the United States, free of grammatical, spelling, punctuation and capitalization errors which plague virtually every other copy on Web.

CREAD Distance Education Consortium
State College, PA, US
A non-profit distance education consortium serving the Americas. Offers international conferences, workshops, and access to high quality distance education courses.

The Creative Arts Therapies Coming Together Conference '95
Expressive Therapy Concepts, Valley Forge, PA, US
The 1995 conference presents workshops integrating music therapy, art therapy, dance therapy, psychodrama, poetry therapy, etc.

CST: Apple Point in Kiel
Computer und Schiffstechik Kiel Michael Kampen, Kiel, Germany
Provides a complete service for Apple Macintosh hardware and software. CST runs a 24-hour emergency service, and is located in the city of Kiel in northern Gemany.

The Cup Stops Here: The New Jersey Devils' 1995 Championship
The Bergen Record, Hackensack, NJ, US
A retrospective of the Devils' Stanley Cup victory. The site includes an extensive photo gallery, a trivia contest, coverage by The Bergen Record's award-winning sports staff, and game-by-game statistics.

Dakota Internet Access, Inc.
Williston, ND, US
Western North Dakota's gateway to the Internet providing shell and SLIP/PPP access. Services include email, Web, gopher, telnet, IRC, and usenet.

Damar Group - Your Personal Computer Expert
Columbia, MD, US
Open-registration and corporate computer training programs. Instructor-led and self-study learning materials available for downloading. Software application notes and recommended resources.

Dance Music
Inter Active Media Of America Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Demos of new dance music releases.

Dead Pool 1995
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Who will not make it to see 1996.

Department of Economics and Management
Royal Military Academy, Brussels, Belgium
Overview of the department's staff and research.

Dixon Gallery and Gardens
Memphis, TN, US
A specialized art museum with a dual focus -- 19th century French painting, particularly Impressionism, and 18th century German porcelain.

Dodgertown West
Mendocino, CA, US
A baseball club formed by alumni from the Los Angeles Dodgers Adult Baseball Camp.

Dot Com Yourself!
SmartLink, Santa Clarita, CA, US
The easiest way to give your organization a permanent, portable, and prestigious presence on the Internet.

Dr. Pribut On Running Injuries
Dr. Stephen M. Pribut, Washington, DC, US
Sports podiatrist Stephen M. Pribut discusses running injuries, biomechanics of running, physiology, and avoiding injuries.

Dream Garden Press
Salt Lake City, UT, US
A small publishing company offering books about Utah, the intermountain West, and the Southwest. Works by Edward Abbey and George A. Thompson, as well as Monkey Wrench Gang T-shirts.

Duncan Hopkins
Austin, TX, US
Multimedia and graphic design site including 3D modeling, Web HTML, macromedia director, and other types of multimedia design and illustration. Plus sculptures, Garagekits, and downloadable quicktime movies.

Electronic Saloon
Shibuyaku, Tokyo, Japan
Whimsical characters interested in music, including DTM, night clubbing, and so on.

Elektra: Digitas' Web Server
Cambridge, MA, US
A Harvard College organization devoted to emerging technologies.

elizabeth gone
New York, NY, US
Lyrics, photos, artwork, and info on the alternative acoustic band.

Emerald Arts
Boulder, CO, US
Music by Steve Milbacher and friends.

Creative Fulfillment, Inc./Intuitive Software, Marina del Rey, CA, US
Super-fast searching for a music database of over 100,000 compact discs.

The Environmental Law Alliance Worldwide Experience
Univ. of Melbourne Faculty of Law, Parkville, Australia
This page is run by law students in the Univ. of Melbourne's Environmental Law Clinic. Contains legal research and projects that the clinic is involved with, as well as a host of pointers.

Estonian Chamber of Commerce
Tallinn, Estonia
Estonia's international business organization.

EWACars Automobilia
Berkeley Hts, NJ, USA
Thousands of automobile books, car videos, and more.

Experimental Aircraft Association Oshkosh '95 Airshow
Oshkosh, WI, US
The annual EAA Oshkosh airshow and fly-in convention (July 27 - Aug 2) is the premier event in sport aviation. Air & Space magazine's Web site has schedules, housing information and lots more.

Fahan School
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia
A K-12 girls school in Tasmania. This site is an information server for the school, as well has providing details on competitions the school is running.

Fischer Computer Systems, Angwin, CA, US
Internet service provider and Web site for the Napa Valley and surrounding areas.

Financial Management Association International
Tampa, FL, US
One of the finance industry's predominant professional associations, composed of academicians, practitioners and students. Services include publications, conferences, placement services, links, and more.

First National Building Society
Information on realty, savings and lending, mortgages, and more.

Melon Dezign Multimedia Productions, Philadelphia, PA, US
Full color fliers of upcoming raves and nightclub events in United States, Canada, and Europe.

Harvard University Biolabs, Cambridge, MA, US
A database of genetic and molecular data for Drosophila.

Flynn's Arcade
Arvada, CO, US
Huge source of video game links, and more.

Freesun News
Brussels, Belgium
The leading Belgian magazine devoted to the travel trade. Includes information about travel, tourism, airlines, hotels, business travel, exhibitions, fairs, and more.

Freshly Baked Cooked Book
Manhattan Beach, CA, US
A band based in Los Angeles. The site contains info on members and dates, artwork, lyrics, song clips, and tape archives. The music weaves through psychedelia, funk, punk, jazz, blues, and reggae.

Galaxy Media Group, Inc.
Pleasanton, CA, US
We specialize in electronic publishing services.

Games on the Internet
San Jose, CA, USA
Over 500 shareware games and demos for DOS and Windows.

George Eastman House International Museum of Photography and Film
Rochester, NY, US
Includes a virtual tour of the house, gardens and exhibits, info about the Eastman library and research archives, educational activities for young children, and a calendar of events.
http://www.it.rit.edu/~gehouse [PICK OF THE WEEK]

The Gigaplex
Lazar Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
A whopping arts and entertainment site with 100s of pages devoted to film, TV, music, theater, books, photography, photojournalism, golf, yoga, food and restaurants.

Global Dialog Internet
Madison, WI, US
Madison's fastest and most friendly Internet provider.

Golden Gate Computer Society - Marin, CA
San Rafael, CA, US
Information on the activities of the premier computer user group in the San Francisco Bay area. Users helping users.

Graphic Persuasion's Finest
Los Angeles, CA, US
Specializing in interactive multimedia, desktop publishing, image digitizing, installations, Web page mastering, and more.

Guardian Optical
Deptford, NJ, US
The Internet's premier optical company offering glasses, contact lenses, sunglasses and more at 50% less than retail. All products are guaranteed and backed by a 30-day return policy.

Cupertino, CA, US
The national network of the human services community.

Happy Puppy Games Onramp
Issaquah, WA, US
The best of the current Top 100 PC Game shareware and demos.

Hawaii Connections
Hawaii Internet Services, Honolulu, HI, US
Directory of Web pages in and about Hawaii.

Hershey Apple Core
Hershey, PA, US
The home base for the Hershey Apple Core, a Macintosh user's group. Your first stop for Macintosh information.

The High Speed/Automated Transportation Page
Univ. of Alabama, College of Engineering, Huntsville, AL, US
An archive of current high-speed rail transportation.

High Technology Law Journal
Boalt Hall School of Law, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
Published by students.

How to Meditate
Gabriel Zappia, Portland, ME, US
A concise instructional on a classic mantra-based meditation.

HyperZine Communications, Inc., Monsey, NY, US
Internet magazine featuring photography and video interests. Provides product search/database, press releases, news, reviews, and tips.

IATH Research Reports, Third Series
Charlottesville, VA, US
Research reports from the Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities.

Illustrator-Designer Rob Ebersol
Ebersol Incorporated, Atlanta, GA, US
Illustration and graphic design portfolios categorized by subject: stylized illustration, slick illustration, informational graphics, logos and design.

New York, NY, US
We create Web sites, interactive promotional kits, and graphics for print.

Intensive American Language Center
IALC, Pullman, WA, US
A part of International Programs at Washington State University, the IALC provides intensive English language instruction to international students intending to pursue academic studies in the US.

Inter Web Business Development Group
Dallas, TX, US
A full-service Internet/Web consultancy.

Interface Science Western
Univ. of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
A group of physics and chemistry researchers.

InterLinks -- Searching the Net
Sylvain Provencher, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This document contains a collection of links on some of the more useful search engines and tools on the Net. Also find lots of interesting links to general interest utilities, tools, sites, documentation, etc.

Longueuil, Quebec, Canada
If you or your company needs a HTML designer, check out this page. More great stuff coming soon.

International Meditation Centres
Sayagyi U Ba Khin Memorial Trust, Calne, Wilts, England
Information on courses in Vipassana (Theravada Buddhist) meditation, Buddhist publications, pictures of IMC Pagodas.

International Network for Interfaith Health Practices
Carter Center & St. Francis Hospital, Evanston, IL, US
IHP-NET is an Internet electronic forum for dialogue and resource sharing among persons of all religious traditions, regarding the dynamic relationship between spirituality and health.

International Television Association
ITVA, Irving, TX, US
The premiere organization devoted to providing accomplished visual communicators with business development opportunities. Promotes the growth, quality and success of film, video and multimedia communications.

Internationale Stadt Bremen
Bremen, Germany
Die Internationale Bremen stellt fünf Schwerpunkte aus Bremen dar: Kultur aus Bremen, im Markt präsentieren sich nicht nur Bremer Unternehmen, Einwohner gibt es in der digitalen Stadt auch, Bremen (Strassen, Orte, Bilder, Kneipen, Gastronomie u.v.m.), Service über uns.

The Internet Arm Chair Traveler
Saint Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada
Profiles communities as tourist destination areas; lists business and events that may be of interest to potential visitors.

The Internet Pearls Index
SoloTech Software, Madison, WI, US
Collections of resources, including government, financial markets, medicine, career and job opportunities, shareware, and futuristic technologies.

Internet Research Center
San Diego, CA, US
Interactive and online marketing and research specialists.

Italian Democratic Party of the Left
Dave Fisher, Univ. of Bristol, UK
Covers the Italian Partito Democratico Della Sinistra (PDS) and its predecessor, the Italian Communist Party (PCI).

Jah Red Productions
Studio City, CA, US
Links to pro audio and engineering, sumo, reggae, Rastas, government and law.

The Jazz Wall
Larry and Phil Cardon, Logan, UT, US
The newest and latest in Web sports pages, highlighting The Utah Jazz.

Jim Santo's Demo Universe
New York, NY, US
Reviews of self-released musical recordings, regularly updated. Also includes back issues of my Demorandum column in Alternative Press Magazine.

The Joe Boxer Playground
Joe Boxer Corp., San Francisco, CA, US
The Web site reflects the company's commitment to mixing pleasure with business. We have Cyberhunts and puzzle competitions.

Kailash Dance Company
Canberra, Australia
Indian dance performed in a multicultural society.

Kenneth Sadler Associates
Hyannis, MA, US
Professional building design and home plan showcase.

The Kitchen Table Millionaire
Manumit Books Ltd., Modesto, CA, US
New book reveals the most powerful and proven home-based business programs.

Sillynet, Ltd., Denver, CO, US
Ezine that depicts the silliness of the "computer underground."

Kranna Distributors Ltd.
Palgrave, Ontario, Canada
The amazing hot nut machine and pizza sheeter.

Kurz & Kurz, CPAs
New York, NY, US
Service for small to mid-sized corporate clients.

Eugene, OR, US
Lane County's oldest TV station.

Cosmic PorkFlute, Detroit, MI, US
Dedicated to the radio broadcasting personality.

Douglas F. Elznic, Manlius, NY, US
Links to lacrosse all around the world. A definite for any lax fan.

Larkspur Waterfront Properties
The Marine Network, Orcas Island, WA, US
Search the online Pacific NW database for waterfront homes and/or properties. At least one color picture is included with each listing.

Lawrence Hall of Science
Berkeley, CA, US
LHS is the public science center of the University of California, Berkeley, and a leader in teacher education and curriculum development.

The List Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
The world's most comprehensive list of Internet access providers.

Los Angeles Dodgers Adult Baseball Camp
Dennis McCroskey, Mendocino, CA, US
Info about this and other fantasy baseball camps.

LottoMan Services Center
Lighthouse Engineering, Virginia Beach, VA, US
Complete services for the avid lottery player.

The Lounge
Ho-Ho-Kus, NJ, US
Page with links to X-Files, Letterman Top 10, The Best of the Internet Mailing, HTML editors, and more.

Lump's Digital Dump
LUMP, New Orleans, LA, US
Punk/funk/jazz slop.

Websmith, Chico, CA, US
The coolest Macintosh site on the Web with a fun and easy interface. Categories include shopping, products, user groups, magazines, books and reference, and news.

Magic Solutions
Sao Paulo, Brazil
Offering Web development services for the Brazilian community.

Magic: The Gathering
Tony Rubin, Schaumburg, IL, US
Information on Magic: The Gathering: cards for sale, links to other MtG sites, etc.

MarCom Center
Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Creative marketing, Web design and Internet solutions.

Marine Corps Marathon
Washington, DC, US
Information about the marathon and runner applications can be found here.

MarketBase Systems, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Over 700 products and services listed.

Marketing Masters
Neenah, WI, US
Software for creating questionnaires and analyzing the results.

Marquette University
Milwaukee, WI, US
Marquette is pleased to announce the launching of its home page.

Martin Luther King Magnet High School
Nashville, TN, US
Magnet high school for health sciences and engineering. Page contains general information about the school, and is completely student-authored and maintained.

Maui Island Computing
Kula, HI, US
We provide support for small business computer users.

Mechanical and Mechatronic Engineering Department
Univ. of Sydney, Australia
The display shows the degrees available, as well as detailing the research in the areas of mechatronics, combustion, computational mechanics, materials, biomedical engineering, rheology and design.

Media Cybernetics
Silver Spring, MD, US
Home page of the makers of scientific imaging software including Image-Pro Plus and Gel-Pro Analyzer.

Media Range Corp.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
High-quality conversion of multimedia content and creations to the Web; MM development and parallel Web presence development.

Medical, Clinical & Occupational Toxicology Resources
Toxicology Treatment Program, Pittsburgh, PA, US
An Internet resource for practitioners, educators and researchers in medical, clinical and occupational toxicology and providers of poison information.

The Melbourne Web Spot
Netwide Pty. Ltd., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An information service based in Melbourne, Australia.

Mercon Web
Merchant's Consulting Network, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL, US
Our accounting needs analysis form steps the user through a series of important questions. The Docent's Tour of Salvador Dali Resources on the Internet provides unique content centered on Salvador Dali.

Metricom Inc. Canada
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Designs and produces wireless data modems and provides wireless data services and network coverage using spread spectrum technology.

Middle of Nowhere
Brad Cox at George Mason Univ., Fairfax, VA, US
Using hypertext Web documents to distributed hoarded information to students of all ages around the globe.

The Montreal Roadrunners
Montreal, Canada
Information about our international roller hockey team.

Mountain Biking
Freehold, Kiev, Ukraine
This is a first known attempt to create MTB infospace on Ukraine. Many people from all over the world ride Ukrainian roads, but information about them was unavailable over the Internet.

A Multidimensional Perception ~/*\=
Ventura, CA, US
Only a mind that is free from the limitations of thought can perceive the multidimensional universe of what is.

Muslim Students Association
Univ. of Hartford, CT, US
Knowledge is the foundation of a successful Muslim.

Mystfest 95 (Movie Festival)
The Team, Cattolica, Italy
Information on Mystfest 95, a movie festival in Cattolica Italy, July 2-8. Includes photos, movies and the program.

Mystic Marbles
Brighton, UK
UK-based pages, and multimedia and Windows 95 specific sites.

National Operator Service
Los Angeles, CA, US
12.9 cents-per-minute.

National Schools of California
San Diego, CA, US
We offer the School Report to parents over the Internet.

NDC Group, Inc.
Arlington, VA, US
We develop home pages.

Neoglyphics: Internet Vision
webMart, Chicago, IL, US
Gears in motion. The most comprehensive vision of the Internet to date.

Neoglyphics Media Corporation
Wilmette, IL, US
The foremost Web design firm, with clients including AT&T, MCI, Chicago Sun-Times, Frito-Lay, and many others.

Network Support Center
Newport Beach, CA, US
Southern California's premier ISP dealing with multi-platform interconnectivity.

NEURO-Harmonic Systems
Tampa, FL, US
NeXT Generation brain wave synchronization devices, neural research, lucid dreaming. Seek medical advice before using any brain wave altering device.

New Media Factory
Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK
New media agency providing Web design and interactive marketing consultancy to corporates.

Nick Coady: The Voice of a Thousand Commercials
Nick Coady Promotions, Ipswich, Suffolk, UK
Coady provides professional and compelling voice-overs for TV, radio and cinema to clients worldwide. (Fully ISDN-equipped studio.)

NII Awards Server -- Champions of Cyberspace
NII Awards, Santa Monica, CA, US
Home of the National Information Infrastructure Awards -- honoring the Champions of Cyberspace and the best uses of the information highway. Searchable database and learning community.

North Carolina Boys Choir
Durham, NC, US
Continuous updates around the clock. Includes a history, list of choir members and itineraries.

Ocean Software Ltd. (Ocean of America)
San Jose, CA, US
Publisher of tons of cool games, including Jurassic Park, TFX, The Flintstones, Waterworld, Lobo and more. Sneak peaks of coming attractions, screen shots, game demos, and new stuff updated each month.

Odyssey Online, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Concepts, creates, and constructs Web sites on the Internet. Specializing in Internet marketing and publishing, Odyssey designs and develops sites to strategically meet your marketing objectives.

The Official Democratic National Committee Electronic Headquarters
Traveller Information Services, Huntsville, AL, US
Includes humor, audio and video clips. Most importantly, there are opportunities to speak your mind, and tell the Democrats what you think.

The Official Sun 60 Home Page
Hollywood, CA, US
Sun 60 is the Epic Records recording group. This home page contains a discography, touring schedule and more.

Oideas Gael
Gleann Cholm Cille, Donegal, Ireland
Irish language and culture courses.

Oil and Gas Management Software - oilTrak
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
A totally integrated computer software for managing oil and gas companies: drillers, producers, partnerships, and joint ventures. oilTrak runs on the IBM AS/400 or PC/LAN.

Santa Clara, CA, US
Provides Web publishing services to small companies and organizations that want to promote their ideas and products on the Web. Special discounts available for socially and environmentally conscious organizations/companies.

On-Line Transgender Resource Guide
Creative Design Services, King of Prussia, PA, US
Free resource information, newsletters, text files, photos, non-erotic, self-help publications and videos, magazine, support group lists, and links to other transgender resources on the Net.

Oregon Country Fair Online
Oregon Public Networking, Eugene, OR, US
Complete info for the Oregon Country Fair, including entertainment schedules, food vendors' menus, and live photos of the fair, July 7-9.

Osteopathic Supplies Ltd.
Rosegarth Communications Ltd., Mansfield, Notts, UK
Run by a healthcare practitioner to meet the needs of complementary healthcare professionals in private practice. The aim is to make all specialist requirements easily available.

OverSight Magazine
Los Angeles, CA, US
An online magazine of community and alternative arts in Los Angeles, featuring non-profit arts organizations, artist's pages and a gallery, and a record store.

Palm Springs Online
Computerworks, Indian Wells, CA, US
Flying into Palm Springs and want to know the weather? The traffic update? Information about golf courses? All this, and more.

Pangaea CAD Solutions, Inc.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Produces Windows CAD software which allows display and editing of Intergraph Microstation format design files. Also supports CIT, RLE, TG4 and BMP graphic formats.

PC World Online
San Francisco, CA, US
Builds on the editorial strength of the magazine, offering valuable features and benefits only electronic media can provide.

Emory University, Atlanta, GA, US
Dedicated to promoting the rich cultural heritage of Iran and its people.

Philippine Business Online
EIGER Consulting and Information Services, Geneva, CH
A clearing-house of business news and investment opportunities in the Philippines.

The Photoplex
Lazar Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
Fine-art photography, featuring Robert Landau's Outrageous LA and Billboard Art exhibits, and professional photojournalism, featuring photoessays on crack babies, bounty hunters, etc.

Picons Archive
Steve Kinzler, Bloomington, IN, US
Picons are personal icons (XBM/XPM/GIF) of users, domains and newsgroups on the Net for mail, news, Web and weather. Sources, documentation and searching available here.

Pics OnLine BBS System
Pics OnLine, Inc, Atco, NJ, US
Since '87 Pics OnLine BBS has provider millions of callers with the latest shareware and public domain software.

Pixel Pages (3DS FAQ Home Page)
Louisville, KY, US
FAQ for 3DStudio, maintained by Eric Vitiello Jr. Also home of many great links to other useful pages for computer animators.

PixelWorks Interactive
Los Angeles, CA, US
A Web and multimedia development company specializing in customer satisfaction. Some capabilities include digital portfolios for artists, illustrators, photographers, designers, and advertising agencies.

The Playwrights Project
Charlotte, NC, US
A non-profit organization dedicated to the reforestation of American Theatre through higher-quality writing.

Point Loma Industries, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Offering simple engineering solutions to today's complex technical problems.

Pointer Associates of New England
Hebron, CT, US
PANE is a dog club of English Pointer fanciers. It operates under the rules of the American Kennel Club (AKC). This page describes the club, its purpose, and maintains a list of coming events.

Psychic Dancehall
Bent Media, New Orleans, LA, US
A garden made of stone.

Pup Tracks
Highland Middle School, Highland, IL, US
Contains educational links organized by subject and information about the school.

Queensland Open Learning Network
Brisbane, Australia
QOLN empowers individuals and organisations to access and provide education and training opportunities. We offer an extensive range of higher education, continuing education, and other training programs.

Radiological Society of North America
Oak Brook, IL, US
A nonprofit international medical society.

Random Lightbulb Joke Page
OneStop Information, San Rafael, CA, US
For entertainment purposes.

Reality Communications (Internet) Ltd.,
London, UK
We specialize in creating corporate, professionally-designed Web sites.

Regional Information Technology and Software Engineering Center
Cairo, Egypt
The first Egyptian Web site.

Richard's Poetry Library
Univ. of California, Davis, CA, US
A substantial poetry collection.

Roxane Pain Institute
Roxane Laboratories, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Cancer and AIDS pain management services.

Royal Insurance Holdings
Liverpool, England, UK
Offering high quality insurance cover around the world for 150 years. You can now access our products and services worldwide.

RPR Environmental Group
Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada
Technology, know-how, and equipment to manage regulated solid, liquid and air by-products from industry.

Rubber Stamping Page
Salt Lake City, UT, US
A great resource for new and experienced rubber stampers.

S & S Enterprises
Aberdeen, SD, US
We have been serving the needs of professional and amateur bodybuilders since 1983.

Saber's Edge Hobbies and Games
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
A Canadian mail-order service dealing in miniature historical war-gaming.

Saint Mary's Press
Winona, MN, US
Christian Brothers publications.

School of Business Administration
Univ. of Tampere, Finland
A small but active business school.

Schools of Architecture and Academic Programs
Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, NY, US
Architecture schools and related academic programs are included.

Scientific Photography Lab
Univ. of Basle, Switzerland
Offers lectures in scientific photography and does research in the field of digital restoration of faded color photographs. Very interesting demo pictures.

Scouting in Sweden
Peace Venture, Malmoe, Sweden
The starting point to scouting on the Web in Sweden.

Sexton's EZ-Lease Program
Sexton Companies, Newport Beach, CA, US
Consider leasing computer gear instead of buying. It makes perfect sense to use leasing - the third kind of money - for computer equipment.

Shy Drager & Parkinson's Page
SDS Support Group, IL, US
Information on Shy Drager and Parkinson's for doctors and patients.

Siegel Business Services Inc.
Bala Cynwyd, PA, US
Mergers and acquisitions.

Sigma Chi Fraternity
Evanston, IL, US
Home page officially mandated by the Sigma Chi headquarters. Active chapters, events, history, photos, and more are located here.

Sign Linguistics Resource Index
Victoria Univ. of Wellington - Deaf Studies Research Unit, Wellington, New Zealand
Contains pointers to resources of use to people studying the linguistics of sign languages. Also contains a Web interface to SLLING-L, the Sign Linguistics List.

Silicon Vision
Strong Opinions On Success (SOOS), San Jose, CA, US
A downloadable monthly business magazine.

The Silk Classifieds
Grady Associates, Rochester, NY, US
Your Internet gateway. Reach Rochester and the world.

Simplex Services Cavalcade
Niverville, NY, US
Offers a wide range of home business ideas, personal enrichment, free reports, and advertising. More exciting items are being added all the time.

Solid Oak Software, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Publisher of CYBERsitter, Windows software to keep kids from accessing adult material.

Sounds from Movies
Philadelphia, PA, US
A large selection of downloadable sounds in .WAV format.

Southwest Texas State University's Media Services
San Marcos, TX, US
Dissemination site for university and non-university users of the University's Media Services.

Spacecraft Components Corp.
Hawthorne, CA, US
Electrical connectors and accessories. Plugs, receptacles, coaxial, hermetic, firewall, printed circuit, environmental, and more.

Starr Labs
Starr Labs/Starr Switch Company, San Diego, CA, US
Manufacturers of MIDI guitar controllers, percussion controllers and specialized MIDI equipment. Also guitar switching and signal processing electronics plus custom music electronics.

Madison, WI, US
Site of the up-and-coming ska band, Stinkfish, from Madison.

Structural Biology and Biomolecular Engineering in Europe
Organizes dispersed information about structural biology resources in the European area, both on- and off-line. Also intended to help industries locate academic contacts.

Support Directory
software.net, Menlo Park, CA, US
Over 500 computer hardware and software companies' phone numbers.

Tales of Wonder
Univ. of California, Davis, CA, US
A selection of folk and fairy tales from around the world.

Austin, TX, US
The home of Taz fans on the Internet.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Surge Licensing, Jericho, NY, US
The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles on the Web. Send a letter to your favorite Turtle.

Portsmouth, NH, US
A full telecommunications curriculum of interactive computer-based training courses.

Texture Magazine
Camarillo, CA, US
An online literary magazine.

Thomson Pizzey, Patent Attorney
Canberra, ACT, Australia
Patent, trade mark, logo, brand, intellectual property, and more.

Los Angeles, CA, US
We offer you advanced consultancy services for a demanding world.

To The Heart Astrology
Portland, OR, US
An astrological service company.

The Totally Unofficial Rap Dictionary
Computing Science Students Association, Nijmegen, Gelderland, the Netherlands
Rap dictionary, CD suggestions, pictures, places, and links to other rap references.

Town of Hebron, Connecticut
Hebron, CT, US
Intended as a source of information on town government. Lists elected officials, town hours, civic groups, and activities in which all are welcome to participate.

Travel Zone
Sheridan, WY, US
We are a Uniglobe travel agency specializing in Wyoming travel.

The Treasury Management Page
The Product Management Group, Chicago, IL, US
A compilation of yields/rates (current and historic), management insight, business news, and more.

Tribal Voice
Woodland Park, CO, US
A Native American company dedicated to providing an Internet presence for indigenous people. Developers of PowWow, Internet chat software for everyone.

TriMM MultiMedia
Enschede, Overijssel, the Netherlands
Specialists in value-added Web pages. TriMM is the first (and still only) business in the region of Twente, the Netherlands, that offers Internet services.

TRON Home Page
Guy Gordon, Hoffman Estates, IL, US
A fan page for the movie TRON. This site is not licensed or endorsed by Disney.

The TuneWeb
Univ. of California, Davis, CA, US
Traditional tunes from the British Isles and North America.

The TVplex
Lazar Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
Celebrity interviews with top television stars including Paul Reiser, Helen Hunt, Roseanne, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Annie Potts, Jay Thomas, Bob Saget, Phil Donahue, Marlo Thomas, and Henry Winkler.

UK Jewish Email Directory
Matthew Album, London, UK
UK Jewish organizations online.

The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software (TUCOWS)
Scott A. Swedorski & Shawn G. Chittle, Flint, MI, US
The ultimate collection of Winsock software for Windows. Everything you will ever need with your TCP/IP connection.

West Haven, CT, US
Our mission is to help businesses and institutions make efficient and effective use of the Internet.

Univ. of Nebraska Women's Volleyball
Lincoln, NE, US
This is the unofficial site for the University of Nebraska Women's Volleyball. Most of the information from their Media and Recruiting Guide is available for viewing.

Universal Networks, Inc.
Elmhurst, IL, US
A leading systems integrator based in the greater Chicagoland area. Providing systems integration in the LAN, WAN and inter-connectivity communities.

Universidad De la Frontera - Computer Sciences
Temuco, Chile
Just another page on the Web for expats who wish to have a peak at our country.

University of Tulsa: Department of Chemical Engineering
Tulsa, OK, US
Professors' bibliographies, a "virtual" walk-through of the department, and more.

Unofficial Miami Dolphins Home Page
Luis Amat, Miami, FL, US
The purpose of this page is to provide any and all fans of the Miami Dolphins with images, news, and trivia the he/she may not be able to obtain easily because of location and/or time constraints.

Vancouver Island Rock and Alpine Garden Society
Victoria, BC, Canada
Information about the activities of North America's oldest Rock Garden Society.

The Vanguard Squadron
Sioux Falls, SD, US
The only formation flying squadron in the world powered by 100% corn Ethanol.

Vannevar New Media: Internet Publishing and Applications
Houston, TX, US
An Internet publishing and applications company which specializes in placing corporations on the Internet.

Amsterdam, Holland
Information on ancient Vedic astrology and esoterica (Asian Indian).

Video Editing Resource Page
Videonics, Campbell, CA, US
Articles, definitions, how-tos, and many helpful hints designed for anyone who has a camcorder and wants to make quality video productions. Includes information on editing, titles, effects.

VideoPro Directory
Available Light Productions, San Antonio, TX, US
Television, video, film, and media professionals and companies.

Vietnam Trading Corporation Ltd., Houston, TX, US
Exciting information about trade with Vietnam.

Virtual Multimedia Workshop
Margaret in Cyberspace, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Experiment in virtual reality simulation. Walk around the workshop, visit graphics, video and sound areas. Click on objects and see what they do.

Voom Cyberpage
Voom Advertising, Sydney, Australia
Cool stuff on advertising and communications.

Water Heater Rescue
Walnut Creek, CA, US
Extensive information on servicing water heaters.

Web Lab
Mountain View, CA, US
Web page creation, FTP archive, and mailing list services for both individuals and businesses.

WebGold Superior Authoring & Development
Aurora/Denver, CO, US
Provides superior Web Internet authoring and development solutions. No one can design higher quality Web pages in Colorado. Offers CGI-BIN scripting, interactive forms and other authoring features.

WebMart Online Shopping Mall
webMart inc., Chicago, IL, US
One of the first shopping malls in the world with online credit card authorization.

Web-Site of Unknowing
Center for Spiritual Formation, Atlanta, GA, US
Includes excerpts from the writings of Carl McColman, a freelance writer whose work deals with progressive issues concerning Christian and interfaith spirituality.

Wescott Audio, Inc.
A personalized approach to purchasing high-end audio/video components.

The Westech Career Expo Virtual Job Fair
Santa Clara, CA, US
Resources for the career-conscious technical professional. Find career opportunities, links to high-tech employers home pages, job fair venues, a high-tech career magazine, and an online job search/retrieval system.

Willow Peripherals Computer Video Products catalog
Bronx, NY, US
Presenting a product catalog for OEMs, VARs and system integrators. Look for the computer video notebook, applications resource, and associates catalog coming soon.

Windows on the World
San Diego, CA, US
An online service for travel, culture and commerce has been structured by an architecture designed to promote the integration of peoples, cultures and methods of interacting worldwide.

Sydney, NSW, Australia
Play Australian lotto on the Net.

The Wisdom Page
Copthorne Macdonald Communications, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Exploring the nature of wisdom, ways and means of developing it, and why we -- both as individuals and a global society -- so badly need it.

Word Master, Inc.
Deerfield, IL, US
Specialists in client/server application. development

World Wide Web Services
SyComM Consulting Services, Seattle, WA, US
Offering complete Web services -- HTML authoring, CGI scripting, graphic design, Web site consulting and setup.

The World Wide Whiffleball Server
San Diego, CA, US
This server provides information about the World Whiffleball Tournament, an annual multi-regional tournament sponsored by the World Whiffleball Commission.

WTI Networks
Chicago, IL, US
Internet presence provider and consulting firm.

WWW WorldNews Today
Strategic Futures International, Indianapolis, IN, US
The Web's daily newspaper. News, entertainment, sports, editorials, classifieds, and much more.

The Yankee Café
Boston, MA, US
Something for everyone, all organized in a clean, easy-to-use interface.

Wednesday, 19 July 1995

The 29th Montreux Jazz Festival
Montreux Jazz Organization, Paris, France
All festival currents events, on a daily basis, including news reports, major events, concert excerpts, hot news, pictures, star interviews, schedule with biography and discography.

4th Firefighters World Games
Edmonton Firefighters Service Assoc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
July 28 to August 3. Details on how to participate in Canada's largest fire service exposition.

96 WAZY FM 96.5
Lafayette, IN, US
WAZY plays hits of the 80's and 90's and is the flagship station of the Purdue Sports Network carrying Boilermaker football and men's basketball.

SCL Productions Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Web site for syndicated television program producer Atlantic Coast Entertainment.

Acoustic Routes
TVC15, Edinburgh, Scotland
Some of the finest folk musicians in the world are in the film 'Acoustic Routes'.

Action Base Software
Encino, CA, US
Complete turnkey solutions for companies seeking an Internet presence.

Advanced Image Communications (AIC)
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Complete multimedia production in a barn.

Advanced Squad Leader
Pasadena, CA, US
Various bits and pieces of information about ASL (Advanced Squad Leader) together with where and how to get more information.

Aileron's Guide to Plane Watching
The Dorsai Embassy, Brooklyn, NY, US
Ever wanted to watch commercial airplanes from 50 feet away? Here you'll find info on how to become an official "plane-watcher."

AIM Flight Simulation Organization
Lancaster, SC, US
A group of computer flight simulation enthusiasts who prepare mock campaigns.

Alfa Laval Automation
Malmö, Sweden
Develops, produces and markets automation equipment and solutions for industrial and public purposes.

The Almost Complete Microbrewery & Brewpub Guide
Mountain Wide Web Design, Denver, CO, US
The ultimate guide to microbreweries and brewpubs in the US.

Amana Colonies Online Resource
Amana, IA, US
A wealth of information about the Amana Colonies' heritage and present-day attractions. Visit Iowa's leading visitor attraction and National Historical Landmark.

American Dance Festival
Nando.Net, Raleigh, NC, US
1995 festival information. Includes dance performance schedules, dance feature articles, and reviews by dance critic Linda Belans.

AmeriSource Travel
SoftWest, Inc., Tucson, AZ, US
The comprehensive resource for travel, entertainment and recreational businesses in all areas of the United States.

AMF Shareware Productions
Holbrook, NY, US
Web page contains the latest products for Windows and Word for Windows 6.0. Allows downloading, viewing of screen shots, and provides support.

Ami Dolenz Home Page
Chattanooga, TN, US
Dedicated to the actress Ami Dolenz (daughter of Micky Dolenz).

Analytical Chemistry
Laboratory of Analytical Chemistry, Univ. of Amsterdam, Netherlands
Overview of research and education in the field of analytical chemistry at the Univ. of Amsterdam. Includes process analysis, chemometrics and separation methods.

Angband for the Macintosh
Columbia, SC, US
Contains the most recent information about the game Angband for the Macintosh.

ANJY - A Network for Jewish Youth
The Association for Jewish Youth, London, UK
A project piloted by the Association for Jewish Youth that provides information for both adults and youth about Jewish youth and their activities.

Anti-Elvis Club
Lower East Side, NY, US
Find out everything you ever wanted to know about those wacky East Side Kids of the '90s and their crazy rock 'n' roll.

APS Research Guide to Resources for Theological and Religious Studies
APS Research, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Produced by a team of scholars, the APS Research Guide seeks to create a research-oriented listing of all materials that faculty and students in theological/religious studies can use for research, publication and teaching.

San Diego, CA, US
The industry leader in imaging and archiving for UNIX-based systems. Apunix develops, markets and sells state-of-the-art color document imaging, backup and archiving, and multimedia solutions for the UNIX market.

Art & Science Web Site Architects
San Francisco, CA, US
The technology leader amongst Web design firms. We are not content to accept the limitations of HTML and are constantly extending the bounds of what is possible.

Artist Access
Camino, CA, US
Connect now with independent recording artists. New music from outside the corporate music machine. Free online samples, plus much more.

Astrology Alive
Barbera Schermer, Chicago, IL, US
The site offers a wealth of resources for both the person with no knowledge of astrology and for the serious student.

Astronomical Images Archive
John Parker, Philadelphia, PA, US
This page is an archive of astronomical images collected from the Internet and other sources. It has been optimized for viewing with Netscape 1.1N. Most pictures also include some information compiled from a variety of sources.

Atlanta Film/Video Producer's Directory
SCL Productions Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
A directory of professional film and video production resources.

Attorney Internet Marketing, Mountain View, CA, US
International resource for locating an attorney, including an extensive directory of law-related Internet sites.

Auricle: Film Composer's Time Processor
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
About 'The Auricle' and its impact on the film, music and entertainment industry. Also includes material of general appeal to those curious about music composition and performance for film, television and multimedia.

Aurum Solis Books & Supplies
Aurum Solis Ltd., Chicago, IL, US
Metaphysical and occult books and related supplies.

Aus dem ARTE Monatsheft
Burkhard Busch, Paderborn / Marsberg, NRW, Germany
Ausgesuchte Infos aus dem 'ARTE Monatsheft' (ARTE ist der Deutsch-Franzoesische Kulturkanal) wird monatlich ergaenzt und aktualisiert.

Australian Holographics
Kangarilla, Australia
Recent projects, stock list and stock images of large format holograms.

Australian News Briefs
Bond University, Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Daily news briefs from Australia. Published Monday-Friday during July and August 1995.

Australian Real Estate
Canberra, Australia
Independent service promoting Australian real estate.

Australia/New Zealand Studies Center
Penn State Univ., PA, US
Academic center dealing with Australia, New Zealand, Oceania, and the Asia-Pacific region.

Automobile Safety Foundation FAQ
SLCA, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
This Usenet FAQ, plus reference material, describes the background behind the ASF and its claims of "top secret safety emergency."

Avtech Electrosystems Ltd.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Manufacturing a line of high performance pulse generators and accessories.

Baltimore Bird Club
Baltimore, MD, US
Welcomes everyone interested in wild birds and birding. Home page features information about the club, birding hotline transcripts, and links to other birding sites on the Web.

bART Internet Services
The Hague, Netherlands
Offers access and services in The Netherlands.

The Berkshire Connection
Becket, MA, US
The online source of information about Berkshire County, Mass., one of the most beautiful areas in the Northeast.

Big Companies, Boring Sites
NetCreations, Inc., Hollywood, FL, US
A constructive criticism of some of the big name sites, and how you can avoid their mistakes.

The Big Skyfest - Hot Air Balloon Rally
Billings, MT, US
Aug. 3-6, 1995. One of our nation’'s premier gatherings of competitive hot air and special-shaped balloons.

BiT Group
Boston, MA, US
A diversified information technology provider dedicated to educating corporate clients about opportunities on the Internet and assisting clients in achieving business objectives through Web site development.

The Bloomin Bog
Ilderton, Ontario, Canada
A water gardening company with lots of info on water plants and links to other water gardening sites.

Bournemouth Tourism
LDS Technology & Bournemouth Tourist Board, Dorset, UK
If you want information about Bournemouth, one of the UK's biggest tourist towns, this is the place to visit.

A Brief Stop at Mount Carmel
Daniel R. Tobias, Shreveport, LA, US
I was passing through Waco, so I decided to take a look at what was left of the Branch Davidian location.

BrokerNet - Second-User Computer Brokers
Paisley, Scotland
Online second-user brokers, buying and selling computer systems over the Internet. Specialists in DEC systems.

The Cactus and Succulent Plant Mall
Tony and Suzanne Mace, Ansty, West Sussex, UK
A resource for cactus and succulent plant enthusiasts.

CADENCE Magazine -- for AutoCAD Users
Miller Freeman, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
Provides hands-on articles, beginning to advanced columns (including customizing, 3D modeling, and programming), and product reviews for the AutoCAD user.

California Minor League Baseball Guide
California, US
Schedules and other information for all California League teams and the Southern Division Western League teams. Also a hotlist to other Minor League Web sites.

Campbell Family Travel
InterWeb Business Development Group, Dallas, TX, US
We offer a comprehensive selection of tours, packages, and adventures.

Ponderosa Campground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A page for people who have never been exposed to the camping experience. It gives the basics of what camping and a campground is all about.

Canadian Arts 'N Crafts
Roblyn Marketing, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Great Canadian handicraft available here. Some Quebec sculptors, native Canadians, and other craftsmen offer their exclusive products.

Capital Source Mortgage
Dallas, TX, US
A national lender with a program that allows you to refinance your FHA or VA mortgage at no cost. This is a government program that allows you to lower your monthly mortgage payment with none of the usual cost, qualifying, or paperwork.

The Cardozo Electronic Law Bulletin
Univ. of Trento - Faculty of Law, Trento, Italy, Europe
Contains a law review, news from the academic life (such as meetings and conferences, visiting professors, etc.), and the Trento Common Core of European Private Law Project.

Carl's Vaudeville & Ragtime Show
Vintage Recordings, Deerfield Beach, FL, US
You feel like you are attending a old time vaudeville show. Great sound bites of actual vaudeville and ragtime artists. Admission is free.

CD SourceLine
Interactive Online Services, Inc., Fremont, CA, US
A bookstore, CD-ROM title store and online news and reference center-in-one. The site uses secure transactions (supported through Netscape 1.1 or newer) in its two stores.

C.D.I. Vacation Guide, California/Nevada
Conceptual Dynamics Int'l, Rancho Cordova, CA, US
A geographically organized directory used to locate comprehensive information on vacation homes, hotels, resorts, lodges, restaurants, time shares, condos, rentals, and local recreation activities.

CELLS alive!
Quill Graphics, Charlottesville, VA, US
A collection of cells, bacteria, parasites and antibiotic effects.

Celtica Tours, Inc.
Franklin, MA, US
We design and deliver small tours to Ireland.

Ministry of Health, Mexico D.F., Mexico
Providing daily news, statistical information, biomedical magazines, and more about Mexico.

Central Plateau REAP
Taupo, New Zealand
REAP server has been setup to give access to the Internet to the local community and in time would like to offer info to the world about the local area.

C.G. Jung Anthology of Writings
Chicago, IL, US
Covering his unique insights into archetypes, dreams, the individual, and his place within the collective whole.

Chicago House Music
Chicago, IL, US
Exciting new 12' vinyl Chicago house music release by Zheam ibn Ismail.

Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel
A review of the cholinesterase enzymes.

Chris' Helping Phriendly List
Seattle, WA, US
The complete list of my bootleg tape collection for people on the Web to trade tapes with me.

Christo and MPEG
Berlin, Germany
MPEG movies showing the wrapped Reichstag building in Berlin, done by Christo and Jean-Claude.

Church of Christ/North
Shreveport, LA, US
A group of people who are completely falling in love with Jesus. The site will be a place to share what he has done in our lives.

Citroen Lindner
Villach, Austria
Your primary source for Citroen cars in Austria. Featuring "Willi's Auto Eck," the place for used cars in top condition.

Classified Ads
Network Support Center, Newport Beach, CA, US
Classified ads giving individuals and businesses global exposure to the Internet.

Club Dead on the Web
Changes in Artitude, St. Petersburg, FL, US
This newest addition to the 60s Trading Post features a large selection of items for lovers of the Grateful Dead: tour shirts, stickers, etc.

Colin Owens: Photographs 1995
Boston, MA, US
This could be one of the Internet's only B+W pages. This is a site of my industrial photographs and original music.

Comair Aviation Academy
Sanford, FL, US
Academy owned and operated by Comair Airlines, a Delta Connection. Airline training for all experience levels. Outstanding airline pilot placement program.

Community & Technical College
Univ. of Toledo, OH, US
Information about the College, its programs, and the community.

Compensation Planning Software from Clayton Wallis Co.
The Clayton Wallis Co., El Verano, CA, US
Total compensation (salary) planning and management software for human resource, HRMS, compensation management and individuals.

Complete RPG and CCG Hot List
RunTime Design, Paoli, PA, US
A list to RPG's and collectible card games.

Computer Comfort
Port Townsend, WA, US
A state-of-the-art facility for learning computer applications, located in the Victorian seaport of Port Townsend, near Seattle.

The Computer Information Centre
London, UK
This site provides the easy way to find information about major computer and communications hardware and software manufacturers, industry organizations and a wide range of computer-related topics.

Computer Vision Lab.
Univ. of Central Florida, Orlando, FL, US
Research areas: shape from X, gesture recognition, lipreading, motion estimation, robot vision, medical image processing, etc.

Connexx International
Williamsburg, VA, US
The first electronic business-to-business networker.

A Cool Slide Show
Chong-Yee Khoo, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, United Kingdom
A nice slide show of JPEG images in a gallery. Uses client-pull; just sit back, relax and enjoy.

Crime Scene Evidence File
Tom Arriola, Oxford, MS, US
A repository of investigative information regarding the murder of Valerie Wilson. The public is allowed to participate in the investigation by asking questions, offering observations and providing leads.

Curmudgeon's Day
St. Louis, MO, US
The primary site for all information concerning the band, Curmudgeon's Day. This includes show schedules, pix of the band, strange graphix, bios, and other assorted stuff.

Cybergalactic Collectors Showcase
Orlando, FL, US
For collectors and dealers everywhere.

CyberLink Internet Services
Sterling, VA, US
Provides Internet and Web consulting, training, and marketing services. Web pages, autoresponser (email-on-demand), and monthly newsletter.

CY's Arty Page
Chong-Yee Khoo, Cambridge, UK
Information on several major museums in London and Cambridge, a list of museums I'd love to see on the Web, and links to other arty Web sites.

Dallas/Fort Worth Internet Marketplace
Dallas, TX, US
We provide affordable listing and full-scale Web presence services.

The Dancers Information Link
Brian Colbert, Sacramento, CA, US
Information on ballroom and West Coast swing dancing in the Sacramento, San Francisco and Reno areas.

Danish Center for Remote Sensing (DCRS)
Technical Univ. of Denmark, Lyngby, Denmark
The objective of DCRS is to integrate technological R&D in the areas of remote sensing sensors, data processing, interpretation, and visualization, with earth science studies.

Danner Studios
Roanoke, VA, US
Virtual sculptures of former wildlife biologist, Dennis Danner.

The Danzan-Ryu Jujutsu
George Arrington, Herndon, VA, US
Authoritative material on the martial art of Henry Seishiro Okazaki.

De Financiele Kant
De Nationale Verzekerings en Geld Krant, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A Dutch paper about personal finance, including loans, saving, stocks, taxes, mortgages, etc.

Dennis McCroskey & Associates-Structural Engineers
Dennis McCroskey & Associates, Mendocino, CA, US
DMCA is a structural engineering firm on the north coast of California.

Destination Everywhere: Fuzzy Logic
Mark Stokes Internet Consulting, Mill Valley, CA, US
Visit Fuzzy and his friends as they explore space, the Net and other places. Devoted to kids of all ages, small and tall, with interesting links to educational resources.

Detective Information NETwork
Falls Church, VA, US
If you are hiring an employee, buying real estate, searching for a lost friend, consulting legal advice, or simply need information, then you need the Detective Information NETwork.

Dig Zone
Edmonton, AB, Canada
A multi-user Web game where you battle the hazards of gravity in search of valuable coins.

DiVa, the Digital Valley
Wageningen, The Netherlands
The regional Internet provider for the center of The Netherlands. Operated on a professional level.

Dorfhotels & Bauerndoerfer, Villach, Austria
The village within the hotel. The hotel within the village. 4-star. At the hotel without obligations. Luxury and comfort, freedom and coziness, safety and a refined lifestyle - we make it possible.

Dynamo House
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Natural products: cosmetics, aromatherapy, gifts, games, and more.

Earth Science and Natural History
EOS Buchantiquariat Benz, Zurich, Switzerland
Catalogue of antiquarian books in the areas of botany, earth science, geology, natural history, paleontology, and zoology.

The Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay
Cove Software Systems Inc., Grasonville, MD, US
Provides detailed information about Maryland's Eastern Shore and the Chesapeake Bay.

Electric Gypsy Software & Consulting
Wichita, KS, US
We provide specialized UNIX, Windows, and DOS software for personal and business needs.

Electric Judy Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Specialists in lighting and wardrobe for the theatre and film industries.

Electronic Urban Report (EUR)
Bailey Broadcasting Services (BBS), Los Angeles, CA, US
The EUR is free "Factual Online Infotainment" covering celebrities, events and issues in the urban/black entertainment world.

Eli's Gallery
Cheney, WA, US
Computer and scanned art by Eli Evans. In-line JPEG and links.

European Procurement Information Network
EPIN Ltd., Dublin, Ireland
The European-wide information network for utilities and their suppliers. It gives guaranteed, instant access to the contract notices that your company is interested in, throughout Europe.

European Software Developer's Competition
Villa Alba, Ireland
Dublin, Nov. 2 and 3. An exciting chance for business application software developers to show off their skills.

Faculty for Undergraduate Neuroscience
Fort Wayne, IN, US
A national organization devoted to research and education in neuroscience at the undergraduate level.

The Filmplex
Lazar Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
Dozens of interviews with Hollywood film stars and directors of the hottest new movies -- including Kevin Costner, Richard Gere, Mel Gibson, Billy Crystal, Jessica Lange, Ellen Barkin, and many more.

Flux Productions
Albany, OR, US
Custom, hand-crafted, hand-tooled leather wallets, purses, pouches, etc. Reasonable prices, quality workmanship. Custom orders only.

The Food & Drug Law Institute
Washington, DC, US
A non-profit, neutral forum for learning more about the FDA and the laws and regulations it administers.

The Foodplex
Lazar Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
Food writer and restaurant critic Merrill Shindler offers humorous essays, whimsical insights, fun facts, easy recipes, top 10 lists, and much more.

Franchise Source
Internet Axxs, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
Information on hundreds of franchise business opportunities.

The Freak Gallery
New York, NY, US
A bizarre collection of creatures from mythology, fantasy, and folklore.

Freya Ventures
Virginia Beach, VA, US
Provides services including interactive exhibit software and exhibit design, scanning, on-site service and 35mm presentation slides.

Gateway Users International
Woodridge, IL, US
A resource for Gateway2000 computers.

Cambridge, MA, US
We support pro-choice Democratic women candidates in Massachusetts.

General Complementary Medicine
Synergistic Medicine Center, Chapel Hill, NC, US
A comprehensive guide to complementary medicine and related sites.

The Global Awards for Excellence in Web Design
W3-Studio, Los Angeles, CA, US
A place for you to reward the efforts of the creators of your favorite Web page. Vote in 12 categories.

Global Connect, Inc.
Williamsburg, VA, US
We take pride in our flexibility, dependable systems, high-speed bandwidth, and economical prices.

Global Impact
Palo Alto, CA, US
We design and implement corporate Web sites.

Global Resource Information Database Arendal
GRID Arendal, Norway
Environmental data, resource maps, GIS datasets, etc. for the Nordic and the Baltic countries and adjacent seas, and the polar regions.

GlobalVision Internet
Kansas City, KS, US
A new major Internet provider and video conferencing service, along with local businesses online.

Irvine Mesa Charros 4-H Club, Irvine, CA, US
Information about dairy goats and pygmy goats. Includes information on feeding, care, breeding, and common diseases.

Golden State Gay Rodeo Association
Greater LA Chapter of Golden State Gay Rodeo Assoc., Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides information and links to gay rodeos throughout the US and Canada, information on the Los Angeles chapter, and on the International Gay Rodeo Association.

Goswick Advertising
Entech, Houston, TX, US
A full-service advertising, design, marketing and public relations company.

Graf-X Commercial Art
Seattle, WA, US
An imaginative design company providing you and your company with the art work and all the separations necessary to fulfill any print job you might have, at an affordable price.

Griffon Aerospace Lionheart
Harvest, AL, US
Lionheart kitplane page is a complete online information package describing the new 450hp six-passenger staggerwing aircraft. Killer CAD-generated graphics.

Collaborative Strategies, San Francisco, CA, US
A consulting firm focused on groupware, workflow, collaboration strategies, change management, and business re-engineering.

Gut Reaction Music
London, UK
New and existing bands and musicians featuring news, music clips, competitions and music memorabilia.

Harter Image Archives
San Antonio, TX, US
Brings new meaning to the term "clip art" with the CD-ROM release of engraving imagery from the renowned archives of Jim Harter.

Hassler Communication Systems Technology, Inc., Dayton, OH, US
A full-service network consulting firm and Internet access provider with services designed to meet the specific needs of businesses in the Dayton/Springfield area.

Heroes, Inc.
Galaxy Media Group, Inc., Pleasanton, CA, US
A slightly tongue-in-cheek comic series.

HEROZ Enterprises, Inc.
Tucson, AZ, US
Check us out if you are starting or have a home-based business, are a new entrepreneur, or are considering buying a franchise. We can help you with free marketing secrets and advice.

High Far Travel Service
Temple City, CA, US
Specializing in trips and tours to Asian countries. Offering some of the lowest airfare prices around.

The Home Port
Salt Lake City, UT, US
One of the best real estate sites on the Net.

The Homebuilt Aircraft Directory On The Internet
The PC Help Group, Milwaukee, WI, US
An aircraft you can build on the Internet.

HomeTown Free-Press
MicroNiche Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
A geographical index to local news and events around the world.

How Can You Laugh At A Time Like This
The Dream Machine, Minneapolis, MN, US
Bruce Madison is a middle-aged Libertarian who writes this weekly column. Often funny, but always interesting.

Hurricane Information Page
Yatcom Communications, New Orleans, LA, US
We take hurricane season very seriously here in New Orleans. This page will help you prepare for storms.

I Connection, Inc.
Waukegan, IL, US
We provide flat rate Internet services to individuals and businesses in the Waukegan/Lake County area.

I-95 Net
InterStateLink, Hickory, NC, US
Travel I-95 from Maine to Florida with more than 1,000 lodging, links, and points of interest.

Import Performance Page
Merlin Johnson, San Diego, CA, US
Home of the Aftermarket Info Sheet. Tips, parts, specs, graphs, and diagrams related to performance tuning on Nissans, Hondas, Toyotas, Mazdas, Volkswagens, BMW.

Independent Comics
Gainesville, FL, US
Mail-order for alternative and independent comic books.

indy magazine
Gainesville, FL, US
Bi-monthly print and e-zine covering alternative, independent, small press.

Initiativkreis Hochschulgolf e.V.
Stuttgart, Germany
The forum for golfing college students in Germany. Die Interessengemeinschaft fuer golfspielende Studenten in Deutschland.

INNternational Country Inns and Bed & Breakfasts
Paradiso, Inc., Norfolk, VA, US
View listings from inns and B&Bs from around the world. Each page contains a description of the inn. Browsers can also send email directly to some of the innkeepers.

Institute for Environment and Health
Leicester, UK
Home page for the MRC Institute for Environment and Health; an organization looking at potential health effects of pollutants.

Institute of Police Technology and Management
Univ. of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL, US
Courses in all facets of law enforcement.

International Shopping Club
Los Angeles, CA, US
Electronics shopping.

Internet Audit Bureau
San Diego, CA, US
Complete access tracking of your site without any scripts or CGI-bin programming. Simply add one line to your page and that's it. No fee for membership.

Internet de Las Cruces Site
Las Cruces, NM, US
Internet access to individual and commercial users in southern New Mexico. Our Web site features local literary and visual art.

Internet Easy
Santa Ana, CA, US
A broad-spectrum training facility specializing in teaching the Internet. Offering a regular class schedule and also on-site and off-site tutoring.

Internet Para Empezar (Segun Carlitos)
Carlos E. Venancio Negrete, Mexico City, Mexico
La mejor guia para entender Internet en Español. Explica historia y servicios básicos.

Island Concepts
Merritt Island, FL, US
Computer products, jewelry, giftware, Avon, Tupperware, and more.

ITWorld95 Asia Pacific IT Congress
Australian Comp. Society & Australian Info Industry Assoc., Brisbane, Australia
The congress is an umbrella for a representative number of independent forums covering the range of current aspects of information technology.

Jeffer, Mangels, Butler & Marmaro
Los Angeles, CA, US
A firm specializing in service to technology clients.

Jepson Pottery
Geneva, FL, US
Award-winning designs by a master potter.

Joelle Rabu
RME Productions, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress. Star of "Tonight...Piaf" and Joelle Rabu in Concert.

John Singewald Guitar Academy
Santa Rosa, CA, US
Personalized guitar instruction by a master guitarist. Tabulature guitar files in GIF format; links to resources for guitarists.

Joie De Vivre Hotels, San Francisco
Conceptual Dynamics Int'l, Rancho Cordova, CA, US
San Francisco's most unique small hotels and inns. Information on eight different hotels and inns that includes a description of each, price, location, and color pictures.

The Journal for Patriotic Justice in America
Seattle, WA, US
Created to inform the public about the subversion of the spirit and letter of the US Constitution.

Ken Cook Company
Milwaukee, WI, US
Creates, produces and distributes technical literature and training. CD-I basic skills courses are installed in schools and correctional facilities in all 50 states, and many foreign locations.

Kevin Wolf & Associates
Davis, CA, US
Provides Internet consulting and training services to businesses of all sizes. Services range from systems evaluation and design to maintenance of Web pages.

KPD: Building and Civil Engineering Software
Oegstgeest, The Netherlands
Offers professional software for architects, engineers and contractors. The software operates on PC or LAN with MS-DOS or MS-Windows.

Letters from Mexico
The Dream Machine, Minneapolis, MN, US
An expatriate gringo living in Oaxaca, Mexico writes about what he sees and hears. A sensitive, insightful commentator.

Live Aid - A Celebration
Herald Information Systems, New Malden, Surrey, UK
A reminder of the Live Aid concert, held ten years ago this July.

Loch Ness Productions
Boulder, CO, US
Offers the best in planetarium products: shows, slides, and our specialty: geodesium space music albums.

Long Beach Model Forest
Ucluelet, British Columbia, Canada
Opportunities for people from different communities and viewpoints to work together in Clayoquot Sound.

The Long Duration Exposure Facility (LDEF)
Boeing Aerospace Operations, Inc., Hampton, VA, US
The LDEF satellite, which contained 57 experiments, spent 69 months in space. LDEF data provides the baseline on space environments and their effects.

Los Angeles Center for Photographic Studies
Los Angeles, CA, US
Founded in 1974, LACPS sponsors exhibitions, publications and educational programs which stimulate progressive dialogue and diverse representation in the arts.

Lost Frontier - An Original Band
Steve Bloomquist, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Information and audio samples of original music from the band Lost Frontier - an unknown band in Pittsburgh, PA.

Macintosh Central
Point M Communications, Novi, MI, US
Macintosh Internet resources.

Mad Dog Expeditions
New York, NY, US
Offers challenging expeditions and training for serious divers of all ability levels.

Made in Italy On Line
Rome, Italy
A continuously evolving magazine dedicated to Italian fashion and creativity.

Master's Image Productions
Salem, OR, US
Chuck Neighbors effectively communicates the Gospel to a world bombarded by entertainment media.

Univ. of Linkoping, Ostergotland, Sweden
This is the homepage for the students at MatNat at University at Linkoping.

McCabe's Variety Night
McCabe's Guitar Shop, Santa Monica, CA, US
Variety Night at McCabe's presents special guests and talented sign-ups on its famous stage every third Sunday of the month.

Medical Informatics Lab, Biomedical Eng. Dept., Politecnico di Milano, Italy
A Web server devoted to medical informatics.

MELT's Link Page
London, UK
Everything you will ever need.

Memories of ACES
Victorville, CA, US
The only home page dedicated to the memory of perhaps the most notorious computer users group of all time: ACES - The Associated Computer Enthusiast Society.

Mental Health Pages
Veritas Programming, Putney, VT, US
Links to mental health information and resources on the Web.

Merchandising Technologies
Atlanta, US, US
A company that provides space management, store planning, category management, and other merchandising-related information to retailers and manufacturers via the Internet.

Metts Sports Tours
Williamsburg, VA, US
We specializing in tours for NFL Football, Nascar Racing, and The '96 Summer Games.

Mexican Information Services
Consultores e Integradores de Tecnologia de Informacion, Monterrey, Mexico
Information about Mexican products and services.

Mick Taylor Virtual CD Release Party
Garnet Net Events, Inc., New York, NY, US
An ongoing virtual release party celebrating the new Mick Taylor (ex-Stones) CD Coastin Home; features an exclusive audio program of live tunes and interviews.

Minnesota Pole Vault Association
St. Cloud, MN, US
Contains updated camps, top 15 questions related to the polevault, pictures of local, USA, and world vaulters, and much more.

Missing/Abducted Person
Keith Hanson, Clear Lake, IA, US
A page about missing/abducted TV news anchor/producer Jodi Huisentruit from Mason City, Iowa. Contains basic information and contact information for anyone with tips that may be able to help solve the case.

MLM Home Page
Dallas, TX, US
For MLM professionals of every stripe. Full of good information, opportunities, links to Web sites, and free software.

Mobile Planet Online Catalog
Canoga Park, CA, US
We are the leading provider of integrated solutions for government, academia, corporations, and individuals seeking the best in portable computing products.

Molecular Biology at TIFR
Bombay, India
This page describes the research activities and student opportunities in the molecular biology group at the TATA Institute of Fundamental Research in Bombay.

Monde Information Services
Monde, London, England
Multilingual computer solutions and consultancy services for users of Arabic and Arabic-scripted languages. Also electronic Arabic art and multimedia suppliers. Links to Arabic resources.

Montana Communications Network - Business Directory
Billings, MT, US
Business listings for Montana.

Montana State University-Bozeman Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
Bozeman, MT, US
The MSU-Bozeman Dept. of Mathematical Sciences has programs in statistics, pure and applied mathematics and math education leading to the B.S., M.S., Ph.D. and Ed.D. degrees.

Morrey - a comic strip by Freddy Negro
World Wide Web Consultants, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A slightly off-the-wall cartoon strip.

The Muffs' Page
Derek Miner, Orlando, FL, US
Here's where to learn about LA's fun-loving, punk-meets-pop band, the Muffs.

Multimedia World Online
San Francisco, CA, US
Builds on the editorial strength of the magazine, offering valuable features and benefits only electronic media can provide.

Multiplayer Combat Simulations
Michael Sutton, Portland, OR, US
Information and links related to multiplayer combat simulations and the people that play them.

Myth Breakers
Cupertino, CA, US
Covers many interesting topics including real estate, non-profit organizations, newsletters, writers, a resume service, etc. Get a free yellow page listing.

The National Federation of the Blind
Baltimore, MD, US
Offers contacts, technology, periodicals, research, and services and information to the blind, their families, and associates.

The National Zoo
Natl. Zoological Park - Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC, US
A behind-the-scenes tour of the 'Nation's BioPark' including articles on the animals, scientists and caretakers dedicated to "...the advancement of science and the education and recreation of the people."

Lyon, Rhone, France
Exposes NCTech service and provides information on Internet and computer science well as an Internet guide with a selection of representative links sorted by category.

Neal Parks On-Line Gallery
Candra Concepts, Oakland, CA, US
Viewing space for the art of Neal Parks. Images included are of abstract works, landscapes, installations, and computer art.

Nerd World Media Internet Subject Index
Burlington, MA, US
Find what you want on the Internet.

Net Classifieds
London, UK
A classifieds section on the Web.

The Net Literary Journal
Bertematti & Associates, New York, NY, US
The Internet's premier electronic magazine of quality poetry and fiction. Writers can submit their stories, poems, and novels for publication.

Net Music
Battle Creek, MI, US
Wholesale music store for musicians and DJ's.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
An Australian company that provides advertising on the Internet for businesses with or without access to the Internet.

NetPro Group: Quality Web Authoring Services
Dallas, TX, US
We can create a storefront for your product or service on the Web at a very reasonable price. Have a 24-hour presence for your business on the fastest growing media forum in the world.

Netropolis - City on the Net
Shaman Exchange, Inc. - DASH (Denver Area Super Highway), Denver, CO, US
A multi-purpose, commercial Web site using the metaphor of the city on the Web. The site has government, education, games, shopping, etc.

NETstat Associates, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV, US
A consulting firm dedicated to network infrastructure design and implementation.

New Orleans Times and Directory
GlobalNet Advertising, Inc., Metairie, LA, US
The interactive information resource center for the City of New Orleans. Business directory, real estate, automotive, financial, gaming, classifieds.

NIH Campus Yeast Interest Group
National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD, US
Research interests of NIH campus laboratories using yeasts as a model system, with meeting schedules and life cycle of the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe.

The Library Corporation, Reston, VA, US
NlightN: more information from more sources than any other service.

North Hennepin Community College
Brooklyn Park, MN, US
Information about the college.

Northwest Artists Cooperative
Seattle, WA, US
A group of professional classical vocal performers.

Northwest Elektro-Industrial Coalition
Seattle, WA, US
We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to the advancement of elektro-industrial music.

Northwest Jazz
speakeasy cafe, Seattle, WA, US
A comprehensive site about jazz from Oregon, Washington, and Vancouver, BC.

NYNEX Interactive Yellow Pages
NYNYEX Information Resources Co., Middleton, MA, US
Offers a well-organized directory that makes searching for businesses and Web sites easy.

The Official Bryan/College Station Net Presence
City of College Station, College Station, TX, US
Free Web presence to organizational groups.

Once Upon a Breeze Kiteshop
Cannon Beach, OR, US
The oldest kiteshop on the Oregon coast. Web site features an online catalog with pictures and links to other kiting activities.

Oregon Alliance for the Mentally Ill
Salem, OR, US
An affiliate of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill, a family-based organization whose purpose is to eradicate mental illness and improve the quality of life of those suffering from these diseases.

OtherMUSH: The Strangest Thing You Will See This Month
Florida, US
An experiment in virtual surreality, based on the notion that, "If you think strange things hard enough, you will crash reality."

Oxford University Press
Oxford, UK
Our venture into online publishing.

Paddling Pages
Webvertising, Houston, TX, US
Wilderness Furnishings now brings Ocean Kayaks, Kiwi Kayaks, and Northwest River Supply Rafts to their ever-expanding outdoor catalog.

Palo Alto Chamber Orchestra (PACO)
Palo Alto, CA, US
A high-quality youth chamber orchestra.

Paper Airplanes On The Internet
The PC Help Group, Milwaukee, WI, US
Select the latest design or one from a previous month, they all fly great. Just print, fold and fly around your office or home.

Pat's Place
New York, NY, US
A photography portfolio.

Kansas Univ. Transportation Center, Lawrence, KS, US
An FHWA-designated software distribution center. Carries software related to transportation. Recently added a catalog to the home page.

PennWell Publishing Company
WilTel Digital Frontiers, Tulsa, OK, US
With roots dating back over 100 years, PennWell serves today'’s computer, laser, electronic, municipal, energy and environmental fields through business and technical magazines.

Permanent Log Homes
Shepherd, MT, US
Specializing in log homes, lodges, recreational cabins, motels, and restaurants.

Pet Cemetery
Electric Saloon, Shibuyaku, Tokyo, Japan
A peaceful place for your pets. You can place your message to the Pet Cemetery. Please mail it along with your pet's GIF.

Pine Valley United Methodist Church
Wilmington, NC, US
A user-friendly church with an outgoing ministry to the community, the state, the nation, and the world. Come grow with us through Christ.

Pluto Rendez-Vous
Osservatorio Astronomico, Padova, Italy
A close encounter of the planet Pluto with a well-known star (June 20, 1995) observed at the Astronomical Observatory of Padova will give astronomers the means to ameliorate the knowledge of the planet's orbit.

Ponderosa Campground: Accommodation & Entertainment Package
Ponderosa Campground, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A VIP accommodation and entertainment package for people planning to visit Toronto. Also an "Ask Master Camper" feature.

Pound for a Brown
Dublin, Ireland
Frank Zappa interviews, reviews, and more.

Powder Pages
Amsterdam, Noord Holland, Netherlands
Information about ski resorts in Europe.

Practice Random Acts of Kindness
houghton, MI, US
Submit random acts of kindness to inspire others.

Pressure Points Magazine
Rhapsody Consulting, New York City, NY, US
A magazine to read to keep abreast of what's new and what's in in New York City.

Pro Web Solutions
Irvine, CA, US
Web page design and maintenance for your company, organization, or personal use. Located in Orange County, California, with service nationwide.

The Pronoia Page
John Bagby, Washington, DC, US
This site includes the official archives of the Zippy Pronoia. Pronoia= the suspicion others are conspiring behind your back to Help You (and you them).

Protect, Inc.
Gilbert, AZ, US
We produce self-protection seminars for women.

Prudential Coleman Real Estate
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Shows a sampling of available properties in the Park City, Utah area. Park City is the host to the 2002 Winter Olympics.

Ranger's Realtime Rescue
SAIC Internet Solutions & SD County of Animal Control, San Diego, CA, US
The place to go to find out what animals are up for adoption at the all of the three San Diego County Animal Shelter locations. The database is updated daily.

Real Punk Rawk Info
Lucas Cornelisse, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Punk rock music info for Ottawa and other general punk music information.

The REAL Retirement Income Edge
IncomEdge Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
How to create stable, long-term income through real estate.

NYU, New York, NY, US
Original pictures, sounds, and text by a busy New York University student.

Billings, MT, US
Real estate listings for Billings, Montana.

Rent Net
San Francisco, CA, US
An interactive national apartment guide. View pictures, floor plans, maps and detailed descriptions of all included amenities. We make relocating easy.

Antwerp, 2000, Belgium
Second-hand compact-discs, videos, and comics.

Rick's SCUBA Links Page
Delphi Scuba SIG, Newburgh, IN, US
Over 100 SCUBA-related sites.

Rocky Mountain MegaMall
Front Range InterNet Services, Denver, CO, US
Regional cyberMall housing up to 66,000 Web pages. This mall will be fully constructed in September, 1995. Until then, browse the merchants there, and watch for new offerings daily.

Rotterdam Academy of Architecture
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Information on our international projects and workshops.

Royal Court Theatre
On-line Publishing, London, UK
Current programme details and more.

RPG's Genealogy Connection
R. Paul Gordon, San Diego, CA, US
Comprehensive collection of genealogy resources and information on the Net.

Sales Plus
Mountain View, CA, US
We offer products, training, and consulting for sales challenges.

Salmon River & Lake Ontario Sportfishing Reports
Selkirk Lighthouse & Lighthouse Marina, Pulaski, NY, US
Provides comprehensive current information and articles for those interested in the year-round, world-class fishery in this region.

San Diego Learning Annex Internet Classes
Web-Link, San Diego, CA, US
The San Diego branch of the Learning Annex offers several classes for those wanting to learn more about the Internet. This site contains information about the current course offerings.

San Diego Wholesale Credit Association
San Diego, CA, US
Business credit reports, collections, education, and industry credit groups.

The Satellite Lounge
Gwendolyn, Houston, TX, US
Find out what is going down at one of the hottest music venues in Houston. Home of Miss Molly.

SBS Siegel Business Services
Brian Raub, Bala Cynwyd, PA, US
Confidentially brokering the sale and acquisition of small and mid-sized companies in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

S.C. Point
Columbia, SC, US
South Carolina's independent newsmonthly on the Web.

SCL Productions Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
A multi-faceted media distribution company featuring Internet publishing, multimedia production, and television syndication services.

Screensavers For Windows (Part 1)
Optimum Communications, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
A mirror link to various downloadable shareware and freeware Windows (.SCR) screensavers.

Sewit's Cafe on the Highway
New York, NY, US
Arts and entertainment the Habesha way.

SGA Goldstar Research
TVIMG, Brentwood, TN, US
A daily financial newsletter offering opinions and recommendations of successful stock market experts. Contains information on stocks, bonds, options, futures, securities and more.

Shareware Center
Prime Shareware, Inc., Santa Monica, CA, US
Hundreds of try-before-you-buy software titles. Games, utilities to make your Windows go faster and crash less often, and much more.

The Silent Movie Page
Melbourne, Australia
A page devoted to silent film and the people who were involved in the industry. Includes The Silent Star of the Month showcasing a different star each month.

Skateboarding and the Physics of the Ollie
Penn Taylor, Columbus, MS, US
Page that describes in detail, using pictures, the physics of the ollie. Also contains links to other skateboarding pages.

Skippy's 10th Anniversary Back To The Future Web Page
Jim Albury, Gainesville, FL, US
Everything you wanted to know about the Back To The Future Trilogy but had too little time to ask.

Shelter International, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Our society is currently very materialistic. Everyone is out to get whatever they can for themselves. However, these problems can be solved by re-awakening our dormant spiritual consciousness.

The Southern California Eskrima Academy
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Information on the Academy and martial arts in general.

St. Vincent College
Gosport, Hampshire, UK
A sixth form college (16-19+) serving the Gosport and Fareham area.

Shadow Fax, Burbank, CA, US
A home page that contains links to a multitude of subjects, everything from physics to spiritual.

Syracuse, NY, US
A FidoNet compatible mail network for BBS systems with nodes worldwide. Find out more information about our Net, or just see who we are and what we are about.

Strawberry Jam
WPC, Qualicum Beach, BC, Canada
Paul Butterfield Blues Band.

Student Life Online
The Office of Student Life, Buffalo, NY, US
Information for students at the University at Buffalo.

Sutter Yuba Internet Exchange
Yuba City, CA, US
The first and only Internet service provider in Marysville and Yuba City, Calif. Offering dial-up, lease line, and Web hosting services.

Teen Movie Critic
The Dream Machine, Minneapolis, MN, US
Written by a teen for teens.

Telecommuting and Telework Resource Page
Patricia Figliola Lewis, Arlington, VA, US
Telecommuting and telework resources on the Internet.

Terrace Strategy
Siler/Siler Ventures, Portland, OR, US
The increasingly popular strategy game seen on the 10-forward lounge of the Enterprise.

The Theaterplex
Lazar Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
Interviews with leading stage actors and playwrights, including Neil Simon, David Mamet, Terrence McNally, Eric Bogosian, Spalding Gray, Kenneth Branagh, Anna Deveare Smith, and more.

Three Shields Hawaii
Dan Curran, Honolulu, HI, US
The gateway to the Rainbow State. If you are looking for information on the state of Hawaii or the multitude of wonders it offers, start here.

Time Buying Services
New York, NY, US
We offer marketers a comprehensive range of meaningful and practical strategic media information resources.

Toledo Internet Access, Inc.
Toledo, OH, US
Basic information about the Web, how to construct HTML pages, and starting points for Web browsers.

Toronto's Church in the City
Toronto, On, Canada
A Christian Church serving the people of the St Lawrence area of Toronto. Useful bible help for all.

Tower Concepts, Inc.
New Hartford, NY, US
We have a powerful, yet highly configurable file version control and problem tracking system for UNIX software development.

Trader Jack's Mother Lode 'Lectronic Emporium
Sonora, CA, US
Jack's recent ramblins'.

Train Your Dog
Darr Houssen Dog Obedience School, Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada
Free eight-week text book of basic dog obedience. Training with love and respect, not food or fear.

UK Open Golf Championship 1995 - St.Andrews, Fife.
George Hodge Associates, Scotland
The official Web site for the 1995 championship.

UK Women in Business Network
BMD Publishing, London, UK
We provide English businesswomen with access to the Internet community.

The Union for Traditional Judaism
Teaneck, NJ, US
Providing access to information on the Union for Traditional Judaism, kashrut and email lists. The Kosher Nexus and Hagahelet newsletters are archived here.

U.S. Cavalry
Williamsburg, VA, US
World's finest military and adventure equipment.

Vacation Realty
Vista, CA, US
Timeshare resales: buy, sell, or rent. No advance fees to sellers. Online timeshare auction: sell and/or bid. Free registration to sellers.

Video Vita
Gross Pointe, MI, US
Revolutionary products to teach kids mathematics, technology, and science.

Viper Doom and Doom 2 Page
DeForest, WI, US
The ultimate interface for finding all of the utilities and add-ons for Doom and Doom 2.

The Virtual English Language Center
The Comenius Group, New York, NY, US
An online resource for students and teachers of English as a second or foreign language.

Virtual Flag Burning
Tom Arriola, Oxford, MS, US
Speak up Americans. Let your voice be heard. Vote in three categories: 1) Ban flag burning, 2) Reserve the right to burn the flag or 3) Burn the flag. Voting results are instantly tabulated.

Virtual Furniture Mall
NCNetWorks, Hickory, NC, US
Describes more than 50 North Carolina furniture retailers selling brand-name furniture and other accessories at discounts of up to 50% off list.

Virtual Macedonia
RIT, Rochester, NY, US
The Republic of Macedonia home page.

Vision Impairments
SoftVision, North Vancouver, BC, Canada
An Internet resource focusing on the experience of vision loss, low vision, blindness, and deaf-blindness. Highlighting personal experience and adaptive technology resources.

Wardley Better Homes and Gardens
Salt Lake City, UT, US
This site lists properties available in the Salt Lake City area through some of Wardley Corporation's real estate agents.

Warrior Records
Hollywood, CA, US
Offers a diverse base of new artists' music.

The Way
Tacheon Systems, New York, NY, US
A monthly Webzine providing hot links, reviews, software updates, and more.

WCXS 94.5
Fairfax, VA, US
Quizzes, music links, WCXS info, etc.

The Web Poetry Corner
The Dream Machine, Minneapolis, MN, US
A place for Web poets to display their stuff. All submissions are considered for inclusion.

Web Voyager
WebSpace, Unknown, NY, US
An easy-to-use place to start on the Web.

SCL Productions Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
An Internet publishing venture.

The Western Herald Online Edition
Western Michigan Univ., Kalamazoo, MI, US
The online edition of Western Michigan University's student newspaper.

Whetstone Farm
Craftsbury, VT, US
Visit a Vermont family farm on the Web.

Whistler Resort
Whistler, BC, Canada
Home to Whistler and Blackcomb Mountains, two of the premier skiing areas in North America. Online accommodations and availability at some of the areas finest hotels and a host of activities.

Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research
Cambridge, MA, US
A home page featuring special events, grants, MIT info, general info on Whitehead and biology.

Williamsburg Online
Williamsburg, VA, US
The Williamsburg area offers something for everyone.

Wissenschaft plus Politik (In German)
Marburg, Germany
National German organization of left, green, and peace-related scientists.

Women's Engineering Society - Southampton Group
Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Promotion of engineering among women. Events, school outreach program, bursary, and links.

World Parrot Trust USA
Memphis, TN, US
A non-profit organization whose goals include promoting exotic bird welfare and the funding of Avian Conservation.

The World, the Word & You! Broadcast
Rochester, MN, US
A Christian radio broadcast that freely makes available its weekly commentaries on current events.

The World Wide Times
Island Paradise Free Press, Honolulu, HI, US
An electronic journal that deals with UFOs and conspiracy.

World Wide Trade Services
Washington, US
Looking for homework? Extra Income? Check out our site of unique money-making opportunities.

YarraNet WWW Server
Melbourne, Australia
Melbourne's eastern region business and community network.

Friday, 21 July 1995

1995 Cleveland Grand Prix
Cleveland.Net, Cleveland, OH, US
The official Web site of the GrandPrix.

The 1995 Fantasy League Report
Tuscon, AZ, US
Your source for Fantasy-specific injury updates, stats, and news.

Absolut Art Collection
Gansevoort, NY, US
A collection maintained by Drew and Gavin Lebowitz.

Abstruser Musings
Ashley Bass, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A collection of AmiPro macros, Excel 5.0 goodies, places for teachers to go, and some quintessential Windows utilities.

Abu's Funky Facts
Los Angeles, CA, US
The funkiest facts about everything from the human body to the universe.

Addicted to Stuff
Atlanta, GA, US
A home for your addictions.

National Federation for Open Adoption Education, Pleasant Hill, CA, US
Concrete, specific help for prospective adopting parents, those considering having their child adopted, and counselors. We are a nonprofit, nationwide, licensed adoption agency.

AdvantageHEALTH Corporation
Woburn, MA, US
The largest post-acute health care provider in the Northeast. This home page is a jump site to the home pages of our associated companies and organizations.

Adventist Information Ministry
Wright-Way Productions, Berrien Springs, MI, US
This the single largest subsidiary of Adventist information in the Southwest Michigan area.

Advertising Law Internet Site
Arent Fox Kintner Plotkin & Kahn, Washington, DC, US
Find out how to advertise online lawfully.

The African American Haven
Tamara Pearson, Atlanta, GA, US
This site is a catalog of African-American interest sites on the Web.

After Hourz Online
Boise, ID, US
General purpose BBS/Internet provider.

Agricultural Communicators in Educations
Purdue University - ACS dept., West Lafayette, IN, US
ACE is an international association of professionals who practice in all areas of communication. Members meet regularly in regional meetings, workshops, and at the annual national meeting.

K and M Electronics, Ridgefield, CT, US
A new category of PCMCIA 28.8 modems are about to become available. These modems are cordless (wireless) requiring no telephone cord for operation. A summer giveaway is announced.

Alaska Image Scanning
Anchorage, AK, US
A small business dedicated to the scanning of photographs to create a computer image in any format the customer wants.

Alberta Traveller
The Babel Fish Corporation, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Travel information and planning for Alberta.

All Is Well
Austin, TX, US
A collection of cartoons from the Daily Texan, the student paper at the University of Texas.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
A new, cheap and efficient way to "hitch" a ride around Vancouver. A professional agency that guarantees a cheap and secure ride to virtually anywhere around Vancouver.

Altre Immagini (In Italian)
Sassuolo, Modena, Italy
Art exhibition in four sections.

The American Discount Association
Wichita, KS, US
Discounts on any kind of traveling.

American Liver Foundation
Division of Gastroenterology, Univ. of California, San Francisco, CA, US
Information on the liver diseases, including hepatitis and cirrhosis, FAQs, how to lead a healthy lifestyle, and more.

American Society for Training & Development
Web-Link, San Diego, CA, US
Information about the San Diego chapter.

The Ancient World
PFR Reproductions, Decatur, GA, US
Manufacturing archaeological museum reproductions for home, office, and garden.

Anti-Goober Association
Alta Loma, CA, USA
We have vowed to keep goobers from contaminating informational resources.

Apollo 13: The Greatest True-Life Adventure of All Time
Action Products International Inc., Ocala, FL, US
Information and pictures from the Apollo 13 mission.

AppleScript CGI Tour
Chong-Yee Khoo, Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, UK
A tour through some AppleScript CGIs. Covers dynamic page generation, image maps, client-pull, redirection, simple pattern searching, and remote server admin. Source code available.

APPN Implementers Workshop (AIW)
The AIW is an industry-wide consortium of networking vendors developing APPN and SNA-related standards, and facilitating high quality, fully interoperable APPN and SNA internetworking products.

Argus, e.v.t.
Evoratur, Viagens e Turismo, Lda., Lisbon, Portugal
Your incoming partner in Portugal.

Arizona Stock Exchange
AZX, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
An equity trading system now conducting daily auctions in over 8000 equities. The Arizona Stock Exchange is not registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sacramento, CA, US
We offer artists, dealers, and agents an exciting storefront.

Arvore, Automatizacao e Controlo, Lda.
Lisbon, Portugal
Solution provider for Web sites, multimedia presentations, databases, and more.

The Astronomer Magazine
Basingstoke, England
A magazine for advanced amateur astronomers. Covers comets, novae, variables and other astronomical subjects.

At the Web on the Green
Northmoor, Oxfordshire, UK
A Web magazine with rolling content that includes art, ceramics, comment, Egyptology, humor, painting, satire, software. Soon: music, finance, technology.

The Austin Film Festival & Screenwriters' Conference
Austin, TX, US
October 5-8, 1995.

Azienda Energetica Municipale (Milano)
Milano, Italy
Aem -the Municipal Electricity Company of Milan was formed on 8 December 1910 to supply electricity for the municipal services and private consumers, in competition with the company known as the "Societa' generale di elettricita' sistema Edison".

Bananas Software Inc.
Paramus, NJ, US
Object linking and emedding (OLE)-based imaging software.

Barbara Paul
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Discussion and bibliography of mysteries and science fiction written by Barbara Paul.

Bernard "Bo" Bolender
Volunteer Lawyers of Florida, Tallahassee, FL, US
The plight of an individual scheduled for execution in the Florida electric chair.

Biology Journals of the COB
The Company of Biologists, Cambridge, UK
Development, J. cell science, J. exp. biology and bio-essays, four worldwide biology journals plus a table of contents, abstracts, author information, etc.

Blackberry Beach Cottages
Marine Network, Olga, WA, US
Relax on beautiful Orcas Island.

Blackwell North America, Inc.
Lake Oswego, OR, US
We supply US and Canadian books to academic, research, and public libraries throughout the world.

Blue Sky Mining Company Asset Mgmt.
Beaumont, TX, US
A money management firm specializing in forecasting the S&P 500. Offers market forecasts, commentary, charts, and historical market data.

BOLD Strokes in Business
Perth, Australia
Discover the business science of "Chutzpahology" and the "10 BOLD Strokes" formula for success.

Brooks Avenue Church of Christ
Raleigh, NC, US
We have programs to meet the needs of the elderly, working poor, homeless, teenagers, etc.

Bundesministerium fur offentliche Wirtschaft und Verkehr
Austrian Ministry for Public Economy and Transport, Vienna, Austria
Information and discussion (in German) about the new initiative "Telecommunication in Austria".

The Burgundy Cellar
Evil Sortware Wizard Ltd., Shirley, MA, US
A fine wine shop.

The California Bed & Breakfast database
Net 101, Los Angeles, CA, US
The Internet's largest list of California bed and breakfasts.

Carbtech Carburetors
La Habra, CA, US
Links of interest to automotive technicians.

Aligned Design, Los Angeles, CA, US
Ambient IDM music composer.

Charlie Sexton Sextet
Austin, TX, US
Info, audio samples, photos, tour dates, and more.

The Chess Federation of Canada
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A collection of useful chess information. Order books and equipment through an online catalog, find information on upcoming events, and a list of Canadian Chess Clubs.

The Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science
MIT Press, Chicago, IL, US
A peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

Chinese SharPei
Dixon Keller, Portland, OR, US
SharPei information and links.

Clean Air Commandos
Euro-America Clean Air Foundation, Houston, TX, US
Promotes "Clean Air Commandos," an educational video for children. The site features facts and files on the environment, illustrating how anyone can make a difference.

Click Of the Week
Eshnav Computing
Useful, interesting link every Tuesday.

Club des Astronomes Amateurs de Longueuil
Longueuil, Qc, Canada
Ceci est la page Web du Club des Astronomes Amateurs de Longueuil, qui donne de l'information sur ses membres et ses activités. This is the Longueuil Amateur Astronomers Club Web page which gives information about its members and its activities.

The CODE Visual Parallel Programming System
Univ. of Texas at Austin, TX, US
CODE is a visual parallel programming system. Programs are created by drawing and then annotating a directed graph that shows the structure of the parallel program.

Codetel's Web Page
Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
This is a Web server from the Dominican Republic.

Columbia: The Year in Pictures
Columbia Univ., New York, NY, US
600 pictures--from speakers like Greg Louganis to eminent professors like David Dinkins.

The Comic Shop
Glyndon, MD, US
An online comic book store with a link to World-Wide Collectors Digest.

The Commnet Project
Seattle, WA, US
Selection of personal home pages, a mirror of Queer Resources Directory (QRD), a huge Anime (Japanese Animation) archive, info on Tinyfugue (tf) MUD client, info on several TinyMUCK sites, and more.

Commonwealth Consulting
Boston, MA, US
Is the Internet right for your business? We'll help you craft and implement a long term Internet strategy tailored to the individual needs of your business.

Communipomme Inc. (In French)
St-Paul d'Abbotsford, Québec, Canada
Communipomme s'occupe surtout d'écriture sous différentes formes, de scénarisation multi-média, et de produire l'aventure, sur les ondes de Radio-Canada.

Computer Concepts
Nederland, TX, US
Computer reseller offering competitive pricing on hardware, software, and accessories.

Ziff-Davis Interactive, Cambridge, MA, US
For home computer enthusiasts and non-business users of Windows, DOS, and Mac systems.

Conde Nast Traveler
CondeNet, New York, NY, US
More than 1,000 pages of sophisticated travel information, based on the award-winning news reportage, service journalism, and fine photography of Conde Nast Traveler magazine.

Connect Atlanta Business Directory
Atlanta, GA, US
Advertisements from local businesses.

The Consumer Electronics Cyberspace Companion
Electronic Industries Association/Consumer Electronics Group, Arlington, VA, US
News about the consumer electronics industry.

Cool Place
Portland, OR, US
Cool links to some of the best sites.

Council of the Great City Schools
Washington, DC, US
A non-profit organization representing the nation's largest public school systems.

Coyote Creek Elementary School
Highlands Ranch, CO, US
We're a new elementary school south of Denver, part of the Douglas County School District.

Craft N Wood
Port Neches, TX, US
Handmade wooden crafts suitable for any occasion.

Craig's Interactive Windows 95 Experience
Ocean County, NJ, US
An interactive simulation of the Windows 95 User Interface.

Cut & Paste HTML
Portland, OR, US
For the beginner creating Web pages.

Bellevue, WA, US
A place to market yourself in cyberspace.

Daily WWW Newspaper
Cambridge, MA, US
Includes a daily weather forecast, cool sites to visit, sports, business, general news, and daily comics.

The Darkside of the Moon
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Home to the wonderful LWOW (Literary Work of the Week). Anyone from across the globe can submit any form of literature for posting.

dbd associates
Wichita, KS, US
Realtime, embedded systems expertise in OS, drivers, and applications. They will port commercial RTOS or provide a proprietary kernel.

Department of Architecture
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY, US
Faculty home pages, information about degree programs, lecture series, activities, etc.

Department of Crop Protection
Univ. of Adelaide, Australia
Located at the Waite Agricultural Research Institute. Research interest ranges from latest molecular biology to classical entomology.

Diane Custom Haircutting
M. David Lewis Enterprises, Santa Monica, CA, US
Hey groovy guys and groovy gals. Come see what services I offer.

Digital Ink
giant.mindlink.net, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Financial information including daily trading summaries, news releases, and more.

Direct Marketing Homepage
Direct Marketing Group, Inc., Portland, OR, US
Free direct marketing analysis of your prospect base. Find how many prospects you have in your market to sell to.

#disney Home Page
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Dedicated to the #disney IRC channel.

EAA Oshkosh Airshow
Oshkosh, WI, US
Complete information on the 43rd Experimental Aircraft Association fly-in and airshow, July 27 - Aug. 2.

EcoElectric Corporation, Tucson, AZ, US
For anyone interested in electric vehicles.

Educational Software Cooperative
Granada Hills, CA, US
Fun and education: Download software, link to interesting sites, learn about non-profit ESC group, try shareware.

Electronic Medical Record System
Cambridge, MA, US
Demonstration of a complete Web interface for the Boston Children's Hospital Oracle database.

Electrosonic Systems
Burbank, CA, US
Videowall processors, displays and software, and more.

Elite Software
Bryan, TX, US
Offers over 30 engineering programs for all aspects of HVAC, mechanical, electrical and plumbing system design. Free demo software is available.

Woodland Hills, CA, US
Electronic marketing and Net advertising technology experts. The provider of business services on the Web.

Eshnav Computing
Web presence starting at $10 per month.

The F. E. Lytle Research Group
Purdue Univ. Dept. of Chemistry, West Lafayette, IN, US
An analytical chemistry group which specializes in spectroscopic methods in analytical chemistry.

Fairs in Cologne (Koeln)
Michael Muehl, Cologne, Germany
Maps and dates of the fair in Cologne.

FAQ: Porting UNIX to Windows NT
Brookline, MA, US
How to port from UNIX to Windows NT.

Feet Cam
Queen Mary and Westfield College, London, England
An Internet accessible Web camera that is pointed at feet. The site includes a gallery of various people's feet.

Finnish Defense Forces
Helsinki, Finland
Information on the Finnish Defense Forces, available in Finnish, English, German and Swedish.

Fusion Consulting, Ltd.
London, UK
Facilities and cable management software applications.

Galaxies, Quasars and Cosmology
Southampton, Hampshire, UK
Southampton University Astronomy Group announces the availability of online course notes for this undergraduate level course, which provides a broad introduction to extragalactic astronomy.

Gateway to the Canyon Park Orchard
Bothell, WA, US
Humorous short stories using interactive sound and music with automatically scrolling pages. Apple recipes and questionnaires.

The Global Construction Network
Mercury Productions, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL, US
Building value for the worldwide construction industry.

Governors Row
Roland, Criss & Co., Ltd., Arlington, TX, US
A multi-provider site that offers capital for businesses, business books, Christian books, and Internet consulting.

Graduate School of Journalism, Univ. of Wollongong
Wollongong, NSW, Australia
The Graduate School of Journalism, University of Wollongong in Australia has made its Master of Arts (Journalism) course available on the Web.

Grand Canyon Tour
Joe Hudson, Littleton, CO, US
Take a virtual backpacking tour of the Grand Canyon with some folks who are hopelessly hooked on the place.

Green Market
San Francisco, CA, US
An online marketplace for sustainability that allows progressive and ecologically-conscious companies to offer products and information to earthwise consumers.

The Grocery Consumer
Food-for-Thought Software, Knoxville, TN, US
This page describes The Grocery Consumer for Windows, a feature-rich shareware for recipe organization, meal planning, shopping list, and consumer-oriented grocery cost management.

A Guide to Chabad Literature
Crown-Heights, NY, US
The main directory for Chabad-Lubavitch on the Internet.

Guide to Internet Advertising
Vidya Media Ventures, San Diego, CA, US
A free resource for Web publishers and promoters.

Hands On Atlanta
Atlanta, GA, US
A volunteer service organization providing a variety of services to the community. Projects include AIDS support, children's education, senior citizen support, community redevelopment, homeless aid, and other projects.

Help Evaluation Review Legal Assistance Worldwide (HERLAW)
Dallas, TX, US
How to win in court.

Hewlett Packard Test & Measurement Support U.K.
Hewlett Packard, Wokingham, Berkshire, UK
Interactive customer support for HP's test and measurement customers in the UK.

HiLL Roberts Films
London, UK
Specializes in claymation and computer animation. Stills from our films and links to other sites of interest for animators.

Home Front
Dallas, TX, US
The Internet reference guide for the professional home builder.

Home Page of Nyiregyhaza City, Hungary
Computer Centre of Bessenyei Gyorgy Teachers Training College, Nyiregyhaza, Hungary
The city of Nyiregyhaza is the administrative, cultural and economic centre of Szabolcs-Szatmar-Bereg county.

HomeSafe Products of Canada
Agape Data Solutions, Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
The finest in safety products for you and your loved ones.

Hotels in Cologne (Koeln)
Cologne, Germany
More than 200 addresses, price info, phone and fax numbers, descriptions, and more.

House of Sibanda
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
A collection of magnificent Southern African ironwood sculptures.

Humboldt Nation
Knobul Systems, Arcata, CA, US
A promotional site bringing our unique community behind the 'Redwood Curtain' to the world.

Illusion Alchemy Magic Links
Dixon Keller, Portland, OR, US
Magical links to other magic pages relating to the art of illusion. Booking surveys for Illusion Alchemy are included.

In Christ
Alexandria, VA, US
A Christian site.

Indian Matrimonial Service
mammen INET systems, Belair, MD, US
Matrimonial service to the Indian Community throughout the world.

Indianapolis Art Center
Indianapolis, IN, US
A not-for-profit visual art center offering classes, exhibitions, films, concerts, outreach programming, a resource center, trips, and other art events of general interest.

Innermind Records
Austin, TX, US
We'll hook you up to the world of dance music.

Institute for Local Self Reliance
Minneapolis, MN, US
A nonprofit environmental research institution.

Institute of Psychology, Russian Academy of Sciences
International Laboratory VEGA, Moscow, Russia
The home page for the Institute of Psychology with descriptions of psychological activity.

Inter@ctive Week
Ziff-Davis Interactive, Cambridge, MA, US
News, trends, and commentary on products and technologies relating to the information superhighway and desktop interactive multimedia.

Interface Ventures Inc.
Shawnigan Lake, BC, Canada
We specialize in Internet training and consulting.

The International Brotherhood of Motorcycle Campers
Ridgecrest, CA, US
Family-style fun in the outdoors.

International Business Kiosk
San Francisco, CA, US
A complete resource for the professional dealing with worldwide clients and international trade.

International Symposium on Technology and Society '96
Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, US
Co-sponsored by the IEEE and Princeton University's Woodrow Wilson School, ISTAS '96 invites participants in all disciplines to a conference focusing on broad issues of technology and society. June '96.

International Union of Pharmacology
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
The official site for pharmacology.

Internet Marketing Group
East Peoria, IL, US
We provide Web sites, mailing lists, newsgroup services, and marketing consulting.

Investor InTouch
Cambridge Interactive, Cambridge, MA, US
A comprehensive directory of 16,000 public companies, with basic information on each company.

IRC channel #France
Pierre Violet, Paris, France
If you're interested in practicing your French, learning a little more about our country, or even if you're planning a trip to France for your next vacation, join us.

Ireland On-Line
Furbo, Galway, Ireland
We provide a home for the Irish Internet community.

I.T. Works
Gent, Belgium
We organize seminars, distribute reports, publish newsletters, and write in the IT press.

Jazz in France
Paris, France
Up-to-date information concerning jazz festivals, awards, TV, radio, and clubs throughout France.

Jim's Football & Financial Page
Prodigy, Tustin, CA, US
A blend of the best football and financial sites on the Internet.

J&M Coin, Stamp & Jewelry Ltd.
Cinax Designs Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Browse a current list of our products.

J-MAC System Inc.
Sapporo, Japan
Developer of digital image processing and filing, network, and database systems to facilitate image analysis in the medical and health care industries.

e.m.a.N.a.t.e., Woodland Hills, CA, US
Offers employers and prospective employees/contractors the opportunity to become acquainted.

Jomitar Computer Services (JcS) Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Manufacturer of ASD servers, workstations, desktop PC's and home multimedia systems.

Karlheinz Essl - Composer
A-3400 Klosterneuburg, Austria
Information about compositions and articles written by Karlheinz Essl, composer.

Keith's Second Sight
Alexandria, VA, US
Random photographs of life from DC.

KISS 108 FM Boston, MA
Boston, MA, US
One of Boston's top radio stations.

Kubrick on the Web
Barry Krusch, NY, NY, US
An extensive on-line guide to the films of Stanley Kubrick.

Kuempel Chime Clock Works & Studio
Aurora Clock Works, Wayne, NJ, US
We offer heirloom-quality grandfather, wall, and mantle clocks.

KVIL Radio
Dallas, TX, US
Dallas' #1 radio station.

La Canada High School
La Canada, CA, US
A nationally recognized Blue Ribbon School.

La Jolla High School Class of 19xx Index
Berkeley, CA, US
Use this page to find classmates from LJHS or to add yourself to the list of LJHS alumni.

The Labyrinth
North Lauderdale, FL, US
Excellent source for interesting areas and OS/2 Warp information.

LAN2LAN Information and Support
Cisco Systems, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
Product, marketing, support and technical tips regarding the LAN2LAN family of high-performance, PC-based multiprotocol routers.

LANL Icon Library
Los Alamos National Laboratory, Los Alamos, NM, US
Search or browse icons by size, name and resolution. Or just display the whole lot of them. Limit the max number of icons for slower (modem) Net connections.

larian's asylum
Honolulu, HI, US
Come and journey to magic, fantasy, lua-uhane MUD, anime, and more.

The Larry Bird Home Page
sl323@cc.usu.edu, Logan, UT, US
Get a free NBA musical screensaver.

League of Women Voters
Albuquerque, NM, US
We encourage the informed and active participation of citizens in government.

Redondo Beach, CA, US
Information, services, and supplies for all types of disasters.

The Liquid Information Environment
Campbell, CA, US
Dedicated to exploring what happens when computers and art meet.

Lisa, Inc.
Bloomington, IN, US
Software compatible business forms and checks at great prices, and accounting software reviews.

Literal Lies
Hurricane Electric, Oakland, CA, US
Unnerving poetry and stories, as well as a novel by M. Carmen Matti.

Loginet Incorporated
Bellevue, WA, US
We focus on Web presence for individuals.

Ziff-Davis Interactive, Cambridge, MA, US
A magazine designed to help maximize Mac systems.

Cambridge, MA, US
Covering major developments in the Mac market.

MAEstro Software
Fremont, CA, US
We develop multimedia authoring software for Unix workstations.

Magical Fox Interactive
Ardmore, PA, US
We produce interactive multimedia, museum exhibits, Internet sites, and more.

Majon International's Electronic Cybermall
Olympia, WA, US
A dynamic and creative new Cybermall.

Martha's Vineyard
Vineyard Web Services, Martha's Vineyard, MA, US
Resources for travelers to and from the Vineyard as well as links to local Web sites.

Materials on the Peoples of the Book
Seattle, WA, US
Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.

MDG Computer Services, Inc.
Bartlett, IL, US
We have a new Web server for Macintosh.

Milwaukee, WI, US
A Wisconsin-based Internet presence provider. Our goal is to offer businesses an equitable, inexpensive way to add their services to the Internet.

The MegaList WWW List
Columbia, SC, US
A fully indexed list of links.

MEPBM Information Pages
Phredd Groves, Evanston, IL, US
These pages contain a plethora of collected information relating to the Middle Earth Play By Mail game run by GSI.

Mexican Exiles for Democracy
Norfolk, VA, US
Mexico is being destroyed by one of the most corrupt dictatorships in modern history, and the world media are keeping it quiet.

Millennium Productions
Cambridge, MA, US
A Web site to empower artists worldwide through the use of the Internet. Professional technologists partnering with professional artists.

Modern Surrealistic Art
The Dream Machine, Minneapolis, MN, US
The modern surrealistic art of Terry Rutledge, a well known archaeological illustrator. His work has appeared in the National Geographic magazine.

The Mole Page
San Francisco, CA, US
The Web source for everything MOLE.

Montana State University
Havre, MT, US
Come visit us.

The Musicplex
Lazar Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
Features interviews with top musicians and rock-concert photographs.

Palo Alto, CA, US
We provide easy and effective Internet access for businesses and individuals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

NEObyte Media
Minneapolis, MN, US
A full range of multimedia Web services.

Net Mark
Oregon City, OR, US
Links to a large list of cybermalls, and pages devoted to tourism, travel, Oregon, Portland, Oregon City, Oregon Trail, history, museums, agriculture, forestry, advertising, and more.

Net Mart - Web Commercial Hyperlinks
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
An established commercial Web presence provider featuring full storefront setup and storage, secure order forms storage, Hyperlink placings on its mall directory, and more.

Netlife Health Products
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
All types of health supporting products.

NetLine 2000
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Internet services to Edmonton, Alberta and surrounding areas, for commercial or personal services.

New Hope Communications
Boulder, CO, US
Publisher of Delicious magazine and Natural Foods Merchandiser magazine.

Nondestructive Testing Information Analysis Center
Austin, TX, US
The NTIAC home page contains current awareness information about nondestructive evaluation and cross-links to other NDE-related Internet sites.

Nora Lee Garcia - Flutist
Miami, FL, US
Biography, concert information, and more.

The OCNet
Newport Beach, CA, US
Provides the Orange County community, from business to the arts, with Web presence and complete Web services, from design to full custom backend CGI and beyond.

Official Bavarian Web Server (In German)
Bavarian State Government, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Information about politics, education, economics, tourism, and more.

OMRON Corporation
Nagaokakyo, Kyoto, Japan
We develop automation systems for factory automation, traffic control, banking, and more.

On the Issues: The Progressive Woman's Quarterly
New York, NY, US
A feminist, humanist magazine of critical thinking.

ONeLINERS Internet Marketing
Huntsville, AL, US
Let us take you online and into the future.

The Online Bonsai Icon Collection
Horace A. Vallas, Jr., Richmond, TX, US
A collection of downloadable icons of bonsai. Includes a list of contributors and a form for contributing photographs or finished icons.

Sydney, Australia
The educational network for Australia.

The Oregon Country Fair Communications Booth
Veneta, OR, US
The Communications and Networking Booth at the OCF is making further forays into the Internet this year. We hope to use this as a vehicle to share our fair with the rest of the world.

Oxford, Connecticut Community Page
VFR Computing, Oxford, CT, US
Information about the Town of Oxford, its activities, organizations, and local businesses.

Paradigm Productions Ltd.
Victoria, BC, Canada
A human resource and organizational development company.

Passport, Inc.
Rochester, MI, US
'Turn-key' Internet services specializing in corporate access, Web pages, training, and consulting.

Paul McCartney Home Page
Aaron Gill, Seattle, WA, US
The home page for Paul McCartney's post-Beatles years.

The Peanut Roaster, Inc.
Cary, NC, US
Mail order gourmet peanuts.

Period.Com Puzzles!
San Jose, CA, US
A new puzzle or brain-teaser each week.

Personal Technology from The Wall Street Journal
New York, NY, US
The online version of The Journal's popular computing column, by Walter S. Mossberg.

Peter's Eudora Page
Peter Gildea, Mountain View, CA, US
Info and plug-in files for Macintosh Eudora.

Petrophysics Crisis Center
Eastern Washington Univ., Cheney, WA, US
Geology-related information.

Pharmacokinetics Home Page
mhogan@inlink.com, St. Louis, MO, US
Dedicated to the science of pharmacokinetics, offering free medical literature searches and general information on pharmacokinetic programs.

Pharmacy Links
Dixon Keller, Portland, OR, US
This Web site contains links to other pharmacy-related Web pages. This also contains an info request page for generic drugs. (beta test)

Pima Community College
Tucson, AZ, US
Information about the college.

Plato's Public
Apricot Pixeltoons, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
A daily online color comic strip portraying the adventures and time-space of six zany animals and their human friend. Monday to Saturday.

Portugal Hotel Guide
Maisturismo, Edicoes e Publicidade, Lda., Lisbon, Portugal
Complete list of hotels and other lodging facilities.

Post Cards!!!
Middleton, Canada
For people who like to collect post cards.

Primetime News
Wayzata West Television Studio, Wayzata, MN, US
Behind the scenes of Primetime, an award-winning show of Wayzata West Junior High.

Priory Lodge Education Medical Journals
Priory Lodge Education Limited (UK), Europe, United Kingdom
We have a family of medical journals with over 50,000 accesses per month, including psychiatry, general practice, medicine, and dentistry, all online.

Pro and Fantasy Football
Prodigy, Tustin, CA, US
The most complete and up-to-date fantasy football information on the Internet.

The Progressive Review
Washington, DC, US
The longest-running act on the off-Broadway of Washington journalism.

Pronet Enterprises Ltd. -- International Business Net Directory
Vancouver, BC, CA
Free international business reference library. Thousands of companies and links. Corporate internet presence starting at $19.95 per month.

Proxima, Inc.
McLean, VA, US
From simple home pages to elaborate marketplace storefronts, Proxima's in-house creative and technical teams develop Web sites that are innovative, bold, interactive and technically advanced.

R. A. Kevane & Associates
Seattle, WA, US
A career consulting firm. We pioneered the concept of the "self-directed career" and offer our clients services at the highest possible level of professionalism.

Raj Research Group
Cornell Univ., Ithaca, NY, US
A leading group doing research in ceramics.

Ranger's Realtime Rescue
SAIC Internet Solutions, San Diego, CA, US
Database of animals for adoption in San Diego County, updated daily.

RDTV Broadcasting
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Central Alberta's premium broadcast service, with an award-winning line-up of people and programs.

Khabarovsk, Russia
Russian Far East's premier Internet service provider.

A. Richter Gallery
Townshend, VT, US
We sell vintage agricultural labels.

Roaming Cyberspace
A monthly news letter produced by Team One Technology and Connect On-Line.

Robert J. Sawyer
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A multiple-award-winning science fiction writer. Sample chapters, short stories, news, reviews, interviews, book covers, and more.

RPG's Catholic Connection
R. Paul Gordon, San Diego, CA, US
Comprehensive collection of Catholic resources and information on the Net.

Russian Club
A&M Co, New York, NY, US
All topics of interest -- from tourism to politics to business to education.

Sally's Place
BPE, Inc., Ross, CA, US
About the finer things in life.

San Francisco Ballet
San Francisco, CA, US
Current information about the company, programs, schedules, ticket information and more.

School of Rehabilitation Sciences
Univ. of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada
Information about the School, including undergraduate training in occupational therapy and physical therapy and graduate training in rehabilitation. Also: rehabilitation-related resources.

Science Writing Business
David Bradley Science Writer, Cambridge, UK
I am a freelance science writer offering features, newsletter editorial in the field of science and technology.

Toronto, On., Canada
A nonprofit association to heighten the awareness of the Internet to seniors.

Sensormatic Europe
Ratingen, Germany
Profile of Sensormatic Electronic Corporation as the official electronic security supplier of the 1996 Olympic Games.

Single Source
Falls Church, VA, US
Real estate agent software for both Macintosh and Windows.

The Smiley Dictionary
Pierre Violet, Paris, France
This dictionary gathers most of the smileys used on the Net and allows the addition of your own creations.

Soft Targets Weekly Comic
WebComics, Lewisburg, PS, US
One of the weirdest strips on the Web. A new strip every week.

Songwriters' CD Outlet
Glenview, IL, US
Lots of information about a select group of folk singer-songwriters including biographies, sound samples, lyrics, reviews, artist song introductions, and a search-by-subject capability.

Sooke School District -- Continuing Education
Victoria, BC, Canada
Innovative adult education that facilitates lifelong learning.

Source Internet Service
Salt Lake City, UT, US
We provide Internet access to Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Texas, Arizona, and Nevada.

Southern California Edison
Rosemead, CA, US
The parent corporation of Southern California Edison Company.

Southern California Orthopedic Institute
Chris Richter, Van Nuys, CA, US
Educational resources on anatomy and arthroscopic surgery - users can download QuickTime movies of arthroscopic procedures. Info on surgery technique and patient education videos, medical illustration, etc.

Southren Cross Astronomical Society
Miami, FL, US
One of the largest and oldest amateur astronomy organizations in the world.

Speak For Yourself!
Interway, Inc., Forest Hills, NY, US
An online political magazine covering politics from a middle-class perspective. SFY raises relevant issues and publishes your reply.

Squirrel 3DFX
Squirrel Software Technologies, Brisbane, Australia
A gallery of 3DFX graphics that really jump out at you.

Stamps Mall
Acacia Online Company, Manalapan, NJ, US
This site offers one-month free publication of stamp dealers' home pages with two screens and an interactive form. It also provides services to develop, construct and implement Internet-based applications with graphics and interactive forms.

Stare Straight Ahead
Pittsburgh, PA, US
An experiment in dynamic documents.

Stingray Powerboats
Mosaic Computing, Inc., Florence, SC, US
Boat reviews, buying FAQ, actionwear, and more.

StressFree Net
Winnipeg, Canada
Professionals providing solutions to stress.

Systems and Control Group
Univ. of Catania, Italy
Interested in automatic control, nonlinear circuits and systems, neural networks, and more.

Technology and Innovation in the region of Dresden, Germany
BTI mbH, Dresden, Germany
Technology parks and innovation center in East Germany (in German).

Tourism Around Dresden
Ralf Jordan, Klipphausen, Germany
Visit our beautiful region in the east of Germany.

Tourist Radio Australia (Electronic Newspaper)
Tourist Radio Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia
Twenty channels of information.

Trans World Info
Chester, Cheshire, UK
Hotels, tours, and information for England, Scotland, and Wales.

e.m.a.N.a.t.e., Woodland Hills, CA, US
A premier marketing and sales avenue designed for Internet subscribers.

Beverly Hills, CA, US
Home to the original TRAX, first published in 1985. Recently expanded to an online guide for new music and new media entertainment.

Tri-City Computing Magazine
Albany, NY, US
Both a print and Web publication featuring the finest in reviews, columns, hardware tests, and information on the computing industry.

Trip on This
The Dresbach Company, Los Angeles, CA, US
The top ten obscure road trips in America.

The Tristo Software
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
This Web site carries the complete line of Tristo Software BBS doors and utilities. All releases are downloadable from here.

Tropical Bytes
Mid-Florida Internet Group (Jeffrey C. Fox), Lakeland, FL, US
A user group featuring Internet cartoon of the month, Florida weather, Hot Spots by members.

TSO's Favorite Mac Links
TSO's Mac SIG, Cincinnati, OH, US
A large collection of Macintosh related links on the Internet from TriState Online's Macintosh SIG.

U.G. Krishnamurti
San Francisco, CA, US
Introduction to a controversial Indian philosopher and teacher.

The Ultimate Wave
Internet Tidal Wave, Allentown, PA, US
This home page contains no artificial colors or flavors...cool graphics and sites to see.

Union Matematica Argentina (In Spanish)
Cordoba, Argentina
Mathematics and mathematicians in Argentina.

The United States Professional Racquetball Association
Brooklyn, NY, US
We help promote racquetball.

Univ. of Medicine and Dentistry of NJ, School of Osteopathic Medicine
Stratford, NJ, US
UMDNJ School of Osteopathic Medicine Web is designed to educate medical and lay people.

University of Chicago Printing Services
Chicago, IL, US
A fully networked digital printing service.

The Unofficial Bars of Milwaukee Page
Milwaukee, WI, US
When we find a good bar, we take pictures and throw it to the mercy of the Web.

Unofficial Bob Dole Home Page
Olathe, KS, US
The most comprehensive source of Dole information on the Internet.

City Net Express, Portland, OR, US
Launch URLs from any application on your Macintosh.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce
En Route Information Highway, Washington D.C., US
The largest federation of businesses in the world with information on business, policy, professional training, publications, networking facilities, and communications.

Paradiso, Inc., Norfolk, VA, US
Alternative music/arts Web-zine.

VIP Travel & Tours, Inc.
DEW Enterprises, Inc., Tallahassee, FL, US
Full service travel agency.

Virginia Online Magazine
Metronetics Publications, Charlottesville, VA, US
Travel, tourism, arts, literature, entertainment, and commentary.

The Wall
Philadelphia, PA, US
Music site featuring breaking music with sound clips, album/concert reviews, music release dates, and an editorial page with users comments. Updated monthly.

Warwick Bears Ultimate Frisbee
Coventry, Warwickshire, UK
This page provides information about Ultimate Frisbee at Warwick University and has many links to similar pages.

Water Quality Database
Purdue University - ACS Dept., West Lafayette, IN, US
Purdue - ES-USDA Water Quality Information Management Project. Computer access to educational materials prepared by extension specialists from throughout the U.S.

Web World
Chicago, IL, US
Explore the Web, the fastest growing aspect of the Internet. Over 50 managerial/technical sessions. Showcase featuring products and solutions providing the latest in Web technology.

David de Vitry, Lewisburg, PA, US
Contains the greatest collection of daily and weekly comics on the Web. Including Soft Targets, ArtComics, Dilbert, Borderline, and many more. Add your own comic.

Milwaukee, WI, US
A Web page creation and design service.

Summit, NJ, US
Freelance Web consultant to get you connected.

Wedgeport Bluefish Tournament
Wedgeport, Nova Scotia, Canada
"Salt water angling at its best with Acadian hospitality." Make plans to join this exciting bluefish fishing tournament today.

Madison, WI, US
The CBS affiliate in Madison. Local news and weather is updated daily, plus archived scripts and programming information.

The World of Diatonics and Bandoneons
Brussels, Belgium
Information about diatonic accordions and bandoneons.

World Wide Times UFO Group
Island Paradise Free Press, Honolulu, HI, US
An exhaustive effort that brings you the most in-depth information on UFOs.

World Wide Web Consultants
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Provider of Web pages, virtual servers, advertising, and more.

World Wide Wig
San Jose, CA, US
Independent film quotes, links, catch phrases, images, and Mr. Kooky Blockhead.

X-Files UK
Simon Morley, Exeter, Devon, UK
A Web site all about the X-Files TV show with lots of information, graphics, sounds and links.

The Yogaplex
Lazar Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
Yoga news and views.

Your Guide to Mapping the Internet
University Video Communications, Palo Alto, CA, US
Gordon Bell narrates this multimedia tour through the past, present, and future of the Internet.

Monday, 24 July 1995

16th International Congress of Nutrition
National Research Council, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
July 27 to Aug. 1, 1997 in Montreal.

The 49th Star International Newsletter
Information Alaska, Fairbanks, AK, US
A publication about all aspects of Alaska. It contains state news, travel info, fictional stories, an events calendar, and much more.

Accommodations in the UK
Internet Shopper Ltd., London, UK
Accommodations from B&Bs to hotels.

ADC DesigNet
Los Angeles, CA, US
Complete Web page design, integration, and Web presence services for business, home or school.

ADC Telecommunications, Inc.
Minnetonka, MN, US
Designs, manufactures and markets a broad range of transmission and networking systems and physical connectivity products for broadband telecommunications networks.

AdNet: Ottawa's Information Source
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
An organized classifieds Web site for the Ottawa-Hull region. Free classifieds, plus links to other places on the Web. News and entertainment links being added all the time.

Agency for Interamerican Finance
St. John's, Antigua
Provides multi-currency, multi-lingual, global investment services. AIF's Hard Currency Bond doubles your money in six years.

Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association - UK
London, UK
Information about our latest activities.

Science University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
A brand new Web and anonymous FTP service from the Information Services Group at the Science University of Tokyo.

Alaska Department of Transportation and Public Facilities
Juneau, AK, US
Information about our services.

All Electronics Corp.
Van Nuys, CA, US
New and surplus electronic parts and supplies.

All Things Automotive Directory
Los Angeles, CA, US
Your first stop for auto information on the Net, complete in one file.

Alliance to Revitalize California
Santa Monica, CA, US
Sponsoring three tort reform ballot initiatives for the March, 1996 California primary. No-fault auto insurance; lawyer contingent fee limitation; shareholder/securities litigation reform. Downloadable petitions.

American Paralysis Association
Springfield, NJ, US
Information about the APA, spinal cord injury, and illustrations of the progress research scientists have made to repair the damaged spinal cord and improve function after injury.

American Public Works Association
Kansas City, MO, US
Briefings on public works infrastructure; water, solid waste, landfills, roads, highways, urban planning, bridges, mass transit, utilities, civil engineering, transportation, sanitary sewers and the environment.

Anti-Zionism = Antisemitism
Jewish Student Union, Boulder, CO, US
Selections from the writings of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. on the relationship between anti-Zionism and antisemitism.

Anton Paar GmbH
Graz, Austria
Density and concentration measurement, Rheology, viscosity, high precision temperature measurement, and more.

Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Asia Pacific Interactive Communication NETwork, a network for international cooperation, communication and understanding, has information about its online educational projects and resources, and member schools.

BUS INC., New York City, NY, US
A new media which will exchange information relating to architecture on the Internet.

Arctic Odysseys
Seattle, WA, US
A tour company specializing in travel to the North Pole and other high Arctic regions.

Arise Webhotel
AN System AB, Mölndal, Sweden
A new service growing everyday.

The Arizona Diamondbacks
Paul Benjamin, Phoenix, AZ, US
Major League Baseball's newest team. They begin play in Phoenix in 1998.

The Armada Gold Corporation
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Investing information that shares the experience of a developing enterprise in the Siberian region.

Art & Architecture Network
Honolulu, HA, US
Digital artists and architects.

Arts Biz
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Artist-in-Business workshops help artists thrive in a competitive environment. They use the resources of local arts and business communities to support and advance the artistic professions.

Aussie News from La Trobe
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Summary of local and international news of interest to Australians.

Avant Garde
Information Analytics, Inc., Lincoln, NE, US
The following merchants have been added to Avant Garde: FastPro International, suppliers of first aid items and safety equipment; Burgland Financial Services, specializing in retirement and estate planning; and Laser Products and Services Group (printer, copier, fax supplies).

BargainFinder agent
Andersen Consulting Ctr. for Strategic Technology Research, Chicago, IL, US
Intelligent agent for comparison shopping of compact discs among Internet stores. This is an experiment into the effects of agents on electronic commerce.

The Beard and Moustache Homepage
Norwich, Norfolk, UK
Just a bit of fun.

Bee Stung Lips
Ben Drago, Houston, TX, US
Fan page for Bee Stung Lips, a pop band from Houston with a unique sound. Includes local shows, CD giveaways, and tons of other fun stuff.

Bibliographical Society of America
Rutgers University Libraries, New Brunswick, NJ, US
The BSA is a scholarly society (member of American Council of Learned Societies) for persons interested in the study of books and manuscripts from bibliographical and textual viewpoints.

Blackwell Bookshops on the Internet
Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK
The world's finest academic bookseller.

WCA Academy, Göteborg, Sweden
A small and beautiful province in Sweden.

The Bloodhound Bunch
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A complete source for information on bloodhounds.

Blumer LeVon Online
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Supplier of electronic solutions to graphic art and prepress companies in the southern Ontario market area.

Universal Software Solutions, Phoenix, AZ, US
You will find more information about a book here than you'll find in the book.

Braintree, Massachusetts
Braintree, MA, US
Links to historical facts, people online, and local businesses.

Miami, FL, US
Commercial Web development and services.

Brothers Gourmet Coffees
Boca Raton, FL, US
Available in whole bean, ground, and one pot size in a variety of flavors.

San Diego, CA, US
Announcing the introduction of a golf and baseball/softball Line Drive. These units will dramatically improve the player's ball-striking ability with no mechanical thoughts.

Cajun Concierge
Telefonix, New Orleans, LA, US
Information on restaurants, sports and leisure, tours, entertainment, just for kids, services, shopping, area events, and golf courses from Louisiana to Florida are listed.

Cal-Con Travel Cruises and Tours
San Jose, CA, US
A retail travel agency specializing in leisure cruise and tour travel. Destinations include, but are not limited to, the Caribbean, Mexico, Jamaica, Hawaii, Costa Rica, the Orient and Europe.

Cancer Resources from the Play Pen
Madison, IN, US
Resources for cancer and oncology.

Umina, Australia
Motorsport news, information, and pictures.

CapZeyeZ On-Line
Austin, TX, US
AVI and MOV files of unsigned Texas bands.

Career and Employment Resources
Maryland Heights, MO, US
Dunn & Edwards Information Services offers a cornucopia of technical employment information.

Centre for Computer Architecture
Halmstad Univ., Halmstad, Sweden
Our research areas are computer architecture, neural networks, real-time systems, and more.

The Charleston SC Police Department
Charleston, SC, US
We employ 302 sworn police officers, 100 civilians, and 15 reservists.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools
Charlotte, NC, US
Web site with links for educators.

Cheesecake Plus!
Macom Networking, Jerusalem, Israel
A world-famous, full-menu restaurant in the beautiful Nahalat Shiva neighborhood.

Children's Books and More
Harold D. Underdown, Brooklyn, NY, US
Resources relating to children's books and publishing in general, including original articles for children's writers and links to diverse sites.

Cicely's Place - For Women
Andrea Foster, Tallahassee, FL, US
The first talker created especially for women to chat, relax, interact and learn with each other.

Cinax Designs
Vancouver, BC, Canada
We work with your ideas and publish them on your LAN, CD-ROM, or the Internet.

Sherburne, NY, US
Serves the electronic interconnection industry as a information and resource locator. Provides the electronics manufacturing industry with a directory service to other related Web sites.

CLU Magazine
California Lutheran Univ., Thousand Oaks, CA, US
The magazine of California Lutheran University.

Club Wed Press
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The newsletter is an elegant and unique way to share the news of your wedding with your guests.

CMI Realty Systems
Waterville, ME, US
An educational site for all realty representatives.

Collector Web Site
CollecTech, Inc., Burlington, VT, US
The nationwide electronic service devoted entirely to antiques and collectibles, and to those who value them. It's simple, powerful, and affordable.

Biola Univ., La Mirada, CA, US
A CGI-based background color selector for Netscape users. Click anywhere on a color wheel, and the color and hex value is returned.

CompuNerd, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO, US
We've been putting a lot of work into making our Web community a fun place to visit. As a result, most of our effort has gone into building our galleria and library pages.

Computational Chemistry at the U of MN
Univ. of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, US
Contains links to the home pages of professors at the University of Minnesota who participate in computational chemistry research.

Connections, The Travel Company
Washington, DC, US
One of the Mid-Atlantic's largest travel companies.

Cosmic Baseball Association
Washington, DC, US
Contains links to cosmic playing teams and player biographies. Links to other non-CBA pages are included where appropriate.

Council for Agricultural Science and Technology
Ames, IA, US
The science source for food, agricultural, and environmental issues.

Creative Loafing Online
Creative Loafing Ntwrk, Atlanta, GA, US
The largest alternative weekly in the Southeast, now on the Web. Includes news, arts and entertainment, cuisine, movie reviews and showtimes, classifieds and happenings listings.

Cuba WWW
C.C.E., Parma, Italy
Country information, maps, Web sites, gopher sites, CUBA-L, email, news, images, tourism and more.

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Australia's most advanced Internet service provider.

Data Warehousing Conference
Phoenix, AZ, US
Oct. 10. The industry's largest conference, covering the hottest topics in IS organizations today.

Dept. of Transportation & Public Facilities
Juneau, AK, US
General information about services provided by the department. Including roadways, construction, contracts, international airports, ferry system, tourism and technology transfer.

The Detroit Tigers
Greater Detroit Free-net, Detroit, MI, US
Standard fare of Tigers' information plus an Interactive Stadium Map which allows the visitor to click on a section of the stadium and get a picture from that vantage point, along with ticket info for that section.

DEX Software
Austin, TX, US
Educational shareware for the Macintosh.

DiamondSoft Technologies
Philadelphia, PA, US
We provide free assistance in the development of Web pages.

Westerville, OH, US
Escape to the Net with DigiScape. The members of DigiScape are here to handle all of your Web page development needs.

Digital Café
St. Paul, MN, US
Developers of CD-ROM, screen savers and Web pages. Explore products and services in entertainment, education and corporate arenas and download demos, including Die Hard III Screensaver and more.

Digital Tools Inc.
Houston, TX, US
We provide custom Web sites, mailing list administration, and mailboxes.

Digital Zone
Seattle, WA, US
Offering stock photo CD images online and digital imaging service from special effects guru Jean-Pierre D'Zahr.

Dinesen's Leather Only
Milwaukee, WI, US
A specialist in leather furniture now featured on the Web. Product samplings and information on the purchase and care of leather furniture is featured.

Discover Starving Artists
Starving Artists, Walnut Creek, CA, US
Enjoy great art. Own it or simply browse. Or stroll Montmartre in turn-of-the-century Paris. Abstracts, flowers, watercolors, oils, erotic photography.

Discovery Channel Online
Discovery Communications, Inc., Bethesda, MD, US
Interactive stories about science, nature, history, people, and more.

Marina del Rey, CA, US
Web authoring services, recreation, hobby interests, and more.

The Drive! Golf Course Locator
Green Grass Software Corp., Minneapolis, MN, US
A great way to find golf courses where you live, work or travel. Download a free, fully functional copy of Drive! for your Windows 3.1 PC.

The Dufferin Peel Roman Catholic Separate School Board
Mississauga, ON, CA
Information about the board, its schools, and more.

DuPont Hadley Middle School
Old Hickory, TN, US
A seventh and eighth grade school. Web site contains many interesting features by faculty and students about our school and our community.

Dynamic Mutual Funds
Creative Online, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Voted Canada's top fund company for 1995.

Early Stages of Soviet and American Radio Broadcasting
Lenny Zeltser, Philadelphia, PA, US
Discovered in the early 1900s, radio promised to be the most influential technology of the 20th century. This paper examines development of radio broadcasting in US and (former) USSR.

EBSCO Publishing
Peabody, MA, US
A leading developer and producer of periodical and reference databases.

Eclectic Intermediars
CyberConsult B.V., Bunnik, Utrecht, The Netherlands
An international executive search agency.

Call Data Clearing, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
Save on your long distance calls and support environmental organizations. The site allows for people and organizations to participate as agents and clients.

The Economic Bulletin Board (EBB)
Washington, DC, US
A service of the U.S. Department of Commerce.

El Periodico On Line
Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
An electronic version of El Periodico de Catalunya, a Spanish newspaper.

Electronic Credit Repair Kit
WCI, Phoenix, AZ, US
A step-by-step how-to guide to removing incorrect information from your credit report.

Elsewhere on the Web
Honolulu, HI, US
A brief selection of electronic, print, and human resources for UFOs.

The entire federal budget
IBERT, Glendale, CA, US
This site contains a complete compilation of the budget funding requests from every agency of the federal government.

The Entrepreneurs Resource Center
Jacobs Associates, Raleigh, NC, US
Dedicated to providing entrepreneurs worldwide with cutting edge technology that will assist them in succeeding in cyberspace.

Environmental Professional's Homepage
clay.net, Danvers, MA, US
This is a quick-load, no-nonsense work platform for rapid information retrieval designed specifically for environmental consultants and remediation professionals.

EPICS International
Long Beach, CA, US
Contains environmental compliance information including regulation databases and information, acronyms and terms, environmental newsletters, information about the company and more.

ESKAY Corporation
Salt Lake City, UT, US
A Daifuku company whose product line includes mini load and unit load AS/RS, AGVs, and control software. Also available is James Allred's White Paper: Changing the Manufacturing Paradigm.

European Procurement Information Network
Dublin, Ireland
The European-wide network for utilities and their suppliers.

The Fashion Page with Hearts
LWLutz WWWeb Design & Consultants, Syracuse, NY, US
Links to fashion resources.

Federal Aviation Administration
FAA Office of Information Technology, Washington, DC, US
The FAA's Internet entry point for public access to agency information.

Fenice Newsletter
Fenice S.p.A., Valdagno, VI, Italy
Discussions about leather finishing technology, answers to most important questions and tips to leather finishers. Questions are welcome -- a private answer is guaranteed.

Finite Technologies Incorporated
Anchorage, AK, US
Engineering simulation and modeling software for pressurized pipe networks, building energy analysis, and more.

FIVA ONLINE 95- First Festival of Independent Audio/Visual Arts Online
Media Renaissance Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The launch of FIVA ONLINE 95, a virtual, media arts festival on the Web.

Knox Bronson, Oakland, CA, US
An allegorical sci-fi spoof, illustrated. Chervil Orbane's surrealistic saga as he wakes up flapping one bright morning. Action, insight, humor, good vs. evil, the works.

PiSoft, Florence, Italy
Azienda di Promozione Turistica di Firenze (APT Florence). Museums in Florence, including some pictures of famous paintings.

Ford Credit
Dearborn, MI, US
A wholly owned subsidiary of Ford Motor Company.

Forms and Gateways: An Introduction
Gerardo Lopez-Fernandez, Univ. of Florida, Gainesville, FL, US
An introduction to forms and gateways: why they exist, forms tags, and CGI scripts.

Fractal Heart Art
Menlo Park, CA, US
Software consulting service specializing in genetic programming and artificial life.

Free Computing Tip of the Week
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Fill out this form to receive the free computing tip of the week by fax in Ottawa, or email worldwide.

Freudian Slip Improvisational Comedy
College Station, TX, US
Information source on improvisational comedy. Includes information about an improvisational comedy troupe at Texas A&M.

Fun Science: Phase Transformation and Precipitation
Dept. Materials Sci. & Eng., Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US
A brief introduction to a basic science project on precipitation and phase transformation.

Fungi Perfecti
Olympia, WA, US
A company that specializes in cultures, equipment and technologies for the cultivation of gourmet and medicinal mushrooms.

StarDate Publishing, West Palm Beach, FL, US
Offers a wide range of products and services for both business and individual consumers.

FX Media, Inc.
Sarasota, FL, US
Specializes in custom multimedia software, Web and CD-ROM development. Current services at this site include Fitness Expert, Professional Photographer's Page, Hair Club for Men, and more.

Glenn Adams Paintings
Sackville, NB, Canada
An exhibition of paintings by Glenn Adams, featuring scenes of New Brunswick. The works are done in acrylic.

Globulated Web Nodgelets
Corvallis, OR, US
American-British/British-American dictionary.

Golf Bob Mann
Henderson, NV, US
Free golf newsletter by golf professional Bob Mann, the number one selling sports video instructor of all time.

Goosecross Cellars
Yountville, CA, US
A Napa Valley micro-winery producing ultra-premium Chardonnay.

Gospel Films Software Catalog
Gospel Films, Inc., Muskegon, MI, US
Browse and order from a new catalog of Logos Research Systems software. For a limited time, receive a free screensaver with any online order.

Grant MacEwan Community College
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Offering more than 40 diploma and certificate programs in arts and science, business, health and community studies, and performing, visual, and communication arts.

Green Valley
Roanoke, VA, US
Green Valley Elementary School's home on the Web. The elementary school serves over 500 students in grades K through 5 in southwest Roanoke County.

Richmond, TX, US
Offers several C++ class libraries which implement neural networks: havBpNet++ and havFmNet++. Also offers custom and contract software-development and project-management services.

H.Co. Computer Products, Inc.
Irvine, CA, US
A worldwide leader in producing computer memory upgrades and related peripherals. Manufactures proprietary and standard memory products for desktops, laptops, laser printers, and workstations.

Hell and Back on the Internet
Eden Systems Corporation, Indianapolis, IN, US
Enter our scavenger hunt for fun and prizes.

Home Mortgage Information
Spectrum Home Mortgage, Buffalo, NY, US
Allows users to find out how large of a mortgage they can afford based on income and financial obligations. Also contains a library of useful home financing software.

Horse Country Creations
Woodinville, WA, US
Unique oak and iron products developed with horse lovers and Western enthusiasts in mind.

Hot Platters
Los Angeles, CA, US
Record catalog and auction with 1000's of rare LP's, 45's, music memorabilia, and more.

Hot Seats & Cool Gizmos
Interior Dimension, Inc., St. Louis, MO, US
New online catalog of commercial grade furniture and interior products.

The House of Leaping Waterfalls
Hawaiian Vacation Retreats, Kapaa, Kauai, HI, US
Million dollar home located on large Hawaiian family estate. Scene of "A Wedding In Paradise." Currently offered as a bed and breakfast or exclusive.

HTML Class Syllabus and Tutorial
Joe Burns, Bowling Green, OH, US
A six-week class syllabus and tutorial for writing HTML.

HyperMedia Publishing
Austin, TX, US
Links to resources that facilitate electronic document distribution.

Infonet Communications, Inc., Fresno, CA, US
One of the largest wholesale Internet service providers in the Western United States.

IEA Clearinghouse
Intl. Assoc. for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement, The Hague, The Netherlands
Full publications of international comparative educational studies.

The Independent Holiday Shop
Winchester, Hampshire, UK
An independent travel agency.

Industrial Park of Miskolc
Ortutay Miklos, Miskolc, Hungary
Information about an East European investment opportunity.

Baural Ltd., Tallinn, Estonia
Estonian Web server.

Institute for Advanced Learning
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
IAT is a division of CDI Career Development Institutes Ltd., Canada's largest Canadian-owned training company. IAT customers are Canadian enterprises and government institutions.

Institute for Marine Biosciences
National Research Council Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Research expertise in aquaculture and seafood safety; marine products, including pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals; genomics, bioinformatics; and bioanalytical instrumentation.

Integrated Visions
IV Software Development Group, Austin, TX, US
IV specializes in game software for both the PC and the Mac. This page gives info about the company and its products.

Interactive Graphics Renderer
Kansas State Univ., Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Manhattan, KS, US
A forms-based interface to a ray-tracing package that allows you to create custom bullets, lines and other shapes for use on Web pages.

The Interactive King of All Media Newsletter
West Orange, NJ, US
An interactive place for Howard Stern fans to experience exclusive Stern stuff.

International Auto Mall
M&J Web Publishing, Atlanta, GA, US
The most complete listing of automotive dealerships online. Currently over 100 links are arranged by countries and or states.

International Facility Management Assoc. - North Texas Chapter
Dallas, TX, US
Information on the practice of facility management, including current chapter events, information on certification, and online applications.

International Knowledge Systems
Plantation, FL, US
The contest of the century is on our site.

International Stage Productions, Inc.
McLean, VA, US
Concert booking and tour agency for blues, gospel and soul artists performing at festivals, theaters and other venues in Europe, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France, the Netherlands and Finland.

Internet Providers of Florida, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
Provides affordable connections to the Internet in Florida for home or business use. Also provides full Web services for small or large businesses.

Internet Shopper
London, UK
Software for Windows NT.

InterService Computers
Butler, PA, US
Butler's first locally owned and operated Internet service provider.

I.Z.A - Innsbrucker Zeitungsarchiv
Innsbruck, Austria
An information centre for the reception of world literature in German-language newspapers.

Japan Information Resource Center
Philadelphia, PA, US
Lots of useful information related to Japan.

J.G. Wentworth Funding Corp.
Philadelphia, PA, US
Provides attorneys and their clients with advanced funding on settled but deferred or periodic, legal claims.

WCA Academy, Göteborg, Sweden
Two wilderness provinces in Sweden.

Sam White, STJ Publications, Bellville, OH, US
The magazine of science fiction and fantasy, is completely interactive featuring video, picture graphics, enhanced audio/visual capabilities along with entertaining stories and articles.

Ken Feinstein's Virtual Studio
Hoboken, NJ, US
A portfolio from a contemporary artist.

Kent State University Trumbull Campus
Warren, OH, US
The benefits of a large university in a small campus environment.

Kids At Heart Studios
San Diego, CA, US
Developer of non-violent, quality educational software and children's books.

King James Version Bible Videos and Audio Tapes
Internet Media, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
The King James Version of the Bible is now available on CD-ROM as video and audio. Sample video AVI file and audio file available at this site.

Kites N Things
inter-biz inc., Redmond, WA, US
Professional kites for the whole family.

Lamp Technology, Inc.
WebScope, Bohemia, NY, US
Offers you over 10,000 types of replacement light bulbs and specialty lamps at discounted prices.

Latin Music
BRD Consulting, New York, NY, US
The Web's first Latin music magazine. Includes club directories, concert information, artist showcase, reviews, book lists and much more.

Legal 2d Passports
Boswell Active Promotions, Baar, Switzerland
Legal passports/nationality for easier and safer travel.

The Life of St. Maximilian Mary Kolbe
Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate, New Bedford, MA, US
A short biography of the martyr of Auschwitz.

Lighthouse Digest, Inc.
Wells, ME, US
America's monthly Lighthouse news magazine.

Literature for Conservative Generation X Intellectuals
BeaconWay Press, Chapel Hill, NC, US
The conservative poetry and prose of the fastest-sailing literary movement on the Web.

LMD solutions
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides new and innovative solutions for the business needs of the 90's. Make your Internet presence known.

London Tours
London, UK
Discover the hidden heritage of London with your own informative driver/guide.

Love Is My Home
4Heavensake Publishing, Laurel, MD, US
Unity, love, and spiritual growth, expressed through poetry and online books.

Irvine, CA, US
Visit the Web site and get all the latest info on products including screen shots, demos, artwork, and more.

Marketer Help Desk
ActivMedia, Inc, Peterborough, NH, US
The first research-based study delineating the differences between successful and unsuccessful Net marketers.

The Maximal Page
Maxim Khokhlov, Los Angeles, CA, US
Semester At Sea: the best educational and traveling experience. Circle the planet in ten weeks, get to know 500 other students, learn other cultures.

MC+ Creations
Evansville, IN, US
We offer freelance role playing / adventure game design services.

Menu's On-Line
On-Line Information Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
The information restaurant guide for Atlanta. Provides menus, pictures, maps, wine lists, online reservations, video and sound clips of Atlanta's best restaurants. Service is free.

MIRAGE Video Cards
MIRAGE Multi Media Computers, Marina Del, CA, US
Manufacturers video cards to support the fixed scan monitors to be used with standard PCs. Supports all fixed scan monitors.

Montana Real Estate
Billings Association of Realtors, Billings, MT, US
Information about this unique area of the country including real estate, travel, recreation, census, and much more.

Muscolino Inventory Service, Inc.
Arcadia, CA, US
Provides custom data collection and physical inventory solutions throughout the Western United States and Japan.

The National Center for Excellence in Metalworking Technology (NCEMT)
Johnstown, PA, US
A resource for the improvement of the technical and competitive posture of the US's civil-military industrial base.

National Media Services
Jacksonville, FL, US
Promotional services and consulting to professionals seeking to promote a product or service.

National University Full-Time Computer Lab
San Diego, CA, US
The location, the open hours, the staff, the map, and more.

National Wood Flooring Association (NWFA)
Manchester, MO, US
Know the difference between oak and jatoba? If you answered no, visit us to learn more.

Near Dark Graphics
Colorado Springs, CO, US
We have a passion for creating cutting-edge graphics. Our goal is to defeat the boundaries of the still young Web technology to provide ground-breaking presentations.

NEOnet Online
Youngstown, OH, US
A full-service Internet provider and regional online service.

NetMundial: Email Services
Palo Alto, CA, US
Provides Internet accessible email services to your own domain. Simply register at our Web site to submit your domain name registration.

Netscape Tutorial
AIM Lab Group, Urbana, IL, US
A tutorial on using the Netscape browser.

Network Business Solutions
Ventura, CA, US
Network design, home page development, Internet access, and more.

The NeuroScience Center of Indianapolis
Indianapolis, IN, US
A clinical service and research facility established in 1984 to provide diagnostic, rehabilitation and psychotherapy services to those with cognitive, psychological and/or psychophysiological problems with a neurological basis or producing neurological symptoms.

The New HomeSite
3W Concepts, Inc., Castro Valley, CA, US
A Web guide to new home communities in California. Allows you to easily find the information of your dream new home by clicking on the county and city of your choice.

The Nielsen Observer
Oslo, Norway
For journalists, photographers, and other media professionals.

Nightclub and Bar Magazine Online
Oxford, MS, US
Looking for the right place to party?

Northern College
Kirkland Lake, Ontario, Canada
Information about the college, its campuses, and the surrounding communities.

NSF International
Ann Arbor, MI, US
The premier, independent, not-for-profit organization providing third-party services through programs which focus on public health and environmental quality. Receive a free Drinking Water Treatment Unit Consumer Guide.

New Orleans, LA, US
New Orleans City Archives and Public Library collections.

OCOEE: Waters of Change
Scott Wilkinson, Bethesda, MD, US
A new site featuring information, history, and late-breaking news about the Ocoee River in east Tennessee, site of the 1996 Olympic canoe and kayak slalom events.

Office of NOAA Corps Operations
Rockville, MD, US
Operates NOAA's fleet of research and survey ships and aircraft. Also manages the nation's seventh uniformed service - the NOAA Commissioned Corps.

Online Access Web Edition
Online Access Magazine, Chicago, IL, US
Connection to online services, bulletin boards and the Internet. More than an online magazine, offering insights into the online world, an events calendar, plus tips, tools and techniques.

The Online Guide to Philip K. Dick's Short Stories
Ann Arbor, MI, US
All of the short stories ever written by Dick.

OnMark Internet Directories
Online Marketing Group, Philadelphia, PA, US
Serves the Philadelphia area as online business yellow pages, offering all levels of service, from line listings to interactive home pages.

Orange Coast Online
Costa Mesa, CA, US
The Web site of popular Orange Coast magazine in features thoughtful journalism and celebrity interviews.

Orange County Mall
Orange County, CA, US
Weather and traffic, toys, sports, food, service, health, clothing, home decorating, pets, music, computers, electronics, books, autos, career employment classifieds, and much more.

The Original Florida
North Central Florida Regional Planning Council, Gainesville, FL, US
Take a vacation to North Central Florida.

The Ornithopter Homepage
Nathan Chronister, Lewisburg, PA, US
Ornithopters are flapping wing aircraft. This site includes in-depth info on all aspects of ornithopters, with pictures and MPEG movies.

Oscar Quality Systems
Rochford, Essex, UK
Quality management software modules to BS EN ISO 9000 standards.

Pacific Coast Information Systems Ltd.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Our specialization is Lotus Notes which includes connecting to the Internet.

The (Parksville/Qualicum) Career Centre
Parksville, BC, Canada
Career job employment, counseling work, and business training skills for youth, adults, women, aboriginal minorities.

PC Magazine
Ziff-Davis Interactive, Cambridge, MA, US
The industry's most complete and comprehensive source of PC information.

PC Week
Ziff-Davis Interactive, Cambridge, MA, US
The national weekly news source of corporate computing.

PC-Software Links
Bergen, Hordaland, Norway
Links to commercial desktop software for the PC.

Pedal Power Juice
WRP, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Juicing (food.veg.raw) with pedal-powered assistance is fun and fast, Kundalini yoga for health and happiness, saxophone music for your delight.

The Pine Cone Christmas Shop
Long Grove, IL, US
Open all year 'round both on the Web and in Long Grove. Visit the first Christmas store on the Web.

The Play Pen
Madison, IN, US
Resources for the blind.

Point Productions, Inc.
Newton, MA, US
A young multimedia developer and publisher, specializing in CD-ROM and video productions, and now, Web pages. Focuses on developing reference, education, and entertainment works.

PoolWizard for Windows
SplashWare, LLC, Mesa, AZ, US
A Windows-based application designed to help the homeowner maintain a backyard swimming pool. A demo version is available for download.

PowerNet, Richmond, VA, US
Augment your income with powerful opportunities, ideas and products.

Prime Software
Manville, NJ, US
Download our latest shareware.

London, UK
Provides Internet access in the London area, a large property database, and more.

P.S. I Love You International
Redondo Beach, CA, US
A unique introduction service.

London, UK
The leading European provider of training services to the international transport community.

Public Relations
PRSSA, Carbondale, IL, US
The Public Relations Student Society of America is a student-run public relations firm that spans the nation. This page comes from the 'Outstanding Chapter' at Southern Illinois Univ.

Puddle Records
Jim Santo, New York, NY, US
Home page for Puddle Records, a New York City-based independent label. Information on Puddle recording artists Jenifer Convertible and Cardinal Woolsey. Includes images, sounds.

Quinn Flags & Banners
Long Island City, NY, US
Supporting clubs and organizations, commercial business, and individual people. Also offering custom flags and banners.

Radio Control Survey
Air Age Publishing, Wilton, CT, US
We want your opinions on how to best serve you with online services.

Ralph's Sweepstakes Page
Ralph Craig, Raleigh, NC, US
Free information on entering sweepstakes and contests through mail, email and the Web. Enter and win or add to the listings.

Rate Your Risk
Metro Nashville Police Department, Nashville, TN, US
Developed by the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department to give citizens their risk of burglary, murder, street assault and arrest.

Real Estate
Vince Volpe - Re/Max Premier Realty, Tucson, AZ, US
Full service realtor offering relocation, referrals, Buyer Broker, sales and marketing of properties.

REAL (Resort Electronic Access Link)
REAL Information Systems, Vail, CO, US
Your single source for quality resort and travel information.

Rittners School of Floral Design
Boston, MA, US
Stressed out? Are you or a family member looking for a new career? If so, visit the site.

RMI Online
Silver Spring, MD, US
News and information on the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

Roadracing World & Motorcycle Technology
Lake Elsinore, CA, US
Information about the magazine, back-issue directory, and links to other roadracing sites.

RoJaC - Robert's Jazz Corner
Graz, Austria
The Austrian meeting place for jazz fans on the Internet.

Roy Talman & Associates
Chicago, IL, US
Executive search firm specializing in information technology positions.

The Santa Monica Web
Santa Monica, CA, US
Your first stop to visit Santa Monica. Find attractions, hotel/motel, restaurant, and shopping information.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Detailed description and catalog of our geo demographic market analysis software and data. Quickly create beautiful maps using your data. Ideas galore at this site.

School of Biochemistry
Univ. of Birmingham, UK
Information about teaching and research.

Little Pig Productions, London, UK
Documenting the work of computer and interactive media artist, writer, educator and curator Simon Biggs. Features images and texts by the artist, plus Web specific work and downloadable standalone interactive applications (Mac only at this point).

Smith College
Northampton, MA, US
A highly selective private liberal arts college for women.

Southeast Mass. Maritime Employees Assoc., Woods Hole, MA, US
A labor union representing merchant marine unlicensed crew employed in the ferry service operated by the Woods Hole, Martha's Vineyard, and Nantucket Steamship Authority.

Snowcrash Cyberchat
Red Sector A, Inc., Marlton, NJ, US
An online talk program where people can create their own characters.

Society for Human Resource Management
Alexandria, VA, US
Information and resources for HR practitioners.

The Software Farm
Earlville, IL, US
An embedded systems software publisher and an Internet service provider.

New York, NY, US
Provides a directory of people and places in NYC, as well as a guide of things to do.

The Source for Renewable Energy
Momentum Transfer Technology, Aurora, CO, US
Looking for information on renewable energy products, businesses or organizations? Browse this library of renewable energy information.

Southward and Associates
Chicago, IL, US
A full-service agency providing advertising, marketing, public relations, media purchasing and more to businesses.

Southwest Missouri State University
Springfield, MO, US
The central Web pages for Southwest Missouri State Univ. Includes pointers to other Web servers at the university.

Stale Urine
Michael Radford, Pasadena, CA, US
Lyrics, pictures, and more from the greatest industrial/zydeco band in the world.

State Cable Television
Augusta, ME, US
Cable access for Central and Southern Maine, as well as New Hampshire.

WCA Academy, Göteborg, Sweden
One of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Stone Bridge Press
Berkeley, CA, US
Publisher of books on Japan-related subjects.

SunWorld Online
San Francisco, CA, US
A monthly electronic magazine for the Solaris and SPARC community. Includes news, features, columns, new products listings, and sunWHERE, a launchpad to Web sites of interest to Sun users.

Super-Duper by EI5DI
Dublin, Ireland
Freeware amateur radio contest.

SYL - A Morrisey Fanzine
Irvine, CA, US
Info on the fabulous Morrissey.

Synergy Technology Systems, Inc.
Conshohocken, PA, US
Your part-time information technology staff.

The Tanner Long Press, Inc.
NetShopper, LLC, Boulder, CO, US
Pleased to announce the publication of a new murder mystery, "Nick and Peter: The Fire Island Murder," written by Denver author James Robiscoe.

Tasty Shows
Seattle, WA, US
A local concert promoter in the Seattle area.

Teacher Talk
Mighty Media, Minneapolis, MN, US
A public conferencing system for K12 educators.

Technology Transfer Business
Vienna, VA, US
A quarterly publication tracking the latest technologies.

Tennessee Board of Regents
Nashville, TN, US
Students maintain these pages as part of their course work.

Austin, TX, US
We sell Texan products to Europe and beyond.

TIC Summer Computer Camp
Arlington, VA, US
A day-camp run at two locations in the Washington, DC area.

Tokyo Journal
Tokyo, Japan
Tokyo's hottest English-language city magazine.

The Total Yellowstone Page
Provo, UT, US
Everything you wanted to know about Yellowstone but were afraid to ask. Historical info, current activities, camping sites, roads, lodging, animal activity, helpful info, etc.

Tour options in South Australia and Kangaroo Island
Air & Adventure Tours, Adelaide, Australia
Outlines the bus and aircraft touring options that we provide in South Australia.

Trauma Info Page
Eugene, OR, US
Traumatic stress, PTSD, and mental health in a disaster response.

Travel Source, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
A traveler's guide to unique travel destinations and adventures worldwide.

Trelleborg AB
Trelleborg, Sweden
A presentation of our company, daily updated metals figures, and company news.

Tuppertime - Online Tupperware Catalog
Raleigh, NC, US
Online shopping guide for Tupperware products. A free catalog is available. Save time by ordering online.

UC Davis Crew
Davis, CA, US
Our home page.

Unicom Communications
Overland Park, KS, US
Kansas City's premier Internet service.

United States v. Jake Baker
Stuart Beraha, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Points to the full text of the opinion dismissing the Jake Baker case. It has been converted to HTML, with links to the footnotes, by Judge Cohn's law clerk.

United World Colleges
Houston, TX, US
Includes links to Atlantic College, Lester B. Pearson College, Adriatic College, Li Po Chun College, South East Asia College, Waterford-Kamhlaba College, Armand Hammer College, and more.

University of Idaho Sports News
Phil Corless, Moscow, ID, US
All the latest news about the University of Idaho Vandal athletic teams. Scores, standings, updates, etc.

Unix Survival Training Course - downloadable sample
Calydon Technology, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An entertaining, MS-Windows-based, Unix training course. Its swift pace and highly interactive format make this an enjoyable way to learn Unix.

The Unofficial Matt Helm Web Site
Lynnfield, MA, US
Dedicated to the Matt Helm movies that starred Dean Martin in the late 1960s and early 1970s.

Blacksburg, VA, US
Building America's health with nutritionals you can trust.

VC InterActive from Viewer's Choice!
New York, NY, US
Films from the major Hollywood studios and independents, plus sports and entertainment. Quicktime clips from this month's movies and events, downloadable sounds, and giveaways.

The Venture Web
LANVEC, Kikukawa, Sumida-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Japan's first Web server opened for small and medium companies and entrepreneurs where members can exchange information, develop business chances and promote their products.

Virtual Atlanta's July Events Calendar
Interweb Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
If it involves live music and it takes place in Atlanta, it's listed here. Includes concerts at clubs, stadiums, bars, coffee shops, and other venues.

Virtual Business Community
IBI-Internet Corporation, Honolulu, HI, US
A virtual-community of business enterprises. This site offers many online services and many planned services including MasterCard and VISA transactions on the Internet.

The Virtual Encyclopedia of Absolutely Everything
The Coriolis Group, Scottsdale, AZ, US
We want to extend the capabilities of current Web protocol in order to add order to it.

Virtual Lake Tahoe
Media West Group, Stateline, NV, US
Information-rich official Web site for Lake Tahoe's South Shore area. Frequent updates for events, contest, entertainment and recreation.

Virtual North
St. George's, Manitoba, Canada
Adventures in Canada. Clickable maps posted with resort locations.

Virtual Pathways
Brentwood, TN, US
A magazine for people interested in backpacking or hiking.

WCA Academy, Göteborg, Sweden
Sweden in miniature with a lot for the tourist.

Warp Speed Imagineering
Fremont, CA, US
Specializes in information on unlicensed wireless data networking technologies and products. Also hosts information on wireless regulatory matters.

The Web Society
Graz, Austria
We want Web users' interests considered if tariff and legal decisions are taken.

Welsh Highland Railway
Roke Manor Research Limited, Romsey, Hampshire, UK
We describe the old railway and the current project to rebuild it.

Who is Who in the Hispanic Web
Hispanic Pages in the USA, Baltimore, MD, US
A growing list of Hispanic WebJefes responsible for some of the most interesting, bold, educational and entertaining pages anywhere in the Web.

Windows Sources
Ziff-Davis Interactive, Cambridge, MA, US
All aspects of Windows technology with in-depth, hand-on evaluations of leading products.

Womble Carlyle Sandridge & Rice, Attorneys at Law
Winston-Salem, NC, US
A full-service law firm that provides counseling to growing and established businesses and investors throughout the Southeast.

Wormhole Interactive
Bert Williams Productions, Great Falls, VA, US
The authoritative site for wormhole exploration on the Web. Wormholes, subject of intense interest among today's top theoretical physicists, are connections between two black holes that may provide a gateway into parallel universes, and may provide the secret to enormous sources of energy, exploration of the stars, and even time travel.
http://intr.net/bertwillco [PICK OF THE WEEK]

WRNB - The Web's R&B Music Source
Lingo Leung, Berkeley, CA, US
This site was created to provide information on what is happening in the area of R&B music. WRNB provides profiles of artists and what's hot and new in R&B music.

Xanadu-FluX Online Gallery
Joe De Marco, Los Angeles, CA, US
Dedicated to the alternative artist. Art collections, fluxus, futurism, mail art, stamp art openings, and more.

The Electronic Pen, Inc., Dublin, CA, US
Since 1979, Zendex has designed and manufactured microcomputer boards, systems, peripherals and related products for the Multibus and PC.

Ziff-Davis Press
Cambridge, MA, US
The latest in best-selling books, new multimedia titles/applications, and hot online products.

Ziff-Davis Interactive, Cambridge, MA, US
The award-winning online service all about computing.

Wednesday, 26 July 1995

Aberdeen Film Co.
Albuquerque, NM, US
The plot thickens: murder, romance, and mayhem abound in our new film -- and you can participate in the process.

ACME Mining & Software, Inc.
Glen Burnie, MD, US
A contract software development firm that specializes in client server, artificial intelligence, expert systems, object oriented programming, and visual programming.

Active Tectonics Initiative
Miami University, Oxford, OH, US
The initiative, intended to enhance multidisciplinary research on active tectonic environments, is summarized in a basic science plan.

Always in Business
Larkspur, CO, US
Advertising at the click of a button. Graphics and text advertising, black and white and color layout designs.

American Collectors Association
Minneapolis, MN, US
Information on debt collecting.

American Cybernetics
Tempe, AZ, US
Topics about Multi-Edit, the programmers' editor for DOS and Windows includes patch pages and free demos.

American Racing Scene
Creative Communications Group, Birmingham, MI, US
Up to the minute information on NASCAR and IndyCar racing.

American Resource Company
Milwaukee, WI, US
The #1 electronic advertising firm in Milwaukee.

Annapolis HomeNet
Annapolis, MD, US
A real estate listing service.

Antenna Tool and Die Co.
New York, NY, US
Antenna engineers' projects which interface human experience with new technologies.

Arizona State Parks Web Site
Phoenix, AZ, US
Information on camping, seasons, and upcoming events.

Arizona State Public Information Network
Tempe, AZ, US
An effort to connect the community to the Internet.

Art in the Garden
COLA Networking Solutions, Inc., Evanston, IL, US
An annual arts festival.

Asian Disc Jockey Coalition
Detroit, MI, US
The official AMSA Homepage at Wayne State University School of Medicine. The Asian DJ Coalition is a professional DJ organization comprised of members all over North America.

Astro Comics
Edge Marketing, Buffalo, NY, US
Images, information, and great comic fun.

Athletes for Education All-Star Celebrity Golf Tournament
San Diego, CA, US
San Diego Chargers Leslie O'Neal and Darrien Gordon are sponsors for this event.

Atlanta Area Aquarium Association
Atlanta, GA, US
A nonprofit organization of local aquarists, fish breeders, and dealers.

atlantis graphic design
Shrewsbury, MA, US
Specializes in Web page creation including graphics, HTML layout, forms, and CGI scripting. Also expertise in Macintosh based interactive media application.

Backstage Sweden
Tremolo, Stockholm, Sweden
For people working in showbiz. Companys, agents, news, etc.

Baylor Molecular Genetics Lab
Baylor University, Waco, TX, US
A page of links useful to molecular biologists.

The Bethel College Physics Department
St. Paul, MN, US
Information on our department and its programs.

Bidding On Bay Street
Moncton, NB, Canada
BBS is being provided for the benefit of investors and anyone interested in information on lesser-known Canadian equities/companies.

Biological Mass Spectrometry
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Our home page describes the research conducted by the laboratory in the areas of mass spectrometry, signal transduction, and yeast biology.

Face Plant, London, UK
The music and personalities of a new band, Blowfly, playing indie-rock music.

Blue Lake Products
Irvine, CA, US
Information about our company and the types of high-speed laser printer repair parts we carry. Currently stocking Xerox, Kodak, and Canon parts.

Business Opportunities News
Eugene, OR, US
Businesses of all sizes and types.

Business Traveler Online
Marco Island, FL, US
We publish monthly on business customs in the foreign arena.

California Emergency Foodlink
Sacramento, CA, US
We implement solutions to hunger and homelessness problems that effectively address their roots.

Abilene, TX, US
We have personal home pages, businesses, news, and weather.

Canadian Meteorite and Impact Advisory Committee
Chicoutimi, Quebec, Canada
Images of meteorites, fireballs, and terrestrial impact craters.

Canadian Tourism and Travel Information Network
Tourism Industry Association of Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Online information on tourism and travel in Canada.

Internet Media, Inc., Cancun, Mexico
A direct link to all major hotels, as well as general tourist info.

The Cassio Group
Camarillo, CA, US
We develop affordable presentations, graphics, animation, etc.

CCI Europe
Aarhus, Denmark
We are dedicated to the needs of publishers.

CD*ROM Plus+
Powervision, Lubbock, TX, US
A reseller specializing in edutainment and business titles.

Center for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development
Ediburg, TX, US
We are devoted to regional economic development and technology advocacy.

Cern MusiClub
Cern, Geneva, Switzerland
Press releases, sounds and pics from the finest Cern bands.

Charles H. Greenthal Residential Sales
Real Estate On-Line, New York, NY, US
Since 1970, Charles H. Greenthal Residential Sales has led the industry by providing experienced, knowledgeable and professional brokers for apartment sales and rentals.

Cheech and Chong Home Page
Rochester, NY, US
Full of sounds for now, but keep checking for new info.

Chesapeake Bay Trust
Annapolis, MD, US
We provide grants to civic and community organizations.

Christian Computer and Communications Ministry
Lakewood, CO, US
A non-profit ministry providing a computer purchasing service for Christian organizations.

Clever dot net
Atlanta, GA, US
Now you can have a secure page without spending thousands of dollars.

NetVenture, Oakland, CA, US
Photograph, graphics, and document scanning service.

Coca-Cola Galore
Joseph Madrigal, Albuquerque, NM, US
A fun archive of screen savers, graphics, movies, general information and more about Coca-Cola.

The Cole Pages
San Francisco, CA, US
About technology, journalism and publishing with archives of the monthly newsletter, The Cole Papers; the weekly column, The Cole Digest; the bi-weekly column, Cole's Newswire, and information from the book series, Cole's Guides.

Colin's DOOM page
Colin Caird, Victoria, BC, Canada
Cool graphics and a neat section on soundcards and how they sound in DOOM.

Comitato Tricolore per gli Italiani nel Mondo
Luca Sambucci, St. Gallen, Switzerland
Official page of the C.T.I.M., an organization of Italians living outside Italy.

Commerce Business Daily
Loren Data Corp., Canoga Park, CA, US
A daily publication which lists federal contract opportunities.

CompuNerd, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO, US
The Web is expanding at a tremendous rate. CompuNerd presents its contribution to the increasing number of *quality* Web pages.

Concord Pacific Developments
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The award-winning real estate and land developer.

C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Co-founded by actor, director, and writer William Shatner, C.O.R.E. Digital Pictures (Toronto and Berlin) specializes in computer effects and animation for feature films and television.

Corporate Disk Company
Wood Dale, IL, US
Software Manufacturing including: Disk Duplication CD-ROM Replication and pre-mastering, Printing of Documentation, Full line of Packaging options.

Costa Rica
Inter@merica, San Jose, Costa Rica
Background information, searchable hotel database, recommended attractions, and a listing of tour operators.

Costruzioni Apparecchiature Elettroniche Nucleari (CAEN)
Viareggio, Lucca, Italy
Italian electronics development company for nuclear and high energy physics, high voltage power supplies, and more.

Countertrade Outlook
DP Publications, Fairfax Station, VA, US
We provid up-to-date intelligence to traders, trade financiers, and others.

Crawford Compression Services
Crawford Communications, Atlanta, GA, US
We offer MPEG compression for training, industrial, and entertainment purposes.

Creative Communications Group
Birmingham, MI, US
Specialists in high quality corporate Web design.

Cusimano, Joseph
Archiavv Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Exhibition of metaphysical surrealist artist known for his enigmatic excursions into the landscape of the soul where the unreal can seem real in the metamorphosis of time.

The Cyber Annex
New York, NY, US
Can you believe that it took this long for a site like The Cyber Annex to come about? This sight is wackier than a bullfrog in drag, and a better date too. So come early, and come often.

Ludlow, VT, US
Home, condominium, and cottage rentals direct from home owners and rental agencies.

Cyberspace Church of Christ
Contact: Nick Ragan, Searcy, AR, US
Introduces the internet community to the gospel truth of New Testament Christianity without human creeds or teachings.

The Dallas Real Estate Network
Dallas Internet, Dallas, TX, US
A professional organization of realtors and builders.

Dallas Semiconductor
Dallas, TX, US
Dallas Semiconductor designs and manufactures diversified silicon IC solutions. Information about the following product families is available through our Web site: Timekeeping, Memory Products, Telecommunications, Digital Thermometers and Potentiometers, CPU Supervisors, Microcontrollers, Delay Lines, and Automatic Identification.

Dana Point Communications - Beach.Net Services
Dana Point, CA, US
Full service Internet provider from UUCP email to T1 lines. Web site hosting and Web page design. FTP server and Listserv management available.

Datacom Caribe, Inc.
San Juan, Puerto Rico, US
A supplier of quality voice and data communications products for wide area connectivity, local area networks and the Internet.

Datafile Portugal
Lisbon, Portugal
An electronic newspaper covering Portuguese business, tourism, and general news.

The DCD Corporation
Minneapolis, MN, US
Develops and supports manufacturing software for job shops and custom manufacturers.

De Stagebank Industrieel Ontwerpen (In Dutch)
Delft, Netherlands
The information center for both companies and students.

Denny Thomas Report Online
e.m.a.N.a.t.e., Woodland Hills, CA, US
Information on network marketing products and services from around the world.

Department of Economics, University of Arkansas
Fayetteville, AR, US
The page contains extensive information about programs of study, faculty, and facilities. In addition, it has many links to other resources for economists on the Internet.

Design House Resources
Digital Zone Inc., Seattle, WA, US
A resource for buyers of the services listed here: printers, design firms, illustrators, CD-ROM, ad agencies, services bureaus, Web page designers, hardware and much more.

Design on Demand
Oakville, Ontario, Canada
We specialize in corporate identities, publishing, and WWW design.

DFW Yellow Pages
Carrollton, TX, US
A free listing service for pages and events in the Dallas/Ft.Worth area.

DGS Group
Indianapolis, IN, US
Using cutting edge technology, DGS Group efficiently and effectively develops marketing communications strategies and tactics that drive the business today.

Digital Wave Technologies
Southampton, PA, US
A source of consultation, support service, and technology for corporate network integration, Internet connectivity and Web site development.

David M. Howard, Reno, NV, US
Net resources for Realtime/Embedded Systems Programmers. Links to kernels, compilers, source code. People and Vendors can request to be listed. Embedded Systems Programmers can place a resume or home page at the site, free.

DVC Company
San Diego, CA, US
Digital and analog monochrome CCD video cameras for medical imaging, interferometry, microscopy and other real-time applications.

Dynamic Mutual Funds
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
One of the fastest growing mutual fund companies in Canada.

Ed Lee Executive Workshop
Scotts Valley, CA, US
Resources for CEOs, executives, and managers involved in business to business selling.

EdNET 95 Conference
Nelson B. Heller & Associates, Highland Park, IL, US
We provide telecommunications and education managers information on market trends, and more.

EGLMAP Home Page
Celtic Dream Team, Munster, IN, US
A potpourri of arts, entertainment, and recreation.

eNET Inc.
Columbus, OH, US
Internet service provider. We also provide turnkey Internet dial-up business.

Eternity Enterprises
Houston, TX, US
We offer Web and ftp site rental, Web page construction, ad placement, and more.

Excel's Internet Optical
Victoria, BC, Canada
We are devoted to finding solutions for vision problems.

Executive Compensation Reports
DP Publications, Fairfax Station, VA, US
Information and trends based on actual documentation retrieved from the SEC.

Exodus Online Services
Cincinnati, OH, US
Greater Cincinnati's 'on-ramp' to the Internet. EOS provides high-speed Internet access, Web page design, and Web hosting services.

EXQ Expedition Quality Outdoor Apparal and Gear
Colorado Springs, CO, US
EXQ is a new kind of outdoor catalog, created with the serious outdoors person in mind. We're doing our best to bring you the latest in outdoor clothing and gear from around the world.

Fabio Doctorovich
Atlanta, GA, US
A site dedicated to postypographical poetry.

Family Resiliency Homepage
National Network for Family Resiliency, College Park, MD, US
We provide acquisition, development, and analysis of resources that foster family resiliency.

Fantasy Sports Inc.
St. Paul, MN, US
The nation's #1 fantasy football analyst brings his expertise to this Web site.

The Feminist Annex
Long Beach, CA, US
Reviews of feminist-oriented books, and more.

The Fiber Optic Marketplace
Dynamic Systems, Inc., Alexandria, VA, US
The only location on the Web to satisfy your needs for information, products and services related to the fiber optics industry.

Florida Exclusive Buyer's Agent Network
Naples, FL, US
Real estate buyers can find an agent anywhere in the state.

Free Internet Marketing
International Networking Group Inc., New York City, NY, US
Feasibility study/evaluation of product/service. Home page design/construction. Free voicemail/faxback.

Frizzy University Network
San Francisco, CA, US
An extension of Frizzy University Network (FUN), is designed to help students of English as a foreign/second language improve their writing skills.

Garrick-Aug Associates Store Leasing, Inc.
New York City, NY, US
Garrick-Aug Associates is the largest store leasing firm in the United States. Over eighty brokers specialize in leasing retail space in the New York Metropolitan region.

GATE, Advanced Web Capabilities
Cookware, Whitestown, IN, US
ClubWeb's GATE can add fantastic capabilities to your Web site.

Georgia Southern University
Statesboro, GA, US
For access to information and resources at Georgia Southern University, the largest regional university in south Georgia.

German Computer Magazines
Verlag Heinz Heise GmbH & Co KG, Hannover, Germany
Several German computer magazines, covering every topic, ranging from broad computer-knowledge on a high level to electronics and telecommunications.

Get off our Backs!
Equal Arts, Disability Arts, Newcastle, UK
A band that sings, plays, and performs subversive songs about disability issues.

G.F.Currie Consulting
Dawson Creek, BC, Canada
We provide Internet training and Web page design services. Emphasis is on marketing services and products on the Internet.

Global Commerce Corporation
Knoxville, TN, US
An Internet access provider and World Wide Web advertising agency. Offering inhouse HTML/FORMS authoring and specialized type Internet connections.

The Global Village
Westcoast English Language Center, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Learn English as a second language.

Golf Morocco
InterGolf, Atlanta, GA, US
Information on golf tours to Morocco, with links to excellent background information.

Grainger - Industrial and Commercial Equipment and Supplies
Lincolnshire, IL, US
A leading business-to-business distributor of equipment, components, and supplies to more than one million commercial, industrial, contractor and institutional customers around the world.

Hawaii Hotels
Marc Resorts Hawaii, Honolulu, HI, US
Marc Resorts Hawaii is a locally owned resort and condominium operator with more than 17 resorts on the five major Hawaiian islands.

HDS Network Systems
King of Prussia, PA, US
We manufacture high-performance X terminals.

Hermes: One-Stop Web Page Registration
Olympus Group, Inc., Alexandria, VA, USA
One-stop, one-click registration of your World-Wide Web resources with all of the popular search engines, catalogs, and What's New pages.

Hierarchical Listing of Speech Recognition Resources
Univ. of Natal, Durban, Natal, South Africa
A list of academic institutions, research groups, and individuals involved in speech recognition the world over.

Hunter Northwest Communications, Inc, Salem, OR, US
A telnet capable BBS. Home of Chemeketa Community College's online modem and Internet Associate of Arts degree program.

Holiday Resales
Seattle, WA, US
We work exclusively in the secondary market for timeshares.

The Holos Gallery Online
Holocom, Houston, TX, US
The only online gallery featuring the cream of the 'art hologram' crop. Stroll through the site's many pages and enter the world of the holographic artist. Many of the pieces are available for purchase.

Hotel Discounts
Internet Americas Limited, Hamilton, Bermuda
A free discount hotel booking service providing savings up to 65% off regular hotel rates in some of the world's most expensive cities.

Hotel Equatorial International
Twin Trees Company, Issaquah, WA, US
Locations in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Vietnam.

Huntsville Microsystems, Inc.
Huntsville, AL, US
HMI provides in-circuit emulators (ICE's), BMD's, and CPU simulators for microprocessors and microcontrollers. All products work with HMI's SourceGate II, a multi-platform source-level debugger.

IADLEST Information System
Intl. Assoc. of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training, Baltimore, MD, US
Information about state P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Training) agencies regulating the selection and training of law enforcement and correctional personnel.

ICI RealtyCorp, Inc.
Columbia, MD, US
Specializing in buyer representation and the sale of industrial, commercial and investment real estate.

India Online
Somerset, NJ, US
Information on India and countries of the Indian subcontinent.

Infinity Software Development, Inc.
Tallahassee, FL, US
We offer complete consulting services.

International 505 Class
Columbus, OH, US
Information about the International 505 Sailboat, in North America, including regatta schedules and reports, tuning information, boats for sale, etc.

International Times
Intervid, London, UK
International Times is a weekly WWW publication containing stories about the Internet, interesting sites on the Web, as well as current affairs lead articles.

Internet and Information Research URLs
Agent Knowledgebase Associates Inc., Virginia Beach, VA, US
This site contains a list of URLs that allows a person to efficiently research and find information on the Internet.

Internet Expo and EMail World, September 19
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The largest conference dedicated to Internet, electronic messaging, and Web issues.

Internet Travel Mall
Round Rock, TX, US
Your source for online travel related information, products, and services. We also provide links to most other Internet travel resources, so surfing for travel is easier for you.

Invest West
Spectrum Internet Services, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The purpose of this site is to provide the most valuable and up-to-date information possible on selected Western-based companies.

Isaac Rosenberg
Oxford University Computing Services, Oxford, Oxon, UK
This site is aimed at teaching First World War poetry, in particular the British poet Isaac Rosenberg.

Jim Lovell: An Astronaut's Story: Apollo 13
Axon Internet Consulting, Mill Valley, CA, US
This page contains in-depth background about Jim Lovell, the flight of Apollo 13, and links to everything about astronauts, NASA and space in general.

Journal of Applied Communications
Gainesville, FL, US
The official refereed journal of the Agricultural Communicators in Education.

JPB Corporation's Economic & Financial Links
Somerset, NJ, US
A listing of economic and financial sites.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Ski jump.

Juno Online Services, L.P., New York, NY, US
Free electronic mail service.

Kaiserslautern Internet Solution Service (KISS)
Kaiserslautern, Germany
New Internet service provider in south central Germany.

KBL Industries
N. Miami Beach, FL, US
We are dedicated to providing a wide variety of cellular phones and electronics.

Kinetic City Super Crew
American Association for the Advancement of Science, Washington, DC, US
A science adventure show on children's radio. Site includes hands-on experiments, show samples, and links to other resources.

Kinetic Corporation
Louisville, KY, US
A full-service corporate communications design and consulting firm.

KRQC - Monterey Bay's Classic Rock
Monterey, CA, US
Top 400 classic rock hits of all time. Plus complete community events and concert listings for the Monterey Bay area.

Language in the Judicial Process
University of Tennessee, Knoxville- Dept. of English, Knoxville, TN, US
LJP is a newsletter providing information of use to individuals in the fields of linguistics and jurisprudence. It includes information on discussion groups, resources, conferences and current citations in the field of language and the law.

Lighthouse Digest
Wells, ME, US
America's lighthouse news magazine.

Mailcrypt: An Emacs/PGP Interface
Patrick J. LoPresti, Cambridge, MA, US
Mailcrypt is a freely redistributable Emacs Lisp package which provides a simple interface to public key cryptography with PGP.

Mankato State University Honors Program
Mankato, MN, US
Mankato State University's Honors Program seeks to foster student research and excellence by promoting and providing small classes for motivated students.

Martina Field, Print Maker
Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada
Her prints are of a wide variety and have to be seen to be described.

MCI Communications Regulatory and Public Policy
MCI Communications Corp., Austin, TX, US
Information from MCI's Regulatory and Public Policy department on significant telecommunications public policy issues.

MediaWorks Interactive
N. Billerica, MA, US
A digital design and consulting company servicing the greater Boston area.

Naperville, IL, US
Don't rewrite your software. Recycle it.

Michigan House of Representatives
Lansing, MI, US
About 33 of the 110 lawmakers have activated their Internet mailboxes. Most of the remaining lawmakers are expected to be online by Jan. 1, 1996.

Micro Resources Inc.
Columbus, OH, US
We design, develop, and implement mission-critical client/server environments and applications.

SPI Supplies - Structure Probe, Inc., West Chester, PA, US
SPI Supplies manufactures and distributes sample preparation equipment and consumable supplies; Structure Probe is an independent laboratory offering laboratory analytical services.

Saint Paul, MN, US
Your favorite MIDI, digital audio, and keyboard manufacturers. Get the latest demos and software updates, real-time chat, message groups and more.

MorseMcFadden Communications
Kirkland, WA, US
An advanced technology public relations firm with a flair for the creative.

Univ. of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Chicago, IL, US
An exhibition of stark photography and poetry by Liese Ricketts.

The Mountain Astrologer
Laura Rose, Longmont, CO, US
The Mountain Astrologer is widely seen as the best modern astrology magazine. Accessible to anyone with an interest in astrology.

The NAFTA Information Clearinghouse, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
Tapping your business into NAFTA and the world.

Name That Movie
Port Neches, TX, US
Identify movie sound bites in .wav or .au formats.

National EMS Pilots Association
Pasadena, CA, US
A growing organization providing support and information for EMS Pilots.

National Health Information Center
Washington, DC, US
A health information referral service.

National Institute of Water and Atmosphere
Wellington, New Zealand
Information about our research programs investigating the natural processes and human influences in atmospheric, marine, freshwater, and coastal systems.

The Neapolitan Mastiff Home Page
San Diego, CA, US
History and photos of one of the oldest breeds of dogs.

Negro Baseball Leagues
Jim Riley, Historian, Rockledge, FL, US
Jim Riley is an author and authority on the history of baseball's Negro Leagues. This page provides links to those who are seeking more information in this fast-growing area of sports history.

Lund, Sweden
Business advertising in Sweden.

Netstuff - Internet Mail Order Catalog
Nesconset, NY, US
Mail order catalog for unique gifts, garden and home products, books, videos and more.

Neurosciences on the Internet
Pittsburgh, PA, US
An up-to-date index of Internet neuroscience resources.

RAI:Italian Television, Los Angeles, CA, US
The new TV program that shows you what the future will be.

New York, NY, US
Franchised by the City of New York to provide high capacity fiber optic transmission facilities.

Nick and Steve's Biggest Damn Letdowns On the Web
Normal, IL, US
These sites receive the greatest letdown award, the LAME award.

The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics
Durham, NC, US
A public boarding school for gifted 11th and 12th graders.

North Continuing Education
Minneapolis, MN, US
Continuing education for physicians, nurses, social workers, and other health care professionals.

Northeast Kansas Education Service Center
Lecompton, KS, US
Education, educational resources, educational research, K-12 projects, special education, developmental disabilities, grants, chapter one, critical theory, media literacy, action research, and Internet training.

The Object Agency, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD, US
Provides training, consulting, and mentoring in object-oriented software engineering.

David S. Reinhart Associates, Lancaster, PA, US
The ultimate C++ user interface library for use with Borland C++ compilers. Supports text and graphics modes.

Oceans '95 MTS/IEEE Conference
Marine Technology Society / IEEE, San Diego, CA, US
Our oceans dominate every aspect of life on this planet, so join the other movers, shakers and decision makers this October 9-12th in San Diego as we address the "Challenges of Our Changing Global Environment."

One Brick Shy
Diller Company, Charleston, WV, US
A weekly cartoon that is a smorgasbord of hapless losers and nameless nobodies.

Ontario Investment Service
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Investment information and business opportunities.

Oval Financial Services Warehouse
San Diego, CA, US
Personal and commercial investments, financial planning, retirement, and more.

Pacific Outdoor Designs
Monrovia, CA, US
Exclusive nationwide distributor of Sombra Pacific products, specializing in the import manufacturing of high quality market umbrellas and outdoor accessories.

Pacific Synergy Inc.
Honolulu, HI, US
An umbrella organization for project companies and innovative projects.

Pacific Vocational Rehabilitation
Vancouver, BC, Canada
We provide vocational rehabilitation and disability management services.

Palm Springs Desert Resorts
Desert Publications, Inc., Palm Springs, CA, US
Guides to local events, hotels, restaurants, entertainment, and shopping.

The Pat Benatar Internet Fan Club (Unofficial)
Wichita, KS, US
Fan club for Pat Benatar and the band.

The Perfume Shop
Knights Fragrances, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK
The Perfume Shop on the Internet is the place to buy perfumes at the best prices directly. We also trade on wholesale terms.

Petroleum Bioremediation: A Layman's Guide to Materials & Techniques
Oettco Biologicals, Bonita Springs, FL, US
An extensive, fully-illustrated site that explains how inexpensive hydrocarbon-oxidizing bacteria, organic nutrients and biological accelerators can be used to eliminate petroleum pollution from soils and water.

The Phantom of the Opera Homepage
Spokane, WA, US
Information on the opera, including show details, lyrics, graphics, sound clips, FAQs, and more.

Philadelphia Magazine
Philadelphia, PA, US
Award-winning coverage of the Philadelphia region.

Pineko Media Services
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
A production company dedicated to social issues and the arts, providing design, consulting, production and post-production services in video, film and digital media. Links to media resources.

Planet Earth Inc
Colchester, CT, US
Our mission is to organize services to make the Web easier to use.

Planet Hawaii
Hawaii OnLine, Honolulu, HI, US
About all things Hawaiian.

Munich, Germany
An Internet model agency for the new generation of multimedia stars.

Madison, WI, US
Just another three piece doing the noisy indie-rock thing.

Pre-Paid Legal Services, Inc.
NetRes Group, Evanston, IL, US
What's worse than needing legal help? Not being able to afford it. Pre-Paid Legal provides attorney services through convenient membership plans for one low monthly cost.

Private Eye
Intervid, London, UK
The online version of the British satirical magazine `Private Eye'. Contains pieces from the paper edition plus some page unique to the online version.

Professional Continuing Education Ski Safaris
Skiing for Smarten, San Jose, CA, US
Affordable continuing education ski safaris to some of the most exotic ski destinations in the world. Offered to California professionals.

Project FLAME/Software for Language Acquisition
Ann Arbor,, MI, US
Project FLAME is devoted to building models for second language acquisition software. The following languages are included: Hebrew, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian and German.

PR-Tracker Information Document
Softwise, Everett, WA, US
Provides product information about PR-Tracker, a software program that tracks problem reports.

Push/Pull & CGI Animation
Malcolm Humes, Berkeley, CA, US
Guide to Net-wide resources (scripts and animation samples) using Netscape's Server Push and Client Pull for CGI animations and multimedia presentations.

Real Estate: Historic Houses
Tom Stermitz, Real Estate Services, Denver, CO, US
Specializing in historic homes in the Denver area. Includes historic architectural styles, and advice for first-time home buyers.

R.E.Brown Co. and Associates
El Cerrito, CA, US
We are a trainers' referral service.

Recovery Corner
Rob Daniels, Santa Rosa, CA, US
Recovery and related issues with many links to people in recovery and in the recovery field. A friends recovery page links people in recovery through email.

Reekie Manufacturing
Forfar, Angus, Scotland
We are the leaders of potato growing machinery.

NOCOM Nordic Communication, Uppsala, Sweden
Product information and news about the Reflection series in Swedish.

Republic of Cuba
C.C.E., Parma, Italy
Country information, maps, Web sites, Gopher sites, news, and more.

Republic of Desire
Madison, WI, US
For people who have something to say about a world that doesn't want to hear it.

Reseau Anarchiste Quebecois (In French)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
About anarchist organizations in Quebec.

Robust Software
Solvang, CA, US
Provider of Internet marketing services and real estate software.

ROC Online
Overseas Connections, Taipei, Taiwan
Taiwan's most comprehensive WWW service.

Rock the Strip
VIM Studios, Glendale, CA, US
Features hot sound and video samples, CDs to buy, an interactive show hosted by Nina Blackwood & Kenny Sargent, and the grand prize giveaway.

Rod & Hank's Vintage Guitar
Memphis, TN, US
We buy and sell all types of vintage instruments, from Gibsons to Stratocasters.

Ron Chan
Mill Valley, CA, US
This site is an on-line portfolio of illustrations that I have done for advertising and design clients. Also included is a bio and contact information.

Rochester, MI, US
Provides sailing enthusiasts with an online sailing community. We focus on information, news, weather and commercial sources from every branch of the sport.

Saskatoon Board of Education
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
K-12 education.

Satsuma Nightmare
Jon Angell, leicester, Leicestershire, England
HomePage of the band, Satsuma Nightmare. Sound samples and pictures.

Scientific Applications & Research Associates
Huntington Beach, CA, US
Scientific Applications and Research Associates, Inc. (SARA) is a scientific firm dedicated to performing state-of-the-art research in a number of high potential technical areas, and transforming the developed technologies into successful commercial products.

Scientific Computing and Automation Magazine
Gordon Publishing, Baltimore, MD, US
A publication serving over 70,000 scientists, engineers, and managers.

Seaway Mall
Doral Holdings Limited, Welland, Ontario, Canada
A map of the mall, specials of the week, what's on at the movies and a leasing plan of the mall showing available space.

Canberra, Australia
An Australian IT company with a CD-ROM and Web publishing bureau.

Software World
San Jose, CA, US
Software World USA provides a focused, in- depth "battle plan" for controlling the issues, to bring you and your organization success as you tackle new technologies such as client/server, objects, and GUIs.

Washington, DC, US
Each day in our Nation's Capital, SOME serves over 1,200 meals to homeless children, women, and men. We invite you to learn more about our work.

The Source for Renewable Energy
Momentum Transfer Technology, Aurora, CO, US
A browsable library of renewable energy information.

South Dakota Group Tour Planning Guide
SD Department of Tourism, Pierre, SD, US
Maps and mileage charts, major attractions and events information, state history and legends, and more.

Space Face International
e.m.a.N.a.t.e., Woodland Hills, CA, US
Makes and sells Space Caps ('pogs' and slammers!), T-shirts, watches, and posters. Created and painted using oil on canvas by 80-year-old artist Jim Gaines.

Spanish Aerobiology Network
REA, Facultad de Ciencias, Univ. de Cordoba, Spain
Produces information about allergenic pollen concentrations obtained by monitoring stations. Also produces pollen concentrations forecast, of interest for people suffering pollen allergies.

Special Libraries Association
Boston, MA, US
The Boston Chapter of the Special Libraries Association. Includes information about the chapter, related links, and information about the 1996 SLA Conference in Boston.

Spectra Research Technologies
Tennessee CommerceNet, Nashville, TN, US
Provides a broad range of spectral modeling tools for quantitative analysis of UV-VIS atomic radiation and determination of species densities, or concentrations, and static temperature.

The Sport Source
Aspen, CO, US
We are the premier site for action, adventure and lifetime sports. We are giving away a free snowboard to the winner of our survey contest.

Sport Write
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Soccer and hockey coaching tools where your team's top performance is our goal.

Sprint International
Reston, VA, US
Worldwide voice, data, and custom communications solutions from Sprint.

Sprint Stop
Kansas City, MO, US
Information on a broad range of topics of interest to the Internet community.

The St. Thomas & Elgin County Tourism Database
St. Thomas, ON, Canada
A resource for tourists.

London, UK
News, views, music, fun, and Knowhere Guide to the UK.

Sterling Silver From Mexico
Empresa Plat-Mex, S.A., Mexico City, Mexico
The largest manufacturer and exporter of silver in Mexico, Empresa Plat-Mex has a large line of silver jewelry, photo frames, and gift items.

Stoned Again Munich
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Information about one of the largest German snowboard associations.

The Sustainable Development Institute
Honolulu, HI, US
An environmental foundation which promotes all techniques related to appropriate technology and sustainable development.

Szostak Lab
Mass. General Hospital, Boston, MA, US
Provides research summaries on RNA/DNA in vitro selections and links to other RNA related sites.

Technology Transfer Business
Vienna, VA, US
A quarterly publication, focusing on the latest technological advances across a wide range of disciplines.

Technology Update
ABA Law Practice Management Section, Chicago, IL, US
Technology Update is Burgess Allison's news-and-attitude column on industry developments, from the ABA's Law Practice Management magazine.

Axone Services & Développement S.A., Geneva, Switzerland
A four-language financial glossary on derivative instruments (English, German, French, Italian).

TFP Parasol Umbrellas
The Front Page, Tampa, FL, US
The umbrella with no unsightly pole in the center. For hotels, country club, private settings and patios. 10'x10' (s=3m2) clear area with no posts.
http://www.thefrontpage.com/mall/outdoors patio/umbrella/welcome.html

Tour Okanagan Magazine: Canada's Four Seasons Playground
A&W Internet Inc., Kelowna, BC, Canada
An online leisure publication aimed at inbound travelers into the Okanagan Valley.

Tourist Radio Australia
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
20 Channels of Down Under information including, music chart, on wheels, real estate, company profiles, farm radio, real news, kids radio, koala calendar, and much more.

Treebear Gallery - Photography, Music, Poetry, Video
Treebear Studio/Human Knowledge, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, US
An online gallery featuring over 85 beautiful photos ranging from landscape to nude to portrait. A small collection of poetry, too.

Jamworld, Los Angeles, CA, US
A dense, interesting site about a film made outside the system.

Ugandanet Discussion List Project, Abilene, TX, US
Information on history, tourism, and investment.

Ulead Systems
Taipei, Taiwan, ROC
Product information and technical support for all Ulead products.

University of Kansas Students for Clinton-Gore '96
Lawrence, KS, US
For those interested in helping out with the re-election bid of Clinton-Gore in '96.

University of Northumbria
Newcastle, Northumbria, UK
Information about Islamic beliefs, history and civilization for Muslims and non-Muslims.

U.S. National Debt
Ed Hall, San Jose, CA, US
Displays the current value of the U.S. national debt. Check this page often since the debt is rising by almost $10,000 per second.

USC's Asian American Student Assembly
Los Angeles, CA, US
USC's Asian American Student Assemblies home page.

Utah Valley PAF Users Group for Computer Genealogists
Provo, UT, US
A group of genealogists who use computers and the personal ancestral file to support research and record keeping.

Vancouver Cultural Alliance
Vancouver, BC, Canada
An umbrella group of professional arts organizations.

Vancouver/Whistler Escape Magazine
InTransNet Services Ltd., Burnaby, BC, US
Tourist information in Japanese.

VB Online
Codd Multimedia, Laguna Hills, CA, USA
Online catalog of Visual Basic add-on software of custom controls and other VB productivity tools.

VideoServer, Incorporated
Lexington, MA, US
The leading supplier of multimedia conference servers to OEMs, VARs, and distributors.

Virginia Sports Server (unofficial)
Princeton, NJ, US
Focus on men's football and basketball.

Virtual Media Communications
St. Louis, MO, US
We provide Internet consulting, design, and implementation.

Voyager Information Networks Inc.
Lansing, MI, US
A full-service Internet provider specializing in serving the needs of trade associations and their members, as well as individual users.

Minneapolis, MN, US
An open systems integrator, focusing on the Internet. Check out our home page for our summer special just for Web users.

Wayne State Univ. School of Medicine
American Medical Students Association, Detroit, MI, US
The official AMSA Homepage at Wayne State University School of Medicine.

WebSpace Zone's Find-It!
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A collection of Internet search tools designed to help you find what you're looking for with a single interface. Includes tools to search through Web sites, Internet catalogs, software, people, publications, newsgroups, and FAQs.

West Barnes Enterprises - The Picture Frame Warehouse
New Malden, Surrey, UK
We specialise in supplying simple frames at a reasonable cost.