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What's New: June 1995

Friday, 2 June 1995

4D Dynamics Conference On 4D Design Research Conference
De Montfort Univ., Design Research Society, Leicester, UK
An international interdisciplinary conference on design and research methodologies for dynamic form. Conference 20-22 September 1995.

Aberdeen University Department Of Agriculture
Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire, UK
Courses on offer, resources, staff and student organisations. The pages have links to other agricultural Web sites.

AD Music
Surrey, UK
Electronic, esoteric and unusual music.

AFRIA: The Africa Research & Information Alliance
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
A new consortium in the information field, AFRIA offers information services on South African topics, from the economy and the environment to bills and policy shifts in the new South African parliament.

Agricola Sforni - Country farms in Tuscany
I.com, Lorenzana, Italy
Covers 618 acres and lies roughly 6 miles as the crow flies from the sea. The landscape consists of hills and valleys rolling away inland in one of Tuscany's loveliest areas.

The Alberta UFO Research Association
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Provides a myriad of information on UFOlogy. We also have links to other UFOlogy resources on the Internet. You can gain access to our information, as well as download an electronic newsletter, and report a UFO sighting.

The Alternative Connection (UK)
University of Sunderland, Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England
Links to alternative/underground music sites. This site also has links to tab, lyrics, and picture archives.

The Alternative Connection (USA)
Turnpike, US
A page with links to alternative/underground music sites. This site also has links to tab, lyrics,and picture archives.

America: Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell
Friends of America, Lynden, WA, US
America, the enduring band with enduring quality, is still led by the multi-talented Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell.

Santa Cruz, CA, US
In addition to architectural design, production drawings, and construction administration a broad range of services are offered including facilities planning, computer drafting, drawings of existing conditions, landscape design, inspections, and expert witness services.

Army ROTC at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA, US
The Reserve Officer Training Corps at MIT gives students the opportunity to receive outstanding military instruction, develop their leadership potential and compete for scholarships which cover 80% of college costs.

Astronomy Lecture Notes
Astronomy, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Lecture notes for the introductory astronomy courses taught at the University of Washington. The notes have indexes at the top to help you quickly find the topic you're interested in.

The Atlanta Opera
The Isotropic Media Group, Atlanta, GA, US
Continuing its mission to bring this glorious and unique art form to Atlanta, and now the world, by enriching the community with the very best in music and drama of the highest artistic quality.

A.T.M.A. srl
Milano, Italy
This Web server includes information about virtual reality, radiosity and telecommunications. We are reseller of division (for virtual reality) and of Galacticomm (for comm software).

Austin Horn Ensemble in Residence at St. Martin's
Austin, TX, US
A venue for adult French Horn players in and around Austin.

Automatic Talking Machine -- Speak to Rob Hansen
Inference Corporation, Los Angeles, CA, US
Type in text, and your words will magically be spoken out loud in Rob Hansen's office. Anyone within earshot will hear what you say, so be creative; not insulting.

Raleigh, NC, US
A small business which features universal power windows, door locks, remote entry systems, and more for any vehicle.

Avant Garde: A Virtual Marketplace
Information Analytics, Inc., Lincoln, NE, US
The following merchants and organizations have been added: Golight, Inc., Micro Pulse International, the Clarion Hotel Carlisle, the Heartland Center for Leadership Development, and the Nebraska Center for Excellence in Education.

Aviation On-Line Network
Englewood, CO, US
Providing a service to the aviation community with a product containing the most current, up-to-date aviation material ever assembled in a single electronic library.

Adams Communications, Arlington, VA, US
A World Wide Web publication covering bar coding and other automatic identification technologies.

BB Tool: Stock Charting/Analysis and Portfolio Management
Falkor Technologies, Fremont, CA, US
A powerful stock analysis companion for investors who want to do their own stock charting, technical analysis, and portfolio management. It comes complete with technical support and a free trial period.

Beck Systems Inc.--Automation
Saskatoon, SK, Canada
Automation, alarm and security, board level products, computer security, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools, data terminals, EPROM emulator, fiber optics, motion control, robotics, solar energy, telecommunications.

Bill Nye the Science Guy Online
fifth column productions, Seattle, WA, US
Come and check out the official web site of Bill Nye the Science Guy--Nye Labs Online.

Spencer W. Weisbroth, Shelburne Falls, MA, US
A six-part radio drama, produced by Tony Kahn, and distributed by National Public Radio, about the blacklisting of Hollywood actors and writers during the 1940's and 1950's.

Boston Skyline
SkyWriting.com, Boston, MA, US
Independent record label offering the finest in classical, world music, jazz, children's, and oldies. Great award-winning albums of the past are being reissued in our From The Vault series.

Breeds of Livestock
Dept. of Animal Science, Okla. State Univ., Stillwater, OK, US
Initiated to give students and producers access to a central resource with photographs and information about the major species of livestock.

Breem! Software
FishNet, Inc., Plano, TX, US
Fully functional demonstration of Breem!'s contact management software, plus further product information, including software download information.

Mersey Television, Liverpool, Merseyside, UK
Official Web site to provide information and a forum for discussion on the UK Channel 4 television program "Brookside."

Business Edge, Inc.
Irvine, CA, US
The primary provider of Macintosh software for the real estate industry. We have titles available for realtors, property managers, investment analysts and mortgage brokers. We also have many links to other real estate sources.

Buzznet Magazine
Buzznet Group, San Francisco, CA, US
If you're sick of the commercial suburbanization of the Web, check out Buzznet, a 'zine true to the anarchic, creative character of the Net. Music and comic reviews, plus a column on fun antisocial behavior.

Casino Systems Online Sportsbook
Las Vegas, NV, US
An online sportbook featuring a summer "fantasy football" contest where the winner gets $500!

C.C. Industries
Brea, CA, US
Aerospace manufacturer.

CD Restore, Intl.
Tacoma, WA, US
Do you have audio CDs that no longer play (i.e. skip, stop), because they are scratched? Don't throw them out. We repair scratched audio CDs. Mail-order service.

Changing the Face of the Earth
Shelter International, Sydney, NSW, Australia
A worldwide campaign to bring about a solution to the problems currently faced by this planet and her inhabitants. Its aim is to demonstrate the application of the timeless teachings of the Vedas.

Channel One Internet Services
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Providing the best in Internet connectivity.

Christine Fisher Realtors
CyberVision, Manchester, TN, US
Serves the real estate needs in middle Tennessee ranging from Tullahoma, Winchester, McMinnville, to Manchester, TN.

Cliff Schaffer's Amazing Archive of WoD Documents
New York, NY, US
Plenty of info on the War On Drugs and how much of a fraud it really is.

The Coin Exchange, Inc.
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Welcome to the finest selection of United States and worldwide coinage and historical collectible artifacts. Browse through our extensive inventory, and don't forget to check our current special.

The Complete Guide to Galway
Wombat Research, Galway, Ireland
Everything you wanted to know about Galway, a town on the west coast of Ireland.

Congo: the Movie
Paramount Pictures, Los Angeles, CA, US
Opens domestically June 9. The site features multimedia film elements, an interactive simulation of the movie's technical nerve center, and the Remote Jungle Cam Contest.

CU Cruising
American Electronics Association Credit Union, Anaheim, CA, US
Providing discounted travel products, airline and cruises to members of AEACU & employees of 1500 member firms. A member of any credit union including friends may use the service.

CU Cruising
Anaheim, CA, US
Travel agency.

Cyber Football League 95
Jon Kee League Commish, Cherry Hill, NJ, US
We are an Internet FPS:Football Pro 95 league. If you're interested in Front Page Sports football, come check us out.

CyberPerk Cafe
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Ottawa's first interactive cyber cafe. Offering a starting point to the world. Also home to the world's first Cybervator.

CyberSpace CD
Net Music, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The right site for e-musicians interested in getting into one of, if not the first, true Net music CDs. Creating a non-profit Net music publishing enterprise to showcase Net music and musicians.

Manchester, TN, US
Offers an attractive and affordable Internet presence service for those who want to establish a presence on the Web.

Dan Murray Medical Search
Michigan City, IN, US
Specializes in finding personnel for medical device companies.

D.H.I. Export Corp.
Dallas, TX, US
Your lowest-cost source to purchase industrial equipment directly from leading U.S. manufacturers. Our responses are prompt, with firm pricing and delivery terms. We sell worldwide.

Diseases, Disorders and Related Topics
Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden
A collection of links to Internet resources on various diseases and disorders (plus a few related fields). "Indexed" according to the MeSH Vocabulary from the US National Library of Medicine.

Do You Want to Live Better?
Dan Acampora, Virginia Beach, VA, US
Describing a better way of living through improved nutrition, a great network marketing business opportunity, and a line of food products based on Super Blue Green (TM) algae.

Dube Juggling Equipment
New York City, NY, US
The world's oldest manufacturer of juggling equipment. Check out our catalog of over 60 juggling related products, including balls, clubs, torches, juggling knives, instructional books and videos and more.

Dustin Hoffman Home Page
Kansas City, MO, US
Hoffman has won two Academy Awards for Best Actor. Find out all about this actor and this man.

Dynastar Skis
Skis Dynastar, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Using a Multiprofile design system to help select the right ski for each skier. Full descriptions and technical details about each model are provided.

E. Juden's Visual Basic Tools
Dallas, TX, US
Code development tools for use with Microsoft Visual Basic.

Eagle Page - Source for Information about Eagles
Rocky Mountain High: The John Denver Internet Fan Club, Kansas City, MO, US
The bald eagle is an endangered species and this page links to information about eagles all over the Web.

Eagle Software and Consulting
Pleasanton, CA, US
Download capability for shareware programs written by our company. Current offerings include the Online Time Tracker v3.0.3, a simple-to-use program that tracks and logs your online time.

Easy Link 800
Star Link Communications, Inc., Duncanville, TX, US
An innovative calling service that connects you to up to 12 locations. PINs are assigned to frequently called numbers. Dial your 800, then enter your PIN. Very affordable.

Educational Archive
ThePoint Internet Services, Louisville, KY, US
A collection of FTP and Web accessible materials collected from anonymous FTP and other public Internet sites and placed into one large collection for easier accessibility.

Electronic Drummer
The Thoreau Institute, Oak Grove, OR, US
News, data, and technical information about public land management, with proposals for reform that protect the environment, save taxpayers money, and reduce bureaucracy.

The Electronic Salon
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A growing umbrella site for original art work. It encompasses literary magazines, visual art, video, music and some political rants. Original art work only.

Elite Fine Art
Miami, FL, US
With more than 40 years experience in Latin American art, Jose Martinez-Canas, owner/director of the gallery, is recognized as the premier Latin American art dealer.

Elliott-Brown Gallery
Seattle, WA, US
The focus of the gallery is on sculptural and decorative glass art as well as some mixed media.

Elvenlord's Page: Leo Club and Stephen King
Milano, Italy
This is a double page. A page for Stephen King's fans, and one page for international Leo Club members all over the world.

Atlanta, GA, US
Distributors of revolutionary "Waterless" Technology products by Enviro-Tech International. Listed by Success magazine as "one of the hottest network marketing opportunities in America."

Episcopal Church of the Transfiguration
Dallas, TX, US
A thriving Episcopal parish, both traditional and contemporary. Our mission is to seek and to serve Christ in all persons, through worship, education, evangelism, pastoral care, and outreach.

Espana Hoy: Noticias
UCM, Madrid, Spain
Spain Web newspaper developed by Spanish journalism students. Updated twice a week.

Exclusive Electronic Computer Book Club
Fountain Head, Inc., Lake Hiawatha, NJ, US
Computer technical reference and text books at substantially discounted prices (15-25% off). Books from all major publishers including, Addison-Wesley, Prentice-Hall, Wiley, O'Reilly, SIGS, GNU, etc.

The Feature Film Project
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Finances, develops and produces 35mm films by first-time filmmakers. Encouraging creative risk-taking, and producing low-budget, high-integrity films with an edge.

Fighter Pilots USA
ASSIST Information Services, Chicago, IL, US
It's as real as it gets. Have you ever dreamed of suiting up, jumping into a fighter plane and engaging in aerial dogfighting? Then Fighter Pilots USA is for you. We offer the ultimate in high speed, high thrill air combat.

First Aid Online
Tallahassee, FL, US
Accidents can and do happen. Be prepared with First Aid Online's reference resource. You'll find basic tips on how to deal with common minor maladies (and some major maladies too.) It might even earn you a merit badge.

Folk Stuff
Pittsburgh Folk Alliance, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Information for folk musicians and those designing and building folk and experimental musical instruments, including dulcimers, autoharps, kalimbas, theremins, didjeridus, pennywhistles, and flutes.

Free... Almost Free... Discounts & Offers
Free Stuff eMail Communications, Huntington Beach, CA, US
This organization sends free stuff each week to your email address.

Game Emperor Dorian's Virtual Reality and 3D Games
Pegasus Software & Imaging, Fort Myers, FL, US
Game Emperor Dorian searchs the world for the finest and newest in 3D games and virtual reality sites and programs. His favorite picks are available for FTP from the page.

A Gateway to Suriname
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Links to information on this beautiful country, in Dutch and English.

.gif FTP Page
Jonathan Salmon, Orinda, CA, US
This is a quality list of FTP sites on the Internet where gif-format image files can be downloaded. My page includes links and full descriptions of what is available at each site.

The Glamour Boys
University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
The unofficial Living Colour homepage complete with images, links, and sound clips.

Good News for Catholics, Inc.
Cupertino, CA, US
A non-profit charitable foundation dedicated to bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to Catholics around the world. Books, videos, and other resources are available.

Good Stuff Cheap
Commonwealth Trading Company, Dallas, TX, US
The Internet-savvy page of 10-year-old Commonwealth Trading Company of Dallas, Texas. They specialize in manufacturer over-supply, close-out, and must-have items.

Goodman/Orlick Design Inc.
New York, NY, US
Traditional graphics and Web page design.

Grafitti Wall of Kursad
Ege University, Izmir, TR
A wall where you can leave your mark.

Grapevine Networking
Dana Point, CA, US
We specialize in advanced Internet consulting, home page creation/hosting.

Great Software from Maplehurst Productions
Roanoke, VA, US
Offers ordering info for fairy tales on CD-ROM as well as two children's games downloadable from our Web site.

GTE Education Launch Pad
GTE California, Los Angeles, CA, US
Information about GTE California's Education Initiative of education grants and services. Directory of K-12 useful sites on the Web.

The guitar chord-of-the-week
Green Knight Media, Nashville, TN, US
Features a different chord every week, with a description, photo, diagram, and sound clip.

Gus Communications Inc.
Blaine, WA, US
The Gus! Multimedia Speech System, software for augmentative communication (speech output). The largest selling software product for speech disorders. Converts any Windows compatible computer into a dynamic display communication device.

Harold Jewelry Inc.
Business Link of America, New York, NY, US
In the jewelry manufacturing business for over 15 years. Customers range from major department stores to mom-and-pop stores. Producing quality work with timely deliveries.

Cambridge, MA, US
Low introductory prices through June on managed 56K to 1.5Mbit frame relay Internet access within the 508/617 area codes in Massachusetts. Web hosting with "shopping basket" selection and secure credit card transactions.

Heartland Light--An Online Magazine
The Light Fantastic Fine Photography, Omaha, NE, US
An online magazine featuring photography and fiction by Fred Collins, a professional writer and photographer based in Omaha, NE.

Heaven's Role Playing Games
Univ. of Buffalo, NY, US
A collection of links and information on role-playing games and collectable card games. Emphasis on White Wolf Storyteller games and Magic: The Gathering, but it includes a wide variety of links.

Heavy Transport Association
Chester, Cheshire, UK
An interest group/trade association representing the aims interests and aspirations of the heavy haulage industry in the U.K. The association has European links.

Hollywood Archaeology
Lowell Darling & Jim Newman, San Francisco, CA, US
Our project was chosen to be the first site for the Whitney Museum's new Artists' WWW project. It's a huge site, with five separate subsections. One traces the fascinating life and career of wrestler/movie heavy Mike Mazurki.

Hotel Guide Taiwan
Anjes Information Systems, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
The most comprehensive guide to major hotels in Taiwan. Complete information on ratings, location, prices, room types and facilities. With pictures.

Howard Design Group
Princeton, NJ, US
For more than 14 years, dedicated to producing intelligent marketing and design solutions that meet the character and needs of each client. Creating communications materials for corporate, financial, nonprofit, and institutional clients.

HUM-MOLGEN Communication Forum in Human Genetics
Rostock, Germany
Digital Internet communication forum for bioscientists and clinicians.

Bill Hunter, Tacoma, WA, US
Dedicated to hunters and hunting.

Ikenobo Society of South Florida
Internautica, Inc., W. Palm Beach, FL, US
Pictures and history of Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangements in the Ikenobo style.

Palo Alto, CA, US
Offices in Tokyo and Palo Alto. Provides services that assist North American and European companies who are operating in the high-tech marketplace to access Japan and Asian countries.

Information Analysis Corporation/MEDLOG Systems
Incline Village, NV, US
The publisher of the MEDLOG clinical trials data management, PC-based software package.

Institute for Special Education
University of Fribourg, Switzerland
Presentation of our program Training of Cognitive Strategies developed at our institute. A program for learning disabled children. Soon: research results about integration of handicapped children in normal school classes.

InterAd--Global Real Estate
Miami, FL, US
One stop shop for professional real estate services. We have the friendliest and most efficient search tool on the Net for real estate. Find out how much home you can afford with our loan calculator or run your payments.

Interior Design Nutritionals
Monmouth Junctions, NJ, US
Promoting the integrity and excellence involved in encouraging a lifestyle of fitness and nutrition.

International Society of Biometeorology
Univ. of Queensland, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Information about, and pointers to, the activities, interests, and publications of The Society.

Internet ArtResources
Ferguson Taylor Group, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Find galleries, museums, artists, art publications and booksellers, art shows, fairs, events, and expositions, and art schools. As of May 25, 1995 there were almost 4,000 listings.

InvestQuest, Inc., Hilliard, OH, US
Presenting comprehensive information for investors: corporate profile, CEO mailbox, CFO mailbox, financial statements, news and earnings releases, product information, industry comparables and market/research information. Free to the user.

Iowa City Magazine Online
Iowa City, IA, US
Award-winning monthly publication that provokes, entertains, and delights in living in the Iowa City area. Engaging stories on people and issues that people in our area (and probably yours) can relate to.

IRC Music
RedShift Productions Ltd., Lubbock, TX, US
A music page for all that enjoy IRC and are interested in music. Many related recources and questions answered. Contest and promos are also included. as is the Global Zounds Page.

Ireland Related On-Line Resources Guide
Wombat Research, Galway, Ireland
A comprehensive listing of Irish online resources. Facility to add your own entry also.

Island Holidays
Fayetteville, GA, US
Discount diving and accommodation packages to: Caribbean--Pacific and Red Sea. Quality diving at guaranteed lowest prices.

Jim Thorpe Area School District
Jim Thorpe, PA, US
Located in the historic town of Jim Thorpe, PA, the Jim Thorpe Area School District site provides information the schools within it as well as a virtual tour of the town.

John Denver Home Page
Rocky Mountain High: The John Denver Internet Fan Club, Kansas City, MO, US
Contains information about John's career, his autobiography "Take Me Home," concert schedules, upcoming television appearances, and all his music. It also contains information about the environmental groups he has founded.

Jumbo Computer Int'l
Taipei, Taiwan
A brief description of our product line: industrial PC-based computers and workstations, SIMM memory modules, fax/data modems and other computer related products.

Kappa Sigma Fraternity, Nu Lambda Chapter
Stephen Norton, Grand Treasurer, Sacramento, CA, US
This is the home page for Nu-Lambda Chapter of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity.

King's Chef Chinese Restaurant & Bar
Business Link of America, New York, NY, US
All of our restaurants offer the finest Chinese cuisine, Japanese sushi, specializing in catering in the restaurant and at home.

Koeltz Scientific Books
Koeltz Scientific Books USA, Champaign, IL, US
Booksellers and publishers of natural history books, especially botanical monographs.

Lacy/James & Associates
NTES, Huntsville, AL, US
Provides project management services to the engineering, construction, and maintenance industries, including senior management consulting, planning/scheduling, cost engineering, more.

LAN Solutions
Burlingame, CA, US
Novell network specialist. San Francisco Bay Area's Novell installation, service and consulting firm. Novell-certified Netware engineer (CNE) on staff. Novell-authorized.

Lavondyss--The Unknown Region
Ann Arbor, MI, US
A collected mix of art gallery, writings, and the sometimes bizarre and entertaining publication of PRAISE BOB magazine.

Law Office of Sheela Murthy
Baltimore, MD, US
Law office practice in the area of United States immigration and nationality law.

Law Offices of Dennis Spencer Kahane
San Ramon, CA, US
California business law: corporations, partnerships, limited liability companies, contracts, leases, transactions, trademarks, copyrights, dispute resolution, and business litigation. Legal resources links.

Leasing Game
QEF Consulting Services, Toronto, ON, Canada
Equipment and auto leasing in Canada. Intended for business, consumers and lessors. Includes reasons to lease, lease/buy spreadsheet template, statistics, etc.

The Left Bank Operation
Somerville, MA, US
Founded to address the problems many companies have as they implement networking. Expertise with local and wide area networks, desktop and server systems, Internet applications, telecommunications, more.

Liberty Banknotes and Medallions
Vintage Promotions, Tallahassee, FL, US
You can own a piece of history and help celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty with Liberty banknotes and medallions.

RiverValley Systems, Inc., Marietta, GA, US
A service that provides home buyers and sellers with listings of homes in full color in the Atlanta area. Also doing 1996 Olympic rental properties as well.

Los Angeles Music Access
Ten Arts Services, Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides Net surfers with some of the best independent music Los Angeles has to offer. We invite everybody to sample our music and have as much fun as possible.

The Lowest of the Low
Black Fridays, Syracuse, NY, US
Multimedia database on the Lowest of the Low.

Lysdexia - You Are How Today?
Houston, TX, US
A posting of Houston Music events as well as a base for controversy and debate. we also offer translations from: Chinese -> English -> Chinese and Web pages at ludicrously low prices.

Teknika Consulting, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Meeting point for anyone interested in Madagascar. It includes links to sites on the Web that deal with Madagascar and Lemurs. It is also a prefect meeting point for the Malagasy community.

Marketing Resources
Chelmsford, MA, US
An executive search consulting firm specializing in biomedical marketing management. Visit their new suite in the MEDMarket Virtual Industrial Park.

Maui Institute
Maui, HI, US
At the vortex of the Pacific Century Information Seminars Symposiums. A confluence of creative synergy in the Pacific Basin.

"Mikie's" Web World
Livonia, MI, US
A page established to help all surfers find their way around the Web. Very helpful for new Web users. "Mikie" is meant as a tool to demonstrate how diverse and useful the Web has become.

Mythago Gallery
Lavondyss Productions, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A gallery that shows work of true human beauty as well as images of fractured thought. The artwork here explores the uncertainty of life in a world that may have lost its innocence.

Nation of Marvin
Chain Reaction, Chicago, IL, US
A gathering place for listeners to the Jay Marvin show on WLS 94.7 FM, Chicago. Photos, sounds, more.

National Hotel Directory
Event Media, Cupertino, CA, US
A comprehensive listing of the top 1,000+ hotels in the 22 largest US cities. All entries contain room rates, area of city, phone, address, and more. Designed for personal and business travelers.

Natural Way Natural Body Care
Lawrence, KS, US
Voted the oldest and largest Green Store in the US by In-Business magazine. We promote natural body care with products such as goatmilk soap, glycerine soaps, aromatherapeutic essence oils, etc.

Netadelica foundership, Reading, England
Many purposes, including the publication of the Fent Poorly archives, furtherance of IOGO, Withnail & I, and much more.

NetBack Online Backup and Registration
Los Angeles, CA, US
Offers secure, reliable, and affordable Internet-based online backup and storage for individuals and small businesses. Also, document registration.

Network Exchange
Beaverton, OR, US
Offers people a home-based business on a disk. If you have an IBM computer running Windows, then you can take advantage of our services and resources.

New Age Web Works
DEI, Scotts Valley, CA, US
Dedicated to providing the most comprehensive collection of New Age, pagan, Wicca, occult and related resources.

New Consciousness Network: Psycho-Spiritual Therapy Counseling
Psycho-Spiritual Training Institute of Miami, Coconut Grove, FL, US
An opportunity to communicate with a professional psychotherapist whose focus is spiritual development. Ask important questions about conflicts in your life and receive a fresh perspective on your situation.

The New Users Directory
Cindy Alvarez, Cambridge, MA, US
A collection of questions and answers, a compilation of useful FAQs, and collected links on computer operating systems and publications.

LongView Associates, Alameda, CA, US
Created to reduce the uptime for becoming "Net-literate." Contains links to topics of interest to a wide range of "soon-to-be" Web surfers.

nicejob Media/Index of Odd Things
Los Angeles, CA, US
Works across the broad spectrum of traditional and new media, producing television news packages, radio reports, and newsmaker interviews. Writing and designing Web pages, primarily for television stations and print publications.

North Central Texas Regional Information System
North Central Texas Council of Governments, Dallas, TX, US
Resource to local government and economic development. Includes a page on each city in the area, a digital street map atlas, aerial photography, and information on transportation, environmental and economic development programs.

Northern Arizona University - College of Business Administration
NAU College of Business Administration, Flagstaff, AZ, US
A source of information for current students, future students, faculty and staff. Information can be found on the different majors offered, as well as individual courses, student organizations and faculty.

Norton Art Gallery
Norton Gallery of Art Internautica, Inc., W. Palm Beach, FL, US
A major museum in the South with a strong collection in impressionistic and post-impressionistic paintings and Chinese artifacts.

Nouveau Laboratory, Inc.
Moonachie, NJ, US
Experienced FDA-regulated cosmetic and OTC products contract manufacturer near NYC specializing in small-run quantities, short lead times, formulation development, reasonable prices, GMP compliance.

Nova Scotia Indie Bands
Canadian Music Exchange, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Known historically for its Celtic music roots, the Nova Scotia independent music scene has exploded. This is the first wave of Canadian independent music on the Internet.

NSTN Inc.'s CyberMall(tm)
Chris Andrews Design, Carp, Ontario, Canada
Home based graphic designer near Ottawa, Canada. Ten years on Macintosh software for design and publishing. Specializing in design for corporate i.d., mags, books, newsletters, manuals and WWW pages.

Pacific Rim Connections, Inc.
Burlingame, CA, US
Now the most complete all-around source in the world for multilingual computer solutions on personal computers, offering desktop publishing, high-resolution printing, color imaging and programming solutions.

Paine News
Cudworth & Lester, Lithonia, GA, US
Designed exclusively for the venturesome spirit alive today on the Internet, dedicated to the proposition that "Ideas count, people count."

Paranormal Records
Las Vegas, NV, US
Bringing you the powerful rock music of "Entity," we transport you with rich music and vocals reminiscent of great bands like Queensryche, Extreme, Alice In Chains, Metallica and G'n'R.

Paris Air Show - Aerospace Review
inVision Multimedia Technologies Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel
Covering the preparations and events of the Paris Air Show, June 10-18 1995. An electronic edition of Aerospace Review magazine, listing the new aircraft to be displayed and flown at the show, main events and conferences.

Partners Task Force for Gay & Lesbian Couples
Seattle, WA, US
A national resource for same-sex couples. Supporting committed gay and lesbian partners through a variety of media. How to keep relationships strong, fighting for legal marriage, and more.

Pascal Programming Online
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, NZ
Learn PASCAL via the WWW. A set of notes and exercises and model answers complements our other online courses.

PEAKS: An Online Magazine About Montana
CyberPort Montana, Whitefish, MT, US
Features authors, artists, and small businesses in Montana. Also find tourism info and what to do in Montana...ski, hike, whitewater rafting, sailing, and more.

Pegasus Software & Imaging
Fort Myers, FL, US
Developers of Qwktalk, Creditfix, Autodiz, Ezdizit, Pegafx, Pegasus Online, and numerous other award-winning shareware programs. Functional demos available for FTP.

The People Page
Texas NetWorks & North Harris College, Houston, TX, US
You can list your *personal* home page, name, and email here for free. Page developed by Rhese Hoylman.

Phil Gramm for President
Washington, DC, US
The first-ever presidential campaign on the Web. Includes a multimedia archive, a "quotes" page that returns a different quote every time you reload, the latest speeches and press releases from the campaign, and more.

Pink Floyd ~Set the Controls~
Atomic Design, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
For Pink Floyd and Syd Barrett fans. Contains links to other Floyd pages, lots of cool pictures, announcements and more.

Planet Wing Chun
Bay Area Wing Chun Association, San Jose, CA, US
This is a starting point for the Southern Chinese Martial Art known as Wing Chun. Two of this art's most famous are the late Grandmaster Yip Man and one of his students, the late Bruce Lee.

Nevada Technical Associates, Inc., Las Vegas, NV, US
Information of interest to those in radiation protection and radiochemistry.

Poet's Park
San Jose, CA, US
PC based poetry-art magazine, compiled with NEOBOOK. Poems can be submitted via email.

PowerFleet(TM) Fleet/Equipment Management for Windows
Resolute Solutions Corp., Kenner, LA, US
The four products in our PowerFleet line address the needs of both large and small businesses and offer each customer a product with the right set of features at the right price.

Indep. Sales Rep., Puyallup, WA, US
High speed connections, full Internet access, news, classifieds - including full color graphics and clip-art, email, a download software store, an online shopping mall, chat and much more.

PPG's Automotive Clients
The Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA, US
The world's leading supplier of automotive coatings. This page contains a complete list of PPG's automotive clients.

Praxis International
Cambridge, MA, US
A vendor of database and data warehousing and replication software. Products include System 1032, Model 204, OmniReplicator, and OmniWarehouse.

The Profit Letter
Vancouver, BC, Canada
An investment newsletter specializing in low-priced stocks and special situation securities. Since 1987.

ProSoft Publishing
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Specializes in document production for information technologies companies. Services include printing, graphic design, technical writing, and translation services.

Psychiatry and Psychotherapy
Richard J. Corelli, M.D., Palo Alto, CA, US
Psychiatry and psychotherapy. Mental health diagnoses and resources.

Purple Schoolbus
Clemson, SC, US
The band from Raleigh, NC has their own Web page now. See for yourself and sign the Guest Log.

Racer Records (intelligent rock, indie spirit)
San Francisco, CA, US
Includes the usual stuff (GIFs, sound files, artist info) but also includes our standard contract, resources for artists and labels, and similar stuff.

RateWatch: Keep Tabs On Mortgage Interest Rates
San Francisco, CA, US
If you are in the market for a home mortgage, you know that it is important to keep tabs on interest rates for some length of time. Visit the HomeOwners Finance Center Web site to sign up for the weekly RateWatch mailing list.

Fans of the sport of rodeo, Mankato, MN, US
A home page for the group Rec.Sport.Rodeo. Also contains links to various resources for fans of rodeo and the cowboy lifestyle.

Roadkill Bingo
Creative Creations Company, Loveland, CO, US
An educational travel game invented by a family in Loveland, Colo. as they drove across Nebraska one summer. As you travel down the highway and see an animal, you cover the cartoon character with a white sheet until you get five in a row.

Robischon Gallery
Denver, CO, US
The gallery focuses on contemporary art from Colorado and the western states, as well as artists from both East and West coasts.

The Ruskin School of Drawing and Fine Art
Oxford, Oxfordshire, UK
The Internet site for the fine art department at the Univ. of Oxford containing information on staff, students and research associates.

San Antonio Showcase
Internet Promotion Services, San Antonio, TX, US
The business and vacationers' travel guide for the San Antonio area. We have several different pages, including an interactive movie page.

San Diego Software Industry Council
San Diego, CA, US
A trade association of software developers and service providers existing to foster and support entrepreneurial spirit within the San Diego software industry, by providing an organized forum.

Online Image, Santa Monica, CA, US
A multiplex search tool combining query forms for several of the most useful WWW databases. Designed for ease of use and compactness; especially convenient when copied to a local file.

Shopping Down Under
Peter Batchelor and Andrew Crosby, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A group of artists and craftspeople from Melbourne selling their wares to the world. Crafts represented include kites, pottery, jewelry, glassware, clothing and leatherwork.

Business Link of America, New York, NY, US
Located in the heart of historic Chinatown in New York City, Sinotique provides a relaxing ambiance to enjoy decorative accessories, furniture and jewelry from China. Antique rugs from Tibet, Mongolia, and China, as well as antique textiles are a feature of the store.

SJT Enterprises
Cleveland, OH, US
Selling CD-ROMs online. Main seller is the collection of 2 DOOM level CD-ROMs, including 5000 levels.

The Solon Law Archive Project
MiRedEspa Communications, Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A service established to provide electronic access to Canadian legal documents, such as the Canadian Constitution and Canada's laws. It now includes a marked-up version of the Codigo Civil de Mexico as it expands its scope to include international legal resources.

The Sounds of the Pride Lands
Greg Peck, Athens, OH, US
List of sounds for those who really like the Lion King. Some images as well.

Los Gatos, CA, US
Developed to deliver professional sports equipment directly to the athletes. We also develop and/or host sports speciality shops.

Springbok Technologies, Inc.
Richardson, TX, US
Providing public relations services to high technology firms. Founded in 1992 with the expressed goal of building a company based on former reporters with firsthand knowledge of what news gets picked up by the media.

Squeezin' the OJ Hype!
VIBE Magazine and Meanderings Publications, New York, NY, US
Developed by VIBE Magazine and Meanderings to provide alternative perspectives on the hype that surrounds the O.J. Simpson trial. Post responses and engage in interactive discussions.

Starpoint-101: The World's Fastest Keyboard
Jefferson Computer Products, Seattle, WA, US
Allows the user to perform all keyboard functions (cursor, editing, function, etc.) without lifting the hands from the letter keys. Designed specifically for touch-typists.

Starrs Wine Store
St. Louis, MO, US
We are a retailer of wines and gourmet foods and a roaster of fine coffees. We maintain a Web site and offer Web services to other small businesses.

The StarShire Stores
StarShire Ltd., E. Syracuse, NY, US
Offering a wide range of interesting and unique products and services. Personal defense, firearms, security, intelligence, spy products, alarms, weapons, women's apparel, swimwear, exercise wear, Old West, imaging systems and services.

Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy
Francisco Su, New Brunswick, NJ, US
An organized list of resources on Chinese philosophy.

SuBee Enterprises
Cortez, CO, US
Constructing and developing Web sites. Full service authoring, publishing, and graphics creation.

Sunrider International
Independent Sunrider Distributor, Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Quality herb foods and beverages to enhance health, fitness, and weight management through good nutrition based upon the Chinese Philosophy of Regeneration. Herbal skin care, cosmetics, and dental care products.

Taiwan Presidential Election 1996
The committee for LYK presidential election, Highland Park, NJ, US
The main focus of this page is to update the supporters of Mr. Lin Yang Kan on the progress of his presidential campaign in Taiwan.

Tarkine Tigers
Paranoia.com, Austin, TX, US
A group of Tasmanians dedicated to the preservation of the Tarkine wilderness.

Team Maui Information and Fun
Maui Institute, Maui, HI, US
Information, fun, entertainment, investments, real estate, seminars, education, gifts, and souvenirs of Maui and the Pacific.

Ted Barker on The Rampages
Barker Online Productions, Dallas, TX, US
Providing full service HTML page development, including storage. We also create and develop bulleting board systems.

Ten Ren Tea & Ginseng Co., Inc.
Business Link of America, New York, NY, US
The biggest and most famous tea manufacturer in the Far East, operating five tea factories and more than 50 stores in Taiwan, Japan, Canada, and the United States.

The Thai Harvest Newsletter
Kansas City, MO, US
Devoted to providing information regarding various ministries of the Churches of Christ in Thailand. It acts as channel between those workers in the mission field with family and friends.

TOP Shop
Management Systems and Training, Inc., Overland Park, KS, US
The TOP Shop award is presented weekly to those World Wide Web shops who are nominated by their customers or visitors and chosen by the judges as the "best."

The Toronto Internet Co-op
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The not-for-profit Toronto Internet Co-op offers low-cost Internet access. Own your own low-cost Web pages. Sell Web pages. Become a low-cost Web page provider. Personal access and dedicated lines also available.

Trails Illustrated
Webvertising, Houston, TX, US
Recognized in the outdoor industry as the maker of the best topo maps for hikers, backpackers, skiers, bicyclists, hunters, fishermen, four-wheelers, boaters, and other recreationalists.

Training Classes: Internet Security, Connectivity, TCP/IP, Unix
Internet Information Systems, Fremont, CA, US
Hands on training classes in security for Unix and TCP/IP networks, connecting to the Internet for businesses and end users, TCP/IP internetworking, Unix internetworking, SNMP, frame relay, ATM etc.

The Training Registry
Raleigh, NC, US
An online searchable catalog of training course offerings on a wide variety of topics. Browse vendor and course information free and register online for courses.

Transformational Technologies
Sebastopol, CA, US
We specialize in personal and professional development trainings, including seminars and online courses covering leadership, communication, relationships, and other areas of personal and professional growth.

Corona, CA, US
Provides a year-round program of balanced nutrition and integrated pest management for your lawn and landscape. The Web site was set up to provide people with information relating to the plant sciences.

UCI Technology Outreach Program
Univ. of California at Irvine, Irvine, CA, US
Featuring world-class faculty and labs, the UCI Technology Outreach Program provides education and research links between the university and industry.

United Callers
Planet & Partners bvba, Brugge, Flanders, Belgium
Our service is not only the least expensive in Belgium, it offers specialized business information to the public.

Univ. at Buffalo, School of Architecture and Planning
Buffalo, NY, US
Information about the school's academic programs, facilities, faculty and students, as well as one of the most comprehensive guides to planning and architecture related resources on the Internet.

Univ. of Maine Writing Center Online
Orono, ME, US
In addition to offering information about UMaine's real life Writing Center, the UMWCO also contains extensive lists of links to other online writing resources and laboratories.

Univ. of South Florida Police Dept., St. Petersburg campus
St. Petersburg, FL, US
Includes statistics; criminal justice links; crime prevention info; legal resource links; Bolo images; and more.

Usenet Oracle Resource Index
New Haven, CT, US
That famed net.diety, The Usenet Oracle, now has a home on the WWW. This index includes information on how to use the Oracle, the Oracle's latest and funniest wisdom, a gateway from which you may query the Oracle, and many other resources.

UTMInfo - University Technology Malaysia
Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Campuswide information system located at the University Technology Malaysia.

Vallentuna Gymnasium
Vallentuna, Stockholm, Sweden
A Swedish high school.

Valuetel for Societal Change
San Francisco, CA, US
We provide a discounted long distance billing service that donates 3% of your home or business long distance bill (from our profits) to the charity(s) of your choice.

Vancouver Real Estate HomePages
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Features available properties, market statistics by area, a newsletter, tips and hints, government and education links, and more.

Video Teleconferencing Systems Inc.
Las Vegas, NV, US
Free offer for those interested in investments. Get in on the ground floor of the information superhighway.

Virgin Territory
Phoenix, AZ, US
Designer and manufacturer of fashionable clothing made from organically grown fibers. Virgin Territory is in the forefront of taking 100% organic cottons into mainstream fashion.

Virtual Vacations
Sinnott, Manassas, VA, US
Vacation planner. Virtual visits to Paris, London, Disneyland, Hawaii, Fiji and more. Theatre events and brew pubs, golf, fishing, dance and other special interests. Visit New Zealand, United Kingdom and Antarctica.

The Wave Network
Los Angeles, CA, US
Offering fast, full Internet dial-up services to the Los Angeles area.

WBRS-Waltham 100.1 FM
Waltham, MA, US
Noncommercial radio station located in Waltham, MA. We have a diverse programming schedule and play all of the music we receive. Also free live music.

Paul Wallace, Knoxville, TN, US
A hypermedia computer-mediated environment (HCME) conferencing system implemented into Friends and Partners, a World Wide Web forum dedicated to Russian and American cultural exchange, a prototype for future projects.

Welcome to Saudi Arabia
Eugene, OR, US
Provides information on the country of Saudi Arabia and links to other pages and resources on the Internet about the religion of Islam, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East.

The Welders
University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
An interesting trio from Windsor who perform original and covered material.

Whispering Woods Resort
Internet Marketing Ltd., Wichita, KS, US
Nestled in the Ozark Mountains of southwest Missouri, near Branson, the vacation capital of the Midwest, on Table Rock Lake, known worldwide for its excellent fishing.

Wine Information Network Online Service
Healdsburg, CA, US
This is a weekly summary of medal winning wines. Major wine competitions are tracked and a selection of the best wines is presented along with winemaker notes.

Wings Theatre
New York, NY, US
Nonprofit, off-off Broadway company located in New York City's Greenwich Village. We produce a year-round season of new plays by American playwrights through our Mainstage, Gay Plays and Children's Theatre series.

World Equine Resource List (All Things Horsey)
Aberdeen University Riding Club, Aberdeen, UK
The pages provide links to hundreds of equine resources around the world. Regular updates and access to FAQs and other information. It provides a good place to start for horse and pony sites.

World Freestyle On-Line
Blackcomb Freestyle World Cup Society, West Vancouver, BC, Canada
Visit the home of the hottest winter sport in the world.

A World of Tea
Stash Tea Company, Tigard, OR, US
A source for tea history, news, trivia, quotes, and recipes. Black, green, herbal, hot and iced, loose and bagged. Many links.

Young Country Radio KYNG 105.3
Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX, US
Find out what's going on in Dallas-Ft. Worth. You'll find all kinds of cool links and information about country music, artists, fan clubs, and a few surprises too.

Monday, 5 June 1995

3D Rendering and Modeling by High Velocity Systems
Lincoln, NE, US
Demonstration version of Vector Reality V1.2 available online. Vector Reality is a 3D modeler and renderer for Windows 95/NT (native) and 3.1.

AA/AMR Corporation Web Site
Fort Worth, TX, US
American Airlines, The SABRE Group and AMR Management Services. All companies are involved in providing global travel services. Features images of aircraft, airport layouts, seating diagrams and 400 pages of additional images and text.

Absolutely Fabulous at the Biscuit
New York, NY, US
A small, cute site for interacting with AbFab multimedia.

Adventure Travel in Thailand
Bangkok, Thailand
Visit Thailand with Lost Horizons Travel. Scuba dive, snorkel, or boat in sparkling waters. Walk in the rain forest, or snooze on the beach. Adventure and fun for all ages.

Cape Town/Johannesburg, South Africa
A non-profit body dedicated to developing the Internet in Africa. Based in South Africa, we provide a wide range of services free to both the public and institutions.

Air Mosaic from Spry Corp.
Beta BOOKS, San Jose, CA, US
For a limited time, the new 'Air Mosaic' can be downloaded absolutely free. The most award-winning and fastest new Mosaic includes an Internet account from 500 local phone numbers worldwide.

Alf the Poet's alt.buddha.short.fat.guy Page
Allentown, PA, US
Lists other links pertaining to alt.buddha.short.fat.guy.

Alien Software
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Designs Web sites for commercial, personal and corporate clients.

The Amazing Hot Nut Machine & Pizza Dough Maker
Kranna Distributors Ltd., Palgrave, Ontario, Canada
Hot nut snacks vending at the retail and wholesale levels. Franchises available. Pizza and pie crust maker (sheeter). One operator can make up to 450 pizza doughs per hour. Great for a busy pizza concern.

American Modern Arnis Associates
Poughkeepsie, NY, US
In-depth information on the Filipino martial arts. Includes images and movies of the Filipino martial arts in action.

Andy's Cove Oceanfront Windsurfing Vacation Rentals Maui
Quint Stevens, Spreckelsville, HI, US
This windsurf haven is made up of six cottages, situated on over an acre of prime oceanfront real estate, with banana, mango, papaya, and coconut trees.

Anglican General Synod (Canada) Information Centre
Vancouver, BC, Canada
The unofficial Web information centre for the Anglican Church of Canada's General Synod, happening June 1-9, 1995 in Ottawa. Review some of the expected issues, see a list of motions on the floor, and more.

Archaeological Resources in Sardinia
CRS4 - Centre for Adv. Studies, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
The National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari and other archaeological resources in Sardinia.

Artworks Gallery
Seattle, WA, US
Specializing in contemporary art by established and emerging artists. Media include: drawings, photographs, original prints, furniture, functional clay, jewelry, and sculpture.

Atlantic Autowerks, Ltd.
Norfolk, VA, US
The source for BMW and Saab parts and service in Southeast Virginia. Reasonable prices on mechanical repairs, maintenance services, parts, and automotive detailing since 1989.

Atomic Vision Inc.
Boston, MA, US
A digital media design and engineering company, publishes dex, a Web journal which reports on new digital projects and ideas.

ATU Telecommunications
Anchorage, AK, US
Includes an extensive community section about Anchorage, Alaska, with numerous photos and an interactive walking tour. Alaska's largest local telephone company.

Auto Safety Expose
ASF, San Diego, CA, US
Read a new book that is the auto safety expose of the century.

AutoWeb Interactive
Cupertino, CA, US
The Nation's Electronic Auto Mall(tm).

Aviators Software
Park Ridge, IL, US
As a pilot, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires recording (logging) of flight information. Pro Logbook is designed to allow pilots to manage flight information easily and effectively.

Baseball Salary Cap
New Millennium Marketing, West Springfield, MA, US
This baseball cap features an embroidered Salary Cap logo on the front and Just Play Ball stitched in red on the back. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Disabled American Veterans and the Adam Walsh Foundation.

Bay Area Internet Solutions
San Jose, CA, US
Offers 28.8Kbps dial-up PPP/CSLIP/SLIP connections throughout Campbell, Cupertino, Los Gatos, Los Altos, Mt. View, Sunnyvale, Saratoga and San Jose. Other services are 56Kbps-T1, Web colocation and Web authoring and development.

Berkeley OS/2 Users Group
Berkeley, CA, US
Resources for OS/2 users: documentation, freeware and shareware, commercial demos, links to other OS/2 sites, and more. Many people have called us the best OS/2 site on the Web.

Big Bro Records Cyberstore
Bunnik, Netherlands
Europe's foremost information platform on the Web. Featuring info on techno, raves, gabber, Eurodance and others. Also an online store for merchandise, CDs, and records.

Blackwell Sanders Matheny Weary & Lombardi L.C.
Kansas City, MO, US
One of the four fastest-growing, full-service law firms in the country. The site includes links to other legal resources.

The Blind Children's Center
Los Angeles, CA, US
Information and resources for parents and professionals working with blind and handicapped children.

The Bombay Company
Catalog 1, New York, NY, US
Beautiful gifts for your home: furniture, wall decor, tabletop accessories and more. Quality home furnishings at a very affordable price.

Herzlia, Israel
An international group active in two major fields: software: developing and marketing business-oriented and financial modeling software; and consulting: strategic and business planning and development of innovative business ideas.

The Brain Crust
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Mostly silly stuff, but there is a growing political interest also. It contains a mass of indexed links, and these keep growing.

BrainBug Graphics
Tucson, AZ, US
Design firm specializing in bold, professional graphics for both electronic and print mediums. A helpful "workshop" area for Web graphics designers is on the site.

The Bridges of Portland, Oregon
Portland, OR, US
A guide to the unique bridges in the Portland area. Pictures of 10 Willamette River and two Columbia River highway bridges are shown. A clickable imagemap shows the location of all the bridges in the city.

British Medical Journal
London, UK
The aims of this electronic version of the British Medical Journal are to publish rigorous accessible information that will help doctors improve their practice and will influence the international debate on health.

Brownsville, Texas Home Page
University of Texas, Brownsville, TX, US
Includes information and photos of the city's attractions and unique culture on the Mexican border.

BT Partnership magazine
Artewisdom Ltd, London, England, UK
Web publication from British Telecom featuring leading-edge technology developments likely to benefit global finance business. Includes a competition for a year's free Internet connection.

Cahier Multimedia de Liberation
Paris, France
A French quality paper. Each Friday, Liberation publishes an eight-page book on multimedia actuality: online and off-line news, especially about French and European services.

Carl Yaffey Computer Consulting
Columbus, OH, US
Custom business solutions using Microsoft Foxpro, Access, and Visual Basic. Training available. Specializing in database solutions.

C&D Publications
Boston, MA, US
Offers a wide variety of services from photograph scanning to an online dating base--Personals Plus to Original Fantasy Castle Maps. Coming soon--a Boston area classifieds and a link to our BBS.

Jacksonville, FL, US
Internet information search service. Database and mapping service for information from search.

Chateaux & Hotels de Charme
Internet Marketing Services, Ltd, Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Independent and run by their owners, Châteaux & Hôtels de Charme and Special Places (US and Canada) offer the connoisseur an unparalleled experience and forgotten levels of service.

Chemistry Related Jobs In Industry
Bedford, MA, US
This list is for the use of chemists who are looking for jobs in industry, and is updated twice monthly.

Child Find Canada Online / En direct
DISCscribe Ltd., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
A bilingual (English and French) Web site dedicated to finding missing children and to providing information about child safety. Provided as a public service by DISCscribe Ltd., Sun Microsystems of Canada Inc., Industry Canada and SchoolNet.

Chisato Moritaka Fan Club
Stephen Quinn, Mt. View, CA, US
A beautiful Japanese popular singer. This is an unofficial fan Web site in her honor.

Christie Communications Ltd.
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Develops both customized and generic course and courseware materials with a specialization in the health and safety area. Products are available in both print and CBT Multimedia.

Chunk 666
Karl Anderson, Portland, OR, US
A chopper bicycle gang and temperance league.

Clearwater Marine Science Center
Clearwater, FL, US
A non-profit organization dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of injured or sick marine animals, public education, and research. The CMSC Aquarium serves as a vital connection between the marine environment and the Tampa Bay community.

CNA Insurance Companies
Chicago, IL, US
The sixth largest insurance organization in the United States. It provides a full range of insurance products and services for individuals and for all kinds and sizes of businesses.

Colorado Bar Association
Denver, CO, US
A complete guide to the service and resources that are available to lawyers and the general public.

Rosemont, IL, US
One of the world's leading providers of solutions that help organizations reduce technology cost and risk. These services include disaster recovery and business continuity, equipment leasing and remarketing, systems integration, medical and electronics equipment remarketing.

Common Sense Revisited
Liberty Development, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Thomas Paine lives again on the Internet. Providing a focus on the Web to reignite the American Spirit... and create an America for which our progeny will bless our efforts.

Communications for Tomorrow
Calumet College, York University, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Internet interface to the York Univ. 3rd year Social Science 3310 course Communications for Tomorrow.

Community Services Information Center
Capistrano Beach, CA, US
Provides employee assistance and human resource personnel, and the public with free access to a central source of local alcohol and drug recovery services.

Computer Users of Baltimore
Baltimore, MD, US
CUB is a computer users group of IBM compatible personal computers users. Founded in 1984 as the Kaypro Users of Baltimore, the club has evolved into a group mainly interested in IBM compatible machines utilizing DOS, Windows, or the OS/2 operating systems.

Comstar Worldwide Classified Ads
Comstar Industries, Inc., Somerville, NJ, US
Buy, sell, find anything on earth via the "Global Electronic Marketplace." Color pictures, audio files, color catalogs or basic text-only ads. Many ad classifications.

The Coney Island Mermaid Parade
Coney Island, USA/Whirl-i-Gig, Inc., Brooklyn, NY, US
Background and useful information about the 13th Annual Mermaid Parade in Coney Island, NY, on June 24, 1995 at 2pm. Sun, fun, and many mermaids.

Cosmic Connections
Fountain Hills, AZ, US
A universal gateway to link kindred spirits sharing from the heart in a very special and unique way. Offers a variety of metaphysical products and services from some very out-of-town galaxies.

CPI Electronic Publishing
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Publishes the Federal Environmental and Safety Authority, FESA, the most complete, current and user friendly regulatory database of all current Federal Register publications and Code of Federal regulations available on CD-ROM.

The CRB Foundation Heritage Project
ExCITE Lab, SFU, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Simon Fraser University's ExCITE Lab brings Canadian history and culture to life on the Internet. Browse the Heritage Post Interactive , an online version of the popular magazine.

CyberPunk Research Labs
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Raiders of the Lost Mb.

Dan Cox's Flamenco Page
Random Rhythm Records, Calgary, Canada
Flamenco MPEG audio clips.

Delta Pacific--Economic and Policy Consulting
Olympia, WA, US
Provides economic and policy analysis for regulation and deregulation in the electric and natural gas industries. We work with utilities, regulatory agencies, consumer advocates, and environmental advocates.

Designs for Dancing
Valkyrie Multimedia, Santa Monica, CA, US
Provides the ballroom dancing community an easy and extensive inventory of dance shoes, apparel and accessories.

The District Area Dining Directory
Washington, DC, US
Our directory contains over 1,400 restaurants, some with home pages and coupons. You can scan for keywords or use a complex search to find a specific cuisine type, area, and/or delivery service.

Divorce Home Page
Dean Hughson, Braymer, MO, US
A place to get support before, during and after the chaos of divorce.

Don Beyer Volvo
Falls Church, VA, US
See what we have to say about our new car, used car, service and parts departments; check out our great experiment page; get directions to our dealership and hours; or load up our email box.

Dreisbach's Steaks
Grand Island, NE, US
Dreisbach's beef is prepared using a unique dry-aging process which guarantees the best tasting and most flavorful steaks and meats available. The steaks are so flavorful, you scarcely need to add any seasoning.

Drudge Report
Hollywood, CA, US
A very insightful look into the entertainment, media and political world. We often break stories that end up the topic of national discussion.

Eddie Izzard's Sort of Groovy Homepage
Caroline van Oosten de Boer, Amsterdam, North-Holland, The Netherlands
Eddie Izzard is Britain's award winning stand-up comedian.

Edwards Aquifer
Gregg Eckhardt, M.S., R.E.P., San Antonio, TX, US
Information resource for non-technical people.

EI Recording Studios
Smyrna, GA, US
A 24-track digital and 24-track analog recording studio located on the outskirts of Atlanta, GA.

Electronic Systems Resource Center
General Communications, Inc., Salt Lake City, UT, US
Clearinghouse of information of interest to organizations involved in the professional audio/video contracting industry. Includes information on consultants, trade associations, contractors, and manufacturers. Also includes manufacturers' product specifications.

Electronic Tangent
London, UK
Offers the latest in techno reviews. An electronic art gallery offers a comprehensive Web construction service.

Emergency Seatbelt Shearing Device
New Millennium Marketing, West Springfield, MA, US
No vehicle should be without this vital piece of equipment, developed by a licensed aircraft mechanic and auto accident victim who was trapped by a seatbelt following a crash. Recommended by police, fire, emergency personnel, and FAA safety inspectors.

Estes Park Virtual Visitors Guide
Town of Estes Park, Estes Park, CO, US
An armchair tour of Rocky Mountain National Park, and one of Colorado's favorite family resort areas.

Dublin, Ireland
The European shopping and business mall with national malls for individual countries in your local language. A broad range of exciting products, services, local information and entertainment is available.

The European Patent Office (EPO)
EPO, Vienna Sub-Office, Vienna, Austria, Europe
Contains information on the patent granting procedure at the EPO and on the products and activities of its Vienna sub-office (named EPIDOS).

Everybody's Store
StarLight MultiMedia, Inc, Bellingham, WA, US
Offers fine food and alternative medicines via the Internet. We are also glad to offer some of the finest in North American native art.

ExchangeNet: Internet Access for 216
Cleveland, OH, US
Provides complete Internet access for the 216 area code.

Fantasy Sports Northwest
Bremerton, WA, US
The premier Internet fantasy sports organization. Whether your pleasure is baseball, football, basketball, or hockey, we have the league for you. Join as an individual or bring a group of friends.

The Fatty Zone
Micro C Productions, Reno, NV, US
All things fat and beautiful.

Florida's West Coast Sailing Club for Multi-Hull Sailboats
St. Petersburg, FL, US
If you long for racing or cruising in the Gulf of Mexico, call us. Established in 1982, we offer adventures for the multi-hull sailboats, 23 feet or more, equipped for coastal sailing.

Forestry Research Institute of Sweden - SkogForsk
Uppsala, Sweden
Pursues applied R&D aimed at economical, ecologically and sustainable forestry. Web-server lists information about current projects, 80 researchers, and publications with abstract.

ISP Netwoks, Santa Clara, CA, US
This is a great program which will allow you to easily implement working forms on your server now. FORM-MAN is feature rich: One program handles all your form needs. Very easy to configure.

Free Clipart Samples from InfoArt
Black Bear Design Group, Tampa, FL, US
Introducing a truly inspiring idea: ready-to-use images so conceptual, so finely-crafted, they speak for themselves. This is provocative, detailed, dimensional, impactful illustration.

Ganson Engineering, Inc.
Woodinville, WA, US
Provides simple solutions for all printing applications, including network printer interface cards and high-speed, high-volume laser, line, and matrix printers.

Gary Beene's Visual Basic Home Page
Dallas, TX, US
Provides a collection of VB information and internet pointers. Included are VB home page links, software sources, third-party vendors, magazines, books and more.

Geodesic Domes and Tent Structures
Constructions Lab/Kingdome, Reykjavik, Iceland
We have information on geodesic domes, tent structures, ecology in housing, health and housing, 3-D geometry, Quasicrystals, all of our own research. We have also articles on new sciences.

George Thomas Howard Associates - Theatre Consultants
Hollywood, CA, US
An internationally-known consulting firm providing a complete range of architectural engineering services for the design of theatres, media production facilities, and public assembly facilities.

Global Investigations & Information Network
Tampa, FL, US
Full-service investigative firm. We use surveillance: still and video photography, computerized information, personal background information, pre-employment screening, asset checks and skip tracing.

GP Net S.r.l.
Venice, Italy
Provides Internet access and presence in Italy through its four access points in Venezia/Mestre, Padova, Vicenza, and Treviso. Dial-up connections, leased lines, Web page hosting and creation.

The Great Western Forum
Forum Sports Inc., Inglewood, CA, US
We have roller hockey, tennis, and volleyball. Be prepared to see more sports online soon. Visit the people who made this possible, JovaNet Communications.

Greystone Capital
Allentown, PA, US
Discusses the advantages of doing business in Eastern Pennsylvania and presents the background and structure of Greystone Capital as well as some of their opportunities.

Guy Tours Ltd.
Tel Aviv, Israel
An Israeli travel company specializing in organizing and operating tours in Israel for individual travellers, businessmen, VIPs, government officials, and groups. A government-licensed company with 80 top guides.

The Hal Hartley Web Page
Mountain View, CA, US
Dedicated to the work of filmmaker Hal Hartley. Includes a filmography, over 70 images, links to the Internet Movie Database, screenplay and soundtrack information, and more.

Hamilton Hallmark TSC Web Site
Tempe, AZ, US
Electronics distribution's first truly technical Web server, providing the engineering community with technical articles, reference designs, and information related to products available from Hamilton Hallmark & Avnet suppliers.

Heartland Rail Tours
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Coming to Canada this summer? A U.S. dollar gets about $1.35 Canadian. Now that's a bargain.

Heatwave Radio -- 105 FM
Roelofarendsveen, The Netherlands
A local radio station in Holland. There is also a Dutch version of the homepage.

Heavy Water, Introduction to an Indie Band
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
One of Toronto's hottest new indie bands. Great piece of copy with cool links to music across the Web.

Heidemij, Engineering A Better Environment
Arnhem, Gelderland, Netherlands
A leading international engineering firm providing consulting and contracting services in the field of the environment and infrastructure.

Historic Climatological Data from 42 Stations in Norway
AAS-NLH, Akershus, Norway
Delivered by The Norwegian Crop Research Institute, Plant Protection Centre/NORPRE.

Horchow Collection
Catalog 1, New York, NY, US
One of the United States' premier upscale catalogs, offering distinctive merchandise of superior quality, from furniture, lighting, linens and decorative accessories to cooking and gardening essentials and classic apparel.

Housing and Household Economic Statistics Division
U.S. Bureau of the Census, Suitland, MD, US
The Census Bureau is the official source of demographic statistics concerning the nation's housing, income, and poverty.

How2 -- Web Page Creation and Info for American Indian Schools
Minneapolis, MN, US
How2 began primarily as a tutorial on creating Web pages for Indian schools and students, who are slowly beginning to gain access to Internet. Generally located on fairly isolated reservations, these schools and teachers have few resources.

I-Kinetics, Inc.
Burlington, MA, US
The I-Kinetics mission is to provide complete, integrated software and services solutions for large, distributed information systems.

Images of the Philippines
Luis Liwanag, San Francisco, CA, US
Includes links to other interesting pages about the Philippines and other cool and hot spots on the Web. Web search engines and home page of Bigtop Productions.

iMNet Gesellschaft für internationale Kommunikation und Netzwerke
Würzburg, Franconia, Germany
A commercial Web server for the Mainfranken area, maintained by Würzburgs first Internet service provider.

In Sardegna Virtual
CRS4 - Centre for Adv. Studies, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
Second issue of the first Italian hypermedia magazine about tourism, environment, and culture in Sardinia.

Indiana College Placement and Assessment Center (ICPAC)
Bloomington, IN, US
Provides educational and career guidance information, including college and career planning, financial aid, assessment, admissions testing, employment, and distance education files and links.

InfoBahn Information Services
Boulder, CO, US
Legal and business information retrieval and research.

Inland River
Corps of Engineers, Rock Island District, Rock Island, IL, US
NIC-Navigation information connection. Many links that provide information for those associated with inland river commercial transportation.

I-no Investment News Online
Shady Side, MD, US
The Web center for the futures and options industry.

IntelliGIS, Inc.
Sugar Land, TX, US
A Houston-based provider of geographic information system application software for the petroleum industry.

IntelliNet ISP
Little Rock, AR, US
This server maintains information for our customers and residents of the state of Arkansas.

International Gifts -- Extraordinary Items from Around the World
Green Lake Group, Southfield, MI, US
A company dedicated to providing unique arts and crafts from native peoples all around the world. Browse our catalog and see the unique items available to the online community.

International Safety Alert
La Jolla, CA, US
The auto safety expose of the century that contains life saving information obligatory for all drivers. ASF is a non-profit organization that seeks help in alerting the world about this top secret safety emergency.

Internet Advertising Solutions
Internet Relay Solutions, Lexington, KY, US
Providing an Internet presence for businesses through the InterMall.

Internet Business & Marketing Center, Inc. (IBMC)
Tampa Bay, FL, US
Site includes: ActionCall software support, Business Opportunity Web, Internet Guide to Tampa Bay, Tampa Bay Internet Chamber of Commerce, and DiskCat-Catalog to Diskette Conversion.

Internet Express, Inc.
Madison, WI, US
A full-service Internet access provider. Dial-up, ISDN, and leased line access, as well as commercial Web Services.

Internet-LAN Services
Mathew Vangel and Associates, N.Dartmouth, MA, US
Network engineering organization providing- SNMP network management, security configuration, baseline protocol analysis of traffic, and design work for ATM, FDDI, ethernet, and localtalk networks.

Irises (the flower)
Clark University, Worcester, MA, US
A page of information about irises. Kinds of irises, lists of societies devoted to irises, a bibliography, and links to other pages on the Web giving cultural information and images of irises.

ITnet S.p.A. Italian Internet Service Provider
Genova, Italy
ITnet is born to be the number one professional Internet service provider in Italy. That's why ITnet focuses on a service based on quality and security.

J and N's Serenity Shoppe
San Diego, CA, US
Recovery catalog of 12-step gifts and books. Specializing in books about recovery from alcoholism and drug addiction. We offer 12-step related books, tapes, T-shirts, mugs, medallions, jewelry and more.

Baltimore, MD, US
A computer software consulting firm specializing in Microsoft FoxPro application development, SBT accounting library software, and Colwell Medsoft Medical Office Manager.

Jeunique - The One Day Diet
Lifestyle Images, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Offering a full line of health and nutritional products.

Jonathan Cainer's Daily Horoscopes
London, England, UK
Cainer, of the UK national Daily Mail Newspaper, puts his daily horoscopes on line. Also available are his <a href="http://www.realitycom.com/raudio/raud.htm"> weekly horoscope readings</a> in Real Audio format.

Kenwood Communications Corp., Amateur Radio Group, North America
Long Beach, CA, US
The world's largest manufacturer of amateur radio equipment.

Epic Records, New York, NY, US
Read about the newest release from Korn, featuring Blind, Predictable, and Daddy.

La Plaza Telecommunity Foundation
Taos, NM, US
A non-profit organization dedicated to providing free democratic Internet access to all members of our community. Our resource center is open to the public and provides computer equipment as well as "quick start" classes for new users.

LAN to Internet Gateways
The Internet Connection, Williamsville, VT, US
A full complement of plug 'n play LAN Gateways for the Internet. LANlink gateways connect your LAN to the Internet with dial-up or dedicated access at speeds from 28.8 Kbps to 1.544 Mbps.

Pawtucket, RI, US
Manufacturer and supplier of world class instrumentation, lab equipment and quality control systems for the textile industry. Yarns, fibers, testing textiles.

Leo Langevin's VSE/ESA Web Page
PF1:Help!, Wheeling, IL, US
This site provides free source code and training for the VSE systems programmer. VSE/SP through VSE/ESA 2.x are supported.

Lions Club of Launceston North
Launceston, Tasmania, Australia
Information about the Lions Club, locally and worldwide.

Logo Sports
VirtuMall New Media Marketing, Cambridge, MA, US
A catalog of licensed clothing and collectibles from the NBA, NHL, NFL, and NASCAR.

Low Odds, High Risk
Coolware, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
Statistics on the incidence of condom breakage during vaginal intercourse. Brought to you by Coolware and the Medical Reporter.

Loyola Biology
Chicago, IL, US
Description of our undergraduate and graduate programs and faculty research at Loyola University.

Mandel & Patrick's Movie Corner
Pittsburgh, PA, US
An area that contains movie previews, reviews, and news.

Brattleboro, VT, US
Free information concerning 3Dstudio, FoxPro, and Visual Basic.

Marketing Financial Products & Services
IBC USA, Chicago, IL, US
On July 20-21 IBC USA Conferences will sponsor the cutting-edge conference on "Marketing Financial Products & Services on the Internet." Designed to meet the needs of senior-level marketing, advertising, information systems and sales executives.

Marksman Management Systems
Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa
Implementing technology that creates winning teams within organizations. We apply technology in basic management processes such as strategic management, organizational development, work management, etc.

McGill University
McGill University Computing Centre, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Online computing centre support services plus information about various programs at the university.

More Aquatic Ape Theory
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Information on the aquatic theory of human evolution.

A Musician Profile: Jeffrey Jones Bloom
Black Fish Recordings, La Jolla, CA, US
Jeffrey Jones Bloom's "Liquid Space" music is like alternative New Age edge, soaked with the ambiance of Underwater Dreamspace. Listen to a sample of the music. Find out about Corky, a captive orca whale.

National SBDC Research Network
Albany, NY, US
Primarily for Small Business Development Centers and focuses on providing information about small business and entrepreneurial opportunities.
http://ny_sbdc.ca.sunycentral.edu/ http://ny_sbdc.ca.sunycentral.edu/

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth
Portsmouth, VA, US
Providing information about the Naval Medical Center and pointers to other medical resources on the Internet.

NetEdge Systems
Technical Support, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
The leading provider of high performance ATM edge routers that connect legacy LANs to ATM systems for LAN backbone applications and carrier data services.

NetJohn's Internet Gallery
Minneapolis, MN, US
Check out well-known computer artist NetJohn's gallery on the Internet and take a tour of Nets art. Images on display include The Becoming II -- Net's latest creation, showing the blend of man and machine.

The Newest Release From Satchel...EDC
New York, NY, US
Satchel is coming July 26, 1995 on Epic Records.

Newman Group Computer Services
Dexter, MI, US
The oldest (since 1971) and largest independent dealer in new/used Digital Equipment Corp and compatible hardware, Newman Group Computer Services now has a WWW catalog and home page.

Pewaukee, WI, US
The Web's most comprehensive news resource, with direct links to hundreds of online newspapers, magazines and broadcast networks and stations plus other links of special journalistic interest.

North Central Texas Regional Information System
North Central Texas Council of Governments, Arlington, TX, US
Local economic development information for the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Transportation, environmental, and city information, digital and aerial maps.

Northwest Apartment Web
Bizave Infosystems, Portland, OR, US
An online apartment hunter's guide for the Portland, Oregon area and (soon) neighboring areas. View maps, apartment floorplans, and pictures of apartment properties. Current rent amounts are also listed.

Not that Stephen King
ISIS/New Media, Santa Monica, CA, US
A famous name syndrome page for those afflicted with the name Stephen King.

Norwegian Research Center for Computers and Law, Oslo, Norway
An institute at the Faculty of Law, University of Oslo, Norway. For 25 years NRCCL has done research on computers and law. Information about the institute, running projects, some articles, and more.

Odegard Labs, Inc. Media Group
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Focusing on high-end Internet content creation. The group's work integrates new technologies, such as Java and VRML, with the principles of man-machine interaction.

Official Michael Jackson History Page
Epic Records, New York, NY, US
The gloved one has returned. The countdown is on.

OnderwijsWeb - the Dutch Education Home Page
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A resource for Dutch educators (and foreigners) who want to use the Internet. A service in both Dutch and English, providing news on the use of Internet in Dutch education (and abroad).

One World Resource
Argyle, Norcross, GA, US
An attempt to compile every university and college on the planet on one Web site. No country or school intentionally omitted, submit your own list.

Onset Magazine Online
Onset Magazine, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A lifestyle/career online forum published for readers who are creative young people in their twenties -- write poems, send email, and read up on interesting people and events in Canada and throughout the world.

on-TRAC America
Atlanta, GA, US
An advertising provider to recruiters, human resource departments, and job seekers. Through commercial advertising on America Online's "Help Wanted-USA" and the Online Career Center, advertisers can expect fast responses.

Owen Avenue Productions
Smyrna, GA, US
A music production company located in Smyrna, GA, that is owned by record producer and keyboardist Larry Rust.

Park Blvd Stamps
Pinellas Park, FL, US
A full-service stamp store, offering a complete range of US and foreign stamps. Also supplies, albums, mounts, etc. Everything for the starting collector to the advanced collector.

The Parkinson's Web
Dept. of Neurology, Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, US
Learn about new developments in Parkinson's research, look up medical terms in a glossary, get a listing of Parkinson's organizations and resources in the United States and countries around the world.

Pauline Oliveros Foundation
Kingston, NY, US
Offers comprehensive information about its artists, projects, events, and activities such as the Deep Listening Band which explores alternative listening technologies and new relationships with musicians as well as audiences.

Photo Library/Agency--Stock Solution
Salt Lake City, UT, US
A stock photography agency, representing the images of about 100 photographers. Over 200 photos online. Our library of 200,000 images is available for custom searches by publishing professionals.

ICONATION, Hoffman Estates, IL, US
An art gallery on your screen. Tired of the same old "dull" cartoonish icons? Replace them with beautiful pictures. Dazzling and vivid colors you would not believe possible in an icon.

Pilgrim Candle Co.
New Millennium Marketing, West Springfield, MA, US
Heavily scented candles, hand-crafted in our centuries old New England mill. Hand dipped tapers, votives, wax potpourri and glass jars available in 34 fragrances.

Pinellas Park Chamber of Commerce
Pinellas Park, FL, US
Live in the center of the Tampa Bay area surrounded by St. Petersburg, Clearwater, and the beautiful Gulf beaches. Best of all, enjoy a rural friendly atmosphere in the city.

The Planet's Empire Archives
Nashua, NH, US
Empire is the Internet's most popular multi-player, real-time strategy wargame.

Plans Anonymous Association
St. Paul, MN, US
A non-profit membership association providing access to insurance, legal services and other benefits for the recovering community and their families.

Political Action Resources
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Lists U.S. government offices, Congress members, political action groups, and information Webs. Also contains information on searching mailing lists, creating and managing lists, and how to mount email campaigns.

Portland Golf Page
Portland, OR, US
A directory of public golf courses in Portland. Included is an ask-the- pro Q&A section, a store, and links to other golf spots.

Portugal on the Web
Mem Martins, Lisbon, Portugal
Portuguese sports, village of Sintra, etc. Everything that happens in Portugal will be here soon.

Power Images' PowerWeb
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
The online advertising and graphics service of Power Images, a Florida design and graphics firm that has been in business since 1957.

Valenza, Piedmont, Italy
Jewelry shop featuring Italian style of jewelry.

Professional Mobile Car Service, Inc.
Daytona Beach, FL, US
Great business opportunity. All steel, professionally built, fully equipped mobile unit to wash and detail cars at customer's home or business.

Psychic Discoveries Behind The Canadian Curtain
Earl Gordon Curley, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The main purpose of these pages is to educate others in what psychic phenomena are all about. Included is a comprehensive, detailed book entitled "The 21 Emotions Exercise" which describes in detail how to enhance your decision making skills.

QTI Professional Staffing - Southern Wisconsin
Madison, WI, US
We are recruiting computer help desk professionals for The Exton Technology Group. ETG will be providing support for Windows® 95. We handle employment opportunities for other professional and technical fields.

The Quasi-Derivative Fantasy BookList
The Dark October, Indianapolis, IN, US
An attempt at a fairly complete list of fantasy authors and their books. Includes hundreds of short reviews gleaned from the readers of rec.arts.sf.written and several much longer reviews.

Radiotherapy & Oncology Department, Queen Mary Hospital
Hong Kong
Home page of Radiotherapy and Oncology Department of Queen Mary Hospital, Hong Kong.

Random Internet Camera
Round Rock, TX, US
Shows a picture from a random camera on the Web; also lets you add your own links on the fly.

The Realist Wonder Society
Fargo, ND, US
Dedicated to spreading the word about great fabulists, whether writers or artists, who are relatively neglected by today's bestseller-focused bookstores.

Retail Plus Sales & Inventory Software
True North Computer Services, Richmond Hill, NY, US
A list of what to look for in sales, inventory, invoicing, and POS software. There is an opportunity to download software from the site.

R.M. Dudley Corporation
Burlingame, CA, US
Has been providing systems, software and best practices consulting in the area of targeted database marketing since 1978, and are now integrating these closed-loop strategies with the Internet and World Wide Web.

Roblyn Marketing
Montreal, Canada
Gateway to interesting places: Bonjour Québec, a tourist guide to the province of Quebec. Canadian Internet Mall, great shopping The Arts 'N Crafts place, great Canadian handicraft.

Rockworld -- Rock & Roll Cybergalleria
Pegasus Flight Productions, Twain Harte, CA, US
You'll find many rock-related items not available anywhere else in the solar system. Rare one-of-a-kind limited editions, special offerings, and your favorite rock T-shirts.

Rosenbluth Travel
Philadelphia, PA, US
Pioneers in electronic travel, our site features hot deals, a cruise database with over 500 cruise offerings, vacation packages, fly-drive specials, cruise news, a client corner, and much more.

Rouen University Hospital
Rouen, Haute-Normandie, France
List of scientific publications and links to the main servers in healthcare.

Sad Mr. Wu's Send-a-Pickle Service
Europa Design Group LLC, St. Louis, MO, US
A brand-spanking-new WWW service that allows users to send a pickle to anyone in the contiguous US states for a fee of $5. Try it. It's fun.

Seattle, WA, US
Home page for the Seattle band Salamander, jam-oriented funk-jazz-rock.

Salt River Project
Phoenix, AZ, US
The project is Phoenix's largest supplier of electricity and Arizona's largest supplier of water.

Santa Cruz Mathematics Academy
Nick Manousos and Dent Earl, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A jumping-off point to student resources, information about Santa Cruz Mathematics Academy (SCMA), pictures, and student profiles. The SCMA is a non-profit organization.

SFSU Broadcast and Electronic Communication Arts Dept.
San Francisco State Univ. BECA Dept., San Francisco, CA, US
Includes information on degrees, resources, courses, and faculty. Also home of KSFS Radio.

The Sharper Image
Catalog 1, New York, NY, US
Creating and selling a unique assortment of original gifts and products through entertaining stores, catalogs, and other marketing channels.

Socialist Party USA Cybercenter
New York, NY, US
The home page of the Socialist Party USA, America's democratic socialist party.

Society of St. Francis
Kenosha, WI, US
Our mission is to save the lives of as many animals as we possibly can. Our shelter is always at full capacity, but until the massive pet overpopulation abates, we will help as many as our shelter can hold.

The Society of Swedish Composers
Stockholm, Sweden
Organizes and represents professionally active Swedish composers. Read about the activities of the society, and explore the member database, containing music examples, biographical data, reviews, etc.

SOFA Expositions
Chicago, IL, US
Set apart as an art exposition by focusing primarily on three-dimensional works -- sculpture, objects and functional art -- in all media.

SoftSmith Systems Inc.
Concord, Ontario, Canada
We are a systems integrator providing services such as LAN and WAN design, installation and support. Custom software packages, accounting services, hardware and software sales, Internet solutions and many more.

Software Stock Advisory Service
Valiant Publishing Co., The Woodlands, TX, US
A newsletter that provides timely, accurate information on where to invest in the computer software industry.

Menlo Park, CA, US
Over 34,000 pages of magazine articles and reviews from CMP TechWeb recently added (bringing the total to over 45,000 pages). From any of our 8000 software products you can search reviews with a single click.

Sonie's Creations Fashion House
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Our primary concern is to design leading edge fashions and to create custom clothing to your satisfaction.

South Jersey Property Online Magazine
Integrated Computer Services, Absecon, NJ, US
A fact and photo real estate forum for active residential and commercial listings in the South Jersey area. Perfect for casino and seashore interested buyers sellers and investors.

Spencer Gifts
Vienna, VA, US
The spring line is in at Spencer Gifts. Stop by the store and check out our new items: Magic, The Gathering-A new phenomena...combining the fascination of trading cards with the excitement of fantasy games, and more.

Spencer Real Estate
The Fractal Images Company, Kensington, CA, US
The largest residential real estate broker in beautiful Big Bear Lake, California. See how affordable paradise can be. Homes from $49,000 to over $2,000,000.

Sphere's Digital Gallery
Philadelphia, PA, US
A photoshop gallery using ethernet and T1 access.

Catalog 1, New York, NY, US
A taste, a glimpse of what Spiegel is all about. Some favorite items from some of our most popular shops -- for wardrobe, home, life. All at reasonable prices.

Spring Internet World 95 Review
SkillSearch Corp., Nashville, TN, US
SkillSearch presents a special follow-up review for the Spring Internet World 95 attendees. Included is a retrospective on the conference and a discussion of what employers are looking for.

SSA Online
Social Security Administration, Baltimore, MD, US
The Social Security Administration became an independent agency on March 31, 1995. We are now celebrating our 60th birthday and our first year on the Web. Come see how you can request an estimate of your future benefits.

St. Kitts & Nevis - InterKnowledge Travel Guide
New York, NY, US
Extensive presentation on St. Kitts and Nevis sponsored by the Department of Tourism with in-depth information including history and historical figures, activities, diving, accommodations, points of interest, restaurants, travel tips and transportation.

PC etc, Ltd., New York, NY, US
One of the largest companies developing and distributing personal computer training services and products in North America.

Studio Attici
Milan, Italy
Italian group operating in the real estate market for prestigious property in both the residential and business sectors.

Studio Equipment
InterStudio Limited, London, England
International valuers and dealers in broadcast, video, film, post-production and pro-Audio equipment.

Support Democracy in China
Cupertino, CA, US
SDC is a volunteer community organization dedicated to the promotion of human rights in China through peaceful means.

Survival Bible
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Info on all climates and conditions. From 2001 B.C. to 2001 A.D. Through 67 books and more. Freeware. Anyone who can help me be my guest, specially in plants or anyhow.

Swiss 2D Service
University Hospital of Geneva, Switzerland
The two-dimensional Gel Electrophoresis Laboratory of Geneva is running a highly reproducible method for the two-dimensional separation of proteins.

The Tico Times Online
San Jose, Costa Rica
Central America's leading English-language newspaper. Online provides a brief sampling of our more extensive weekly print edition.

Time Warner's Viewer's Edge
Catalog 1, New York, NY, US
Your source for the best entertainment values at the best prices anywhere. Featuring videos, gifts and collectibles from the enchanting world of Hollywood. Huge selection of $9.95 values.

Trace Online
Rickmansworth, Herts, UK
A public access database where items can be registered for safe keeping. A notice can be added to the entry in the event of a loss.

The Training Registry
Raleigh, NC, US
A searchable online catalog of onsite, public, and media-based training course offerings, covering a wide variety of topics and vendors. Browsers can quickly and easily find, select, and register for courses.

TravelSearch: Worldwide Destination Information
Bend, OR, US
Concise, constantly updated information on the world's principal travel destinations for the traveller who wants to know what to see and do -- at the last minute.

UMass Undergraduate Commencement Scrapbook -- 1995
Univ. of Massachusetts, Amherst, MA, US
Come check out this Web page which includes candid photos, selections from the commencement concert, and the commencement address by President Clinton's National Security Advisor, Anthony Lake.

United Nations' 50th Anniversary Celebration
UN50 Committee of San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, US
Join in San Francisco's celebration of the 50th anniversary of the founding of the UN. Visit our conference wall and participate in online discussions on the UN's past and future.

University of Arizona Sports
Hardware and Computing Knowledge Society, Tucson, AZ, US
Home page for University of Arizona Wildcat sports.

University of Manchester - Structural Chemistry Section
Manchester, UK
Listing our current research, postgraduate studies prospectus and a number of links useful in the field of macromolecular crystallography.

University of Utah College of Nursing
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Provides information about the Univ. of Utah College of Nursing.

Unreal Estate Cartoon
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An ongoing cartoon series which is a humorous interpretation of the wording used in real estate listings.

UTSA CS Home Page
San Antonio, TX, US
The Division of Computer Science at UT-San Antonio offers programs leading to BS, MS, and PhD degrees and performs research in high-performance computing.

The Vacation Rental Source
Ft Worth, TX, US
Provides listings for over 300 vacation condo rental (complexes) spread through the U.S., Canada and Caribbean. Information includes name, address/phone, price, features and sometimes photo.

Vail, CO, US
The official home page for the Vail Valley. This site includes information about Vail, Beaver Creek and Arrowhead ski resorts, the Town Of Vail, businesses, real estate, dining, and activities in the Vail Valley.

Vancouver Home Page
Pacific Information Exchange, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Promotes the City of Vancouver in areas such as tourism, leisure, sports, business, government and entertainment.

The Virtual Niahbingi
Ananse WebWorks, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Introduces the philosophy and concepts surrounding Rastafari, the movement of JAH people.

Way Out West
Internet Alliance, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Describes life in the western United States, with an emphasis on country western.

Web Classifieds
Margins Web Services, Pueblo, CO, US
All of the convenience of newspaper advertising, with the benefits of the Internet. Advertise to the scores of intelligent, sophisticated, and extremely attractive people who shop the Web Classifieds.

Webmedia Ltd., London, UK
Designs, builds and maintains Web sites for media and corporate clients. A design-driven company that views the Web as a medium rather than a technology.

Welcome to America Reading List
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Ten recommended books for people who want to visit the United States.

WIDD - Web Informations Dienst Duesseldorf
WIDD, Duesseldorf, Germany
A new commercial server creating and publishing home pages on our server.

Wilmington Web
Wilmington Internet Service Enterprises, Inc., Wilmington, NC, US
Provides SLIP/PPP access to Internet in the Wilmington area and network connections for businesses, Web publishing, training, and network consulting. Home of Wilmington Online the interactive magazine for the area.

Winner's World of Psychedelia
New York, NY, US
An introduction to the myriad of thoughts, attitudes, interests, and photographs of Michael Winner, amateur photographer, eclectic thinker, and consummate renaissance man.

Winona Daily News and HOME 101 Radio, Winona, MN, US
Winona's information network, providing daily news, sports and community updates, a cyberspace mall, and links to other Web sites from Winona, MN.

World Changers
Campus Crusade for Christ, Orlando, FL, US
A dynamic radio program designed to challenge Christians all across America to learn how to lead people to Christ and grow in their Christian faith.

Zeeuws-Vlaanderen: Friends of the Archives
Oostburg, The Netherlands
Describing the restoration activities of the historic archives in the Dutch city of Oostburg. Also offers emigrants of Zeeuws-Vlaanderen (Dutch Flanders) the possibility to seek information about their ancestors.

Zeta Psi Fraternity - Pi Tau Chapter
Worcester, MA, US
Page allows access to information about our chapter.

Wednesday, 7 June 1995

1-900 Telephone Directory
WebMasters International, Inc. (WMI), Reston, VA, US
A telephone directory of 1-900 businesses nationwide, categorized by subject. Limited time offer: List your 1-900 business for free to try out the service.

1st Farnsfield Scout Group
Farnsfield, UK
Information and news about scouting in Farnsfield for boys and girls with links to Network Russia and Network Uganda.

A2Z Home Page & A2Z-NET
Collierville, TN, US
Contains information, links, humor, mirrors, information on new access provider service, hardware and software reviews, tech support, and community service projects.

ABA (American Booksellers Assoc.) Show Daily
Publisher's Weekly/BookWire, Newark, DE, US
Produced daily during the American Booksellers Association. This year's convention is being held June 1-6 in Chicago, Ill.

Adavi Interactive Media
New York, NY, US
We are an interactive media design firm, specializing in creating Web sites and in CD-ROM development.

Africa Growth Network
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
A distance learning organisation delivering training and education programmes via satellite and decoder tranmissions.

AISBBS Web Server
Atlanta Information System, Atlanta, GA, US
Links to suppliers, local BBS's and room for plenty of affordable home pages!

The Algorithm, Inc.
Roswell, GA, US
An Atlanta-based scientific and engineering company specializing in computer graphics programming and business Internet communications. Our site has many Net-available resources, discussions, books and CDs for computer graphics programming and the Internet.

All Digital Advertising
Words Worth Publishing Inc., Southampton, PA, US
Speeding you into the 21st century with marketing solutions including Web home page design and authoring, interactive CD-ROMs, electronic publishing, digital printing, and more.

Alternative Health News
The Quality Marketing Group, Bellevue, WA, US
A site about natural solutions to health problems. Proanthanols -- free radical scavengers that work -- DHEA as an alternative to aches and pains. Sample articles, morph movies, and color photos.

Animus - Media Design Technology
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
We're a maker of fine organic Web sites. Designers programmers, managers, experts, and magicians. If you need a sharp Web site, we'll do it for you.

Ann Arbor - Web spinners
Web Spinners, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Dedicated to bringing the Web, and its latest advancements, to the business world at prices any business can afford.

The Anorak
GPAR (UK), Walton-on-Thames, Surrey, UK
A page for the radio broadcast enthusiast or 'Anorak'. News, views, pictures, and sounds of current UK radio developments. Also memorabilia from radio in the past and a chance to contribute to the page.

Ans Bolk Bridal Couture
Ans Bolk Personal Design, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A Dutch designer of bridal dresses and evening gowns. This Web page offers sample pictures, contact information, etc.

Aquatic Ape Information
Bradford, United Kingdom
The who, what, why, where and how of the Aquatic Ape Theory of human evolution.

Armstrong Funeral Home
Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada
This site has links to grief-related sites as well as some writings of our own. Also funeral-related services and merchandise information available here.

Ask Dr. VB!
Northstar Computer Systems, Valparaiso, IN, US
Ask your Microsoft Visual Basic questions and get answers from Dr. VB.

Association for Computational Linguistics
New York, NY, US
Announcing the availability of the NLP/CL Universe, a comprehensive database of Web-accessible material related to computational linguistics and natural-language processing. Lists conference announcements, academic departments, etc.

Asteroid Based Astrology Forecast
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Monthly horoscopes based on a study of asteroid positions. A partial listing of 53 astrological predictions verified in the public record by astrologer Ben McNenly.

AT&T ISTEL: IT Solutions provider
Redditch, Worcestershire, UK
AT&T ISTEL, a part of AT&T Solutions, announces the Internet edition of its product catalog.

Attacking Anxiety
Veritas Programming, Ltd., Putney, VT, US
Full text of award-winning booklets about anxiety disorders. Text is linked to information about a documentary showing that anxiety disorders are treatable and that treatment is nothing to be feared.

San Francisco, CA, US
A great place for explorations into sights, sounds and beyond. Features computer-generated graphics, downloadable sound files, and links to other exciting places including the Auricular Online Catalog.

Ballistic Enterprises
Carefree, AZ, US
Provider of high quality batteries for use in R/C vehicles. Ballistic batteries have been used to win 30 national championships in the last four years.

Belgium Online
Uitgeversbedrijf TIJD n.v., Antwerpen, Belgium
The main information park in Belgium, covering all activities in the country, including commercial, cultural, educational, political, and government.

Benedictine College (Kansas) Home Page
Atchison, KS, US
A Web server for local campus information sharing and to provide a welcoming place to visit by all others.

Betula Golf Up-Date
Betula Publishing, London, England
Provides golfers in the southeast of England and readers of the 1995 Betula Guide to Golf Around London with a constant update of golf course details, club competitions, pro-ams and golf discounts in the region.

Biz*Net Information Services
Athens, Greece
Dedicated to presenting Greece and Greek companies to the Web. Current areas include holidays in Greece (in particular sailing), local entertainment, and the presentation of major Greek industries.

Block I Football Committee Home Page
Illini Union Board's Block I Football Committee, Urbana, IL, US
Click to this page in order to access the nation's premier football cheering section--the Univ. of Illinois' Block I. This season is our 85th, and we plan to make it special.

Reykjavik, Iceland
A music site with MPEG2 sounds as well as pictures. The band Bong is working on a CD-ROM single project on a large scale in co-operation with OZinc.

Boston Gay Pride
Boston Pride/One in Ten, Boston, MA, US
Celebrating 25 years of lesbian and gay pride. The latest information about Pride events, issues, and resources. Gay Pride is a week long celebration focusing on the pride and progress of the gay and lesbian community.

Bristol Road Church of Christ
Flint, MI, US
Christian family resource and mission site. Providing Christian materials for all ages. Offers complete Bible correspondence course. Also offers email to "Ask the Minister."

Budget Lighting
Burlington, IA, US
We offer a full line of lighting products, including bulbs, ballasts, fixtures, replacement lenses, emergency lighting batteries and more.

Business Strategies Newspaper
Rochester, NY, US
Each month Business Strategies publishes insights and strategies for owners and managers of successful businesses.

JD Publishing, Inc., Glendale, WI, US
Experimental site containing cable programming information and highlights for the upcoming months.

Call for Co-Initiator in German Univ.
Studies for Comparative Society, Toyama Univ., Toyama, Japan
We're planning the International Joint Seminar between Germany and Japan by using the Internet. The main theme of this project is the comparative research of political economy of both countries of the post-war years.

Canadian Law Resources on the Internet
Art of Research Communications Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
A page pointing to resources on the Internet that have something to do with Canadian law. Pointers to legal indexes, search tools, discussion groups, organizations, law schools, law publishers, all with a Canadian spin.

Carmel Internet, Carmel, CA, US
The home page for the resort community of Carmel and the surrounding Monterey area.

Catalina Divers Supply
Avalon, CA, US
Catalina Island's original dive facility. Offers guided scuba and snorkel tours, dive classes, equipment rentals, boat charters. Hotel packages available.

CD Archive, Inc. Information
Columbus, OH, US
Information on CD Recording software hardware and media. We have software demos and CD-related FTPables. Products from Philips, Plasmon, Kodak, Ricoh, TDK, Incat, Young Minds and more.

CDM Distributors
Maximus Programming Development, Indianapolis, IN, US
Specializes in the sale of high-end workstations to both commercial and public sources. We are the Midwest distributors for NexGen Motherboards, Zoltrix Modems, and Regent Monitors.

Portland, OR, US
Specializes in CD-ROM creation for both the PC and Macintosh platforms. Whether you need just a few discs, or a few thousand discs, we can put 650MB of your data onto the standard format CD-ROM.

CHEM-A-LUBE Specialty Lubricants and Chemicals
Lehigh Valley, PA, US
A specialty manufacturer of industrial lubricants and chemicals. We are seeking to expand our international distribution network. The site presents CHEM-A-LUBE's products and includes a form for new dealer/distributor feedback.

The Church
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
An Australian band with a dedicated following all over the world. This site contains interviews, a complete discography and high-quality scanned photographs.

CMP's TechWeb -- The Online Technology Source
CMP Publications, Inc., Manhasset, NY, US
The premier source for technology information on the Internet. Users can see daily updates on hot technology topics, subscribe to publications, send feedback to editors and more.

Coastal Adventures Sea Kayaking in Nova Scotia
Adnet Technology, Antigonish, Nova Scotia, Canada
Providing sea kayaking tours and instruction for 15 years in Nova Scotia.

Cohen Berke Law Firm
Miami, FL, US
Cohen, Berke, Bernstein, Brodie, Kondell & Laszlo, P.A., is a full-service Miami law firm specializing in intellectual property matters such as computer and telecommunications law.

College of Graduate Studies, Medical Univ. of SC
Charleston, SC, US
Offering the MS, Ph.D., and MD/Ph.D degrees.

The Cologne Page
Cologne, NRW, Germany
Presents lots of information about Cologne in Germany. There are photos, maps, events, cinema, addresses, sport, fairs, historicals.

Community Learning and Information Network (CLIN)
Washington, DC, US
A non-profit organization whose mission is to ensure that all people, regardless of resources or geography, have equal access the best in education, training, and information through technology.

Comp-Pro Seminars, Inc.
Santa Monica, CA, US
An accredited continuing education provider, State Bar-approved, providing seminars to the legal community, including medical, insurance, and employment issues.

Computational Vision Lab, SFU
Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
Doing research into machine vision and image processing, with emphasis on computational models of colour vision.

Computer Conversions, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
When catastrophic data loss occurs, our staff can recover lost or damaged data from computer backup tapes and cartridges. We also provide data conversion for over 2000 computer systems.

Concord Pacific Developments
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Developing the award-winning Concord Pacific Place, North America's largest master-planned community and Canada's first fiber-optic neighborhood. With 60 residential and commercial buildings and more than 50 acres of parks and open space.

Continuum Internet Publishing Services Inc.
New York, NY, US
Providing complete Internet marketing for companies wishing to do business on the Web. Advertising space is available on our popular Web magazines, Guillotine and The Tick Page.

Coronation Street
Thorold, Ontario, Canada
For fans, new and old, of "Coronation Street" one of, if not, the longest running TV show in the world. Updates straight from Britain with photos, history and links to other fans.

COS, Incorporated
Lawrenceville, NJ, US
Produces VersaFax, fax/audiotext/paging software for UNIX computers. Try our Web to fax demo, or read about our email to fax gateway.

The CraftWEB Project
The Opportunity Network, San Francisco, CA, US
Online community for professional craft artisans for crafts in basketry, ceramics, fabrics, glass, jewelry, metal, painting, paperart, and wood. Features exhibits, gallery, links, suppliers, and forum.

Critical Thought
Forest, VA, US
A CD-ROM magazine featuring in-depth discussion and interpretation of social, cultural, and political issues. Critical Thought is HyperAudio-based, allowing for non-linear navigation of the interviews.

A Cyber Travel Center
P.A. Geraci Travel, Inc., Fort Myers, FL, US
A comprehensive travel research center. Includes offerings on cruises and tours along with the best available hyperlinks to hotels, hostels, weather, currency exchange, worldwide country and city information, and more.

The CyberNursery
Royal Oak, MI, US
Featuring the story of Thomas King, a baby born 15 week premature, weighing 1 pound 10 ounces. This site also features links to other sites relating to preemies and infants.

Baltimore, MD, US
We specialize in installation and support of Open System computing based on publicly available standards.

DearMarcus -- "First in Cyberspace Counseling"
Grand Forks, ND, US
A network of experienced counselors offering a pioneering service in psychology: confidential psychological advice via email. This is an innovative alternative to conventional office-bound psychotherapy.

Debt Counselors of America
Rockville, MD, US
A nonprofit organization which assists individuals and familes with credit and debt problems.

Deep Green Exchange
Vulnerable Ecologies Protection Society, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Communications, education, advocacy and consultation. Concerned with leading-edge issues in forestry, water, ozone depletion, transportation, population, urban sprawl, etc., on local and global levels.

Defense General Supply Center
Richmond, VA, US
A Defense Logistics Agency organization dedicated to providing quality products and services to the Department of Defense and many federal agencies.

DentalMac Practice Management Software
BMA Systems & Software, Ukiah, CA, US
A dental practice management software application for the Macintosh computer. BMA Systems & Software consults with doctors and dentists setting up medical and dental office computer systems.

Destination: Catalina
Avalon, CA, US
We plan corporate meetings, executive retreats and large events on Santa Catalina Island.

Digital Imaging
Western Pro Imaging Labs, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Document imaging back file converion, photo CD transfers, portfolio CD builds and CDR services.

Dive Destinations
ATOnet, Miami, FL, US
An Internet magazine covering all aspects of dive travel. Under its cover you will find: regularly updated feature articles, a traveler's center with geo-data to assist you in your travel planning, and an interactive gallery with dazzling dive photos from around the world.

DreamQuest International
Fern Park, FL, US
On the Web and offering promotional prices on travel for Internet customers.

Drugs and Devices Information Line
Pharmacoepidemiology Program, Harvard School of Public Health, Boston, MA, US
Addresses the utilization and safety of drugs and medical devices. Postings include review papers and working documents of relevant professional organizations.

Druuna's Virtual Asylum
Seattle, WA, US
A taste of Gothic, pagan, music, art, poetry, kids resources, cool links and more. Many forms set up for you to leave your input.

Due North CD-ROM's
Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada
A direct mail supplier of IBM compatible and Macintosh CD-ROM's from within Canada. Offering the newest and best software at the lowest prices. Also a free subscription to our weekly newsletter.

Eagle Network Security Management System
Waltham, MA, US
Raptor Systems' Eagle is an easy-to-use and install enterprise-wide firewall for HP, IBM, and Sun systems that provides maximum communications security. Eagle is protecting sites worldwide.

Earn a College Degree at Home
Crow Moon Books, Manhattan Beach, CA, US
Information for a book covering alternative adult education.

Corvallis, OR, US
Books and art that enhance environmental awareness. The page has an art gallery (presently watercolor and graphite selections) and information such as excerpts, reviews, and synopses of our books.

Electromagnetics, Microwaves, EMI/C and Microwave Research Lab
Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Ottawa, Ontario, US
Details about what we do and whom to contact. Remember us for any solutions that you need for your problems. We are a bunch of enterprising nurds who can help you out in our domain.

Electronic Tax Center
San Antonio, TX, US
Info on ETC here along with links to tax industry and other related sites.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Space frame modular components permit the realization of unique and functional furniture. With custom fabrication, any geometrical shape can be attained: domes, barrel vaults, pyramids, hyperbolic paraboloids.

Espressimo Espresso Machines
Phoenix, AZ, US
Grindmaster espresso cappuccino machines American made for American tastes.

The European Research Centre on Migration and Ethnic Relations
Utrecht, The Netherlands
ERCOMER is a multidisciplinary research institute devoted to the specialist study of migration and ethnic relations at a European level.

Federal News Service
Washington, DC, US
Allows you to do real-time searches on up-to-the-minute verbatim transcripts of all major world leaders' speeches and political events.

The Flower Shop
A-Z Computer Consulting, Anaheim, CA, US
A local and nationwide FTD florist delivery service. We are able to provide you with next-day flower delivery anywhere in the nation.

FOCUS: Orange County
FOCUS: Publications, Dana Point, CA, US
Building an umbrella of information, facts, demographics, resources, events, businesses, services, people. The depth of information needed to create a complete picture of Orange County.

Foxy! -- An Online Zine for Girls
Poot, San Diego, CA, US
The online forum dedicated entirely to girls. News, gossip, fashion tips, interviews, etc.

Free Daism
FDAC, Middletown, CA, US
FDAC (the Free Daist Avataric Communion) is an organisation dedicated to understanding.

GEM International Prepaid Phonecards
HyperMedia Technologies, Avon, CT, US
Produces private label, collector, and generic prepaid phonecards.

Gems in Music Composition
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Five scholarly essays on music compostion for the beginner -- fast ramp to advanced concepts -- written by Matt Fields.

Georgia Tech Gay and Lesbian Alliance
Atlanta, GA, US
Providing education, support, and awareness to those associated with Georgia Tech about issues of concern to gay men, lesbians, and bisexuals.

Non-Stop Productions, Somerville, MA, US
Features a complete discography of the Go-Betweens, band and record cover pictures, and other information about this late Aussie pop band and its memebers' solo careers.

Graduate Studies and Continuing Education
Southern Connecticut State Univ., New Haven, CT, US
The School of Graduate Studies and Continuing Education at Southern Connecticut State University is online. Prospective students interested in graduate or undergraduate programs can browse or email requests for additional information.

Grand Valley State Univ.
Office of Univ. Communications, Grand Rapdis, MI, US
A public, comprehensive, senior institution of higher education, offering liberal arts and professional degrees at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

Guide to Select BBS's on Internet (SBI List)
Richard S. Mark, Gainesville, FL, US
A comprehensive listing of BBS's accessible via telnet/rlogin. Includes a guided tour with telnet and Web page links to all BBS's. Featured in Boardwatch, BBS Magzine, and West Coast Online magazines.

Guncraft Sports Inc.
U.S. Internet, Knoxville, TN, US
Soon to be one of the world's leading suppliers of books, gunsmithing, guns, and shooting-related accessories.

The Hanover Shoe Co., Inc.
Kennett Square, PA, US
A great selection of namebrands, whether you prefer traditional or contemporary dress shoes; classic or rugged casuals; belts, ties, and blazers or more casual apparel.

Hans de Kort Photography
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Photographer based in Amsterdam.

Harry Chapin Fan Page
Future Net, Inc., Wichita, KS, US
Lryics, sound clips, biographical information and pictures of the late preformer Harry Chapin -- most famous for "Cat's in the Cradle." Maintained at The Hawaii Virtual Vacation
CyberCom, Honolulu, HI, US
CyberCom's Hawaii Virtual Vacation represents the next generation of travel WebSites. Users can plan a vacation online, store the itinerary for future review, and enter a drawing to win their custom vacation.

Headhunters Address Guides International
Avotek Publishers, Ressen, Netherlands
Avotek Publishers offers a wide range of headhunters' address guides and employment contacts worldwide.

Healing and Spiritual Crisis
On the path of personal growth, when we seem to fall into a deep, dark pit, we are having a "spiritual crisis." This series of articles aims to help people in this predicament understand and resolve their crisis.

The HIRLAM project
De Bilt, The Netherlands
Develops and maintains a short-range numerical weather prediction model for operational use by the participating meteorological institutes (currently the Nordic countries, The Netherlands, Ireland and Spain).

HomeTown Free-Press
MicroNiche Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
A geographical index to sources of free local news and information sites around the world. Sites include newspapers, radio/television stations, schools, civic and civil organizations. To date, 600 links are listed.

Hong Kong Chinese Music Troupe
Hong Kong
Probably the world's first Chinese music ensemble on the Net. Besides the information of the ensemble itself, many sources of Chinese music are included.

Hot Deals Deadwear Site
Virtual Commerce International, LLC., Denver, CO, US
Features hot products, hot conversation, and hot networking related to the Grateful Dead. Introduces Deadwear(tm) merchandise, with great products no Deadhead should be without.

The House (aka Sailboard Warehouse)
St. Paul, MN, US
Let us help you get fit with the right windsurfing equipment for your needs at the right price. An extensive online catalog with frequent updates of special items.

Hula Net, Inc.
Honolulu, HI, US
Hawaii's newest full service Internet provider. Located in Honolulu.

Hundred Acre Woods Publishing
Tucson, AZ, US
Do you have megabytes of information you want to put on the Web, but no time to do it? Do all of your friends have pages, but you don't know HTML? Let us do it for you.

Hungarian Cultural Collection
Hungarian Cultural Association, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Depository of the Hungarian Cultural Collection and the registry of Hungarian associations worldwide.

Hungary Online Directory
Hungary.Network, Cambridge, MA, US
The most comprehensive collection of all online resources related to Hungary or Hungarians.

HyperDesk - GroupWorks
Westboro, MA, US
An easy to use peer-to-peer groupware application. Free 30-day trial offer.

IATH Consulting
Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities, Charlottesville, VA, US
The Institute for Advanced Technology in the Humanities and the Electronic Text Center at the University of Virginia are now offering facilities, consulting, and services to support networked publishing.

ImageLabs, Inc.
Burlington, MA, US
The developer of Shared Vision, a distributed application for viewing medical images and text which also supports conferencing.

indy magazine
Gainesville, FL, US
Magazine covering independent/alternative comic books.

Innervation Technology Corporation
Stone Mountain, GA, US
A leader in health care informatics, ITC produces medical knowledge bases, expert systems, and provides a wide-range of consultation services to the health care industry, including many Fortune 500 Companies.

Instant Commtact
Ferndale, MI, US
The ultimate in communication tactics and Internet marketing services and strategies for businesses small and large.

Instant Technologies
Dayton, OH, US
Providing home pages for companies such as Jacuzzi Whirlpool Bath and adding a new shopping area for mall companies.

The Interactive King Of All Media Newsletter
The KOAM Newsletter, West Orange, NJ, US
An interactive place in cyberspace for Howard Stern fans to experience great exclusive Stern show stuff.

Interconsulting Italian Professional Council
Bologna, Italy
Offers daily personalized tax bill-book, opinions and consultancy on questions (within 24 hours by e-mail), research and supply of law documentation, information about tax and law changes, etc.

International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives
ICLEI, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The international environmental agency for local governments.

The Internet Factory
Birmingham, MI, US
Specialists in electronic commerce whose services enable you to sell and publish on the Internet. Interactive business applications, and especially enhanced Web sites.

Internet Ranch
Oakland, CA, US
Links providing entertainment and basic tips and links to help others just getting started on the Web.

Intertrek - Travel Service for the 21st Century
ValNET Technologies, Inc., Portsmouth, NH, US
Offering the ability to quickly get detailed information on lodging, dining, recreation, and entertainment establishments anywhere in the world.

Isomedia.com - Internet Service Provider
Redmond, WA, US
Provides premium Internet services to the greater Seattle area. Also acts as Seattle's largest CD-ROM Service Bureau.

I-WAY Demonstration in Washington
Paradise Software, Inc., Jamesburg, NJ, US
The Internet of the future and it's being funded while today's Internet is being defunded. It was demonstrated recently by Commerce Secretary Brown, and here are some details.

Joan White, Realtor
Chapel Hill, NC, US
Real estate listings for Chapel Hill and the Triangle area, North Carolina.

Joelle Rabu: Singer, Songwriter, Actress
RME Productions, Vancouver, BC, Canada
A Canadian singer, songwriter, actress, and stage performer of "PIAF in Concert."

Johannie's Web Page
SoftInfo Inc., New York, NY, US
The worldwide electronic magazine for Internet users. See what's hot, check-out what's new, and look for the information that you need on the Internet.

JPL's Space and Earth Science Directorate
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
SESPD activities include: research in space and earth sciences, development and implementation of flight instruments, creation and advocacy of new concepts for small and moderate flight missions assigned by NASA.

Katie Trickett Country
Lawson Records, Beverly Hills, CA, USA
Country music is ready for a new female vocalist. The time is right for a youthful performer who can capture an audience with great vocalization and charisma on stage. Katie Trickett is possibly the perfect performer at the perfect time.

Ketley Place Inc.
Princeton, NJ, US
A catalog of classic gifts and handcrafted accessories created by artisans around the world. Finely crafted items that make unique, treasured keepsakes.

MIX 103.1, Anchorage, AK, US
Alaska's first radio station on the Web. See MIX 103.1's personalities, hear promos, and sign up for secret contests.

Lara Consulting Group
Boston, MA, US
We specialize in online publishing and prepress. Let us show you how to bring the power of the World Wide Web to your business.

Larix-Internet Presence Provider
Kapellen, Antwerp, Belgium
Internet presence provider.

Law Offices of Ronald B. Klineman
Rochester, NY, US
Our focus is on elder law planning services. Providing legal services regarding complex legal issues of concern to older adults and their families.

Libreria al Sole
Ida Soldini, Lugano, Switzerland
Our bookshop provides Italian books and sends them all over the world.

Life Insurance
Palo Alto, CA, US
Life and health insurance services.

Redondo Beach, CA, US
Providing disaster planning information, services, and supplies for earthquakes, floods, fire, storms, and other disasters. Download Red Cross planning information. Purchase supplies via secured Cybercash transactions.

Links to Scandinavia
Netquest Communications, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
An English-language resource center for persons interested in things, people, and places Scandinavian. Site coordinator Tor Rognmo is a journalist and expatriate Norwegian residing in Canada.

Log-n Computing
Latham, NY, US
Internet consulting services including security testing and auditing, Web deployment, systems administration.

Maine Antique Digest Magazine
Waldoboro, ME, US
Auctions, art, antiques, pictures, prices, and news about the art and antiques trade, updated with the June issue.

Maritime Telegraph & Telephone (MT&T)
Corporate Communications Limited, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
MT&T is the major supplier of telecommunications services in Nova Scotia Canada. This site contains extensive information on the Halifax G-7 Summit to be held mid-June.

Markarts Gallery
Glenview, IL, US
Computer graphics artist working with Macintosh systems and creating images using 3D programs, Photoshop, Illustrator, Painter 3, video capture. Nine years' experience working with advertising agencies and design studios.

Mary Mary's Flower Shop
DataWire, Baltimore, MD, US
Fresh cut flowers and plants. Brighten your day with a Mary Mary's flower bouquet or plant.

Maryland Geological Survey
Baltimore, MD, US
The page will concentrate on geological and environmental research in Maryland. A significant concentration is on the coastal and estuarine concerns that Maryland faces.

Match.Com--We Met on the Net!
San Francisco, CA, US
Cyberflirting, email chemistry and online romance. Match.Com online personals is an entertaining and fun place to meet other singles by posting a profile, exchanging email and conducting personalized matches all anonymously.

Sydney, NS, Canada
A virtual corporation of communications and information technology professionals specializing in creating and developing multimedia applications. A combination of artists, technologists and entrepreneurs.

Meredith Travel Inc.
Charlotte, NC, US
Offering vacation and cruise packages sold through the travel agency. Soon offering online ticket ordering, a comprehensive guide to vacation ideas in the Carribean, and a promotional profits merchandise store.

Merlin's Web: The Magician's Electronic Magazine
Victoria, BC, Canada
A monthly magazine for magicians. Available by subscription only. Includes book selections, a card course, magic for kids and for seniors, a beginners section, an archive section and more.

Dallas, TX, US
Devoted to the MLM professional of every stripe. Full of valuable information, lots of free software, and hot links to sites of interest to the MLM professional.

Monash Asia Institute
Monash Univ., Clayton, Victoria, Australia
Publishers of anthropological, historical and political texts on Asia. For an updated listing, send your details to the address below.

Monterey Peninsula CyberConcierge
Resource Strategies, Monterey, CA, US
Find accommodations in friendly inns of Monterey and Carmel, Peninsula Focus monthly e-zine, wedding planners, culinary arts features, excursions, quarterly events calendar, and more.

Moody Gardens
Webvertising, Galveston, TX, US
Experience rainforests in a 10-story tall glass pyramid, with thousands of plants, butterflies, fish and birds. Also a 3D IMAX Theater, soft white sands of Palm Beach, along with many other attractions for the whole family.

The Most Complex Machine -- A CS Textbook
Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Geneva, NY, US
A Web page of support for a new introductory computer science textbook to be published in July, including some free Macintosh software written to go with the book.

NovaSys Interactive, Whippany, NJ, US
NovaSys Interactive's new music and artist information service. Offering artists and bands an exclusive forum to showcase their works, as well as distribute contact information about themselves.

Nation of Gods and Earths (5% Nation)
West Lafayette, IN, US
We teach Islam as a science, not a religion. We teach that the Black man should be God for himself and should become independent of the devil's civilization. We base knowledge on supreme mathematics.

National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety
Fort Collins, CO, US
Providing public access to information about NCVECS as well as topics and issues related to mobile source emissions.

Neil Lasher Silverware Ltd
London, UK
Information from a working silversmithing shop in London. Specializing in reproduction of museum artifacts sold through many large museum shops across the US.

The NetCheck Commerce Bureau
Winter Park, FL, US
Established to promote ethical business practices, to increase consumer confidence in buying products or obtaining services on the Internet. Company histories, consumer complaints, alleged copyright infringements, newsletter, and more.

Netscape Bookmark Editor for Windows
Lamplight Computer Service, Spokane, WA, US
Now you can easily rearrange, sort, and search your Netscape (tm) bookmarks. Version 2.4 of NSMEDIT has just been released.

Network-1 Software and Technology, Inc.
FireWall/Plus under MS-DOS. Finally an inexpensive, yet complete, FireWall that bucks the UNIX trend by running under MS-DOS. Download a copy free for an evaluation.

Neurofeedback Archive
Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation, Phoenix, AZ, US
Offering a collection of professional information sponsored by the Society for the Study of Neuronal Regulation (SSNR), which is also related to the general field of biofeedback and its professional organization, The Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback (AAPB).

Nevada Real Estate
World Wide Mouse, Las Vegas, NV, US
Search for property according to your requests. Only one day to email full color pictures of properties and real estate details. Can also qualify your purchase via local mortgage companies.

New River Recording Studios
Sales Growth Professionals Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Providing a superb digital and analog recording, mixing and editing facility. Services include sophisticated damaged analog tape data recovery.

Nihongo Yellow Pages
San Jose, CA, US
Offers an opportunity to introduce your business to Japan. Advertising in English or Japanese is the first step to presenting products or services to the Japanese business world and its customers.

Northwest Tupperware Online
Classic Touch Sales, Seattle, WA, US
A one-stop site for information on the latest Tupperware products and services. We also archive hints, tips, recipes, etc. to help you get more from the Tupperware you already own.

Norwest Corporation
Minneapolis, MN, US
A $59.3 billion company providing banking, insurance, mortgage, investments and other financial services through 2,788 stores in all 50 states, all 10 Canadian provinces and internationally.

Numerical Analysis at North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC, US
A description of the research and graduate programs in numerical analysis at North Carolina State Univ.

NYnet Communications, Long Island, NY, US
Provides news and events about NYC and Long Island. Links to NYnet Harley-Davidson Page -- news and pictures about Harley Davidson -- and the NYnet Mall.

Ocean Information Technology Showcase
Software Kinetics Ltd., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
20 Canadian companies will present a showcase for the Halifax G7 Summit (June 1995) to demonstrate space surveillance, ocean mapping and information technology for the management of Canada's oceans.

Ocean Surfer
South Coast Surf Shops, San Diego, CA, US
Information and entertainment about ocean surfing including stories, gossip, and products.

Ohio University CALL Lab Page
Athens, OH, US
Links for language learners and teachers. Language projects (by and for language classes); information tools; news; teacher resources (for language teaching, both general and for specific languages); etc.

Old Sauk Trails Office Park
The Gialamas Co. with SupraNet Communications, Inc., Madison, WI, US
Designed, developed and capitalized totally with private funds and providing its residents flexible options and state-of-the-art facilities.

Onion Internet Site
Onion Communications & Technologies, Brescia, Italy
First Internet access and service provider in Brescia, North Italy.

Online Design
Anchorage, AK, US
Provides web page design with an Alaskan flavor. A regularly updated sampling of Alaskan photos and links to other Alaska sites are also provided.

Opera: The Last Virtuoso
Copenhagen, Denmark
The Second Opera in Denmark welcomes you to visit our site for information about the opera The Last Virtuoso. You can get information about the cast, the story, download sound samples, etc.

An OS/2 Online Resource Index
CyberBlue, Inc., Ann Arbor, MI, US
Find OS/2 related information on the Net fast with this subject-based OS/2 Online Information Index.

OSU Wellness Center
Stillwater, OK, US
The nation's first center dedicated solely to wellness on a campus of a large public institution, namely Oklahoma State University.

Outreach and Technical Assistance Network
Sacramento County Office of Education, Sacramento, CA, US
A California Department of Education project designed to provide technical assistance, communication linkages, and information to adult education providers.

Oxford University Press USA
New York, NY, US
Information about OUP-USA: useful contacts, searchable book catalog, ordering information, and more... Note: OUP-USA is a separate site from OUP located in the United Kingdom.

The Paula Cole Homepage
Fairfax, VA, US
The unofficial home page for compelling new music artist Paula Cole.

Pepper Music Network
J.W.Pepper & Son, Inc., Valley Forge, PA, US
An online, electronic catalogue of printed music scores from all publishers, including music for band, orchestra, and chorus, piano teaching materials, popular music song folios, and much more.

Physician Practice Opportunities
Presbyterian Healthcare Services, Albuquerque, NM, US
A non-profit multi-hospital system that recruits physicians for rural New Mexico communities.

Pine Mountain Group, Inc.
Groveland, CA, US
Provides training and troubleshooting services for the network analyst. PMG hosts the Network Analysis Forum, and contributes a monthly column in Network Computing Magazine.

PoolWizard for Windows
SplashWare, LLC, Mesa, AZ, US
A new software product for the Microsoft Windows platform to aid the homeowner with swimming pool maintenance. Designed for ease of use, browse the pages and see some examples of the program.

PowerTrader - The Ultimate Trading Solution
Precision Investment Services, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A fully integrated, real-time stock quotation, technical analysis and portfolio management software program that runs under Microsoft Windows and compatible operating systems.

The Practicing Attorney
Internet Legal Services, San Francisco, CA, US
Intended to provide attorneys with links to the legal resources likely to be used on a daily basis. Includes links to many federal and California sites, plus links to many environmental resources.

Presidency of the Argentina Republic
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Provides information about organizational structure and access to governmental related topics.

Profit Associates Management Consultants
Profit Associates, Inc., Charleston, SC, US
A team of management consultants specializing in training, logistics and turnaround consulting throughout the U.S. and Canada, with special emphasis on the Southeastern U.S.

Property Database
Pro-Net Internet Services, London, UK
Access the world's largest collection of properties for sale, including photos. The properties are located all over the world.

PS Enterprises
Santa Monica, CA, US
A policy development and communications company that helps both the public and private sectors meet the environmental and economic challenges of the 1990s and beyond.

PSYCHE: An Interdisciplinary Journal Of Research On Consciousness
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A refereed electronic journal dedicated to supporting the interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of consciousness and its relation to the brain.

Psychotherapy Finances Online
Ridgewood Financial Institute, Juno Beach, FL, US
Brought to you by the publishers of Psychotherapy Finances and Managed Care Strategies, business newsletters for psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, marriage/family therapists, and drug abuse counselors.

Purdue University School of Education
West Lafayette, IN, US
Admissions, courses, faculty/staff, and general information regarding the Purdue Univ. School of Education.

Radiology Center
UC Irvine Pre-College Science Education Programs Office, Irvine, CA, US
Part of The "Virtual" Medical Center, a subset of "Martindale's Health Science Guide." It is a multimedia educational resource for medical professionals, scientists, and students.

Raleigh OnLine
NCNetWorks, Raleigh, NC, US
Presenting the sights and sounds of greater Raleigh. The site lists calendars of events, arts and culture, lodging, and restaurants. A city on the North Carolina tour.

Rob's Computer Service, Santa Rosa, CA, US
This page is for those in recovery and looking for recovery links and FAQs.

Recycle Empty Laserjet Cartridges
Omni Computer Products, Santa Rosa, CA, US
We list current rebate amounts that we pay for empty laserjet cartridges on our Web page.

Red Internacional de Evaluacion de Pastos Tropicales
International Center for Tropical Agriculture, Coronado, San José, Costa Rica
A non-profit international group for the research and development of tropical pastures and forages for the acid and semi-acid soils of tropical America. In Spanish.

Renaissance Interactive
Columbia, SC, US
A comprehensive Internet presence provider, we specialize in helping companies and organizations leverage the enormous advantages of the Web and other electronic media.

Renegade: Bulletin Board Software Support
Ocean\Side BBS, Waretown, NJ, US
Full Renegade support, member of RGSnet 50:130/1. CD-ROM writer back- up service, seven CD-ROM drives, over eight gigs of files to d/l. Member of Ocean County Net, Jersey Net, Illusion Net.

Reunions magazine
Milwaukee, WI, US
A quarterly magazine dedicated to reunions of all kinds. We publish stories about family, class and military reunions, as well as articles about good locations for reunions.

Richmond Sound Design Show Control
NetMinder Consultants, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Manufacturer of computerized audio control systems: MIDI Show Control to manage intelligent media controllers. Lighting, sound, lasers, staging, and the world's first software for synchronizing multiple CD drives.

The Ridge Companies, Consulting Engineers
Ridge & Associates, Inc., Findlay, OH, US
A full service engineering company, which specializes in petroleum and flammable liquid handling and loading and airport fueling facilities.

Rothnet Inc. -- World Wide Web Services
Bethesda, MD, US
Combining business and legal expertise with full-service Web site development and hosting. Providing custom solutions for your organization's Internet needs.

RPG International
Redmond, WA, US
A large mail order company that sells RPGs around the world. We offer a searchable catalog, product reviews, and a large list of RPG sites on the Net.

Rugby World Cup 1995
ITST and Exinet, Cape Town, US
The fourth largest sporting event in the world and the largest sporting event of 1995. This year the tournament is hosted by (the new) South Africa.

Scientific Software
Wichita, KS, US
Creating and hosting home pages on the Internet and the Web.

Scottsdale Community College
Scottsdale, AZ, US
One of the 10 Maricopa Community Colleges, SCC provides its Web page as a service to the students and faculty, as well as the Internet community as a whole.

Sheffield Pecan Company
Monticello, FL, US
Online order form for pecans and pecan candies.

Shia Homepage
New York, NY, US
Dedicated to the aspects of the religion of Islam, mainly the Shia sect.

Slightly Miffed Ltd. - Web Programming
Salem, MA, US
Creative, unique, individualized Web programming for businesses both large and small.

SLIP Homepage
National University of Singapore, Singapore
This new homepage is about SLIP--an exciting way you can bring direct Internet access right into your home PC. Find out what SLIP is, what you need to use it and how, right here on SunSITE Singapore.

Smart Expo: Silverware, Gift and Tableware Exhibition
Milan, MI, Italy
Our company, Manifestazioni srl, organises trade fairs in Bologna. In these pages we present our new born: SMART Expo, which will take place in Bologna from Sept. 15-18, 1995. You can find precious information about planning your visit and about our country.

The Social Cafe
Guided Tour Software, Inc., Boston, MA, US
A place to enjoy the latest news, have fun, or browse our people oriented resources. We are host to the soc.singles Sports & Social Clubs Listings (US).

Sousa Seafood Online
Boston, MA, US
A leader in providing seafood to the Boston area has made its products available via the Internet.

Southern Soho Designs
Winston-Salem, NC, US
As a company, our goal is to design Internet points of presence that are engaging and interesting. Providing content to educate the users rather than focusing on just selling.

Southern Tax Services
Hollywood, FL, US
Providing real estate tax consulting services nationwide.

The Speakeasy Page
Zoic, San Francisco, CA, US
Everything you want to hear and see from the San Francisco band, Speakeasy.

Spherical Projections
Medford, MA, US
Specializing in people-oriented Web Page design.

Starbase Apollo
Aberdeen, Scotland
We are a StarTrek club which raises mony for local charities. Other links to StarTrek servers are included.

Star-Byte Mall
Star-Byte, Inc., Hatfield, PA, US
Shop at a variety of stores from the comfort of your own workstation, any time of the day or night. A host of products and services, including computer software and blank media, software publishing services, and more.

State of North Carolina Forest Service
Raleigh, NC, US
This is the home page of the North Carolina Division of Forest Resources.

Stein's Haus of Jazz Music
E.W. Stein Consulting, Devon, PA, US
This organization distributes high quality jazz piano instruction books and musical recordings. Features the music of pianist Lou Stein and others.

Stockman Sporting Goods
WebWorks Consulting, Woodbridge, VA, US
Specializes in the sale of unique rifles, handguns, shotguns, and Class III firearms for sport and recreational use.

Sturgeon's Submarine Home Port
Tampa, FL, US
This is a homepage devoted to submarines. Right now it is limited to US Navy Nuclear Attack Submarines.

Su Tzu's Chinese Philosophy
Frank Su, New Brunswick, NJ, US
A list of resources and information on Chinese philosophy that can be found in cyberspace.

Survival Bible
Me & Minou, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Freeware. Survival under all climates and conditions, from 2001 BC to 2001 AD. Built "bit by bits" over 20 years, through 67 books and more.

Sweepstakes and Contest Page
Rob Carscadden and Ralph Craig, Durham, NC, US
This page is dedicated to sweepstakes and contests which can be entered with no purchase necessary. Win cash and free prizes by entering the sweepstakes or submit the rules of a sweepstakes you have found.

Sweet Briar College
Lynchburg, VA, US
A nationally ranked independent liberal arts and sciences college for women. It has a national reputation for its science programs, honors program, and junior year abroad program.

The Tax Approach Coach
St. George, UT, US
How to save money on your income taxes, and an offer for a tax-saving audio tape.

Techno Solutions, Inc.
Kansas City, MO, US
Providing a Web page service, and developing custom database applications. Equipped to handle any customer needs, from simple homepages to graphic/sound intensive publications.

Nashua, NH, US
Offers specialized MS windows application development software that can be used by both programmers and nonprogrammers to develop business software applications.

TeePee's Home Page
TeePee Grafix, Nottingham, Notts, UK
Local events and news, local poetry and educational links plus Gopher's Magical Mystery Tour.

The-Inter.net Information Server
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A super resource locator and provider. Lets you add home pages on the fly with no waiting.

This is ... Where It's @
News Dept. Mistral Internet., Brighton, Sussex, United Kingdom
The UK's favorite publication on the Web. A non-commercial publication, bringing you only the best new and hot sites worth seeing.

University of Illinois, Champaign, IL, US
An electronic magazine, best described as a bi-weekly survey of all things cool.

Tokyo Food Page
Lobster Enterprises, Tokyo, Japan
A guide to Japanese cuisine, including articles on Japanese cooking, recipes, restaurant information, sample Japanese menus, and a directory of related resources on the Internet. In English and Japanese.

Touchstone Support Network
Palo Alto, CA, US
A non-profit, non-sectarian, completely autonomous volunteer organization that provides emotional and practical support services for children with chronic or life-threatening illnesses.

The Travellers Diary
Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
A database on major events in Western European countries. Includes international sports events, major music concerts and festivals, exhibitions and trade fairs. Essential information for anyone heading for Europe.

The TumYeto Digiverse
TumYeto, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
A youth-oriented site dedicated to skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, music and girls. Ever-evolving. Always informative.

UFOs Are Real Video
Odyssey Group, Beverly Hills, CA, US
Biggest selling UFO video in history - over 300,000 copies sold to date.

Univ. of Central Florida Alumni Association
Orlando, FL, US
The main page for UCF's Alumni association.

Universidad Católica del Uruguay
Montevideo, Uruguay
Servidor Web de la UCUDAL.

Upstate NY Chapter of the ICCA
Log-n Computing, Latham, NY, US
Provides a forum for computer consultants in the Albany, NY area to meet and discuss consulting related issues such as practice management, marketing, and technical subjects.

U.S. Women's Open Golf Championships
Gazette Telegraph and GTOnLine, Colorado Springs, CO, US
The comprehensive site for the 1995 U.S. Women's Open golf championships, to be held July 13-16 at The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs.

Vacation Ideas
Internet Themes, Grand Forks, ND, US
Web links and email discussions for vacation planning.

MME, MedienLabor, Dortmund/Hamburg, Germany
A site for a new German music TV channel, "VH-1." There is not only general information about the channel but there are services like tour dates in Germany, album charts, and CD reviews.

Virginia's New River Valley
Radford, VA, US
These pages give information about our region, as well as a vision for the future.

The Virtual Dugout
San Francisco Giants, San Francisco, CA, US
From stats updated daily to the newest in Giants apparel, ticket information, and player bios and photographs, The Virtual Dugout is the place to stop for any Giants fan.

Virtual Kissing Booth
Creativision Publishing, Fort Worth, TX, US
Meet a new woman from the Net each month. If you're nice, you may get a kiss. Also accepting booth volunteers.

The VIRTUAL Reporter
The Reporter, Stanford Graduate School of Business, Stanford, CA, US
A student publication of the Stanford University Graduate School of Business that provides online interactive multimedia content and services to alumni and current students, faculty, and staff.

Virtual Ventures Summer Camp
Virtual Ventures, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Providing Canadian youth with an understanding of electronic communications, empowering them to participate in the development of the global community. Includes segments on virtual reality, multimedia, robotics, and the Internet.

Washburn University Department of Music
Topeka, KS, US
A resource for information about the Department of Music at Washburn University -- its calendar of events, degree programs, facilities, faculty, festivals, etc.

Websight Magazine
Beverly Hills, CA, US
The online companion to Websight Magazine, a printed magazine that helps people explore the vast, uncharted Web.

Welcome to CyberCentral
Columbia, SC, US
If you have never traveled in cyberspace, welcome aboard. The location for the major Internet directories.

Welcome to Ornelas' World
New York, NY, US
This is a guided tour to a Portuguese guy's life while studying abroad.

West Valley, Inc.
Findlay, OH, US
Specialists in laser engraving. We have a 25-watt CO2 laser that can print most bit-mapped and vector-based graphics including CAD. We will engrave your graphics for you.

The White House Collection of American Crafts
National Museum of American Art, Washington, DC, US
A virtual tour of the work of 77 crafts artists from Dale Chihuly to Dawn Killani Hoffman. Curator Michael Monroe takes you on an "in virtu" tour of many of the objects as they were originally displayed in the White House.
http://www.nmaa.si.edu/whc/whcmainpage.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

World Wide Resume
Columbia, MO, US
This is the page where you can publish your resume on the Web without any cost. Submit your link to WWR today. Recruiters are waiting for you.

The World Wide Web Pavilion
The Syndicated Weekly, Rochester, NY, US
A new, easy-to-use, enjoyable Web navigator that actually shows you where you're going. Provides business, arts, recreation, education, science, medicine, and government links.

Worldwide Email Address Book
Brandman Brothers, E. Northport, NY, US
New worldwide email address book. Visitors can register for free.

Wyche, Burgess, Freeman & Parham, P.A.
Greenville, SC, US
The first law firm in South Carolina on the Internet. Founded in 1854, the firm represents a variety of local, national and international clients, including many of the publicly traded corporations headquartered in South Carolina.

Yaohushua the Messiah
Yaohushua Foundation, Inc., Washington, DC, US
The original, archaic name of the Creator and his authentic Messiah Yaohushua are revealed plus files containing doctrines on salvation by grace, the tri-unity of the Eternal Creator, healing, love, and the Bible in general.

Friday, 9 June 1995

The 1995 International Environmental Film Festival
Infinite Loop, Bronx, NY, US
The Knowledge Recovery Foundation International is a multi-media environmental sciences research organization dedicated to preserving the wisdom of indigenous cultures, and supporting scientific endeavors in traditional medicine and ethnobotany.

Accident Press
Boulder, CO, US
An online publisher. Abridged versions of books are available for online viewing. If you like what you see, paperback versions are available for purchase. Writers who would like to have their work considered for inclusion are invited to inquire.

Advanced VLSI CAD Teaching Center
Microelectronics Research Center, University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, US
A unique combination classroom/laboratory that allows students to use the same CAD tools as the instructor while the instructor is demonstrating them. Powerful Hewlett-Packard workstations allow classes to use the most advanced VLSI CAD tools available.

Advanced Web Creations
Fair Lawn, NJ, US
Providing free Web page creation and low-cost server storage space. A must-see site if you want a Web presence.

AE Magazine
Peter M. Letts, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A monthly arts and entertainment magazine with weekly and daily updates on the Web. Canadian based, it offers unbiased reviews and industry information, with a focus on feature films.

Africa Imports
Harborcreek, PA, US
Selling a variety of products brought in from a dozen countries throughout central and southern Africa. These include jewelry, wood and stone carvings, tapestries and various other curios.

Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Institute
Arlington, VA, US
The national trade assocation representing manufacturers of over 90% of U.S.-produced central air conditioning and commercial refrigeration equipment.

Airline Reservation/Purchasing System
PC Travel, Raleigh, NC, US
The only company to offer a real-time airline reservation and purchasing system on the Internet, has now released a Web interface for buying airline tickets from anywhere in the world.

Alchemy Records
MusicPro - Neilson/Clyne, Inc, Murfreesboro, TN, US
A small independent record label based in Cohasset, Mass. The first release from Alchemy is a unique solo album by guitar virtuoso Jon Durant, entitled "Three If By Air."

Alpine Computer Systems, Inc.
Holliston, MA, US
The leading provider of Novell LAN/WAN in the Northeast.

Amarillo Web Pages
Amarillo, TX, US
A resource for individuals to gather information about the Old West and the new west. Old West authors, new west business, and graphics that can be used for others seeking resources available only in west Texas.

The Amber Lady
The Goldpages, Baltimore, MD, US
Featuring genuine 40 million-year-old insects in polished honey colored amber as seen in Jurassic Park and as featured in Smithsonian Magazine. Also offering more traditional amber jewelry.

Jim Bayers, Hawthorne, CA, US
A free personals ad service. Visitors may make their own personal Web page, complete with art work. Take a chance.

Ann Arbor Area Online
Michigan Internet Council, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A guide to Ann Arbor and surrounding communities. The Ann Arbor area is a hot spot for Internet related businesses, as shown by its many online resources.

ANU Department of Chemistry
Canberra, Australia
Useful and accurate information about research and researchers at the Department of Chemistry at the Australian National University. Links are also maintained to other related and useful information servers.

The Appraisal Institute
Chicago, IL, US
The premier organization of professional real estate appraisers. Members adhere to a strictly enforced Code of Professional Ethics and Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice.

The Art History Research Centre
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A tool to help art historians conduct research on the Internet.

ASI Instruments
Warren, MI, US
A manufacturer of biological research instruments which are designed by scientists, for scientists for over 10 years. ASI designs, manufacturers and markets instruments for biological research.

Ask Mr. Bad Advice!
Spingo World Media, NY, NY, US
Got a problem? Ask Mr. Bad Advice. That's right, kids, email your questions to Mr. Bad Advice and he'll answer them as worst he can. You can always count on Mr. B to tell you exactly what you didn't need to know.

Australian Airshow Pictures
Monash University, Caulfield, Melbourne, Australia
Some high quality scans from Avalon Airshow '95 held in Melbourne. Also contains comments on displays. Sound samples may also be added as well as scans and sounds from other Australian airshows.

Automated Travel Center
San Mateo, CA, US
Full service worldwide travel agency guaranteed lowest airfares, no service fees. Free Express Mail (overnight) U.S. (2 days international) ticket delivery. Numerous specials, monthly vacation giveaways.

Avon Internet Business Park
Hewlett Packard Laboratories, Bristol, Avon, UK
An experimental Web server run by Hewlett Packard Laboratories designed to help HP labs and Bristol businesses understand trading conditions on the Internet. Concentrating on helping clients establish their own commercial presence.

San Francisco, CA, US
An internationally recognized innovator in the field of management consulting. Creating a competitive advantage by redesigning business operations to support changing strategies using a proprietary Business Renewal(tm) approach.

BAM Online 100
San Francisco, CA, US
Represents the corporations providing the biggest and best waves on the Internet. A wave rating is assigned to each company, reflecting how highly we regard each Web site relative to others.

The Bari Koral Band
New York, NY, US
A site with news of New York City's hot "new folk" group, with sound clips from their new CD, club dates, and band news.

The Barnstormers Summer Theatre
Tamworth, NH, US
New Hampshire's oldest summer theater. This non-profit, resident, equity theatre produces eight plays during its season. Join us this summer at a New Hampshire tradition.

Barrett-Smythe Collection
New York, NY, US
A collection of Zippo lighters. Barrett-Smythe has won global acclaim for its unique design and production of one-of-a-kind masterpieces. This collection includes compelling artwork featuring endangered animals.

Best In Beds, Ltd.
Austin, TX, US
Your best source for information concerning the best bed for you. At the best price.

Biochemistry at Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA, US
A hub for students and scientists in biochemistry. Links to Virginia Tech information and to LensNet Web site for cataract researchers. Installed by Dr. Kenneth Mitton, a lens and cataract researcher at Virginia Tech.

Biomathematics at Marquette University
Dept. of Mathematics, Statistics and Comp. Sci., Milwaukee, WI, US
Information about the graduate program and research activities on mathematics in biology and medicine.

The BioScience Digest
Core Communications Ltd., Brighton, E.Sussex, UK
A focus for bioscientists to find the latest research available through the Web. Subjects include biotechnology, diagnostics, life sciences research, molecular biology and scientific software.

Blossoms Florist
La Jolla, CA, US
Blossoms of La Jolla, California. A full-service florist for those who are not content with the ordinary.

Boat Drinks
Hunter Designs, Dallas, TX, US
An online sailing magazine features Sail Chat, an online chat facility strictly for sailors.

The Bodhran Page
New York City, NY, US
The bodhrán is the framedrum of Irish traditional music. Come discover how to make, buy, care for, learn, play, hear, and make fun of the bodhrán.

Books From CyberSpace
Griffin Communications, Dallas, TX, US
Books from CyberSpace are hardcover books featured in the current New York Times Book Review. These books are sold at 20% off the cover price, and are shipped anywhere in the world.

Bowser-Morner, Inc.
Dayton, OH, US
We provide quality professional services in product evaluation and materials testing, analytical chemistry, environmental consulting, geotechnical and construction materials testing, subsurface explorations, field services, engineering consulting, and radon calibration.

Bruning Engineering, Inc.
Manufacturers Information Net, Vista, CA, US
One of the first EDM Job Shops on the West Coast. In our 33 years in business we have become increasingly specialized. The porting of hydraulic sleeves using conventional EDM is now our only business.

Byte & Floppy Computers
San Diego, CA, US
Computer help wanted.

C++ Visualization
Objective Software Technology, Winchester, United Kingdom
C++ debugging and visualization system can parse C++ executables and reconstitute animated object diagrams that play like a cartoon as your application executes.

California Alumni Association
Berkeley, CA, US
A resource for Univ. of California at Berkeley alumni and students.

Calvin and Hobbes Page
Nik Roberts, Sheffield, Yorkshire, UK
Calvin and Hobbes images.

Campaign Seminar
Campaign & Elections Magazine, Norfolk, VA, US
Twelfth annual National Campaign Training Seminar and Trade Show. June 16-18, 1995

Canberra Deep Space Communications Complex
Canberra, Australia
Providing information about NASA's Deep Space Communications Facility. There is also information about the visitor's center located near the 70-meter diameter parabolic antenna.

Carleton Model United Nations
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
This site was established to advertise the 1995 annual Carleton Model United Nations Simulation. This will be held October 26-29, 1995. This page also includes many links to assist the participants in researching their topics.

Carolina Carpets
Innovative Technical Solutions, Inc., Williamsburg, VA, US
Offers Karastan Orientals and broadloom carpeting at deeply discounted prices. Explore the online catalog of the 1995 original Karastan Collection. Ship worldwide.

Cartotecnica Cortefranca: Packaging and Boxes
Cartotecnica Cortefranca SPA, Brescia, Italy
Production of holders and lithographed boxes in stretched thin pasteboard and combined microwave.

Catalog Mart
Internet Marketing Group, Ltd., Rockville Centre, NY, US
The easiest and fastest way to request and receive free mailorder catalogs from more than 800 subjects. All you have to do is select your subject(s) of interest and fill out the online order form. Your request is forwarded to the appropriate catalog houses for fulfillment.

Lexington, KY, US
Provides entertainment and links for all aspects of underground and alternative lifestyles. The band Catawampus plays original and modern reggae, funk, soul, psychedelic music.

CD Archive, Inc.
Columbus, OH, US
In the following pages, you will find information about having personal CDs created for you, and information on CD recording hardware and software for creating your own CDs.

The Central Ohio Source
The Daily Reporter, Columbus, OH, US
The Web page for The Daily Reporter, a business and legal newspaper.

Chameleon Concept
Jackson, MS, US
We provide custom sound services to the developers of high fidelity multimedia. We're the creators of PYST The Sure-Really-Sick Adventure available exclusively on The Lizard Link.

Chancellor & Chancellor, Inc.
Tiburon, CA, US
A brokerage service for computer technology professionals. With over 15 years experience successfully serving Silicon Valley clients, offering comprehensive brokerage services. Specialty in contract position openings.

Charles Lloyd's Universal Livingroom
Artdirect, Santa Barbara, CA, US
The tenor jazz saxophonist on his music from post-Bop to his contemporary recordings.

Charm Woven Labels, Inc.
Portland, OR, USA
For the last 30 years, Charm Woven Labels has been helping customers add the finishing touch to their cloth creations with personalized labels at a very reasonable price.

Chartwell Estate Services
El Dorado Hills, CA, US
Legal services assisting in estate tax, living trusts revocable trusts, estate planning, probate, financial/planning, inter vivos trusts, taxation, estate tax planning.

Cherokee Industries
Manufacturers Information Net, Charleston, IN, US
A 100% Native American-owned machine shop. We are providing precision machining to the automobile industry, aerospace, medical and commerical industries. We provide quality products at competitive pricing.

Chief Legal Officer
Russell-Zorn Computing Corp., Dallas, TX, US
Attention corporate counsel: get in now on the industry's most progressive software solution. Chief legal officer manages everything: matters, outside counsel, docket, invoices, documents, reports, and more.

City of Vicksburg, Mississippi
Southern Internet, Vicksburg, MS, US
Information about the tourist attractions, industry resources, history, living conditions, education and more about the city of Vicksburg.

CityMedia Inc. Home Page
Minneapolis, MN, US
A leading publisher of local and regional business publications. In addition, CityMedia publishes an arts and entertainment weekly, and several complementary business directories around the country.

Classical Music In Italy
FASTnet Srl., Ancona, Marche, Italy
This Web server contains all the information about festivals, theater, orchestra, musical associations, music competition, music press, etc.

Club Caribe
Nanaimo, BC, Canada
Originally named Habitat, this was an online community designed for use on QuantumLink by the folks at LucasArts. Shutdown in 1994, this page is dedicated to its memory.

Coda Enterprises
P.C. Guagenti, New York City, NY, US
Contains a photo gallery, as well as the written work of A. D. Coleman, a photo critic and media commentator whose work appears in such publications as The New York Observer, Camera & Darkroom, Cover and others in the US and abroad.

Collective Internet Services Home Page
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
A new Internet service provider providing cheap access to the information superhighway for ordinary persons or businesses.

CompuNet USA
Long Beach, CA, US
Provides low cost computer products, free information, FTP shareware, a Web directory, and more.

Computervision Corp.
Bedford, MA, US
A leading international supplier of desktop and enterprise-wide product development software and services, with headquarters located in Bedford, Massachusetts, and sales and support offices located worldwide.

Creative Learning Stroke Support
Creative Learning Inc., Austin, TX, US
Providing interactive software for language recovery as a result of stroke or cognitive disorders.

Credit Union National Association
CUNA & Affiliates, Madison, WI, US
Credit unions are financial institutions, but they're not banks. Find out how they're unique, including information about credit union services, and how you may be eligible to join.

Cyber High School
Ojai, CA, US
Cyber High, a college preparatory school, is, we believe, the first and only high school entirely resident on the Internet. Cyber High students participate in class discussions and collaborative projects with classmates from all parts of the world.

The CyberChateau
Geneva, Switzerland
The world's first cyberchateau.

Damn Good Software
Cambridge, MA, US
Macintosh software developers specializing in networking and entertainment software. Our products include the network security-oriented screensaver DGS Screen and the games Operation Intercept and Microcosm II.

Daniel Pelavin
New York, NY, US
The illustration and typographic design of Daniel Pelavin.

The Right to Die Society of Canada, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
International online resource specializing in "end of life" materials. Over 500 unique files; more than 100 links to medical and legal information sites. The only Web service of its kind.

Defense Mapping Agency Homepage
Fairfax, VA, US
Provides support to the military services; the Office of the Secretary of Defense; the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff; the Unified Commands; and the Defense Agencies and other departments and agencies on matters concerning mapping, charting, and geodesy.

Department of Pharmacology and Toxicology
Univ. of Western Ontario, London, Ontario, Canada
Information on educational programs and research in pharmacology and toxicology at the University of Western Ontario. For curious browsers as well as potential students and medical research scientists.

Designer's Choice Floral Arrangements
A Floral Affair, Spokane, WA, US
A full-service online florist. Catalogs and online order forms. Worldwide delivery. Fresh and silk flowers, plants, balloons, candies and gifts.

The Dinner Co-op Home Page: for cooks and food-lovers
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Probably the largest food resource page on the Web, with over 1000 links to recipes, recipe sites, restaurant reviews, gourmet food sources, and food information pages.

The Diplomatic Pouch
Englewood, CO, US
Online magazine for the players of Avalon Hill's game of Diplomacy. The Spring 1995 Retreat issue has just been published.

Dirty Sole Society
Dayton, OH, US
Society and support group for people who love to go barefoot. Includes health tips, literature, discussions, get-together details, FAQ and how to get by in a shod world. Links to barefoot hiking groups.

DMS Technology Center (DTC)
The U.S. Navy's DMS Technology Center, Crane, IN, US
The Diminishing Manufactured Sources Technology Center is a leader in providing information, analysis, and solutions for technology-driven problems in electronic equipment and systems.

The Document Works
Miami, FL, US
A division of MIPA International Corporation. A full service document solutions bureau, offering document imaging, scanning, indexing, and format conversion services, as well as custom paper-based data conversion services.

The Dodge Group, Inc.
Waltham, MA, US
We are the creators of OpenSeries Financials, client/server financial applications software.

Drexel University Resumes
Philadelphia, PA, US
Resumes of recent graduates and experienced alumni seeking full-time, permanent positions.

Due North CD-ROMs
Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada
A proud Canadian company that distributes a variety of CD-ROM titles -- both the popular and the hard-to-find.

Earfood Department
TumYeto Inc., San Diego, CA, US
The all new music department at the TumYeto Digiverse. Profiles, interviews, new releases and reviews of independent and major label artists, as well as the latest music news and gossip.

East Valley Garden Club
East Valley Men's Garden Club, Mesa, AZ, US
Meeting and member information and many links to similar garden/horticultural sites.

ECHO Center
Montreal, Que, Canada
Overview of different projects and services offered by ECHO in the fields of animation, graphics design, 3D, virtual reality, Web design and laser scan and projection.

Ecliptek Corporation
Costa Mesa, CA, US
International supplier of crystals, clock oscillators and inductors. Sophisticated frequency control devices including VCXO, TCXO, Sinewave, including SMT for computing and telecommunications applications.

The Economist HomePage: Earthquakes
The Economist's LA Bureau, Los Angeles, CA, US
The magazine's one-man LA bureau has put up a home page based on a recent 10-page story in the magazine on earthquake engineering. Organized primarily as a gateway for people wanting to know more about seismology and how to protect themselves from future disasters.

Edith Garland Dupre Library
University of Southwestern Louisiana, Lafayette, LA, US
Provides information about its resources and services. Information includes details about each department, special collections, and links to selected Internet resources.

EI5DI Software
Dublin, Ireland
The author of Super-Duper (SD), the contest logging program for amateur radio operators, lets you download freeware versions of SD for the IOTA (Islands On The Air) and other RSGB contests.

Elstree Film Studios
London, England, UK
Home of classic films including Star Wars, 2001, and Indiana Jones. These pages outline a brief history, with up-to-date information about what is going on in the studios today.

Empire Mall
Empire Consumer Marketing Group, South Hadley, MA, US
We are proud to announce the addition of Netscape Secure order forms for the ultimate Net safe shopping environment.

Epi Info Manuals
Greg Fegan of Brixton Books, New Orleans, LA, US
This page briefly describes the CDC/WHO Epi Info software package. It has links to WHO and CDC. It enables users to download the Epi Info software from CDC in the US or from the Demon archive in the UK. It has a mail link for information on ordering the manual.

Eric's Spiderman Page
Seattle Pacific University, Seattle, WA, US
Contains new and old images of everyone's favorite wall-crawler as well as links to other Spiderman pages.

Eritrea Network Information Center, Milwaukee, WI, US
Info about Eritrea in East Africa.

Excel.Net, Inc.
Sheboygan, WI, US
An Internet service provider, providing full SLIP and PPP access as well as Web page storage.

Expert Witness Service
GRS, Lawrenceville, NJ, US
Economic expert witness service.

Austin, TX, US
An interactive media production company, and the producer of the computer animation television series, Cyberia, soon to be seen on CU-seeMe. It also produces an interactive voice message program featuring personals, general interest discussion groups and a chat room.

Internet Connect Niagara, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Visit Niagara Falls via the Internet. We've placed a high powered video camera on top of the Niagara Falls Sheraton FallsView Hotel. See either a 15-second QT movie or a JPEG.

Fayetteville-Manlius High School
Syracuse, NY, US
Includes home pages for individual curricula such as art and orchestra, with computer and English coming soon.

Finishing.com Inc.
Kinnelon, NJ, US
Clearinghouse for technical and commerical information about electroplating, electroless plating, anodizing, phosphating, powder coating, and surface finishing. Technical articles, meeting schedules, commercial contacts.

First Dresden Columbus Art Exhibition
The Ohio State Univ. at Newark Art Gallery, Newark, OH, US
This exhibition presents recent paintings and works on paper by Veit Hofmann, Stefan Plenkers, and Rainer Zille. An exhibition to showcase three famous eastern German artists.

Florida's Finest Retirement Communities
Leesburg, FL, US
Pringle Development is proud to announce its newest, most exciting, active adult community: Royal Highlands. Year-round tennis, golf, and boating are just a few of the activities you'll enjoy.

Foreign Ink Ltd.
Minneapolis, MN, US
Specializing in Asian-language translation and typesetting. Includes an Asian proverb of the day.

Fountain Square Balanced Fund
Interactive Nest Egg Mutual Fund Center, New York, NY, US
General investment information and performance information for fountain square balanced fund.

Frabosk: Stainless Steel Cookware & Houseware
Frabosk Casalinghi SPA, Lumezzane, Brescia, Italy
A leading Italian manufacturer of 18/10 and 18/0 stainless steel housewares products. It is one of the Onion Commercial Sites.

Free Record
San Diego, CA, US
Composer offers free sample records to Web browsers. Hear a song, if you like it, it's yours free.

The French and Indian War
Syracuse, NY, US
History, documents, and data relating to the French and Indian War (1755-1763), especially the French soldiers, many of whom married and remained in Canada.

Funny Quotes by Famous People
University of Virginia, Charlottesville, VA, US
This page lists a growing collection of funny quotes by famous people. It is updated regularly.

GAT: Coffee machines - Cookware - Housewares
GAT - Gruppo Alternativo Tecnoindustriale, Brescia, Italy
Italian manufacturer of stainless steel housewares products, specializing in the production and market of espresso coffee machines.

Geek Chic
Nourdstrom Enterprises Research and Development Services, St. Louis, MO, US
That's pronounced "geek sheek", as in "tres chic", which is French for "way cool." Meet the glamour geeks. See where the computational elite hang out. You're not truly "wired" until you get a look at this.

GEN ART - Art of the Next Generation
New York City, NY, US
A not-for-profit arts organization with offices in New York and Los Angeles. Helping connect young artists with audiences and opportunities through exhibitions, online programs, and community outreach.

Gifts by Request
The Court at King of Prussia, King of Prussia, PA, US
The ultimate, free, gift buying service. Over 120 stores and three fabulous department stores. As a bridal registry it can't be beat. Any occasion, any gift. Enter our monthly drawing for a $100 mall gift certificate.

Giovanni Guglielmo's Research Page
Bureau of Economic Geology, Austin, TX, US
Contains free computer animations, 3-D visualization, and interpretations of physical and finite element models of salt tectonics useful for research, teaching, brainstorming, and seismic interpretation

The Goddess Shoppe Online
Fullerton, CA, US
Your new metaphysical emporium and bookstore. Feel free to stop by and browse. We have many products all for the New Age, metaphysical taste.

Good Will Toward Men
Baltimore, MD, US
An interactive sampler of a book entitled "Good Will Toward Men." GWTM is a collection of interviews with 22 progressive women who have good things to say about men.

goodDog Productions
San Francisco, CA, US
Offers exceptional graphic, multimedia, and Web design and consulting services at reasonable rates.

Green Lake Group: Internet Communications
Southfield, MI, US
Providing innovative, high-impact services at the cutting-edge of design and technology. We create Internet pages that support our clients in marketing products and services, informing their customers, and researching competitors and the marketplace.

Greetings Expressed, Inc.
East Setauket, NY, US
A greeting card store and mailing service. Shop our collection, select a card, personalize it and we'll mail it on the appropriate day.

Harley Mom's Home Page
Brookings, SD, US
Links to motorcycle information, sources I used for writing this page, games, hard-to-find sites, and great kid's games and educational sites for children.

The Herbal Product Store
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Offers a wide variety of herbal products from herbal supplements to skin and hair care products. Authors of E-mail That's Good For You, a free weekly article mailed directly to your email address.

Heritage Post Interactive
ExCITE Lab, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Canada's first online interactive Canadian History magazine. Produced by ExCITE, the bilingual HPI is part of the nationwide Canadian Heritage Project, and is sponsored by the CRB (Bronfman) Foundation and Canada Post Corporation.

Hilo Brokers--Hawaii Real Estate
Hilo, HI, US
Online catalog of homes, land and commercial properties on the Big Island. Includes property information and full-color images of currently available real estate in beautiful Hawaii.

Hiway Technologies, Inc.
Miami, FL, US
An Internet Web provider with a mission to provide quality and reliable Web services to our customers.

HMS/Machine Shop
Harvard University/Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA, US
We are a department of Harvard Medical School that designs and builds custom medical research tools. We advertise these tools on our Web page in hopes that they will be useful to the worldwide medical research community.

Home Quest -- Free Relocation Information Online
Mansell And Associates, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Are you or your company planning to relocate to another U.S. state? By simply filling out our online relocation form, you can guarantee to receive free relocation information by mail about your new destination.

HomeGrown Page
Punking Press + C.A. Moll Farms, Williamson, NY, US
Offering a selection of products and services created and cultivated by Chris and Linda Moll. Offering children's books, fresh produce and font programming all from the Web.

Houston Internet Consultant's Database
Digital Tools, Inc., Houston, TX, US
A database of Internet consultants offering Internet services including installation, training, Web services, and consulting.

Huntsman World Senior Games
InfoWest Global Internet Services, St. George, UT, US
Between Oct. 16 and 27, 1995, sportsmen and sports-women (age 50 and above) will gather to compete in cycling, softball, swimming, tennis, bowling, racquetball, and more.

IBVA Web Page
New York, NY, US
This site is the first and only globally accessible brainwave playback system in the world! You can download and playback the Dr. Timothy Leary BrainData file.

Insight Studios
Raleigh, NC, US
Anyone interested in 3D-modeling/animation should visit. Contains links to educational institutes teaching media production and related sites. A provider of 3D-modeling/animation services to the professional media community.

Interactive Movie Review
Business Access Technologies, Anaheim, CA, US
Both male and female entry options. Put your two cents worth here.

Interactive Traffic
New York, NY, US
Helps companies generate traffic to their online sites. We offer unbiased online media-planning and link-crusading, from strategy to implementation.

Jerusalem, Israel
A virtual gallery as well as an information center about contemporary art in Israel and in the world.

International University College (IUC)
Jones Interactive, Inc., Englewood, CO, US
The mission of the IUC is to serve as a university to develop and offer affordable courses, certificates and degrees to individuals worldwide, using electronic technologies.

Internet Village
Internet Village Marketing, Medford, MA, US
The online mall consisting of businesses that have used this company to design and build Web sites used as virtual offices, stores and showrooms.

Introduction to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism
Kurt Triffet, Van Nuys, CA, US
An introduction to Nichiren Shoshu Buddhism including U.S. temple addresses and phone numbers.

ISG Technologies
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
The medical imaging industry's supplier of choice for visualization technology ranging from software development platforms through advanced graphic workstations to image-guided surgical systems.

IV Nurse Consulting
Evansville, IN, US
Ann Williams, RN, CCRN, offers consulting services and training to health care professionals in IV Therapy, PICC, P&P's at your location.

IWay News
Hannover, Germany
A weekly German magazine that covers general computing themes like software, hardware, software development and the Internet. No registration.

Jazz FM98 KIFM, San Diego
San Diego, CA, US
The first full-service contemporary jazz station in the country. Home of JazzTrax with Art Good. Two-time Marconi Award winner and the original home of Lites Out Jazz.

Jeff Prey's Great Lakes Windsurfing Page
Madison, WI, US
Find resources on the Great Lakes and windsurfing in this page.

Jeff's Opera and Modeling Emporium
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
This contains modeling pictures of many gorgeous local ladies and backstage pictures from our local opera company. Check it out and leave a comment if you like.

BJ&G Corp., Minoa, NY, US
A unique and effective service for anyone looking for employment in any professional area or recruiters wanting to advertise job ads. There's nothing easier.

Knipp Medien und Kommunikation
Dortmund, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany
This is the primary information service of Knipp Medien und Kommunikation, Germany.

LaborWeb: The AFL-CIO
AFL-CIO, Washington, DC, US
Allows anyone to receive the federation's latest press releases, policy statements, boycott lists and other information. Links to other labor-related Web sites, as well as the AFL-CIO Organizing Institute.

Law Offices of Kenneth P. Koury, Esq.
Woodland Hills, CA, US
Koury's firm is a general civil and business litigation practice with an emphasis on liability defense. It specializes in civil litigation representing both individuals and businesses. Includes links to law-related information.

Liberty Orchards--The Aplets & Cotlets Company
Cashmere, WA, US
Unique candies from popular fruits. This page outlines the family history and lists current products.

Littleford Day Inc.
Florence, KY, US
An O.E.M. of mixers, reactors and dryers for the chemical, plastics, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries.

Logan Industries, Inc.
Palm Bay, FL, US
IMS Multiuser DOS and REAL/32 operating system support, bulletins, update information, patches, and product information.

Login Brothers Book Company
American Information Systems, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
A major distributor of medical, law, nursing and allied health books, and electronic products in the United States. Their Web site features a searchable online database of over 35,000 titles and an online order entry system.

Mathmadness Screen Savers
A.J. Automation, Boulder Creek, CA, US
Fractal and other bizarre screen savers are available here, free.

New York Metropolitan Reference and Research Library Agency, New York, NY, US
Provides a comprehensive listing of and links to all types of library resources in the New York City metropolitan area as well as links to city and state information providers.

Midheimar: Computer graphics
Icelandic State Television, Reykjavik, Iceland
Graphics in television, stills and moving images.

MINC T-shirts
Urbana, IL, US
Farming quality T-shirts for nearly a decade. Six hybrids, including wine stains, bird splats, and coffee spills. We grow 'em--you pick 'em.

Moonlighting -- Maddie's Astrology Page
Glendale, AZ, US
All kinds of information on astrology. Download software, online resources, mailing lists, magazines, and lots of links to other astrology sites.

Morgan Horse Web
David Weibel w/AMHA, Longmont, CO, US
A very hot spot if you want an introduction to the Morgan horse breed.

MU CoE Links to Education Resources
Univ of Missouri-Columbia College of Education, Columbia, MO, US
An extensive list of education resources including mathematics, science, and technology and K-12 on the Internet.

The Native Experience
Temple Hills, MD, US
Native American books, audio books, CD-ROMs and a newsletter. The Native Experience sells and distributes Native American books and publications from over 250 prominent publishers.

Nature's Medicine & Natural Remedies
NorthWest Marketing Partners, Bellevue, WA, US
Online marketing of natural herbal products. Education on natural remedies. Business opportunity with support.

Nebraska Behavioral Biology Group
Lincoln, NE, US
The NBBG is a multi-campus program in animal behavior that combines the resources of three universities in eastern Nebraska: Creighton Univ., the Univ. of Nebraska-Lincoln, and the Univ. of Nebraska at Omaha.

New England's Complete Automotive Source
AutoPlus, Lowell, MA, US
From here you can access various participating automobile dealers. Hunt for the ideal previously owned cars or new cars. Also browse the useful tips for car buyers and sellers.

new3, Inc.
Huntsville, AL, US
An entrepreneurial firm aimed at developing sophisticated, high-quality Web sites using creative and innovative multimedia formats. Building powerful informational sites to meet the needs of commercial and non-commercial clients.

Neways International
Salem, UT, US
Innovative health and personal care products to make you look and feel your best.

NII Virtual Library
Committee on Applications and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, US
Provides users with explanations of the NII and how it works and provides systems developers with information on NII applications.

Oak Ridge Public Relations
Cupertino, CA, US
A full-service agency specializing in technology and business-to-business promotion. Services include strategic planning, creative services, product launches, research, international and domestic media liaison, and more.

Omega Investment Research
Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa
Assists foreign companies into South Africa. A fortnightly political risk analysis brief and up-to-the minute analyses on parliamentary debates and standing committee policy decisions are available.

Oriya Homepage
AHPCRC, Minneapolis, MN, US
Caters to the information on Oriya, Orissa, India and to the weekend thoughts activities over ORNET (an Oriya listserver) shared by non-resident Oriyas.

Pacific Microelectronics Corporation
Young & Roehr, Inc./Sight & Sound Software, Portland, OR, US
Provides a full range of design, assembly and testing services for electronic circuit boards, modules and packages. We specialize in high-performance, high-density and deliver fast turnarounds.

Parallax Technology Group Home Page
Chicago, IL, US
Integrated marketing communications for advanced technology companies.

Parkinson's Web--Parkinson's Disease Information
Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA, US
This resource directory is dedicated to assisting the countless people with Parkinson's, their families, friends and caregivers throughout the world who form the Parkinson's community.

Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Law
Wells, St. John, Roberts, Gregory & Matkin, Spokane, WA, US
Corporations and individuals are often in need of both national and international protection for their inventions, and trademarks. Our experience allows us to effectively and efficiently meet your needs.

Pennsylvania State Data Center
Harrisburg, PA, US
The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania's official source of economic and demographic information.

Performance Computing Inc.
Beaverton, OR, US
A software development company specializing in programming tools and applications for visual communications applications and video conferencing.

Personal Death Plane
D. Carson, NYC, NY, US
Buddy Holly, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Lynard Skynard should not have bit the big one, but some rockers should.

PIG Intertainment
Los Angeles, CA, US
Pigweb enters the Internet fray focusing on those things so close to home -- sex, cash and comedy. From the banal to the esoteric, Pigweb takes on all areas of fun and fame.

Planet Surf
Hartford, CT, US
A variety of posters Phantom of the Opera, Endless Summer II, and The Three Stooges. Also the Three Stooge pro golf shop has a variety of products like T-shirts, golf shirts, umbrellas, prints etc.

Polymer Clay Resources
Houston Polymer Clay Guild, Houston, TX, US
A compendium of polymer clay resources, tools and information for artists working in polymer clay media (Fimo, Sculpey, Cernit or Promat).

Pontificia Universidad Catolica del Ecuador
Quito, Pichincha, Ecuador
Fundada en 1946, funciona en Quito, bajo la administracion de la Compania de Jesus, con 12 facultades y 3 escuelas. Tiene tambien sedes en Ibarra y Esmeraldas.

PortCom Communications Inc.
Portland, OR, US
A full-service Internet consulting agency with a proven track record and the know-how to succeed. We can bring you results.

Postmodern Culture
Charlottesville, VA, US
The May, 1995 issue includes essays on madness, the mired sublime, indexical criticism, Pynchon's Vineland, Gertrude Stein, stupid undergrounds; plus poetry, music, reviews, notices, letters from readers, and a popular culture column on the video game Theme Park.

Precedent Home Theatre
Orlando, FL, US
Describes home theatre and how to configure a home theatre system. Explains surround sound, Dolby Pro-Logic, THX, and other terms.

Print Mail America
Gold Net, Tampa, FL, US
America's first choice in national print/mail advertising. With up to 20,000 nationally targeted recipients for your company, your product and/or service will receive the national exposure it will need to help you succeed.

Product Clothing
Los Angeles, CA, US
Simple, beautifully crafted clothes that let a woman tell her own story.

Professional Speakers, Trainers & Consultants Resource Page
New Orleans, LA, US
Let the user friendly computer man help you to find the professional best qualified to serve your needs.

Promote Your Business on the Web
Serendipity Solutions, Silver Spring, MD, US
Affordable commercial Web space is available from Serendipity Solutions. Packages include graphics, text, and your own URL (Web address), accessible from anywhere on the Web. We dare you to compare rates.

Psychic Discoveries Behind the Canadian Curtain
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dedicated to intuitive enhancement procedures; scientific psychic discoveries; and parapsychology simply explained. Includes a copy of "The 21 Emotions Exercise" book which shows how to make accurate decisions each and every time.

Radio Vatican News
Vatican City State
Radio Vatican on the infobahn with their German news program. What´s new in the Catholic world--twice a week.

Recording Industry Environmental Task Force
MusicPro - Neilson/Clyne, Inc., Murfreesboro, TN, US
RIETF exists to encourage individuals and corporations in the music and recording industry to be environmentally aware. RIETF is sponsored by several industry organizations and its Web presence provides a wealth of information to help the industry clean up its act.

Renaissance: A Song for All Seasons
Baltimore, MD, US
Welcome art-rock fans to A Song for All Seasons, the home page for one of the great British '70s progressive bands--Renaissance. A discography, history, current news, and a link to ex-lead vocalist Annie Haslam's page await you.

Research Links for History Students
Prof. James B. Ross, Fargo, ND, US
Undergradtuate students can use these Web links to locate primary source material. Special foci include United States history and economic history.

RetroActive Baggage (and other derivative nonsense)
Coventry, Warwickshire, UK
Warwick University's leading quality music publication, covering indie, alternative and so on. Recent interviews include PWEI, Salad and Miles Hunt.

Reuters Human Resources
Interactive Marketing Services, Hauppauge, NY, US
Excellent employment opportunities.

RFK Progressive Democrats
RFK Democratic Club, Albany, NY, US
Web site of the RFK Progressive Democrats of Albany and New York's Capital district.

Risdall Linnihan Advertising
Saint Paul, MN, US
A full service ad agency offering print, radio, video, television and a full suite of interactive and multimedia advertising.

East Lansing, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Used Levi's and other clothing. Stores in Ann Arbor and East Lansing Michigan. We also collect used jeans to support the fundraising efforts of fraternities and sororities.

Roxane Pain Institute
Columbus, OH, US
Launches first online cancer and AIDS pain management services on the World Wide Web. Designed as a resource for both pain sufferers and clinicians, this site offers educational materials including newsletters, clinical articles, slides on cancer pain management and more.

Running for America
Lugar for President 1996, Indianapolis, IN, US
Web site for the Lugar for President 1996 Campaign. Users can review the candidate's stance on issues, contact the campaign, and vote in a "virtual ballot box" which will display voters opinions bi-weekly.

Van Nuys, CA, US
A parent's organization dedicated to protecting children on the Internet from adult material. We do not wish to censor, but to provide a rating system to achieve this goal.

San Diego Internet Connect
San Diego, CA, US
Dedicated to providing information about San Diego: its people, products, sights, and businesses.

San Francisco Digital Media Center
San Francisco, CA, US
A non-profit community media arts center dedicated to digital storytelling. We hold classes in digital video, Photoshop, the Web and an ongoing multimedia salon, Joe's Digital Diner.

San Jose International Airport
San Jose, CA, US
An informational resource Web site for the gateway to the Silicon Valley.

The Sawdust Gallery
International Information, Palisade, CO, US
Specializes in fine interior woodwork and high-quality wood furniture.

Science and Technology Corporation (STC)
Hampton, VA, US
A small, high-technology business specializing in the atmospheric and environmental sciences. STC's client list includes NASA, DoD, and other federal government agencies.

Science and Technology Park
Heraclion, Crete, Greece
Science and technology park of Crete.

Stamford, CT, US
The Web site for Hank Morgan Photography. Hank Morgan has been a photojournalist specializing in science for 25 years. The inventory includes over 30,000 color transparencies. His images have appeared internationally in over 1000 magazines.

Seiko Epson Corporation
Nagano Prefecture, Japan
An integrated manufacturer of electronic and information equipment. With a Japanese and English home page, the easy-to-use Web site is devoted to information about the company and its products and services.

Shalott Consulting
Duluth, MN, US
A Web consultation firm, providing advice and services to all levels of users. Not a connection provider.

Sheet Metal Workers International Association
Salt Lake City, UT, US
A good source of information not widely given to working people in the U.S. Resources include sections on workers' rights, worker safety, political issues facing workers, and others.

Shona Music Page
David Bullock and Village Spirit Marimba Band, Portland, OR, US
A directory of musicians playing Shona Music who are on the Web. A bulletin board, booking info including calendars and sound samples for mbira and marimba groups, and more.

Silsoe College, Cranfield University
Silsoe, Bedfordshire, UK
A leading international center for education, training, research and consultancy. Focuses on the rural sector worldwide -- the environment, food, agriculture, engineering, management, development, marketing and technology.

Singles Web
St. Louis, MO, US
A Web site for singles. Offers tips on dating, romance, love, and more.

Socratic Philosophy Television
Milk Bottle Productions, Inc., Arlington, VA, US
Home page for America's premier philosophy television program, No Dogs or Philosophers Allowed®.

Spanish Language computer software
Pasadena, CA, US
New World Graphics and Publishing specializes in hard to find Spanish language computer software at low reasonable prices. An authorized distributor for Softkey International Inc.

Special Issue of the Journal of Real-Time Imaging
University of Parma, Parma, Italy
The Journal of Real-Time Imaging is preparing a special issue on "Special-Purpose Architectures for Real-Time Imaging." Check the complete call for papers .

Spoleto Today!
Charleston, SC, US
Online with schedules and last minute updates for both the 1995 Spoleto Festival U.S.A. and Piccolo Spoleto. Please stop by for the latest event updates, ticket information, special offers, and other information.

S&S Technologies
PrimeNet, Phoenix, AZ, US
A manufacturer's rep in the electronic component business. This site contains an inter-active line card.

Steamboat Springs Vacation Rentals
Mountain Castles, Inc., Steamboat Springs, CO, US
Beautiful vacation properties for your summer vacation in the Rockies. Elaine Love of Mountain Castles shows one of her favorites among more than twenty distinctive homes along the Park Range.

Strategic Futures International
Indianapolis, IN, US
Premier provider of Internet services to businesses, organizations and individuals.

Switch On s.a.
Brussels, Belgium
The first and biggest imaging service bureau in Belgium. Open 24 hours a day. Photo and scan integration is made in-house. Linotype-Hell equipment throughout.

Sydney Morning Herald Computers Online
Sydney Morning Herald, Sydney, Australia
The online counterpart to the Computers and Communications section of Australia's premier daily newspaper.

System 7 / 777 Web Site
Notting Hill, London, UK
Ambitious new Web Site started by ambient/techno group System 7. With much information, great pictures, and groovy links.

Las Vegas, NV, US
An entertainment industry site. Entertainers like Avenue Records recording group WAR are featured. Information is directly from the source, complete with email connections to the entertainers and entertainment resources.

Tampa Bay Linux GNUTS (TBLGNUTS)
A group of Linux fanatics with way too much free time. Tons of information on the Linux operating system, member home pages, special projects, and a decent technical document repository.

Techno-Impressionist Gallery
TLC Systems Corp., New York, NY, US
Art gallery featuring the works of the techno-impressionist artists. One of the largest art sites on the Net.

Teddy Bears
Bears by the Sea, Pismo Beach, CA, US
A store devoted to collectible and everyday teddy bears. World's largest collection of Muffy and the VanderBear Family. Also a complete selection of teddy bear related gifts.

Tennis Warehouse
San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Guarantees the lowest prices on tennis equipment and supplies.

Texas Subtropical Agricultural Center
Weslaco, TX, US
Comprised of four agencies: Texas Agricultural Experiment Station at Texas A&M University, Texas Agricultural Extension Service, TAMU-Kingsville Citrus Center, and USDA-ARS Subtropical Research Center.

SCT Incorporated, Atlanta, GA, US
Access at the touch of a finger. Quickly attaches to your monitor, and turns your computer into an easy-to-use touch screen system. See-through touch sensitive surface lets you watch as the computer responds. Simply point and touch.

Transcom Travel Advisories
Princeton, NJ, US
This page contains travel advisories issued by Transcom for the NY/NJ/Connecticut area. These advisories are issued weekly.

Travel Massachusetts
Boston Online, Boston, MA, US
An online travel resource for visitors to Massachusetts, from the Berkshires to Boston, from Cape Ann to Cape Cod. See what's happening, what to do and where to stay.

Travel Systems International
Ken Wiggins, St. Petersburg, FL, US
Services make the difference at Travel Systems International. Visit our new page for some great deals on vacations and travel. Book a cruise and get a free T-shirt. Read our online Global Gazette for great info on travel.

Treebear Studio -- Photography, Poetry, Music
Brooklyn, NY, US
An online virtual gallery of poetry and some 85 beautiful and unusual photographs. Music will be added very soon too.

Doug Weston's Troubadour, Los Angeles, CA, US
The Troubadour, America's most legendary nightclub, was the spawning ground for such artists as The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, and Metallica. Broadcasts bands almost nightly on the net.

UCR Extension--International Education Programs
Univ. of California Riverside, Riverside, CA, US
Offers a variety of year-round intensive day-time certificate programs and English language programs for students and professionals who understand the importance and the benefits of international education.

UK Charity Fundraising
Amnesty International British Section Charitable Trust, London, UK
A page for UK charity/not-for-profit fundraisers, including: fundraising resource organizations, events, education/academic courses, current vacancies, magazines, examples of online fundraising, other fundraising sites/resources, and other not-for-profit resources.

Univ. of Missouri College of Business & Public Admin.
Columbia, MO, US
Offering information to potential students about degree programs available.

The University of Minnesota Waterski Show Team
Minneapolis, MN, US
All kinds of show skiing and general waterskiing info from the Univ. of Minnesota and the Twin Cities area.

Urban Desires -- Issue 1.4
Urban Desires, New York, NY, US
Leisure suit conventions, high-tech sex, interactive art-work, QuickTime movie clips and design with Cyntia Rowley. Come, check it out and may you get all that you desire.

USA TODAY Online Free Web Page
Arlington, VA, US
The pages give a free taste of the USA TODAY online news service. News, money, sports, life and weather inforamtion is updated 24 hours a day.

VICNET: Victoria's Network
State Library Of Victoria & RMIT, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Publishing tourist, community, business and government information about Victoria, Australia. VICNET is offering a platform for a wide range of groups and organizations to publish their information.

Viewpoint Software Solutions
Rochester, NY, US
System integrators for data acquisition and control applications. Also, development products for LabVIEW and Visual Basic.

The Virtual Africa Western Cape Tourism Guide
Cape Town, Western Cape Province, South Africa
Now hosts the official Web site for the Western Cape Tourism Board, extending the popular Captour facility to the 10 subregions of South Africa's most beautiful province.

Virtual Yellow Pages
Interactive Marketing Services, Hauppauge, NY, US
An easy, organized way of navigating the Web.

Vitamins and Nutritional Supplements--Look and Feel Great
Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Specializing in the finest nutritional supplements. You will discover numerous ways to nourish your body for enhanced energy, health and vitality.

Vive Web Connections
Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada
We would like to offer a free World Wide Web presence to any non-profit organization, community center or school.

The Web Developer's Virtual Library
CyberWeb SoftWare, Lanham, MD, US
We have over 1,000 links to sites with information of interest to Web developers. Whatever you want to know about creating a Web presence can probably be found in one of the sites.

Web Page Builder
Superhighway Consulting Inc., Chicago, IL, US
One of the most unique and innovative applications on the Web. Using a form-based page, creating an attractive Web site is both easy and fun. Superhighway Consulting will allow your page to be stored on their server, add a link to your site and more.

Web Surf
Towson, MD, US
A service to help Internauts find the biggest waves. It is a index to some of the best of the Web's resources. It's links are divided into centers.

WebTrack, Inc.
New York, NY, US
An information publishing firm that tracks Web advertising. Over 2500 companies with media budgets over $1 million are monitored for new sites and major changes. Also, sites accepting advertising/sponsorship are featured.

Weisinger's of Ashland Vineyard and Winery
Ashland, OR, US
A family-owned and -operated winery and B&B located four miles south of Ashland. High on a hill overlooking the Rogue Valley, the winery provides wine tasting, tours, gift shop, deli and picnic facilities.

Welcome to New Orleans
New Orleans, LA, US
This is the official tourist and visitor guide for the city of New Orleans. It is a form related service which allows the browser to request info about anything needed via several forms.

Welcome to the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
The primary objective of the Conejo Valley Chamber of Commerce is to improve the economic climate for businesses and thereby enrich the entire region.

Whales in Literature
Whale Watching Web, Helsinki, Finland
Complementing popular whale-watching, whales sighted in Web-surfers' readings - an idea developed from Herman Melville's classic, "Moby Dick."

Wicked Wich Nails, Ronkonkoma, NY, US
For professional nail technicians and NASCAR race fans.

Vienna, AT
The Austrian lifestyle magazine on the Web.

World Wide Web Financial Industry Information Index
International Finance and Commodities Institute, Geneva, Switzerland
A listing of financial services on the Web. The index provides users with an up-to-date listing of services on the Web organized by subject and industry.

WPI Venture Forum
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Venture Forum, Worcester, MA, US
A meeting place for technology-oriented entrepreneurs, venture capital providers, and new business service providers.

WWW Fantasy Cricket League
University of Essex CompSoc, Colchester, Essex, UK
Your 11 players score points for every run they score or wicket they take in first class cricket.

Normal, IL, US
Shell: Supports email, ftp, telnet, etc. services SLIP, PPP: self-explanatory UUCP: self-explanatory Web: Services for maintaining customer pages (not just access).

WWW WorldNews Today
Indianapolis, IN, US
The Web source for daily news, sports, entertainment and anything news. Updated early each morning.

Wyoming Instruments
Glenrock, WY, US
Save fuel, engine wear and tear, increase performance, and decrease pollution with the Fuel Atomizer 2000.

Young & Roehr, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
One of the Pacific Northwest's leading business-to-business agencies. We offer a full range of advertising, direct marketing and public relations services without commissions or markups.

Monday, 12 June 1995

3D Image Technology
Norcross, GA, US
Offers a variety of information about 3D photography such as history, how 3D works, the different types of 3D photos, as well as information about 3D cameras and photoprocessing that is available.

Accommodation Student Housing, Ontario
Student Housing Accommodation Residential Exchange Inc., Peterborough, Canada
Save $4,700 per post-secondary school, while attending your institution outside of your hometown.

Adoption Book Catalog
Tapestry Books, Ringoes, NJ, US
Descriptions of over 200 books about adoption, infertility, and parenting challenges and how to order them.

Advanced Computer Systems & Modified Motorcycle Association
Bakersfield, CA, US
ACS: sales, service and support for computer graphic systems. MMA: motorcycle related info, run pics, and upcoming parties.

Adventure Tour Directory
Sterling, CO, US
Provides information on a variety of adventure tours. These listings include adventure/nature tours, scuba diving (land-based and live-aboard), and trekking trips.

Aegiss Corporation
Foster City, CA, US
Provides knowledge management/retention solutions to corporations worldwide -- consulting, training, and publishing. The Journal of Professional Knowledge Management, the premier knowledge management guide, is published by Aegiss.

Alike Studios
San Diego, CA, US
We can design, create, and publish a Web site for your company and maintain it for as little as $100 a month.

The All Star Music Review & News
Adtek Web Services, Jacksonville, FL, US
Find out what's new in the underground music scene. Listen to some music, or post your own underground music news.

Amedeo Gigli, Illustrator and Computer Artist
Rome, Italy
Professional illustrator for over 40 years. Winner in multiple international computer graphics contests. Works for advertising agencies, publishing houses, and companies.

Iconovex Corporation, Bloomington, MN, US
Uses linguistic analysis to automatically index HTML documents at your Web site. Source documents are automatically hyperlinked to AnchorPage generated indices. Winner: Spring '95 Best of Comdex Award from BYTE Magazine.

ANU Research School of Chemistry
Canberra, Australia
The primary aim is to deliver useful and accurate information about research and researchers at the Research School of Chemistry of the Australian National University.

Mesa Media, Mesa, AZ, US
Arizona business and professional resources. Presence provider with resume section, mall section, and classified advertising.
http://arizonet.com/ http://arizonet.com/

ArtSceneCal, Los Angeles, CA, US
The guide to art galleries and museums in Southern California. Includes complete listings (fully indexed and linked), area maps, articles, image bank, and calendar.

ASTUS - CompSci and Math Students at Sherbrooke Univ.
Conseil Administratif ASTUS, Sherbrooke, Quebec, Canada
A place where students from the 26th promo can find news on upcoming events and links to other Web resources at Sherbrooke University.

Auto Online
Essepiesse srl, Milano, Italy
Magazine about cars with a database for free online advertising announcements.

Banking on the Web
Omega Performance, San Francisco, CA, US
This is a study of the marketing effectiveness of commercial bank Web pages.

Barnett's Computers
Computer Warehouse, New York, NY, US
Laptops, notebooks, desktops, accessories, major brands--guaranteed lowest prices.

Ben Gurion University of the Negev Medical School
Beer-Sheva, Israel
You can find information about the faculty, our comprehensive list of links to medical education sites on the Web, information about our use of computers in medical education, and more.

Ardrossan, Alberta, Canada
Develops and publishes Internet groupware for collaborative brainstorming and decision support. Experience it first hand by joining our free and fun virtual democracy sessions, Live Wires.

Boardwatch Magazine
Littleton, CO, US
A printed magazine covering the Internet, the Web, bulletin boards, and commercial online services. Full text and graphics online at no charge.

Boyd Martin, Renegade Citizen
Portland, OR, US
Personal politics about anarchism, government reform, metaphysics, and art, with groovy links.

The Brian Rose Website
New York, NY, US
Contains examples from Brian's internationally-known photography collections, and album info from "Brian Rose," a folk/alternative album produced by Suzanne Vega.

Brown Betty
Fish of Death Records, Los Angeles, CA, US
A power-pop trio from Bloomington, Ind., who have transplanted themselves firmly into the Chicago music scene.

Business Bookshop On-Line
Wyvern Business Library, Cambridgeshire, UK
Offers the best business books providing excellent quality and value for money. Categories include, training, self development, Internet, marketing plus much more.

Business Edge Software for Real Estate
Business Edge, Inc., Newport Beach, CA, US
Providing the highest quality Macintosh real estate software available. Macintosh software for realtors, property managers, investment analysts, and mortgage brokers.

Business Link Hertfordshire
Letchworth, Hertfordshire, England
A partnership company of private and public bodies set up to combine all support activities for UK businesses. We are a non-profit organisation.

Business Wire
Harrison & Troxell, New York, NY, US
International media relations wire service.

Canada Centre for Remote Sensing
CCRS, Geomatics Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Offering information on satellite and airborne monitoring of natural resources and the environment, the Canadian remote sensing community, and RADARSAT - the first Canadian remote sensing satellite.

Canadian Music Exchange
CME, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
World's second-largest music archive... high-quality MPEG sound. Need we say more?

CB Commercial Real Estate Group, Inc., Indianapolis Office
Indianapolis, IN, US
In the spirit of a true market leader, CB Commercial is beginning to create a presence on the Internet beginning with a site in Indianapolis.

CD Restore, Int'l.
Tacoma, WA, US
CD repair. That's right, the disk itself. Do you have audio CDs that no longer play (i.e., skip, stop), because they are now scratched? Don't throw them out only having to re-purchase them.

The Center for the Advancement of Paleo Orthodoxy
Oak Ridge, TN, US
CAPO believes that, in the realm of ideas, there is nothing new under the sun. Attempting to analyze modern thought by historic Christian standards, this consortium of think tanks on the Internet offers consistent and principled research and comment.

The Chimney Doctor
The Chimney Doctor of Concord, Concord, MA, US
Chimney cleaning, draft problems, construction and repair of chimneys, lining and relining, weatherproofing, installation of wood and coal stoves and pre-fab fireplaces, and lightning rods. First sweep on the Internet.

Southborough, MA, US
A customer-focused company dedicated to being the trailblazer in providing the most robust, reliable, long-lasting network foundations for progressive organizations around the world.

Classified de Ymos
Ymos Information Systems, Nashville, TN, US
A directory of useful information, including 800 numbers, 900 numbers, interesting products and services.

Club Vitamin, Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
An exclusive mail order service providing a large selection of health supplements at the lowest possible prices. Of special benefit to the serious consumer of vitamins.

CollegeLink Application Service
Enrollment Technologies, Inc., Concord, MA, US
A fast and easy way for students to apply to college using a computer. On a single diskette a student can apply to up to eight schools.

Columbus State Community College
Columbus, OH, US
Community college online bulletin and general information.

Comedy Central
New York, NY, US
Cutting-edge comedy with an attitude. Download video and audio clips, get program and schedule information and get interactive with the mavens of comedy.

Commissioned Corps of the U.S. Public Health Service
Division of Commissioned Personnel, Rockville, MD, US
Information concerning the Commissioned Corps.

Community High School
Ann Arbor, MI, US
A page all about Community High School. Lots of cool student pages.

Community Networking Resources
University of Michigan SILS, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Provides an introduction to community networking and includes a number of links to a variety of Web resources on community networking.

The Complete Shavian
Society of Independent Shavians, Reston, VA, US
Essays and papers related to George Bernard Shaw, his era, and the issues that concerned him.

Computer Network Technology
Minneapolis, MN, US
At the core of the Enterprise Network. With CHANNELink products we are the developer and leading supplier of channel networking. Newly developed Convergence product line allows the integration of SNA and TCP/IP networks.

Condoms 101 Online Catalog
Web Spinners, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Provides an online ordering catalog for ordering condoms as well as T-shirts, cards, posters, and many other items. Warning: large amounts of graphics.

Contessa Dorms, Ltd.
Austin, TX, US
The three best private dorms in the University of Texas area. Home to about 350 students, and offering a real alternative to impersonal, high-rise living.

Conus Communications
Minneapolis, MN, US
The originator of satellite newsgathering. Providing news services to many local television stations throughout the U.S. and internationally. All News Channel seen on the USSB Direct Broadcast Satellite service.

Creative Solutions
VirtuMall New Media Marketing, Cambridge, MA, US
Where you get all that neat little stuff with your company's name on it.

Cross of Christ Lutheran Church
DeSoto, TX, US
Contains location of the church, service times, summer newsletter, talent tally, and a list of what we believe. If you live in DeSoto, or are passing through for business or pleasure, please stop in to worship with us.

CSU San Bernardino, School Of Business and PA
San Bernardino, CA, US
An AACSB accredited business and public administration school at the California State University at San Bernadino.

The Culinary Professional's Resource Center
Van Nostrand Reinhold, New York, NY, US
Van Nostrand Reinhold, publisher at the professional and academic level, provides a central location from which chefs, culinary students, and other food professionals can explore online resources, including bulletin boards, Web sites, and mailing lists.

The CyberENET Network
KAPS, Inc., Berlin, NJ, US
Offering dialup and dedicated Internet access services in 609 and national 800. Offering everything from basic shell accounts to full T1 access. Web services for both individual and company/corporate needs.

CyberSpace Advertising
San Francisco, CA, US
Proudly offering full-service advertising exclusively on the Internet.

Development Dimensions Intl. (DDI), Pittsburgh, PA, USA
The leading provider of training, selection and assessment, and change consulting solutions for high-involvement, dynamic organizations. Book excerpts, conference info, job opportunities, and other information of interest.

Dental Directory Service
Menlo Park, CA, US
Are you looking for a dentist? Are you a dentist looking for a place for a Web page? This is the place.

University of Memphis, Memphis, TN, US
The Web site dedicated to polyester, bell-bottoms, and Bee Gees. Top 100 disco songs, places to visit (additions welcome), a virtual disco ball, and more.

Division of Fishes, National Museum of Natural History
National Museum of Natural History, Washington, DC, US
Providing introductory information about the National Museum of Natural History's research collection and its staff. The pages also have some nice color photographs of marine fishes.

Do You Want To Live Better?
Va. Beach, VA, US
Cell Tech independent distributor home page, describing a better way of living through improved nutrition, describing a great network marketing business opportunity, and describing a line of food products based on Super Blue Green (TM) Algae, and Aphanizomenon flos-aquae.

Documentation Services Inc.
Irving, TX, US
Based upon the idea that documentation can be interesting, readily available, and readable. The primary purpose of DSInc. is to use an efficient method of converting any type of paper documentation to electronic form.

Don Robertson's Internet Marine Marketplace
Don Robertson Yacht Sales, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Dedicated to the needs and interests of people involved in all aspects of boating and the marine industry.

Due South
San Diego, CA, US
Dedicated to the Canadian-made TV series about a mountie and a Chicago cop. Contains sound clips, images and other information about the series. Also contains links to other related pages.

Dylan's Windows 95
College Park, MD, US
Software includes utilities, games, add-ons, applications, Winsock programs. Information includes FAQS, reviews, benchmarks, tips and tricks. Other Win95 pages include Microsoft and other unofficial pages.

East View Publications
Minneapolis, MN, US
Information resources (newspapers, journals, books, maps, and more) from Russia and the newly independent states of the former Soviet Union.

Editel, bulletin litteraire
L'Editicien, Longueuil, Canada
French self-publishing of autonomous authors and newsletter for the French-speaking world.

Education: Prevention of Youth Problems & Promotion of Nurturing Children
Texas Youth Commission's Office of Prevention, Austin, TX, US
The first government office entirely dedicated to the prevention of youth problems through the promotion of nurturing children now has an electronic index to over 200 successful prevention programs for youth.

Educational Software Cooperative (ESC)
Granada Hills, CA, US
Educational shareware, information, links to points of interest.

eduMall Corporation
Tucson, AZ, US
The Web mall with everything in education. Mall locations include Mall Central for mall events, freebies, the Learning Center, Bookstore, Administrator's Connection, Campus Shops, Stadium, and Kiosk.

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Information about electrogastrography and gastric electrical activity. It provides a free forum for the researchers in the area and is not designed to serve as a medical advisory of any kind.

Electronic Design Automation Companies
Internet Business Systems, Mountain View, CA, US
Fostering communication and cooperation between EDA companies, customers, and stakeholders, driving solutions to industry-wide problems. Membership consists of over 50 companies which account for a majority of all international EDA revenues.

ELEK-TEK, Inc. - Your Online Computer Superstore
Chicago, IL, US
Carrying over 8,000 products from nationally-branded manufacturers like Apple, IBM, Compaq, Hewlett-Packard, Lotus, Microsoft and Novell -- in stock and discounted everyday.

Energy Source
Iris Communications, Inc., Eugene, OR, US
The site is dedicated to information that helps people save energy and natural resources during building construction. Information includes a newsletter, product databases, and the complete Energy Source catalog.

ERIC Clearinghouse for Social Studies/Social Science Education
Bloomington, IN, US
Offers the public information on social studies education, including descriptions of services and links to valuable Internet resources for social studies education. Submit comments and questions to the staff.

Euthanasia World Directory
Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization, Eugene, OR, US
A listing of every right-to-die organization in the world. All are nonprofits. Includes contact persons, phones, fax and emails. Regularly updated.

Everybody's Store
Bellingham, WA, US
An extention of a historical general store in Deming, Wash. Ecclectic mix of goods for sale.

The Exotic Automobile Virtual Showroom
Virtual Marketing Corp., Louisville, KY, US
Featuring virtual tours of over 200 motorcars for sale internationally. Lamborghini, Porsche, Rolls Royce, even race cars. Email directly to the salesperson for further info.

Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau
Fairbanks, AK, US
Events calendar, travel opportunities and information from the Fairbanks Convention and Visitors Bureau and PolarNet, Inc.

Family Law Advisor
Law Offices of Sharyn T. Sooho, Newton, MA, US
Divorce lawyers tell all. Online monthly newsletter addressing custody, visitation, alimony, child support, property division, domestic abuse, and other domestic relations areas.

FiberCorp, Inc.
FiberCorp International, Inc., Delray Beach, FL, US
Sells online systems to monitor telecommunications transmission networks and battery facilities. Answering all your network and battery monitoring questions.

Filiera Carne
Essepiesse srl, Milano, Mi, Italy
The most important Italian magazine that deals with meat and processed meat industry and products.

Film International Magazine
Global Publishing Group, San Ramon, CA, US
An informative quarterly English magazine focusing on the Persian film industry. Topics covered include movie news, reviews, and commentaries.

Finance Department at the Univ. (COBA)
Tampa, FL, US
Provides information on Finance degree programs, faculty information and current research, and links to other finance-related Web pages.

Finisar Corporation
OnlineFocus Company, Palo Alto, CA, US
A world leader in gigabit data networks, and produces high-speed fiber optic data links, network products and gigabit link analyzers.

Fish Interactive
Pasadena, CA, US
Offers quality services including Web site development, commercial Internet setup and training, Internet ads and marketing, Net consulting, and more. Specializing in Web development tools.

Flags by Claudia
Albany, NY, US
Manufactures and markets unique, original, high quality decorative flags and banners for all occasions. More than 130 designs are available for home or office.

Florida Lottery Goes MLM
MLM Winner, Las Vegas, NV, US
Be a part of the group, or just join and play with everyone else. Minimum jackpot every week is $8 million. Legal in every state. No lottery tickets cross state or international borders.

For Sale By Owner
Wild Hare Productions, Portland, OR, US
An online interactive complete classifieds department dedicated exclusively to those individuals of the world who wish to sell or buy any item.

Fort Kent Community High School
Fort Kent, ME, US
One of the first secondary schools in Maine to be on the Web.

Full Disclosure
Superior Broadcasting Company, Oil City, PA, US
All about privacy surveillance, technology, and government. Newsletter, articles, online catalog, radio program, and more.

Ganson Engineering, Inc.
Woodinville, WA, US
Provides simple solutions for all printing applications. We sell high-quality, high-volume laser, line, and matrix printers, as well as interfaces to connect any printer to any network or computer.

University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD, US
Involved in clinical research with a focus on prevention of cardiovascular disease. Areas of interest are peripheral arterial disease, congestive heart failure, obesity, diabetes, lipid disorders and energy expenditure as a function of age.

GroupWorks - Free 30-day trial
Hyperdesk Corp., Westboro, MA, US
The world's first personal groupware. Assign tasks, create meetings, create online discussions, create online address books, and review documents online.

Grove Creek Observatory
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Features CCD images online and other astronomy resources, including information on astronomy tours to Australia.

Grupo Inter-Industrial
Pixelnet, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Management services, real estate, and industrial services in Mexico.

Gulf War Veteran Resource Pages
Ides Communications Group, Inc., Libertyville, IL, US
The GWVRP provide information geared to the needs of Persian Gulf War veterans suffering symptoms of Gulf War Syndrome, including news, research reports, FAQs, photos and information on and links to Gulf War veteran organizations and government agencies.

Harry Chapin Fan Page
Wichita, KS, US
Dedicated to the late performer and folk singer, Harry Chapin. Includes biography, song lyrics and sound clips.

Hawaii Virtual Village Mall
Inter-Pac, Hilo, HI, US
Hosting Web sites for businesses at very reasonable rates. Also providing e-mall advertising.

Hillsboro, North Dakota
Hillsboro Public School System and Hansen Software, Hillsboro, ND, US
Information about Hillsboro, and the companies located there. The official location of the Hansen Software home page; also other links to look at.

How to Publish on the Internet, by Andrew Fry and David Paul
Warner Books and Time Warner Electronic Publications, New York, NY, US
Introduction to a comprehensive new book on Web publishing. The site contains an excerpt from the book, reviews of HTML editors, and links to Web publishing resources.

Human Memory Extension
Analysis and Simulation, Inc. (AnSim), Buffalo, NY, US
Working on context-based associative information retrieval systems, based on Human Memory Extension principles and using 3-D information representation. Downloadable prototype.

Hycomb Communications
San Francisco, CA, US
Whether you need a single brochure or a comprehensive marketing system, you can depend on Hycomb Communications to help you reach the goals you've set for yourself.

Iberdrola: Powering The Future
Bilbao, Spain
One of most important electric utilities from Spain, offers information about the company.

IBM SP User Group
Ithaca, NY, US
Designed for users of the IBM POWERparallel SP system to share their knowledge and get help in an open forum with other SP Users.

Intercontinental Marketing Company, Phoenix, AZ, US
Provides small businesses a place to advertise and market their products/services at a reasonable rate. Web Page design including HTML, perl, etc. is also available.

The Illinois Shakespeare Festival
College of Fine Arts at Illinois State Univ., Normal, IL, US
Featuring information about the current season and other events surrounding the Festival. It also is a site for research into Shakespeare's plays with articles taken from the Festival's lectures and program guides.

Indianapolis Real Estate Showroom
Indianapolis, IN, US
Provides listings of homes for sale in the Indianapolis area.

The Indianapolis Register
Indianapolis, IN, US
A comprehensive guide covering the people, events, arts, and info on the greater Indianapolis area.

Information Headquarters for the Republican Presidential Primary
UMR, Rolla, MO, US
Provides information about all major candidates including links to House and Senate Bills submitted by candidates, speeches made on the floor of the House and Senate, links to Time/Warner articles, announcement speeches, biographies, and pictures of candidates.

Information Solutions Center, Inc.
SpectraCom, Inc., Milwaukee, WI, US
At I/MSC our goal is to provide a complete array of products and services to meet our clients' needs pertaining to CAD. We are committed to exceeding their expectations by providing only the highest level of quality products, service, professional expertise and cost-effective solutions.

Infovantage Consulting Services
Ballston Spa, NY, US
HTML publishing, system design, application development and Internet applications consultants.

InnerSense International
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Manufactures and distributes the finest-quality food concentrate products in the world. The technology that has kept Asians well for thousands of years is now available from Canada.

Institute for Local Government Administration and Rural Development
ILGARD - Ohio University, Athens, OH, US
Conducts applied research and provides technical assistance to area communities and the state to enhance development efforts and improve the efficiency of governmental operations.

Interactive Services Association
Silver Spring, MD, US
The ISA is the oldest trade association representing companies involved in the delivery of personal interactive services to consumers. The association's six councils focus on areas such as online and Internet, interactive marketing and television, and more.

Interfraternity Council of Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA, US
The governing organization for all fraternities at Virginia Tech.

Internet Learning Center
O&E Online, Livonia, MI, US
A collection of columns on the Internet written by Emory Daniels plus other Internet links to Pat Crispen, Odd de Presno, an HTML guide, Unix reference center, Web tools, and more.

Internet Protocol Consulting & Training
Portland, OR, US
Offering a wide array of computer services, including Internet training and consulting, Web server hosting, home page authoring and, customized Internet seminars. Provides a list of business-related resources.

Inter-Pacific Networks Home Page & Virtual Mall
Hilo, HI, US
Located on the beautiful Big Island of Hawaii in the town of Hilo, Inter-Pacific Network Services is one of the premiere Internet service providers.

Islamic Server
Muslim Students Association at USC, Los Angeles, CA, US
A database of Islamic reference materials that should go a long way toward educating non-Muslims about Islam, the fastest-growing major religion in the world today. Includes extensive Qur'an and Hadith collections.

ISO Easy
Middletown, NJ, US
Dedicated to helping organizations understand and implement the ISO 9000 model for quality assurance.

Israel Real Estate Online
Think First Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel
The first Israel real estate Web on the Internet. Interactive.

IWL Internet Services
IWL Communications, Inc., Friendswood, TX, US
A diversified telecommunications company providing Internet access and services to individual, commercial, and corporate accounts.

Jet Aircraft Consulting
Plano, TX, US
Consulting service to general aviation. Aircraft consulting, repair station, and charter service setup. International FAA repair station setup a specialty.

Muller Machine, San Luis Obispo, CA, US
This site is for kart racing in the U.S. FAQs, tech info, press releases, race schedules, and manufacturers. Kart racing starts here.

Kennedy Associates
Richmond, CA, US
Provides environmental management services for small businesses for a variety of compliance issues.

Kitchen Cabinetmaking
Rideau Cabinets, Russell, Ontario, Canada
A small kitchen cabinetmaking and renovation contractor that has recently published a manual on kitchen cabinetmaking for the do-it-yourselfers or those who want to start a full- or part-time business.

Law Offices of Sharyn T. Sooho
Newton, MA, US
Family law practitioners addressing custody, visitation, alimony, child support, property division, domestic abuse, and other domestic relations areas.

Leonard N. Stern School of Business, NYU
New York Univ., New York City, NY, US
Stern is one of the world's leading business schools. It has one the most modern facilities and innovative programs of study in the field of management education.

Linda Hall Library
Kansas City, MO, US
An independent research library of science, engineering and technology. A link to the online catalog, Leonardo; includes document request forms; and has pointers to science, technology and engineering sites.

Mac Internet Applications
Napa, CA, US
This is a list of hypertext pointers to the most needed Mac Internet applications.

Magellan University
Tucson, AZ, US
The future of education: delivering outstanding faculty on CD-ROM, and providing high levels of student interaction over the Net. Magellan serves high-quality undergraduate and graduate education.

Master Calendar of Junior Committee Charity Events
New York, NY, US
Charity begins at one's home page. Enter here for the master calendar of Junior Committee Charity Events in New York.

Medical Industry Capital Equipment Market Reports
Lincroft, NJ, US
Conducts research in patient monitoring and info systems markets in the US and worldwide, and publishes these directly and through third parties.

Medical Leasing Opportunities
CMC Lease, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
Specializing in medical equipment leasing for doctors with damaged credit. Also "A" credit leasing. A comprehensive training program for brokers to use our system or for people wishing to enter the medical leasing field.

Mega Internet Shopping List
Napa, CA, US
Do you want to shop over the Internet? If so, take a look at this page, which includes pointers to dozens of Internet shopping resources.

The Merrow Report
Learning Matters, Inc., New York, NY, US
A quarterly PBS documentary series about children and education. Use the buttons under the descriptions of each show to download video clips, transcripts and viewer guides of our award-winning investigative reporting.

Mick Taylor/Rolling Stones WebSource
gary@interport.net, New York City, NY, US
Everything Mick Taylor, including his time as the Rolling Stones' lead guitarist, 1969-74.

Milestone Superstore Wine Gift Service
Rosetta Milestone Ltd., London, England
The Wine Gift Company can send a bottle, gift-wrapped to nearly anywhere in the world. When you are tired of flowers or had as much chocolate as you can take, try sending a bottle of Vintage Dom Perignon 1986.

Molecular and Medical Genetics
Dept. of Mol. and Med. Genetics, Univ. of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A catalog of the research and faculty of the department of Molecular and Medical Genetics at the University of Toronto. Graduate school application information is also included.

The Monk Page
Eugene, OR, US
A private page compiling information on monasteries, monasticism, and related subjects. In addition, it is the gateway to the world for Harkin Ski Enterprises, (wax bench builders for nordic skis).

Moto online
Essepiesse srl, Milano, Mi, Italy
Magazine about morcycles with database to put free advertising announcements.

Dayton, OH, US
The nation's largest photo imaging franchise is seeking franchise partners to join their rapidly growing 450-store network. The site includes background information as well as instructions on how to obtain a franchise information package.

Movie, de Interactieve Filmgids
GlobalXS, Rotterdam, Holland
Movie info in Dutch. Updated weekly.

MULTINET Media Solutions
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The ISP serving commercial enterprises. A consortium of technology and service companies, each an industry leader, with complementary products, skills and experience.

Mystic Castle
Campbell, CA, US
Mail-order games and gaming supplies, featuring CCGs, Magic: The Gathering, Ultimate Combat!, and many more.

Napoleon (Internet services)
Bloomington, IN, US
For one low package price, we'll write, design, and implement your Web pages, advertise and market them, and design unique services for your company or organization.

National Budget Simulator
Berkeley, CA, US
Allows Internet users to balance the budget online and see graphs of the results. A project of the Center for Community Economic Research.

The National Debt
Gene Greer, Portland, OR, US
The national debt is skyrocketing and threatens the very survival of our nation. Several places have been established on the Web to fight this threat, and my deficit pages are part of that fight. Join us.

National Park Service
Denver, CO, US
Information to a variety of areas can be accessed. For example, preparing for a park visit, specific park information, and different park service programs for the public.

Natural Progesterone and Women's Health
Health & Science, Crawforville, FL, US
A guide to understanding and controlling weight, PMS, fertility, menopause, osteoporosis irritability, mood swings and other antagonists to women's health and well being.

The NBA Finals Live Scoreboard
The Cyberspace Connection, The Woodlands, TX, US
Just because the playoffs are over doesn't mean basketball has ended. Starting June 7 giving you up-to-the-minute scores from the NBA Finals as they are being played.

NetMarquee Business Information NetCenters
NetMarquee Online Services Inc., Needham, MA, US
The business resource site for executives of emerging and family businesses. Search for articles as well as exchange information with other executives and experts via NetMarquee's forums.

Netwest Communications, Inc.
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Providing high quality Internet access with emphasis on the support and education of local users. The main office is located in Scottsdale, Ariz.

New Files For The Cyberpunk 2020 and Mekton II RPGs
York Univ. Physics and Astronomy Dept., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A home page with original files for the Cyberpunk 2020 and Mekton II RPGs. Also contains links to other Anime and RPG links.

New Jersey Hot Spots
Blue Planet Publishing Inc., Metuchen, NJ, US
Listings of NJ businesses, universities, sites of local interest, and more. Provided as a service by Blue Planet Publishing.

New York Breath Center
New York, NY, US
A new Web page describing the causes and how to deal with the health and dentistry problem known as halitosis or bad breath.

Newman Centers/ Catholic Student Organizations
The Newman Center at Caltech, Pasadena, CA, US
A list of Newman Centers and other Catholic student organizations that have Web connections, mostly in the U.S. and some in Europe.

NJ SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management)
East Brunswick, NJ, US
Developed as a "gateway" for human resource practitioners to explore the Internet for useful tools in their day-to-day activities.

Long Island, NY, US
A Long Island-based page that offers info on Long Island and the New York area. The NYnet Mall offers online shopping. There is also a Harley Davidson page, a huge sports links page, and an anti-censorship page.

Official Maui, Hawaii Weather
Maui Institute, Maui, HI, US
All the weather info you want and need for Maui, Hawaii.

Ontario Mountain Biking Pages
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
These pages summarize as much information as possible about mountain biking in Ontario.

Oregon Wines
Portland, OR, US
Represents a wonderful diversity of types and styles consistent with the best wine regions of the world. The five diverse regions of Oregon allow a wide variety of grapes to be grown and many diverse wines are the result.

OS/2 "Must Have" Utility List
Gary Hammer, Atlanta, GA, US
A list of must have utilities for OS/2. All have been nominated by users of various OS/2 newsgroups, and have been FTP'd and tested for usefulness. Links to Hobbes, CDROM, and Leo for easy ftp of these files. Updated weekly.

Ottawa Tourist: Strawberry Fields
InterAccess Technology Corp., Nepean, Ontario, Canada
It's berry picking time in Ottawa. Find the best locations to pick your own, then try them out in some wonderful recipes.

Outdoors OnLine, Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
Containing the Web's largest pool of outdoor information, you can choose from fishing and hunting magazines, outdoor organizations, guides and outfitters, and many other topics.

OZ Associates
Littleton, MA, US
Provides technical consulting and resources in radar systems, scientific programming for Macintosh, computer graphics, and Web pages. Examples of graphics and freeware, including ray-traced images.

OZ Inc.
Reykjavik, Iceland
A multimedia development and computer graphics animation company. Making virtual worlds and interactive CD-ROMs.

Pacific Bridge Arts
San Francisco, CA, US
Explores the cultural interaction of Asia (Japan and China) and the U.S. PBA topics include music, tea, incense, food, calligraphy, herbal medicine, tai chi and acupuncture.

Pathology: Univ. of Nottingham Medical School
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire (NG7 2UH), UK
Links to medical and pathology sites, mirrors of some US pathology resources, pathology journal current contents, €histotechnology laboratory protocols, local information and more.

People's Bank
Bridgeport, CT, US
The largest independent bank headquartered in Connecticut. Stop by to learn about our products and services, earnings, employment opportunities and exciting events in Connecticut.

Ron Brown, Bountiful, UT, US
Graphic photography and electronic illustration by Ron Brown. In the 15 years that I have been in the business I have never missed a deadline and have always been on budget. My photographs have appeared in Calif. Photography Annual.

Pittsburgh Chamber Music Society
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Presenting a series of six chamber music concerts featuring world-acclaimed chamber ensembles.

The Poetry Garden Project
Gurnee, IL, US
A site which combines poetry and images to create a virtual garden.

The Prairie Paddling Company - Sea Kayaking
Calgary, AB, Canada
Offers fully-guided sea kayaking tours of Desolation Sound Marine Park (British Columbia) and Baja California (Mexico) for both novice and more experienced kayakers.

Praxis International - The Data Warehouse Company
Cambridge, MA, US
A leading provider of high-performance software products and consulting services for all aspects of data warehousing applications.

Prepaid & Collectible Phone Cards
Wild Hare Productions, Portland, OR, US
Containing all of the information you've ever wanted on prepaid, rechargeable and collectible phone cards. Many digital-photo images of collectible phone cards available and links to other Internet sites.

Preservation Action Council of San Jose
San Jose, CA, US
A non-profit organization working to preserve historic resources in San Jose. This Web page includes information on historic San Jose and links to other preservation resources.

Proteus Hyperbaric Systems
Hyperbaric Chamber Systems and Management, Thousand Oaks, CA, US
At the cutting edge of medical technology with Proteus III Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy chambers. One of the largest and most informative medical technology sites on the Web.

Protocol Communications, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN, US
Internet for industry. Internet starting points and a mall of business products and services. Includes information about Protocol Communications, Inc. Internet access services.

Quick Guide to Atlanta in '96
J.W. Grooms, Atlanta, GA, US
Easy-to-use site providing the lastest information concerning the Atlanta summer games, held during July and August 1996. Information includes tickets, places to stay, and much more. Please pay us a visit.

Radiotron Computer Solutions
North York, Ontario, Canada
Reseller/distributor of interactive adult CD-ROM titles. Complete IBM PC clone, Compaq and IBM computers. Many links to other adult related resources on the Net.

Red Star Station
Vienna, VA, US
A fantasy/sci-fi world created by a group of creative artists that include writers, computer artists and musicians. Join the fun, be creative.

The Resource Center for Growing Companies
The Benjamin Group, Mercer Island, WA, US
The home of the online version of Creative Edge meets the bottom line (tm), a newsletter publication for small business that is "the information link to creative and useful ideas for growing companies."

Riverland Networks
Erichem, Netherlands
Let us know who you are and win a Psion S3A.

Rock Online Inc.
Music site featuring college music. Major label and independent artist pages. Mosh Pit Web Chat and the WNYU College Radio Forum. Specially scheduled guest recording artists that you can chat with.

Rockwell Announces Electronic Employment Application
Rockwell, Seal Beach, CA, US
An electronic employment application system that makes it possible for multiple Rockwell divisions to review your qualifications against current and future job openings.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show Page
Ann Arbor, MI, US
A page all about the Rocky Horror Picture Show. Very cool.

The Roommate Connection of Boston
Boston, MA, US
One of America's oldest and largest roommate referral networks. Serving the greater Boston metropolitan area. Register before you arrive to save time and money.

Sacred Earth Film Productions
Sacred Earth Film Productions ©1995 and CyberSight, Portland, OR, US
Presents time-lapse photography of western landscapes with Native American music by Robert Tree Cody and R. Carlos Nakai. Designed for hospitals to help patients relax into a state that allows the healing process to occur more easily.

The Saratoga Travel Guide
Infovantage Consulting Services, Ballston Spa, NY, US
A comprehensive guide to the attractions of the Saratoga region of New York state.

Screens and Paintings by Karen Combs
Bloomington, IN, US
Combs' wild and spirited artwork is now available, for sale and viewing, on the Web. Currently featuring large screens (painted and collaged) and smaller painted works.

Seanet Classifieds
Seattle, WA, US
Looking to buy or sell? The Seanet classifieds are the place to run your ad.

Searight Corporation Ltd. - Technology Transfer
St. John's, New Foundland, Canada
The technology transfer agency of Memorial Univ. of Newfoundland. Areas of expertise are information technology, biotechnology, marine sciences, aquaculture, environmental sciences, and engineering.

SHK Foods' Guide to Pre-cooked Bacon
Madison, WI, US
Take a trip through the enchanting world of hog slaughters and pork bellies with SHK Foods, who are offering pre-cooked bacon. Learn about and order their products.

Singapore Obstetrics and Gynecology Web
Singapore Women's & Children's Hospital, Singapore
An Internet resource providing information on obstetrics and gynecology to patients, public and health care personnel.

SkiCard International
Boulder, CO, US
Discount ski and snowboard tickets, vacation packages, lodging and equipment.

Inn-formation Systems, Inc., Telluride, CO, US
An Internet directory for winter enthusiasts. SnowNet provides information on skiing, snowboarding, winter activities, classifieds, and a whole lot more.

Soft Wear by ColorTech
ColorTech, Kokomo, IN, US
Design your own T-shirt or choose from our growing collection of designs. Chance to win a free shirt. Sweat shirts, E-Mail coffee mugs, custom surgical scrubs and more.

SoftKey International Home Page
Cambridge, MA, US
A leading electronic publisher of consumer software. Titles include some of the most prestigious names in publishing and entertainment.

SoundWave Technologies
New York City, NY, US
Professional audio industry guide serving dealers, manufacturers and audio professionals.

South Central Nebraska Czech Festival
Hastings, NE, US
Held annually in Hastings, Nebraska. The event features authentic ethnic food, fashions, dancing, and music. Admission is free. Held this year on Saturday, June 10.

Southpointe Condominiums on Maui
Schuler Realty/Maui Inc., Maui, HI, US
New fee simple two-bedroom, one-bathroom condominiums starting at $120,000. Just steps away from Maui's best windsurfing location.

The Zweblo Underground Fan Cult, Lancaster, PA, US
An online, free-form magazine of the strange and creative.

Stafford Home and Commercial Fitness
Stafford Sports, Inc., Missoula, MT, US
Providing western Montana and northern Idaho with the finest quality home and commercial exercise equipment available in the states, along with installation and support services.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Virtual store for showbiz software, serving film and TV productions all over the world with software and technical support.

Stardust Resort and Casino
Boyd Gaming Property, Las Vegas, NV, US
This home page will describe the Stardust and also offer online reservations and slot club memberships also it will in the near future offer links to other Boyd Gaming Properties.

Sustainable Development Networking Programme-Indonesia Homepage
Jakarta, Indonesian
Provides a myriad of information about sustainable development and the environment in Indonesia. We also link to other resources in Indonesia and other sites on the Internet.

Suzanne Vega
AGF Entertainment, New York, NY, US
One of the largest Web sites dedicated to one musician. It contains biographies, profiles, interviews, a discography, bibliography, lyrics, images, sound, a fanzine and a bulletin board.

The T'ai Chi Connection
North Winds Trading Company Ltd., Victoria, BC, Canada
A page dedicated to the teachings of Master T. T. Liang. Offering quotes, stories, books and videos about Liang and other prominent teachers.

Technology Transfer
Univ. of Tennessee Research Corporation, Knoxville, TN, US
The U.T. Research Corporation offers new and innovative technologies to commercial interests for development and financial gain. Search the list of abstracts, or browse through the entire list.

Telecom Engineering, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
Dept. of Communication and Elec. Engineering, RMIT, Melbourne, Australia
Secure you future through leadership in telecommunications. This page details three postgraduate courses in telecommunication engineering, offered by the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, a great Australian University.

T.E.M - Australian sites
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Find out exciting things happening there. Besides online purchasing of mostly useful products, you can unfold the mystery of high quality at surprisingly low amounts. It's best from Far East and Down Under.

Thayer Technologies, Inc.
Phoenix, AZ, US
Includes a monthly Websurfer newsletter, The Stick, with a giant list of Web sites each month, plus the Dynamite Site of the Nite and other features.

Tibet Current Affairs
Coombs Computing Unit, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia
Tibetan current affairs analyses, human-rights reports and news bulletins prepared by TIN - Tibet Information Network. Coverage: 1993 - present. Part of the Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library and of the Tibetan Studies WWW Virtual Library.

The Time Machine Motion Picture Special Effects
American Time Lapse, Chicago, IL, US
Amazing time-lapse cinematography from the archives at American Time Lapse. Free downloadable special effects shots. Behind-the-scenes snapshots. Film, video and television productions.

Tom Moore's Compact Disc Reviews
Princeton, NJ, US
Reviews of recordings of classical music (Renaissance, baroque and classical periods).

InterNetwork Publishing Corp., Boca Raton, FL, US
A guide to recreational activities. Currently there is information about every U.S. ski area and a guide to Key West. Information about golf, tennis, and scuba is on the way.

TSD Central
TSDX Corporation, Golden, CO, US
Provides a centralized location for companies looking to purchase hazardous waste disposal services: including treatment, disposal, recycling, transportation, analytical, and cleanup technologies.

Tutto Dolce
Essepiesse srl, Milano, Italy
Online edition of the most important Italian magazine that deals about confectionary industries and products.

The Two Towers LPmud
The Valar, Stanford, CA, US
The only full-featured LPmud based upon the works of J.R.R. Tolkien. Dedicated to an exciting and challenging role-playing experience for the discriminating mudder and Tolkien aficionado.

The Uncanny X-Mush
An online role-playing game based in the world of Marvel's X-Men. Information on Mushes in general, as well as specifics on how to join this game, including links to other online X-Men resources.

Univ. of Missouri-Columbia Health Sciences Center
Columbia, MO, US
Representing the Univ. of Missouri-Columbia Schools of Medicine, nursing and health related professions, the College of Veterinary medicine, the medical informatics group, Univ. hospitals and clinics, and the J.Otto Lottes health sciences library.

Using the Internet for Institutional Research
George Mason Univ., Office of Institutional Planning and Research, Fairfax, VA, US
Offers ongoing annotated review of links for institutional research and planning and higher education research, including links to feds, SHEEOs, and associations.

Vigilant Capitol Corporation
Virginia Beach, VA, US
Purchase of real estate, marketable securities, and precious metals.

Virginia Newspaper Project
Charlottesville, VA, US
An NEH-funded project to locate, identify and preserve American newspapers housed in Virginia libraries.

Virtus Corporation
Cary, NC, US
Product information for Virtus' award-winning software. Demo apps, shareware and freeware virtual reality programs can be downloaded. Press releases, technical support and the Model of the Month contest.

Deerfield Beach, FL, US
A full-service Web provider: from content creation, graphics design, animation to full motion video. Site traffic generated by national television programming.

A VR Interface - Seattle's Premier Listings
Seattle, WA, US
Do you want to know things? J&B on the rocks. Handful of sand. In the end, A VR interface. This is not an exit.

Watkins Products
Bloomington, IL, US
The oldest direct sales company in the U.S. Offering quality food products, economical and environmentally friendly household products, natural personal care products, and effective health essentials.

WebChat Broadcasting System (WBS)
Internet Roundtable Society, Menlo Park, CA, US
Live chat for Usenet newsgroups is here on the Web. Participation is free.

The Wedding Source
PEP, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
An inclusive network of wedding-related topics and information giving you what you want, when you want it.

Welcome to Italy by Massimo Tonelli
DO it srl, Genoa, Italy
An update guide for your holidays in Italy, created for the Web by DO it srl.

Wellspring Media
New York, NY, US
Tools for a healthy mind, body, and spirit. We are working hard to find challenging, intriguing, entertaining information that will help you keep your life in harmonious balance.

Whitewater Adventures In Maine
Greenville, ME, US
Explore Maine's whitewater wilderness on your next vacation by raft, kayak or canoe with a guide from Eastern River Expeditions.

Working Software, Inc.
Santa Cruz, CA, US
A 10-year-old publisher of application and utility software products for Windows, DOS and Macintosh computers.

World's First Dinosaur Skeleton
UBIX Information Services, Haddonfield, NJ, US
A background and reference resource for news reporters and other professionals writing about the famous site in Haddonfield, New Jersey, where the world's first dinosaur skeleton was excavated in 1858.

WRENet - World Real Estate Network
Scotts Valley, CA, US
The most powerful real estate search utility on the Internet today. Residential, commercial, industrial, commercial investment, ranch, land, and resort properties.

Denver, CO, US
An online directory for the advertising, marketing and public relations industries. The directory includes portfolios from photographers and illustrators, articles from trade journals, media rates from print and broadcast vehicles, etc.

Wednesday, 14 June 1995

4-Sight, L.C.
West Des Moines, IA, US
Considered to be the global leader in network fax and ISDN software for a variety of network and prepress markets.

Grand Rapids, MI, US
Audio Broadcast Group is a dealer of broadcast, recording, computing and communications products to communications companies and studios.

Accelerated Media
Seattle, WA, US
Featuring new online magazines pertaining to Pacific Northwest activities.

All Travel
Los Angeles, CA, US
A full-service travel agency specializing in all aspects of leisure and business travel. Knowledge and personalized service are our most important products.

The Amazing Hot Nut Machine
Kranna Distributors, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A business opportunity with the machine as your silent salesperson.

Amazing HTML Feats
Multimedia Resource Corp., New York, NY, US
Amazing feats with level 3 HTML using server pushes. Feel free to copy. Brought to you by Multimedia Resource Corp.

American Power Conversion (APC)
West Kingston, RI, US
The world's most reliable power protection. Keep your workstation, network, or datacenter up and running, and your data safe with APC SurgeArrest, Back-UPS, Smart-UPS, Matrix-UPS and power management software.

Ames Commercial Technology Electronic Network
NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA, US
Part of an aggressive NASA-wide effort to provide an information superhighway from NASA's laboratories to your desktop. Provides a wide range of innovative services in support of technology commercialization.

Andrew Jansen Productions
Orlando, FL, US
Steadicam service to film and video industry with clients and credits including ABC, BBC, BET, TBS, PBS, and more. Including music videos, feature films, and corporate videos.

Another Place In Cyber Space
Minneapolis, MN, US
A private Web page run by and for law students. A work in progress.

Anti-Aging Skincare Online
Toronto, ONTARIO, Canada
Introducing Cellex-C Complex, a skincare product so revolutionary that by all indications it may soon be hailed as the skincare breakthrough of the century.

Apprentice "How-To" Videos
Kingdom Strategies, Ocala, FL, US
Offers over 3,000 "how-to", instructional, and special interest videos covering topics you never thought would be on video. Most of our videos are difficult to find at any local video outlet.

ASP Surfing World Tour
Association of Surfing Professionals, Huntington Beach, CA, US
Includes up-to-date contest results from around the world, surfers' profiles, news, and a photo album with the best surfing photographers: Aaron Chang and Peter Wilson.

Atom Sources
Tallahassee, FL, US
Describes the operation of electron stimulated desorption (ESD) neutral atom sources. These sources are used to conduct cutting-edge materials research in ultra-high vacuum (UHV) systems.

Bancarella Libri Online
Trieste, Italy
More than 290,000 titles in Italian at your disposal, plus a brief history of the city.

Batavia Custom Travel
Batavia, IL, US
An adventure travel specialist. We currently offer English Wanderer walking tours of the British Isles, with African Safaris and our Heavenly Honeymoon registration program coming soon.

BCRI--BC Research Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A private, for-profit corporation focussed in a number of key areas: biotechnology, environment, clean fuels, advanced transportation systems, ergonomics, forestry, ocean engineering and more.

Bed and Breakfast Online
Proton Palace Professional, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Canada's most complete bed and breakfast Web server.

Belgasoft Index Main
Pleasanton, CA, US
Home page of Belgasoft with links to travelogue, eco-travel services, Belgium, and an art gallery.

The BioScience Digest
Core Communications Ltd., Brighton, UK
A free magazine for bioscientists with mirrored Web pages is available. Topics include biotechnology, diagnostics, life sciences research, molecular biology and scientific software.

BioSystems Analysis Obsidian Studies Laboratory
BioSystems Analysis, Inc., Santa Cruz, CA, US
The obsidian studies laboratory at BioSystems Analysis provides trace element characterization ("sourcing") and hydration dating analyses of obsidian artifacts and geologic samples.

Boating Publishers' Marine Network
Orcas Island, WA, US
One of the largest databases of marine related products and services, including boats with detailed descriptions, color pictures all easily found with search forms.

The Bodyguard Home Page
Int'l. Assoc. of Personal Protection Specialists, Silicon Valley, CA, US
Links to the IAPPS FTP site, and to other public safety, intelligence, investigative and self-defense links on the Web. Information for the protective service professional, as well as the general public.

BookPage Online Web
ProMotion Inc., Market Partners Int'l. and The Idea Logical Co., Nashville, TN, US
Provides intelligent navigation to book information in cyberspace. In addition to providing the most comprehensive lists of booksellers and publishers on the Internet, we offer detailed evaluations of each site.

Books from Cyberspace
Griffin Communications, Dallas, TX, US
Hardcover books featured in the current NY Times Book Review. These books are sold at 20% off the cover price, and are shipped anywhere in the world.

British Books - Signed First Editions
Livewire Ltd., London, England, UK
Some of the most interesting new British books as they are published, including many signed first editions. Can also supply any British book in print.

Bruning Engineering, Inc.,
Manufacturers Information Net, Vista, CA, US
One of the first EDM job shops on the west coast. In our 33 years in business we have become increasingly specialized. The porting of hydraulic sleeves is our only business.

Buckman School Penny Web
Buckman Elementary School, Portland, OR, US
Guess the number of pennies in the jar. Students at Buckman Elementary School in Portland have been collecting pennies all year as part of a fundraiser. The answer closest to the actual number will win a travel mug. Deadline: June 15.

Business Edge Software for Macintosh Real Estate
Newport Beach, CA, US
Produces the finest software for real estate professionals on the Macintosh platform. We have software available for realtors, property management, investment analysts and mortgage brokers.

Cindy Severa, Elon College, NC, US
An innovative, online approach to Tupperware sales. Economically priced sets and free gift with each order.

Byte It! Magazine
Boston, MA, US
What's cooking in Boston arts, music, film, performance, politics and more. Also looking for writers.

California Travel Parks Association (CTPA)
Worldwide Connect, Danville, CA, US
Over 400 campgrounds in California, Oregon, and Nevada. Search engine provided to find a campground based on accommodations, utilities, and recreational facilities.

Callahan & Associates, Inc.
Washington, DC, US
Provides services to credit unions. These services include: CU directories, consulting, quarterly data, yearly data, credit union software, mutual funds, and publications.

Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa
Santa Ana, CA, US
For anybody looking for a Calvary Chapel in their hometown. This page also describes Calvary Chapel's ministry and its objective.

Cape Breton Outdoors Magazine
Snowbound Outdoors, Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada
A positive publication about families, individuals, local events and all types of recreational activities on Cape Breton Island.

CapSoul Reviews -- Unpulped
Steve Alberts, Astoria, NY, US
Underground comics, obscure record reviews, punk rock, inciteful commentary, kooky links, comedic photos, and personality.

Century 21 Ludecke
Monrovia, CA, US
Member of the Los Angeles County Real Estate Forum. From homes to commercial properties you may find what you are looking for.

Charles Lloyd's Universal Livingroom
Artdirect, Santa Barbara, CA, US
The tenor saxophonist on his music, from Post Bop to contemporary recordings.

Charleston, West Virginia
CityNet, Charleston, WV, US
An Internet access provider with information regarding Charleston and the surrounding areas. Find out what's going on and what there is to see.

Chicago Information System
Univ. of Illinois, Chicago, IL, US
CIS provides a wide array of information about the city of Chicago and the greater Chicago area.

Christian Brothers University
Memphis, TN, US
A small private school with a personalized and caring environment where assistance from a dedicated faculty is a reality. A full range of major study programs encompassed in four schools.

Christian Resource List
Agape Europe, San Jose, CA, US
A Christian resource list for people and places, ministries and music on the net.

A Chronicle of Freedom of Expression in Canada
Book and Periodical Council, Toronto, ON, Canada
This site was so popular it had to move. Please make a note of the new URL, and update your links and bookmarks. Many thanks to Electronic Frontier Canada for offering server space.

Clark Public Library
Clark, NJ, US
Includes one of the few guides to New Jersey resources, links to subject guides, information about the library, and more.

Coldwell Banker Redondo Beach
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
From beach-front to homes with views, you may find what you are looking for.

Commodity Traders Advice
Adas International Ltd., Vancouver, B.C., Canada
Access to end-of-day updated quotes and charts on all futures and options commodities traded on U.S. markets, futures market analysis, and specific daily trading recommendations. Agricultural weather, USDA reports.

Competitive Edge Consulting Associates, Inc.
MultiMedia Services, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
CECA is a management consulting practice dedicated to providing competitive solutions for its U.S. and international clients. Also provides temporary employees to the computer hardware and software development industry.

Compliance Solutions, Inc.
Compliance Solutions, Inc., Durango, CO, US
Provides computer solutions to the healthcare manufacturing industry. CSI is also the creator of the full service Web marketing location, the MEDMarket Virtual Industrial Park.

Comport Consulting Corporation
Hawthorne, NJ, US
Offers Web services and a full line of Internet servers based on Digital's Alpha AXP architecture running Unix or Windows/NT. Also selling add-on peripherals, memory, and software.

Connecticut Cat Rescue Web
Scott Panzer, New Haven, CT, US
This site is a resource for people in Connecticut and surrounding areas who are interested in adopting cats or finding homes for stray and unwanted cats.

The Consumer Law Page
The Alexander Law Firm, San Jose, CA, US
Provides articles, brochures and resources on consumer law.

Contraste Canada Inc.
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A consulting firm specializing in large WAN network implementation, networked banking and Internet application development. With representation and offices in Canada and Europe.

Creative Financing Manual
American Institute Of Real Estate Finance, Laguna Niguel, CA, US
How to buy real estate without cash or credit.

CSU Fresno Department of Music
Fresno, CA, US
Includes information on the history, faculty and ensembles of the department at the California State University in Fresno. A schedule of events up soon as well.

Bellevue, WA, US
Don't tell 'em what you've done. Tell 'em what you can do. Resumes that market your skills. Professional quality.

Guilderland, NY, US
CG Enterprises Inc. operates two interlinked Web pages: Cybergates and Webgates, and focuses on helping small business to get on the Web.

Cybermundi-Hurralar Lingua: Spanish Courses
Madrid, Spain
Spanish courses to speakers of other languages in Madrid (during July, August and September). Different levels, native teachers, residences with all the facilities, excursions, cultural activities.

Quelm, Paris, France
The first French electronic magazine, dedicated to cyberculture, and all aspects of new technologies and the information age, in France and Europe. It's bilingual (French/English), interactive, and published monthly.

University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus
Everything you wanted to know about the Republic of Cyprus but you were afraid to ask: its culture, problems, tourism and development, location, events.

Da Kine Hawaiian Kitchen
Kitty Hawk, NC, US
A fast food restaurant in the outer banks serving the finest in Hawaiian, Korean, and Japanese foods.

Dallas Design Initiative
Dallas, TX, US
A non-profit organization committed to promoting, fostering and supporting innovative talent through participation in the Dallas design industries.

Danielle Dane Body Care Products
M. David Lewis Enterprises, Santa Monica, CA, US
We are a family-owned business specializing in the production of high quality vegetable-based soaps. A rich lathering, mild soap infused with herbs and fragrance oils.

Data Products and Services, Inc.
Loveland, CO, US
A full-line distributor of PC/Unix hardware and software. DPS has been in business since 1988.

Dawn's Basket Full of Country
Tampa, FL, US
A collection of country western related pages. Also includes a What's New in country site. A must see for the country music fan.

Daylight Chemical Information Systems, Inc.
Santa Fe, NM, US
Developing and distributing software tools (ToolKits) for building of chemical information systems. Distributing ready-to-go applications as well. Latest product is an addition for handling all aspects of combinatorial chemistry.

dc Information Services
Washington, DC, USA
Provides information on places of historical, cultural and commercial interest in the Washington, DC metro area. We want to educate while entertaining visitors to and residence of a special region of the country.

Deep Visions Artwork
Bloomington, IN, US
Scuba clip art for Mac or PC developed especially for divers, dive shops, and dive clubs. Three collections to fit every need.

The Delphi Connection
Chicago, IL, US
A monthly online magazine for users of the Delphi programming language/environment.

Deus ex Machina
Minneapolis, MN, USA
A science fiction novel featuring computer transistors made of cloned DNA molecules (biochips) that learn to reproduce and evolve as an independent form of life.

Diamond M Outfitters
Pagosa Springs, CO, US
Specializing in big game hunting (archery, rifle, muzzleloader). Hunts are available for deer, elk, and mountain lion (with hounds) in the breathtaking scenic San Juan Mountains.

The Difference with Todd Rundgren
Roger D. Linder, Sacramento, CA, US
The online archives for the weekly syndicated radio program The Difference with Todd Rundgren heard across the US.

Eastside YMCA
Bellevue, WA, US
Information about the YMCA programs available from the greater Seattle Eastside YMCA centers. Focus is on the Parent/Child programs. These programs are available from most YMCA centers across the country -- see this site for more info.

Eco-Travel Services
Oakland, CA, US
A full-service travel agency. This page has links to airfares, tour packages, Spanish language schools, eco-resorts, and Eco-Travel Newsletter.

EDI-TIE, the Net Place For UN/EDIFACT
Hoofddorp, Netherlands
A leading expert and provider of EDI worldwide, has put lots of info on its people, products, services and UN/EDIFACT on the Web.

Effectively Establishing A Presence On The Web
Washington, DC, US
This document is a source of information for people considering publishing material on the Web. It is sponsored by WDCNET, a commercial publishing service.

The Electric Gallery
Falls Church, VA, US
We've added a seventh wing, "Journeys With Adrian Wong Shue." Wong Shue, from Jamaica via China and Brazil, presents fascinating original paintings innovative in subject matter and technique.

Electromedical Products International, Inc.
Mineral Wells, TX, US
A proven leader in the field of electromedicine with more independent research and proven efficacy for immediate and lasting treatment of chronic and acute pain.

e.m.a.N.a.t.e. -- Electronic Marketing and Net Advertising Tech Experts
Woodland Hills, CA, US
A full-service Web consultant and provider. Please see our site for additional information.

Entertainment Law CyberCenter
Internet Entertainment Network, Beverly Hills, CA, US
The source for access to professional legal information and resources in the entertainment industry, from entertainment attorneys to dealmaking opportunities. Includes insiders' tips and dealmaking desk areas.

Networthy Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Project your Cyber-side. Wear an e-shirtz with your email address or URL. Each e-shirtz comes with a matching bumper sticker. Monthly winners in our Top Ten Promises Contest.

Internet Connect Niagara Inc, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
In order to make a splash you need water...what better than the big one himself. We've placed a video camera facing down from the Sheraton Fallsview Hotel to take Live MPEG and JPEG images.

FAME 2010+
Edinburgh, Scotland
A multi-disciplinary team at Edinburgh University, in collaboration with industrial partners, is conducting European Commission DGXII-sponsored study.

FarPoint Technologies, Inc.
Morrisville, NC, US
The leading developer, manufacturer, and distributor of professional custom controls for Windows programming. These award-winning tools benefit corporations, software companies, and independent consultants.

Flames Online Magazine
Steinkrug Publications Ltd., Cambridge, Britain (UK)
Provides reviews, articles, interviews and event coverage for both electronic and printed magazines. Political, social, technical and economic aspects of the Internet market in the UK and the rest of Europe.

France Paris Mission Page
Provo, UT, US
French-English resource for former LDS Church France Paris missionaries; includes reunion dates, history, stories. Aussi, des informations francophones sur l'Eglise de Jesus-Christ des Saints des Derniers Jours.

The Freddie Street Cats Home Page
London, UK
The five cats at Freddie Street offer a cat-zine for other felines across the Web. The feline view on life, love and the pursuit of comfort. Training your human, advice for toms, top ten list and other goodies.

Freehand Network of Independent Magazines
The Freehand, Victoria, BC, Canada
The on-going results of an open invitation to publish on the Web.

French Riviera's Pays de Grasse
aaacom@network wizards, Palo Alto, CA, US
Information on tourism in the French Riviera's Pays de Grasse -- golf, perfume factories, trekking, climbing, etc. The best hotels in Provence-Alpes-Cote d'Azur in France.

Frenetic Screensaver Home Page
Seraline Pty Ltd, Sydney, NSW, Australia
A Windows screensaver which creates an endless variety of colorful graphic abstractions. Contains a gallery of images and download links.

Galaxy Entertainment
Manhattan Beach, CA, US
The Internet Funnies, a weekly showcase featuring some of the funniest rising comedians, located in the "Joke & Show Biz Tip of the Week" section. Also provides entertainment programming, business opportunities, and entertainment information.

GeoSync HomePage
DexTechnologies, Philadelphia, PA, US
The world's first Internet action series, is coming back bigger and better than ever. Beginning June 20, 1995, new episodes will integrate live-action video, animation and audio using QuickTime.

The Godzoriz Homepage
Las Vegas, NV, US
A compendium of interesting places and things to do on the Web, with special interest in things theatrical and Mac-oriented.

Graduate Education in Medical Management
University of Wisconsin-Madison, Madison, WI, US
The nonresidential administrative medicine program at the University of Wisconsin-Madison enables students to continue their professional responsibilities and earnings while completing an advanced degree in medical management.

Greene Rubber Fabrication & Engineering Co.
Woburn, MA, US
A full-service rubber fabrication and engineering company offering complete die cutting, molding and extrusion services.

Hall of Health Home Page
Berkeley, CA, US
A community health-education museum and science center, dedicated to promoting wellness and personal responsibility for health.

The Hanoi Rocks Homepage
Jukka Halonen, Pori, -, Finland
The homepage of the most successful Finnish rock band Hanoi Rocks.

The H&B Recordings Direct Online Magazine
San Antonio, TX, US
Specializes in jazz and classical CD sales. Now in our 10th year, we feature news, reviews, and recommended selections of the latest jazz and classical recordings.

Health Northwest
Accelerated Media, Seattle, WA, US
Features health issues from the great Pacific Northwest along with tips, events and links to other health pages around the world.

Heartland Railtours
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Hosting an exciting one-day adventure aboard a real steam train. Different themes are enacted throughout the season, including a special murder mystery trip.

Hennepin County Government
HC General Svcs Dept-Information Svcs Division, Minneapolis, MN, US
A resource for citizens, visitors and other governments to find information about Hennepin County services, Board of Commissioners, financial issues, reports, and links to other local resources.

Highland Ranch
gulker.com, Philo, CA, US
A beautiful, peaceful guest ranch located in California's Anderson Valley, just 2 1/4 hours by car from San Francisco. Offers horseback riding, hiking, wine tasting, tennis and skeet shooting, plus conference facilities.

Holly Internet Advertising Co.
New York, NY, US
A full-service Internet advertising company which specifically assists corporations in expanding their business on the Internet.

Honda Goldwing
La Crosse, WI, US
A Web page for Honda Goldwing enthusiasts. Includes stories, pictures, and technical articles.

Hong Kong Student Association, UCLA
Los Angeles, CA, US
A catalyst that brings friendships closer among the scattered and minute Hong Kong student bodies in UCLA.

How To Post Home Pages On The Web With WDCNET
Washington, DC, US
WDCNET is a Web publishing service. We offer turn-key solutions, with a specialty in helping non-profit and small businesses become established without large capital investments or high monthly fees.

How To Publish on the Web
The Global Institute for Interactive Multimedia, Union, NJ, US
Complete guide for novice users. Includes examples, design considerations, cost issues, technical guides, other Internet resources, etc. Also a registry of students willing to provide low-cost technical assistance.

Hyatt Hotels & Resorts
Hyatt Corporation, Chicago, IL, US
Choose from over 150 exciting Hyatt vacation destinations worldwide.

Illumination Publishing
Haslemere, Surrey, UK
An entirely new method of publishing illustrated books and newspapers on screen. Reading is done offline; cheaply, conveniently, quickly and with no restrictions whatever on page layout. A free downloadable example is supplied.

IMPACT Music Library
Dale, WI, US
A buyout library on CD for broadcast and corporate multimedia applications.

Indiana Roadsides Weekly Nature Column
OTISnet.com, Indianapolis, IN, US
A weekly nature column by writer Jean Hughes. Animals, flowers, birds, and poetry.

Information Regarding Israel's Security (IRIS)
Philadelphia, PA, US
A repository for information, maps and pictures that explain and demonstrate Israel's legitimate security needs, especially vis-a-vis the current peace process. IRIS is an unaffiliated grass-roots organization.

Innovative Marketing
Hyson International Corp., St. Louis, MO, US
World Wide Web sites creation and hosting, email auto-responders, mailing lists, domain name service, online classified ads, corporate premium and promotional products.

Innsbruck: Publications
Library of the University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
Bibliography (hypercatalogue) of publications at the University of Innsbruck including dissertations, thesis and other papers written since 1982.

Institut Teknologin Bandung, EE Dept.
Bandung, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Electrical engineering department at Insitut Teknologi Bandung home page.

InterAp -- Intelligent Agents for the Internet
California Software, Inc., Corona del Mar, CA, US
A suite of Internet applications for Windows-based computers. The suite is designed to allow users to go directly to information on the Internet using intelligent agents.

International Properties & Communication - Florida Buyers Brokers
IPC, Bradenton, FL, US
Florida licensed real estate agents exclusively acting on behalf of purchasers as brokers at no charge to the purchaser. Residential sales, rentals, commercial and investment properties.

Internet CyberAwards
Internet Entertainment Network, Beverly Hills, CA, US
Where you can vote for your favorite star, director, screenwriter, film, TV show, song, band, singer and musician.

Internet Screenwriters Network
Internet Entertainment Network, Beverly Hills, CA, US
The source for access to professional screenwriting services and products. Includes insiders' tips and opportunity desk areas.

the j in mary
Harrisonburg, VA, US
Home page for a band, the j in mary, the latest musical style at James Madison University.

Jumbo Computer
Taipei, Taiwan
Located at the heart of the biggest computer-producing nation in the world -- Taiwan. Jumbo Computer Int'l supplies industrial, PC-based computers and workstations, SIMM memory modules, modems and other computer products.

Keilholtz Realtors
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
A member of the Los Angeles Real Estate Forum. You may find the home you are looking for here.

Klingon Language Resources
Aberdeen Uni Student Service, Aberdeen, Scotland
This page is a collection of texts written in the Klingon Language with some Klingon-related material.

KnightWeb Technologies, Inc.
Denver, CO, US
Providing Web solutions to businesses and individuals seeking a competitive edge in the electronic marketplace. KnightWeb's staff has been in the Internet business for over 15 years.

Kochi National College of Technology
Nankoku City, Kochi Prefecture, Japan
The college is situated in Nankoku, Kochi, Japan and it provides campus information as well as tourism in Kochi.

The Latitude Group, Inc.
Mountain Vilew, CA, US
The home of the Latitude Cross-Platform Development Kit which Macintosh software developers use to quickly bring their applications to UNIX platforms.

Leeds Permanent Building Society
Leeds, UK
The home arranger service, understanding mortgages, savings accounts, travel insurance.

Life Plus Opportunities
Gil Bliton and Associates, Indianapolis, IN, US
This multi-level marketing company produces products formulated to help us feel better, look better and improve the overall quality of life. Home business opportunities and nutrient supplements to enrich life.

LifeTrends International
Manufacturers Information Net, Provo, UT, US
Every day in the media, we see images of healthy people, enjoying what life has to offer. Is this you, or will you be one of the millions of Americans that is limited by aging, weight, or fatigue? LTI has developed several programs to promote good health, weight management, and skin care.

LOGAL Software
Cambridge, MA, US
Develops and publishes simulation-based models and interactive labs in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics for students in K-12.

Lord of Life Lutheran Church, Plano, Texas
Plano, TX, US
Home page contains location of the church, service times, 1995 newsletters, lists of beliefs, organization, purpose and much more.

Luxury Home Shoecase
Laguna Niguel, CA, US
A collection of exquisite estates from around the world presently for sale. Brokers, agents, buyers, and sellers welcome.

Mac Street Price Index
Brooklyn, NY, US
Offers current advertised selling prices for all models of Macintosh and Apple printers from Apple-authorized dealers, authorized mail-order outlets, and gray-market sellers. Updated at least bi-weekly.

Manchester Metropolitan Univ., Faculty of Management and Business
Manchester, UK
This is the main server for the faculty. It includes pages for the Centre for Policy modeling and a hypertext bibliography of measures of complexity.

Marijuana Archive
Carl Olsen/Iowa NORML, NYC, NY, US
Information on medical marijuana, re-classification, suits against the DEA, and more.

The Media Page
San Diego, CA, US
WebOvision presents The Media Page. Providing Web links to media resources around the world. Television, radio, publications and mailing lists, music, and all things media.

The Metro-Dade Police Crime Laboratory
The Metro-Dade Police Dept., Miami, FL, US
This is a reference site for forensic science-related topics. Many useful and informative images.

Middle East Business Review
School of Mgmt., Royal Holloway, Univ. of London, London, UK
The journal addresses important marketing and management issues facing business enterprises currently operating in or considering entering Middle East markets.

Minnesota Alliance for Arts in Education
Minneapolis, MN, US
Arts and education-related information mainly for Minnesota residents, but including topics of national interest. Documenting programming such as CAPP (MN Comprehensive Arts Planning Program).

MoneyLine Corporation
New York City, NY, US
Dynamic U.S. Treasury bond, note, bill, agency bond, strips and zero coupon bond prices, live money markets, news, indices, commentaries, bond analytics and calculators, and subscriber offerings.

InfiNet, Roanoke, VA, US
A financial advisor for all your financial needs.

Montana Communications Network
Billings, MT, US
MCN is an Internet Service provider for the state of Montana. We provide dial-up, business and dedicated line service.

Multiplayer Combat Simulations
Portland, OR, US
The primary purpose is to find and help connect people that have an interest in weekend networking, commercial online, or head-to-head.

Kamakaze Music, Phoenix, AZ, US
Provides a Web connection to valuable services for professional, aspiring professional musicians, and music business professionals. Providing a virtual storefront for our clients.

Mythago Gallery
Lavondyss Productions, Savannah, GA, US
A collection of beauty and strange delight, never static, always changing. As a gallery its images strive to offer a certain innocence, character, and trueness that can be found when imagination runs unfettered.

Raleigh, NC, US
Written and produced by Triangle area high school students. Our first edition debuted May 16. We plan a new page for mid-July and monthly pages beginning in September.

National Energy Foundation
Salt Lake City, UT, US
NEF creates and distributes economical instructional materials and innovative teacher training and student programs dealing with energy, water, mining, science, technology, conservation, the environment and other natural resource topics.

Net Ex Windows 95 Software Archives
St. George, UT, US
The site for Windows 95 freeware or shareware, promoting new Windows 95 ready software, or The Tip of The Week. Uploads welcome at ftp.netex.net in the uploads directory.

Nethead Rock
Verve Communications, Hoboken, NJ, US
Offers a savvy, hip way to learn about rock music on the Net. It includes Rock Site of the Day and a list of upcoming interactive talk appearances by musicians.

Montreal, Canada
A site for music in Montreal and Quebec. It features bands, recording studios and other information about the music industries in Quebec. This site is in French.

Networked Artifacts & Coins
Transcom Data Services Ltd., Basingstoke, Hants., UK
NAC provides high quality ancient artifacts and coins , as well as providing a comprehensive search facility through a network of dealers, enabling us to locate virtually any item in any period. We deliver worldwide.

NeuroMuscular Research Center
Boston, MA, US
Focuses on advancing and disseminating knowledge in the fields of biomedical engineering, neuroscience, rehabilitation medicine, and related fields by the application of principles of natural sciences, life sciences, and mathematics.

New England Wood Carvers
Bedford, MA, US
The third largest wood-carving organization in the US. Includes graphics, text, links to other carving sites, the Wood Carvers Mail List.

New Life Network
Auggen-Hach, Germany
A site for TV professionals with information about TV conferences and events, industry contacts and info and broadcasting catalogs.

New Mexico Tech Hydrology Program
Socorro, NM, US
This server is the primary Web information server for the Hydrology Program at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology.

Niagara Frontier Virtual Mall
Access Global Information Services, N.Tonawanda, NY, US
Oldest and only site in western New York with images, sound and video motion.

Northwest District of the PRSSA
Public Relations Student Society of America, Ellensburg, WA, US
This Web page offers services to the public relations student community of the northwest US. Information includes activities, scholarships and internship opportunities.

Numberall: Metal Marking Information
Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., Inc., Sangerville, ME, US
Manufacturing metal marking equipment for industry. For such uses as serial numbers, date codes, and inspection marking.

Office of Information Resources Management/NIH
Bethesda, MD, US
IRM information for the NIH community. Information related to computer and information systems security, IRM policies, FIPS acquisitions, and Federal Government related IRM policies/issues.

The Official Bowl Game Destination Guide
Phoenix is home to Super Bowl XXX in Jan. 1996. This site contains planning information to help you find where to stay, what to do and what to see. NFL licensed merchandise included.

Offshore Drilling T-shirts
OSD Sports, El Dorado Hills, CA, US
Sells T-shirts with hilarious adult-oriented art screened on each shirt. Water, sex, sports and fun are the theme of these shirts.

One Brick Shy
Diller Company, Charleston, WV, US
If you like "The Far Side," you'll love "One Brick Shy." It's an original cartoon that's nationally syndicated and is now available on the Internet.

The On-Line Business Park
North American Business Concepts, Inc., Boulder, CO, US
Home to the following services: legal research, business start-ups and restructuring, professional resume services, relocation services and the new Mirror Monthly magazine, created by and for the online magazine.

Oregon Graduate Institute Office of Continuing Education
Portland, OR, US
Serving the scientific and industrial community with non-credit short courses offered on campus as well as at other locations in the Portland metropolitan area.

OS/2 DOS Games Settings List
East Lansing, MI, US
The HTML version of the OS/2 DOS games settings list, this list is intended to aid people in getting their DOS/Windows-based games running under OS/2.

Outdoor Northwest
Accelerated Media, Seattle, WA, US
Features outdoor activities from the great Pacific Northwest along with tips, events and links to other outdoor pages around the world.

Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg - OFFIS, Oldenburg, Germany
Information about the 1995 International Workshop on Power And Timing Modeling Optimization and Simulation (PATMOS) of ICs in Oldenburg, Germany.

The PC Professional's Place
Jim Dial, Cincinnati, OH, US
If you support PCs/networks, this is the place for you. Links to hardware and software, vendor's Web pages, ftp sites, and online tech support databases, newsgroups, online magazines, and career information.

Pepper Music Network
J.W. Pepper & Son, Inc., Valley Forge, PA, US
Printed music scores from all publishers is the main feature of the Network. An online music catalog, with sound clips and viewable score excerpts. Links to other music industry resources.

The Phoenix, Arizona Relocation Guide
Realty Executives, Lynne L. Hansen, Phoenix, AZ, US
A subject indexed resource for Phoenix, AZ, including detailed information about government, services, parks, tourism, and details necessary for relocating to the city.

POWERNET Online Service
Ellen Turney, Conway, AR, US
New online service that pays the subscriber to introduce the service to new members. Full Internet access. Free software available.

Premier Digital Recording
Ladysmith, BC, Canada
Offering an extensive line of royalty-free sound effects and music for commercial and home use.

Premiers Pas Sur Internet (Internet Pour Enfants)
gib@worldnet.net, Paris, France
For French kids - pour enfants francophones -- stories, songs and links -- histoires, comptines et autres liens.

Presbyterian Church USA
Louisville, KY, US
A Web site for the Presbyterian Church USA.

Producers Archive
Milano, MI, Italy
The archive has reached 2000 links today. The purpose of this database is to collect R&B/hip-hop artists involved in tracks production. Primary target is the 90s.

Professor's Wasterwater Management & Sewage
DNRP, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Detailed pictures of wastewater and sewage management for Broward County.

Protein Sequence Analysis
BioMolecular Engineering Research Center, Boston Univ., Boston, MA, US
The PSA email server analyzes your protein sequence and determines which sequence-structure models are the most probable explanations of your sequence.

Red Pepper
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
A hard edged 5 male/1 female vocal and percussion group from Perth. Their music is provocative and evocative, confronting with a driving wall of sound.

Rhode Island Technology Transfer Center
North Kingstown, RI, US
A NASA and ARPA sponsored organization with the mission of transferring the technologies developed in the Federal laboratory network to the commercial market. These so called dual use technologies are expected to be cornerstones for the market of tomorrow.

Rice Genome Research Program, Japan
STAFF Institute, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
This Japanese project distributes electronic rice genome mapping data, newsletters and application forms of DNA clones for researchers.

Rob's Music Site
Toronto, ON, Canada
A page with music links and links to guitar related pages.

Rock'n Roll Doctor's Chevy Camaro Performance
Computech Business Solutions, Plantation, FL, US
Dedicated for the Chevrolet Camaro enthusiast. Camaro recall info, service bulletins, and performance vendor listings.

Roseville Police Department Home Page
Roseville, CA, US
Includes links to other law enforcement sites.

Research Triangle Park, NC, US
For Virginia Tech Alumni in the Research Triangle Park, NC area...and beyond.

San Juan Outfitting
Durango, CO, US
Specializing in packing folks into the Weminuche Wilderness of Southwest Colorado for big game hunting (archery, rifle, muzzleloader) trail rides, and pack trips. Our experienced guides and family atmosphere will assure a quality experience for the entire family.

Santa Cruz - Windsurfing Paradise
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Everything you ever wanted to know about windsurfing in Santa Cruz, Calif. Also, things you didn't want to know.

Save Our Sea Life
Union, NJ, US
Energetic page with links to environmental and conservation organizations around the country. Designed and maintained by Lisajoy J. Germinario.

SCA -- Kingdom of Trimaris
Shire of Starhaven, Cocoa, FL, US
A public information service for the Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. a medieval historical research and re-enactment group.

Seth E. Latham, Realtor
Atlanta, GA, US
Online listings in the Atlanta area. Fill out online Home Questionnaire and receive information for your next home purchase. Links to many Atlanta/Georgia related Web sites.

The Sharper Image Online Catalog
San Francisco, CA, US
America's premier specialty retailer of unique products and original gifts.

Shauna Orr--18th Century Seamstress
Thurso, Quebec, Canada
Strives to accurately reproduce clothing worn in 18th and 19th Century North America.

Shearwater Sea Kayak Tours
Orcas Island, WA, US
Sea kayak the San Juan Islands. Learn natural history and basic sea kayak skills in a friendly island environment. For novice paddlers, sharpen your first aid and/or safety skills with our certified instructors.

Shopping 2OOO: Music Reviews
ContentWare, New York, NY, US
Surveying the critics to find out what's hot -- and what's not -- among current music CDs of all genres.

Skybolt Online FUNdraising
Evanston, IL, US
Offers innovative FUNdraising programs for educators and organizations. See our online catalog and order free samples.

Soho Design Catalog
Dobbs Ferry, NY, US
The casual look from NY. New York-designed T-shirts and hats. All fun, informal, and comfortable. Can be worn anywhere.

Soldiers Magazine
Army Chief of Public Affairs, Huntsville, AL, US
The official magazine of the U.S. Army published via the Web. The current issue is available with an archive of the past 12 issues. Presented in HTML format with full graphics.

Southwest Chapter of the Colorado Outfitters Association
Durango, CO, US
For your family's next vacationŠwhy not try an outdoor adventure ni Colorado's high country? The members of the Southwest Colorado Outfitters Association specialize in providing quality adventures in the Weminuche wilderness of southwest Colorado.

The Spatz Computer Graphics Company
River Edge, NJ, US
A group of artists, designers, programmers, computer and photographic technicians providing design and support services for most marketing, communications and industrial applications.

Sumo High End Audio
Sumo Products Group, Agoura Hills, CA, US
Information about affordable high end audio equipment, hand-crafted in the United States. Also answers to audio FAQs and interesting Web links.

Sunset Realtors
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
The Santa Barbara County real estate forum. From mobile homes to estates, you may find the home you are looking for.

Sydney Skydiving Centre
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Largest skydiving centre in the southern hemisphere operating 365 days a year, 2 x 16 place aircraft to 12,000ft. Tandem freefall and courses.

Team Redstone Hypermedia Historical Information
U.S. Army Missile Command (MICOM) Historical Office, Huntsville, AL, US
The connection to the history of Redstone Arsenal, Alabama. Produced by the MICOM Historical Office, with technical assistance by the Corporate Information Center CIC, this is the inaugural issue.

Telecommuting '96
Barnett Institute, Univ. of North Florida, Jacksonville, FL, US
You have been downsized, rightsized, and re-engineered, but are you prepared for out-sizing?

Texas Center for Superconductivity
Univ. of Houston, Houston, TX, US
Information about the center's ongoing research in the area of high-temperature superconductivity. Information about the center's research divisions and labs, plus listings of all publications produced by TCSUH since 1990.

Thunder in the Sky: The Halifax Explosion Video
Global Video Inc., Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
This two-hour video is a major document on a tragedy which happened in late 1917. This work could be a major resource to anyone interested in history and the study of disasters.

Tiburon Land Company, Marin County Real Estate
Tiburon, CA, US
Regional real estate firm specializing in residential properties in the Marin County, (San Francisco Bay) California area. Relocations and co-operating brokers invited.

Orlando, FL, US
Enjoy creating Top-10 lists? Come create your own list that others can add their own submissions to.

Torresen Marine Sailing and Nautical Page
Torresen Marine, Inc., Muskegon, MI, US
Includes links to 100s of other nautical and sail-related sites. Information is geared to the sailing community. New boats for sale. Complete list of brokered used boats updated weekly.

The TR Connection
Roger D. Linder, Sacramento, CA, US
Your one-stop source for all your Todd Rundgren information needs. If you're not a TR fan now, you will be.

Travel Information
Brochure Flow International Limited, Sydney, Australia
We are a source of travel and travel-related information. At the moment we are Australia-oriented, however this will change soon.

Trilogue Associates
Internet Way, Paris, France
For anyone planning a trip to Europe this server provides all the information you will need to receive refunds of those dreaded Value Added Taxes (VAT). The information here is of use whether you are in Europe on business or pleasure.

UCSB Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Description of the interdepartmental program in biochemistry and molecular biology at the Univ. of California, Santa Barbara.

UFOs -- The Real Story
DISCscribe Ltd., Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
For the serious student of the UFO phenomenon: the definitive CD-ROM from renowned nuclear physicist and UFO expert Stanton Friedman. He is the co-author of Crash at Corona and the original investigator of the Roswell incident.

UK Railway Preservation
University of East London, London, UK
Information on UK Railway Preservation, currently representing 15 railways officially, with information on a further 30 also included.

Universidad Tecnologica Equinoccial
Quito, EC
Information about the university: research, projects, admissions, exchange programs, local information, continuing education, and links to other Web servers.

"Unofficial" Rugby World Cup 1995 Server
Cape Town, South Africa
Check out daily World Cup Rugby 1995 scores, highlights and interesting rugby information. Leave your opinions and predictions on our graffiti stand.

USA Direct
St. Cloud, MN, US
The hottest workout equipment for men and women, plus powerful cleaning tools for the home.

USA TODAY online
USA TODAY Information Network, Arlington, VA, US
A free, public site on the Web to accompany a subscription-only Web service. Makes available current news, weather, stock and investment news, Hollywood gossip, TV reviews, health information and more.

Vail Valley Colorado
InterNetWorks, Vail, CO, US
The most comprehensive information guide to the Vail Valley in Colorado for vacation travel, shopping, and community services.

Valuetel for Societal Change
San Francisco, CA, US
We help anyone automatically donate 3% of their monthly long distance bill to the charitable organization of choice and save up to 50% on their long distance charges.

Victoria Revival Fellowship
Victoria, BC, Canada
A spirit filled church that wants to spread the joy and hope of the gospel throughout the world. This site contains information on the Revival Fellowship, as well as documents and resource material for all who are seeking salvation.

VideoVu - Internet Color Videoconferencing
FCS, Inc., New York, NY, US
The first inexpensive color videoconferencing product for the Internet and modem-to-modem. Working demo is available. Details on Web site.

The Virtual Slot Machine
Creative Infotainment, Ltd., Los Angeles, CA, US
A slot machine you can play over the World Wide Web. It's powered by the language PERL and has nifty 3D-rendered graphics.

VirtuMall New Media Marketing
Cambridge, MA, US
The Net's most unique online shopping mall.

Voice Notepad -- Windows Program Description
Datasmiths, Manville, NJ, US
A voice-oriented, note-taking and -organizing Windows program. Busy people who manage many details use Voice Notepad.

Walt Disney World
Lake Buena Vista, FL, US
"I'm Going to Walt Disney World!" vacation planner.

Wangaratta Primary School, Australia
Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia
This is a series of pages featuring work from our students in text, graphics and sound.

The Washington Trade Center
West Research, Seattle, WA, US
A clearinghouse for international trade information in Washington State. It includes The Russian Economy Resource Center, directories of trade contacts and resources, and a directory of Washington companies and non-profits that have international interests.

WDIV-TV Home Page
WDIV-TV in Detroit, Detroit, MI, US
A collection of resources from the top-rated television station in Detroit. Besides programming and news schedules, this NBC-affiliate puts online the results of I-Team investigations, consumer alerts, sports info and detailed weather forecasts.

Webb-Martin Realtors
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
Member of the Los Angeles County real estate forum. Perhaps you will find the home you are looking for.

Worldata, Inc., Boca Raton, FL, US
So you created a Web site. Terrific. So where do you go from here? The link placement service for the Internet.

Superhighway Consulting, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Use this now to create your Web page application on the Web. Simply follow the step-by-step process to submit your material.

WebScape Communications Design, Ltd.
San Diego, CA, US
A full service Web development and design firm; offering design, programming, online transaction brokering, multimedia development, training, and more.

Neray Marcom, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Néray MarCom, a Toronto-based marketing communications firm, is pleased to present this guide to marketing and advertising.

What I Think - A Weekly Opinion Newsletter
Bob & Susan, Newton, MA, US
A modest assemblage of short, weekly opinion pieces. Topics range from the media and politics to the use of language and time. An addition is posted each Friday by noon.

Wild West Revival Mercantile
Sterling, CO, US
A Christian book resource with music, videos, clothing, Christian art and Christian business persons supplies.

Nico Mak Computing, Inc., Bristol, CT, US
Bringing the convenience of Windows to the use of the ZIP, TAR, and GZIP files. Fully functional evaluation version available. Voted "Best Utility" at the 1994 Shareware Industry Awards.

World-Wide Communications
Puyallup, WA, US
Provides the ability to view or place classified advertisements, view businesses or personal home pages from around the world. (And an inexpensive place to showcase your information to the world.)

WorlNet Marketing Directory
Moon Township, PA, US
Free career consultation, new and innovative products sales, international and domestic marketing analysis and consultation.

Writers' Retreat on Interactive Technology & Equipment
Univ. of British Columbia Continuing Studies, Vancouver, BC, Canada
W.R.I.T.E. is a conference for writers, artists, developers, and publishers that focuses on the creation of new media products and services for the digital publishing industry.

WWW WorldNews Today
Indianapolis, IN, US
The Web daily source for news, business, sports, people, entertainment, travel, style and much more. Free service.

$YENOM$ Dynamics
Alexandria, VA, US
Distributes the most effective personal security systems built. These compact, state-of-the-art products will protect you and your belongings better than anything on the market.

Zenin's Rocky Horror Archive
Random Thoughts Inc., San Jose, CA, US
The world's largest archive of files relating to the cult movie, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. This archive is intended for the educational research of cult movies only. Any entertainment derived from this site is forbidden.

Friday, 16 June 1995

62 online
Edicions 62, Barcelona, Spain
The main Catalan language publishing house. Books from Edicions 62 and Editorial Empúries. Also books in Spanish from Ediciones Peninsula.

Eugene, OR, US
Listener-powered, public radio: KRVM, 91.9-FM Eugene/Springfield, rebroadcast on 90.1-FM in Florence and on KSYD, 92.1-FM in Reedsport/Coos Bay. A community service of School District 4-J.

AGORA Digital
San Francisco, CA, US
A meeting place and marketspace for artisans, designers, developers, producers and programmers. Members of the AGORA community will save time and money finding tools and services.

Air&Space Magazine
Los Angeles, CA, US
The official magazine of the National Air and Space Museum. Providing information and entertainment to a readership with a special interest in aerospace history and technology.

Alps Electric USA
The Electronic Pen, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
One of the world's largest manufacturers of computer peripherals. Features photographs and complete specifications for popular products, including the Alps GlidePoint, the touchpad that replaces a mouse or trickball.

Amlab - Signal Processing In a Box
Techway Limited, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Amlab is a signal processing laboratory in a PC. Details of its design and use are listed in the Cyberlibrary at Web Australia. Details of the unique design and capabilities of the Amlab Laboratory are listed, as well as the complete reference manual.

Anders.com Multimedia Archives
Center for Marketing and Education, Stony Brook, NY, US
Stop by Anders.com for a multimedia feast. A real graphical eye-full.

Apartment Guide of Florida
Rental Locator Specialists, Daytona Beach, FL, US
A free database of apartments in every major city in Florida.

AquaVision: The Kitsch Aquarium of Tomorrow
Michael Martin, Seattle, WA, US
Tired of what's on TV? Then have a look at AquaVision, part kitsch 50's art and part aquarium.

ArachneWeb, San Diego, CA, US
A place of experimental creativity and cyberart. Dedicated to the mortal Arachne, who challenged the goddess Athena's weaving with a collection of scandalous silken tales of the loves of the gods.

Arvon Cycles
AfterNet, Edmonton, Alberta, CA
Hand-builds custom bicycles. Specializing in tandems and bikes that custom fit their rider. Also manufacturing bicycle components.

Ashlar Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Makers of Vellum, professional CAD software with the patented Drafting Assistant for Windows, Macintosh, and Power Macintosh.

ASL Analytical Laboratories
ASL Analytical Service Laboratories Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Private analytical lab with links to various environmental pages on the Net.

NetStar, Inc., Minneapolis, MN, US
NetStar, Inc. offers ATM OC-3c capabilities on its IP router, the NetStar GigaRouter. Look at NetStar's home page to see how the GigaRouter and NetStar ATM are being used as part of the vBNS!

Auto Connection
Phoenix, AZ, US
A full-service auto-buying service on the Internet making available new or used vehicles of any make or model, all at wholesale prices. Working with over 26,000 dealers nationwide to bring you the best in pricing and service.

Be Your Own Therapist
Purple Paradox Press, San Francisco, CA, US
A regularly updated self-help site for those of average mental health. Also, see the most recent Newsletter or a book excerpt on Love.

Bemis & Bemis, Safety and Security Consultants
Kennebunk, ME, US
A consulting firm emphasizing safety and security, with 20 years of law enforcement and public safety experience. We offer a wealth of vital planning and decision-making information that can make you safer.

Biological and Agricultural Engineering, UGA
Athens, GA, US
Web pages for the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at the University of Georgia. Description of the department including research, facilities and the people here.

Blast Off, The World of APS & SmartSearch2
Advanced Personnel Systems, Inc., Oceanside, CA, US
Provides scanning based systems for human resource management.

B.M. Software Solutions
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Providing service for individuals and small businesses. Delivering software and technical support as well as dealing in computer systems. Also tutoring in various software products.

Bob's Rock Shop
Bob Keller, Tucson, AZ, US
Features mineral specimen images and other mineral and rock collecting information.

Reykjavik, Iceland
A Web site about the group Bong, including pictures, music (with the new MPEG2), and information on an interactive CD-ROM project in progress.

British Schools on the Web
Venere s.a.s., Rome, Italy
A new powerful tool to search for your favorite school in Great Britain to learn English as a foreign language. Searching facilities that allow you to fulfill your special requests learning English.

Bubba Leroy's Hot Sauces
Online Marketing Specialists, Inc., Sarasota, FL, US
If you want one-of-a-kind hot sauces, chiles, preserves, pickles, relishes, chutnies and vinegars, come to Bubba Leroy's award winning, (12 awards at the Sarasota County Fair) roadside stand.

Cartridge Care, Inks Direct
Micromedia, UK, London, UK
A mail-order service for recycling of printer consumables. A range of products is offered aimed at saving the user money and at helping the environment.

Caviar & Caviar
virtumall, Cambridge, MA, US
A catalog dedicated to increasing your caviar savvy. Produced by Caviar and Caviar in conjunction with virtumall. How to buy, serve, and enjoy caviar.

The Cemetery
Richard Stockton College, Pomona, NJ, US
The cemetery is all that remains of a small black community existing between 1851 and 1924 in Port Republic, NJ. This is part of an ongoing project, with documentary images and text.

Center for Energy & Environmental Studies
Boston Univ., Boston, MA, US
We offer three masters degree programs and two undergraduate programs.

The Centre for Educational Leadership
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The Centre is based at McGill University which promotes the continuing professional development of teachers, policy makers and educational leaders by providing them with programs of learning, service and research.

Century 21 Balfour
Portland, ME, US
In Portland and Cape Elizabeth, Maine. Helping people relocate and find homes, land and all real estate. See the home page for community profiles and available houses.

Chaudron Associates - Consultants in Organizational Change
San Diego, CA, US
Up-to-date information and articles on TQM, re-engineering, teams, strategic planning, employee surveys, and management training.

Child Safety on the Information Highway
Nat'l Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Eugene, OR, US
A great resource for parents and teachers who are concerned about keeping children safe while surfing the Internet. It gives practical advice to parents and includes a sample agreement between a child and his or her parents.

The China Institute
Arlington, VA, US
This site describes the mission, and upcoming events of the China Institute, which promotes Chinese and American bi-cultural understanding.

Chinese Philosophy Page
Melbourne, Australia
This page draws together Chinese philosophy resources available on the Internet. Resources include Chinese philosophical texts, Chinese philosophical bibliographies, Chinese philosophy mailing lists and other resources.

The Classifieds
Micro C Productions, Incline Village, NV, US
New classified ads receiving a lot of attention. All but business ads are free. Includes personals, stuff to sell, items wanted, employment, and business. Businesses pay small yearly fee.

Cleveland Photo Gallery
Cleveland State Univ., Cleveland, OH, US
Cleveland State University would like to introduce its Cleveland Photo Gallery which is attached to its Cleveland Area Index.

Client/Server Technologies, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
Specializing in AS/400 Client/Server Solutions.

Climate Model Information
Prog. for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison, Livermore, CA, US
We disseminate information on the Atmospheric Model Intercomparison Project (AMIP), including hypertext documentation of participating climate models. Soon we will provide climate diagnostics software and observational data.

CLIO - the National Archives Information Server
Nat'l. Archives and Records Admin., Washington, DC, US
An information system that combines vast collections of information available about NARA with easy access to diverse electronic resources over the Internet.

Sound Reaction Internet, London, UK
The UK's top entertainment site. We have the home pages of Caesar the Geezer -- the UK's most talked about DJ. Also a kool guide to the country's top night clubs.

Color Ramper
NetCreations, Inc., Hollywood, FL, US
A NetScape 1.1 utility that allows you to do smooth color transitions and incorporate them into your pages.

Rosemont, IL, US
The world's leading provider of disaster recovery solutions, system integration, consulting, and the world's largest independent lessor of computer equipment. Providing medical and electronics refurbishing and remarketing.

Commanders Club
San Francisco, CA, US
A repository of 007-related information dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the lifestyle of a Scottish peasant named Bond, James Bond.

CommercePark Interactive, Ltd.
Cleveland, OH, US
A site driven by communications professionals, developed for the purpose of helping communications and advertising agencies deliver the benefits of Internet marketing to their clients.

Compliance Engineering Information Center
Unicom, Inc., Pine Brook, NJ, US
CEIC provides international regulatory compliance information, including EMC, product safety and telecommunication. It also has searchable message archives from related discussion groups.

Composers' Backgrounds
University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
This link consists of composer backgrounds, complete with pictures and text.

Concordia University
River Forest, IL, US
Chicago area Lutheran university with emphasis on teacher education and liberal arts programs.

The ConCreat Page
Consolidated Creators, Philadelphia, PA, US
Corporate Internet presences provided affordably -- perfect for small businesses, non-profits and artists. Chambers of Commerce welcome.

Consumer Medical and Mental Health Fraud
Braymer, MO, US
A place for those who have suffered from questionable medical or mental health care practices and provides links to help.

Cornell University Multimedia Courseware Studio
Ithaca, NY, US
The MC Studio makes it possible for faculty, staff and students throughout Cornell's College of Engineering to create and use information technology successfully in their teaching.

The Crash Worship Index
Damn the Planet Publications, Overland Park, KS, US
The latest on Crash Worship, the hottest industrial band out. Including photos, an interview with the band, links to other Crash Worship sites, sounds to download, video, pictures, text, and more.

Create Your Own Web Page
Zero Tolerance, New York, NY, US
"Break Down The Walls" is an interactive Web page generator designed for form input.

The Credit Union
Florida Credit Union League, Tallahassee, FL, US
A gathering place for credit unions on the Internet, with information on everything from joining a credit union to running one.

The Cybercom Chronicle
Cybercom Information Systems, College Station, TX, US
A listing of the Internet's most popular sites organized like a newspaper. Cybercom is the Brazos Valley's largest Internet provider.

Dangerous Visions Bookstore
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
The oldest and largest speculative fiction bookstore in Los Angeles. Specializing in new, used, and out-of-print science fiction, fantasy, and horror in all printed forms.

Deborah Brown Design
Boston, MA, US
A full service design firm providing design solutions with special attention to client relationships. Take a tour on the DBDesign virtual elevator.

Department of Biological Sciences, Univ. of Durham
Department of Biological Sciences, Durham, England
Contains information about post-graduate and graduate courses and research interests as well as a link to the Bio-Gopher/Bio-Server page which contains a selection of biological search engines of all kinds.

Dept. of Geography, George Mason University
Fairfax, VA, US
Now with a dedicated server for cartography resources, faculty and class info, and even a virtual fieldtrip to Bosnia.

DialogNet Philosophy Email Lists
Thinknet BBS, Garden Grove, CA, US
Describes the DialogNet project and associated email lists.

Digital Interface, Inc., Everett, WA, US
Open for business, the shopping mall of the future. Clothing, business items and services, home furnishings, and health and recreational items. Free exhibits, crafts booths, and art exhibits.

Digital Forest
Bothell, WA, US
Digital Forest is an Internet service provider offering a wide range of services.

Diotima: Women and Gender in the Ancient World
Univ. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY, US
A Web resource dedicated to patterns of gender around the ancient Mediterranean and a forum for collaboration among instructors who teach such courses.

The Divine Design
Colorado State Univ., Ft. Collins, CO, US
Ethnic and cultural links as well as visual arts. On display will be works by Tufani Mayfield, and links to sites on fine arts, culture, ethnicity, religion, and holistics.

Don Quick Realty
CyberFORGE, Round Rock, TX, US
A wide range of real estate investments in the central Texas area with a focus on Round Rock, new home of Apple Computer's largest U.S. tech support facility and DELL Computer's new plant.

Dubl-Click Software Corp.
Bend, OR, US
We publish products for the Macintosh, Windows and Newton platforms. You can download information, demos and products for purchase from our Web site.

Electrical Components
Lloyd Link, Nottingham, UK
Contains electrical components for sale at a very reasonable price. They may be ordered via email or Snail mail.

E-Mail Games
Steve Lang, Victoria, BC, Canada
EMG provides rules and instruction on how to join 3 Play By E-Mail games: GLobal DIplomacy, Age of Discovery and Imperium.

Emergency Services WWW Site List
Fairbanks, AK, US
A source for fire/police/EMS/etc.-related links to the rest of the world.

The Eric Bogosian Home Page
Boot Productions, New York, NY, US
Bogosian fans log on here for the latest tour dates and appearances, publications, and excerpts from this writer's current pieces, new projects and miscellaneous commentary.

Error 404
Canadian Business Advertising Network, Edmonton, Canada
A new Web publication providing insight into technology and the Net.

Estrellita Accelerated Beginning Spanish Reading
Oxnard, CA, US
A supplementary program for bilingual classrooms. The program consists of three components: Sonidos, Silabas, Cuentos. Chanting, hands-on, whole language strategies, parental involvement, interactive software.

Event-Based Technical Analysis
Curtis McKallip Jr., Houston, TX, US
A Website for analyzing the impact of news events on investment markets. Users click on questions and see graphs of how markets should respond to different kinds of news.

Fayetteville-Manlius Orchestra
F-M School District, Manlius, NY, US
Audio in MPEG compression format, pictures, interviews with the stars, and more.

First Magnitude Corporation
Laramie, WY, US
Manufactures and sells state-of-the-art low-light-level CCD cameras for scientific research in astronomy, biology, medicine, metrology, chemistry, and other fields. Includes many downloadable astronomical images.

Fordson High School
Dearborn, MI, US
Info on the school, students, athletics as well as unique Fordson programs: FAMS program, US FIRST team, Winthrop, WA trip, and more.

Four Corners Marketing - Pro Audio Products
Albuquerque, NM, USA
A manufacturer's factory rep for the professional audio/recording industry to the Southwest/Rocky Mountain territories. Site contains product information for many different products lines.

Free Burma
The country of Burma has been under martial law since 1962. Free Burma is a collection of software, hardware, documentation, and volunteers, all working to hasten the replacement of the current military government.

Free HomeSmart Catalog
HomeTech, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
The upscale catalog offers 32 full-color pages of reasonably priced practical products for peace of mind and worry-free living in the 90's. A must for every family.

French Municipal Elections
France2, Paris, Ile de France, France
During the French municipal elections, France 2, in association with Eunet France, will allow you to follow election results of more of 300 towns.

Fulcrum Technologies
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A supplier of client/server text retrieval products. It also markets a WAIS compatible database called Surfboard.

Galactic Central
Lane County American Peace Test, Eugene, OR, US
UFO news and information site, including many up-to-date UFO-related links.

The Galaxy Page
SEDS, Tucson, AZ, US
SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space) is proud to present The Galaxy Page, a comprehensive guide to space-related resources on the Internet.

Gambling Wizard
World Wide Web Gambling Enterprises, Eatontown, NJ, US
Provides all types of gambling information to the Internet-user community. A system to beat the blackjack game is available at the Internet Casino.

General Fun and Interest
Nottingham, UK
Contains further links to places of interest, fun sites, and information on the Web. Also a link to a Web graphics site.

Generator - Genetic Algorithm Solver for Excel
New Light Industries, Ltd., Spokane, WA, US
Genetic algorithm software for Microsoft Excel(tm), solves very complex real-world problems -- routing, scheduling, curve-fitting, improving efficiency, and more. Easily used by average, non-mathematician user.

Geologic Information Visualization Center
GIV Center, Mary Washington College, Fredericksburg, VA, US
We market and distribute GIV Software packages and GIV-related services. GIV is a powerful, yet easy to use, desktop software package for computer mapping, image processing, data analysis and visualization.

Global Nutritional Products
Global Data Communications, Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Specializes in the finest nutritional supplements. Numerous ways to nourish your body for enhanced energy, health and vitality. Free comprehensive catalog.

Gloria's Gifts
Internet Commerce Center, Atlanta, GA, US
A unique collection of gifts from musical merry-go-rounds to hand-carved ducks.

Golf Northwest
Accelerated Media, Seattle, WA, US
Features courses from the great Pacific Northwest along with tips, events and links to other golf pages around the world.

The Goose and Turrets Bed & Breakfast
Montara, CA, US
On the San Mateo County coast, offering a quick getaway from San Francisco and Silicon Valley.

G.R. Barron and Company, Inc.
St. Paul, MN, US
A public relations firm serving the Midwest's growing need for marketing, advertising, multimedia authoring, media relations, publicity, brochures, copywriting, and graphic design.

Greenfield-Central High School
Greenfield-Central Community School Corp., Greenfield, IN, US
An academic leader in Indiana for several years. The school is now taking the lead in Internet communications with the development of their Web server. Witness articulated efforts by school, community, and business personnel.

Grossmont Union High School District -- East County
El Cajon, CA, US
A community service hosted by students in eastern San Diego County. Our vision includes delivering instruction, not just information, and promoting parent-teacher-community-student communication.

Group 42
Milford, OH, US
Develops multimedia applications for the Internet. From the Group 42 Web site, users can download and try the latest in graphics, sound, and video software.

GlobeSat Corp., Orlando, FL, US
Orlando's Internet on-ramp.

The Gypsy Lore Society
Cheverly, MD, US
A non-profit, tax-exempt organization dedicated to fostering communication among those interested in Gypsy studies.

Hairloss Handbook and Support Group Network
Consumer Intel, Inc., New York, NY, US
Consumer Intel Research has dedicated this Web site to the countless number of men and women who are interested in learning more about the subject of hair loss.

Hawaiian Sounds
Hot Spots Hawaii, Kailua, HI, US
Hawaiian music song files added as part of the H4, Hawaii's data superhighway archival project.

Hawkes Nest
Dept. of Anatomy, Univ. of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Pattern formation in the central nervous system.

Headbone Interactive, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Provides up-to-date information about the company and current CD-ROM products for children. Downloadable demos for three products and a special game called "Apparelizer," available only on the Internet.

Health & Science
Crawfordville, FL, US
The most current science-based information on human health and alternative choices that will assist the decisions you face for your personal health and well-being.

Henley Management College
Henley-on-Thames, Oxford, UK
One of the world's leading business schools offering executive education courses and degree programs at DBA, MBA and diploma levels for individuals and organizations.

Hepatitis C Info and Support
Science Applications International Corp., San Diego, CA, US
A liver disease caused by a recently identified bloodborne virus. This page is intended to supply facts and support for people with Hepatitis C, friends and family, and anyone else with an interest.

Herzig Somerville Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A leading Canadian supplier of prepress services and high quality commercial printing. Specialties - packaging, agencies, art reproduction, stochastic. Includes technical information about prepress and printing.

Hewlett-Packard's World of Workstations
Palo Alto, CA, US
Launching a new series of 9000 J-Class workstations, Hewlett-Packard's World of Workstations features demo video clips, in-depth product information, customer success stories, and a Q&A session with technical experts.

The High-Five Award Site
Palo Alto, CA, US
The High-Five award is given to a new site each week. Sites are chosen for clear typography, good user-interface design, overall aesthetics, and a clean look.

Historical and Archaeological CD-ROMs
Multimedia Management, London, England
Links to archaeological and historical archives published on CD-ROM that have their own Web pages. Most CD-ROMs included here are 'niche-market' products that are not well publicised by mainstream CD-ROM distributors.

The Historical Text Archive
Mississippi State University, Mississippi State, MS, US
A large collection of historical texts, photos, and maps with hyperlinks to resources on other servers.

The Hollis Brookline Journal
John Leslie Consulting, Milford, NH, US
A local newspaper serving Hollis and Brookline, New Hampshire.

Hollywood Archaeology
San Francisco, CA, US
Chosen to be the first site for the Whitney Museum's new artists Web project. A huge site, with five separate subsections. The text is by conceptual artist Lowell Darling, the design by Jim Newman.

Hostel in the Redwoods
Ave. of the Giants/Bell Glen Hostel, Leggett, CA, US
Great little hostel in the redwoods. Private cabins, small dorms, swimming, hiking, redwoods, cozy little British-style pub, many day-trips and eco-tours available.

Huntington Hotel
San Francisco, CA, US
Perched atop San Francisco's prestigious Nob Hill is The Huntington Hotel which enjoys one of the city's finest, most convenient locations. Fisherman's Wharf and Union Square's world-class shopping are just blocks away.

Hyper-Media Resumes
XT Business Services, Macedon, NY, US
Provides total Internet resume management in addition to publishing resumes as Web home pages. Specializes in serving professionals and senior executives.

IBM Environmental, Health and Safety Technology Services
IBM, Boca Raton, FL, US
IBM's skills, methodologies, resources and tools in environmental, health and safety (EHS) management are now available. ETS provides consulting and management services for all facets of EHS business management.

IEEE Computer Society
Washington, DC, US
Features articles from the society's publications and a broad range of information about conferences, standards, student activities, and more. Founded in 1946, this is the world's leading organization of computer professionals.

IEEE Spectrum's Electronic Supplement
Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, New York City, NY, US
An electronic supplement to a monthly flagship publication, Spectrum. Provides links to information about topics covered in recent issues and to sources of technology news.

Illinois Network Systems
Palos Hills, IL, US
A full-service C.N.E. training center, which offers full-length training videos, course manuals, CD-ROMs, free hardware and software, plus free support training to each student.

Impact Media Group
San Francisco, CA, US
Innovative digital creativity.

Indelible Blue, Inc.
Raleigh, NC, US
A software retailer specializing in OS/2 and related products. The site contains the online catalog, as well as tech tips from Einstein and other OS/2 goodies.

Inter-Industrial Group
Grupo Inter-Industrial, SA de CV, Monterrey, Mexico
GII's lines of business and interests are grouped in three divisions: management services, real estate, and industrial companies.

International Bee Research Association
Cardiff, Wales, UK
A guide to the world's premier information service for bee science and beekeeping, provided by a not-for-profit trust.

International HIRLAM Project
HIRLAM Management Team, De Bilt, The Netherlands
Cooperation of several European countries to develop and maintain a short-range, high-resolution, numerical weather-forecasting system for operational use, and to coordinate related research.

International Neural Network Society
Woodbury, NJ, US
The official home page containing a link to the 1995 World Conference on Neural Networks (WCNN'95) home page.

Internet Doorway
Jackson, MS, US
We offer Mississippi flat rate Internet Access Service via high speed analog and ISDN dial-up; free World-Wide Web home pages; Internet consulting, and around-the-clock technical support.

INTERWEB Computer Solutions
Chicago, IL, US
Onsite PC and Mac, Internet and Web, set-up and training for Chicagoland. HTML Web page design and conversion, system upgrades and recovery, SIMM memory and CPU, mail order, telecommunications, and other computer consulting services.

Israel Real Estate Online
Think First Real Estate Ltd., Tel Aviv, Israel
The first real estate interactive Web page in Israel.

James B. Janknegt's Art
Univ. of Texas Performing Arts Center, Austin, TX, US
Original oil paintings by Austin artist Janknegt.

Jet Aircraft Consulting
Plano, TX, US
Consulting services to the general aviation community. Aircraft pre-purchase, flight department, repair station or charter operation setup. Links to other aviation sites.

The Jewish Theological Seminary of America
New York, NY, US
Descriptions of the Seminary's programs and services. It provides links to other Jewish sites on the Internet. From this page, you can search for the addresses of Seminary staff and students.

National Association of Colleges and Employers, Bethlehem, PA, US
Career planning and employment information, job-search articles and tips, job listings, and company information for college students, recent graduates, and alumni. Also, information for career services and employment professionals.

The Johns Hopkins Philosophy Pages
Johns Hopkins Philosophy Dept., Baltimore, MD, US
An up-to-date, comprehensive, and informative set of links to philosophy resources on the Internet. See the Guide for more information.

Johnson & Higgins/UNISON Global Captive Mgmt.
Hamilton, Bermuda
The world's largest manager of captive insurance companies. Managing over 420 captives with some 270 staff dedicated to this activity.

Keski-Uusimaa Ltd
Hyrylä, Uusimaa, Finland
Five established companies publishing 10 newspapers and district papers and three trade journals in the Keski-Uusimaa county. It has well over 400 employees. Site is in Finnish.

Once Upon a Breeze Kiteshop, Cannon Beach, OR, US
A kite shop on the Oregon coast with an online catalog.

Kyrene School District
Tempe, AZ, US
Information about the school district as well as the Kyrene Technology Project and a link to the project's home page.

Los Angeles, CA, US
@LA is the most complete and up-to-date guide to sites with a realspace presence in the greater Los Angeles area. The most comprehensive listing of Net-based information on the Los Angeles area.

Laboratory of Space Technology
Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki, Finland
Our main field of research is microwave remote sensing. We have wide experience in constructing and operating microwave radiometers and scatterometers, as well as in theoretical modeling and inversion techniques.

Leisure Activity Page
Portland, OR, US
Showing local community information in the Portland, Oregon area, displaying a picture gallery of the author, and the describing the author's resume and wordprocessing services available.

Leonard Peltier
Cow Path Productions, Inc., Lawrence, KS, US
International office of the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee.

Cleveland, OH, US
An integrated marketing communications agency.

The Logic Approach
Austin, TX, US
Offering custom built PC systems and peripherals for all ranges of computer needs from entry level to pro-performance, as well as mail order and government sales. A HUB-approved vendor.

Logical Operations
Rochester, NY, US
The national leader in computer-related training products and courseware, offers its product list and nearly 300 course descriptions.

S.B. Edan Ltd., Lexington, MA, US
A mall for the display and listing of pleasure boat marine products and services of all types by manufacturers, dealers, marinas, charter services, and the like.

Maritime Information Systems
Todd & Associates, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
A CD-ROM for sale for the marine industry. A marine surveying and investigation firm dealing in Stolen Vessel Notification "wanted posters" plus displaying pictures of stolen vessels with rewards.

Maryland's Department of Natural Resources
Global Access Communications, Bethesda, MD, US
The Maryland State Park, Forest, and Wildlife Management Areas Internet guide. Every state park, forest, and wildlife management area is listed, many with trail maps and pictures.

Maui Interactive
Maui, HI, US
An online guide to island activities designed to serve as a travel planner for Maui-bound visitors. Features information, colorful images and photos, and links to other Hawaii Web sites.

The Maui Windsurfing Report
Team No Team, Kula, HI, US
The Maui Windsurfing Report eminates daily from the "Mecca" of windsurfing, Maui, Hawaii. Full of action and laughs.

Megacities 2000 Digital Village
Architectuur Management, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The International Association for Architecture has been asked by UNESCO to focus attention on the problems of the explosively growing megacities (over 10 million inhabitants).

The Messenger
Univ. of Geneva, Centre Universitaire d'Informatique, Geneva, Switzerland
Overview on messengers i.e., small pieces of code that can roam through the network. Also discussion on the relation with agents.

Meta Software Corporation
Cambridge, MA, US
The leading vendor of software tools which support business process reengineering. Our products enable organizations to document, analyze and simulate business processes.

The Milford Cabinet and Wilton Journal
John Leslie Consulting, Milford, NH, US
A local newspaper serving Milford and Amherst, New Hampshire.

M.J.M. Photography, Inc.
Greentown, IN, US
Features photographic work of M. James McAdams. Specializing in college yearbook student portraits, including fraternity and sorority composites. Available for freelance sports assignments. Scenic art photography also featured.

MobileSat's Satellite Telephones
Mobile Satellite Products Corp., Hauppauge, NY, US
Portable satellite telephones for use globally to connect into public switched voice and data networks. Services include dial-up, on demand capabilities for voice, fax, data, video, and ISDN from anywhere in the world.

Mobilis: The Mobile Lifestyle Magazine
Volksware, Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
Monthly magazine featuring interviews, tutorials, reviews, and opinion concerning all aspects of PDAs, wireless communication, and mobile peripherals.

Monmouth Internet Corporation
Red Bank, NJ, US
Monmouth County Internet access provider.

Monroe County
Monroe County Dept. of Planning & Development, Rochester, NY, US
Host to the 1995 Ryder Cup Matches. This Web site features content on the community's entrepreneurial tradition in high-tech manufacturing and imaging.

Mothersongs by Liese Ricketts
University of Chicago Laboratory Schools, Chicago, IL, US
A selection of verse and images dedicated to my mother.

Movie Reviews
ContentWare, New York, NY, US
We survey the critics to find what's hot among current movies -- and what's not.

Multi-Product Automated Quotations
Plano, TX, US
A high-tech listing service for hard goods such as computer hardware and software. We offer discreet, secure shopping using a bid and ask mechanism.

The Music of Lee Eisenstein, "Songs For A Dreamer"
Lionel Standish Records, Kailua, HI, US
If you enjoy classical guitar with Gregorian chant, New Age orchestras, soprano sax, flutes, ethnic percussion, you'll probably like the music here. "A single classical guitarist so good he can make you cry." -- Los Angeles Times.

My Virtual Reference Shelf
Salisbury, MD, US
A comprehensive listing of reference resources on the Internet. A "one-stop" site for news, sports, weather, stocks, and basic references such as dictionary, thesaurus, quotations, plus area and zip codes.

National SBDC Research Network
Nat'l. Small Business Development Ctr. Research Network, Albany, NY, US
Offers a compilation of Internet resources of interest to small business and entrepreneurship.

Navigation Sensors System Interface
NISE East, Charleston, SC, US
Experimental site designed for downloading of drawings and further links to NISE East and NISE West connections.

Brooklyn, NY, US
A live action roleplaying game blending elements of the Robin Hood legend, Lord of the Rings, and King Arthur tales. It is based in New York with events in Brooklyn and Connecticut.

NetMarquee Business Information NetCenters
NetMarquee Online Services, Needham, MA, US
Information and guidance for executives of emerging and family-owned businesses. Search for articles as well as exchange information with other executives and experts via NetMarquee's forums.

Neurosurgery at University of Illinois
Chicago, IL, US
The home page of the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
Macmillan Digital, Indianapolis, IN, US
This is a searchable Web directory (with descriptions) of over 5,000 entries that is growing daily. Each entry has been reviewed by a human editor for quality. New submissions welcomed.

The New York Law Publishing Company Online Catalog
New York, NY, US
A searchable catalog of books, newsletters, audio cassettes and course handbooks from The New York Law Publishing Company, publisher of the award-winning National Law Journal.

NFL Web Sites
DB Software, Los Angeles, CA, US
Collection of all NFL sites and direct links for each individual team, including fan-maintained sites. Also some links to CFL and WLAF sites.

North Coast Software, Inc. - Morphing and Video Effects Gallery
Barrington, NH, US
Download the dozens of AVI video files in the morphing and video effects gallery. Also info and demos on our Windows products.

Northeast Georgia Mountains Page
Lawrenceville, GA, US
Information about the northeast Georgia mountains, from the standpoint of forest ecology, recreation in nature, and the environment.

Northeastern University
Boston, MA, US
Northeastern University's new home page complete with online undergraduate admission form.

Nu-Mega Technologies Inc.
Nashua, NH, US
Produces the award-winning software debugging products BoundsChecker and Soft-ICE for Windows developers.

Oak Ridge Public Relations
Cupertino, CA, US
A full-service agency specializing in technology and business-to-business promotion. The agency's staff is experienced and knowledgeable about technology and technical markets.

Old Dog's Clear Lake Info
Clear Lake, TX, US
Info on boats, bars, beaches, and more.

Olympia and Thurston County, Washington
Wind's Eye Design, Olympia, WA, US
Learn about Olympia and Thurston County -- places to stay, things to do, parks and recreation, restaurant reviews, local weather, community events, and much more.

Omnet, Inc. -- Information Management and Consulting
Newton, MA, US
An information management consulting company with a bias toward keeping our clients well ahead of the technology curve. Working with companies without a need for a full-time MIS manager.

One World Music Festival
Enchanted Circle Productions, Taos, NM, US
Fourth annual unique outdoor festival dedicated to world unity through environmental and cultural preservation. Ten percent of the proceeds are donated to non-profit organizations who share this philosophy.

Ontario Golf on the Virtual Edge
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The Virtual Edge is the Web site for golf in Ontario. Our directory has 614 courses with basic course info, directions, and rates.

The Open Scroll
Althea Productions, San Francisco, CA, US
A monthly Web magazine for the publication of previously unpublished poetry and prose, dedicated to the pursuit of passion, brilliance, and insanity.

Opportunity Network
ERN Publishing, Inc., Braintree, MA, US
Our purpose is to expand the notion of opportunity and to explore and promote the culture of opportunity. We aim to provide a non-partisan network for those seeking alternative horizons in self-enrichment.

The Ottawa School of Art
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Information about program and events in and around The Ottawa School of Art.

Outrageous On-Line Uncle Al
The Freehand, Victoria, BC, Canada
An on-going project to re-educate the people of Earth through works of fiction.

Pangaea Communications
New York, NY, US
Strategic development work for global expansion and marketing opportunity assessment. Assist consumer products/services companies with global marketing efforts. Consumer research, market feasibility, trend reports, concept work, promotions, pricing issues, etc.

PDP-10 Page
Jomis Software, Fremont, CA, US
Small collection of DECsystem-10 documents and pointers to other PDP-10 pages.

Pedagogic Center, Joint Authority for Jewish-Zionist Education
Jerusalem, Israel
Offers educators and youth leaders in the Jewish world the following services: consultation, training and seminars, production of educational materials (written and online).

PEDINFO: A Pediatrics WebServer
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL, US
Dedicated to the dissemination of online information for pediatricians and others interested in child health.

Peripheral Systems Group
Hard Drive Heaven, Santa Clara, CA, US
A Silicon Valley-based wholesaler of quality hard drives.

Personal Development Products
NetWorks Marketing, Ellicott City, MD, US
Personal development audio and video tapes are highlighted on the George Zalucki home page. Profile of a Champion, an article by Zalucki which details the Eight Principles of Successful Living, is also online.

GeoSphere Emergency Response Systems, Inc., Doylestown, PA, US
The state-of-the-art emergency response software on the market today. It completely manages the emergency response programs at chemical plants, refineries, and similar installations.

Police Agencies on the Web
St. Pete, FL, US
A reference tool. Links to law enforcement agencies (state, city, county, university police departments) plus overseas law enforcement agencies.

Political Action Resources
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Lists US government offices, US congressmen, political action groups, and information sites. Also contains information on searching mailing lists, creating and managing lists and how to mount email campaigns.

Primex Information Services Ltd.
Milton Keynes, Bucks, UK
Management and business training organization specialising in information and communications. Recently restructured and now holding discussions with prospective franchise holders for exclusive licensed areas in UK and Europe.

Primo Angeli Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
We are designers for marketing and communications.

PROBE Marketing Group
Dallas, TX, US
Provides telemarketing, advertising, market research, PR, business consulting, mergers and acquisitions, and WWW site design and publishing services.

Champaign, IL, US
Helping students with disabilities to overcome barriers and enter into science, engineering, and math-related careers.

Process Systems and Integration Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
A supplier of tools and services for the acquisition of real time and historical industrial information.

NYU Department of Psychiatry, New York, NY, US
Information about the NYU Department of Psychiatry and resources for the department. Information about Bellevue Hospital Department of Psychiatry, the Comprehensive Textbook of Psychiatry, NYU Psychiatry Residency Program and more.

Pulse -- Online Information Center at Univ. of Kansas Medical Center
Pulse Development Unit, Dykes Library, Kansas City, KS, US
Available to faculty, staff, and students for the distribution of information resources, including education and training materials, policy and procedure documents, promotional materials, and more. Also information for the general public.

Incline Village, NV, US
Online comparison shopping for term life insurance and annuities.

Real Estate Magazine
HASMARC Networking, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An online real estate service in western Canada.

Redesigning Education
Ohio State Univ. Dept. of Physics, Columbus, OH, US
A new book by 1982 Nobel Prize winner in physics Kenneth G. Wilson and journalist Ben Daviss, examines the problems currently facing education reform.

Reform Party of Canada
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Holds 52 seats in the Canadian Parliament. This site is an effort to widely distribute information about the party and provide a feedback mechanism for members of the public to contact us.

Resorts on the WEB
Exchange Systems, Minneapolis, MN, US
Hundreds of resorts, vacation rentals, cabins, lodges, resort condominiums, villas. Choose from rustic to luxurious, wilderness to cosmopolitan, mountains to seashore -- in every price range.

Riverside County Web Service
Riverside County Information Services, Riverside, ca, US
This service provides a look at the Riverside County, its cities, recreation, business and civic climate.

The San Diego Media Page
WebOvision, San Diego, CA, US
Links to television, radio, newspapers, and magazines in San Diego.

Scanning, Scanning, Scanning
IMS Internet Marketing Services, Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Scanning service, high quality, low price ($5). References from around the world by request. Samples found in the attached Shoppers Mall.

Scenes of Vermont
PB Publishing, Morgan, Vermont, Morgan, VT, US
Offering pithy and sometimes comical editorial on specific areas of Vermont. A free cyberspace magazine offering the prospective biker, hiker, skier and general tourist succinct information.

School of Journalism and Communication
University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US
This University of Oregon site features Flux magazine and Perspective, a radio journal of public affairs.

Scuba the World for Less
Island Holidays, Fayetteville, GA, US
Over 90 hotels and dive shops in the Caribbean and 21 Live Aboards around the world, all at discount prices.

THE SEAMLESS WEBsite: Law and Legal Resources
TSW Limited, San Francisco, CA, US
Provides law and legal resources for legal professionals and the general public.

Seattle Square
Accelerated Media, Seattle, WA, US
A virtual map of the city and its neighborhoods. A fun and exciting way to find what you're looking for.

See's Coffee
fishnet.net, Ventura, CA, US
Selling coffee beans to the world. Any flavor and color.

Shawn's Internet Resume Center
Centreville, VA, US
Post your resume on the Internet and make it available to millions. Other services include resume and career counseling.

Shelter Assistance Association Recovery Page
Sebastopol, CA, US
Provides the link between the recovery neighborhood and the person on the street suffering.

Sigman Photography Portfolio
Chicago, IL, US
Executive portraiture and all corporate imaging including location work anywhere in the world.

SIUC Mass Spectrometry Facility
Carbondale, IL, US
Home page for the Southern Illinois University at Carbondale Mass Spectrometry Facility. Information on available equipment as well as current service rates.

SKS Computer Consulting, Inc.
Tampa, FL, US
We provide software development and consulting services on Unix and DOS/Windows platforms in C/C++ for client-server, object oriented networking and database systems in Sybase, Oracle, etc.

Snoring: Sleep Apnoea
Electronic Atheists, Washington, DC, US
A resource for information concerning the sleep disorder, sleep apnoea, a condition typically characterized by loud snoring and cessation of breathing during sleep.

Software Creations Folio InfoBase
Software Creations & The Fien Group, Carson, CA, US
This site applies the new Folio Infobase technology and has the complete Bible along with an entertainment industry casting directory and interesting hyperlinked docs.

Sokolin's Wine Wealth Health
INTV, New York, NY, US
Great buys, valuable news, and extraordinary wine commentary you won'’t get anywhere else. A unique, fun, and profitable perspective on fine and rare wine. Wine merchant’s for three generations.

Soluciones Globales Internet (SGI)
Tres Cantos, Madrid, Spain
Un servidor Web en espanol que incluye servicios Internet, revistas electronicas, y novedades profesionales del mercado del vino, la cerveza y los espirituosos.

SoundWave Technologies, New York, NY, US
Professional media mall for audio and video production -- professional listings for manufacturers, recording studios, etc.

Soundwave Technologies
New York City, NY, US
Professional audio, video, multimedia on-ramp for professionals in the music, video, and multimedia businesses.

South Australian Climbing
Adelaide, Australia
News, gossip, guide books, pictures, and other information about rock climbing in South Australia.

Southern Regional Research Center, ARS, USDA
New Orleans, LA, US
Center of the Agricultural Research Service studies use of southern US crops. Describes mission, history and accomplishments and contains personnel directory, scientists' biographies and searchable list of publications.

Space Age Bachelor Pad Music
Brooklyn, NY, US
Explore the long-lost orchestral pop music of the late '50s and early '60s. Now featuring full-color LP jackets and sound samples from the King of Space Age Pop, Esquivel.

Sporting Life -- The Travel Agency with a Personal Touch.
Indianapolis, IN, US
A full-service travel agency that specializes in scuba travel. Sporting Life Travel prides itself in looking after interests of the individual and businesses.

St. Stephen's Episcopal School
Daniel A. Norton, Austin, TX, US
College preparatory education in the rolling hills of central Texas.

Star Tribune
Minneapolis, MN, US
Contains special projects, information about Star Tribune Online, and circulation and advertising information.

Starlink Italia
Starlink Italia srl, Milan, Italy
Internet provider, WWW development, design graphics, and network consulting online shop for "made in Italy" products. Italian products commercial sites surfer for professional business.

Stefano Benigni Translations
Stefano Benigni, Washington, DC, US
Translation of legal, business and financial documents. From English into Italian and vice versa. An Italian attorney for your translations.

Summit Publishing
San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Artist Manuel Nuñez explores the full range of human emotions with a dynamic style all his own. His unique tributes to the beauty and strength of women establish him as the definitive master of female imagery.

Sun.ONE Weekly
Gainesville, FL, US
Online news and entertainment that is a student-run commercial newspaper sponsored by the New York Times, Gainesville Sun and University of Florida College of Journalism.

Surf Report Chat
Prime Sports Event Group, Santa Monica, CA, US
Global surf report chat as part of the US Open of Surfing web site.

Switched-on Gutenberg
Univ. of Washington, Extension, Seattle, WA, US
Electronic poetry journal. Exciting current writing by established and new poets.

The Syndicate
Los Angeles, CA, US
An online source to investment information you will not find anywhere else.

Take a Chance with the Stars
San Fernando Valley Unit of the ACS, Century City (LA), CA, US
On September 30, 1995, the American Cancer Society will host its third annual Casino Night fundraising event featuring soap opera and Star Trek actors.

Windermere, FL, US
The world's only online fully relational database for buyers and sellers of new and used hi-tech equipment.

Texas A&M Corps of Cadets
College Station, TX, US
An informational and historical account for the Corps of Cadets. Corps scholarship applications and visiting request forms are on the page. Lots of graphics and information.

Texas Brewers Festival
Austin, Texas, US
Information about the Brewers Festival and other craftbeer-related businesses and people in Texas.

Texas PTA Homepage
Austin, TX, US
Information about the goals, programs, and people of Texas PTA. The site includes links to other PTA and education-related sites throughout the U.S.

Thames Internet Services
Nr. Oxford, UK
Providing Web mark-up and full Internet training and services to companies, large and small in the south of England.

Thomson-Shore's Book Manufacturing
Thomson-Shore Inc., Dexter, MI, US
Features a Virtual Book Manufacturing Tour where you can take a guided tour of the facility. Important information and tips to help prepare your book for the printing process.

Tips for Advanced Page Designers
Palo Alto, CA, US
Good typography, awesome HTML tricks, and clear design principles for making your site the best it can be. See why this site is very different from other HTML-tips pages.

TNC, Inc.
Alpharetta, GA, US
Provides Media-on-Demand for LAN/WAN for education, distance learning, corporate training, and broadband cable systems. Digital encoding (MPEG, AVI, JPEG) services are also provided.

Tofino Expeditions Ltd.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Specializing in ocean kayaking trips to the Clayoquot Sound, the Inside Passage, the Queen Charlotte Islands, Baja, and Honduras.

The Toronto Argonaut
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The site for the Toronto Argonaut football club. A member of the Canadian Football League for over 100 years. Stats, press releases, and more.

Total Process Consultants
Atlanta, GA, US
A business-process consulting organization specializing in Web presence design and consulting, software development, and overall business re-engineering and enhancements.

Transexual Menace
Transexual Menace-NYC, NY, US
Confronting with love. If the name scares you, you probably don't want to visit. But we aren't particularly scary.

Trinity Partners, Inc. (recruiter)
Danville, CA, US
A full-service contract broker. In business in the greater Bay Area since 1986. Providing highly qualified technical contract consultants to companies throughout Northern California.

Understanding Islam and the Muslims
Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US
Provides info about the religion of Islam. Also has links to other resources on the Internet about Islam and the Muslims.

UniDial Product City
UniDial Communications, Louisville, KY, US
One of the fastest growing telecommunications companies in the country, markets its products and services through a revolutionary agency program. Agents are actual owners-operators of their own businesses.

University of Toronto G7 Information Centre
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides G7 background and Financial Post articles, all documentation arising from G7 summit meetings, documentation from G7 ministerial and other meetings, and scholarly articles about the G7 process.

Upper Hand Collectibles
Micron Internet Services, Boise, ID, US
An online mail-order business that deals in magic: the Gathering cards, comic books and comic paraphernalia. Our prices set the standard on the Net.

Upper Hot Springs Pool
Canadian Parks Service, Banff, Alberta, Canada
Banff National Park's only swimmable hot spring. Spa facility also available.

The Upscale Wholesale Shop
The Upscale Wholesale Co., Lisle, IL, US
Entertainment and recreation items that are very cool and not available at the corner store. Affordable Night Vision Scopes and McDermott Pool Cues are among the fine products. Lots of links, too.

Upshur County, WV Tourism and Business
MPL, Buckhannon, WV, US
Dedicated to informing the public about festivals, places to see, and business development sites in Upshur County, West Virginia.

U.S. Healthcare
Blue Bell, PA, US
Blends company and product information, health information, and online customer service (linking directly to our member services department), as well as health information, a bit of humor and an online art gallery.

Volunteers Exchange International
New York, NY, US
An organization of volunteers which provides living abroad and volunteer work experiences for people between the ages of 18 and 30. We exchange with over 30 countries.

Waytec Electronics Corp.
Lynchburg, VA, US
Manufacturer of printed circuit boards.

Web and Internet Providers
Evolution Online Systems, New York City, NY, US
Internet provider, custom software developer and supplier of in-house or turnkeyed servers. Web publishing and HotJava Applications developer.

Web Authoring Web Services Provider / Consultant
Ron Stefkovich, Mendocino, CA, US
Web page services provider, graphics design, HTML programming, "C", AppleScript, FMPro, databases.

Web Graphics
Nottingham, UK
Contains graphics for Web page development. This includes separator lines, graphics and backgrounds.

Web Virtual Library: Sports
Center for Atmospheric Science, Cambridge Univ., Cambridge, UK
A huge number of links to all kinds of different sports around the world: ball sports, water sports, outdoor pursuits, and more. A unique feature is a form for adding your own entries.

Whalen & Whalen
Empire Consumer Marketing Group, South Hadley, MA, US
We are a law firm with over 30 years experience. We offer a free initial consultation.

Wochenpost Online
Wochenpost, Berliner Verlag GmbH, Berlin, Germany
A newspaper, published weekly in German covering everything you may expect from a weekly newspaper, especially eastern Germany.

A World Wide Real Estate Guide
World Wide Publishing Corp., Palm Beach, FL, US
Your Internet source for real estate. We cover residential, commercial, and investment real estate as well as vacant land. We provide links to other quality real estate sites throughout the world.

WWU Housing
University Residences, Bellingham, WA, US
Information about Western Washington University's on-campus living, including descriptions of residence halls, computer labs, residence life, facilities, and more.

Monday, 19 June 1995

10E Design
Hampton, GA, US
A full-service global Web design and maintenance company. Our primary focus is on the exotic and adventure travel industry. However, we also have and accept other clients.

The 1995 High Sierra Music Festival
Silicon Forest Media, San Francisco, CA, US
The dream of pairing a powerful eclectic musical lineup with an incomparable natural and festive setting is happening--4th of July weekend! Be a part of a magical world where nature, music, recreation, community and celebration are combined.

1995 Orange County Fair
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Fair runs for 17 days and nights (July 7 to July 23) at the Orange County Fairgrounds. The site has a complete run-down of scheduled entertainment, activities, a map of the fairgrounds, and how to get there.

20th Century Adventures
by 10E Design, Hampton, GA, US
An online adventure travel and exotic destination magazine presented by 10E Design.

3WD: World Wide Web Designs
Bloomington, IN, US
A company devoted to providing the highest quality development and training for Web-based services (programming, HTML formatting, interactive forms and graphics, Internet marketing, content development, design, and animation).

Academicus Press
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
A source of technical expertise in software development and wide-area hypermedia publishing applications. Academicus develops and supports custom solutions for Web/database interfacing on the Windows NT platform.

Accommodation Student Housing Ontario
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada
Ontario students and parents can now save $4,700 or 60% of their post-secondary costs each school year, while attending educational institutions outside of their home towns.

Second Shift Inc, Dedham, MA, US
Affordable accounting, bookkeeping and payroll services.

Wellesley, MA, US
An information technology consulting firm, founded in response to the increasing need for support in the development and maintenance of computerized systems. Specializing in placing computer consultants in a broad range of industries.

Adolescence Directory On-Line (ADOL)
Center for Adolescent Studies, Bloomington, IN, US
A collection of electronic resources relating to adolescents and secondary education. It is intended for parents, researchers, educators, health practitioners, and teens.

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
A great new metal band that has just released a new CD -- Death of One. Check out some song samples, artwork, reviews, etc.

The Agatha Christie Page
The Dalton School, New York, NY, US
This is the site for Agatha Christie reviews. Read others, or submit your own.

Ainsworth Group of Companies
Ainsworth Electric Co. Limited, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Electrical, HVAC, automation, LAN and communications products and services offered by Ainsworth in Ontario and across Canada.

AKTEO Watch Boutique
Cybershops Production, Boston, MA, US
Watches are designed and made in France. They are Swiss Quartz time pieces that explore arts, classics, ethnicity, music, professions, passions, and sports.

Ali BaBa's Casba Cool-Down
The Friends of Ali BaBa Ltd., Fullerton, CA, US
The Casba Cool-Down for art, humor, opinion, and the Deep Jesus.

Alien Records
alien tecknology, Austin, TX, US
Alien specializes in hard-to-find 12-inch vinyl. Categories include trance, ambient, house, digi-funk and more. Also: art galleries, typography and the latest in graphic design.

All Roads Lead to Branson
Ozark Network Communications, Inc., Branson, MO, US
OzNet presents the Branson Travel and Tour Guide. Next time you plan a vacation to the Branson, Missouri area.

Alliance International Corporation
Cincinnati, OH, US
Provides offshore international asset protection and investment diversification through a consortium of U.S. and international financial advisors, attorneys, and tax accountants.

Anything Goes Darts
Concord, CA, US
The first dart supplier to utilize the World Wide Web. Our home page is the place to find anything you need regarding darts, be it information, trivia, league standings, or a new set of flights.

Arbuckles' Coffee
Tucson, AZ, US
Once the dominant brand of coffee consumed by cowboys during the trail drive era, 1870's - 1880's Available once again.

ASP Home Page System
Association of Shareware Professionals, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A non-profit organization devoted to increasing knowledge of the shareware (try before you buy) market to the general public, and to assisting its members in cooperatively reaping the benefits of this unique marketplace.

Athenaeum of Photography
Marblehead, MA, US
A non-profit public library of fine art photographs from around the world, writings, and art books. The Athenaeum is dedicated to the advancement of art and photography through education.

Atlas Venture
Boston, MA, US
A partnership of international venture capitalists formed to finance high-technology businesses seeking success in the global economy.

Auricle Control Systems
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
Describes an Emmy and Academy Award-winning software application used extensively in Hollywood for the composition and production of underscore/music for film, television and multimedia.

Australia's Impact Real Estate
Surfers Paradise, QLD, Australia
Service orientated real estate agency specialising in all types of real estate, in and around Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast. The premier tourist destination, playground of the southern hemisphere.

Austrian Academic Software Initiative
Klagenfurt, Austria
Promoting scientific discourse on interactive media and their production, distribution and adequate use in higher education and research. Located at Klagenfurt University.

Agoura, CA, US
Largest U.S. database of automotive new car showrooms, dealers, and services. Virtual showrooms offering a wide variety of information on domestic and international automobiles.

Avazpour Systems: Edutainment
Overland Park, KS, US
Download free shareware programs. "Kids at play" consists of seven games appealing to children ages 2-9. Winlotto Pro(c) can handle any lottery, daily, and PowerBall game.

Aviation Trader
Norwest Pacific Publications, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Serves the Pacific Northwest of Canada and the US and is distributed free-of-charge to all aviation-related businesses. Provides information on events and happenings in general aviation.

Avon's Breast Cancer Awareness Crusade
New York City, NY, US
Find information about breast cancer and the importance of early detection; access a list of over 250 support groups across the country; and help distribute this information to save women's lives.
http://www.pmedia.com/Avon/avon.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Balthazar's Emporium
Dundee University Roleplaying Society, Dundee, Scotland
A student society at the University of Dundee, Scotland. This page briefly describes what we have done this year, including the newly launched and hugely popular Live Action Roleplaying.

Bar-Do Records
Rimnet, Kaminoge Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan
Japanese indy records label. MPEG sound sample also.

Bazilians -- The Premiere Discounter on the Web
Merle Associates, Inc., West Hartford, CT, US
The online spot to get the best deals on discount clothing, footwear and accessories. We offer you top-of-the-line merchandise at prices that can save you Bazilians.

Bedrock Theatre Company
Dublin, Ireland
Dedicated to bringing lesser-known works to the Irish stage.

The Bee Group, Inc.
Irvine, CA, US
Helping business grow through integrated information systems. Specializing in network design and support, software development, Internet services, training and management development, and media production services.

BenefitsLink, Inc.
Orlando, FL, US
A complete Web resource for employers, employees and employee benefits professionals, covering the laws and developments affecting pension plans and other employee benefit programs.

Blue Wave Virtual Designers (UK) Ltd.
London, England, UK
Provides to UK businesses some of the best page design talents worldwide.

Boat Plans Online
Mertens-Goossens N.A., Vero Beach, FL, US
Boat plans and technical information for boat builders, free study plans and free plans, viewable online or download from our FTP site.

Bob Reeder and Blackthorn Records
World Mall, Overland Park, KS, US
An American Celtic musician, performer, entertainer, and singer-songwriter for 25 years. Sound clips are available for download from Bob's albums and also from other artists represented by Blackthorn Records.

Burned-Out Newspapercreatures Guild, Dayton, OH, US
Archives and new issues of the Burned-Out Newspapercreatures Guild's weekly encyclical, previously available only via NYTNS and bong-1. Always funny, best appreciated by media junkies and journalists.

Bootcamp: Report on Computers and Technology
Fred Fishkin, WCBS-AM, Great Neck, NY, US
A report on computers and technology which can be heard on the CBS Radio Network around the US, and now thanks to RealAudio, can also be listened to around the world on the Internet.

Bravo - Satellite and Cable Channel
United Artists Programming, London, UK
An Astra satellite and cable entertainment channel which shows weird and wonderful series (including many ITC titles) and cult films to the UK and Republic of Ireland.

BUGNET: Network of Entomological Research Links
Sir Sandford Fleming College, Lindsay, Ontario, Canada
This site links to other entomological research and education locations. Examine various course outlines, evaluations and tests.

Business and Income Solutions
A-S International Ent., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Classifieds offering a wide range of multi-level, income opportunities, unique-mail order, and other related business topics for everyone. Receive two free weeks of advertising.

BYTET - Home for Gothic/Techno in Alaska
Anchorage, AK, US
A musical duo based in Alaska. BYTET's music has been included on CD compilations from France, Canada and the US (Cleopatra Records). Use a HTML+ (3.0) browser for best results.

Calculate the High Cost of Higher Education
MemoRandom, Rochester, NY, US
A free service that helps you calculate the high cost of higher education. Registration required to get the customized report. Provided by The Brokery.

California Summer Language Adventure
California Institute on Human Services, Calistoga, CA, US
Provides Spanish-language instruction in a cultural immersion outdoor environment to kids ages 8 to 13. Calistoga's Napa Valley is transformed into a Spanish village where each activity is rooted in the cultures of Spanish-speaking people.

Calvert Group
Bethesda, MD, US
Dedicated to providing intelligent, innovative asset management for mutual-fund investors. We currently sponsor 29 funds and manage more than $4.6 billion in assets. We are recognized for our focus on responsible investing and tax-free fund management.

Cape Breton Community Network
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
A computer network offering a wide spectrum of local online information services.

Capnet Gateway OnLine Health Care Resource Center
CAPNET Gateway On-Line Services, Ingelwood, CA, US
A resource center with various links to health related organizations, hospitals and libraries. Also a health care provider referral directory, and a medical centers and hospitals directory.

The Car Place
Tampa, FL, US
Contains hard-hitting vehicle reviews by the automotive editor of a major Southern newspaper. Links are provided to other automotive sites of interest.

Carole Thompson Fine Photographs (CTFP)
A/M Online, Memphis, TN, US
Specializes in buying and selling fine Southern American photographs. Current displays include Alexander Gardner's Civil War Photographs.

Washington, DC, US
Dedicated to the appreciation, enjoyment and preservation of carousels and carousel art. It includes photographs, historical materials, and band organ sound samples.

The Casino Mall
Elco Consulting, Atlantic City, NJ, US
Casino entertainment listing for Atlantic City and mall for shops around Atlantic and surrounding areas.

Copin SRL, Catania, Italy
A presentation of this city. Also a report about recycling, ecology, and no-waste-lifestyle methods.

Cathay Pacific Airways USA
Los Angeles, CA, US
Information about services and other airlines. Enter a contest to win 1 million frequent flyer miles.

CBPF - Brazilian Center for Physics Research
CAT/CBPF/CNPq, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Physics research and related topics. Research activities, conferences, academic activities. Links to the most important Brazilian institutes.

Central Intelligence Agency
Information Services Management Staff Director, Washington, DC, US
New URL address for the CIA Web server. Update your records and pointers.

Centrum Verden A/S (Middle World Communications)
Copenhagen, Denmark
An Internet provider, providing the customers with a PPP connection via the telephone. Also makes and mantains commercial home pages.

Century 21 Oceanside
Oceanside, CA, US
Oceanside -- the best place to live and work in Southern California. Site designed to provide all the information needed by visitors, future residents, and relocating businesses.

Charlie Thomas Dealerships
Netropolis Communications Corporations, Houston, TX, US
Have all of your automobile questions answered on its Web page. Acura, Isuzu and Jeep-Eagle specifications are now available at your fingertips. And be on the look out for more models coming on line every day.

Charm Woven Labels
Portland, OR, US
For the last 30 years, Charm Woven Labels has been helping customers add the finishing touch to their cloth creations with personalized labels at a very reasonable price.

ENSEEIHT, Toulouse, France
This is the place of Chopin's amateurs. You will find here quizzes, comments about works, scores highlights, a biography... and more.

Christians in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, International
Truths shared by Christians who meet and work only in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Not building any man-made religious organization.

Chrysler Technology Center
Mountain View, CA, US
Chrysler Corporation, a major US automobile manufacturer, offers a virtual tour of the Chrysler Technology Center. Visit the laboratories where new technologies are tested, see the latest concept cars under development, and view a history of Chrysler Corporation and more.

CircumStance Design Studio
Dallas, TX, US
Has established itself as an innovator among interactive studios by transforming interactive technologies into a medium as compelling and memorable as the best of television, film, and graphic arts.

City Comforts: How to Build an Urban Village
Seattle, WA, US
A book titled "City Comforts" shows the simple details and patterns that create the new urbanism. Our homepage is a sampler of the book. Take special note of our blurbs page.

Computerized AIDS Ministries
CAM/UMC, New York, NY, US
Funded by the UMC, but not a religious board. It is a board whose primary function is to give support to those directly affected by AIDS... and information to those not. It is also a place to learn about the spiritual (not dogmatic), tender and caring parts of human nature.

Connecticut State Information Server
Connecticut State University System, New Britain, CT, US
Includes information on all state, regional, and local government agencies throughout Connecticut.

Connell, Foley & Geiser
Roseland, NJ, US
A 75-attorney law firm engaged in a wide range of practice areas, the first New Jersey-based law firm to offer a site on the Web.

Corsair Job Lead Reports
Maple Shade, NJ, US
A research and electronic publishing company specializing in contract opportunity information for firms involved in the environmental remediation business.

Creative Komputer
Miramar, FL, US
Contains infromation about Creative Komputer, including price list, online ordering, and information on The Pub BBS, Florida's most unique BBS.

Cutting Edge Technology Services
Salt Spring Island, BC, Canada
Training and system and software development for traditional (ink on paper) and online publishers.

Gloucester, ON, Canada
We provide full Internet services including Web page creation and display. Other services include software development, and network design and installation.

Cyberspace Launchpad
Collinsville, IL, US
News, information, entertainment, Internet, and PC software.

Internet Access, San Francisco, CA, US
Prepare to journey through a doorway into a world where intercontinental travel takes a split second. It's a key you possess to a vehicle that will transport you through the information and entertainment vaults of the world, and all you need to do is click your mouse.

Cybergraphix, Inc., Akron, OH, US
Affordable home pages. Other services available include document imaging, multimedia presentations, CD-ROM recording, and many other custom computer services.

Dagz Page
Maple Ridge, BC, Canada
Alcohol recovery resource list, links, pics, etc.

Dan Hicks Web Page
Sacramento, CA, US
The first Web page about Dan Hicks and his music.

Dan Murray, Medical Search
Michigan City, IN, US
Specializes in finding personnel for medical device companies. Most searches are for technical and technical management people, including R&D engineers, process engineers, manufacturing engineers, quality engineers, etc.

Database Consultants, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
A technology-based consulting and education firm that specializes in the Oracle database product line.

Database Publishing Associates, Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
Specializes in client server software for managing large scale product and price information systems, including automatic production of printed and electronic catalogs, price books, and others.

DataBridge Internet Services
DataBridge Inc., Markham, Ontario, Canada
An Internet services provider. Parent company is a computer hardware wholesaler in Canada. Providing network consulting, Internet home page implementation and consulting as well as computer hardware sales.

Datatek International, Inc.
Nashville, TN, US
Systems integrators serving middle Tennessee and the world for over 13 years. Useful links to vendor and tech support home pages, links to many middle Tennessee sites, and Chip Hoback's Sport Page.

Deep Space Network
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
NASA's Deep Space Network is the largest and most sensitive scientific telecommunications system and the most precise radio navigation network in the world.

Dept. of Computer & Information Sciences
Fordham University, Bronx, NY, US
This server has info on graduate and undergraduate courses. A searchable database of faculty/student and computer science information. Pictures and historical info on Fordham University, also.

Designer Profile Featuring Robert Schmitt
San Diego, CA, USA
A profile of graphic designer/art director Robert Schmitt. Specializing in the Web, multimedia interface, and print design, illustration, and production.

Devo Network Services
Neuchatel, NE, Switzerland
We provide a digital presence for companies in Switzerland, including De Montmollin Wines, CPI's Image-In graphics software and image library, and many others.

Direct Marketing Group, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
A free direct marketing analysis of your prospect base. Learn the three essential components of a successful direct mail campaign.

Discovery Direct
Carlsbad, CA, US
Fine art from around the world. Importing fine china, porcelain figurines and crystal from places like Yugoslavia, Italy, Czechoslovakia and China. Fine art at low prices.

Distance Courses for Teachers
Heritage Online, Seattle, WA, US
Heritage Online offers university credit courses for teachers to enhance classroom practice. A First Class mail program makes you part of a "virtual classroom" with like-interest teachers. Tuition is affordable.

Dynamic Design
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Web design.

The Ecology Channel
Boston, MA, US
A new cable TV and multimedia service. A clearinghouse for environmental info and links on the Web. Envionmental organizations, facts on a variety of issues, photo gallery, and cable TV schedule.

ECS Composites
Grants Pass, OR, US
An internationally respected manufacturer of transit cases and operational enclosures for military and commercial electronic equipment. ECS also designs and manufactures custom molded parts and specialized tooling for diverse applications.

ECS Composites
Grants Pass, OR, US
An internationally-respected manufacturer of transit cases and operational enclosures for military and commercial electronic equipment. Thermoset and thermoplastic composites, rotational molding, plastic thermoforming and metal fabrication.

EDI World Institute's Global Reference Site
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Provides a wide range of information and resources on EDI, electronic commerce (EC), and CALS (continuous acquisition and life-cycle support).

Elaine Coyne Galleries
Atlanta, GA, US
Art Wear accessories. Produces bracelets, earrings, necklaces and belts. Hand-casted or hand-forged with exotic patina finishes and limited edition semi-precious stones.

Electromedical Products International, Inc.
Mineral Wells, TX, US
Manufacturer of the Alpha-Stim® 100 Microcurrent Stimulator. A proven leader in the field of electromedicine with more independent research and proven efficacy for immediate and lasting treatment of chronic and acute pain.

Electronic Materials and Computers
Phoenix, AZ, US
Deals in new, used, surplus, and refurbished computer and electronic items for the hobbiest and professional. Consulting and appraisal services are available, Buy, sell, trade.

Elias Communications
Irwin, PA, US
Elias Communications' mission is to provide corporations and small businesses with an online presence via the Web.

Elliott Miles McKinley - Composer
Reading, MA, US
A set of pages that describe a composer and his work, with two organizations dedicated to recording and preserving modern American music -- MMC Recordings and Master Musicians Collective.

Engineering Department, University of Pisa
Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione, Pisa, Italy
All about the facilities at the University of Pisa. Degrees, departments, research, library, computer labs, home pages, student organizations, scientific and technical articles, and some special services like icon library and economic announcement.

The English Civil War Society
Howden, North Humberside, UK
A group of history enthusiasts from all over Great Britain who gather together to present re-enactments of the English Civil Wars of 1642-1651, and other aspects of 17th-century history.

Enterprise Internet Services
Isle of Man, British Isles
Major providers of a complete range of internet services in the British Isles. Enterprise also specialises in the operation of major Web servers and Web applications using highly advanced techniques.

EP Online
Presbyterian Church in America, Ellicott City, MD, US
Serves as a resource for both Christians and non-Christians who are seeking Christian-related resources and forums. This resource includes a White Pages area.

Erik Johnson's Virtual Gallery
Erik Johnson/Peripheral Visuals, Boulder, CO, US
A real, surreal and abstract gallery spanning nearly a decade of computer and pen-and-ink artwork created by Erik Johnson.

RIMNET, Tokyo, Japan
Skateboard and in-line skate info from Japan.

Europe Terminal
EBP Business Relations Board, Halmstad, Sweden
Description of the European business and European marketing programs at Halmstad University.

Event Media Productions
Cupertino, CA, US
A media production and staging company working for some of the best in Silicon Valley. Specializing in the application of high-technology in media production for the business of marketing communications.

Event-Based Technical Analysis
Netropolis Communications Corporation, Houston, TX, US
A Web site for technical analysis of news events. EBTA serves traders and investors with a fresh perspective on price analysis.

Beer Sheva, Israel
A virtual teleperformance from the Negev desert. It is a project of Ars Electronica 95 (Welcome to the Net). It will be visible in real time on the Internet from June 20-23, 1995.

Facing Huntington's Disease: A Handbook for Families and Friends
Massachusetts General Hospital: Dept. of Neurology, Boston, MA, US
This hypertext guide has been written for sufferers, families, friends, and anyone else connected with Huntington's Disease.

Faculty Multimedia Development Center
California Polytechnic State Univ., San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Creates multimedia applications for faculty to use in an educational environment. We also provide quick tutorials on how to use the applications that we provide in the lab.

Internet Connect Niagara, Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Visit Niagara Falls from the comfort of your own home. A video camera has been placed facing down on Niagara Falls. Every minute a "registered" visitor can see a 15 second MPEG or still JPEG.

Farcast - The Agent-based News and Information Service
Menlo Park, CA, US
An agent-based news and information service, lets you browse and search its collection of news, pan-industry press releases, reference material, and stock quotes, 24-hours a day.

FASTCAT Library Services
Library Associates, Beverly Hills, CA, US
Library Associates provides library research, information retrieval, Internet consulting, and cataloging of books, videos, CD-ROMs, photographs, etc. Links to many interesting sites.

Femme Cosmetics for the TG Community
A Y Cosmetiques, Inc., New York, NY, US
A full line of department store quality skin care and cosmetics at extremely reasonable prices. State-of-the-art skin care and fashion-forward colors. We welcome the TG Community.

Finternet Inc
Espoo, Finland
Imports and sells LAN products. We also sell whole network systems that are made from our LAN hardware and software and also from Futronic's computers.

FishScope -- Zebrafish Developmental Biology Movies
Dr. Mark Cooper, Dept. of Zoology, Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Providing time-lapse movies of early developmental biology using the model organism zebrafish. Movies use confocal microscopy and florescent dyes to illuminate the patterns of cell movement during development.

Flint and Stones: Real Life in Prehistory
Museum of Antiquities, Univ. of Newcastle, Newcastle, Tyne and Wear, UK
The exhibition which takes you to the world of the Late Stone Age hunter-gatherers of Britain and Northwest Europe.

Deerfield Beach, FL, US
The leading content-oriented provider to the Internet. The home of the South Florida Dive Journal (published monthly) with at least four more journals planned by the end of 1995.

FLYBUY Aircraft for Sale
Kinetic Communications Inc., Corvallis, OR, US
For a one-time fee of $75, an ad will be created, consisting of a color photo of your aircraft and up to 100 words of descriptive text. Your ad will be displayed until your aircraft sells.

Creativision Publishing, Fort Worth, TX, US
Never forget an important date again. This free service will remind you of any event with a simple email message. Also sponsor this service for a very low rate.

From the Hip
Silicon Forest Media, San Francisco, CA, US
A music chat for hard core music lovers worldwide. All genres and people welcome -- just love to talk music and have free time. A new way to have fun at RockWeb Interactive.

Fullerton College
Fullerton, CA, US
Founded in 1913, Fullerton College is the oldest college in continual use in California.

Fundamental Financial Corporation
The Investor Channel, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The developer of a revolutionary technology for riot control and peacekeeping, FFCO OTC-USA is now on The Investor Channel. Closing stock prices and volume are included and updated daily.

Gallery of Kennedy
Xkot, Jacksonville, FL, US
A page full of biographical information and pictures of MTV's v.j. Kennedy, including the famous picture of her semi-nude on the back of a donkey.

Gallowglass Irish Trio
Ken Larson, Portland, OR, US
With links to the internet source for custom made tippers, and the home page for Gallowglass Irish Trio. Includes a source for DADGAD guitar chords.

Games of Yore
Ann Arbor, MI, US
A collection of some of the most loved classic computer games of all time.

San Francisco, CA, US
The Internet version of GenealogySF FIDOnet bbs with genealogy software, research information, and data. Features the Tiny-tafel Matching System and access to the Social Security Death Benefits database.

George's Cyber Department Store
Milford, CT, US
This is being created to be the one stop home page with links to malls, sci-fi attractions, comics, games, and directories. You will also find TVs, VCRs, shelf systems, speakers, gift items and satellite systems at special prices.

Glenn Korgaard Wildlife Art Gallery
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Gallery of the original wildlife art of Korgaard. Includes oil paintings and pencil renderings.

Go Hosteling
Ave. of the Giants/Eel River Redwoods Hostel, Leggett, CA, US
Free online magazine about the history and culture of hosteling, lists of hostel organziations, descriptions of individual hostels.

Gold Coast Macintosh Users Group
Gold Coast Macintosh, Miami, FL, US
Contains up-to-date information on GCM and their monthly activities.

The Grand Hotel Atlanta
The Isotropic Media Group, Atlanta, GA, US
From the lavishly marbled first floor health club to the richness of the 19th floor Royal Suite, guests will experience Atlanta's hallmark of hospitality and service.

Greenfield Rock & Blues Poster Gallery
Greenfield Show Print Co., Nashville, TN, US
Classic rock and blues showcards and concert posters from the 1930s-1960s.

GRID Arendal
Arendal, Norway
Global Resource Information Database, a network of cooperating centers providing environmental information for decision- and policy-making. General info, maps with environmental data, pointers to Arctic data, and project information.

Hangman/Crossword Puzzle Killer
Back-2-Nature, Durham, NC, US
A Hangman/crossword puzzle word search engine that accepts search patterns to find a match in a 220,000-plus-entry word list. All successful matches are emailed to "registered" users.

Hardee's Walnut Creek Amphitheatre
Walnut Creek, Raleigh, NC, US
Walnut Creek is a 20,000 seat concert venue presenting superstar entertainers like Elton John, Reba McEntire, Lollapalooza, and Van Halen in 1995 alone. Schedules, photos, biography links, ticket info, maps and more.

Janus InterMedia, Boston, MA, US
The developers resource on the Web for newbies and veterans alike.

Henry Jordan, The Jeweler
Daytona Beach, FL, US
Twenty years in the gold and diamond buisness as a bench jeweler. See me about Daytona Beach, Florida, and Harley Davidson Motorcycle Bike Week.

High Life: The Steve Winwood Page
Cambridge, MA, US
This is the first Web page to celebrate the music of Steve Winwood. The site also covers his work with the Spencer Davis Group, Traffic, and Blind Faith as well. Links can be found to lyric, guitar, etc. sites, and rare pictures are available.

Highland Graphics
Pleasant Grove, UT, US
A shareware clip art company offering clip art images in PCX, CGM, WPG 5.1 and WPG 6.0 formats for PC computer users. Religious clip art images as well as holiday and border collections.

Hit & Run
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A magazine for the people of the Net. This is where you can read the views and creative work of people like you, or send in your own.

Holyboy Road
Saint Paul, MN, US
A new magazine devoted to gloried spontaneous maybe prose/pics/poetry to live it all up till it's gone.

Home Automation Systems, Inc.
Costa Mesa, CA, US
This site has hundreds of automation, security, audio/video control and other unique products to turn your home into a high tech wonder of the future.

Home Improvement Cyberfans
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An online fan club dedicated to the hit ABC sitcom "Home Improvement" and its cast.

The Home Owners Page
WebLink Inc., Berkeley, CA, US
Lists contractors and other professionals (plumbers, electricians, painters, gardeners, etc.) offering services to home owners.

Horf Net
Santa Barbara, CA, US
On-line hyper-art.

Hospitality Industry Resources
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Includes information on how to use Usenet newsgroups, email, and the Web for business. Lists travel agents, guides, hotel/lodging lists, food service companies, hospitality-related news, and travel info.

How to Grow Hardy Palms--FAQ
Williamsburg, VA, US
Information on mail order sources of palms, and information on The Hardy Palm International, a publication of the Pacific Northwest Palm and Exotic Plant Society.

Humour Homepage
SunSITE Singapore, Singapore
Hosted on SunSITE Singapore, here's a modest, but growing, compilation of jokes, articles, and teasers relating to computers and technology. Contributions are most welcome.

HyperStudio Journal
Simtech Publications, Litchfield, CT, US
Features sample stacks, tutorials, support, HyperLogo help, and links to other HyperStudio sites. Visit us every month for the latest information on HyperStudio and related products.

Hy-Tone Productions
Malibu, CA, US
A group of multi-disciplinary professionals in the television, motion pictures and communications industries working together to produce new media.

IMEKO: International Measurement Confederation
Tampere, Finland
A confederation of 34 national member organizations all over the world. Works through Technical Committees (16 TCs), World Congresses, and publications.

INNroads: The Internet Guide to Country Inns and B&Bs
Inn Marketing Group, Riverside, CT, US
Featuring America's wonderful little hotels and inns. Browse the listings of Sandra W. Soule's critically acclaimed guidebook series, which includes only inns good enough to be recommended by their guests. Happy trails.

Interactive Pro-Space Station Petition
Student Space Awareness, FL, US
Version 2.0 of the first interactive Internet petition is now available. Support the Space Station in a new and revolutionary way.

International Baseball
Mendocino, CA, US
Descriptions of amateur baseball activities for various countries including Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Russia, Italy and Mexico.

International Journal of Tantric Studies
Lab. Arcadia - Politecnico di Milano, Milan, Italy
Electronic journal dedicated to the study of Tantric subjects. Email and Web versions available.

The Internet Computer Hospital
Tulsa, OK, US
Links to numerous software/hardware companies online. Ask a computer doctor about that computer problem you haven't been able to figure out. Browse the latest computer publications.

Internet Securities
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A leading provider of online financial, market and economic data for investors in selected emerging markets of Eastern and Central Europe and Russia.

Internet Seminars for Business
Red Rock Electronic Publishing, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Training seminars designed for people in business and government to be held in Salt Lake City in late June. Topics include: business research, creating a business presence, and HTML coding.

London, UK
The UK's premier Web site. Includes business and professional centers, plus leisure, travel and shopping areas.

Interstat, Inc.
Mount Laurel, NJ, US
Our business is putting your business on the Internet.

Ironman Canada Triathlon Championship
Ironman Canada Race Society, Penticton, BC, Canada
Over 1,300 athletes from around the world compete in this year's Triathlon Championship held in Penticton, British Columbia, on August 27, 1995. Find out more about this incredible event on the Wolf Infosystems Web Site.

ISS Consulting
La Jolla, CA, US
A management and technology consulting firm that offers strategy and planning support, research white papers on emerging technologies, and Lotus Notes applications for improving processes.

James Bowers Music Productions
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Music composition and production services delivering digital audio files over the Net. Also, the recording producers program for singers and digital audio from midi files over the Net.

Japan Infoweb
Electrazine Media, Seattle, WA, US
Check out this high-end multimedia e-zine about Japanese culture. From Zen to delicious delectables from Japan, you can find it here.

Jerry Curry’s On-line Relocation Service
NetShopper, LLC, Boulder, CO, US
A complete corporate relocation service to help you find a new home. Discover the excitement of living in a very special place - Boulder, CO.

Jesus Fellowship Church (Jesus Army)
Northampton, UK
Extensive site from contemporary UK-based Christian church with Streetpaper section, of interest to saints and surfers alike with dramatic stories as well as more reflective items.

John M. Olin School of Business
Washington Univ., St. Louis, MO, US
The nationally recognized business teaching and research institution at Washington University. Offers BSBA, MBA, and PhD degrees as well as executive-oriented education programs.

Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators
Eastham, MA, US
A comprehensive, subject guide to links to assist educators in the classroom.

The Kennedy Market Letter
Gregory Stringfellow, Washington, DC, US
Delivered weekly via email, offers an instructional review of activity in U.S. stock and bond markets.

Keystone Technology
Oklahoma City, OK, US
Full-service commercial site and Internet access provider. We are also a computer dealer.

Kibbutz Lavi
Kibbutz Lavi, Lower Galilee, Israel
Learn about kibbutz life today and how it merges with the ancient past. Contains a link to Kibbutz Hotel Lavi, a 124-room luxury hotel on the kibbutz premises. Reservations can be made through the home page.

Kidney Disease Program
Division of Nephrology, Univ. of Louisville, KY, US
The mission is to provide high quality medical care to patients, lead our community in health education, and perform original research that adds to basic medical knowledge.

Kratzer Computer Consultants
Reno, NV, US
Computer consulting specializing in providing businesses and individuals with one-stop solutions for all computing needs.

Kurdistan Information Centre
Kurdistan Support Team, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Information on Kurdistan, news from ERNK, PKK, KIC. Back issues of Kurdistan Report. Kurdish Parliament in exile. Yeni Politika. Pictures, music and information.

LA County Real Estate Forum
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
From townhomes to estates you may find your next home. More to come.

La Toile du Quebec
E-toile Montreal, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This is a collection of Web sites from the province of Quebec. Voici un regroupement de sites quebecois. In English and Francais.

LANSource Technologies
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The developer of WINport -- modem-sharing software for networks, and FAXport -- client/server fax solution for networks. Includes product descriptions, and downloadable 30-day, fully functional software demos, and version updates.

The Leiden Institute of Chemistry
Leiden, The Netherlands
This site contains information about research topics, as well as general information about the Leiden Institute of Chemistry.

Library and Archives Exhibits
Washington University Archives, St. Louis, MO, US
A compilation of virtual exhibits created by libraries, archives, and museums throughout the Internet.

Log On America, Inc.
Providence, RI, US
An online service that provides BBS/OSF1 Shell, SLIP and PPP accounts. LOA is looking to expand into other areas of the country.

Logic Works, Inc.
Princeton, NJ, US
Data modeling tools to connect with relational databases. Business process modeling. OOwin/CRC, released in the second quarter of 1995 for object-oriented design.

M. David Lowe
Netropolis Communications Corporations, Houston, TX, US
An employment service that can find you temporary or permanent work. Check the daily listings for new job openings.

The Macintosh HelpDesk!
WebMasters Unlimited, Millbury, MA, US
A service dedicated to saving Macintosh users the hassle of calling tech support for all the problems experienced. The Macintosh HelpDesk staff will reply by email to all types of questions.

The Mansion in Talladega
Talladega, AL, US
A Victorian bed and breakfast in historic Talladega, located between Birmingham and Atlanta.

Manual 3, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Providing technical writing, illustration, and online help/documentation development services to various Silicon Valley technology firms. From user's guides to online help to Web site development, the full-time staff can provide all services related to information development.

Manufacturing Technology Showcase
Rodex Technologies Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Consultants specializing in technology brokerage and export marketing services.

Many Hands
Wellington, New Zealand
Independent New Zealand music alive on the Web. Excerpts from the forthcoming picture disk and work in progress, plus information about band members and links to other music and cultural resources.

Marathon Software
Jacksonville, TX, US
The premier source of pro football information on the Web. Visit our pro football information center for the latest news on your favorite teams.

Marian Communications, Ltd.
Aston, PA, US
A videotape catalog as well as information about other productions in the works. Also offer pilgrimage information to many sites around the world.

The Martian Chronicle
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
Find out the latest information about the Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Maruska Studios
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
We're a full-service, strategic communications group located in the Byward Market area. We offer a broad range of creative services to the government and private sector, from graphic design to complete communications planning and management.

Mass Appeal
UIC, Chicago, IL, US
This home page appeals to everyone. Everything is supposed to be covered here. You can also contribute toward this homepage by submitting your links and personal works here.

Matanuska Outfitters
Pittsburgh, PA, US
For the greatest outdoor apparel available visit the newest shopping site on the Web. If you like J. Crew, L.L. Bean, and Eddie Bauer, shop from the comfort of your house with Matanuska Outfitters.

Maxime Collin Web Page
InternaL 16 produktions, Fort Collins, CO, USA
A Web page dedicated to the young Canadian actor, Maxime Collin. Known for his role in the 1993 film, LEOLO.

Clearwater, FL, US
An organization of experienced physicians and allied health professionals who have joined together to offer the information gleaned through many years of practice and experience at all levels in the profession of medicine.

The MemoWay from MemoRandom
MemoRandom, Rochester, NY, US
A starting point for information about our customers and about Rochester, NY.

Metts Sports Tours
Newport News, VA, US
Established in 1987, currently operating sports vacations across the nation. Specializing in NFL football, Winston Cup NASCAR racing, and the '96 Olympic Summer Games in Atlanta.

Mick Cantarella/Grampa Studios
Brooklyn, NY, US
An audio recording facility in downtown Brooklyn, New York. We are experienced with all styles of music, theater production, sound for the Internet, and voice-over work, since 1980.

Midlun Inc.
Miðlun Ltd., Reykjavík, Iceland
This Web site consists of different services: the Yellow Line Web, Iceland export directory, Miðlun telephone service, Media Watch, an email directory, and an Internet service.

Mikron Computer Consultants
Harwich, MA, US
Providing small business solutions through HTML programming and Web page design, systems and database analysis, network analysis, hardware and software, and PC applications technical support.

Mister Furley Mission Control
Chicago, IL, US
Everything you've ever wanted to know about Chicago's beefiest independent band, Mister Furley. Indie rock from The Windy City.

Deerfield Beach, FL, US
An Internet advertising firm offering full Internet exposure.

Modern Issues in Health Care Management
MHA, Davenport, IA, US
This forum is for the intelligent discussion of issues affecting health care managers of today. Post and read opinions, suggestions and ideas concerning health care in our world.

Momentum Campaigns Ltd.
Hong Kong
For all your advertising, direct marketing and public relations requirements in Asia, including Bangkok, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila and Singapore.

Moon's Play 'N Learn
Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, CA, US
Offering positive play toys, learning games, early development items, great science and nature stuff, art supplies and kits, puzzles for all ages, and of course, books.

Morris Media
Torrance, CA, US
Committed to educating the public in the use of computers. Providing individuals and businesses with some of the tools necessary to connect to the Internet, and helping people learn how to use these tools.

Mr. Nicejob Index of Odd Things
nicejob media, Los Angeles, CA, US
Art, graphics, television and nutrition come together in this early effort by a well-known media interdisciplinarian.

Multi-Sail Windsurfing Sails
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Two sizes, one sail. These windsurfing sails are fast, lightweight, state-of-the-art designs that are second to none.

Music for Healing, Meditation and Relaxation
Sun Productions, Walton on Thames, Surrey, UK
David Sun, well-known composer of some of the world's most relaxing music and sounds for healing, meditation and relaxation, now lists details of all his compositions.

Music Publishers' Association
New York, NY, US
The official site of the Music Publishers Association of the United States. Features the MPA sales agency list, the copyright resource center, and the Paul Revere Award-winning scores.

The Mystical Force BBS
Volant Turnpike Metro, Reading, PA, US
Home page for The Mystical Force BBS.

Nation of xKull
N.o.X., New York, NY, US
Death/black metal, doom and noise zine plus a history of the world according to the Metal-Minds. A malevolent alien population, plants that thrive on the blood of the dead, and radical new vehicles.

National Center for Employee Ownership
Oakland, CA, US
The NCEO's Web site contains a variety of information about employee ownership in the U.S. and abroad, as well as links to related resources on the Internet.

National Civil Rights Museum
A/M Online & Natl. Civil Rights Museum, Memphis, TN, US
Dedicated to the memory of Dr. Martin Luther King and the heroes of the Movement. Find out about current events, symposiums and speakers.

National Golfers Network
Wilstone Inc, Houston, TX, US
NGN lets you enjoy up to 50% off on greens fees, discounted driving ranges, and pro shop discounts at over 1,400 of your favorite golf courses in the U.S. and Canada.

National Hotel Directory
Event Media, Cupertino, CA, US
Directory of over 1100 major hotels in the top 22 cities. Room rates, area of city, phone/fax, addresses and more. Only directory that includes all hotels in each city.

National Wood Flooring Association
Archer/Malmo Online, Memphis, TN, US
Providing comprehensive guides and helpful hints on wood floors for the consumer.

Nature's Medicine and Natural Remedies
Northwest Marketing, Bellevue, WA, US
A catalog of natural herbs and aminos, arranged in convenient format. Also educational information accompanied by health articles, changed weekly.

National Center for Vehicle Emissions Control and Safety, Fort Collins, CO, US
A nationally recognized research and training center in the field of automotive emissions. NCVECS assists anyone from the repair shop technician to local, state, and national agencies.

Neitzert Multimedia Services
Philadelphia, PA, US
Offers inexpensive solutions to digital media and other interactive forms of advertising.

Newport Vintage Dance Week
Commonwealth Vintage Dancers, Newport, RI, US
The week includes Victorian dance instruction, balls, and other period activities set in the wonderful location of Salve Regina College. Several balls at local Victorian mansions. Beginners welcome.

North American Center For Emergency Communications Inc.
NACEC, Minneapolis, MN, US
A non-profit organization that provides information and emergency communications support to U.S. military families (worldwide) and large scale disaster relief operations (throughout North America).

North Sea Consulting Web Servers
Plum Island, MA, US
Provides strategic consulting services and develops and maintains Internet gateways, Web servers, Infobots, large-scale hypertext repositories, customized search engines and secure email systems.

Northtown Books
Redwood Country Unlimited, Eureka, CA, US
Maintaining a stock of over 27,000 titles and 300 periodicals with an emphasis on literary fiction, politics, environmental studies, women's, gay and Native American issues, travel guides, and children's books.

Not Computer Science
Computer Science Dept., Monash Univ., Clayton, Victoria, Australia
Fun, funny and frivolous pages and links in the Dept. of Not Computer Science at Monash University.

Office of Textiles and Apparel (OTEXA)
U.S. Dept. of Commerce, Washington, D.C., US
Contains textiles and apparel import and export data, graphs, charts, and other textiles information.

Olsen and Associates
Zurich, Switzerland
A leading developer of online predictive information systems for the financial community. The company provides the profile-specific O&A Trading Models, the real-time O&A Forecast and Timing Service, and more.

Online Education and Training
De Montfort University, Leicester, UK
Guide to computer conferencing and delivering education online. Includes conferences and news, examples of virtual courses, and Web-based interactive discussion areas. Developed as part of a course at the Open University.

OnLine Jewelry Ltd.
Spring Valley, NY, US
Dedicated to bring amazing savings for gold jewelry buyers. Earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, and more are offered at below wholesale prices. Prices guaranteed. Full graphics.

Onondaga Marketing Associates
Syracuse, NY, US
A company devoted to the blending of computers and marketing for other businesses and membership associations. The global market demands a fresh approach when bringing goods and services to businesses and individual consumers.

Opportunity Network
ERN Publishing, Inc., Braintree, MA, US
Promoting opportunities in all communications media by mail; through a highly targeted database; through the Internet and the Web; by telephone networking; and by attending major trade and consumer expositions.

Oregon Country Fair
Veneta, OR, US
An annual outdoor event featuring 10 stages of entertainment, 300 craft booths, 50 food booths, Energy Park and Community Village. Takes place on 250 wooded acres near Eugene, Oregon during the first part of July.

Otis McAllister, Inc.
San Francisco, CA, US
A 103-year-old trading company and consulting firm headquartered in San Francisco. We actively pursue trading opportunities in a wide variety of agricultural commodities, packaged foods, and consumer products.

Outlook Colorado - An employment newsletter
Whitey's Web Works & Internet Services, Boulder, CO, US
Exciting, professional employment opportunities from the Sunday editions of major Colorado newspapers.

Over the Hillers
SmartLink, Santa Clarita, CA, US
Housewarming party at Over the Hillers. We've traveled the globe via the Net and brought back souvenirs sure to please, enlighten, amuse and amaze.

Ozone Inc.
Portland, OR, US
Carrying experimental, noise, and industrial music. A monthly new release page with lots of audiosamples and graphics. Huge catalog, and a customer review section.

Pakistan and Islam
Concentric Research Corporation, Chicago, IL, US
This is a site related to Pakistan and Islam plus cool stuff like mailing a postcard via Netscape, job search, shareware sites, links to other Pakistani homepages and etc.

PAL Computers
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
Dedicated to bringing affordable internet solutions to the general public. This includes providing Internet access within the Toronto-Hamilton-Niagra Falls area, Web page creation, and Internet training.

Kapellen, Antwerp, Belgium
A Belgian weekly, with loads of information on news and entertainment.

Paradise Lost: The Visionary Home Page
Visionary Ltd., Alexandria, VA, US
Visionary is a five-piece progressive metal band from the Washington, DC area.

Path of Discoveries
Houston, TX, US
Makes available programs that contain an innovative synthesis of ancient wisdom and 20th century resources, integrating esoteric knowledge and daily life.

Pathways to School Improvement
North Central Regional Educational Laboratory, Oak Brook, IL, US
Helps educators apply the latest educational research to topics such as technology in education, school leadership, mathematics and science education, parent involvement, school-to-work transition, and more.

Personal Home Page Tools (PHP)
Lerdorf Consultants, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A set of tools for adding counters, server-side includes, personal log information, password protected documents, email address access tracking and even HTTP-referer lists to any home page.

PlayLink on the Web
Fremont, CA, US
Phylon Communications develops DSP-based communication solutions. It specializes in simultaneous voice and data technology. Its newest product, PlayLink, allows game players to have simultaneous voice over standard phone lines.

Plenum Finance Ltd.
St. Gallen, Switzerland
Asset management and fund-picking advisory support for managed futures and private trustee services.

PortCom Communications Inc.
Portland, OR, US
A full-service Internet consulting agency with a proven track record and the know-how to succeed. Come by and browse our reading room, download our incredible freeware, and subscribe to our free newsletter.

Brussels, Belgium
Organizing computertraining on more than 100 different programs (Macintosh and Windows) and developing custom-made client server applications (using Omnis 7, Access, 4D towards Oracle, Informix).

Power Electronics
Darnell Group, Norco, CA, US
Weekly news updates on all aspects of power electronics including AC/DC power supplies, AC/DC converters, uninterruptible power supplies, power quality, electric vehicles, solar energy, photovoltaics and more.

Power Express Software Catalogue
Red Deer, Alberta, Canada
Provides Canadian Macintosh users with educational, entertainment, and productivity software. CD-ROMs, 3.5", and lab packs are available for popular software titles.

Prepaid and Rechargeable Phonecards
Wild Hare Productions, Portland, OR, US
Security is a must when you're on the road, and the last thing you need to worry about is who's using your stolen phone cards. Pick up one of our many prepaid phonecards and leave the other phone cards at home.

The Progress of Nations 1995
UNICEF - United Nations Children's Fund, New York, NY, US
UNICEF's annual report ranking the nations of the world according to their achievements in child health, nutrition, education, family planning, and progress for women.

PROTEL Telekommunikations GmbH
Rüsselsheim, Hessen, Germany
Internet service provider mit diversen Einwahlpunkten z.B. in Rüsselsheim und Wiesbaden zu top Konditionen.

The Provisional Drywall Web Page
The Drywall Cabal, Barstow, CA, US
Information and mirth at someone else's expense, all courtesy of The Drywall Cabal. All things relating to Drywall, Stan Ridgway's (Chapter 11, Wall of Voodoo) latest puzzling career move.

Publications of Barry B. Brey
enet.colmicrosys.com, Columbus, Ohio, OH, US
Provides a list of recent microprocessor and assembly language programming textbooks written by Brey, including the preface and table of contents of each book.

Punjab Engineering College
PECNET, Detroit, MI, US
This is the semi-official home page of Punjab Engineering College, Chandigarh, India. Welcoming all alumni to register on the database, read news, go down memory lane, and contribute.

Radius Product Guide
Bottom Line Online, Austin, TX, US
Contains information on all current Radius and SuperMac products and is continually updated.

Ralph's Sweepstakes Page
Raleigh, NC, US
Dedicated to sweepstakes information. Enter one of dozens of no-purchase- necessary sweepstakes and contests. Most are entered by post, some by email or the Web.

Open Mind, Zurich, Switzerland
Party dates, news, info, LPs, links, and more for techno-freaks (especially in Switzerland).

Realms of Despair
D.S.D. Software, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
One of the hottest MUDs on the Net. It loads up a random medieval picture, and has a link to a directory full of MUD source codes, files and utilities.

The Royal Canadian Web
Consolidated Access and Networks Inc., Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
Your one source on the Web for information, services, and shopping in Canada. Here you'll find the best companies, services and information from every area of interest.

Royal National Institute for the Blind
Peterborough, UK
RNIB is starting to use the Web as an integral part of its objective to challenge blindness.

The Russian River Chamber of Commerce
Guerneville, CA, US
Welcome to our special corner of Sonoma, in the heart of the county's "Great Northwest." In addition to answering questions about our own sights, we welcome questions about our neighbors upstream, downstream and on the coast.

The Santa Barbara Museum of Surfing
Artdirect, Santa Barbara, CA, US
The flotsam and jetsam of surfing from 18th-century Hawaiian relics through Gidget and Dick Dale, curated by the West Coast's number two longboarder.

Sardar Patel Vidyalaya, Homepage
Chicago, IL, US
An effort to get all ex-Patelians together once again through the Internet. Though relatively new, the popularity of the page is growing fast, and the SPV NET project is a sure success. Other people from New Delhi or India in general may find the link interesting too.

Saskatoon Accommodation Guide
Northern Lights Internet Solutions, Ltd, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Features a comprehensive listing of motels, hotels, and bed & breakfasts in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Scientific Equipment Liquidators
Minneapolis, MN, US
A hospital liquidator that buys and sells used medical equipment and supplies, since 1977.

Script Publisning Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Established in 1983 with the aim to provide readers of all ages with interesting and informative non-fiction books that are reader-friendly. Most of our books contain photographs or illustrations.

Searching Hua Xia Wen Zai (Chinese Magazine)
ITI, Singapore
Free text Chinese phrase searching for all issues of a Chinese electronic magazine (Hua Xia Wen Zai). You can search by year (1991-1995) in addition to your free-text query.

SEM - Society for Experimental Mechanics
Bethel, CT, US
An international professional association dedicated to furthering the knowledge of material response (stress/strain) phenomena and the failure of materials and structures from a research and current technology perspective.

Shaman Drum Bookshop
Ann Arbor, MI, US
A source for scholarly books in the humanities. Featured this month: Ro(a)m the Drum (a unique literary adventure), The Alternative Press, and author Keith Taylor. Catalog available.

Sharbot Lake High School
Sharbot Lake, Ontario, Canada
We are a rural high school located 80 km. north of Kingston, Ontario Canada. Our Web site includes student home pages as well as information about our school and Frontenac County Board of Education.

The Shrimp Club
Hong Kong
An international network for those men who appreciate the unique aspects of life in Asia.

Soft Options UK Limited
London, United Kingdom
Consultancy services including Web publishing, Internet and training courses and customer support helpdesks. With skills in graphic design, user interface design, database development, and more.

R.S.T. Publishing & Passiondisc, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This Web site offers an introduction to the comic book character Onca Ray, the Solar Princess Of Compassion, and her Solarlink Information Community.

SportsLink Screen Savers, Inc.
Kansas City, KS, US
Collection of the finest collegiate screen savers. The Mascot Series features animated mascots, school fight songs, sports schedules and more.

St. Andrews Evangelical Lutheran Church
Pittsburgh, PA, US
An introduction to St. Andrews and some links to things we think are important in our society.

St. Louis Life News
St. Louis, MO, US
Provides pro-life information updated regularly. Activist oriented.

Stereograms by Peter Jennings
Peter Jennings, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Original 3-D stereograms by Peter Jennings, with links to other stereogram art and information.

Stormy Waters
NVA/Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
One of the largest Internet events ever, involving digital artists creating and transmitting images live on the Internet. Want to take part? Contact the site for further details.

Strategix Internet Marketing Services
Sausalito, CA, US
The Internet Advantage (tm) marketing program, consulting, homepage design/maintenance and in-house seminars. We donate services to qualifying non-profits. Check our Hot Talk page of Internet quotes.

Studenterforeningen af 1820
Studenterforeningen af 1820, Copenhagen, Denmark
Denmark's oldest student's club, founded in 1820, offering unique social and cultural activities in the greater Copenhagen area. Danish and English-language versions of the entire home page available.

Summer Research Program for Secondary School Science Teachers
Columbia University, New York, NY, US
The primary aim of the program is to provide science teachers with hands-on experience in scientific research laboratories so they can better understand the practice of science.

Sumo High End Audio Pages
Sumo Products Group, Agoura Hills, CA, US
Presenting complete Sumo product brochures and links to other informative audio sites, including comprehensive audio FAQs.

Sweden Information
The WCA Academy, Göteborg, Sweden
A complete (150 pages) guide to Sweden. One of the largest country information sites in the world.

The Swedish www-index
Algonet, Stockholm, Sweden
A collection of links pointing to WWW pages in Sweden. There is also a newsletter (online or free e-mail subscriptions -- currently only in Swedish) with tips and tricks useful for the exploration of Swedish cyberspace. Other features too.

TechMall Free Web Page Contest
TechMall, Costa Mesa, CA, US
Win up to six months free Web space for your home page(s). Entries will be judged on originality, visual attractiveness, information content, and entertainment value.

Technology OnLine
Technology Hotlines, Clearwater, FL, US
Focal point for the latest in computer industry information with links to the major players.

Tempest Internet Services
Salt Lake City, UT, US
An enthusiastic crew of Web page designers and developers eager to get your pages on the Internet.

The Temple of Sorayama
Mankato, MN, US
A comprehensive guide to the super-realistic/erotic art of Hajime Sorayama. Includes a biography, interview, and a local archive of scans, as well as links to all the major HS resources on the Net.

Texaco Inc.
White Plains, NY, US
Contains information including annual report, press releases, customer services, Metropolitan Opera radio broadcast schedules, Texaco/Havoline racing updates, etc.

TFitz WebSpace
Web Warriors, Cambridge, MA, US
List of links.

TLK Computer GmbH
Munich, Germany
Information services covering Telebit, ISDN, Spry, and 3Com.

Tool Choices for Do-It-Yourself Success
Metro Creative Graphics, New York, NY, US
Nothing slows down a project faster than having the wrong tools. As part of Home Improvement Net Tips, discover how to build a deck quickly and easily.

Total Health Marketing; Nikken Independent Distributors
Salt Lake City, UT, US
Having problems sleeping? For a truly restful sleep, make your bed the Deluxe Kenkomattress by Nikken. Never underestimate the power of restful sleep.

TTC - Telecommunications Instruments
Corporate Marketing, Germantown, MD, US
Offers a wide variety of SONET, ATM, ISDN, T1, and other types of test equipment. Check out our online request form and employment opportunities. Expect excellence.

Ulysses Mission Home Page
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
Expanding gases from the solar corona dominate a large region around the Sun: the heliosphere. The NASA/ESA Ulysses Mission is for the first time exploring the high latitude heliosphere.

UMSL Department of Sociology
St. Louis, MO, US
This site of the Department of Sociology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis has moved. A new, improved site.

United Callers
Planet & Parters, Brugge, Belgium
The cheapest Internet provider for Belgium.

Univ. of Denver Dept. of Engineering
Denver, CO, US
Includes links to Denver Area Sites of Information, link to the main University of Denver's page, and information for the 1995 Denver X-Ray Conference July 31-Aug. 4.

Unusual or Deep Site of the Day
Freehand Network of Independent Magazines, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
We're all a bit weird...we're all a bit twisted...we're all a bit overweight. The sites you'll find here are guaranteed to appeal to the weird, twisted and overweight side of you.

Uriah Heep
The band Uriah Heep's profile, discography, the latest news, and fan club info.

UsefulWare "The Tools People Use."
Atlanta, GA, US
Providing turn-key software solutions to Internet service providers. Customized installation programs, customized user interfaces, and a shareware version of a proprietary front-end product, Internet Control Center.

Vancouver Real Estate Home Pages
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
These pages feature available properties, statistics by area, a newsletter, mortgage information, tips and hints, and much more.

The Vegan Society of NSW (Australia) Web Pages
Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia
Online information on veganism, the Vegan Society, fact sheets and links to vegetarian, animal rights and environmental resources.

Vicious Pink
InternaL 16 produktions, Fort Collins, CO, USA
A Web page dedicated to the early 80's retro synthpop duo, Vicious Pink. Included discography, lyrics, pictures and sounds.

Villa Bitricci
University of Idaho, Moscow, ID, US
A collection of recent excavations from Villa Bitricci.

Vinyl Records
Uppsala, Sweden
Home for vinyl record lovers. New release info, addresses to good LP shops, why CDs suck, musicians talk about LPs vs CDs, and more.

The Voice of the Martyrs
Bartlesville, OK, US
A non-profit missionary organization dedicated to exposing and fighting the persecution, torture and killing of Christians in today's world.

The Volunteers for an Independent Arlington (VIA) Coalition
Arlington County, VA, US
Established in 1993 by Democrats, Republicans, and Independents, who joined together to help promote accountability, public integrity, ethics, and fiscal responsibility in our Arlington County government.

Vox Populi Gallery
Seattle, WA, US
A hip music, pop, folk art gallery in Seattle. Such items as Nine Inch Nails art, Nirvana art, and music show flyers.

Wakeboarding Magazine Online
Seattle, WA, US
The source for information on the Internet about the sport of wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is an intense high-action watersport that combines the styles of surfing, snowboarding, skateboarding and water skiing.

Water Resources for Colorado
U.S. Geological Survey, Denver, CO, US
Historic and realtime data on water conditions for Colorado.

WGIR Rock101FM
Manchester, NH, US
New Hampshire's premier rock and roll radio station, serving southern and central New Hampshire and northern Massachusetts.

White Bear Productions
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
A new multimedia production company which specializes in educational software as well as science and nature television productions.

Wingspread Collector's Guide Online
Albuquerque, NM, US
The largest online collection of Southwest art resources, featuring more than 300 galleries and artist studios. A guide to art styles and articles about the world-renowned art community in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos, New Mexico.

Winter Park Resort, Colorado
Digital Frontier, Stowe, VT, US
Escape to the Rockies this summer. Winter Park is "Mountain Bike Capital, U.S.A." as well as a world-class ski area. Brought to you by Digital Frontier.

The World Citizen Web
The World Citizen Foundation, Burlington, VT, US
The Web site of The World Government of World Citizens. Its purpose is to provide a global political service institution for the installation and maintenance of World Peace.

World Wide Web (WWW) Page Design & HTML Coding Services
Arlene Darrow, Web Consultant, Columbia, MD, US
Available to help any company construct a Web presence based on their marketing lit, newsletters, press releases, print ads, proposal boilerplate, etc. Find out more about me and the services I can provide for you.

Wulfrun College, Wolverhampton
Wolverhampton, West Midlands, UK
Further education for those in the community over the age of 16.

WWW Project Management Forum
LODAY Systems Ltd., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A not-for-profit Web resource dedicated to development, promotion, cooperation, and focus for international project management resources.

Your Favorite Team Sports Products
CYBERACTIVE, East Northport, NY, US
The best licensed sports products available. Featuring Starter jackets and jerseys, as well as Russell jerseys, autographed items, and other stuff.

Zumbach Sports Cars
Miller Interactive, Ellenvile, NY, US
One of the leading dealers in import cars. Carries Audi, SAAB, Alfa Romeo, and Land Rovers, and the parts for them. Page is still under construction.

Wednesday, 21 June 1995

14th IEEE Symposium on Mass Stoage Systems
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, CA, US
The symposium will focus on the storage issues surrounding the emerging vision of a digitized society.

1st opportunities.uk
London, UK
Business opportunities advertiser for entrepreneurs in the UK to advertise on the Net at the same time participating in its success.

21st Century Problem Solving
Honolulu, HI, US
Modern approaches to problem solving for the use of students and teachers from elementary through college and beyond. The problem solving methodology is of particular value to high school algebra and physics students.

The 6th Annual Macintosh Summit Conference
MicroComputer Laboratory UCSB, Santa Barbara, CA, US
At the University of California Santa Barbara, August 16-19, 1995. Keynotes include Kai Krause, Rusell Brown, April Greiman, and Frank Casanova. Free brochure.

ABB Atom
Vasteras, Sweden
A company within the business areas of both conventional and nuclear power plants.

Accountants thru' Internet Ltd.
Guildford, Hampshire, England
Providing a unique business and tax advice service to UK-based small companies, including self-employed contractors in the computer and media industries, via the Internet.

AccWeb (Accountant's Web)
Carbondale, IL, US
Provides a variety of free resources to the on-line accounting community.

Ace Ticket Service
Atlanta, GA, US
Buys and sells tickets to all concerts, theatre, and sporting events worldwide, including the Olympics, Super Bowl, Broadway, Wimbledon, etc. Our speciality is VIP-seating for corporate entertainment.

Action Direct Marketing
Dallas, TX, US
The leader in presentation technology offering LCD panels and LCD projectors from Polaroid Electronic Imaging. With the right software and hardware from ADM your company can be in the forefront of this exciting technology.

ADG Graphix
Harbor City, CA, US
A small desktop publishing and wordprocessing company in Southern California. Specializing in small- to medium-size jobs. Typesetting on site.

Cambridge, MA, US
Developer of the ADMINS product: A full forms based database application development environment for OpenVMS and UNIX platforms.

Adoption Book Catalog
Tapestry Books, Ringoes, NJ, US
Contains over 200 books on adoption, infertility, and parenting challenges. Topics include "how to adopt", "raising adopted children", "international adoption", "learning about infertility", "attachment disorder" and much more.

Agrafa TeleMatica Services
ATMS, Zurenborg, Antwerp, Belgium
Database of cultural activities in Belgium with powerful search-engines and email addresses.

Aladdin Knowledge Systems Ltd.
New York, NY, US
A leading developer of software security systems. The HASP product line lets software developers increase revenues by preventing the unauthorized use of their software.

Alberta Stock Network
Delta Marketing & Communications Inc., Calgary, AB, Canada
Dedicated to providing investors with information on public companies on the Alberta Stock Exchange.

Alchemy Web Site
Adam McLean, Glasgow, Scotland, UK
This site documents alchemy in all its facets. Here you will find 200 pages of information on the ideas, symbolism, and texts of the alchemical tradition.

American Homeowner's Foundation
Washington, DC, US
An independent non-profit consumer group providing a variety of educational publications including books on how to buy, sell, invest in, remodel, and build homes; a series of model contracts; and other services.

America's National Parks
Eastern National Park & Monument Association, Conshohocken, PA, US
The first catalog of its kind that offers a variety of ways to learn about our national park system.

Amusement International Magazine
El Cajon, CA, US
A trade journal for the coin-operated amusement industry.

AnimeNetwork X
Cardiff, Scotland, UK
A British Web Japanese animation fan publication.

Anna Koren Graphology Center
Internet Age, Tel Aviv, Israel
Anna Koren is a world known graphologist. This page has background information about graphology and graphologist Anna Koren.

Appchart - Apple II Digital Chart Recorder
Inexpensive Systems, Huntingdon, PA, US
An inexpensive way to get new life from an Apple II as a digital chart recorder. Designed for K-12 teachers with low budgets; provides sophisticated capabilities from an otherwise obsolete system.

Architectural Interiors
Internet Indiana, Indianapolis, IN, US
Hyde Park Raised Panel System(tm) dealer. Professional remodeling, new construction, architectural millwork and university libraries.

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Dept. of Informatics
Thessaloniki, Macedonia, Greece
The digital image processing team at the university is an active research group working for more than a decade in image processing, artificial intelligence, and related areas.

Arlington Cancer Center
Internet Media, Inc., Arlington, TX, US
Provides complete oncology treatment and services for cancer patients. Links to other cancer-related sites also.

Arlington Texas Web Site
Arlington Convention & Visitors Bureau, Inc., Arlington, TX, US
Known for its substantial tourism industry, including Six Flags Over Texas and the Major League Baseball Texas Rangers, Arlington is a major city of 280,000. The page is a reference for potential visitors or locals.
http://www.dfw.net/~acvb/ `

Armstrong Funeral Home
Port Colborne, Ontario, Canada
This is an information-based page with links to various grief-related resources around the world. Funeral-related goods and services can also be viewed and purchased here.

The Art and Science of Smalltalk
Hewlett Packard, Bristol, UK
A new book from Hewlett-Packard/Prentice Hall introducing object-oriented programming using Smalltalk and VisualWorks 2.0.

Association of Business Travellers
Hong Kong
ABT provides free hotel reservations, savings and exclusive benefits at top class hotels, savings at restaurants, office facilities, lost luggage tracing, and many other benefits, domestic and worldwide.

AT&T Enteprise Modelling
London, UK.
Consulting services and products from AT&T's Enterprise Design and Development group, distributed across North America and Europe.

Aubrey's Election '96 Page
Greenville, NC, US
Your source for Presidential campaign news and information. Links to official candidate home pages and Democratic and Republican information sources.

Australian Apple University Consortium
Apple University Consortium, Wollongong, Australia
Founded in 1984, this is a group of universities which work with Apple Computer Australia to support the use of Macintosh computing technology on campus to further the goals of education.

The Autoseller
Redmond, WA, US
Buy or sell your car, truck, motorcycle, RV, boat, or parts. Full-color pictures of vehicles organized by country and state.

AXXIS Internet Service
Salt Lake City, UT, US
An Internet service provider for the Salt Lake City and Ogden areas. AXXIS offers T1, 56K, and leased line service to any business and inexpensive Internet access for the individual user.

A Baha'i Faith Page
Surrey, BC, Canada
A relatively new religion flourishing on all parts of our planet. If you are religious or interested in religion, and have not yet investigated the Baha'i Faith, now is the time to start.

Banff Television Festival Online
Cochran Interactive Inc., Banff, Alberta, Canada
Guide to one of the premier television festivals in the world, featuring a regularly updated conference schedule (June 18-24), listings of nominated programs and attendees, and links to travel and recreation activities in the Banff region.

Beer in a Bag Home Brewing
Methow Valley Pride, Methow, WA, US
Beer In A Bag kits provide everything you need, except the water, to brew your own beer in the comfort of your home.

Beloit Daily News
Beloit, WI, US
Local news, features and community information with links to interesting sites around the world.

Best In Beds, Ltd.
Austin, TX, US
Anything and everything you should consider and/or know before considering the purchase of a sleep set.

Blue Lake Products
Irvine, CA, US
Supplies repair and replacement parts for Xerox, Canon and Kodak high-speed copiers, duplicators and laser printers.

Boston in 1998 Worldcon Bid
Carlisle, MA, US
Information on the effort by the Boston Convention Engineering Corporation (a non-profit organization) to have Boston selected as the site for the 1998 World Science Fiction Convention. Learn how to help Charlie get off the UFO, and more.

The Boy George Homepage
Kissing-to-be-Clever, Ann Arbor, MI, US
The comprehensive resource for Boy George info!

Bridge Player Live!
The International On-Line Bridge Club Inc., London, UK
A client-server system running under Windows where players can connect to a server. Players using a standard Winsock can connect directly to the server and play on-line bridge.

Broadwater County, Montana Real Estate Forum
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
If your looking for a piece of Big Sky Country, look no further. This property is all you'll need.

The B-side of the Month
Oklahoma City, OK, US
A page devoted to B-sides made into .wav files; a new one each month.

Cable Catalogs Online
Teldor Wires and Cables, Kibbutz Ein Dor, Israel
Recently transformed from a simple brochure to a means of accessing all of Teldor's catalogs. Selling computer, audio, instrument, coaxial, fiber optics, telcom and power cables.

California Raytraced
Berkeley, CA, US
An raytraced image of California, created from the USGS's 1:250,000-Scale Digital Elevation Model data. You may click on the image to zoom in, or download the entire image.

The Cape Cod Connection
Mikron Computer Consulants, Harwich, MA, US
Area and town information, a Chamber of Commerce listing, agent listings for rentals and vacation homes, local calendars of events, and links to other Cape Cod pages on the Web.

Capital Current
Astroff Corkum Ross Associates, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A weekly news update on life in Canada's national capital region.

Tulsa, OK, US
Baseball parody cards offer a fresh perspective on the national pastime. Featuring high quality artwork, foil stamped insert cards, and the wit of cartoonist Dave Simpson.

Los Angeles, CA, US
A revolutionary auto-buying service. We negotiate with the dealer so you don't have to. And because we buy hundreds of cars, we can get most models at cost.

CCG Humor by Theslin
Theslin Wanders-Through-Bramble, Austin, TX, US
Humorous collectible card game-related text files by Theslin (aka Coyote).

Cell Tech Super Blue Green Algae
St. Petersburg, FL, US
A nutritional food for the body, mind and spirit. A guide to our products, services, and opportunities for you. Cell Tech, the way of the nineties.

Center for Meteorology and Physical Oceanography
MIT - CMPO, Cambridge, MA, US
Part of the Department of Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences, oversees MIT's graduate programs in atmospheric science and physical oceanography. Provides information about graduate programs, research interests, and available resources.

Channel Z
Woodtech Information Systems, Springfield, MO, US
An alternative radio station brought to you by Woodtech's Web Service Division.

Chelmsford Online Services
Chelmsford, MA, US
Information site dedicated to the town of Chelmsford, Mass.

CICAT Networks -- ISDN Products and Services
Fairfax, VA, US
A leader in ISDN systems integration in the greater Washington, DC area. We help companies utilize the ISDN technology for the purpose of connecting to the Internet, telecommuting, and video conferencing.

The Clarke Center of Dickinson College
Carlsile, PA, US
Hosts a variety of events examining contemporary issues from a liberal arts perspective. Past events include a live satellite conference with General Meade in Haiti, physician-assisted-suicide with Derek Humphry, terrorism in the United States, and others. Links for students conducting research also provided.

Classic China Inc.
Richardson, TX, US
Major brands of fine china, crystal, flatware, wedding gifts, wedding and personalized invitations, executive gifts, and gourmet gift baskets at everyday low prices.

Close Enough
London, UK
Funky blues jazz dance stuff. Now with Free Beer.

cojax747 international
cojax747, New York, NY, US
An intertaining stop on the great highway, where guests can download interactive files and view artworks.

Compix Incorporated
Portland, OR, US
Manufactures infrared thermal imaging systems. Using a slow scan approach with inexpensive components ($12,000 for the PC based system), they achieve image quality comparable to $100,000 systems.

CompuNerd, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Surf the Databahn and explore what Colorado Springs has to offer the Web.

Computer Marketplace, Inc.
Corona, CA, US
A reseller and remarketer of memory and disk drives for the IBM SP1 and SP2.

Consumer Mortgage Information Network
The Human Factor, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Dedicated to providing homebuyers with timely and unbiased information relating to residential financing. Pick up a free copy of QualifyR for Windows Software.

The Contemporary A Cappella Society of America
San Francisco, CA, US
If you're interested in a cappella (unaccompanied vocal music), this is the place to come. From Gregorian chant to doo wop, read interviews, find out about new albums, new groups, and explore our a cappella Web links.

Vienna, Austria
Forum about literature, art, and society in German, English, and French.

Corsair Job Lead Reports
Corsair Inc., Maple Shade, NJ, US
An electronic publishing firm bringing you the latest bid solicitations for environmental contracting work in the Northeast.

Crystallography Centre
Chemistry Dept., University College, Galway, Ireland
Mainly involved in protein and small-molecule crystallography. The Crystallography Centre server has a collection of links to other protein structure resources around the world. Also: <a href="http://balor.chem.ucg.ie/demortex.html">ORTEX</a>, molecular graphics software.

Cyber Horse Handicapping Challenge
Miami, FL, US
Dedicated to thoroughbred handicapping. Proudly bringing you the first cyber-horse tip selections in the USA. Our main goal is to give you winners.

Cyberspace to Paradise
Marathon, FL, US
An information Web site for the Florida Keys. If you are planning to come to the Florida Keys or Key West, let us find the best accommodation or water sport activity for you.

Cyberverse Online
Los Angeles, CA, US
An Internet service provider for the Los Angeles area, offering competitively priced SLIP/PPP, leased FTP and Web services, in addition to UNIX shell accounts and an interactive multiplayer game.

Dale Chihuly Web Site
News Tribune and Portland Press, Tacoma, WA, US
In 1992, glass artist Dale Chihuly was named America's first National Living Treasure. His glass works are seen worldwide, and now you can see them on the Web.

Dataware Technologies, Inc.
Cambridge, MA, US
A leading international developer of software and services for electronic information providers. Dataware helps to significantly improve the creation, management, and distribution of information, both online and on CD-ROM.

DataWave Technologies
Longmont, CO, US
Complete software and hardware solutions for data acquisition and data analysis for biomedical research.

Debarah H. Wilson, Career Transition Specialist
Austin, TX, US
Specializing in resumes for electronic search, scanners and traditional market-driven job searches.

Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Univ. of AZ
Tucson, AZ, US
Department information home page at the University of Arizona.

Department of Microbiology
Nijmegen, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Contains information about the research activities of the department at the Catholic University of Nijmegen. Includes a picture gallery with information about the organisms and cultivation techniques employed.

Discovery Place -- Oil & Gas Web Site
Vertex Communications Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An interactive site where the oil and gas industries can find information and conduct business.

Documentation Service of The Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences (DOKDI)
Berne, Switzerland
Information center for Swiss bio-medical professionals.

The E. Claiborne Robins School of Business, University of Richmond
Richmond, VA, US
Provides undergraduate, MBA, executive education, as well as management education at the management institute.

EcoNet's Acid Rain Resources
Institute for Global Communications, San Francisco, CA, US
International links to acid rain publications, information, and educational resources, as well as to IGC's extensive selection of progressive links.

New York City, NY, US
A one-stop Web site for unbelievable savings and totally awesome contests. Get the most bang for your buck and win cool prizes.

Vinson High School, Huntington, WV, US
All the major educational links, divided into eight categories (commercial, general, government, library, network, newsgroups, organizations, and projects), found on the Internet.

The Eikon Group Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A Calgary-based independent oil and gas consulting group with major experience in asset optimization and rationalization.

Electronic PennySaver
PennySaver Classified Newspaper, Honolulu, HI, US
We are Hawaii's #1 Classified Paper, now in our 15th year of publication. We specialize in affordable and efficient classified advertising that gets results.

Enrich International
Orem, UT, US
Committed to providing information and products to enhance the physical, mental, social, and financial well-being for people all over the world. We carry nutritional, herbal, and skin-care products.

Entrepreneur Weekly
McLean, VA, US
A weekly newsletter that discusses the newest and latest marketing, sales, and business strategies and how they relate to Internet marketing.

epa's studio
Miami, FL, US
Visual artist, Chilean-born, 1960.

ERGO Desk, Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
The ultimate computer desk accessories.

ERIC Clearinghouse on Reading, English, and Communication
Bloomington, IN, US
Drawing upon the almost 800,000 bibliographic records stored in the ERIC database, our clearinghouse provides a broad array of educational information and services to teachers, administrators, students, and parents.

The Essential Guide to New York and L.A. at Night
The Village Voice, New York, NY, US
A guide to late-night restaurants, clubs, games, parties, shopping, driving and much more.

Et Cetera Online Product Catalog
Et Cetera Distribution, Rawtenstall, Lancashire, UK
Details on products used to create, compose, record, and produce music on the PC. In-depth descriptions, press releases and FAQs about available products.

European Congress of Rheumatology
Cyber Consult, Bunnik, Utrecht, Netherlands
Held June 18-23, at the RAI Congress Centre in Amsterdam. The 13th congress has been organised around 26 themes which cover all aspects of rheumatology. After the Congress, information will be updated continuously.

Euthanasia World Directory
Euthanasia Research & Guidance Organization, Eugene, OR, US
A complete, frequently updated listing of international right-to-die groups, their contact persons, phone numbers, faxes and emails. The page has links to other source materials on right-to-die, euthanasia, living wills and more.

Newton Center, MA, US
Markets information on more than 15 million worldwide businesses and healthcare companies including hospitals, homecare agencies, physicians, dentists, nursing homes, HMOs/PPOs, and medical manufacturers. Also markets directories of related information.

Families with Children from China
San Francisco, CA, US
Providing information for families considering adopting from China, or those who have already adopted there and are seeking information on local support groups.

Federated League of Americans Around the Globe
Washington, DC, US
An independent, non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to serving the needs and interests of all American citizens who live and work outside the United States.

Ferrari of the Month
Fairfax, VA, US
A new Ferrari photo to enjoy every month. Non-commercial.

Fit For 2 -- Pre- & Post-Natal Fitness
Atlanta, GA, US
Information on exercise during pregnancy and the post-partum period. Ordering information on the "Fit For 2 Step Aerobic Workout For Pregnancy" video.

700 Telecommunications, Cambridge, UK
Offers personal telephone numbers for life in the United Kingdom, and will deliver your calls to any (01) telephone in the UK and Channel Isles (and even to some mobile phones). No call charges to the recipient.

Florida Vedic College
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Allows students all over the world to access courses on Yoga, Vaishnava philosophy, Sanskrit, and Vedic literature. It is the only Vaishnava (Hindu) University on the Internet.

Forever Plaid
GRQ Productions, New York, NY, US
The heavenly musical hit, Forever Plaid is playing in several North American cities and can be hired for special events around the globe.

The French House of Louis D'Ancour
Louis D'Ancour, Tallahassee, FL, US
Bring the beauty of the French countryside into your home with the series "French Country Landscapes."

Fusion Interactive
The Logical Alternative, Francestown, NH, US
Electronic magazine for Macromedia Director interactive developers. Other topics discussed include HTML authoring, and more.

Future Features Syndicate
Melbourne, FL, US
An independent cartoonist cooperative marketing effort sponsored by the artists. A quarterly publication. available online.

Gables Apartment Homes
Atlanta, GA, US
Enjoy the ambiance of Gables Apartment Homes and Corporate Apartment Homes. With over 25 Atlanta locations, we're sure to have a home that's perfect for you.

GallerySight Photography Exhibition
Rajiv Mehta, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Photo essays by a variety of photographers. Stunning photographs of Jersualem's Dome of the Rock, street photography from Brazil and San Francisco, landscapes from California's Mojave Desert, and scenes from the Woodstock '94 music festival.

Garden Bros. Circus - The Entertainment Giant
IMG Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
This is the official Garden Bros. Circus Web site. It contains information about the circus itself, the people in it, upcoming performances and many other interesting facts.

Gemini Art For Sale
Artsale, Los Angeles, CA, US
Private collector is selling Gemini Art from a private collection. Museum quality pieces, all sold out and unavailable other than via the resale market. GIFs on site.

General Eccentric, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Generality, the home site of General Eccentric, has a snappy new graphical interface. Generality features art galleries and entertaining stories.

Gerardo International -- Developers of MRX
Daytona Beach, FL, US
MRX is a virtual technology with applications in medicine, the environment, chemical processing desalination, on-site radioactive remediation, remote sensing, and defense.

Global Internet Marketing Services
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Several exciting segments in this site including Expo-Ontario, a virtual tradeshow of companies from Ontario, and Business 2 Business, your business partner.

Global Internet Travel
Jacksonville, FL, US
An interactive Web travel site that includes in-depth information with photographs, maps, deck plans, itineraries. Travel sections include luxury travel, cruises, and last minute specials.

Glycoscience Group, Victorian College of Pharmacy
Monash Univ., Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Information about the people involved and the research undertaken in the Glycoscience Group. Included are links to useful computational chemistry and carbohydrate sites.

World Wide Web Consulting, Westhampton Beach, NY, US
World Wide Web Consulting provides a way for business, real estate, entertainment and media, non-profit groups, and other such ventures to reach the Internet community. The official site of the 1995 Hampton Classic.

Great Children's Software from Maplehurst Productions
Maplehurst Productions, Roanoke, VA, US
Offers great interactive fairy tales on CD-ROM and free children's activities that can be downloaded.

Greenberg Seronick and Partners
Boston, MA, US
An award winning full-service advertising agency.

Greyrock Capital Group
Stamford, CT, US
Finance, capital, real estate, corporate finance capital assets, consumer finance, leasing, SunStar.

A Guide to the Monterey Bay Peninsula
MontereyNet, Pebble Beach, CA, US
A tourist's and resident's guide to the cities of the Monterey Bay Peninsula: Carmel, Monterey, Pacific Grove and Pebble Beach.

The Guido Mazzoni Pamphlet Collection
Special Collections Library, Duke University, Durham, NC, US
From the private library of the late Italian senator and Dante scholar, this site is made up of pamphlets, newspapers, small volumes, broadsides, and other Italian materials from the sixteenth century to 1943.

Hollywood, CA, US
Entertainment resource with clients such as Caffeine Magazine, Cleopatra Records, Nexus Six, and Miramax Studios. Focuses on Southern Cal's alternative nightlife.

Ham Radio and Electronics Swap Meets
Western Electronic Surplus, Carson City, NV, US
A listing of ham radio, computer, and electronic swap meets in the US and territories. Visitors are encouraged to submit events they know about.

The Hawaiian Connection
Hawaii Kids Magazine, Honolulu, HI, US
Designed to link native Hawaiian businesses, products, and services to the world.

Healthy Flying with Diana Fairechild
Flyana Rhyme, Inc., Maui, HI, US
Advice and wisdom on how to stay safe, comfortable, and healthy when we fly. Subjects include recycled air and whether first class is worth the price. The author can be consulted via email.

Historical Computer Society
Cape Coral, FL, US
Dedicated to educating people about the history of computers in general, and microcomputers specifically. The site includes information about joining the Society and features a virtual microcomputer museum.

The Hitchcock Page
Original Sinema Productions, Encino, CA, US
Answers to your questions about Alfred Hitchcock. Featuring a complete list of films, cameo appearances, lists of all the television shows he directed, including 17 episodes of Alfred Hitchcock Presents and much more.

HOCOM: The Computer Club of the Dutch Rabobank (In Dutch)
Amsterdam, Netherlands
This club has 8000 members. The Web pages are a platform for news, addresses, pictures, links, and files.

Internet Entertainment Network, Inc., Beverly Hills, CA, US
Source for online access to experts in acting, directing, music, producing, screenwriting, and writing. Live bulletin boards allow questions to industry professionals and posting profiles for potential deals and/or job placement.

The Honolulu, Hawaii Real Estate Forum
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
Global Exposure Network, Inc. welcomes Andrew McGee to its Honolulu Real Estate Forum. Looking for that piece of paradise? Well this may be what you are looking for. More to come.

Hotel/Restaurant Chain Management Software
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
A totally integrated software for multi-unit hotels or restaurants (pizza, fast food or family dining). One-vendor solution for your software needs at affordable prices. Requires PC/LAN or IBM AS/400.

Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
HTLM versions of the Internet RFCs.

IBS International, Inc.
ibs@whidbey.net, Freeland, WA, US
A distributor of high quality products, specializing in the sale, manufacture and repair of goods. These products are based around a premier core of accounting modules -- ACCPAC® Plus™ and ACCPAC® 2000™ by Computer Associates®.

ICL DRS User Association
San Diego, CA, US
Information for people using ICL/Fujitsu Unix systems.

IIS Group Australia
Internet Interface Systems, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
One of the largest ISP's in Australia with some very interesting links.

Ilan Hasson: "Peace of Art"
Internet Age, Tel Aviv, Israel
Ilan Hasson is a Israeli artist whose paintings are exhibited worldwide. Read about him, his contribution, and see his online exhibition called "Peace of Art".

Immigration Resources from the Law Offices of C. Matthew Schulz
San Francisco, CA, US
Links to Web immigration resources. This site provides regularly updated information on US visas and employment-based immigration, an electronic newsletter subscription, relevant statutes and regulations, and much more.

Implantology and Dental Implants
Manchester, England, UK
Information on dental implant therapy for patients. Information about implantology seminars for dentists.

Indiana Business Directory
Astralite Productions, Ltd., Anderson, IN, US
A comprehensive directory of business and services within the state of Indiana.

Commercial Computer Solutions, Inc., Baldwin Park, CA, US
A two-part Windows software: the installer program and the front-end menu program. Users may select up to 15 most frequently used Internet software and other applications in their menu-bar.

InfoQuest Business Services
Tallevast, FL, US
Provides Web page design and maintenance, in addition to research, business, and technical writing services.

Innovative Solutions
Valencia, CA, US
Helps companies that may not have in-house technical expertise, especially small and growing businesses, understand and use technology more effectively to increase their revenues and improve their profitability.

Innovative Visions
Wichita, KS, US
A company that specializes in providing a Web presence for small to medium companies that have had little or no previous exposure to the Internet.

Inorganic Elemental Analysis (CST-8)
Los Alamos, NM, US
Describes the analytical chemistry capabilities and services of CST-8 at the Chemical Science and Technology Division at Los Alomos National Laboratory.

Institute for Policy Innovation
Lewisville, TX, US
A non-profit, non-partisan, public policy "think tank" founded in 1987 to research, develop, and promote innovative and non-partisan solutions to today's public policy problems.

Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad
Power Systems Research and Development Dpt, San Jose, Costa Rica
Provides access to the Costa Rican utility company, the Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad. Specifically gives information on research and development projects.

Intellectual Property
Gastown, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Interactive publisher specializing in providing mulitmedia-based advertising for product lines via database development software. Focus is on inventory display, management, and contact management.

Interactive Distribution Systems
Tucson, AZ, US
An internationally recognized corporation with marketing rights in over 60 countries. Over 13,000 brand-name quality products and services.

An Interactive Interview with Steve Kimock
Silicon Forest Media, San Francisco, CA, US
Come hear why Steve Kimock of the Bay Area band Zero is one of Jerry Garcia's favorite unknown guitarists. Besides the guitar, he's a cool guy. Featuring RealAudio. Brought to you by RockWeb Interactive.

International Trade Bulletin: NAFTA Watch
Alvarez & Co., Longmont, CO, US
Press releases from the Hemispheric Commerce and Trade Forum, articles on doing business in Mexico and on resources for cross-border business, trade and business leads, calendar of upcoming seminars, and more.

Internet Designs
Boise, ID, US
Internet advertising, Web pages, and graphic designs.

Internet en Francais
UQAT, Rouyn-Noranda, Quebec, Canada
This is a French-speaking page including an index of information and resources in French on the Net, classified by themes.

Internet Magazine
EMAP Computing, London, England, UK
The UK'’s first and most authoritative Internet magazine. It covers the whole range of interests on the Internet, from business and education to home and entertainment.

I/O Magazine
Sacramento, CA, US
Northern California's newest technology monthy.

Iowa Office of the State Archaeologist
Iowa City, IA, US
Information related to archaeological work conducted within the state of Iowa.

Iowa State Daily
Iowa State Daily Publications Board, Ames, IA, US
The student-run newspaper for Iowa State University. We publish Monday through Friday during the school year. In the summer we publish twice a week.

Ipsys Software
Macclesfield, Cheshire, UK
Produces development tools for large scale client/server applications.

Iran Business Digest
Global Publishing Group, San Ramon, CA, US
A daily review of business and economic news relating to Iran. Included are the latest exchange rates and stock prices.

Iron One: A Steel House
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A house built with steel. Modern architecture: a case study.

Island Dreams Tours & Travel
Houston, TX, US
Worldwide scuba diving, snorkeling, and water-sports adventure travel.

ISPW -- The Total Application Management Environment
Benchmark Technologies Ltd., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
ISPW is an integrated application development environment for MVS, OS/2 and Windows applications. It unites divergent technologies, procedures, tools and staff through a centralized repository.

Jahaan Eghtesaad (Economy World)
Global Publishing Group, San Ramon, CA, US
The leading Persian business daily providing an in-depth coverage of customs, business, banking, and economic news of Iran. Economy World is published using Persian HTML.

James Taylor Online
Joel Risberg, Boston, MA, US
Fans of music legend James Taylor need look no further than James Taylor Online, Web home of Usenet newsgroup alt.music.james-taylor and electronic storehouse for all things JT.

The Kansas Religion and Philosophy Corner
The purpose is to guide the individual interested in researching religion and philosophy. With links to other resources, this will be a great page for the novice or the well read.

Keith Prowse Theatre, Sport & Concert Tours
Keith Prowse Travel, New York, NY, US
Keith Prowse offers theater tickets and hotel packages in major cities including New York, London, Dublin and Chicago.

Concerned Citizens of Wisconsin's Second Congressional District, Madison, WI, US
A forum to raise public awareness and provide information about Wisconsin's Second District Representative, Scott Klug.

Knowledge-Based Technologies Inc.
Canton, MA, US
If you are looking to get your company on-line then check us out.

Labrador Retriever Home Page
Liza Lee Miller, Bay Area, CA, US
Provides information, resources, and links about breeders of America's most popular dog, the Labrador Retriever.

Alhambra, CA, US
A Latino resource for Latino businesses, non-profits, and other organizations. Great for research and information.

Lewin-VHI, Inc.
Fairfax, VA, US
An internationally recognized health care policy research and management consulting firm. We specialize in helping public and private-sector clients develop proactive solutions to the challenges of today's dynamic health care marketplace.

LOGON -- Sacramento BBS News Connection
Sacramento, CA, US
LOGON is Sacramento's only FREE, monthly publication for and about the cyber culture. Included monthly is the valley's biggest, uncensored BBS list.

London Suite
Iron Mountain Productions, New York, NY, US
The new comedy by Neil Simon is playing at the Union Square Theatre in New York. The Web site has information about the cast, Simon, and the show.

Los Angeles County Real Estate Forum
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
Homes for sale in and around the Pasadena area. We add more homes everyday.

Lotto in Austria
Innsbruck, Tirol, Austria
Play the Austrian Lotto on the Internet.

Winona, MN, US
Winona's server that links this small river community to the world. Includes links to education, commerce, governement, and community information.

Lunenburg County Visitor's Guide
Meadoworks Multimedia, Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, Canada
A comprehensive resource of visitor information including events, accommodations, arts/heritage, dining, recreation, service organizations plus columns.

Made in America -- Mini Mall
Online Solutions, Inc., Morrisonville, NY, US
A mini mall celebrating businesses, services and products in the American tradition.

Magma Communications Ltd.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
An Internet service provider with many links to commercial, educational, and fun sites on the Net. Real-time Chatserver online.

The Maine Index
BonAire, Inc., Saco, ME, US
A regional, state-wide index of Internet sites in Maine.

The Mall of Malls
IMG, Ltd., Rockville Centre, NY, US
The perfect "jumping off" point to the finest commercial sites on the Internet.

Marble Collectors Corner
A Chip Off The Old Block, Trumbull, CT, US
Clearinghouse of information for collectors of antique and collectible marbles. Links to the Marble Collectors Society of America, auction reports, and identification guides.

Martin Brothers' Outfitting
Victoria, BC, Canada
Devoted to developing practical and economical fishing tools. "Cruiser Belly Boat Accessories" make belly boating affordable.

Maximus Studio's International
Geldrop, Noord Brabant, The Netherlands
Music and sound-effects, presentations and stands, computer animation and graphics, virtual reality, technical realisation of concerts and events, multimedia productions, etc.

Media Online Yellow Pages
New Life Network, Inc., Auggen, Germany
A directory of media professional email addresses and Web sites focusing on TV.

Metal Machining and Fabrication
Highlands Ranch, CO, US
Directory WWW service for businesses focused on the metal trades. It also provides for the exchange of information related to the manufacture of metal goods.

Clark University, Worcester, MA, US
Millefiori generates chaotic images reminiscent of Italian paperweights.

Mistle Thrush
Boston, MA, US
An upcoming Boston band. Includes FAQ, Photographs, upcoming-shows listing, recent press coverage, cover artwork, and links to related music sites.

mobilis: The Mobile Computing Lifestyle Magazine
Volksware, Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
A monthly magazine featuring information about all aspects of mobile computing and communication.

Montgomery County Internet Access
Conroe, TX, US
A community-oriented ISP in Conroe (just north of Houston) with plenty of information on local current events and recreational activities on and around 22,000-acre Lake Conroe.

Montreal Internet Club
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A club for people interested in the Internet in the Montreal area, to supply information and act as a connection between those people.

MOTEK motion technology
141 Egelantiersstraat, 1015RA Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Motion-capture studio and 3D human-motion library.

Multi Media Music
Partners in Rhyme, Los Angeles, CA, US
Summaries and links to almost every sound utility created for the Mac, free music loops for multimedia programmers, and links to thousands of sound FX and midi files.

Multimedia and Interactive Media
IBM, Atlanta, GA, US
Services include interactive media (many aspects), direct customer access (kiosks), Executive Briefing Center, electronic performance support solutions, integrated multimedia business solutions (consulting), and sales force transformation.

Myanmar -- The Land of Pagodas
University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan
Information of Myanmar including people, language, travel, geology, environment and economy.

NAI Datacomm
Knowledge-Based Technologies, Canton, MA, US
If the phone line isn't up to speed, your faxes and modems can't be either. Get acquainted with NAI Datacomm's V.Fast family of telephone line conditioners.

National Amusement Park Historical Association
Pittsburgh, PA, US
An international educational and enthusiasts organization dedicated to promoting, through knowledge and awareness, the enjoyment of amusement parks, past, present, and future.

National Centre for Sustainability
Victoria, BC, Canada
A center to study and understand the nature of sustainability, its impacts and ramifications, and to identify activities that are sustainable within the national context of Canada. Forestry is the current topic.

National Energy Foundation
Salt Lake City, UT, US
NEF creates and distributes economical instructional materials and innovative teacher training and student programs which relate to all aspects of energy and other natural resource topics.

National List of Plant Species that Occur in Wetlands
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Wetlands Inventory, St. Petersburg, FL, US
Represents the combined efforts of many biologists over the last decade to define the wetland flora of the United States.

Neogylphics Media Corp.
Chicago, IL, US
The first server in the world to have online-buying with credit card verification. Made possible by former NCSA programmers. Additionally, it contains non-profit museums, and much more.

netTRADER Classifieds
Global Internet Marketing Services, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Allows you to buy, sell, swap, barter, trade, rent or lease products and services. Check the home page to see if you qualify for a free 30-day ad.

Neuron Data
Palo Alto, CA, US
Provides component-based technology for building business-critical applications. Components include: powerful gui builder, enterprise-wide data access, business rules, object-oriented technology, distributed communications, integration facilities, and cross-platform support.

New Church Outreach
Los Angeles, CA, US
Seeks to acquaint people with the theological writings of Swedenborg. We offer short talks, sermons, advice, addresses, books, and computer programs. Our homepage will be international.

New Homes Map Guide
MDM Communications, San Jose, CA, US
Guide to Northern California new homes. Includes color photographs, maps, amenities, floorplans, and pricing information.

The New Jersey Polymer Extension Center (NJPEC)
Hoboken, NJ, US
Created in 1985 as a joint program of The Polymer Processing Institute (PPI) and The New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology to strengthen the competitiveness of the state's plastics industry.

Newton's Method for Solving Mathematical Equations
University of South Carolina, Dept. of Mathematics, Columbia, SC, US
Lets a user enter any equation and an initial guess. Then Newton's Method is used to solve for the corresponding root of the equation.

Nikon Historical Society
Munster, IN, US
Dedicated to the study of the history and preservation of Nikon cameras from the period of 1949 to 1964, the classic era of Nikon and other rangefinder cameras. We are not connected to Nikon, USA.

Nomad Technologies Inc.
Bethlehem, PA, US
A high level computer and software production service. A complete computer designer via mail order and can help get it working. Employment opportunities: sell computers for a commission.

Northwest Corner Bookstore
Eastsound, WA, US
For self-publishers and small presses to distribute their books worldwide. Stop in to see the wonderful and unique books available.

Oakley Data Services
Chicago, IL, US
Large range of Windows Shareware and Freeware, including the popular "Smart..." range (includes SmartSurf - Free online usage tracking for Windows), plus puzzle pages, humor pages, and more.

Ohio Agricultural Research & Development Center
Wooster, OH, US
Provides access to information about the Center, the agricultural research arm of The Ohio State University.

Old Hawaii Realty
Inter-Pacific Network Services, Kailua-Kona, HI, US
To find your place in paradise, please visit our Web site for online listings and contact information for the Island of Hawaii.

The Online Source Register
Interstat Inc., Mount Laurel, NJ, US
For purchasing agents, building owners, home owners and individuals to find a product, service, supplier, or store merchant. Search the listings for the business of your needs. You may also add your own business.

Oracle Service Humor Archives
Philadelphia, PA, US
This site contains some of the best humor available on the Net today. Check out the Oracle Service home page as well.

OS/2 New User Information
SunSITE Singapore
Provides guidance to first-time users, giving tips and advice on getting OS/2 up and running productively and comfortably with minimal fuss.

Berne, Switzerland
An interactive information center in the bone field.

Pages de France
Paris, France
Votre Web-Librairie Francaise Universelle. Commandez tous les livres francais de votre choix, partout dans le monde. Your Web bookstore, no matter where you live.

Seattle, WA, US
The premier one-stop-DooM-shop. Features links to the most popular DooM-related FTP sites and immediate access to the latest DooM software.

Patagonia Garlic Works
Patagonia, AZ, US
Produces organically grown garlic and elephant garlic for retail and commercial markets. We offer online ordering, recipes, and garlic related information.

The Patent Trademark and Copyright Law Home Page
Brown, Martin, Haller and McClain, San Diego, CA, US
Contains information on patents, trademarks, copyright protection, and enforcement procedures.

Pennsylvania Trolley Museum
Pennsylvania Railway Museum Association, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Take a trolley ride and imagine a bygone era. Listen to the bell clang, the powerful traction motors hum, and the heavy steel wheels clatter over the rail joints.

The Performance Network -- Standup Comedy
New York, NY, US
View pictures, biographies, resumes and tour schedules of some of the country's hottest standup comedians for film and TV, colleges, and comedy clubs.

San Jose, CA, US
Your launch pad to the Internet with categorized useful links. Links to the best Internet software. Visit Airlines, Business, News, People, Travel, Virtual Safari and more.

Petroleum Recovery Institute
PRI, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A member-directed research partnership whose goal is the development of improved petroleum recovery technology.

Petroleum Rights Sales
Vertex Communications Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada
An automated listing service, for oil and gas properties, located on the Discovery Place site.

Pick/BASIC: A Programmers Guide
JES & Associates, Inc., Newport Beach, CA, US
The Web version of the first textbook devoted entirely to the powerful Pick/BASIC programming Language. Available free through the Web.

Pixel Pushers Gallery
General Eccentric, Vancouver, BC, Canada
A gallery of collectible digital art, Pixel Pushers features the work of internationally acclaimed digital artists, including Kai Krause, of Kai's Power Tools fame, and Academy Award winner Buffy Sainte-Marie.

Plain & Fancy Cabinetry
Allen Cabinets, Wayne, NJ, US
No matter what your budget or taste, Plain & Fancy has a custom cabinet for you. If you are remodeling your kitchen or planning your dream house, see this site for our latest offerings.

Plymouth County Internet Exchange
Hingham, MA, US
Looking for an Internet access provider with competitive rates and excellent service on the South Shore?

Porsche Club of America, Orange Coast Region
Orange County, CA, US
Information on upcoming events, how to join PCA, classifieds and much more.

POV-Ray User's Guide & Gallery
Regional Computing Center, Univ. of Cologne, Cologne, Germany
This link contains the POV-Ray User's Guide as HTML pages and images of the example scenes.

Powerhouse Advertising
InfiNet, Norfolk, VA, US
Check out our spring items. A leading resource for promotional products, awards, incentives, and gifts for businesses and organizations. We have added many more of our products on the internet with online ordering and inquires.

Proteus Hyperbaric Systems, Inc.
Hyperbaric Chamber Systems & Management, Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Specializing in HBO clinical services in health care facilities including financial assessment, space planning, manufacturing and installation of Proteus III Hyperbaric Chambers; plus medical and technical staff training.

Proximity - Led Zeppelin Collector's Journal
Dayton, OH, US
Pictures, articles, and samples from America's finest Led Zeppelin fanzine. The definitive publication for the serious Led Zeppelin collector, based in Seattle, Wash.

Publisher's Toolbox
Madison, WI, US
The Toolbox is your online source for DTP/graphics multimedia software and hardware peripherals. Check out our monthly Internet specials, our up-to-date Vendor listing, our online interviews with manufacturers, and sign up for a free subscription to our catalog.

Q San Francisco
Q Communications, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
A comprehensive lifestyle and entertainment guide for the gay, lesbian, bi and transgender community of San Francisco.

Quotes, by Subject
ngr2@ren.ultranet.com, MA, US
Various quotations, grouped by subject.

RaceNews - The MotorSports Network
Boulder, CO, US
A Formula 1 and Indy Car news service covering racing news virtually as it happens for the serious racing fan.

Ram Pages
World Wide Express, Inc., Fort Collins, CO, US
An alternate approach to the Web at Colorado State University that includes personal home pages, top 10 lists and other links.

Insight Digital Ink, Newark, CA, US
Extraordinary ideas, for ordinary cooks. A Web site for the cooking enthusiast. Features a number of products and services, including RecipEmail, a weekly recipe newsletter.

Recipes By Keiko
Electrazine Media, Seattle, WA, US
New high-end multimedia e-zine features tasty Japanese recipes and photos by chef extraordinaire Keiko Shiba. Food glossary with sound files and an informative article on Japanese cuisine included.

Red Chip Review
Portland, OR, US
Provides independent research on small cap companies for subscription, not commissions.

Salt Lake City, UT, US
Our instant payment system allows businesses to accept checks online, by phone, and by fax. This secure system also allows businesses to receive payment in 24 hours or less.

The Register
ASSIST Information Services, Los Angeles, CA, US
A listing of over 600 B&Bs, inns, and small hotels.

Romance Writers
Liza Lee Miller, Bay Area, CA, US
Lists online resources for Romance writers, as well as links to home pages of authors.

New York City, NY, US
A graphic design studio that operates a server to test Web pages for clients. Within a few days we can have a working prototype running in our studio.

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line
Miami, FL, US
The official site for Royal Caribbean Cruise Line. View company information, special rates, or the Cruise FAQ.

Austin, TX, US
A free public service offering parents the knowledge and tools they need to help keep their children from becoming lost, missing, abducted, molested, or abused.

Saint Mary's College
Notre Dame, IN, US
Founded by the Sisters of the Holy Cross in 1844, Saint Mary's promotes a life of intellectual vigor, aesthetic appreciation, religious sensibility, and social responsibility.

The San Miguel County, Colorado Real Estate Forum
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
Global Exposure Network, Inc. welcomes High Country Properties of Telluride, Colorado to its forum. Looking for that home away from it all? Then you should look here.

San Ramon Valley Christian Academy
Danville, CA, US
A K-8 academy in the San Francisco Bay area committed to excellence in Christian education. A state-of-the-art computer lab includes a computerized curriculum.

Santa Barbara BBS Nostalgia Page
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Creative writings from the Santa Barbara BBS telecommunity.

Sara's Gallery
MediaSnickarn, Stockholm, Sweden
Photos taken by a young female Swedish photographer, brought to you by Ola Christoffersson.

Science Hobbyist
William J. Beaty, Seattle, WA, US
Files and links of interest to amateur scientists, K-12 educators, fellow "crazy" inventors, physics instructors, home experimenters, Tesla coil builders, and all fascinated by the unconventional side of science.

Scott Laurent Galleries
INET Marketing, Inc., Winter Park, FL, US
Escape from the ordinary. Experience a refreshing collection of eclectic artwork, affordable gifts, and innovative decorative fine art accessories.

The Seattle Rant
Seattle, WA, US
A new biweekly publication coming out in Fall, 1995. Articles, letters, limericks, and puzzles.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
An interactive environment where freelance artists and businesses can develop their Internet presence in an effective and affordable manner.

Secrets of the SEGA Sages
MediaTek Associates, Cambridge, MA, US
Hundreds of tips, tricks, and passwords for SEGA Genesis and SEGA CD video games. Also includes many links to game FAQs.

Self Taught Programmers
Abe Friedman, Atlanta, GA, US
A list of people who have taught themselves to program, any language, any platform.

Self-Help Psychology Magazine
Self-Help, San Diego, CA, US
An online psychology magazine written primarily by mental health professionals for the general public. Columns, articles, movie and software reviews for parents, reviews of self-help books and tapes, a question and answer column, and more.

Sharon Brooks & Associates Advertising
Richmond, VA, US
A full-service advertising, marketing, public-relations, and research company. We create Web pages.

Singles Adventure Club
Orange, CA, US
A travel club which operates active, small-group, international soft-adventure travel trips to unusual destinations for single men and women.

Sister Machine Gun
SMG Ltd., Chicago, IL, US
A band; makers of fine noise since 1991.

Skywaves -- The Aviator's Guide to In-flight Radio Entertainment
Jonathan White, Chapel Hill, NC, US
Presented in an easy-to-read format, this guide lists more than 2600 AM radio stations in the United States and Canada that can be accessed through an ADF receiver.

Edward Lowe Foundation, Cassopolis, MI, US
Helps small businesses and entrepreneurs succeed through innovative information services and products. Explore fulltext databases of "how-to" and "what works" materials on running a business.

Smoke King
Amrep Industries, Minneapolis, MN, US
Featuring Zippo, the Cadillac of cigarette lighters, sporting designs by cutting edge artists of yesterday, today and tomorrow. Fully-functional and highly collectible, they carry a lifetime guarantee.

Socialist Party of Canada
Victoria, BC, Canada
Socialism - a never tried system, to serve people not profits. A society of individualism, freedom, cooperation and free access to wealth. No leaders, no money, no poverty, no war.

Solid Rock/Phydeaux
Queen's Univ., Belfast, N. Ireland
The official site for Phydeaux and Larry Norman. Music for the minority.

Lafayette, IN, US
The Net industrial-cyberculture music review zine.

Destinasjon Sør, Oslo, Norway
A fresh, clean, and exciting holiday in Norway. Where to go and what to do.

Southern Illinois University
Office of Information Technology, Edwardsville, IL, US
Tour the new Residence Halls or learn about campus events. The Web server also has information on regional transportation, local governments, health agencies and community-sponsored events.

Spencer Historical and Genealogical Society
SHGS - Frances S. Powell, Editor, Huntsville, AL, US
History and genealogy of the Spencer surname. Quarterly journal, le Despencer.

The StarPhoenix Helpful Daily
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
A collection of news resources from around the Net. Published by Saskatoon's daily newspaper, this online resource center has the feel of a newspaper, but is custom-tailored for the Web.

Steel Breeze
Technology Associates, Reno, NV, US
Contains background information on the band and each band member, samples from their CDs, and ordering instructions for CDs (not available in stores).

Steve Postma, Furnituremaker and Design
Boston, MA, US
Custom furniture, from chairs to credenzas. In the past the work has been placed with American embassies and international four-star hotels.

El Segundo, CA, US
A link to links. There is also a weekly Top 10.

Students in Christ
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Christian student resource at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor.

Subject Area Links
Vinson High School, Huntington, WV, US
Over 300 links to educational resources, divided by specific subject areas.

The Sunset Chronicle
Sunset Elementary School, Livermore, CA, US
Writing the news is a group of Gate students at Sunset Elementary School, who participated in a 10-week course in newspaper journalism. The students input their articles themselves and selected the graphics.

Superior Broadcasting Corporation
Bedford, TX, US
Industry leader in providing broadcast satellite, video, data telecommunications services. Introducing InterFirst Internet Broadcasting, which has financial-related links. We're looking to hire a computer wizard.

Surf Board - Canada
NetFinder Internet Services, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Serving the gay and lesbian communities with Web services for businesses, not-for-profits, individuals, and organizations.

PCS, New Orleans, LA, US
A public service demographic engine on the Internet, for educational and entertainment purposes. Poll results are instantly available for review as soon as you complete the questionnaire.

Kyle Banerjee, Champaign, IL, US
News, utilities for Russification of PCs and Macs, Russian literature, and more.

Synoptic and Large-scale Dynamics Lab
MIT-CMPO, Cambridge, MA, US
In addition to current weather information, we offer current tropopause and 320K potential vorticity analyses. Also traditional forecast maps from the aviation model output.

The Talent Network
Midlothian, VA, US
A listing of professional performers and technical talent available for producing organizations to make every project a success.

Taos Hum
William J. Beaty, Seattle, WA, US
The 'Taos Hum' is a low-pitched sound heard in quiet environments across the US. It is often described as sounding like a distant diesel engine. Since it has proven undetectable by microphones or VLF antennae, its source is a mystery.

The TatHouse
Roxanne, Franklin, OH, US
Graphics and information on tattoos. Links to homepages of contributors.

Teleres Corporation
Teleres, Inc., Dayton, OH, US
A new online service for commercial real estate. Going to beta in July and fully online in the fall.

Tennessee Valley Genealogical Society
TVGS, Huntsville, AL, US
Concerns genealogy and history of the nine counties in Alabama that touch the Tennessee River: Colbert, Franklin, Limestone, Lawrence, Lauderdale, Jackson, Madison, Marshall and Morgan.

of Nashville, TN, US
Your Internet guide to the Volunteer State. Tennessee Internet White Pages (tm) offer free listings for individuals. Tennessee Internet Yellow Pages have free listings for companies, links, utilities, and more.

Tesla Page
William J. Beaty, Seattle, WA, US
A collection of files and links of interest to the Tesla Coil hobbyist, science amateur, and science student. Includes: TC design programs for the PC, directory of Nikola Tesla sites and more.

Texaco Lubricants Company
Houston, TX, US
Information about automotive products, Texaco/Havoline racing updates, customer services, Xpress Lubes locator, and more.

That Place
San Francisco, CA, US
This site has links from all over the Web, with a graphic rating system to make choosing one easier.

Portland, OR, US
Facilitating the emerging new breed of human. Guidelines for thriving in a world of non-stop change. Survivor story of the month. Tell your thriving tip/story.

Tizetanet WWW (In Italian)
Bologna, Italy
Internet service provider in Italy.

Todd Smith Products
Chicago, IL, US
Provides top of the line juggling props.

toolWorks: The Source for Software Tools
Developer's Workshop, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The premiere source for up-to-the-minute software development information, and a division of Developer's Workshop.

Torchlight Productions
Muncie, IN, US
A non-profit theater company devoted to spreading the works of Shakespeare in non-traditional means, and original theatre as well.

TransGas Management Inc.
Vancouver, BC, Canada
An energy management firm specializing in the design and development of software applications for the energy industry. Developed Gas Management System (GMS), a software solution to buying, moving and selling natural gas.

TravelASSIST Magazine
ASSIST Information Services, Los Angeles, CA, US
The June issue features Turkey, the city of Istanbul and the surrounding countryside. The issue also features the closing of Lombard Street in San Francisco, B&B Ghost Stories and more.

UBC Cultural Festival Catalog
Gotlands Kommun, Visby, Gotland, Sweden
A catalog of festivals in member-cities of the Union of the Baltic Cities.

UK Ex-Patriots
Cape Town, South Africa
This page is dedicated to all people who were born in the UK and emigrated. It is designed to be a page with links to keep in touch with what's happening "back home."

UMass Hillel Grad Group
Amherst, MA, US
A subgroup of UMass (Amherst) Hillel, we focus on the interest of graduate students and non-traditional undergrads. Includes info about our upcoming activities.

Unitech Italia (In Italian)
Catania, Italy
We are computer parts and modem/fax importers and distributors.

United Bus Owners of America (UBOA)
Washington, DC, US
America's largest trade association of professional bus and luxury motorcoach companies provides an opportunity to reach any of 850+ members for your charter, tour or special motor travel needs.

Van Meurs & Associates Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Worldwide consulting services in petroleum economics for the upstream oil and gas industry.

Vermont Monitoring Cooperative
Burlington, VT, US
A network of cooperators from government, academic, and private sectors who pool information on Vermont's forest ecosystem.

Video Workbench
ControlTrack Productions, Wichita, KS, US
A production company that makes specialized model construction videos teaching techniques, special effects and photography methods of modeling.

Virginia Tech Science and Technology Studies
Alexandria, VA, US
Science and technologies program at Blacksburg and Northern Virginia campuses.

Virtual Page
Koeln, Germany
We provide information about art, photographers, South Africa, Online Shopping Information Broker, comics, and stars on the Internet.

Vision Communications
LCF Inc., Indianapolis, IN, US
Products and services in three areas: Christian books, publications including the new "Issachar Journal," and electronic media/software.

Gryphon Microproducts, Silver Spring, MD, US
An HTML extension that works with all browsers. It lets you add counters, environment variables, dynamic GIFs, graphs, animation, statistics, random text and pictures, and other features to your HTML pages.

WaterWeb (tm)
Water Purge Systems, Ltd., Phoenix, AZ, US
A new Web site offering a wide variety of water-related information including: water treatment equipment and chemicals, consultants, events/meetings, journals, associations, and much more.

Wave Action Surf Magazine
San Clemete, CA, US
We are a surfing publication that concentrates on new school surfing styles and future champions.

Paciello Information Research Services, Hudson, NH, US
The Web's first stop shop for people with disabilities. An information repository for adaptive, assistive, and access technology researchers, users, and manufacturers.

WebEstate, Saugerties, NY, US
A real estate page offering very reasonable rates to owners and brokers of residential and commercial properties. No setup charges.

Marlboro, MA, US
An interactive Web resume. A resume that employers and recruiters can browse according to their style or needs.

Newcastle, UK
Welcome to the WebZone. WebZone1 is a public access Web space leasing company. Leasing Space on Web servers to subscribers at competitive rates. Online subscription is available.

Wellington County Brewery
Global Internet Marketing Services, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
The first Canadian brewery to sell authentic English ales and beers via the Net. Learn what "real ale" is all about.

White & Yellow Pages Telephone Directory.
Microlytics, Inc., Pittsford, NY, US
MicroPages® is a computerized telephone directory allowing many kinds of searches and cross-references. The data is very well compressed. There is also a demo application interfacing with the Web browsers.

World Rugby Cup Official Merchandise
aztec.co.za, Cape Town, South Africa
Approved official licensed products ranging from T-shirts, caps, neck ties, pens, bags and other memorabilia all carrying the official World Cup 1995 insignia.

Wrapped Reichstag
Berlin, Germany
This project of Christo and Jeanne-Claude in Berlin now has an official WWW site at the KULTURBOX. Offers new pictures and videos, past work and ongoing projects, project chronology, and Berlin Summertime '95 online.

Writing Across the Curriculum Page
Writing Enriched Course Project, Cheney, WA, US
Offers resources to teachers, students, and administrators wishing to use writing as a resource for learning in all disciplines.

Friday, 23 June 1995

1000 North Carolina Software Developers Directory
Droege Computing Services, Durham, NC, US
Contains company listings, profiles, email addresses, Web links, and phone numbers of over 1000 software companies in North Carolina. Also, key-word searches, contact-name searches, and city searches.

2002 World Cup Korea
2&5 Systems Corp., Seoul, Korea
Information about the bidding efforts by the people of Korea to host 2002 World Cup. News from the bidding committee for 2002 World Cup Korea, and all about Korea and Korean football(soccer).

2.13.61 Publications, Inc.
Los Angeles, CA, US
Official Web site location for Henry Rollins and 2.13.61 Publications, Inc.

2REAL? Gaming Fanzine
NewView Productions, Gurnee, IL, US
Another video gaming site from another awesome video gaming fanzine.

AACME Image© Propaganda Server¨
San Antonio, TX, US
An arts collective working on a variety of public and internet based art works.

Accomodata -- European Accommodation
Accomodata Ltd., London, England
Detailed information about direct bookings, with sites in England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, France, and other EEC countries.

Acoustic -N- Electronic (Online Car Audio magazine)
Boyte Enterprises, Carthage, NC, US
An online publication for car audio and stereos. Special attention to installation and education. Radios, amplifiers, speakers, crossovers, and enclosure design.

Adirondack Homepage
Adirondack Net, Queensbury, NY, US
Travel, tourism information, and other links for this New York state region.

The Adventure Shop
Home Pages, Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
Whether you would like to go trekking in the Himalayas or taste California wines from your bicycle, The Adventure Shop has something for you.

Montreal, QC, Canada
Provides an opportunity for African artists and designers to market their wares on the Internet.

Agricultural Research Technology Program
Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA, US
Publications and project summaries of recent work in automation, environmental, safety technologies, and technical outreach.

Air Traveler's Handbook
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Site for the rec.travel.air FAQ posting, and includes the most comprehensive set of links to air-travel resources on the Internet.

Air Warrior Downunder
Ozhost, Melbourne, Australia
Air Warrior is an online, multiplayer, air combat flight simulator.

Alcoholics Anonymous: Legacies
San Francisco, CA, US
Legacies is a conference hosted by young people in Alcoholics Anonymous in the San Francisco Bay Area.

ALERT Flood Warning Systems
A source for users of ALERT data. ALERT is a method of collecting environmental data at low cost with high benefits.

All American, Inc. Tickets and Events
All American, Inc., Pittsburgh, PA, US
The one-stop for all your ticket and event needs. Links to some of the best concert tours and sporting events in the country.

Alpha Grow
Midland, TX, US
Organic plant foods and natural insecticides as effective and fast acting as their chemical counterparts.

AlphaGraph Computer Drafting
Truro, NS, Canada
A service company offering HTML publishing, desktop publishing, computer graphics, and computer-aided drafting.

Alps Electric (USA)
The Electronic Pen, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
Features photographs and complete specifications for our most popular products, including the Alps GlidePoint, the revolutionary touchpad that replaces a mouse or a trickball.

Alumni Association of the University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Online information detailing the programs and services of UM's Alumni Association.

American Association of Advertising Agencies
CommercePark Ltd., Columbus, OH, US
National trade organization representing the advertising agency business offering its members in-depth information regarding the operation of advertising agencies, encompassing management, media, print, and broadcast production and more.

The American Prospect
Cambridge, MA, US
A magazine "for the liberal imagination," founded in 1990 by Paul Starr, Robert Kuttner, and Robert Reich (now Labor Secretary), and featuring articles on politics, economics, and social trends.

American Stock Exchange, Inc.
New York, NY, US
Includes a daily market summary, info on equity options and derivitive products, daily AMEX news reports and an information exchange that links users to a host of financial information.

AmericaNet Real Estate Listings
Media Concepts, Whitman, MA, US
Cambridge, Massachusetts real estate listings and information. New cities and states added daily.

America's Christian Heritage
McHenry, IL, US
Read quotes from famous Americans that glorify the Almighty God. Read quotes from Presidents Washington and Lincoln, and more.

Anamnesis Press
San Francisco, CA, US
Devoted to the preservation of literature on the electronic frontier. We publish science fiction and non-fiction about cyberspace.

Ancient Galleries
Palm Harbor, FL, US
Offers authentic ancient artifacts for sale including Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Western Asiatic. All artifacts are guaranteed genuine, and come with a Certificate of Authenticity (if requested).

Ann Arbor, MI, US
General information about Angola: communications, defense forces, economy, education, geography, government, health care, history, population, travel information, maps, pictures, and sounds.

APENS Innovations & Opportunities
Halifax, N.S., Canada
The Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia welcomes G7 Summit surfers to a showcasing of Canadian technology entitled, "APENS Innovations and Opportunities."

The Apokalyptikon
Anamnesis Press, San Francisco, CA, US
A collection of poems for the new millennium.

Arachnion: A Journal of Ancient Literature and History
CISI of Turin, Italy
An international refereed journal of classic (Greek and Latin) literature and ancient (Greek and Roman) history, publishing scholarly papers in html format.

Area 51 Information Services
San Jose, CA, US
Metaphysical resources and companies as well as tips for low-cost mental exploration devices. We feature a moderately gruesome portrait gallery.

The Art of the Web
Washington, DC, US
If you are looking to put a Web Page on the Internet we can help. From the first thought to the finished Web Page we can do it. Web sites, mail boxes, listing, and monitoring are available.

Asset Control, Inc.
Las Vegas, NV, US
We help business persons from any state legally form Nevada-based and offshore corporations to reduce taxes and protect assets.

Resource International, Los Gatos, CA, US
Online astronomy newsletter, published bi-weekly. Current articles, club-listings, images, other resources.

Atari 8-bit Resort
Karlsruhe, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany
Page dedicated to Atari 8-bit computers.

Atlanta Guide & E-Mall
Clever Computers, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Your complete source of information on Atlanta sights and sounds.

Atomic Sound
Virginia Beach, VA, US
We have a 24-track recording studio with digital and analog capabilities. We cater mostly to local artists for demos and projects. We offer reasonable prices and personal service.

Net Solve, Tucson, AZ, US
The Arizona online legal resource. Contains informative brochures, a directory of attorneys, and links to local and national legal information.

Bar-Do Records
Rimnet, Tokyo, Japan
Bar-do is the Tibetan word for the condition one falls into as the soul transcends into the "after-life". We have been inspired to capture that trance-like sound in our music.

Barnett Banks, Inc.
Information Technologies, Jacksonville, FL, US
We're among the 25 largest financial institutions in the nation, and the largest in Florida.

Barney's Lotto Corner (In German)
Innsbruck, Austria
You can play Lotto on the Net.

Basic Skills Education and Adult Literacy
SkillsBank Corporation, Baltimore, MD, USA
A developer and publisher of basic skills educational software. Offering topics on the importance of basic skills and adult literacy.

Bass Fishing
WebMasters International, Inc., Reston, VA, US
A forum for bass fishermen and women worldwide. It features up-to-the-minute reports on fishing hotspots, lure ratings, tournament news, commercial products, and boats.

Bay State Gas Company
Utopia Inc., Westborough, MA, US
What is believed to be the first New England utility Web site, initially providing information for investors.

Beachwalker Rentals
Aesir Computing, Inc., Kiawah Island, SC, US
Online and searchable. Catalog of exquisite rental properties is here so that you may discover all the beauty and charm that is South Carolina's Kiawah Island.

Beerguide of Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxemburg
PC, Antwerp, Belgium
These pages contain more than 700Kb of beer info.

Big Bamboo
Selsong Productions, London, England
"Soldiers of the Heart" is a new album from Big Bamboo, on which Selwyn Schneider has played and programmed every instrument, and sung all the vocals (except in one or two places).

Big Easy Guide to New Orleans
Big Easy, Inc., New Orleans, LA, US
List of restaurants, hotels, homes, and plantations.

Big Shot Records
Orlando, FL, US
A Florida based record company representing international product. We're always seeking new talent.

Biomedical Market Newsletter
BMN, Inc., Costa Mesa, CA, US
The leading business, financial, marketing and regulatory newsletter on the medical manufacturing industry worldwide.

The BiT Group
Boston, MA, US
Dedicated to educating corporate clients about opportunities on the Internet, and assisting them in achieving tangible business objectives through commercial Web site development.

Boss Net
isis, Halifax, NS, Canada
Web presence of Boss Computers. Shop for entire computer systems, components, or software packages.

The Branson School
Ross, CA, US
We are an independent school of 320 students and believe that the Infobahn empowers schools to develop a worldwide learning community.

The Burning Man Festival
z Publishing, San Francisco, CA, US
Provides helpful information relating to the Burning Man Festival held annually in the Black Rock Desert of Nevada over Labor Day weekend.

BXI Inc. -- Internet Presence Provider
Brand X Internet Services Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Net marketing literature and hundreds of organized links to Internet presence and Web site development resources. Company president is outspoken Internet community advocate Jay Linden.

Cable Movie Guide
Web Treasures Online, Ft. Pierce, FL, US
Twenty-four-hour American cable TV, movie and sports listings, as well as feature stars.

California Coast University
I-Way Corporation, Santa Ana, CA, US
A distance learning university dedicated to serving mid-career professionals seeking a non-residential, distance learning, degree completion program.

Cape Fear Christmas Catalog
Cape Fear Christmas House, Wilmington, NC, US
Christmas has come online. Browse our catalog for unique gifts suitable for all occasions. We also have collectibles such as Tom Clark gnomes, limited edition nutcrackers, and AnnaLee dolls.

Carolyn Woods: Journey Down Under
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
An enjoyable trip through the mystifying and wonderful world of the Aboriginal people of Australia.

Casbah: The Digital Zine for your Baud!
High Octane Digital Studio, Manhattan, NY, US
Contains up-to-date content on all cool things to do and not to do in NYC, as well as links we think are cool.

Catalina Ocean Rafting
Avalon, CA, US
Offers exciting expeditions along the coast of rugged Santa Catalina Island. Snorkel in isolated coves, enjoy delicious meals, while expert guides inform you about the island's history and wildlife.

Catholic Video Club
La Jolla, CA, US
Providing the finest in family and religious video programming for individuals, schools, churches, and retail stores. Catalog of over 850 video titles available. VHS only.

CCAT Limited
Hong Kong
Provides systems for trading, watch manufacturing and gem companies in Hong Kong.

Gladys Faba Beaumont, Mexico City, Mexico
The National Center of Information & Documentation about health sciences from Mexico, provides an AIDS database, issues about health, electronic magazines, biomedical papers, statistical information, and more to physicians, researchers or students.

Charlie Hales, Portland City Commissioner
Matt Ethridge, Portland, OR, US
Charlie Hales is the City Commissioner in charge of the Bureaus of Fire, Parks and Recreation, and Planning, as well as the Office of Neighborhood Associations.

The Chernobyl Poems of Lyubov Sirota
Paul Brians, Pullman, WA, US
Poems by a survivor of the Chernobyl disaster.

Children Now
Oakland, CA, US
A nonpartisan policy and advocacy organization for children. Includes information and resources on a variety of children's issues. We also provide action alerts, legislative alerts, and information about how people and businesses can take action for children in their communities.

Christian Contacts
Web Australia, Sydney, NSW, Australia
A hospitality and accommodation network service for Christian travelers. Meet others enjoying fellowship across the world, providing home-cooked meals, bed and breakfast, and home exchange for members.

Christian Warehouse
Dallas, TX, US
Discount books, Bibles, and music.

Chrysler Vehicles
Ross Roy Communications, Bloomfield Hills, MI, US
The official site on the Internet for information on Chrysler vehicles.

The Church of Scientology vs. the Net
rnewman@mit.edu, Boston, MA, US
This page discusses the latest developments in the war by the Church of Scientology to silence criticism on the Internet, and particularly in the Usenet news group alt.religion.scientology.

City of Bits
MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, US
An imaginative companion to the "analog" book by William J. Mitchell, Dean of the School of Architecture and Planning at MIT.

Civic Education Project
New Haven, CT, US
An international not-for-profit organization devoted to the strengthening of democracy in Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union through the revitalization of the social sciences in universities and institutes of higher education.

The Claretian Missionaries
Catholic Chaplain Brunel Univ. Chaplaincy, Uxbridge, England
Information on one of the largest Roman Catholic religious orders in the world, an international organisation of priests, brothers and lay people who work to spread the Christian gospel and to help those who are in need.

Clever dot Net
Clever Computers, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Brings your company to the Internet for $30 a month. We are the hottest WSP on the Net.

CLIMVIS - Climate Visualization System
Asheville, NC, US
Interactive visualization/data browse tool for climate data available online at the National Climatic Data Center. Now available: NWS First Order Summary of the Day data and Climate Division drought data.

CMU Artificial Intelligence Repository
Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, PA, US
The most comprehensive collection of free artificial intelligence, Lisp, and Prolog materials on the Internet.

CMU Origami Club
Carnegie Mellon Univ., Pittsburgh, PA, US
Paper-folding in Pittsburgh.

CNAM de Versailles (In French)
M. Bodin, Versailles, France
Engineering school for adults who work.

Coalition for Positive Sexuality: Sex Ed for Teens
Chicago, IL, US
The Coalition brings sex ed to the Web with "Just Say Yes!" a sex-positive, pro-queer, pro-woman guide for teens in everyday language and with comic-book graphics.

College of Notre Dame
Belmont, CA, US
CND is located in Belmont, California, in the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Colorado A-Net
Mac Media LLC, Steamboat Springs, CO, US
Your electronic gateway to the Rocky Mountains. Contains community and recreational information about Vail and Steamboat Springs.

Colorado Springs Chamber of Commerce
CompuNerd, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, US
Information about the Springs' history, quality of life, events, and much more.

Colourworks Web Photography Site
Wilmington, DE, US
A full-service commercial photo lab and studio doing quality photofinishing and photography.

Columbia University Astronomy Department
New York, NY, US
Showcases the research interests of our faculty and students and provides information of interest to prospective graduate students.

ComCom Systems, Inc.
Clearwater, FL, US
Offering a complete line of imaging products for your daily and personal needs. Shareware includes scan compression software, desktop management, indexing, form processing, recognition of mark/check boxes, OCR and ICR, and document management.

CommercePark Ltd.
Columbus, OH, US
A site for serious commercial, industrial, and consumer businesses. It is where small businesses and large corporations find and transact business with like-minded people and companies.

Commercial Listing Service
Austin, TX, US
A national online database listing service for the sale of commercial properties. Office buildings, retail centers, warehouses, raw land, etc., can be made available to buyers.

CommPro International
Tustin, CA, US
A full service Internet presence provider. We offer Web publishing, HTML code generation, image processing, and Web site marketing and consultation.

Communication and Information Inside the Web
comweb, Munich, Germany
Mobile wireless computing, high performance Raid Systems, Sun Sparc support center, Web service provider, and online shopping.

The Communications Business
Cambridge, England
Packed with information on PR, strategies and the agency's clients. Worth a visit for anyone involved in communications, marketing, or PR.

CompuNerd, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO, US
CompuNerd, Inc. would like to invite you to surf the Databahn and explore what Colorado Springs, Colorado has to offer the World Wide Web.

Computer Access City (CAC)
Ypsilanti, MI, US
A new form of the Web. Think of it as WWC, or World Wide City. Everything that you will encounter is set up as a real live city.

Computer Marketplace, Inc.
Corona, CA, US
Announcing up to 52% discount on selected used IBM RS/6000 equipment packages. These price reductions will be in effect until June 30, 1995.

Tampa, FL, US
The 12th largest consulting company in the US. A Microsoft solution provider business partner and an alliance partner with SAP America. Offering excellent career development and training opportunities.

The Co-Op
MEDIANET, Inc., Austin, TX, US
Only known Web page dealing with co-op advertising and promotional allowance marketing. Numerous articles on the subjects and links to related pages.

Corning Optical Fiber Information Center
Corning Inc., Corning, NY, US
Info on applications, technology, products and history of optical fiber.

Corporate Disk
Chicago, IL, US
A one stop shop for software duplication, production, packaging, supplies, and service.

COSMI Software
Rancho Dominguez, CA, US
One of America's largest producers of top-quality low-cost software. Interesting features at our site include: free software offers; a free trial subscription to EXEC-PC, and more.

Credit Union Land
Belmont, CA, US
A searchable index of credit unions.

Custom Wooden Boats
Bob Pipher's Custom Wooden Boats, Rochester, NY, US
New and used custom wooden boats for sale. Twenty years experience designing and building wooden boats. Trimarans are a specialty.

Bellevue, WA, US
Resumes for professional personal marketing.

Cyberpunk Services Page
Yalovitser Consulting, Manhattan, NY, US
HTML version of the firewalls mailing list, as well as other firewall-related documents.

Cyberspace Opera
EFF, Postmodern Culture, Univ. of Texas English Dept., Austin, TX, US
An interactive, growing, cyberopera in four acts.

The Daily Colorado Rockies Web
The Game Program, Denver, CO, US
The best sports Web site around. The Daily Colorado Rockies Web is for the fan of National League baseball and that of The Colorado Rockies. Features, columns, media notes and pictures are all a part of our publication.

The Dalmatian Club of Northern California, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
A non-profit organization composed of people who love Dalmatians. Objectives include preserving the Dalmatian breed, breeding pure-bred Dalmatians, and holding matches and specialty shows under AKC rules.

DEFSEC-Net: Academic Defense and Security Network
Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research, Zurich, Switzerland
An international initiative linking academic institutions in defense, peace and security studies, as well as international relations with governments, military bodies, NGOs, and the media.

Dennis E. Mulligan
SperryVanNess, San Diego, CA, US
Listing of available retail real estate properties located in Southern California and Arizona with a listing price of $1,000,000 and over.

The Deposition Guide--A Practical Handbook for Witnesses
Law Offices of Larry G. Johnson, Seattle, WA, US
A fast and comprehensive must read for anyone whose deposition is about to be taken in a civil case. Written by an attorney with 20 years trial experience, over 35,000 copies sold to date. Available as shareware in HTML hypertext format.

Dialoga! WebChat
SAATEL Sistemi, Florence, Italy
This is a WebChat with many features (for example, you can include a photo in each message). Chat with people all around the world.

Diamond Destinies Personal Development
North American Media Engines, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Your first step to happiness. Page includes interactive self assessment. Transform your levels of personal and financial success through Success Empowerment Technologies. (S.E.T.)

Digital Cinema
San Francisco, CA, US
Produces empowering interactive learning environments for use at home, school, and business.

Digital Wave Photography Gallery
St. Louis, MO, US
From photojournalism to digitally-created photo-works, this site is on the cutting edge of technology.

Directory and Locator for LINK ATMs (Cash Machines)
LINK Interchange Network Ltd, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, UK
A directory of all LINK ATMs and a search engine that allows you to list the addresses of all the ATMs by town, county, or region.

Domestic Violence: Shattered Love, Broken Lives
New Bedford Standard-Times, New Bedford, MA, US
More than 70 articles, charts, photos, and graphs exploring the problem of domestic violence and some solutions.

Doublereed-L listserv
Washburn Univ. Dept. of Music, Topeka, KS, US
Discussion list for oboe and bassoon (and other double reed) performers, teachers, and students around the world. Links to addresses of doublereeders, suppliers, etc.

Doug Cates GIS Consulting Services
North Vancouver, BC, Canada
Providing implementation, application development, and spatial database design assistance to users of geographic data. Specializing in application development for the desktop using ArcView, Avenue, and client/server database access tools.

The Drum Arena
Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, US
A truly entertaining page.

Dufort NewTech
Ron Newell, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Anything in fabric for your home or boat. Boat tops, boat covers, awnings, and more.

Dynamic Communications, Inc.
Milwaukee, WI, US
DCI provides informational videos and audio tapes. Topics include caring for elderly parents and coping with fibromyalgia.

The Dynamic Link Library
Dynamic Software, Timberlea, Nova Scotia, Canada
An easily navigatable and very entertaining site to help immerse you in the Internet.

Easy Racers, Inc.
Watsonville, CA, US
Manufactures recumbent bicycles for racing, touring, or just riding around. Makers of the bicycle used by "Fast Freddy" Markham to set the world speed record.

Educational Credit Corporation, Pleasant Hill, CA, US
Learn what the government requires you to pay for college; online financial aid calculation (EFC); and strategies to maximize federal and private grants, scholarships and student loans.

Effective Marketing Strategies
Marina del Rey, CA, US
Providing marketing plans, research, testing programs, advertising agency reviews, client/agency audits, and a virtual advertising agency. Dedicated to improving the clients' bottom line, while reducing operating expenses.

Electrical Geodesics, Inc.
Eugene, OR, US
Neuromedical R&D company developing new EEG technologies.

Eli Lilly Canada
Fleximation Systems Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada
One of Canada's largest research-based pharmaceutical companies, Eli Lilly discovers, develops and produces advanced therapies for osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, cardiovascular, central nervous system, and infectious diseases.

Elite Software
Bryan, TX, US
Elite offers over 30 programs for all aspects of HVAC, electrical and plumbing system design.

The Entertainment Detour
Irvine, CA, US
The best of film, video, TV, and humor information including Web links, reviews, weekend top 10 film results, and ftp and gopher connections.

Environmental Laser
Prescott, AZ, US
Laser printer toner supplies for most major laser printers and copiers.

Environmental Resources on the Internet
James T. Oris, Oxford, OH, US
Collection of environmental and other related Internet resources compiled by Dr. James T. Oris and Dr. Jay W. Gooch.

Environmental Working Group
Washington, DC, US
A progressive not-for-profit environmental research organization that gives concerned citizens the information they need to protect their homes, communities, and planet Earth.

Escape Artist Tours -- San Francisco 49er Football Packages
San Francisco, CA, US
Enjoy a day at Candlestick Park watching the World Champion San Francisco 49ers, with our all-inclusive packages or game tickets only. All home-game (2 pre-season and 8 regular season) and play-off tickets are available.

Everyone's Used Car Buying Guide
R.I. Adams Enterprise, San Diego, CA, US
Information to arm not-so-mechanically inclined car buyers so they can avoid being taken for a ride.

Fact42 Index
Fact42 AB, Gothenburg, Sweden
A touring and coordination agency related to the music industry. Also running a non-profit project called The Outside and an e-zine with the same name.

Festival International de Lanaudiere
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The most important classical music festival in Canada. Le plus important festival de musique classique au Canada.

FinanceNet Government Asset Sales
Arlington, VA, US
A "one-stop-shop" for information on the sale of public assets from real property and loans to planes, boats, cars, jewelry, and just about anything that any government will be offering for sale to the general public.

Financial Aid Information
Pittsburgh, PA, US
The most comprehensive collection of financial aid, scholarship, and fellowship information on the Internet.

Financial Dynamics, Inc.
Falls Church, VA, US
Certified Client/Server developers and instructors specializing in: Powersoft PowerBuilder, XcelleNet Remote Ware, Sybase, SQA TeamTest, and Microsoft Visual Basic.

The Finder
Champaign, IL, US
Search the Web using The Finder, a single interface to the best search engines, ph and finger gateways, dictionaries, the Illinois library network.

Steinkrug Publications Ltd, Cambridge, UK
An online magazine with articles and features relating to the impact of the Internet and associated technology on politics, economics and the media. The content is aimed at publishers who are looking for UK and European feature items and event coverage.

Forestpro Web Site
National Video Profiles, Seattle, WA, US
Global interactive electronic marketplace for companies dedicated to providing quality products and services related to the forest products industries, including solviculture, logging and harvesting, wood products, and more.

Fraternities and Sororities on the Web
New York, NY, US
A continually growing list of fraternities and sororities on the Web with national home pages and individual chapter lists, in Greek alphabetical order.

Free Art
Pacifica, CA, US
View samples of freelance illustrator and Web graphics designer Laurie McCanna's work, and download her icons, textures, etc.

Free Web Publishing
Tanny Web Publishing, Gainesville, FL, US
Free Web publishing available at this site.

Gemplus Card International, Inc.
Gaithersburg, MD, US
A smart card is a credit card-sized plastic card with an integrated circuit embedded in it. The integrated circuit holds information in electronic form and controls information access.

Geology Dept., University of Newcastle
Newcastle, NSW, Australia
Info on the department including staff and their research interests, graduate students, seminar schedules, and undergraduate and postgraduate course info. Info on the Newcastle Symposium and on geology as a career.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Ghostwriting services for business executives, elected officials, and community activists. Service includes ghostwriting of editorial opinion articles for newspapers, trade magazine articles, and short company histories.

Global Internet Travel
Jacksonville, FL, US
In-depth information with photographs, maps, deck plans, itineraries, etc. Travel sections include luxury travel, cruises, tours, and last minute specials.

Global Observation Information Network (GOIN) Project
National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, Suitland, MD, US
GOIN is a cooperative effort between the United States and Japan to strengthen bilateral cooperation in Earth observation information networks, involving both satellite and in-situ data.

Global Trade Center
The Mellinger Co., Woodland Hills, CA, US
Provides resources and information for those interested in global trade. Trade news, business opportunities, links to trade resources and sites worldwide, global shopping. World trade plan can assist in your own import/export/mail order business.

Global Yacht Connection
Internet Information Services, Inc., Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
A publication for the yachting community: things to know, places to go, events of interest, marine facilities, products and services, display of vessels for charter and sale.

GPS Information and Observation System
Institute for Applied Geodesy, Leipzig, Germany
Status and background information on GPS, DGPS and GLONASS, as well as precise ephemeris and earth rotation parameters from various sources. Documents are available in German and English.

Greening the Halifax G-7 Summit
Environment Canada, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
This comprehensive document details the many environmental initiatives involved with the Halifax G-7 Summit of world leaders.

London, England
GreenNet provides electronic networking services to environmental, development and human rights groups. Its site lists conferences, WAIS databases, and details of gateways to services in Africa and elsewhere.

Greg Cope's Motorcycle Racing Engines
Cope Racing Inc., Fort Myers, FL, US
Meet motorcycle drag racing champions who have set international speed records using Cope Racing's high performance engines at NHRA, Prostar, and IDBA races.

The Gritton Family Organization
Payson, UT, US
Provides a way for members of the Gritton family (anyone with the surname Gritton) to keep in touch with each other.

Halifax G7 Summit
Alfers Advertising & Publishing Inc., Dartmouth, NS, Canada
Site for the Halifax June'95 G7 Summit. Relevant links to summit, government, and media resources.

Halifax Port Corporation
Halifax, NS, Canada
Describes the Port of Halifax, the Halifax Port Corporation, and other areas of interest.

Handshakes International
Web Australia, Sydney, NSW, Australia
A hospitality and accommodation network enquiry service for travelers. Meeting others with similar interests and providing home cooked meals/bed and breakfast/home exchange for members of Handshakes International.

Paltron, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Support gloves providing non-restrictive and universal protection from the symptoms of RSI in and outside the workplace.

Stefan Stukenberg, Brighton, East Sussex, UK
Information on health, cellular nutrition, weight control, and a remarkable business opportunity.

Heritage Map Museum
Lititz, PA, US
First museum in the world fully devoted to the display and sale of original works of the masters of cartography. You will be able to closely examine the works of Schedel, Munster, Ortelius, Mercator, Blaeu, Hondius, and many others.

Hershey Apple Core User Group
Hershey, PA, US
One of the oldest Macintosh user groups in Central Pennsylvania. Originally formed in 1982, with a large and diverse membership and substantial resources.

Bendigo, Victoria, Australia
Service provider of affordable Internet access to the people of Bendigo and the 054 area.

Hollywood Archaeology
San Francisco, CA, US
Our project was chosen to be the first site for the Whitney Museum's new Artists' WWW project. Very surprising and stunning images.

SWT, Van Nuys, CA, US
Technology that mimics the human hearing process and makes listeners feel as if the recorded action is really happening to them.

Home Business & Technology Conference
Presented by home business specialists whose dynamic, live presentations illustrate proven methods and legitimate home business systems.

Norfolk, VA, US
Creative homepage design for personal, business, academic, governmental and miscellaneous purposes. Let us dress you up and put you online -- for all the world to see.

Hong Kong Terminal
Zero Multi-Media productions, Hong Kong
The Hong Kong future is already here. A CyberClock and CyberPark plus news, events, tours, airport info, hotels, holidays, culture and shopping.

Hsu's Ginseng Enterprises, Inc.
Wausau, WI, US
Offering the broadest selection of all ginseng available including wild, woodsgrown, and cultivated American ginseng, Korean, Chinese Red, and Siberian ginseng. Also the highest quality herbal supplements.

Human Rights Information
Amnesty International Group 64, Berkeley, CA, US
Amnesty International is an independent human rights organization. Group 64 carries out human rights work at a grassroots level. Information about the group, human rights work, and a link to a newsletter.

Hydromantis, Inc.
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Specialists in the modelling and simulation of wastewater treatment plants using in-house developed, and now commercial, software named GPS-X. Also, consultants for the optimization of wastewater treatment plants.

Hype Media's HTML Converter for Word
London, UK
Will convert all your old sales literature and other information into HTML files while making a cup of coffee. Will just as easily do War and Peace while you're at lunch.

Hyundai Electronics America
510 Cottonwood Dr. Milpitas, CA, US
North American headquarters for HEI in Korea. Divisions operated under HEA are semiconductors, assembly and test, LCD, monitor, flash memory, digital media.

iambic Software
San Jose, CA, US
Designs, manufactures, and publishes a line of software applications for the Apple Newton MessagePad PDA (personal digital assistant) market.

Ibex: Web and fax-on-demand
El Dorado Hills, CA, US
Ibex is world leader in fax-on-demand and enhanced fax products. New Web product allows retrieval of Web pages with a phone and fax machine.

IBS Self Help Group
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides information for sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Aims of the group are to educate and support people with IBS, to make IBS more noticeable to the medical profession and to encourage research.

Minneapolis, MN, US
A unique resource for companies interested in utilizing social and cultural trends as a means to gain a competitive edge.

VRAIS, Albuquerque, NM, US
The online information source for the IEEE Virtual Reality Annual International Symposium, VRAIS '96, to be held March 30 - April 3, 1996 at the Santa Clara Mariott in the San Francisco Bay Area.

IMD International Institute for Management Development
IMD, Lausanne, Switzerland
IMD has a solid reputation for pioneering the development of executive education, bringing a truly international perspective to management development in cooperation with some of the most successful companies around the world.

Impotence Information (Erectile Dysfunction)
Grosvenor Hospitals, London, England
A definitive source of information for the layman explaining what impotence is caused by and the treatments available. Intended to remove the inhibitions most men have about facing impotence.

The Independent Holiday Shop
Winchester, Hampshire, UK
Up-to-date travel information and details of independent tour operators based in the UK.

Indiana University Chemistry Library
Bloomington, IN, US
Includes the Internet Directory of Biotechnology Resources. The directory is searchable using standard MeSH and biotechnical terms allowing instant access to data and information around the world.

Infomanage International
Monterey, CA, US
Resources on nuclear nonproliferation, international trade, defense conversion, and legal issues.

Information Management Group
Chicago, IL, US
IMG develops information management solutions and provides hands-on training in network and development platforms such as Visual FoxPro, Microsoft Access and VisualBasic, SQL Server, Systems Management Server, Windows NT, and Lotus Notes.

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
A new on-line community-based information service for the Ottawa-Hull area.

The Institute of Mathematical Sciences
Madras, Tamil Nadu, India
A research institute with an introduction to the members of the institute and the work carried out in the fields of theoretical physics, mathematics, and theoretical computer science.

InteleTravel Travel Agency
La Jolla, CA, US
Save money by booking travel directly through InteleTravel -- one of America's largest licensed, bonded, and accredited international travel agencies.

The Interactive Patient
Marshall University School of Medicine, Huntington, WV, US
Marshall University School of Medicine announces the launch of a unique teaching program that allows physicians, residents, and medical students to simulate an actual patient encounter over the Web.

Interactive Shopping Network
Seattle, WA, US
Promoting retailers, business-to-business services, doctors, dentists, entertainment, etc. Sets up pages to sell products or services.

Interactive Simulations, Inc. -- Sculpt Molecular Modeling System
San Diego, CA, US
The sculpt molecular modeling system provides real-time minimization of proteins and small molecules. Site includes full documentation and provides downloads of a free, fully-functional demo version.

Interconsulting Italian Professional Council
Bologna, Italy
Offers all corporate services.

International Conference on Neural Networks (ICNN'96)
IEEE Neural Network Council, Washington, DC, US
This conference is a major international forum for researchers, practitioners, managers, and policy makers interested in the design, development, and application of natural and artificial networks.

International Curling Information Network Group
ICING, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Welcome to ICING, an information source for the game of curling.

International Travelers Clinic
Med. College of Wisc., Divis. of General Internal Med., Milwaukee, WI, US
Provides comprehensive preventive healthcare services for travelers headed outside the US. A full range of pre-travel vaccinations, preventive medications, and counseling are provided.

The Internet Adapter (TIA)
InterMind Corp. and Cyberspace Development, Seattle, WA, US
An Internet access utility that lets you use popular TCP/IP software such as Netscape and Eudora with a standard UNIX shell account.

Internet Direct OS/2 WARP Support & Development
ComputerLink/Internet Direct, Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada
Support, development and ideas concerning use of OS/2 WARP on the Internet, as client and server.

Internet Directory of Biotechnology Resources
IU Chemistry Library, Bloomington, IN, US
The directory is searchable using standard MeSH and biotechnical terms that allow the research instant access to data and information around the world, including PIR, DDBJ, EMBL, and GenBank.

Internet Marketplace
Pacifier, Vancouver, WA, US
The home of the Manufactures World Catalog (World Trade), and 4Tomorrow (New Inventions & Products).

IU Department of Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery
Indiana Univ. School of Medicine, Indianapolis, IN, US
Describes faculty, programs, and activities.

Japan Dimensions Research
Walnut Creek, CA, US
Commercial service providing answers to your questions concerning Japan in the areas of business, medicine, and science and technology.

Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville
Global Audience Providers, Key West, FL, US
The official Jimmy Buffett Margaritaville Web site. Developed by the creators of Discover: Key West.

Judo Information Site
Encino Judo Club, Camarillo, CA, US
The site for comprehensive information about the sport and martial art of Judo, with links to other martial arts sites.

Just Wingin' It
Kimberly Clark, Riverside, CA, US
Angel and New Age mail order catalog, carrying everything from angels to Zen. Color graphics and convenience of online ordering.

The Kansas Religion and Philosophy Corner
Kansas City, KS, US
A user-friendly way to explore religion and philosophy. Also an excellent source for the well-read scholar to explore the Web.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity
Philadelphia, PA, US
Fashioning achievement as its purpose, this organization is the only African-American fraternity founded in the Midwest.

Kappa Psi Pharmaceutical Fraternity E-Mail Directory
Oklahoma City, OK, US
The world's largest pharmaceutical fraternity now has an email directory.

Kentish Town Learning Centre
Kingsway College, London, UK
A unique community resource in Camden, North London, providing opportunities for adults in English, access and art.

Ketley Place
Princeton, NJ, US
Provides quality hand-crafted jewelry by artisans throughout the world.

Kinetics Radio Controlled Hovercraft
Kinetics, Inc., Mercer Island, WA, US
The first two models in this series are the "SK-5" military gun boat and the "SR-N6" high speed passenger ferry.

KISS 99 FM Berlin
KISS FM GmbH & Co. KG, Berlin, Germany
Berlin's only Black Urban Dance Music radio station. Offering you the latest information about events that take place in Berlin -- including the Loveparade.

Kites N Things
Redmond, WA, US
The professional kite for the young and almost young that love the sport.

Knight & Day
Dan Carol & Company, Berkeley, CA, US
Enter the wild world of Knight & Day, the new novel from Ron Nessen and Johanna Neuman. Set in present-day Washington, DC, this great murder mystery has been the talk of the town.

La Vanguardia Electrónica
SEI, S.A., Madrid, Spain
Electronic edition of La Vanguardia, a newspaper with more than 100 years on the market.

Lambda Phi Epsilon
Lambda Phi Epsilon at the Univ. of Penn., Philadelphia, PA, US
The only national Asian American-interests fraternity dedicated to promoting Asian American interests and providing the lifelong bond of brotherhood to strong individuals.

Lancaster Internet
Lancaster, CA, US
A full-service Internet provider located in the high desert of Southern California.

Landa Toronto
Fleximation Systems Inc., Toronto, Canada
A professional trade association in the computer networking industry dedicated to educating its members. LANDA works to ensure that resellers, consultants, and products meet high standards of quality and service.

Lanier Publishing International, Ltd.
Petaluma, CA, US
Publishers of numerous travel guides for countries worldwide. Online listings for bed and breakfasts, inns, and guesthouses in the U.S., Canada, and the Caribbean.

The Latin American Book Store, Ltd.
Ithaca, NY, US
Since 1982 we have supplied universities in the U.S. and Canada with Latin American and Spanish academic publications.

Le Hit Parade
Camp Hill, PA, US
Aimed at fans of French pop music, our Web site offers an online catalog and multimedia newsletter, which includes album reviews and cover art, plus dozens of sound clips.

Le Journal
Le Collectif Humaniste de l'Estrie, Sherbooke, Quebec, Canada
A humanist newspaper.

Led Zeppelin
Thomas Noel, Paris, France
Good stuff about Led Zeppelin, lyrics, images and more.

Legal dot Net (tm) - Legal Network for Everyone
Internet Exchange, Corona del Mar, CA, US
A gathering place for attorneys and non-attorneys alike. Topics include an attorneys' registry, legal links, Dear Esquire, and articles about different legal issues.

Libreria al Sole
Manno, Switzerland
Online catalog of new Italian books and bestsellers.

The Los Angeles County Real Estate Forum
Monrovia, CA, US
GEN, Inc. welcomes Adams & Barnes Realtors. From Victorians to industrial, you may find the property you are looking for here.

Madison Avenue Presbyterian Church
New York, NY, US
Information about our church as well as an archive of sermon texts.

MarCom Center
Lake Forest, CA, US
A high technology marketing communications advertising agency and consultancy. MCC also features a dedicated T3 backbone interface to the Web, hosting businesses exclusively.

Martin Burks Chevrolet-Geo, Online
Forest Park, GA, US
An online service that connects online browsing and purchasing, with Chevrolet service related questions, and GM parts, accessories, and wearables information.

MCW Books and Videotapes
MCW, Downers Grove, IL, US
A catalog of books and videotapes about explosives, sniping, weapons and military science, espionage, new i.d. and other topics.

M.E. Rorvig's Guide to Science and Technology Resources on the Web
Applied Information Sciences, Houston, TX, US
Intended as a primary test of a new type of visual interface known as InterFind. The lists at this site are highly selective and have been edited by professional librarians.

Med Help International
Melbourne, FL, US
A non-profit organization, we are a premier provider to patients and their families of qualified medical information.

Medical Center Information Technology
Univ. of Michigan Medical Center, Ann Arbor, MI, US
We are involved in exploring new technologies such as MBone, telemedicine, ATM, video over ATM, Wireless, OpenHub, and EDI.

Michigan Horse-Drawn Vehicle Association
Spring Brook Farm, Eaton Rapids, MI, US
This site catalogs information on the "Michigan Horse-Drawn Vehicle Association" as well as on another site, "Plastics and the Environment".

MicroZen Incorporated
Cincinnati, OH, US
Shareware publisher and reseller of hardware and software.

The Midland Certified Reagent Company
Midland, TX, US
A leading manufacturer of synthetic nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) for research in all the biological sciences.

Mintz & Hoke Advertising and Public Relations
Avon, CT, US
The "street-smart" Agency. A full-service agency with the philosophy that a thorough understanding of a client's target audience is the cornerstone of effective advertising.

Mission Lodge at Aleknagik -- An Alaska Fishing Paradise
Anchorage, AK, US
A first-class lodge serving the serious fisherman, Aleknagik (300 miles by air from Anchorage) offers 11 species of some of the biggest fish you'll find anywhere in the world.

The Montgomery County SPCA Page
Rockville, MD, US
Provides info about the Montgomery County SPCA and shows the animals available for adoption as well as other animal oriented links.

More Gallery
Philadelphia, PA, US
A fine arts gallery in Philadelphia specializing in figurative works.

Motivational Media
Los Angeles, CA, US
A Los Angeles-based production and distribution company specializing in motivational, self-improvement and fitness-oriented entertainment for television, home video and emerging technologies.

Mountain Mushrooms
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Specializing in distributing Canadian grown wild and exotic dehydrated mushrooms and mushrooms products.

Multipoint Networks Product Catalog
Belmont, CA, US
Designs, develops, and manufactures wireless data communication systems for metropolitan area networks. Our Website discusses the scope of wireless MANs, their features, applications, and how they can help businesses provide new services and lower costs.

The Museum of Hewlett-Packard Calculators
Hillsboro, OR, US
Describes and displays most HP calculators introduced between 1972 and 1979. New exhibits are added periodically.

Music under Soviet Rule
Santa Cruz, CA, US
An ongoing collection of articles, essays, interviews, images, and general paraphernalia pertaining to classical music made in the Soviet empire from 1917-1991.

National and State Teachers of the Year
1995 California T.O.Y., Lancaster, CA, US
Meet the representatives of the great profession of teaching. These educators are available to serve as resources for your next in-service.

National Church-Web Database tm
Norfolk, VA, US
A national interactive directory of church congregations, listed by state, city, and denomination. Good for travelers, movers, Netsurfers. List your congregation.

National Environmental Information Service
Baton Rouge, LA, US
NEIS is a comprehensive source for all U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, OSHA and RSPA documents. All documents are discounted from government prices.

National Environmental Management & Software Technologies Congress
IBC USA Conferences, Southborough, MA, US
Cost-effective tools to meet regulatory, liability, and compliance challenges. July 11-14, 1995, Sheraton Boston Hotel & Towers, Boston, MA.

NationJob Network
NationJob, Inc., Ankeny, IA, US
Thousands of current jobs and company profiles. Partnerships with communities (eg. Wichita, KS) and newspapers (eg. Des Moines Register). Mostly Midwest. Menu searching. Updated weekly.

Digital World, Hamburg, Germany
Specializes in cultural and entertainment services. It explores forms of interactive participation and offers online shopping systems.

Great Neck, NY, US
Featuring RealAudio technology to showcase emerging Internet technologies in a Web magazine. NetWatch is the first Web magazine to provide a RealAudio soundtrack.

Neurodisc Records
Ft. Lauderdale, FL, US
Neurodisc/Pound Records includes an audio preview of the new Southern Conference release, Dead Presidents.

New England Business
Fair Oaks Research Corp., Newton, MA, US
A classified and advertising service for all businesses in New England.

New Herbal Diet
Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Distributors of health and nutrition products which can help people have more energy and/or lose weight in a safe, natural, and guaranteed way.

NF Föreningen (In Swedish)
Stockholm, Sweden
Information about the Swedish Neurofibromatos Association and about von Recklinghousens disease.

Nogales Santa Cruz EDF
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
Information on Nogales, AZ, the culturally and economically diverse center of Santa Cruz County, including labor, economy, and quality of life.

Helsinki, Finland
Nokia is an international telecommunications and electronics group with 64% of its operations in telecommunications.

Northeast Publishing
Fall River, MA, US
Web publishing, desktop publishing, programming, transcription, and data-entry.

Nosenzo Insurance Brokers Srl
Monza Milan, Italy
Insurance brokerage and consultancy. Lloyd's of London coverholder and correspondent.

Office of Planning and Analysis
Auburn University, Auburn, AL, US
Information about Auburn University and its operations, including an online version of the AU fact-book, "Facts and Figures."

The Official SR-71 "Blackbird" WWW Site
Boise, ID, US
Everything about the SR-71 airplane.

Oklahoma City University
Campus of Tomorrow, Oklahoma City, OK, US
Take a virtual tour of our campus, visit our departments and schools, and find out what life at OCU is all about.

Onion Peel Software
Raleigh, NC, US
Designing network management applications for the HP OpenView NMS platform. Supplies software, consulting, and training. Products include Productivity Series, RoboMap and ROVE.

Orion Shareware Game
Robin Pollock, Reading, Surrey, UK
Orion is a multi-player (human or computer) game.

Oryx Press
Phoenix, AZ, US
Offers a wide range of print and electronic resources for schools, libraries, business, educators, and technical writers. Product catalogs are supplemented with author biographies, reviews, and sample chapters.

Overseas Connections, Taiwan
Taipei, Taiwan
Joins Taiwan's leading Internet marketing specialists and a talented WWW design studio to create a powerful and new marketing force for Taiwan's internationally-focused businesses and organizations.

Paginas de Lisboa / Lisbon Pages
Lisbon, Portugal
Lots of information on the Portuguese capital, with bibliographies, 50+, pictures and more.

Palo Alto Software--Business Planning
Eugene, OR, US
Offers information related to business plans, marketing plans, business decisions, entrepreneuring, small business, and product information for business essentials (tm) business software products.

Parkleigh Enterprises, Inc.
Rochester, NY, US
Virtual guide to our neighborhood specialty store, featuring the "Guilty Netsurfers Guide To Forgiveness (TM) to aid you in returning to your loved-ones good graces, after a "bit" too much time online.

PC Technologies
SunSITE, Singapore
Information about OS/2, SLIP/PPP access, PC-related humour, and more.

Peachtree Software
Norcross, GA, US
The leader in small business accounting software. The innovator of low-cost, off-the-shelf accounting systems for microcomputers, Peachtree was first to offer accounting software for DOS, Windows, Macintosh and CD-ROM.

Peg Poker
Wheeler Games, Walnut Creek, CA, US
Voted the Best New Family Game of the Year. Suitable for ages 8 to adult.

Pensionalysis, Inc.
San Anselmo, CA, US
Designs and administers small business retirement plans, including 401k, profit-sharing, defined benefit, money purchase, and target benefit pension plans.

Phoenix Agritech (Canada) Ltd.
Truro, Nova Scotia, Canada
Specializes in equipment for deterring wild birds and mammals which may be a nuisance to growers.

Photos from Ecuador
World Radio Missionary Fellowship, Colorado Springs, CO, US
Photos from a two-month assignment in Ecuador for World Radio Missionary Fellowship.

Dallas, TX, US
Includes the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, Grand Prix of Dallas, Volunteer Center of Dallas, Dallas Morning News, many Dallas radio and TV stations, entertainment, and more.

Pikes Peak Better Business Bureau
CompuNerd, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, US
Included are BBB articles and the entire Colorado Springs BBB membership online.

Pilot Recording Studios
New York, NY, US
A 48-Track analog and digital (Sony) recording facility. Offers a vast array of gear as well as a beautiful recording environment.

Pinnacle Publishing
Kent, WA, US
Information about newsletters and utilities for software developers. Includes software demos, sample newsletters, and free programming tips.

Planet Surf
Hartford, CT, US
A variety of posters (from "Phantom of the Opera," "The Three Stooges" and others). The Three Stooges Pro Golf Shop has a variety of products like T-shirts, golf shirts, umbrellas and prints.

Planning Commissioners Journal: Citizen Planners Resource Center
Champlain Planning Press, Burlington, VT, US
Provides news, articles, and commentary for citizen planners, government officials, and anyone interested in city and regional planning issues.

The Plates of Brass
News/Craft Books, Houston, TX, US
Your one stop shop for all of your LDS needs.

Plymouth Vehicles
Ross Roy Communications, Bloomfield Hills, MI, US
The official site on the Internet for information about Plymouth vehicles.

The Podium for Investment Advisors
Security APL, Jersey City, NJ, US
A forum for investment advisors to define themselves, with news and information to help enlighten the investing public.

Poquoson Motors Virtual Automotive Showroom
Ark Multimedia, Hampton, VA, US
A top-rated US Plymouth-Chrysler dealership provides an online showroom, including new & pre-owned vehicles with delivery US-wide, service specials, customer service forums, and more.

Portola Valley, Woodside, Atherton and Menlo Park
Aspin Estates & Cottages, Portola Valley, CA, US
Information on real estate in Portola Valley, Woodside, Atherton and Menlo Park on the San Francisco Peninsula. Also includes information on the local communities and schools.

PowerQuest Corporation -- Makers of PartitionMagic
Orem, UT, US
The world's only software that lets you visually shrink, expand, move, and convert hard disk partitions without destroying data. Our homepage also includes technical information on partitioning hard-disks.

Princeton Country Dancers
Monmouth Junction, NJ, US
Provides information on the schedules and locations for the Princeton, Highland Park, and Yardley contradance venues.

Princeton University Orange Key Tour
Princeton, NJ, US
Visit the Princeton University campus. This tour follows the tour given by the Orange Key Tour guides. Also a Nassau Hall movie and sound bites describing the university.

Professional Computer Consultants Group Ltd. (Procom)
Fleximation Systems Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada
Procom provides computer personnel on a contract basis. With 17 years of industry experience, Procom has established an impeccable reputation with consultants and clients alike.

Project Inform's HIV/AIDS Treatment Hotline
San Francisco, CA, US
Information on antiviral and immune restoration treatments as well as information on opportunistics infections related to HIV / AIDS. The fact sheets are written to be understandable by people living with HIV, their friends and family.

Pro-Net Property Database
Pro-Net Internet Services, London, UK
Property database of worldwide properties.

Prosthetics Research Study
Seattle, WA, US
The mission is to improve care for people who have experienced or are at risk of limb loss. A multi-disciplinary team conducts research on strategies for limb preservation, wound healing, prosthetics, and amputee rehabilitation.

PS Harpo Lives!
Portland Software, Portland, OR, US
Portland Software presents the screen magic of Harpo Marx, combined with the art of photographer David Kennerly.

Public Speaker Web Site
National Video Profiles, Seattle, WA, US
Source for Who's Who in professional speaking. Dedicated to showcasing professional presenters on a wide range of topics for your next meeting, conference, training program, or other event.

Purdue Chapter of the Society of Physics Students
West Lafayette, IN, US
We advertise our purpose, recent news, our ftp archive, and the lounge that our chapter runs out of the physics building.

Purdy's Wharf
Cochran Interactive Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
For doing business productively (and living happily) in Halifax, Canada. We've gathered more than 100 links about our city for you to explore, as well as links to online business tools.

PureHeart Video Productions
Danville, CA, US
PureHeart edits and produces videos primarily for educational institutions. Page includes resources for educational videos suitable for use by teachers in universities and schools.

Randysoft Software's Linux Technical Support Service
San Jose, CA, US
Customized programming (C/C++, Perl, Python, shell) and consultation of installation, networking for Linux. Also, weekly Linux seminars on the above topics.

RA's Formula 1 Page
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Formula 1 info and more.

RayneWaters Studio Arts
Seattle, WA, US
Specializes in print-media design, color illustration, and custom photo-illustration. Also offers state-of-the-art computer graphics and creative art services for home pages.

Reading University Motor Club
Reading, Berkshire, UK
The Motor Club exists to promote motor sport for the staff and students of the university.

Real Times On-Line
RTC Group, San Juan Capistrano, CA, US
The Real Times On-Line is a virtual trade show for the real time computing and embedded computing industries.

Real-Time Engineering
Micrology, PBT Inc., Tempe, AZ, US
Published quarterly for software and system engineers involved in the development of real-time software. These Web pages provide subscriber services to current and potential readers.

Renaissance Bankcard Services
Brian Dexter Marketing Analyst, Portland, OR, US
Offering secured credit card services and programs to banks and financial institutions.

Requirements Engineering International Doctoral Thesis Research
Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing, Atlanta, GA, US
Survey state of the art research in software requirements engineering research. Doctoral thesis abstracts from Belgium, Canada, France, the UK, and the US, as well as contact information.

The Riverside County Real Estate Forum
Monrovia, CA, US
GEN, Inc. welcomes Coldwell Banker Johnson and Johnson to its forum. Located in Temecula, this company has residential homes to commercial properties for sale. More to come.

R.L. Johnston & Associates, Inc.
20 Trafalgar Square, Nashua, NH, US
Providers of state-of-the-art management consulting and technical assistance for the development and release of Unix-based and client/server information systems.

Rob Hickling Consulting Ltd. - Internet and Multimedia
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Web page creation and interactive multimedia design.

Robert Lee Entertainment
Belmont, CA, US
Creates, produces, and distributes a variety of VHS home video products (Rock 'n Roll L.A., Mountain Bike Mania), and makes promotional videos for corporations.

Rocky Mountain Flyfishing Center
Lake City, CO, US
Your passport to solid information on flyfishing in the Rocky Mountain states, including current streamflows, news, license information, fishing reports, guide services, fine products and much more.

Royal LePage Real Estate Services
Willowdale, Ontario, Canada
Broker lists, directories, listings, market overviews, links and much more.

Royal Oak Export
Vancouver Island, BC, Canada
Supplies heavy duty equipment as well as West Coast Canadian Art, and home packages. With the favorable Canadian exchange rate we can be competitive in a worldwide market.

RTFGEN Windows Help Authoring
Lemoore High School, Lemoore, CA, US
Create your own Windows help files using the freeware program RTFGEN 2.03 (RTF Generator) by David Baldwin. Sample files and additional help authoring information available.

Rule Broadcast Systems, Inc.
Utopia, Inc., Brighton, MA, US
The latest in professional and broadcast video equipment rental. Orders placed online receive a 5% discount.

Rush Presbyterian, St. Luke's Medical Center
Chicago, IL, US
A large hospital adding departments to the Web. Online are pediatrics, pediatric cardiology, radiology and nuclear medicine, and the Cancer Institute.

Russian Trade Connections
z Publishing, San Francisco, CA, US
Articles cover U.S./Asia/Russia business and investment and include features on various industries, updates on the Russian consumer goods market, company profiles, and more.

San Francisco Symphony
San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco, CA, US
Join the San Francisco Symphony in celebrating its inaugural season with new Music Director Michael Tilson Thomas.

Sarabel's Studio
San Francisco, CA, US
Visit a working artist's studio and go on-location to San Jose del Cabo, Mexico. Nudes, landscapes, and portraits.

Scholarships and Financial Aid Canada
Administrative Management Services, Pickering, Ontario, Canada
Directory for students entering Canadian universities or colleges. We also specialize in the design, delivery, and administration of corporate and government sponsored scholarship programs.

School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University
Bloomington, IN, US
A unique school dedicated to serving the needs of society. For over 20 years, SPEA has been preparing professionals for careers concerning public affairs and the environment while providing technical assistance to public agencies.

The Scottish Society of the Pikes Peak Region
CompuNerd, Inc., Colorado Springs, CO, USA
An organization of people with Scottish heritage, as well as all other people interested in things Scottish.

Scouts Seeonee Pack
King City, Ontario, Canada
A Cub Scout page belonging to the 1st King Seeonee Pack with links to game and activity resources of interest to adults involved with youth.

Serif Magazine
Quixote Digital Typography, Inc., Claremont, CA, US
Developing into the premier resource for information on typography on the Internet.

The Seymour Group of Hotels
Supernet, Jersey, Channel Islands, UK
Five of the premier hotels on the holiday island of Jersey in the Channel Islands.

Shawn's Internet Resume Center
Centreville, VA, US
Post your resume on the Internet and make it available to millions.

Shell Oil
Houston, TX, US
Offers visitors the opportunity to learn more about the company's activities and business, download the 1994 Annual Report, and even comment on Shell service station quality.

smallbizNet: The Edward Lowe Foundation Small Business Network
Cassopolis, MI, US
Features include: full-text, searchable libraries of over 6oo gigabytes of documents, magazines, and books; virtual archives of the Foundation; and gateways to smallbizNet BBS and smallbizNet Fax.

SmartNet Online Services, Inc.
St. Joseph, MO, US
We offer individual or commercial accounts for local residents and businesses. We also have the friendliest, most-helpful staff that ever surfed the net.

Software Development Conference & Tradeshow Group
Miller Freeman, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
Conferences, tutorials, and exhibits covering the spectrum of the development industry.

Media Access Systems, New York, NY, US
Provides a directory of people and places in NYC, as well as a guide of things to do.

Sony Signatures -- Licensed Merchandise
San Francisco, CA, US
Offers t-shirts and more from your favorite TV shows, recording artists, and pop icons.

Sotheby's Australia
Sotheby's Australia Pty Ltd, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia
The first Web site to be established by a major auction house. It features a complete illustrated catalog of upcoming contemporary and Aboriginal art sales in Melbourne, Australia.

Sotheby's Australia
spike.com internet, Sydney, N.S.W., Australia
The first of its kind, we feature illustrated catalogues, online bidding facilities, links to other major art sites, and company information.

Sound Works
Houston, TX, US
Sound Works is active in audio restoration, original music scoring, advertising/ marketing & feature film audio, and provides audio legal support, expert witness and "NoNoise" audio restoration service.

spectraWEB -- Switzerland on the Internet
Bern, Bern, Switzerland
Provides low-rate, high-quality services for individuals and corporations, and will be providing access to the Internet in more than a dozen Swiss cities by the end of this year.

Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers
Houston, TX, US
Southwest Electrostatic Sprayers, Inc. was founded in 1987 as a distributor of agricultural sprayers. Today, SES, Inc. manufactures a complete line of its own Spectrum Electrostatic Sprayers®.

Spitfire (In Norwegian)
Oslo, Norway
Norwegian rock-band.

St. Stephen Lutheran Church
Mountain View, CA, US
A Lutheran church in the San Francisco Bay Area. Includes a mission statement, general contact information, service times, etc.

The Standard-Times
New Bedford, MA, US
Massachusetts' first online newspaper, serving readers in the Southeast with local news and photos.

Stanford Journal of Law, Business & Finance
Stanford, CA, US
Publishes articles addressing practical legal issues in business and finance. Our Web service provides information about the Journal, information for authors, abstracts of past articles, and ordering information.

Star Trek No-Minimum-Bid Figures Auction
RBICSI, Seattle, WA, US
Star Trek Playmate figurines.

On Ramp Internet Computer Service, Las Vegas, NV, US
The Resort and Casino towers over Las Vegas in more ways than one.

Steven Shaviro's DOOM PATROLS
Seattle, WA, US
A theoretical fiction about postmodernism and popular culture. This book is published in its entirety for the first time on the Web.

The StockSource Home Page
StockSource, Inc., Princeton, NJ, US
Premier provider of comprehensive, descriptive data on Initial Public Offerings of common stock registered, underwritten and offered in the United States.

Street Sense
WilTel - Digital Frontiers, Tulsa, OK, US
Presents a common sense approach to coping with dangerous situations. This includes self-defense instruction using full-motion MPEG video clips, and an opportunity to order the Street Sense home video.

Sugo Music Online Store
Half Moon Bay, CA, US
Listen to the compelling sounds of contemporary, New Age and jazz music at the Sugo Music Online Store. Place secure online orders if you like what you hear.

Surround Sound
Maximus Studio's International, Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Surround sound and surround sound demo-files.

Systems Advisory Group Enterprises, Inc. (SAGE)
Amarillo, TX, US
A strategic information technology and development group offering training, custom programming, and network consulting.

Table Tennis Pro
Milwaukee, WI, US
Authorized dealer and trainer for Harvard Sports Table Tennis TOPSPIN Teacher Training Program.

Taming Complexity at MAYA Design Group
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A full-service product design consultancy. Our mission is to help clients develop advanced-technology products that are functional, yet easy to use and visually appealing.

Tandy Electronics Quiz Page
Michael Cleland, Melbourne, Vic, Australia
It could be the richest quiz in history. Test your skills as a Tandy Electronics customer, then we'll turn the tables, and you can experience the thrills of being a Tandy Electronics employee.

Texas Association of Mexican American Chambers of Commerce
TAB Net, Round Rock, TX, US
A non-profit organization created to promote business leadership, economic opportunities and legislative advocacy for the Hispanic business community. Founded in 1975.

Ticketmaster Online
Los Angeles, CA, US
We have a huge, up-to-the-minute events database which covers the entire U.S.

Tole and Decorative Painting
Creative Endeavours, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
A guide to Tole and decorative painting sites and guilds.

Towing Safety
A Towing Company, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
An education page dedicated to promoting safety and excellence in the towing industry.

Trade Compass
Washington, DC, US
Internet information system for international trade, featuring five major information services: TradE-News, Marketplace, Trade Library, Trade Forum and Search.

Old Saybrook, CT, US
English-German or Deutsch-Englisch. Services not limited to translations; professional assistance for import/export available. Experience in all aspects of business transactions in the international marketplace.

Tri-Cities Computer Club
Johnson City, TN, US
East Tennessee's best resource for computer users.

Trinity Software
Campton, NH, US
Catalog of programs for chemistry, life science and speech and communication.

Trust Management Services
Leonard Heatherly, Knoxville, TN, US
Broker of commercial real estate, offering technologies for electronic presentations, and data compression and investment advise in aerospace and other high technology areas.

UC Santa Cruz Extension
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Quarterly catalog of over 500 courses, along with special programs and special events, mostly in Silicon Valley.

The Unburied - A Web Horror Serial
Venice, CA, US
A Web series. Four unidentified victims of a serial murderer remain unburied in the morgue. Someone -- or something -- is trying to stop our protagonist from uncovering who they really are.

United Futures Group, Inc.
Hillsboro, OR, US
UFG offers full-service brokerage for futures and options on futures, self-directed and managed accounts.

United Nations Scholars' Workstation
Yale Univ. Library and Social Science Statistical Lab, New Haven, CT, US
A collection of digitized texts, finding aids, data sets, maps, and pointers to print and electronic information pertinent to the United Nations.

United States Naval Academy Physics Department
Annapolis, MD, US
Home page for the Physics Department at the United States Naval Academy.

University of Alberta Dept. of Radiology
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Clinical and imaging research at the University of Alberta Hospital's Department of Radiology.

University of Cyprus
Nicosia, Cyprus
Home pages of academic personnel and students. Also information about the island of Cyprus.

University of Richmond
Richmond, VA, US
A private, regional university located in Richmond.

University Student Central
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Come and see what we are doing for the student community.

UsedCar Net
ReZ.n8 Productions, Inc., Hollywood, CA, US
The largest database of used cars on the Web.

Valdosta State University Dept. of Philosophy
Valdosta, GA, US
A major resource for philosophy on the Web.

Van-Mungo's Graphics
Van-Mungo Inc., Merrimack, NH, US
Odd-looking T-shirt designs are printed on both sides with a logo on back and the picture on front. In sizes from "small" to "extra extra large" on the best white 50/50 shirts available.

WebSmith, Chico, CA, US
A one-stop Web site for cycling info. Categories include clubs and teams, magazines, fitness, racing, news, product showcase, and touring and commuting. A searchable database of bike manufacturers and companies.

VIA Rail Canada Inc
Montreal, QC, Canada
Canada's national passenger rail service, providing safe, comfortable, and affordable passenger rail service from coast to coast across Canada.

Victory Interactive Media
Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
One of the first European electronic publishing companies, specialising in the concept, production, and distribution of CD-Is and CD-ROMs for the architecture, arts, design, professional training, and culture.

Videodiscovery Online
Videodiscovery, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
Laserdisc and CD-ROM multimedia for science and math education. Plus cool science facts, a guide to Internet education resources, education technology primers, and more.

Virgin Interactive Entertainment
London, UK
Support, information and news about current and upcoming products from Virgin and our affiliate labels.

Virginia Networks
Richmond, VA, US
Low cost home page publishing and advertising on the Web. Toll free number provides easy access. Free classifieds.

Virginia Tech English Department
Blacksburg, VA, US
Provides students, faculty, staff and guests with access to curricular information and to a growing number of special projects.

Virtual Brighton
Virtual UK Online, Brighton, England
Listings for all that is happening, has happened, and will happen in the Brighton, Hove and South Coast area of the UK. Tourism, business, and leisure.

Visual Enrichment Special Interest Videos
Riverside, CA, US
Offering special interest videos and homeschool curriculum for preschool through 12th grade. Over 3,200 videos, ranging from academics to travel with hundreds of topics in-between.

WACS (World and China Society)
Fujisawa, Kanagawa, Japan
Creating the virtual community for Chinese research. There are some databases of Asian info, virtual map of China, virtual Chinese language learning system, and BBS's.

Waitomo, New Zealand
Waitomo District Council, Waitomo, New Zealand
In the central North Island of New Zealand, Waitomo is an area renowned for limestone caves, glowworms, adventure and fun. Among the attractions are: waterfalls, scenic reserves, bushwalks, rivers, and gardens.

Walgreen Co.
Deerfield, IL, US
The largest drugstore retailer in the United States.

Wallaby Ranch Hang Gliding Resort
San Diego, CA, US
A full-service hang gliding resort located near Orlando, Florida and Disney World. Hang gliding instruction, rentals, and aero-tows are available year-round.

Watchdog Media
Seattle, WA, US
Full service public relations, promotions and Internet development. Specializing in creative promotions and company/corporate imaging through the Internet and the traditional media.

National Trade Publications, Inc., Latham, NY, US
The on-line information source to professionals involved in water treatment for home and business, or ground water exploration, development and remediation around the globe.

Wayne Manor
Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc., Cleveland, OH, US
Provides Batman entertainment services, including a gallery, a music room, and a Batman quiz.

The Web Gazette Classifieds
On-Line Marketing of Connecticut, Ellington, CT, US
Classified advertising and display advertising.

The Web of Addictions
Universal WebWorks, Inc., St. Louis, MO, US
Striving to be the most comprehensive source of information on drugs, addiction, and recovery on the Web.

Welcome to AggieNet
Austin, TX, US
Aggies getting in touch with other Aggies, providing services of all types. News and info regarding Aggie alumni and clubs.

Welcome to Ansett Australia
Ansett Australia, Melbourne, Australia
Australia/Asia region airline product and service information: theatre, sports and general special offers, Ansett Frequent Flyer, Golden Wings Club, packaged holidays, monthly travelogue and free software offer.

Welcome to Gotham (Batman Forever)
Warner Bros., New York, NY, US
A regularly-updated site devoted to the new movie, "Batman Forever".

Wentworth Institute of Technology
Boston, MA, US
Bachelor's degrees in architecture, design, engineering and technology.

Electronic Conventions Management, Los Angeles, CA, US
Offers full details of Wescon; the major OEM Electronics trade show taking place at Moscone Center, San Francisco, CA; November 7-9, 1995, plus online registration and Internet services.

The Western Connecticut State University, Department of Finance
Danbury, CT, US
An online guide to finance, futures, and options, with The Financial Matters Newsletter and a comprehensive list to other finance-related sites.

WGIR, Manchester, NH, US
New Hampshire's news, sports, and talk radio station, carrying such notable talk personalities as Rush Limbaugh and G. Gordon Liddy.

what now?!
Kozo Productions, Santa Barbara, CA, US
A cutting-edge surfing flick dedicated to the three most exciting surfers today. This new video captures Rob Machado, Kelly Slater and Timmy Curran going off, both in and out, of the water.

Whatman Labsales
Hillsboro, OR, US
A distributor of laboratory equipment and instrumentation.

Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate
Watchdog Media, Seattle, WA, US
International network of 350+ brokerages in 44 states and 22 countries dealing in the luxury real estate market. Includes photos, descriptions, movies and contact information for agents.

WindoWatch Electronic News Magazine
Cambridge, MA, US
A monthly electronic news magazine which concerns itself with MS Windows, Windows-compatible software, Win 95, etc.

Wira-Play Foundation, Wira Bruk, Stockholm, Sweden
Information on the annual outdoor play about the life of the smiths at Wira Bruk foundry in the mid-18th century.

WisdomTree Design/Music
WisdomTree Design Music, Seattle, WA, US
A design firm handing Web pages, CD covers, desktop publishing, and consulting. We handle the concert booking and recordings for Mark Spittal, singer/songwriter.

WMX Technologies, Inc.
Oak Brook, IL, US
The leading international environmental services company, providing solid and hazardous waste services, energy recovery, environmental technologies, and engineering and construction management.

Worksaver Software
Shrewsbury, MA, US
POS, PIM and quoting software for business professionals. Generate invoices, quotes, sales receipts, all from the same customer database. Make appointments, track clients, print detailed reports, and more.

The Write Word Copywriting
Creative Eye Marketing, Miami, FL, US
Julie Ross, specializing in copywriting ads, brochures, annual reports and other print materials. Samples of her work for Royal Viking Cruises, Mercy Hospital and Del Monte Tropical Fruits.

Xanadu Flux
Futurist Productions, Los Angeles, CA, US
Dedicated to the alternative artist.

Young Fine Arts Auctions
North Berwick, ME, US
Five auctions a year of good quality, affordable art, mostly 19th and early 20th century, American and European, $300 to $20,000. Online fully illustrated catalogs for preview and review.

Your Country Cellar - Fine South African Wines
Plainfield, IL, US
Offers the finest selection of South African wines. Convenient on-line ordering, and 7-10 day delivery via UPS anywhere in the US or Europe.

Zapf's Music Store
Philadelphia, PA, US
Philadelphia's oldest and most respected dealer of musical instruments. Offering the highest quality, the finest service, and the lowest prices since 1928.

Zyzzyva Enterprises
Lincoln, NE, US
Providing the final word to businesses seeking a professional Internet presence.

Monday, 26 June 1995

1995 Southeastern Medical Informatics Conference Proceedings
Univ. of Florida, College of Medicine, Gainesville, FL, US
Topics include computer-assisted instruction, electronic medical records, neural networks, and artificial intelligence.

aBCD Printing Company
Seattle, WA, US
We feature a front-end computer system linked to twin digital Docutech printing machines which enables us to capture and print original postscripted files sent over the Net.

Rye Brook, NY, US
The online version of the magazine will be a compilation of aviation data and photography useful to aircraft owners, aircraft operators, or airplane enthusiasts.

Academy Canada Career College
MicroNet, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada
Get information on Academy Canada's programs and registration.

African Internet Development Action Team Bulletin, #2
Johannesburg/Cape Town, South Africa
Up-to-date information on the Internet in South Africa.

African National Congress of South Africa
Cape Town, South Africa
The majority party in South Africa's Government of National Unity.

The Alamo: Victory or Death
Tristero, Inc., San Antonio, TX, US
Provides the history of the Battle of the Alamo (1836) in San Antonio, TX.

All About Maui's Real Estate and More
Karl F. Lingenfelder, Maui, HI, US
Everything you wanted to know about Maui's real estate and more. Foreclosures, hundreds of for-sale listings, glossary, geography, hot links. It's all here in paradise.

Alliance Theatre Company
Atlanta, GA, US
Contains updated schedules and general information about the largest non-profit regional theatre in the southeastern U.S.

The American Windsurfing Industries Association
RS Communications, Newburyport, MA, US
Directory of US windsurfing dealers, manufacturers, suppliers, publications, associations, and schools.

AMSOIL Synthetic Oils
Bob Cameron - Independent dealer for Amsoil, Miami, FL, US
Why not treat your engine to the synthetic treatment it deserves?

Andean Music
VEI/DISCovery Productions, Co