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What's New: May 1995

Monday, 1 May 1995

22 Solutions, Inc. -- Unix Internet Servers
San Francisco, CA, US
22 Solutions, Inc. sells Internet servers, using PC architecture and the Linux operating system. We offer a low-cost high-performance alternative to traditional Unix servers. We offer the performance of a Sun, at the price of a PC.

Access Communications
Cupertino, CA, US
Access provides WWW page graphic design and generation services. We also do email systems, conferencing systems, servers, consulting, and electronic publishing.

Acumart Computer & Home Office Shopping
Acumax Corp., Roswell, GA, US
A discount retailer of computers and related equipment. We carry Windows, DOS, Macintosh, OS/2 and Network software. We ship worldwide. Our server is available in French, German and Spanish.

AeRie: Applied Rural Telecommunications
Colorado Advanced Technology Institute, Steamboat Springs, CO, US
AeRie is the presence of the Colorado Rural Telecommunications Projects on the Web, showing how rural communities across the state make telecommunications serve government, education, commerce and medicine.
http://www.yampa.com/aerie/index1a.htm [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Agile Networks
Boxborough, MA, US
Agile Networks is the manufacturer of high-speed, low-latency Ethernet to ATM switches. The core product line is based upon the award-winning Agile Relational LAN Architechture, featuring the ATMizer 125 Relational Switch and ATMman Management Software.

AIMS Education Foundation
Fresno, CA, US
We are a research and development organization dedicated to the improvement of the teaching and learning of mathematics and science through a meaningful integrated approach. Come find out what we have to offer.

Air Weather Association Record
Virginia Beach, VA, US
Present and former members of the USAF Air Weather Service, and of the U. S. Army Air Corps Weather Service. Site also includes worldwide weather information and lists of positions open for active duty weather personnel.

Albany NY Democrats: RFK Democratic Club
Albany, NY, US
Progressive Democrats from Albany and New York State's capital region have joined together to form the RFK (Robert F. Kennedy) Democratic Club. Information and links to other related information.

Alpha Kappa Lambda Fraternity -- Gamma
Champaign, IL, US
Our home page at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

Alt Shirts, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
Designs to alter your mind, featuring a line of Usenet/Internet inspired T-shirts & mousepad.

Alteris Business Management System
Olympic Computer Technology, Dallas, TX, US
Alteris is a complete program for managing your business -- a PC-based program that can run point-of-sale equipment (such as a cash drawer) and integrates sales, inventory, customers and accounting. Free demo online.

American Grocery Discounter
Nguyen Enterprises, San Mateo, CA, US
American Grocery Discounters can save you $200 in groceries. Imagine having a discount coupon for every item you buy at the grocery store.

Ameriflight Corporation
Miami, FL, US
Pilot accessories and the world's finest aeronautical charts are available on the Net with a 10 percent discount. 1995 catalog and order form online. Drop by and visit the first authorized Jeppesen dealer on the Internet.

Anderson-Newman Consultants, Inc.
Interactive Multimedia Development, Atlanta, GA, US
Multimedia services and development, including computer-based training, CD-ROM development, computer animation and Interactive Multimedia presentations.

Arab Society of Princeton
Princeton, NJ, US
Ahlan! The Arab Society of Princeton University online: structure, current activities and links of interest.

Argus Technologies DC Power Systems
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Offering a complete line of DC power products and accessories providing solutions for a broad range of telecommunication applications.

The Arid Lands Newsletter
Office of Arid Lands Studies at Univ. of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, US
Our magazine is edited for an international readership. No. 37 (Spring/Summer 1995), "Conserving Drylands Biodiversity," is the first issue to be published simultaneously in print and on the Web.

Art Bin
Nisus Publishing, Stockholm, Sweden
A Swedish/International forum for art, literature, music, cultural politics etc. Some rare source texts. Texts in English, French, German, or Swedish.

The ArtClass
David Hickson, Worcester, MA, US
A place for artists and nonartists alike to check out pictures made by online artists. It also has some instruction on how to create art.

Galleries Online Services, Inc., New York, NY, USA
Artix contains the home pages of the first internationally-known art galleries on the Web. One of the largest collections of art on the Web, Artix currently contains 112 images of work by 30 artists.

The Athens Academy
Athens, GA, US
Information about media education and the new state-of-the-art media center at Athens Academy. It will soon be host to a number of educational links, student designed pages, and alumni information.

August Applications -- Configure! Utility
Bloomington, IN, US
Configure! is a neat windows configuration utility. Both fully-featured and shareware versions are available. An August Applications exclusive.

Bamboo Publishing and Advertising
Phoenix, AZ, US
Online publishing and advertising. Home of Internet MarketPlace(tm), Internet Cafe(tm), Internet Pizza(tm), and Internet Classifieds(tm).

Beaconway Press Literature for Generation-X
Chapel Hill, NC, US
While the cultural elite baby-boomers are publishing Generation-X books for themselves, we're printing the classics that mean something to you.

BelCom - Communications in the Former Soviet Union
BelCom Inc., New York/Moscow, NY, US
BelCom, Inc. provides satellite-based private international communications systems for the oil, hotel and banking industries, and community telecommunications facilities in key business regions throughout the former Soviet Union.

Bellingham, Washington
Bellingham Chamber of Commerce, Bellingham, WA, US
The Bellingham/Whatcom Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes you to America's 4th Corner. Bellingham and Whatcom County offer the best of the Pacific Northwest, including the annual Ski to Sea Festival, this year commemorating 75 years of community celebration.

BioSpace(TM) - The Premier WWW Site for Biotechnology
Synergistic Designs Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
The premier WWW site for biotechnology -- a resource focused on meeting the needs of biotechnology decision-makers. Get information on 200 leading companies, a calendar of events, and biotech content including Ernst & Young's 1995 Annual Report.

The Book of Endings
NYU's Center for Digital Multimedia, New York, NY, US
The Book of Endings is a process, the products of which become an expanding, continually reorganized, network of hyperfiction (interconnected both with each other and with other sites on the Web). Audience response is central to the process, especially the determination of which parts of the network will grow.

Brain Preference Indicator Test
New York University, New York, NY, USA
Are you left brain or right brain dominant? Take the Brain Preference Indicator test and find out what side of the fence your brain is on.

Brainstorm's Internet Power Connection
Brainstorm Products, Mountain View, CA, US
Internet Power Connection unleashes the power and speed of ISDN. We offer dedicated ISDN Internet services throughout Mountain View, Sunnyvale, Los Altos and Palo Alto.

Sergio Koreisha, University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US
Photographs of different places in Brazil along with maps, statistical information (economic, political, etc.), and links to other Brazilian servers, institutions, and news sources.

Bridge Engineering Home Page
SC Solutions, Inc., Mountain View, CA, US
For anyone on the Net interested in bridge engineering (civil/structural engineering).

Brooklyn North Software Works
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Distributor of HTML Assistant Pro editing software for MS Windows. The page has links to freeware downloads and information about HTML.

Bruce's Paddling Page
Bruce Fisher, Newark, DE, US
Sources of information for Delaware area paddlers. Useful resources are provided for the Wilmington Trail Club and the Chesapeake Paddlers Association.

The Business Page
SGN, Inc., Rockville, MD, US
This is a business to business site offering advertising for businesses -- for buyers, sellers, brokers, financiers, management consultants, banks and other trades for professional service and commodity advertising. We also offer advertising for tenders, bids, joint ventures, foreign trade links etc.

The C.A.R.S. Net Auto Swapmeet
Cyberspace Auto Related Swapmeet, San Diego, CA, US
A virtual version of the monthly C.A.R.S. Swapmeet held in San Diego. The C.A.R.S. Net is a new home page for vehicle enthusiasts.

The CBC Homepage
Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Links radio, television, news, sports, scheduling and audience relations Web services provided by Canada's public broadcaster. We also provide extensive online audio and video material for your listening and viewing pleasure.

C&C Design
Richmond, BC, Canada
Graphics for the Web and everywhere else.

Cecil Adams Archive
Corporation Zero, Portland, OR, US
Archive of transcribed Straight Dope columns by Cecil Adams.

CHADD of Bay County
Panama City, FL, US
Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders (CH.A.D.D.) is a non-profit parent-based organization formed to better the lives of individuals with attention deficit disorders and their families.

Champs Elysees
Internet Way, Neuilly sur Seine, France
Take a stroll down the Champs Elysées. Go to the movies, discover the latest perfumes, find your favorite specialty coffee, admire the French haute couture, and all the other pleasures you can find here.

Chris Dickman's CorelNET
Kazak Communications, Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada
The CorelNET site is home to online Corelians, providing a wide variety of content. Designed from a user perspective, it hosts many discussion areas, and includes a presence by Corel Corp. itself.

Chris' Guitars
North Hollywood, CA, US
We buy, sell, consign and locate vintage guitars, basses, amps and effects. Our stock list includes Fender, Gibson, Gretsch, Martin, Danelectro, D'Angelico, Epiphone, Rickenbacker, Kay, Guild, Moserite, Ampeg, Marshall, Vox, and more.

City of Leeds WWW Site
Internet Development Ltd., Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK
A WWW site for the City of Leeds.

Cleveland Institute of Art
Cleveland, OH, US
A five-year professional college of art and design with 520 talented students and 100 renowned artists on the faculty. Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics
Univ. of Houston, Houston, TX, US
Email links to the seven NSM academic departments are provided along with links to higher education resources on the Internet.

Columbia Summer Session
Explore the opportunities for summer study at Columbia Univ. in the city of New York by browsing the 1995 summer session bulletin.

The Commonweal Cohousing Group
Boston, MA, US
What's cohousing? A form of home ownership that preserves open space, fosters safe neighborhoods, and makes life richer for families, singles, elders, and couples. We seek diversity.

The Computer Channel
Syosset, NY, US
The Computer Channel is a total educational resource for I/S professionals. The site also includes company and product info, and hot links to several sites of interest to information systems professionals.

COOPnet Web Server
West Coast Cooperative Network, Vancouver, BC, Canada
A nonprofit Internet service provider offering SLIP connections, storage space, and server co-location and maintenance services at affordable rates to businesses and individuals.

Coors Light Kyle Petty Charity Ride Across America
RaceWeb, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
NASCAR Winston Cup driver Kyle Petty will lead an eight-day motorcycle caravan from San Francisco to Charlotte. The event is designed to raise money for the Winston Cup Racing Wives Auxiliary, a non-profit organization which provides financial assistance to families of injured NASCAR Winston Cup drivers. Follow the Ride daily on the RaceWeb.

The Cyber Maze
PPSA International, Los Alamos, NM, US
Featuring photography, art, online articles and cool links to hot destinations. Read about recent road trips, see some snapshots and hear various views on politics and life.

CyberMarine International Directory
San Diego, CA, US
A marine-related directory of products and services. Find boats, marinas, insurance, boat yards, charters and more.

Cyberpages International Inc
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Offers the following services: Internet presence , organised by country/city, company and classification; classifieds (free); cybersightings; cybernews and views; polls; commodities, currencies, futures; cyberfriend search; lost and missing relatives; sports news; and missing children.

The Cyberspace Pet Mall
Grand Forks, ND, US
World's largest network of pet producers and product manufacturers from breeders and growers to manufacturers and distributors both large and small. Have the world of pets and companions at your fingertips.

Data Recovery and Conversion
Computer Conversions, Inc., San Diego, CA, US
Someday, you're going to need our services. Our staff can recover lost or damaged data from computer backup tapes and cartridges. We also provide data conversion for over 2000 computer systems.

DBMS - Database & Client/Server Solutions
Miller Freeman, Inc., San Mateo, CA, US
A monthly magazine that covers database management technology and client/server application development issues. Look for full text selected articles, industry news, links to Internet database resources, and more.

Department of Geosciences
Univ. of Houston, Houston, TX, US
Faculty profiles are provided along with descriptions of our academic programs. Links to other geosciences resources are provided.

Dialogic Corporation
Parsippany, NJ, US
The computer telephony industry's leading supplier of components for open systems signal computing. The page features information about Dialogic products, services, and support.

Die Wirtschaftswoche
Vienna, Austria
Die Wirtschaftswoche is Austria's biggest business magazine. (in German.)

Digital Systems International, Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
DSI is the leading provider of customer management solutions through computer telephony systems, software and services.

DIOSS -- Distributed Interface Object System
Intelligent Technologies, Inc., Falls Church, VA, US
C/C++ beta testers wanted for the world's first Distributed Interface Object System. It allows you to develop truly distributed interfaces using the WWW as a backbone.

Disaster Resources
Univ. of Illinois Cooperative Extension Service, Urbana, IL, US
Provides information for citizens and educators on disaster preparedness and recovery. Includes information on recent disasters and links to agencies, organizations, and networks involved in disaster response, recovery, and research.

Discover Key West
Global Audience Providers, Key West, FL, US
Topics on Key West include: diving, fishing, hotels, restaurants, bars, real estate, festivals, events, museums, art, tours, coral reefs, gay culture etc.

Do-It-Yourself Business Trust Kit
Entrepreneur Holdings Mgmt.Tr., Orlando, FL, US
Set up your own business trust with a do-it-yourself kit. Protect your assets. Maintain privacy. Minimize liability, exposure and taxes. Save hundreds of dollars by doing it yourself.

Do-It-Yourself HIV Test Kits
Heritage Diagnostics, Cape Town, South Africa
A simple do-it-yourself HIV test kit that enables any person to test themselves or their partners for the HIV virus. The test is based on the ELISA method and uses non-invasive saliva -- not blood -- to detect the presence of HIV antibodies. The test takes seven minutes to perform.

Duke University Special Collections Library
Durham, NC, US
Information about Duke's Special Collections Library and the rare books, manuscripts, and other collections held here. Digitized images from several collections are available, notably from advertising and papyrus collections.

EarthSoft Environmental Sources
Ukiah, CA, US
This site provides links to sites involved with the environment, geology, hydrology, and ground water management, and describes available environmental software.

East Coast Computer Systems, Inc.
2cm, Inc., Riviera Beach, FL, US
Computer sales, service, software, hardware, consulting and information.

East Coast Model Center
Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
A hobby shop/mail order source for all types of radio controlled models, plastic models, model rocketry, model railroad, kites, tools, books, etc. Lots of hobby info too.

Educational & Institutional Cooperative Service Homepage
Hauppauge, NY, US
A not for profit purchasing cooperative for higher education, healthcare and research labs. Owned and operated by 3,000+ plus member colleges, universities, and hospital systems. All inquiries welcome.

Eighteenth-Century Resources
Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US
A collection of resources on the Internet related to the eighteenth century, including literature, art, history, the history of science, and so on. Also includes a complete catalogue of electronic texts from the eighteenth century, roughly from Milton to Keats.

Electronic Systems, USA
Louisville, KY, US
The leader in building automation. Integrating existing hardware into a single front-end. Controls fire alarms, security, HVAC, Direct digital control, and more.

Emily Dickinson's Poems
This early edition of Dickinson's poems is the latest publication of Columbia Univ's project Bartleby.

Energy Efficiency and Renewable Resources
TGK Consulting, Inc., Lafayette, CA, US
Energy engineering and consulting services. Efficient refrigeration and CFC-free chillers our specialty. Current projects include a solar-assisted air conditioner design and utility energy program support.

The Entrepreneur's Corner Office
Orlando, FL, US
Brainstorm with other serious entrepreneurs. Share ideas, tips, and stories. Join our private email list and use it as a sounding board/feedback for your ideas. Always expanding.

Enzian Theater
Maitland, FL, US
Central Florida's only full-time alternative cinema, sponsor of the Florida Film Festival and host to a large searchable database of Internet film resources.

Explosions, Destruction and Fire
Dominic Giampaolo, Mountain View, CA, US
This page documents some of the crazier stunts we've pulled in our spare time, involving, but not limited to, blowing things up, burning things, and launching small furry animals great distances (ok, maybe it was just vegetables). There are quicktime movies (with audio) and gif's of the relevant events as well as directions on how to do it yourself.

Fantasea Diving
Warwick, Bermuda
Bermuda's only full-service, five-star, PADI dive center and BS-AC school.

The Feel
Berkeley, CA, US
A rock band from the San Francisco area. Female vocalist/guitarist that is incredible.

Elliot Feldman, South Pasadena, CA, US
Well, after a long hard struggle with HTML, UNIX, and everything else, an old hippy-fart cartoonist like me finally has his own comics web page, Flashers. Bring your own trenchcoat.

Florida International University
Miami, FL, US
This server is providing access to Florida International's current stock of information services, as well as general information about the school itself.

Folk Stuff
David Shucavage, Pittsburgh, PA, US
"How to" and "where to" information for folk musicians and those designing and building folk and experimental musical instruments; including dulcimers, autoharps, kalimbas, theremins, didjeridus, pennywhistles and flutes.

The For Sale By Owner Connection
Canton, CT, US
A resource guide to help you sell your home yourself. There are helpful hints on signs, open houses, lawyers, and just doing it yourself. There is also a catalog of homes for sale by owner, online.

Fox Studio Ltd: What's on the Desk?(tm)
Minneapolis, MN, US
Find out what's on the desk of advertising creatives all over Minneapolis and the world. Don't forget to check out the Snow Globe of the Month.

Furman University Department of Music
Greenville, SC, US
Preview the education in music available at Furman University, an academically rigorous, liberal arts college in Greenville, SC. Take an electronic tour of the campus or hear recordings of our ensembles. Catch up on alumni news.

Georgetown University ISIS Center
Washington, DC, US
The ISIS Center of Georgetown's Department of Radiology has years of experience in projects dealing with digital imaging and communication technologies. The ISIS Center is a major research and development arm for US Army Medical Research and Development Command in their digital mammography project, digital imaging network (DIN) and Medical Diagnostic Imaging Support (MDIS) project.

Global Van Lines -- Long Distance Moving and Storage
Delray Beach, FL, US
Global Van and Storage South provides statewide, worldwide, moving and storage services. This site outlines our service capabilities and provides an online user form for a competitive price quote.

Grammar and Style Guide
Univ of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US
A rudimentary hypertext guide to grammar and style, prepared by Jack Lynch.

REGIS, UCal Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
GRASSLinks is a public-access GIS interface that allows Web clients to use the GIS maps, software, and hardware available through REGIS. Users can combine, buffer, query, and display maps, perform statistics, and download map data layers or images.

Hands On Children's Museum
Olympia, WA, US
Tells all about the Museum -- its exhibits, events schedule, location, operating hours, and admission. The page also has links to many Web resources related to the Museum's current theme, ocean odyssey, and other resources of interest to the under-10 set.

Hawaii Real Estate Best Links
Prudential Locations, Honolulu, HI, US
The latest hot deals and open houses for Hawaii. Includes videos, pictures, and sounds.

Hazel Bishop Cosmetics
Englewood Cliffs, NJ, US
Hazel Bishop International is continuing its development of lip, eye, skin, and nail products as we have done for the past fifty years. We invite you to look through our catalog and learn about our products in further detail.

Hello Riviera
DO it s.r.l., ImaGE s.r.l., Genoa, Italy
DOit presents "Hello Riviera," a telematic magazine about the tourist activity in the Italian riviera.

Hitchcock -- The Master of Suspense
Vertigo, Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Dedicated to the life and work of the master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock.

Home of The Fat Aardvark
Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, United Kingdom
Details on local BBS's and soon will have some computer prices. Also includes a collection of links.

A Homepagemaker
RSC Services, Dayton, OH, US
Does the HTML language have you confused? Here's the answer. Try our Express order system today.

Houghton Mifflin Company
Boston, MA, US
Houghton Mifflin, the venerable publishing company, has launched its Web site. It offers multimedia samples, discussion groups, downloadable software, as well as links to valuable educational resources on the Internet.

Houston International Festival
NeoSoft, Houston, TX, US
One of the largest multi-cultural celebrations in the United States. Attracting more than a million people, this year the festival will salute the Republic of Turkey. The site will be regularly updated with pictures, soundfiles and MPEG movies of festival events and performers.

Human Resources Development Canada -- Metro Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Provides information useful to job seekers, researchers and those interested in government programs assisting the unemployed. Resource for labor market information in the census metropolitan area of Toronto.

Hunt Saboteurs Association
Nottingham, UK
Hunt Saboteurs use non-violent direct action to save the lives of hunted animals. The HSA homepage carries news, pictures, and resources on tactics, legal issues etc. together with online issues of HOWL, the HSA magazine.

IBM System User International
APT Data Group Plc, London, UK
Providing the very latest information on all the business and technical issues affecting IBM users, IBM System User International is the first online magazine dedicated to IBM users worldwide.

Ice Miller Donadio & Ryan
Indianapolis, IN, US
Indianapolis' largest law firm, having served the Indiana community since 1910. A full-service law firm, our clients range from individual entrepreneurs to the world's largest corporations.

Illuminated Graphics
Portland, OR, US
Graphic design, illustration and manuscript illumination.

ING Bank International
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Facts and figures, profile, and international banking directory provide a comprehensive introduction to ING Bank International, showing you where we are in the world, who our key people are, what we do and what we have achieved.

Interactive Super Mall
MSI Marketing, Baltimore, MD, US
The Super Mall announces many new additions. Cast your ballet in the Baseball Opinion Poll. Check out the Top Ten Entertainment Sites. Subscribe to the Super Mall listserv for announcements of free giveaways and see the newest exciting offers of world class products and services on the Net.

International Camellia Society
The International Camellia Society, Homburg, Saar, Germany
Taxonomy, culture, propagation and research on the genus Camellia.

International Internet Group -- IIG
Oak Harbor, Washington, U.S.A.
IIG offers world wide real time directories for those seeking professional services. If you're searching for real estate, legal information, medical help, dental help, etc., see IIG. IIG also offers a comprehensive publications directory featuring magazines, books, and free publications.

The Internet Chess Club
Hydra Information Technologies, Inc., New York, NY, US
The Web interface to The Internet Chess Club telnet server. View online games, read ICC news and help files, display ICC member info (with photos), become an ICC member, and more.

The Internet in Nottingham
Nottingham, England
A new local service provider, featuring the 14th century All Hallows parish church (and spire appeal) and Marques and Sparks for the 'classy chassis', and no Robin Hood!

Internet Real Estate Directory
Buyer's Voice, Dallas, TX, US
IRED is a comprehensive rated directory of realty sites. Our goal is to make the Web more useful and accessible, and to encourage even better and more informative Web pages.

Internet Tidal Wave
Allentown, PA, US
The newest and most creative Internet service provider in the Greater Lehigh Valley. We are very service-oriented to our customer base and have some exciting and interesting interactive ideas in the works.

It'sNEW! magazine
Sunshine Publishing Co. Inc., San Diego, CA, US
The May/June issue contains over 150 articles about innovative new consumer products. Versions available online and on newsstands. Special free trial offer.

The Japan-India Technology Network (JITNet)
The JITNet Action Group, Tokyo, Japan
JITNet has been created to serve as a communication link between technologists, researchers, businessmen and others on issues related to science and technology in Japan and India. There are two mirror sites at SUNSITE, Japan and Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Jepson Pottery
Geneva, FL, US
Founded by Stephen Jepson in 1971, shortly after Stephen was awarded the Master of Fine Arts degree from Alfred, N.Y. Since that time, his award winning designs have become a part of many prestigious collections, including The Renwick Gallery of The Smithsonian.

Joyce Wankable Electronic Publishing
Winston-Salem, NC, US
Joyce Wankable is a North Carolina-based e-zine available in HTML, PDF and ASCii formats. Joyce is into "bricolage, slumming, bang-a-can tunes, and pathetic lust."

Keith's Second Sight
Greenbelt, MD, US
Photojournalism from the U.S. capital and beyond.

Kinetic Communications Inc.
Corvallis, OR, US
Dedicated to developing quality and innovative web pages. Our flagship product is TravelSphere, a guide to travel-related businesses from around the world.

Latin American Speakers
CEMCAPSE, Estado de Mexico, Mexico
For the first time in history, the world can rely on an organization that offers the possibility of listening to prominent men and women that are prevailingly Mexicans.

LEAD/LEADnet - Leadership for Environment and Development
New York, NY, US
We offer information about our program, associates as well as papers, links to other environment related servers, a sample of Inter Press Services news and an online demo of our multimedia system.

Lingo for WWW
Groningen, Netherlands
A real addictive word game. Originally from a Dutch TV show, now an interactive Web game. The game can be played in English and Dutch. Warning: The English game is very hard, due to the large word list used.

LINX Publications
KSME/Business Groups, Tiffin, OH, US
An independent journal of news and other information of interest to all computer users but especially to DECUS Local User Group members.

RiverValley Systems, Inc., Marietta, GA, US
Provides the service of listing real estate for professionals as well as by owner with the use of pictures and text of that property.

Los Angeles Airport Marina Resort and Hotel
Webnet Services, a Division of Physicomp Corp., Woodland Hills, CA, US
Just five minutes from LAX, Marina del Rey Yacht Harbor, The Forum, Hollywood Park, the beach and great shopping stands the Airport Marina Resort Hotel and Tower. Offering 760 spacious rooms and executive suites spread throughout four buildings and a 12-story tower, our resort offers all the amenities you would expect from a full-service hotel.

LucasFilm's THX Divison
San Rafael, CA, US
Information on dealers, manufacturers, and THX sound technology.

Lycoming College
Ofc of Communication Technology and Snowden Library, Williamsport, PA, US
General information about Lycoming College plus departmental home pages and reference resources.

Management Institute of Singapore Homepage
Singapore, Singapore
Find out more about management courses conducted here by the Management Institute of Singapore. Our Web pages are hosted on SunSITE Singapore.

Marryin' Bill's Wedding Service
Marlborough, CT, US
Bill Tchakirides, a CT Justice of the Peace, offers a low-cost wedding service for those seeking a non-sectarian nuptial. Specializing in atheist, agnostic, mixed religion marriages, etc. If you have a valid Connecticut marriage license, check out this service.

Math Dept., University of Colorado-Denver
Univ. Colorado at Denver, Denver, CO, US
The Department of Mathematics offers undergraduate and graduate programs in mathematics on the Auraria Campus in downtown Denver.

McKinney's Web Page
Walnut Creek, CA, US
Internet college composition course, also with a comic monomythic novella (deedle.html), stories and poetry about dogs (dog.html), an Internet primer (primer.html), and stories about growing up in Pennsylvania.

Mercy Healthcare Arizona
Mercy Information Sys, Phoenix, AZ, US
A division of Catholic Healthcare West and the parent corporation to St Joseph's Hospital and Medical Center and the world respected Barrow's Neurological Institute. Contains educational and historical information with links to other related sites.

The Merkin Mystery
Edward Meadows, Cambridge, UK
Merkin presents an amusing, obscure English word, and its absurd true definition, by way of introducing the first two chapters of a new, yet published comic novel by Edward Meadows. The novel, yet untitled, is set in England. U.S. readers are invited to email their comments on the two chapters to the author.

Midland TX Community Spirit Award
Global Commerce Link, Midland, TX, US
Nominations are currently being accepted for the fifth Midland Community Spirit Award which arose from the dramatic rescue of a toddler from an abandoned Midland water well in 1987.

Mission 9 Home Page
WeMake CDs, Inc., Indianapolis, IN, US
WeMake CDs, Inc. and Steve McCoy proudly introduce Mission9, a stunning space adventure game featuring multiple logic puzzles, 3D Graphics and spectacular cinematic scenes.

Monique Harris
Speakers On-Line, Elicott City, MD, US
Monique Harris is the techno saavy 22-year old president of the Internet Chamber of Commerce. To see what she's all about, visit her biographical Web site.

Multics Info Page
Tom Van Vleck, London, UK
One of the most influential operating systems ever built. It was begun in the 1960s and is still in use today. Many of the features Multics pioneered are now present in modern operating systems. This set of pages describes the system, its features, its history, and its builders, in words and pictures.

Native Title Cases Archive
Univ. of Western Australia, Perth, Australia
A collection of legal authorities on Australian Aboriginal land rights and the Mabo decision.

Natural World Non-Toxic Products
Electronic Marketing Systems, Phoenix, AZ, US
Natural World has over 100 non-toxic, environmentally safe products. Business opportunities are available for people looking for extra income.

Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station, New Orleans
New Orleans, LA, US
A United States Naval home page featuring information on vendors used for various projects.

Nelson Outfitters
Wave Commumications, Sheridan, WY, US
We provide the finest elk, deer and antelope hunting in northeast Wyoming along the eastern face of the Big Horn Mountains. We are fully licensed in the state of Wyoming.

NetShopper, LLC
Boulder, CO, US
One of the latest online malls, bringing you products and services from your computer screen straight to your door. Optional encryption, PGP, from Viacrypt or MIT.

NetSpace, Bi-Monthly Computer Science and MIS Magazine
Ames, IA, US
Created to bring together students and faculty in the computer science and management information systems areas. NetSpace will be published bi-monthly at this time. We hope to publish in one location articles from around the globe, and compete with other major publishers who are not providing the fullest breadth and depth of information possible on the Internet.

NetVantage Systems
Minneapolis/St.Paul, MN, US
An Internet solutions company. We specialize in Internet consulting, project management, systems administration, training, and technology and product analysis.

A New Theory of Relativity
The Society for the Advancement of Autodynamics, Long Beach, CA, US
Autodynamics is a new theory of relativity that picks up where special relativity leaves off. Among its implications are: describing experimental data that special relativity cannot, theoretically lifting the light speed barrier, and describing decay events without the neutrino.

New York New York
Borough of Manhattan Community College, New York, NY, US
A guide to downtown Manhattan. Art, performance, restaurants, and Historical Sights from the Borough of Manhattan Community College.

NewsGuide -- Israel's Hightech Online Magazine
L&S Ltd., Hod Hasharon, Israel
An innovative hightech information service that covers areas such as electronics, communications, computers, microelectronics, aerospace, and defense. Among the latest entries is a list of R&D programs underway at the Israeli R&D incubators, and in the defense and aerospace field.

Nisus Publishing info
Stockholm, Sweden
Info about services: writing, editing, translation, graphic design, HTML-tagging. Also hints for avoiding anglicisms in Swedish, useful for those who frequently write in both English and Swedish.

NRaD Online Procurement Information System
Naval Command Control & Ocean Surveillance Ctr., San Diego, CA, US
This page is designed to provide interested parties access to relevant information about the DOD/Navy procurement plans, and some general information about our procurement organizations.

Nursing Mothers' Association of Australia
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Services and resources for mothers and for health professionals and researchers involved in management and investigation of human lactation.

Octal Publications Limited
Toronto, ON, Canada
Tips and tutorials on FileMaker Pro and AppleScript.

Office of Councilwoman Happy Fernandez
Philadelphia, PA, US
Philadelphia City Councilwoman At Large Happy Fernandez is the first Pennsylvania public official with a home page, providing staff access, information about hot issues, press releases, and government-related Internet resources.

Office of Human Radiation Experiments
United States Department of Energy, Washington, DC, US
OHRE leads DOE's efforts to tell the Cold War story of radiation research using human subjects. Internet access is a key part of making DOE more open and responsive to the American public.

Omega Marine Products
Ft. Lee, NJ, US
Around the world, people are discovering the comfort, quality and performance of Omega products. From the America's Cup champions in San Diego to the World Cup challenges in Tokyo, people who invest in performance, invest in Omega.

On-Line Literary Research Tools
Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US
A large collection of Web sites useful to literary scholars. The links are organized by period: classical and biblical, medieval, renaissance, and so on. Includes pointers to archives of electronic texts, libraries, hypertext editions, discussion groups, calls for papers etc.

Oxygen Emulsion Skin Care
AURA Research, Ltd., Marmora, NJ, US
AURA Research Ltd. manufactures and distributes oxygen emulsion skin care products to skin care professionals, i.e., estheticians and medical doctors. Some products are being offered to users of the Internet.

Pacific Asia Travel Association
PATA presents the most updated information on what's happening in the travel industry in the Asia Pacific region. It links travel research and marketing information with product information and moves on to be a most powerful and useful connectivity tool for you to link up to do business in Asia.

The Peddie School
Hightstown, NJ, US
An independent, non-sectarian and not-for-profit, college-preparatory boarding school composed of students, staff, and faculty chosen for their diverse talents and backgrounds.

The Plastic Princess Collectors Page
Zoli Nazaari-Uebele and Other Internet Barbie Collectors, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A virtual kiosk for collectors of Barbie and other fashion dolls. Everything you need to know to get started in the hobby.

Pollstar, The Concert Hotline
Fresno, CA, US
This is the W3 page from Pollstar, the trade publication for the live music (concert industry) It includes over 17,000 current tour dates, searchable by artist, city or venue.

It remains a mystery even to its creator. There are sounds, visions, truths, and oddities in abundance here. Experience the mad sanity and delicious pastiche that is The POOT.

Portland Information Command
Kirkwood Interactive Design Co., Portland, OR, US
An all-around guide to Portland, Oregon. Information includes club listings, movie listings, music, art, etc. A must for anyone visiting Portland, or anyone who is just interested in what's happening.

Prism Printing
Ramona, CA, US
Custom speciality imprinting. Mousepads, mugs, T-shirts, award plaques and more, printed with your logo or design in full color. Enter our free monthly drawing for a Internet Mousepad customized with your own email address.

Probe Technology Internet Services
Omaha, NE, US
Providing Internet connectivity to Omaha and surrounding areas.

Program Submissions Wanted
Shreveport, LA, US
Softdisk Publishing is seeking programs for publication on our software subscription products and online download stores. Get your works widely distributed and make money.

The Psychiatry Project
Univ. of British Columbia, Dept. of Psychiatry, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Information for general and technical audiences on psychiatric topics. It also has information on the department, its faculty members, and programs and is being developed and expanded.

The Psychic Internet (TM)
WholeARTS Productions, Stateline, NV, US
Your personal psychic link-the world's first interactive WWW service for professional psychic readings from two of the most experienced and qualified psychic-intuitives in the U.S.

The Qualitas Trading Company
Berkeley, CA, US
Qualitas has been providing Japanese language related software to the world since 1986, when a Japanese operating system became available for the Macintosh. Since then we've branched into software development, sales and support for Japanese computing on the PC, and high-resolution Japanese print-out and EPS file services.

Quorum Business Consultants
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Top quality contracts administration and negotiation services to the high-tech sector across North America. We strive to make your transactions work.

The Reactor
The Reactor Staff, Hobe Sound, FL, US
A Multiuser Dungeon (MUD) that provides a unique role-playing adventure into the realm of Mordor. Join people from all over the world in this exciting multiuser experience. Hours : 8 p.m. ET to whenever each night.

Read To Me Program
Sunrise Rotary, Starr Seigle McCombs Advertising, Inc., Honolulu, HI, US
The Read To Me program advocates reading to all children for at least 10 minutes every day. The program aims to promote literacy in our children.

Seattle, WA, US
A comprehensive information resource dedicated to the real esate marketing, lending, construction and related industries.

Reed Personnel Jobnet UK
London, UK
Covers industries such as computing, accounting, insurance, nursing, paramedic, office personnel, project management, catering, driving, technical, industrial and many other areas of employment. Features include online application forms, email of CV's job listings, contact details, company history and information.

Resumes On-Line
Fairfield, CT, US
Provides resume consulting, preparation, and online posting services.

RiverValley Systems, Inc
Kenneth Pischke, Marietta, GA, US
Committed to designing professional home pages for the Internet. Home pages that make your company global and stand out to your customers or potential customers as well as investors.

Rogers Community 10-Mississauga
Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
The world's first Web site devoted to community television -- a unique, Canadian, grassroots style of local television where volunteers are trained in every aspect of tv production, and get to produce their own shows. The site includes program schedules, viewer feedback, City Magazine's weekly top news stories, and links to dozens of other Internet television resources.

Sailing the Greek Isles
SeaScape Sailing, Kalymnos, Greece
Everything you never knew you needed to know about sailing in the Greek isles and Turkey. All sorts of info for both sailors and landlubbers on cruising the Aegean. Adventure sailing trips, bareboat and skippered charter options, wind, weather, boats, navigation, etc.

Sansom Ion Channel Group
Laboratory of Molecular Biophysics, Oxford, UK
This site provides information and links relevant to the Sansom Group, including a bibliography, updates on current research and links to biophysical and biological resources.

The Seattle Housing Helper Classifieds
Patricia Whisler/Delphinus Creations, Seattle, WA, US
A regularly updated list of rental properties available in the Seattle area. Includes a list of shared housing available. Landlords encouraged to take a look.

Selected Funds
GALT Technologies, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A family of diversified no-load mutual funds offering a variety of investment opportunities. Selected offers extensive experience in managing the investments of their shareholders. Their presentation includes a prospectus as well as a sound clip from Elizabeth Bramwell, the Portfolio Manager of Selected Special Shares.

The Silk Road Group, Ltd.
Centreville, VA, US
Links to work currently in progress in the area of Base Network Control Centers (BNCCs) prototyping, development, and deployment as well as TCP/IP internetworking related information.

Singles Advantage Expo
Webnet Services, a Division of Physicomp Corp., Woodland Hills, CA, US
On June 17 and 18th, the Long Beach Convention and Entertainment Center will serve as the host site for the most dynamic new expo of the year. We are anticipating over 36,000 attendees. This event is designed to fulfill the lifestyle needs and preferences of single people.

Smokin Joes
Knoxville, TN, US
Smokin Joes offers everyday low prices on cigars, tobacco, humidors, gifts and accessories and is a large tobacco-related information resource. Our full catalog is now available on the Web and a DOS electronic version is also available for download.

SoftInfo - ICP Software Information Center
Indianapolis, IN, US
The single-address locator service for people seeking software product and vendor information. Contains details on 16,500 products and 4,500 suppliers. Search by product, vendor, and full-text keywords.

Software Boutique Home Page
Project A Software Solutions, Ashland, OR, US
Your online guide to finding the software or peripherals that you desire. Stop by any time you need a break from your day and just feel like taking a trip.

Soundview Executive Book Summaries
Concentrated Knowledge Corporation, Bristol, VT, US
Soundview Executive Book Summaries reviews and summarizes business books for an executive clientele worldwide. Soundview's Web site contains reviews, interviews with authors, management tips, and other goodies for business people.

Sports & Entertainment Silver Medallion Limited Edition Collectibles
The Establishmint, Tempe, AZ, US
The EstablishMINT is your source for Star Trek silver and 24kt limited edition medallion collectibles. We have your favorite NFL, NBA, NHL and MLB players and team silver and gold Select Medallion Commemoratives starting at $24.95.

Stoli Central
Margeotes Fertitta Donaher & Weiss, New York, NY, US
Stoli Central is more than vodka. This highly interactive Web site includes a challenging puzzle, a coloring palette, create-a-drink page and more.

Kirkland, WA, US
StrandWare is a leading developer of bar code design and printing (automatic ID) software for PCs as well as document tracking software for the RIM market.

Sunrise Bootery
Internet Marketing Company, Apopka, FL, US
A new source for Nike products on the Web. Brought to you by the Sunrise Bootery in the Internet Trade Center.

Lisse, The Netherlands
Major international library supplier and information provider. Subscriptions and serials management-library automation-scholarly publishing- optical disk and microform production-comprehensive backsets and reprint business.

Take That
Ludwigsburg, Germany
The unofficial web site to the British pop band Take That, consisting of five nice guys from Manchester, UK.

Tanner Long Press, Inc.
Boulder, CO, US
We are pleased to announce the publishing of our latest book, The Amendment 2 Murder, by Nigel Stevens. Please visit our storefront and read an excerpt of our current book. Our next book, Nick and Peter: The Fire Island Murder, by James Robiscoe will be released by July 4th.

Technology OnLine (TM)
Strategic Marketing Concepts, Inc., Clearwater, FL, US
The single source for linking to, and providing data from, the major players in the computer industry.

Theatre LA
What's happening in Los Angeles live theatre? Theatre LA features theatre listings and information for over 100 theatres in greater Los Angeles.

They Walk Among Us -- Comics & Books
London, UK
A supplier specializing in US and UK comics books and graphic novels: mainstream, back-issues, collectors and alternative. Batman, X-Men, Sandman, Tank Girl; Marvel, DC, Image, Vertigo, DarkHorse.

Travis Computing
Dallas, TX, US
Computer sales, upgrades, and consulting.

Tribal Voice
Woodland Park, CO, US
The definitive listing of Web sites by subject/geography. Includes reviews.

Two Bit Score -- Pinball & Video Game Repair
Austin, TX, US
This location has volumes of information about pinball machines. We provide parts and service to operators, and collectors. We also sell software for coin operated video games.

The UCNet Information Services in Taiwan
UCNet in Taiwan, Taipei, TW
Information services which can help you find more about Taiwan.

UK Internet Showcase
Technomedia, London, England, UK
This UK Web showcase seeks to provide free listings for UK and European organizations with limited access to the Internet. A chargeable service is also available.

University of Colorado Health Sciences Center
Information Systems Department, Denver, CO, US
A campus of the Colorado University system, including the schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing, and pharmacy, Univ. hospitals, and administration.

Unofficial British Columbia Scuba Page
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Describes and provides information about the sport of scuba in British Columbia. Includes reviews of sites, lists of commercial services, and other resources for the sport.

VALU Travel Marketing
Internet Marketing Resources, Bowie, MD, US
Offers exciting and inexpensive deals in travel. See our Web page for details on the Isis Travel Club for women and our Compute-A-Cruise in October.

Vantage One Communications Group
Cleveland, OH, US
A full-service design firm, providing our clients with highly-effective graphic design, publishing and interactive multimedia. We offer everything from sketches to scripting, design to distribution, conceptualization to consulting. Working hard and smart for our clients, Vantage One designs compelling information in print, on disks and across digital networks.

The Virginia Glee Club Homepage
Charlottesville, VA, US
Celebrating over 120 years of vocal performance, we invite you to hear one of our many sound samples, including: Ave Maria by Franz Biebl, Ubi Caritas by Durufle, and the Univ. of Virginia's alma mater The Good Old Song. Follow this link to find a group that is devoted to fine classical music.

Vista International, Inc. Income Development System
Mystic, CT, US
Learn how you can "cash " in on the easiest income opportunity in America. What makes Vista different than other MLM companies? Organizational marketing. A simple yet powerful new concept.

Vitamin Power Health and Fitness Products
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Exclusive natural vitamin formulations, mineral supplements, herbal teas and encapsulated herbs, other nutritional supplements, and skin-care products.

W3 Technology -- Effective Marketing for the Information Age
Groton, MA, US
An international consulting and marketing services firm, W3T provides solutions for business organizations to utilize the Internet and new media as a global competitive advantage for marketing, selling, delivering, and supporting products and services. Our products include seminars, training, consulting, and fixed price projects.

W4-Server Homebase
Antilope software., Enschede, Overijssel, NL
This is the place a lot of PC users where looking for. You can find here the Shareware version of W4-Server. This server works under Windows 3.x & 95. It uses only 75 kB. Another feature is the so-called WTD-protocol. Check it out here!

Web Digest For Marketers
The Online Ad Agency, New York, NY, US
A review of the latest marketing sites on the Web.

WebVenture WebSite Services
WebVenture Communications, Inc., San Jose, CA, US
WebVenture provides the services you need to put your business on the World Wide Web. We'll work closely with you to build your business, place it on the network, and maintain its operation 24 hours a day. For cool places to go, check out our hotlist!

WeMake CDs, Inc.
Indianapolis, IN, US
A publisher of educational and entertainment software on CD-ROM. As an independent software publisher, WeMake is always looking for new products to publish. If you have an idea for a new CD-ROM contact us.

Western Pro Imaging
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Digital conversion services.

The Wizard Free Form Web
WZRD - Chicago 88.3 FM, Chicago, IL, US
The Wizard Free Form Web, from WZRD radio, is filled with music, radio resources, politics, and the creme de la weird.

WorkSaver Software, Price Quoting for Windows
Shrewsbury, MA, US
Fast point and click price quoting. Adjust prices and margins on the fly. Very fast and powerful tool.

World Government Discussion Pages
Earth United, Bath, Somerset, UK
The Earth United pages are for discussion of world government. Should there be one; could it be fair? Visit the site and join the discussion.

World Job Seekers
Canadian Business Advertising Network, Edmonton, AB, Canada
People from around around the world who are seeking employment. In addition to the listings of names, a categorized listing is also available. Posting of resumes is easy and free.

World Wide Libertarian Pages
San Francisco, CA, US
WWLP serves as a comprehensive directory for libertarian resources available on the Internet: organizations, parties, issue-oriented resources, discussion areas, and libertarian-owned businesses. Check in frequently for the latest libertarian political news.

Digipic Inc., Asheville, NC, US
Digipic Inc. is a full service photographic, design, digital pre-press and Web advertising marketer, based in Asheville, NC.

Yellowstone Press
Minneapolis, MN, US
Kirins Fantasy Trilogy - What to read after Tolkien? A new fantasy/adventure series that appeals to readers of all ages.

Zerox -- Master of the Virtual Nowhere
Hogeschool van Utrecht, Utrecht, The Netherlands
This WWW-site contains info on new shareware products, MIDI files and programming sources. Links will include some to the most wanted sites (as in software, pictures, sound).

Wednesday, 3 May 1995

Action Figures
eggBERT Records, Arlington,, VA, US
An electrically overcharged progressive powerpop band from Washington D.C. If you like Dramarama, Game Theory, Let's Active or Big Star melodic tunes, then check out samples from Action Figures new release little citizens.

Air Cruise America
Long Beach, CA, US
On your next visit to Southern California, relive the romance of aviation in the '30s and '40s with a nostalgic air tour aboard the legendary DC-3.

Albany & Capital District (NY) Democrats
RFK Democratic Club, Albany, NY, US
Home page of the RFK Democratic Club, Albany and greater Capital District of New York. Contains general information about the organization. local politics, and links to other related sites.

Allied Access, Inc.
Murphysboro, IL, US
Now complete, the scheduled installation of the newest point of presence in the Franklin County, Illinois location of West Frankfort. Dial in speeds up to 28.8K are now available via a local phone call to the 618-932 exchange. This POP is available free of telephone long distance charges throughout most of the county.

All-Inclusive Vacations
Los Angeles, CA, US
A specialty travel agency selling all-inclusive packages to Jamaica exclusively. Resorts offered: Sandals, Couples, Ciboney, Jamaica-Jamaica, Hedonism, Grand Lido, Boscobel Beach and more. Additional Internet discounts.

American Journalism Review
Adelphi, MD, US
The site contains a Journalist's Guide to the Internet and other resources.

Apollo Advertising
American Marketing Enterprises, Freeport, IL, US
Check out our section on business opportunities, and the listing from American Marketing Enterprises. We are looking for ambitious people to help us expand globally. We have affiliations in all 50 U.S. states and in over 60 countries.

Aroma Tech., Inc. CD-ROM Catalog
Santa Clara, CA, US
This page includes a constantly compiled online list of over 500 CD-ROM titles for IBM and MAC organized by categories. Titles range from adult to games for kids to shareware collections.

Atlanta Medical Legal Consultants
Atlanta,, GA, US
Nationwide medical legal assistance for legal professionals. Medical case reviews, we will find medical experts to support your case.

Atmospheric Sciences Division -- USAF
PL/GPA, Hanscom Air Force Base, MA, US
Responsible for conducting basic and applied research in the areas of meteorology and atmospheric physics as these areas impact Air Force systems and operations.

Banyan Systems Inc.
Westboro, MA, US
The leader in enterprise network services -- messaging, directory, and network management. Banyan is also the maker of the popular VINES network operating system. Our Web server provides a significant amount of information about the company and its products.

Bed & Breakfast Online
Proton Palace Professional BBS (c), Ottawa, ON, Canada
Proudly Canadian owned and operated bed and breakfast server. Our service includes geographic, tourist, regional and bed and breakfast information in full color for all regions of Canada.

Bernese Mountain Dog Home Page
Matthew N. Kleiman, Chicago, IL, US
A comprehensive collection of pointers to information about Bernese Mountain Dogs. Current and prospective owners alike should benefit from this wide-ranging collection of sources, which includes email contact information for many Berner owners.

Beyond the WOW Factor
Fine Art Dept., Staffordshire Univ., UK
A digital portfolio of selected works from the international traveling exhibition Beyond the WOW factor, a group show exploring oppositions and relationships between digital imaging and traditional fine art practices.

The Biocenter of the University of Würzburg
Würzburg, Bavaria, Germany
An interdisciplinary institute for scientific research and learning, comprising six biological, one chemical and three medical departments. It is part of the Univ. of Würzburg.

The Blue Highway
Curtis Hewston, Orlando, FL, US
Offering a brief introduction to the uniquely American musical form known as the blues. Continue your exploration with the most notable blues links on the Net.

BMEnet -- Biomedical Engineering
The Whitaker Foundation and Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN, US
Biomedical engineering resources, including research funding, jobs, research news, conferences and meetings, scientific societies, and Internet resources. Designed for biomedical engineers and others interested in the field.

Branscombe Richmond and Renegade
San Diego, CA, US
Online fan club for Branscombe Richmond, co-star of hit TV series Renegade. Includes photos of the stars, juicy Hollywood gossip, and information about his band, the Renegade Posse.

BTG Inc.
Vienna, VA, US
BTG is the distributor of Netscape products for the US Government and others qualified for GSA purchases. BTG provides a mirror site for the downloading of Netscape products by qualified users.

The Canada Council
Calgary, AB, CA
An independent, arm's length organization created by the Parliament of Canada in 1957 to foster and promote the arts.

Canadian Embassy, Washington DC
Embassy of Canada, Washington, DC, US
Information on services of the Canadian Embassy, in trade, investment and tourism, as well as links to Canadian federal and provincial government Internet resources. Les informations dans notre site est aussi disponible en francais.

Celebrity City
The Infotique, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The cyberspace mecca for celebrity photos. This downloadable collection includes high quality onstage and offstage images of over 100 country music, rock, pop, movie, and television entertainers. Entertainment site links.

Central Carolina Online Career Services
Greensboro, NC, US
Establish yourself as a professional resource by joining our online professional directory. Learn about regional opportunities in employment, volunteering, education and training.

Cho-Pat Sports Medicine Products
Hainesport, NJ, US
Designing, manufacturing and distributing a line of specific sports/medicine devices for the knee, elbow, upper arm, shin, heel, ankle, and wrist, some of which carry U.S. patents.

Classical Music on the Net
Individual, Austin, TX, US
Dr. Douglas Bell and Einet Galaxy bring you Classical Music on the Net. Classical Music on the Net is an easy way to find available resources. Information is organized around a simple set of music topics and subtopics.

CLNet (Chicano/Latino Electronic Network)
UCLA Chicano Studies Research Library, Los Angeles, CA, US
Chicano/Latino research as well as linguistic minority and educational research efforts being carried out at the University of California and elsewhere. CLENet is a joint project of the Chicano Studies Research Center at UCLA and the UC Linguistic Minority Research Institute at UC Santa Barbara.

Connecting With Nature
Project NatureConnect, Friday Harbor, WA, US
Activities, books, and courses for wellness, spirit, and deeper learning. By scientifically creating nature-connected moments that let Earth teach, this program endows people with elements of an applied ecopsychology, a celestine process sorely needed by our times.

Counterpoint Publishing
Thomson Legal Publishing, Cambridge, MA, US
Provides subscription-based federal and state regulatory and legal reference databases to industry, government agencies and institutions via WWW, gopher, e-mail or CD-ROM. Titles include the Daily Federal Register, updated Code of Federal Regulations, the Commerce Business Daily, complete US Code, government contracting library and state environmental regulations.

Watertown, MA, US
cyways links organizations to the global Internet. We offer total connectivity packages including an Internet connection, hardware, software, service, training, and support. You can read a technical document about connecting to the Internet or visit our software archive.

Defense Surplus Sales
Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service, Battle Creek, MI, US
The Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service is the place to buy surplus military inventory direct from the Government. We sell almost anything, from paperclips to battleships direct to the public. Check out the New England/New York Home Page while you're there for a clickable map and digital photos.

Diamond Consulting Services
Tucson, AZ, US
Offering complete multimedia design and publication services, including Web page design and placement (low monthly rates), CD-ROMs, catalogs, brochures, kiosks.

Digital Photography '95 Exhibit
Bradley Univ., Peoria Art Guild, Peoria, IL, US
Our second annual juried exhibition, "Digital Photography '95" features 30 different photographs from 26 artists. Links are provided to artists' statements, portraits, audio files, and individual artists' Web pages.

Dos Casas Company
Albuquerque, NM, US
Our house to your house. We offer classic furniture and accessories for home or business handcrafted in tin, bronze, wood and iron. We rotate offerings monthly, so visit us regularly.

Dr. Benz Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Features bimonthly technical articles, online estimate services, ordering, and tech support for parts and accessories on all makes and models of Mercedes and BMW.

Earth Pledge Foundation
New York, NY, US
EPF is devoted to promoting sustainable development to help resolve the conflict between environmentalists and developers. On April 10, 1995, we launched a year-long essay contest with $100,000 in prizes.

ET Medical Services
Cross Lanes, WV, US
Inexpensive electronic medical billing software and/or service.

Express Mortgage
Austin, TX, USA
Offering 24 hour loan approval and 10 day closings with great pricing.

Federal Webmasters Workshop
National Science Foundation, Washington D.C., DC, US
A Web workshop for federal employees who have responsibility for serving federal information to the Web -- no Web surfers, please. The workshop will take place July 11-13 on the campus of the National Institutes of Health in Washington, DC.

First Union MasterCard -- apply online
Charlotte, NC, US
First Union is proud to offer an online MasterCard application. This site supports both SSL and SHTTP secure protocols to provide privacy when entering personal information. SHTTP support and web pages are supported by the Open Market Secure Web Server. SSL support is supported by the Netscape Communications Netsite Server. Consulting and web services provided by TriNet Services.

Flooring Source Rug Merchants
Allied Access, Inc., Murphysboro, IL, US
Offering hundreds of high quality carpets, area rugs, throws and tiles to Internet consumers around the world. The products are produced by world renown manufacturers such as USA-Rug.

Florida's Finest Retirement Communities
Pringle Development, Leesburg, FL, US
Our retirement communities are thoughtfully designed with both environmental beauty and overall value in mind. The young at heart will enjoy golf, boating, tennis, fishing and other activities in and around our communities.

Fun e-Mail
David Krider, Pasadena, CA, US
Some people deserve Fun e-Mail. Others don't. You be the judge!

Galaxy Photography -- Astronomical Images
Galaxy Photography, Frisco, TX, US
Poster-prints and slide-sets of astronomical objects. The home page has 11 images ready to download, along with information for beginners on how to take photos with your telescope.

Gem Search International
Honolulu, HI, US
Offering Internet users professional and timely serches for jewelry and loose stones at distributor prices. If you are planning to get married or engaged, Gem Search will help you find jewelry that is just right for your needs. We specialize in large, high quality, loose diamonds.

Girvies Davis Clemency Page
Brian K. Murphy, US
Illinois death row inmate Girvies Davis, who is scheduled to be executed by lethal injection on May 17, 1995, has become the first death row prisoner in the United States to take his case directly to the people on the Internet. Girvies was convicted and sentenced to death in 1980 for a crime in which -- in all probability -- he had no involvement at all. Girvies' home page contains links to his clemency petition to the Governor, articles written about his plight, "evidence" that Internet users can examine for themselves, and more.

Global Encyclopedia
JensenWeb, Seattle, WA, USA
A brand new, general-purpose encyclopedia free to everyone on the Internet. Add your own articles. Pictures and intelligent linking coming soon. Source code available.

Graduate Program in Communications
McGill University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The oldest communications program in Canada. We offer M.A. and Ph.D. degrees with an accent on theoretical, practical and historical forms of enquiry in all areas of communications.

Castellarano, RE, Italy
A leading company in the production of porcelain stoneware. Site includes company profile, catalogue, and examples of our references in the world.

Hang Gliding Mailing List HTML Digests
InfoTech Communications, St. Louis, MO, US
Index of mailing list digests from the Hang Gliding mailing list.

Hard Response
San Diego, US, US
Online version of a political newsletter. Have fun at the expense of the Right. Space paid one year/25 gifs/120 articles. New. "Oink if You Love Rush!"

Harris Semiconductor
Palm Bay, FL, US
Harris has redesigned its site to make finding semiconductor information and design tools easier. Included are a search capability and more than 1000 data sheets and application notes online.

High Performance Cartridges Inc.
Bal Harbour, FL, US
Remanufacturing of laser toner cartridges. Offers for first time to the end user.

The Holland Companies
Phoenix, AZ, US
One of the fastest growing polished pewter manufacturer/wholesalers in the U.S. offering a wide range of unique products for home or office.

Hollywood Network
Internet Entertainment Network, Beverly Hills, CA, US
Offers direct access to services and products related to Hollywood, 24 hours a day, and links all the cool entertainment sites.

Houston Community College System
Houston, TX, US
Quick click locations and interactive maps.

HTML for Fun and Profit
Sun Microsystems, Mountain View, CA, US
A book-based HTML tutorial for the Mac, PC, and UNIX. CDROM etc.

Husband, Lover, Spy
Internet Entertainment Network, Beverly Hills, CA, US
A live online game and worldwide search hostessed by Janice Pennington of The Price Is Right.

Images from Japan
Jamie Marconi, Moscow, ID, US
Collection of images related to Japan.

An Information.Com resource
Virtual Office, Inc., New York, NY, USA
Information.Com helps you find information--with links to subject guides and search tools, virtual libraries, web crawlers, Internet databases, query engines, tutorials, and online reference books. Information.Com also links to today's daily news, weather, business, sports, and fun.

InfoTech Communications
St. Louis, MO, US
Internet and WWW consulting. Introductory text about services offered by InfoTech Communications. Also contains some interesting links to other resources.

InterKnowledge Official Guide to Bonaire
New York, NY, US
Regional information about Bonaire, Netherland Antilles including history, activities, diving, eco-tourism, accommodations, points of interest, restaurants & nightlife, travel tips and transportation. Sponsored by the Tourism Corporation of Bonaire.

International Systems Registrars Ltd.
Brookfield, WI, US
An ISO/QS 9000 consulting, auditing and training corporation specializing in ISO/QS 9000 complete quality manuals used for registration. We provide five hours free training through WISTAP, for all Wisconsin area businesses.

Internet Game Network
Internet Entertainment Network, Beverly Hills, CA, US
Online live bulletin board to discuss gameshow trivia and chat with gameshow celebrities: The Price Is Right's Janice Pennington, Holly Hallstrom, and others.

Internet Marine Directory
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
The Directory contains over 30,000 marine companies. This searchable directory links the consumer to product information, customer service forum, email, fax services, press releases, and online catalogs.

Evansville, IN, US
Provides a comprehensive index of all publicly held companies with an Internet presence. InvestorWEB assists companies with investor communications and provides reference resources for investors on the World Wide Web.

The Israel Judaica Emporium
Macom Networking Ltd., Jerusalem, Israel
A wide variety of Judaica and Jewish ritual artifacts: kippas, mezzuzas, candlesticks, talissim, silver pieces (Kiddush cups), etc.

Jewish Study Center
Washington, DC, US
A place for Jews of all denominations to learn and teach. The classes cover religious and secular themes, historical and contemporary topics. Taught by lay people and rabbis alike, the Center seeks to be a community-wide effort.

Jones Hall Hill & White
San Francisco, CA, US
Our law firm practices exclusively in the area of municipal finance as bond counsel, underwriter's counsel, disclosure counsel, special tax counsel and rebate compliance counsel.

Karate Resources Online
New York, NY, US
An index to all of the online resources specializing in Japanese karate (Shotokan in particular). Also other martial arts resources online. If it's not here already, I'll add it.

KaWin Home Page
Stan Huntting, Boulder, CO, US
Amateur radio software for digital radio communication. KaWin supports multiple host mode Kantronics® TNCs in all HF and VHF modes in MS Windows®. Download from Web or ftp.

East Harriet Associates, Minneapolis, MN, US
This electronic journal contains information of interest to expatriate Swedes and Americans, former exchange students, and others fascinated by the differences between the U.S. and Sweden.

La Mar Diamant -- Stone Technology
La Mar Diamant (SEA) has a well-earned position at the top of the stone industry. Over the past two decades, the company has kept abreast of the Far East's dynamic building industry. Its unique trademark: traditional Italian crafting skills combined with modern technology to bring out the true beauty of the stone.

San Diego, CA, US
LawInfo(tm) is a legal service directory created specifically to provide Internet users access to legal representation and services worldwide.

A Limited Editions Art Gallery
GTP Inc., Orlando, FL, US
Representing over 80 well known artists and many respected US art publishers, the L.E. Gallery is a great place to find the print you always wanted. You can easily locate your favorite subjects by using our topic search method, or view various artist's portfolios.

LinkAge Software Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Products and services that enable our clients to interconnect disparate PC-LAN, UNIX and host-based messaging networks.

The Louisiana Coastal GIS Network (LCGISN)
Louisiana State Univ., Baton Rouge, LA, US
Funded by USGS, the Louisiana Coastal GIS Network is designed to facilitate the cataloging and retrieval of GIS-related information and data concerning coastal Louisiana. Site contains background information about the project, database design, and more.

Macalester College Web
St. Paul, MN, US
Information about Macalester College, a private undergraduate liberal arts college in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Management Systems and Training, Inc.
Overland Park, KS, US
Training business people is our focus. We have trained over 35,000 people to use most popular software. We offer free tips and technical support for Lotus 1-2-3.

The MegaMall
The Infotique, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Free merchant and personal home page billboards until June 30. This upcoming hotspot for Internet shoppers features Superjump navigation, newsletter, specials, contests, freebie downloads, rock bottom advertising rates and extensive merchant features.

Micro Technology Services, Inc. (MTSI)
Richardson, TX, US
Specializing in engineering design, software development, and manufacturing for a variety of electronic and telecommunications firms. MTSI is an authorized Motorola System Integrator for the entire line of Motorola VME and PowerPC(tm) products.

Microsoft's Internet Assistant
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Microsoft has just introduced Internet Assistant as Freeware. You can download from the Netcenter for a limited time. Add-on to Word for Windows 6.0 to easily and seamlessly create HTML. Groovy.

Ming-Na Wen Homage Home Page
South Bend, IN, US
Information about and pictures of the actress Ming-Na Wen.

Minnesota New Country School
MNCS, Le Sueur, MN, US
An alternative, project-based high school started in south-central Minnesota. We present an individualized learning environment that includes using the community as a place to learn, extensive parent involvement, and advanced technology.

The Mole Hole
Zorkon Inc., Evanston, IL, US
A great comedy page that will let you laugh yourself silly. Always growing.

The Monolith Home Page
Redmond, WA, US
Provides information about Monolith, Megamedia(TM), and The Monolith CD. Also provides downloading of software and audio demos for PCs.

Multi-Comm Entertainment System
Las Vegas, NV, US
Multi-Line bulletin board system with 50 lines up to 14,400 (soon to be 28.8) Full internet access, games, chat, local games, contests.

The National Ballet of Canada
Calgary, AB, CA
Canada's premier dance company ranks as one of the world's top international dance companies.

National Listing Service (Seehomes.com)
Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides free access to residential real estate listings throughout North America and soon the world. NLS is a comprehensive source of real estate listing information as well as agent and company information in selected regions. Take a moment to search for properties in your area.

National Students for Life
Chicago, IL, US
Outreach for pro-life college students.

Nationwide School Weather Network
Gaithersburg, MD, US
Automated Weather Source has established a nationwide network of weather stations in over 900 schools. Broadcast meteorologists air weather conditions live from schools adding excitement to the educational value of the weather data. Take a look at some maps and graphs of AWS data.

Nat'l Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning
Santa Cruz, CA, US
A national research center funded by the U.S. Office of Education, Office of Educational Research and Improvement.

Neo-Logic, Inc.
Round Rock, TX, US
Neo-Logic develops and publishes information tools and aids focused on solving the problems associated with effective day-to-day use of complex multi-faceted systems and processes. The objective is to allow people to connect, comprehend, and do quickly and effectively.

Net Nation
Mighty Dog Designs, Clemson, SC, US
Fans of the Dead have their bears, Nine Inch Nails fans have their NIN symbol. The Dog thinks that Net citizens need a window decal too. Come see how to get one for free.

Net Threads (tm)
Kennesaw, GA, US
Offering Internet enthusiasts a full line of premium quality merchandise, all with an Internet theme. T-shirts, mouse pads, mugs, customized items and more. Stop by and check out The Net Threads On-Line Catalog.

NetDiamonds, Gemstones and Jewelry
New York, NY, US
The most exclusive source for diamonds and other gemstones and high quality jewelry on the Net. Straight from New York City's "Diamond District," these are the best deals to be found anywhere.

The Northwestern University Traffic Institute
Evanston, IL, US
An award-winning, internationally recognized facility for training police, traffic engineers, and public safety professionals. The home page describes courses, facilities, publications, research, and consulting capabilities, with links to other law enforcement and criminal justice-related sites.

Ocean Surfer Home Page
South Coast Surf Shops of San Diego, San Diego, CA, US
Learn about surfing lifestyles, equipment, issues, and opinions. Read stories about surfing; see products from unique manufacturers. Contributors are active in the world-wide surfing community.

Orbit Global Travel Guide
MacMedia AB, Stockholm, Sweden
Orbit concentrates on Australia in the premiere issue. It is a multi-layered concept: a colorful travel brochure, guide, magazine with broader comment, and a forum.

Point Escort
Point Communications Corp., Brookline, MA, US
Like having a hacker at your elbow. The only online tutorial with escorted tours for new users, getting your business on the Net, and searching/surfing tools.

Point Survey
Point Communications Corporation, Brookline, MA, US
The largest and best collection of funny and entertaining critical reviews and ratings of Web sites, written by Emmy winning writers. Users can also submit their own ratings!

Poley's Big & Tall
Centerville, OH, US
Specializing in branded, quality apparel for the big & tall man. Choose from suits, sport coats, sportswear and shoes from major brands; Izod, Gant, Levi, Palm Beach and more.

Power Computing Corporation
Milpitas, CA, US
The first licensee of the Macintosh Operating System. Please feel free to visit the future of Macintosh computing.

Psychology Department at the Univ. at Albany, SUNY
Albany, NY, US
Descriptions of graduate and undergraduate programs. Describes admission procedures and criteria, curriculum requirements, research specialties, and faculty.

Quest Technologies
New York, NY, US
A pioneer in computerized support services, Quest focuses its strengths on two main areas: the legal marketplace and the Internet marketplace. For the first, Quest combines technical innovations with wide area network expertise to provide computerized litigation support services. For the second, Quest creates the most compelling Web servers on the Net.

Redondo Beach Visitor Bureau
GEN Inc., Monorvia, CA, US
The Redondo Beach Wine Exposition will be May 21, and Treasure Island Days will be May 6,7. Please visit this site for information on these events as well the Redondo Beach area.

RHS Animation
SJCPL, South Bend, IN, US
A small pile of MPEG animations made by RHS.

RS Communications' Cycling
Newburyport, MA, US
RS Communications announces the addition of cycling to the Adventure Sports pages. In addition to the current offerings, look for regional information, retailers, manufacturers, associations and publishers coming on in the near future.

Salem Five InternetAccess
Salem Five Cents Savings Bank, Salem, MA, US
A billion dollar financial services company and a bank technology leader in New England, Salem Five has opened a "virtual branch" on the Web. Online customers purchasing certificates of deposit can lock in special rates.

Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page
Eclectic Theater Company (ETC), Portland, OR, US
"Bravo!" says the April issue of NetGuide about this central resource for screenwriters and playwrights. Featured areas include nuts and bolts of craft, structure paradigms, marketing strategies, getting an agent, online scripts, tips from the pros, and much more.

Sea Urchin Harvesters Association -- California
Bodega Bay, CA, US
A non-profit organization formed to keep the urchin diving community informed, educate the public and legislature about the benefits of the industry to the economy of the state and environment.

Snowmobile World Homepage
Ume, 903 21, SWEDEN
A homepage about snowmobiles.

Sol Travel
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
Independent travel agency specializing in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Larry Michaels, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, CANADA
New digital magazine, recently launched on a trial basis.

Spirit & Nature Dream Web Ventures
Phoenix, AZ, US
A new site composed of both commercial products (many hand-made) and services, and non-commercial human interest information (linked in or placed online at no charge). Help us build a useful, well integrated site.

Star City Page
RealTech Services, Roanoke, VA, US
Extensive links to information about Roanoke, VA, including real estate for sale, local events, golf links, favorite places, and special events such as the Tour DuPont.

The Stratford Festival
Calgary, AB, CA
The largest celebration of classical and contemporary theatre in North America.

Superhighway Consulting, Inc.
Chicago, IL, US
Offering businesses a turnkey solution to utilize the Information Superhighway as a marketing medium. We develop and promote online multimedia advertising applications containing interactive color catalogs, brochures, line cards, etc. for companies such as yours.

Tactix ReEngineering, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
Tactix is focused on the centralized administration of remote UNIX systems. We are the developers of the TRIView suite of management tools. We have installed and supported networks of systems which operate in the United States and Canada.

The Tatra Mountains Virtual Tourist
Poznan Univ. of Technology, Poznan, Poland
The Tatra Mountains pages contain sensitive maps and many pictures about the Tatras.

TekNovation Electronic Catalog
Grayslake, IL, US
Digital solutions for sales, marketing, and personal pleasure. Services include custom electronic catalogs, custom screensavers, and digital restoration of your priceless, old, faded and damaged photos.

Teldor Wires and Cables
Kibbutz Ein Dor, Israel
A private company established in 1966, Teldor is a leading manufacturer of hi-tech, sophisticated eletronic cables, situated in Kibbutz Ein Dor, in the northern part of Israel.

Teldor Wires and Cables
Kibbutz Ein Dor, Israel
A private company established in 1966, is a leading manufacturer of hi-tech, sophisticated electronic cables, situated in Kibbutz Ein Dor, in the northern part of Israel

Theresa Ann's Surrealistic Clothing
Clearwater, FL, US
Theresa Ann is pleased to announce that her Surrealistic Clothing has finally made it onto the Net. Only available at Artwhere (where else?).

Thomas Register of American Manufacturers
New York, NY, US
The new address for the Thomas Register home page. For more than 85 years, Thomas Register has served as the prime source for suppliers of products and services for business and industry. Contains 150,000 companies under 52,000 categories.

San Diego, CA, US
Internet novelties and brag-ware features, personalized with your name and email address. I-Net mugs, T-shirts, paper weights, key chains and, believe it or not, your very own full size Internet Surfboard.

The Travel Connection
William R. Fox Company, Grand Terrace, CA, US
A listing of travel agencies, listed via their specialty. Current categories include cruises, all-inclusives, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, Jamaica, Air Consolidator, dive & adventure travel, travel schools and more. All of the listed agencies have an email address and specific destination knowledge.

Understanding The Internet
Cochran Interactive Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Over 200 references for beginners, including links to the latest Internet software, background guides, and several lists of online resources. It was developed as an online companion to a television documentary about the history and growth of the Internet -- copies of the video are available for sale.

Uni Basel Physics Dept. -- Condensed Matter
Institut fuer Physik der Universitaet Basel, Basel, Switzerland
The condensed matter home page of the Institut fuer Physik der Universitaet Basel hosts three experimental and one theoretical research groups dealing with condensed matter.

Up At Six Aviaries Home Page
Bosque, NM, US
Information regarding parrots and other birds as well as information regarding Bird Basics, a database software for avian enthusiasts and breeders.

U.S. Federal Judiciary
Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts, Washington, DC, US
Information on the federal court system including its organization, administration, and operation. Selected articles from the Judiciary's monthly newsletter The Third Branch, and press releases are also included.

The (virtual) Baguette
Multimania Production, Mountain View, CA, US
The first French magazine on the Web. Bilingual English/French, and lots of images. A place for hilarious rendezvous. Learn about strange French objects: in this issue, the bidet. Visit the virtual Lourdes, listen to French music or talk on the (virtual) Forum.

Virtual Travel Brochure
Uniglobe GEM Travel, Santa Clara, CA, US
In the cruise pages, you will find the detailed itinerary info and pricing. In the Hawaii pages, you will find detailed hotel descriptions. All links are complete. Items "under construction" have no links. Graphics are small.

Volant TurnPike(tm) Gets A Face Lift
San Diego, CA, US
Home of TurnPike Metropolis, Mirsky's Worst Of The Web, TurnPike Emporium, and many other favorite Web sections has received a major facelift. Among the enhancements are all new graphics and automated category indexing of Web publishers on the system.

w3/media Interactive Marketing
Los Angeles, CA, US
Created to embrace an interactive, user-controlled, global market. We are on the forefront of the craft while others have been sideline spectators. We are the people you will want to talk to when it comes to designing your company's future in a market with an individualized set of rules.

A Wealth of Information
The Infotique, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The virtual resource center for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Over 200 downloadable reports on a wide variety of topics related to starting and operating a home-based or small business.

Wedding Gifts Online
A collection of stylish gifts which can be ordered online and shipped directly to your friends.

The Whetzel Group
Bowie, MD, US
Providing information and products catering to personal, home, and auto security. The Whetzel Group is also adding other information and commercial concerns to our umbrella.

Windows 95 Info Page
Mark Leary, Duxbury, MA, US
A complete starting point of info concerning Microsoft's upcoming 32-bit OS, Windows 95. Also, detailed technical support for users of the Win95 Preview software and beta testers.

World Conquest
Prime Time Simulations, Rodeo, CA, US
A WWII technology 12-player wargame. Players use our graphic front end, WCVIEW. Totally automated Net version available. Turns are processed hourly. 1000's have played from around the world. Must have IBM/clone w/color. Easy to play and fun.

World Series of Poker
ConJelCo, Pittsburgh, PA, US
The 1995 World Series of Poker is being held at Binion's Horseshoe through May 18. The winner of the main event will win $1,000,000. The results will be available here the morning after the event.

Xicor Inc. Design Resource
Milpitas, CA, USA
A design resource from a nonvolatile semiconductor manufacturer of EEPROMs, serial EEPROMs, NOVRAMs, EEPOT digital potentiometers, microperipheral products, and other unique devices featuring nonvolatility.

Friday, 5 May 1995

1995 Nichols Expeditions Guide
Moab, UT, US
Offers exciting information and pictures of biking, rafting, kayaking and backpacking in Utah, Grand Canyon, Idaho, and Alaska.

1st Finances
Los Angeles, CA, US
We provide many of MCI's services. Net INTERNET MCI software allows you to get on the Internet securely, quickly, and easily. We also provide networkMCI pagers, calling cards, 1-800 phone numbers, and good long distance rates.

The 4X4 Web Page
San Jose, CA, US
Everything for the 4X4 and offroad enthusiast. We are now at our new location.

Advice and Adventures on Budget Travel in Europe
Nick Cockcroft, PA, US
If you're doing the Let's Go Eurail thing this summer, or are interested in student or budget travel in Europe, this page is packed with info on dos, don'ts, and saving money.

AgriWeather, Inc.
Cheyenne, WY, US
An online weather instrument catalog as well as a customized weather forecast service. Also: weather and climatic information pertinent to the Rocky Mountain and High Plains regions of the western United States.

Alabama Industrial Development Training
Montgomery, AL, US
Established to build a healthy economy in Alabama by recruiting and training a skilled work force to attract new industries to the state and to expand existing industries.

Allegro Systems, Ltd.
Tucson, AZ, US
Allegro is a software company whose products include a 32-bit multi- tasking 386 & up operating system and a BBS which can support up to 10,000 simultaneous users.

American Diamond Exchange
New Haven, CT, US
A very educational site. Learn about diamonds and jewelry. You'll feel comfortable about making your jewelry purchases at this well organized Web site. Be sure to check out their list of GIA diamonds with laboratory reports.

Americans for Tax Reform
Washington, DC, US
The United States' leading taxpayer activist organization, Americans for Tax Reform (ATR), is a national clearinghouse and information provider for the taxpayer movement.

Annotated Listings for Internet and Cyberspace Explorers (ALICE)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
ALICE is an exhaustive list of Internet resources in Manitoba, and a selective list of the best WWW sites, brought to you by InternetXpress.

APENS Online
Assoc. of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia, Canada
APENS is the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia. This Web site was authored by volunteers and is one of Canada's first professional engineering WWW sites. The site is a guide to the association and events surrounding our 75th anniversary.

Appels Bolt People Home Page
Pasadena, CA, USA
What are bolt people? They are sculptures made out of common nuts and bolts. Steve Appel of Prescott Arizona makes them by hand, doing all manner of things.

ArtVif OnLine
Paris, France
The virtual gallery of the ArtVif Magazine, an independent (and free) magazine about artistic activities in France. We use this space to present new artists and underground artistic events.

Spyder Web Services, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Database featuring thousands of vehicles from dealers across North America.

Bed and Breakfast Inns of North America
Cimarron Technology, Dallas, TX, US
A beautifully designed and easy-to-use guide to bed and breakfast inns in North America with color photos, complete descriptions, and in many cases, email links to the inn.

Blackboard Technology Group, Inc.
Amherst, MA, US
The premier vendor of blackboard-based problem-solving technology, which allows software modules to interact in the same flexible style as human experts using groupware. Blackboard Technology Group specializes in the use of blackboard- and agent-based systems and provides software, training, consulting, contract, and research services.

Brave Combo
Baltimore, MD, US
Info about Brave Combo, the greatest party band in the universe.

The Brighton Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Pride 1995
Brighton Pride Committee, Brighton, UK
Brighton Pride -- the first pride on the Net.

The Buccaneer Net-Zine
Scott J. Fitchet, St. Paul, MN, US
Dedicated to information on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL football team. Highlights of this site include an updated news page, an image archive, a 1995 draft recap, and links to other Buccaneer sites around the Internet.

Buckley, Montgomery, Le Chevallier & Lindley P.C.
Lake Oswego, OR, US
A law firm serving the business, land law, estate planning and trial needs of our clients. Our homepage includes Law You Can Use and Legal Humor.

A. C. Nielsen Company
Schaumburg, IL, US
A. C. Nielsen, a company of The Dun & Bradstreet Corporation (NYSE:DNB), is the recognized global leader in providing business information to consumer packaged goods (CPG) companies in 98 countries worldwide.

Cajun Cooking
Gwen Richardson, Thibodaux, LA, US
A resource listing cajun and creole food products and equipment from Louisiana.

Canadian Business Advertising Network
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A useful assortment of businesses, consulting firms and other commercial services.

Caring Calls
Livermore, CA, US
Caring Calls is a monitoring/reminder service. Our personalized messages help you keep in touch. View and listen to samples of our programs. Brought to you by NetRep.

Catalink Direct, Inc.
Norwood, MA, US
20,000 competitively-priced PC products -- electronic purchasing productivity tools -- A "hypertext junction" to computer manufacturers' homepages, PC industry news services, product reviews, and PC industry pricing changes.

The Cauer Calendar of Classical Music Events
Robert Cauer Violins, Los Angeles, CA, US
A daily listing of events throughout the greater Los Angeles area, covering the entire concert season from October through June.

Chancellor & Chancellor
Marin County, CA, US
A broker for contract and full time software engineers. Our website lists currently available contract and full time job openings in the Silicon Valley.

Chemistry Resources on the Web
Lorenzo Williams, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, US
A collection of excellent resources on the Web for chemists.

Chicago's Home Page
WebCore Net Solutions Ltd., Chicago, IL, US
An interactive guide to Chicagoland businesses for the WWW. WebCore hopes to make this a one-stop shop for Chicago information.

The City of Kingston, New York
The Multimedia Access and Study Center, Kingston, NY, US
Visit the Dutch stone houses, historic districts, Hudson River boats, and trolley, lighthouse, and firemen's museums of Kingston, one of the most complete city sites on the Web.

Colossus, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
Colossus -- For those who need web pages or listservers on the Internet. Can handle complex situations. PGP encryption available for lists. Your powerful partner for the Internet.

Commercial Real Estate Guide to Austin, Texas
Duncan Commercial Group, LC, Austin, TX, US
Austin is the world's fastest-growing technology center. Duncan Commercial is the first stop for those interested in commercial and industrial real estate there.

The Company Corporation
The Company Corporation, Inc., Wilmington, DE, US
NetWorks Marketing announces the addition of The Company Corporation to the Internet Business Opportunity Showcase. The Company Corporation has set up more than 120,000 corporations in the last 23 years. The site includes information on how they can help you incorporate your business.

Comprehensive Conceptual Curriculum for Physics (C3P)
Department of Physics, University of Dallas, Irving, TX, US
A new curriculum that integrates video-based, inquiry-based, and lab-oriented materials with an effective pedagogy that promotes student explorations.

Conrad N. Hilton College of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Univ. of Houston, Houston, TX, US
Presenting the first fully functional home page of any hospitality related programs in the U.S. The page provides information to prospective students, industry personnel, colleagues at other universities and all interested parties.

Cornell Chinese Bible Study Info Page
Ithaca, NY, US
Information about Chinese Bible Study at Cornell. We are one of the Christian fellowships at Cornell, and we happen to be Chinese, well, at least most of us are.

Creekside Flyfishing Shop
Salem, OR, US
Information on flyfishing Oregon and Washington. We are a full service fly shop with everything a flyfisher needs. Specialties include brilliant hand dyed feathers for Atlantic salmon/steelhead tyers.

Cardiff, South Glamorgan, UK
Homepage of British Indie band Crush. Contains musical extracts, photos, tour dates, and information on the band's record label, S.B.S Records.

Calgary, AB, CA
An Internet publishing and communication service for the Canadian cultural community.

Madrid, Spain
First magazine online about museums, especially from Spain. You will learn everything about exhibitions, lectures, courses, interviews and other events related to art.

Cyberkind: Poetry and Prosaics for a Wired World
Chapel Hill, NC, US
The April/May edition of Cyberkind features new fiction, poetry and art.

Del Technical Services Job Listings
Wheaton, IL, US
Consists of many different listings of jobs in the Chicago area. They are indexed by job type, pay, etc.

Delta Alpha Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity.
Cleveland, OH, US
This is the home page of the Delta Alpha Chapter of Sigma Nu Fraternity. Delta Alpha is located at Case Western Reserve University. We provide a lot of information on our chapter, brothers, as well as our National. Most notably, we maintain a list of Greek WWW sites on the Internet.

Digital Universe Corporation
Detroit, MI, US
An M.I.T. startup company devoted to cutting edge technology pertaining to the Internet and to object oriented software development. We are a full service Internet Provider for Michigan.

Di's Online Cafe
Mobile, AL, US
Commercial online service. Home of Di's Open Forum. Many points of interest listed in detail about Di's Online Cafe. Internet access provider, including SLIP/PPP accounts. Extensive subject oriented Internet resources linked from home page.

The Doctor Is In -- Television Series
Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, Lebanon, NH, US
More than 50 programs on health and medical issues listed for purchase, along with detailed descriptions of each. The programs average 28 minutes in length. Each covers a specific illness or disease. Emphasis is on how people adapt and cope, and how friends and family members can help.

DPS Consulting Services, Inc.
Coral Gables, FL, US
Providing full consulting services to the PROGRESS 4GL database community is DPS Consulting's speciality. Our home page provides information on analysis, design, development, system administration and education services.

Editing Department
The Creative Department, Fairfield, IA, US
An online writing and editing service that can easily and affordably help you look good on paper or online.

The Education Center
GNN, Houghton Mifflin and McDougal Littell, Sebastopol, CA, US
The Education Center is a collaborative effort of Houghton Mifflin, GNN, and McDougal Littell to help educators and parents navigate the vast resources of the Internet and tap its K-12 education potential. The Center provides articles on education issues, curriculum-based Internet activities, and news about online projects and Internet resources.

E-Mail Your Government
CyberSpace Marketing, Inc., Duluth, GA, US
Allows you to choose your state, then your representative or senator. Click on him or her, type your message, and your voice is heard.

Facial Recognition by Miros
Miros, Wellesley, MA, US
Facial recognition software, called TrueFace, is available to verify that someone is who they claim to be. It can be used to secure access to facilities and computer networks.

Fashion Net
Paris, France
The Fashion Industry Network would like to invite anyone interested or involved with fashion to check out our online service. Fashion Net has been designed to be the global meeting point for the world of fashion at the Internet.

First Martin Corporation
Ann Arbor, MI, US
A full service commercial real estate development firm, First Martin provides construction, leasing and property management services to its clients. FMC builds, constructs and/or leases retail (shopping centers), office, industrial, research, laboratory, warehouse facilities in Ann Arbor and southeastern Michigan.

The First Online Trade Show (Tm)
Lighthouse Productions, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Now up and running in the Netcenter. Go there and see hundreds of demonstrations of Internet-related hardware, software and services.

The Flag-Burning Page
Warren S. Apel, Phoenix, AZ, US
Burn a virtual flag on-line. As seen in Newsweek magazine, the flag-burning page is a protest to the proposed amendment to the U.S. Constitution. Learn the history of flag burning, and find out which legislators are behind this push to criminalize a freedom which the Supreme Court has upheld.

Florida Museum of Natural History
Gainesville, FL, US
The premier public natural history museum in the southeastern US. Our WWW server provides access to the museum, its collections and databases, research programs, exhibits, public education programs, administrative departments, function, and history.

Forum for SPW users
Telecommunications Research Laboratory, Limerick, Ireland
A web site for users of the Alta Groups' Signal Processing Worksystem (SPW) (TM), a graphical design tool for telecommunications and electronic systems. This site provides a forum for users to discuss design topics and share helpful information.

Functional Electrical Stimulation
FES, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
This page contains FES (Functional Electrical Stimulation)-related information.

The Fund Library on the Net
The Fund Library Inc., Etobicoke, Ontario, CANADA
Canadian mutual fund resource service with links to Canadian mutual fund sites as well as other investment related web sites.

Galveston Live Theater
http://intergate.com, Houston, TX, US
Galveston is a bustling Texas port and worldwide shipping facility. It is a resort on the Gulf of Mexico with yearround entertainment, banking, fishing, and is a vacation hotspot.

Gary Beene's Visual Basic Home Page
Dallas, TX, US
A wide variety of resources for Visual Basic programmers. Internet links, books, online services, source code, vendors lists, and user group listings are just part of what is covered. The home page provides a brief coverage of just about all of the infrastructure that is available for visual basic programmers to draw on.

Grafica Obscura: A computer graphics notebook
Silicon Graphics, Mountain View, CA, US
A compilation of technical notes, pictures, and essays that I've accumulated over the years. This site has a paper folding project, a picture gallery, C source code and more.

Greater Pittsburgh Chamber of Commerce
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
An association of businesses actively working together to improve the business climate of the Pittsburgh area. The Chamber offers a variety of exciting programs and activities.

Paltron Ind. Inc., Toronto, ON, Canada
We provide information about prevention of repetitive stress injury (RSI), introducing a new method and a product we have developed, tested and manufactured. The emphasis however is on the concept and not the sale of the product.

HBO Home Video Online
New York City, NY, US
Your source for the latest information on HBO Home Video's new releases, coming attractions and a whole lot more. Synopses, star photos, trailers, voice clips as well as release date, rating and other trade information.

Arnhem, Gelderland, The Netherlands
A leading international engineering firm providing consulting and contracting services in the field of the environment and infrastructure. Heidemij yearly handles more than 10.000 projects in both the public and private sector.

HockWare, Inc.
Cary, NC, US
We produce the VisPro family of high quality, low cost GUI development tools for the OS/2 environment. The SAA languages C, C++ and REXX are currently supported. Also available is the first programmable report writer for OS/2, VisPro/Reports.

Holiday Resales Vacation Timeshares
Seattle, WA, US
Holiday Resales works exclusively in the secondary market for timeshares. We also list to sell properties for individuals on a no-fee basis. Our speciality, however, is working with foreclosures, repos, and bank liquidations.

HomeSafe Products
Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
We carry a complete line of personal, home, vehicle and office security/safety products.

Hong Kong Stocks Reports
InTechTra, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Daily email report on Hong Kong stock market information. World directory of stock exchanges.

Hong Kong Terminal
Zero Multi-Media Productions, Kowloon, Hong Kong
Offers a number of best options to companies and organizations interested in establishing promotion on the Internet. We will guide its business customers through the Internet thicket and help them develop a place in cyberspace. Current project: Hong Kong Tourist Association.

Hospitality Index
Hospitality Net BV, Maastricht, The Netherlands
Hospitality Net, the Internet Home Page for the global hospitality industry, would like to announce its Hospitality Index.

ICC -- Interest and Currency Consultants
Utrecht, the Netherlands
ICC, Interest and Currency Consultants, are the first consultants in the world to give their views on the development of the interest and currency rates on the Internet.

MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA, US
True Web comics have finally arrived. From dynamic, personalized generation to intelligent retrieval, it's all being explored at iComix!

London (UK), UK
A multi-disciplinary communications consultancy. You can find out what Imagination is all about and download photographs, audio and videoclips produced by the different creative teams. Imagination's multi-media team is currently designing interactive multi-media programs and Web pages for a broad range of clients.

Improving Your Photography
Earl Fansler Photographers Inc., Louisville, KY, US
Earl's Pearls: suggestions on improving personal photography and desktop publishing.

Cordova, TN, US
InfoSoft provides information and technology solutions using Microsoft Office Products and Visual Basic. InfoSoft also creates and supports WWW home pages.

Inquisitor Magazine
New York, NY, US
Inquisitor Magazine is pleased to announce the Inquisitor Mediarama Home Page. Included are Inquisitor Magazine, a quarterly guide to tech, art, media, and culture; The 90210 Weekly Wrapup; The Anton Daily Summary; and the Mediarama Feedback Area.

Inspired Arts
Spring Valley, CA, US
Inspired Arts develops Cross Platform Multimedia CD ROMs. Specialized core competencies include sound Design-music composition, digital audio, video, and electronic publishing. Inspired Arts also designs and maintains commercial Web sites for business clients and does independent consulting.

Integrated Intelligent Manufacturing
Alberta Research Council, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
To improve the global competitive position of manufacturing companies in Alberta by promoting their growth and re-engineering using advanced information and knowledge-based technologies.

Interactive Model Railroad
Univ. of Ulm, Ulm, Germany
Operate the model railroad in our lab and watch it moving. Browsers that support the entire GIF standard will show the layout as inline video.

Interface CD-ROM Magazine
ETC Produktion, Stockholm, Sweden
Interface CD-ROM Magazine, from ETC Produktion.

International Society for Molecular Electronics and BioComputing
ISMEBC, Budapest, Hungary
Information on conferences and links to research groups.

Internet Business Solutions
Palo Alto, CA, US
Specializing in creating high-quality web presences, home pages, and online ordering and transaction systems. We deliver to our customers Internet-focused solutions of uncompromised quality and value with exceptional customer service.

Internet Commerce/Multimedia News
Paradise Software, Inc., Jamesburg, NJ, US
The spring issue of Multimedia News features video, on-demand, interactive teleconferencing and the explosion of commercial activity on the Net.

Internet Content Developer
San Mateo, CA, US
The Electronic Pen intends to become a leading provider of interactive marketing, advertising and design for the emerging information superhighway, including its present prototypes - the Internet, the World Wide Web and other interactive online networks.

Internet Humor
Eric Watson, Seattle Pacific Univ., Seattle, WA, US
A little humor collected from the Internet :-)

Jane's Online
Jane's Information Group, Alexandria, VA, US
Jane's is the world's oldest, largest and most authoritative publisher of information on defense, aerospace, weaponry and transportation. The Jane's home page includes a searchable product catalog, abstracts of Jane's magazine articles, new product announcements and much more.

Joslin Diabetes Center DNA Core Facility
Joslin Diabetes Center, Boston, MA, US
Information on automated DNA sequencing, DNA synthesis and DNA fragment analysis.

The K2000 Programmers' Corner
San Diego, CA, US
An online hypertext manual on sound development and synthesis using the Kurzweil K2000. While not officially supported by the Kurzweil Corporation, the page offers insights from both Kurzweil technical support and K2000 users. Here you can find information on developing sounds on the K2000 that are unavailable from any other source.

Kabuki for Everyone
Tokyo, Japan
Actor Ichimura Manjiro began Kabuki for Everyone to introduce this traditional form of Japanese theater to the world using pictures, video and sound bites.

Kennon Aircraft Covers -- Aviation
Sheridan, WY, US
Kennon builds aircraft covers and sun shields for general, commercial and military aircraft.

The Knox County Real Estate Forum
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
GEN, Inc. is pleased to announce its Knox County, Maine, Real Estate Forum with a property from the Mist Agency. If you work at home, this "Electronic Cottage" is exactly what you need.

Koch Furniture Gallery
Evansville, IN, US
High quality metal furniture. Contact the friendly people at Koch Furniture Gallery.

Kreative Kids Computer Camp
Poway, CA, US
A year-round computer training facility for children and adults. Children: basic skills, desktop publishing, Internet and programming. Adults: word processing, spreadsheets, database, Internet, etc.

Learning in Motion
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Creates and publishes innovative software for K-12 education. Visit our monthly listing of the Top 10 Educational Web Sites and discover our math/science technology solutions.

Lexington High School
Lexington School District One, Lexington, SC, US
A large public school of over 1,700 students in grades 10-12 located in the central midlands of South Carolina. The students excel in academics, athletics and the arts.

Lexington School District One
Lexington, SC, US
Serving 13,000 students in 16 schools in the midlands of South Carolina. The district enjoys an earned reputation of academic excellence.

Links Golf by Bengtson Company
Bodega Bay, CA, US
This page includes product information, Northern California golf course directories, travel, lodging, dining information and regularly updated features of interest.

The List of Largest Known Primes
The University of Tennessee at Martin, Martin, TN, US
The prime home page for prime lovers. Starts with the definition of primes, continues with lists of the top record holders, and finishes with links to the entire list of over 10000 primes with over 1000 digits.

Live Performance Art With Telerobotic Camera
New York Univ. Center for Digital Multimedia, New York, NY, US
Nina Sobell creates the first live interactive art performance in the history of the Web. Sobell will sculpt from a live model, while WWW browsers may control the direction of the camera, click and collect images into their own flipbook files. Performances occur every Monday night 9:30-10pm EST.

Look and Feel Your Best (Vitamin Supplements)
Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Global Nutritional Products specializes in the finest nutritional supplements. You will discover numerous ways to nourish your body for enhanced energy, health and vitality. Please email us for our free comprehensive catalog.

The Managers, Inc.
Boulder, CO, US
A full-service travel and lodging company located in Summit County, Colorado, with properties near all four ski areas in the county.

Manic D Press Books
San Francisco, CA, US
Since 1984, Manic D Press Books has published more than 40 titles of terrific fiction, poetry and comix by cutting-edge writers. Visit our exciting new internationally-distributed online catalog.

Marine Minerals Bibliography & Database Online
World Data Center A for Marine Geology & Geophysics, Boulder, CO, US
Bibliographic references to offshore deposits of ferromanganese nodules and crusts, polymetallic sulfides, phosphorites, and heavy mineral deposits.

Marine TradeNet
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
A communications and trade center for the marine industry. This area, for industry insiders only, features advanced Internet technologies developed for industry trade by the Global Shopping Network.

Mark VandeWettering's Home Planet
Mark VandeWettering, Mountain View, CA, US
This site archives information useful to amateur telescope builders. Find out how you can build a telescope and get a look at the universe around us.

MC Link - The World On Line.
Technimedia, Roma, Italy
Lots of pages from our AUDIOreview, home theater and MCmicrocomputer mags, and links to other Web resources.

MCI Georgia Branch
MCI Business Markets, Atlanta, GA, US
MCI's Georgia Branch Web site provides useful information about the branch and MCI for our customers in Georgia. It includes information about our services and how to reach us. There are also links to internetMCI and our popular networkMCI site featuring the award winning Gramercy Press ads.

MCP Department of Radiology
Medical College of Pennsylvania, Dept. of Radiology, Philadelphia, PA, US
A new radiology site with forthcoming links to other radiology sites as well as information about the radiology department and a growing list of unknown and interesting cases for residents.

Medical Multimedia Systems
Brooklyn, NY, US
Medical Multimedia Systems produces and publishes software that is designed to be on the cutting edge of computer-based training in the biomedical sciences. Unlike the current crop of "digital textbooks" produced by other publishers, our products provide a truly interactive educational experience and are easy and fun to use.

M&M The largest bookstore in Iceland
Bokabud Mals og Menningar, Reykjavik, Iceland
We have compiled a large list of books on Iceland, through which you can browse at your own leisure on the World Wide Web.

The Monkees Music Vault
Louis Colli aka The Monkee Junkee, Clifton, NJ, US
This is the only place to get the rarest Monkees songs and all the info about them.

MPEG Development Kit
North Valley Research Inc., Beaverton, OR, US
NVR, a world leader in software-based MPEG codecs announces beta release for Power PC. NVR's software is also available for SGI and Sun.

Multilingual PC Directory
Knowledge Computing, London, UK
Source guide to multilingual and foreign language software for IBM PCs and compatibles. Over 500 products and 100 languages. Word processors, translation, spell checkers, dictionaries, fonts, DTP and more.

The Music Box
Independent Merchandising, Boulder, CO, US
For Mother's Day ideas, check out The Music Box at the Rocky Mountain Cyber Mall under Fine Gifts. These Italian-style music boxes are from the Ruege Music company in Saint-Croix, Switzerland.

NETLiNkS! Your Online Cyberspace Guide
Chris Steele, Toronto, Canada
NETLiNkS is your one stop guide to the hottest Web resources and links. We cater to both the beginner and experienced Web surfer. Includes Newbie Help Link, Hot Page Madness, Canadian Web Resources and Origin Designs Online.

Netplace Internet Consulting
netplace - Max Fruth GmbH, Munich, Bavaria, Germany
Netplace offers WWW services in Munich.

Internet Video Services, Sunnyvale, CA, US
The Net's premier site for Internet video resources and information on MPEG compression, transmission and tools. Internet Video Services provides video warehousing and Internet transmission processing services.

Nevada County: a Site to Behold
Webster Website, Grass Valley, CA, US
One of California's most appealing places to visit or live. We have more theater companies than movie theaters, more hiking trails than traffic lights, and more bed and breakfast inns than no-tell motels.

News About China
James Miles, Hong Kong
A guide to finding free sources of news on the Internet about China, Hong Kong, Tibet and Taiwan.

Newstips Inc.
APK Net Ltd., Cleveland, OH, US
A public relations company that specializes in companies in and around the computer industry. In addition to performing traditional publicity services, Newstips Inc. produces media receptions at trade shows through its Newstips Events Division.

NIC-News: An Update on Network Resources
Internet Media Project, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Written for net-savvy folks who want to keep on top of the ever changing nature of the Internet. The focus is on trends in information services on the net. Each week NIC-News delivers a handful of short reports on new, interesting, and notable net-events.

NoizBoiz Productions
Pompano Beach, FL, US
Recording studio/indie label showcasing unique artists, and exploring multimedia.

The Northern Miner
Southam, Inc., Don Mills, Ontario, Canada
North America's mining newspaper since 1915, Northern Miner provides headlines, lead paragraphs and complete text to selected articles, updated on a weekly basis. Also provided is a 2800 entry mining industry database.

Norwest Corporation
Minneapolis, MN, US
Organized in 1929 as a bank holding company, serving the banking needs of customers in the Upper Midwest. Today, Norwest Corporation is a $59.3 billion company providing banking, insurance, mortgage, investments and other financial services through 2,788 stores in all 50 states, all 10 Canadian provinces and internationally.

Novell Netware 3.X System Administration
Central Institute of Technology, Upper-Hutt, NZ
This free courseware introduces you to the subject of managing a Novell Netware network. There are eleven module/topic areas.

Old Farmer's Almanac and New Jersey Online Weather
Newhouse New Media, Jersey City, NJ, US
America's oldest continually published periodical comes to the Web in the first site developed by New Jersey Online, providing graphical five-day forecasts, updated hourly, for New Jersey, Philadelphia, and 25 cities across the country plus daily content from the Almanac.

Omega Productions
Dallas, TX, US
Omega Productions, which over the past 22 years, has provided music concert video and live record production services for some of the biggest names in the business, is also committed to providing one of the best collections of entertainment URLs on the Web. Their "Way Cool Virtual Production Links" page continues to grow, with links to music, video, film, multimedia and production industry related sites.

EMSE, Saint Etienne, France
Oscilloscoop (L'actualité alternative) is a humorous fanzine, written entirely in French.

Oxbow Creek School
Champlin, MN, US
A WWW server created and edited by elementary school students with the help of the technology resource teacher. Students are asking people to register where they are connecting from as a geography project.

Pelion High School
Lexington School District One, Pelion, SC, US
Pelion High School is a small grades 7-12 school located in the central midlands of South Carolina. The students in Pelion excel in academics, athletics, and the arts.

Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia -- Kappa Sigma Chapter Homepage
Valparaiso, IN, US
We are a professional music fraternity. Our ideals are based on music's role in our lives and in society in general. Many famous musicians are Sinfonians.

Pinball Point
Two Bit Score, Austin, TX, US
Pinball technician's help page. Parts for pinballs. Software for coin-operated video games.

A Plaza Flowers Internet Flowers
DCANet, Norristown, PA, US
Flowers, plants and gifts via our innovative, user-friendly, online catalog. Stop by and see the Internet's best floral value.

PWS Publishing Company
Boston, MA, US
The PWS Web site is a resource to educators, students and professionals in mathematics, engineering and computer science. You can search for books, download software, examine developing online publishing projects and textbooks, or get contact information for our editors. We serve the high school and university markets in our publishing disciplines.

Bob Westinicky, Phoenix, AZ, US
A monthly auto racing ezine with pics, race team features, driver retrospectives, sound effects, trivia, news, links and more.

The Random?zer
Savvy Communications, Port Washington, NY, US
Visit new and interesting web sites. The Randomizer will take you to random WWW links. You may also submit your own links to be random-ized A refreshing way to explore the Net.

Real Estate -- Costa Rica
T.K. Realty, San Jose, Costa Rica
All in real estate in Costa Rica, Central America.

Recursive Angel Experimental Poetry/Prose
Ashland Enterprises, New York, NY, US
Recursive Angel pays a modest fee for contributing poets to its online publication. RA specializes in the cutting edge of poetry and prose experimental, philosophical and metaphysical.

Red Brick Systems
Los Gatos, CA, US
Red Brick Systems is the leading provider of relational database products and service for data warehouse applications. Visit our Web site and learn more about our company, our our industry.

Reflective Agreement Process Workshops - R.A.P.
West New York, NJ, US
R.A.P. is a powerful tool that helps people communicate cooperatively and reach mutually satisfying agreements. R.A.P. helps people create a trusting environment where important or difficult issues can be discussed safely. We offer various workshops to teach the R.A.P. process to couples and individuals, counselors and therapists, and business people.

Remote Control Airplanes
R/C Central, Olathe, KS, US
Information and classified ads for remote control airplanes and soon for other R/C products and online catalog.

Rock Around the World
Woodland Hills, CA, US
The highly acclaimed and nationally syndicated radio program has returned in a bigger and bolder format on the Net. It exposed America to such groups as The Who, Eric Clapton, The Rolling Stones, Paul McCartney and many others.

Routledge Philosophy Resource Centre
Routledge, London, England; New York, NY
Includes an up-to-date list of the best philosophy resources and guides to resources on the Net, and a full catalogue of Routledge books, journals and other activities, particularly those related to on-line initiatives.

Sade's Temple
Washington, DC, US
A page dedicated to Sade's music.

SAIC-HTTP server for Windows NT
San Diego, CA, US
The most up-to-date and advanced NT server out on the Net. This server was designed to run on Windows NT 3.5 Box. It is easy to install and configure and it supports all the standard HTTP capabilities. Supports UNIX style password files and the same encryption algorithm. You can install multiple copies of the server on one NT box and can administer the servers from any NT workstation on the Net.

S.A.Peck & Company
Chicago, IL, US
S.A.Peck & Company is a diamond importer and jewelry manufacturer selling direct to the public since 1921. You can view their catalog featuring certified diamonds, diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, pearls and fine watches. The catalog also has interesting information on how to buy a diamond.

School of Hotel and Restaurant Management
Gerald Villaver, Cal Poly Pomona, Pomona, CA, US
An informational site for those interested in the hospitality industry. It is geared to advertise and inform Web users around the world what the school has to offer to the students, visiting colleagues, and service oriented operations.

The Scorched Earth Party
Santa Cruz, CA, US
As it becomes clearer and clearer that the existing state of American politics is a joke, we invite you to go one step further, and join us in making America something...different.

SFASU Kinesiology & Health Science W3
Nacogdoches, TX, US
Faculty profiles, facility info, graduate and undergraduate course offerings. Also the home page for TAHPERD, The Texas Association of Health, Physical Education, Recreation and Dance.

Shields Health Care Group
Brockton, MA, US
Shields Health Care Group specializes in MRI imaging. Currently we have an educational module online. We also have a clickable imagemap of all our MRI locations.

Site Selection Magazine
Conway Data, Inc., Norcross, GA, US
Dedicated to promoting international development and research, it is "The Global Magazine of Business Strategy," and the official publication of the International Development Research Council (IDRC).

So Cal Graphics
San Diego, CA, US
Desktop publishing and printing services ranging from design and production to actual press output.

South Central Ohio Computer Asso.
Piketon, OH, US
A DDAS for 49 public school districts in southern Ohio. Our mission is to provide our member districts with "state of the art" computing services.

Speedway Motorbooks
Komet, Phoenix, AZ, US
An online catalog of rare and out-of-print automobile and motorcycle books, manuals and racing memorabilia.

Stanford Area Real Estate Guide
Palo Alto, CA, US
The guide provides real estate statistical data and furnishes resource links for the Stanford area consisting of the cities of Menlo Park, Palo Alto, Mountain View, and Los Altos, California.

APK Net Ltd., Cleveland, OH, US
A single point of contact for, the best technology solutions and technical assistance resources with excellent customer satisfaction at a fair market price.

Station Graphics, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
Specializing in multimedia production and presentation delivery products. 35mm slide and color overheads from your files. Email presentation -- get slides or overheads Fed-Exed back.

Storytelling Resources on the Web
Sherri Johnson, Swarthmore, PA, US
A new resource on the Web for both the tellers of tales, and those who love to listen. Stories, childrens' books, storytellers, and soon books and publishers.

Stylus Innovation, Inc.
Cambridge, MA, US
Dedicated to the development of easy-to-use toolkits for computer telephony, voice processing, and faxing. Stylus markets software and hardware products used in a variety of telephony applications including fax-on-demand, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and voice mail.

SureFind Information
Seattle, WA, US
A multimedia company specializing in IVR, fax, and WWW. See our Demo TicketMaster Outlet Locator for Seattle; and The ShuttleCAM.

Sweet Basil Restaurant
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Welcome to Sweet Basil, located in the heart of Squirrel Hill (that's the most interesting community in Pittsburgh, for you out-of-towners). Our cafe is a great place to meet friends for a drink, treat your family, bring a date, or just stop in to indulge in one of our homemade desserts.

Symplex Communications Corporation
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Symplex manufactures data communications and networking products including: RO-11 BRI ISDN, Silent Routing and DR-1 4 BRI ISDN, Silent Routing.

Synapse: The Multimedia Journal of the Eclectic
Deliriously Serious Softworks, Johnson City, TN, US
A CD-ROM-based magazine for Windows that includes music (playable on standard CD player), art, the registered version of The Complete Morph, ultra-hip rave graphics and animations, articles on image processing, virus hacking, game music design, and much more.

SFASU Dept of Kinesiology, Nacogdoches, TX, US
The web site for HPERD professionals. Includes position statements, legislative and professional association links.

Tech Auto Sound
Endicott, NY, US
A full service auto sound store, Tech Auto Sound has been in business over 10 years. We are factory authorized for all the products we sell.

Travel Data Network, Dallas, TX, US
Find the perfect vacation in seconds offline. Unique, one-of-a-kind travel software available for download free of charge. Over 1,000 trip listings available. Run a demo online, view users guide online. Latest and greatest promotional rates of cruise lines, resorts, tours, adventure travel, golf, etc.

Tripod -- Tools for Life
Williamstown, MA, US
Tripod offers a free preview of its package of information and services for students. With content and services on careers, personal finance, health, travel, living and community, Tripod provides "Tools for Life."

tr@nsnet internet services
Munich, Bavaria, Germany
A new Internet provider in the Munich.

UBToday - The Electronic Magazine at the Univ. at Buffalo
Buffalo, NY, US
UBToday, the magazine for alumni and friends of the Univ. at Buffalo, introduces the electronic version of this popular publication. UBToday explores cutting-edge research, provocative issues and profiles outstanding Univ. at Buffalo alumni.

UNC-CH Dept. of Mathematics
Chapel Hill, NC, US
General information, math/science library; funding, awards and scholarship information; weekly schedules of seminars and events; common computer questions and answers course descriptions; list of sites of interest to mathematicians, current research, and much more.

Unicom Aviation
Warradale, S.A., Australia
Weather satellite imagery for portable/laptop PCs and small system automatic weather station equipment for aviation features here as part of a new information resource for airport owners, operators and pilots involved with Unicom flight information services.

Univ. of Wisconsin Dept. of Anesthesiology
Madison, WI, US
Information about our department, including fellowship opportunities and our residency program; a large clinical anesthesia study guide; and links to other anesthesiology servers.

Universidad Santa María La Antigua (USMA) - Panamá
Catholic University, Panamá City, Panamá
This is one of the few WWW servers in Panamá. Information on academic programs, Ecology, sustainable development, religion in Latin America, and an email directory. Information is available in English, Spanish, and in the near future in French.

University Of New England
Biddeford, ME, US
UNE offers many programs in the Health Sciences including schools/colleges of osteopathic medicine, nursing, physical and occupational therapy, MSW, and nurse anesthesia.

University of Oregon Outdoor Program
Eugene, OR, US
You can now find the latest information about Outdoor Program trips, events, resources, outdoor conditions, environmental information and much more at the OP's new WWW page.

Vancouver Real Estate
HomeLife Benchmark Realty, Vancouver, BC, US
Vancouver's premier real estate site offers more than lists of homes. It includes tips on selling, best mortgage rates, foreign currency converter, new home construction, and more. We are dedicated to people interested in moving to or around BC.

Vietnamese Professionals Society
San Jose, CA, US
Non-profit worldwide membership organization of Vietnamese professionals committed to the advancement of knowledge and contribution to the welfare of the people of Vietnam.

The Virtual Graduate and Undergraduate Science Center
Jim Martindale, UC Irvine, Irvine, CA, US
Currently includes 60 multimedia graduate and undergraduate courses/textbooks and approximately 85 tutorials. Also included is the companion "The Reference Desk *Tables, Tools & Databases."

Vista International
Vista International, Inc., Mystic, CT, US
MLM income opportunity.

The Way, The Work, The Wanderings
San Diego, CA, US
All information under the heading The Way relates to the Christian faith. The Work heading has some useful tech links and finally The Wanderings section includes recreational activities -- fishing/hunting, surfing, etc.

Weather Basics
National Weather Service, El Paso, TX, US
Written so that the weather novice can have quick and easy access to weather information.

WebDallas Magazine
Dallas, TX, US
An experiment in bringing the traditional magazine format to the WWW. Its focus is on the Dallas/FTW online scene, but contains features of interest to everyone. Includes user group info, convention info, schedule of events, WWW/BBS reviews, news, and more. This month's feature: VRML.

The Wine Rack
Gaithersburg, MD, US
A beer/wine/gourmet superstore, listing every import and domestic microbrew available in Montgomery County, MD. Many rare and fine wines, cigars, Uptown Bakery breads, Diet-to-Go gourmet meals, shipping services, fax/copies, gift packs, beer/wine books and magazines, flowers and much more.

Winona State University
Winona, MN, US
Part of the Minnesota State University system. Our server covers all aspects of WSU's information services.

World Galleries Presents Dale Rayburn's Prints
Roswell, GA, US
Dale Rayburn's national presense is easily understood by viewing his work. His ability to capture the "soul" of his subjects along with his highly developed skills make his work quite enjoyable. His color prints are very reasonably priced.

World of Audio
Radiation Group, Orlando, FL, US
The oldest exhibit of the Radiation Zone finally gets a much needed update, and it's a doozy. The World of Audio strives to collect resources of interest to the professional audio community. Most of these resources are spread out in the far reaches of the Internet, but we also have a few surprises for you here locally at WOA.

World Wide Job Seekers
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A free online resume service. People from around the world can look at your qualifications. It's free.

WRQ's Web Connection
Seattle, WA, US
WRQ makes Reflection, PC software that connects personal computer users to enterprise computers and information networks.

WSU Institute of Gerontology
Detroit, MI, US
Part of an ongoing effort to fulfill our mission of research, service, and education in the field of aging.

WWW Music Database
Roadkill Consulting, Champaign, IL, US
The WWW Music Database has now moved from www.cecer.army.mil to www.gcms.com.

Monday, 8 May 1995

20s and 30s Sierra Singles
Pasadena, CA, US
In this section of the Sierra Club (Los Angeles), you will find events (many free) to participate in.

ACMI -- Prepaid Phonecards
Altadena, CA, US
ACMI provides pre-paid collectible phonecards, international phonecards and international callback service.

AFROAM-L Griot Online
AFROAM-L Listserv, Cambridge, MA, US
Compilation of discussions, research and original work about African life, culture and history. Resources collected by the AFROAM-L listserv, a discussion group for critical issues in African-American life hosted by Afrinet.net.

Antiques & Collectibles Guide
American Directories Company, San Diego, CA, US
Identifies antiques and collectibles businesses and events worldwide with three indices: The Shops Locator, the Specialties Index and the Events Calendar.

Arts Search Engine
Newark, OH, US
The Ohio State University at Newark's art gallery is excited to announce its new searchable index of world wide arts resources. A new search engine only for the visual arts, at last.

Audies Association DEAF-net
Venice, Italy
An Italian non-profit organization for late-deafened adults.

Backburner Records
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
A small independent record company started by The Kitchen Boys to produce and promote their albums. The page has band info, bios, tour info, original artwork, soundbites, video clips, and an online ordering system.

Bad Brains Page
wwwhatsup.com, NY, NY, US
The greatest rasta-hardcore band of all time has reformed, thanks to Jah and Madonna. This page contains info on their upcoming album "God Of Love."

Barclaycard NetLink
Northampton, U.K.
For card applications, profiles points, up to date information, competitions and much, much more.

Barrie Connex Inc.
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
The premier supplier of Internet connectivity services in the Barrie area of Ontario, Canada. We also host the Huronia Business Directory and other services.

Beer and Wine Hobby
Electronic Commerce Associates, Melrose, MA, US
Beer and Wine Hobby is a Boston-area distributor of equipment and ingredients for the beer and wine making enthusiast. Browse the Beer and Wine Hobby catalog, including brewing kits, equipment, ingredients and recipes, then order electronically.

Bike the Big Horns, Wyoming
Wave Communications, Sheridan, WY, US
This page is devoted to mountain biking resources available for the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming.

BLMC Multimedia Services Inc.
St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada
An integrated multimedia services provider for any type of business communication. Our lineup includes creativity from our brilliant graphic designers, sales through the Internet, interactive computer-based training, and all sorts of promotions.

Bolton/RGV Insurance Brokers
Ibiznet, South Pasadena, CA, US
We are a full-service insurance agency specializing in property-casualty, workers' compensation, professional liability and life insurance. Our Net presence serves a dual purpose: as a storefront for personal lines insurance, and as a resource for businesses in the area of property-casualty insurance.

Branch Mall
Ann Arbor, MI, US
The Branch Mall announces three of its newest storefronts: Louise Bianco Skin Care is now offering products to pamper your skin, and free catalogs right online. Group One Distributing offers secured and low-interest credit cards. The Grandparents Book by Milton Kamen asks grandparents hundreds of questions.

Orleans, France
This server describes the activities of BRGM group, specialist in Earth sciences: research, public service, geo-engineering, and mining.

The Brighton Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Pride 1995
Brighton, UK
The first Pride on the Net

The British Labour Party
London, SE17 1JT, UK
An invaluable source of information about the British Labour Party. Lists key figures in the party, how to join, and how to obtain policy and other information. Updated weekly.

Butterworth-Heinemann Ltd
Eros, Oxford, UK
Butterworth-Heinemann is a leading publisher of books and multimedia products across the business, technical, medical and open-learning fields for professionals and students.

Cancer Patient Resources
Darrel Kilius, Baltimore, MD, US
A starting point on the Web for finding the most useful and pertinent information for cancer patients and their families and friends. A readings section includes updated relevant information, and an area entitled Sarcoma Central contains material specific to soft-tissue sarcomas.

Cardiovascular Research Institute of Southern California
Beverly Hills, CA, US
The CVRI is a national prominent medical research organization with an emphasis on providing new pharmacological treatments for patients with heart disease. Site provides information to medical researchers, sponsors of research, medical personnel and the public.

Center for Substance Abuse Prevention
Cove Software Systems, Grasonville, MD, US
CSAP is a unique federally funded program designed to disseminate information, increase dialog, and promote community empowerment to combat alcohol and other drug problems.

The Champion's League -- Final Prediction Page
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Predict the outcome of the European Soccer Champion's League Final, to be played May 24 in Vienna, between Ajax Amsterdam and AC Milan. Your prediction will be added to the Predictions So Far page, and there is also a stats page which summarizes the entries received so far.

Children's Educational games for ages 3-8.
K L Star Communications, Niwot, CO, US
Children's educational games, teaching reading (English), counting, shapes, colors, etc.

Chrisman Orchards
Mt. Hood, OR, US
A family pear orchard offering custom packed fruit gifts in season. Includes an online form to register for periodic emailed crop updates and pictures as well as a catalog.

Christie's Fine Art Auctioneers
Christie's International, London, England
World renowned as art auctioneers of the finest objects in the fine and applied arts, as well as coins, cars, wine, and collectibles. Upcoming sales and objects listed.

Commercial Finance Online
Seattle, WA, US
Your premier Internet host dedicated to promoting education in commercial finance products, resources, and solutions. Here you will find information on various banks, finance companies, lessors, factors, venture capitalists, investors, and financial consultants.
http://www.cfonline.com http://www.cfonline.com

Council on Undergraduate Research
Asheville, NC, US
A national organization headed up by Dr. John Stevens at the University of NC-Asheville, CUR organizes the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) every year.

Custom Internet Keychains
Phoenix, AZ, US
Custom engraved Internet keychains. Your URL, email address or anything else engraved on your favorite miniature license plate, Pro Sports team logo, or college/university logo.

Cyberg8t Internet Services, Inc.
Claremont, CA, US
The first to provide dial-up PPP service at 28.8kps to the Inland Empire of southern California. We are a full WWW developer, offering dedicated lines up to T1 speeds, and DNS.

Cyberian Outpost
Sharon, CT, US
The first comprehensive virtual computer store, offering software, accessories and peripherals at unbeatable prices with overnight delivery. Product of the day special, detailed information on the hundreds of featured products - including reviews, screen shots and product demos (as available) - and you can find favorite products in the Celebrity Corner.

Delaware Common Access Network (DCANET)
Wilmington, DE, US
DCANet provides dialup and direct Internet connectivity, Internet and wide-area network consulting services, and Web space rental and design services to individuals and businesses in the Delaware Valley region.

Designs by Stefani
Above & Beyond, Rock Island, IL, US
Wigs, wigs and wigs. Actually, we have hairpieces and hair accessories as well. Located in the Above & Beyond Mall, we have the complete supply of Eva Gabor wigs available for you.

DreamWatch Online
Universal Flavour, Brighton, United Kingdom
The sci-fi and tele-fantasy magazine hits the Net.

East Coast Computer Systems, Inc.
2cm, Inc., Riviera Beach, FL, US
PC's sales, service, software, hardware, consulting and information.

Echo's of Enchantments
Lakewood, CA, US
A BBS system supporting a mail order catalog business. The Web server supports this business and supports all aspects of the metaphysical community.

Univ. de Valencia, Valencia, Spain
Resources in economics, library science and documentation. Participation in Netec Project (working papers).

Electronic Town Meeting Announcement
NCSA, Champaign, IL, US
The National Electronic Open Meeting will be held May 1-14 over electronic networks, with access through WWW, newsgroups, and e-mail, to address how Americans want to connect with their government in the information age.

Elite Fine Art
Ferguson-Taylor Group, Inc., Seattle, WA, US
With more than 40 years experience in Latin American art, Jose Martinez-Canas, owner/director of Elite Fine Art in Miami, is recognized as THE premier Latin American art dealer.

ERC for Net Shape Manufacturing
Columbus, OH, US
A National Science Foundation research center whose focus is manufacturing to near net dimensions using a die or mold. Research includes designing and manufacturing systems, billet forming, sheet forming, polymer processing, and die casting. Located on the Ohio State University campus.

Essential Dimensions
Santa Cruz, CA, US
An information service offering topics related to organizational development, human potential, and personal growth. It provides frequent updates to home page visitors and readers, including strategies for success in the work world.

Every So Often
Brand New Publications, Great Neck, NY, US
A bimonthly prose and poetry zine dedicated to original, up-and-coming authors. Visit our site and see selections from our two most recent issues.

Everything Under the Sun
The Spinners, Ithaca, NY, US
An online mall that showcases a variety of goods and services from around the country. It is one of the two online malls found at SpinCentral.

Fiction and Travel Stories
JYNCS, Arecibo, PR, US
Examples from this collection by John Nagamichi Cho include: Searching for the perfect piroshki in Nizhny Novgorod (formerly Gorky), Russia; Childhood summer trips to Shioya (a village near Kobe, Japan); and collected stories on the nature of memory.

The Forum on the Web
AP MicroSystems, Inc., Delray Beach, FL, US
A commercial infobase -- a collection of South Florida community information and vendors providing products and services. Also includes news and opinion and a place to create your own space.

Funky Site of the Day.
Reality Communications., London, England, UK
A different and supremely funky site... hand picked by our panel of experts from thousands submitted every day.

The Gates Rubber Co. Automotive Home Page
Denver, CO, US
Offering technical tips on the installation of automotive belts and hoses, cooling system troubleshooting and preventive maintenance. There is also an offer for Gates Carsmarts Video Training tapes.

Glosario de Internet
University of Cordoba, Cordoba, Spain
Glosario de Terminos de uso comun en Internet con definiciones y explicaciones en castellano: Archie, FTP, Gopher, WWW, Mosaic, Wais etc.

Great Lakes Alpaca Stud
Sydney, NSW, Australia
Information and pictures about alpacas, including upcoming local events.

Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA, US
RSG's database and information server, dedicated to Oracle/WWW interaction via PL/SQL (WOW interface). Demos and code for outputing to html tables and for doing dynamic sql. Includes diffs and link to mailing list.

Guided Productions
Dallas, TX, US
Creative system to share experiences and understanding through interactive performance, nature, video, multimedia. Frameworks and opportunities to expand creativity and work in independent groups on interactive projects.

Harley-Davidson of Stamford, Inc.
Stamford, CT, US
Visitors can pick up information, sounds and video on Harley-Davidson motorcycles, visit the parts counter, learn service tips, purchase clothing and collectibles, and browse a calendar of upcoming Harley-Davidson events.

Hobby Haven
Overland Park, KS, US
We offer a broad line of radio control (planes, boats, and helicopters), trains, rockets, models, and more. Current specials on kites, planes and RC flight simulator software.

Hollywood Shopping Network
Internet Entertainment Network, Beverly Hills, CA, US
Provides Net users with online access to actors, agents, books, career consultants, casting, directors, distributors, entertainment news, film schools, financing, games, guilds/unions, and many other professional services and products.

Hot Springs
LangNet, Missoula, MT, US
A place for resources about natural hot springs.

A Hundred Highlights from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek (the Netherlands)
The Hague, The Netherlands
A virtual exhibition, including the Delft bible, the Blaeu atlas, sheet music in manuscript from Willem Pijper and 97 other treasures from the Koninklijke Bibliotheek.

IBM 3D Interaction Accelerator
T.J. Watson Research Center, Hawthorne, NY, US
Workstation-based interactive software for the visual inspection of complex 3D geometric models. Winner of the Best New Product Award at the 1995 National Design Engineering Show.

IEEE Infocom'96
IEEE Communications Society, Murray Hill, NJ, US
Takes place in San Francisco in March 1996. Papers are invited on all areas of computer communications and networks, including ATM, internetworking, wireless networks and network security.

India - WWW Virtual Library
Observatorio Astronomico de La Plata, La Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The India - WWW Virtual Library has been maintained since April 27, 1995 by Sergio Paoli. Major pages of the India Virtual Library: links to India information worldwide, states of India, cities and districts of India, and Indian newsgroups.

Genius Technologies, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, US
INDOlink is an electronic magazine and a comprehensive resource of information on India as well as Indian communities and businesses world-wide. INDOlink features news, articles, announcements of activities and events concerning the Indian community as well as classified and business advertisements.

InfoNet Builder
Oregon House, CA, US
InfoNet Builder builds Web pages. We create effective online advertisements from your existing material or new presentations using graphics and sound.

Informal Credit Homepage
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
The Informal Credit Homepage contains information on informal credit markets. Both urban and rural markets are covered, including bibliographies, documents, and links to other pages.

International Sculpture Center On-line Resource
Washington, DC, US
The International Sculpture Center (ISC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the promotion of sculpture as an essential part of the cultural world. The ISC publishes Sculpture and Maquette magazines, brokers shows of contemporary sculpture, organizes sculpture conferences, and has the largest referral database of contemporary sculpture in the world, Sculpture Source.

Internet Advertising Site of the Day
Tim Windsor, Baltimore, MD, US
A daily look at what's new and noteworthy in the world of online advertising.

Internet Thailand Services
Bangkok, Thailand
The leading Internet service provider located in Bangkok, Thailand. We bring with us our expertise in providing quality Internet services to the academic and government community. We now serve Thailand in providing full Internet services to the corporate and household community.

Iowa City Coralville Online Resource
Jeonet, Iowa City, IA, US
A dynamic site with information relevent to residents, businesses, and visitors. Visit us to see what's happening in the Iowa City/Coralville area.

IRIDIA -- Universite Libre de Bruxelles
Brussels, Belgium
IRIDIA is the artificial intelligence laboratory of the The Iron Horse Bicycle Classic
Southwest Colorado Access Network, Durango, CO, US
One of America's classic races. Lots of images of Durango and popular biking trails, race results, and an audio file of the train.

ITG Tours
Raleigh, NC, US
Offers the lowest prices on tour packages from over 100 cities to over 15 destinations. All packages include airfare, hotel, and rental car. You can now book a tour via our home page.

The Katharine Sharp Review
Univ. of Illinois, Urbana, IL, US
the premiere peer reviewed electronic journal for students in library and information science; the first issue will be available in late June.

Knowles German/English Translations
Radford, VA, US
Offering German and English translations as well as interpreting, editing and proofreading. Some funny translations and links to sites in Germany are also included.

L'autre Miroir
Sherbrooke, Quebec, CA
Ce roman provient d'un rêve. Le personnage Maurice se retrouve dans un immeuble désaffecté, repère de jeunes en mal de société. Il y découvre douloureusement la signification d'une fresque peinte par un jeune qui a donné dramatiquement sa vie à la peinture... J'ai rêvé cet épisode de la vie de Maurice.

A Layperson's Guide To Congress
We Design, Inc., Menlo Park, CA, US
Make your voice heard in Washington. Describes how Congress works, includes links to many resources, provides a web form for contacting Congressional leaders. Non-partisan.

Levinsky's Clothing Store
Portland, ME, US
We have grown to three large stores in southern Maine, offering clothing for the entire family. Our site offers merchandise featuring the Portland Seadogs, a AA baseball team.

Lewis & Clark College
Portland, OR, US
Oregon's largest independent college carries on a commitment to independent inquiry, to the general education that is basic to leadership, and to the unity of ethical knowledge and action. Lewis & Clark consists of the College of Arts and Sciences, the Graduate School of Professional Studies, and the Northwestern School of Law.

LoneMountain Art&Design
Arlington, VA, US
We are a one-stop graphic design and electronic publishing firm that provides low-cost, quick turnaround graphic design and Internet consulting services.

Mainostajien Liitto - The Association of Finnish Advertisers
Helsinki, FINLAND
Services provided by the Association of Finnish advertisers: seminars, publications, surveys etc. A list of member companies with links to their WWW pages. English summary.

Mick Taylor/Rolling Stones WebSource
gary@interport.net, NY, NY, US
A comprehensive database of Mick Taylor's live performances and his career before, during, and after the Rolling Stones.

Microsoft Events
OCM, New York, NY, US
For info on upcoming Microsoft seminars to be held in the New York and New Jersey area.

Motorola Paging Products
Boynton Beach, FL, US
Features and pictures of Motorola paging products and related services. Includes material on advanced two-way messaging.

NASA/JPL Imaging Radar Program Contest
Pasadena, CA, US
We are having a contest. We supply 7 channels of images of Sunbury, Pennsylvania, from the Space Shuttle imaging radar, you supply an interesting composite or added-value image.

The National Agricultural Library
Beltsville, MD, US
The U.S. Department of Agriculture National Agricultural Library is an international source for agricultural information. This site provides access to NAL's many resources and a gateway to its associated institutions.

The National Legislature Notification Pipeline
Las Vegas, NV, US
The American people now have a way to make their opinions really count. They can call The NLNP(R). The Pipeline and its affiliates express no political opinions or views of their own. It is an open forum and communications tool for the American people to convey their ideas, opinions and beliefs to the legislature.

National Organization of Albinism and Hypopigmentation
Philadelphia, PA, US
There are many misconceptions and unknowns about albinism. The National Organization on Albinism and Hypopigmentation distributes the medical and social facts about albinism. Membership information is also included.

Natural Resources
Blacksburg, VA, US
A comprehensive list of academic programs and research organizations worldwide concerning with better stewardship and management of forests and other natural resources.

New Court Chambers Legal Information Page
London, UK
Links of interest to the legal profession.

New York City Real Estate Guide
New York, NY, US
The place for New York metropolitan area real estate information. The Guides, from Real Estate On-Line, are updated daily to insure that the most current listing information is online--there are over 750 listings (including photographs and floorplans of apartments and houses).

NIEHS Contracts Office
National Institutes of Health, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Contains RFPs, statements of work, and a registration form for prospective bidders for NIEHS research and development contracts.

Ocean Planet Online
Smithsonian Institution/NASA, Washington, DC, US
Ocean Planet Online, the Smithsonian's first exhibition in cyberspace, celebrates the spectacular diversity of the oceans while examining the environmental issues they now face.
http://seawifs.gsfc.nasa.gov/ocean_planet.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Of Course!ware Internet Learning Resources
Chicago, IL, US
An instructional design company specializing in UNIX and Internet applications. We develop courseware and conduct on-site training sessions for private industry, educational institutions, and government agencies.

Of New Jersey Interest
WOI Internet Corporation, Northern, NJ, US
TV-style NJ weather graphics, NJ lottery results, sports links, NJ real estate, and a NJ Net-sites list from publishers of the World of Interest Net directory of best sites.

Office of International Programs, Univ. of Pennsylvania
OIP, Philadelphia, PA, US
Information for all international students and scholars at Penn. Also access to Penn's study-abroad programs.

OrchidMania -- HIV & AIDS Charity Support
San Francisco, CA, US
A unique all-volunteer nonprofit organization which supports grassroots AIDS programs in the U.S., Latin America and Southeast Asia. Orchid growers around the world send us live plants at no cost, which we then sell at our annual World's Largest Orchid Garage Sale.

The Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Software Repository
Dept. of Anesthesia, Stanford Univ., Palo Alto, CA, US
This is a repository of software used in pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic analysis, with emphasis on drug development, computer controlled drug delivery, population analysis, and data sets that can be used to test PK/PD tools.

Pilotförbundet, Stockholm, Sweden
A description of Pilotförbundet, the United Pilots of Scandinavia, and some interesting links.

Plants Publishing Web
Montreal, Quebec, CANADA
A lot of information about phytotherapy, diseases and medicinal plants. What's phytotherapy? How to use plants? Which plants to use for a specific disease? Plants Publishing Web points to interesting links about this domain including power of nature, a Web based plants capsules distributor.

Premenos' Electronic Commerce Resource Guide
Concord, CA, US
Everything you've always wanted to know about electronic commerce.

Preposterous Word of the Week
MathPro Press, Chicago, IL, US
Each week, we present you with an obscure word and you are challenged to determine (or guess) its meaning. Other word puzzles will soon be available at the Puzzle Junction.

Prestonwood Travel
Dallas, TX, US
Established 1981. Offers custom golf trips to worldwide destinations. The owner has been to Scotland 25 times, for example, and plans trips there, as well as Ireland, Portugal, Spain and France. Interested parties should contact the agency for the finest in golf travel.

Princeville Resort - Kauai, Hawaii
Starr Seigle McCombs Advertising, Inc., Honolulu, HI, US
Princeville Resort, on the island of Kauai in the Hawaiian chain, is one of Hawaii's most opulent resorts. Its two golf courses have been rated in the top 100 nationwide, and as high as number one in Hawaii by Golf Digest.

Quinn Flags And Banners
Long Island City, NY, US
All types of flags and flag poles. We proudly stock all country, state, nautical, religious, and grand opening flags. Custom design flags and banners too.

QVC Local
QVC, Inc., West Chester, PA, US
This site chronicles the travels of the QVC Local, the world's only self-contained mobile television studio, as it travels to all 50 states in 50 weeks in "The Quest for America's Best: QVC's 50 in 50 Tour," a nationwide search for and promotion of the best undiscovered products made in each state.

Rahsaan Roland Kirk Tribute and Contest
Meanderings Publications, Palo Alto, CA, US
As part of its tribute entitled The Jivometric Genius of Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Meanderings is sponsoring a Bright Moments Contest. Readers are asked to submit their favorite Bright Moment, with the winner receiving a collection of Rahsaan's monumental CDs.

Rainforest Action Network
San Francisco, CA, US
Rainforest Action Network has launched a highly interactive action-oriented Web page, bringing the tools of activism to your fingertips. Made with 100% recycled electrons. Point your browser to the RAN Web page and help them save the rainforests.

The Reactor
Hobe Sound, FL, US
The Reactor MUD provides a multiuser adventure into the realm of Mordor.

Resource Development and Wildlife
Univ. of Alberta, Edmonton, Canada
The site provides access to a large database and extensive information on the impact and mitigation of human activities on wildlife. Numerous case studies, bibliographies, abstracts, images and links to other relevant wildlife sites.

Royal Canadian Web
Consolidated Access & Networks, Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Canada's national Web; government, education, entertainment, shopping. A megaplex in cyberspace.

Safetynet, Inc.
Springfield, NJ, US
Evals and product information for PC and network anti-virus, security, menu, software distribution, scheduling and hardware/software inventory software. DOS, Windows and OS/2 are supported.

Sarasota Online
InfiNet Technologies, Sarasota, FL, US
The city of Sarasota, Florida joins many other noted cities throughout the world to share with the world the culture and life of our city.

Scribe Unlimited Inc.
Shaker Heights, OH, US
Our comprehensive grant writing services are just perfect for the small non-profit organization seeking to increase its funding. Our experienced grantwriters will shepherd the project from beginning to end. Services include foundation and funding source research, letters of intent, program analysis and development, and application writing.

Single Search National
Tampa, FL, US
A dynamic computer matchmaking service offering an accurate, respectable way for singles to safely meet highly compatible partners.

Singles Advantage Expo
Long Beach, CA, US
A two-day adventure of entertainment, activities and fun. Held at the Long Beach Convention Center on June 17-18, the Singles Expo is expected to tour nationwide. Watch for updates.

Small Business Initiative Program
Lawrence Livermore National Lab., Livermore, CA, US
This set of pages briefly illustrates the resources available to U.S. small businesses. The SBIP transfers technology from the laboratory to the small-business community. The sole purpose of the SBIP is to enhance U.S. economic competitiveness through mutually beneficial technology partnerships.

South Bank Univ. Graduate Courses
London, UK
South Bank Univ. Postgraduate Prospectus for 1995 entry. It provides information about courses, application procedure, studying and living in London.

Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission
Indiana, PA, US
The SPHPC is a federally appointed organization that coordinates the preservation, interpretation and promotion of the sites and stories of America's industrial heritage in southwestern Pennsylvania.

Speedy Pet Tags
Gladwyne, PA, US
Offering a full range of tags for your dogs and cats. These tags attach easily to your pet's collar uniquely identifying them as your own. Online ordering is available and orders are shipped the same day they are received.

SportsLine USA, Inc.
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Your premier ticket to sports information, entertainment and merchandise. SportsLine delivers the most comprehensive sports information possible. Shop for athletic apparel and memorabilia, talk to your favorite teams and players, and participate in weekly contests and sweepstakes featuring great prizes.

The SSEC Visualization Project
Space Science and Engineering Ctr., Madison, WI, US
The SSEC Visualization Project makes the Vis5D and VisAD systems freely available over the Internet. Vis5D provides highly interactive visualization of atmosphere and ocean models. VisAD enables scientists to interactively steer and visualize their computations.

Stannet WWW Designing & Publishing Co.
East Rockaway, NY, US
We are in business to provide WWW page design and publishing. We provide a complete package. Those in the greater N.Y. City area we will meet personally.

The Sub-Atomic Opera
The Evolution Control Committee, Columbus, OH, US
The Evolution Control Committee is up to their peculiar hijinx again. Among other recent improvements and developments, we are making a Net first with The Sub-Atomic Opera, a weekly cartoon in sound.

Sunshine Networking Services
Austin, TX, US
Offering unique and reliable answers to your Internet and World Wide Web networking needs.

Sverdrup Corp: Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Advanced Tech.
K. Gates, Washington, DC, US
Engineering, architecture, construction, and advanced technology. Uses graphics, sound, and text files to demonstrate how company information may be distributed.

Sympathy Card (Oklahoma City Bombing)
Ft Collins, CO, US
This site contains sympathy messages from around the world for those involved in the Oklahoma City tragedy. The site also contains a link to add your own message.

The Synthetic Reality, Co.
Sunnyvale, CA, US
This document tells of the new game called NetSpades. This game is playable in most chat channels and all BBS's that have a game connection. This document also has links to other Spades-related documents and to the editor's home page. It also includes some references and links to the cris.com BBS.

Telemedicine Information Exchange
Telemedicine Research Center, Portland, OR, US
A comprehensive database of telemedicine information, including bibliographic, project, technology and funding information, as well as information on telemedicine legal and ethical issues.

Tokyo, Japan
A cyber window looking in on Japan. Explore Tokyo as a foot-loose virtual tourist. Tokyo mini infoweb. Links to many English sites in Japan. More.

Tricks of the Mac Game Programming Gurus
Hayden Books, Macmillan Computer Publishing, Indianapolis, IN, US
Info about the soon-to-be-published book from Hayden Books, plus links to many other resources for Macintosh game programmers.

Tulsa Promise Keepers
Digital Frontiers, Tulsa, OK, US
In an age when handshakes are not trusted, and words are not kept, the city of Tulsa is being unified by the simple words of a Promise. This local organization is part of the worldwide Promise Keepers movement, and these Web pages describe the basic principles behind that movement as well as providing information on local and national events.

TV5, la Television Internationale
TV5 Quebec Canada Inc., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
TV5, la Television Internationale, is the first Francophone TV station on the Web. The home page provides information about TV5, the satellite's broadcasting parameters, and the schedule for the current week and the following week. Access the specific information about every scheduled show and contact the producers of Visions d'Amerique.

University Hospitals of Cleveland -- Radiology
Cleveland, OH, USA
Radiologic imaging archives of different medical diagnostic imaging modalities. Information on the Departments of Radiology at Univ. Hospitals of Cleveland and Case Western Reserve Univ.

University of Texas at Austin Bilingual Education
Austin, TX, US
Information on UT degrees and teacher training programs in bilingual education. Includes a resources list for bilingual educators.

U.S. Coast Guard Retiree's Locator List
Bartow, FL, US
If you're a USCG retiree and want to locate old shipmates or you want others to know how to get in touch with you, then you are encouraged to register.

Vedic Astrology
Fairfield, IA, US
Vedic astrology comes from the more than 6,000 years old encyclopedias still used in India today. Education, free charts online, software, etc.

Venue Magazine
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Sex-music-politics-film-literature-art-comics-poetry-interactive games- lifestyle-fashion-the artist's voice.

Video Software Products and Internet Services
Paradise Software, Inc., Jamesburg, NJ, US
We've recently redesigned our website, and now offer new multimedia products and Internet services. For Unix and soon the PowerPC, we sell whiteboard videoconferencing and software-only video-on-demand products.

Videomedia, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Our goal is to help people effectively use computer and video equipment together for professional animation, multimedia, desktop video and broadcast television production. That's why we developed the V-LAN Universal Control Network in 1984.

ViroVision Publishing
Minneapolis, MN, US
ViroVision publishing can meet all of you or your companies Internet publishing needs. Let us create graphics, Web pages and get you online today. We can offer consulting services and also full Internet and World Wide Web set up and updating.

Visionary Publishing Home Page
Old Brookville, NY, US
We are a new company that produces games and fiction for a variety of genres. Visionary games use tarot cards as a device to encourage cooperative storytelling. Visionary fiction gives new writers and new artists a chance to be published as well as giving known writers to create their new worlds.

Vista Biologicals Corporation
Carlsbad, CA, US
Provides contract production and purification of animal cells and cell products.

WachuNet: Window to the World
Wachusett Regional High School, Holden, MA, US
Wachusett Regional High School's Web server. Includes links to research sources for high schools. We also have an electronic research guide and writing style guide in HTML format.

Web Books
Rancho Cucamonga, CA, US
Online bookseller with reading lists on sexuality, censorship/conspiracy and sports. Also provide additional services: Will custom make a reading list for all visitors. Will also locate and provide any book in print.

WebFeats: Webserver Setup
Dallas, TX, US
This is a "diary" of my efforts to set up a Web server for my new company, WebFeats. I'm using WebSite, O'Reilly's new Web server that runs under Windows NT.

WebJammer Productions
Amherst, MA, US
WebJammer Productions is the Pioneer Valley's premier WWW designer publisher, and consulting group. If you are an individual, small business, school, town, local government or large corporation, we want to make your information and products available on the Internet.

Vienna, Austria
The WirtschaftsWoche is Austria's biggest weekly business magazine, and their first and only magazine on the Web.

The Workplace Observer
American Contract Executive Society, South Lyme, CT, US
Wondering where today's good jobs are hiding and tomorrow's best career opportunities can be found? Our labor market newsletter tracks the workplace trends and issues discussed in hundreds of periodicals, from popular commercial publications to obscure academic journals.

Wednesday, 10 May 1995

50th Anniversary of the end of WW II
Patch American High School, Stuttgart, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany
On May 8th, 1995, the world will commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe. Patch American High School in Stuttgart, Germany has put together a collection of new material (documents, photos, sounds and movies) which is being added to its WW II archives.

ActivMedia's Marketer Help Desk
Peterborough, NH, US
Net marketing info based on hard data from a survey of active Net marketers. Our site includes handy links to net directories and many net advertising spaces for marketers' convenience.

Advanced Computer Systems/Modified Motorcycle Association
Bakersfield, CA, US
Sales, service, and support for personal computers, peripherals, and software. We have over 20 years experience. We also sponsor the Modified Motorcycle Association, a nonprofit motorcycle rights PAC, at our home page.

Advanced Mathematics in Physics and Engineering
Technion, Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa, Israel
Server devoted to symbolic computations with mathematica. Presently we cover the following subjects: PDE solutions, dynamical systems, nonlinear analysis, and numerical PDE solutions.

Advanced Research Corporation
Reston, VA, US
New features include a community service page that displays clinical cancer information in English and español, free Web services for selected U.S. government agencies and educational institutions, and a low bandwidth method for searching past NCSA What's New pages.

Aesclepian Chronicles
Synergistic Medicine Center, Chapel Hill, NC, US
A monthly journal that takes a fresh look at complementary medicine and its relationship to conventional medicine. Articles and on-going columns discuss and evaluate what's new in the mind-body approach.

The Affiniti Personals
L & L Information Services, US, US, US
Over 5,000 personal ads for all lifestyles from all over the US. All the ads are searchable, so you can find just the people you'd like to meet. A part of the the public.com.com personals.

Alliance to Expose Government Corruption and Corporate Irresponsibility
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Review of US fascist military dictatorship: JFK assassination, Inslaw suit against USDOJ, Casolaro murder, CIA covert ops, FBI repression, BCCI, "October Surprise," Iraq slaughter and Waco massacre.

American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine
Rochester, MN, US
The primary goal of the organization is to increase the quality of care of patients with neuromuscular disorders by contributing to steady improvement in the methods of electrodiagnostic medicine.

American Mortgage Listings
San Francisco, CA, USA
Created out of the frustration of having loan requests that made sense, but don't fit a normal loan profile. AML will advertise those difficult-to-place loans to a nationwide network of similar professionals who understand that just because the borrower or the property may be non-conforming doesn't mean that the deal can't be done.

American Society for Quality Control
Milwaukee, WI, US
The world's largest quality network, and your connection to the latest publications, conferences, and training related to quality improvement.

AnaTek Corp.
Amherst, NH, US
AnaTek Corporation publishes repair database software for the repair of PC monitors and terminals. This site includes full descriptions of these products, a shareware version of the monitor repair database, publications regarding the repair of monitors and a full description of Video Test Bench monitor test pattern generator.

APENS, Assoc. of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia
Halifax, Nova Scotia, US
This site was authored by volunteers and is one of Canada's first professional engineering Web sites. The site is a guide to the association and events surrounding our 75th anniversary.

Arizona Accommodations Reservations
Bed & Breakfast Inn America, Scottsdale, AZ, US
A no cost reservation service representing B&Bs, resorts, ranches, guest houses and more. Don't forget Super Bowl XXX in Tempe, AZ.

The A-Z Guide to Australia on the Internet
Chris Janz, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
The A-Z Guide is an index of Australian WWW, Gopher, Telnet and FTP sites; as well as newsgroups. It now links them to subject headers to help people find what they want.

Bear St. -- GUND Specialists
Pacifica Blue, Calgary, AB, Canada
Come see the new 1995 Gund additions to Bear St. Several new family members have been added to our growing collection, including the very popular Big and Little Dipper Polar Bears from the Mother and Baby series.

Electronic Press Ltd., London, UK
An Internet club for researchers and clinicians in biology and medicine. Services include: a full-text library of biomedical publications and databases.

The Blue Aeroplanes
Rotem, Jerusalem, Israel
Home page of the alternative rock band The Blue Aeroplanes. Contains info, pictures, bios and more.

B'nai B'rith Youth Organization
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
BBYO is the largest Jewish youth group in the world, serving over 30,000 youth worldwide. Nesher BBYO #5946 has set up a home page for the group.

The Body Shop
The Body Shop International Plc., Cambridge, UK
The international business of The Body Shop is the manufacture and retailing of skin and hair care preparations and cosmetics. Our business policies and practices are defined by our core values: care for the environment, human rights and opposition to the exploitation of animals.

BOLDer MultiMedia -- Violence-Free Software (TM)
Boulder, CO, US
Interactive stories and multi-player adventure games on CD-ROM focus on non-violent conflict resolution and financial literacy skills.

British Motor Yacht Club (BMYC)
Thames Ditton, UK
A family sailing club based on the River Thames near Hampton Court. We race a range of dinghy classes and also have a cruising section and a lively social programme.

Brooks/Cole Publishing Company
Pacific Grove, CA, US
Publisher of authors and ideas, software, multimedia, and books. Our learning materials have been designed to meet the needs of students and professors in the disciplines of counseling, chemistry, health, mathematics, physics, psychology, social work, and special education.

The Butchart Gardens
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Fifty acres of floral finery offering spectacular views as you stroll along meandering paths and expansive lawns. This commercial site is a world famous tourist attraction since 1904. It is located just outside Victoria, British Columbia.

The Cambridge Diet
Cambridge Diet Order Center, Phoenix, AZ, US
This page has moved to the new Spirit & Nature Dream Web Ventures Web server. Please update your bookmarks and hotlists.

New Millennium, Springfield, MA, US
Fine gifts and unique products.

Catalina Island Guide
Avalon, CA, US
A visitor's guide to the famous Southern California resort. Includes recreation, entertainment, hotels, the local newspaper, artwork by Islanders, natural history, and how to get to the Island.

Child Guard
Superkids Foundation, Kihei, HI, US
Attention parents: Who will care for your child if you and your spouse are unable to? Unless you have made arrangements in advance, law enforcement or child services can take custody of your child. The Child-Guard Kit can protect your child from these circumstances.

Christo & Jeanne-Claude
San Rafael, CA, US
Environment artists Christo and Jeanne-Clauide have been working for 23 years to get the approvals necessary to wrap Germany's lower house of parliament in an aluminized fabric. The Wrapped Reichstag is a world arts event and will be covered on the Web.

Church Music Master for Windows
Composer's Manuscript Press, Oklahoma City, OK, US
Aids music ministers in planning and tracking a church music program. Cross-reference 17 hymnals and chorusbooks, plan worship services, track: music, dates, personnel, libraries, publishers, much more.

The Civilized Explorer
San Mateo, CA, US
Uses the Internet as a springboard for an intellectual and entertaining exploration of our surroundings, with resources to plan your visit and make your reservations.

Club Z Student Organization
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A service for local university students (and others), intended to facilitate greater cooperation and information sharing between academic disciplines while advancing the social goals of our club.

College Park High School's Resources for Teachers
Pleasant Hill, CA, US
Resources for teachers. Beside containing links to sites that provide excellent starting points for educators, we also have posted a directory of teachers at our school that have Internet accounts with email addresses.

Universal Algorithms Inc., Portland, OR, US
A service for students to research and find a college or university to attend. Easy online searching including links to home pages of schools and exclusive At-A-Glance pages to highlight campuses.

Univ. of Illinois, Springfield, IL, US
A guide to Colombia, South America. Includes a clickable map and information about the country's economy, culture, literature, music, and much more.

Columbia University Ultimate Frisbee
New York, NY, US
The Columbia University "Uptown Local" ultimate Frisbee team.

Coop's Origional Beep
Fullerton, CA, US
Home to The Manny Perez Show, a serial about the crazy antics of Manny Perez, The Gallery Cool, dedicated to bringing you the best in contemporary art, and real music with Micro Jammers.

Crisis, Grief, and Healing: Men and Women
Tom Golden LCSW, Kensington, MD, US
Valuable and fascinating information about crisis, grief, and healing. It examines gender difference in the healing process by honoring the unique paths men and women may choose.

Cultures of Vision: Images, Media and the Imaginary
McGill Univ., Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A new book being published by Indiana University Press which analyzes the relationship between new technologies and cinema and television. There is also an emphasis on community media and video.

Cyber Diamond Connection
Te Ray Jewelers, Scottsbluff, NE, US
Interactive catalog of diamonds and Black Hills gold. All diamonds are imaged with the TeRay Vision Video Imager (providing 135x mag). Pretty cool interactive areas too.

Mountain Lake Software, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
A free online magazine for kids by kids published by Mountain Lake Software. It contains stories, artwork, puzzles, and more. We expect to publish four issues in 1995. There is also a CyberKids Interactive page where kids can post their own notes.

DDC Communications
Atlanta, GA, US
Sick of circles and vicious terriers? Let DDC communications help you find your way through the maze of long distance programs. We offer programs from a variety of long distance carriers that are straight forward and easy to follow. We can provide the best program for you, whether it is for your home or your office.

The Diabetic Foot
Foot and Ankle Institute, St. George, UT, US
The diabetic foot was designed to increase the awareness of foot problems associated with diabetes.

Direct Connections
World Internet Corporation, Miami, FL, US
An international computer equipment supplier in hard drives, DAT drives, optical drives, monitors, CD ROMs, scanners and raid systems. Shipping hard drives for eight years.

Doctoral Program in Cognitive Science, Univ. of Hamburg
Hamburg, Germany
Supports the interdisciplinary co-operation of faculty members, doctoral candidates and postdoctoral fellows from the departments of computer science, linguistics, philosophy and psychology.

Earth Day Groceries
Arbor Heights Elementary School, Seattle, WA, US
101 schools joined together on the Internet in this annual project, where school children from across the US and Canada decorated over 40,000 grocery bags for Earth Day.

Eden Systems Corporation
Indianapolis, IN, US
One software company in the midwest doing their part for the good of all. See what we offer in the way of COBOL maintenance programs, electronic conferencing via The Meeting Room®, and now our Internet Direct™ publishing service.

Electronic Media Center at the World Bank
Washington, DC, US
EMC takes advantage of rapid and sustained decreases in the cost of storing, processing, and transmitting information, especially in digital formats, in order to reach larger audiences at lower costs.

Enterprise City Online
Clearbrook, BC, Canada
A virtual tour of the fictional town of Enterprise City, New Jersey -- features a unique collection of characters, stories, and essays by Dominic R. Villari. With links to other Web sites, such as newspapers and production companies.

EQE International Web Site
San Francisco, CA, US
EQE is a large, internationally recognized engineering consulting firm specializing in risk assessment and design to provide reliability and safety.

Corvalis, OR, US
Information and resources for horse enthusiasts.

Pleasanton, CA, US
ERCorporation is now an Authorized Value Added Reseller for Apple, Okidata, and Lexmark. Specify your system needs and we will send you a quote. Brought to you by NetRep.

EST Magazine
London, UK
Devoted to avant-garde, experimental, post-industrial and other innovative music. Interviews, articles, reviews and contact information.

Ethnic Studies at USC
Reference Center, USC, Los Angeles, CA, US
This project contains information on art, music, literature, politics, religion, as they relate to ethnic studies. Special emphasis is given to resources at the University of Southern California.

NetCreations, Inc., Hollywood, FL, US
Why send boring old email when you can Fakemail? Send mail to anyone on the global network, *from* anyone on the network, or even from a made-up address. Hours of rollicking good fun for the entire family.

Fastnet, Internet Connections & Services
Lausanne, Switzerland, US
Fastnet is a new Internet provider in Lausanne, Switzerland with full Internet access to private people and companies. Standard PPP dial up access and ISDN access are available. We design and rent WWW pages on our server for advertising, marketing.

Fitness Awareness, Inc.
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Searches, finds and evaluates the highest quality products and services for improving your health and fitness. Particular attention is paid to products based on the latest nurtrition and biochemistry research.

Flanders International Film Festival
Ghent, Flanders, Belgium
Information about Belgium's most prominent yearly film event: historical outline, practical info, guest lists, program profile, dates, events, festival regulations. The site also offers information on the City of Ghent.

FreEnterpri$e Magazine On-Line
Magrathea Press, Tucson, AZ, US
Information for the network marketing/multi-level marketing industry.

Future Net, Inc.
Wichita, KS, US
As Wichita's newest Internet provider, we offer a full line of Internet services (CSLIP, PPP) and HTML development. It is our policy to make the Internet easily accessible to a new user.

Galaxy Communications
Coquitlam, BC, Canada
This site advertises it's line of high-end video projectors, slidescan projectors, and Christian videos.

Global Village Stock Footage
Special Interest Video, Sebastopol, CA, US
Global Village Stock Footage is an online stock footage search and delivery service with interactive links to other stock footage sources. Video and multimedia producers can search the footage database online, view selected images, order stock footage on-line, and add independently-owned footage to the database.

GlobalQUEST -- Internet Access Provider
West Chester, PA, US
An Internet access provider serving Chester County businesses and individuals. We offer unlimited access for a low monthly fee. We also offer low-cost Web sites.

Gourmet Gift Net
Handman & Assoc. Food Group Inc., Denver, CO, US
The Internet's only mall dedicated to fine foods, gourmet gifts, tabletop accessories, and more. Check us out daily for new developments.

Guide to Computer Vendors
SBA * Consulting, Bellmore, NY, US
SBA * Consulting in cooperation with SBA.NET.WEB has compiled a listing of most of the major hardware and software vendors currently on the Web. Additions are always welcomed.

Hadrian' Wall Leisure & Tourism Guide
Tynedale Council, Hexham, Northumberland, UK
A guide to the Tynedale Area of Northumberland (North of England UK) Some nice images and a form to get further information.

Hartwell for President Campaign
Denver, CO, US
The campaign headquarters of the first primarily electronic campaign for the U.S. Presidency.

Holographic Dimensions Inc.
HyperMedia Technologies, Avon, CT, US
Mass produced micro-embossed holograms for security, packaging and labeling.

Horoscopes -- John James CyberStars
London, England, UK
John James latest reports on the collective unconscious. Check out this excellent weekly astrological column. This page also has links to many other astrological resources on the Web.

Indonesia Festival
The Hague, The Netherlands
A major cultural event in The Netherlands, from 30 November to 10 December 1995. It includes, drama, dance, film, literature, visual arts, from Indonesia and The Netherlands, focusing on 50 years of Republic of Indonesia.

San Francisco, CA, US
"If building great Web sites is a sin, may we rot in Hell." From the makers of The Burrito Page and Anagram Madness.

Flagstaff, AZ, US
We are a CD-ROM publisher. We also provide full Internet services including Web presence. Pages include business pages and Linux OS information as well as Internet account information.

The Information Center
Information Direct, Sacramento, CA, US
An online business opportunity, resource, and informational magazine devoted to helping both veteran and entrepreneurs succeed in business. You will also find up-to-date business articles, topics, financial/tax information, news, job search resources and more.

Ireland's Best-Looking Golf Courses.
Art Emotion Corp., Prospect Hts., IL, USA
Come and enjoy the best looking golf courses of Ireland. They were released as collectors prints, and make wonderful gifts to golfing friends or clients.

John K. Barnett -- Arizona Buyer's Broker
John Hall & Associates, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
Complete real estate services for the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Kenwood Communications Amateur Radio Products Group
Las Vegas, NV, US
The world leader in amateur radio equipment.

The Lady in the Radiator Online Zine
Lakewood, CO, US
Our magazine started out as xeroxed copies put together as cheaply as possible. We discovered desktop publishing and created an entire issue with scanned images. After creating we decided to release it onto the Internet. Our magazine focuses on art, poetry, and short stories.

Laser Printing and Performance Information
LaserSaver, Dallas, TX, US
Dedicated to the care, feeding and performance of your laser printer. These pages are chockfull of tips, procedures and recycling information to help you maximize the printing and performance of your laser printer.

The Life Extension Foundation
Hollywood, FL, US
Dedicated to extending the healthy human lifespan. We are committed to fighting for health freedom for all of us. Find out about the latest technologies and breakthroughs in health.

The Love Formulas
Mega Link, Houston, TX, US
A serious study of romantic love by the inventor of the Weed Eater, intended to assist people of all ages to understand, evaluate and manage romantic relationships. Learn when and why you should keep it going or cut it off.

M&A Marketplace
Cambridge Financial Networks, Cambridge, MA, US
An electronic marketplace for buyers and sellers of companies and financial intermediaries. It enables sellers to advertise to buyers, receive inquiries from buyers, search through a database of buyers, submit inquiries to buyers, and subscribe to a newsletter for sellers. Similar services are offered to buyers.

Mail Order Mall
World Wide Trade Service, Bellingham, WA, US
A commercial site where products and services are listed. The classified listings are provided by entrepreneurs and home-based businesses marketing their products.

MD/PhD Program, Univ. of Miami School of Medicine
Miami, FL, US
Provides a place for visitors to learn about the program and its members, for participants to stay up-to-date on program activities, and for applicants to submit an online application.

Megamedia Corporation
San Jose, CA, US
A producer of 11 Pak Entertainment CD-ROMs for the PC, and 10 Pak Educational CD-ROMs for the Macintosh.

Univ. de Costa Rica, San Pedro, SJ, Costa Rica
Meteorological and weather information about Costa Rica.

Mexicana Airlines
Los Angeles, CA, US
North America's first airline proudly announces their Website full of items of interest for travelers to Mexico, Central America and South America.

Microsoft Spring '95 Solutions Tour
Microsoft Southeast Events District Office, Raleigh, NC, US
Microsoft seminars provide solutions to help solve your business problems. Offered in 18 cities in the southeast U.S., we have scheduled seminars to provide you with the tools and products to make your life easier.

Museum of the City of New York Online
MCNY, New York, NY, US
Information on collections, exhibits, and sample art from the largest collection of New York City photos, prints, and items in the world.

Nedbook International b.v.
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Internationally operating library agents are making bibliographic information available on Internet concerning new and forthcoming book and continuation titles published in Germany, The Netherlands and other European countries.

Digital Media, Los Angeles, CA, US
An Internet service that hosts the best entertainment resorces on the Web. From music to movies, news, sports, and games, NetVision is entertainment on the Web.

Neural Applications Corporation Home Page
Iowa City, IA, US
One of the world's leading suppliers of AI technology to industry. This Web site includes information on our Intelligent Arc Furnace Controller and Aegis Development System.

N.E.W. Start Weight Loss
WIDCOM, Hewlett, NY, US
Not just another diet. A new concept in diet and fitness.

New York International Ballet Competition
New York, NY, US
Features information for applicants and spectators, as well as pictures from past years competitions.

New York Metro Automobile Directory
WIDCOM, Hewlett, NY, US
A free directory of automobile dealers in the New York metro area.

NicNet: The Arizona Nicotine and Tobacco Network
Arizona Program for Nicotine and Tobacco Research, Tucson, AZ, US
A guide created to promote communication and research among professionals in the nicotine, tobacco, and smoking fields.

Numenet Sound Chamber
San Rafael, CA, US
A Web site for independent musicians, record labels, and other music industry professionals. The Sound Chamber features an exciting variety of musical styles including world, classical, contemporary instrumental, and New Age.

Occupational Safety Consultants, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
A full service safety management and OSHA compliance company, specializing in assisting small and medium businesses reduce the cost of OSHA compliance.

Open Windows
Colorado Springs, CO, US
Open Windows develops utility and educational software for the Windows operating systems. Their programs have been nominated for Shareware Industry and PCMagazine/Ziff-Davis awards in both categories.

OpenEdition MVS
IBM, Kingston, NY, US
We have recently added one of the longest lists on the Web: the over 1,100 UNIX interfaces to be supported in our next release, making MVS a truly open system.

The OSU Sunrayce Project
Ohio State Univ., Columbus, OH, US
An endeavor which brings many engineering disciplines together to design and build a solar powered race car called the Red Shift. This car will be racing in the upcoming Sunrayce 95.

Pearl Wisdom
Ashland, OR, US
Offers relief from harmful effects of EMF radiation from your computer monitor. Users report less stress and fatigue, increased productivity and improved clarity of images on screen.

Pediatric Points of Interest
Marshall Univ. School of Medicine, Huntington, WV, US
Compiles links relevant for pediatricians. Includes children's hospitals, parenting resources, fun-stuff-for-kids, humor in medicine, and more.

Persoft Technologies, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
We develop medical management software and provide consulting services. Our main product is Medicat. It is available for individual doctors and clincs as well as for university health centers.

Phishnet WWW Page
Dionesian Productions, Geneva, NY, US
Excellent resources for anything and everything connected to the band Phish. Includes great photos and graphics, setlists from various shows, and lyrics and chord progressions for every Phish tune.

Plant Science Dept., South Dakota State Univ.
Brookings, SD, US
Access to information about the undergraduate and graduate instructional programs, a listing and profile of faculty, and links to other agriculture-related sources of information developed within the department or found elsewhere on the Internet.

Poley Mountain Music Festival
Birdsong Productions Ltd, Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
Will feature music for everyone in a glorious outdoor setting. Featured performers include Rawlins Cross, Theresa Malenfant, and many others.

Potpourri's Bay Area Cybershopper
NETView Communications, San Jose, CA, US
Silicon Valley's premier classified advertising weekly.

Prince Edward Island's Electronic Mall
Empyrean Support Process, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
On-line order and info forms. Links to the P.E.I. visitors guide and government information resources.

QMI (an ISO 9000 registrar)
PICnet, Dallas, TX, US
We are one of North America's most respected ISO 9000 registrars, offering complete and fully accredited ISO 9000 registration and a variety of seminars all around the US and Canada.

Real Estate in Italy and Europe
Milano, MI, Italy
Studio Attici, a leading brand in Italy, is a group of firms operating in the real estate market for glamorous properties.

The Renaissance and Baroque Society of Pittsburgh
Pittsburgh, US
The Society presents authentic performances of early music. In addition to our concert season and subscription information, the site includes our Concert Night FAQ, information about the Society, links to other local performing arts organizations and venues, and other early music links.

Replas, Inc.
Evansville, IN, US
A custom compounder specializing in commodity and engineering thermoplastics. The Replas Online Catalog was specifically designed to simplify material selection for molders and to provide immediate access to material selection data.

Resonance Records
Sunrise, FL, US
Check out our vast catalog of Jungle, Trance, and Ambient, or listen to some tracks in our Listening Booth. Mail order service anywhere in the world.

RKS Software's Shareware
Arlington, VA, US
High quality shareware programs for home and office, including its PC Magazine Editors Choice mailing list program, Label Master, version 5.1c.

Robbie Laws -- Blues Guitarist
CyberReach, Portland, OR, US
Robbie Laws is the Northwest's premiere virtuoso blues guitarist. This site contains pictures and sounds.

The Ronald Reagan Home Page
Centerville, OH, US
Economic facts and figures from the greatest peace-time expansion in US History.

Routledge Online
London, UK, New York, NY
Complete catalog of Routledge titles searchable by title, author or key word. Resource centers to help locate information pertaining to cultural studies and the humanities on the Web.

Sarasota Online
infinet technologies, Sarasota, FL, US
A global village containing a wealth of information about Florida's Gulf Coast community including area businesses, community centers, tourist information, museums, and the educational community.

Sensat Creative Services
Houston, TX, US
Jeff Sensat is an illustrator with a background in print production, graphic design, journalism and photography, plus musical training and acting. His clients range from corporate to metaphysical, and his projects from industrial venturi tubes to esoteric guided imagery audio cassettes.

Sheraton Civic Center Birmingham
Birmingham, AL, US
Conveniently located close to major attractions such as the Birmingham Museum of Art, Civil Rights Institute, Botanical Gardens, 5 Points South Restaurant & Club District, and golf courses.

Shipboard Computing
OSU College of Oceanic and Atmospheric Sciences, Corvallis, OR, US
A description of shipboard computing on the R/V WECOMA. Shipboard data acquisition, management, display, and distribution via a client/server system are covered.

The Shook Agency, Inc./Better Homes and Gardens
Lafayette/West Lafayette, IN, US
Look at a sample of homes available for sale in Lafayette/West Lafayette/Purdue University area.

Sincere Singles
L & L Information Services, US, US, US
Hundreds of personal ads for quality singles in SE Michigan and Windsor area and from all over the US. All the ads are searchable, so you can find just the people you'd like to meet.

SlipKnot v1.1 Shareware Dial-Up Web Browser
Micromind, Inc., New York, NY, US
For Windows users with UNIX shell accounts (no TCP/IP). Upgrade supports fill-in forms (through lynx), gopher, telnet, site licenses.

Slug Tales
Stephen McCallister, Bothell, WA, US
Longtime satire zine comes to the Web, including a Stupid Netrick.

Softaid's Embedded Web Page
Columbia, MD, US
This is a complete source of information about embedded systems and emulators. It includes articles, app notes, and product info.

Songwriters' CD Outlet
Glenview, IL, US
Selling the audio CDs of artists that write and perform their own music. These are primarily folk artists. Site offers sound samples, biographies, lyrics, reviews and the ability to order the CDs online or through our 800 number.

Spirit & Nature Southwestern Crafts
Phoenix, AZ, US
We've moved to the new Spirit & Nature Dream Web Ventures server. Please update your bookmarks and hotlists.

St. Petersburg International Hostel
St. Petersburg, Russia
Useful information about the St. Petersburg International Hostel, Sindbad Travel, Russian Youth Hostels, Hostelling International, Russian and CIS visas, Russian Consulate addresses, budget travel advice to Russia, St. Petersburg etc.

Student/Budget Travel in Europe
Nick Cockcroft, Philadelphia, PA, US
If you're doing the Let's Go Eurail thing this summer, or have any interest in student (budget) travel in Europe, this page is full of great dos, don'ts and money-saving ideas.

Sun Angel Innovations
Denver, CO, US
Valuable information and articles with interactive applications (e.g. numerology report writer). Our Spirit Search Emporium offers high quality products for the spiritual seeker, (incense, candles, books, tapes).

Synthetic Scene Generation Model
Space Science Division, Naval Research Lab, Washington, DC, US
Integrates high fidelity physics models to generate infrared imagery of various physical phenomena including clouds, terrain, auroras, and others as well as man made objects such as missiles.

Sys-Tec and System Scale Corporations
Indianapolis, IN, US
Sys-Tec Corporation provides data collection solutions through hardware, software, network, bar code technology. System Scale Corporation provides weighing, counting, batching solutions through scale and balance hardware, application knowledge, integration experience.

T.K. Realty, Costa Rica Real Estate
Costa Rica
Property and business opportunities in the Land of Eternal Spring. Our multiple listing is the most comprehensive and responsive program of its type in Latin America. Although real time access to the system is limited to subscribers, we would be pleased to respond to your inquiries.

Total Kaos
Los Angeles, CA, US
Cool products that add fun and excitement to the most humdrum of lives. In conjunction with Beverly Hills Internet, we've installed a live video camera pointed to our chia seed dinosaur Sprout-O-Saurus.

UFO'S Are Real -- The Movie
Odyssey Group, Los Angeles, CA, US
Biggest selling UFO video in history. Over 300,000 sold to date.

UMass Science News
Amherst, MA, US
UMass science and technology news releases and photos. Site also points to a broad range of information including Quadnet, an international science news service linked to many major research institutions.

United Technologies Corporation
Hartford, CT, US
1994 annual report, environmental health and safety progress report, editorials, history, a brochure demonstrating commitment to diversity, and vital statistics.

Waterfront Plaza Hotels
Oakland, CA, US
The ultimate small luxury hotel, located right at the famous Jack London Square by the bay over looking the spectacular Oakland harbor view. To celebrate the Grand Opening of our electronic storefront, we are offering you a chance to win one free night at Waterfront Plaza Hotel.

Web Treasures Online
NightWind WWW Productions, Ft. Pierce, FL, US
We specialize in classified ads, announcements, personal ads and resumes, along with being the home of the Walk of Fame and SeaPort Delta.

Westin Hotels in Singapore
Singapore, SG
Please visit the Westin Hotels in Singapore, where the view from the world's tallest hotel is simply breath-taking.

Whale Adoption Project
International Wildlife Coalition, East Falmouth, MA, US
When people adopt a humpback whale like Patches, Salt, or Crystal, they not only learn about and get to know an individual whale, they also help make possible Whale Adoption Project programs which release whales from fishing gear, rescue stranded marine mammals and battle for the end to commercial whaling.

Whistler Studios
Austin, TX, US
Creating colorful murals and foam sculptures for the public.

The Winner's Page
Portland, OR, US
Addressed to horse racing fans. The page advertises handicapping software and includes links to other sites on the subject of horse racing.

The Wordplay Matrix
St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada
Wordplay is a bookstore with a growing catalog of books online which allows you to view the front cover as well in most cases a description, prices, ISBN, and publisher.

The Xanadu Home Page
Milwaukee, WI, US
This is a home page designed to give people a wide range of links and interesting places, as well as informative places to link to. All efforts have been made to make this page interesting to people of all ages.

The YMCA John Island Camp
Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
Resident camp and outdoor education centre of the Sudbury Family YMCA, in Northeastern Ontario. Our Web pages contain information about our various summer and school programs as well as links to other YMCA pages worldwide, fun stuff for kids, pictures from the camp programs, and more.

Zen Intergalactic Ninja
WIDCOM, Hewlett, NY, US
Coming as a live-action film and in development as an animated television series, Zen is destined to be one of the biggest pop culture phenomena of the '90s.

Friday, 12 May 1995

1002 Situations
Forschungsgesellschaft fuer Informatik, Vienna, Austria
Views of homelands contributed from the Web audience. You can interactively deposit text, pictures or sound describing your situations. This project begins at the Castle Tollet located in Upper Austria and ends with your material being exhibited at the Castle.

3D Enterprises
Spokane, WA, US
An electronic marketing and enterprise-wide, document solution provider. Our goal is to promote the Internet as a means of education, and enlightenment. We are located in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

77th PGA Championship
GEN Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
The tournament will be at historic Riviera Country Club in Los Angeles, May 7-13. This is one of golf's four major tournaments and will be covered by media from 66 countries.

Abekas Home Page
XCom Training, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Designs, manufactures, and markets a full range of digital production and post production products to provide cost effective and creative solutions for video image processing and storage.

Access 2 Travel
Grand Terrace, CA, US
A listing of online travel agents, sorted by destination or type of travel. Categories: cruises, Jamaica, Hawaii, Mexico, all-inclusives, Europe, dive and adventure, Disney, and more. All of the agents listed have an email address.

A.C.E. of North Florida, Inc.
Jacksonville, FL, US
Offering advertising on the Web to all connected businesses. We have the best prices on travel hardware and software, and just about everything else. Cheap professional and graphical, a nice new mall is on the Net.

Active Technologies Group, Inc.
Columbus, OH, US
ATG, Inc. provides creative Web pages, marketing consulting, international business consulting, small business growth consulting and group representation to businesses and groups.

Adept Scientific -- Technical Computing
Letchworth Garden City, Hertfordshire, UK
The UK's leading specialist in technical computing applications including mathematics, data analysis, simulation, data acquisition, laboratory data handling and quality control. Also see Technical Computing magazine online.

Advanced Interface
Naples, FL, US
The online source for quality computer hardware for your PC.

Amateur Wrestling
The Wrestler, Inc., Charlotte, NC, US
The home page for amateur wrestling. Amateur wrestling includes college, high school and Olympic. Currently the results of the NCAA championships are here as well as high school state reports/results.

American Blues & Rave Radio
On Ramp, Inc., New York, NY, US
Two weekly audio programs: the hottest dance tunes and the mellowest blues on the Net, direct to your desktop, from The Metaverse Internet Entertainment Network.

Anderson Valley Brewing Company
Informatics Unlimited, Venice, CA, US
Info about the beers, the brewery, and the brewpub. Order beerabilia. Learn about our expansion and initial public stock offering. See a map to the brewery. Meet our brewers.

Angelic Creations
Orlando, FL, US
Hand-crafted variety of Angels dressed in lace and adorned with dry flowers. Each angel comes with a special saying of your choice. Also bears, bunnies and cows dressed in country print.

Angie Jones - Computer Graphics and Animation
Pixeleyes, Atlanta, GA, US
I provide computer graphics and animation for video, film, multimedia and game design.

The Anti-Japanophile Japan Page
The Wharton School, Philadelphia, PA, US
This is the ultimate Japan Page -- capable of answering any Japanophile's question about Japan.

AP Circuits Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Printed circuit board prototyping service.

Apollo Advertising
London, UK
See our new look search engine. Find Web sites and adverts by category by keyword and geographically. Add your home page, sell your car, or simply have fun surfing.

Austin, TX, US
Provides information concerning the programs and services offered to members and friends of ARIA. ARIAWeb is listed the May 1995 issue of PC/Computing as one of the 101 best internet sites in the world.

McAllen, TX, US
Offering fly fishermen and art lovers a unique game fish series of beautiful signed prints ready for framing. Also offering a full-color preview of the series by Texas artist Norm Browne.

Ashly Audio Inc.
Rochester, NY, US
A manufacturer of commercial audio equipment including amplifiers, equalizers, crossovers, mixers, and compressors. Information on products, company history, files of interest, and up to date news on product development.

Atlanta 1996 Information
Net Worth Marketing, Atlanta, GA, US
Pointers to official Olympic information, tickets, etc., along with the inside scoop on where to stay in Atlanta during the summer of 1996.

Atlanta Garden Connection
PeachWeb Corp., Atlanta, GA, US
We'll help you learn where to find gardening resources and information. Upcoming features include online conversations with Atlanta gardeners, information about gardening attractions in Georgia and nearby states and calendars of upcoming gardening events.

Atlanta Internet Insurance Group
Atlanta, GA, US
Offers individual and group life/health/dental/disability/401(k)/SEP plans to individuals and businesses in the greater Atlanta area.

Banff National Park
Banff, Alberta, Canada
The birthplace of Canada's national park system and a part of the Rocky Mountain Parks World Heritage site. Discover a landscape rich in wildlife and history against a backdrop of glaciers and towering mountain peaks.

Keller Studios, NYC, NY, US
An online quarterly covering architectural theory and projects, virtuality, philosophy, neuroscience, film, literature, music, and the fine arts.

Belize Online Tourist Guide
Internet Travel Marketing, Fremont, CA, US
An inclusive guide to Belize for the traveler, investor, retiree. We offer info about each section of Belize: rainforests, Mayan ruins, scuba diving, history, geography, and investment information, with lots of gorgeous photos.

Bell Rock Realty
Sedona On-Line, Sedona, AZ, US
Wils Tingle, GRI, Broker brings you Better Homes and Gardens Bell Rock Realty, in Sedona, AZ.

Best of the Best Midi Files
Jeff Ledger, Fort Myers, FL, US
A collection of some of the best .MID files found online.

The Big Picture
Main Street Media, LLC, Maryville, TN, US
Designed to help students integrate life experiences with school experiences and thereby promote a more effective learning environment. Your school may participate absolutely free.

The Biomedical Magnetic Resonance Laboratory (BMRL)
Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Urbana, IL, US
Facilities, equipment and training for research on nuclear magnetic resonance imaging, spectroscopy, and relaxometry, and for their applications in biology, medicine, and other fields. Links to associated pages and software offerings.

Infosearch, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A comprehensive hypertext collection of Utah businesses on the Web. Free listings are provided to bona fide Utah companies.

Brasil.Web.Com, New York, NY, US
A port for Brazilians and lovers of Brazil in this crazy and fast-paced world of the Internet.

Broadcast Links
INFOSEARCH, Salt Lake City, UT, US
A comprehensive hypertext collection of broadcasting related companies on the Web. Free listings are provided to bona fide broadcasting companies.

Brownell-Talbot College Preparatory School
Omaha, NE, US
A K-12 college preparatory school founded in 1863 in Omaha, Nebraska.

Business Machine Services
Hinckley, Leicestershire, UK
Suppliers of software, hardware, fax machines and photocopiers anywhere in the UK -- all at amazing prices.

Business Technology Solutions (BTS)
Austin, TX, US
A professional Internet consulting and presence providing firm.

Camp Fire/Red Cross/United Way
World Mall Civic Center, Overland Park, KS, US
A special session of camping at Camp Fire's Camp Dakani, just 15 minutes from downtown Oklahoma City, for those related to the victims of the bombing. Visit our page for more information or to make contributions.

Canadian Rocky Mountain Resorts
WebSight, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Three hotels situated in the spectacular Canadian Rockies that are a harmony of the past and present, blending old world elegance with contemporary comfort.

Canadian Wildland Fire Information System
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Provides daily national maps of six fire danger indices, six fire behavior components, and input weather. Archive for one week is also available. Forecasting is under development.

The CAPRA Project
Los Altos, CA, US
Provides primary research on worldwide competitive advertising placements, statistical analysis, and industry forecasts for the computer and communications industries. Uses: budgeting, competitive assessments, strategies and trademark searches.

Carr Lane Roemheld Mfg. Co.
Info-Engineering Resources, St. Louis, MO, US
We supply North American manufacturing firms with Hilma die clamping and handling systems and Swiftsure power workholding devices.

Cat House (FCC) Home Page
Rosamond, CA, US
Information about the Feline Conservation Center and links to photos of over 50 cats of 14 different species. The FCC is a non-profit wildlife museum/education/research facility dedicated to the preservation of endangered felines.

CCISD, Laval University
Quebec, Canada
A university center for international cooperation in health and development

Luzern, Switzerland
Information about any aspect of tourism, hotels and events in Lucerne, Switzerland. Music events and art exhibitions will also be covered.

Chas' Martha's Vineyard Home Page
Chas Enterprises, Vineyard Haven, MA, US
An information service which addresses travel and tourism on the Martha's Vineyard Island. Included are phone numbers, events, some art and a resource for activities.

Chip Directory
Jaap van Ganswijk, Amsterdam, NL
A numerically ordered directory of chips and URLs and addresses of their manufacturers.

Christian Coalition
Chesapeake, VA, US
A coalition of pro-family Roman Catholics, evangelicals, and other people of faith working together to become the unified voice of families with children in middle class America. Features include Christian American, Religious Rights Watch, Congressional Scorecard, Christian Coalition Live, and more.

Church Street Station
INET Marketing, Inc., Orlando, FL, US
Orlando's number one dining, shopping, and entertainment complex. From our grand showrooms to three exquisite restaurants, unique specialty shops and the Historic Railroad Depot, there's fun for the entire family.

City of Seaside
Seaside, CA, US
An electronic bulletin board system (BBS) accessible via telnet, anonymous ftp and the Web. Provided as a community service by the City of Seaside, California.

Cleveland State University
Information Services & Technology, Cleveland, OH, US
The management and labor relations department has now established its own homepage providing information about its faculty and curriculum. The Dictionary Society of North America's homepage contains its semi-annual newsletter and information about the society.

Climate Impacts Network Newsletter
Natl Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), Boulder, CO, US
Compiled and published quarterly by the Environmental and Societal Impacts Group at NCAR, the newsletter (in its tenth year) is intended for those interested in climate-related impact assessment.

Commission on Global Governance
Geneva, Zurich, Switzerland
The Commission's report "Our Global Neighbourhood" has been recognised as the most authoritative of recent works on reform of the structures of international cooperation such as the United Nations.

Comtrol Corporation's Home Page.
St. Paul, MN, US
Learn about Comtrol's high performance multiport serial board the RocketPort. Try out the clickable image of the RocketPort board to see what the highly integrated components on this board can do for you.

Crazy Creek Chairs
Webvertising (tm), Houston, TX, US
Lightweight portable chairs to take with you on outdoor or sporting activities. The Crazy Creek Chair will give you an incredibly comfortable seat, wherever you are, whatever you're doing -- from mountain to boat to beach.

Cyberspace Discount Outdoor Shop
Rocky Mountain Outfitters, Boulder, CO, US
Discount packs and accessories for hiking, camping, biking, running, skiing, and everyday life.

Cyclevents -- Bicycle Rides
Jackson Hole, WY, US
Organizes annual cross state and cross country bike rides, including Wyoming Cycling Celebration, Tour of the Alps, Cycling Asia's Tropical Shangri-las and others. Pages include full details, dates, prices, routes and sign-up forms.

Destination Resorts Hawaii
Kihei, HI, US
245 luxury vacation villas situated throughout six condominium villages in the Wailea and Makena Resort communities on Maui's sunniest coast.

Dia Center for the Arts
New York City, NY, US
Come see the newest editions to Fantastic Prayers, a three artist project both live and on the Web. Updated almost daily, see it before it goes on tour this month. Also, new exhibits by other internationally renowned artists.

Internet Disaster Information Network, Tucson/Phoenix, AZ, US
Provides a central location for up-to-date information on disasters as they occur.

Discover Banff
WebSight, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A directory of events, activities and services available in the Banff/Lake Louise region of Alberta.

Vandalia, OH, US
Developers of educational and recreational software for windows. Visit this site for product information and support. Download the latest version of Aunt Annie's Crafts and the Paper Project Sampler.

Drexel Logistics
Oak Creek, WI, US
Transportation support services for manufacturers, transportation companies, insurance and reinsurance companies in the development and implementation of project movement of oversize and overdimensional products and plant relocation and expansion projects.

Durango Community Center
Southwest Colorado Access Network, Durango, CO, US
Things to do, travel info, hiking and biking trails, links to the community BBS and Mesa Verde, and an audio of the Durango & Silverton narrow gauge train.

EasyNet 2.0
Telebase Systems, Inc., Wayne, PA, US
Provides access to thousands of business and general interest publications. Included are business credit reports, company facts and financials, newspapers, magazines, and more. Check our database directory, then register.

El Nino
NOAA/PMEL/TAO Project Office, Seattle, WA, US
El Nino-related products including the most recent observational data, forecasts, scientific analyses and historical perspectives from research institutions around the world.

Electrical Outlets Inc.
InfiNet, L.C., Charlottesville, VA, US
Featuring a wide variety of outdoor and indoor residential lighting, general purpose and candelabra bulbs, paddle fans and accessories, wireless door chime, batteries, smoke detectors and a CO detector.

UtiliCorp United, Inc., Kansas City, MO, US
The first nationally branded line of electric and gas utility products and services, supporting UtiliCorp’s strategy to become America'’s utility.

Estes Model Rocketry
Penrose, CO, US
A manufacturer of flying model rockets, engines and rocketry accessories plus aviation products for both hands-on education and hobby use. Estes products support education with ready-to-use teacher curriculums, technical reports, software and video.

EveryDay Objects, Inc.
Naperville, IL, US
EDO is an S-Corp since 1993 for object-oriented, client/server database consulting services. We use CPX and C++ for accessing SQL databases.

Exploring the Web
M. David Lewis Enterprises, Santa Monica, CA, US
It's a jungle out there. Even with the World Wide Web, it is easy to suffer from information overload -- this page is a starting off point for exploring the Web.

The Integrity Center, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
Published every six weeks, this one-page newsletter highlights the articles from current periodicals that are of interest to risk personnel and security managers. It is free as are its frequently referenced handouts.

FCO On-Line
London, England, UK
Featuring a range of news and reference material, including official British Consular and travel advice notices.

Federal Union Sales Lead and Marketing Consultants
Boca Raton, FL, US
We offer highly qualified investor leads. Proven buyers and inquiries. Fresh television, radio and write-ins types: stocks, commodities, business opportunity, wireless communications. Free lead samples to professional brokers.

Feminism and Women's Resources
JRM, Winnipeg, MB, Canada
A comprehensive listing of Internet resources for feminism and women's issues. There are links to other organizations and collections, with descriptions of most of them, and some entertainment links.

FIS Alpine Ski World Cup Final -- NARVIK 1996
Lars Espen Hanssen, Oslo, Norway
Narvik is situated at the foot of the mountain Fagernesfjellet and is the venue for the World Cup Final 1996. This page will continuously be updated with more information about the FIS World Cup 1996.

Fleurs d'Eté
Miami, FL, US
Order flowers by 800 phone number directly from the grower, at remarkable prices. Next day Federal Express delivery. Check out the beautiful selections on our Web pages.

Fly Fish the West
WebSight, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Fly fishing in the world famous south west region of Alberta.

Flywheel Design
Interactive Shopping Network, Seattle, WA, US
Flywheel Design is a premier graphics art and design firm specializing in design, layout, and pre-print production for the performing arts and music industry.

FoxPro Yellow Pages
Michel Fournier, Montreal, PQ, Canada
Conferences, independent consultants, books, softwares, companies, user groups, and more.

Frost Medical Software
Amsterdam, Province, The Netherlands
The European leader in ophthalmic imaging software solutions. This site includes information about digital ophthalmic imaging, FMS' retinal imaging systems and other imaging products, plus downloadable image samples.

FTM International
San Jose, CA, US
Support and information for the female-to-male transgendered person. This site seeks to expand on the resources offered by FTM's quarterly newsletter and yearly resource guide, and to educate the general public on the issues faced by the transgendered.

Gammalink Home Page
XCom Training, Sunnyvale, CA, US
The inventor of computer-based fax. Developing and manufacturing fax subsystems and fax programming APIs for LANs and integrated voice/fax solutions.

Gateway Galleria
MO.NET, St. Louis, MO, US
St. Louis' first virtual mall, with a complete array of services and products for customers to view, select, and purchase.

Global Futures Foundation News
Sacramento, CA, US
An environmental Web site including environmental articles, reports, and a list of publications.

The Global Real Estate Registry
IMGIS Inc, Irvine, CA, US
Great new real estate service startup, southern Californian homes galore.

Goldey-Beacom College
Wilmington, DE, US
Extensive information about admissions, courses of study, campus facilities, faculty members, policies and procedures, and a general overview of what Goldey-Beacom College has to offer to its students.

Haines Airways, Inc.
Haines, AK, US
Offering flight tours, charters and scheduled flights throughout southeast Alaska. Glacier Bay flightseeing.

Half Sweet, Half Acid
P.B. Smith, The Woodlands, TX, US
Tired of looking at stock quotations and reading bad news? For a quick pick-me-upper, try "Half Sweet, Half Acid," home of the weekly award-winning column by humorist P. B. Smith. Guaranteed to make you smile all over.

Harlequinn Graphics
Seattle, WA, US
Seattle's only online ordering graphic art/fine art and illustration studio, is growing in all directions. We have a new studio name, business location, and new permanent Web site here in Seattle via Northwest Nexus.

Hawaii Real Estate Network
H&S Publishing, Kapaa, HI, US
The largest central source for Hawaiian real estate listings. Virtual tours of luxury properties, real estate company home pages are included along with photos of listings.

High Performance Computing from Digital Equipment Corporation
Maynard, MA, US
Digital offers leadership products for high performance computing: the family of fully binary-compatible 64-bit Alpha systems, including the new high-end AlphaServer 8400; high-speed interconnects for UNIX clusters, and parallel computing software environment.

Hot UC Pages
UCSC Mail Services, Santa Cruz, CA, US
A list of hot Web pages found throughout the University of California system.

San Dimas, CA, US
Rapid response and fast turnaround for high-volume electronics fabrication and assembly.

InformationAxis Distribution & Publishing Service
Lancaster, PA, US
A private distribution and publishing service created to aid individuals and organizations involved in social concerns and humanitarian issues.

InfoSquare BBS WWW Server
Data Professionals Marketing srl, Milano, MI, Italy
Internet provider in Italy WWW server for commercial or educational purposes.

IntelliMatch On-Line Employment Services
San Jose, CA, US
Our skills database puts job candidate's profiles directly on hiring manager's desks. Much more than a keyword search.

The Internet Newsroom
Editors Service, Glen Echo, MD, US
A hard copy, twice-monthly newsletter to help working press who use the Internet for news gathering.

The Interspecies Homepage
Interspecies Communication Inc, Friday Harbor, WA, US
We conduct research and educational outreach at sites all over the world to test the various ways human beings can connect with, communicate, and commune with whales and dolphins. Our goals are mostly artistic and environmental.

InTransNet Services' Japanese Information Page
InTransNet Services Ltd., Burnaby, BC, Canada
Japanese language software information for PC, Japanese machine translation service, tourist information about Vancouver/Whistler in Japanese.

I-Site.On.Canada Education & Business
Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
Centered on information about the communities of Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo and Guelph. I-Site is a grouping of educational projects, software, and community information.

ISPs Join Forces
Telnet Canada Enterprises, Calgary, AB, Canada
We have petitioned the Canadian Federal Competition Tribunal to investigate the status of AGT Limited, a subsidiary of Telus Corporation, Alberta's monopoly phone company, in offering Internet in direct competition with existing ISPs.

John Denver Home Page
Kansas City, MO, US
Sponsored by Rocky Mountain High: The John Denver Internet Fan Club. Information on John's career, current news, new CDs coming out, concert schedules and information about some of the ecological and environmental groups he has founded.

K.C. Commerce Link
AccuNet, Inc., Kansas City, MO, US
This site is a virtual link to all businesses and organizations doing business on the Web in the Kansas City metro area.

KKT Design Co.
Burlington, Ontario, Canada
A marketing, €communications, advertising and design shop available for all print/media concerns and Internet tasks.

La Canada Flintridge
GEN Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
The "glen between the hills", La Canada lies 12 miles north of Los Angeles. This beautiful foothill community boasts one of California's finest school districts and has been a center of educational excellence since 1885.

The Lake Tahoe/Truckee Real Estate Network
Rich Welsh, Tahoe City, CA, US
A resource guide for the Lake Tahoe area with respect to real estate services and vacation rentals.

Little Tree Log Home Miniatures
Sandpoint, ID, US
Great decorative items -- birdhouses, birdfeeders, dollhouses, banks. Truly unique gifts. Hand made in the US by Idaho artists.

The Live Poets Society
Michael Bartmon Computer, Flushing, NY, US
A place for poets of all kinds to gather and be poetic, where anyone can be a poet and deliver their vision to cyberspace.

The Los Angeles County Real Estate Forum
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
From Victorian to commercial properties, this firm may have what you're looking for.

Lutheran Marriage Encounter
Dallas, TX, US
Lutheran marriage encounter -- take a weekend and invest in your relationship.

M. David Lewis Enterprises -- Web Publishing
Santa Monica, CA, US
We publish and maintain Web sites for businesses, individuals, and organizations.

Management Development Associates
Orange, CA, US
MDA is committed to service churches, missions groups, and parachurch organizations in seeing their visions become realities through in-depth research.

Maxwell Museum of Anthropology
University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM, US
Samples from the archaeology, ethnology, and photography collections from the Maxwell Museum of Anthropology at University of New Mexico.

Mechanics of Materials on the Internet
UIUC, Urbana, IL, US
An undergraduate course entitled Elementary Mechanics of Solids offered at the Univ. of Illinois. This site represents an early effort towards an emerging project called the Internet Teaching Initiative.

Mills Manufacturing, Inc.
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Thunder Jet River Boats -- the new standard in custom-welded aluminum boats. Brought to you by the Global Shopping Network (GSN).

Modern Culture and Media at Brown University
Malcolm S. Forbes Center for Modern Culture & Media, Providence, RI, US
We are an academic unit of Brown University, offering courses in film, television, and other aspects of modern culture.

Moody Gardens
Webvertising (tm), Galveston, TX, US
Experience the rainforests of Africa, Asia, and South America in our 10-story tall glass pyramid, with thousands of plants, butterflies, tropical fish and exotic birds. Also enjoy our 3D IMAX theater and the soft white sands of our Palm Beach.

Mother Jones May/June 1995 Issue
Mother Jones Interactive, San Francisco, CA, US
Skeptical? Information-obsessed? Curious? Check out the May/June issue of Mother Jones magazine, named "The Best in the Business" for investigative reporting by the American Journalism Review.

National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research
NIWA, Wellington, New Zealand
New Zealand's leading research organization, investigating processes in atmospheric, marine, freshwater and coastal systems. Find out the latest in current research, including ozone and UV studies at the Lauder Home Page .

The National Multimedia Association of America
College Park, MD, US
The nation's largest multimedia association. We're non-profit, dedicated to multimedia users, professionals, educators, users, and anyone else with an interest in multimedia.

The Net Gazzette E-Zine
Williamson Imagineering, Portland, OR, US
An all-new bi-weekly electronic magazine, the Net Gazzette has something for you, including the "NG Library" and the "Borderline" daily cartoon.

New Haven Inner City Outings Program
New Haven Sierra Club, New Haven, CT, US
ICO is a community outreach program of the Sierra Club. Our outdoor leaders, trained in outdoor safety skills as well as environmental education, provide wilderness adventures for people who wouldn't otherwise have them.

The New Riders' Official World Wide Web Yellow Pages
Macmillan Digital USA, Indianapolis, IN, US
New Riders can be searched on the Web with over 5700 different entries. Searching can be done by either keyword or by category. This is one of the most comprehensive search tools available on the Internet today.

NewType Gaming magazine
San Francisco, CA, US
NewType Gaming magazine is going online. Our zine will include games reviews, codes and lots of free stuff.

NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt, MD, US
A powerful scientific data retrieval and visualization system for accessing NSSDC's COHO data (includes data from NASA's Voyager and Pioneer missions).

The Ohio State Univ. Alumni Club of Washington, DC
Washington, DC, US
Whether you're a long-time member of our club or new to the DC area, you'll be sure to find lots of useful information about OSU happenings in "the District." Check out The Ohio State page too.

Northwestern University Department of Radio/TV/Film, Evanston, IL, US
Our vision of the future for the production and study of digital media upon the worldwide network. The OMNIBUS:EYE site is dedicated to providing a source of and connection to all types of WWW media-related resources.

One BBSCON: 1995 Online Networking Exposition
ONE, Inc., Denver, CO, US
The only large trade show that focuses on online service providers of all types (Internet, commercial, and BBS). This show has doubled in size every year, and has become a target for product introductions.

One World Distribution Inc.
Mobridge, SD, US
The premiere source for multi-lingual, cross-cultural education products. One World offers print, audio, video and CD-ROM titles, ideal for library, school, corrections and in-home use.

Opportunity Bulletin
ERN Publishing/The Opportunity Network, Boston, MA, US
We explore, report on and promote the culture of opportunity as it relates to the search for personal growth.

Outdoor Safety Management
Princeton Univ. Outdoor Action Program, Princeton, NJ, US
An article that explains how to manage safety on wilderness trips through the Dynamics of Accidents Model.

Pathfinder Associates Inc.
N. Muskegon, MI, U.S.
A safety consulting firm specializing in management training programs for OSHA rule compliance on bloodborne pathogens, HIV, HBV, tuberculosis, chemical safety, hazard communication, MSDS's, spills, and HAZWOPER.

Paula Millspaugh - Biomedical Portfolio Center
Paula Millspaugh, University of Illinois at Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
Specializing in biomedical illustration and computer visualization. Pages exhibit work created in the Biomedical Visualization Department at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Currently available for employment.

PC Market
San Diego, CA, US
Dedicated to supplying the virtual community with the best prices on computer hardware and software. We offer wholesale prices to the public and service that can't be matched.

PeachWeb Plantation Hyper-Conference Service
PeachWeb Corp., Atlanta, GA, US
Allows Web users to chat interactively and provides members with the ability to have private suites, allowing them to invite guests in and hold conversations in a secure environment, or to have public offices.

Penn State Anesthesia Page
Hershey, PA, US
Contains information on the faculty and residency program of the Department of Anesthesia of Penn State University. Will soon include eAnesthesia, an online reference resource for the anesthesia community.

Penn State Young Americans for Freedom
University Park, PA, US
The best conservative/libertarian resource on the Web has moved. We still have the best links and the best collection of historical documents, but just at a different home.

Zaltbommel, Netherlands
An association for proliferation of standardization in industrial control programming based on the IEC 1131-3 standard.

Point Source Ltd
H-P Source, Bismarck, ND, US
Point Source designs and manufactures customized fiberoptic and laser diode systems for the photonics industry. The company provides flexible fiberoptic solutions to prestigious equipment manufacturers and research establishments throughout the world.

Portuguese Adventures in the Net
Lisbon, Portugal
Brand new pages on Lisbon, the capital of Portugal, containing lots of useful information on this city.

Praise Bob Magazine
Lavondyss Productions, Savannah, GA, US
About the madness of vibrant life, full with the conflict of innocence and knowledge, beauty and death. Somewhere Elvis and Jesus sit next to each other alongside a naked girl and Buddha. And then there is Bob.

Prescott FreePress
Prescott, AZ, US
Prescott's independent community newsmagazine. See what topics are making news in town this month with this full-text Web edition.

Presidential Elections in Argentina
Universidad de Buenos Aires & Clarin Newspaper, Argentina
Clarin Newspaper's coverage of the Argentine presidential elections on May 14th. Includes articles, interviews, pictures and live updates of the results. All coverage will be in Spanish.

Austin, TX, US
A new kind of consultancy specializing in assisting both start-up and established business with critical foundational services, consultation and strategic project management during significant phases of re-engineering and organizational change.

Psychological Software Services Inc.
Indianapolis, IN, US
Software applications for neuropsychological examination, diagnostics, and cognitive rehabilitation for those with impaired brain functioning from traumatic brain injury, stroke, neurological disease, attention deficit disorders and learning disability.

Public Access Television
Community Television Producers Association, Honolulu, HI, US
CTPA of Hawaii is a non-profit organization which acts as an advocate for public access television, free speech, and access to the tools of community media.

QualTeam - Quality Improvement Seminars and Products
Littleton, CO, US
Training services, consulting approaches, and resources that help organizations adopt contemporary practices and paradigms to meet the challenges of our day and build paths to prosperity.

Québec City International Airshow (Festival Aérien 95)
MédiaSoft, Québec, Canada
Médiasoft is a new company specializing in putting local and national new products on the Internet. The first major endeavor in this chapter is the Québec International Airshow, August 19-20 1995.

REACH Summer Science Camp
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Lots and lots of cool science and engineering links for kids and experiments they can do.

Real Time Internet Services, College Station, TX, US
Complete Internet presence providers with seamless Web, WAIS, FTP, and SQL applications. See our guide Explorer, Ultimate CD, Rush, and Clinton pages. Vote the Presidential CyberPoll. Resellers?

One World Distribution Inc, Mobridge, SD, US
Teaches English as a Second Language (ESL) in a fun and entertaining setting. Filled with entertaining topics and unique American vocabulary, ReaLife is ESL "edutainment" at its finest.

Digital Listing Service, Torrance, CA, US
Listings (with photos) of fine Southern California real estate.

Robert's Sports and Fishing World
Robert Staley, Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, IN, US
A huge sports page and a great fishing page, also included is a page on GIS mapping.

RS/6000 Expansion Hardware
Corona, CA, US
Computer Marketplace is running a sale on RS/6000 expansion memory, disk drives and RS-232 ports on sale through the month of May.

The Rush Limbaugh Home Page
Real Time Internet Services, College Station, TX, US
The 35 Undeniable Truths, 14 Commandments of the Religious Left, response to FAIR, FAQ and station list, sound archive, daily show summary. Send email or fax direct to Rush.

Savannah Online
Savannah, GA, US
Providing detailed information on historic Savannah, Georgia. Located on the Atlantic ocean, Savannah was Georgia's first city and is one of the most beautiful cities in America.

Scottsdale Community College
Scottsdale, AZ, US
Dedicated to providing the premire Web site in the district. We will soon have online such attractions as live video, and an interactive tour of the campus.

Scuba Dudes
Tempe, AZ, US
If you like scuba diving, cave diving, underwater photography or videography or speleology, if you want to see sharks and mantas from the Palau Islands of Western Micronesia and caves from the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico, then this is the spot.

Seattle's Best Coffee
Seattle, WA, US
Learn about Seattle's Best Coffee's twenty-five year history and our roasting philosophy. Enjoy shopping for your favorite award-winning coffees and order gifts directly from SBC.

Shea Clinic
Memphis, TN, US
A private medical practice at the forefront in the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the ears, hearing and balance. New frontiers include Cochlear implantation, treatment for Meniere's Disease, treatment of tinnitus.

Sierra Club -- Victoria Group
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
We are a non-governmental organization involved in local and global issues ranging including forestry, pollution, water resources and international legal obligations. We are a leading edge grassroots environmental group in B.C.

Slobbering Skeleton's Link Exchange
Paul Ransom Erickson, Baltimore, MD, US
To give your personal home page more visibility, add it to my link exchange. Along with the name of your page, you can also include a brief description to attract potential viewers.

Columbus, OH, US
We provide Web services to companies interested in marketing their products over the Internet. SmartPages maintains its own search engine and provides on-demand printing services as well.

Soft Wear by ColorTech
Kokomo, IN, US
Custom clothing by ColorTech. Choose from one of our growing collection of designs or send us your own bitmap and we'll make a shirt for you. Email coffee mugs, custom hats, surgical scrubs sweat shirts, t-shirts, sweaters tank tops coming soon.

Software Construction Co.
North Billerica, MA, US
Developers and publishers of computer software for MS-DOS and MS-Windows environments. "On This Day" answers the question "What happened on this day in history?" "Diamond Data" is a baseball and softball statistics tracking program.

Software Forum
Palo Alto, CA, US
The Software Forum is an organization of 1,000 software industry professionals. Our Web site contains information on membership, special interest groups, seminars, and speakers, and informative articles from our acclaimed newsletter.

Sports Tours, Inc.
Hatfield, MA, US
Specializing in baseball, basketball, football, hockey and golf vacations. Whether you want to design your own road-trip or pick from one of our existing packages, Sports Tours can help you be at The Next Great Moment.

The Squirrel Hill Bookstore
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Your full service bookstore with discount prices. Open seven days a week. The Squirrel Hill Bookstore is the newest member of the Internet Business Pages.

Starting Point
Superhighway Consulting, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Our goal is to provide your single best starting point for World Wide Web exploration.

Studio Brussel on the Net
Belgische Radio en Televisie, Brussels, Belgium
Belgium's number one rock radio is now online.

The Synthetic Reality, Co.
Sunnyvale, CA, US
The company's newest game is called NetSpades, a card game that can be played in almost any BBS chat channel or even in IRC. This page includes information on obtaining a shareware version of the program.

Tele Data Consultants
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
A custom software development company specializing in telephone interfacing. Audiotext, voice mail, automated attendant, fax on demand, fax broadcast, computer/telephone and more.

Third Planet's Magic Trading Post
Third Planet, Palo Alto, CA, US
A free, public Web server with database for allowing anyone to buy, sell, auction, or trade Magic: The Gathering (TM) trading cards. An alternative to rec.games.trading-cards.marketplace.

Third -- the Labyrinth of Gender
San Jose, CA, US
An art/writing temporary autonomous zone exploring the meaning of gender to self, and the re-emergence of the Third in our modern bi-polar culture. Third, like the Web itself, will be constantly changing.

Thornton Winery
Temecula, CA, US
The award winning Thornton Winery, situated majestically atop a peak in the beautiful Temecula Valley Wine Country, is Southern California's finest testament to the timeless European tradition of superb winemaking, fine dining and complete relaxation.

Three Islands Investments
Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada
An electronic financial analyst. We analyze the financial statements of two companies in similar industries and make the analysis available to the Internet community.

TLC: Year With A Leather Club
Cool Cat Daddy Productions, Winston-Salem, NC, US
A feature-length video documentary by Randy A. Riddle concerning a Greensboro, NC Leather/SM club. The site includes extensive interview excerpts, stills, and sound clips from the work.

TNO Aging Research
TNO Technical Institute, Leiden, NL
Our mission is to keep the elderly living independently and actively as long as possible. The research and development efforts of TNO offer these main areas: diseases of older people, mobility of the elderly, and independent living and working.

Trondheim Ice Hockey Club
Private, Trondheim, Norway
The first ever Norwegian hockey team on the Web.

Tropical Rainforest of Surinam
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Essentially a botanical site, with many picture files linked up. The rainforest page is a short story, and while reading, the visitor can beam up some of these pictures.

Tulsa Chat
Tulsa, OK, US
Oklahoma's first and only Web chat server is now online providing locals and not-so-locals the opportunity to meet new people and discuss whatever comes to mind in a casual and laid back forum away from the drone of everyday life.

Twentieth Century Watch Magazine
The Church of God, International, Tyler, TX, US
A full text version of our newstand issue. The lead article is "Nature in Convulsion!" We provide in-depth analysis of important events from the point of view of Bible prophecy.

UNI Office of Telecommunications and Information Policy
Cedar Falls, IA, US
At the University of Northern Iowa. Current projects are: IN*FOR*CHANGE, The Information Policy Directory, Know-It-All, a multimedia training curriculum on information technology, Desktop Videoconferencing, and Planning for Educational Technology in Local School Districts.

University Information Bureau
Fairfield, IA, US
Information on higher education in the United States and Canada for students who are looking for schools and funding sources which will meet their needs.

Used Sun Equipment
Computer Marketplace, Inc., Corona, CA, US
Immediately available from Jerry Wilson at Computer Marketplace: Used Sun 386i, SPARC 1, SPARC 1+ and SPARC 2 systems. Also available is a quantity of components for SPARC equipment.

The Valentine Home Page
Michael R. Valentine & Associates, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Our video teaches powerful techniques and skills that you can apply immediately to help your child be successful. You can solve discipline problems. We also offer five-day intensive training sessions for those in the helping professions.

Valiquet Lamothe Inc.
Hull, Québec, Canada
Sites around the world, Canada, and Québec. Our server will increasingly reflect regional activities in commerce (mall in August), education, townships, and socio-cultural events. We are currently hosting the "Autoroute de l'Information" event page in Hull (Québec).

Vintage Guitar
Bismarck, ND, US
A huge monthly magazine dedicated to vintage guitars and other stringed instruments, with the award-winning, full color quarterly, Vintage Guitar Classics.

Virtual Electronics Swap Meet
Western Electronic Surplus, Reno, NV, US
Buy and sell electronic test and measurement equipment, computers, amateur radio related equipment.

The Walker Percy Project
Univ. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, US
Appreciation for the contributions to modern thought and fiction that Walker Percy has left as a formidable, compelling legacy to humanity.

Warner Hot Spot
Warner Music Sweden, Stockholm, Sweden
All the news that fit from Sweden's leading record company; hot releases, tour schedules, games, archive facts.

Wayne Memorial Hospital
Honesdale, PA, US
WMH is a high tech rural health provider trying to find modern solutions to our health care problems. Projects include telemedicine, teleradiology, and electronic patient records.

The Web Reception Monitoring Service
Timedancer Systems, Vancouver, BC, Canada
WRMS is a network of monitoring stations that routinely scan a list of registered URLs, access each one, and record the elapsed time to receive each page. The resulting statistics are mailed each week to the appropriate Webmaster. The service is a management tool for the Web publisher.

Internet Roundtable Society, XX, US
Have you been wanting to chat with people on the Web? Now you can with WebChat, an open collaborative project based on CGI code originated by Michael Fremont.

WeirdStuff Warehouse, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA, US
We buy and sell new and used electronic and computer equipment, software, and other assorted items.

Wenger International Photography
The Calculating Lady, Marina del Rey, CA, US
We are a stock photo agency drawing on internationally recognized photographers and distributing through affiliates located around the world.

W.E.R., the Information Connection Inc.
Portland, OR, US
Specializing in zip code maps and demographic statistics. We can create customized thematic maps and reports.

West Wight Web Potter
Stephen F. Austin State Univ., Nacogdoches, TX, US
Repository for information and articles dealing with sailing, improvements and modifications of the West Wight Potter sailboat.

Windsurfing Webworks
Webvertising (tm), Houston, TX, US
Home to numerous Windsurfing manufacturers, shops, and other businesses, as well as other non-commercial windsurfing information.

The Windy Wyoming Web
U. Wyoming Math Dept., Laramie, WY, US
The definitive list of Wyoming Web links. Don't forget your kite.

Wings America
Carmel, CA, US
An encounter with aviation. Hundreds of hand-sculpted, scale aircraft (dozens are pictured), art, flight jackets, books and videos, games, lots of great aviation stuff and great links.

The Woodworking Catalog
Internetics Consulting, Mountain View, CA, US
Information useful to woodworkers -- addresses of various companies from the woodworking field with a short description and some links to interesting places. In the future there will be articles about woodworking.

World Power Technologies
Duluth, MN, US
We manufacture technologically advanced wind generators. Site contains information about the company's products and help in determining if wind energy is right for you.

The World Wide Marketeers
Cape Town, Cape Province, South Africa
An advertising and marketing agency for companies and people who want a global presence. We construct HTML adverts and market your products and services.

WRQ's Web Connection
WRQ (Walker Richer & Quinn, Inc.), Seattle, WA, US
Walker Richer & Quinn, Inc. makes Reflection, PC software that connects personal computer users to enterprise computers and information networks.

X Avenue -- a Gen X mall
Aquinas Software Inc., Boston, MA, US
Shopping, quizzes, and music. X Avenue offers Stuff for Slackers, Stuff for Change, Stuff to See, and the X Quotient, a quiz that measures Gen X propensity.

Zephyr NetWorks
Astoria, NY, US
An Internet/Web development company specializing in online systems for technical professionals, academics, and students.

Monday, 15 May 1995

10TH Annual AIDS Walk New York
Clay Webster, New York, NY, US
Independent resource for AIDS Walk, NYC, to be held Sunday, May 21. It tells how people can register to walk, produce the event, sponsor a local, or send direct contributions.

1995 Australian Commonwealth Government Budget
Department of Finance, Canberra, ACT, Australia
Selected portions from the 1995-96 Australian Commonwealth Budget.

36th Cartagena International Film Festival
Spyder World Wide Web, New York City, NY, US
The premiere film festival of South America in Cartagena, Colombia, March 3-10 1996, under the direction of novelist Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Will feature a live Web site created by the Spyder Web Internet TV Network and Professor Wallace's innovative FiestaCam.

Phillip Winn, Sioux Falls, SD, US
A basic citizen's definitive electronic freedom guide; a monthly e-zine with a political slant that covers current policies and issues from a Christian/libertarian viewpoint.

Access Excellence
Genentech, Inc., South San Francisco, CA, US
National educational program sponsored by the biotechnology industry pioneer, Genentech, Inc. Resources for science teachers including breaking news in science, virus informatino, a biotechnology resource center, monthly seminars hosted by scientists on topics including leeches and immunology, and more.

Catlett, VA, US
An online source for Tupperware products. Customers can order online or request a Tupperware catalog. Orders are shipped free of shipping charges anywhere.

Association of Consulting Engineers of Manitoba (ACEM)
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
Serving consulting engineers and their clients in Manitoba.

The Atlantic Centre for Remote Sensing of the Oceans
Bedford, NS, Canada
A not-for-profit industry association focusing on the commercial application of satellite-based remote sensing data to the marine sector.

Austin Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival
hyperweb.com, Austin, TX, US
The 8th annual film festival is scheduled for Sept 1-14, 1995. The festival is accepting entries for consideration through July 15, 1995.

Internet Marketing Group Inc., Sa Diego, CA, US
Authornet features published authors. This months featured author is J.V. Jones, whose book "The Baker's Boy" is published this month by Warner Books.

Automated Reasoning Project Web
Australian National Univ., Canberra, ACT, Australia
An Australian research group in computational, philosophical and mathematical logic. Peruse our technical reports, download our software, and find out about coming to Australia as a graduate student.

Avacost, an Art-Rock Quartet
Nudibranch Records, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada
A collection of pages created to introduce the visitor to the history, members, lyrics and recordings of the Halifax-based art-rock quartet Avacost.

Business Access Technologies, Anaheim, CA, US
Full service access provider specializing in the entertainment industry of Southern California. We have the largest restaurant database in the area.

Bennett Marine Video
Global Shopping Network, Pasadena, CA, US
Videos on sailing, powerboat racing, marine electronics and navigation, freshwater and saltwater fishing, and scuba diving. Brought to you by the Global Shopping Network (GSN).

BigO Worldwide
Options Publication, Singapore, Singapore
An online version of Asia's most authoritative rock magazine (based in Singapore). For the young-at-heart; anything from modern music to Asian cinema.

Black Star Online
New York, NY, US
Showcases its 60 years of experience in communications including over 40,000 photographs from our stock photo library and many stories from our global network of photojournalists.

BSI -- Banca della Svizzera Italiana
Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
Founded in 1873 in Lugano, Switzerland, and part of the Swiss Bank Corporation Group since 1991. A leading banking institution providing a full range of private banking products and state-of-the-art services to an international clientele.

Business Executive Information Software
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
EIS allows retail business executives to extract information stored on host computers on a PC. EIS helps make critical, timely, and effective decisions.

Business Venture Capital
American Business Capital, Winter Park, FL, US
American Business Capital Inc. is a corporate financial consulting firm providing various financial and managerial advisement services, to companies in need of capital, mergers, acquisitions or divestiture.

C/3F What Snooze
Cognitec/3rd Force Software, Inc., Del Mar, CA, US
If reading about "What's New" is putting you to sleep, then maybe it's time for "What Snooze" -- an obnoxious satire of Net, Web, and pop culture, masquerading as obnoxious (but loving) parody of the very document on your screen this very moment.

Cyber Technologies International, Tokyo, Japan
Tune in to our realtime cybercast of the Cannes Film Festival, May 17-29, for a peek at the beginning of the second century of cinema.

Center of Higher Learning
Stennis Space Center, MS, US
A consortium of multiple educational institutions. Offers graduate coursework in computer science, marine science, scientific computing, applied physics, and various engineering fields.

The Centre for Drug Design and Development
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
The Centre for Drug Design and Development at the University of Queensland announces its Web server containing information about the center, including the annual report 1993-1994.

Channels -- Internet Forums and Group Chat
TEAM Software, Inc., Houston, TX, US
Channels is a robust client/server application for accessing and hosting online discussion forums and real-time chat groups across the Internet. Download free client software to try it out (Windows or NT).

Chiba Reiko International Fan Club
Spyder World Wide Web, New York, NY, US
Join the one and only Chiba, the princess of the Internet, on her virtual world tour. Next month Chiba appears virtually in New York. Watch her as she discusses chaos theory with procedural animation with President Clinton.

Cindy's San Francisco Card Shoppe
San Francisco, CA, US
Unique one-of-a-kind greeting cards published in San Francisco, with designs by noted local artists and photographers. Also distributorships.

Citizen Kane Art Gallery
San Diego, CA, US
This page features photographic artworks and is an interactive site with areas for visitors to submit their own artworks.

Grand Junction, CO, US
Western Colorado's own high-speed backbone on the Internet. Providing high-speed and dialup connections, instruction, and support. Community and non-profit Web pages published at no charge.

Comstar Industries
Somerville, NJ, US
Coupons, rebates, classified ads. Not like anything else on the Web.

Concurrent Engineering (CE95) Conference
Johnstown, PA, US
The second in a series of international conferences to promote the understanding of concurrent engineering and use of concurrent engineering tools. CE95 will be held in the Washington, DC area on August 23-25, 1995.

CONET Communications Network
Mexico City, DF, MEXICO
The first company in Mexico City that offers complete Internet services. CONET can provide you with Internet connections, Web page hosting and design, or installation of your own corporate Internet server.

The Conservative Link
Jeff Williams, Pullman, WA, US
Hundreds of links to conservative Web sites, information on political races, photos and information on popular radio hosts, and email links. A ton of useful information for the politically incorrect.

Copyright Clearance Center Online
Danvers, MA, US
CCC is a not-for-profit organization providing collective copyright licensing solutions and automated rights clearance on the WWW.

Corporate Marketing Inc.
Plano Internet, Plano, TX, US
Targeted mailing lists for the computer industry nationwide.

Crotched Mountain Foundation
Greenfield, NH, US
Provides education, rehabilitation, housing, and managed care for children, adolescents, and adults with severe physical and developmental disabilities. Included in the home page is a gallery of student art work.

Crown of India
Spyder World Wide Web, New York City, NY, US
A feature-length theatrical motion picture production and CD-ROM game based on the legendary film director Samuel Fuller's action-packed novel.

Crystal River Engineering
Palo Alto, CA, US
Inventors of AudioReality, and technology leaders in true, three-dimensional sound for entertainment, multimedia, virtual reality, simulation, professional audio and audio research markets.

Da Chamberz
Alex Lee, Peterborough, Cambs, UK
Information about the hip hop and rap music culture. It's aim is to have all the articles/reviews etc. written by Net people about that controversial music we either love or hate.

The Dalmatian Home Page
Dal-l listserv group, Boulder, CO, US
Do you want to see some beautiful Dalmatians and learn more about these amazing dogs? Dal FAQ under construction. Stop by and take a look.

Dalton, Rich & More
Haverford, PA, US
We thrive on change, live for ideas. But most of all, our think-clarify-breakthrough approach to advertising/marketing/communications means we're right for the times.

DataSure Services
Victoria, BC, Canada
A comprehensive range of data protection solutions. Our pages include Web sites from over 30 manufacturers and developers, and new developments in our areas of expertise.

Bijster, Amsterdam, Netherlands
An international magazine for innovative developments in theater, performance, media, visual art and literature. Mainly in Dutch (currently), with English, German and French contributions.

Deloitte & Touche Bermuda
Hamilton, Bermuda
Information on the Bermuda business environment and related regulations, with industry specific data. Information on accounting software issues, particularly Platinum Accounting software.

Dental Directory Service
Dr. Dale Rubinchik, Menlo Park, CA, US
Looking for a dentist? Are you a dentist looking to get on the Web? This is the place.

Dept. of Architecture, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
Architecture & CAAD, ETHZ, Zurich, Switzerland
Check out the newest research and education in computer aided architectural design. We also present examples of virtual architecture, Web architecture and student work.

Derm Walsh Realty
Empyrean Support Process, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
A fine selection of Prince Edward Island properties: farms, acreage, residential, commercial, recreation, waterfront, rural. A proud storefront in the Prince Edward Island Electronic Mall.

Diana Ross Fan Club
Tiel, Holland
The Diana Ross Fan Club issues the quarterly magazine ROSS four times a year. The fan club started in 1986 and is based in Holland.

Division of Psychopharmacology and Substance Abuse
American Psychological Assoc., Washington, DC, US
Psychopharmacology is the study of the effects of drugs on behavior, combining methods of psychology and pharmacology. The central theme of our research is the use of behavioral principles as they interact with the effects of pharmacological agents and environmental events.

Drake University Law School
Des Moines, IA, US
Profiles the law school, including the legal clinic, law library, admissions procedure, curriculum, and faculty and staff.

Ekaya Fine Art Gallery
Ekaya Institute, Santa Barbara, CA, US
Fine art gallery featuring international artists' works for sale.

Contact Agency, Warsaw, Poland
A place you will find some Polish press and publications.

Eton Solutions
Primenet, Los Angeles, CA, US
Information about Eton Solutions' training services, the online magazine What's New In Computer Training?, and other interesting Web sites.

European Science Foundation GISDATA Programme
Univ. of Sheffield, Sheffield, United Kingdom
Dissemination of findings of GISDATA scientific programme. Focus on database design, data integration, and socio-economic-environmental applications. Useful resources for GIS researchers.

ExpoNET Limited
Electric Pages, Coventry, Warwickshire, UK
The world's venue for online exhibition and conference events.

Kinnelon, NJ, US
Clearinghouse for technical and commercial information about electroplating, plating, anodizing, conversion coating, powder coating, and printed wiring board fabrication.

The First Church of Cyberspace
Central Presbyterian Church, Montclair, NJ, US
Although there are a number of churches that advertise their presence on the Web, we are the first to organize within the Web itself. Hence our title.

Vivid Solutions Corporation, San Jose, CA, US
Converts PostScript Type 1 fonts to the bitmapped format required for on-screen display in FrameMaker. Get four free fonts and see for yourself.

Los Angeles, CA, US
Publishes The L.A. Superstation, a complete resource of information for Los Angeles citizens and visitors.

Franchise Management Software
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
For any company which runs franchises in: fast food family dining concepts; catering, vending, commissaries and delivery; product retail -- flowers, gifts, autoparts, etc.; and services -- hotels, repairs, travel, personal, etc.

Gadget Guru
New Tech Industries, Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Forever in search of the ultimate gadget. And just what is that gadget? That brilliant contrivance of human ingenuity that makes our days just a little bit easier and more enjoyable.

Gateway Limousines
Burlingame, CA, US
San Francisco's elegant choice. Specializing in corporate service and tours. Large fleet of sedans, luxury limousines, vans and buses. Serving San Francisco, San Jose, and Oakland airports.

Harmonix Corporation
Woburn, MA, US
Offers Parthenon, a complete ASIC/FPGA design system which supports behavioral synthesis and design using SFL, a C-like design language. Parthenon is especially well-suited for designing next-generation, reconfigurable computers.

The Holland Companies
Phoenix, AZ, US
One of the fastest-growing polished pewter manufacturer/wholesalers in the U.S., offering a wide range of unique products for home or office. This posting updates our link.

Horizon Interactive, Inc.
Colorado Springs, CO, US
If you're looking for an information design company that specializes in user interface design, performance support tools, training, documentation, or World Wide Web consulting, Horizon Interactive, Inc. can fill your needs.

Internet Direct, Inc., Phoenix, AZ, US
Presenting I-Land, Internet Land, where community ain't just another long word. Also, for you business types we offer the subdued mega-corporate I-Site server for all your business needs.

Incredible Collectibles
Rockville Centre, NY, US
A large selection of antiques and collectibles at affordable prices. Stop by for a browse through our illustrated catalog.

InfiNet Store
Norfolk, VA, US
An online catalog now selling coffee cups, shirts, mouse pads, huggies, key rings, and various other items bearing the InfiNet logo.

The Inn at Depot Hill
Capitola-by-the-Sea, CA, US
For the secluded getaway of your life.

International Buying Corporation/IBC Creative
Alpharetta, GA, US
IBC is an international trading company serving as a worldwide connection to factory direct resourcing and product development. IBC Creative specializes in trade promotion and advertising, business communications and multimedia productions.

International Space Development Conference
Cleveland, OH, US
The National Space Society's 14th Annual International Space Development Conference (ISDC '95) will be held in Cleveland, Ohio, May 18-21, 1995. We have an exceptional line-up of speakers, covering a vast number of subjects and fields.

Internet Crime Archives
Chaos Inc., Los Angeles, CA, US
An archive featuring the bloodthirstiest mass murderers and serial killers of modern times. A visual exploration of murder, death and mayhem. Not for the faint at heart. Enter at your own risk.

Internet QuickLink, Corp.
New York, NY, US
QuickLink is a commercial Web server, also offering high speed dial up and dedicated connections to the Internet.

The Internet Trade Center
IMC, Orlando, FL, US
Featuring The Internet Yacht Club, and, coming soon, the Orlando Visitors Guide. We also offer consulting services in Powerbuilder, Oracle and Internet-related services.

Middlesex, England
Capital city for the Web in the UK.

Irish Recruitment Consultants and Employment Agencies
Software Expressions, Dublin, Ireland
This service provides details on the leading recruitment consultants and employment agencies in Ireland.

Irish Research Scientists' Association
Dublin, Ireland
The largest representative association for professional scientists in Ireland. Our aim is to keep science at the forefront of public and political awareness, to provide a froum for discussion of scientific matters and matters related.

I-Site Internet Servers
Create your own root Web server without the expense and effort. I-Site Internet Servers allows you to work on the content of your Web site. Also included are root FTP and complete email servers.

The Island Net On-line Mall
AMT Solutions Group Inc., Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Island Net is Vancouver Island's premier Internet service provider. We offer a full range of Internet services, including free home pages for members.

The Ithaca Marketplace
The Spinners, Ithaca, NY, US
A combination online mall and information resource. All stores and services are from the Ithaca, NY, area. The resources include local news, weather, online yellow pages, and rental housing information.

J. Robert Scott: Executive Search Consultants
Boston, MA, US
A retainer-based executive search firm specializing in the recruitment of senior-level professionals and managers across a broad range of industries, including: financial services, telecommunications, software, retail, biotechnology and healthcare.

Journal of Cognitive Rehabilitation
NeuroScience Publishers, Indianapolis, IN, US
A publication for therapists, families and patients, designed to provide information relevant to the rehabilitation of brain injured (from any source) individuals.

Junior's Clippin Pages: Home for the CA-Clipper User
Remco W. Broekhoff, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Links to nearly every CA-Clipper (a programming language and also a compiler), related Internet resources, info, FAQs and lots of other interesting stuff.

Jweb... Japan's Hottest Links
Information Access Center, Inc., Tokyo, Minato-ku, Japan
Come check Tokyo Journal Unpublished, Sumo paintings and drawings by Lynn Matsuoka, and much more. Internet Access Center IAC provides dial-up and ISDN connections to the Internet from Tokyo. Soon local access from Osaka and general Kansai areas.

Kali Tri Yoga Seminar Announcements
Santa Cruz, CA, US
Announcements of forthcoming seminars by Kali Tri Yoga, encompassing Kriya Flow, Hatha Yoga, and Mercury Max. Information on tapes and books available.

KaLM Designs Home Page
faludi.com, SF, CA, US
Graphical User Interface (GUI) design consulting. Design services for new and existing programs on Mac/OS, Windows, and IREX.

Kids Home Page
Yoichi Yamada, Ridgewood, NJ, US
Features for kids in English or Japanese.

Labor Activist
Democratic Socialists of America, Chicago, IL, US
The newsletter of the Labor Solidarity Committee of the Youth Section of the Democratic Socialists of America. Labor Activist is dedicated to fostering an interest in the labor movement among young people, students, and educators, and to providing useful information to activists and organizers.

LBL's Ethical, Legal, and Social Issues in Science
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, Berkeley, CA, US
Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory tackles hard issues that face contemporary scientists every day. This Web presentation is especially suitable for middle and high school students and teachers.

Linda's Gallery
Linda Coven and participating artists, Kingsport, TN, US
A growing fine arts gallery composed of four east Tennessee artists and one artist from South Carolina. Works include paintings of watercolor, acrylic, and oil as well as some prints.

The Little Shop of Flowers Mother's Day Gifts
Houston, TX, US
Special Mother's Day gifts. Order floral arrangements online from anywhere in the world.

The Lubrication Page
X-1R of New England Industrial, Inc., Meriden, CT, US
Information on a wide variety of industrial, sport and vehicular lubricants including X-1R Friction Eliminator and related products.

Macquarie Bank Ltd
Sydney, NSW, Australia
An Australian investment bank. This service is initially directed at graduate recruitment but will soon be expanded to include more general information.

Mage Publishers Catalog
Washington, DC, US
Catalog of books about Persian/Iranian literature, art, music, food, and poetry. In English, bridging East and West.

The Market Research Center
ASI Market Research, Glendale, CA, US
ASI's Market Research Center is an important Internet resource for anyone interested in market research, advertising, or entertainment.

May 4, 1970: 25 Years of Remembrance
Kent State Libraries and Media Services, Kent, OH, US
An exhibit featuring primary source materials related to the shootings at Kent State University on May 4, 1970 -- from the Department of Special Collections and Archives, Kent State University Libraries.
http://www.library.kent.edu/exhibits/4may95/index.html [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Medical and Health Sciences Libraries on the Web
Hardin Library for the Health Sciences, U. of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, US
A list of medical and health sciences libraries that have Web sites.

Merlin's Web, The Magician's Electronic Magazine
Victoria, BC, Canada
A monthly magazine for magicians from beginners to advanced. Includes book selections, best of alt.magic, regular columns, features, a course in card magic, beginner's advice, and on-line magic dealers.

Miami-Dade Community College English Department
Miami, FL, US
A place to highlight the English department and to announce new projects and other happenings as well as provide a way for potential students to find out about the college.

Monterey Bay Properties
The Human Factor, Santa Cruz, CA, US
Professional excellence in real estate on the Northern California coast.

West Los Angeles, CA, US
Movie information about upcoming and currently released motion pictures. Many pictures and video files to view/download.

Moriyama & Teshima Architects, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Canadian architects and planners known for designing projects that promote humanistic and social values.

MultiMedia Dimensions
Bricktown, NJ, US
A full service multimedia design and consulting company helping people find the multimedia system and products that suits their needs and budget.

Myrtle Beach Golf
NCNetWorks, Myrtle Beach, SC, US
Along the Grand Strand the golfer has a choice of more than 70 courses. A listing and nearby lodging accommodations are available on this site.

National Civil Rights Museum
National Civil Rights Museum and Archer/Malmo OnLine, Memphis, TN, US
See the people who have helped shape the civil rights movement: Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, James Meredith and others. Learn why the struggle is important for everyone, not just African-Americans.

NetGate Mall
NetGate Communications, Santa Clara, CA, US
A cost-effective approach to Web publishing, mailbots, and CGI scripts. If you would like your own presence in cyberspace, check out NetGate.

New Life Network
Auggen, Baden, Germany
An international distributor of TV programming for broadcasters, cable stations and satellite. With special resources to the media providing community, including conference info.

New York City Big Apple Network
Spyder World Wide Web, New York City, NY, US
Everything you want to know about media production in New York City. Timely information on film, television, theatre and new media. The most complete online guide to production in the Big Apple.

Niagara Region Bed and Breakfast Information
Niagara-on-the-Lake Bed and Breakfast Service, Niagara Falls, ON, Canada
Information about reservation services for bed and breakfasts in the Niagara region. Including names of homes and email request forms.

North Carolina Outer Banks Surfing
WebMasters International, Inc., Reston, VA, US
A Web site dedicated to surfing activities on North Carolina's outer banks. Requests for this site came from readers of WMI's North Carolina Windsurfing Page.

Singapore National Trades Union Congress, Singapore
The voice of the Singapore labor movement. The home page will carry weekly stories or features of concern.

Omaha Public Schools
Omaha, NE, US
A Web page to provide information about the Omaha Public School District and to provide links to useful educational resources.

The Open University
Orlando, FL, US
Specializing in business education for the self employed, in specific cash flow businesses, including private mortgages, factoring, plus distance-learning degree programs in entrepreneurship, using online technology.

OPN: Systems on the Web
Ft. Wayne, IN, US
An Open Systems workflow solution that ties together personal and enterprise needs. OPN bridges the gap between departmental flexibility and enterprise-wide control. A document management solution that really works.

The Panel Study of Income Dynamics
Ann Arbor, MI, US
The PSID is a longitudinal survey of US individuals and the families in which they reside. PSID data can be used for cross-sectional, longitudinal, and intergenerational analysis and for studying both individuals and families.

New York, NY, US
An international marketing consulting firm that helps multinational companies expand their businesses by identifying global marketing opportunities, analyses, projecting consumer receptivity, evaluating trends, and conducting marketing research around the world.

Pet Direct
Hastings, NE, US
Offers professional quality pet care products for small and large animals direct to the customer. Owned and operated by a licensed veterinarian, you are sure to get professional quality products at discounted prices.

Phantom Fireworks
Youngstown, OH, US
The most explosive site on the World Wide Web. Browse our catalog and order online, or download maps to our showrooms. Grab your earplugs and click away.

Photographs and Artifacts from China
St. Petersburg Junior College, St. Petersburg, FL, US
Photographs of a New Year parade, a traditional Shaanxi Opera, and a silk factory. I collected these wood prints, pipes, and other artifacts in 1993-94 while teaching English in Shaanxi.

Physics Department, California State U Stanislaus
Turlock, CA, US
Description of the department and its physics program. Tutorial sessions for students in introductory physics courses.

Poleys Big & Tall Clothing
Poley's of Centerville, Inc., Centerville, OH, US
Devoted to clothes for the big and tall man. Established in 1910, Poley's has a long history of offering the highest quality, branded merchandise at a fair price.

Portage la Prairie Internet Provider
Meganet, Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada
Information and links to a small city in the centre of Manitoba, Canada. Links to local businesses, education and information for new users.

Prince Edward Island's Electronic Mall
Empyrean Support Process, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada
Offering the best of Prince Edward Island goods and services. Great links to the P.E.I. Visitor Guide and Government and Provincial Information. For Information. Coming soon: an international section.

Project Management Services, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
PMSI provides project management and staff extension support to nationally recognized organizations, specializing in the implementation of technology, corporate and aviation facilities, construction claims and disaster planning services.

Pure Software, Inc.
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Practical software quality improvement products that help UNIX developers and QA engineers build reliable, high performing software.

Put Prevention into Practice
U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services, Washington, DC, US
The National Preventive Services Campaign, from the U.S. Public Health Service, increases the awareness and use of clinical preventive services by providers, patients, and office staff.

QMW Engineering Pages
Queen Mary and Westfield College, University of London, London, England
Research activities and degree programs in thermal fluids, turbulence simulation, aeronautical and civil structures, geomaterials and several other fields. Undergraduate degree courses, employment opportunities.

Religious Socialism
Democratic Socialists of America, Chicago, IL, US
The two-decade-old quarterly journal of the religion and socialism commission of the democratic socialists of America.

Research Dynamics, Inc.
San Antonio, TX, US
Qualified to compete as a small disadvantaged business and is a certified 8(a) contractor for the U.S. Small Business Administration.

http://www.calvacom.fr, Paris, France
An international business club (import-export), whose goal is to develop new business opportunities between French and foreign companies. You can check the French and foreign member company's profile.

The Riverside County Real Estate Forum
GEN, Inc., Monrovia, CA, US
From residential to commercial properties come take a look at the Temecula Valley.

Classical Art and Archaeology Program, U. Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A crossroads for Web resources on the art and archaeology of Italy and the Roman provinces, from about 1000 B.C. to A.D. 600. Romarch is an Internet discussion group on the same subject.

RPM Music Page & Sound Effects Database
Robert Puff Music (RPM), Seattle, WA, US
Free sound effects library search engine and more to audio, video, and multimedia professionals worldwide.

Sackville Centennial School
Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Learn something about our school and our area.

Sacramento California and CGI Resources
Lawrence Associates Inc., Sacramento, CA, US
Providing CGI solutions for database access. Sample code exists. Soon to be called LPage.

Sargent-Welch Scientific
Buffalo Grove, IL, US
Supplier of science materials to schools. Several links to materials helpful to science teachers, some limited product, and EZ PREP lists to assist in ordering common supplies, including SEPUP.

Saturn Ring Plane Crossing Home Page (JPL)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
During 1995 and 1996, the rings of Saturn will be seen edge-on from the Earth's perspective on three occasions. This a rare event. During a ring plane crossing, the glare from Saturn's rings is reduced considerably, providing astronomers a unique opportunity to observe Saturn's rings and satellites.

Scicon Technologies Corp.
Valencia, CA, US
Rapid prototyping and reseller for Parametric Technologies' Pro Engineer and SGI.

Scotland Travels, Business Exchange & Shopping Mall
Siva Phimister, London, UK
Includes the Scotland Travels, Scottish Business Exchange and Tartan Shopping Mall. These pages have been created to provide a wide but comprehensive set of information on Scotland, including culture, leisure, travel tips, maps, business, shopping, transportation and accommodation.

Selling Software
Freitag Marketing Services, Burbank, CA, US
Shows you how to solve critical marketing problems facing software marketers. Each month you'll find powerful, proven techniques you can put into action immediately.

Shadle Park High School
Spokane, WA, US
Special thanks to Computech.

So You Wanna Be A Screenwriter?
The Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page, Portland, OR, US
A regular column at The Screenwriters & Playwrights Home Page by Brad Mirman, writer of such movies as "Knight Moves" and "Body of Evidence," focuses on the A-to-Z of writing for Hollywood and answers readers' questions.

Indianapolis, IN, US
SoftInfo is the largest gateway to software information on the Web. 16,500 products, 4,500 suppliers. Simple to navigate. No cost. Detailed information.

St. Petersburg Junior College
St. Petersburg, FL, US
Email addresses, phone directory, contacts, general information, faculty projects, and SPJC technology graphics page which provides graphics support for faculty.

Stanford University Election on the Web
Stanford, CA, US
On April 19 and 20, Stanford students used the Web for a student government election. Over 4700 students voted during the two days. This was the first election of its kind ever held on the World Wide Web.

StorNet, Inc.
West Chester, PA, US
Specialized computing solutions. An experienced systems integrator with offices nationally, that provides specialized products and services for large and small companies. Our areas of specialization include multimedia delivery, Internet solutions, storage, networking and systems.

StressFree NET
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
A system of health care professionals providing solutions to stress. Services include: testing and assessment, drug-free alternatives for stress relief, a directory of professionals, and "Ask the Psychologist."

Swarpat Int'l Trading
Jerusalem, Israel
The next generation of fashion ties from Jerusalem, Israel.

Biddeford, ME, US
A group of programmers dedicated to shareware and freeware software for the Macintosh. We intend to bring quality products to the share/freeware markets.

TC Computers
Mindspring.com, Atlanta, GA, US
Mail-order computer hardware at discount pricing.

Technocracy, Inc.
Portland, OR, US
Founded in 1933 to research the problems induced by the application of technology onto an incompatible social system. We propose a design for a highly planned, coordinated system of production and distribution, which avoids the problems that we currently face.

The Thing
The Thing Arts & Communication, New York, NY, US
A Web site and BBS, with nodes throughout Europe and America, that encourages discourse amongst artists and other professionals and provides a platform for the development of new forms of creative communication.

Timeshare Users Group
Orange Park, FL, US
A membership organization of timeshare owners who help one another with information about timeshare resort and exchanging. There is also a classified ad section.

Toronto's WWW Restaurant Listings
Symbiotic Solutions, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Metropolitan Toronto's largest and most comprehensive WWW restaurant listings. Over 1000 entries can be searched according to many criteria, including name or address, cuisine types, price ranges, geographic regions, and neighborhoods.

Torrefazione Italia
Torrefazione Italia, Seattle, WA, US
You can now browse our coffee selection, learn about Torrefazione Italia and order coffee via the Internet.

TravelASSIST Magazine
ASSIST Information Services, Los Angeles, CA, US
This month's issue features China: Cruising China's Yangtze River, Once and Future Shopping in Hong Kong, TravelASSIST File - Beijing China, and more.

Uniglobe Virtual Travel Brochure
Uniglobe GEM Travel, Santa Clara, CA, US
Contains several travel brochures online. There are forms provided if you are moved to book a trip. There are a few special buys.

University of Extremadura.
Badajoz, SPAIN
A radiological server with teaching files of interest for the training of radiologists. Information about the Univ. of Extremadura. Same documents and links about the use of hypermedia in the teaching/learning process.

Unofficial Rush Limbaugh Page
Jeremy's Web Publishing, Seattle, WA, US
Your premier source for conservative information and information about Rush Limbaugh on the Web. The service is not endorsed by Rush Limbaugh, the EIB Network, or EFM Media. It is a product of many Net users' requests and suggestions.

Washington Citizen Action
Seattle, WA, US
Washington state's largest consumer group with over 40,000 members. WCA is a coalition of church, labor, senior and community groups. We are currently working on long-term care.

Web Publishing Paradigms
Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The purpose of this site is to explore the various competing and complementary paradigms for Web publishing. It is my hope that it will trigger further thought and discussion on the subject.

WebJammer Productions
Amherst, MA, US
Pioneer Valley's Premier WWW design, production, and consulting. WJP is an Internet presence provider where we create pages and/or catalogs that best suit your needs.

Superhighway Consulting, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Create your Web page application on the World Wide Web. Simply follow a step-by-step process to submit your material.

Western Michigan University School of Aviation Sciences
Kalamazoo, MI, US
Announcing the Western Michigan University School of Aviation Sciences home page. Loaded with information, links, and resources on the aviation community and WMU.

What's New In Computer Training?
Primenet, Los Angeles, CA, US
This online magazine is provided by Eton Solutions of Los Angeles, California. It offers training alternatives, software tips, information, and training services.

Winn's World Wide Web Weakly Weekly (W6) E-Zine
Phillip Winn, Sioux Falls, SD, US
A weekly e-zine with a humorous slant that covers living in a small town, working with computers, and much more.

The Winsock FAQ
MXS Consulting, North Brunswick, NJ, US
Frequently Asked Questions about Winsock -- getting connected to (and up and running with) the Internet with Microsoft Windows.

The Wonderful World of Chiropractic
Dunn Chiropractic, Tallahassee, FL, US
A synergistic resource for chiropractic healing and sports injuries.

The Works -- Art in a Digital Age
Artworks New York, Brooklyn, NY, US
Showing artworks by working artists. Conventional and experimental forms.

The Worst Contest(tm)
Mirsky's Worst of the Web & Volant Emporium, San Diego, CA, US
Mirsky's WOTW is embarrassed to announce The Worst Contest(tm). Yeah, there are prizes. We're reluctant to say much more. Hurry and enter now before we become so embarrassed, we close the whole thing down.

WWWChess 1.0
NIEHS, Research Triangle Park, NC, US
WWWChess 1.0 is both a Web game and a demonstration of interactive Web services. Technical merits: dynamic HTML (CGI), WWW-Database access, spawns UNIX processes for computation. Plus, it's fun to play.

Wednesday, 17 May 1995

2000 Computer Crisis Information Center
Peter de Jager and The Tenagra Corporation, Houston, TX, US
Provides information and solutions to the year 2000 computer crisis and a host of problems related to software programs that record the year using only the last two digits, costing billions of dollars in programming effort.

Ace Image Design
San Jose, CA, US
Image design for logos, and creating personal pictures on MUG.

Alden Design, Inc.
Troy, MI, US
A full-service, business-to-business advertising agency since 1975. This is where commerce will be conducted from now on. All who come after you will be playing catch-up.

Alpha Analytical Labs
Westborough, MA, US
A full service environmental analytical laboratory.

American Racing Scene
Southfield, MI, US
A zine dedicated to IndyCar and NASCAR racing. It features racing schedules, same-day race results and lots of downloadable pictures.

America's 4X4 4U Video Magazine
K2 Ltd., Bethesda, MD, US
For the 4x4 truck and SUV enthusiast. Filled with four-wheeling info, live reports from trail rides, shows and events around the world, product installations and reviews.

Amulet: A Novel by Andrew Neil
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
The first three chapters of "Amulet," a political thriller by Andrew Neil, are provided for review. The entire e-book is available by mail order. A must read.

ANA Tech
Littleton, CO, US
Manufactures large format color and monochrome scanners (scan maps, engineering drawings, etc.). Site offers product information, news releases, articles about scanning topics, newsletter.

Antiquarian Booksellers' Association of America
booknet/rmharris_ltd, McLean, VA, US
448 US booksellers, 75 already online. Search specialty and location, online catalogs and other bookseller services, ABAA Newsletter, and link to library catalogs worldwide.

The Art of Scott A. Williams
Temple Univ., Philadelphia, PA, US
The Temple University Gallery of the ARTS (TUGA) is proud to present an exhibit of Scott A. Williams, a young exciting artist from the Philadelphia area.

Asian Astrology Pages
William L. Cassidy, Irvine, CA, US
The only Asian astrology site on the Web. Chosen as Cool Site of the Day, April 30, '95.

Austin Knight
Melbourne, Australia
An advertising agency (with a focus on recruitment advertising) with more than 20 offices around the world. Site includes company information, job listings, and online folio.

Australian Real Estate
Austech Capital Pty Ltd, Sydney, NSW, Australia
Australian real estate advertising.

Basecamp Partners
Sacramento, CA, US
There's mountains of information to scale on the Internet. We're here to keep you supplied as you ascend our range of information.

Beach Beverly Hills
Spyder World Wide Web, New York, NY, US
A light romantic comedy based loosely on the classic film How to Marry A Millionaire. It follows the adventures of three young women who arrive in Los Angeles to find a rich husband.

Best of British Web Pages
Personal Computer World, London, UK
A carefully selected list of the best Internet resources based in Britain, authored in Britain or about British topics. Collected by David Brake, the cutting edge editor for Personal Computer World.

BLM Idaho Home Page
Boise, ID, US
Provides information about the nearly 12 million acres of public land the federal Bureau of Land Management (BLM) cares for in Idaho.

Bolt Beranek and Newman Software Products Corporation
Cambridge, MA, US
Applications that transform large volumes of data into useful information. Our customers include over 70 of the Fortune 100 companies in aerospace, manufacturing, semiconductor, electronic and health industries.

BUZZ the Fly
Steve Ward & The Rendering Plant, Inc., Lincoln, NE, US
A daily comic strip featuring BUZZ the Fly. Includes merchandise for sale and links to other BUZZing places on the Web.

Cabletron Online
Rochester, NH, US
Product information, product support, and general information about Cabletron Systems, Inc. Featured sections: Cabletron Product Catalog, Cabletron in the News, LanCare Support Page, and Cabletron Support Page.

Calendar of Upcoming Dance Events
WebLink Inc. and New York International Ballet Competition, New York, NY, US
Listings sent in by readers.

California State Assembly
Sacramento, CA, US
The electronic constituent to the California State Assembly.

Campus Crusade for Christ, Canada
Vancouver, BC, Canada
Christian growth materials, power tips for pastors, women's issues, and more. Discover and contact the ministries of Campus Crusade, and explore the hypertext version of the renowned booklet.

The Career Doctor
Deerfield Beach, FL, US
Recruiting/placing computer/information systems professionals in permanent positions. Specializing in search driven assignments by clients in need of quality professionals.

Cash for CD's and Tapes
VWW, Vancouver, BC, Canada
Buys, sells, and trades recorded music and books. Check out the Concert Listings to explore the vibrant Vancouver music scene.

The Cataloger
Hummingbird Software Corp., Incline Village, NV, US
A comprehensive resource for information on software tools for product catalogs used in electronic commerce. Learn how to improve the shopability of e-malls and about Free=>FORM developed by Hummingbird Software Corporation.

Quebec, Canada
A Laval Univ. center for international cooperation in health and development.

The Center for Statistical Consultation and Research (CSCAR)
Ann Arbor, MI, US
A service and research unit of the Univ. of Michigan that provides comprehensive statistical consultation services and is extensively involved in collaborative research efforts.

Century 21 Canyon Country
Sedona, AZ, US
Providing professional real estate service in Sedona, AZ since 1972. Sedona Online mall and directory is proud to welcome them to our growing service.

Chambers of Commerce Net Offering
Consolidated Creators, Philadelphia, PA, US
When a regional Chamber of Commerce sets up a site with us, their members go on line as well. Easy and inexpensive, graphically rich and profitable.

Chicago Cubs Home Page
Kevin Jerbi, Champaign, IL, US
An unofficial home page for the Chicago Cubs. As far as I know, there are no other exclusive Cubs resources on the Web.

Color Editor for Creating HTML 3.0 Documents
Best Business Solutions Inc. (BBS), Houston, TX, US
You can use this editor to create a background and foreground setting for your Web page. It is very easy to use, but you will need a browser that understands HTML 3.0 specification, such as Netscape browser v1.1.

Colorado Rocky Mountain Real Estate Connection
Larrie Horne CRS, GRI, Lakewood, CO, US
Your connection to finding real estate in the Colorado Rocky Mountains.

Commodity Systems Inc.
Boca Raton, FL, US
The premier vendor of historical commodity and index prices, CSI offers quality data from all major world exchanges. A functional trial version of our downloading and data management software, QuickTrieve, is available for free downloading.

Community Television Producers Association of Hawaii
Honolulu, HI, US
An advocate for public access video and television. Free speech, production, computer technology, virtual reality and more. And while you're in Hawaii, do a little sightseeing.

Copyright Website
Law Office of P.J. Benedict O'Mahoney, Mountain View, CA, US
Provides copyright information and resources that are of interest to Websurfers. The site includes information on Web page construction issues, fair use, public domain and music sampling.

Blagden Alley Asso., Vienna, VA, US
Crimenet is sponsored by a Washington, DC neighborhood association to list recent prostitution and drug arrests.

Cross Ink
La Jolla, CA, US
Web creation for quality Internet presentations. Come on in and visit, it's our Ink that makes us special.

Crown of India
Spyder World Wide Web, New York, NY, US
A feature length theatrical motion picture production and CD-ROM game based on the legendary film director Samuel Fuller's action packed novel.

Cyberspace Today
CyberBiz Productions, San Francisco, CA, US
A free, advertiser-sponsored newspaper available in Northern California. You can check the Web site for subscription information if you live outside of Northern California.

Dash Open Phone System
Dash Inc., Lenexa, KS, US
A 16-128 port computerized PBX with built-in voice mail, automated attendant and multi-party conferencing. The system supports multi-line feature phones as well as standard analog phone sets.

DataFlow Software
San Diego, CA, US
A systems integrator providing computer solutions in technical documentation, document management, document imaging, and online viewing via CD-ROM or Web publishing.

Db-Tech Inc. Home Page
Edison, NJ, US
Information, email interface, and downloadable demos for Db-Tech and DbPower. Db-Tech is a software consulting firm and developer of DbPower, a report writer for Unix databases.

Delta Whistler Resort
Whistler, British Columbia, Canada
Whistler's first hotel to go on-line. Take a virtual tour of the property, check availability and rates, and book your reservation.

Designstein's Universe
Minneapolis, MN, US
A graphic design firm. This is one business site that is short on marketing hype and long on fun.

Divorce Homepage
Braymer, MO, US
One-stop shopping for links and information on divorce recovery and problems related to divorce.

Down East Books
HyperMedia Communications Inc., Camden, ME, US
A publisher of books about Maine and the Northeast. We also offer regional gifts made by folks in the area, including jewelry, stained glass, wind chimes, baskets, and many other unique items.

DRUPA95 Fair for Paper and Printing
Duesseldorfer Messegesellschaft, Duesseldorf, Germany
The 11th International Fair for Printing and Paper - DRUPA 95 - (May 5-18)--the world's largest trade fair for printing and paper. This service contains visitor and exhibitor information.

Ebola Information
Pierre Omidyar, Mountain View, CA, US
Your jump-point for the latest information about the Ebola virus. Contains links to news updates, background information, and resources.

E-ware For the Aware
Networthy Inc., Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
E-shirtz and bumber stickerz project your cyber-side. We put your e-mail address or URL on a quality T-shirt. Wear it and they will come. Also Top Ten Promises contest and links.

Expert Systems for Research
Idea Works, Inc., Columbia, MO, US
Expert systems to assist in designing research proposals for funding. Advise on sample size based on power analyses, appropriate statistics, scales and measures, graphing data, experimental design, ethics, budget, and management.

EZ Com - EZ Go
Renton, WA, US
Provides the absolutely easiest way to transfer files between two PCs equipped with Windows and a modem. Download a free demo, good for 10 file transfers.

Facts of Life
Life Facts, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Personal emergency medical information could mean the difference between life and death. Take responsibility for your own health risk management by considering this simple, convenient and affordable product.

Field Day Communications
Jasper, Alberta, CA
Experience the breathtaking scenery of the Canadian Rocky Mountains in Jasper National Park in the company of seasoned professionals. German, Japanese and French also spoken.

Fishing Alaska and Russia with Ouzel Expeditions, Inc.
Girdwood, AK, US
Ouzel Expeditions, Inc. runs wilderness float fishing trips in Alaska and Kamchatka, Russia. Join us as we float and fish our way down river in Alaska's National Parks, refuges and wilderness areas.

Franklin Printing -- Timeshare
Franklin, NC, US
What your timeshare salesperson did not dare to tell you. If you got "stuck" with timeshare property, this is the definitive guide to easily sell, rent, or turn your property into a tax benefit.

Future Publishing, Bath, Avon, UK
Electronic home of Future Publishing's 37 magazines, is pleased to announce two new additions: SFX and PC Guide. SFX is Europe's first glossy science fiction magazine.

Gildea Resource Center Home Page
Santa Barbara, CA, US
A nonprofit environmental research and education group headquartered in Santa Barbara, CA.

GM Goodwrench Pro Shop
Boston, MA, US
Your international resource for unique automotive collectibles, fun wear, new and reman engines, and parts. Consumer, wholesale and dealer pricing. Order or inquire about hard to find products, engines, parts and information.

Munich, Germany
A nonprofit organization for the promotion of the German language and for international cultural cooperation.

Goldney Books
Bristol, UK
Collectable secondhand books bought and sold. Specialists in modern first editions, illustrated and old children's books. Credit cards accepted.

Grahame's Graphic Page
Grahame Rumsby, Thorold, Ontario, Canada
An alphabetized list containing bars, lines, balls and graphics to give your home page a professional appearance.

Graphic Workshop for Windows 1.1R
Alchemy Mindworks Inc., Beeton, Ontario, Canada
Converts, prints, views, dithers, transforms, flips, rotates, scales, crops, and color adjusts in over 50 formats. New features of this release include MPEG viewing, PNG support, faster JPEG, snappier thumbnails and an improved user interface.

Graphion's Online Type Museum
Graphion Typesetting, San Francisco, CA, US
A gallery of typography. Features biographies of historical figures in type with portraits and samples of their work, and explanations of typographical procedures.

Grohe America Inc. Web Site
Chicago, IL, US
One of the leading faucet brands used in custom homes and remodeling projects. Our site features our latest products as well as information on contacting us, locating a select showroom, and distributor information.

Harmony Ridge Music
San Carlos, CA, US
Information resource and mail order business specializing in female singer songwriters in folk, blues, avant-garde, Celtic, country, bluegrass, world, and rock music.

Heartland Rail Tours
Calgary, AB, Canada
An entertaining day on an antique steam train in the heart of Alberta.

Hilarion Home Page
Jon C. Fox, Nevada City, CA, US
New unusual technologies, including inert-gas research, and an upcoming spiritual journey to Machu Picchu are featured.

A Homepagemaker
RSC Services Inc., Dayton, OH, US
Now you can create your own page from our library of graphics. See examples of logos and create from there. Personal and commercial save big here.

Iceland Review
Reykjavik, Iceland
Daily News from Iceland: updated before 11am GMT on weekdays. Reports are written by News From Iceland staff writers and are based on domestic media: newspapers, radio and television.

i-Logix Inc.
Andover, MA, US
The supplier of Statemate, a system design automation tool with capabilities including: modeling, simulation, rapid prototyping, and code generation (C, Ada, VHDL, Verilog).

Incite Conversational Media
Dallas, TX, US
Hardware and software products that form a network to bring voice, data, and video to the PC desktop. Incite's network delivers conversational media capabilities through the use of isoEthernet.

Indian River Gift Fruit Company
Downtown Anywhere, Boston, MA, US
You can give no finer gift from Florida than sweet grapefruit and juicy oranges. Send a delicious gift today.

Indiana Historical Society
Indianapolis, IN, US
Dedicated to collecting, preserving, and promoting the history of the 19th state. The IHS page features information on the Society's collections, exhibitions, publications, and other activities.

InfoVision Technologies, Inc.
Westborough, MA, US
Multimedia and digital imaging, primarily on the Windows platform. We offer software (including SecureTrack, information and imaging system), services (kiosks, CBTs, graphics), and consulting.

The Inner Harbour Online Magazine
The Harbour Group, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Come explore the old English charm of a place simply known as the Garden City, Victoria, British Columbia. This site offers restaurant listings as well as other information on Western Canada's oldest city.

Interactive Shopping Network sm
Seattle, WA, US
ISN promotes individuals and businesses wanting to sell services or products over the Internet. We also host Commercial Finance Online, When businesses need money, they need Commercial Finance Online!

Interlace Media
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Slide imaging via the Internet. Utilizing FTP and Fed Ex, we can produce 35mm slides from your computer files and have them back to you as if we were next door.

Interlink Web Services
Onalaska, WA, US
Do 30 million Internet users=new sales? If you don't feel comfortable answering this question, maybe you should be talking with Interlink Network Group, Inc.

Internet FishBowl
NetWorks Marketing, Ellicott City, MD, US
Place your business card in our fishbowl and be eligible to win a free lunch at the restaurant of your choice.

Internet of Asheville
Electronic Office of Asheville and Vnet of Charlotte, NC, Asheville, NC, US
A local Internet access provider for Western North Carolina residents and businesses.

Internet Services Montana Home Page
Missoula, MT, US
A full service commercial Internet service provider. Here you will find the most complete Montana WWW resources page available anywhere.

Internet UFO Group
Lynchburg, VA, US
An informal organization which provides an authoring framework for publishing UFO-related material on the Internet.

Kirkwood Interactive Design, Portland, OR, US
We've got what you need to get you out of the house. Come look through our directories of food, drink, art, entertainment and travel. Peruse our nightlife and event calendars as well.

Jason Chiropractic
Livermore, CA, US
Serving Livermore, CA area with better health through spinal alignment. Try our tests, warning signs, or sign up for a free dinner and health lecture. Brought to you by NetRep.

Johnny Mnemonic net.hunt
vivid studios and Sony, San Francisco, CA, US
The hunt is on. Registration is now open for the Johnny Mnemonic net.hunt, a net-based scavenger hunt with over $20,000 in prizes (a DEC computer, private screenings of Johnny Mnemonic, CD-ROMs, soundtracks, etc.). Runs until June 2, 1995.

Kalamazoo Swimming
Kalamazoo, MI, US
Contains info about our team, and links to other pages at the school.

Kean College of New Jersey
Office of Computer and Information Services, Union, NJ, US
Online guide to Kean College of New Jersey.

Larry Johnson L-setr Fan Club
Dragon Street Pictures, Dallas, TX, US
Facts, fun and more about Charolette Hornet's basketball star Larry Johnson. Lots of pictures, photos and interactive fun. Also fan club letters and membership info.

Lasure and Crawford, Inc.
Seattle, WA, US
We do consulting and contract research for the biosciences industry.

Lilac-01, The On-line Flower Shoppe
Rye, NY, US
We offer the freshest, longest lasting floral bouquets and arrangements, each one selected with care for that special person or occasion. Regular specials, and a nice gateway to the Internet's garden spots.

Loftin-Black Discount Furniture
NCNetWorks, Thomasville, NC, US
An established discount retailer of North Carolina furniture. With prices up to 50% off list, Loftin-Black offers nationwide delivery and in-home setup services.

The Machine
Orange County, CA, US
X'iT Group is pleased to offer responsive, custom-tailored solutions for your company's online advertising needs.

Majon's Electronic CyberMall
Olympia, WA, US
Majon International features many new and exclusive products, as well as offering full service setup, design, and development of World Wide Web sites for businesses or homes.

The Malls Of Canada
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Canada's largest virtual shopping malls, linked inter-provincially, including The Real Estate Info--Highway(r).

Marathon Records
El Segundo, CA, US
A bunch of indie bands who figured there was strength in numbers.

Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Brokerage
Palo Alto, CA, US
Commercial real estate brokerage services offered in the U.S. Includes detailed listings of office, multi-residential, industrial, retail and other kinds of properties for sale.

Materials Research Center
Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL, US
Comprised of 22 facilities and laboratories, containing some of the most sophisticated, state-of-the-art materials research equipment in the world.

McDonald's Austria
Vienna, Austria
Visit McDonald's Austria. Lots of information about McDonald's restaurants, foods, and services in Austria.

Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Various resource information on MEMS. A multimedia archive and the MUMPs program are among the highlights.

Meet Minneapolis
Greater Minneapolis Convention and Visitors Assoc., Minneapolis, MN, US
This colorful site contains complete information on accommodations, dining, entertainment, the Minneapolis Convention Center, shopping, tourist information and much more.

Merrick School of Business
Baltimore, MD, US
General information and links to local business community, students and alumni. Still under construction.

P-Net, Inc. dba MO.NET, St. Louis, MO, US
A full service Internet access provider offering personal dial-up 14.4 and 28.8 connections, dial-up ISDN connections, dedicated connections for 14.4, 28.8, and ISDN. MO.NET also offers T-1 384k lines on up.

The Muse
International Communique Ltd, London, United Kingdom
An online monthly creative arts Web magazine that has sections on opera, jazz, ambient, dance, techno and classical music, plus books, art, theatre, dance and culture.

Mushing On-line
Mushing Magazine, Fairbanks, AK, US
Articles on the adventures, history, politics and appeal of dog mushing, in addition to mushing tips, informative how-to articles and updates on working dog training, safety, health and nutrition.

Music West
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Major annual music industry conference and festival (May 11-14, 1995) with large technology and communication focus.

Musical Heritage of Eastern Europe
Rhodes College Music Department, Memphis, TN, US
Created by Music120 class. Describes the course. Contains links to Russian, Hungarian, and Czech servers. Also contains research papers written by class members.

National Jewish Center for Immunology and Respiratory Medicine
Denver, CO, US
A premier research institute and treatment center for respiratory disease and immune system disorders. Our pages will interest professionals and consumers.

National Motorcoach Network Directory
Fairfax, VA, US
Gateway cities, consumer tips and listing of companies with 2,000 modern motorcoaches available for charters and tours in USA.

Natural Resources Research Information Pages (NRRIPS)
Yu-Fai Leung, Blacksburg, VA, US
An extensive collection of academic and research information links on forestry, outdoor recreation and other natural resources topics.

The Presidents Council on Environmental Quality, Urbana, IL, US
Features include the CEQ 1993 Annual Report on Environmental Quality, CEQ regulations and guidance, weekly EPA filings and ratings and NEPA case law.

The Nest Group, Inc. Home Page
Southboro, MA, US
We supply products for molecular biology, including DNA purification systems, as well as numerous types of chromatography columns.

Oil Spill Public Information Center
Anchorage, AK, US
Our Library is focused on the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill and is currently under the auspices of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill Trustee Council. Our goal is to provide historical and up to date information about the spill and the resources which were affected.

Online Travel Guide: Bed and Breakfast Inns
Go Native!, Elk Grove, CA, US
Covers bed and breakfast inns in Northern and Central California. Pictrues of the inns, historical information, directions, phone numbers, activities and points of interest and around the inn are included.

Online Works, Inc.
Dallas, TX, US
An innovative event and promotion network for media, retailers, and product vendors. Its purpose is to increase sales and profits for anyone who is involved with advertising.

Oral Roberts University
Tulsa, OK, US
The premier charismatic Christian university together with Oral and Richard Roberts, brings you the premier charismatic Christian Web Site. As Oral Roberts has said, "Something good is going to happen."

P.A.S. Internet Service Provider
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Specializing in Web servers and home pages. Fixed rate connections for Melbourne users.

Patuxent River Air Expo '95
Naval Air Warfare Center, Aircraft Division, Patuxent River, MD, US
Announcing Air Expo '95 featuring the Blue Angels. Come and experience the ultimate air show--see the amazing Blue Angels in action.

The Peace Corps
Washington, DC, US
This site contains information about becoming a Peace Corps volunteer, background information of the agency, and information on Peace Corps domestic education programs.

Peach Tree Gallery
Peach Tree Arts, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
An art gallery of works by Western Australian artist, Jeremy Holton. The paintings include Australian landscapes, nudes and still life. They are in exciting brilliant colors. Prints are available.

Pentium Prices Slashed
Preferred Internet Services, Kingsport, TN, US
Intel has cut Pentium pricing significantly, bringing high-speed computing into the home-computer price range.

Personal Computer World magazine
London, UK
The largest, best-selling and oldest computer magazine in Britain.

Peters-de Laet, Inc.
S. San Francisco, CA, US
Distributes electronic and electrical components, connectors (AMP, Molex, 3M, etc.), hardware, harness products, and cable assemblies. Services include EDI, sourcing, kitting, packaging, auto-replenishments.

Pick of the Web
Xkot, Jacksonville, FL, US
A quirky look at music, literature, TV, and movies on the Web.

Pickover's Virtual Reality and Computer Art
Madison, WI, US
Cliff Pickover is an author and computer artist who has published numerous books on the creative use of the computer is such areas as virtual reality, computer art, puzzles, and fractals.

Pinnacle Mall
Morgantown, WV, US
A unique shopping experience showcasing quality products and interesting services from a distinguished list of top-name tenants.

Praxis Consulting Group
Framingham, MA, US
Management, communications, and ethics training and instructional materials. New workshops: ethics in the workplace; managerial power and influence; the craft of managing.

Plus Communications Ltd., Vienna, Austria
An Internet service in Austria. We also provide the Yellow Pages Austria Online, an Austrian Web index.

QIBLA Server
Muslim Students Assoc., U. Penn., Philadelphia, PA, US
The Muslim Students Association at the University of Pennsylvania, in conjunction with ISL Software, presents QIBLA, the Qur'an and Islamic Books Library Archive.

Rainbow Dallas
Dallas, TX, US
Unique and beneficial concepts, combines a preventive maintenance program for roofs, roofing solutions; commercial real estate investment properties and more.

Ramworks Intermedia
Jacksonville, FL, US
Offering interactive multimedia services, Internet presences and Web pages, CD-ROM and CD-I authoring, interactive touch-screen kiosks, and corporate communications.

The Rendering Plant, Inc.
Lincoln, NE, US
We are a company specializing in 3D graphics and animation for television, video, multimedia, and Internet applications. We also do Web page creation, image processing, and desktop publishing.

Research Collections and Services Department, IUB Libraries
Bloomington, IN, US
RCSD works in three units in the main library of Indiana Univ., Bloomington, serving the humanities and social sciences.

Research Online International (ROI)
Houston, TX, US
A business research firm providing customized information for companies that need quick and thorough answers. ROI specializes in competitive and market analysis. ROI works under the strictest confidentiality.

Reyne Hogan Antiques
Houston, TX, US
Online antique shop, buying/selling full lines of antiques.

Rhodes College Scenes
Memphis, TN, US
Contain approximately 20 pictures of the campus of Rhodes College in Memphis. Pictures are of collegiate Gothic buildings and of Fisher Gardens.

Romanian Press Review
Bucharest, Romania
A weekly online publication dedicated to providing cutting-edge coverage of economic, political and cultural developments in Romania.

Salem Five Cents Savings Bank - InternetAccess
Salem, MA, US
Offering you premium-rate products with online applications, and the ability to use interactive calculators to estimate your mortgage potential, perform a rent versus buy analysis and calculate the growth of savings and investments over time.

SCSI Peripherals, Wholesale
Hermosa Beach, CA, US
We sell new SCSI peripherals that we buy directly from manufacturers such as: Seagate, Conner, Quantum, Fujitsu (hard drives), Conner, Exabyte, Sony, Quantum, ODI (tape drives), and Yamaha.

Seminar Superstore
First Seminar, Lowell, MA, US
A virtual master catalog of the best information technology training. A single source to 25,000 brand name seminars and workshops, all at below market rates.

Song Of The Day
Alt.Music, Los Angeles, CA, US
A new song each day. Accessible via a set of links that remain the same even though the song location changes. Only full songs will be used in either MPEG II stereo or mono format. Open now for requests.

South East Asian Area Specialists
W.L.R. Cassidy & Associates, Irvine, CA, US
Important reference point for Vietnamese area specialists. Links to all major sites impacting South East Asian political affairs.

The Special Car Journal
The Clayton Group, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
An online magazine for classic and exotic car enthusiasts. It now features a huge classified advertising section and a list of links to other interesting car sites.

Star Trek WWW Archive
TOS Enterprises, Chicago, IL, US
This definitive site is the largest of its kind on the Internet, dedicated completely to the original Star Trek television series, movies, books, and the animated series.

Starting Point
Superhighway Consulting, Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Our goal is to provide your single best starting point for World Wide Web exploration.

Progressive Computer Services, New Orleans, LA, US
A public service automated survey engine offering information, opinions, demographics & statistics from/to the online community. We have a wide variety of surveys online including topics on Shareware, Internet demographics, OJ Trial, 1996 Mock Election, and more.

SWITCH -- Swiss Academic & Research Network
Zurich, Switzerland
This site lists the services offered by SWITCH and contains links to the Web servers of universities, schools, libraries, research labs and organizations connected with the Internet.

Sunnyvale, CA, US
From the publishers of Syllabus magazine, covers technologies of interest to educators in high schools, colleges, and universities. It contains news, case studies, product reviews and announcements, and more.

Talk 'n Toss
Portland, OR, US
Rechargeable prepaid phone cards. Users can completely control and regulate their long distance telephone charges, and thus limit any unexpected charges or expenses do to theft or fraud.

TASS Russian News Agency
Casper, WY, US
Trib.com, the Internet newspaper, is pleased to to bring our readers the ITAR-TASS Russian News Agency. TASS is the Russian version of AP or Reuters.

Texas Instruments
Dallas, TX, US
Information about our semiconductor, calculator, notebook computers, printer, software, materials and controls, and defense systems businesses. Also includes information about our products and services, employment opportunities, special programs, support and much more.

TOS Enterprises, Chicago, IL, US
A virtual reality multi-user environment, for those who enjoy the original Star Trek Television series, movies, and books.

Track Mortgage Group, Inc.
Valkyrie Multimedia, Los Angeles, CA, US
We are a company that deals primarily with trust deed investments, investments which are secured by a piece of real estate.

Travel Southern Africa
Travel & Trade Promotion, Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Guide of travel services and facilities available for the Southern African region including South Africa Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, and Swaziland. Details of accommodation, transport, services organized by regions and tourist attractions.

Tropical Flowers from Hawaii
Hawaii Online, Kauai, HA, US
Beautiful and fresh tropical flowers direct from the Hawaiian island of Kauai.

Turnkey Internet Systems For Hotels, Resorts and Restaurants
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Rent-A-Web: your own Web server; Guests rent your Web PC and computers games in a Web room or guest rooms; free infomercials for your business; your own online reservation on the Internet.

Eye-Yi-Yi Media/Scott Schaefer, Seattle, WA, US
Hilarious, funny, dangerous, sometimes sexy humor written by professional comedy writers with credits ranging from Arsenio Hall to Bill Nye the Science Guy to In Living Color. Updated weekly. Hah.

Univ. of Texas at Austin--Advanced Computational Engineering Lab
ACE Lab, Austin, TX, US
Devoted to teaching and research in the area of engineering computation, with a focus on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

USANA Lucrative Home-Based Business
SAIC Internet Solutions, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Want to start a lucrative home-based business? Find out why some of the country's leading marketing minds: Robert Allen, Denis Waitley, and Brian Tracy have started home-based businesses -- and which hot new business they're choosing.

UTSA Div. of Art and Arch. Online
San Antonio, TX, US
This Web site is for putting exhibits online. Currently, two exhibits are showing. Bits & Pictures is a collection of the work of 15 students here at UTSA.

Austin, TX, US
A marketing and communications firm specializing in Internet and online services for businesses and associations.

Vnet: Converting Life Insurance to Cash
Vnet Communications, New York, NY, US
A database that provides information to users discussing how terminally ill people can convert their life-insurance into cash. FAQs, reprints, listings.

Wall Street Direct
Carlsbad, CA, US
The ultimate guide and yellow pages for traders and investors providing offers, trials, demos and details from industry wide sources.

Webber Enterprises
Overland Park, KS, US
Consulting services in three primary areas: connecting to the Internet, Macintosh-based Web and FTP servers, installation, and creating an organizational presence on the Internet.

Austin, TX, US
The WWW site for Macintosh WebMasters and WebDevelopers. WebEge II - The 2nd Macintosh WWW Developers' Conference will be held August 21-23 in Austin, Texas.

The WebFronts
WebWide Services, Inc., College Park, MD, US
An innovative online shopping experience, The WebFronts uses an engaging, graphically oriented shopping mall paradigm to bring the real shopping experience onto the Web.

Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, US
The World Wide Web announcement service--freely add a URL to be announced under a variety of categories, or just browse the database, which can be filtered by date, such as today's entries, this week's, etc.

A Wedding Made in Paradise: Maui, Hawaii
Maui, HI, US
The vacation wedding: Unbelievably beautiful. Unbelievably fun. Immaculate presentation. Consummate creativity. You deserve the best.

Wenatchee High School Home Page
Wenatchee, WA, US
A variety of academic sites used in common high school research by subject. It features an eclectic view of our unique valley and the activities you will find there.

The Wordly Explorer
Spokane, WA, US
Moonflowers that grow on Mars?

World Wide Events Database
Internet Productions, Inc., Longwood, FL, US
Sponsors of not-for-profit events can register their events (sports, hobby, art, etc.) in this database, update and delete announcements using passwords. Web travelers can search this database by title, sponsor, location and date.

YAO Web Design Services, Ltd.
Irvine, CA, US
Doing "client pull," "walking headers," and other interesting tricks. Visit our GIF Burglar's Paradise. Links to thousands of Web design elements.

Zenith Data Systems Z-Connect Cyber-Journal
Buffalo Grove, IL, US
We feature monthly stories on what's hot, cool and interesting. Find computer hardware and product information, technical assistance and other Z-stuff, too.

Auburn, AL, US
The place to go to learn about Zoos. ZooNet scours the Internet for zoo and animal related pages, and also maintains some zoo pages.

Friday, 19 May 1995

Interactive Network of America, Boise, ID, US
A musical greeting service, 1-800 DEDICATE, that will deliver a selected song and personally recorded message over the phone throughout the US, instantly or anytime you request.

AAArt Web Design
San Jose, CA, US
Translation (English<->HTML<->Spanish), design services, graphics/images, audio/video compression, and full-service Web page authoring.

Accounting Software Comparison
Excelco, Phoenix, AZ, US
Information regarding the selection of an accounting system. It provides for survey of over 100 systems using over 800 questions. The client can select and weight the criteria according to the needs of the application.

Ad Emporium
Multimedia Ink Designs., Poway, CA, US
Announcing the addition of Carleton Sheets' No Down Payment Real Estate Course (as seen on T.V.) to the WWW. Also, check out Kimberley Direct's Binary Watch, and more.

Advance Capital, Inc.
Interactive Shopping Network sm, Seattle, WA, US
Startup and transitional financing to emerging companies needing lines of credit from $5,000 to $1 million. Easy application process: professional, sensitive, flexible.

The Air Charter Guide Online Edition
Cambridge, MA, US
The premier resource for the on-demand commercial aviation industry, now available on the Web. Hundreds of detailed listings, informational articles, and commentary on unscheduled aviation.

Air & Space Smithsonian Magazine
Washington, DC, US
Our charter is to convey the adventure of flight and space travel to an audience with a special interest in the history and technology of aerospace.

Arachnae Mgmt. Ltd., Richmond Hill, ON, Canada
Handles text, numeric, character, and binary data, of unrestricted size, with fuzzy queries. Clients can be written in any language for any platform.

The Alexander Silberman Institute of Life-Sciences
Jerusalem, Israel
Activities of the institute in the teaching and research of various fields of the life-sciences. In addition, links and educational services for researchers/students.

Alliance Health Products
Webs Are Us, San Diego, CA, US
Alliance presents a line of health food products to improve your health. We also provide vitamins, herbal health care products, and a natural weight loss program.

The Alliance Theatre Company
The Isotropic Media Group, Atlanta, GA, US
One of the largest regional theatres in the country, the Alliance Theatre, offers a diverse season of contemporary plays, musicals, world and regional premieres as well as classics.

Alpine Leasing
Interactive Shopping Network sm, Seattle, WA, US
Alpine Leases almost any type of equipment, primarily to small, growing companies. We have over 30 years of experience, with resources nationwide.

A.R.E. Press
Virginia Beach, VA, US
Publisher of books, audio and video tapes dedicated to every aspect of personal growth. We have more than 100 titles currently in print and available to the public.

Arlington Courseware
Berkeley, CA, US
Distance learning consulting, specializing in teaching using electronic media; emphasis on education via the Internet. Now featuring: Make the Link Workshop.

Art Berkowitz Seminars
Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Art believes that accounting can be fun. Visit his home on the Web and find out how you and your business can profit from his entertaining seminars.

Arthur D. Little, Inc. Charleston, S.C.
Charleston, SC, US
Provides large-scale program management and systems engineering support for industry and government.

ATSDR Science Corner
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, Atlanta, GA, US
If you couldn't make it to Atlanta for the '95 International Congress on Hazardous Waste: Impact on Human and Ecological Health, check this out.

Australian Television Guide
Sofcom Distributors, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
See what's on Australian TV. Go straight in and search for your favourite program or topic of interest. Sydney and Melbourne (and thus much of regional NSW and Victoria) are now on-line.

Ballooning Online
Eric Goodson, Chapel Hill, NC, US
Included on this site is the world's most up-to-date and complete listing of ballooning events.

Best Dam Bike Tour
National MS Society, Wisc. Chap., New Berlin, WI, US
A two-day bike ride from Milwaukee to Madison. The goal of the ride is to raise money to aid in the fight against multiple sclerosis.

The Boston School of Modern Languages
Boston, MA, US
BSML is an exclusive, private language institution which was established in 1925 for the purpose of teaching English to foreign students.

Paramount Digital Entertainment, Los Angeles, CA, US
Mel Gibson stars in this romantic historical adventure from Paramount Pictures. The official Web site's features include trailers, images, production notes, and historical information.

The Breeding Bird Survey
National Biological Service, Laurel, MD, US
Based on hundreds of thousands of standardized bird counts taken over a 30-year period throughout the U.S. and Canada. Trend and relative abundance maps, graphs, tables, and a tricky bird game.

Bridge Square Gallery
Northfield, MN, US
A fine arts gallery with work by local artists.

Brussels Free Univ. Newspaper: De Krant
Student Editorial Board, Brussels, Belgium
All of its issues are available in full on our Web server. The layout is preserved by our use of the Adobe Acrobat format; some articles are available in HTML too. All files are in Dutch.

The BTCS Realty Network
Clements & Associates, Atlanta, GA, US
Real estate information for the Atlanta area. Includes information about Atlanta as well.

Business Press On-Line
The Kelly Organization, Inc., Greenwich, CT, US
Locating venture capital is a difficult and time-consuming task and for many the funding never materializes. Why? Because they didn't know where to locate the financing. We're here to help.

Buy and Sell Classic Hot Rods
Larry Cadwell, Deerfield Beach, FL, US
This is a new service for buying and selling classic hot rods. Come visit and see large pictures of some great autos.

The Canada Toronto East Mission Alumni Page
Rob Draughon, Mesa, AZ, US
Find former missionary email addresses, dates for upcoming reunions, history of the mission and Toronto resources.

Candy Blossoms
Palos Heights, IL, US
A fresh assortment of fine chocolate and candy bouquets to fit every occasion; available for quick delivery anywhere in the world.

Cape Breton Showcase
Moran Productions, Nova Scotia, Canada
Cape Breton is a sea-washed gem of an island on the East Coast of Canada. This site showcases her unique cultural talents as well as travel and accommodation information.

Capulum Cable Technologies
Kanata, Ontario, Canada
Involved in the manufacture of cable assemblies, harnesses and telco cabling equipment in mass quantities and to the highest quality standards.

Norfolk, VA, US
Offers qualified candidates the opportunity to browse outstanding career opportunities and enhancement tools and at the same time allows employers to reach qualified candidates worldwide.

CELL, the Computer Enhanced Learning Linkage
Tucson, AZ, US
This site pertains to physiology, the study of normal function of organs and organ systems within all living organisms at all levels of integration, initially for an undergraduate course.

The Centre for Justice Studies
Humber College of Applied Arts and Technology, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Offers a two year diploma to persons seeking employment in the field of human services. The Centre is willing to assist in the presentation of conferences, workshops, etc., related to social/justice issues.

Chemical Engineering Students, Chalmers Univ. of Technology
Gothenburg, Sweden
The homepage for the students' section at the department of chemical engineering at Chalmers. It contains info about the section and its different organisations, as well as a catalogue of students' email addresses.

The Children's Software Company
Bethesda, MD, US
We are pleased to announce that you can now browse our award winning educational software guide and catalog, and purchase software online with the highest level of security from our secure Netscape Commerce Server.

Christian Articles Archive
Dr. Ralph F. Wilson, Rocklin, CA, US
A treasure trove of about 100 articles and short stories available for personal inspiration, church newsletters, speakers' illustrations, and magazines (both print and ezines).

CIC Research, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Travel and tourism research. CIC also has the first travel survey on the Net, where you can win free tickets.

Circuit Traces -- The Writer's Homepage
Christopher Hunt, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The online magazine of fiction, fact, and fantasy, is accepting submissions for its next issue. Writer's guidelines available.

City of Halifax Technology Survey
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
The City of Halifax, as part of its strategic planning process, is seeking public and corporate input on our application of various technologies.

College Wrestling
The Wrestler, inc, Charlotte, NC, US
If it has to do with collegiate wrestling, you'll find it here.

The Computer Bookshop
London, UK
Database of computer books and CD-ROMs primarily for use by bookstores in Europe to order from, but also for end-users to find books available from their local book store.

Connexx International
Williamsburg, VA, US
Dedicated to making new business connections for you in the US and in 154 other countries worldwide.

Cornell University School of Hotel Administration
Statler Information Technology, Ithaca, NY, US
Provides information about undergraduate and graduate programs, executive education, and related programs, as well as the 150-room hotel located on premises.

Country Music Online
ADNET, Nashville, TN, US
Information about coming events in Music City, concert info, Nashville attractions and general information about the city.

Coup d'oeil sur l'Île-du-Prince-Édouard
Enterprise Î.-P.-É., Charlottetown, Île-du-Prince-Édouard, Canada
Nous vous attendons! Vous cherchez un sentier de randonnée? Vous désirez savoir où aura lieu la prochaine fête champêtre? Combien de kilométres de plage y a-t-il à l'Île? Nous avons réponse à toutes vos questions.

Covered Bridges of the Philadelphia Region
Dept. of Economics, Drexel Univ., Philadelphia, PA, US
New, more comprehensive content. Pictures and discussions are available of all covered bridges in the five-county Philadelphia region as well as nearby Berks County and neighboring states.

Crazy Moon Fashions
Empire Consumer Marketing Group, South Hadley, MA, US
Reflect back to an earlier time. A time of flowers, love and worn out jeans. A retro-shop with a view of tommorow. Unique T-shirts, hats, and vintage jeans.

Creation Sci-Fi Mega Show, May 27-28
Maximized Online, Irvine, CA, US
Creation's Web site for the weekend show in Anaheim, California. Celebrity speakers: Mark Hamill, Jennifer Lein (Kes), Garrett Wang (Ensign Harry Kim), Marina Sirtis (Counselor Troi) and other sci-fi stars.

Haverford, PA, US
The leading source for information on workplace repetitive motion and stress injuries and illnesses, including carpal tunnel syndrome to lower back pain. Publications cover workplace solutions to CTDs, ergonomics, CTD-related lawsuits, and studies.

Bunnik, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Specialist in Internet projects for businesses and other organizations. We provide complete projects: Internet connections, Web sites, market research, information gathering, and starters courses.

DejaNews Usenet Search Engine
DejaNews, Austin, TX, US
An indexed archive of a broad spectrum of Usenet news. The server is well tuned to searching for answers in Usenet. It's the perfect complement to Lycos and Yahoo.

Delta Technology
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
A leading computer graphics company based in Queensland, Australia. With divisions in advanced systems, presentation graphics, computer training and studio services.

Department of Physics and Astronomy at The Johns Hopkins Univ.
Baltimore, MD, US
Home of HUT, FUSE, and the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, with connections to Fermi Lab and STSci.

Eastern Michigan Univ.
Ypsilanti, MI, US
Eastern Michigan University's home page.

The Ebola Page
David Ornstein, San Francisco, CA, US
There is an apparent outbreak of the Ebola virus underway in Zaire. This site catalogs all the information (that I can find) on the Net about the Ebola virus.

The Educational Technology Journal
Network 609, Bellingham, WA, US
Current and past issues of "From Now On," a journal devoted to educational technology and change in schools, along with back issues and information about technology planning, Board of Education Internet policies, and Network 609.

The Electronic Pen
San Mateo, CA, US
A leading provider of interactive marketing, advertising and design for the Internet, Web and others. Communications include business-to-business and business-to-consumer materials.

Electronics Manufacturers on the Net
Stelcom, Inc., Long Beach, CA, US
A comprehensive directory of companies producing electronics components and equipment. Included are an alphabetical index of companies and an easy-to-use product index.

Employment Contacts Worldwide
Avotek Publishers, Ressen, Netherlands
A wide range of headhunters address guides and employment contacts worldwide.

The Engineering Foundation
New York, NY, US
This not-for-profit, umbrella organization was founded by the AIChe, AIME, ASCE, ASME, and the IEEE in 1914. It conducts professional conferences in all of the disciplines of its founders.

ESRS, European Synchrotron Radiation Society
Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden
Organisation representing synchrotron radiation users in Europe.

Exams and Notes
UC Berkeley, Berkeley, CA, US
Find exams and notes for a variety of academic subjects.

Fairfax County Economic Development Authority
Fairfax, VA, US
The newest thrust in FCEDA's competitive efforts is to attract job-creating businesses to metropolitan Washington, D.C.'s largest jurisdiction.

FiberCorp, Inc.
Delray Beach, FL, US
Our products monitor telecom equipment and battery facilities to find problems, hopefully, before systems fail. Meet the monitoring experts, Dave and Jack. They'll answer your questions online.

First Union Mastercard
Charlotte, NC, US
Online MasterCard application. This site supports both SSL and SHTTP secure protocols to provide privacy when entering personal information.

Flagship Managerial Accounting Software
Flagship Systems, Inc., Dallas, TX, US
Comprehensive information management system for accounting.

Florida's First Coast
St. George Publishing, Jacksonville, FL, US
From the bold new city of Jacksonville, to the oldest city in the Americas, St. Augustine, visit world class tourist attractions. Discover Florida's First Coast.

Gary C. King, True Crime Author
Portland, OR, US
Contains sample chapters from published books: Blood Lust; Driven to Kill; Web of Deceit; Blind Rage. Essays, articles, and graphic images.

Global Hydrology and Climate Center
Huntsville, AL, US
A cooperative center consisting of government, academia and industry. The purpose of the organization is to study the global characteristics of the Earth's water cycle.

The Global Mall
C & W Internet Services, Ridgecrest, CA, US
We give the customer a choice of many special services. Our Internet consultants work one-on-one with each customer to make sure every need is satisfied, from setting up a custom Internet site to advertising a business globally.

GlobeScope Internet Services
Arlington, VA, US
Provides affordable Web-presence solutions for businesses, associations and other organizations in the Washington DC metro area.

Golden Palm Server/Cannes Film Festival
Zenith Data Systems/Softway, Paris, France
As an official partner of the 1995 Cannes Film Festival, Zenith Data Systems and Softway provide a Web server containing a daily journal of festival news and views, background information and compressed video clips for net users.

Golden Shears
San Francisco Focus Magazine, San Francisco, CA, US
The first fashion show to be available on the Web, celebrating the rich and diverse fashion talent in the Bay Area.

Grey Matter Media's Stereogram Gallery
Provo, UT, US
The Gallery has three areas: Links holds all the stereogram sites we could find, Images holds some of our own stereograms, and Blanker holds a demo of a stereogram screen blanker.

Haslam's Book Store
Andrew Haslam, St. Petersburg, FL, US
We have thousands of the best out-of-print used books. If you are looking for something special, please drop us a note by email.

HedgeHog Investment Educational Products and Advisories
Quintain Electronic Publishing, Columbus, IN, US
Investment educational products include Financial Market Advisory, Technical Trading Primer, and The Investors Trilogy.

Hollywood Collectibles
Sedona On-Line, Sedona, AZ, US
We stock original material on Marilyn, Elvis, GWTW, Jimmy Dean and every Hollywood legend. Movie posters, autographs, lobby cards and 8x10 glossies. Highest prices paid for movie memorabilia.

Hollywood Online
Santa Monica, CA, US
The premiere source of online entertainment information. Preview the latest movies and entertainment from Hollywood with our interactive multimedia kits, digital video clips, photos, sounds, movie notes and movie trailers.

Home to the Armadillo
Quadralay Corporation, Austin, TX, US
Quadralay Corporation is proud to announce its tribute to Austin's favorite animal, the Armadillo.

HOMEChef Electronic Magazine
Chicago, IL, US
A weekly publication delivering recipes and entertainment.

Host Marriott Travel Plazas, Airports & Hot Shoppes
Washington, DC, US
We offer 95 Travel Plazas on 14 turnpikes and interstate highways, over 70 airports worldwide and 10 Hot Shoppes restaurants and cafeterias in the Washington DC area.

Houston Proud
Houston, TX, US
A non-profit, grassroots, volunteer-run organization which provides a vehicle for individuals and businesses to demonstrate their pride in the Houston community.

Hurricane Electric
Fremont, CA, US
Web space for $1 a month as well as full service Internet marketing including design, publicity, competitive analysis, and focus groups.

Idaho Public Television
Pocatello, ID, US
Idaho Public Television's goal is to help meet the educational/informational needs of the people of Idaho and the world.

imagine's Jokes Board
San Mateo, CA, US
Hundreds of jokes. New ones each day. Vote on each joke, and get listings sorted by average vote. Also has German, Dutch, and French pages.

Pearland, TX, US
Internet training, consulting, and software design services; virtual real estate, including Pearland, TX, and surrounding communities.

Independent Ad Specialties, Inc.
Pittsburgh, PA, US
An award-winning distributor of over 350,000 custom imprinted promotional products. We take pride in forming promotional partnerships with our clients, Fortune 500 companies, non-profit organizations, schools, emerging businesses, etc.

Indiana University Press
Bloomington, IN, US
A comprehensive site for one of the 10 largest university presses. Listings include seasonal catalogs, a searchable database of IUP's entire trade list, excerpts from selected titles, and information on journals.

The Information Center
Information Direct, Sacramento, CA, US
A magazine devoted to helping people succeed in business. You can market their goods and services to millions of people around the world and find up-to-date business articles, topics, financial/tax information, news, job search resources and more.

Institute for Business & Professional Ethics
Chicago, IL, US
The first site to compile ethics resources on the Net. You will also find a link to the new "Ethics On-Line," an on-line journal of business ethics which will allow readers to submit comments directly to the authors.

Institute for Research in Construction
Ottawa, Ont., Canada
IRC is the leader in research, technology and innovation for the Canadian construction industry, coordinates Canada's model construction codes, and determines whether new construction materials and products meet national standards.

Integrated Management Resources
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Assists organizations in planning, resource management and training with a focus on the Internet.

Interactive Multimedia Association
Annapolis, MD, US
A not-for-profit trade association whose mission is to promote the successful application of interactive multimedia in business and consumer markets.

International Relations and Politics
Boston, MA, US
A collection of independently run pages concerning international relations or politics. New entries always welcome.

Internet Cultural Center
Capnet Gateway On-Line Services, Los Angeles, CA, US
A clearinghouse for information regarding various cultures of the universe. A curator leads the discussion about his or her cultural beliefs, biases and attitudes, with the assistance of the orator.

Internet Vision
Plano, TX, US
Provides Internet marketing and home page services.

InterNetwork Publishing
Greendale, WI, US
Web development, marketing, and storage specialist. See our list of our clients, and excellent demonstrations of Web options like MPEG video.

Introduction au World Wide Web
Olivier Berthier, Grenoble, France
Un document en français réalisé par deux étudiants de l'ENSIMAG constituant un bon point de départ en langue française pour découvrir WWW.

Investors Arbitration Services, Inc.
Plano, TX, US
A wealth of educational information and services on the Web for investors who have incurred losses resulting from abuse by their brokers/advisors. In many cases, the lost investment money can be recovered without litigation.

IT Policy OnRamp
GSA, Ctr. for Electronic Info. Interchange, Washington, DC, US
Links to 20 different areas relating to government information technology and IRM lifecycle management. The government's newest cyber library to deal with managing technology resources.

The Johnson Redbook Service
New York, NY, US
Weekly soft goods economic research. Since the soft goods sector comprises over 30% of consumer expenditures, tracking performance in this area of the economy gives a good indication of future GDP changes.

Kreative Kids Computer Camp
Poway, CA, US
Computer training for kids -- progressive 12-step curriculum focusing on skills to assist in homework assignments such as typing, desktop publishing and Internet.

Ladin Lincoln-Mercury
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Located in the world's largest auto mall, The Thousand Oaks Auto Mall. A set of Web pages has been created to provide you info about 1995 Lincoln-Mercury models.

Laser Craft Design Group
Inch.com, Lompoc, CA, US
A unique, full-service HTML authoring company. We offer a fresh approach to the challenge of making your business or organization stand out on the Internet.

Let's Go Dolphins
Marc Aquila, New York, NY, US
A graphically enhanced, up-to-date, unofficial homepage for the Miami Dolphins. Links to other Dolphins homepages are included, as is this year's schedule.

Life College Home Page
Marietta, GA, US
Offers professional degrees in chiropractic, and undergraduate and graduate degrees in health related fields. Information is provided about the college, the chiropractic profession and research.

Lilac Festival
Rochester Cyberplex, Rochester, NY, US
The unofficial page of the Lilac Festival, the world's largest collection of lilacs, in Rochester, NY. Enjoy the flowers, music, food, art, entertainment and crafts.

A List of College Ultimate Frisbee Homepages
Columbia University, New York, NY, US
A simple list, organized by region, of homepages of college ultimate frisbee teams.

Lone Star Music Waves
Lone Star Music Waves Publishing, Dallas, TX, US
The magazine about Texas music featuring interviews, music clips, music reviews, band bios, venue listings, Texas Music Association calendar, and more.

Look and Feel Great. Vitamins and Nutrition
Global Nutritional Products, Laguna Niguel, CA, USA
Specializes in the finest nutritional supplements. You will discover numerous ways to nourish your body for enhanced energy, health and vitality.

Majon's Electronic CyberMall
Majon International, Olympia, WA, US
Many new and exclusive products, as well as full-service setup, design, and development of Web sites for businesses or homes.

Master Lock Security Tips
Master Lock Company, Milwaukee, WI, US
Home and commercial security tips, corporate information, product information, news and views, and a security tip contest.

Media Literacy On-Line Project
College of Education, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US
A comprehensive electronic data base related to communication media and the influence they have in the lives of children, adolescents, and adults.

Mellanta Virtual City
GDX Ltd., Broughty Ferry, Dundee, Scotland
Mellanta is a virtual city on the Web taking the idea of the Global Village to its ridiculous conclusion -- there are even virtual apartments you can move into.

Mercator Home Page
Mercator GmbH, Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
A European-based company offering savings in international phone costs. Coming soon: real audio and talk via the Internet phone.

Michael Jackson Homepage
Karen Wolfe, Phoenix, AZ, US
Pictures and information about history, tour dates, fanclubs, books and news clips.

Minnesota Twins Unofficial Homepage
Sundog Sportscards, Eden Prairie, MN, US
Up-to-date information, including news, roster, stats, and more.

The Mirror Monthly
The Mirror Monthly, Boulder, CO, US
The magazine created by and for the online community.

Moon Guitar
William L. Cassidy, Irvine, CA, US
An online novel about Vietnamese gangsters and a burned-out American intelligence officer, set in Orange County, California.

Multi-Unit Food Service Management Software
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Restaurant chain management software. A totally integrated software for multi-unit restaurants--fast food or family dining. One vendor solution for your software needs at affordable prices.

Museo de las Momias
San Francisco, CA, US
This site gives a pictoral description of a museum that is well known in Mexico for its display of well preserved corpses. At this site you get to see pictures of some of these cadavers.

The Music Exchange
Columbia, SC, US
Buy, sell or trade anything to do with music. Ads are located under three headings: topic, what's new, and geographic location.

NCSS Online
National Council for the Social Studies, Washington, DC, US
NCSS is the largest association in the country devoted to social studies education. NCSS Online features information on latest professional news, development opportunities, publications, and much more.

The NetWorXs of California
Morgan Hill, CA, US
Hardware and software solutions for getting businesses and their product information on the Internet.

New Advent Catholic Page
Denver, CO, US
A host of Catholic-related documents and links.

The New York City Mayor's Office of Film, Theatre & Broadcasting
Spyder World Wide Web, New York, NY, US
The first film commission represented on the World Wide Web. This site contains information on all you need to know about production in New York. Now you can even file a city film permit to shoot in New York City -- online.

NicNet: The Arizona Nicotine and Tobacco Network
Tucson, AZ, US
This guide has been created to promote communication among professionals in the nicotine, tobacco, and smoking research fields.

Tring, Hertfordshire, UK
Provides information, support and resources for Nildram OnLine, our online services division and Nildram Software, our software publishing division.

Nina Storey and Lost Generation
Red Lady Records, Boulder, CO, US
An up-and-coming band that has gained popularity in the midwest. This site includes a biography, feature articles, reviews, and sound bytes of recent albums.

North American Legal Research, Inc.
Boulder, CO, US
A company dedicated to providing the lawyer with the specialized professional support systems you need to deliver the best services to your clients at a substantial cost savings to you.

NPC Productions
San Diego, CA, US
Publications published, photographed, designed by Nic Paget-Clarke. Currently: the photography book In Unity showing people working, performing art, organizing to make the world a better place.

The On-Line Business Park
North American Business Concepts, Inc., Boulder, CO, US
Home to North American Business Concepts, North American Legal Research, Inc., the Police and Firefighters Relocation Association, "The Mirror Monthly," magazine, and professional resume and letter writing services.

Optimus Design Systems
Buffalo, NY, US
Optimus deals mainly in gaming. Namely Battlelords of the 23rd Century, Blood Dawn, and Engage.

Our Rec Room
Lafayette, CO, US
Scouring the globe to bring you the finest (well, okay, the unusual). The W-K Group brings you our online Recreation Room. Kick off your shoes and enjoy.

Outdoor Cooling Systems
Carter Enterprises, Glendale, CA, US
Carter Enterprises provides many outdoor cooling solutions including the Misty Mate portable/personal cooling device.

Pacific Eagle Shopping Mall
CTS, San Diego, CA, US
Free gift with any purchase. Personal alarm with FM radio. Pager size. Excellent for any emergency.

Palo Alto Micro Corp. Computer
http://www.inetbiz.com/pam, Palo Alto, CA, US
Hard to get parts -- good used deals. Used Parts. All Kinds. If we don't stock it, it probably doesn't exist.

PanVera Corporation
Madison, WI, US
Biological reagents for healthcare and life science research.

Park Scientific Instruments
Sunnyvale, CA, US
Manufacturer of scanning probe microscopes.

PC Comix
Ashland, OR, US
Information on the PC Comix, Inc. product line, as well as free demos and images.

Peaks: The Online Magazine About Montana
CyberPort Montana, Whitefish, MT, US
Peaks highlights the work of Montana writers, artists, craftsmen and entrepreneurs.

Poisson, Poisson, Poisson, Je Vous Aime
The Tablet Group, Seattle, WA, US
Fish are just plain sexy. Enjoy them before the server shuts down.

Popular Homes Real Estate Listings
GN Business Services, Inc., Somerset, NJ, US
Features homes and properties in the New Jersey, New York and Pennsylvania area. We also accept advertisements from private owners.

Premier Mint
Newport Beach, CA, US
Trading cards made out of bronze and silver, limited production.

REAL (Resort Electronic Access Link)
REAL Information Systems, Vail, CO, US
Your single source for travel and resort Information. We have newspapers, catalogs, outdoor activities, real estate. REAL is organized by country, state, and destination.

Reflex Blue with Ellen Whyte
CyberReach, Portland, OR, US
At this site are pictures and sound files of one of the Northwest's blues divas, Ellen Whyte and her band Reflex Blue. Links to other blues sites are included.

The Graphic Zone, Jamestown, OH, US
We are offering free sample multimedia presentations of our services: RESUME-tion (the multimedia resume service), CORPfolio (the multimedia corporate profile service), and SHOWbiz (multimedia presentations of products and services).

Robot: Win a Mobile Robot
Real World/ActivMedia, Peterborough, NH, US
Win a state-of-the-art AI mobile robot. New, nameless robot for labs and classrooms can best others five times its cost.

Rocky Mountain Ecology Bio 240
Rocky Mountain Digital Peeks, Nederland, CO, US
Learn on your vacation. An intensive week long course featuring several hours of field studies each day.

Cambridge, UK
Shelford Design Ltd is the sole supplier of the Rollerturbo training unit. The latest innovation in cycle/fitness training is a must for any competitive cyclist or general fitness fanatic.

RPG International
Redmond, WA, US
Mail order company that sells RPGs and related materials. The site has a searchable catalog, product reviews, and links to hundreds of RPG related web sites. We plan to offer online ordering in the future.

Saint Luke's Catholic Church
Scott J. Fabian, Stroudsburg, PA, US
Information on The Church of Saint Luke. Includes the world's first parish virtual tour.

Santa Fe Photographic Workshops
Santa Fe, NM, US
This summer and fall, SFW will conduct more than sixty week-long workshops, taught by many of the most influential professionals within the business.

Sara's Team Rides to Washington
Sara Anne Wood Rescue Center, Washington Mills, NY, US
Sara Anne Wood was 12 years old when she was abducted; she never completed the bike ride home from church. In her memory, her father and other community leaders are riding 600 miles from Washington Mills, NY to Washington, DC.

Scenes of Vermont
PB Publishing, Woodstock, VT, US
Commentary on specific Vermont destinations such as the Northeast Kingdom, Woodstock, Quechee and the Connecticut Valley area of Vermont.

The Science Museum, London
London, UK
This site has 140 pages of information on the Museum, its services, galleries, collections and current exhibitions and events.

Scope Gallery
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Images offered for sale of work by Australian contemporary artists.

SCSI Peripherals, Wholesale
Hermosa Beach, CA, US
New hi-end drives and subsystems with full warranty using equipment purchased directly from manufacturers including Seagate, Conner, Quantum, Exabyte, Sony, and Yamaha.

The Seeress of the Web
Internet Presence Providers, San Jose, CA, US
The seeress of the Web awakes each morning with a vision of some unique place on the World Wide Web.

Smithsonian Institution Enters Cyberspace
Office of Information Technology, Washington, DC, US
A fully integrated, cross-referenced presentation of the Institution's sites, people and resources. The Web site offers more than 1,500 pages, 3,000 photographs, video and audio clips.

Soft Options (UK) Ltd.
London, UK
Visit us if you are interested in any of the following: marketing, Web publishing and presence management, Internet and bespoke training, customer technical support services or multimedia development.

Henniker, NH, US
The world's leading supplier of architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) application software for AutoCAD.

Sommet Halifax Summit 1995
Nova Scotia Dept. of Intergov. Affairs, Halifax, NS, Canada
This page is the focal point for the upcoming G7 conference in Halifax on June 15-17, 1995.

Sports Line
Geurnee, IL, US
Sports online service. Trivia game. Latest point spreads on all sports. Score updates. Expanded menu: Daily horoscope. Soap opera updates. Updated every fifteen minutes.

Sportsman's Heaven
ibmac, Trenton, MI, US
An outdoor supplier of camping and hiking equipment.

State Law
Washburn Univ. Law Library, Topeka, KS, US
A compilation of resources that includes state legislative information, judicial decisions, state agency pointers, local government information, select local community Web sites and elected representatives information.

Stephen F. Procko Gallery
Global Commerce Link, Miami, FL, US
Black and white photography from remote areas of the US and Canada. Serene landscapes, dramatic skies, forms, textures and space describe some of his images.

Stirling Christian Union
Stirling, Central Scotland, UK
A variety of Christian material and links to other Christian sites on the Internet.

Stock Research Group Inc.
New Westminister, BC, Canada
SRG provides investors and netters with current up-to- date market information on small cap stocks.

Subway Rush Hour Beatle Medley
Levi Asher/The Writer's Web, New York City, NY, US
Levi Asher created this photo essay on the 7 train in New York City, and set it to the tune of two Beatles songs.

The Thai Heritage Page
AIT, Bangkok, Thailand
Culture and heritage of the old kingdom of Siam, or Thailand.

Trade Secrets
R. Mark Halligan, Esq., Chicago, IL, US
Devoted to the law of trade secrets, providing an invaluable resource tool for businessmen (and others) interested in the law of trade secrets.

TransLink Website
Peter Jones, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and Transport Law. Site contains reports on the working papers of various transport organizations, and a growing network/resource page of individuals and organizations involved in EDI, law, and transport.

Trytel Internet Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Internet services, Web custom design, Web space for rent, turnkey Internet servers (Windows NT, Unix), and dialup access.

TTC - Quality Telecommunications Instruments
Corporate Marketing, Germantown, MD, US
The leading manufacturer of quality telecommunications test instruments. Check out the employment opportunities, and the telecommunications related links at our site.

UC Davis Graduate School of Management
Davis, CA, US
Information on admissions criteria, curriculum, management concentrations, financial assistance, the surrounding community, and much more.

UCLA Design Alumni
Los Angeles, CA, US
This is a demo version of the future UCLA Design Alumni home page, a Web page made by some real design people. No engineers here.

United Breeders Inc.
Guelph, Ontario, Canada
One of the foremost artificial insemination service organizations in Canada. Dedicated to helping members achieve maximum productivity through superior genetics and the latest in artificial insemination and embryo transfer technologies.

Universal Healthcare Distributors
Orlando, FL, US
Worldwide distributor of medical products, healthcare equipment, disposable medical supplies, pharmaceuticals, medical software. Specializing in the oncology, AIDS, and renal dialysis markets.

Universidad de Cantabria
Santander, Cantabria, Spain
Info about the University of Cantabria, mainly in Spanish, with info about the region (Cantabria) in English.

The University of Arizona College of Law
Tucson, AZ, US
Information about admissions, curriculum, financial aid, career services and other activities. Includes a section devoted to "Technology and the Law" and descriptions of the new, high-tech courtroom of the future.

UnReal Estate Cartoon
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
An ongoing series of panel cartoons which take a lighthearted view of the interpretations of the wordings in real estate listings.

Vacuum Generators
Fisons Instruments, East Grinstead, West Sussex, UK
Everything you want to know about what's happening in the world of ultra high vacuum components.

Van Nostrand Reinhold
New York, NY, US
Information for professionals, educators, and students in culinary arts and hospitality, environmental and occupational health and safety, architecture and design, business management and technology.

Verse from rec.arts.poems
Tushar Samant, Chicago, IL, US
Mostly formal verse collected from the Usenet newsgroup rec.arts.poems.

MME, MesdienLabor, Hamburg, Germany
Web site for the new German Music TV chanel VH-1.

VIA Rail Canada
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
The Canadian passenger rail company presents a complete interactive timetable of schedules and fares of its domestic services.

Vietnam Business & Travel
Maingate Corp, Houston, TX, US
To promote travel and commerce in Vietnam.

Virginia Military Institute Alumni Agencies
Advanced Research Corporation, Reston, VA, US
Online information for those associated with the Virginia Military Institute and the VMI Alumni agencies.

The Volunteer Action Center
Florida International Univ., Miami, FL, US
A center for service-learning, community service, and advocacy. We welcome submissions of syllabi, lesson plans, great ideas, stories, quotes, guides, articles related to community service and service-learning.

Washington Technology Center
Seattle, WA, US
The state-funded enterprise that supports commercially-promising research and techology development of direct benefit to the economic vitality of Washington state.

Washinton Online Web (WOW)
Cycle Network Services, Washington, DC, US
WOW serves Washington, D.C. and the surrounding areas of Maryland and Virginia. If you're looking for services or facilities in our vicinity, or just want to see what D.C. has to offer, check us out.

Princeton University, Princeton, NJ, US
A forms interface to nearshore marine weather forecasts available through UMich's Weather Underground.

West Suburban Humane Society
Downers Grove, IL, US
A not-for-profit, volunteer-based animal shelter that has many dogs and cats available for adoption.

Wheaton College
Norton, MA, US
A private, coeducational college that combines traditional liberal arts education with outside-the-classroom learning. The college's server offers extensive information resources by and about Wheaton.

Willamette Valley Internet
Stayton, OR, US
WVI is a full service Internet access provider for the towns of Salem, Kiezer, Stayton, Scio Sublimity, Aumsville, Turner, Lyons, Mill City, Mehama and the surrounding areas.

The Williams Companies, Inc.
Digital Frontiers, Tulsa, OK, US
A $10 billion energy and telecommunications company with widely varied operations including interstate pipelines, energy marketing and trading, natural gas gathering and processing, and telecommunications services.

Williams & Wilkins
Baltimore, MD, US
A leading international health science publisher with its headquarters at historic Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland.

Williamsburg Online
OPTech Communications, Williamsburg, VA, US
The official online guide to Williamsburg, Virginia. Featuring information on hotels, dining, shopping, and many other local businesses located in the Williamsburg area.

Wolf Society Home Page
WhiteWolf, Linkoping, E, Sweden
This is a page about wolves. You can find facts, pictures, sounds, poems, songs and a lot more.

World Forum for Acoustic Ecology
College of Education, Univ. of Oregon, Eugene, OR, US
An interdisciplinary coalition of individuals and institutions concerned with the world soundscape as an ecologically balanced entity.

Wuesthoff|Wickman, Inc., Investment Advisors
Milwaukee, WI, US
Having been conservators of wealth for two decades, our efforts have enriched many lives and realized many opportunities. We hope to extend our services to you in building a more prosperous, vital tomorrow.

WWF Raw Homepage
Scott Remen Design, Eugene, OR, US
This game for the Sega Genesis features 12 superstars from the World Wrestling Federation®, in wrestling's rudest and roughest action. Here you'll find all the WWF superstars' finishing moves and outrageous MegaMoves.

Your MoM Humor Site of the Every Other Day
Evanston, IL, US
The movie event of the summer. Join us for a thrilling romp through the comedic stylings of the Internet. Make 'em laugh, baby.

Monday, 22 May 1995

3pco Network
Sherman Oaks, CA, US
Hosting services for small businesses and individuals, and sponsoring selected non-profit organizations. Internet consulting, hardware, software setup and training services are also available.

Abbey Pub & Restaurant
A&A Cable Inc., Chicago, IL, US
Listings of music events and live sporting events by satellite including Gaelic football and hurling, international and English premiere league soccer, and World Cup rugby. Also features links to other interesting Irish sites.

Accelerated Media
Seattle, WA, US
Specializes in low price home page storage and design. Accelerated is very active in Northwest outdoor sports, publishing three online magazines: Bike NW, Health NW, and Golf NW.

Udine, Italy
BBS system that offers private mail, public boards, talk, chat etc. Also: an interesting ftp site with lots of good stuff about HP48gx/sx, C6 microprocessors, games, amiga, anime-manga pictures, and Escher pictures. ‹

ADM Marketing Associates
Dave Frey, Punta Gorda, Melbourne, Miami, FL, US
Manufacturer's representatives serving the wireless communications industry.

Adopted Child Home Page
Moscow, ID, US
Access a number of areas which provide both the adoptive parent as well as the professional with accurate information and timely issues on the subject of child adoption.

ADS Art Design Services
Melbourne, FL, US
ADS is a creative source. We can work with ad agencies, marketing firms or direct accounts. Our services include illustration, graphic design, creative concepts and Internet dynamics.

African Bird Club
Cambridge, UK
Introduction to the African Bird Club, its aims, benefits of membership, club news, illustrated articles from ABC Bulletins, and news from the region.

AJAX Governmental Agency Access
Sagal Computer Systems, Brooklyn, NY, US
A shortcut to many useful government, military, law enforcement, and intelligence sites. Will be updated frequently as new sites come of age.

National Heritage Board, Singapore
5000 years of Indian art. Now an electronic version of the exhibition organized by Asian Civilisations Museum, National Heritage Board, Singapore and National Museum, New Delhi.

Alden Design, Inc.
Manufacturers Information Net, Troy, MI, US
A full-service business-to-business advertising agency since 1975.

Alliance Releasing
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Alliance is home to some of the biggest and best movies of our time. Check out the Canadian home of Johnny Mnemonic, and check back for the latest movie releases.

Alt.Consumers.Free-Stuff Home Page
Sin With Xinh, Inc., Tempe, AZ, US
Serves to index legitimate, recent free offers and samples that are seen in magazines, TV, the radio, Internet, or elsewhere.

American Board of Examiners in Clinical Social Work
Wilmington, DE, US
ABE is a non-profit national credentialing organization formed to further clinical social work. ABE issues the Board Certified Diplomate in Clinical Social Work.

Anonymous Telephone Server
Connect, Inc., Baltimore, MD, US
DialWeb provides users of chat rooms and BBS's the ability to talk on the phone to whomever they meet online without either person disclosing their phone number.

Anthropoetics: The Electronic Journal of Generative Anthropology
Anthropoetics Editorial Board, Los Angeles, CA, US
Generative anthropology (GA) begins from the "originary hypothesis" that human representation originated in a public event or scene that was the origin of humanity as a species. It provides a basis for rethinking every aspect of human interaction.

Antioch University, Los Angeles
Marina del Rey, CA, US
Antioch University enables women and men to realize their educational and career goals without being forced to conform to institutional homogeneity. For a self-directed individual who wants a flexible learning environment.

Vancouver, BC, Canada
A joint service of the Asia Pacific Foundation of Canada (APFC), the APEC Study Centre in Canada, and the GLOBE Foundation of Canada.

American Council for the Arts, New York, NY, US
Advocacy information: Congressional committees, how to contact members, current legislation regarding arts funding, and more. Includes Barbara Streisand's recent speech promoting the NEA at Harvard University.

Asia Trade Directory
Asia Internet Online Publishing, New Jersey, NY, US
Comprehensive directory of businesses in Asia, including manufacturing, hotels, travel-leisures, real estate and more.

Asian Language Translation and Typesetting
Minneapolis, MN, US
Foreign Ink Ltd. specializes in Asian language translation and typesetting. We can provide 1200-dpi plain-paper or high-res imagesetter output.

Asian/Bilingual Books
Fremont, CA, US
Pan Asian Publications is a reseller of Asian books, cassettes, CDs and CD-ROMs. PAP also publishes bilingual, children's picture books in English/Asian-language.

AstroPhysics at UCSB
UCSB Astrophysics Group, Santa Barbara, CA, US
A fascinating Remote Access Astronomy Project in which we allow the public to access an advanced optical telescope system called the Remotely Operated Telescope. We have curricula, images, help files, and software utilities on line.

Atlantis Cyberspace
Atlantis Cyberspace, Honolulu, HI, US
We are publishing the international list of VR Entertainment Centers and a guide to VR systems. You'll find the concept of Atlantis, virtual theme park, and info on our VR equipment.

Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics
Univ. of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Descriptions of research interests of professors in the AMO group, and links to other research laboratories and physics Web pages.

Auction of the Archives of Raymond Loewy
Commissaires-Priseurs - Auctioneers, Paris, France
Visit the site containing the archives of the late Raymond Loewy which are to be auctioned off June 10 as one lot in France. Information about the archives and auction can be found here.

Australian Kite Association
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A collection of information, newsletters, calendars and photos by the oldest kite club in Australia.

The Automobile Buyers' Network
Donna Marie Software & Consulting, Inc., Morgantown, WV, US
A fun, easy-to-use, searchable database of new and used cars for sale.

AXCIS TrackMaster
Santa Clara, CA, US
A horse racing handicapping system. This site provides product information and demo software.

Backus-Naur Form Notation
Database Research Group of CUI, Univ. of Geneva, Geneva, Switzerland, CH
Syntax rules for some programming languages. See relations between the rules, understand them using both BNF and graphic syntax diagrams.

Bank One Electronic Commerce Server
Columbus, OH, US
Information about Electronic Commerce product offerings at Bank One. Includes information about Corporate EDI, Consumer EDI and Internet payments.

Bicycle Revival Interactive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Local and international news and information about cycling. We sell Mongoose, Bianchi, and other bicycles as well as a number of accessories. We have a knowledgeable staff who can help you with your cycling questions.

Blackjack Review/WorldWide Blackjack Network
Spur of the Moment Publishing, Merritt Island, FL, US
Includes the top-rated casinos for card counters and serious blackjack players. Also, a sneak preview of the latest issue and information on the WorldWide Blackjack Network.

Boston Slickers
The Boston Slicker Co., Ltd., Cambridge, MA, US
Colorful fashion activewear: jackets, totes and stylish music carrying systems for personal cassette and CD players. All water resistant, made of durable rip-stop nylon and hand-crafted in Maine.

Boston University Computer Graphics Lab
Boston Univ., Boston, MA, US
The student graphics consultants present recent work in computer graphics, information on computer graphics at Boston University, and much more.

Boydroid's CyberReach
Portland, OR, US
Internet presence providing service slanted toward musicians, bands and music venues. Provide presences on WWW, Usenet, as well as Portland BBS's.

BPE Technologies
Tampa, FL, US
Specializing in Linux based software and hardware systems. Coming soon, a listing of computer systems ideally suited for the Linux operating system.

The Bradley University Speech Team
Peoria, IL, US
The nation's dominant college forensics team. This site tells you all about us, including statistics and a definition of what forensics actually entails (and it's not dead bodies).

Rotterdam, zuid-holland, Netherlands
Advertising and marketing agency specializing in the Internet.

Break-Out Music, Inc.
New York City, NY, US
Music production, publishing, scoring, multimedia, and artist management to the recording, entertainment, and advertising industries. As we like to say: "Expect to Hear from us."

British Oceanographic Data Centre
Bidston, Merseyside, UK
A non-profit organization, BODC offers oceanographic info and data access. Also PC software and CDs for research and education, including GEBCO, the digital bathymetric chart of the world's oceans.

Börsrummet vid Handelshögskolan i Stockholm
Stockholm, Sweden
Supplies comments about the Swedish stockmarket and Innovationsmarknaden. Currently this information is supplied in Swedish only.

Campaign for Cyber-Rights
CPSR Cyber-Rights Campaign, Cambridge, MA, US
Seeking to raise awareness of the forces involved in the commercial development of cyberspace and to promote global support for the declaration of rights.

CampNet America (tm)
Research Triangle Park, NC, US
Central library of home pages for campgrounds, outdoor suppliers, RV suppliers, RV service, and camping and related travel information. A one-stop source for camping information on the Web.

Canadian Soil Information System (CanSIS)
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
GIS datasets from the National Soil DataBase (NSDB), and descriptions of services, datasets, and availability.

The Canyon Music Video Archive
San Francisco Canyon Company, San Francisco, CA, US
Short clips of music videos for downloading; trailers for full length clips also available. All material is promotional and free of charge.

Cape Cod Information Center
maxm consulting, cape cod, MA, US
Information and links about all aspects of life on Cape Cod.

The Card NetWork
San Carlos, CA, US
A complete source for all your business greeting card and postcard needs. We offer a large selection of card products and card mailing services.

Castle Mountain Village
WebSight, Castle Mountain Junction, Alberta, Canada
We are situated in the middle of Banff National Park at the base of majestic Castle Mountain, a secluded mountain setting just 20 minutes away from Banff and Lake Louise townsites.

Catalog 1
New York, NY, US
Tired of trudging through store after store searching for the perfect item? Now you can shop 'til you drop and never change out of your jammies.

CAUT Computational Chemistry project
Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Joint project developing online courses and resources for computational chemistry via the Web.

Taisbean Multimedia, Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
A resource base of Celtic information. Of particular interest is the information base of Scottish names, tartans, crests, etc.

Center for Independent Living
Berkeley, CA, US
CIL is a leader in the independent living movement and serves as a model for disabled people around the world.

Chesapeake Bay Fishing Report
Cove Software Systems, Inc., Grasonville, MD, US
A weekly journal to give users an idea of what's biting and how-to tips for fishing the waters in and around Maryland's eastern shore.

Clearwater Mall
Webtech, Clearwater, FL, US
A mall in Clearwater, FL that offers a food court, department stores, specialty shops, jewelry, women's wear, mail services and a local and national bank.

Exchange Network Services, Inc., Cleveland, OH, US
Your WWW front end to information about Cleveland, Ohio.

Clever Computers
Clever Computers, Atlanta, GA, US
Clever dot net offers low cost Web virtual hosting and Web presence services.

Coelacanth Webzine
Scott Erickson, Jacksonville, FL, US
A Webzine focusing on modern poetry and fiction.

The Color is Black
The Black Box, Inc., Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Win Free Mekong CD-ROM. Hong Kong-based multimedia developer The Black Box provides online previews of its CD-ROM products with 30,000 words of sample text, video clips, sample audio, and JPEG screen clips.

Compendium of Acronyms
Assoc. of Engineering Geologists, Univ. of Missouri-Rolla, Rolla, MO, US
A list of major and somewhat obscure acronyms. This compendium will be cross indexed, and perhaps contain a search engine in the near future.

The Computer Register
Milwaukee, WI, US
A directory of computer professionals, businesses, and employment opportunities.

Comscire--True Random Number Generator for the PC
Boulder, CO, US
The world's first high quality, high speed true random number generator for the PC.

Confraternity Of The Fatherless
Internex Online, Toronto, Ontarop, Canada
An order for those who cannot believe: odd resources from photography info to tips about Volkswagens.

The Conspiracy Pages
Cincinnati, OH, US
The page is concerned with conspiracies and political operations. There are also categories in politics, UFOs, masons and magic, and miscellaneous.

CPAC Online
Cochran Interactive Inc., Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Our bilingual Web site for the Cable Parliamentary Channel (Canada) now has many new features.

The CRB Foundation Heritage Project
ExCITE Center, Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Making history come alive for Canadians.

Crying & Dancing
Magick Musick & Premier Visions Media, Syracuse, NY, US
Two years went into writing, traveling, and ingesting ambitions. We completed our voyage, and now some cry and some dance. Experience our songs with Hi-Fi MPEG sounds.

CyberGate Inc.
Chagrin Falls, OH, US
Northern Ohio's direct connection to the Internet.

CyberSchool (tm)
Reston, VA, US
A non-profit organization designed to provide Internet educational resources to students, teachers, parents, and those who are in pursuit of knowledge.

hooked.net/users, San Francisco, CA, US
Contains collections of graphic design, multimedia, 3D art, and samples of art created with Strata Studio Pro, Photoshop, Fractal Painter, and many popular programs for creating graphics.

Greensboro, NC, US
Specializes in supporting all areas of information systems. We are interested in assisting both large and small companies with information technology projects.

DataPhone Internet
Stockholm, Sweden
A new Swedish Internet provider. We offer a variety of different services.

Days of our Lives
Don Koons at Buffalo State College, Buffalo, NY, US
All kinds of info and links to other various pages related to DOOL.

De Nederlandse Publieke Omroepen (Dutch Public Broadcasting Companies)
Hilversum, Noord-Holland, Netherlands
All Dutch public broadcasting companies online.

DECexecutive Irish Jobs
Dublin, Ireland
Provides the latest Irish information technology jobs at your fingertips.

Delta Chi Fraternity
Oxford, OH, US
The Delta Chi Fraternity (Miami, OH) aims to bolster its alumni participation and spread information about The Delta Chi Fraternity to all its members worldwide.

Delta Equity Services Corporation
Tampa, FL, US
We offer help on structuring your portfolio, brokerage accounts, top tax-free investments, top mutual funds, free stock picks, and the ultimate retirement plan.

Diamond's Web Gems
Tucson, AZ, US
Classified advertising with a difference. Each ad is a full-page display with its own URL. Very reasonable rates. Web Gems(sm) is a service of Diamond Consulting Services.

Different Designs -- Innovative Wood Products
Net Mart -- The Internet Shopping Mall, Stamford, CT, US
Different Designs invites you to come by and visit their new storefront in the Net Mart shopping mall and view their innovative line of wood CD racks.

Disaster Net
Matthew Grossman, US
An ongoing and reliable resource and index of information concerning disasters, inspired by the Oklahoma bombing and recent Japanese earthquakes. This server is dedicated to disaster victims across the world.

DOE Office of Human Radiation Experiments
Washington, DC, US
Established in March 1994, the OHRE leads Department of Energy's efforts to tell the agency's Cold War story of radiation research using human subjects and is a key part of making DOE more responsive to the American public.
http://www.ohre.doe.gov/ [PICK OF THE WEEK]

DrugAlert - Home Drug Detection Kit
Main Street On-Line, Edison, NJ, US
DrugAlert allows parents to test for minute traces of illegal drugs in their home. The easy-to-use kit tests for cocaine, marijuana, LSD, PCP, heroin, metamphetamine, and more.

Dubl-Click Software Corp.
Bend, OR, US
Macintosh and Newton software. From our Web site, you can get product info, demos, freebies, and purchase software online.

Cope Platz, Midvale, UT, US
The ultimate in lubrication technology. Increase your mileage and become financially free.

Ecological Adventures Australia
Santa Maria, CA, US
Plan your own, personalized, ecological adventure trek through Australia. Each region of Australia is associated via a pretty color map to a wide range of activities there.

EdeZign Group's New Jersey Window on the Web
Pennington, NJ, US
Need information on New Jersey beaches? Wondering where all of the NJ state parks are? Or maybe you just want to find a good place to eat tonight. Find that and more here.

The Edmonds-Woodway Web
Edmonds, WA, US
Hosting the home page for Edmonds-Woodway High School, the first high school in our school district (currently) to have a home page. We also have other resources, such as a completely unofficial info source for SoftArc Inc.'s FirstClass products, etc.

The Electronic MBA
Centre for Innovative Mgmt., Athabasca Univ., Alberta, Canada
Electronic learning systems providing powerful and meaningful interactive learning online 24 hours a day. Lessons are delivered in computer disk format to your home or work place.

The Electronic Pen, Inc.
San Mateo, CA, US
A leading provider of interactive marketing, advertising and design for the emerging information superhighway, including its present prototypes: the Internet, the Web and other online networks.

Elements of Style
Columbia University, Academic Information Systems, New York, NY, US
Columbia University's Project Bartleby is pleased to present its 10th book: William Strunk's classic first edition (1918), containing the famous Elementary Rules of English Usage and Composition.

The Embassy Page
GlobeScope Internet Services, Arlington, VA, US
Contains a comprehensive listing of embassies in the US and worldwide with a presence on the Web.

Embedded Controller Design: While-U-Wait
Two Bit Score, Austin, TX, US
Control solutions engineered while you wait. Using Microchip brand PIC series microcontrollers. Small system designs prototyped in days; production quantities in weeks.

Emergency: A Guide to Emergency Services Worldwide
Justin Kibell, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Worldwide emergency phone numbers, image libraries of dramatic emergency situations, emergency vehicles and equipment, a large collection of emergency service patch images, other emergency services on the Net, and more.

The Empress Hotel
Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Built in 1908, the 481 room Empress is unquestionably Victoria's finest hotel. Picturesquely poised on the water's edge, it's in the centre of the city's recreational and business district.

Essence International
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Supplier of retail merchandise for purchase on the Internet. Purchases can be made via on-line checks, money orders, or personal checks by mail. Credit and debit cards accepted in the near future.

Face Recognition by Miros
Miros, Inc., Wellesley, MA, US
Miros provides face recognition software to verify that someone is who they claim to be. It prevents fraudulent access to facilities, immigration, computer networks and government benefits.

Fenwick & West, Silicon Valley
Oikoumene, Palo Alto, CA, US
Law firm involved in all aspects of the interactive multimedia business from financing to intellectual property issues. Special focus on the commercialization of cyberspace from a legal perspective.

Field Hockey Canada
Ottawa, ON, Canada
Information about men's and women's field hockey in Canada, tournaments, results, activities and FHC programs, and national team news.

Fine Line Features
New York, NY, US
A leading distributor of the finest independent films. Past releases include Robert Altman's "The Player" and "Short Cuts." Our site has information and photos from all our films, as well as contests, free preview screenings and more.

Elliot Feldman, South Pasadena, CA, US
A daily comics page.

Folio Corporation
Provo, UT, US
An excellent interface to large documents. The searching layout is very similar to the award-winning folio views, but with Netscape, or Mosaic.

ForestNet, Inc.
Eugene, OR, US
Providing basic information about forestry, pop quizzes, photos, and access software to ForestNet's graphical on-line service.

Forever Innocent Porcelain Dolls
Rapid City, SD, US
Our collective gallery of porcelain dolls. These hand-crafted treasures of art are excellent gifts or collectibles and make unique birthday or Christmas presents.

Frank Lloyd Wright in Wisconsin
Wisconsin Heritage Tour Association, Madison, WI, US
A photographically rich presentation about the FLW buildings that may be visited and toured. Updated to list the Wisconsin events planned for the week of Wright's birthday in early June.

Gaia: The Olivia Newton-John Homepage
Stanford, CA, US
One of the most popular female vocalists of all time -- ONJ. Includes links to information about fan clubs and a mailing list, discographies, song lists, photo collection and biography.

Global Aviation Products Co.
Salt Lake City, UT, US
An aviation products catalog of safety, environmental, and accessory items for general aviation pilots, and aircraft owners. Also a publishing forum for information on aviation related safety and environmental issues.

Global Data Solutions
PacData Corporation, Honolulu, HI, US
PacData Corporation provides large-scale data capture, data conversion and database maintenance services to clients in a wide variety of industries in the US and abroad.

Global Information and Improvement Network
Indianapolis, IN, US
New $5,000 cash giveaway. Great international offers, brand new professional employment offered, including a professional resume service.

GLOBE Foundation of Canada, Vancouver, BC, Canada
International Trade Fair and Conference on Business and the Environment, in Vancouver, Canada, March 26-29, 1996.

Grand Canyon Tour
Littleton, CO, US
Take a virtual backpacking tour of the Grand Canyon with some folks who are altogether hooked on the place.

Green Mountain Power Corporation
S. Burlington, VT, US
An energy services company serving over 90,000 customers, Green Mountain provides electricity, propane gas, and energy-investment opportunities.

HGJ's Chess Page
Leersum, Utrecht, NL
A Web page with many, many chess links.

Home Automation Systems Online Catalog
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Hundreds of automation, security, audio/video control and other unique products to turn your home into a high tech wonder of the future.

Home Business Solutions
Enterprising Solutions, Santa Barbara, CA, US
The complete resource for the home-based entrepreneur.

The Home Port
Mansell And Associates, Salt Lake City, UT, US
An easy way for professional real estate agents to display their photos and describe their services. It also includes useful real estate information.

Hospitality Information
Kim Software, Inc., Columbus, OH, US
Clickable links (email, URL or news) to hospitality business entities: hotels/lodgings, travel agents, news, periodicals, mailing lists and tourism schools.

Hudson Valley Film Festival
Poughkeepsie, NY, US
Celebrating the screenwriter. The Festival events include emerging independent films, classic films, and a feature movie debut. The pages contain some excellent graphics and brief film clips.

IBM ThinkPad Proven Partners and Products
Road Warrior Outpost, Fountain Valley, CA, US
The Road Warrior Outpost is an information and product resource for portable computer users that now features IBM ThinkPad Proven Partners and Products, as well as information about the ThinkPad Proven Program.

Indic--Air Quality Management
Norrkoping, Ostergotland, Sweden
Indic AB works with air quality management all over the world. We sell our own product Airviro as well as offer our expertise in this area.

InfoList for All Teachers
Rick Lakin, San Diego, CA, US
Piqueing the curiosity of newcomers and experienced users to search out things on the Net that will interest them as well as their students.

Inner City Computer Society
Los Angeles, CA, US
ICCS is a grassroots organization whose mission is to bring L.A.'s inner-city communities closer to the information and technology revolution through training, education, and the use of technology.

Instant InfoSystems
Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides interactive FAX solutions for business including FAX servers, FAX on demand, and automatic data entry via fax or scanner. Also provides Internet services including Web page design and Web space rental.

Santa Fe, NM, US
Hundreds of pages about arts and culture of Santa Fe, New Mexico and the American Southwest. Links to: Fine arts, jewelry, gifts, real estate, books, food and more.

interLAB Event
LabNET Ltd, Bath, UK
A unique, interactive response mechanism providing facts on scientific product and technological developments. If you want to keep up-to-date with laboratory instrumentation and consumables worldwide, join interLAB for the first focused event of its kind.

Inter-Law's 'lectric Law Library
Carson City, NV, US
A legal information site for professionals and laypeople with unique resources like legal software and forms and a legal dictionary/encyclopedia.

Internet Cultural Center
Intercare Diagnostics, Inc., Inglewood, CA, US
Dedicated to the unifying forces of humanity and all organizations in the world that promote unity, equal rights and peaceful co-habitation of the planet Earth.

Investment Crossroads
Roemer Weather, Inc., Raleigh, NC, US
One of the best investment information sources. Founder Jim Roemer is one of the top commodities traders in the world.

Investor Access Equity Research Directory
Money.com, Cambridge, MA, US
A directory of 15,000 public stock companies, 500 research sources, and 6000 analysts. Participants can attach links and forum articles.

Jean-Michel Jarre Homepage
Jean-Michel Jarre Fanclub, De Lier, Netherlands
Information about the French synthesizer composer Jean-Michel Jarre. There is also a shop of merchandise and updated news.

Johnson Scientific International
St. Paris, OH, US
See the latest in astrodynamic analysis and visualization software available from Johnson Scientific International.

J.V.Jones Authornet
IMG, J.V.Jones and Time Warner, Carlsbad, CA, US
J.V.Jones' website contains excerpts from her book, cover and author photos, and some really bad advice on sexual matters from Bodger & Grift. Other authors may place their work there, too.

Keats-Shelley Journal
Chicago, IL, US
Contents of forthcoming, current, and back issues, announcements, and links to related sites, as well as information on subscriptions and manuscript submission.

Kiwanis International
Kiwanis Club of Palo Alto, Palo Alto, CA, US
An association of men and women committed to volunteer service and charity. For over 75 years, the Kiwanians have donated time and financial support to local community service activities.

LatinoLink Enterprises, Inc., San Francisco, CA, US
A weekly Web publication that provides news, commentary, reviews, stories and photography regarding Latinos and Latin American cultures.

Leo Electronics
Torrance, CA, US
We buy and sell the excess inventory of many of the largest manufacturers and distributors of electronic and computer components.

Libraries & Community Information Branch (MCTR)
LCIB, Min. of Culture, Tourism & Recreation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
General information about the branch and its clients and some links to materials of interest to librarians and library staff.

Lime Tree Books
Livewire Ltd, London, United Kingdom
The most interesting new books from Britain each month. Some signed first editions. Also any British book in print. Over 60,000 titles stocked.

Living Poets ejournal
Dragonheart Press, Derby, Derbyshire, UK
Electronic journal of powerful new poetry, edited by Sean Woodward.

Loglan'82: a System of Object Programming:
LITA, Universite de Pau, Pau, France
Offering a complete system of object programming. One language, all tools: classes, inheritance and nesting, co-routines, exceptions, processes. Suitable for education, fast prototyping, research.

Longbow International Corp.
New York, NY, US
Custom MS-Windows application development, Internet and Web consulting.

Magellan Interactive Multimedia
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Information about the company, our multimedia Quark Xtension authoring tools, plus some free offers.

Making Your Mark on the Web
Jay Allen, New York, NY, US
This is a step-by-step hyperlinked guide on how to create and offer your own Web pages. It is part of a larger site-in-progress, Totally Kewl.

Mariner's Anchorage
pixelMotion images inc., St. Margaret's Bay, Nova Scotia, Canada
Gently rising 120 feet from the water's edge, this unique and private peninsula in St. Margaret's Bay allows for spectacular waterfront homes, as well as custom designed smaller retirement or first homes.

Marketing Solutions for Computer Enterprises
Boulder, CO, US
MarketWise, Inc., a full-service marketing agency, provides software and hardware companies with marketing solutions that produce measurable results.

Mass Spectrometry Laboratory
Liège University, Liège, Belgium
Physical chemistry, environmental and biological research, contract and service activities for industry.

Maui Interactive
Kihei, HI, US
An online guide to island activities designed to serve as a travel planner for Maui-bound visitors. Netsurfers with cabin fever may want to visit this Web site for a breath of tropical island air that features information, colorful images and photos etc.

The Mayfair Sentinel
Bill Lunsford, Atlanta, GA, US
Links to international newspapers and publications about business technology, weather, entertainment, comics, and more.

MediaFlow, Inc.
Kingston, NY, US
Multimedia engineering company merging traditional software engineering skills with multimedia technology to create effective information.

Medius Communications Inc.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Develops and markets products and services for online interactive information and application systems in the business to business marketplace.

Middlebrook's Stuctured Analog Design Course
Ardem Associates, San Dimas, CA, US
An innovative analog design course for electrical engineers brought to you by one of the leading instructors in the world. Dr. Middlebrook is a member of the faculty at Caltech.

The Mitre Corporation
McLean, VA, US
A multifaceted state-of-the-art systems engineering organization that operates internationally for a diverse set of clients. Mitre specializes in information, communications, environmental, health, and aviation systems.

The Moviemakers' Home Page
Moe Belli, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A Web site for those who love making movies. Includes interactive film games, cyber film school and lots more.

Multiplatform Data Compression
Bologna, Italy
COmpressor/DECompressor ver.3.21 is available, in shareware mode, for the following operating systems: MVS, CMS, VSE, AS400, *IX (25 UNIX specific implementations), VMS/OPENVMS, OS2, WINDOWS and PC-DOS.

National Boat Listings Marine Network
Eastsound, WA, US
New and used boats for sale. Search files of marine and boating or yachting services including marinas, insurers, charters, leasing, training, fiberglass, boat yard repairs, graphics, etc.

National Centre for Software Technology
Bombay, Maharashtra, India
A premier R&D and educational institute -- operates the ERNET gateway to the Internet at Bombay.

National Early Childhood Technical Assistance System
NEC*TAS, Chapel Hill, NC, US
Funded by the U.S. Department of Education to support the development of policies, programs, and practices for young children with disabilities and their families.

National Hockey League Player's Association
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Your official Web site from the members of the National Hockey League Player's Association.

National Materials Exchange Network
Earthcycle, Woodland Hills, CA, US
A new, free Internet marketplace for trading and recycling just about anything. Businesses and consumers are welcome to list or look for materials and finished goods of all kinds.

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine
CRCMedia, Frederick, MD, US
The museum is devoted to telling the hospital part of the drama.

National Seminars Group
AccuNet, Inc., Kansas City, MO, US
The premier provider of one-day business workshops and seminars in North America.

The Native Book Centre
9 to 5 Communications, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Selling books with an authentic perspective on the Aboriginal peoples in Canada and the United States (over 1,100 titles).

Neo-Tech/Zonpower Home Page
Las Vegas, NV, US
Announcing a new free non-commercial information service. Zonpower Rules Cyberspace.

Nesea American Tour de Sol
Northeast Sustainable Energy Association, Greenfield, MA, US
Follow the progress of the Seventh Annual American Tour de Sol through New England, May 20-27. Fifty electric and solar vehicles will compete in this road rally event.

net.Genesis Corp.
Cambridge, MA, US
Specializing in designing advanced, modular software solutions for companies conducting business on the Internet. net.Genesis' first product, net.Form, dramatically simplifies the process of adding forms to Web sites.

NetMind Media: 1st Place in Cyberspace
Palo Alto, CA, US
An Internet and Web consulting group whose specialty is implementing the entire realm of Internet services available to a company for the promotion and support of products.

Netplaza -- Business and Consumer Mall
Receptive Marketing, Inc., Hampton, NH, US
An online commerce center providing a a number of nationally recognized product lines including: L'eggs hosiery, Wolferman's muffins, National Safety, CyberWarehouse, and more.

Netscape Navigator Companion Product
ForeFront Group, Inc., Houston, TX, US
Working with your Web browser, GrabNet users can casually grab images, text and URL's for later use and organization within a customized collection of folders.

New Perspective
Dripping Springs, TX, US
Specializing in product development and office automation that is simple, efficient, functional and inexpensive. As a company, we are both products and service oriented.

The New York Transit Museum
Court St. Station, Brooklyn, NY, US
Visit the New York Transit Museum. View our calendar of events and listing of upcoming exhibits and tours.

Newfoundland and Labrador Genealogy
John Holwell, Nepean, Ontario, Canada
Several informative pages of addresses, research holdings, and some links to organizations of interest to family historians with ties to Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Odysseus GbR
Frankfurt/Main, Hessen, Germany
This company develops Web-applications. If you want sell your guitar or buy an old motorbike, look at our marketplace (sorry, it's all in German).

Odyssey of the Mind
Region XI, Calif. Odyssey of the Mind, San Jose, CA, US
A worldwide, nonprofit organization promoting creative team-based problem solving in a school program for students from kindergarten through college.

The Official Dead Can Dance Site
Studio X, Sante Fe, NM, US
Even if you're not a Dead Can Dance fan, check it out for the interface alone.

Olympic Rental Service
Web Marketing, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
Our service is to help people find apartments and houses in the Atlanta area to rent for the 1996 Summer Olympics.

Omnibus Direct Inc.
Boulder, CO, US
Contains a wide variety of sporting goods and home furnishings available mail order in the USA, Canada and Mexico.

Open Mind
Sedona, AZ, US
A resource guide to Sedona, Arizona. Detailed information about some of Sedona's finest organizations, businesses, and private practices.

Organizational Marketing
Vista International, Inc., Mystic, CT, US
In search of a "better way," Vista International asked a very simple question, "Why can't we, as the company, build an organization of people and allow the people to "participate" in the growth and development of such an organization?"

Oriental Bird Club
Sandy, Bedfordshire, UK
An introduction to Oriental Bird Club and its aims, including conservation activities, the benefits of membership, club news, illustrated articles from OBC Bulletins about oriental birds and news from the region.

Outdoors Open
Empire Consumer Marketing Group, Holyoke, MA, US
Let our experienced, professional tour guides show you and your family a trip of a lifetime. We currently feature camping, fly-fishing and snow skiing trips. Let the outdoors open for you and your family.

Parallel Applications Development Environment (PADE)
National Institute of Standards and Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, US
PADE facilitates the development of parallel applications for heterogeneous networked computers. PADE provides a user interface running on a workstation that utilizes a parallel make utility.

Peebels and Assoc.
Sacramento, CA, US
We are an Internet Ad agency specializing in putting services on the Net from folks who don't own computers. Currently a greeting card company and a sports retail liquidator are on our home page, and we are adding more all the time.

Personal Conferencing Work Group
Vivo Media, Portland, OR, US
Igniting the development and delivery of interoperable, standards- based conferencing and communications products through collaboration and technical innovation.

Personal Penfriends
Philadelphia, PA, US
A club that helps people meet other people around the globe with similar interests and hobbies. Once you have sent in the application, we match you with people from our database.

Phillips Exeter Academy
Exeter, NH, US
Founded in 1781, Exeter is a four-year boarding and day school with approximately 1,000 students.

Piacenza on Line
Agora' sas, Piacenza, Italy
The first Internet service provider in Piacenza (Italy). This site supports Piacenza Football Club, the team that reached the top Italian soccer division.

PICS -- Groundwater Contaminant Transport
Partnerships in Computational Sciences, College Station, TX, US
The PICS group is developing GCT 1.3, a groundwater simulator for computing the flow of contaminants in groundwater. The simulator models some of the more complicated influences on transport, including biological remediation effects, chemical reactions, and radioactive decay.

Plant Growth Chambers
Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Enconair is a manufacturer of plant growth chambers and rooms, tissue culture chambers, incubators and seed germinators. Links researchers with valuable resource lists on other sites.

Polyglot International
San Francisco, CA, US
Translation and localization services. We offer expert management worldwide of any language project: translation, interpreting, localization, cultural adaptation, and more.

Powdrell & Company
Chantilly, VA, US
An Internet presence provider specializing in inexpensive Internet training seminars. We also conduct training for novices and professionals in Windows, WordPerfect, Word, Quicken, Chameleon, Excel, WinFax, and more.

Productivity Press
Productivity Inc., Portland, OR, US
Contains the latest and best information on management, manufacturing, and quality. Includes free sample chapters from books published by Productivity Press.

Lloyd Reshard & Associates, Fort Walton Beach, FL, US
Includes best personalized children books, paper adventures laser paper, cultural prints, Summit Trading and AmeriVox cards and foil. Printing.

Project ASSIST
Univ. of California, Irvine, CA, US
Access to and information about "ASSIST on the Internet," a computerized information system for California students interested in transferring among community colleges, UC, and CSU campuses.

Publishnet Internet Services
Brielle, Netherlands
A commercial Internet service provider in the Netherlands. PublishNET's core activity is Webvertizing, but a low-cost dialup gateway to the Net is also available (SLIP and PPP).

e:media, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Entertainment and music guide. Local, national and international features, gig guide, clubs, bars, pubs etc. Music stores, record companies, You name it we've got it.

Question of the Day
AB Software, Norwood, MA, US
A fun way to start and end your day. Make your bits count. Answer the question and see how well you do compared to the rest of the people on the Net.

Frodo Inc., Portland, OR, USA
A quotations listserver to share quotes with all others.

Radio 1 Oslo
Oslo, Norway
Norway's largest local station. We serve Oslo and the area around with news, traffic, music and entertainment on FM 102.

Radio Control Systems, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
We are a company serving the ham radio and scanner enthusiast markets. We have a variety of products for you if you are a ham or a scanner enthusiast.

Fairlight/Virtual Dreams, Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, The Netherlands
The leading disk magazine about the Amiga scene goes online. In the future we will provide all RAW issues available as .dms-files, and the latest issue completely online.

RayneWaters Studio Arts
Seattle, WA, US
One of the only online ordering graphic art companies in the Pacific Northwest, RWSA specializes in print media design, color illustration and custom photo-illustration.

Santa Barbara, CA, US
Provides information and services in support of the fight against HIV and AIDS. Search for AIDS Service Organizations in your area, make a charitable contribution online, and shop at the Red Ribbon Mall.

Refuse & Resist
New York, NY, US
A nationwide anti-repression organization, founded in 1987, with chapters throughout the United States.

The Rip-Tie Company
The Rip-Tie Company, San Francisco, CA, US
Custom and bulk Velcro(R) products. If you've ever tangled with tape, or hassled with nylon ties trying to tame cable nightmares, you'll love Rip-Tie cable organizers. Order today, or listen to the Internet's first Velcro sound on our home page.

Route 66 Los Angeles Webstation
Los Angeles, CA, US
Inviting you to check out the online movie guide to Los Angeles, featuring up-to-the-minute info on movies in theaters, on TV, and in video.

San Antonio--What Is Here
A&H Industries, San Antonio, TX, US
Find out what is going on in San Antonio and south Texas.

San Francisco Girls Chorus
San Francisco, CA, US
On June 2, the SF Girls Chorus will present a concert commemorating the 50th anniversary of the end of World War II and the signing of the United Nations Charter.

ScendTek Internet Corp
Augusta, KS, US
Committed to providing World Wide Web access and HTML development services to individuals and businesses at affordable rates.

Shearwater Sea Kayak Tours
Orcas Island, WA, US
Located on Orcas Island of the San Juan Islands, we have been teaching people to kayak for 13 years. Browse our Web pages and see the diverse activities related to kayaking.

ShowNet 365
Blenheim Group USA, Inc., Fort Lee, NJ, US
Provides an online trade show guide to Blenheim Group USA events. Immediate online registration, exhibitor lists, feature articles on the show, seminars, etc.

Sion, a candidate to host the 2002 Olympic Winter Games
School of Engineering, Valais, Sion, Valais, Switzerland
Discover Sion and the state of Valais, an ideal location in the heart of the Alps to organize the 2002 Olympic Winter Games.

Sky-Adventures Hang Gliding Tours
Bethel, ME, US
Sky-Adventures provides hang gliding and paragliding guide service in Maine and Florida. We also provide boat tow training as well as lodging and transportation.

The South Florida Mall
Information Technology Institute Inc., Miami, FL, US
The complete source for commercial and travel resources in South Florida. Includes wholesale and retail sources of export and local products, services, cruises, entertainment, and what's happening in South Florida.

Southwest Real Estate Auctioneers
The U.S. Auction List, Phoenix, AZ, US
We're one of the largest real estate auctioneers in the Southwest U.S. We auction residential, commercial, and industrial properties. See our latest auction catalog.

Southwestern Pennsylvania Heritage Preservation Commission
Indiana, PA, US
A government granted organization that catalogs the history of growth of southwestern Pennsylvania.

Staffing Industry Report
Staffing Industry Analysts, Inc., Los Altos, CA, US
Newsletter covers staffing company and industry developments, marketplace analysis, training and automation resources for managers and corporate executives. Web pages include contents, on-line articles, and subscription/product ordering information.

Starting Point
Chicago, IL, US
Our goal is to provide your single best starting point for World Wide Web exploration.

Stephen F. Procko, Photographer
Davie, FL, US
Photographer Stephen F. Procko's serene landscapes and studio studies explore form, texture and space. Procko, a cinematographer and winner of three Emmy awards, has displayed in exhibitions across the United States.

StepOne to Seattle
Fisher Communications Inc., Seattle, WA, US
An indispensable tool for those moving to the Seattle area. A 30 minute video tour of the Puget Sound area, this product is chock full of valuable information for those about to make the move and those who've recently done so.

Storage Computer
Nashua, NH, US
Designs, manufactures and sells standards-based, high performance, fault tolerant storage solutions critical to success in client/server, online transactions processing, large database, multimedia, and high volume imaging applications.

Strickland & Associates
Atlanta, GA, US
An Internet presence provider servicing medium to large companies. We provide Web development and hosting including custom CGI applications, e-mail and mail gateway services, and other Internet services.

Cyron Internet Services, Monmouth, Gwent, wales
A Web site dedicated to the UK professional music industry allowing access to information about recording studios, hire companies, record companies, producers, management companies, and rehearsal facilities.

Sunblades Ice Skating Arena
Clearwater, FL, US
A family-oriented facility where children and adults can have a safe and enjoyable introduction to ice skating. We offer hockey leagues, the Florida Suncoast Figure Skating Club, and a pro-shop.

Swiftsure Race '95
The Royal Victoria Yacht Club, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
The largest annual offshore yacht racing event held in the Pacific Northwest with a competitive fleet of 450 first rate offshore racing yachts. Held the weekend of May 27th, 1995.

Syllabus Press, Inc., Sunnyvale, CA, US
Technologies of interest to educators in high schools, colleges, and universities. SyllabusWeb has news, case studies, product reviews and announcements, and feature articles on technology written by educators and experts in educational technology.

Ted Barker on the Rampages
Dallas, TX, US
We provide full service HTML markup including graphics, video, photography and commercial storage. Creation of bulletin board systems using TBBS is fully supported.

Teen Ranch
Dundee University, Dundee, Tayside, UK
The unofficial homepage of an international Christian camping group. This page holds information on Teen Ranch Scotland and the goings on there and briefly mentions the other Teen Ranches round the world.

Teknowledge Web Server
Palo Alto, CA, US
Provides consulting services and software products for commercial and defense applications. The principal lines of business are focused on knowledge-based systems, distributed intelligent systems, and network associate systems.

Premenos Corp., Concord, CA, US
End-to-end EDI over the Internet and other TCP/IP Networks.

Thayse Food Systems Software
Thayse Management Inc., Sioux Falls, SD, US
Methods and procedures for thoughly analyzing and structuring food service operations. Our software aids in the data processing of restaurant management, food service management, cost accounting, and food service sales.

The Time Machine
American Time Lapse, Chicago, IL, US
Motion Picture special-effects for the Internet, specializing in time-lapse cinematography. Free downloadable special-effects shots in .avi format. Also, candid location photos from our latest shoots for the television networks and feature film studios.

TimeCache software
The PandaWare Company, Seattle, WA, US
Low cost time capture applications for the Mac. If you work on a Mac and need to track billable time for different projects, PandaWare TimeCache or TimeCache XP can automate the redundant, time-consuming aspects that you'd rather not bother with.

Trade Point Taiwan
Anjes Information Systems, Kaohsiung, Taiwan
International trade and electronic commerce: information, advertizing, promotion and facilitation service to companies doing business with Taiwan. Web service for companies wishing to reach out to the Chinese-speaking population.

The Travel Hound
Travel InterActive Inc., Coconut Creek, FL, US
Interactive travel service that enables travelers to locate hotel accommodations in their destination city or cities.

Bend, OR, US
A worldwide destination information service, TravelSearch is a publication service that offers business and leisure travelers concise, constantly updated information on sightseeing, entertainment and nightlife, shopping, restaurants and more.

San Antonio, TX, US
The largest travel World Wide Web site on the Internet. First class service to the entire Internet community.

TurnPike Classifieds
Volant Corporation, San Diego, CA, US
A free service on the popular Volant TurnPike System. Buyers and sellers can access TurnPike Classifieds to find or sell almost any product or service.

UC San Diego Summer Session
San Diego, CA, US
The summer session at the Univ of California, San Diego. Enrollment information, course listings, and information for UCSD.

United Callers
Planet & Partners, Brugge, Flanders, Belgium
Internet provider for Belgium (Europe), with a lot of attention toward graphics. We do everything free for social organisations. We have the best prices for new Web pages.

The United Federation of Planets
Wilkes Univ., Wilkes-Barre, PA, US
USS Excelsior II, NCC-BC-2000. A Star Trek page still in development.

United States Public Health Service
Washington, DC, DC, US
A central point for information about and links to US Public Health Service agencies, programs, news, directories and documents.

Univ. of Massachusetts Database Systems Lab
Amherst, MA, US
Describes the research conducted by the Database Systems Lab. In addition it offers a lot of categorized links to a variety of interesting database-related pages.

The U.S. General Services Administration
Washington, DC, US
GSA's Web site contains the Consumer Information Center, Federal Acquisition Institute, GSA Advantage online shopping, Federal Information center, federal acquisition regulations, Doing Business with the Government catalog, and much more.

USA AVCO Technologies
U.S. Internet, Knoxville, TN, US
Offers a full range of products and services to help you and your company find and meet your specific audio/visual needs. We specialize in design, sales and installation, and rental equipment.

Valvoline's Indy 500 Web Site
Lexington, KY, US
Features daily updates and commentary, as well as race statistics. It will provide late-breaking information and results leading up to the Indianapolis 500 on May 26.

Vintage DataBase Assoc.
Greenfield, NH, US
The unofficial Monadnock travel and vacation guide. Real estate and retirement in the Monadnock Area. Also Vintage DataBase System, parts and car database for vintage vehicles.

Virtual Art Exhibition
The Art and Technology Society International, Scotts Valley, CA, US
A bi-coastal exhibition has opened simultaneously in NYC and California, as a corresponding exhibit opens on the Web. Features a gallery of works by Rochelle Ford and Mattison Fitzgerald.

Visual Prolog
Prolog Development Center, Copenhagen, Denmark
Info and support Web server for users of PDC's Prolog compilers and other products. References to Prolog and Internet related sites including ftp.

Volunteering Opportunities
The Volunteer Center of the Texas Gulf Coast, Houston, TX, US
More than 50 service volunteering opportunities in the greater Houston area, now updated weekly.

WADS '95 Conference
Dept. of Computing and Information Science, Queen's Univ., Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Information and registration materials regarding the 4th Workshop on Algorithms and Data Structures.

WatchWORD Productions
Pittsburgh, PA, US
A bible for the information highway, the WatchWORD bible combines strong audio and visual elements that compel you to read along.

Web Development & Virtual Pizzeria
Shadowfax Associates, Rochester, NY, US
A Web development/consulting agency, specializing in creating a Web presence for individuals and small- to medium-sized businesses. We're also taking orders at our Virtual Pizzeria.

Welcome to New Orleans
New Orleans Internet, New Orleans, LA, US
The official tourist and information guide of New Orleans. This is a form conscious page where you can request anything from air to food to tours to general information.

Welwyn Hatfield District
Welwyn Hatfield Council, Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, England
A profile of Welwyn Hatfield District in Hertfordshire, England, with details of the attractions and population, and of the opportunities for business in this fast growing centre of high technology industries.

Where's the Money?
The James Gang/e-Commerce, Toronto, On, Can
Netscape, First Virtual, Digi-Cash, Terisa Systems, Trusted Information Systems will speak out June 15th in Toronto. Jim Carroll (author of the best-selling Canadian Internet Handbook) will make the keynote speech.

The White Stuff
Virginia Beach, VA, US
Comedy for radio personalities and others. See a recent edition, and find out about the Net special: 50% off regular subscription price.

Whitey on the Turnpike
Whitey's Web Works & Internet Services, Boulder, CO, US
Web development, Internet consulting and tutoring, online marketing and research.

Winter, Wyman & Company Employment InfoCenter
Boston, MA, US
Features a list of hot job opportunities with companies in the greater Boston area.

WISE: A Software Metrics Tool
NASA/WVU Software Research Laboratory, Fairmont, WV, US
The Web-Integrated Software metrics Environment (WISE) is the first Web-based software management and metrics system available.

Women's Soccer World
Management International, Montgomery, AL, US
Complete, current news about women's national teams and soccer in their countries around the world.

Wonders of the World
Spokane, WA, US
A small shop in an old flour mill in Spokane. A purveyor of the ancient and mysterious, the beautiful and the exotic, the rare and extra-terrestrial art, artifacts, and adornments.

Your Health Information Resource
Coolware, Inc., Palo Alto, CA, US
The latest information on a variety of health and medical topics of interest to men and women. Developed by Coolware and medical writer/reporter Joel R. Cooper of Denver.

Wednesday, 24 May 1995

Access Multimedia Technology
Houston, TX, US
Services include: interactive multimedia database design and Internet page design, video/audio production/conferencing, 2D/3D animation, virtual reality, and systems integration.

Acorn Music
A unique record company founded by hammer dulcimer legend Tony Elman. Tony started selling his homemade tapes of folk tunes on the Venice, Calif. boardwalk. When people listen to the music they are transformed.

Ad Methods Halpern and Eurich Advertising, Inc.
Hauppauge, NY, US
A full service electronic and conventional advertising agency with over twenty years experience in advertising, marketing and publicity for national and international clients.

Aero Specialties
Thomas Smith, Deer Park, NY, US
An aerospace firm with roots in parts manufacturing and fabrication.

A.J.'s Music Connection
Raleigh, NC, US
Music connection including links to some favorite bands. Includes links to such acts as Melissa Etheridge, Queensryche, Lollapalooza '95, as well as several unsigned groups.

The Alumnet Center for Education
Alumnet Services, Austin, TX, US
A communications and information hub providing chat, email, bulletin boards, member directories and links to over 800 educational institutions.

Amelia Island Resort Rentals, Inc.
Amelia Island, FL, US
Located on a barrier island in Northeast Florida, rich in history and charm, The company specializes in upscale oceanfront resort vacations, by the day, week or month

Anglican GENERAL SYNOD '95 Information Centre
Tod Maffin, Vancouver, BC, Canada
The World Wide Web information centre for the Anglican Church of Canada's General Synod being held June 1-9, 1995, in Ottawa Ontario. Contains a library of resources about the issues expected, how to subscribe to daily updates of Synod proceedings, and more.

The Art of David Kastner
Webtech, Clearwater, FL, US
Kastner's interests change from rational analysis to a more expressive, freer from. With a continued basis in classical aesthetics, Kastner's latest works are indeed his most powerful.

ARTLINK - A Database of Artwork by Professional Artists.
World Fine Art Exchange, Inc., Willimantic, CT, US
A searchable database of artwork (paints, prints, sculptures etc...) by professional artists. Artwork images can be viewed as well as artist background. Most work listed on artlink is available for sale.

Ashland Vineyards
Ashland, OR, US
Attend a winemaker dinner at The Highlands Restaurant in Welches, Oregon, May 27th. See our home page for more details.

Ashram on the Internet
The Light of Sivananda-Valentina, Miami Beach, FL, US
A non-profit religious and spiritual organization dedicated to spread the teachings of our founder, Sri Sivananda-Valentina, which deal with the yoga of synthesis.

Asso. of Black Admission and Financial Aid Officers
Cambridge, MA, US
A group of admissions and financial aid professionals of different ethnicities that come together to help ameliorate the situation for students of color on our campuses and in our applicant pools.

The Atlanta Photojournalism Seminar
Atlanta, GA, US
Photographic competitions, workshops, portfolio critiques and speakers geared to the total photographer. Recent winning photographs, past winners and speakers, and current information.

Dave Rose, Raleigh/Chapel Hill, NC, US
An original rock band hailing from Raleigh, NC. Information about them and their music, including 2-wav files for your listening pleasure.

The Baby Catalog of America
Periwinkle Communications, West Haven, CT, US
An online catalog service, selling brand name baby products at prices much lower than average retail.

Bank-CD Rate Scanner
BCRS Co., Blaine, WA, US
Top CD rates in the US with direct access to the FDIC-insured suppliers. This is a free service.

B&C Technologies
Ann Arbor, MI, US
The leading supplier of computer technology and information worldwide, offering inexpensive solutions.

Bears: Plain & Francy, inc.
St. Petersburg, FL, US
Francy Gordon, well-known, Florida-based teddy bear artist, can make you or your loved one his or her very own teddy bear.

Bell Centre for Creative Communications
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Centennial College is proud to present our fabulous new Bell Centre for Creative Communications -- Canada's largest interactive multimedia centre. Come check out full- and part-time courses, our student gallery, play areas and more.

Better Business Bureau of San Diego and Imperial Counties
San Diego, CA, US
Includes the largest On-Line Consumer Guide in San Diego.

International Association of Personal Protection Specialists, Sunnyvale, CA, US
Official home of the IAPPS, with links to Web, FTP and Gopher resources for professional protective service agents (bodyguards).

Book Stacks Unlimited, Inc.
Cleveland, OH, US
With 300,000+ books, this bookstore has been offering fast searching, online ordering, and friendly customer service for more than three years. Information on authors, publishers, texts, awards, and more.

The Bovril Shrine
MediaNet Communications, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada
For anyone with British roots, this should bring back some old memories.

Boy Scout Troop 204 (Lafayette, CA)
Lafayette, CA, US
Troop calendar and a description of troop events and policies.

Bringing Curriculum Alive
Mendocino Unified School District, Mendocino, CA, US
One-week workshops held in scenic Mendocino in July offering educators across grade levels and curriculum areas a chance to use the Internet to develop curriculum resources.

The British Page
University of Warwick, Coventry, England
A whole site dedicated to educating Web users about Britain, featuring sports, media, television, universities, and the British film industry.

Business Product Review
Sofcom Distributors, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A publication well known to those involved in purchasing IT products. For the last seven years, BPR has been providing information on the latest available technology and office products.

Calvin and Hobbes Site
Christian Ramsvik, Ålesund, Møre og Romsdal, Norway
Calvin & Hobbes pictures, and links to lots of other C&H sites.

Canadian Imperial Ginseng
Stratacom Technologies Inc., Vancouver, BC, Canada
A world leader in the commercial production of North American ginseng.

Capilano Computing - ECAD Tools for Windows and Macintosh
Capilano Computing Systems Ltd., Vancouver, BC, Canada
A source for professional ECAD products, offering the best cross platform schematic capture, digital simulation, analog simulation, and PCB products for both Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS.

Carnivorous Plants Invade the Net
Creativision Publishing Corporation, FT Worth, TX, US
Meat-eating plants of all varieties from Peter Pauls Nurseries. Learn more about the fascinating creatures and take a look at our photo catalog--you may even want to buy a few of these exciting and interesting plants for yourself, or send for our free brochure.

Centro de Fusao Nuclear (Nuclear Fusion Center)
Lisbon, Portugal
An association between Euratom and Instituto Superior Tecnico, Technical Univ. of Lisbon and it's primary activity is to research in the fields of nuclear fusion and plasma physics.

City Stages, 1995
Birmingham Cultural & Heritage Foundation, Birmingham, AL, US
The hottest new music festival around, including 170 acts on 12 stages: alternative to zydeco, Afrikan to sacred harp, a cappella to soca.

Coastal Beacon
BonAire Publications, Saco, ME, US
Southern Maine's regional Internet newspaper, offering a front page story, editorials, listings, classifieds, reviews, and more.

Computer Horizons Corp.
Phoenix, AZ, US
Now in its 26th year, CHC is a national software services corporation with annual revenues currently at $160 million and a staff of over 2100 consultants in more than 30 cities throughout the U.S.

Computer Upgrade Specialists
Tampa, FL, US
Buy quality computer products from a small business. We sell motherboards, CPUs, memory, controllers, tape, CD-ROMs, hard drives, monitors and complete systems.

The ConCreat Page
Consolidated Creators, Philadelphia, PA, US
With all the Internet presence developers and access providers out there, one stands out with firm one-time prices -- no hidden costs and guaranteed success.

Concrete Hard Music Zone
Concrete Marketing Inc., New York City, NY, US
A very large listing of band home pages, including indie labels plus the likes of White Zombie, All, Megadeth, Babes In Toyland. Also contests, free stuff, tour dates.

Corporate Disk--Your One Stop Diskette Service Center
Chicago, IL, US
Truly your one stop diskette service center, featuring reasonably priced disk duping, CD replication, packaging services, and duplication equipment. Stop by to see our special offers and online catalog.

Craig and Macauley
Boston, MA, US
We are a 25-attorney firm with a diverse general practice, well-known for our expertise in banking, bankruptcy, commercial litigation, and environmental law.

Creativision Web Page Design and Management
Creativision Publishing Corporation, Fort Worth, TX, US
Professional Web page design, graphics and programming services.

Custom Ax Guitars & Music
Edison, NJ, US
Custom built guitars and repairs, stringed instrument parts, and music accessories. CNC parts and prototypes.

Cyber Culture Magazine
Creativision Publishing Corporation, Fort Worth, TX, US
A new Web-only magazine. We're looking for talented contributing authors, artists and columnists.

Cyber Mall
Atlanta, GA, US
We have created a shopping mall that offers products and services from around the world. Many companies sell at wholesale prices.

The Cyber Report
Roberto Rabe and CRAYON, Washington, DC, US
A newspaper created using CRAYON.

Melville, NY, US
cyberQuest is a guide to the Internet, eliminating commercial home pages.

Cyberspace Hospital
National University of Singapore
Provides a one-stop access to some of the best medical servers in the world and is organized by medical specialty departments using a virtual hospital setting.

D & B Sales
Jax Gateway To The World, Jacksonville, FL, US
Unique gifts and novelties. Moving sand pictures are loved by everyone, and will keep you entranced for hours. Our three dimensional English cottages are meticulously hand painted in England.

Dave's Fun Page
Austin, TX, US
This set of pages takes you to all that is fun - cars, boats, travel, sports, games, recreation, music, art, TV, movies, comics, pets and animals, and much more.

The Delaware State Data Center
Delaware Economic Development Office, Dover, DE, US
The main source for census, economic, and other data about Delaware and the mid-Atlantic region.

Derrydries Productions
MacDries Design, New York City, NY, US
A design team specializing in multimedia projects and children's software.

Detective Information Network
Background Research International L.L.C., Falls Church, VA, US
Providing investigative services to individuals and companies at reasonable rates.

Dominican Republic North Coast
MediaNet Communications, Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada
A comprehensive listing of resort areas and real estate opportunities along the beautiful North Coast of the Dominican Republic.

Dulin Brothers Company
InterWeb, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
The purveyor of the highest quality gourmet steaks available. Premium Angus steaks are shipped to your door from Kansas City - the heart of cattle country.

Cambridge, Cambs, UK
An integrated environmental news service, upcoming events diary, reference point and set of links to environmental organizations. Contains full text of The Environment Digest, the monthly worldwide news publication.

Eddie Bauer
Catalog 1, New York, NY, US
A global specialty retail company offering casual lifestyle products in over 300 retail stores, catalogs, and online.

EMBBS Emergency Medicine and Primary Care
Triple Star Systems, Inc., Middlesex, NJ, US
Features medical photos, radiographs, clinical reviews. National Physician Job Listings. Subjects of interest to emergency and primary care physicians.

Emtron, Inc.
Ocala, FL, US
The Foreign Trade Zone is a multi-lingual Web site for businesses targeting the international marketplace. The FTZ is unique and provides value to businesses seeking to implement the GATT and NAFTA agreements.
http://webvision.com/ http://webvision.com/Emtron/

Entrepreneurs Guide to Hong Kong
STW Inc., Mt. View, CA, US
Lists more than 500 companies offering over 10,000 products. An excellent reference for importers, wholesalers, retailers and mail order entrepreneurs.

Environmental Scorecard for the 104th Congress' First 100 Days
League of Conservation Voters, Washington, DC, US
The Scorecard is a tool for voters to hold their Congressional representatives accountable for their votes on environmental matters coming before the Congress during the 100 Days.

Eternal - "Just A Step From Heaven"
The Eternal Mailing List, Brighton, East Sussex, UK
The largest Web site dedicated to the UK girl-group Eternal. Includes up-to-date news, discography, pictures, lyrics and more.

Fermilab Neutron Therapy Facility
Batavia, IL, US
What was once considered to be purely experimental has now become the treatment of choice for certain malignant tumors.

Fintrac Links to the World of Ag
Fintrac Inc., Washington, D.C., DC, US
Free information on agricultural markets in North America, Europe, and Asia.

The Firehouse Museum
San Diego, CA, US
Displays a large collection of fire-fighting equipment and memorabilia from across the country and around the world. This amazing story of fire-fighting is displayed in memorabilia, photographs and equipment.

Fitness Awareness, Inc.
Costa Mesa, CA, US
Do you often run out of energy? You may not be providing your body the amino acids it needs. Learn about the latest nutrition tools available to help you achieve your fitness and health goals.

Foxborough Regional Center for the Performing Arts
Foxborough, MA, US
The FRCPA is a non-profit organization which operates the Orpheum Theatre, where it presents a diverse array of entertainment to its audiences.

The Friends of Van Cortlandt Park Web Page
New York, NY, US
This site details the history, geology, vegetation, and recreational resources of Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. The Friends are dedicated to preserving and enhancing this critical urban greenspace.

Friendswood Ballet
Incline, Friendswood, TX, US
Governed by the International Christian Center for the Performing Arts, under the professional direction of Frances Hawkins. Ballet lovers and serious dance students are invited to visit our online studio information desk.

GDE Systems Inc. (a Tracor company)
San Diego, CA, US
State-of-the-art, near real-time digital stereo imagery processing and manipulation systems and software for terrain mapping, charting, geodesy, analysis and exploitation.

GeoSurfer... On the Way
World Access Yellow Pages, Inc., Aurora, CO, US
Surf the world. The updated Geosurfer at the Way gives you thousands of links organized geographically. Clickable maps and an astonishing number of web sites will make the GeoSurfer a bookmark favorite.

Downtown Digital, New York, NY, US
Downtown Digital's ever-popular games, such as "Keepers of Lists," "Two Minute Warning", and the newest rage, "Get Out Of My Mouth," can now be found here.

The Global Mall
C & W Internet Services, Ridgecrest, CA, US
A full-service Internet consulting and advertising firm. We give the customer a choice of many special services. Our Internet consultants work one on one with each customer.

Best Chevrolet, Hingham, MA, US
NASCAR collectibles, Chevrolet apparel, Goodwrench engines, and more.

Gold Medal Wine Club
World Square Corp., CA, US
The best wine that California has to offer. All wines are prestigious gold medal winners specially priced for club members.

Great Canadian Scientists
GCS Research Society, Vancouver, BC, Canada
This site profiles about 20 of the greatest Canadian scientists and their science with text, images, and activities you can do. Also about a hundred other great Canadian scientists.

Greater Clearwater Chamber of Commerce
Clearwater, FL, US
Built on high bluffs midpoint on Florida's west coast, Clearwater has a commanding view of an intercoastal waterway and the Gulf of Mexico. Tampa is only 20 miles away and St. Pete the same distance to the south.

GroupWorks from HyperDesk Corp.
Westborough, MA, US
Develops and markets personal groupware and workgroup management software such as GroupWorks, the first personal groupware software that works the way groups work.

Gyuto Tantric Choir
Flying Gyuto Brothers, Sausalito, CA, US
The Gyuto Tantric Choir is an ensemble of Tibetan Buddhist monks who bring ancient ceremony and ritual to Western countries. The Well donated Web space and the site was created and maintained by volunteers who call themselves the Flying Gyuto Brothers.

The Halifax Herald Limited
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Oldest, largest daily newspaper publisher in province. Daily stories, details of electronic services and special features, such as children's page and Halifax Summit (G7) archive and interactive map.

The HOME Page Real Estate Washington
Seattle/Tacoma, WA, US
A real estate reference for those interested in buying, selling or advertising a home and wanting results.

Horizon Sales Merchandise Mart
Horizon Sales Company, Greenville, NC, US
Offering a wide variety of merchandise for purchase. Soon adding a line of name-brand software at discount prices.

The Hot Zone
Chris Johnson, Vector Internet Services Inc., Minneapolis, MN, US
Although the Ebola epidemic in Zaire has recently been in the news, this set of Web pages predates it and will continue to investigate and provide information about all virus emergence.

HUD PDX Multifamily Web (foot) home page
HUD, Portland, OR, US
The First HUD field office home page in the country. Provides information on all HUD programs, PDX MF email addresses, and many links to other housing and community development resources, including homelessness info, info on architecture, regional government, and more.

Hunting Knives & Outdoor Gear by Mail Order
Key Selection, Taylorsville, MS, US
Mail order Maxam hunting knives and other gear for the great outdoors. Discount prices and speedy, mail order service makes Key Selection your stop on the Web for hunting equipment.

HytelNet Information Page
Northern Lights Internet Solutions, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
This page contains everything you need to know about HytelNet, the popular Internet browser. Where to get it, how to subscribe to its mailing list.

Image Club Graphics Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A wholly owned subsidiary of Adobe Systems Inc. specializing in providing quality original clip art, brand name display fonts and stock photographic images at reasonable prices.

Index of Odd Things
nice job Media, Los Angeles, CA, US
Art, science and commerce meet in this nexus of new century expression. Don't miss the popular, "Two Moms Named Alma" and be sure to get with the latest in health and nutrition.

Inlab-Scheme for FreeBSD
Inlab Software GmbH, Gruenwald, Germany
Inlab Software GmbH provides a binary of Inlab-Scheme running on FreeBSD 2.X on the Web.

Insight Direct, Inc.
Tempe, AZ, US
America's discount source for computers, hardware and software. Open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, this is a publicly held company traded on the NASDAQ National Stock Exchange under the symbol NSIT.

Insight Studios Home Page
Raleigh, NC, US
Provides the professional media community with quality 3D-modeling/ animation and digital audio. Top quality models and aggressive rates allow custom solutions at canned prices. A must for any media producer.

Internet Classifieds
Fairfax, VA, US
Altimedia's classified advertising contains custom keyword search, photographs, and links to other Web resources.

The InterNET Computer Store
Austin, TX, US
We are the most complete and competitive computer accessory and supply house in the country. In addition to our own brand we offer an extensive line of brand name products.

The Internet Scheme Repository
Indiana Univ. Computer Science Dept., Bloomington, IN, US
A repository of freely available material relating to the Scheme programming language.

InterWeb, Inc.
Atlanta, GA, US
Dedicated to bringing quality material to the Internet, advising companies on how to properly utilize the Internet, and to create an appropriate Web presence for Atlanta on the Internet.

Intro to GPS Applications
Austin, TX, US
Basic introduction to global positioning systems for beginners. Includes some history and theory. Heavy focus on practical applications. Lists of equipment, vendors, links to Internet resources.

ISO Latin 1 Character Entities and HTML Escape Code
Best Business Solutions Inc., Houston, TX, US
Don't know how people do "© , ® ,± , ¢" in HTML documents? Here is a table listing ASCII character sets and their respective HTML escape sequence codes. You can easily use this table to cut and paste special symbols into your HTML documents.

J J Ltd. - Chicago Patent and Technical Illustration Services
Chicago, IL, US
A full-service patent illustration firm that provides quality patent and technical illustration services.

Joliet Junior College
Joliet, IL, US
America's oldest public community college, established in 1901.

K E Motographics
Fernadale, WA, USA
Selling Porsche-related T-shirts and canvas products plus engines you can wear.

Kansas City Life Insurance Company
Kansas City, MO, US
Using cyberspace to provide information and ease of access to agents, clients and prospective clients. View the company's status, a list of products available, and request additional information on any products marketed.

KDHX - FM St. Louis Community Radio
St. Louis, MO, US
Community radio for the St. Louis area, featuring news, public affairs, talk shows, and a rainbow of music from around the world, most of it poorly represented on mainstream radio.

Kingston Online Services Hastings County Site
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Kingston's first and largest Internet provider is pleased to announce the opening of it's Hastings County POP. Also try our free MUD or telnet to our entertainment BBS.

The Latitude Group, Inc.
Mountain View, CA, US
Home of the Latitude Cross-Platform Development Kit which enables Macintosh developers to bring their applications to UNIX platforms with minimal source code modification.

Legends & Legacies Writing Services
Victoria, BC, Canada
Specializing in writing 20th century family histories based on the oral tradition. The company handles complete production of these heirloom books including printing and binding.

Linda's Gallery
Linda Coven, Kingsport, TN, US
A growing gallery of fine art representing one South Carolina and three East Tennessee artists. Original paintings and some limited edition prints are available.

The Love Craft Gallery Gateway
The Love Craft Society, Sarasota, FL, US
A service of the Love Craft Society -- an "informal organization" on the campus of New College responsible for various student activities.

Lyrichord Discs, Inc.
Boston, MA, US
A catalog of world and early music is now available. Recordings from China, Bali, the Arab world, India, and Africa plus other countries.

Portland, OR, US
A cool place for beginners that use the Macintosh personal computer. An index of "must see" places and "must have" programs for the Macintosh computer owner.

Marc Klaas Foundation for Children
Santa Rosa, CA, US
Working to teach parents and children how to prevent becoming a victim of crime or abuse.

Commerce City, CO, US
Provides online shopping. We are new and building. The two catalogs online are JBRO Batteries and Spyderco Knives. They are under construction.

MediaNet Communications
Sackville, New Brunswick, Canada
Now revamped and easier to access, this site provides information on resorts, art, music, and just about everything else around the Atlantic Canada region.

Students of Communication Studies, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
This undergraduate journal offers everything from a filmography of marijuana to an interview with the guru of Japanese pirate radio. Plus policy critiques, new media technologies, movies, sound, and images.

Michigan Alzheimer's Disease Research Center
MADRC, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI, US
An NIA-funded project which supports research in neurodegenerative diseases and integrates and coordinates research in Alzheimer's disease and related disorders at the University of Michigan and throughout Michigan.

MidKent InterNetwork
Rochester, Kent, England
A new and growing system belonging to Mid-Kent College. Information appearing ranges from interest to courses. The new and growing Standards page has links to sources worldwide.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
GAG, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Canada's oldest art museum, was founded in 1860 by a group of devoted art lovers. Today, the Museum is justly proud of the some 26,000 works in its Permanent Collection, which have established its reputation worldwide.

Moody Blues Friendly Radio Stations
Origin Technology in Business, Dallas, TX, US
List of radio stations that are Moody Blues "friendly," as suggested by Moodies fans on Internet & Compuserve.

The Museum of Man
San Diego, CA, US
An educational, non-profit corporation founded in 1915 collecting for posterity and displaying the life and history of mankind.

MyCard: Electronic Presentation Systems
Trust Management Services, Knoxville, TN, US
Creative, cost effective marketing/communication tool. Up to 40 MB of words, images and sounds on simple floppy. MyCard can introduce, motivate and even dream.

Napa Valley Weekly Real Estate Reader
Napa, CA, US
Covers news relating to real estate nationally and regionally as well as specific to the Napa Valley. Carries listings of residential to vineyard properties for sale in the Valley.

Natural Law Party of the U.S.A.
Fairfield, IA, US
A political party supporting proven, prevention-oriented solutions to the pressing problems of the nation, independent of party politics and special interests.

Net in Arcadia
Brooklyn, NY, US
The Virtual Museum of Contemporary Classicism, featuring the works of Alfred Russell, Andree Descharnes, Elsie Russell and their circle.

The New User Directory
Cambridge, MA, US
A user-friendly directory with links to FAQs, general information, and suggestions for the new Netsurfer.

New York, NY, US
A small company specializing in anti-virus, security, and network management software sales and support. A leading agent for most major anti-virus companies and security software including ViaCrypt PGP.

North Isle Sailing's San Juan Islands Home Page
Oak Harbor, WA, US
Information and links to regarding Washinton State's San Juan Islands. The focus is on the environment and outdoor recreation and in particular, sailboat chartering.

Northern Ireland, InterKnowledge Travel Guide
New York, NY, US
Extensive presentation on Northern Ireland sponsored by the tourist board with in-depth information on everything from touring the six counties to golf, hiking and ancestral heritage.

Northwest Digital Systems Inc.
Richmond (Vancouver), BC, Canada
A Microsoft ATEC training center specializing in "Network Training and Back Office." Also offering network consulting and design.

Octal Publications Limited
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Tips, tricks and links for Claris FileMaker Pro and AppleScript.

Our Environment -- Online
Creative Environmental Communications, Paia, HI, US
An online magazine featuring a variety of articles -- both original and reprints from the environmental press -- on a wide range of environmental topics.

Pac Services, Inc.
Redmond, WA, US
Provides coast to coast packaging, CD Replication, software-duplication, warehousing, fulfillment, and call-center related services to both technical and non-technical industries.

Passport Gateway Magazine
San Antonio, TX, US
San Antonio visitor and tourist information resource guide.

Pathology & Virology Center
University of California, Irvine, CA, US
A new addition to the The Virtual Medical Center and Martindale's Health Science Guide which currently contains direct links to over 140 Courses and thousands of images and MPEGs.

PCB Design Service Bureau
Fine Line Printed Circuit Design, Los Gatos, CA, US
We supply PCB design, photoplotting, fab and assembly services. Our senior designers, using the latest design tools, complement your design process to give you a competitive edge.

Personal Nutrition Management
Consultation with corporations and other food businesses interested in improving the nutritional content of their products. Firm also provides nutritional consultation to individuals.

Plus&Minus Accounting Software
Argiope Web Services, Houston, TX, US
The only Single File Design business accounting software available today. The fastest and most powerful accounting software on the market anywhere.

Windham, ME, US
Accepts articles and info to share about Wilhelm Reich, orgonomy, orgone energy, groups, workshops to share with all in the world.

Internet Broadcasting Corp., Minneapolis, MN, US
A personal disposable breathalyzer that can save you from drunk driving charges or could even save your life.

Rainbow Card Company
Huntington Station, NY, US
Trading cards and memorabilia are our specialty: Star Trek, Elvis, Marilyn Monroe, you name it.

Rank Xerox (UK) Ltd.
Chilcott Le Fevre, Uxbridge, Middlesex, UK
Product and service information, news, press releases, worldwide contact information and an online competition. An interesting feature on the history of invention at Rank Xerox.

Recipe Corner
MegaMedia, Inc., Manhattan, KS, US
A weekly updated site where you can find easy, fun and inexpensive recipes. While you are there check out becca's page of "b's" for some boastfully beautiful fun.

Recovery, Incorporated
Chicago, IL, US
Information about weekly meetings for learning the Recovery Method, a self-help method of will training for mental health and control of nervous symptoms.

Resource Financial Group, Inc.
Austin, TX, US
A unique combination of insurance, investment and human resources professionals working collaboratively to provide integrated solutions to the employee benefits needs of the high-technology industry.

Bob Coker/Deanne Draeger, New York, NY, US
Take a ride on the only Website that needs a lapbar. Coaster trivia, new attractions, biased ranting, and lotsa cool pix. Netscape enhanced. Bulletin board coming soon.

RootsWorld: Music on the 'Net
RootsWorld/Futuris Networks, Stamford, CT, US
Presenting small labels and individual artists from all over the world, specializing in "roots" music (folk/world music/traditional and contemporary international pop).

Salmon River/Lake Ontario Sportfishing Reports
Lighthouse Marina, Port Ontario (Pulaski), NY, US
Broad-based information for those interested in learning about the World Class salmon, trout, and other fisheries of Lake Ontario and tributaries available year-round.

The San Diego Aerospace Museum
San Diego, CA, US
Experience aviation's history from the Wright Flyer to the Space Shuttle and beyond...The Museum brings to life aviation's rich heritage through a dazzling collection of over 65 U.S. and foreign aircraft and spacecraft on display for your educational enjoyment.

San Diego Chamber of Commerce
San Diego, CA, US
Monthly economic bulletins, member lists and city statistics. Also, tour San Diego with a clickable map.

Santa Fe Fine Art
Santa Fe, NM, US
Presenting the work of top photographers, painters sculptors and printmakers. Many JPEG image files.

Sarasota Online
ACSF, Inc., Sarasota, FL, US
The true global village of Sarasota, Florida.

Save the U.S. Department of Commerce
M. David Lewis Enterprises, Santa Monica, CA, US
An invaluable resource and tool to the exporter, especially small businesses, is under threat of extinction by mad, axe-happy Congress members. Please help save the federal agency that works.

Sea Horse Designs
Portland, OR, US
An Internet advertising connection.

Munich, Germany
A German travel agency in Munich and the first on the Web. You'll find actual cheap flights offered on its pages.

Self Help -- Body Maintenance Programs
Sports Touch® International, San Diego, CA, USA
A health care professional, author, speaker, and corporate trainer whose mission is to educate people on self-help preventive programs on daily body maintenance. Current focus on repetitive strain injuries of the wrist/hand and low back disorders.

Silicon Ditch
Aston Univ., Birmingham, UK
A smaller more suburban version of Silicon Valley. Quality pages and links for the dissatisfied, which are very few.

Silicon Systems, Inc.
Tustin, CA, US
Specializes in the design and manufacture of application-specific, mixed-signal ICs (MSICs(TM)) used primarily in storage products and communication systems.

Singapore Information Servers
SunSITE Singapore
A comprehensive directory of Singapore Web servers. Each entry is accompanied by a brief description of the information available on that server.

S&K Labs Bodybuilder Products
STW Inc., Mt. View, CA, US
For the serious athlete or bodybuilder, effective steroid alternatives and nutritional supplements.

S-MOS Systems, Inc.
San Jose, CA, US
Designer, developer, and marketer of custom/semicustom ICs, card products, and a variety of standard ICs for applications in desktop and small computing systems; provider of silicon foundry services.

North Bay Networks, San Rafael, CA, US
Our mission is to foster communication and cooperation among North Bay software and information technology companies with the goal of strengthening the local industry and increasing the economic prosperity of the region.

The Software Construction Co.
North Billerica, MA, US
Developers and publishers of computer software for MS-DOS and MS-Windows environments. "On This Day" answers "What happened today in history?" "Diamond Data" is a baseball and softball statistics tracking program.

State College, PA (Penn State University)
University Park, PA, US
Includes listings of bars, restaurants, hotels, entertainment, and transportation.

Steps In Time Bookstore and Coffee House
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A unique and unusual business meeting the needs of the recovery community and others who wish to improve their self-awareness. Books and other related materials are available plus a forum for people to meet and discuss issues.

Sundays Introduction Service
STW Inc., Mt. View, CA, US
For the professional who doesn't have time for hit and miss dating. If people tell you that you're too choosy, perhaps you should join the other choosy professionals who have joined to meet someone successful.

Surf Board
NetFinder Services, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
A gay and lesbian Web directory service located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Private Web pages, personals, gay and lesbian businesses.

SurfWatch Software -- Protect your kids on the Net
Los Altos, CA, US
SurfWatch 1.0 is the first software to block sexually explicit material on the Internet. Parents, teachers, and employers can reduce the risk of children and others viewing unwanted material.

SyPress Inc.
Oulu, Finland
An information technology company specializing in production and marketing information systems for editorial, advertising and circulation departments of newspaper houses.

Talk 'n Toss Prepaid Phonecards
Wild Hare Productions, Portland, OR, US
A unique, simple, cost effective collectible method of calling when away from home. Prepaid, disposable and rechargeable, these are the safest method to calling long distance while traveling.

tcsh 6.06 manual
Yale University, New Haven, CT, US
The instantiation of the HTML tcsh manual at Yale Univ. now documents the just-released tcsh version 6.06. Remember that you can build your own HTML manual from the tcsh sources for speedy local reading.

team smartyWORLD!
Austin, TX, US
Whimsically distinctive and positively invigorating graphic and media art and design studio. We offer visuals which proudly trounce the line between original art and day-to-day communication.

Teen Movie Critic
Minneapolis, MN, US
As far as I know, this is the only movie criticism page on the Web written by a teenager, for teenagers.

University of Alabama School of Music, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
A site providing information about music and music study in the United States. Features include a searchable database of music schools in American colleges and universities.

TEXAS-ONE: Information for Business
Texas Department of Commerce, Austin, TX, US
A collection of over 800 pointers to business information on the Internet organized by category. TEXAS-ONE is a $5 million, three-year pilot project.

TexMark Quality Kennel Silencers
Richardson, TX, US
We make systems that control the barking of dogs in a completely harmless and humane way, automatically, 24-hours-a-day.

Ticino Cantonal Health Office
Tinet Sagl, Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
Information on health disease prevention and health consumer empowerment. Operated by Tinet, the first Internet provider for the Italian part of Switzerland.

Tom Munnecke's Weekly Web Watch
San Diego, CA, US
A thoughtful, provocative, weekly 750 word essay on the broader issues presented by the World Wide Web.

Treasure Hunter
Dentsu Inc., Tokyo, Japan
Explore Japan and earn the chance to win a prize. A gallery of 44 newspaper advertisements for prefectures, a story and a quiz with special regional products offered as prizes. Also a photo archive of natural and cultural 'wonders' in each of the featured prefectures.

Tri-Wine Club
Schaefer's Wines, Chicago, IL, US
A unique concept in wines-of-the-month clubs, this makes it fun to learn about International wines. Also, a Tri-Wine Simulator.

Tutors On-Line
InterNet Expositions Management, New York, NY, US
Term paper blues? Academic assistance on-line for college and high school students. Fee-based services include: editing term papers, correcting homework and tutoring on-line.

Ultimate Software
Iowa City, IA, US
Makers of custom Macintosh screensavers. Download demo screensavers, see screenshots, and take the time to check out our Internet Baby Contest.

Universal Entertainment
DVA, Inc., Sarasota, FL, US
The ultimate experience in video and the Internet's largest video marketplace.

Universities & Colleges Christian Fellowship
UCCF, Leicester, UK
The UCCF is a national, evangelical Christian organisation which supports students in colleges and universities throughout the UK.

USA WebMart
United Services Association, Sebastopol, CA, US
Provides businesses with inexpensive Web pages, classified advertising and check by email/fax/phone services. Also the new USA MiniMart Web Pages.

The Vacation Rental Source
Fort Worth, TX, US
Provides an extensive and organized list of vacation condo rental listings including photos, phone numbers, address, list of features, prices etc. Also provided are travel guides to many locations.

Van L. Stereo Speakers
m0ntage@aol.com, Chicago, IL, US
An unusual design in stereo speakers employing a unique ambient recovery technology developed by Charles McShane. Includes picture of speakers and technical philosophy on how and why these speakers were built.

NewTEK Industries, Los Angeles, CA, US
A variety of products and services including software and hardware. We sell hardware, specializing in scanners, and have some demo specials as well as new.

Visionary Publishing
Long Island, NY, US
A new publisher of games, fiction, and magazines. Our games use Tarot to inspire cooperative storytelling and we do much of our publishing in a purely digital format.

A Visitor's Guide To Salem, Massachusetts
Innovative Small Systems, Inc, Salem, MA, US
A guide to Salem's historic, architectural, and maritime attractions; interesting museums and calendar of events.

Voyager Investments Incorporated Systems
Honolulu, HI, US
VII systems is dedicated to bringing you the best prices on PC hardware. Period.

WashLaw Web
Washburn University School of Law Library, Topeka, KS, US
A combination of online services and sources of potential interest to the legal research community. This gateway includes primary legal materials, foreign and international resources, quick reference sources, federal information, and state materials.

Web Publishing Toolbox for HP-UX
Albuquerque, NM, US
Pointers and descriptions of Web publishing tools known to work in the HP-UX environment.

Web Tools Review
Cambridge, MA, US
An online journal by and for developers of state of the art Web sites. CGI scripts, accumulated folk wisdom, and concrete recommendations of products and machines.

Imagic Communications, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
A professional editing, style and design service for Web pages. We check your site and send an email report. Free service for non-English speaking countries.

The Wholesaler's Worldwide Marketplace
Palo Alto, CA, US
The one point of contact in the world where retailers and resellers can type in a product they are looking for and a list of wholesalers and manufactures appears on the screen.

Wiltec: Cartridge Tape Drive Systems
Wilmington, NC, US
Manufacturing hard-to-find IBM compatible 9-track (800,1600,3200,6250 bpi) and IBM 3480 and 3490 compatible cartridge tape systems. Reconditioned and used drives available at low cost.

WinMag and NetGuide Hotspots
CMP Publications Personal Computing Group, Jericho, NY, US
Brings you a freshly-chosen, carefully selected great new site every day. Part of CMP's Techweb services, the HotSpot page also offers links to all of Techweb, plus direct links to all the CMP magazines.

WMMS Cleveland BuzzardWeb
Internet Concourse/Thompson Multimedia Productions, Cleveland, OH, US
An interface that allows WMMS listeners easy access to both WMMS resources and information as well as other Internet materials.

Woody's Agora
woody.com, Del Mar, CA, US
A collection of goods, services, stories, ideas, travel places, and other stuff which rattles around in Woody's head. Features Cooperstown Ballcap Co. and La Fonda Hotel.

World's Largest Barter Exchange
InterNet Expositions Management, New York, NY, US
Discover barter opportunities with Itex trade exchange, with 37,000 member businesses and professionals. Use BarterSearch, a free service, to identify trading partners for your company.

WWW Contests, Sweepstakes, and Giveaways
catalogue.com, incorporated, Chapel Hill, NC, US
Folks on the Web are giving away everything from candy to prime real estate. This is a large, frequently updated list of current contests on the Web.

Yenom Dynamics
Alexandria, VA, US
Creative concept discoveries best describes this new service, which provides breakthrough technology in consumer electronics and security systems, including a growing number of small, personal security systems, to the general public.

Youth For Understanding (YFU)
Washington, DC, US
YFU International Exchange was established in 1951 as a private, nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting international understanding and world peace through exchange programs for high school students.

Hypercycle Productions BV, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A music site which features a CD mail order and a realtime audio facility. We specialize in electronic music.

Friday, 26 May 1995

48th Cannes Film Festival
FranceWeb, Paris, France
In-depth look to the nominees and daily news, comments and reports from correspondents on site. You can also subscribe to the festival's mailing list.

60s Trading Post for the 90s
Changes in Artitiude, St. Petersburg, FL, US
An online catalogue of items and information related to the 60's spirit. In addition to writings and related links, items include Subversive-Ts, tie dyes, incense, bumper stickers, crystal jewelry and furnishings.

The Adventures of Captain Webster and Crew
O Studio, Chicago, IL, US
A weekly publication available on the Web. Captain Webster and his Crew are on a mission, to chart the vastness of the Internet. Climb aboard the Anna Log for this week's adventure.

Advox Messaging
Stockholm, Sweden
The site contains information about the Advox product line for email. Advox supplies gateways from email systems such as cc:Mail or Microsoft Mail to Internet mail, other email systems, GSM phones, text pagers and much more.

Amazing Third Planet, Inc.
Newmarket, Ontario, CA
Rare vintage 1974 Star Trek action figures and other collectibles.

Amber Jewelry by Yantar
Chicago, IL, US
A broad range of exquisite amber jewelry is presented in this unique, hand-crafted collection. Wholesale and retail purchasing opportunities. Online ordering is available.

American Indian Studies Programs
University of Arizona, Tucson, AZ, US
This server is intended for educational purposes only. This server is sponsored by the UA Graduate College and is part of university support as a land grant institution.

America's Suggestion Box
Ronkonkoma, NY, US
ASB is a full featured online information service. We have something for everyone. Voted #8 in Boardwatch Magazine's top 100 BBS's in the country.

Applied Electromagnetics and Optics Laboratory
SRI International, Menlo Park, CA, US
Performs research in diverse fields from electromagnetics to optics. Our expertise includes optical technology, printing technology, signal and image processing, oceanic optics, space borne measurements, and remote sensing.

Archimedes Software, Inc.
Kirkland, WA, US
Obtain product information. Download demo software, order software.

Arthur Thompson
Warwick Publishing Co., St. Charles, IL, US
Elegant seasonal greeting cards and letterhead; real estate note cards, frames and letterhead; pet care frames and postcards; specialty letterhead and notes for all occasions.

Ashley Associates Environmental Consultants
Cambridge, UK
Providing advice and services for the investigation, assessment and remediation of soil, groundwater and surface water contamination.

Ask an Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon
San Diego, CA, US
An interactive question-and-answer page on topics in oral and maxillofacial surgery with links to previous questions-and-answers.

AT&T Enterprise Modelling
London, UK
Consulting services and products from AT&T's Enterprise Design and Development Group, distributed across North America and Europe.

Corona del Mar, CA, US
A free service which allows people to buy or lease a new car or truck at wholesale prices.

Vienna, VA, US
A searchable index of automobiles accompanied by actual dealer price quotations.

Banca della Svizzera Italiana
Tinet Sagl, Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
The homepage (text in English or Italian) of the first Swiss bank online.

Bennett Brecht
New Orleans, LA, US
Music, computer music, music writer/editor, music business, musician, Web page design, music industry journal, indie, music business institute, cutting edge music conference, neural networks in music.

Blind Children's Center
Los Angeles, CA, US
A non-profit organization available to blind and partially sighted children regardless of race, color, national or ethnic origin, sex, religion or ability to pay.

Blue Guitar: The Chris Smither Web Page
Stessa Cohen, Philadelphia, PA, US
An American acoustic blues guitarist, singer, and songwriter.

Blueridge Technologies
Flint Hill, VA, US
The maker of OPTIX, the most widely installed cross-platform document management system available for Macintosh and Windows-based computers.

Brickell & Associates Public Relations
Virginia Beach, VA, US
Communications specialists help businesses develop positive relations with customers, employees, the community, media, and public and business leaders.

The British Council
Manchester, UK
Promotes educational, cultural and technical cooperation between Britain and other countries. The Council's work is designed to establish long-term and worldwide partnerships and to improve international understanding.

Bunnyhop Magazine
Bunnyhop Communications, Ltd., San Francisco, CA, US
A publication that explores pop culture and alternative music. Excerpts from current and out-of-print back issues, reader surveys, information on future projects, fluffy pink rabbits, and more.

Business First
Internet Commerce Center, Roswell, GA, US
Announcing the premium long distance plan from Cable & Wireless. Offers small and large businesses the utmost in competitive rates and service.

C3D Sports
San Diego, CA, US
Presenting the Line Drive series of sports training equipment for baseball, softball and golf. Line Drive is indoor/outdoor and ensures proper swing mechanics. Coaches love them.

California Bed & Breakfast Database
Net 101, Los Angeles, CA, US
The Web's largest database of California's B&Bs, this is an indispensable guide whan planning a trip in the Golden State.

Callipygian Blues Band
Metropolis, Edison, NJ, US
Music links to the words and music of the Callipygian Blues Band.

Campaigns & Elections Magazine
InfiNet, Norfolk, VA, US
If you're a public official, political candidate, campaign manager, consultant, PAC director, etc...Campaigns & Elections magazine is your best source for updated, objective, and non-partisan information about political campaign techniques, vendors, and more.

Canoe Plants of Ancient Hawaii
Nation of Hawaii, Honolulu, Hawaii
An interactive educational and reference resource on the 24 canoe plants which were brought to Hawaii by ancient Polynesian voyagers. Includes identification, propagation, cultural and medicinal uses, and images.

Cape Breton Showcase
Moran Dán Productions, Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada
The place to go for accommodation, arts and crafts info, things to see etc. on Cape Breton Island.

Cape Cod Massachusetts Information
RouteSix, Arlington, MA, US
An assortment of information about Cape Cod.

CCI World
Cowles & Collier, Inc., Gainesville, FL, US
An interactive marketplace for computer products and internet services. Try our Laptop Designer, or shop with The Cart.

Cedar Rapids Symphony
Cedar Rapids, IA, US
"The Cedar Rapids Symphony has transcended its amateur origins to become a model for the whole country."--Time Magazine, July 12, 1993

Center for Space Microelectronics Technology (CSMT)
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
Develops high-risk, high-payoff concepts and devices in solid-state devices, photonics, custom microcircuits and advanced computing to enhance current and future space missions.

Chapman Securities, Inc
Overland Park, KS, US
Specialists in tax-free, municipal bond investing. We maintain a list of individual municipal bonds that are currently available for many states in the U.S.

Chapman Univ. Department of Film and Television
Orange, CA, US
An entire nonlinear post-production center, a state-of-the-art television studio, and an extensive array of filmmaking and video production gear.

Chinese Literature
City University of New York, New York, NY, US
Poetry, painting, calligraphy, and classics. Primarily full-text, original Chinese, and viewable with Chinese fonts. Paintings, calligraphs, and other materials are in graphic forms and viewable without special software.

Cities for Climate Protection Campaign
ICLEI, Toronto, ON, Canada
CCP is a campaign of the International Council for Local Environmental Initiatives. This Web site contains information on climate change and the urban environment.

City Oklahoma City--Office of Management and Budget
Oklahoma City, OK, US
Local government fiscal and analytical information.

Clemson University Graduate School
Clemson, SC, US
Information on South Carolina and Clemson University. Online prospectus available.

Clinical Faculty Forum
Univ. of Wisconsin Medical School, Madison, WI, US
Promoting awareness of and giving voice to issues that are of special concern to clinical faculty. Includes discussions of clinical problems or political issues within hospitals and medical schools.

CNI Cinema
Spyder World Wide Web, New York, NY, US
A feature film production company based in New York City, producer of three feature films: "Ramona", "The Kirlian Witness" and "Beach Beverly Hills."

The Cole Pages
San Francisco, CA, US
A monthly newsletter on technology, journalism and publishing. Back issues are archived as well as current information from The Cole Digest and Cole's Newswire.

The Computer Museum Charity Auction
Boston, MA, US
May 22-26, 1995. Bid on 250 items in five categories, including collectibles, hardware/software, travel/leisure. Auction to help support educational programs of The Computer Museum.

Continent Ostomy Centers
St. Petersburg, FL, US
A hospital-based program designed to accommodate the needs of surgeons trained in the provision of the Barnett Continent Intestinal Reservoir procedure and patients.

Copyright Protection on the Internet
North Little Rock, AR, US
IPLA licenses intellectual property on the Internet. This includes articles, books, poems, graphics, drawings, shareware, photographs, video, database searches, voice and musical recordings, games. etc.

Crestwood Resorts
Whitefish, MT, US
Travel in Montana. Take a virtual vacation in the NorthWest. Golf, hike, boat, or fish in one of the top resort and recreational areas in the United States.

Cultural University 96
Copenhagen, Denmark
An international summer school in Copenhagen in July and August, 1996. There are 20 interdisciplinary, graduate level courses for 600 students.

Custom Computers Network Services for Alaska
Anchorage, AK, US
Local businesses plus information on hunting, fishing, camping, motorhome rentals, cars and trucks for sale, and various other things.

Cyber Demon BBS
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
We are Alberta's largest DOOM related BBS. We support DOOM, DOOM2, Heretic, Descent, ROTT. Look for Mike's WAD of the Week. Every week I will choose a new WAD file for DOOM, DOOM2 and Heretic.

A Cybrary of the Holocaust
The Write Thing, Paradise, CA, US
Dedicated to remembering and learning. Explore resources of text, photos, art, and the Imagine Art Gallery, where sixth graders share their paintings.

Delta Dream Vacations (tm)
Fort Lauderdale, FL, US
Information about vacation opportunities in the Fort Lauderdale area. The name Certified Vacations is an assurance of the highest standard in leisure travel.

Democratech Party
Vancouver, BC, Canada
A 250-page resource which outlines the Democratech Electronic Referendum process implementation in Canada and its worldwide potential.

DerryDries Productions
MacDries Design, New York, NY, US
A small team of independent artists, designers, and multimedia producers specializing in children's software. Our current projects include: The Queens of New York City, The Cloudmaker Cries, and Cyberlingo.

Digital Technics Inc.
Columbia, MD, US
DTI has developed a generic switching platform, called Esopus 2000, suitable for PBX (PABX), central office, interactive voice response, voicemail, and many other telecom and switching applications.

Direct Marketing Homepage
Portland, OR, US
Come learn about direct marketing and get a free marketing analysis letting you know exactly how many prospects you have to market to.

Display-o-Rama Video Tool Box
Univ. of California, Berkeley, EE and CompSci Dept., Berkeley, CA, US
A video tool box for checking out your computer display. A collection of common templates that any user or system admin can use to examine convergence, geometry, linearity, resolution and color purity.

The Doom Patrol.
Troy, NY, US
Summaries and annotations of the comic book series by Paul Kupperburg, Grant Morrison and Rachel Pollack.

Driving Information Technology and the Information Industry Forward
Computing Research Association, Washington, DC, USA
Leading figures from the computing industry describe the impact of federally-sponsored fundamental research in creating ideas and people that form the foundation for computer graphics, high performance workstations, networking, databases, and other areas.

Dubl-Click Software
Bend, OR, US
Develops and publishes Macintosh and Newton software products. Download information, demos, and products for purchase here.

East Coast Computer Systems, Inc.
2C_NET WorldWide Publishing Co., Riviera Beach, FL, US
PC information, sales, service, and consulting.

El mundo Latino (Info about Latin America)
VanGogh, The Hague, NL
Information for Spanish speaking people. Links to Latin American countries. Let's speak Spanish. Informacion para latinos en espanol.

Electronic Atlas of Dynamical Evolutions of Short-Period Comets
Istituto di Astrofisica Spaziale of the C.N.R. (Italy), Frascati, Italy
Contains data and plots illustrating the dynamical evolutions of periodic comets over about 800 years centered on the present epoch.

Emergency Preparedness Information Center
Bellevue, WA, US
Dedicated to preparing for a natural disaster. Viewers learn to establish a disaster plan and will use a preparedness check list. The site is comprehensive and includes a links list.

Empire Mall
Empire Consumer Marketing Group, South Hadley, MA, US
The following merchants have been added: Blue Planet Surf Gear (Hawaii's premier retailer of surfing gear), Brooklyn North Software Works (creators of HTML Assistant Pro), Cassette House (the Net's largest wholesaler of blank media), Child Guard (child protection services), Internet Flowers (the latest and greatest flower distributor), and Salon Direct (professional hair care products).

Environmental Laser
Torrance, CA, US
Nationwide sales of laser toner cartridges and copier cartridges for both wholesale and retail. Our home page has links to other sites for printer drivers and printer related files.

Eurysis Computer Consulting
Urbana, IL, US
We will answer online questions as time and space allow for computer related questions. We post the top ten questions of the week.

Stamford, CT, US
The leading source of trade show and conference information on the Internet, is now online. Our database currently contains close to 4000 listings. All shows can be found utilizing our easy to use alphabetical, date and location indices.

Falcon Technologies, Inc.
Denver, CO, US
Specializes in providing Web page development and publishing, and information systems consulting to small and medium sized businesses.

Fanco International Corp.
Stannet WWW Designing & Publishing Co., East Rockaway, NY, US
Direct importers of laundry, storage and shopping bags. Also importing slippers and luggage carts. Distribution throughout the New York area and presently going national.

Feeding Dream Regenesis Retreat
Denver, CO, US
A holistic health, alternative experience retreat focusing on mind/body/spirit well-being and development.

Journalistic Inc., Raleigh, NC, US
A brand new Web site designed for high school students. It's chock-full o' information concerning high school, being smart, being cool, and going to college. Check it out or risk the humiliation of not knowing.

Florida Wildflower Showcase
Michael E. Abrams, Ph.D., Tallahassee, FL, US
Some of the best wildflower photography on the Web makes this page an outstanding and growing resource. This page seeks to combine botany and photography. It includes family, genus and species and will be growing larger as word gets around.

Foreign Trade Zone
Emtron, Inc., Ocala, FL, US
FTZ will provide value to and be a service for businesses targeting the global marketplace. Multilingualism and assistance with GATT, NAFTA and export procedures makes the FTZ helpful, useful and proactive.

Free Offer Forum
Venture Communications, New York, NY, US
The place to shop where everything is absolutely free. Plus you could win a deluxe cruise to Mexico or the Caribbean. Offers change frequently.

Free Scholarship Search
Student Services Inc., North Chicago, IL, US
With a database of 180,000+ scholarships, fellowships, grants, and loans, student services has the resources to help college students studying in the United States find money for college. Are there scholarships out there for you? Find out.

Free Vietnam Alliance
Orange County, CA, US
A coalition of Vietnamese democracy movements around the world with the goal of peaceful democratization of Vietnam.

The Fridge
Riverland Networks, Erichem, Gelderland, The Netherlands
Everyday we pick the five freshest, kewlest, heaviest, weirdest, freakiest sites on the Web. Language used is a mix of Dutch and English.

Friendship Association of Chinese Students and Scholars
University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN, US
Events, history, officers, etc. of this group at the University of Minnesota. Chinese students planning to attend UMN will find more what FACSS is all about.

Laguna Hills, CA, US
Gift giving made simple.

GIS WORLD and Business Geographics magazines
Ft. Collins, CO, US
Publishes GIS WORLD and Business Geographics magazines, Geographic Technology Markets and GIS WORLD Report/CANADA newsletters as well as various books related to GIS, GPS, CAD, CAM, demographics, mapping and spatial data.

Goldhil Home Video
Net 101, Los Angeles, CA, US
Bringing to the Internet the best of today's special interest home video.

Graffoto Textile Imaging Corp.
Bellingham, WA, US
Reproduces high resolution, full color images onto a variety of items from T-shirts to mousepads, with a line of licensed North American artists work available. Also a custom division.

The Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Your source of information on every aspect of printing, including electronic prepress, DTP, press and postpress operations. Training, technical and scholarship information is available.

Gspot Magazine
London, UK
Featuring club reviews from London, New York, and Amsterdam. Music of all types, from electronic to Jungle to ambient. New cyber fashion, art, computer games, and Internet sites.

Guides for Programming in C, Pascal, Fortran, HTML and Others
Douglas R. Mauro, Albany, NY, US
Various quick links to guides, books, hints, examples of many computer languages including HTML, C, C++, Pascal, Fortran and others.

Harbor Point Mall
After Five Technology, Inc., Buffalo, NY, US
Western New York's first electronic shopping center. Harbor Point is filled with many different merchants offering products and services for individuals and businesses.

Henry Rollins Official Website
Los Angeles, CA, US
Official Web site and resource for Henry Rollins, Rollins Band and 2.13.61 Publications. Pictures, sound bites, book excerpts and mail order info.

HIRS Community Profiling Workstation
Atlanta, GA, US
The main purpose of the HIRS CPW is to enhance and streamline the process of Community Health Profiling as outlined by SunHealth and by the American College of HealthCare Executives ACHE . profile.

Holabird Sports
Baltimore, MD, US
Shoes, equipment and clothing for tennis, squash, racquetball, basketball, volleyball, running and exercise.

Honduras: Tierra de Catrachos
Baltimore, MD, US
Information about Honduran educational institutions, networking, recreational activities, and social/economical events inside and outside the Honduras territory. Also: links to other interesting Latin American sites.

How to Set Up A Winsock Connection--A Beginner's Guide
West Lafayette, IN, US
A must-read page for new Net surfers with reference to Winsock connection, where to start, how to set things right, what applications to choose and where to get them, among other things.

infoZine, Kansas City's Premier Digital Monthly Magazine
Kansas City, MO, US
Will always try to bring you articles and cartoons that will enhance your life. A magazine for the generalist among us.

Initiative Media
London, UK
A media specialist working with advertisers to determine the most appropriate vehicles for their marketing communications and then negotiating space purchase. Also analyses of media and marketing developments on the Web.

Innovations Design Group, Inc.
Cedar Rapids, IA, US
A graphic design agency wanting to share our excitement about the marketing potential of the Web.

Institute for Business & Professional Ethics
DePaul University, Chicago, IL, US
Provides not only links to ethics-related resources on the Net, but also has the first online Journal of Ethics.

Institute of HeartMath, Inc.
Boulder Creek, CA, US
Researchs the effects of heart function on mental/emotional balance, personal efficiency and health. Training programs provide quick access to intuitive abilities, creativity, higher productivity and reduced stress.

The International English Institute
Fresno, CA, US
The leader in intensive English instruction for over 15 years. Intensive English/cultural programs for individuals, groups of 10 or more, and business English for the professional.

International Migration and Ethnic Relations
CEIFO, Stockholm University, Sweden
Provides information about research in the field of international migration and ethnic relations. Is also the base for IMER-nytt, an electronic research journal (with much material in English).

Internet North
MicroAge Computer Stores #335, Yellowknife, NT, Canada
The first Internet service provider to bring cost effective Internet access to the northwest territories in Canada's arctic.

Internet Solutions
Montgomery, AL, US
A southeastern-based consulting firm assisting corporations and individuals in maximizing their opportunities on the Internet.

Island Holidays
Atlanta, GA, US
Take a scuba diving vacation in the tropics with Island Holidays.

IVI Publishing
Minneapolis, MN, US
Interactive multimedia software titles on CD-ROM for your child, health, medical and sports needs.

The Jaunt
Strider Web Designs, Pompano Beach, FL, US
Designed to be your home on the Internet. New links are added daily and existing links are checked frequently to ensure that they are active.

Jim Robb's Yukon Studio
Colourful Five Percent Co. Ltd, Vancouver, BC, Canada
A display of art works by one of the Yukon's most well-known painters. Robb uses carefully considered exaggeration to capture the look and feel of the Yukon.

The Jolly Rancher Experience
HARD media, London, UK
Can you handle the full on and fruity Jolly Rancher Web experience? Gunslinging, gambling and girls from the USA's third largest candy brand.

Key West Island Guide
Key Exposure, Florida, FL, US
A complete guide to the "last resort", Key West.

King Biscuit Time
Island Internet, Qualicum Beach, B.C., Canada
Just the Blues...A blues music retrospective.

Latina Folia Christi
Kansas City, MO, US
This page is a centralized starting point for Latin language resources on the Internet.

Legal Links
LawServ, Inc., New York, NY, US
A guide to legal resources brought to you by LawServ, the online legal recruiting service.

Legent Corporation
Pittsburgh, PA, US
One of the ten largest software companies in the world, offering over 150 software products and related services for managing enterprise distributed computing environments.

Lillehammer - Norway
Lillehammer College, Lillehammer, Oppland, Norway
Tourist information about the Olympic area of Norway. Also have a local newspaper with weekly updates.

Los Alamos National Laboratory
Facilities Security & Safeguards Division, Los Alamos, NM, US
The Department of Energy and many of the leaders of this nation regard the assets of the national laboratories, including Los Alamos, as preeminent members of the U.S. research community.

Machine Vision Laboratory
University of Udine, Italy
Teaching and research activities including image processing, machine perception, model-based vision, hypermedia, signal processing and understanding. Applications: biomedicine, geophysics, industrial inspection.

Main Street On Line
UniPress Software W3 Services Division, Edison, NJ, US
A commercial Web site modeled after a small town. Businesses can rent storefronts on the clickable map, and visitors can browse the government offices, arcade, park, or fortune teller. We also offer free Web pages in the MSOL Annex.

Mancala Web
Brian Casey's Web Stuff, Socorro, NM, US
Brings an ancient, challenging game to Web game players. It currently has two skill levels and maintains a scoreboard. Can you beat Mancala Web?

The Mark Ogle Gallery
DP Publishing Co., Kalispell, MT, US
Ogle is a National Parks artist. View his latest series "Reflections" inspiring paintings based on the Glacier National Park in Northwest Montana.

The Micro Science Center
Carp, Ontario, Canada
Provides a variety of equipment and services for scanning electron microscopes.

Microsoft Library
Microsoft Library, Redmond, WA, US
"The most concise, complete...one-stop find-it-all of its kind on the Net" is one user's view of this resource for computer-related information.

France Telecom Intelmatique, Paris, France
Minitel services are now available on the Internet. MinitelWeb provides all the information needed to use the new France Telecom Intelmatique Internet/Minitel Gateway.

MMG Online: Guide to Digital Marketing
Portland, OR, US
From interactive multimedia to the Web, Multimedia Marketing Group keeps you informed of the latest ways in which technology can increase the effectiveness of business communications and marketing.

Mount Cook Tours
Conduit/InForm/Pacific Coast Software, La Jolla, CA, US
We can help you experience New Zealand like no other company can. From the snows of Mt. Cook to the beautiful city of Christchurch - to the wide world of the Web.

Raleigh, NC, US
NandoNext is a World Wide Web site devoted to the interests and attitudes of the next generation, with stories and art created by students from high schools throughout the triangle--Raleigh, Durham and Chapel Hill, N.C.

Nation of Hawaii
Honolulu, Hawaii
Information regarding the legal foundation for the restoration of Hawaiian independence, and cultural perspectives from the people of Hawai`i. Includes legal documentation, current and historical information, policy statements, news articles, etc.

National Audubon Society
New York, NY, US
A guide to the NAS, from its historical roots to current political and educational activities. Features information on local chapters and sanctuaries, including a walk through the Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.

National Golfers Network Membership
Wilstone, Inc., Houston, TX, US
Enjoy up to 50% off on greens fees, discounted driving ranges, and Pro Shop discounts at over 1,400 golf courses in the U.S. and Canada.

National Weather Service Forecast Office
Norman, OK, US
Describes the functions and mission of the office. Featured pages include an illustrated severe weather safety guide and storm spotter guide.

Net 101
Los Angeles, CA, US
Provides electronic publishing, Internet and HTML training, and Web consultation services in the Los Angeles area.

Laguna Hills, CA, US
An electronic metropolis where commerce takes place around the world.

Hudson Design, Philadelphia, PA, US
The Internet advertising portfolio of Jonathan Hudson, a recent graduate from Syracuse Univ's department of visual communications.

Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
An employment advertising service that provides access to hundreds of current progressive positions. For employers, NetJobs provides a simple but cost effective solution to finding talented and qualified candidates in a cost effective fashion.

NetWare Users International - Norway
Novell Forum (NUI-Norway), Oslo, Norway
The service offers information, how to join, links to related Web pages, and general information about NUI.

New Democratic Party of British Columbia
Vancouver, BC, Canada
The World Wide Web home page and electronic archive for the B.C. NDP, the governing party of British Columbia, Canada.

The New England Collectors Society
Orange, CT, US
Focusing on creating high quality, affordable and attractive collectible products which are not found in retail stores or galleries.

New Millennium Marketing
West Springfield, MA, US
Unique gifts from New England.

New York Public Library
Information about the collections, services, programs and publications of The New York Public Library's four research centers and 82 branch libraries.

New York State Learning Link
New York, NY, USA
NYLink is proud to kick off its debut on the Web as home to the Governor Pataki Student Press Conference Home Page.

Newbury Comics
Boston, MA, US
Cutting-edge music and music merchandise. A wicked good time.

Nomius Eye on the Web
Lanham, MD, US
WWW site for business listings, publications, Net culture, and much more.

North Carolina's Outer Banks
Ruffin Associates, Outer Banks, NC, US
Visit and sample the lifestyle and rare beauty of these remote barrier islands. Feature articles and topics change monthly. You'll love the views.

Ohio State University Department of Entomology
Columbus, OH, US
This service is supported by the OSU Insect Collection which has further information and links to topics of interest to entomology, systematics and biodiversity.

The On-Line Business Park
North American Business Concepts, Inc., Boulder, CO, US
Services include legal research, business start-ups and restructuring, relocation services, professional resume and letter writing, Internet presence consultation and The Mirror Monthly Magazine.

Online Intelligence Project
Chicago, IL, US
Oriented to individuals and professionals with an interest in international news, commerce, and references available on Internet. It utilizes an intelligence service model to array resources into departments and regional bureaus.

Onondaga Marketing Associates
Brewerton, NY, US
Provides World Wide Web setup, design and promotional services for your company, assistance with Macintosh, MS-DOS, and Windows environments.

Brussels, Brabant, Belgium
The Beursschouwburg is an art centre in Brussels, Belgium which focuses strongly on the triangular relationship between young artists, established artist, and the public, thus cutting across all disciplines and generations.

ORDERS Plus for Windows
Business Systems of America Inc., West Jefferson, NC, US
Information about this complete sales automation and inventory control system for Windows.

Oregon's International Business Gateway
World Trade Center Portland, Portland, OR, US
Resources facilitating international trade.

Pan American Health Organization - Argentina
Fernando Lopez Guerra, Buenos Aires, Argentina
The PAHO office in Argentina produces this site, where you can find information of health in Argentina and links to other sites in the country.

Berkeley, CA, US
The Premier Parenting Resource Center, providing articles and book excerpts in our reading rooms, electronic dialog in our chat area, and a unique shopping mall stocked exclusively with parenting products.

Pelerei, Inc.
Jefferson, MD, US
A management consulting firm known for working with clients in a unique manner--one that encourages understanding of the issues and opens the black box for the client.

The Pennsylvania Dutch Information Center
Action Video Productions, Lancaster, PA, US
The complete online information resource for one of the top vacation destinations, the Amish Country of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. Information on area attractions, shopping, dining, accommodations, a calendar of events, background information on the Amish people, and much more.

The Personal Tennis Coach Computer Program
MSR Software Development, New York, NY, US
Program includes stroke charting and rating, tip and drill library, game analyzer, notebook, scheduler and phonebook.

Piedmont Label Co., Inc
Bedford, VA, US
Manufacturer and designer of litho and flexo labels for major food and household chemical industries.

Pinnacle Mall
PMA Associates, Morgantown, WV, US
Fine products and services from a distinguished list of top-name retailers. The Shops on the Commons feature specialty shops and useful, interesting services along with links to popular Web sites.

Prism International
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Published since 1959, Prism prints innovative new writing from around the world. It is always looking for submissions and entrants to its annual $3,000 short fiction contest.

Studio Seireeni, Los Angeles, CA, US
Finally, there's something for fashion conscious women on the Internet. The world's first complete and fully operational fashion boutique offering designer clothing for women.

Queenie Records
Non-Stop Productions, Somerville, MA, US
Sounds, pics, and info from a girl-powered label featuring female-fronted bands--Kickstand, Racecar, Coloring Book, Cobalt, Sexpod--that range in sound from tuff punk/funk to hazy dreampop.

Rational Software Corporation
Santa Clara, CA, US
Provides software engineering products and services for complex application development.

Real Escapes Properties
Kitty Hawk, NC, US
Presents property opportunities for those seeking to enjoy the attractions of the Outer Banks of North Carolina and the historic Albemarle. We provide real estate and guidance for people seeking more than a second home.

Realty Net
Dover Consulting, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Provides real estate listings in the Edmonton AB, (Canada) area. Features include tips on preparing you house for sale and over 70 links to other real estate sites.

Riback & Company
Portland, ME, US
Marketing services and consulting, specializing in map and geographic products.

Rodale Press
Emmaus, PA, US
The world's leading publisher of health, fitness, and home and garden books.

Rotary On-Line
Rtn. Werner K. Kubesch & Assoc., Bangkok, Thailand
An experimental site whose prime objective is to create the most comprehensive Rotary Information resource on the Internet, and a worldwide Rotary Club Directory that is updated regularly.

Royal Astro Billiards
Coordinated Systems, Inc., East Hartford, CT, US
Offering a wide variety of pool tables for both the home consumer and the business establishment. Buying direct from the manufacturer.

Russian-American Chamber of Commerce
Aurora, CO, US
The nation's leading trade association whose mission is to develop and facilitate U.S. trade, investment and commerce in the Russian marketplace.

Sacred Art of Russia
PeachWeb Corp., Atlanta, GA, US
This powerful exhibition contains some of the most incredible, awe-inspiring work mankind has ever created. The passion, the fanaticism, the divine inspiration burn brightly on these pieces.

Seattle, WA, US
A small company dedicated to providing high quality photo imaging and O.C.R. document scanning. Photo enhancement, special effects, image conversion and manipulation, enlargements and reductions.

Scarlet Woman Camp, Ordo Templi Orientis
Austin, TX, US
A chartered body of the Caliphate Ordo Templi Orientis. The site is designed for people interested in Thelema, OTO and the magick of Aleister Crowley.

The Scottish National Party (SNP)
SNP Computer Support Group, Edinburgh, Scotland
The SNP is a democratic party which seeks to restore Scottish independence by peaceful means.

Senior Citizens' Web Pointer
Retired Associates of PSU, Portland, OR, US
Resources and links of interest to senior adults. Serves as a forum for aging and geriatric issues. Provides a place for activity announcements.

SGML on the Web
NCSA and SoftQuad Inc., Champaign-Urbana, IL, US
A site devoted to tools and resources for Web functionality and display beyond HTML, to full SGML on the Web. To see the value of extensible stylesheets, multi-way linking and automated tables of contents, download a freeware SGML viewer first.

Sigma Nu Fraternity Delta Delta Chapter
State College, PA, US
Information pertaining to the Sigma Nu chapter at Penn State Univ. Contains information about our national organization as well as our local chapter.

Silver Cloud Sports
The Electronic Pen, Inc., Belmont, CA, US
High performance golf products. Top quality golf clubs, designed by a golfing expert, are available through the Internet. The clubs are designed to be player friendly, at a price that is affordable for most golfers looking to own quality equipment.

Smejkal Surgical Inc.
Ravenna Communications Corp., Hobart/Dyer, IN, US
Dr. Smejkal is trained and qualified to provide plastic and reconstructive surgery including ZYDERM Collagen and GLY DERM treatments.

Songwriting Consultants Ltd.
Santa Monica, CA, US
Song doctor and hit songwriter Molly-Ann Leikin helps good songwriters become hit songwriters.

Soul Desert, The Julian Cope Page
Quebec, Canada
This is dedicated to Julian Cope, a British rock musician.

Southern California Gay Wired Times
San Diego, CA, US
New, interactive info source for Southern California's gay and lesbian community. Includes gay entertainment, travel, shopping and issues for the Southern California gay community. Also includes hot spots for the week, restaurant listings, etc.

Southern Comfort City Guides
Louisville, KY, US
The official "where, when, how, and why" guide to a number of U.S. cities. Schedules for major sporting events, restaurant guides with up-to-date user reviews, bars, local bands, and much more.

Spaghetti Freddy's at The Depot
Northampton, MA, US
Northampton's premiere Italian/American family restaurant. We are located in an historic turn-of-the-century railroad station. Our full menu is available online. Pictures, too.

Spectra Systems Corp. FDDI
Alpharetta, GA, US
Providing FDDI equipment for the Macintosh as well as concentrators. Also publishing Dittoª, the fastest Ethernet Mac file-transfer utility.

Seattle, WA, US
Using the award-winning SPRY Mosaic interface, you can link to thousands of online services and databases to view text, multimedia, graphics and video.

SRI's Optical Technology Program
Dr. Robert A. Brown, Menlo Park, CA, US
Performs fundamental research in optics and related disciplines, and applies optical and infrared techniques to the solution of practical problems. Staff expertise: EE, oceanography, optics, physics.

Stan Lynde's Old West
Cottonwood Publishing, Inc, Kalispell, MT, US
The Old West adventure Comics Stan Lynde, author of Rick O'Shaye and Latigo (comic strips) has brought his Old West adventure characters and memorabilia to cyberspace.

Stannet WWW Designing & Publishing Co.
East Rockaway, NY, US
Designing and publishing Web pages for businesses and individuals. From a single page to a complete catalog. In the greater New York City area we can meet personally.

Stardust Technologies, Inc
Campbell, CA, US
Hosts the WinSock Resource Center providing comprehensive WinSock information and software resources. Stardust is also home to The WinSock Labs, a test facility for developers of WinSock software.

The Stratford Festival
Stratford, Ontario, Canada
The finest in classical and contemporary theatre and North America's largest repertory theatre invites you to learn about the festival, its history, and the 1995 Stratford Festival season.

Suns'n'Roses: The Web of Time
CuberWeb SoftWare, Lanham, MD, US
Visions in astronomy, cyberspace, and metaphysics. Images of the universe; mathematical and computational models; speculations on the nature of reality; quotations from the literature.

Superflora and 800-GIFT-LINE
Century City, CA, US
Elegant floral arrangements which include everything from floral bouquets, roses, plants, and unique gift and gourmet baskets.

SymNet Co-Location Services
Tallahassee, FL, US
Wants to make retrieving and offering information easier for those that want to reach the Southeast. Located in North Florida, we can house and maintain hardware to mirror ftp or http resources.

Clinton, NJ, US
Taxi combines Zagat Survey's unique hotel and restaurant database with powerful mapping software. Find specific streets and addresses as well as information about hotels, restaurants, and city attractions.

Sag Harbor, NY, US
The latest in innovative recycling technology -- our line of binders, planners, memobooks, clipboards, and clocks are made from re-utilized printed circuit boards. High-tech with an environmental conscience.

Tekram Technology USA
Austin, TX, US
Get product information, communicate with technical support, and download free software direct from a leading manufacturer of high performance IDE and SCSI controllers for PC-based platforms.

Teleconferencing Technologies, Inc.
Woodstock, IL, US
Manufactures quality teleconferencing equipment. From speakerphones to a completely digital conference bridge to equipment for BTV networks, TTI has communications tools for tomorrow.

TiWeb - Iperinformazione della Svizzera Italiana
Tinet Sagl, Lugano, Ticino, Switzerland
A commercial and cultural Web server for the Italian part of Switzerland, including Lugano, Locarno and Bellinzona, maintained by Tinet, a local Internet provider.

Total Video
South San Francisco, CA, US
Full-service digital video, graphics, audio production and post-production facility. High end linear and non-linear digital editing. Complete digital audio services. Complete field production packages.

Total Process Consultants, Atlanta, GA, US
The TPC home page allows you to thumb through job openings, and discover our business philosophy.

Tripod Inc. - Tools for Life
Williamstown, MA, US
A new service providing information and services for students helping them deal with the real-world issues that colleges don't address.

Turning Music Into Gold
VIDEOSTAR Publishing, Merrimack, NH, US
A sales and marketing book for mobile DJs. This site provides information on the book including reviews and provides a way to order it.

Tuscaloosa Online
Internet Training & Consulting Services, Tuscaloosa, AL, US
Provides information about local businesses, entertainment, recreation, education, government, and news in the West Alabama area.

The UK Shopping Centre
YorkDale Ltd., Camberley, Surrey, England
More than 180,000 books, 56,000 videos, 14,000 CDs plus computer software, PC games and CD-ROMs. Also providing both business and Internet consultancy.

The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Compliant Software
Scott A. Swedorski & The Greater Flint Educational Consortium, Flint, MI, US
A comprehensive collection of windows Winsock software packages.

University at Buffalo Department of Nuclear Medicine
Buffalo, NY, US
Home to the Center for Positron Emission Tomography.

University Towne Centre Mall (Shopping UTC)
San Diego, CA, US
A user-friendly, interactive new Web site for marketing a regional shopping mall in the San Diego/La Jolla area. Cyber-shoppers can search for sales, check movie schedules, print money-saving coupons, and even win prizes on a treasure hunt.

The URL-Minder: Your Own Personal Web Robot!
NetMind, Long Island, NY, US
Retrieves your registered URLs on a regular basis and reports back to you by email when they change. Will also run searches on Web databases regularly and let you know when anything new that matches your search shows up. Keeps track of the places you've been etc.

Andre' V. Helmstetter, Bellvue, WA, US
A place that one can go to find resources for entertainment or work. It is also a showcase for whatever I happen to be into at the time.

Used Computer Prices
United Computer Exchange Corp., Atlanta, GA, USA
A global clearinghouse for buyers and sellers of used microcomputer equipment. Used computer price indexes and lists of various models and configurations are available at our home page.

UTURN Christian Worldview
The King's Centre, British Columbia, Canada
Quarterly news letter giving a Christian worldview of politics, education, public policy, and economics.

Vanguard Lite
Vanguard Technology Group, Winona, MN, US
More fun than should be legal online -- have your horoscope read, get AI custom-written excuse not to go to work, visit the Internet Candy Dish, and more.

Venture Law Group
Menlo Park, CA, US
A 25-lawyer law firm specializing in representing deal-intensive technology companies, both public and private, and the venture capital funds and investment banking firms that finance them.

Ventures Extraordinaire Inc.
San Mateo, CA, US
International tour operator with offices in USA, Germany, and UK. Over 24 years experience in Europe/Asia/South Pacific travel.

Virtual Jewelry
Temple Univ. Gallery of the ARTS, Philadelphia, PA, US
Christina Parkin's MFA thesis in the field of computer modeled jewelry design is exhibited in this virtual gallery, appropriate for her virtual jewelry.

VMFX Simulations
Portland, OR, US
Providing custom virtual environments, animation, graphic design, and Web home page authoring. Research areas include EEG brainwave biofeedback and custom VR learning environments.

Voice Recognition Systems
Lexington, KY, US
The world's first home page dedicated to voice entry technology. Our page provides detailed information about Dragon Systems voice recognition software, featuring complete mouse movement by voice.

Washington Square News
New York, NY, US
New York University's daily student newspaper, published five times a week during the academic year.

Washington State Child Support Resource Center
Washington State Division of Child Support (DCS), Olympia, WA, US
Information of interest to both custodial and non-custodial parents, or anyone considering opening a family support case with DCS.

Waxlander Gallery
Santa Fe, NM, US
Represents some of New Mexico's finest contemporary artists. This site highlights selected works of Phyllis Kapp. Her watercolors, along with the works of other Waxlander artists, are online here.

The Web Nebulae
Tucson, AZ, US
These pages introduce a few spectacular night sky objects in brilliant color and amazing detail.

Web Winder Services
Seattle, WA, US
Offering HTML programming, forms and access count programming, custom icon and HTML logo design, photo-imaging, document scanning, and many more features.

WebComics Daily
Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA, US
Has the world's largest collection on inline daily comics. Comics artists can even add there own works to the ever growing collection. See also WebComics Weekly for the best comics this week.

Welkin Sportsballs
Internet Commerce Center, Roswell, GA, US
Volleyballs, footballs, and soccer balls in solid colors or with logo graphics. Durable and built for play.

Westinghouse Science & Technology Center
Pittsburgh, PA, US
Identifying, developing and transferring innovative technology to customers. Also, information on the 1996 Applied Superconductivity Conference and Information Technology department.

What's New In Country
Dawn Banks, Tampa, FL, US
Howdy, I hope all the country western music fans will mosey on down and visit an information spot for country music artist news, also links to other country sites.

Wine and Dine zine
Clifton Media Associates, London, England, UK
A professionally written entertaining guide to the world of wine, food and travel, access free to Internet subscribers. International/European in outlook, independent in editorial content.

Wing Lam Enterprises
Sunnyvale, CA, US
WLE is a Kung Fu studio that provides Tai Chi, Shaolin, and Hung Gar Kung Fu instruction to martial arts students. See the WLE catalog of instructional materials.

WizSoft home page
Framingham, MA, US
Annotating WizRule for Windows is an innovative program which investigates database files (dBase, Paradox, ODBC) and discovers unknown rules and hidden errors.

World of Escher, Inc.
San Antonio, TX, US
Explore the world of M.C. Escher, the famous Dutch graphic artist, a world as fascinating as the Internet. Repeating geometric tilings, spatial illusions, essays and stories.

The Written Word Reading Room
M. David Lewis Enterprises, Santa Monica, CA, US
Entertain yourself with some poetry, hypertext poetry, and short stories. Adding hypertext stories and opinion articles soon.

Xaos Enterprises
Sparta, NJ, US
An emerging software and consulting group with a special focus on the combination of creativity and workmanship.

XLNT Designs, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
A leading designer of networking products that improve the performance of Local Area Networks (LANs) and products that speed design time for designers of embedded products.

Monday, 29 May 1995

12th European Conference on Biomaterials
Institute of Biomedical Engineering (INEB), Porto, Portugal
All information on the 12th European Conference on Biomaterials. An online registration form is available.

AAA Carolinas, American Automobile Association
CC Communications, Inc., Charlotte, NC, US
Providing quality automotive roadside assistance, insurance and financial services to North Carolina and South Carolina residents and others. Helpful membership information and cost-saving travel packages.

Accelerated Media
Seattle, WA, US
We are commercial Web service for the Seattle area. Accelerated Media offers professional home page development and housing.

ADS Space Instrumentation Abstract Service
NASA's Astrophysics Data System (ADS), Cambridge, MA, US
A major expansion to the Astronomy Abstract Service; 275,000 abstracts pertaining to space instrumentation, astronautics, and engineering. Databases searchable by author, keywords, title, and text words.

Smoky Hill High School, Aurora, CO, US
A continuously updated database of aircraft, including airplanes from World War I to modern times, helicopters, etc. Most entries have a brief description, history, technical data, and at least one photograph.

All Things Political
Informatics Resource, Gulf, FL, US
Your one-stop shop for political information on the Internet: What's new in politics, Presidential primaries, archives of political speeches, political discussion, political scandals, opinion polls, and much more.

Allegro Consultants, Inc.
Redwood City, CA, US
Allegro has been involved with systems-level programming of HP3000 and Unix computers since 1983.

Architecture, Engineering and Construction Network
AECNET, Long Island, NY, US
The electronic resource network of architecture, engineering and construction.

Ashram on the Internet
The Light of Sivananda-Valentina, Miami Beach, FL, US
The Light of Sivananda-Valentina is a non-profit religious and educational organization. The materials online are offered free to anyone interested in self-improvement. Text and graphics.

Attorney Gerry Spence
World Mall, Overland Park, KS, US
Famed defense attorney and author Gerry Spence's new book is now available. "How to Argue and Win Every Time" is the latest from the frequent commentator on the O.J. Simpson trial.

Australia Underwater
Margaret in Cyberspace, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
A collection of underwater photographs from around Australia.

AVER Computers Ltd.
London, England
Cyberpunk restroom for good food music with links to other intersting but clean sites.

AVIRIS is back for 1995
Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA, US
With the start of the 1995 flight season, and with our repaired disk drives, it is again possible to get AVIRIS quicklook images off the Web and via anonymous FTP. New images will appear with each new flight.

Baja Boards
Internet Commerce Center, Atlanta, GA, US
Bigger, stronger, able to leap tall buildings. Baja Boards are the latest in off-road skateboards with 10" tires, 4 1/2" wheels, and built to withstand the roughest terrain.

Bananas at Large Audio/Musical Company
San Rafael, CA, US
Equipment for all your musical needs, from recording gear to keyboards to guitars and amps. Our site offers answers to your questions, articles related to performing music and recording, and an online edition of our newsletter.

The Unlearning Foundation, San Jose, CA, US
Beta BOOKS is a new electronic bookstore, selling mainly electronic books. Authors are welcome to submit their manuscripts. Also accepting contributions for a new online cooperative book.

Big Blue Alumni International(R) Forum
Fort Worth, TX, US
The electronic information and communication service for IBM employees, past and present.

The Binch
Binch Enterprises, Minneapolis, MN, US
Punted cheeseballs and grumpy catfish are just a few things you might read about at this site. Offering laughs and space for businesses that want to be noticed.

BizPro Online Business Services
Austin, TX, US
Provides homebased, small and corporate businesses an inexpensive way of promoting and networking their business via the World Wide Web. Full graphic, video, text and sound capabilities.

Blue Mountain Graphic Design
Pullman, WA, US
Your one-stop source for online HTML graphics and much more.

Blue Pearl
New York City, NY, US
The first Latino entertainment site. It has an interactive soap opera as well as top Latino stars including Jimmy Smits.

Borealis Information Page
Borealis Technical Inc. Ltd., Portland, OR, US
One of the most interesting and exciting technology and growth companies in the world. Revolutionary technology in cooling (semiconductors to industrial), electric motors, steel, and mining resources.

Boyd & Fraser Online
Boyd & Fraser Publishing Co., Danvers, MA, US
Products for higher education, business, and industry in information systems, computer applications and programming, marketing, and quantitative methods. BF Online offers a hypertext catalog, featured titles, mailing lists and a software resource center.

Branson Online
Ozark Internet Solutions, Branson, MO, US
Your complete information source for Branson, Missouri, USA. Complete with music show listings and clips, restaurant listings, lodging, information on the beautiful Tri-Lakes area, and more.

The Brewers Guild
San Jose, CA, US
Discover the world's best beers with The Brewers Guild. Microbrewery beers delivered to your home each month. Great for a gift or a special treat for yourself.

Broad Water Inn and Craft Shop, Cape Breton
Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada
A charming country inn overlooking the Bras d'Or Lakes near Baddeck. This 150-year-old home is rich in local history and its original ambience has been maintained.

Bug Free Shirt
Dor Sew Enterprise, Mabou, Nova Scotia, Canada
For all people who enjoy the outdoors, a wonderful defense against mosquitoes, black flies and other pesky bugs.

Business Online
Progressive Technologies Group, Corvallis, OR, US
Businesses online and Oregon information.

BW Paging Services
Business Works, Gardenville, PA, US
Best prices on pagers, services, and accessories. We will meet or beat any advertised price. Business built on personable customer service and satisfaction.

The Canadian Health Network - Health Canada
Health Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Disseminating Health Canada information to the Canadian public and health care professionals. Sponsors Web servers for other organizations, such as The National Forum on Health, The Canadian Medical Association and The Canadian Society for International Health.

Canadian Lawyers and Law Firms
Alan Gahtan, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
An index to Canadian lawyers and law firms with a Web page or with Internet email access.

Cape Breton Showcase
Moran Dán Productions, Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada
An island on the East Coast of Canada. This site is a showcase of her unique cultural talents as well as accommodations and general information for travellers.

Cardinal Productions
San Francisco, CA, US
A Northern California music and entertainment production company. This site is full of fun graphics, information, and links to other cool sites.

Cardionics, Inc.
Houston, TX, US
A manufacturer of medical electronic instruments specializing in the field of heart and lung sounds.

Carib Net in Barbados
Caribbean Resources International, Bridgetown, St. Michael, Barbados
Anything you need to know about the tropical island of Barbados.

Cary High School's Homepage
Cary, NC, US
The Cary High School homepage has moved! Sunsite at the University of North Carolina has generously agreed to serve as the new address for our pages in association with the Cisco Educational Archives.

Cedar Lane Center
Vienna, VA, US
Cedar Lane Center, a secondary school in Virginia, is focusing on extensive K-12 resources for teachers and students. Partnering with the U.S. Geological Survey, we recommend our K-12 Cedar Chest.

Center for Mobility Resources
Scottsdale, AZ, US
The first executive relocation service to offer its special privileges and discounts to the general public, including city reports. Cost of living and other information on over 450 cities in the U.S.

Central Park (NYC) Web Site
New York City, NY, US
Find out what's happening, get the history and see who has what to say about the world's most famous park. Download some video, or post to the stories page with your favorite Central Park tale.
http://www.CentralPark.org/~park [PICK OF THE WEEK]

Century Martial Arts Supply, Inc.
Midwest City, OK, US
Largest martial arts supplier in the world.

The Chicago Moving Image Scene
Dept. of Radio/TV/Film, Northwestern U., Chicago, IL, US
This is a place for Chicagoland media-makers and media consumers to come together online for information. Includes listings of production companies, internships, Chicago movie-theater guides, and more.

Children's Health & Education Resource
Intuitive Solutions, San Jose, CA, US
Tailored information on children's health and education services. It's the home of the Equipment Donation to Schools Program, which matches needy schools with excess computers from corporations.

Chips and Bits Australia - Distributor
Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
One of the premier distributors of computer hardware and software, with over 3500 resellers Australia wide. Chips has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth.

Chris Denny's Racing Page
Speedway, IN, US
This site has links to the best Web sites from the Net. Covers primarily NASCAR and Indycar links, as well as Indianapolis-area motorsports.

cine site
Vividus Corp., Palo Alto, CA, US
Animation and presentation software developers at Vividus have created this site for the multimedia neophyte and guru. Products featured this week: Cinemation and Amazing Animation.

City of Andover
Web Weavers, Andover, MA, US
The complete online guide to Andover, including history, local business, schools, and other points of interest.

Clarke Jewelers
Southern Internet, Vicksburg, MS, US
A reputable jeweler for two generations, featuring an extensive line of Harley Davidson jewelry.

College of St. Scholastica
Duluth, MN, US
Web service for the College of St. Scholastica.

Colorado Advanced Technology Institute
CATI, Denver, CO, US
A state agency for science and technology development in partnerships with industry. CATI's page has links to technology sources and employment opportunities. A resource for Colorado technology.

Colorado Mountain Club
Golden, CO, US
Contains information about the club and Colorado backcountry recreation. Anyone interested in hiking, climbing, or backcountry skiing in Colorado will want to visit this home page.

Computer Rezolutions
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Helping local companies get connected to the Net and use it effectively for communication, marketing, information gathering, and discussion. We provide Web page creation/publishing and connection services.

Cort Guitars
Northrook, IL, US
Provides a look at some of the finest guitars available and offers the player a complete selection of electric, acoustic guitars and basses.

CraftSmith Golf, Inc.
Manufacturers Information Net, Houston, TX, US
The face of golf has changed. To improve shotmaking, CraftSmith has developed the revolutionary FairwayCleek, an expertly engineered new club designed to replace lofted fairway woods and hard-to-hit long irons.

Crazy About Constraints!
David Shucavage, Pittsburgh, PA, US
Information about the theory of constraints, the thinking processes, synchronous manufacturing, and other techniques developed by Dr. Eliyahu Goldratt.

Critical Mass Communications
Laguna Beach, CA, US
Web site design and implementation, original graphics and sound, and exciting products and services to maximize your Internet presence.

Croatian Cryptography Reference Center
Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Zagreb, Croatia
Reference center on various issues concerning cryptography, mostly on Pretty Good Privacy software.

Cudas Outdoor Footwear
Internet Commerce Center, Roswell, GA, US
Casual sandals in a variety of colors and styles from one of the world's leading footwear companies.

Cunningham's Flower Shop
Internet Indiana, Indianapolis, IN, US
Hometown retail florist that offers worldwide delivery of flowers, planters and gifts.

Cyber Access Internet Communications, Inc.
Medford, MA, US
High quality, inexpensive, flat rate, unlimited usage Internet access in the Boston area.

Cyber Culture Magazine
Creativision Publishing, Arlington, TX, US
A wide variety of topics. We're also taking submissions, so contact us if you're interested.

Cyber Diamond Connection
Te Ray Jewelers, Scottsbluff, NE, US
Diamonds and jewelry can be viewed in full color enlargements. Purchase anything online. Inventory is available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Data Wales
South Wales
A resource for Wales.

Division of Professional Development, U.S. Naval Academy
Annapolis, MD, US
USNA's Division of Professional Development is located in Luce Hall on "the yard." A combination of classroom studies and intense lab training helps prepare midshipmen to join the fleet.

Douglas Aircraft Company
Information Systems, Long Beach, CA, US
General information about Douglas Aircraft Company, a provider of large commercial aircraft, as well as secure content for DAC's customers.

Dynatech Communications Inc.
Woodbridge, VA, US
A leading manufacturer of X.25 and Frame Relay switching equipment. DynaStar product line features low cost WAN-to-LAN connectivity solutions-terminal server, dial-in/out, routing, bridging, over X.25, frame relay and ISDN.

The Dysfunctionells
Cyber Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
A folk rock combo out of Chicago heavily influenced by The Holy Modal Rounders, Micheal Hurley, The New Lost City Ramblers, Richard Thompson, The Pogues, the southern carnival circuit, several 12-step programs, and the occasional adult correctional facility.

Eaton Detroit Springs
Detroit, MI, US
Made-to-order leaf & coil springs for American cars made since 1902. A must for the auto restoration and classic car enthusiast. Links to other automotive sites. Dealer inquires welcome.

ECUC95: European Convex Users' Conference, Oct. 24-27, '95.
ECU, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
Annual conference to be held this year in Brussels. ECU is an independent user group.

The E-Mail Club
Sarasota, FL, US
Find new friends on the Internet. Veteran Netizen Stewart Ogilvy's list is one of the highest-quality moderated mailing lists on the Net. Get mail from fellow club members all over the world.

Emotional Trauma Info Pages
David Baldwin, PhD, Eugene, OR, US
This page focuses on traumatic-stress and PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and also includes mental health aspects of disaster response. There are five pages of information.

The Enterprise Connection
Marysville, PA, US
The place for professionals to find engineering and manufacturing information. Brochures and catalogs of companies that supply products and services to other engineering and manufacturing companies.

Environmental Business Group Student Union
MEGHA, Stockholm, Sweden
MEGHA is a group within the Stockholm School of Economics Student Asso. offering ideas and means to gain an understanding of why environmental issues are important to business and how to constructively use this understanding.

ESC Electro~Guide
E.S. Communications Group, Evanston, IL, US
A wide variety of music information and resources on the Net, including Cort Guitars, Mighty Mite Guitar Parts, Royce PRO-cussion and Van L Speakerworks.

Espana Hoy: Noticias
UCM, Madrid, Spain
Online Web newspaper developed by Spanish journalism students at UCM.

Excalibur SysOps
Common Destiny BBS, Ellensburg, WA, US
Collection of links to various Excalibur-related sites on the Web as well as mailing list information.

Excalibur Technologies Corporation
San Diego, CA, US
Text and multimedia retrieval applications, server toolkits and C-function libraries using adaptive pattern recognition processing for automated indexing and content-based searching. Test drive Excalibur search engines.

Father's Day
Vanguard Technology Group, Winona, MN, US
Ah, June. Glorious sunshine, cookouts, swimming pools, and Father's Day. Remember dad with a gift from this unique collection of specially priced items, handpicked from the offerings of Uncommon Connections.

FCNB Credit Center
First Consumers National Bank, Beaverton, OR, US
This bilingual site provides information and a request form for First Consumers National Bank's secured credit cards, for people with no established credit or financial problems like divorce or bankruptcy.

FigurePic Puzzles
Star Graphics Corp, Oregon City, OR, US
A Windows 3.1 shareware puzzle game that is a unique blend of logic and art. Educational and entertaining at the same time. Have fun with FigurePic.

Somerville, MA, US
An interactive site where viewers can locate artists by using multiple criteria. Viewers can access artists' home pages, view their artwork, and contact them directly, through their gallery or dealer.

Findhorn Foundation
Findhorn, Forres, Morayshire, Scotland
An international community and educational charitable trust. We run courses in applied spirituality and personal transformation. We also run accredited education courses with US universities.

Finite Systems Consulting Online
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Now at a new location, offering info on ChainLink, Internet and Web training and consulting services, comprehensive Web browser reviews, the North American ISP Reference Project, and much more.

Finland House
Tokyo, Japan
Promotes trade between Japan and Finland, mainly in the areas of housing, interior, food and leisure. We are also the administrative office for Finland Village, a Finnish-style resort in Nagano prefecture in Japan.

Florida Association of RV Parks & Campgrounds
FICC, Orlando, FL, US
Your complete Internet site for camping information in Florida.

Florida Internet Commerce Center
FICC, Orlando, FL, US
Complete tourist attraction information. Complete RV parks and campground information. Expert Florida travel agent. New real estate area. Member of the Florida Attractions Association.

FPMs - Thermal Engineering Laboratory Home Pages
Mons, Belgium
Introduction to the activities (research topics and publications) of the TEC group at the Faculte Polytechnique de Mons, with pointers to Internet resources relevant to thermal engineering and related fields.

The Frank Hopper Academia of Fine Art
Berry INFOCom, Inc., Sarasota, FL, US
Stroll through the gallery of world-famous artist Frank Hopper. Hopper has created portraits of past presidents Bush and Reagan, and now offers samples of his work in this virtual art gallery.

Freakishly Normal
Virginia Beach, VA, US
The long awaited, perpetually asked for Freakishly Normal. I have no idea what it is, but I created it. It contains the average stuff a freak would want: humor, hundreds of links, and an art gallery.

Free Travel Brochures
Infosystems, Tempe, AZ, US
Infosystems' Travel Resource Center is the first Internet site designed specifically to allow users to search a worldwide directory, read a brief description, and request brochures via the Web.

The Friends of Hamilton Wentworth Community Radio
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Supports and develops non-commercial broadcasting in Hamilton and Ontario. Offering advice and assistance with radio and audio projects, and establishing a community access radio studio in Hamilton.

Fun e-Mail
Dave Krider, Pasadena, CA, US
Discover the personalities behind some of the strange and interesting Web pages that haunt the Internet. I write people, they write back. All you do is click. Winner: Funky Site of the Day.

Gallery Rodeo of Hot Springs
Affiliate of Gallery International, Hot Springs, AR, US
Exhibit and sell works of art created by up-and-coming artists, Old World masters, sculptors and animators. Let us become your art expert.

GeroWeb at The Institute of Gerontology, Wayne State University
Detroit, MI, US
Part of an ongoing effort to fulfill our mission of research, service, and education in the field of aging. It contains information on the institute as well as a comprehensive gateway to information related to aging and gerontology.

Gold Mountain Land
Cupertino, CA, US
Join the many successful investors who have reaped the rewards of investing in well located land at very attractive prices. Land for only 30 cents a square foot.

Gold Swan Productions
San Diego, CA, US
A personalized, full-service Web page development and publication service. Attention to detail and flexibility are only two of the reasons our clients love us.

The Goldpages
J.M. Young and Associates, Washington, DC, US
Lists products and services, including Internet training and Web consulting, plus information of relevance to Washington, DC, residents and some basic Web reference material.

The GOP Infighting Update Series
Albany, NY, US
The Giles' Report--humorous and scary commentary on watching the Republicans turn...on themselves. Frequently updated, naturally.

Great Western Forum - Sports
JovaNet Communications, Las Angeles, CA, US
The official home of the Los Angeles Blades, the Forum Tennis Challenge, and the USA National Volleyball Team.

Heskes & Partners, Qualitative Research
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
A qualitative market research company in the Netherlands.

Hi-Tech Component Distributors, Inc.
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Exceptionally low prices for high quality computer components -- hard drives, monitors, misc. peripherals, etc.

The Hometown Free-Press
MicroNiche Publishing, San Diego, CA, US
A geographical index to over 500 sites providing local news and event information for communities around the world. Sources include newspapers, radio and TV stations, as well as civil and civic organizations.

House Rabbit Society
Cambridge, MA, US
An all-volunteer, non-profit organization with two primary goals: (1) to rescue abandoned rabbits and find them homes, and (2) to educate the public and assist humane societies. The HRS Web site contains information about caring for house rabbits.

Rinker Data Systems, Sterling, VA, US
A free online newsletter for individuals wishing to keep up on the latest developments in designing Internet home pages, color design, and electronic publishing.

The Hydroplane Page
Unlimited Racing Commission, Seattle, WA, US
Background information, race results, and information on Internet resources for unlimited hydroplanes and all powerboat classes.

Hypertext Help with LaTeX
LaTeX is a document preparation system widely used in the scientific community. These cross-linked files provide online help indexed according to subject -- they should be particularly useful for scientists preparing manuscripts for publication.

Information One, Inc.
Evanston, IL, US
Custom Internet and networking solutions.

International Bulletin Board at University of Oregon
Office of International Education & Exchange, Eugene, OR, US
This bulletin board will post information related to international higher education purposes such as job searching, events, postings, etc., for international and US students.

International Film Festival of Cannes -- Official Site
Matra Hachette Multimedia, Paris, France
You will find more than 300 pages in French and in English on the festival: summary of all the films, history of the Palmes d'Or, press coverage, pictures, milestones, and much more.

Internet Ad
arnon katz, Tel Aviv, Israel
A multi-servers medium, where you can find advertising on the Internet, and some special zones, like Israeli news reports, museums and tourism info.

The Internet Education Group
Ann Arbor, MI, US
Provides education and consulting services to facilitate productive, convenient, and cost-effective use and development of resources on the Internet.

Internet Insurance
Data Security Insurance, Boulder, CO, US
Low-cost insurance policy for Internet users that covers your computer, your data, and your transactions. It even covers losses from accidental breakage, accidental erasure of data, and fraud.

Internet Learning Center
O&E Online of Observer & Eccentric Newspapers, Livonia, MI, US
Weekly columns about the Internet -- some are tutorial and others are about Internet sites to visit on a topical basis. Site also includes Pat Cripsen's Roadmap workshop series, Odd de Presno's Online World book, and Rinaldi's Netiquette Guide.

InterNet Relay Chat
Free University of Brussels, Belgium
Information, links and online help is available for users and programmers of the Hewlett-Packard 48 Series Calculator (no commercial relation to the Hewlett-Packard company). Links to various InterNet Relay Chat Web sites.

The Internet Yellow Web Pages
Warlight Industries Inc., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
The title page for many interesting services across British Columbia. Real Estate listings from Canadian realtors, The Outdoor Adventures magazine and business listings.

Intervest Financial Corp.
Nassau, Bahamas
We offer offshore investment advantages to access trading in North American securities. We offer many other unique sevices as well -- see: InterFund.

Inverary Inn Resort
Baddeck, Nova Scotia, Canada
Experience the luxury of a first-class resort and the warmth of a fine country inn. Ready to show you the best that Cape Breton Island has to offer.

Investment Research
Data Transfer Group, San Diego, CA, US
Provides articles about stock and futures investing, technical analysis and links to other Internet investment resources.

Vienna, VA, US
Featured services for the Internet include Internet systems design, presence and access. Web services include secure online order entry (including credit card validation, full back-office support, and sales activity monitoring) and more.

JABRA Corporation, Home of the JABRA EarPHONE
San Diego, CA, US
Provides the human auditory interface for a range of telecommunications software and hardware products, including cellular, desktop, mobile, and wireless products which offer personal, private, hands-free communication.

Japan Infoweb
Electrazine Media, Seattle, WA, US
High-end multimedia e-zine about Japanese culture. From Zen to delicious delectables from Japan, you can find it here. Japanese art, food, travel, tea and more are included in this informative periodical.

J.J.L. Associates -- Customs and Freight Consultancy
London, United Kingdom
Professional advice on all customs matters including customs law, simplified procedures, warehousing, valuation, duty reliefs, customs investigations, computer systems, and more.

JS Enterprises
San Diego, CA, US
Web presentations, complete creative services, design, illustrations, photo preparation and retouching, concept, copy, custom typographic effects, audio, animation and video.

Keltic Graphix
Boston, MA, US
Keltic Graphix is a freelance graphics design company, owned and operated by Sean K. Selvidge. Specializing in Web page creation, illustration, logos, and all other aspects of graphic design.

Knust-SBS Precision Machining
Manufacturers Information Net, Houston, TX, US
Knust is using an integrated approach to precision machining, quality, experience, capacity, versatility, and state-of-the-art technology to provide first-class service.

Kudzu: A Digital Quarterly
Fayetteville, AR, US
Dedicated to bringing you the best in fiction, poetry, and essays. We strive to present fresh and original works that challenge us and our readers to think about the world, each other, and ourselves.

LandWare, Inc.
Budd Lake, NJ, US
Exciting commercial software for Macintosh, Windows and Newton. Products are unique solutions for the business and home market. Some are previously successful shareware titles.

The Latona Pub in Seattle/Greenlake
Bob Sharble, Seattle, WA, US
Seattle's neighborhood pub and a great place to sample Northwest microbrewery beers. Live music Thursday through Sunday evenings. Take a look at the current newsletter and music calendar.

Lawyers Cooperative Publishing
Rochester, NY, US
A leading provider of analytical and practice information to the legal profession, offering a cross-referenced system of state and federal statutes, cases, forms, and analysis.

Le Beach Club--Over 100 All-Inclusive Resorts
Boulder, CO, US
A travel club providing unbiased reviews of all-inclusive resorts in Mexico, the Caribbean and Tahiti. It pays its members for their reports after their trips and ranks the resorts based upon the members' responses.

The Legal List by Erik J. Heels
Lawyers Cooperative Publishing, Rochester, NY, US
A consolidated guide to law-related resources available on (and off) the Internet. The Legal List contains descriptions of law-related resources from government organizations, law schools, law firms, and corporations.

Portland, OR, US
Gateway to three areas: LensWork Web Gallery, photography portfolios, photo essays, exhibitions; LensWork Quarterly, a publication of essays and articles on photography and the creative process; and LensWork Publishing, books.

Les Habitants - Acadian Music Group
Sydney, Nova Scotia, Canada
Authentic Acadian music by this energetic foursome from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Lightning Ridge Ranch Web Central
Odom Family, New Waverly, TX, US
Collection of links useful to everyone, especially the new user. Includes links to WWW information and software, chat services, weather, search engines, fun stuff, etc. Home of the Golden N Award.

Mac Central
Ahron Balsam, NY, NY, US
I am a former disk librarian for NYMUG. When I came on the Net, I searched for a user-friendly source of Mac shareware/freeware. I could not find one. So I created one.

Made of Steel: An Exhibition of Photographs and Text
LensWork, Portland, OR, US
An exhibition of text and fine art black and white photographs of garages, machine shops, tools and the men who work with steel. Brooks Jensen, photographer. An exhibition in the LensWork Gallery.

Malden, Massachusetts
Milestone Services, Malden, MA, US
City of Malden, Mass. Public service and classified listings: important phone numbers, location, people, history, City Hall, organizations, and classified.

Males with a History of Early Sexualization
M.I. Godfrey, Tallahassee, FL, US
A collection of links and information to educate men who may have a history of early sexualization to the effects it may have had and may continue to have in their lives.

Mammoth Mountain Ski Report
Mammoth Lakes, CA, US
The Southland Ski Server is proud to host the official Mammoth Mountain Ski Report, originating daily from the staff at Mammoth Mountain, California.

Mark Martin Fans' Home Page
Speedway, IN, US
This unofficial Web page is the home of Mark Martin information and statistics.

Mauro Magnani's Finance Area
AUDIES Association, Venice, Italy
Mauro Magnani is the president of AUDIES Association, the Italian association for late-deafened adults. Here you can find the Finance Area that he manages at AUDIES Association.

Measurement & Control News
Fry Multimedia, Ann Arbor, MI, US
One of the leading journals about the measurement, control, and data acquisition industries. Each issue contains product features, an extensive Buyers' Guide, and educational courses.

Natick, MA, US
Your link to the future of publishing.

Medical Electronics
Fry Multimedia, Ann Arbor, MI, US
Contains the latest news on the medical electronics and instrumentation industry. The journal feaures professional courses, an extensive Buyers' Guide, feature articles on new technologies and opinions from industry leaders.

Medicine On Line
UltiTech, Inc., Stratford, CT, US
A comprehensive service for health-care professionals and patients. Includes reference information, treatment information and discussion forums. Initially focused on cancer; other disease categories will be added soon.

Melbourne Russian Speaking Community
RUSCOM, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Contains local information related to the Russian-speaking public, as well as resources such as literature in PostScript format, software, and links to similar pages worldwide.

Mercator GmbH
Cagliari, Sardinia, Italy
A European-based company offering savings in phone costs. We also set up your home page and create it for a low price.

Messianic Jewish Alliance of America
Wynnewood, PA, US
The largest organization of Messianic Jews in the world. The MJAA's Web site has background, event, and contact information.

The Mud Connector
The Radiation Group, Orlando, FL, US
Providing the most up-to-date links to online multi-user games. Featuring over 80 of the newest Muds and information about each Mud including the site, code base used, Web homepage links, a complete description of the game, and a link right to it.

Naples, Florida Virtual Business Community
Naples, FL, US
Virtual business community sponsored by the Greater Naples Area Chamber of Commerce.

National Laboratory for Applied Network Research
The NSF supercomputer centers are creating a National Laboratory for Applied Network Research to facilitate research on the NSF very high speed backbone network services network, supplied by MCI.

The National Teachers Enhancement Network
Montana State University, Office of Extended Studies, Bozeman, MT, US
Offers graduate-credit science and mathematics courses to teachers nationally. Teachers can participate in the telecomputing courses from convenient home or work locations by dial-up modem connections or Internet access.

Houston, TX, US
The most reliable supplier of oilfield equipment and services, supplying drilling and production equipment. The Mission Fluid King division supplies fluid end expendables and centrifugal pumps.

Net Traveler Survey - Win Free Airline Tickets.
CIC Research, San Diego, CA, US
Covers consumer preferences for airlines, cruises, hotels, rental cars and destinations. Each month one survey participant will receive two free tickets on a domestic airline.

Net4You Internet Access Provider
Villach, Carinthia, Austria
A new Internet access provider in Austria, offering low prices and excellent service. The young and very innovative team is specializing in marketing on the Internet.

NetWeb Bermuda
Chicago, IL, US
A site for and about Bermuda.

Networking Jobs in Northern California
San Francisco, CA, US
PC Personnel places computer networking professionals in technical support, system administration, and network engineering positions (both contract and full-time). All fees are paid by the employer.

Noodles' Panic-Anxiety page
Murfreesboro, TN, US
Information on anxiety and its related disorders, including agoraphobia, stress, panic attacks, and general nervous irritability, supplied by people who suffer from such disorders. Also contains related links.

North American Vascular Biology Organization
NAVBO, Minneapolis, MN, US
Promoting discussion on issues related to vascular biology among NAVBO members and the vascular biology community and providing convenient access to other resources in vascular biology.

Northmount Computing News
Northmount Computing, Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A monthly newsletter featuring computer industry news, purchase advice, and usability tips.

Norwich Union
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Provides financial information for its customers and shareholders on the Internet. This information includes a daily economic report, a monthly newsletter and the group's 1994 Annual Report.

Nutritional Solutions
Sunrise, FL, US
Health enhancement and weight loss products. Our products are thoroughly tested and contain no artificial ingredients.

Department of Radio/TV/Film, Northwestern Univ., Evanston, IL, US
This project is our vision of the future for the production and study of digital media upon the worldwide network.

Orientique Fine Antiques & Works of Art
Hong Kong
Specializing in Chinese porcelain, snuff bottles, paintings and prints. The proprietor, Dr. Patrick Wang, has been a private collector for over 20 years. Some of his collections are displayed at the store front in Hong Kong.

Osteopathic Medicine
Rosegarth Communications Limited, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK
An international resource page on all aspects of osteopathic medicine. Includes online journals, practitioners, products, post-grad courses and much more.

Pacific Communication Sciences, Inc.
San Diego, CA, US
Activities include wireless computing and communications, and integrated corporate network solutions. The company provides corporations with a complete line of access multiplexers designed to integrate voice and data communications between distributed sites.

The PalmerONLINE
The Palmer Museum of Art, University Park, PA, US
A virtual version of Penn State's Palmer Museum of Art. Numerous images from the Palmer's permanent collection of 20th-century American art. Create your own educational tour.

Pandora's Box
Edinburg, Scotland, UK
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about the lit/art zine "Pandora's Box" -- including how to submit your work, subscribe and read the latest news from the editor.

Pataki Watch (NY)
Albany, NY, US
WWW watchdog site keeping a careful eye on New York's George Pataki and Co.

Peer Partners
Toronto, ON, Canada
Products and services that are truly innovative and exciting to use. Our new multimedia CD-ROM, Regarding Sex, explores human sexuality with vibrant music, graphics, videos and computer animation.

Personal Training Systems
Menlo Park, CA, US
The leading vendor of self-paced training tutorials for software applications running in the Macintosh and Windows environments. Audio cassette/interactive training and multimedia CD-ROMs.

The Peter Stampfel Home Page
Cyber Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
The founder of The Holy Modal Rounders, Stampfel is the only living human to have played with Dylan, Mississippi John Hurt, and Buckminster Fuller.

The !PIXIN(*)Compendium
Dept. of Radio/TV/Film, Northwestern Univ., Chicago, IL, US
A project to anthologize and promote the art of transpixins. Volume 2 contains some of the best digital-movie work (which we've dubbed "transpixins") on the Web in both MPEG and QuickTime formats. Seeking submissions.

Plant Block
Newtonbrook, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Plant Block and your imagination are all you need to create a vertical garden in your yard. The interlocking, stackable and modular characteristics of these units provide almost unlimited flexibility of design and application.

Powered Paragliding
ParaPower Intl, Palmdale, CA, US
Foot-launched powered flight. Man's age-old dream of flight has never been easier to achieve.

Pro Arts 1995 East Bay Open Studios
Pro Arts in cooperation with LanMinds, Inc., Berkeley, CA, US
Pro Arts Studios displays over 100 artists representing all mediums from the San Francisco East Bay Area.

Production and Consulting Company
Quadrangle Events Inc., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Consulting and services for special events, with a focus on the technology used. Sound systems, lighting and video presentations, along with set design.

Program for the Human Environment
The Rockefeller Univ., New York, NY, US
Recognizing the growing connection between biological research and environmental concerns. Research topics: energy, materials, industrial ecology, and mathematical modeling.

The Prospect Park Alliance
Brooklyn, NY, US
Information on this beautiful park in Brooklyn and a listing of weekly and upcoming park events.

Jupiter Interactive Productions, New York City, NY, US
A virtual wunderkind of content featuring audio links and radio show archives galore.

Quaker City Institute of Aviation
Red Sector A, Inc., Philadelphia, PA, US
Provides training in the airframe and powerplant maintenance fields for aviation mechanics.

Indiana University Dept. of English, Bloomington, IN, US
Quarry is the literary/arts journal for undergraduates, produced by the Department of English.

Recycler's World
Paul Roszel, Guelph, Ontario, Canada
A worldwide trading site for recyclables, used materials and collectable items.

Resort Realty Vacation Properties
Kitty Hawk, NC, US
A comprehensive electronic tour of properties for sale and rent on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. Come and experience the vacation of a lifetime.

The Running Horse
Al Lauck, Los Angeles, CA, US
Here is a collection of items of interest for the racehorse fan as well as those in the business. Included are race results from most US tracks, updated standings, trainer resumes, and articles.

Sabtech Industries
Anaheim, CA, US
Manufactures commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) I/O boards that interface standard PCs or VMEbus-based computers and peripherals that perform naval tactical applications at a fraction of the cost of fully militarized equipment.

School of the Museum of Fine Arts
Boston, MA, US
The SMFA in Boston is a school for college and masters level art students in disciplines ranging from traditional painting and drawing to video, performance and computer animation.

The Schoolhouse
San Diego, CA, US
The Conjunction Junction Engineer, Interjections, Lolly Lolly Adverbs, and the rest of those lovable mnemonic enhancers you grew up with are now available on T-shirts and caps.

Select Comfort Air Mattresses
Minneapolis, MN, US
A leading manufacturer of patented air sleep systems. The company sells thousands of sleep systems each month and is recognized as the fastest-growing company in the bedding industry.

SHARC Timbre Database
Parmly Hearing Institute, Loyola Univ., Chicago, Chicago, IL, US
A public domain database of musical timbre information by Gregory Sandell. It stands for Sandell Harmonic Archive. This dataset may be useful for acousticians, psychoacousticians, researchers in music perception and cognition.

Shelter Assistance Association
Sebastopol, CA, US
A California non-profit corporation that by continuing exploration of new technology, strives to acheive its goal of providing the urgent link between the recovery neighborhood and the person on the street suffering.

Shopping Duty Free
Alexander Dun & Sons, Teaneck, NJ, US
Are you traveling internationally in the near future? If so, have you considered the benefits of duty-free or tax-free shopping? Alexander Dun & Sons provide complete information.

SJP Electronic Services
SJP Electronic Services, Londonderry, NH, US
Internet marketing services including Web pages, consulting, image scanning, graphics design, software, hardware and networking.

Skybolt Online -- FUNdraising for educators and organizations
Evanston, IL, US
Interactive FUNdraising programs for educators and organizations.

Snowcrash Cyberchat
Red Sector A, Inc., Marlton, NJ, US
Snowcrash is a chat system based on the writings of Gibson, Stephenson and Sterling. Come here to relax, meet people and explore the many rooms and worlds we have to offer.

Society for American Archaeology Bulletin
Santa Barbara, CA, US
The Web version of the Society for American Archaeology Bulletin, in which issues important to the professional archaeological community are discussed -- everything from the role of Native Americans in archaeological research to job announcements.

SSYGLB Moderators, Madison, NJ, US
The home page for this USENET newsgroup includes information about the group, the most current copy of the FAQ, the moderation policy, and resources for the sexual minority youth.

Softaid's Embedded Web Page
Softaid, Inc., Columbia, MD, USA
Includes information about embedded systems, programming, and electronics, with a special focus on microprocessors. It has articles, application notes, and lists of other Net resources.

Sonoma State University -- Psychology Department
Rohnert Park, CA, US
We try to foster the unique intellectual, spiritual, and emotional growth of each student as an individual -- not as a group or class -- and to embrace a psychosomatic orientation. Our primary mission is as a teaching department.

Special Interest books & software
St. Louis, MO, US
Educational and instructional books, software, and video tapes for how to live better, wiser, wealthier.

The State of Colorado Homepage
Denver, CO, US
A wealth of information to the citizens of Colorado and visitors to the state. It includes information on state government, communities, education, business and industry, groups and organizations, headlines, and a visitor's guide.

Statistical Sciences--The Home of S-PLUS
Seattle, WA, US
The developer of the S-PLUS statistical and data analysis package and related software.

Steve Jenkins' Windows95 TCP/IP Internet Connection Help Page
Provo, UT, US
A step-by-step tutorial for connecting Windows95 to the Internet. Includes an online glossary of terms.

Stop Fetal Tissue Research
McHenry, IL, US
Stop F.T.R. is a nonprofit group engaged in a petition campaign calling on Congress to outlaw fetal tissue research and human embryo research.

SuBee Enterprises
Durango, CO, US
Design, develop, construct, layout, do graphic designs supporting the publishing of quality Web pages for worldwide access. Host server space included with reasonable terms.

Summer Colorado
AES Consulting, Boulder, CO, US
Provides information related to summertime in Colorado.

Swiftonia City-Net
Trademark Learning Center, Greeley, CO, US
Welcome to Swiftonia: the place to be when you have nothing else to do. This unique city-on-the-edge-of-a-computer, can lead you to interesting places on the Net.

planetcom gmbh, Berlin, Germany
The techno music and rave arts server contains information about the German rave and techno scene especially visual arts.

Nashua, NH, US
Offers specialized application development tools that can be used by both programmers and non-programmers to develop business applications.

San Jose, CA, US
Databooks conversion and design for online access.

Dept. of Radio/TV/Film, Northwestern Univ., Chicago, IL, US
The journal of new media authoring in the digital domain. Volume 2 contains some of the best critical and creative media-related work on the Web. Seeking submissions for the summer edition.

Terra Firma Technologies
Littleton, CO, US
A virtual corporation offering a myriad of high-tech consulting services. If you need it, we can get it for you.

Toadophile Records
San Francisco, CA, US
San Francisco's newest and hottest alternative record labels. Toadophile Records is the home of the Mermen, the Grady Sisters, and much more.

Total Systems, Inc.
LYNQS Internet Services, Kansas City, KS, US
The parent company of Computers and Networks, Inc. TSI specializes in name brand computers, printers and software.

Univ. of Michigan, Dept. of Transplant Surgery, Ann Arbor, MI, US
A collection of all transplantation-related information on the Web.

Trytel Internet Inc.
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Internet services, Web space for rent, Web design, turnkey Internet servers (Unix, Windows NT) dial-up access.

Turtle Trax
Mississauga, ON, US
Photos and drawings of marine turtles, descriptions of threats facing marine turtles with special focus on the turtles of west Maui, and the Turtle Trax Toon strip.

UCSB Anthropology Dept.
Santa Barbara, CA, US
Extensive information on the UC Santa Barbara Anthropology Department's undergraduate and graduate programs and information on the faculty and graduate students, including descriptions of their research.

UFO's Are Real
The Odyssey Group, Beverly Hills, CA, US
The biggest selling video on UFOs ever. Film footage and photos never seen before. A mind-boggler.

Univ. of Queensland, Dept. of Biochemistry
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Information for those interested in studying in the department. Also has resources on HIV/AIDS (the HIV Electronic Media Review), and links to associated organizations.

University of Pennsylvania Basketball
Univ. of Pennsylvania (unofficial), Philadelphia, PA, US
Information, pictures and statistics about the University of Pennsylvania men's basketball team. For those interested in college hoops, it's a treat.

University of Virginia School of Architecture
Charlottesville, VA, US
Details about the school as well as resources that relate to sustainability, including HTML and postscript copies of the Hannover Principles.

Up Ship!
Mark R. Brown, Iowa City, IA, US
This page is for all airship, dirigible, and blimp fans. I'll be digitizing and uploading some excellent historic pictures of the LZ zeppelins, as well as bibliographies and any other pertinent files.

U.S. Immigration For Canadian Businesses and Professionals
Law Office of Joseph C. Grasmick, Business Immigration, Buffalo, NY, US
Contains information about U.S. immigration for Canadian businesses and professionals. For Canadian companies doing business with the U.S. and U.S. companies hiring Canadians. For human resource/relocation managers.

The Virtual Strawberry Beds
Iowa City, IA, US
A brief guide of the Strawberry Beds, A beautiful stretch of countryside within four miles of Dublin (Ireland) city center.

War & Peace News Service
War & Peace Foundation, New York, NY, US
Reports, updates, comment and book reviews on disarmament, nuclear issues, US and international politics. Continuing coverage of historic World Court hearings to declare nuclear weapons illegal.

Washington DC Jewish Home Page
Cavalier Web Services, Washington, DC, US
The home page for the Washington, DC Jewish community. Includes synagogues, restaurants, bookstores, and community services. Always expanding.

Watson Van & Storage Co.
Manufacturers Information Net, Houston, TX, US
A tradition of high standards, standards that ensure confidence. When Watson employees come to your home, they will do the job right.

The Web Marketing Page
Beyond Boundaries, Burnsville, MN, US
A resource for companies that want to learn how to effectively communicate with the new Internet culture.

Welcome to Sugarbush Soaring
Warren, VT, US
The members of Sugarbush Soaring invite you to experience the joys of soaring flight. Learn how non-powered sailplanes reach 30,000 feet, travel hundreds of miles, and stay aloft for many hours.

West El Paso Information Network, El Paso, TX, US
A Web virtual store where you can obtain Freedom Technology, the street-smart techniques that will allow you to live free in an unfree world. No charge to browse.

Brussels, Belgium
World Wide Web presence provider in Brussels, Belgium.

Whaling Info
Tromsoe, Norway
Provides objective information on the subject of whaling through pictures, video clips, links and various texts, including recent press releases and more complete literature.

What's New In Country...
Dawn Banks, Tampa, FL, US
Be sure to check this site out in order to find out what is new with country music artists. This site is linked to Country fans page.

Wi-LAN Inc.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
A growing technology development center. A team of highly qualified engineers has built Wi-LAN into a North American leader in advanced wireless networking technology.

Windows World
International Data Group, Stockholm, Sweden
The biggest PC magazine in Sweden. In Windows World you'll find news, reviews, and interesting articles.

The W-K Group
Lafayette, CO, US
From LAN to WAN. From space-for-lease to full-service Web site design. From security to system administration. A full range of services - and a Rec Room too.

The Woodlands, Texas, Electronic Village
The Woodlands, TX, US
A community service project created to provide the residents and future residents of The Woodlands, Texas, the opportunity to electronically view and retrieve information about their town.

Woody's Office Power Pack
Denver, CO, US
WOPR is the one indispensable add-on to Word for Windows. 1995 Windows Magazine Win100 award winner. PC Mag "Best Of" Add-Ins.

World Expo Corporation
Framingham, MA, US
A division of International Data Group, World Expo is one of the leading producers of trade shows in the world. Links to exhibitors and online registration forms are available for your convenience.

World Ramp Inc., A Professional Internet Services Company
Orlando, FL, US
Helping companies take advantage of Internet in order to keep competitive in the world economy.

Wednesday, 31 May 1995

Aaron Cohen Library Consultants
GCS Computers, Inc., Croton-on-Hudson, NY, US
A multidisciplinary team of architects, interior designers, space planners, and librarians who provide full-time architectural and interior design services for libraries and information centers.

Access Market Square
InterConnect West, Salt Lake City, UT, US
Online mall that offers many unique storefronts and their quality products and services. We also have monthly contests, holiday promotions, and free gifts.

Ada Web Inc.
New York, NY, US
Working with contemporary artists to develop medium specific projects. The site currently hosts several projects by many artists.

Advanced Media Production Center
Long Beach, CA, US
At California State University Long Beach, offering graphics animation training on leading high-end software packages which include Wavefront, Softimage, and ElectroGIG.

Advanced Technology Program (ATP)
National Institute of Standards & Technology, Gaithersburg, MD, US
Funding high-risk technologies, where success may mean overcoming significant technical obstacles, and high pay-off technologies, where success can mean substantial competitive and economic benefits for U.S. industry.

Ad Methods Halpern and Eurich Advertising, Hauppauge, NY, US
A full-service advertising agency, servicing national and international firms with award-winning graphics and marketing strategies for over 20 years.

agent g
adrienne, Seattle, WA, US
A cyberpunk graphic novel that can only be seen on the WWW. It is heavy on the graphics -- it is a comic, after all. T1 speed is recommended but 14,400 is tolerable... anything less won't cut it.

Air Force Scientific Advisory Board
Air Force, Pentagon, DC, US
Visitors have the opportunity to submit their science and technology ideas.

Aldershot Elementary School's G7 Summit Survey
Kentville, Nova Scotia, Canada
This survey is in honor of the G7 Summit to be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, June 15-17, 1995. Elementary school students can send in their questions for the leaders of the G7, to be presented to Canada's prime minister at the summit.

Alpine World Magazine
Squaw Valley, CA, US
A new skiing magazine with an ecological viewpoint.

America: Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell
Friends of America, Bellingham, WA, US
The enduring band with enduring quality still led by the enormously talented Gerry Beckley and Dewey Bunnell.

Latin American and Caribbean Center, FIU, Miami, FL, US
Created and housed at Florida International University, Miami's principal public institution of higher learning, Americas brings the summit of the Americas' "Miami Process" online.

AMP Inc.
Harrisburg, PA, US
The world's largest manufacturer of connectors and interconnection devices has a new Web site with corporate and financial information, product highlight information, customer service options, and tradeshow listings.

The Annex
UniPress Software, Edison, NJ, US
The Annex, part of Main Street On-Line, is a place where anyone can set up free Web pages. Just fill out the form, and you're off.

Asia Now Online
Hawaii Public Television, Honolulu, HI, US
Brings together news and information from 25 Asian and Pacific countries. Based on the weekly PBS series, "Asia Now."

Austin Symphonic Band
Austin, TX, US
Information about the award-winning community band, located in Austin, Texas.

Binary Brothers
Auckland, New Zealand
A Website with a major emphasis on architectural products and housing.

The Bitmap Vault
Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, US
Yet another database of small bitmaps (icons, dividers, bullets, dingbats). Download bitmaps from our database or submit your page.

Blotch Music Rock & Roll
Seattle, WA, US
The latest in Seattle-style Pacific Northwest rock. You can listen to sound clips in high-quality MPEG format. Like what you hear? Order CDs and tapes directly from Blotch.

Bold Coast Charter Company
Cutler, ME, US
Charterboat business offering unique nature and sightseeing excursions along the downeast coast of Maine, including birding excursions to Machias Seal Island for observing puffins, razorbills, and terns.

The Boston Espresso Company
Boston, MA, US
The first espresso brewing system designed for the American market.

Boyers Coffee Company
Denver, CO, US
Home to gourmet coffee, teas and spices.

Branson Web
Woodtech Information Systems, Springfield, MO, US
Set up to promote the music theaters and other attractions that Branson, Missouri has to offer.

Brewtique, HomeWine - HomeBeer Makers Emporium
LSY VinBrew Inc, Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada
An online catalog that offers the widest range of wine kits on the Net. Recipes and phone assistance are also readily available.

BTG Inc.
Vienna, VA, US
Providing technology integration solutions specializing in data fusion, Internet services, electronic commerce, systems engineering, document management, communications engineering, value-added reselling, GIS systems, architectural and engineering services, and computer manufacturing.

Buckeye's Led Zeppelin Page
Dayton, OH, US
Everything having to do with the rock band Led Zeppelin, including Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Links to pictures, lyrics, tours schedules, discussion groups, recordings, etc.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Art & Design
San Luis Obispo, CA, US
Showcase of graphic design/photography students design work in the Art & Design Department at the California Polytechnic State University.

Callanetics Studio Pittsburgh North
Internet Business Pages, Pittsburgh, PA, US
A revolutionary method by Callan Pinckney to combat her own severe back and knee problems. The program she developed consists of isolating specific muscle groups and using tiny, precise (yet powerful) movements to increase strength and flexibility.

Camp Sea Gull Sailing
Alumni Association, Sailing Division, Arapahoe, NC, US
One of the leading sailing camps, located in eastern North Carolina. Camp Sea Gull is committed to developing both sailing and character skills in the youth of today.

Canada NewsWire Ltd.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A full service organization providing Canadian corporations with a wide range of communication services including the electronic distribution of news releases, enhanced facsimile services, translation services, and video production.

Canoe Canada: Quetico Park, Ontario
Active Technologies Group, Inc., Atikokan, Ontario, Canada
Canoe Canada outfits for canoe trips into Ontario's Quetico Park. Our site offers a great adventure, Take a Trip Online.

Cascadilla Press
Somerville, MA, US
Offers the Help Browser, a utility that makes it easy to find answers in Windows 3.1 help files, as well as a growing catalog of linguistics titles.

Casper: The Web Adventure Game
Digital Planet, Los Angeles, CA, US
Get an afterlife in the hair-raising interactive tour of Amblin/Universal Pictures' "Casper". Match wits with Casper and the infamous Ghostly Trio in a Web game. Casper has opened in theaters.

CHAMP - Coastal Hazards Assessment and Mitigation Project
CHAMP, Dept. of Civil Engineering, Clemson University, Clemson, SC, USA
Provides assessment of coastal hazards, natural and man-made. Facilities include a atmospheric boundary layer wind tunnel, a dynamic loading facility, air cannon, flume and hydraulic modeling wave basins.

The Chaplain's Motivation
Tampa, FL, US
Dedicated to providing information, inspiration, motivation, and to adding joy, fun, and pleasure to this journey called living. The Chaplain, Inc. provides outreach services to churches, associations, prisons, corporations and others.

Children Now
Oakland, CA, US
A non-partisan policy and advocacy organization for children.

China Hope Project
China Youth Development Foundation, Beijing, China
A public welfare designed to raise funds to help school dropouts in poverty-stricken areas in China to enable all children to enjoy their right to education.

Client/Server Application Packages Conference
OCM, Boston, MA, US
Learn about moving from legacy applications to client/server; criteria for evaluating and selecting financial and/or HR application packages; how to decide between integrated suite solutions and "best of breed" strategy.

Cyber Pass Inc., Ottawa, ON, Canada
The networking industry's #1 rated CNE/CNA/CNI exam preparation software. Distributed freely as shareware.

The Collector's Autonet
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
A graphical database of antique, rare and expensive cars for sale by private owners. Sellers send four color photographs for a fee of US $40 per month. Access to the database is free through the Web.

The College Prep Page
Austin, TX, US
A collection of resources for planning your education. Here you will find information on financial aid, admissions, career planning, and much more.

Composer's Manuscript Press - Computer Division
Composer's Manuscript Press, Shawnee, OK, US
A small music publishing and computer software company selling Christian and academic software for Windows.

General Telephone Company, Inc., Brampton, Ontario, CA
A microphone/speaker/telephone for use with computer sound subsystems. Especially handy for vocaltec, Internet VoiceChat and related programs.

Connecting With Nature/Ecopsychology In Action
Project NatureConnect, Friday Harbor, WA, US
Remarkable sensory ecology activities for wellness, spirit and deeper learning. Home study and distance learning ecopsychology training programs, internships and facilitator positions. Academic and professional credit available.

Connexx International
The J&M Group, Williamsburg, VA, US
A unique networking newsletter that links a qualified business community worldwide in venture capital, distribution, financial services, marketing, new products, export/import, close-out merchandise.

Convergence Industry Associates, Inc.
Boulder, CO, US
Providing full service consulting associated with the information superhighway and the digital convergence.

County of San Bernardino
Information Services Department, San Bernardino, CA, US
Get facts and history, view maps, and look up organizations and cities of the county.

CPS Direct, Inc.
Woburn, MA, US
Since 1971, providing comprehensive direct marketing services to businesses in a wide array of industries. Using Web pages to disseminate ideas that promote excellence in direct marketing.

The Cyberspace Connection
The Woodlands, TX, US
Catch up-to-the-minute scores as the game is happening. Don't miss any of the action, especially if the game you are watching is blacked out.

Cyberworld Network
Paramus, NJ, US
A great Anime (Japanese word for animation) BBS.

Richardson, TX, US
Cyrix designs, develops and markets high-performance microprocessors for the IBM-compatible PC industry. Our next-generation microprocessors will be available in PC systems in the fall of 1995.

Dade County Public Schools
Division of Instructional Technology, Miami, FL, US
The purpose of this resource is to provide support to the vast electronic community of learners in Miami, Florida.

D.A.S. Wavelet Page
UC Davis Dept. of Applied Science at LLNL, Livermore, CA, US
A description of wavelet transform research at the UC Davis Department of Applied Science at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory.

Data by Design's Software for Collectors
Charleston, SC, US
Specializing in DOS and Windows software for hobbiest collectors and professional collections.

Database and Client/Server World
DCI, Boston, MA, US
Whether your interest is object databases, programming, data warehousing, data modeling, connectivity tools, or application development, this event has all the ingredients for a successful journey into the second generation of client/server.

Dawn's Country Chat
Tampa, FL, US
An email penpal page for people interested in country western music, artists and related topics.

De Anza College
Cupertino, CA, US
Two-year college providing high-quality educational programs to the people of Silicon Valley. The home page provides information about the college, its programs, and campus events.

Deals from Philadelphia Sales
Binghamton, NY, US
"As seen on TV" products are now "As offered on the Internet." Visit Philadelphia Sales' Web site, browse through the frequently updated list of available products -- even place your order.

Department of Materials, Czech Technical Univ.
Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering, Prague, Czech Repub.
An experimental HTTP server on Novell NetWare 3.11.

Department Orthopaedics
Univ. of Washington, Seattle, WA, US
Dedicated to improving health and function. Research ranges from basic biology to effectiveness measurement. Health care programs include trauma, arthritis, tumors, pediatrics, sports and fitness.

Dept. of Physics, Univ. of Central Florida
Orlando, FL, US
Specialties of the department are condensed matter and optical physics (through ties to CREOL). Prospective students are invited to browse here and at "interesting links".

Discovery Homepage
NASA, Solar System Exploration Division, Washington DC, US
Discovery represents a new way of doing business for NASA. The goal is to send smaller, less expensive spacecraft to explore the solar system at a much higher rate than in the past.

Distribution Video & Audio
ACSF, Inc., Clearwater, FL, US
A full-service supplier of CDs, videos, and CD-ROMs.

DOE Defense Programs
Washington, DC, US
The Department of Energy/Defense Programs Web site contains information on the mission, programs, and people of DOE/DP. Meeting announcements, contact information, and transcripts of congressional testimony.

Duke Papyrus Archive
Special Collections Library, Duke University, Durham, NC, US
A searchable archive of information about and digitized images of papyri. Contains introductory information, over 1,000 catalog records, and images of over 200 papyri.

Earth First! Journal
Eugene, OR, US
A forum for the no-compromise environmental movement.

Electronic House Magazine
Electronic House Publishing, Boston, MA, US
The magazine for intelligent home automation enthusiasts, providing information about lighting controls, security systems, communications, entertainment, home theaters, energy management, windows, doors, gates, plumbing, outdoor equipment, computers, remote controls, and automation systems.

Berkeley, CA, US
A digi-fresh, envelope-pushing 'zine; chock full of writing, art, sound and hypermedia. Episode 3, released June 1, 1995, is available only on the Web. For more information you may review our Statement of Purpose.

Ergonomics Resource Center
Raleigh, NC, US
The NC ERC identifies, analyzes, and corrects ergonomic deficiencies in the workplace. Our primary goal is to act as a bridge for technology transfer and information exchange between the university, state agencies and industry.

Esther & Son's Daily Astrological Currents
Portland, OR, US
Unique among astrological forecasts because it is not sun sign specific. The page offers a growing variety of articles and links related to the field of astrology.

Excel International, "The 911 of Electronic Components"
Thousand Oaks, CA, US
Can help you get that hard-to-find component in a hurry. When you need it now, call us and we'll search our international databases to see who has what you need. Free searches.

Fare Architettura a Genova
Istituto di Progettazione Architettonica, Genova, Italy
Architectural design and CAAD-related server.

Filters Online Publication
Portland, OR, US
Put together by two graphic designers in Portland who have an interest in a little bit of everything.

First Church of Christ, Abortionist
Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, US
FCCA was founded to promote abortion as a moral instrument for personal liberty and environmental policy. Our goal is to advance a constructive resolution to the abortion debate.

FishNet Internet Services
Ventura, CA, US
Ventura County's Internet service provider. We are dedicated to offering the fastest and highest-quality Internet access at the best prices available.

Flower Stop
Flower Stop Marketing Corp., Colorado Springs, CO, US
A full service online florist specializing in Long Distance Roses®, Long Distance Flowers®, Long Distance Gifts® and a full menu of FTD® arrangements

Food For The Hungry International
Scottsdale, AZ, US
An international organization which seeks to eliminate hunger in the world through integrated relief and development. Also provides help in international disasters particularly involving children where disease and famine are pronounced.

French Daily Liberation
San Jose, CA, US
A Web site related to a weekly multimedia section. The content is an accommodation of the printed edition aimed at French-reading people in the U.S. or Canada.

Funk & Associates
Eugene, OR, US
Specializing in marketing communication, design, corporate identity management (logos and graphic standards), new product introduction, and the design and production of literature, packages and exhibits.

Gambling Wizard
Atlantic City, NJ, US
Teaches would-be Internet gamblers how to turn virtual play into actual dollars.

GCS Computers, Inc.
New York City, NY, US
A hardware and software services firm providing corporate clients with a range of services from network installations and hardware/software sales to a full host of Internet services.

Geophysics at Montana Tech
Montana Tech, Butte, MT, US
Provides information about the Department of Geophysical Engineering including faculty, staff, research, research equipment, and degree programs.

GIF Construction Set for Windows
Beeton, Ontario, Canada
Alchemy Mindworks announces the latest release of GIF Construction Set for Windows, an application to create, edit and display complex GIF files. Download the shareware version.

Global Connect
The J&M Group, Williamsburg, VA, US
Featuring a unique, monthly newsletter linking business people worldwide in a qualified business community covering venture capital, new product development, marketing, distribution, import/export and close-out merchandise.

The Golden Spirit Gallery
Pasadena, CA, US
An online fine art gallery, featuring original paintings, original and limited edition prints in a variety of subject matter, including wildlife, aviation, fantasy, contemporary and Western art.

Goodwill Industries of Southeastern Wisconsin
SpectraCom, Milwaukee, WI, US
A diverse community service organization whose purpose is to achieve the full participation in society of individuals with special needs.

Grohol Mental Health Page
MHVNet, Poughkeepsie, NY, US
A comprehensive one-stop index for mental health, psychology, and support issues, resources, and people on the Internet. Includes the most current versions of the Grohol Newsgroup, Web, and mailing list pointers.

Gryphon Software Corporation
San Diego, CA, US
Provides company and product information, including press releases, product brochures, demos, and updates.

Gunnison, Colorado Online
Gunnison, CO, US
Colorado living and mountain sports. Soon housing information about Crested Butte Colorado and surrounding areas, including the Majestic Elk mountains.

Harvard Business School
Cambridge, MA, US
The official front page of the Harvard Business School.

High-Tech Software Marketing
Parallel Performance Group, Inc., Sedona, AZ, US
PPG markets and distributes high-tech PC- and UNIX-based software for mechanical, architectural and industrial CAD; multiprocessing; DSP; CASE; project management; simulation; fuzzy control; neural networks; and medical imaging.

The Hobby Centre Interactive
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Your online source for information concerning modeling, collecting, gaming, and remote control vehicles. We buy and sell.

Home Team
Home Systems Network, Edmond, OK, US
Information about smart houses, including lighting controls, security systems, communications, entertainment, energy management, windows, doors, plumbing, outdoor equipment, computers, and automation systems using X-10, CEBus, LonWorks, and other technology standards.

HomeTown Video Productions
Hermosa Beach, CA, US
Covers the expanding phenomenon of Direct Response Television (DRTV) while focusing on Infomercials and video production trends as well as providing information on the sponsoring company.

Seattle, WA, US
A national online information service designed specifically to serve professionals in the printing and imaging industry.

AMT, McLean, VA, US
A complete guide to getting information on the International Manufacturing Technology Show, held every two years in Chicago.

Income Advisor
San Diego, CA, US
The only independent newsletter devoted exclusively to finding high yielding, undervalued stocks and closed-end bond funds.

Industry Lighting, Inc.
WebScope, West Babylon, NY, US
Bringing Chaser lights to the Web. Chaser lights are traditionally used on theatre marquees, retail shop windows and outdoor signs plus night clubs and stage shows, at video stores, car lots and carnivals.

Diamond Books, Franklin, NC, US
The Web's full service bookstore with over 270,000 book, audiobook, and multimedia CD titles in standing inventory.

Institute of Management Accountants
Central California Chapter #384, IMA, Modesto, CA, US
Contains a mix of local chapter information, general information about the IMA, and information about the Institute's Certified Management Accountant program.

Interactive Super Mall
MSI Marketing, Millersville, MD, US
Two new regional maps for the USA and Canada, a new opinion poll for favorite Web browsers, an expanded news, weather, sports and entertainment section, and a new graphical user interface.

InterLink Hawaii, Inc.
Kailua-Kona, HI, US
Enjoy the exquisite work of Hawaii's local artists, sip some gourmet Kona coffee, and plan your next vacation. Resorts, B&Bs, and real estate listings.

International Cannes Film Festival
InterActive8 Inc., New York, NY, US
First annual Webcast of the Cannes Film Festival. Film Scouts on the Riviera (TM) on site in Cannes making daily reports on the festival, news, gossip, buzz, and clips of the 48th Annual Cannes Film Festival.

International Community Interconnected Computing eXchange.
ICICX, Honolulu, HI, US
An emerging, charitable, non-profit, scientific, research and educational organization. Our objectives include creating collaborations between people and organizations and the integration of technologies as they relate to global networks and information services.

International University College
Evergreen Cybermart, Phoenix, AZ, US
Provides long-distance education and now an online admissions form and registration form.

The Internet Cruise Club
The Virtual Company, Williamsburg, VA, US
Get discounts and on-board credit allowances and swap tips on ports, ships with other passengers. Publish your own cruise log on the Internet.

InterPRO Resources, Inc. -- Construction Industry Directory
Jacksonville, FL, US
A construction industry locator service designed to locate specific construction categories at point of need.

IntlTrade Network
Spartanburg, SC, US
Foreign trade leads via the Internet.

Ira Epstein & Company
Chicago, IL, US
Free charting software, free access to an investors BBS which offers free daily downloading of over 550 futures contracts and 6,000 stocks, and free access to Commodity-Fone. Registration required to use this site.

James Madison University ROTC
Harrisonburg, VA, US
A new server for military-related information, providing advanced camp hints, cadences, scholarship information, program information, and much more.

Journal of Applied Communications
Agricultural Communicators in Education (ACE), Gainesville, FL, US
A quarterly, peer-reviewed journal offering professional development for educational communicators who emphasize agriculture, the food industry, and natural resources.

Kalapa Recordings Catalogue
Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Features 38 selections from nine contemporary Buddhist teachers including Chögyam Trungpa Rinpoche, Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche, Ösel Tendzin, Tsültrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, Thrangu Rinpoche, Pönlop Rinpoche, Ato Rinpoche, Khandro Rinpoche, and Loppön Lödro Dorje.

Kansas Kollection
MegaMedia, Manhattan, KS, US
A collection of items that were made, grown, or produced in Kansas. You'll find all sorts of items, from food to clothing to arts and crafts.

Kingswood Kranium
Kingswood Advertising, Ardmore, PA, US
A light-hearted humor magazine from the creative minds at Kingswood Advertising.

La Fura dels Baus
Servicom, Barcelona, Catalunya, Spain
The theater group renowned worldwide since its participation in Barcelona's 1992 Olympic Games opening ceremony offers its Web project to the world.

Lark In The Morning
Mickie Zekley, Mendocino, CA, US
Amazing and informative catalog of thousands of items, lots of interesting interviews with musicians, articles about traditional music, and tips on maintaining and playing musical instruments.

The LAUG Pages
Lawrence, KS, US
The Lawrence Apple Users Group provides support to all owners of Apple's Macintosh computer line and Mac clones.

LEAD International, Inc.
New York, NY, US
Information on the LEAD Program, multimedia as an education tool for sustainable development, IPS news , and soon China news.

Letterpress Printers' Resources
American Amateur Press Association, Tampa, FL, US
If you have ever used old-style letterpress printing presses, or would like information about them, drop by this page.

Libertarian Review of 1996 US Presidential Candidates
World Wide Libertarian Pages, San Francisco, CA, US
Analysis from a libertarian perspective of candidates for US president in the 1996 election from all parties.

Little Man Cartoons
Monta Elkins, Blacksburg, VA, US
Little Man Cartoons are about the little man that lives and works in my computer.

Living Realty Ltd. -- Property Consultant in Hong Kong
Hong Kong
Professional services in property consulting for residential lease or purchase, commercial lease, corporate relocations, and property investment.

Look and Feel Great! Nutritional Products and Vitamin Supplements
Global Nutritional Products, Laguna Niguel, CA, US
Specializing in the finest nutritional supplements. You will discover numerous ways to nourish your body for enhanced energy, health and vitality. Email us for our free comprehensive catalog.

Millennium Productions, Cambridge, MA, US
Lourdes is a rock/folk/Latin singer/songwriter/guitarist. This page contains song samples from her latest album, current concert schedules, and other information about her music.

Luke's Hippy Dippy World Trip
University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC, US
Follow a university student on a illustrated trip Around the World in 180 Days. Also by Luke Robinson: Luke's Hippy Dippy Nerd Page.

Lunds Auctioneers & Appraisers Ltd.
Lunds Auctioneers & Appraisers Ltd., Victoria, BC, Canada
We are an auction house holding specialty auctions monthly with illustrated catalogues. All consignment. If you are interested in antiques, fine art or collectibles, see our catalogues.

Marine Network
EastSound, WA, US
The marketplace for all marine products and services.

Mathematical Quotations Server
Furman University Mathematics Department, Greenville, SC, US
A collection of mathematical quotations culled from many sources. It is intended to be used either for reference or as pleasure reading.

Maxis Peripherals Ltd
London, England, UK
Maxis Peripherals and Quay2 Multimedia offer a range of Macintosh services, as well as developing and distributing a range of Macintosh training CDs.

MCW Biophysics Research Institute
Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, US
Research in two areas: imaging of human brain function with MRI and electron spin resonance spectroscopy of complex bio-molecular systems.

Medscape(sm) -- The Online Resource for Better Patient Care
SCP Communications, Inc., New York, NY, US
New, free Web site for health professionals and interested consumers. Practice-oriented information is peer-reviewed and edited by thought-leaders in AIDS, infectious diseases, urology, and surgery.

Mennonite Central Committee
Winnipeg, MB, CA
MCC is the relief, service and development arm of the North American Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches.

Meredith Travel Inc.
Charlotte, NC, US
An easy reference to vacation ideas and cruises. As the official travel agency for "Inside Winston Cup Racing," promotional race gear is offered as well.

Metamorphosis Ergonomic Computer Furniture & Research
Metamorphosis Design & Development, Inc., Atlanta, GA, US
The PowerStation adjustable desk lets computer users lean back in their chairs and rest their arms on the tiltable worksurface while using the computer. The result is less stress and strain and greater productivity.

Stockholm, Sweden
Mixware is a European consulting firm specialized in developing information and business support systems for the financial markets.

MM Wire
MultiMedia Wire, Bethesda, MD, US
A one-stop resource for those involved in the multimedia, interactive entertainment, video game, interactive television, PC CD-ROM or new media industries. Daily news, original editorial, classified job listings, conference and association information.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts
GAG, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Canada's oldest art museum, founded in 1860. Today, the museum is proud of the some 26,000 works in its permanent collection, which have established its reputation worldwide.

Mystery Web Prize
San Diego, CA, US
Win fabulous but virtual prizes that are worth nothing whatsoever. Try your luck at the simple game of chance. Prizes updated as often as possible.

Mythopoeia, The Making of Myths
@rt, New York, NY, US
The creating and sharing of myths pure fantasy has always brought together the generations of every culture. Mythopoeia puts a modern face on many familiar mythological figures and gives birth to several new creatures.

NASA Earth and Space Sciences Project
NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, MD, US
The Earth, its relationship to the Sun and solar system, and the universe in its totality are the domain of the Earth and Space Sciences Project, part of the agency's High Performance Computing and Communications Program.

NationJob Network
Ankeny, IA, US
Thousands of current, detailed jobs and company profiles. Mostly Midwestern U.S. partnerships with communities and newspapers bring paid listings from companies large and small. Menu searching. Updated weekly.

Natural History Book Service
NHBS, Totnes, Devon, UK
The specialist mail-order bookstore, offering a searchable catalog of 40,000 in-print and forthcoming books, CD-ROMs, videos, reports, papers and other environmental information materials.

Naval Academy Band
Annapolis, MD, US
An introduction the the Navy's oldest band. Includes current job openings, photos, current roster, and a detailed history.

The NetGram Service
NetGram Inc., St. Petersburg, FL, US
The Internet postal proxy where you can send telegrams, greeting cards, and other documents directly from your computer, without the hassles of mailing.

The Neutral Zone
Freel's Contract Drafting and Design, Eugene, OR, US
A page devoted to Anime and science fiction. Contains an image archive as well as scripts and other documents relating to Anime and science fiction.

New Mexico Geographic Information Systems Advisory Council
New Mexico General Services Dept., Santa Fe, NM, US
Responsible for the coordination of geographic information systems activities among New Mexico state agencies. Providing a wide range of GIS-related information.

Newtel: Art & Golf
Newtel SRL, Turin, Italy
A new site for golf amateurs.

Niagara-on-the-Lake Bed & Breakfast Service
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Bed and breakfast reservation services to tourists visiting the Niagara region, free of charge. Offering a number of homes to choose from in a variety of different styles.

NOAA Center for Coastal Ecosystem Health
Charleston, SC, US
The main goal of the center is to help develop improved management strategies for achieving coastal ecological, cultural, and economic sustainability.

Non-Linear Creations
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
The Web holds a world of possibility for Canadian business. And we've made it our business to open the doors to that world. Specializing in sophisticated Web sites for both corporate clients and non-government organizations.

Northeastern University
Boston, MA, US
Northeastern's new homepage complete with undergraduate viewbook and application.

Northwest Region 14, Association of College Unions - International
Fairbanks, AK, US
A new page for the primary organization of university student unions and student centers in the Northwest. Details about