FixSlash 1.0 - GWAPI module - General README

For OS/2 running ICS / Domino-Go webserver
Compiled with IBM C/C++ Compiler v3.x (Visual Age)

This module corrects the "trailing slash bug" present
in some versions of the ICS/Lotus Domino Go webserver.
When using virtual hosts with some versions of the 
server, if a user requests an url for a directory 
but omits the trailing slash, the server will issue 
a 302 redirect to the wrong host. This module intercepts
incoming requests and performs correct 302 redirects 
on directory urls that do not have the trailing slash, 
thereby preventing the bug from manifesting.  = compiled DLL and all sourcecode.
fixslash.zip_ = browsable directory containing contents
                of the zip file.
This distribution consists of the following files:

10-19-02  10:48p   7074 fixslash.c
10-11-02   6:12p    179 fixslash.def
10-16-02   6:16p  10379 fixslash.dll
10-16-02  11:59a    124 fixslash.exp
10-16-02   5:22p      0
10-19-02  10:26p    178 history.txt
10-19-02  10:51p   1643 license.txt
10-19-02  10:46p    128 make_fixslash.cmd
10-20-02   9:23a   1663 readme.txt
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