Antisobig.cmd - General README

For OS/2 running Weasel mail server

This script filters incoming mail for the Sobig.F
virus and either deletes it or forwards it to
another mailbox.

so, change these options by editting the script in
a text editor:

MaxLines - the number of lines of the message to parse 
(prevents parsing the full text of long attachments)

SilentDeletes - delete infected messages without
telling anyone (1 for on, 0 for off)

CaptureVirusMails - capture infected mails and redirect
them to another mailbox (1 for on, 0 for off)

CaptureAddress - the e-mail address to forward infected 
e-mails to

See your Weasel documentation for instructions on
how to add filters to Weasel.

This source code is yours to use, copy, modify, whatnot as 
long as you allow others to do the same. As usual, there 
are no warranties of any kind. 

If you have any comments or additions, feel free to drop
us a line at

Enjoy!  = compiled DLL and all sourcecode.
antisobig.zip_ = browsable directory containing contents
                of the zip file.
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